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World Cup 45 roster thread

New Manhattan
14-02-2009, 07:19

This is the roster thread for the forty-fifth NationStates World Cup.

Post your roster/squad/list of players here, along with any other information that you want to make available to your opponents, e.g., kit colors, stadiums, or what your nation is like.

You can specify your team’s style of play by giving a style modifier, between −5 (ultra-defensive) and +5 (ultra-attacking).

You can also let your opponents know what is/isn’t permissible when they write about your matches with the RP permissions box:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y/N
Godmod scoring events Y/N
RP injuries to my players Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players Y/N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y/N
Hand out red cards to my players Y/N
Godmod other events Y/N

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14-02-2009, 07:44
Qazox Pheonix World Cup 45 Roster:

Uniforms (thanks to ediraf)


Formation: 4-4-2 (4-3-3 MD's 13-14

After failing, yet again to advance past the group stages, the QFA has decided to re-tool and re-build, using a completly new roster of players. The only hold-over is the Coach, Raul de Olivares, who assumed HC duties during the last World Cup, after being the team captian. There will not be a TC this World Cup Cycle.

Head Coach: Raul de Olivares, Age 33, 2nd World Cup as Head Coach.

(interim starters in Italics, with games started)

Marc Klick (Age 21) /Leila Anello (MD7) /Tyler Ting (MD 13-14)

Brett Munford (Age 21) /Lucile Hulin (MD 13-14)
Gene Sharman (Age 19) /Nathaniel McChristian (MD14)
Luella Escareno (Age 19) /Claudette Danielsen (MD 13-14)
Bernette Swinson (Age 20) /Brett Niebuhr (MD13) /Edgar Houlihan (MD14)

Cornelia Fuston (Age 20) /Lucile Hulin (MD 13-14)
Ivy Habib (Age 20) /Elmer Begaye (MD 14)
Brent Folks (Age 19) /Marcie Drews (MD 13)
Reginald Gillispie (Age 20) / Ramon Palin (MD 14)

Angel Kenworthy (Age 19)/ Bobby Cacho (MD 7, 13-14)
Matilda Swords (Age 18)/ Audra Edelstein (MD 13-14)
Deana Kuhlman (MD 13-14)


Leila Anello (Age 21)
Tyler Ting (Age 20)

Lucile Hulin (Age 18)
Nathaniel McChristian (age 20)
Claudette Danielsen (Age 18)
Brett Niebuhr (Age 20)
Edgar Houlihan (Age 19)

Lizzie Filippi (Age 18)
Elmer Begaye (Age 19)
Marcie Drews (Age 20)
Ramon Palin (Age 18)

Audra Edelstein (Age 21)
Bobby Cacho (Age 19)
Deana Kuhlman (Age 18)

Style Modifier: +2.75

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers? Yes (Please none of my Goalies scoring, thanks)
Give out yellow cards to my players? Yes
Give out red cards to my players? Yes (no more than 1 per game please.)
RP injuries to my players? Yes, nothing severe
Godmod injuries? No
Godmod scoring events? No
Godmod other events? No, unless it has to do with weather.
14-02-2009, 08:21
Announcement: Lecland annouces World Cup 45 squad

Coach: George Robinson

Formation: 4-4-2
Modifier if there is one: As low as it will go, -5.

Gk: David Smith Age: 32: Has been the national goalkeeper for eight years now, because of this experience he has been made captain to replace the recently retired Gareth Johnson. (Leyton Utd)
Gk: Freddy Bar: Age 27: Four years on, and the Keel Utd goalkeeper, still hasen't recived his chance, thanks to the consistently of the captain (Keel Utd)
Def: Harry Lawson: Age 30: Due to poor performance by him and in general, Leyton City's defence, Harry Lawson hasn't seen much first team football at the international level, though joins this squad, having had a much better season with the fourth place team. (Leyton City)
Def: Robert Wray Age 25: Very much a newcomer to the Lecland set up, but due to his role in the two time title winning league champions Leyton FC, he is considered to be one of, if not the best defender in the country.
Def: John Ford: Age 32: Experienced right back, now demoted to the bench alot in place of younger and sharper players, but still a key member of the squad, and is cited to be one of the ones to watch for upcoming managers, given his semi coach role at his club (Leyton City)
Def: Carl Manning: Age 28: Young fast left wing back, know for his lethal crosses as well as his tough tackles. Recently moved to Leyton Utd from his old club and took part in their double winning run this year (Leyton Utd) (1 goal)
Def: Joe Hartson Age 27: Was snapped up by Leyton FC straight after the end of the world cup qualifers and along with Wray, became part of the best central defence in the country(Leyton FC)
Def: Shaun Cole: Age 29: right back by trade though can play in any position in the defence or midfield with out much trouble. (Harecastle)

Mid: Michael Parson: Age 26: Right Midfielder, Burst onto the international stage having ripped through the various defences of the teams in Lealand's domestic league. (Keswick City)
Mid: Kevin Parker: age: 27: With thecentral midfielder pairing of Johnson and Fairfield gone, Kevin PArker was one of the replacements, and having played in the double winning Leyton Utd side, there seemed like no better replacement. (Leyton Utd)
Mid: Chris Mole: Age 18: Youngest player in the team, central midfielder by trade and despite his age, has shown great maturity in the role at his club, Keel Utd that has earnt him a place in the World Cup squad (Keel Utd)
Mid: Stuart Carson: Age 29: Quick Left Winger, with was most assists in the domestic league this season Became the first Lecland player to be capped while playing in the second divison, however he hasn't lost any of his touch, flair, skill or loyalty to his club. (Wootton Utd)
Mid: Anton Daring: Age 29: central midfield, replaced, with Parker, the Johnson Fairfield partnership. One of the most well liked players on the squad, due to his hard workrate and determination. Still hasn't left Botley Utd despite their struggles at the bottom of the league, but did lead them, a season back to an improbable National Cup win. (Botley Utd) (1 goal)
Mid: Zak Stevenson: Age 27: Now much more in the limelight this season due to having the most assissts in the league. (Keel Utd)

Str: Gary Owen: Age 28: Fast, quick and deadly one on one, has grown leaps and bounds since the last world cup and has had his best season by far, being top scorer in the domestic league with 32 goals (Leyton Utd) (8 goals)
Str: Carl Young: Age 32: great holder of the ball and not slow either, getting old now, and not his best but still finds a place in the team (Bow City) (3 goals)
Str: Patrick Clay: Age 19: Saw regular team football for the first time at his club and stunned everyone with how well he's done, only missing out of the top scorer list by one goal.
Str: Leighton Stevens: Age 25: Getting better at international though this talented consistent striker at club needs to find his footing here on the world cup trail if he wants to stay in the squad in the future. (Newpool) (1 goal)

1st XI
GK: David Smith (C)
DL: Carl Manning
DC: Robert Wray
DC: Joe Hartson
DR: John Ford
ML: Stuart Carson
MC: Kevin Parker
MC: Anton Daring
MR: Michael Parson
FW: Gary Owen (VC)
FW: Patrick Clay

GK: Freddy Bar
D: Shaun Cole
D: Harry Lawson
M: Chris Mole
M: Zak Stevenson
F: Carl Young
F: Leighton Stevens

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N
14-02-2009, 16:24
The Akbarabad national team for World Cup 45:
The starters
#1 Aminul Islam - (GK)
#2 Mahbub Alam - (DR)
#5 Adil Rahman - (DL)
#3 Hasan Mohammed - (DC)
#4 Zakir Ahmed -(DC)
#6 Khaled Assad -(ML)
#8 Mossadeq Chowdhury -(MR)
#7 Mohammed Rashid - (MC)
#11 Hamid Kabir -(AMCL)
#9 Zahid Mohammed - (ST)
#10 Samin Akbar –( AM/F)

Substitutes bench:
#12 M.R. Matin (GK)
#13 Rashid Khan (DC)
#14 Vladimir Budtkov (DC/L/R)
#15 Saeed Akbar (ST)
#16 Ali Imran (MR)
#17 Vassily Zaitsev (MC/L/R)
#18 Kamrul Hassan (DMC)
#19 Shehzad Ashraf (AMCLR)
#20 Hassan Akbar ( DL)
#21 Hossain Ashraf (MC)
#22 Aleksandr Serov (ST)
#23 Shahid Hassan (GK)

Starting lineup will always be this unless stated otherwise.

Home Kit: Green, red and red socks.
Away Kit: Red, green and green socks.

Choose my own goal scorers Y
Everything else N

style modifier: 2.5
14-02-2009, 21:22
Taeshan National Team

Asst. Coach-Bubba Froalie


Player Pos # Age Special Team
Tad Montague GK #1 33 Captain Pyeongjang Gukjei (Daehanjeiguk)
Jayly Riae LD #3 30 NA Wiechester FC
Jacin Raellis CD #2 30 NA El din Marbles
Matt Rhietuard CD #4 33 NA Gieron FC
Horatio Saguchi LM #6 23 NA Los Riosa Monstas
Zeke Jr. CM #14 24 Coaches Son Ranju(Daehanjeiguk)
Brian Ying Uing RM #18 29 Best current Player Sanseo(Daehanjeiguk)
Doug Newier LS #99 27 Na Wolfin Wolves
Alex Tyrony LCS #77 23 NA Machrobat Monkeys
A. F. Falcon RCS #18 29 NA Bayern Phoenix
Hele RS #19 27 Coaches other son Taeshan City Lightning
Adam Flight GK #62 25 NA X Island Marauders
Mike Hones D #15 28 NA Blacklake Blues
Adelin Reazeo D #66 28 NA Docktown Deathdogs
Samay Sanchex M #44 28 NA Ying Jing Yankees
Elanor Kelly S #24 23 Na Pariot Panthers
Damian Aslott S #35 24 NA Tintown Terrapins

-5 Defense

Word of Wisdom BRING YOUR PARKA the cold may not affect us BUT WE ARE THE COLDEST PLACE IN THE WORLD so get ready to be FROZEN
14-02-2009, 21:27
Kosovoe National Football Team (i know its the wrong one, but anyways)

Name Pos Age Number Team
Aximili Ridle Goalkeeper 27 00 Laketown Rangers
Jeffrey Morgan LD 27 7 Pyeonyang Gukjei
Tyler Stewart LCD 30 18 Ojian Orangemen
Thomas Miller RCD 29 29 Yaton FC
Xavier Hiroshima RD 26 22 Atlantea Hurricanes
Ryan Lagono LM 24 8 New Capetown Niffers
Griffin Myers CM 24 11 Los Riosa Monstas
Eli Walker RM 25 13 Pyeonyang Gukjei
Ossi Euro LS 26 25 Fadron Flight
Angel Kenssington Cs 26 32 Tintown Terrapins
Jamie Barry Rs 25 40 Ojian Orangemen
Royce Koplon GK 25 99 Pyeonyang Gukjei
Seth Gornge D 27 92 Fadron Flight
Alen Sorrow D 28 87 Taeshan City Lightning
Desmond Desiree M 22 14 Machrobat Monkeys
Derry Demiond M 25 50 Pariot Panthers
Ollie Might S 26 6 Ojian Orangemen
Fred Minor S 29 71 Gieron FC


Warm very warm just saying dont bring any cloths
15-02-2009, 01:02
The Bazalonian Bazalopes


sTyle: +1

Stadiums: TeleBaz Arena, SeaBazalope Arena, CBBC Dome, Drago Soccer Field

With the Bazalopes now firmly in the top 10, numerous injuries have spoiled the old team. Doctors have said that the teams just too old and it's time to inject some wholesale new blood into the team. BFSA President Andrew Coulter agrees, despite some disagreements with his mother. The new Team is as follows:

Strikers -

Hector Ainsley* - Hector has been a strong performer recently in the Bazalonian A League for Fauxhan Utd, he's quite tall and has quite a powerful kick, however the question is, can he lead the team to even greater heights?

David Jones - At one point was a Male Model before his fooballing career, is a bit of an exhibitionist but is quite a tactical strike with numerous set-ups in that brain of his, though he likes to present a bit of a dutz facade.


Louise Van Houten -Another strong performer in A League Louse, is so far the best female midfielder in the nation but she is a bit weird and can be a bit erratic (Which can cause problems for Both Bazalonia and their opponents). However she is very fast and can control the ball.

Kennard (Kennie) Howard - Kennie is infact Louise's husband the two of them play for the same team and compliment each other, if anyone can read what Louise can do it's Kennie

Justin Cole - Justin, What can be said about Justin can be summed up in one word. Short. He is however very nimble for a man of his size and the size difference usually allows for some very creative play from this individual

Gregory Jones - A strong midfielder Gregory is the consistant rock that keeps the team together, he acts like a sort of vice-captain. Seeing the lead from Hector Ainsley and supporting anyone that he needs to. Gregory doesn't have much stats but he's almost the foundation for the entire team.

Ian Keighnan - Not much especially can be said about Ian except that he's very good at what he does


Zhan Xiu - Another Bazalonian Defender of Oriental descent Zhan perhaps may look like the odd one out but he is a very strong team player.

Trent Gould - Nephew of Nev Gould a famous retired Bazalonian Sports Journalist Trent has taken up where his Aunt couldn't actually playing in the Bazalopes, indeed a great honor.

Lleyton McEvoy - A strong and large man that can move quickly and precision if necessary, Lleyton is the hammer that that pounds their opponents strikers and makes life as miserable as possible

Robert Goodrem - Another strong and large man Robert and Lleyton worktogether so that the ball does not get past them let alone opposing players


Leisel MacDonald - The second and last female in the team Leisel almost has a 6th sense about the ball, what is going to happen to it and where it's going to be.

RP Permissions:
Everything allowed - though please check with me for anything major before hand
Yafalonia and Bazor 2
15-02-2009, 01:19
Football Association of the International League of Yafalonia and Bazor 2, unofficially it is also known as Football Association of the International League (FAIL), but as Football Associal of the International League of Yafalonia and Bazor 2 is too weildy, most people call it fail.

FAIL's HARD Inter-International Team is Headed up by Yafalonia's Narin Valandar, and Bazor 2's Bob Tresgovsken.


Foward - Racheal Kneal(Bazor 2) - Rachael is known for her goal celerbrations, they leave alot to the imagination as she somehow makes people think she'll whipp of her top with-out ever doing so.

Forward - Miso Kite (Yafalonia) - Miso is, and will continue to be, the greatest striker who has ever lived. When he was young, there were questions about whether he was so good that he was "above maturity", but now, as he as gained six months of age, those questions have disappeared. Miso remains the only striker in history whose injury in a season is enough to make people accept his club's bad season easily. In his spare time, Miso saves cats from trees and helps old ladies across streets. Oh, and he can fly, too. He is Miso Kite after all.

Defender - Umar Ventrarar (Yafalonia) - Big, tough, and stupid. He's pretty much your prototypical center defender. What he can't knock down, he runs over.

Defender - Barelien Koliensar (Yafalonia) - Less big and less tough, but he's still pretty stupid. Instead of trying to run things over, he tries to "surreptitiously" knock people down, resulting in a lot of fouls and a lot of cards from the referees.

Defender - Mashan Vaginicinar (Yafalonia) - He's the Yafalonian all-time track star. He's a sprinter and a long-distance runner. If you're near the goal, he'll come in time and stop you. He can run up, too. He's got enough stamina to not be tired. His one problem is, you know, stopping...

Midfield - Daris Caollan (Yafalonia) - He's actually the governor of a province in Yafalonia and Bazor 2 - he's a politician and has run for office. In fact, the only reason he's even got on the team is because he managed to start a petition and pressure the government, and do all kinds of things like that.

Midfield - Raethar Vanlaez (Yafalonia) - Caollan's running mate. He spends his free time as a male model.

Midfield - Frederick Hammerstead(Bazor 2) - Not afraid to get dirty, Frederick is never clean, infact somehow he manages to damage almost anything he comes in contact with.

Midfielder - Peter Pumpkin-eater(Bazor 2), Yep he eats Pumpkin's, no one is aware of his proper lastname but who cares... He eats pumpkins raw everywhere he goes... How he makes a good football player is anybodies guess.

Defender - Harry Delany (Bazor 2) - Harry, is oddly very long, he stands 211cm (7' 3") perhaps more at home in the basketball ring, his long legs make for great control of the ball, and greater talking range as well.

Keeper - Graham Noh'arms(Bazor 2) - Graham is notable in the team for the lack of arms, apparently after an altercation with King Arthur in which he lost his arms (claiming it was only a flesh wound). Graham gave up hs job as the black knight and started playing football. "You don't need arms for football!" That's his famous quote, however one might argue you need arms for being a goalie.

RP Permisions. Everything allowed. GODMODING ENCOURAGED FOR HUMOUR!
15-02-2009, 02:04
Greal announces its World Cup Squad

Home Kit (
Away Kit (

Style Modifier: +3

Team Formation

# 1 GK Raul Grunt (22 years old)
# 2 DEF Henry Watson (23 years old)
# 3 DEF Richard Turner (26 years old)
# 4 DEF Mecca Oma (24 years old)
# 5 DEF Sam Hardy (27 years old)
# 6 MID Howard Anderson (23 years old)
# 7 MID Sebastian Expan (22 years old)
# 8 MID Francis Volodislav (24 years old)
# 9 FOR Michael Istoma (23 years old)
# 10 FOR Ross Trent (25 years old) (Captain)
# 11 FOR Qin Lang (23 years old)

# 12 GK Ivan Wilson (24 years old)
# 13 DEF Kash Fraser (23 years old)
# 14 DEF Edward (Eddie) Towner (25 years old)
# 15 DEF Fred Murrow (28 years old)
# 16 DEF Shia Adamson (25 years old)
# 17 MID Adam Fan (26 years old)
# 18 MID James Peters (23 years old)
# 19 MID Tony Soaps (22 years old)
# 20 MID Paul Turton (21 years old)
# 21 FOR Oliver Dickens (24 years old)
# 22 FOR Eko Tasser (22 years old)
# 23 GK Dennis Willows (26 years old)

If my opponent posts first, he/she may:

Choose my scorers?: Yes
Yellow card my players?: Yes
Red card my players?: No
Injure my players?: Yes (I'll determine the severity)
Godmode injuries?: No
Godmode scoring events?: No
Godmode other events?: No

Sasha Stadium (
Attendance: 120,000
15-02-2009, 04:55
Roster for World Cup 45

(OOC: I decided to go with the World Cup being hosted every two years, so all players from 44 are +2 and players from the 8th Di Bradini are +1 years older)

The Peisandros Football Association is proud to announce it's squad for the upcoming 45th edition of the World Cup. After a fantastic start to World Cup football which saw the team finish in the top 16 and lose in the second round to eventual winners Starblaydia 1-0, the team will be looking to again make it's mark on the world stage. However, now, with a ranking of 34, we have a target on our backs. Our performance was one of the best in recent memory. Teams in their first World Cup are just not meant to qualify, let alone make it through the group stage, knocking out Jureselem and The Holy Empire. Other teams will be looking for revenge and we will no longer be taken as a lightweight. It will be a tough campaign, but the ability and talent is there.

The squad is taken entirely from the last World Cup and the 8th Di Bradini Cup.

The Squad.
(Starters for MD7 onwards in bold)

#1: Calisto Pappas.. Age: 22.
#17: Ektor Athanasiadis.. Age: 18.
#23: Dorian Theotokis.. Age: 29.

#2: Narcissus Theodore.. Age: 25.
#3: Luke Sisinis.. Age: 22.
#4: George Christakis-Zografos.. Age: 21
#6: Nikos Maximos.. Age: 16.
#12: Kallias Manos.. Age: 24.
#14: Hyakinthos Bion.. Age: 32.
#18: Luke Erasmus.. Age: 20.
#21: Terry Roubanis.. Age: 23.

#5: Urias Halkias.. Age: 30. *Captain.
#7: Zarek Chatzi.. Age: 21.
#8: Athanasios Krestenitis.. Age: 22.
#10: Adeipho Fotilas.. Age: 30.
#15: Apollodoros Notara.. Age: 26.
#16: Petros Zaimis.. Age: 17.
#19: Paris Sisinis.. Age: 24.
#20: Praxis Nikolaidis.. Age: 19.

#9: Costa Theotokis.. Age: 25. *Vice-captain
#11: George Theotokis.. Age: 25.
#13: Odysseas Adraktas.. Age: 16.
#22: Lefteris Diakos.. Age: 19.

In management news, there are no surprises, with Alexander Pappas again named as national coach. His first assistant will be the assistant of the Di Bradini team, John Voskopoulos. Alketas Alketas, head coach of the U21's, has earned the defence position. Roufos and Pipinelis had sons in the Di Bradini Cup and Roufos is head coach for a club in Delphi.

Coach/manager: Alexander Pappas.
Assistant coach: John Voskopoulos.
Attacking assistant: David Roufos
Defence assistant: Alketas Alketas
Goalkeeping assistant: Eleftherios Deligeorgis
Physio: William Pipinelis

An extra stadium, in Ephesum, has just been completed in time for this World Cup. It will be the third stadium used for home games. It is hoped that by using this stadium, football excitement will be able to continue to grow outside the capital of Olympia and historically football mad Delphi. After the group draw an announcement will be made as to which games are played where.

National Sports Arena, Olympia. Capacity: 71,350.
Peisandros Basin, Delphi. Capacity: 44,900.
People of Ephesum Stadium, Ephesum. Capacity: 66,500.

Last World Cup, Peisandros were an awfully defence focused team and this time around there is little difference. The team will continue to play in a 4-4-2 format, but this can change to a 4-3-2-1 if more defending is required.

-2, to start. After the qualifying stage, depending on how the team goes, this could go back to -2.5.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y (Nothing that will keep them out for more than a game or so)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y (One per game is okay)
Godmod other events N
15-02-2009, 15:41
Number, Name, Position, Age, Team


GP - Graham PARTLAND - Manager - 58
AM -Andrew MADDOX - Assistant Manager - 71
PJ - Peter JACKFIELD - Goalkeeping Coach - 47
DG - Dan GRIEL - Fitness Coach 45
HI - Henry ISWORTH - Coach - 55
MA - Mark ASKWORTH - Coach - 39
LV - Laura VALE - Physio - 47
TT - Terry TALWORTH - Physio - 31

Goalkeepers - 3

1 - Dan MACHIN - GK - 16 – National Football Academy, Beckenberg
12 - Jake WARD - GK - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
13 - Jason COOPER - GK - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg

Defenders - 7

2 - Owen CULSHAW - DL - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
3 - Kyle BURROWS - DC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
4 - Oliver ARNOLD - DC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
5 - Reg THORNS - DR - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
14 - Craig REMTON - DC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
15 - Steven WHITE - DLRC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
16 - Jamie LOARNING - DR - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg

Midfielders - 8

6 - Harry REARGALD - ML - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
7 - Carl SARRINGHAM - DMC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
8 - Mark LITTLER - AMC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
9 - John MEADOWS - MR - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
17 - Lothar HENRICK - MC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
18 - Des JANTON - ML - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
19 - Frank RACCEAL - MC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
20 - Matthew WEAR - MR - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg

Strikers - 5

10 - Charlie HUMBER - SC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
11 - Ernie LARNWORTH - SC - 16 National Football Academy, Beckenberg
21 - David FOSSILE - SC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
22 - Chris LINNING - SC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg
23 - Gary TELLER - SC - 16 - National Football Academy, Beckenberg


Produced by Asal éide spóirt of Sorthern Northland, under design instruction from the Football Association.


Important Information for Hosts & RP'ers

Style Modifier - +4

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes

Do whatever you want basically, just don't kill/maim/etc. An RP that makes me laugh would make me eternally grateful (message used to read "make me laugh on my lunchbreak at work" but the morons in IT finally blocked mid-way thru WC42 qualis, after blocking months ago)
15-02-2009, 18:50
Note: Home kits have a primarily navy colour scheme; away kits are primarily white; keeper kits the third set shown.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: N

Injure Players: Y (within reason; just don't kill someone)
GodMod Injury Events N

Red Card Players: Y (within reason; no more than two)
Yellow Card Players: Y (within reason)
GodMod Other Events: N

Home grounds: Bryan Marshall Memorial Stadium, Woodstock (nation's capital). Seats 88,920. [OOC: If this image doesn't show up, it's a photo of FedEx Field in Landover, Md. in soccer configuration.]

Alternate home grounds:;
The Iron Bowl, Portland, Somerset. Seats 46,220. [OOC: Designed by Kura-Pelland!]

Sarzonia Stars

Manager: Brian Wilson (52 years old)
Wilson returns to the Stars as the side's manager after previously serving as an assistant coach. Wilson is the son of legendary Sarzonia Coach Dave Wilson, who is now serving as Incorporated Football Federation president. Brian Wilson had a long and distinguished career as a Stars forward, including netting the second hat trick in World Cup Finals history in Sarzonia's 4-0 win over Oaker to win World Cup XXII.
Assistant: Chris Hannan (55)
[i]Hannan previously served as manager of the Rymerian national team during that planet's foray into international football. After the Rymerian governing body fired him, the Stars hired him as an assistant manager. He brings more of a defensive personality to the team.
Goalkeeping Coach: Horace Sandt (52)
Sandt also has a storied history for the Sarzonian national team. He was the starting goalkeeper who led the Stars to the World Cup XXII title. During his tenure with the Stars, the team advanced to four consecutive semifinals, becoming just the third team to do so behind Rejistania and Eauz.

Squad Listing
(Note: Starters in BOLD. Team plays a 4-4-2 alignment with a plus-one modifier.)

No. Name Position Height Weight
1 Cody Taylor GK 6'1" 175 pounds
Taylor, 25, signed with Porto Lacruz of Cafundéu's national league after leading the Woodstock Wild to a Sarzonian Football Confederation championship. He finished the year 18-5-1 with a 1.26 goals against average. He is known for having catlike reflexes and has played as a midfielder for a recreation league side.

2 Ben Davis D 5'10" 160 pounds
Davis, 32, is the Stars captain. He previously served in that role for the Portland Timbers, whom he led to a Sarzonian Football Confederation championship. He prides himself on being able to shut down the opponent's most dangerous forward with combination of speed and smarts. Signed a contract with Atlético Jutense in Cafundéu's national league.

3 Spencer Hicks D 6' 180 pounds
Hicks, 31, is one of the more aggressive players in the Stars defence. He plays sweeper for the newly-formed Rochester Rogues in a 3-5-2 but can also play fullback in Sarzonia's 4-4-2 formation. He grew up idolising Starblaydia's Francisco Ibanez, so he learned some of his tendencies.

5 Tim Rodney D/M 5'9 150 pounds
Rodney, 30, plays bigger than his height. On the New Jerusalem Nobles, he plays a rugged fullback when the team plays a 3-5-2, but played as a defensive midfielder in a 4-4-2 alignment when the team suffered several injuries among its defensive players. Rodney figures to play defence for the Stars.

6 George Morrison M 6'2 185 pounds
Drafted out of Joe Gibbs University, Morrison, 24, plays for the Nicksia Knights in the SFC. He is not a particularly pacey player, but has a cannon of a left leg. He will likely be substituted for a player with more flair if the Stars are trailing a match.

7 Tyler McIntosh D 5'11 165 pounds
The young McIntosh (23 years old) just graduated from Syosset State University after setting the school's record for matches played and matches started. He has played forward on occasion and scored five goals in 12 matches starting up top. He has been known to be rather undisciplined in the back, but does not have enough ball skills to convert to midfielder.

8 Laura Grover M 5'6 125 pounds
Grover, 25, dispelled any questions about whether a woman should start for the Stars by drawing comparisons to Jenna Raven, a star player for both Sarzonia's men's and women's World Cup sides. She has strong scoring touch, notching 11 goals in 27 matches for the Woodstock Justice in Sarzonia's women's league. Her coach? You guessed it, Jenna Raven.

9 Ettore Salivani, Jr. M 5'10 155 pounds
The son of former Sarzonia national team standout and Pacitalian emigre Ettore Salivani, the younger Salivani retains his father's flair, but also picked up on his mother's preternatural calm. He also has outstanding ball skill and is surprisingly adept as a defensive player. Plays for América in Cafundéu's national league. Turned 26 the day before World Cup XLV.

10 Zack Wilson F 6'0 213 pounds
The 24-year-old son of Brian Wilson developed some of his father's flair for the dramatic and led the SFC in goal scoring with 28 goals for the Portland Timbers. Pacey player who spends a lot of time in the weight room. Very difficult for smaller defenders to bring down.

11 Ted Philyaw D 5'11 145 pounds
Philyaw, 31, started for the Sarzonian national team during its last international competition (AOCAF XIX), helping lead the team to a shock second round appearance. Philyaw was recently named the captain of the Saugerties Snakes, owing to his leadership qualities. He's not the fleetest of foot, relying on positioning and anticipating opposing defenders' moves.

12 Colleen Barnaby D 5'8", 135 pounds
Barnaby is the second female representing the Sarzonian Football League, Sarzonia's women's professional league. She plays for the Portland Pride, which developed an intense rivalry with the Woodstock Justice. She has some trouble with more physical midfielders and forwards, but usually has the savvy to avoid problems. She's 29 years old.

13 Clayton Bocanegro M 6'1", 180 pounds
Bocanegro, 29, was a reserve for the Stars during AOCAF XIX and starts here. He is deft with the ball and serves as a playmaking midfielder for the Portland Timbers. He's also the designated corner and free kick taker with an educated right boot.

15 Brad Tremblay M 5'9 162 pounds
Tremblay turned 24 earlier in the year. He has had trouble sticking with a team in the SFC before finally finding a home with the Portland Timbers. He is arguably the fastest player on the Stars and fires the hardest shot on the team, but his shot is not all that accurate.

16 Ben Crosley D 5'11" 170 pounds
The 30-year-old was also a reserve on Sarzonia's last competitive national side but will start here. He has had seven seasons of experience with the Tacoma Tigers and is a strong man-marker on the right side. His best asset is speed, though he's also learning the savvy that will help once his speed begins to go.

17 Matt Lynch F 6'3", 205 pounds
The 29-year-old was the top scorer for the Sarzonian national team during its AOCAF XIX appearance. His tall, lithe frame makes him an inviting target for more aggressive players who invariably find out he can take and dish out punishment. Recently signed a contract with A.F.F. in Cafundéu.

18 Pete Weston M 5'10 165 pounds
Weston brings a lot of energy and a great work rate to the table for the Saugerties Snakes. He is easily the hardest working player on the team. Brian Wilson intends to use Weston to provide a spark off the players' bench in the event the team plays lethargically. He turned 23 years old just before the World Cup began.

19 Reese Nichols F 5'11, 195 pounds
Another starter from the AOCAF XIX squad, Nichols was another important player in the Sarzonian offence. The 30-year-old came back from retirement recently to provide some scoring depth, as well as experience and leadership. He has good pace and strikes a solid ball.

22 Kelvin Russell GK 5'11, 170 pounds
Yet another player from the AOCAF XIX squad, Russell is the number two goalkeeper for this squad. The 29-year-old nearly left the squad in a snit when he lost the job to Cody Taylor, but Brian Wilson and Sandt both convinced him that he would get a chance to play in the World Cup. He is known more for reading shots and positioning than his athleticism.
Quintessence of Dust
15-02-2009, 21:02
Nation name: The Democratic States of Quintessence of Dust, Delegate of the Green and Pleasant Region of Wysteria
National adjective: Quodite
National football association: Quintessential Football Association (QFA), chaired by Dr Alfred Cynus
Current KPB ranking: 72nd
Previous tournaments: WC33 (4th in BoF), WC34, WC44. Never qualified for WC finals.

Jerry Dixon (Coach)
Derek Drake (Assistant coach)
Frank Ubermeier (Physio)

1. Winchester Furman (52 caps, 0 goals, 5 yellow cards/0 red cards)
13. Benjamin Chan (3, 0, 0/0)
17. Hamilton Humperdinck (0)

3. David Yellowback (53, 9, 5/0)
4. Michel Marberger (47, 3, 7/2)
5. Ronald Johnson (0)
6. Theodore Littlefellow (c) (42, 7, 5/1)
12. Robert Robson (18, 0, 0/0)
14. Guilermo Azzinio (45, 0, 4/0)
21. Catherine O'Brien (0)
23. Ralph Kuhn (0)
24. Charles Williams (51, 3, 4/1)

2. Frederic Renard (53, 8, 5/0)
7. Peter Rogers (53, 13, 5/0)
8. Jessica Jensen (45, 6, 2/0)
11. Dino Achten (53, 7, 4/0)
16. Montgomery Mountbatten (10, 0, 0/0)
19. Seamus O'Brien (0)
20. Tom O'Leary (0)
24. Noel Nicholson (0)

9. Roger Longhorn (52, 15, 2/0)
10. Dennis Young (50, 19, 2/2)
18. Benvolio Azzinio (41, 0, 3/0)
22. Ricky Kuhn (0)


Style modifier: +5

First-choice starting XI:

Yellowback Marberger Johnson Littlefellow


Renard Rogers Jensen

Longhorn Young

If you go first, you can:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes (within reason)
Godmod injuries — Yes
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes

Generally be very silly indeed — Yes, but you have to put on a big sparkly hat first
16-02-2009, 00:04
Please assume YES for all answers in the Permission Box – just don’t kill anyone, K?
Ages are at WCXLV finals; deduct two years for first half of qualifiers, one year for second half.

Modifier: +2


Manager: Adam TOIVONEN, 56
Assistant Manager: Gary BYRNE, 61
Goalkeeping Coach: Stephen SORENSEN, 52
Defensive Coach: Peter POJENCIC, 47
Offensive Coach: David WOLVERTON, 41
Physiotherapist: Sofia MARTINEZ, 41



#1 GK Juan GARCIA Age: 37
Club: Aylesford
Caps: 65 Goals: 0

#13 GK Richard SCHLÜSSEL Age: 26
Club: Caversham
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#22 GK Andrew CHEKOV Age: 24
Club: Avidia City
Caps: 0 Goals: 0


#3 RB Ian PEREZ Age: 25
Club: Krytenia Emberton
Caps: 20 Goals: 0

#15 RB Lewis TREVELYAN Age: 23
Club: Norton
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#5 CB Nick SIMPSON Age: 27
Club: Caledon Simpson
Caps: 27 Goals: 0

#6 CB Robert ZELIC Age: 29
Club: Stanton Town
Caps: 24 Goals: 0

#12 CB Lee GOW Age: 26
Club: Ousevale Borough
Caps: 3 Goals: 0

#16 CB Bart GRAVES Age: 23
Club: Ousevale Borough
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#2 LB Luke CHARLTON Age: 29
Club: Avidia United
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#20 LB Derek ASANOVIC Age: 24
Club: Emberton Reds
Caps: 0 Goals: 0


#7 RM Nasser ISSERSON Age: 30
Club: Bromham City
Caps: 3 Goals: 0

#19 RM Gordon ORMONDROYD Age: 24
Club: Kallia United
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#4 CM Robert SKORDAHL Age: 22
Club: Notegia Rangers
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#8 AM Kiefer LLOYD Age: 17
Club: Ellisham
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#14 CM Simon BOND Age: 32
Club: Ashton Town
Caps: 22 Goals: 2

#18 AM Will BRADIC Age: 21
Club: Dereapolis City
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#11 LM Gary NAVARRO Age: 30
Club: Ousevale Borough
Caps: 22 Goals: 1

#21 LM Trevor GRIFFITHS Age: 23
Club: Mercia Bromham
Caps: 1 Goals: 0


#9 CF Casper SMITH Age: 36
Club: Ousevale Borough
Caps: 56 Goals: 27

#10 CF Darren SCOTLAND Age: 29
Club: Corinthian Spirits (STB)
Caps: 40 Goals: 18

#17 CF Uriel KENNEDY Age: 23
Club: Stanton Town
Caps: 6 Goals: 2

#23 CF Alex ZANDER Age: 23
Club: Avidia City
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

Perez – Simpson – Zelic – Charlton
Isserson – Skordahl – Navarro
Kennedy – Scotland


Manufactured by:
16-02-2009, 02:53
Home (left), away (right)

Petr Zherdek GK / b. January 12, 1979 in Neorvins, NFT/ Kirkenes FC
Claude Chamonix GK / b. December 11, 1976 in Dieppe, RO / North York
Adrian Chipewai GK / b. October 7, 1986 in Fort Balig, LP / CF Saint-Richard Pacifique

Mikhail Gobrynin D L/C / b. July 9, 1973 in Novonaya, LP / Clayquot City
David Jordin-Omaha D C / b. March 30, 1989 in Kirkenes, NC / NGSA Ulyanov
Pierre-Luc Dubois D C / b. March 30, 1986 in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, BL / CF Outineau
Alexandre Tremblay D/DM C / b. May 24, 1987 in Langlois, BL / Port Royal FC (Dancougar)
Francois St. Louis D L / b. February 11, 1986 in Neorvins, NFT / Albrecht FC (C&M)
Simon Avant D R/C / b. October 9, 1973 in Peterborough, NC / Kirkenes FC
Gordon Symonds D R/C / b. September 20, 1982 in Ainu, KO / Coquitlam United

Ian Colwyn DM C / b. July 4, 1982 in Pembina, WN / Porto Lacruz (Cafundéu)
Paul Clifton M C / b. January 29, 1985 in Redswyth, NC / Kirkenes FC [captain]
Kenneth Regehr AM R / b. July 30, 1983 in Cochrane, CO / Mazinaw Stallions
Kyle Anderson M L / b. March 18, 1979 in Aqeyr, West Ariddia / SC Saint-Rémy
Jean-Luc Fournier M C / b. August 7, 1987 in Val d'Argent, BL / SC Saint-Rémy
Charles Fletcher AM L / b. October 30, 1981 in Kirkenes, NC / Coquitlam United
Rory Smith M C / b. September 1, 1975 in Natanel, SU / Castors de Outineau
Vincent Arsenault AM/F C / b. June 11, 1981 in Laval, BL / CR Submiria (Cafundéu)
Darach Salthill AM C / b. November 26, 1981 in Thunder Lake, NC / Kirkenes FC
Cory Weitshayer M R/L / b. July 8, 1989 in Hellermack, CO / Latrobe AFC

Ian Sinclair F C / b. February 13, 1984 in Brandon, ET / São José (Cafundéu)
Douglas Crawford F C / b. June 28, 1979 in Liberty City, Free Pacific States / Clayquot City
Henri Cournoyer F C / b. August 3, 1983 in Outineau, BL / Langlois Océanic
Denis Couture F L / b. December 23, 1984 in Beaujoire, CO / Kirkenes FC
Thomas Brodif F C / b. July 8, 1990 in Launceston, ET / Latrobe AFC

Style modifier: +2
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y (nothing too infinitely improbable please)

Misc info:
Home stadium: Exhibition Place, Kirkenes (20,500)
Wiki (
General manager: Mark Tupper
16-02-2009, 05:32
Aw, Jolt wants to fsck up my formatting? Too fscking bad! See post 36.
16-02-2009, 05:34
Panuul's roster is also yet to be determined, but again, the kits are available:
16-02-2009, 18:00
Oh, hey, look what we've got here. Dariusville's new roster. Here we go again... And this time we've got a collection of puppets, dolls, action figures and the likes of those. Inspired by the thought puppet nation. Don't as me how they live, they're alive and human sized. That's all I know. Anyways, here's a roster:

Playing 4-4-2 in a diamond formation, with a style of -2 we have the following team:

Managerial couple:
Manager: Professor Douglas.
Yeah, he's still alive. And again forced to coach a team. He must be desperate, after the ninja-monk-monkeys and sentient trees.

Assistant manager: James Hetfield.
James Hetfield? The bloke from Metallica? Yes. Why? Because he wrote Master of Puppets.

1 GK Big Bird
Holy crap! Sesame street in the NSWC? Holy crap!

2 DL Yoda
Yeah... Well... He originally was a puppet in 4, 5 and 6...

3 DC Punch
One half of the famous glove puppet couple.

4 DC Judy
The other half of the famous glove puppet couple.

5 DR Pinocchio
You know, the marionette who's nose grows when he lies.

6 DM Winnie the Pooh (C)
The famous teddy bear, only this time sized as an average Bears Armed Ursine.

7 ML G.I. Joe
A military-themed action figure.

9 MR Action Man
The Great Britain version of G.I. Joe. Copycats...

10 AM The Scarecrow of Oz
He is searching for brains from the Great Wizard.

9 ST Suiseiseki
Needs more Desu.

11 ST Achmed the Dead Terrorist
Silence! I kill you!

12 GK Scott Tracy
You know, from the Thunderbirds. Right?

13 DL/DR Ernie
Bert and Ernie. Enough said.

14 DC Bert
Bert and Ernie. Enou... Yeah, I'm running out of inspiration.

16 DM/ML/MR Chucky
The Lakeshore Strangler from Child's Play.

15 AM/ST Paddington Bear
Did you know that Warner Bros. is going to make a live action film adaptation of his adventures?

The home stadium of the team is the ridiculously big Puppeteer Stadium, an all-seater which is able to host one million persons. About 50,000 seats are for the away team, the rest is filled with... Human sized Puppets. How original.

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — Yes
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes (encouraged)
17-02-2009, 22:01
Colbourne roster for the World Cup
#19 Dan Barret
#9 Todd Dichio f
#7 Julius Ibrahim f
#25 Juan Ruiz f
#28 John Smith f
#20 Carlos Guevara m
#5 Joey Harmse m
#10 Ron Ricketts m
#33 Derek Robinson
#6 Alex Richardson m
#14 John De Rosario
#15 Tony Roselund d
#3 Tyrone James d
#13 Jeff Marshall d
#11 Jim Brennan d captain
# 4 Pablo Velez d
#16 Abdus Wynne d
#1 Rick Sutton gk
#2 Jeffery Chu

Barret || Ibrahim

Guevara || Richardson || De Rosario || Ricketts/Robinson*

James || Brennan C || Wynne || Velez

* Will alternate starts

style modifier +3
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y minors ones only please
Godmod injuries to my players n
Hand out yellow cards to my players y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events y
19-02-2009, 04:11
Jeruselem's roster

"The Princesses"

Formation: 4-4-2

Style Modifier: +2

Coach: Ryan Greenly
* Qazox coach for World Cup 40-42
* Jeruselem coach for World Cup 44
* Jeru FC coach for World Cup 43
* Oxen Cup 9 coach for Jeruselem

Assistant Coach: Scarlett Ferris
* Former World Cup player and captain
* Married to former World Cup coach Sark Kozy

Security staff: John Edwards
* Former Inquisitor turned private security contractor to the Jeruselem FA
* Explosives expert

Official JGN reporters
* Kara Kool (retired World Cup player and captain)

GK (M,33) - Rajkie Salam - Father owns a Mosque
GK (F,24) - Jaime Hammer - Nicknamed "Pogo stick girl" since she bounces around a lot
GK (F,28) - Kaz Raine - Works at the Royal Jeruselem Mint as a quality control officer

DEF (M,20) - Joshua Tree - Jewish defender with lots of potential.
DEF (M,21) - Kevin Peterson - Rather tall for a defender and speaks funny like a Dutchman
DEF (F,22) - Dinkie Federline - Can be seen on youtube with some embarassing videos being too drunk
DEF (F,19) - Oksana Ferris - She just happens to be the daughter of Scarlet, the assistant coach
DEF (F,31) - Shim LiPing - A pretty Asian girl with lot of talent. A former gymnastics star.
DEF (M,32) - Wang Hui Bao - Hard working defender with a great work ethic. Always puts on his best for his chosen team.
DEF (F,33) - Celina Sadie Dallas - The Jeru FC captain for WC41 and CoH for the WC31. A tough defender despite her lack of intelligence and slutty habits.

MID (F,24) - Lara Bingle - Part-time model seen in many Jeruselem ads on TV
MID (F,32) - Sally Kool - One of Kara's many many cousins.
MID (M,22) - Barrack Obama Hussein - Smart kid who knows how to talk. Born to a black Arab and a French mother.
MID (F,22) - Nikki Seabourne - Daughter of the original Nikki Seabourne who was too lazy to have different first name for her daughter
MID (F,36) - Princess Marie-Antoinette Dallas - Third daughter of Dazza Dallas. The crazy person of the team. (CAPTAIN)
MID (M,25) - Raziq Mumbai - Likes to rough up the opposition
MID (M,27) - Joanne Sloan - Sister of Jenny Sloan, who's retired to run a Karate school in Jeruselem

STR (M,33) - Na Ling - An action man on the field, sometimes at the expense of other teammates. Never gives up a hopeless cause.
STR (F,22) - Helen Clarke - Comes from some place called "New Zealand", and likes sheep. Daughter of a farmer.
STR (F,21) - Keiko Kinsata - Failed Geisha, who now plays football because she needs the money
STR (M,31) - Robert Zygolene - Better known as Robzy, the team joker whose jokes are terrible
STR (M,32) - Jay Licken - Member of the Starblaydia U21 Cup 6 team. The new "Private Nok Em Downe" type person. Married to Kate Sallad.

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N

Dallas count = 2
Sallad count = 0


The strip!

New strip is coming ... if SN gets it to me.
Jeru FC
19-02-2009, 04:12
Official Coach: Count Mikhail Ilyevitch Fedorov

Formation: 3-4-3

Style Modifier: +3

GK (F,22) - Elisa Roberts - Not the best keeper in the world but she doesn't drop things very often. Artillery handler.
GK (M,24) - Joseph Nakk - Computer systems engineer, runs a web sited dedicated to Sadie Dallas

DEF (M,29) - Hoff Davidson - Clears mines for a living, missing a hand and two toes.
DEF (F,21) - Rosanna Clover - Gets rather too sexually excited when bouncing around in a tank or trunk
DEF (M,26) - Mark Mooky - Truck driver and Elvis impersonator
DEF (F,20) - Reese Clockstein - Army cook who is algeric to pepper
DEF (M,24) - Gray Kinksten - Local army pervert

MID (M,18) - Kaye Rocoossk - Army clerk, typical nymphomaniac Dazza fan
MID (F,25) - Dinkie Dosha - One of Dosha Jewish relatives of the original Dinkie Dosha. The only person on the team with any real talent.
MID (M,24) - Nick Konstantino - Swears at opponents in Greek
MID (F,22) - Dazza Greatbatch - Small annoying short girl without any of the looks, intelligence or skill of the real Dallas girls.
MID (M,20) - James Dallas - Not actually related the Dallases at all. Totally different family.
MID (M,26) - Ben Roid - Does steroids like water, very vain character.

STR (F,24) - Anna Bigska - Overweight and very plump. Needs to lose weight. Uses her weight to push opponents aside.
STR (M,25) - Noddy Odisku - People think he's gay. Likes handbags and dresses.
STR (F,27) - Julia Pilsner - Habitual drunk and bedhopper
STR (M,23) - Merginn Muppet - Thinks Merginn Moffat is a true hero
STR (M,28) - Lylie Langford - Like hitting people for no reason (CAPTAIN)
Koseli Cumhuriyetler
19-02-2009, 20:17
Koseli Milli Takim:

1. Orhan Kose, Age: 32, Sultanli FK
12: Ayhan Battal, Age: 23, Gokcenk
23: Yaser Ibrahim, Age: 24, Gelibolu

Center Backs:
2. Bekir Ceyhun, Age: 26, Tenderville United
3. Arif Korkmaz, Age: 25, Serrano
13. Emre Koca, Age: 23, Gelibolu
14. Selcuk Erdal Age: 27, Gokcenk

Right Back:
4. Isan Almanoglu, Age: 28, Sultanli FK
15. Kadir Irfan, Age: 24, Kose Sehir AS

Left Back:
5. Ozil Sercan, Age: 27, Rio Bonito
16. Cihan Erdinc, Age: 23, Gokcenk

Center Midfield:
6. Erdem Lutfu, Age: 29, Sultanli FK
7. Murat Saglam, Age: 28, Gelibolu
17. Deniz Kebapci, Age: 23, Genclerbirligi
18. Yoldas Ibrahim, Age: 25, Yeni Ankara SK

Right Midfield:
8. Gurhan Uzay, Age: 25, Kazimspor
19. Suat Bursali, Age 21, Atlar

Left Midfield:
9. Serkan Turkmen, Age: 37, Sultanli FK
20. Osman Calik, Age: 25, Genclerbirligi

10. Gokhan Asik, Age: 21, Nihatspor
11. Oktay Uzum, Age: 29, Genclerbirligi
21. Necati Gunes, Age: 29, Sultanli FK
22. Kasim Pasa, Age: 21, Kuzeykoyspor



Cumhuriyet Stadi:
Capacity: 100,000

Uzumcu Stadi:
Capacity: 55,040
Kemball Island
20-02-2009, 14:48
Kemball Island WCQ Squad announced:

Manager: Jack O'Connor (Age: 55)
After a hugely sucuccseful mangerial career, guiding Aston Rovers to 3 KIPL league titles between 1999-2006 amongs other achievements at New Manchester FC, Leyton City and Elshire County, O'Connor took charge of Kemball Island in November 2006.

Andy Barrowman (Age: 34 Club: New Mancester FC, Caps:100)
Hector Ormerod (Age: 27 Club: Dylanshire County, Caps:26)
Rohan Dawson (Age:21 Club: Aston Rovers, Caps: 0)

Ashton Biggins (Age:32 Club: New Manchester FC, Caps:56 Gls:0)
Jeremiah Curtis (Age:29 Club: Dylanshire United, Caps:60 Gls:0)
Francis Horsfield (Age:27 Club: Leyton City, Caps:35 Gls:1)
Lennox Goodfellow (Age:25 Club: Leyton City, Caps:45 Gls:4)
Arthur Duckett (Age:26 Club:Aston Rovers, Caps:43 Gls:1)
Simon Barton (Age:22 Club:New Manchester FC, Caps:5 Gls:0)
Ike Yekini (Age:35 Club:Dylanshire United, Caps:93 Gls:6)
Jamie Hibbard (Age:20 Club:Bramwell Town, Caps:0 Gls:0)
Dwight Forbes (Age:23 Club:Merton City, Caps:7 Gls:1)

Tyson Unsworth (Age:31 Club:Aston Rovers, Caps:68 Gls:9)
Mickey Bailey (Age:30 Club:Dylanshire United, Caps:72 Gls:22)
Dick Folan (Age:29 Club:Elshire County, Caps:84 Gls:26)
Freddie Ridgewell (Age:24 Club:St Alexander Town, Caps:19 Gls:1)
Jeremy Haylock (Age:31 Club: Aston Rovers, Caps:84 Gls:3) CAPTAIN
Nick Torquey (Age:22 Club:New Manchester City, Caps:44 Gls:9)
Owen Richardson (Age:26 Club:New Manchester FC, Caps:52 Gls:15)
Brian Campbell (Age:21 Club:Merton City, Caps:14 Gls:4)

Tim Kinsella (Age:26 Club:Aston Rovers, Caps:33 Gls:13)
Ben Newman (Age:21 Club:Yorke City, Caps:29 Gls:20)
Wayne McClaren (Age:27 Club:New Manchester City, Caps:26 Gls:9)
Anthony Rush (Age:30 Club:New Manchester FC, Caps:83 Gls:45)

Preferred starting line-up (4-4-2):Barrowman,Curtis,Horsefield,Duckett,Barton,Bailey,Unsworth,Haylock,Richardson,Rush,Kinsella
Edward City
20-02-2009, 20:42
Skill modifier: +2
Formation: 3-4-3

Manager: Sergio Flavonne

Alex Goohan #1 (GK)[Captain
Rudy Claren #5 (M)
Geld Rosvaal #7 (M)
Xavi Muesca #3 (M)
Wayne Terrace #10 (M)
Thomas Gardner #9 (F)
Juan Valle #20 (F)
Sergio Flores #17 (F)
Scott Delmoth #11 (D)
David Vouler #15 (D)
Hans Hinkel #2 (D)

Paul Roosa #4 (GK)
Arthur Mann #8 (M)
Peter Güdel #13 (M)
Dietrich Kahn #6 (M)
Alvaro Batán #18 (M)
Fernando Saber #16 (M)
Roland Murphy #14 (F)
Eddie Paterson #21 (F)
Jan Van Claes #19 (D)
Oliver Mann #22 (D)
Pau Glidner #12 (D)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events N
21-02-2009, 03:58

(OOC: Cafundéu’s players are two years older than in WC 44)

Style: +3.5


World Cup 44 will enter in Cafundéu’s football history. The country reached the final of the competition for the first time, and was close to winning the title. Unfortunately, it didn’t come, but now another chance arrives. Cafundéu is now one of the favourite to win the World Cup title, and that’s what the supporters are expecting. In order to achieve this objective, the CCFM surprised: the coach was maintained, something extremely rare. Even rarer were Nefasto’s decisions to leave some important players of the WC44 campaign out. But he has the confidence of the supporters and, more important, of the CCFM. Once again, 26 players were called, although 3 of them (numbers 25 to 27 – 24 is a forbidden number) won’t be included in the team for the World Cup, playing only in the qualifiers. There are backup players in case of injuries that can be used.

(IMPORTANT: use the names in BOLD of my players when writing your RPs , please, as these are the names that they use when playing [the names in their shirts], don’t use their full name [unless it is the bolded one], as most have big full names and the Cafundelenses use nicknames exactly due to this situation. This and the observation below are the only 2 things that I ask about this issue)

(IMPORTANT 2: please do not write the names of my players in all capitals, this is important for me too. When writing a name of one of my players in your RP, write like you would write a name for any other player [don’t forget to use the one in bold]. For example: write “Silveira tried a long ranged shot...” instead of “SILVEIRA tried a long ranged shot...”)

See the list of the 26 players:


1- Francisco KARDEC (Team: Petardos S/A)
Height: 202cm - Weight: 90kg – Age: 31 years old
Player known for his outstanding performances in the league, Kardec impresses with excellent saves, since he was in América. It was only matter of time for him to reach the National Team, as he was playing for Cafundéu since the Sub-21 side. Now playing for one of the best teams of the world, seems to hold responsibility well, and is an excellent penalty saver. Kardec’s only flaw seems to be his physical condition, as he isn’t very strong and can get injured easily. Apart from that, is a top keeper. Is very religious, and prays for ten minutes before every game.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: A
PLAYED WCs 43/44

12- Lazlo Vercilo SALATHIËL (Team: Ranca Toco)
Height: 188cm - Weight: 82kg – Age: 27 years old
A very cold goalkeeper, Salathiël does his job with perfection. He isn’t a goalkeeper that makes incredible saves or surprises the supporters with a pass starting a counterattack. He just makes the necessary saves in the right moments. He is respected in the Cafundelense league and idol of many children. By the way, although Salathiël is seen as a cold person, when he is close to children he changes completely, having pleasure in signing autographs for them or taking pictures. After the relegation of his former team, he found a place in current champions Ranca Toco.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: B

22- José Carlos Alameda Paes "ZECÃO" (Team: A.F.F.)
Height: 190cm – Weight: 80kg – Age: 26 years old
Zecão played in most of the preparatory National Teams of Cafundéu, including the Sub-21, but wasn’t called to the main National Team until now. But finally his work was recognized and he received a place in the team, although it is the position of third goalkeeper. In club level, Zecão is the solid and efficient goalkeeper of A.F.F., known for making few mistakes. So, he is ever between the best players of a game, even when his team loses. Outside the field, he is a quiet person, and doesn’t like to get involved in news in the media.
Rating: C - Team Relationship: C - Morale: A - Form: A

Right Defenders:

4- CÍCERO Bandrindes Rossi (Team: Cafundó do Juta)
Height: 175cm – Weight: 72kg – Age: 29 years old
An unstable player, everything for Cícero has ups and downs. His performances act this way, sometimes impressive and in others disappointing. He is skilled in controlling the ball, defending and making passes, but isn’t very good in finishing. Can play as a full-back, defender or even as a midfielder, so a coach can use him in many different ways. Cícero’s humour also changes suddenly, and he often starts arguments and fights. Last, his personal life is full of confusions, involving his ex-wives and all his children that he has had, and to whom he has to pay money.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: B
PLAYED WCs 43/44

14- ROGÉRIO Estradas Sanz (Team: Galáxia)
Height: 166cm – Weight: 62kg – Age: 26 years old
This versatile player was seen as one of the most interesting choices of David Nefasto for this World Cup. After being part of the “B” National Team for many seasons, Rogério goes to the main team to play in the position where he started his career. But many think that he is best as a defensive midfielder than as a full-back. Rogério is an excellent passer and crosser, and his talents and vision in this area can be extremely helpful for the Cafundelense team. He also is very good in predicting the actions of his team mates and of his opponents, and usually doesn’t have to run a lot in the field to get the ball. Is also very intelligent, and even has a college degree in physical education.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: B

Left Defenders:

6- RENILDO Carvalho Peixoto (Team: Petardos S/A)
Height: 185cm - Weight: 82kg – Age: 29 years old
Friend of Cícero, his career became much more successful than of his friend. After staying in the bench of Petardos S/A for two seasons, became a starter and one of the key players of the team, showing incredible technique and passing ability. Isn’t very good in defending, and often forgets to defend, going to the attack too many times. Sometimes he even scores goals, but he is better at making assists. Is considered a nice person, who likes to talk with the press and lives without worries. Considered by many the best player of the National Team.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Form: B
PLAYED WCs 43/44

16- Tarso Matheus COTUBA (Team: Marquez-Onwere [C&M])
Height: 176cm – Weight: 73kg – Age: 22 years old
Although the presence of Cotuba in the National Team isn’t a big surprise, most didn’t believe that he would be chosen to play for the Monopolists in this cup, due to his age. But there was no doubt that he is the second best left-back of the country, and deserves this position. A smart player, Cotuba is a player that loves to go to the attack, and is good in dribbling. But, as no one is perfect, his crossings are usually horrible. Outside the field, he is a person known for drinking too much in parties, and sometimes demands too much from his team mates. But his closest friends say that this only happens because he works hard to improve the team’s situation.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: C – Morale: A – Form: A

Central Defenders:

2- Anatoliy TITOV (Team: Petardos S/A)
Height: 192cm – Weight: 88kg – Age: 32 years old
One of the most respected defenders of the Cafundelense league, Titov is a natural leader inside the field, and one that can be trusted when playing. With him in the field, his team mates seem more confident. Titov is an excellent defender, stopping the opponents from reaching the goal. Also, he is good at heading, mostly due to his height. A strong player, he sometimes makes violent fouls, but nothing on purpose. Doesn’t like to attack, although can take penalty kicks (only in shootouts), with strength. Anatoliy isn’t Cafundelense, he is from Squornshelous, playing even in a World Cup for them (missing WC41 due to an injury). After the ceasing of its home nation, he was called to play for Cafundéu instead, which he accepted, saying: “My country doesn’t exist anymore, so I think I’m free to choose another one as my new home, and it’ll be Cafundéu.”
Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
PLAYED WC 40 (Squornshelous)
PLAYED WCs 42/43/44 (Cafundéu)

3- JOÃO CARLOS Alvorada Siqueira (Team: Cafundó do Juta)
Height: 190cm – Weight: 97kg – Age: 25 years old
João Carlos first started his career as the substitute of another João Carlos, in SC Lasft. When the later got retired, he could finally show his talent, still at a young age. His strength and will force put him in the same level of the best defenders of the league, although he lacks technique or offensive abilities. Now he was transferred to Cafundó do Juta, where the supporters expect to see a solid defender, ready to stop the opponent attackers. Won the position of starter of the NT after Luizão’s mistakes, and now continues with this position in the team.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: B
PLAYED WCs 43/44

13- João Muniz DATENA (Team: Clube Imperial)
Height: 185cm - Weight: 92kg – Age: 24 years old
One of the most violent players of the Cafundelense league, Datena causes fear in many opponent attackers. First, due to his size, as he is strong and can use his muscles to defeat the opponents. Second, because he never gives up. He can be dribbled, but he will return to torment the attacker, and will battle until the end to stop the play, with a tackle, a foul or even an aggression. The fans, both from Cafundéu and his team, seem his as someone who really loves his job. Curiously, he isn’t a violent person outside the field, and doesn’t get involved in confusions.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: B

20- WILLIAM Silva Jerônimo (Team: Albrecht FC [C&M])
Height: 181cm - Weight: 77kg – Age: 20 years old
Once again Nefasto chooses a young promising player to the National Team, this time William. After some impressive games in the youth team of Clube Imperial, the player got involved in a transfer with Albrecht FC, and since then only conquered fans and success in his new team. William is excellent in tackles. He hardly fouls his opponent, and hardly misses a tackle, being able to challenge even the best dribbler. He is also very good at heading the ball, but only in defensive situations – he isn’t a good player in attacking. Usually is played as the most defensive field player, and works well in this place. Outside the field, loves to hear country music and often travels back to Cafundéu to visit his parents’ farm. As he lives now in Candelaria And Marquez, he is more famous there, as he recently got married with a famous volleyball player of that country.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: A - Morale: C - Form: B

26- Luiz de Azevedo "LUIZÃO" (Team: Ranca Toco)
Height: 176cm - Weight: 73kg – Age: 30 years old
Luizão plays in Ranca Toco since he was fifteen, and was one of the most promising players of the Sarrafeiros for a long time. More violent than the other defenders of the National Team, likes to discuss with the referee, hit the opponents and complain. But usually he is able to refrain himself from receiving a red card. As a defender, he is very good at tackling and passing, and won’t attack much too. Outside the field, is known for his involvement in confusions and discussions about controversial issues. After many mistakes during the last World Cup, now is just an option.
Rating: C - Team Relationship: C - Morale: B - Form: B
PLAYED WCs 41/42/43/44

Defensive Midfielders:

5- Henrique SILVEIRA (Team: A.F.F.)
Height: 178cm - Weight: 73kg – Age: 32 years old
Some experts consider Silveira “the next Anormal”. Although Silveira doesn’t have the height and weight of the legendary player, he is also a nearly complete player. His passes are good, his shooting is strong and usually well placed, is intelligent as has speed. Has some problems with dribbling and heading, and that’s why he isn’t as complete as Anormal. But he is excellent at tackling. Really excellent. Takes the ball from the opponents without difficulties, and without making fouls. During the game (and outside the field too), is very polite with the referee and with his opponents, but when things get out of control, he has difficulties to control himself. Also, respect his coach more than anyone, being a good option for captain of the team, although he will have to dispute this title with the defender Titov.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: A
PLAYED WCs 40/41/42/43/44

8- Fábio Germano Santos "FABINHO" (Team: Central United)
Height: 168cm – Weight: 66kg – Age: 27 years old
Fabinho goes to the National Team to play in his original position, as a defensive midfielder, although he started to play well in the offense and in the wings too, being a very versatile player. His long ranged shots are deadly and his passes are very good, so he can make many assists. His best talent is his positioning, he seems to be always in the right place at the right moment. He isn’t a physical player or a dribbling one, his main flaws. But he is a player for the future. Is talkative and confident of his qualities, something that helps him to play well too.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: C
PLAYED WCs 43/44

15- ABREU Vilela de Souza (Team: A.F.F.)
Height: 173cm – Weight: 73kg – Age: 26 years old
Abreu is a known player in Cafundelense football, but no one really recognizes him by name. So, when the name “Abreu” was announced in Cafundéu’s call-up for the National Team, people started to wonder who this player was. Then, when they discovered that the player is “the A.F.F. #6 defensive midfielder”, they immediately approved the choice, as Abreu is a player with good performances, and someone who does well the job of second defensive midfielder. Although his football abilities are praised, he isn’t a famous person, and can walk on the streets without having to stop and sign autographs to many fans.
Rating: C – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: B

Neutral Midfielders:

19- Charles JULES (Team: Dunboor FC)
Height: 173cm – Weight: 73kg – Age: 27 years old
A technical player, is very defensive, scoring few goals. His best talent is to tackle his opponents using ability rather than strength, and his accurate passing, which can start many counterattacks. Jules was never considered a star, and he is used to see other players from the same team that he plays receiving the media attention. Due to this, he is a modest person, a shy one, who doesn’t appear much on the television or give interviews to Globo or other channels.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A

21- Marcos Durvaldi PAQUETÁ (Team: Ranca Toco)
Height: 170cm - Weight: 69kg – Age: 20 years old
Surely the top youngster of the last season of the Cafundelense league (although Rafael Nunes was praised too for his work in a lesser team), Paquetá surprised the supporters of Ranca Toco in being one of the most helpful players in the team’s second league title. With his amazing speed and ability to pass the ball in the narrowest places, he really showed talent of a world class player. His dribbles are beautiful too. Too bad that he isn’t good at finishing, and simply can’t head a ball. Otherwise, surely would be one of the key players of this National Team. When not playing, Paquetá is known for his love for the beach (surprisingly, he doesn’t live in a seaside city) and sports related to it.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: B

25- Gabriel Armandi BACHAREL (Team: Atlético Jutense)
Height: 178cm – Weight: 82kg – Age: 30 years old
An experienced player, Bacharel was called as an alternative, to balance the team’s level of experience during the qualifying stage. This happens due to the fact that Nefasto picked many young players this time. Bacharel is a good player for controlling the ball possession and setting the pace of the game, and is also pretty good at heading. But he is far from being a world class player. Also, as he’ll stay in the bench during the qualifiers, he also has experience in this situation, as he stayed in A.F.F.’s bench for most of his career before moving to Atlético Jutense.
Rating: C – Team Relationship: B – Morale: C – Form: B

Attacking Midfielders:

10- Carlos MAROSSI (Team: Ranca Toco)
Height: 179cm – Weight: 71kg – Age: 34 years old
Marossi reached success in football when he was already older than 25, which is not common among the Cafundelense players in the National Team. His performances in Khalmar-Tijhus were impressive. At that time, his best abilities were his accurate passing and good crossings, but now he has improved his dribble too, making him an excellent player for creating goal chances. Now he finally got a contract with a top team, Ranca Toco, and will probably continue his good performances in his new team. Outside the field, is a very sociable player, and knows many languages (loves to talk with the referee if he knows his language). During the game he sometimes complains too much.
Rating: A – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: A
PLAYED WCs 42/43/44

11- Kauã Cardozo SERRANO (Team: A.F.F.)
Height: 177cm – Weight: 74kg – Age: 23 years old
Playing for the Monopolists since the U-12 National Team, Serrano is another player who grew up in Galáxia’s academy, considered the best of the country in training young players. Now in the professional team, Serrano shows a lot of talent, being considered an improved version of the retired player Dário. His dribbling is awesome, and he can score beautiful goals, being good in making assists too. But, unfortunately, he simply can’t defend well. Is still developing his skills, and was the key player of the U-21 team. His chances of reaching the National Team for this cup were big, and this time he will receive even a starting position!
Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A

17- TÚLIO Lemos de Souza (Team: América)
Height: 181cm - Weight: 74kg – Age: 27 years old
Very good in creating goal chances, Túlio is a player who can spot breaches in the opponent’s defence really quickly, and make the pass that will put an attacker in front of the goal with only the keeper (or without anyone) to beat. Túlio is also good at dribbling, but he only does his tricks when there is no other solution available. He is also good at taking free kicks and corners, and will surely do this if he plays as a starter or a substitute. A solid player, can be one of the main bench options of the coach Nefasto. Outside the field, is known as being a person that loves cars, even participating in some races.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: B


7- Dênis Conte ALVES (Team: Dunboor FC)
Height: 175cm – Weight: 71kg – Age: 25 years old
Alves is one of the most efficient strikers of the country. He plays as a target man inside the area, few times leaving it to start a play from the midfield. Good at scoring, not so good at passing and making plays. Alves is cold, can resist easily to pressure, but also doesn’t communicate much with his team mates. Outside the field, is more sociable, but still a cold person. A goalscorer, can be the saviour of the Cafundelense team in this World Cup. With Cafundéu’s recent success in the World Cup, he can now be considered one of the best strikers of the world, fighting for the position of top striker in the world football.
Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: B
PLAYED WCs 43/44

9- HUBERT Munch (Team: Ranca Toco)
Height: 173cm - Weight: 70kg - Age: 28 years old
Usually ignored by the so called “football experts” when they make their list of the best players in the country, Hubert is just considered a good striker, who scores goals. They forget to remember that scoring goals is the main objective of a striker, so Hubert is excellent. He isn’t a player that makes beautiful plays or goals, but he does his job, and very well. His shots are usually well placed, and he has a good positioning and vision of the game. Unfortunately, his style seems too primitive for some coaches. He is a serious person, but a nice one.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: A
PLAYED WCs 43/44

18- Fernando Lemes Campos "NANDO" (Team: Clube Imperial)
Height: 170cm – Weight: 69kg – Age: 26 years old
Nando is the most energetic attacker of the Cafundelense league. Very fast, can make his opponents dizzy with his moves, and score goals using only his speed. He isn’t a dribbler, but his fast moves make many people think that he does great dribbles. His shots are accurate, but not strong ones, and some goalkeepers end predicting his shots. Sometimes, due to the fact that Nando does his moves in high speed, he does the wrong thing in a situation, as shooting when there was a well positioned team mate inside the area with clear goal chances. If in World Cup 43 Cafundéu didn’t think there were many good attackers, in this World Cup the situation is the opposite.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: B – Morale: C – Form: B

23- Marcos Alberto Cerrado Júnior "JUNINHO" (Team: FC Capri [ESF])
Height: 173cm – Weight: 67kg – Age: 27 years old
Another player from the youth teams of Galáxia, Juninho was considered an inferior player compared to Lacerda and Vítor, attackers of the same team and approximate age. Vítor simply disappeared from the cameras, playing in Second Division teams, and, although Lacerda got some chances as an alternative in the National Team, didn’t get a position in the main 23. So, Juninho finally wins the battle against his rivals. In his career, played for many different teams, and now finds happiness in Valanora. A good supporting attacker, Juninho has a lot of speed and stamina, and can make incredible individual plays and fast moves. He is also good at placed shots and lobs, but not at strong and long ranged shots. Outside the field, his personal life is very closed, but many people question the fact that he isn’t married and neither has a girlfriend.
Rating: C – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: B

27- André MATOSO (Team: Petardos S/A)
Height: 180cm – Weight: 75kg – Age: 23 years old
Not a player who was really expected to play for the National Team at this time, Matoso is one of the main bench players of Petardos S/A, entering in nearly every game (this also happens with his team mate Ricardinho, and sometimes with Justin Cole). But, as he hardly is a starter, he doesn’t have many chances to show his true potential. But one thing is for sure: he has a lot of it. His shots are deadly: strong when needed, surgical sometimes. Also, he is very smart, and can easily deceive a defender. He is also a talkative person, and loves to tell jokes about his team mates (especially Titov).
Rating: C – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: B

The 6 alternative options:

Goalkeeper: MURILO Fonseca (20 years old, playing in América)
Full-Back: LEONARDO Aragão (22 years old, playing in A.F.F.)
Defender: Marcelo Borges SCHMIDT (25 years old, playing in Central United)
Defensive Midfielder: MARCUS VINÍCIUS Paiva Neto (23 years old, playing in Dunboor FC)
Offensive Midfielder: Fernando MARQUES (28 years old, playing in [Daehanjeiguk])
Attacker: Daniel Costa CASSIS (27 years old, playing in Porto Lacruz)


Coach: David NEFASTO (Former Ranca Toco coach)
Height: 170cm - Weight: 72kg – Age: 73 years old
Forty years ago, Nefasto finished his physical education studies, and became the physical trainer of minor teams of the country. He wasn’t a professional player, something uncommon to Cafundéu coaches. But his talent is known, and he has a lot of history. Coached Dunboor FC and transformed it in one of the best teams of the country. In World Cup 34, he coached the NT, reaching the second round. Lately, coached Ranca Toco for two seasons and won both the National League and the TQCC. So, he is a top coach. He likes to work with young players and likes to make many changes in the formations, so changes can happen in Cafundéu’s NT.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Confidence: A
COACH IN WCs 34/44

Assistant Coach: GANZ IJAK
Height: 182cm - Weight: 93kg - Age: 58 years old
The legend. The player who carried the team to qualify for World Cup 32, when Cafundéu was just the Baptism of Fire runner-up nation. The CCFM hired Ijak to help any coach that takes the team. In fact, Ijak was hired because of his popularity, which would be good for the morale of the players, as Braddock can do the entire job alone, without help. It was a good marketing move too, as Ijak has a good relationship with the fans.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Confidence: B
PLAYER IN WCs 32/33/34
ASSISTANT IN WCs 38/39/40/41/42/43/44

Spy: PAI Oxossi de Guibar DINAH
Height: 158cm - Weight: 64kg – Age: 106 years old
Pai Dinah(or Pai Oxossi) is the spy of the team. He says that he can discover the deeper secrets of the opponent talking with the opponent players and using his secret talents. He is a very strange person and many people say that he is crazy. But he does his work well, and most of the times he discover the secrets of the enemy.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: C - Morale: B - Confidence: A
SPY IN WCs 32/33/34/35/36/37/38/39/40/41/42/43/44

Physical Trainer:Nélson Barcellos "NELSINHO SAÚDE"
Height: 194cm - Weight: 111kg – Age: 58 years old
A happy and funny trainer who enjoys working with professional players. Likes to live a healthy life, avoiding heavy food, lack of physical exercise and many other things. He is also very worried with the environment. Nelsinho Saúde may be a nice person, but, when working, is very professional and the players will have to work hard to satisfy him. A necessary thing, as this is a National Team.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Confidence: C
P.TRAINER IN WCs 40/41/42/43/44

Entertainer: SERGINHO MALLANDRO (Former TV Gazeta)
Height: 175cm - Weight: 88kg - Date of Birth: ??? (above 60 years old)
The players and the staff need to be relaxed to play all the games. So, Serginho Mallandro's job is to make jokes, play games and help to make everybody happy. Sometimes he can be a bit annoying with his phrases like "Glu-glu", or "Bilu-bilu tetéia" and other ones, and even the directors don't like him very much, but he will stay with the NT. He also works with the female NT.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: C - Morale: A - Confidence: Z
ENTERTAINER IN WCs 32/33/34/35/36/37/38/39/40/41/42/43/44

Doctor: Dr. ANITA MUNHOZ (Former Faculdade de Medicina)
Height: 163cm - Weight: 50kg – Age: 44 years old
With Tatiana leaving the country to work in an important foreign hospital, the CCFM hired one of her best friends, the doctor Anita Munhoz, to take her place. She has the same style of her friend and is competent enough to handle with the injury problems of the National Team, so she was a very good choice.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Confidence: B
DOCTOR IN WCs 42/43/44

The Directors:

Acting President of the CCFM: Carlos Alberto URUBUPUNGÁ
Age: 60 years old – Time in the job: 9 years
The former vice-president of the CCFM was the chosen one to substitute Erasmo Carlos Jowenguard in the command of the CCFM. A safe choice, as Urubupungá knows well how the CCFM works and is likely to work with the same style of Jowenguard. An economist, Urubupungá will use his knowledge to bring more profit to the organization as a whole, something very appreciated by everyone. Also, has a good relationship with the teams chairman. The only doubt is if Urubupungá will be able to keep the fame of the CCFM around the world.
Rating: B - Influence: B - Morale: B - Confidence: B

Director of NTs: Counselor-Minister of Marketing RONALDO BUSTOS
Age: 68 years old - Time in the job: 11 years
It didn’t seem a good idea to satisfy the Globo Multimedia directors giving the job of Director of NTs to the son of their president. In fact, it wasn’t a good idea. It’s not that the CCFM is dependent on Globo Multimedia, it’s the opposite. So, the Emperor decided to just appoint one of his Counselor-Ministers for the job. As the job of NT director involves promoting the image of the National Team through the world, he chose the Counselor-Minister of Marketing Ronaldo Bustos, famous for creating good advertisements and improving the image of the country.
Rating: B - Influence: A - Morale: C - Confidence: A

The formation:

Basic 4-4-2

-----Cícero-------------Titov--------João Carlos------Renildo-----

Captain: 2- Anatoliy Titov
Free kicks: 6- Renildo
Right corners: 8- Fabinho
Left corners: 11- Serrano
Penalties: 7- Alves

For penalty shootout order, I’d prefer to be consulted about it first, but usually this would be the order (notice that all the 23 main players are in this order. Of course only the 11 ones playing at that moment would take the penalties): Túlio – Alves – Silveira – Serrano – Renildo – Marossi - Hubert – Paquetá - Titov – Juninho – Nando – Rogério - William – Cotuba - Cícero - Jules – Salathiël – Abreu – Datena – Kardec - Zecão

Style: offensive 3.5

The kits (home, away and third – outdated, real ones would be others):


RP Permissions:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goal scorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (minor injuries only)
Godmod injuries to my players Y (minor injuries only)
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y (max. 3)
Godmod Other Events Y (within reason and nothing too serious or unrealistic)


Background Detail: for the background detail of Cafundéu, including all the essential data of the country and notes, with also the stadiums, check the two links below:

Country details and some stadiums here (
More stadiums here (
Green wombat
21-02-2009, 08:33
Green wombat Wombats WC 45 Roster

After failing to qualify for the World Cup for 16 years, the GWFA has decided to once again re-tool the team, sacrificing youth and speed for experience and skill, in hopes of ending this streak, again. The new coach, Jason Chalmers, a former assistant coach from Ossetania Imperial in the Myedvedeyan Premier League has decided to use two formations, in and of itself as novel idea, as far as Green Wombat football is conserned. Perhaps tailoring the team to the opponents will have success?

Head Coach: Jason Chalmers (age 51)
Formation: 5-3-2/3-5-2
(5-3-2 vs. + style teams)
(3-4-3 vs -/0 style teams)
Style: +/- 0

(players starting in BOTH formations in BOLD)

Vance Reingold (age 26) GK
Charlene Stetworth (age 27) LFB
Ryan Schaw (age 26) LCB
Jared Zywynski (age 28) Sweep
Tessa Fitzroy (age 26) RCB
Paul Hobbs (age 28) RFB
Jeide Sheldon (age 25) DM
Brianna Sracky (age 24) CM
Leyton Howell (age 29) DM
John Daig (age 27) CF
Nathan Amun (age 28) Str


Vance Reingold (age 26) GK
Ryan Schaw (age 26) LCB
Jared Zywynski (age 28) Sweep
Tessa Fitzroy (age 26) RCB
Kevin Oppena (age 26) AM
Brianna Sracky (age 24) CM
Eric Salamone (age 26) DM
Natalie Durbin (age 26) CM
Lee Dobbs (age 26) AM
John Daig (age 27) CF
Nathan Amun (age 28) Str

Whomever is not starting in the other formation.
GK2: Helen Chadwick (age 29)
Mid: Ryan Hardy (age 23)
Def: Iris Haverty (age 25)
Forw: Charles Dawes (age 29)

Stadium for all Home games:
Wachovia Forum at Hellispont Point, Hellispont. (Capacity: 78,523)
The Bostopian Empire
21-02-2009, 16:44
Number, Name, Position, Age, Territory

Main Staff

KS - Kulvir SINGH - Manager - 51 - Adoros
RD - Rajinder DHALIWAL - Assistant Manager - 50 - Adoros
GC - Greg CRAVEN - Coach - 38 - FIDA Isle

And, playing a 4-3-1-2 formation - the Squad.

Goalkeepers - 3

1 - Andrei SMOLENSKI - GK - 25 - Vladmiristak
12 - Kyle BRIANT - GK - 26 - Deweyland
13 - Adam LUKES - GK - 19 - Outer Sygon

Defenders - 7

2 - Boris LUKOVIC - DL 27 - The Whittle Islands
3 - Daniel RICHARDS - DC - 26 - FIDA Isle
4 - Dean PUNTER - DC - 21 - Outer Sygon
5 - Mike FORSIDE - DR - 28 - Chikoo
14 - Aleksander PENCOVIC - DC - 19 - Arbad Islands
15 - Shatrunjay THAKUR - DLRC - 25 - Adoros
16 - Grigori MIROSHNICHENKP - DR - 24 - Vladmiristak

Midfielders - 8

6 - Baljeet PREWAL - ML - 27 - Adoros
7 - Trooper Chris WAITE - AMC - 24 - Bostopia - Emperor's Own Regiment, stationed in the Arbad Islands.
8 - Harry SLENNOCK - DMC - 20 - Rental Save
9 - Bill FRANKLAND - MLR - 23 - Deweyland
17 - Fred HEATHLING - AMC - 19 - Outer Sygon
18 - Rob SALWORTH - AMLRC - 17 - Deweyland
19 - Raj NAHAMPEET - DMC - 21 - Adoros
20 - Nathan WATERS - MR - 23 - Hailstonia

Strikers - 5

10 - Jack AUSTELL - SC - 29 - Outer Sygon
11 - Kyle HAIRFELD - SC - 27 - Arbad Islands (West)
21 - Stewart RICHARDSON - SC - 28 - Deweyland
22 - Unmesh MITALI - SC - 22 - Adoros
23 - Peyton WALKER - SC - 16 - Rental Save


Produced by Asal éide spóirt of Sorthern Northland, under instruction from the Football Association of the Empire.


Important Information for Hosts & RP'ers

Style Modifier - +2

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes

Do whatever you want basically, just don't kill/maim/etc. An RP that makes me laugh would make me eternally grateful.
Nova Hypocria
21-02-2009, 20:55
(OOC Note: The Nation is Hypocria. Nova Hypocria is just used for posting purposes.)

Hyppos Squad - World Cup 45
'Giving the yoof a chance'

A youthfully enthusiastic, reasonably attacking +2

The Boss

Franco Berisha
As Head of Youth Development at Hyper League club Partizan Drissa, Berisha has brought through some of the Autocracy’s finest footballing talents. With the FAH’s emphasis firmly on building for the future Berisha was the perfect candidate for the national team hot seat.

The (main) Staff

Marko Rajkovic
A talented striker in his playing days but one whose career was cut painfully short by injury. Now at the tender age of just 24 he’s a young assistant coach for an even younger squad.

Dr Maximilian Gruber
A specialist in sporting injuries with employment at a number of Hyper League clubs on his CV. Now earning his keep heading up the national team’s medical staff.

The Squad

The Goal Stoppers

1. Mikael Baron (19, GK) – Hypocrium City (Vice Captain)
A commanding young keeper still filling into his 6’ 4’ frame. Still to establish himself at the Hyper League giants, having made only a handful of appearances. But time is certainly on his side. Known affectionately as ‘The Beast’.

13. Sami Reis (18, GK) – Dynamo Rasium
Hot headed shot stopper with lightening reflexes but also seems just a little too eager to charge off his line.

The Defenders

2. Craig Dekkard (18, RCB) – Partizan Drissa
One of many young talents Berisha brought through the Partizan academy. Dekkard is noted for his lung bursting runs down the right flank but his final delivery still needs some work. Can also play in the centre.

3. Alex Khedira (17, LB) – Partizan Drissa
Another of Berisha’s protégés and a genuine star in the making. Khedira combines great defensive awareness and ability with wonderful distribution from the left side. And he hits a mean freekick.

5. Curtis Weston (20, CB) – FC Hypocrium
Temperamental centreback with bags of ability and a pronounced reckless streak. Sparked a mass brawl in a youth league game last season after scything through an opposition striker.

6. Eddy Riether (19, CB) – Partizan Drissa
Completes the club feel at the back by joining teammates Khedira and Dekkard in the first choice back four. Solid centreback who times his challenges well.

12. Matt Vasey (18, LCB) – FC Pydna
Good prospect in both the centre of defence or on the left side. How long the Pythons can hold on to him is open to question with some of the league’s big boys already sniffing around.

16. Ludek Weiss (18, RB) – Pylos Reavers
Although yet to make a first time appearance at the Oceanside ‘Ludo’ is held in high regard by the Reavers’ management. A pacey right sided defender who likes to get forward from the back.

The Middle of the Park

4. Darius Dzeko (20, MC) – Partizan Drissa (Captain)
Tireless midfielder who, with his range of passing and ability to break up opposition attacks, reminds many of a young Marcus Baxter. Fortunately Dzeko has the temperament to cope with those lofty comparisons.

7. Antony Jacques (18, MRC) – Hypocrium City
Another player yet to register even a minute of Hyper League action. Jacques might not be the quickest member of the squad but he can delivery some vicious crosses into the box.

8. Ricky Jansen (17, AMC) – Hypocrium City
A talented playmaker with a knack for finding the back of the net. Scored goals galore at youth team level but only now breaking into the senior side at the Hyper League giants. Models his game on the Imperials’ former Krytenian star, Kevin Keda.

11. Andre Kilian (18, AML) – Sarrain City
Wing wizard who has benefitted from playing for one of the top flight’s smaller clubs where first team places are easier to hold down. Should form an incisive partnership with Khedira down the left flank.

14. Ali Carter (19, MC) – FC Hypocrium
A tough tackling and hard working midfielder who can seemingly run all day and is happy to sit back and do the dirty work while his teammates win the glory.

15. Grant Eden (20, MLC) – Kester Town
A diminutive left footer who’s happiest when his making a driving run into opposition territory. Meaning his defensive duties are often forgotten.

18. Tommy Sears (16, AMR) – Partizan Drissa
Another one off of the Partizan conveyer belt and another potential star. On his day Sears can win any match but the tricky winger can also be fairly anonymous. Prone to being knocked off the ball far too easily.

The Goal Getters

9. Damian Raczka (19, ST) – Hypocrium City
A pacy striker with bags of ability who has broken goal scoring records at various youth levels. But still yet to break into the Imperials’ first team.

10. Marcus Trachowski (18, CF) – Pylos Reavers
At 5’ 11’ and still growing the Reavers’ youth team star is a target man in the making. A fantastic header of the ball but guilty of some wayward shooting when it’s on the deck.

17. Joe Holt (18, SC) – Suda Sharks
A young striker with a good goal scoring record lower down the league structure with the Sharks. But from there to international level is one helluva of a leap . . .

Formation & Likely First Eleven

Variable, but mostly . . .


A now quite retro ediraf design . . .
Home / Away

The Venue

And . . .

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y (Nothing too horrific)
22-02-2009, 07:16
A Meeting within the PFA:

Person 1: I'm glad those dammed lawyers died in that car crash.

Person 2: Same here, you just never know when your brakes go out, right?

Person 3: Anyway, we have to decide the next team to send to the World Cup.

Person 1: And we know thanks to those idiot laywers, we have no-one who can play soccer, not at a World Cup level, anyway.

Person 2: Well let's take a look at the recently deceased's ideas...

Person 3: Zombies, been there done that. Robots, been done before, Robot-chickens, seen it. Roboducks, NOT EVER AGAIN!. Cartoons.. been done before. Superheroes, seen it. Walruses, Ok for hockey, but not soccer. <cancels off most of the list> Wiuat, this might work... maybe.

Person 1: <Takes a Look at the last item on the list> Really? This is the best we can come with?

Person 2: Anythings better than Zombies or Robo-ducks, well almost anything.

Person 3: Besides, It's just for this WC cycle, and besides, the team will pay for itself!

PRESENTING THE Prux Adverts World Cup 45 Team
(ooc: Adverts is the nickname for this World Cup)
Style: +1.5
Formation: (3-4-3 diamond)
Head Coach: Mr. Whipple


Goalkeeper: Juan Valdez

Chester Cheetah
The Burger King
Erin E-surance

Tony the Tiger
Count Chocula
Sonny the Cuckoo Bird
Toucan Sam

Jolly Green Giant
Energizer Bunny
Smokey Bear

Kool-Aid Man- GK
Snap- Def
Crackle- Def
Pop- Def
McGruff the Crime Dog- Mid
Frito Bandito - Mid
The Noid- Mid
Chef Boyardee- For
Spuds MacKenzie- For

(ooc2: Prux has offically Jumped the shark in World Cup characters!)
22-02-2009, 11:56

This has gotta be the year, right? This is going to be the last hurrah for some of our more well known players.

Team Kit:
Courtesy of ediraf

Style Modifier: +2
Formation: Generally, the Rockets play a 4-3-3.

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes, but no more then one more then you give yourself.
RP injuries to my players — Yes, but only say they were hurt. I will determine the severity.
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — TG your idea for approval first. I am open to doing some crazy stuff, but do not wish to do anything related to death/stadium damage/or crazy sci-fi type stuff.

Home Stadiums: We play each home qualifying game in a different stadium and the venues are chosen based on the “prestige” of the opponent. We will announce the stadiums in our “Group Draw” RP.


Manager: Brian Carson
Age: 61
Club Team: Pocono City Capitals
Background: Brian remains as the head coach of the team, and he has been ever since we made our interregional debut in Di Bradini Cup 4, and ultimately Baptism of Fire 27. Though he has never qualified for the World Cup, because he has won other championships (the only coach to win a Baptism of Fire, Cup of Harmony, and Di Bradini Cup in the World!) he continues to guide this team. He was won two Cup of Harmony trophies, and it is because of these “other” titles that he gets retained as coach despite five failed World Cup qualifying efforts.

Assistant: Tom Gratton
Age: 59
Club Team: Putnam Lake Eagles
Background: Gratton has done a wonderful job with the Eagles, and will return for his second go-around as Carson’s assistant in the World Cup.

Assistant: Michael McCafferty
Age: 44
Club Team: Brighton Bulls
Background: McCafferty, considered one the greatest young minds within the Empire, took the Bulls from mid-table B-League finish, now to a mid-table NPL finish. This is his first World Cup as an assistant coach, but he was a starting defender in World Cups 40-42, as well as the Baptism of Fire.


Name: Chris Kusler
Position: GK
Age: 36
Number: 1
Club Team: Port Royal (Dancougar)
Background: Kusler has had a long international career that saw him begin in the 4th Di Bradini Cup, but much of that was as a backup keeper. It wasn’t until he took advantage of an injury to Corey Hennis in the middle of World Cup 43 qualifying did he get a regular chance to start. Once he got it, he never looked back. This will be it for Kusler, just the first of our more well-known players that are in their final World Cup.


Name: Jeremy Brooker (Assistant Captain)
Position: LB
Age: 37
Number: 5
Club Team: Dunboor FC (Cafundeu)
Background: Brooker has developed into one of the top defenders in the world, and plays exceptionally well for Dunboor FC, one of the top teams in Cafundeu. His defensive awareness makes him one of the best ever, and he is not afraid of physical contact as he remains in great shape. He has great leadership abilities, and will be in his fourth tour of duty as the assistant captain. Jeremy has been a staple on Newmanistan roster, his entry on the team always an automatic when Carson fills it out. His style of play makes his age not really much of a factor, but this will be his final World Cup as well.

Name: Bobby Foley
Position: LCB
Number: 2
Age: 32
Club Team: Beersheba United (Jeruselem)
Bio: Foley finally got noticed in World Cup 44 when it was time to select the roster, even if it was just as a substitute. As he is still in the prime of his career, expect the left side of the Rockets back end to be very hard to penetrate. He is a fiery type player who can agitate opposing forwards pretty well, but at the same time he is a very good leader. He was absolutely thrilled to finally get a chance to be on the roster before, now even moreso that he will be starting.

Name: Scott LaFave
Pos: RCB
Age: 28
Jersey #: 7
Club Team: Sporting Lakeport (Dancougar)
Bio: Scott is a tall, aggressive defender who is wise beyond his years, and it was noticed by a strong Dancougar club in Sporting Lakeport as he recently was transferred out of Daytopia. He takes no crap from the other team, and isn’t afraid to take a chance with a hard tackle. Usually, he is smart about it, but it will probably see him get booked every now and then. LaFave was brilliant in World Cup 43 qualifying, especially considering his age, even helping out with a pair of goals along the way, and carried that over to World Cup 44. He can score the odd goal.

Name: Alex Lampert
Pos: RB
Age: 28
Jersey #: 3
Club Team: Central United (Cafundeu)
Bio: Lampert was groomed in the outstanding Centralia defensive system and had a few strong years there before he was purchased by Central United of Cafundeu. Now he looks to follow the path of Jeremy Brooker and have success in the land of taxes. Alex is a very studious person, taking up after his father, who is brain surgeon. Lampert may have gone in that direction too if not for his football ability. He is very fast, with average height, and average physicality.


Name: Kyle Carrigan
Position: LM
Age: 29
Number: 19
Club Team: Olympia Gladiators
Background: After an appearance in Di Bradini Cup 6, the younger brother of the great Kevin Carrigan finally got named to the national team, and furthermore, was named to the starting lineup in World Cup 44. He played well, and over the last four years we have continued to see progression from Kyle as he starts again. He is the delivery man on corners.

Name: Alex Parnett
Position: CM
Age: 34
Number: 10
Club Team: Albrecht Turkish (Candelaria And Marquez)
Background: Parnett has everything you want in a center midfielder. His ball control skills are outstanding, and when coupled with his speed, he is a true offensive force. But at the same time, he is responsible defensively. He is a set up man more then anything else, but will score his fair share. Historically, Alex has been very streaky in World Cup play. He has not said if this will be his last World Cup or not, but because his game does rely on speed, many believe that it will be.

Name: Billy Prescott
Pos: RM
Age: 18
Jersey #: 17 (just like his dad)
Club Team: Dover City Mountaineers (transfer to Jeruselem highly rumored)
Bio: His father is a legend. Most people somewhat familiar with our senior team know all about Brett Prescott, the aggressive enforcer who is assigned to the opponent’s top forward to rough them up and get in their head. Well, Billy has been watching and learning from the best. Now it is his time, and after being tendered a contract by nearly every team in the NPL, Billy opted to sign with Dover City, the team his father played for before he transferred over to A.F.F. in Cafundeu. Is Billy as good as his dad? We’ll see, but he sure plays like him. And he has that often forgotten thing his dad could do too, having a very good accurate shot. May be falling for Jeruselem’s Oksana Ferris. Appeared in Di Bradini Cup 8.


Name: Jeremy McAllister (“J-Mac”) *** TEAM CAPTAIN ***
Position: LS
Age: 37
Number: 20
Club Team: Sporting Lakeport (Dancougar)
Background: What more can be said about Jeremy McAllister. He is the all time leading scorer in Newmanistan interregional play, and is consistently a threat to score in every game, and has scored over 100 goals in international play, a number that could approach 120-125 by the end of this campaign. He has everything you want, speed, agility, height, great ball control, and he’s not afraid to be physical with opposing defenders. He is the man that opposing coaches will certainly be most concerned with stopping. He is also a terrific leader. At 37, J-Mac has lost some speed, but he still has that classic finisher’s touch. This will be it for him, though. His last chance to qualify for the World Cup.

Name: Jennifer Vilardi
Pos: ST
Age: 30
Jersey #: 15
Club Team: Tel Aviv Sharks (Jeruselem)
Bio: Jennifer and twin sister Shannon are a very exciting combination to watch, for many different reasons, and both will be on the national team once again in their familiar roles, Jennifer starting and Shannon on the bench. Jennifer is a very agile player, who doesn’t quite have the speed of McAllister or Carlson, so you’ll be seeing her more of a setup player for them, or a player who pounces on rebounds and deflections. Her vision is outstanding, and hopefully no defender will make the mistake in thinking she’s soft, because she can be just as physical as the guys.

Name: Brett Carlson
Position: RS
Age: 28
Number: 9
Club Team: Tenderville United (Nethertopia/Candelaria And Marquez)
Background: Carlson continues to remind people of Jeremy McAllister and that he will become the next great goal scorer of the nation. Starting his international career at the young age of 14, Carlson has been able to put up some impressive numbers and ranks second to McAllister in Newmanistan history in average goals per game played. He is reported to have developed a bit of an arrogant attitude over the last four or five years as success gets to his head.

***** SUBSTITUTES *****

Name: Corey Hennis
Position: GK
Age: 36
Number: 81
Club Team: Christian Palestine (Jeruselem)
Background: Hennis got a lot experience early in his career, starting for the Di Bradini 4 and 5 teams, and then starting in World Cup 42 and half of World Cup 43. In was in the 43rd version where Hennis suffered a serious injury and missed the rest of qualifying. He has recovered and could have assumed his starting role back if only Chris Kusler didn’t grab it away and take off with it. Hennis has said that we would eye a possible return in World Cup 46, but in reality, this is probably his last Cup.

Name: Chris Johnston
Position: CB
Number: 6
Age: 31
Club Team: Centralia Cougars
Bio: The steady member of the Cougars got brief experience with the national team in Oxen Cup 8, part of the “B” team in which the Empire sent to Qazox, then appeared as a substitute in World Cup 44. Chris has steadily improved with age and is a conservative defender enjoying physical contact.

Name: Shawn Loughran
Pos: CB
Age: 18
Jersey #: 4
Club Team: Concord City Lions
Bio: Loughran is a future superstar and a potential long term fixture on the senior team. Quite a find for the small market Lions, who were recently promoted from the B League, Shawn has impressed in every way. He can be physical, but is very smart about it and has remarkable defensive awareness. Loughran has tremendous speed and agility, and is one of the first people to get to practice every morning and one of the very last to leave. He appeared on the Di Bradini 8 team. Many feel he will be Jeremy Brooker’s replacement in World Cup 46.

Name: Dale Stevens
Position: MID
Number: 16
Age: 32
Club Team: América (Cafundeu)
Bio: After two tours of duty as a starting midfielder in the World Cup, it may come as a surprise to some to see Stevens sent back into a role of a substitute. He is an aggressive player and somewhat of an agitator like you would expect from a Prescott. He enjoys to tackle hard. Inconsistency was listed as the reason for his demotion, although the more probable reason is the readiness of Billy Prescott.

Name: Stanley Rocco
Pos: MID
Age: 23
Jersey #: 14
Club Team: Eastport United (Dancougar)
Bio: Rocco can be both an offensive and a defensive midfielder, and that versatility will come in handy. He can be also be a very physical player Rocco allegedly has a bit of attitude problem, but we never saw that in either of his Di Bradini appearances. His transfer to Dancougar was just announced a couple days ago.

Name: Shannon Vilardi
Position: ST
Number: 18
Age: 30
Club Team: Tel Aviv Sharks (Jeruselem)
Bio: She is the twin sister of Jennifer Vilardi, but so far she hasn’t gotten quite the same amount of interregional opportunity that her sister has. While that will continue here, Shannon recently moved to Jeruselem where she was able to, for the first time since playing in their backyard, be a teammate of Jennifer’s at the club level and it seems to have picked up her game.

Name: Kevin Taylor
Pos: ST
Age: 26
Jersey #: 53 (superstition)
Club Team: NAPPC (Nethertopia)
Bio: Many people feel that Taylor could be as good as the likes of Brett Carlson or the Vilardi’s at the national level, he just has not gotten that chance as he as often been the odd man out in the numbers game. His career with the Hampton Bulldogs was outstanding, he has taken that to Nethertopia’s NAPPC side.

**** RESERVES ****

Name: Kurt Allwine
Position: GK
Number: 21
Age: 33
Club Team: Mort Park (West Zirconia)
Bio: Allwine has experience in training for the Rockets, but not much else. He was the backup keeper in both the 5th and 6th Di Bradini Cups, and at the time his being bypassed to start in the 6th Di Bradini Cup was a little controversial, and also was a backup to Chris Kusler after Hennis went down in World Cup 43 qualifying and remained that in the Cup of Harmony, and was third string in World Cup 44. He’s a good keeper, as you don’t get named to that many teams without being so, but he rarely plays and is not expected to here either. He has three total caps, ironically, one of them a clean sheet against West Zirconia (where he plays now) in an Oxen Cup.

Name: Trevor Marshall
Pos: CB
Age: 19
Jersey #: 25
Club Team: Centralia Cougars
Bio: Centralia just keeps producing the young defenders, and in Marshall, they have one very rough and aggressive player. Though just having average height, Trevor makes up for it by excellent strength. He had a tough time choosing becoming a hockey player or a football player, a decision that Centralia helped him make with their big contract offer and the prestige that comes along with playing in their system. Had a monster season with the Cougars after participating in Di Bradini Cup 8.

Name: Robert Selvy
Pos: CB
Age: 20
Jersey#: 8
Club Team: Tundra Falls Mariners (transfer to Dancougar imminent, we are told)
Bio: At 16, Selvy won the league’s Rookie of the Year award with the Mariners, which is pretty impressive because usually the voters in the media get consumed by goal scoring numbers. Robert has maintained a high level of steady performance since then. His strength is his best attribute, but he plays smart as Tundra Falls veteran, and former Di Bradini Cup winner Tony Borsinger, has been a terrific influence.

Name: James Seidler
Pos: MID
Age: 27
Jersey #: 12
Club Team: Mort Park (West Zirconia)
Bio: Seidler was designed to be the replacement for Brett Prescott when Prescott could no longer start. He plays that way. Certainly, when Seidler is out there, expect much of the same antics. Unfortunately, after looking like his career was heading in the right direction, he just simply hasn’t progressed as well as Carson was hoping.

Name: Shawn Drummond
Position: ST
Age: 37
Number: 11
Club Team: Atletico Jutense (Cafundeu)
Background: Started beside Jeremy McAllister in every game since Di Bradini Cup 4. He got off to a quick start too, but in the last few years Drummond just slipped a bit on the depth chart, and for the first time, he did not start in a World Cup in #44. As his career nears its conclusion, Drummond is getting one last hurrah to be with the national team, but he cannot hide the fact that he has a lost a couple steps. Carson will probably try to get him in a game or two, but don’t expect much else.
22-02-2009, 21:14
World Cup 45 Roster Announced


After a deadly civil war broke out in the middle of world cup 44 qualifying, the Myedvedeyan national squad, like every other group of men in the nation, went to the front lines to put down the rebellion. Thankfully, none of the squad members were slain in battle. After the war was completed, the players, now bonded both as teammates and fellow warriors, returned to training less than a month ago to prepare for the 45th world cup. Out of practice, but probably with better chemistry than nearly any squad in the world, will the Myedvedeyans be able to rise to the challenge of the world's best squads?


Prince Vladimir Sergyevitch Bagration
A leader in both Footballing and Soldiery, Bagration retired from the Navy at age 65, and has since lead the Kamchatka Grizzly Bears to a Baptism of Fire win, and a fourth place finish in Oxen Cup 9.

FORWARDS:- The lineup in the front changes very little, with the skilled young players Vorotaev and Rozhdestvensky still in charge.

#28 Aloyoshenka Vorotaev- Age 23
CLUB- América (Cafundéu)
Vorotaev is as quick, small forward with a deadly finish from nearly any distance. He scored 12 goals in the thirtieth Baptism of Fire at age 19, and has since been the leading scorer for the KGB in every tournament in which they have participated. He will take set pieces for the squad.

#9 Aleksander Rozhdestvensky- Age 27
CLUB- Eastport United FC (Dancougar)
Rozhdestvensky, although his last name barely fits on the uniform, is a player who stands out. With a Wayne Rooney-like combination of size and speed, he made his fame recently by contending for the Dancougar D-League scoring crown.

#11 Vlademyros Konstantinovitch Mavropoulous-Stoliarenkovsky- Age 21
The man with the single longest name in the history of Myedvedeyan (and perhaps world) football, Mavropoulous-Stoliarenkovsky is the child of one ethnically Russian and one ethnically Greek parent. The Bears hope his talent is as extraordinary as his name.

#12 Nikolai Karpolsky- Age 28
CLUB- Manju (Daehanjeiguk)
Seen in Myedvedeya as a bit of a wasted talent, Karpolsky will probably see some playing time, as he is one of the oldest, most stoic strikers on the team.

#14 Dai Muli- Age 23
CLUB- Svalvinya CF
A star in college, Muli has done well with the transition to senior-level football, leading Svalvinya in scoring this season in the Myedvedeyan Premiership.

MIDFIELD:- The midfield will be interesting this year, as veterans Arman Barabanschikov and Grigor Ulyanov retire, leaving two of the spots filled by young players.

#2 Sasha Karbonenko- Age 24
CLUB- Serrano (Cafundéu)
A substitute at the last cup, Karbonenko was recently signed to a contract in Cafundéu, and is now making his debut as a starting senior international. He is very fast, and a very gifted dribbler.

#6 Nicola D'Ancona- Age 25
CLUB- Albrecht FC (Candelaria and Marquez)
A foreign-born player who came to Myedvedeya to play for the MSAA college squad, D'Ancona has been a brilliant addition to the national squad. Fast, skilled, and with the hardest shot out of any Myedvedeyan player, he is a natural choice for a starting midfield spot.

#13 Nikolai Dolohov (Captain)- Age 32
CLUB- Tundra Falls (Newmanistan)
The most famous and most loved of Myedvedeyan players, Dolohov is gifted in nearly every regard. He is a fantastic player, and a skilled leader and tactician- almost like a second coach on the field.

#7 Sergey Rostov- Age 22
CLUB- Daytopia Racers (Newmanistan)
A brilliant midfield creator with fantastic field sense, Rostov was the captain of the U-21 side, and has now earned himself a starting spot on the senior roster. He is famous for his off-field antics, often performed with the help of reserve midfielder Giovanni D'Ancona.

#4 Alexander Markov- Age 26
CLUB- Daenam (Daehanjeiguk)
A gifted dribbler with clinical finishing skills, Markov will play as a left-central midfielder. He was recently transfered to the Great Han Empire's National Football League, and will be interesting to watch in that role as well as at this tournament.

#16 Giovanni D'Ancona- Age 20
CLUB- Daytopia Racers (Newmanistan)
A skilled young midfielder, he is very similar to his older brother Nicola, both in playing style and in temperament. Famous for his off-field antics involving Sergey Rostov.

#23 Yuri Morozov- Age 28
CLUB- Yaroslavl Axe Bears
Morozov is a complete unknown, a recruit from the Myedvedeyan territory of Yaroslavl who made it onto a professional side, and rose from there. His development should be intriguing to watch. Plays on the left side.

#8 Konstantin Petrovksy- Age 18
CLUB- Pocono City (Newmanistan)
The youngest player ever called to the Senior side, Petrovsky was a breakout star at the Di Bradini Cup, and Bagration judged him as ready to get some top-flight experience.

#17 Jov Mikhaiylichenko- Age 33
CLUB- Dover City (Newmanistan)
Mikhaiylichenko is known throughout Myedvedeya for being the most obnoxious, short-tempered and aggressive player to come out of the country. If there is a fight, odds are he started it. If there is a red card, odds are its' awarded to him... Still, he has considerable skill, and should see some playing time. Plays in the center, in a neutral-to-defensive role. Is now playing for TQCC qualifiers Dover City.

#19 Vassili Pencherjevsky- Age 21
CLUB- International of Moskva
After having played a few good games for Myedvedeya at the last cup, he will likely get a large amount of playing time off the bench this time around.

DEFENSE:- Not many changes were made to the defense, as only veteran Karolek Preminin gave up a starting spot.

#5 Ivan Romasko- Age 30
CLUB- Pyotroveskovlad Imperial
Romasko is a small, speedy left back, who will be on the attack nearly as much as a midfielder due to his fantastic acceleration and speed. His only flaw is his stature, which keeps him from keeping up with the physicality of some strikers. Very much like Gael Clichy of Arsenal.

#3 David Ben Dayan- Age 20
CLUB- International of Moskva
Another speedy, attacking defender, Ben Dayan is the first Myedvedeyan Jew to wear the Black and Brown for the national side. He made an appearance with the U-21's at the Di Bradini Cup, and was impressive enough to earn this starting spot.

#27 Ivan Mizin- Age 28
CLUB- Ranca Toco (Cafundéu)
Mizin is an extremely large, physical defender, who often gets into trouble with officials due to his size. Look for him to dominate the aerial game.

#25 Jamie Redhawk- Age 23
Another foreign-born college star, Redhawk is a large, powerful defender in the build of Mizin. He performed well at the Cup of Harmony, and is now considered an established starter.

#10 Ivan Ulyanov- Age 21
CLUB- AC Boskovlograd
The younger brother of recently retired midfielder Grigor, Ivan has blossomed into a great defensive talent.

#20 Vas Pervoi- Age 27
CLUB- Svalvinya CF
Pervoi is an MSAA product, and was a star during his time there. Look for him to get a spot in a tournament or two, once Mizin or Romasko retire.

#18 Ivan Blevsky- Age 25
CLUB- Wunnam (Daehanjeiguk)
Recently Transferred to Daehanjeiguk's National Football League, Blevsky will be a frequent addition to the team, as he begins to accumulate senior-team experience. Look for his dribbling skill to feature prominently.

#22 Tasha Romanov- Age 28
CLUB- Yaroslavl Axe Bears
Romanov is a solid, but unspectacular defender. Look for him to get some playing time, especially when attempting to protect a lead.

#26 Roman Izmailov- Age 26
CLUB- International of Moskva
Izmailov is an interesting prospect. He has great speed, and great ball skills, but seems to be out of place on nearly every play. Given some tutoring, he could be a great player in a few years.

#1 Boris Bykovsky- Age 27
CLUB- Pocono City (Newmanistan)
The Young Bykovsky shocked the nation when he out-preformed veteran Uri Saitov for the starting job at the last cup, and is now a national hero. Look for him to make highlight-reel athletic saves all cup long. He has improved considerably during his time at Pocono City, where he has become a Newmanistani favorite as well.

#21 Uri Saitov- Age 32
The Longtime starter for the team, Saitov is Tactically sound, and Technically skilled, but is not spectacular in any area.

#24 Vladimir Shcherbatsky- Age 20
CLUB- AC Boskovlograd
A young keeper with fantastic tactical ability, he is being groomed to be Bykovsky's successor after two or three cups.

Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: *
RP Injuries to My players: Nothing Tournament-ending, but Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: N
Hand out Yellow Cards to my Players: Y
Hand out Red Cards to my Players: If you really feel the need...
Godmod other Events: *
*- Don't Godmod unless you tell me first and I agree to it.

Captain: Nikolai Dolohov
Armband Passes to: Ivan Mizin
Set Piece Taker (Includes PK's): Aloyoshenka Vorotaev
Shootout order: Aleksander Rozhdestvensky, Nikolai Dolohov, Nicola D'Ancona, Aloyoshenka Vorotaev, Sergey Rostov
Right Corner: Sergey Rostov
Left Corner: Sasha Karbonenko


#28 Vorotaev #9 Rozhdestvensky

#2 Karbonenko #6 D'Ancona #13(C) Dolohov #7 Rostov

#5 Romasko #3 Ben Dayan #27 Mizin #25 Redhawk

#1 Bykovsky
West Zirconia
23-02-2009, 00:30

Time once again for West Zirconia to show its true position in the footballing world - the team that starts well only to splutter to a halt towards the end.
Still, we try - and try, and try, in the vain hope of actually qualifying.

Roy Hazell names a largely unchanged squad, with a couple of tweaks here and there.

The first XI will be as follows:

GK Steve Gray (Atlético Insular, Cafundéu)
DL Ben Phillips(c) (Mort Park)
DC Lewis Fox (St. Andrew's)
DC Russell Munro (Bradley Hornets)
DR Paul Paterson (Green Island, Candelaria And Marquez)
ML Ian Hawthorne (Serrano, Cafundéu)
MC Patrick Williams (Bradley Swifts)
MC Ed French (CR Submiria, Cafundéu)
MR Anthony McGowan (Markham)
FC Martin Forster (Pocono City, Newmanistan)
FC Alun Lydiate (Mort Park)


John Hopkins (Ashland, Newmanistan)
Tom Lyons (Bradley Hornets)

Sean Watson (Mort Park)
Ryan Gregory (Bradley Hornets)
Andy Turner (Banks)

Damion Hyde (New Toronto)
Lee Pritchard (Banks)
Andy Scott (Dover City, Newmanistan)

Jerome Bennett (Taylor's Cross)
Liam Vernon (Banks)
Steve Griffiths (Metropolitano, Cafundéu)

The six stadia used in the last qualifying campaign are retained:

Banks: Williamson Park (Banks, 52,000)
Houghton: City of Houghton Stadium (Houghton Kestrels, 45,000)
Markham: Birchfields (Markham, 47,500)
Moorcroft: Manchester Street (Moorcroft City, 85,000)
Mort Park: STORMGroup Stadium (Mort Park, 47,500)
Snaith: KPM Stadium (West Coast Angels, 57,500)

Now for the OOC bit: Anything allowed except godmods. I like to keep these things realistic, you know. Well, as realistic as you can in a make-believe world such as this...
And before I forget, style modifier +1 - sort of counter-attacking-ish-like.
West Newmanistan
23-02-2009, 05:44
West Newmanistan is obviously a puppet of Newmanistan, but here is some important information concerning this country:

Newmanistan is an Empire. West Newmanistan is a country that was taken over by anti-Empress forces that is to the Northwest of Newmanistan (it only borders Newmanistan on the northwest, not the entire western border). The anti-Empress forces have, on the surface, done this without much of a challenge. But to make a long story short, there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff making that not really be the case.

Newmanistan does not recognize this country under the name “West Newmanistan” and continues to refer to it under the former name of “Mordavia”. If you are an opponent with an imperial style of government, your country would probably also not recognize the country as West Newmanistan and still refer to it as Mordavia as well. A democratic/socialist type government would likely refer to it as West Newmanistan.

Now let’s get to the roster! No domestic league has been formed yet.

Coach- Michael Dressler (46)

Starters: (the team will play a 4-4-2 more often then not)

GK: Sean Morrison #1 (27)
LB:Brad Shackford #4 (23)
LCB: Andrew Seymour #2 (26)- Alternate Captain
RCB: Thomas Morelock #5 (28)
RB: Kevin Moran #3 (25)
LM: Richard Borgetti #8 (28)
CAM: Corey Aguirre #9 (26)- Team Captain
CDM: Scott Hambright #14 (30)
RM: Shane DiCarlo #17 (29)- Most likely to be booked
LS: Michael Haller #10 (23)
RS: Chris Peckham #11 (24)- Is expected to be the leading scorer


GK: Paul Jannelli #20 (21)
CB: Dominic DeFranceso #6 (28)
CB: Warren Morroni #7 (26)- Top choice of a defensive sub
MID: Edward Glass #13 (31)- Defensive midfield substitution
MID: Qin Chen #12 (26)- Offensive midfield substitution
ST: Neil McHale #16 (24)
ST: Josh Slattery #19 (27)- Preferred forward substitution
Roster Filler: (reserves)

GK: Jason McDonnell #21 (32)
CB: Donnie Willbrandt #22 (22)
CB: Richard Kuehl #23 (28)
MID: Eddie Howells #15 (19)
MID: Luke Chesky #24 (30)
ST: Ross Aarant #18 (24)

Style Modifier: -1
Home Stadium: The 33,000-seat Nicholls Stadium in Morton City. It might look like a small, old, run-down stadium to you, but it actually is the best stadium in the country.

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes, but no more then one more then you give yourself.
RP injuries to my players — Yes, but only say they were hurt. I will determine the severity.
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — TG your idea for approval.
Alasdair I Frosticus
23-02-2009, 19:48

[OOC - Note for newbies: the Holy Empire of Alasdair I Frosticus participated in the very first tournament, and is currently the last remaining active World Cup 1 participant (though the nation took a long break between WCs 7 and 25). For all that history, they've never once made it past the Quarterfinals - and even then only in the two tournaments they've co-hosted.]


A lost Stone Age tribe of cave men who like to kick rocks

Follow this link for an introductory RP (

Yes, any and all teams visiting the Holy Empire will be forced to play the match using football-sized spherical rocks.

The tribe will grudgingly concede using ordinary footballs for away matches.

Coach -
Juan Tzimisces -This World Cup Hall of Fame legend has been involved with Imperial football, as either player or coach (or both) in most Imperial squads since World Cup 1; have we mentioned that time passes differently in the Dreamed Realm?

Assistant Coach -
Former Starblaydi citizen and World Cup Hall of Fame legend in his own right Simeone Di Bradini is usually deeply sceptical about some of the Empire's more unusual squads, but is somewhat more enthusiastic this time around.






Ug-Ug [Captain]




Goal - Gug-Ug
Defence - Vug-Ug
Midfield - Sug-Ug & Kug-Ug
Forward - Zug-Ug

3-5-2 with overlapping wingers to become 3-3-4 when attacking. Style modifier +3.

The Holy Empire has been wearing the famous gold, red, and black kits (home left, away right) since WC1:

Except this time around, they've needed a little, well, adjusting....

(with sincere thanks to Starblaydia for the image!)


For further information on the Holy Empire, the Dreamed Realm and other relevant background detail, please go to the now slightly out of date the Holy Empire NS WIKI page ( (that's a link, newbies).

All home football matches will be taking place in a very big cave seating 30,000 people. Make that a very, very, very big cave.

Please remember that 'The Holy Empire' is the preferred name for this nation in IC media reports. 'Frostican' is an acceptable adjective. I'm perfectly happy for you to use 'Alasdair I Frosticus' and 'AIF' in OOC posts and threads.

And my RP preferences?

Feel free to do almost anything you want short of attacking, damaging, or in any other way harming the Holy Empire, the Dreamed Realm, the Archregimancy or their people. Remember that A) travel to the Dreamed Realm is only possible through specially-constructed portals, and B) violent behaviour by visitors to the Dreamed Realm results in immediate and instantaneous deportation.
The Archregimancy
24-02-2009, 22:28


First of all, everyone except newbies knows that the Archregimancy is a nation of Eastern Orthodox Christian monks, right? Newbies may also need to be reminded that the Archregimancy recently briefly returned to the top 10 after falling as low as 35th since their previous stint near the top of the rankings; now they're sinking again. Their roller-coaster ride through the rankings stands as definitive proof that our ranking system does allow for movement in both directions.

While World Cup 44 was a comparatively disappointing tournament (plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose pour les moines), the Monastic Football Association has decided to keep faith with the WC44 squad, and send out an unchanged team for WC45


This is a team of otherworldly ascetics, honed by fasting, sure in spirit, and sworn to the rigours of the bitterly cold life of the Arctic hermit.

Fr. Anthony the Great: Despite the relative failure of WC43, he's back. This much-loved and imitated one hundred year old influential ascetic's life of solitude and discipline has attracted many disciples over the years, but has been temporarily set aside so that he may guide the Archregimancy as God (as revealed by the Monastic Football Association) has commanded. Fr. Anthony is now the most successful national coach in Monastic footballing history.

Fr. Adrian of Solovetsky

Fr. Barlaam of Borisoglebsky

Fr. Gavriil of Pantaleimon

Fr. Euphrosynus of Troitse-Sergiyeva

Fr. Dmitri the Healer

Fr. Boris the Brother of Gleb

Fr. Vladmir the Converted

Fr. John the Fool-For-Christ

Fr. Gleb the Brother of Boris

Fr. Innocent of Novospassky

Fr. Herman of Optina

GK -
Fr. Sergius of Borisoglebsky
Fr. Vasily of Troitse-Sergiyeva
Fr. Igor the Widowed
Fr. Kyrill of Solovetsky
Fr. Alexy of Valaam
Fr. Michael the Lucky
Fr. Andrew the Blessed

The Archregimancy always plays an orthodox 4-4-2; style modifier +0.


See Fr. Seraphim the Occasionally Dangerously Free Thinking Theologian model the Archregimancy's monastic robes!

Team Icon

The team is always accompanied to matches by the Holy Icon of the Mother of God, Bringer of Victory, which shall be paraded before the team before all home and away qualifiers. The Holy Icon looks like:

Tips for footballing visitors to the Archregimancy:

1) Each home match is preceded by the complete Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Rest assured that this should only require visiting teams, fans, and officials to stand for a mere 2 hours before kickoff. Consider yourselves lucky we don't use the Liturgy of St. Basil.

2) We control the nature of reality in the Dreamed Realm. This isn't used to cheat - all normal rules of football are strenuously followed - but it does have two major side effects:
A) Any injuries to either team in Archregimancy home matches are immediately healed.
B) No violent or riotous behaviour by visiting fans will be tolerated. Any such behaviour will find those responsible immediately transported back to ordinary physical reality.

3) Direct travel from ordinary physical reality to the Dreamed Realm is impossible. Some 72 hours before your away qualifier in the Archregimancy, a team of monks shall arrive in your home stadium and construct a portal to the Dreamed Realm. You may then use this to travel to the Archregimancy at your leisure.

4) Visiting support is limited to a maximum of 2000 travellers. They are encouraged to dress warmly.

5) Women are not usually permitted into the Archregimancy. Exceptions will be made for visiting players and properly accredited officials - largely because we have to - but not for visiting supporters (see information on visiting support permitted this cup under point 4).

6) Formerly, the Archregimancy made a point of being resentful of being forced to permit atheists, communists, freemasons, assorted heretics and foul excelites into the Archregimancy for home qualifiers. These days the Monastic Football Association tries a little harder to welcome all of the above – though largely in the hope that might just possibly be open to conversion through a slightly more conciliatory approach.


Arctic hermits play football in Arctic conditions - in the vague hope that it will provide them with something of a home advantage. As a result, all Archregimancy home matches will be played in :

Alright, so it's a bit snowy, but this year the MFA have even provided a couple of stands for the visiting support, and all visiting teams and their officials will be supplied with international-class dressing rooms next to the pitch. The snow will not, however, be cleared from the pitch prior to kick-off; you'll just have to cope.

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (within limits, see above)
Godmod injuries to my players Y (within limits, see above)
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players y
Godmod Other Events Y - (within limits, see above; and no religious conversions of players, please)

And remember... Monks don't cheat. Please.

OOC: I realise my team might present a role-playing challenge. Rest assured that once they start playing they'll play just like any other team (though they might be a bit more inclined to pray after scoring), so I have no problem with you treating the team like any other if you don't want to deal with the Orthodox Christian element.
24-02-2009, 23:02
World Cup 45

* * *

Sartiros Umsaasad, former Stestrenas OC manager, has taken over the team following the recent retirement of Parker Law.

His assistants are:
Assistant Manager - Netgorin Ocilla
Forward Coach - Menburid Umsaasad
Midfield Coach - Contrope Shrifflu
Defender Coach - Pasarap Cegeeng
Goalkeeping Coach - Sytrobes Smait

The White and Gold play in a 4-3-3 (+2) formation.

The VFR commissioned new kits to be designed for this campaign:

And now, the players...

(Note on ages: Two RL days are approximately equal to one month in Vephrall. Ages are as of 2 April 1768, or 28 February 2009 IRL.)

Starters are listed in blue.

gk | 1
32y0m | Terabits | since WC43

d | r/l | 2
30y3m | Ucktingang | NEW

d | l/c | 3
31y3m | Anhenir | since WC43

d | c | 4
30y5m | Dranacess | since WC44

d | r | 5
31y3m | Ammites | NEW

dm | c | 6
31y2m | Oillid | since WC44

m | r | 7
30y0m | Stestrenas | NEW

f | c | 8
30y1m | Ammites | since WC44

f | c | 9
30y1m | Penuler | since WC44

f | c | 10
30y3m | Donseplock | since WC44

m | l/c | 11
32y0m | Khalmar-Tijhus | since WC43

m | r | 12
30y0m | Spoantects | NEW

f | c | 13
31y4m | Ammites | since WC42

gk | 14
32y8m | Daazyiles | since WC42

m | c | 15
29y6m | Raynor City | NEW

f | c | 16
30y5m | Spoantects | NEW

d | l | 17
30y5m | Stestrenas | NEW

d | c | 18
31y10m | Oillid | NEW

d | c | 19
31y10m | Oillid | NEW

gk | 20
31y3m | Poiki | NEW

m | l | 21
31y9m | Boalluns | since WC42

d | c | 22
32y2m | Boalluns | since WC42

wb | r/l | 23
31y8m | Terabits | since WC44

f | c | 24
30y11m | Pondrit | since WC43

d | r | 25
30y10m | Spoantects | NEW

Internationally based players dropped from squad since WC44: Woshash CESE (D RL, Atlético Jutense; age 32y11m); Hottotelen MINANAD (D RC, Rio Bonito; age 32y11m)

Standard formation:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do pretty much whatever he or she likes as long as it's all in the spirit of good fun. Just don't kill my players or coaching staff (and in case of a major injury, I recommend you check with me ahead of time).
Forn Parts
26-02-2009, 06:02
Long ago, a cold and inhospitable nation landed upon a novel idea of getting rid of its unwanted citizens: Football. Out of that cold and inhospitable nation came a group of psychotic, inept, unorganized criminals, biological experiments, and Door-To-Door salesmen, which was known as..."The Team".

Feared by the unprepared, laughed at by the well-armored, "The Team" became synonymous with pointless, mindless, self-destructive violence. And then, as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone, along with the nation which created it.

Though that cold and inhospitable nation long ago fell off of the world's largest monolith, and vanished forever, the population which managed to escape doom found themselves in a new territory, one just as cold, and perhaps even more inhospitable, an alien land which could only be described as For'n Parts.

Without any jails, prisons, or gibbets with which to get rid of the scummiest of the population, The Team has once again been formed.


The Team roster:

Sergeant Klomm* - Ex-RagePeng Armed Forces Drill Sergeant (probably Human); Doesn't like to yell, swear, or invade anyone's personal space. Deemed a filthy disgrace to the uniform and forced into professional football. He knows nothing about the sport.
Position - Forward
*Captain of The Team

Rand Hanhoolie - A Human Bandit, hailing from a long line of Human Bandits. Rand is the ex-leader of a bandit group which raided penguin settlements for food. He is extremely tough, extremely dangerous, and extremely stupid, just like his previous job. He knows what a football looks like, but has trouble understanding the purpose of kicking it.
Position - Forward

Jennifer Trequioa - A human girl of nine years, Jenny is by far the best player on The Team. Discovered to hold a legitimate interest in the sport at the age of 7, Jenny was examined by psychologist after psychologist, and her parents eventually disowned her in shame, and Social Services handed her over to The Team. What's worse, her family comes from a foreign country of dubious nationality and moral standards - Jenny is considered a traitor to the shabby nation of Forn Parts.
Recently, she has been seen trying to explain the basic concept of the sport to her teammates. Definitely the one to watch out for in this line-up.
Position - Foreward


Brother Aqk and Brother Uqk - The Justtundra Plains Monastery was a radical religious sect and terrorist group made up entirely by penguins. Raging Penguins. Its ideology was that humans worshipped 'Buddi', the penguin Deity of Harmony, who is seen as the Ultimate Evil. The Monastery believed that penguins were destined to exterminate all primates on Earth using ancient forms of martial arts, and all its members were trained in extremely personal combat until they could use their tail-feathers to snap spinal cords.

After Raging Penguins slipped off the tip of its region, only two members of the Monastery survived. They were both arrested and pressed into service with The Team. Unarmed and extremely dangerous, neither of them care about the sport, and both of them hate all of their team-mates.
Positions - Midfielders


Mr. Rudolph H. Curry - Mr. Curry was a respectable businessman in life; good business ethics, compassionate to the plight of the poor, and a family man. He payed his taxes, attended an inoffensive house of worship regularly, and was politely patriotic.
Once he died peacefully in his bed, surrounded by friends and family, the rest of the population finally was able to get back at him for his inoffensive lifestyle, and they stole him out of his coffin and donated his body to Athletics.
Position - Defender

His Majesty - His Majesty is the nickname given to an Emperor Penguin, of the ordinary variety, which was discovered wandering the icy plains of Forn Parts. Unlike the average sentient Raging Penguin, Emperor Penguins are classed as animals, but this does not stop any self-respecting Raging Penguin from bearing a genocidal hatred for this more attractive rival species.
Being unable to kill His Majesty due to the efforts of several militant Animal Rights groups, the government eventually decided to sentence the hapless bird to Death By Sporting Event.
Position - Defender

Dr. Fletcher M. Dengly - Normally, old men with expensive titles and frazzled white hair fall into two distinct categories: Mad Scientist or Absent-Minded Professor. Dr. Dengly is neither. He's just a drunken sleaze-ball and an utterly shit medical doctor, who ended up being given the choice between life in front of a firing squad or life in front of goal-post. He's been sewing up his team-mates ever since.
Position - Defender


Om Nom - Om Nom is considered by his people to be a testament to his race, and a hero. This would be strange, considering that The Team is a form of punishment in Forn Parts. However, Om Nom is a Troglodyte, a race of creatures so stupid that brains long ago stopped being part of their biology. Om Nom, like many of his commercially-exploited race, has an enormous mouth and an enormous appetite. This is complemented by his enormous head and his enormous girth, which made him ideal, in the mind of Sergeant Kloom, to be a Striker. However, Jenny has recently reassigned him to guarding the net.
Position - Keeper


Georgie "Little g" Mastuchie - Georgie made the mistake of starting a Human racket in a Penguin town. He escaped a fate of sleeping with the (digested) fishes by throwing himself on the mercy of the government. Hey, at least he's not a regular player!
Position - Forward (Substitute)

Cory Wolkjinhis - Cory was arrested in his parents' basement, which was described by one Officer as "a bomb factory that puts most military installations to shame". He grew up reading the shocking parts of the newspaper, and after many chemistry classes through the years, he finally achieved his dream career: Vigilante Terrorist and Basement Dweller.
He blew up seven sweatshops, four drug cartel strongholds, and a front for the Troglodytian mob before his mother blew his cover after calling the fire department due to the persistent melting-plastic smell in the house.
Position - Defender (substitute)


Locations in Forn Parts

Forn Parts has only one pitch. It is a treacherously icy, barren, wind-swept stretch of fairly flat tundra in the middle of nowhere, far from medical facilites, restaurants, and any sort of restroom. Coils of barbed-wire act as the boundary markers, and the seats are just rows of old oil drums. Unlike the old pitch in Raging Penguins, Forn Parts' stadium has yet to acquire any land-mines, but we're working on making it suitably lethal.


Play Style: -2

Because Jenny still hasn't taught them the art of trying to score.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes (But keep in mind that Jenny and His Majesty are the only two with the capacity to intentionally score a goal. And yes, His Majesty is the ordinary, unintelligent penguin.)
Godmod scoring events: Yes. After-all, only acts of God, and possibly Jenny, could get The Team to score.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. And the More, the Merrier!
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes. The Worse, The Better!
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Of Course. The Team uses them to wallpaper their outhouses.
Hand out red cards to my players: Never less than 3 Red Cards per game! We have standards to keep.
Godmod other events: Knock yourself out. And knock someone else out too.
27-02-2009, 04:19
Roster for World Cup 45

Team: Arroza Tar Hornets.

Home field: Island Aire Field, Atalanta, Arroza (Seats 62,850). Originally built for World Bowl 3, Island Aire Field in the suburbs of Atalanta is the new home of the Soccer Team, moving away from the decrepit Government Park.

Uniforms: Home / Away / 3rd (made by ediraf)

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — Yes
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes

Arroza plays a extremely attacking 4-4-2 Diamond
Modifier: +4
Manager: Alfredo Valente

Starting Eleven

GK: Teresa Manzinilla – F / 24 / 2 Caps/0 Goals (Dynamo Refinery)
After a scandal where Moore's true age was revealed to be almost 35, he stepped down from the role of National Team goalie, and left the role to Manzinilla who seemed to perform admirably in her two starts.

DC: Stephen Barra – M / 27 / 20 Caps / 0 Goals (Evangeline Gales)
DC: Shannon Benalli – F / 26 / 0 Caps / 0 Goals (Atalanta Red Tape)
DL: Olga Enterprise – F / 21 /0 Caps / 0 Goals (Resurgens Guerillas)

DR: Tadeu Terra – M / 26 / 48 Caps / 1 Goal (Porto La Cruz / Cafundeu)
Fresh from the commercial and soccer playing success of his trip home to Cafundeu, Terra's got to finally feel like he made the right choice in playing for the Tar Hornets, or whatever we're going to call ourselves after this go-round.

MC: Calvin Freeman – M / 24 / 20 Caps / 1 Goal (Serrano / Cafundeu)

MR: Ryan McIntosh – M / 27 / 14 Caps / 2 Goals (S.F.A. Texans)
After his release from the Penitentiary, McIntosh floated around for a while before getting a new lease on life at S.F.A. His re-blossoming brought him back into the plans of Valente who hopes to see him play as well as he did 7 years ago.

ML: Davis Elliott – M / 22 / 20 Caps / 5 Goals (Huracan Lucky Sevens)
AMC: Amber Pena – F / 22 / 19 Caps / 1 Goal (Rockport Crusaders)

S: Rebecca (Revy) Viades – F / / 20 Caps / 10 Goals (Free Agent)

S: Martin Lancaster – M / 26 / 73 Caps / 48 Goals (S.F.A. Texans)
There's a debate as to whether Lancaster could be the best overlooked forward of his generation. All he's done is anchor his nation's team from the front, score more goals than most players have caps, and doing it all without complaining even when an international forward with almost 50 international goals in less than 100 games is relegated to playing in front of 11,000 a week in Petrol Harbor.


GK: Al Weaver – M / 21 / 0 Caps / 0 Goals (Atalanta Red Tape)
GK: Ronald Wellborn – M / 26 / 2 Caps / 0 Goals (S.F.A. Texans)
DC: Ben Spivey – M / 26 / 20 Caps / 0 Goals (Nowhere S.C.)
DC: Lila Lakewood – F / 26 / 2 Caps / 0 Goals (Huracan Lucky Sevens)
DC: Chad Robertson – M / 24 / 2 Caps / 0 Goals (Thunderbolt Shockers)
DM: Viola Herndon – F / 23 / 2 Caps / 0 Goals (Free Agent)
MC: Joseph Weatherford – M / 21 / 2 Caps / 0 Goals (Biloxoulaport Seabees)
AM: Yolanda Cottrill – F / 23 / 2 Caps / 2 Goals (Pine Forest United)
S: Gloria Raya – F / 23 / 2 Caps / 4 Goals (Black Tide Mariners)
S: Maurice Brown – M / 21 / 1 Cap / 0 Goals (Free)
27-02-2009, 18:00
Cassadaigua’s World Cup 45 Roster

Starters in Green
Subs in Blue
Reserves in Red

Players with a * after their name play on international teams. All others play nationally. Also included in the players past experience. As a nation, Cassadaigua is 65% female therefore our team is all women.

Coach: Michelle Baynes, Age: 44. Also coached in WC43 & 44, BOF 30, and COH 35 & 36. Could be on the hot seat if the nation does not have at minimum a strong Cup of Harmony showing. (Yes, we are starting to have expectations on people now!)

#1- Rachel Terry, Age: 30. Started in WC43 & 44, BOF 30 and COH 35 & 36.
#20- Kristen Stockton, Age: 24. Starter in Di Bradini 7. Sub in WC 44 & COH 36.
#21- Meghan Schneider, Age: 18. First-time player. “The Future”.

#2- Michelle Fuller *, Age: 29, Started in WC43 & 44, BOF 30 and COH 35 & 36.
#4- Courtney Poole, Age: 24, Started in DBC 7, WC44 and COH36.
#3- Jessica Messina, Age: 32, Started in WC43 & 44, BOF 30 and COH 35 & 36.
#7- Katie McDermott, Age: 19, First-time player.
#5- Allison Endres, Age: 27, Starter in DBC 7 and was captain of that team. Also started in WC44 and COH 36.
#6- Michelle Garrett, Age: 23, Starter in DBC 7.
#8- Paige MacAdam, Age: 21, Reserve in DBC 7.

#15- Meghan Burns *, Age: 25, Starter in DBC 7, WC 44, and COH 36.
#12- Jennifer Lowry, Age: 25, Starter in DBC 7, Reserve in WC 44 and COH 36.
#17- Erika Cotrell, Age: 34, Starter in WC43 & 44, BOF 30 and COH 35 & 36.
#9- Christine Scott, Age: 33, Starter in WC43 & 44, BOF 30 and COH 35 & 36.
#13- Ashley Nolan, Age: 23, Starter in DBC 7.
#22- Caitlin Loiselle, Age: 26, Substitute in DBC 7.
#23- Kelly Silvestri, Age: 22, First-time player.

#11- Courtney Ferguson *, Age: 34, CAPTAIN, Starter in WC43 & 44, BOF 30 and COH 35 & 36.
#14- Stacie Kerrigan *, Age: 22, Starter in DBC 7, Substitute in WC 44 & COH 36.
#16- Erica Daniels, Age: 22, Starter in DBC 7, Substitute in WC 44 & COH 36.
#10- Jessica Keeley, Age: 33, Starter in WC43 & 44, BOF 30 and COH 35 & 36.
#18- Emily Haskins, Age: 27, Substitute in DBC 7.
#19- Kristen Spencer, Age: 25, Reserve in DBC 7.

Style Modifier: +1
Home Stadium: The 73,183 seat Concord Heights Stadium

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes, no more then one per game.
RP injuries to my players — No
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes, feel free to have fun just don’t kill anybody.

Our kits, courtesy of JMC are here, home on left:
28-02-2009, 04:46
The Imperial Football Association of the Celestial Regency of Daehanjeiguk presents to you to roster for the Imperial Han Football Team for WC45.

Playing Style: +π
Principal Formation: 3-4-1-2 (D-M-CM-F)


Kim Jongguk (金鍾國|김종국) - #1
Club: Hangyeong FC

Despite having a rather tense slip that persisted after his return from WC44, Kim Jongguk showed some real character as Hangyeong won their fourth League title and successfully defended their title. Moreover, he's got the experience to lead the team to the Quarterfinals, having done so for their two adventures in the World Cup (incidentally losing on both occasions to Valanora... something about them elves...). Sufficed to say, he's looking to keep the Han defensive record at a good mark, having been one of the better teams to escape World Cup Qualifying with few goals allowed in as many matches.

On Bench
Kim Jiwun (金知雲|김지운) - #12
Club: Seojang FC

Bong Junho (奉俊昊|봉준호) - #23
Club: Sanghae FC


Yi Beomsuk (李範奭|이범석) - #2
Club: Atlético Jutense (Cafundéu)

He never seems to leave this spot. And despite missing out on the Globe Cup spot with his club side, Yi Beomsuk shares the burden of holding an important position on a team that has focused the majority of its attention to attacking. Nonetheless, Yi Beomsuk has found himself some opportunities to score and you might expect to see him fill the expanding offensively minded defender.

Kim Yongji (金永智|김용지) - #3 (C)
Club: Ranco Toco (Cafundéu)

After helping Ranco Toco lift another title in the Cafundelense League, Kim Yongji followed them along to the TQCC Final where they almost won in a tense 2-1 match. Almost... sounds too familiar, but for Kim Yongji, it was a testament to the experience and character he adds to a team, and Kim Yongji's place at the heart of the defense of the team will remain solid until he retires or he dies.

Kim Jinsaek (金進賾|김진색) - #4
Club: Shimyang FC

WTF? Who put this young chap in the line-up? We never even saw this one coming! Well, we should have, because Kim Jinsaek is one of the few young defenders who's helped out his Shimyang side to a number of important wins, notably their IFA Cup win last season. And despite not adding to any of the silverware on their trophy cabinet, Kim Jinsaek is certainly a strong defender who knows his way around the pitch. Let's only hope that his mentors on the field help him adapt to the rigors of international competition (and let's hope that Ioshido knows what he's doing).

On Bench
Ha Seokju (河錫舟|하석주) - #13
Club: Hangyeong FC

Yang Manchun (楊萬春|양만춘) - #14
Club: Sanghae FC

Kim Jingyu (金珍圭|김진규) - #15
Club: Hanseong Gukjei

Kim Taeyeong (金太榮|김태영) - #20
Club: Shilla FC


Pak Yongho (朴容昊|박용호) - #5
Club: Gamsuk FC

I swear the only reason they gave him this position was because he'd already done it once before. Well, the real reason was because Go Jeongun suddenly his spice and flavor as a competent midfielder, after failing to help keep Gwangdong out of the pits for the fourth straight season. Nevermind that Gwangdong managed to reach the Emperor's Cup Semifinals, nevermind that Gamsuk only finished one point above Gwangdong; Pak Yongho is still a player with a lot of commitment potential. We'll see whether that translates into games won.

Baek Jihun (白智勳|백지훈) - #6
Club: Cheonjin FC

On a team that includes a number of notable players, Baek Jihun really struggles to compete with the popularity of a number of foreign teammates. And despite the challenge, Baek Jihun remains the club's leading assists guy. Indeed, they may know how to score a goal, but Baek knows how to make a teammate score a goal. And that's the talent that helped him get here in the first place. You'll watch how he manages to get up on the ball and send a nice lob into a pack of strikers, ready to lap that ball into the net. Yes, that's Baek Jihun; not a pretty job, but it wins games. That's really what matters in the end.

Yi Yeongpyo (李榮杓|이영표) - #7
Club: Clube Imperial (Cafundéu)

Just how many people do they have in Cafundéu now? Yi Yeongpyo was literally snapped up in the mid-season pause and now plays for Clube Imperial, yes that team that reached the final of the Empress Cup and lost out to América, not to suggest that Yi Yeongpyo was already playing for the side at that time... (or at any time at all). Anyway, Yi Yeongpyo was quite instrumental in getting Hanseong to a high put, and the moment that he left was their moment that they started to slide. It's amazing what happens when you remove one really good player.

An Pilrip (安必立|안필립) - #8
Club: Porto Lacruz (Cafundéu)

An Pilrip is one of those budding young midfielders who does great internationally; he just doesn't show the same enthusiasm back with his club. Maybe it's just the environment; if so, he should find another club. Maybe it's just his mind; if so, he should find another one. Maybe it's just the bad food; if so... well, you get the point. Despite a poor showing with Porto Lacruz, Ioshido Toki is showing a little optimism by keeping An in the starting line-up, with the hope that he'll show more appreciation to his home club.

Kim Byeongji (金秉址|김병지) - #9
Club: SC Lasft (Cafundéu)

What happened to Song Jongguk, our dearest captain? Well, he's apparently been under the weather lately, and his contributions at the club level were sub-par (A. Insular almost relegated, just 5 points off the mark). So in his stead we see a guy from the Second Division of the same league? That doesn't make much sense, does it? Well, if you consider that Kim Byeongji practically single-handedly rescued SC Lasft from the Second Division, single-handedly won the division with SC Lasft (okay, now we're just exaggerating here...), there's no reason why Kim Byeongji can't hold a starting position. Not to mention that he's an old veteran from many years ago (think Kim Daeeui old, now think older), so having someone of his character certainly cannot hurt the team.

On Bench
Gang Gamchan (姜邯贊|강감찬) - #17
Club: Sanghae FC

Yi Yangmin (李陽民|이양민) - #18
Club: Seoan Gukjei

Song Jongguk (宋鐘國|송종국) - #19
Club: Atlético Insular (Cafundéu)

Go Jeongun (高正云|고정운) - #20
Club: GwangdongFC


Jeong Jihun (鄭智薰|정지훈) - #10
Club: Cafundó do Juta (Cafundéu)

OH NOZ! KIM DAEEUI IS NOT A STARTING STRIKER! WTF IS IOSHIDO THINKING? Well, to be honest, this isn't all his fault. In fact, Kim Daeeui has stated that he will be retiring from international football after WC45; so while he'll still be playing with Albrecht FC for a little while longer, this is likely the last World Cup appearance for the veteran striker who has arguably done more for the Imperial Squad than anyone else in their history. And so... Jeong Jihun gets another shot at trying to score goals. And we already know that Jeong Jihun can score goals.

Kim Mihyeon (金美賢|김미현) - #11
Club: Caires City (C&M)

OH NOZ! THERE'S A GIRL IN THE STARTING LINE-UP! WTF IS IOSHIDO THINKING? Now that's just plain sexist, and while sexism may be a growing fad for some cultures, everyone should recognize that in our universe, some of the best players in football are women (and we're not talking about sluts here). And so why shouldn't Kim Mihyeon make a stab? She's already gotten international experience from her appearances last WC edition as a sub; she's also helped contribute a number of positive goals for Candelaria AM. Quite clearly, she's ready for this. Whether everyone else is ready is another matter.

On Bench
Shin Ganyak (申艮躍|신간약) - #21
Club: Hangyeong FC

Kim Daeeui (高正云|고정운) - #22
Club: Albrecht FC (C&M)

Ioshido Toki (吉田土岐|요시다토기)

World Cup Head Coach/Manager since World Cup 40, Ioshido Toki started as a prolific coach for the CCFM, before taking up on an "offer he couldn't refuse" following Cha Beomgeun's retirement after World Cup 39. Now for the 5th World Cup Qualification Tour (40, 42, 43, 44, 45), he's gotten plenty of experience and seems poised to take on the task with relative ease. Astonishingly, he boasts one of the best qualification records of any coach, but he has struggled at the World Cup. Doubtless, Ioshido will be looking to do one better than his WC43rd and WC45 finishes and making the Final - certainly a difficult task for anyone. But if anyone is able to tackle the task, it would be Ioshido Toki (yes, we've been saying this for the past three cups, but we keep running into %$#^ elves...)

RP Permissions:
Do not kill my players without my permission, do not issue red cards to my players without my permission; otherwise have fun :D
28-02-2009, 19:10
Bidding has concluded for the right to represent Secristan in World Cup 45. For those unfamiliar with our country, all spots on our team are sold to the highest bidders with the Secristan Department of Sports reaping in the profits. This does not mean that these people are just a bunch of bums. For their bids to be valid, they had to be between 18-38, have at least one year of professional football experience, and pass a rigorous physical examination.

NOTE: Please bear in mind that if you have traveling supporters coming to Secristan that tickets are not sold on a first come, first serve basis. Instead, they are sold via an auction five days prior to the events. Auctions are also held for things such as preferred parking spaces around the arena. Your visiting fans are more then welcome to attend, but they will have to go through this same process.

The stadium that placed the highest bid for the right to host the home games is the 58,000 seat Monopoly Stadium in Amherst.

Formation is a 4-4-2
Kit Picture: Sorry, we have no kit picture. We wear dark green and gold at home, White and dark green on the road, and our alternate jersey is black and gold. Keepers wear an all gold kit.
The Secristan Department of Sports refuses to actually pay a major kit-maker something. Use your imagination.

The team is nicknamed the “Millionaires”, because well, they are. Multi-millionaires mostly.

Style Modifier: +4 (The SDOS has demanded goal scoring, or else.)

RP Permissions:
Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes, only one per game and if you do, make it exciting!
RP injuries to my players — Yes only say they are hurt though.
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes, ONLY if you are going to do something which incorporates our players or fans doing something extremely arrogant or snobbish. No deaths.

About Secristan fans: Secristan fans do not chant. Instead, they shake a jar of coins repeatedly. The jars are amplified to maximize the sound of the coins inside.

Note that all players are free to sign with your domestic teams if you wanted to present them an offer. In Secristan, players have TO PAY to play for a team, so they are hoping for international offers so that they can get compensated to play. No transfer fees are required. Some of them are already playing overseas, and they have been noted.

Here is the roster. Starting with the starters:
GK: Michael Rossiter (Cafundeu), # 1 , 32- Reflexes and can usually force the shooter to commit first. Has been the starter since Baptism of Fire 30.
LB: Jeff Fisher, #4, 24- Plays very conservatively. Making his World Cup debut.
LCB: Shawn Wooliver, #6, 23- Hard nosed and aggressive. Starting for the first time, was a sub last time.
RCB: Chris Carmin, #7, 33- The most arrogant player on the team. And that’s saying something.
RB: Eric Fraser (Newmanistan), #2, 20- Extremely aggressive tackler. Captained the Di Bradini 7 winners.
LM: Curtis Coleman (Dancougar), #17, 31- Agility, playmaker.
CAM: Stephen Alexander (Dancougar), #23, 33 - Determination; work ethic.
CDM: Chris Coventry (Candelaria And Marquez), #19, 20, - Good two-way player, hard worker.
RM: Todd Carney (Cafundeu), #12 , 27- Speedster; first time starter.
LS: Kevin Walker (Dancougar), #10, 32- Finisher; will generally be set up by Rogan.
RS: James Rogan (Dancougar), #8 , 32 -Speed, speed, speed, and more speed. Fantastic work ethic. Team captain.

GK: Dennis McGee, #31, 24- No one really knows much about him, but we must honor his bid.
CB: Keith Cassell, #3, 22- First year player.
CB: Carl Perino, #22 , 38- Excels in his positioning and knowledge of the game.
MID: Brian Marcott, #15, 28- Keeps it simple; consistent player. Started in World Cup 44.
MID: Blake Pitchford, #11, 35- Excels on set pieces. Otherwise a defensive player.
ST: Michael Cardona, #9, 19- Finisher, usually needs someone to set him up. 2nd on Di Bradini 7 team in scoring.
ST: Andrew Bianchetti (Newmanistan), #18 , 20- Lead the Di Bradini 7 championship team in scoring.

GK: Brian Carver, #20 , 22- Starting keeper on the Di Bradini 7 and 8 teams.
CB: Kyle Nickson, #26, 30- Making his debut.
MID: Eric Giguere, #27, 27- Another debutant.
MID: Mark Cross, #28 , 28- He does what his last name is well.
ST: Mickey Johnstone, #14, 38- Scary accurate shooting. Not much speed.
ST: Kevin Tucker (Cafundeu), #16 , 20- As good as any of the other strikers.

Coaching Staff: (all in first year with team)

Head Coach: Brendan Bowman, 48
Assistant 1: Michael Fleming, 43
Assistant 2: Shawn Conboy, 42
Candelaria And Marquez
28-02-2009, 19:28
Candelaria And Marquez National Football Team Squad for the 45th World Cup

Candelaria And Marquez is a small, forgettable, mildly multicultural pseudo-democracy (but then, aren’t they all?), known almost exclusively for its slightly inexplicable sporting pedigree.

National teams have been crowned world champions in rugby union and field hockey in the past, while the national football team, the Big Blues, are currently ranked at a record high of fifteenth in the global game. The team has been involved in nine World Cup cycles, qualifying for the World Cup itself five times – including automatically, as co-hosts, at World Cup 44. Their best performance came in reaching the last eight at WC42; the squad also being past Cup of Harmony champions.

The country’s domestic football league, the CMSC, is widely considered one of the planets’ stronger efforts, and is currently ranked second by the international league coefficients.

In practise, the country covers all of the Candelarias archipelago, but known as C&M for tedious political reasons. The correct national adjective is Candelariasian, but don’t worry your pretty little socks about that ( Candelarians speak English, except when they speak Italian or Serbian or Arabic or Turkish or Irish Gaelic, or whatever. Marquezians speak Spanish, except when they don’t, which is as often as not. Actual ‘Spanish’ is pushing it a bit, in any case.

Away from sport, the country’s successive governments have been well known – at least beyond Candelariasian shores – for making use of often highly sophisticated propaganda, state misinformation, media censorship and manipulation and, when all else fails, stabbings, in order to keep from the bulk of the Candelariasian people the ‘weird’ realities of the universe – including, among their fellow sporting nations; gnomes, elves, dwarves, androids, robotic ducks, ninja-monkey-monks, practitioners of actual voodoo, monks from an alternate dimension, pre-pubescent children, sapient mice, sapient bears, sapient badgers, sapient cucumbers, sapient beans, sapient trees, zombies, vampires, Greek letters, aliens, and also did we mention the elves? Singing beans, giant toads and seemingly immortal football managers are more of a stretch for them to cover up, however, never mind the Geordie goblins and see-through sheep.

We don’t like to talk about the see-through sheep.

C&M Wiki (

Big Blues Wiki (


Modifier: +1

RP Permissions: Do pick scorers, etcetera, and godmod away – with the proviso that almost anything that would be considered impossible in the “real world” (see gnomes, elves, dwarves, androids etcetera) would likewise be dismissed as such by most Candelariasians and, in many cases, removed from TV coverage by fancy CGI and the like by the state’s tech wizzes.


Head Coach: Sixty-one year-old Elgin Dannat arrived at the Big Blues job with a sturdy reputation – having gone, in a few short years, from being a not-especially respected youth academy administrator to the manager of Caires City, a relatively small club which, under Dannat’s stewardship, achieved promotion, two league titles and a run to the semi-finals of the Champions’ Cup. His first competition in charge of the national team saw him guide the squad to victory at the Vahala Invitational Tournament, but without a WC44 Qualifying campaign to worry about his remains something of a novice at this level when it comes to competitive fixtures.

Traditionally, Dannat has favoured a 4-2-3-1, but circumstances have forced his hand – including the retirement of captain Connor Mengucci from international football, leaving the country without two genuinely talented holding midfielders, and the presence of three (but strictly no more than three, for now) quality strikers.

As such, it’s back to a old-fashioned 4-4-2, with wingers’n everythin’, with the initial starting XI likely to consist of Sbaïz – Lopulalan, O'Brien, Silva de Aviz, G.P. Adekunde – Cohen (c), Vavasour, Zec, Kortsarian – Ibadulla and Spooner.

Dannat’s assistant manager is Alan Hampson, with the rest of the coaching staff including Boston Mårtensson (defensive) and Andrew Bradley (fitness).


23. Joel Sbaïz, Aged 32, Chelmar FC [Yafor 2], STARTER, 51 caps
Ooh, we like a man with an accent in the Candelarias. So as a Marquez-born, Candelarian-raised, Yaforite-based Candelariasian-Tunisian with two little dots over an i, what’s not to love? Big and bendy, and more than happy to put his body on the line for his country, Sbaïz is widely considered one of the world’s best ‘keepers. Widely in C&M and Yafor 2, anyway. Though otherwise unflappable, the lad has issues with big, hairy opponents following an unfortunate episode in Nethertopia some years back involving a gorilla and a bacon butty wagon.

22. Harry Rosalia, 25, Albrecht FC, 2 caps (1 as sub)
The only Candelarian-born ‘keeper in the squad, the much-travelled Harry is seen (and certainly sees himself) as Sbaïz’s inevitable successor. A quick-witted, rosy-cheeked boy, he can make the spectacular look simple (and vice versa), but mostly just makes the goal look small. Not a goalkeeper who needs to worry about making himself look big. The pies’ll do that.

1. Christian Fernández Montes, 21, Radyukevich CSC
Dannat unsurprisingly goes for a much younger ‘keeper in the utterly pointless third spot, with Russ Becker’s injury problems allowing in the outstanding young Jukos player. Tall and springy, Fernández Montes has a ghastly habit of punching from corners but has been an important factor in his new club’s impressive start to the CMSC1 season.


2. Gwynfardd Lopulalan, 24, KT Hotspur, STARTING RIGHT-BACK, 15 caps (1 as sub), 1 goal
Having seen off A.F.F.’s Harris Dixon and picked up a domestic Young Player of the Season gong, the Rosasharn-born Bettian Candelariasian appears to have cemented a place as one of Dannat’s untouchables. Solid but sprightly, a clever passer of the ball equally capable of releasing sweeping crosses into the box; Lopulalan really is rather good and looks likely to be around for the long haul.

5. Eric O’Brien, 24, Marquez-Onwere, STARTING CENTRE-BACK, 18 caps
The new vice-captain, the Northlandish Candelariasian O’Brien is a natural leader, not only as an inspirational figure but as an intelligent organiser of the back four and deep-lying midfielders. Otherwise, he’s tall and comfortable on the ball, but none too quick.

18. Enrique Silva de Aviz, 31, A.F.F. [Cafundéu], STARTING CENTRE-BACK, 53 caps, 1 goal
A beanpole of a centre-half, Enrique’s wide strike makes him an excellent marshaller of the defence, and both an imposing presence in front of Sbaïz and solid enough link with the midfield. Only two C&M central defenders have won more caps for their country, making Silva de Aviz a respected mainstay of the team.

3. God’s Power Adekunde, 29, Albrecht Turkish, STARTING LEFT-BACK, 38 caps (2 as sub)
In a similar vein, GPA became his country’s most-capped left-back at WC44, though in his case that’s as much down to a general lack of alternatives. A powerful figure, the eldest of the vast Adekunde clan is a better defender than many give him credit for and able to fill-in anywhere across the back in a pinch, but his best role involves steaming forwards to overlap Kortsarian et al.

6. Caleb Christmas, 30, Caires City, 10 caps (4 as sub)
Back for another hurrah, Christmas’ destiny for his nation is as a back-up centre-half and nothing more, and his presence speaks for an overall paucity of younger Candelariasians capable of making the step up just yet. If nothing else, he brings experience as Enrique’s former partner at Cathedral City, along with a long-standing reputation for making regular appearances in the Candelarias’ finest tabloids.

12. Austin Neal, 22, Caires City, 5 caps (3 as sub)
A Dannat find from the City youth team, Neal retains his place as Lopulalan’s back-up. Perhaps better suited to life as a wing-back, his defensive game is still improving but he will surely know that he remains on borrowed time, with a host of young right-backs breathing down his neck.

13. Tom Durrant, 25, IYC Vanan [Yafor 2], 5 caps (2 as sub)
Missing out on the last World Cup squad in favour of the more versatile Joe Rodríguez, the Marquez-Onwere product returns as an out-and-out defensive left-back. With the likes of Meesschaert, Raviranjan, Wilkinson and Cummins likely to have come of age by WC46 qualifying, this is surely Durrant’s last chance, with Dannat no doubt hoping that his recent Yaforite schooling will come in handy during backs-to-the-wall situations.


19. Niv Cohen, 28, Albrecht Turkish, STARTING RIGHT MIDFIELDER, Captain, 48 caps (2 as sub), 9 goals
The shiny new captain, Cohen’s role on the right – be it hogging the touchline or playing rather more centrally – still appears utterly unquestioned. The Bove native lacks pace, but his instinctive understanding of his colleagues’ movement and manager’s tactical plans, as well as a very handy free-kick and pinpoint cross, makes him utterly central to the team’s hopes.

4. Ben Zec, 25, Albrecht FC, STARTING DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER, 14 caps (6 as sub), 2 goals
Connor Mengucci’s shoes are massive ones to fill, and Zec wil have to find whole new gears if he is to do so, but Matteo Corradini’s protégé has been a very solid player for the Scorpions and appears eager to make his senior mark, holding the midfield now on his ownsome.

8. Harvey Vavasour, 23, KT Hotspur, STARTING OFFENSIVE MIDFIELDER,
New to the squad – and indeed the international scene, having expertly avoided an under-21 draft – Vavasour has rapidly emerged as a huge player for the Spur and a major factor in their recent success, a box-to-box midfielder who could fill in for or partner Zec if needs be, but is best as an all-action school captain type. Impossible to say if he’s really ready to make the step up just yet, especially ahead of the likes of Robin Jacobs and George Jones, but he could prove Dannat’s most inspired gamble yet.

11. Aaron Kortsarian, 29, Cafundó do Juta [Cafundéu], STARTING LEFT MIDFIELDER, 31 caps (6 as sub), 6 goals
Heralded as his nation’s future well over a decade ago, it has taken the Allemali native far too long to reach his potential, but he can now be considered one of C&M’s most dangerous players. Regular injuries remain a worry, and he can still go missing, but Kortsarian’s talents are legion – pacey and tricky, with fine passing and an accurate shot; Aaron of the Nuts was feted as the second-best midfielder in the most recent Cafundelense domestic championship, no small reward.

21. Diego Fernando Pappas, 24, Marquez-Onwere, 9 caps (6 as sub), 1 goal
Perhaps Pappas will never be the global superstar we craved, or perhaps it’ll simply take him as long as Kortsarian… Either way, the right-sided alternative to Cohen brings a gorgeous first touch and a clever change of pace, and is a scary proposition for any left-back, even if his practical goal and assist tally still leaves plenty to be desired.

26. Lawrence Amey, 23, Caires City, 7 caps (3 as sub)
In many ways, everything depends on Amey and Zec, with the Caires Sports product now controversially plying his trade for the Errant Knights set to replace the irreplaceable Dionísio. A former striker, Amey remains a natural goalscorer but is steadily learning to curb his selfish instincts… if not his stupid ringlets, multi-coloured boots and God knows what else. Ponce.

14. Will Sussex, 22, Metropolitano [Cafundéu]
Now playing, albeit on a one-year loan, for the Cafundelense strugglers, Sussex and Vavasour are rather samey players but at least provide extra bodies in the centre, particularly if Amey’s dawn proves to be particularly false. The Green Island lad covers plenty of ground and is perhaps Vavasour’s technical superior, but lacks the same physique or power.

15. Joel Mercado, 27, Natestadt Nationalisten [Capitalizt SLANI], 3 caps
Zec’s actual back-up in the holding role, Mercado is a thoroughly mid-table players at a thoroughly mid-table club in the… whatever it’s calling itself this week, but Tom Ely’s frankly appalling form for Portuguese of late makes him really the only plausible choice. At least he brings experience of foreign climes and… stuff. Including the host nation. Unless we play in Demot. Or don’t qualify. Or…

17. Nic Lloyd, 23, Caires City, 10 caps (5 as sub)
Another of Dannat’s little friends, Lloyd has hardly pulled up any trees since his impression debut season but just about holds off the opposition for now. Playing on the left, he’s not particularly quick or prolific or skilful or… anything, very much, but he’s here. Deal with it.


7. Abdul Ibadulla, 25, Juavi FC [Valanora], STARTING FORWARD, 29 caps (7 as sub), 7 goals
Yet to really hit true goalscoring form for his country, the Clotaire native has never the less become a genuine and consistent star in the EPL as the captain of Juavi. Not quick, and by no means powerful, Ibadulla is tall and fine in the air, with an excellent positional sense and unerring accuracy making him much more than just a target man.

9. David Spooner, 23, Caires City, STARTING STRIKER, 11 caps (8 as sub), 2 goals
In theory, this shouldn’t be a risk, but Dannat is still taking his life in his hands by dropping Smith in favour of the Errant Knights star Spooner. A goal machine both domestically and in the Champions’ Cup, now is the time for this quick, powerful forward to make his impact for the Big Blues – but is he really a natural partner for Ibadulla?

10. Tom Smith, 28, Arrigo Portuguese, 44 caps (3 as sub), 20 goals
Only two players have scored more for C&M, and Smith is far from a spent force, this stocky natural finisher always capable of pulling the Big Blues out of the fire with a goal from nothing. For now, poor domestic form appears to have seen him slip behind both Ibadulla and Spooner in the pecking order, but few would confidently bet against this Green Island native missing out on a starting spot for too long.

20. Zachary Adekunde, 23, Radyukevich CSC
Another players, interestingly, to have circumvented the under-21 system; the youngest of the three Adekunde brothers is a surprise selection ahead of Adams, Burridge, Richardson et al, but provides another option – big, strong and good in the air, he’s carried on his Gamboa form following the move to the Jukos. Turkish aren’t kicking themselves they let him go in the first place just yet (Rotherwell and Innisvale help soothe the pain), but this step up to the national team could prove the making of him. Or he could flounder badly. Whichever.


Home Stadia:

FRN: Nethertopia vs. C&M @ The Home of the Dragon, Tenderville
FRN: C&M vs. Yafor 2 @ AAC-Dimrar Dome (, Caires (
MD1: Achtervolging vs. C&M
MD2: C&M vs. Greal @ Solidarity Stadium (, Albrecht (
MD3: Taeshan vs. C&M @ Atlantea Coliseum, Atlantea
MD4: C&M vs. Albundania @ The Marble Ground (, El din (
MD5: The Han Empire vs. C&M @ Emperor Gojong Football Stadium, Hangyeong
MD6: Cassadaigua vs. C&M @ Concord Heights Stadium, Cassadaigua
MD7: C&M vs. Mo Land 2 @ Solidarity Stadium, Albrecht
FRN: C&M vs. Vephrall @ Estadio Arrigo Nacional (, Arrigo (
FRN: West Zirconia vs. C&M @ Manchester Street, Moorcroft
MD8: C&M vs. Achtervolging @ New Sausages Arena (, Allemali (
MD9: Greal vs. C&M @ Sasha Stadium, Greal
MD10: C&M vs. Taeshan @ The White Palace (, Rose of Sharon (
MD11: Albundania vs. C&M
MD12: C&M vs. The Han Empire @ Solidarity Stadium, Albrecht
MD13: C&M vs. Cassadaigua @ Estadio Arrigo Nacional, Arrigo
MD14: Mo Land 3 vs. C&M
FRN: Yafor 2 vs. C&M @ AAC-Dimrar Dome, Kaltar
FRN: Sorthern Northland vs. C&M @ An Unnamed Ground, Little Clotaire
28-02-2009, 21:04
First off, due to the lack of availability for a kit, players will wear their club kits. We will play in a 4-2-4 lineup consisting of:

Goal Keeper:

PM Mikhail "The Presinator" Petkov (Rooster De-Lis)


Stan "The Man" Mann (Rooster De-Lis) RD
Frank Giuuchio (Atalanta BC) MRD
Ramon Eas (Texas City) MLD
Gerald Bontz (West Hades) LD

Jacques Moilte (Stromgarden FC) LC
Hank Fields (Salo United) RC

Jack Peters (Kokohona F.C.) RW
Dax Jacobs (El Que) LW
Duke "El Duke" Snyder (Rooster De-Lis) LS
Chris Thomas (CSKA Salo) RS

The Benchies:


Joe Farrell (Azeroth Mountains)
Gip T. (New New New York City)


George Marxson (Azeroth Mountains)
Fidel Miesteo (CSKA Salo)


Michael Helton (Atalanta BC)
George Sheele (Rooster De-Lis)


Taj Smartisolopolitus (East Hadies)

+3 modifyer

28-02-2009, 22:07
OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team ( are a Featured Article ( on NSwiki ( If you've never bothered to read it, have a skim through it now, as it'll tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a roster post. Thanks.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Yellow Card Players
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

Style Modifier: +1 (4-4-2 'Diamond' formation)

1) The best starting eleven are numbered 1-11 and are in bold
2) I actively encourage, nay nearly demand, that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any).
3) * Denotes female player, ^ denotes Dwarf ( player, † denotes Elf player.
4) Some players have NSwiki ( articles, and those are linked
5) Before each match, in between national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad (even the Elves, though with less passion than most) will perform the Raiigar (, Starblaydia's traditional war-dance.
Starblaydia's WC45 Roster
The best title defence is a good title attack

The Staff
LP. Lex Panarii (, Manager, 63 - World Cup 41 & 44 Winner, AOCAF23 Winner (all as Manager)
33 Caps, 2 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 Level (
Starblaydia's talismanic manager returns for his fourth World Cup, having won it twice already, something no previosu Starblaydi manager has ever acheived. Creator of the Raiigar, master tactician, motivator and all-round inspiration for Starblaydia, he is a massively-important cog in the great wheel that is this well-blended team.

LoP. Leandro Perheira (, Coach, 48 - World Cup 41 Winning Captain, World Cup 44 Winning Coach, AOCAF23 Winner
104 Caps, 7 Goals (15 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 level)
He's the man who - quite literally - lifted Starblaydia's third World Cup, just a single cap behind the all-time Starblaydi record for appearances. He's here for more than just the experienced eye, the man who's been there, done it and been pictured on the T-shirt. Perheira has been included because he, more than any other in Starblaydia, has experience in Elves. Be it dealing with or simply playing alongside them, Leandro is the expert, proven by his integration of all the players behind the purple banner.

The Goalkeepers
1. Dacil Taniquentar†, GK, 9,962 - Telcontarë - World Cup 44 Winner
12. Jamar Wilson, GK, 36 - Paricone Athletic FC - World Cup 44 Winner
19. Gareth Dixon, GK, 23 - Foxchester Raiders

The Defenders
2. Raúl Valdano, R/CB, 29, - Iskara Daii - World Cup 44 Winner
3. Saffi Mehzubontin*^, R/LB, 31, - Tabeck FC - World Cup 44 Winner
5. Louisa Logan*, Captain, CB, 32 - Internashionale - World Cup 44 Winner
6. Tuomas Hindenburg, CB/DM, 21 - Caires City (C&M)
13. Minheled Earisil†, R/CB, 4,706 - Telcontarë
14. Nei Samba, L/CB, 33 - Malta Lines - World Cup 44 Winner
20. Palanadu†, CB/SW, 9,084 - Telcontarë - World Cup 44 Winner

The Midfielders
4. Rashid Mus'haf, C/DM, 32 - Ranca Toco (Cafundéu) - World Cup 44 Winner
7. Otarion Fanorin†, LW, 5,807 - Telcontarë
8. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*†, AM, 3,909 - Telcontarë - World Cup 44 Winner
11. Yuri Vegachenko, R/LM, 33 - Wexax United (Valanora) - World Cup 44 Winner
15. Francisco Martinez, CM, 22 - Penningworth United
16. Apprentice Juan, RM, 20 - Hecia
17. Gabrielle Johnson*, A/LM, 21 - Avidia City FC (Krytenia)
21. Rafaelo, DM, 19 - Raynor City United (Valanora)

The Forwards
9. Lotar Kaii'n, SC, 29 - FC Farça - World Cup 44 Winner
10. Valrauncion†, SC 2,798 - Telcontarë - World Cup 44 Winner
18. Ryu Jones, SC, 23 - Seoan Gukjei (Daehanjeiguk)
22. Alessandro Gomes, AM/SC, 19 - Raynor City United (Valanora)
23. Romeo Oscar, SC, 30 - A.F.F. (Cafundéu) - World Cup 44 Winner

The Formation

Home And Away Kits:
Kits created by:
Starblaydia's traditional all-white Home kit remains, and the all-purple Away kit now has a touch of gold along with the addition of a fourth gold star - for their fourth World Championship - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo.
Elves Security Forces
01-03-2009, 07:08
From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the number one ranked team?
Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +1


Home Away Third

Home Stadia
Hatire Memorial
City: Capri
Capacity: 60,000


Jaime Kuu (Starblaydia)
Age: 41
After a great run with the DBC team and an impeccable season with Raynor City United, Kuu was selected at the halfway stage of Qualifying for WC45 after the side had continued troubles with lesser foes under Orophin. Kuu likes to emphasize the use of the wings and a duo of sturdy midfield players to hold up the opposition.

Assistant Manager

Nienna Lossëhelin
Age - 12,391
As Orophin goes, so does Nienna, though she has been getting some looks from EPL clubs looking to upgrade at the manager position. He fiestiness continues to spread among the players and get them in the mindset needed to take the game the way it was intended to be. Her passion alone willed them in that third place game, and should be enough to keep them going into another long run.


1 Amarian Tinehtelë, Ourseville 1093 (Septentronia) ~
Age - 810
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 171 lbs
Like many of the Marauders, last tournament was just not a good showing for Amarian, and he looks to rebound with a spectacular showing given the chance. His reflexes have gotten better, and so has his distribution of the ball.


32 Angrod Minyatur, Ammites FE (Vephrall)
Age - 647
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 167 lbs
His size and speed have made him a one of the best players in Vephrall for nearly a decade, but many thought he wouldn't hack it as a starter for the side. He dispelled that thought with many grade A performances the last two tournaments and has only improved on his game in the two years since.

12 Dwier Titenburg Jr, FC Capri
Age - 401
Sex - M
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 162 lbs
Despite his tender age, he is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the entire defensive side of the equation. He leads by example and through words of wisdom that an elf his age does not often show. He has proven to be very much his father's son and then some.

37 Hizzen Hocn, Cafundó do Juta (Cafundeu)
Age - 637
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 165 lbs
Calm, collected, tested, mature, and just a plain great footballer that can line it up with the best of them on any day. Probably the most skilled of the three defenders, but also the most quiet and with the smallest ego. Never one to let his emotions get the better of him, and his play has demonstrated that, with his number of yellows and reds being minuscule compared to the other defenders.


24 Espy va Drake, Green Island (Candelaria and Marquez)
Age: 701
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159 lbs
va Drake has slowly become something of a folklore hero of those obscure footballers and much of the country. His rise to prominence and amongst the best in the world at his craft has given them hope that they can do so as well. Green Island continues to be a miracle worker for the winger, as his finishing in front of goal has become demonstrative, making him a total player, great on either end of the pitch.

17 Jamichel Totez, IYC Ajer (Yafor 2)
Age - 30
Sex - M
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 187 lbs
With this likely the last tournament for the midfielder, he has been able to retain his starting spot through the graces of the manager. He is another player who had a World Cup 44 to forget, and wants another chance to show why he was once thought as a second coming of Hawk.

14 Laborious Hawk, Petardos S/A (Cafundeu)
Age - 665
Sex -M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even began to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day.

19 Melfanosion Morose, Raynor City United
Age - 757
Sex - M
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 161 lbs
One of the few bright spots for the Marauders last term, Morose continues to be a consistent attacking threat from out wide, with the ability to pinpoint crosses and send in his mates perfectly. A true lack of an defensive prowess is the only thing holding him back from becoming a star.

40 Faeron Soldarian, Raynor City United
Age - 579
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 163 lbs
His skill, his heritage, his heart, there is nothing about the eldest Soldarian son that you would not like. He wears his heart out on his sleeve, and is probably better for it, as he is the spiritual leader of the side. What Hawk might do for the mental state of the team, Scott equals that in getting for the spirits up. Add in to the fact that he is a world class midfielder, and he might be looking at becoming a hall of famer.


4 Ikles Razov, Dunboor FC (Cafundeu)
Age - 842
Sex - M
Height: 5"9"
Weight: 148 lbs
When push came to shove and the shoving became a dogfight, Razov had all the moves needed to be a champion, with the speed of a track star still in tact. He seemed to effortlessly adapt to Soler's style of play and has been able to compliment her well enough.

8 Calla Soler, Soldarian FC
Age - 31
Sex - F
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 149 lbs
Despite being half-elven, she is already beginning to show the wear and tear of her human half. It is almost a foregone conclusion that Fresco or Zadora will replace her in the next tournament. That being said, she still has enough of her skill at full force to be more than enough to score a few goals here and there even among stiff competition.

2 GK Nadalie Rivana - age 32 - Oceanic (Demot) (F)
5 CB Tamuríl Amandil - age 688 - Petardos S/A (M) ~
29 CB Thankanion Elenelwa - age 584 - Club ESF (M)
9 CB Que - age 733 - Juavi FC (M) ~
18 MC Veraddal Underdark - age 744 - Ranca Toco (Cafundeu) (M)
21 MRLC Aintôrthea Durosa - 712 - Green Island (Candelaria and Marquez) (F)
7 AMC Artulcdhron Zetaback - age 850 - Soldarian FC (M)
13 LW Taikinu Ories - age 28 - Dalinn Wanderers (Ad'ihan) (M)
26 LRW Tanna Norovathar - age 331 - Skyhaven FC (F) (Demot) ~
16 AMRC Ricardinho - age 24 - Petardos S/A (Cafundeu) (M)
6 ST Allandren Fresco - age 454 - Petardos S/A (Cafundeu) (M)
3 FC Ainion Zadora - age 761 - Mylfe CE (Vephrall) (M)

Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Ikles Razov
Right Corner: Antis Morose
Left Corner: Espy va Drake

Hocn Minyatur Titenburg
va Drake Soldarian Totez Morose
Razov Soler

~ denotes Vyintanese
01-03-2009, 07:24
Demot "Dynamo" Roster


Orange - Home
Red - Away

Modifier: +2

Team Manager - Renário (Cafundeu)
Assistant - Helsinn Oroso

GK - Cianan Theros - age 30 - Cafundó do Juta (Cafundeu) (M)
GK - Luigi Moretti - age 26 - Tiranyus FC (M)
RB - Gasandar Girlodino - age 28 - Chelmar FC (Yafor 2) (M)
CB - Drani Warsin - age 31 - Dunboor FC (Cafundeu) (M)
CB - Vaxanna Love - age 30 - Druidisian United (F)
LB - Diana Readile - age 30 - Tiranyus FC (F)
RB - Nikali Delaruse - age 32 - Petardos S/A (Cafundeu) (M)
LCB - Piadona Inelka - age 27 - Club Demot (F)
CB - Carmine Bianco - age 25 - Oceanic United (M)
RW - Nikali Zubo - age 29 - Cafundó do Juta (Cafundeu) (M)
MCL - Angelita Orion - age 26 - Soldarian FC (ESF) (F))
DMC - Horus Ignaci - age 31 - AAC-Dimrar FC (Yafor 2) (M)
AMC - Matteo Basso - age 24- Oceanic United (M)
MC - Gaetana Cipriani - age 21 - Oceanic (F)
MCR - Julia Marath - age 26 - Atalantian FC (F)
LW - Sienna Rossetto - age 23 - Ionnusyus FC (F)
RW - Dadrian Ourell - age 24 - IYC Kaharan (Yafor 2) (M)
AMC - Abby St. Clair - age 22 - Samarga FC (F)
FC - Julius Rotherwell - age 32 - Albrecht Turkish (Candelaria and Marquez) (M)
ST - Sinead Esanar - age 30 - Santa Rosa FC (F)
ST - Jurian Mastaru - age 26 - Petardos S/A (Cafundeu) (M)
ST - Vilta Rossini - age 24 - Druidisian FC (F)

*Bold indicates starters

Captain: Julius Rotherwell
Set Piece Taker: Angelita Orion
Penalty Taker: Julius Rotherwell
Left Corner: Nikali Zubo
Right Corner: Nikali Zubo

Girlodino Warsin Love Readile
Zubo Orion
Rotherwell Esanar

My opponents may, if they RP first
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (nothing more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y
01-03-2009, 09:01
Kingdom of Dancougar: World Cup 45 Roster

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, we give you... the guys (and one girl) who will attempt successful qualification number six!

This is very much a team in transition, with many of the country's domestic and foreign-based stars reaching their early and mid thirties. With club and national team commitments weighing heavily on tired bodies, the national team is the first to go, if only to prolong their careers just a bit longer. Considerations like that mean that mainstays like Dan Potts, Shishio Jinguuji, and Yuji Watanabe will be sitting this one out in order to focus on league play. Perhaps it's for the best - after all, the high average age of the previous team was one of the criticisms following a winless World Cup group stage.

That's not to say the new team is entirely alien. Yes, the FA dug deep to try and unearth some hidden talent with the hope is that the youthful infusion will drive the team back to the knockout stage. But guys like Casey Berber and Lyle Dylandy have one more in them, so they will be joined by some of the D-League's up-and-coming talent.

There's also a new manager. Solomon Bilbao was axed after two tournaments despite carrying them to a third-place finish in World Cup 43. His replacement is 56-year-old Shigeru Takeuchi, formerly of Shuukyuu Kishin. Under his guidance, Kishin won five of the first eight D-Leagues, but they've struggled in recent years both domestically and internationally. Coincidentally, their fall began with Jennifer Sloan's retirement, so perhaps he is just an average coach who had an excellent field marshal. But even if that's the case, he's gone some solid performers at his disposal, so no need to worry...yet.

Takeuchi will play an attack-biased +3 and prefers either a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 formation. With five midfielders, one normally plays up to make it more of a 3-4-3 or 3-4-1-2, and regardless of the configuration he expects a lot of work from the outside midfielders.

And now, the top XI!

GK Luke Brengle
Age: 32
Club: Eastport United
Notes: He was the first man other than Yuji Watanabe to start in goal since World Cup 40 in the previous tournament, and now he'll be the primary goalkeeper for the first time. Brengle's one of the reasons why Eastport has come out of nowhere to win two D-League titles in the past three seasons, including the most recent Apertura.

D Matt Bogart
Age: 25
Club: Stoneridge United
Notes: He was a starter on the Oxen Cup 9 squad and decided to play out his senior season at Shiba-Grandborough rather than go pro and get a shot at making the World Cup 44 roster. Bogart stepped into one of the league's top defenses and hasn't skipped a beat, proving himself a fast learner under Brad Leeds and alongside Cassadaigua's Michelle Fuller.

D Joseph Cecilia
Age: 32
Club: Marquez-Onwere (Candelaria and Marquez)
Notes: Although he had his international debut way back in Oxen Cup 7, he didn't crack the senior side until the last World Cup, where he impressed Bilbao late in qualifying to earn a spot on the final roster. Since then, Cecilia has improved his game and saw his hard work validated by a big-money transfer to Candelaria and Marquez. He'll start playing for Onwere in the coming season and will be expected to take a leadership role on the back line.

D Doug Edrington
Age: 26
Club: Eastport United
Notes: A solid but uninspiring defender that joined Eastport after Oxen Cup 9 and has seen the team's rise parallel his own development. He's good with his positioning and doesn't take unnecessary risks, but critics wonder if he's actually an international-caliber player in his own right or if he's just a slight standout in an excellent system.

M Christian Chojnacki
Age: 25
Club: FC Takano 1983
Notes: He was a big reason that Barynsk College earned a #1 media ranking back in 2032 and he was subsequently selected for the Oxen Cup 9 team. This will be his senior debut. Chojnacki is an attack-minded midfielder who will likely play on the right side, but his irresponsibility on defense is preventing him from becoming a complete package.

M Lyle Dylandy
Age: 32
Club: Petardos S/A (Cafundeu)
Notes: Dylandy returns to the wing but will give up the captain's armband for this tournament. He's fourth on the Dancougar all-time scoring list with 22 international goals, with a stinging shot that he'll show off on set pieces. Dylandy has a good eye for through balls and crosses and is willing to get physical for loose balls. But with age starting to creep up on him, one wonders how long he can keep up that work rate given that he also has to balance time with one of the world's elite clubs.

M Dan Florentino
Age: 23
Club: CF America Chuuoushi
Notes: Florentino was a star as soon as he arrived at the University of Lunarossa and was an impact player at Oxen Cup 9. He came out early and was drafted by Chuuoushi, where he hasn't exactly floundered, but he also hasn't really stood out until recently. Chuuoushi's lively offense has started to show off Florentino's potential, but he has to be more responsible off the ball and improve his man-marking.

M Dwayne Landro
Age: 30
Club: Shuukyuu Kishin
Notes: Landro continues to play solid football and make useful contributions on the defensive side of the midfield. Landro is unselfish and has improved his confidence since the last tournament. Even so, he's usually an afterthought.

M Alexei Voronzoff
Age: 30
Club: Stoneridge United
Notes: When Bilbao was experimenting with his reserves in World Cup 44 qualifying, Voronzoff was one guy he continually counted on to be a leader. Now at 30, Voronzoff takes over as the team's captain. He will either play in the center of the midfielder or as a withdrawn third forward. Voronzoff will likely split dead-ball duties with Dylandy, with the new captain getting more opportunities when the ball is close to goal and power, rather than finesse, is needed.

F Augustine Dennin
Age: 32
Club: Marquez-Onwere (Candelaria and Marquez)
Notes: Dennin was always an above-average forward for Yuki City Athletic but never made much of an impact during his time with the national team. He's mostly warmed the bench during his selections for the 43rd and 44th tournaments, and now he'll start despite only having one international goal under his belt. He'll need to immediately show the form that convinced Marquez-Onwere to throw money at Athletic for his contract.

F Stefan Rosberg
Age: 22
Club: Sporting Lakeport
Notes: Rosberg is selected mostly for his excellent form during his last college season, since he - and the rest of the college all-stars - were decidedly unimpressive in Di Bradini Cup 8. But he did score one of the team's two goals (the other being an own-goal), so he's got that going for him. Rosberg was a high selection by Lakeport where he's expected to learn the ropes from Jeremy McAllister during the regular season.


Next up, the preferred substitutes for each position. Naturally, they will see the occasional start and may also be omitted from some lineups.

GK Artur Komarov
Age: 22
Club: Dynamo Kalinsk
Notes: Another player who was picked mostly on college form, Komarov ceded seven goals in four matches at Di Bradini Cup 8 and was an immediate starter for Kalinsk during the Apertura. He made an immediate impact, helping them climb eight from the bottom of the table to the middle. Not as impressive as Yuji Watanabe, but it does takes some mettle to survive in goal given Kalinsk's historically bad defense.

D Casey Berber
Age: 33
Club: Centralia Cougars (Newmanistan)
Notes: Rumors that Berber was on his way back to Dancougar following the troubles in Newmanistan during World Cup 44 proved unfounded, and he's expressed a desire to stay in Centralia as long as they'll have him. Berber's the most experienced defender on the team and plays a very blunt, physical style in the middle.

D Don Samrov
Age: 31
Club: Eastport United
Notes: Another one of those Eastport defenders that people aren't so sure about, Samrov was good enough to make the final roster for World Cup 44 and is back on the bench in 45. Like teammate Edrington, nothing really stands out about Samrov's play aside from his excellent fundamentals.

M Hiroshi Kaizuka
Age: 22
Club: CF America Chuuoushi
Notes: Another player coming straight out of Di Bradini Cup 8, he's seen as a work-in-progress that nevertheless gives Chuuoushi another attacking option in the midfield. Kaizuka will likely play on the wing to make full use of his speed, although his crosses need work.

M Al McNespy
Age: 31
Club: Sporting Kildare
Notes: While he never fully replaced Dylandy at Kildare, McNespy has been a solid performer for some time now. The goal he scored during World Cup 44 qualifying was a major load off his shoulders, adding greatly to the confidence he almost lost completely early in his career.

F Hiromasa Nagasawa
Age: 25
Club: FC Takano 1983
Notes: Nagasawa helped Takano reach 7th place in the Apertura, knocking on the door of international qualification, having learned some of the tricks of the trade from teammate - and soon to be group stage opponent - Raul de Olivares. Nagasawa has put a lot of work into becoming a more creative forward but still has a ways to go.

F Karen Stadler
Age: 30
Club: King's Eleven Yuki City
Notes: Originally thought to be a PR selection in World Cup 44, Stadler dismissed some of her critics by scoring three goals in qualifying to earn herself a spot on the final roster. However, she mysteriously left the team after one match on the bench and was rumored to be present at the Battle of Schlieffen during Stephen's Rebellion. After a little time off from the league, the fiery redhead looks to be back to top form.


Finally, here are the reserves that Takeuchi has at his disposal. They're only expected to see serious playing time if Dancougar qualifies with a few games in hand. Otherwise, expect them to get used mainly in post-qualification friendlies when the roster needs to be finalized.

GK Heath Vaccarino
Age: 32
Club: King's Eleven Yuki City
Notes: A member of the Oxen Cup 7 team, Vaccarino has been a streaky player for King's Eleven and could make his senior debut in this tournament.

D Dwight Heath
Age: 28
Club: Shuukyuu Kishin
Notes: Fundamentally sound defender who tends to play on the outside. Good at closing down angles but a bit weak in the air.

D Kouichi Sakuraba
Age: 28
Club: Yuki City Athletic
Notes: Sakuraba is expected to step up for Athletic now that Cosmin Contra has left for greener pastures. He's been a great help to former national team backup goalkeeper Grady Saville.

D Mitchell Wolford
Age: 25
Club: Sporting Kildare
Notes: Made his international debut in Oxen Cup 9 and could feature in the senior lineup for the first time. His outstanding attribute is his ability to win headers.

M Shigekazu Hayashi
Age: 31
Club: Aiken City United
Notes: He's long been a solid performer for Aiken City but will have to win his way back into the final lineup. Good instincts offensively during league play but has yet to score for the national team.

M Ed Klingensmith
Age: 32
Club: Port Royal FC
Notes: Another guy who has to win a roster spot after traveling with the team through World Cup 44 qualifiers and then the final tournament itself. Klingensmith is more of a defensive midfielder.

M Josef Rousch
Age: 23
Club: CF America Chuuoushi
Notes: Another of Chuuoushi's projects, he was drafted by the team before the Apertura despite a less-than-stellar Di Bradini Cup 8. Rousch is mostly a raw talent right now so it's unclear what direction it will take. It will probably depend on teammates Florentino and Kaizuka.

M Masayuki Taketomo
Age: 27
Club: Stoneridge United
Notes: Like the Eastport system defense, Taketomo has been a benefactor of the Stoneridge midfield. He's developed into an unselfish player who's good at spotting the last pass... Taketomo to Voronzoff is staple of the Stoneridge offense.

F Dustin Garbett
Age: 32
Club: Grandborough FC
Notes: Garbett just can't seem to catch a break. Despite performing at a consistently high level for Grandborough, his gift for goals hasn't seemed to win him much respect. Perhaps it's his no-nonsense, no-flash style that produces results but not highlights.

F Makoto Katayanagi
Age: 25
Club: Mizuno no Juuichi
Notes: After making his debut for the Oxen Cup 9 team, Katayanagi may get his first look for the senior side despite languishing at Mizuno. He scored 19 goals during the Apertura but doesn't have great instincts.


And now, the OOC notes. I'm likely to be away from home for a lot of qualification due to (my girlfriend's) spring break, so how often I'm able to post is unknown. I should be at locations with internet, but you never know. So, as with the previous tournament, you're free to pick my lineup in your RP if I don't post one before the match. As for usual permissions:

Choose my goalscorers ............. Y
Godmod scoring events ............. Y
RP injuries to my players ......... Y
Godmod injuries to my players ..... Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players .. Y
Godmod other events ............... Y

Please limit the sum of injuries and cards to no more than four events per match. Anything else more or less goes. Also, as has become tradition with the Dancougar News!!, you're encouraged to point out any errors, no matter how minor, to force retractions and intern punishment.
Sorthern Northland
01-03-2009, 09:17
Sorthern Northland National Football Team

Number, name, age (at time of WC finals), position (n/a for goalies and forwards), club (clubs country in brackets, if not a Sorthern club)


1. Benjamin Gaudet, 27 y/o, CF Septentrionien de Finistère
13. Dirk Weber, 23 y/o, Eastlands
23: Piran Hean, 21 y/o, Rothsbere Athletic

2: Bernard Labbé, 25 y/o Right-back, Atlético Insular (Cafundéu)
12: El-Hadke Murawani, 33 y/o Right back, Port of Clotaire (Candelaria And Marquez)
3: Callum Parker, 24 y/o, left back, Red Star Cork
23: Charlie Graves, 20 y/o, left back, Corcaigh
5: Alan Cooper, 24 y/o centre back, Port of Clotaire (Candelaria And Marquez)
6: Patrick Mills, 30 y/o Centre-back, Atlético Insular (Cafundéu)
15: Pafnutij Ipatovič Lenin, 26 y/o Centre-back, Beningrad
16: Brian Andrews, 22 y/o centre back, Port of Clotaire (Candelaria And Marquez)

7: Anthony Higgins, 24 y/o, right winger, Fenians Sport Club
27: Anton Fry, 21 y/o, right winger, Albion Athletic
17: Feng Shui, 102 y/o Left-winger, FC Juahzhou
11: Uang Shi, 23 y/o Left-winger, FC Juahzhou
4: Caleb Edwards, 27 y/o Central-midfielder, Port of Clotaire (Candelaria And Marquez)
8: Marek Krofcky, 21 y/o, central midfielder, Baile an Fheirtéaraigh
14: Pantelis Antoniadis, 21 y/o, central midfielder, Little Greece Olympia
18: Kyle Young, 30 y/o Central-midfielder, Heathfield United


9: Ham Hyi-san, 24 y/o, Port of Clotaire (Candelaria And Marquez)
10: Jon Andrews, 24 y/o, Corcaigh
19: Lewis Graham, 29 y/o, Reading Town
20: Lee Waywide, 35 y/o, St. Patrick's

Manager: Merginn Moffat (from Jeruselem)
Assistant Manager: Ross Gaynor (Arroza)



Formation is 4-4-2 with a style modifier of +5 (or whatever the max is).
Numbers 1 to 11 are the usual starters.
Feel free to make a couple of changes to those line ups though.
Home games against, Quintessence of Dust, Terreiro de Ogum, Yafalonia and Bazor2, Sarzonia and Cafundéu are held at the 150,000 capacity James Connolly Stadium in Beningrad, show in the first picture below. Qualifiers against Noásahi and Greston and any friendlies will be held at 89,400 capacity Lengden Road in Cardiff Scotland, shown in the second picture. Except for the friendly against C&M, which will be at Kumquat Road in Little Clotaire. ( (

RP thingy

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
01-03-2009, 14:07
Something disastrous is occurring.

Rennidan, the Golden Isle, is in the midst of a civil war that looks to tear the island in half. On one side, you have the nation’s government, guided by the emperor himself within his palace which lies at the very heart of Rennidan, an iron-fist operation that has kept civil rights and freedom of speech far from the public’s grasp for nearly a century. On the other side, you have the People of Rennidan, a militia group looking to reclaim some semblance of democracy in a broken nation.

But whilst the shells fly, the bullets whir and the men fall, one thing is certain.

Rennidan will be back for this World Cup.

Alas, it would seem that the majority of their players have either taken up arms to fight alongside their brothers, or have already fallen in battle.

Team Roster|Sixth World Cup Entry|World Cup 45

Style Modifier: +2
Rennidan will play in 5-3-2


Rennidan is proud to be one of the few nations to not use a mega-corporation to manufacture their team kit, but as such, they never got around to making an away kit.


Ryan Malkoa
Age - 31

The life of a manager is never, ever easy. Yet for Ryan Malkoa it has been, perhaps, one of the hardest. After facing the death of his brother, his girlfriend and his unborn child, along with all his friends on the team, Malkoa fought hard to keep his job over fears of his mental status. Recently, however, it is unclear whether he is coping with life or, rather, insane in the membrane. He stole several million golden crowns from the Rennidan International Football Association, but has kept his job, buying the Association itself as well as a small island off the coast of Rennidan for his team to live on. He now sides with the People of Rennidan, and, from his off shore island, constantly throws funds at the rebels to try and turn the country in to something more of his liking.

Assistant Manager

Nile Lawrence
Age - 55

To some, Nile is a man of dubious goals. He is one of Rennidan’s monks, the nation’s famed holy men, and, as such, should be standing on the side of the Government in this civil war, seeing as the Emperor himself has close ties to their religion. However, for once, it would seem the monk’s art set to stand on the side of the people, and this aging man himself has landed himself a position as Malkoa’s right hand man. Only time will tell if the patience and grace of this monk will be enough to bring Rennidan some glory in such an inglorious day and age.


Mylo Forth, No. 91
Age - 17
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 145 lbs
Forth is a child from the slums. Holding firm to a Brute style of play, he is incredibly aggressive and has been known to throw a punch or two if the call comes for it (which it apparently always does). He’s an athletic, agile and, most importantly, somewhat feral child who is not on the pitch to play, but is there to win.


Harriet Michaels, No. 01
Age - 19
Sex - F
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 126 lbs
Michaels is, importantly, as good a keeper as Forth. That means when the young keeper lands himself a red card, a bit of witty substitution allows Michaels to come on board and take up the mantle of goalkeeper.


Henry Iopi, No. 4, Southern Hawks
Age - 18
Sex - M
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
A steal from Rennidan's youth league, Iopi was a child prodigy at the game, especially his mastery of ball control and slide tackling. Now though, he's playing in the real world and, needless to say, his nerves can somewhat get the better of him.

Samual ‘The Wall’ Fortal, No. 5, KT Hotspur
Age - 29
Sex - M
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 204 lbs
Big. That’s one way of describing Samual. He’s tall, muscular and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. He is by far the cornerstone of Rennidan’s defence. Anyone taking a free kick should be careful to not let the ball go near him. He’s not as likely as Forth to land a red card, but you can bet he’s gonna knock someone on their arse during a match.

Daniel Samman, No. 24, Central United
Age - 28
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 166 lbs
Since the death of his teammates and, perhaps most importantly, his childhood friend, Daniel Malakolo, Samman's heart just hasn't been seen. He's still good, but he lacks the flair and showmanship he used to put into the game. This, oddly, is a saving grace, as other teams no longer take him as a serious threat. They’re about to find out just how wrong they are…

Peter Smith, No. 75
Age - 20
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 192 lbs
Peter hails from the Industrial District of Rennidan, an area which is currently at the helm of some of the more vicious fighting in the war. He’s got flair, he’s got talent, and he’s got balls. Unfortunately, he lacks an attention span. No doubt he’ll get distracted by something shiny at a crucial point…

Harri Belon, No. 44, Atlético Jutense
Age - 26
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 144 lbs
Harri is another strong player, and is probably the only member of the team to not show that he's been effected by the incident of flight 109 or the civil war. He’s known for being a bit too laid back, but his tackling prowess is outstanding. He could get a ball away from a hungry polar bear without it noticing. So they say.


Feros Balos, No. 40, Firtos United
Age - 24
Sex - M
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 166 lbs
With little actual experience behind him, Balos simply sits upon the bench.

Henry Harolds, No. 41, Littletown F.C
Age - 24
Sex - M
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 122 lbs
Happy with just being on the team, Henry gets playtime in the last half hour of the match. His liveliness can be a killer when everyone else on the pitch is knackered.


Josef Fersu, No. 68
Age - 19
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 135 lbs
Still making the roster, Fersu is by far one of the most talented players to grace the Rennidan team since its conception. He has some immense ball control, and is ready to represent his nation no matter what’s happening back home.

Witern Wallase, No. 72, Atlético Jutense
Age - 20
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 173 lbs
Wallase is another midfielder that is incredibly capable but performs best when dropping back. He's a bit uptight, and plays with a cold, calculating manner.

Macki Selks, No. 61
Age - 18
Sex -M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 lbs
Selks is perhaps the only member of the starting midfielders that plays his best when pushing forwards for the goal. Whilst it's stated that Rennidan are 5-3-2, Selks prefers to adapt a 5-2-1-2 attitude when playing.


Micha Hasweh, No 66
Age – 18
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hasweh is a very, very angry young man. He likes tackling, kicking and playing hard. It gets results, but his unpredictability means he's likely to be sat on the bench, as Rennidan don't want to risk a repeat of the Golos situation.



Drunn Deleks, No. 58, Tenderville United
Age - 18
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 141 lbs
Deleks has an awe inspiring amount of power and accuracy in his right foot, capable of producing shots which no other striker is likely to even contemplate. The top corners of the opposition's nets are likely to be reserved for this young star.

Selet Loek, No. 77
Age - 19
Sex - M
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 141 lbs
Agile and fast, Loek has a brilliant head on his shoulders. He can figure out an oppositions defence in a blink, and is also a number one choice when a head into the net seems like the only good chance.

Captain: Harri Belon
Set Piece Taker: Drunn Deleks
Penalty Taker: Drunn Deleks
Right Corner: Macki Selks
Left Corner: Drunn Deleks

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y
The McLaughlin Islands
01-03-2009, 14:08
[OOC: See RP thread for origin of the Islands]

The inaugural McLaughlin Islands squad has been named in anticipation of the forthcoming World Cup Qualifiers.

Manager Keith McLaughlin has named the following first XI:

GK David McLaughlin
DL Paul McLaughlin
DC Laurence McLaughlin
DC Stuart McLaughlin
DR Robin McLaughlin
ML Lewis McLaughlin
MC Philip McLaughlin
MC Steve McLaughlin
MR Felix McLaughlin
FW Mark McLaughlin
FW Martin McLaughlin

The substitutes will be as follows:

Goalkeepers: Peter McLaughlin, Scott McLaughlin

Defenders: Simon McLaughlin, Nigel McLaughlin, Trevor McLaughlin

Midfielders: Graham McLaughlin, Jamie McLaughlin, Nick McLaughlin

Forwards: Edward McLaughlin, Russell McLaughlin, Mike McLaughlin

[OOC: Nearly forgot - everything allowed except godmods. No sex either - the concept of outside relationships is unknown to them. Style modifier +1]
01-03-2009, 17:19
The Football Authority of Achtervolging has announced it's squad for the Qualifying stages, and not much has changed since the Baptism of Fire. Achtervolging has never participated in World Cup play and just hopes to not completely embarrass themselves on the world stage.

Manager - Fredrik Anjema (44, Staadskannel FC)

Expected Starters:
GK 1 Edwin Nelisse (28, Wageningen FC)
DF 2 Roy Tracey (31, Staadskannel FC)
DF 3 Jesse van den Ouden (32, Huibertgat FC)
DF 4 Cees Schapendonk (27, VC Beullace)
DF 5 Baart Plet (27, VC Spoondork)
MF 6 Harald Wevers (29, VC Raadsel)
MF 7 Nelson Fielding (27, Southbrae Town)
MF 8 Jermaine Hes (24, Staadskannel FC)
MF 9 Bradley Sheron (22, Blitt FC)
ST 10 Aurelio Prats (27, VC Raadsel)
ST 11 Lasse Elestedt (26, Twenteraan VC)

G 12 Gijs van Schoonhoven (33, Kari FC)
G 21 Jerry Beranzzan (31, Staadskannel FC)
D 14 Bob Mahony (28, Felixstowe & Walton)
D 15 Edgar Arts (30, Verenigd Ulbeek)
D 18 Martijn Tammer (33, Schagen Verenigd)
D 29 Jurgen van der Slot (24, Delfzijl FC)
M 17 Ronald Hes (25, Delfzijl FC)
M 22 Maart Asmus (27, VC Tessenderlo)
M 21 Jason van Veen (32, BV Tytsjerksteradiel)
M 25 Hans van Otter (29, Verenigd Ulbeek)
S 16 Staerling Purchase (26, Northbrae City)
S 19 Sem Wijnands (19, Kari FC)
S 13 Johan Schot (28, BV Rijssen)

Select my scorers : Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players : Yes
Give out red cards to my players : Yes, but no more then one more then you give yourself.
RP injuries to my players : Yes, but only say they were hurt.
Godmod injuries : No
Godmod scoring events : No
Godmod other events : No

Modifier: +2
Bears Armed
01-03-2009, 19:59
The team that Bears Armed enters into this competition will be very similar in membership to the one that played in WC44, although some changes have occurred. (As far as BA is concerned, World Cups are happening at 2-year intervals and this tournament is starting in 2011AD : The ages and experience for the returning players have been adjusted appropriately, and you should add another year to these figures at the end of the post-qualifier friendlies...)


Team: Bears Armed (alias "the Bear-Belles"...).

Yes, it's still another all-female team, but not for the same reason that certain other nations seem to field those. As i explained last time around, it's because the main ball-game that's been played in BA so far is actually a form of Rugby, but [for several reasons] the professional league for that sport is all-male and so some of the female players decided that switching to Soccer instead -- and trying to establish a professional league for that -- might be a viable alternative... That professional league has been established, now, and we’ll be about halfway through its first season at the start of the World Cup qualifiers...

Almost all of the players are actual Ursines (i.e. anthropomorpic, bipedal Bears), but there are also two [female] members from the Harr'aynau people -- who are physically human (more-or-less, although inclined towards heavy builds & hairyness) but spiritually & culturally Ursine -- as well, and one from another non-Ursine minority.

National football organisation: ‘Bears Armed Association for Soccer’ (= ‘BAAS’).
(Chairbear: Urra-Harrlo o Westfells [Chairbear of Wiston Wanderers S.C.])

National anthem: ‘Peace’.
Manager/Chief Coach: Arri Thunder (Robert [‘Bob’] Henry Smith, a male Human, aged 46; originally from the Ursine Protectorate of Old Ceorana ( but now a national of Bears Armed as an adopted member of ‘Clan Gunnar’.)

First Deputy Coach: Marra SunDaughter ( female Ursine, a member of the ‘Sun Clan’; played in BoF31 & WC44, as the usual starter at ‘Left Forward’ and the team’s Captain, scoring a good proportion of the Belles’ goals’, and was also captain of her home team the 'Sun Valley Smashers', but has recently had to retire from active play due to a crippling injury to her right leg; Soccer experience = 7 years as a player, now in her 1st year as a full-time coach; left-pawed, fur = golden-brown, good eyesight even by human (rather than Ursine) standards. )

Home ground = 'Plumtrees Park', at Council Groves (our capital city). Its capacity has been doubled since the qualifiers for WC44, to roughly 40'000 for Ursines: Fitting about 30’000 humans into the visiting fans' half should be possible, and so that's as many as we'll let into the country. Accommodation for visiting teams & their staffs will be provided in the 'Hotel Exodus', about a mile away, which is used to housing Human visitors. Accommodation (at a fairly basic level) for up to 15’000 supporters will be available, at reasonable prices, in students' residences for the adjacent National University: if more foreigners than that want to attend any particular game then there’s limited hotel space available — say 1’000 to 1’500 places — but otherwise they’ll have to borrow space in the nearby Army camp instead...
There are no direct inter-regional flights into Council Groves, visitors will have to travel by way of one of our neighbours and then continue onwards by one of the limited number of "local" air-flights or by rail. (People planning to arrive by rail will have to come via the nation of Mikitivity, but extra services will be organised on that route...)


(#1) Charra o Barrdenn _ Clan = GreenWoods, home team = 'Barrdenn Barbariennes', 5 years experience of Soccer; age = 26, left-pawed, fur = medium brown, noted for her long reach.
(#14) Urra Thunder _ Clan = Gunnar, home team = 'King's University (U-am-B)', category & usual position = Goalkeeper, Soccer experience = 4 years; age = 21, right-pawed, fur = medium brown.
(#33) Iritti o OldWood _ Clan = Redwood, home team = 'Mighty Redwoods', category & usual position = Goalkeeper, Soccer experience = 4 years; age = 22, left-pawed, fur = medium-brown with greyish highlights; not quite as experienced as #1, or technically skilled as #14, but quite good... and quite large, with a long reach, too... (She was added to the team after BoF31, but didn’t actually get to play at all during WC44....)

(#2) Urratharra o Strongpaw _ Clan = March, home team = ‘Mighty Marchers’, category = Defender, usual position = Left Back, Soccer experience = 4 years; age = 22, right-pawed, fur = dark-medium brown.
(#3) Borrinna o HighPeaks _ Clan = Redwood, home team = ‘’Free City Furies’, category = Defender, usual position = Right Back, Soccer experience = 8 years; age = 25, left-pawed, fur = light-medium brown & quite long.
(#15) Sarrla o Jherrarn _ Clan = Jherran Habbar, home team = Merlchester Rovers, Soccer experience = 4 years, category = Defender, preferred position = Right Back; age = 20, left-pawed, fur = reddish-brown; a player whose performance in domestic football since the last Cup (during which she was added to the team as #34,after the BoF, but then played for only 10 minutes in just a single game...) has lived up to the promise that led to her selection then.
(#16) Beorra o SouthWoods _ Clan = WestWoods, home team = Wiston United, Soccer experience = 4 years, category = Defender, preferred position = Left Back; age = 25, left-pawed, fur = medium brown.
(#22) (Number left vacant)
(#37) Lurra White _ Clan = WestWoods, home team = WestPort Wanderers, Soccer experience= 3 years, category = Defender, preferred position = Right Back; age =23, right-pawed, fur = very light brown. (New to the team.)

(#4) Urra ‘Honey’ SunBlessed _ Clan = Sun, home team = ‘Sun Valley Smashers’, category = Midfielder/Defender, usual position = Defensive Centre, Soccer experience = 5 years; age = 22, right-pawed, fur = ‘honey-brown’, very good eyesight even by human (rather than Ursine) standards. She is a very accurate kicker, and therefore the usual first choice for taking free kicks & penalties; her nickname comes from her fur-colour, her very sweet nature, and (it must be admitted) the fact that she's a bit thick.
(#5) Marra-Urra o Redwood _ Clan = Redwood, home team = 'Mighty Redwoods', category = Midfielder, usual position = Midfield Left, Soccer experience = 4 years; age = 24, left-pawed, fur = medium brown. (She scored a goal or two during WC44.)
(#6) Harrya o Herrchaum _ Clan = Herrchaum, home team = 'Mighty Redwoods', category = Midfielder, usual position = Midfield Right, Soccer experience = 11 years; age = 33, left-pawed, fur = light brown. (She was #24 in the team for B0F31/WC44, and saw action several times then as a substitute, as a Striker rather than a Midfielder; perhaps not quite as fast as she used to be, but more than makes up for that fact in skill & experience: She’d probably have been offered the ‘First Deputy Coach’ job if Marra SunDaughter — with whom she’s still friends — hadn’t accepted it.)
(#17) Karra Thunder _ Clan = Gunnar, home team = PassPort Athletic, Soccer experience = 4 years, category = Midfielder, preferred position = Midfield Left; age = 19, left-pawed, fur = dark brown.
(#20) Zargie o Harruor _ Clan = Harruor Erruur, home team = 'LakePort Lionesses', Soccer experience = 4 years, category = Midfielder, preferred position = Midfield Centre; age = 21 years, right-pawed, fur = dark brown.
(#21) Ilga NorthWalker _ Clan = WildWoods, home team = ‘WildFair Warriors’, Soccer experience = 3 years (the last of them in Mikitivity, in a mostly-human league) , category = Midfielder/Striker, preferred position = Right Forward or Midfield Right; a member of the ’Harr’aynau’ people (OOC: i.e. humanoid, at least physically, rather than Ursine…), age = 21, right-footed, red-haired.
(#35) Sunnanna o WestFells _ Clan = WestWoods, home team = 'WestPort U Wonders', category = Midfielder/Defender, preferred position = Midfield Left or Defnsive Centre, Soccer experience = 3½ years (She was added to the team after BoF31, but didn’t actually get to play at all during WC44.); age = 19, right-pawed, fur = light brown; possibly still not quite up to 'first team' standards, yet, but still might be given occasional chances to play if the results seem fairly certain anyway.

(#7) Beorra ‘Locomotive’ o Barrdenn _ Clan = GreenWoods, home team = 'Barrdenn Barbariennes', category = Striker, usual position = Centre Forward, Soccer experience = 2 years but already had 7 years of Rugby experience as well before that; age = 28, left-pawed, fur = medium brown. Her nickname comes from the fact that she's big, fast, tough, and definitely intimidating... She has always been one of the team’s main goal-scorers, and that seems likely to continue.
(#10) Harroya ‘of the Rovers’ o Redwood _ Clan = Redwood, home team = Merlchester Rovers, category = Striker, usual position = Left Forward, Soccer experience = 7 years (She was #32 for BoF31 & WC44, in both of which she saw action on several occasions and scored a number of goals), she is the team’s new CAPTAIN; age = 23, left-pawed, fur = light brown; she will NOT break the rules (not even at the 'yellow card' level), managing to be an "attacking" player without being an "aggressive" one... Good at setting up goals for her team-mates, but only seems to score herself when the team really NEEDS that goal. (British players of reasonable age may be able to recognise the [male, human, fictional] inspiration for this character... ;))
(#11) Karramarsar Sarra _ Clan = Ostbora, home team = 'Victories of Vichr', category = Striker/Winger, usual position = either Right Forward or Right Winger, Soccer experience = 4 years; age = 22, right-pawed, fur = medium brown & fairly long. She is the identical twin sister of Karramarsar Karra, #13, with whom she has a close mental rapport that’s very useful for teamwork.
(#13) Karramarsar Karra _ Clan = Ostbora, home team = 'Victories of Vichr', category = Striker/Winger, usual position = either Right Forward or Right Winger, Soccer experience = 4 years; age = 22, right-pawed, fur = medium brown & fairly long. She is the identical twin sister of Karramarsar Sarra, #11.
(#23) Beorranna o Dawn _ Clan = Urrset, home team = ‘Sun Valley Smashers’, category = Striker/Winger, preferred position = Left Forward, Soccer experience = 4 years; age = 21, right-pawed, fur = light brown with a red tinge.
(#24) Urrarla o Borrovtsa _ Clan = Ostbora, home team = 'Dynamo OstPort', Soccer experience = 4 years, catgeory = Striker, preferred position = Right Forward; age = 22, left-pawed, fur = light brown; a skilled player, whose home team unfortunately isn’t so good. (She was added to the team after BoF31, as #36but didn’t actually get to play at all during WC44.)
(#25) Urratharra oLakeWoods _ Clan= GreenWoods, home team = ‘Barrdenn Barbariennes’, category = Striker, preferred position = Left Forward, Soccer experience = 4 years; age =22, left-pawed, fur = medium-brown with hints of red. (She is new to the team.)
(#26) Theodelphia Karramarsar _ Clan = Ostbora, home team = ‘Urrvan’s Avengers’, category = Striker, preferred position = Right Forward, Soccer experience = 5 years; age = 26, right-pawed, fur = light brown; Christian (Eastern Orthodox), currently not talking to ##30 because they've had an argument about religion... again.
(#32) Marra o GoldenDale _ clan = GreenRiver, home team = ‘Northgate Nomads’, category = Striker, preferred position = right Forward, Soccer experience = 5 years; age = 26, left-pawed, fur = medium-brown. (She is new to the team.)
(#37) Marrla o BriarRose _ clan = BriarGlades (free sept), home team = ‘Heroes’ Park Harlequins’, Soccer experience = 3 years; age = 19, right-pawed, fur = medium-brown. (She is yet another new addition to the team, but is already being talked about as a future star... but isn’t letting this go to her head.)

(#12) Ulga WestWalker _ Clan = WildWoods), home team = [just signed by] ‘LakePort Lionesses’, category = Winger or Midfielder, usual position = either Left Winger or Midfield Left, Soccer experience = 9 years (the last 4 of which were actually in professional football, across the border in Mikitivity…); from the Harr’ayanau people (OOC: i.e. humanoid, at least physically, rather than Ursine…), age = 26, right-footed, red-haired, very fast on her feet.
(#27) Harroya ‘She-Lion’ Lightning _ Clan = Gunnar, home team = 'LakePort Lionesses', category = Winger, preferred position = Left Winger, Soccer experience = 5 years; age = 21, left-pawed, fur = light brown.
(#30) Margarret o WestWoods _ Clan = WestWoods, home team = 'WestPort U Wonders', category = Winger, preferred position = Left Winger, Soccer experience = 6 years; age = 20, right-pawed, fur = dark-medium brown; Christian (‘Roman’ Catholic’ [of the Ursines' own break-away church by that name, which doesn't acknowledge the Human popes' authority...]); currently not talking to #26 [q.v.] again...
(#31) Medrarna Serrnarra’s-daughter _ Clan = Verravokssur (Free Sept), home team = 'Vasrrorgrath Valkyrrs', category = Winger, preferred position = Right Winger, Soccer experience = 3 years ; a member of the ‘Verravokkssur’ people (who are anthropomorphic foxes… that’s as in LARGE anthropomorphic foxes, she’s 6’1” tall…), age = 22, ambidextrous, fur = orange-red. She is new to the team, having just been chosen to replace her older sister ‘Verrina’ who’s gone off to try a career as a fashion model instead... to the relief of the team’s other members, because although Verrina was undoubtedly a very good player she tended towards an arrogance about this which Medrarna doesn’t share... Fast on her feet, and shows potential, but probably not quite ready for a permanent place in the first team.
(#37) Marryon o Barrdenn _ Clan = GreenWoods, home team = 'National University Tigers', Soccer experience = 3½ years; age = 20, left-pawed, fur = dark brown; another promising youngster, but doesn't always remember the 'offside' rule... (She is yet another player who was added to the team after BoF31, as #36, but who didn’t actually get to play at all during WC44.)

Style: Offensive, modifier = +3.. "A good offence is the best defence"...
Their usual formation will include a front row of at least 5 (normally as 3 strikers & 2 wingers), with 2 midfielders, 2 backs, and a ‘defensive centre’ whose starting position will be at the midpoint of an imaginary cross drawn between those other four non-forwards’ positions.

Usual starters = #1 (home) or #14 (away), 2-7, 10-13;
Usual substitutes = #14 (home) or #1 (away) , 16, 17, 20 (home) or 21 (away), 23, 26, 27.


Opponents may _

Choose my goalscorers: Y (but the Strikers, and then the Wingers, are likeliest to fill this role...)
Godmod Scoring Events: Y

RP injuries to my players / Godmod injuries to my players / Hand out Yellow cards to my players / Hand out Red cards to my players: Y to all, at least to start with, but remember what I've written here and keep it in limits accordingly... Any serious offences by my players would probably result in injuries to your players, and causing any serious injuries to my players would probably require such obviously-deliberate attacks that your players would get yellow or even red cards as a result too.

Godmod Other Events: Y, I suppose, at least as long as you do so in an AMUSING way... but please remember that Ursines are fully sapient beings, as much as Humans are (well, almost so, anyway....), NOT instinct-driven animals. Oh, and of course female Ursines are NOT sexually interested in Humans (of either sex), and it's very unlikely that female Harr'ayanau would be either. Please don't have them run amok or outright revert to animality, without checking by TG first, don't make assumptions about their views on politics or religion, and don't do anything that would make more than one of them incapable of playing in their next game...


Kit (home) = lime-green shirts with bear's-paw emblem (as on the national flag) in pale brown on both front & back; pale brown shorts, with trimming & side-stripes in bands of black, gray & white (representing the other Ursine stocks...); socks = lime-green.
Kit ('away') = white, with emerald-green (or what Icall 'emerald-green', which seems to be a rather darker shade than some other people do, anyway...) bear's-paw emblem & trimming.
Kit (goalkeepers) = emerald-green, with the bear's-paw emblem in white.
(Identifying numbers will be in black, except on the goalkeeper's emerald-green where they'll be in white instead: Bears Armed has traditionally used base-8 arithmetic, for several reasons, so the sequence used here will be _ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, etc...)
You can get some idea of what the kit looks like here (, although those designs currently use a lighter green than we meant the term 'emerald' to cover and lack the black/gray/white side-stripes & trimming on the shorts...


Ursines may tend to be a bit less agile & slower to accelerate than humans on average, but this team's members were carefully selected so the gap between them & their opponents in this respect should be narrower than some people might expect. They do tend to have slightly poorer eyesight than humans, on the whole (although the Sun Clan's members are generally an exception to this rule and their eyesight is often at better-than-human levels instead), so long-distance passes & shots at goal will tend to be rarer behaviour for them than they are for human teams... but their typical size & strength mean that when they're running with the ball it will probably take a very brave human -- as well as a very skilled one -- to tackle them successfully, which should balance that factor pretty well. They don’t jump very well, but then they’re generally rather taller than most Human players to start with.
They're physically robust, of course, which means that they're much less likely than humans to suffer injuries in falls or collisions. They’ve now been playing Soccer rather than Rugby for long enough that there should no longer be any risk of any of them (No, not even ‘Honey’...) forgetting about the differences between these two games’ rules. The females of this species are more even-tempered than the males, and the team's members will try to stay on their best behaviour not only in order to do well in this contest (which would help to ensure that their domestic Soccer league becomes popular enough to continue for very long) but also to impress upon the watching humans that Ursines aren't just "dumb beasts". They will not 'dive', or feign injury in other ways, because suggesting that they could be harmed so easily goes strongly against the grain.
Cold weather should pose no problem to them, even if there's snow or ice on the pitch, but tropical heat might prove awkward...

At 'home' games, and at 'away' ones too unless their hosts there object, the team's members -- including the designated substitutes for that match -- will perform a [fairly short] ritual that's called the 'harrdiharr' ( on the pitch just before play begins... This is a traditional war-dance, meant to over-awe opponents, that has come to be a customary prelude for team games as well (similar to the [RL] New Zealanders' 'haka'...). ;)
As was seen during WC44 and its qualifiers, some of our fans like to take drums— and possibly cow-horns, or other "musical instruments", too — along to the matches...
The Gupta Dynasty
01-03-2009, 21:19
I'll be playing a 4-2-3-1, -1. Not that Elgin Dannat-creative version. The hard-core defensive one.
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
Multiple positions are not listed unless the play traditionally plays in a position different than the one he is backing-up.

Manager: Rúmil Oronar. The nearly-thirty-thousand-year-old Vanorian becomes the third manager of the Golden Wolves of a foreign nationality. The last, Dave Hollow, did quite a good job, but he failed in his main task - leading the Yaforites past the first few elimination rounds of the World Cup proper. Oronar has success doing that - the last Vanorian side to not win the World Cup (instead, finishing third) was lead by him. Oronar brings an impressive resume, including eight successive titles with the Elven Premier League side Raynor City. He's an offensive guru and should mentor players like Ilsinha. While his first attempt at qualification did not, perhaps, meet the standards of the Yaforite national team (a second-round defeat to Bostopia on penalties), there were many positives, including an excellent side. This time, Oronar has taken a far more proactive approach to including players and the Yaforites will attempt to build on a flourishing youth system, including a Di Bradini Cup side that finished third.
* - starter

*1) Goalkeeper: Karaan Subodnir. Club: IYC Toralen. The selection of the previously-uncapped Karaan Subodnir as the starting goalkeeper should say something about the state of goalkeeping the Grand Democratic Duchy. If anything, it tells us that Yaforites need a lot of help before they begin to perform well at this position (which probably explains why we've never actually won a penalty shootout in international football). A position which was once a bastion of such legends as Deron Smithes (now head of the LIDYT) and Imon Juile (now a legend for Cafundelense club Atletico Jutense) now holds a mid-level goalkeeper in Subodnir. In all honesty, he's comparatively not all that bad, especially given his league form, but the very fact that he has never been capped at any level for the Grand Democratic Duchy should tell how often he has, at least, been passed over.

2) Goalkeeper: Abel Smernia. Club: IYC Kaltar. It's not entirely clear why he's the backup. Even his manager, the DBC-third-placed-manager Damian Dulars isn't sure. One could argue that this should go to last year's starting Gerrin Sidan or the best goalkeeper in the LIDYT, Pahal Gafernad (who has dramatically underperformed), but Smernia's excellent form and his ability in penalty shootouts (Enalla's eyes, we need someone good at that) makes him the chosen backup for Oronar's side.

*3) LeftDefender: Corvan T'saal. Club: IYC Toralen.Wow. He's just really good, I have to say. At the age of seventeen, having had very little youth team experience, the quick and intelligent T'saal is already a mainstay on the starting squad for the side that leads the league. He has excellent awareness and a very good idea of where the ball needs to be - what he needs to do now is bulk up a fair bit and become stronger, both of which he intends to improve on while a part of the Under-21 squad. The DBC has really shown that T'saal is certainly the next great Yaforite defender, this much is for sure, and he has only one place to go. Up.

4) Left Defender: Vanis Kariid. Club: Cafundo de Juta [Cafundeu]. The large twenty-eight year-old sees the bench once again. The large left defender wowed previous Yaforite manager Dave Hollow in training camp, impressing the Ad'ihani with his build, physique, and defensive ability. While always regarded as a potentially very talented player, Kariid had only showned that his potential had indeed manifested itself and that the fifty million mulcs that IYC Uharan spent in acquiring him from Vanan FC were not wasted. Kariid has performed well for the national team in the past (if making a few too many fouls) and he is looking to continue, and regain his starting slot for Oronar.

*5) Left Center Defender: Lhatis Riegan (Captain). Club: Chelmar FC. Riegan has developed into the heart and soul of this defense. When Thia Boley still played, Riegan was the third of three center defenders - since the team has switched to having four center defenders, Riegan has become the man to control the center. He is thin, but powerful, solid, an excellent marker, very good at intervening when necessary, and a skilled center defender by any stretch of the imagination. What makes him even more attractive, and frightening, to foreign scouts is the fact now he is reaching his peak. Last World Cup and last LIDYT season, Riegan showed that he is becoming possibly one of the greatest defenders ever to play in a Yaforite uniform. This is the cup for Riegan to shine and that is what he intends to do.

6) Left Center: Acatur Vandirgan. Club: IYC Hadaris. Another surprise. Hadaris are banking on him to continue to improve as, if he does, they will not have to search abroad for depth in their defense. He's a solid player like so many Yaforite defenders before him, but he also has the added element of speed, so he can mark top-level strikers or move up and down either the center of the field or the sideline, making him a threat for the other team when the Yaforites have the ball as well. His excellent performance in the DBC was only one reason why he has been added to this squad.

*7) Right Center Defender: Herod Accursas. Club: Chelmar FC. The half-Jeruselemite center defender is now at last reaching his peak. He is considered by many to have all it takes to be a center defender - aggressiveness, pride, and intelligence. Accursas is an attacking defender - he often plays up in a midfield-esque position, and, as a result, is one of the few defenders who is consistently on the scores sheets at major tournaments. His excellent performances in the last two World Cup consistently silenced his critics and, since then, he has essentially been handed his starting slot - a well-deserved starting slot at that. He, with Sebard now retired, will take the free-kicks for the team - he has thunderous power on his straight, piercing shots.

8) Right Center Defender: Venasir Nahorian. Club: Chelmar FC. Nahorian returns to a national team side once more, this time bearing a different club name next to his player name. He had a redemptive season for a terrible IYC Uharan club, and he returns to the tutelage of Darivan Varrios in Chelmar FC, the club that currently has the majority of defenders on this national team itself. He has anger issues and off-field problems, but in the limelight of the richest club in Yafor 2 (and one of the richer clubs in the entire sporting world), he should be forced into the shadows. Playing alongside legends tends to do that to a person. Is currently in a deathly feud with teammate Jamie Durand.

*9) Right Defender: Turkarin Varanias. Club: IYC Kaharan.The twenty-six year-old Kaharan right back is considered the best right defender currently playing in the LIDYT, despite his age. He garnered a great deal of attention in IYC Kaharan's majestic rise in the LIDYT standings, both as a tough defender, and as a player with a deadly free kick and long shot potential. Varanias has the ability to swing the ball over and around any wall of defenders, into the center of the area for almost anyone to score with and his tackling is regarded as flawless. Varanias has finally taken control of the starting position from the aging Nilan Bahsir and he looks to keep it and display his skill as the only person from a disappointing Kaharan side to be selected for the World Cup team.

10) Right/Left Defender: Damer Vidanel. Club: Chelmar FC. It's nice to have a very successful season the LIDYT-A "Andrei Arshavin Honorary Division", but when you have a season that sends scouts from all over the world to come and watch, it is an even better season. A massive deal moves him from his second-division club to Chelmar FC, and then he impresses there. Vidanel is powerful, strong, and dangerous, with a keen sense of where to pass and who is open. One thing to note is that, with the large Chelmar FC contingent in this team, it is very likely that Vidanel knows the passing routes of his teammates (as, indeed, they do for each other) and thus will have a good idea of who to pass to.

*11) Left Defensive Midfielder: Atoras Riegan. Club: IYC Toralen. Riegan is the younger brother of Yaforite national team captain Lhatis Riegan, and he already has people telling him that he's far better than his brother. Lhatis also began his career as a defensive midfielder, but, while Lhatis became a center defender as his career progressed, Atoras has, instead, taken the center midfield position as his own. Regarded as one of the greatest talents to ever emerge from the city of Chelmar, Atoras has strength, power, intelligence, speed, and determination in his bag. If there is a criticism, it's his lack of experience in high-stress situations, and it remains to be seen whether he can succeed there. The lynchpin of the DBC side, he did exactly that.

12) Left Defensive Midfielder: Mosada Juhan. Club: IYC Ajer. Juhan has grown into one of the best players on the entire team. He is the quintessential defensive midfielder - a powerful passer, intelligent, tough, and an excellent jumper (as his numerous highlights involving headers can testify). Typically when the Golden Wolves find themselves facing an adversary who has an excellent attack midfielder or striker, Juhan is the man who is placed to guard this player at all times - and he is typically very successful at this. He was brought up to the starting lineup when an injury to Sebard many cups ago forced him to take the center midfielder role. Since then, Juhan has matured and settled into the defensive midfielder role where he is much more comfortable. Unfortunately for him, he's been around for so long that people have begun to forget. He's really old.

*13) Right Defensive Midfielder: Maharta Kiranar. Club: IYC Uharan. The Phenomenon has finally arrived. Regarded for so long as the heir to Prince Sebard's throne, the young star has finally taken over the reigns at the center midfield position at the age of twenty-four. He is a force in the center of the field. Maharta Kiranar is a passing midfielder, a player with such excellent game vision that he can make a perfect pass to one corner of the field while facing the other. His dribbling and shooting abilities are on a similar stage. Kiranar's one problem is the fact that he has never started before for the national team and, thus, one can reasonably expect that there are several major chinks in his international game that need to be figured out before proceeding. As a result, he's moved to a defensive midfielder position, where he looks better and will probably be more comfortable.

14) Right Defensive Midfielder: Dagor Rfa'an. Club: AAC-Dimrar FC. He's transferred to the newly-rich side in Kaltar, AAC-Dimrar FC (once Ramen United). Working alongside Horus Ignaci in the defensive midfield, it appears Dagor Rfa'an is finally content. His excellent performances for a rather mediocre Caralian side last season win him praise and a transfer, but the powerful and strong center midfielder now has to rely on himself to propel himself forward. If anything, the only person that he has something important to prove something to is himself. He's already won the big contract and the big-name club, after all.

*15) Left Midfielder: Amario Otavias. Club: Chelmar FC.The best young midfielder in the Grand Democratic Duchy and also one with considerable international experience, Otavias was a no-brain pick-up for the big-market club in Chelmar. His skill is, literally, unmatched. He's a brilliant dribbler, an excellent passer, a good taker of corner-kicks, a leader, a solid free-kick taker, and a brilliant penalty shooter. He's also a clubhouse leader, and one of the few players to be universally acknowledged as "just plain good", as one scout puts it. He is preparing for a long and fruitful career at Chelmar FC, hopefully with titles involved. Even more than there have been already.

16) Right/Left Midfielder: Fahren Dashkir. Club: IYC Hadaris. Dashkir has received great acclaim for his performances with Hadaris - the little-known club have done very well in recent LIDYT seasons and this is due, in no small part, to the abilities of Fahren Dashkir. Dashkir is very much in the mold of Yaforite wingers of the past - he is a clever defender, a skilled marker, an average-level dribbler, and a wonderful crosser. However, the twenty-five year-old is on this World Cup team to learn, and perhaps get in a game or two, as it is almost universally regarded that he needs a bit of time before turning into a true international-level player. However, he's most likely good enough now that he has had that fine-tuning to succeed.

*17) Center/Attacking Midfielder: Ilsinha (Vice-Captain). Club: CA Condadore [Aguazul]. Seriously, dude, she's the frickin' narrator. Why do I need a bio for her?

18) Center/Attacking Midfielder: Danilo Silva. Club: None, (currently at collegiate level, IYSA Chelmar).Good dribbler. Very good dribbler. He takes the skills of his Cafundelense mother and family to a Yaforite mindset. Usually an attacking midfielder, Isilvarnon Moraedenshar pioneered a new striker force of Danilo Silva and Jamie Durand and, if all goes as he expects, this may be the next great Yaforite pairing. It didn't happen. Silva, who was called up to the national team at fifteen and started several games in the World Cup proper (before he was injured by a defender from Demot), has matured slightly. He's moving back to that attacking midfielder role, as a clear backup to Ilsinha at the national team level.

*19) Right Midfielder: Ahershk Valinial. Club: Caires Sports Club [Candelaria and Marquez].Once the only player on the Under-21 side to be based abroad. Valinial has been an integral part of the Knights' success in this season in the CMSC. Yes, he has the potential to be very good. He had, prior to his inclusion in that side, been a back-up to Vashil Nahanor at Chelmar FC and he had wanted playing time. His recent vein of form has found the twenty-three year-old in a familiar position - backing up Vashil Nahanor (this time at a national level, however). And, yes, the reason he's good is that he was found by some perceptive scouts from Caires Sports Club. Yes, let's heap praise on Sampson, shall we? Now he replaces Vashil Nahanor and Ahershk Valinial has become the main starter on this side.

20) Right Midfielder: Dolarin Mijak. Club: IYC Ajer. A story similar to that of Dagor Rfa'an. Mijak is known for being the most attacking right midfielder in the LIDYT, meaning that he moves up as often as possible and has an excellent shot. It's only off of the skin of his teeth (and the development of other skilled free-kick takers, like Herod Accursas) that allows Mijak to just beat out CMSC right winger, AFC MN Smith's Ras Rataran. On a club level, he's managed to earn a large contract with the side in the capital by virtue of being Caralian's highest scorer. It is yet unknown if that will transfer to the biggest stage.

*21) Striker: Kordanin Ya'haan. Club: IYC Hadaris. he young hope of the Yaforite national team, Kordanin Ya'haan is best described as "a big kid with quick feet". A striker who has the body to challenge the opposition, but the deft ball-handling abilities to dribble past someone, the twenty-one year-old is another product of an excellent Hadaris youth system that seems to have a knack for producing strikers. Yaforites producing strikers? I know, I was shocked as well. His DBC tournament work basically tells us that he's for real. Yup. He can score.

22) Striker: Vorin Dariegan. Club: KT Hotspur [Candelaria and Marquez]. Dariegan returns for yet another go-around. To be fair, his phenomenal statistics for the Spur are somewhat inflated, as he is the lone striker in their one-striker system, but that is what makes him for for his position on the national side. Previously the striker was much of a passing player, who tended to hand off the ball to the other player in the 5-3-2 or 4-1-3-2 formation. With the welcome change to the 4-2-3-1 formation, Dariegan once again returns to the international stage as the lone striker up top, where now he has learned how the score. He's KT Hotspur's sparkplug and, best of all, he wants revenge at the position. Remember quarterfinals verses Dancougar, all those years ago?

23) Striker: Jamie Durand. Club: IYC Toralen. Half-Zwangzugian, half-Starblaydian, born in Yafor 2, has Yaforite citizenship. Don't ask about his parentage. He has a bit of a feud going on with Venasir Nahorian, which is often fueled by Durand's intense dislike of racial insults (such as "'grammer"). One thing the twenty-four year-old does have a lot of skill at, however, is scoring goals, and, in that regard, there is no Yaforite (apart from maybe David Insfield), who can match him. He uses his Starblaydian finishing ability, his Yaforite game vision and his Zwangzugian, um, math skills to score a lot of goals. Yeah. That made sense. Anyway, he can finish. He has a feud. That's all that's important.

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Urna Eletronica
02-03-2009, 15:19
The Urna Eletrônica National Team

Urna Eletrônica is a country focused on politics. The biggest events in the country are the elections, and there are elections for everything. So it'd be natural if the team was composed only by politicians. The list of players is below, with their position and team. This is their last term in office, so next time the list of players will be very different (as some won't even participate in the next elections).

Manager - Deodoro da Fonseca: founder of elections in Urna Eletrônica, this man is so old that he doesn't move, talk or do anything. Some say that he is dead.


1- Ulysses Guimarães (goalkeeper/PMDB): surely the most experienced player of the team and a bit old to continue playing. But it was his choice to continue playing football, and the fans think that he can die one day playing football.

2- Roberto Freire (defender/PCB): defender of the democracy, dreams of communism in Urna Eletrônica. Defends the equality, the freedom of religion, the universities, but is viewed with suspicion by some people, a barrier for his goals.

3- Paulo Maluf (defender/PDS): this player has problems with the police, but has many loyal friends. Attackers playing against him must not bring their wallets with them, otherwise Maluf will surely steal them and they won’t noticed it. But, if someone discovers that Maluf stole something, he’ll deny and say he had never seen that wallet before in his whole life.

4- Ronaldo Caiado (defender/PSD): this man isn’t popular and it’s difficult to be certain about his ideas. The only thing we know about him is that he has some farms and is one of the leaders in his political parties... well, there he must be popular.

5- Enéas Carneiro (midfielder/PRONA): very popular, but is a target for jokes. Many people don’t think he is really serious, and that he isn’t a true politician, but his style surely conquered the hearts of many. His huge beard (bigger than Lula’s), combined with his way of talking (he talks shouting... always shouting) really makes him noticeable in the field.

6- Guilherme Afif (defender/PL): friend of the defender Maluf, has a past of alliances with army generals and a dictatorship. He tries to avoid being linked with them, so he doesn’t like to talk about the past. Moves a lot inside the field, making many gestures.

7- Leonel Brizola (midfielder/PDT): popular player, is loved by many but hated by many too. He likes to provoke his opponents, and dislikes the media too. He is good at making funny comments, which usually humiliate his opponents. Has the respect of most of the population, but most end deciding by voting on other candidates.

8- Fernando Collor (midfielder/PRN): very charismatic, you’ll like this player, even if you’re playing against him. And he’ll take advantage of this fact to steal money from your bank account until you discover he is controlling your life. Be cautious, you’ll never know when he’ll arrive... he appears when you’re least expecting.

9- Lula (attacker/PT): a strong player full of strange phrases and pronunciation mistakes, he knows how to control the ball well and how to shoot to the goal. He is very popular, but many people don’t trust him, maybe because of his big beard. Poor people see in Lula their representative in the National Team.

10- Mário Covas (attacker/PSDB): solid and serious player, is respected by his team mates, but this doesn’t mean they like him. But he dislikes most of his team mates too. Is a responsible player, and work hard for the team. Doesn’t like to get involved in personal discussions, but, when this happens, he becomes ferocious.

11- Sílvio Santos (attacker/PMB): a businessman that decided to use his popularity to become a politician. He knows nothing about politics, but a lot about personal marketing, so everyone likes him even when he makes mistakes. And, if needed, he can use some of his money to make the media say good things about him.


12- Marronzinho (goalkeeper/PSP): a poor person that has difficulties even to find something to eat, dreams of using the technology of an important company to find water in his homeland, a dry place. He stays quiet for most of the time but, when he talks, it means that is something very important!

13- Lívia Maria (midfielder/PN): only woman in the team, this is the only important fact about her. Comes to give a feminine touch in the National Team, as she surely doesn’t have a place to play.

14- Paulo Gontijo (defender/PG): well, this man isn’t much popular, but has some friends. Nothing that could help him to win a place in the starting team.

15- Aureliano Chaves (midfielder/PFL): is linked too with the army generals (but much more than Afif, being considered a friend of them), which isn’t good for his popularity. Also, many people from his own party don’t think he is able to win a disputed election.

16- Affonso Camargo Neto (defender/PTB): is friend of anyone that has the power inside the country. Because of that, he has already been a friend of the most different kind of people possible, which isn’t a good thing for his popularity.

17- Celso Brant (attacker/PMN): another experienced player, seems too old to play in the starting eleven. He is popular with older people, but the younger don’t even know him, so this is a curious situation.

18- Antônio Pedreira (defender/PPB): owner of a strong name, this is really the only thing that he has, so he won’t be much noticed in the team.

19- Fernando Gabeira (attacker/PV): probably the most famous politician in the bench, is known for being the defender of freedom, including freedom of using drugs and to make whatever you want to do, being against laws that limit the people’s freedom. Opposed the army generals.

20- Zamir Teixeira (midfielder/PCN): another player that will just fill the bench, won’t be able to take the place of the other politicians, which are much more famous.

21- Manoel Horta (midfielder/PDC do B): surely the least important player of the team, if we don’t count the third goalkeeper.

22- Eudes Mattar (defender/PLP): who is this guy? Well, we don’t know too, but surely it’s just someone to make the bench look full.

23- Armando Corrêa (goalkeeper/PMB): this man is someone that wanted to become a good politician, but decided to give Sílvio Santos a chance, because he knew he’d never win anything. So, he now stays in the most obscure position of the National Team.

02-03-2009, 17:58
Style modifier +2.

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes

Playing a 3-1-3-1-2 for only the second major World Cup tournament ever, the Ad’ihani national team returns for what is likely to be one of their last outings in international football, following an announcement by the AFF about major budget cuts that will see the national team scrapped or replaced.

Manager: Devida Cal

Starting Goalkeeper: Danny Evans, 27 (Cathedral City, CMSC)
Substitutes: Anthony Adams, 22; Martin Kawn, 29

Starting Left back: Sean Brown, 25 (Kinney Road, UILC)
Substitutes: Francis Cascarro, 23; George Richards, 23

Starting Centre-half: Richard Flahavan, 24 (Oldbridge City, UILC)
Substitutes: James Fernandez, 20; James Masters, 19

Starting Right back: Darryl O'Sullivan, 25 (County Stanley, UILC)
Substitute: Phil Fanning, 20

Starting defensive midfielder: Danny Jacobs, 25 (Olympique Protectorat, UILC)
Substitute: Roger Harwick, 21

Starting right midfielder: Anthony Jones (captain), 28 (Caires City, CMSC)
Substitute: Kevin Masters, 22

Starting centre midfielder: Aaron Kennedy, 23 (Mountbatten Junction, UILC)
Substitute: Francis Yang, 30

Starting left midfielder: Francis Doyle, 22 (Cathedral City, CMSC)
Substitute: Thomas Brady, 19

Starting attacking midfielder: Jake Holmes (vice-captain), 33 (Likewell Kirk, Demotian Pride League)
Substitute: Charlie Starmac, 21

Starting strikers: Greg Innisvale, 26 (Albrecht Turkish, CMSC); Kieran Ó Branagáin, 27 (Oldbridge City, UILC)
Substitutes: Tanner Thomas, 21; Jonathan Gregory, 23
02-03-2009, 22:46
Officially, the Republic of Allemenschen will fielding the same team that was officially fielded for the BoF. Unofficially, a rogue team of purple-stinging nellies will be competing for the chance to qualify, and as such, two possible teams are in contention for the same team.

FYI, the nellies are better than the androids...

6748 - welder
9123 - door holder

1245 - egg beater
1451 - onion chopper
2417 - energy recharging charger
1253 - random android needed to fill the team's empty spots
6271 - orgasm inducer
4210 - widow keeper

2884 - triathlon runner
3001 - computer spammer
6783 - spam computer
1728 - milk-making coffee grinder
4444 - dummy killer
6748 - Doomsday preacher
7481 - mathematical algorithm calculator

3910 - random joke maker
7188 - poached egg maker
0009 - really old machine
4301 - time stamp approval eraser
1101 - picture taker

2580 - telephone call disconnector

Playing style = -1/∞
New Manhattan
03-03-2009, 00:15
Glossary—modern terminology

Capitalizt SLANI: a sporting association based in Paripana, responsible (along with the Demot FA) for hosting World Cup 45 — “Capitalizt SLANI won over Busby 3–1”
Commerce Heights: (see also OOC terminology below) a city in Paripana
Jasīʼyūn: (alternatively Jaseuyeon or Ch’asŭyŏn) a sporting association based in Paripana, not responsible for hosting World Cup 45 — “Jasīʼyūn win”
Paripana: a geographic area in Atlantian Oceania, where (along with Demot) World Cup 45 will be held — “We wanted to take a trip to Paripana, but we left our gold certificates at home and missed our flight”
Unified Capitalizt States: a government which has ceased operations, but the name of which is still used in comparison to other political entities — “The UCS is bigger, and less surrender-inclined, than Septentrionia”

(When in doubt whether to use Paripana or Unified Capitalizt States, people from Paripana are more inclined to use the former, and others are probably more inclined to use the latter.)

Glossary—OOC terminology

Commerce Heights: an OOC person
New Manhattan: a forum account used by that person due to technical issues

Glossary—historical terminology

CHFF: football association that preceded Capitalizt SLANI
Commerce Heights: 1. name of the UCS prior to the World Cup 15 semifinals, 2. name of the Capitalizt SLANI team during WC25–29, 3. name of the CHFF team
Unified Capitalizt States: a political entity


Paripana is a very large, very rich region of Atlantian Oceania, which will be co-hosting World Cup 45. It is a stateless society; disputes are resolved without recourse to violence. Many future technologies have been developed in the region, including teleporters, spaceships, and extremely tall buildings, though many such technologies are too expensive for the general population.

Capitalizt SLANI (abbreviated SLANI or, as a three-letter code, COM) is the better-known of the two sporting associations in Paripana that participate in the World Cup. It was founded during World Cup 25 when the prior association, the CHFF, went bankrupt, and is universally recognized as inheriting the CHFF’s history, including its World Cup 15 title. SLANI also claims the history of the Bedistan Football Association, including its World Cup 21, 26, 27, and 30 titles, but most authorities do not recognize this.

Jasīʼyūn (three-letter code JSY) is the lesser-known association, and began international play beginning in World Cup 30. It has done nothing of note.


The following stadia will be used for World Cup matches in Paripana; these stadia will also be used for Capitalizt SLANI’s home friendlies and for Jasīʼyūn’s home qualifiers.

Barring exceptional circumstances, all home games played by either Paripanan team will sell out, and as many fans as are permitted will travel for away games.

Quality ratings for each of the venues are given. Keep in mind that a two-star stadium by Paripanan standards would likely be a UEFA five-star stadium ( IRL.

Group A

Holmes Stadium
City: Columbia
Capacity: 390 100
Quality: ★★★★★
Covered: seats only
Will host: three first round matches, final
The original Holmes Stadium was the early home of the Bedistani national team, and hosted the final of World Cup 8, in which the home team, the first host nation to reach a World Cup final, were defeated 3–1 by Liverpool England. The stadium was destroyed in the first invasion of Bedistan by Tingitanan anarchists, but has been rebuilt with a far greater capacity, while attempting to replicate the original stadium’s design. The new stadium hosted Capitalizt SLANI’s thrashing of Milchama in the World Cup 39 final, and with this Cup will become the only stadium to host three World Cup finals, surpassing Sen-La-Sa~o Relekhati. It also hosted the Games of the III Olympiad and the first two TakilQuip Champions’ Cup finals.

Memorial Stadium
City: Sonoma City
Capacity: 271 828
Quality: ★★★★
Covered: opaque dome
Club team: Sonoma City Volcanoes (Élite League Two; major matches only)
Will host: two first round matches, one second round match
Memorial Stadium (originally Esther Marchese Memorial Stadium, but since depoliticized) was the most ambitious in the CHEAT Alliance’s (parent company of Capitalizt SLANI) series of stadium construction projects in the former East Bedistan, which began shortly after the fall of the Grand Dominion. It is was the second-largest stadium in the nation when built, but is now third, behind Holmes Stadium. The stadium has not been well-maintained due to its failure to secure a permanent tenant, and some expect that it will have to be demolished within a decade or two.

Bætica Stadium
City: Cordubovica
Capacity: 109 300
Quality: ★★★★
Covered: transparent dome
Club team: Cordubovica Falcons (Élite League One)
Will host: one first round match
Bætica Stadium is one of the two new stadiums paid for by the Élite League after its first season in order to generate additional revenue. Although the source of the funding may have been a football league, the stadium is used for several other sports, including Lontorikan-rules football and field hockey, as the reconstruction of Bætica attracted diverse immigrants. The stadium could have held another 24 400, had its designer not felt it necessary to include a parking area for blimps.

Group B

City: Metrewalk
Capacity: 131 160
Quality: ★★★★★
Covered: opaque ceiling
Club team: SV Metrewalk (non-league)
Will host: three first round matches, one quarterfinal
C4Stadion, designed by the same architect that created Auswärtssieg Arena, is the newest of his state-of-the-art Lontorikan stadiums. The stadium is located inside a skyscraper (similar to a plan to rebuild Aeropag Olympic Stadium that never received funding), which includes parking and hotel accomodations. It is named after its sponsor, the Capitalizt Consolidated Conglomeration Corporation (C4), which is also responsible for the manufacture of Capitalizt SLANI’s kits.

Sokojiʼwa Gyūŋgijaŋ
City: Sokojiʼwa Dosi
Capacity: 169 500
Quality: ★★★★
Covered: opaque dome
Club team: Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK (Élite League One)
Will host: two first round matches, one second round match
Sokojiʼwa Gyūŋgijaŋ was built by the Élite League club Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK, the first club in the league to construct a new stadium without outside funding. The stadium is the only of its size in Sokojiʼwa, and has raised the profile of the Syokaji club, building towards the board’s goal of gaining a reputation on par with the traditional giants of Yuba and Sonoma Center. The club submitted a bid to host the TakilQuip Champions’ Cup final at the stadium, but was ultimately rejected.

Stádie Montánire
City: High Mountain
Capacity: 141 421
Quality: ★★★★
Covered: retractable opaque roof
Club team: High Mountain Buffalo (Élite League One)
Will host: one first round match
Stádie Montánire was funded by the Capitalizt Élite League, like Bætica Stadium, as part of its plan to improve the league’s standing. It is, in fact, built on Mount Hendricks, the “high mountain” for which the city is named. The stadium is built with a retractable roof and, though the Buffalo use the high altitude to their advantage in club fixtures, the building will be pressurized for World Cup matches.

Group C

Auswärtssieg Arena
City: Natestadt
Capacity: 127 202
Quality: ★★★★★
Covered: no
Club team: Natestadt Nationalisten (Élite League One)
Will host: three first round matches, one quarterfinal
Given the limited success and fan base of the local team, the Natestadt Nationalisten, the club successfully lobbied the owners for it to be given the name Auswärtssieg Arena, meaning “arena of away wins.” Although Capitalizt SLANI has not encountered many away wins there, the name has stuck. It is of fairly advanced construction, and is regarded as one of the best venues in Paripana, a reputation that helped in its bid to host the final of Globe Cup 6.

Sokojito Überdome
City: Sokojito Dosi
Capacity: 400 552
Quality: ★★★★
Covered: transparent dome
Club teams: Sokojito Dosi Gyūlhabdwen (Élite League One), Sokojito Dosi Dalamjwijī (Élite League One)
Will host: two first round matches, one second round match
Built for the infamous “CHO:P” World Cup 26 bid, the Sokojito Überdome is the largest football stadium in Atlantian Oceania. To allow for its massive capacity, teleportation devices are used to get spectators into their seats, which are inaccessible by other means. Aside from the final of World Cup 26, the Überdome has hosted several matches between Capitalizt SLANI and Krytenia (and is due to host another), which have earned the stadium a reputation for very high-scoring games. It was used for domestic cup finals before the completion of Holmes Stadium, but its big event is now the Sokojito derby, with Gyūlhabdwen and Dalamjwijī now both competitive in the hunt for TakilQuip Champions’ Cup qualification.

City: ʼYupo
Capacity: 161 803
Quality: ★★★★
Covered: retractable transparent roof
Will host: one first round match
Capitalizm, named after the economic system that had brought great wealth to the people of Paripana, was constructed at great expense for the CHFF’s World Cup 16 bid with Melmond, and was also once the national stadium. Though it is traditional in design, it does utilize a number of sophisticated technologies to enhance the fans’ experience, including holographic score displays. However, the focus on dazzling the spectators has diverted attention from the team facilities in recent years.

Group D

Anaphase Alchemy Stadium
City: Sonoma Center
Capacity: 171 337
Quality: ★★★★★
Covered: transparent dome
Club team: Sonoma Center Panthers (Élite League One)
Will host: three first round matches, one semifinal
After over eight hundred consecutive sellouts at the old ground, the Sonoma Center Panthers board finally gave in to financial pressure and decided to rebuild the stadium, with more than double the capacity (though they did not give in to Septentrionian pressure to rename the club “Sonoma Centre”). A transparent roof covers the stadium, blocking out heat that would otherwise be absorbed by the all-black structure; this was reportedly cheaper than getting enough paint in the precise color of blue to match the team’s long-standing kit colors. The stadium is repeatedly a contender to host the TakilQuip Champions’ Cup final; however, it has so far been limited to hosting the home leg of the Panthers’ semifinal appearances.

Metropolitan Stadium
City: Commerce Heights
Capacity: 180 278
Quality: ★★★★
Covered: seats only
Will host: two first round matches, one second round match
Metropolitan Stadium, one of the new venues constructed for World Cup 36, was built on the site of Maxisoft Stadium, the original home stadium of the CHFF, and serves as a replacement for the demolished CDA Stadium in New Seoul. The famed Panthers played some matches here during 2147–49 due to the rebuilding of Anaphase Alchemy Stadium. The venue is the home of the Van Prooijen University gridiron team.

Querzakhi Olympic Stadium
City: Querzakhi
Capacity: 157 080
Quality: ★★★★★
Covered: retractable transparent roof
Club team: Querzakhi United (Élite League One)
Will host: one first round match
Querzakhi Olympic Stadium was built by the Spaamanian corporation Drakcorp for the Capitalizt club, Querzakhi United, that it purchased. It hosted the ceremonies and many of the events for the Games of the II Olympiad. Though the stadium has been around for about eighty years, it was extensively renovated for the Olympics. It has some of the same advanced features as Capitalizm, and additionally has the ability to replace the pitch instantaneously by teleporting replacement pitches that are stored underground.


RP permissions
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
New Manhattan
03-03-2009, 00:20
Information on Paripana, stadia, and RP permissions can be found in the Paripana “roster” post. ( Capitalizt SLANI

Nickname: Capitalizts
Formation: 3–3–4, all-out attack
Style modifier: +5
Flag: blue with the Capitalizt SLANI logo in the center (image of flag (
Three-letter abbreviation: COM
Kits: (made by C4)

(ages as of WC45 proper)
01: 설병교 Sūl Byūŋ-gyo (age 29, Sonoma Center Panthers)
02: Dale Gordon (age 26, San Solari FC)
03: Eva Wennemann (age 30, Sonoma Center Panthers)
05: 권나애 Gwon Na-ā (age 26, Aeropag Penguins)
06: Suzanne Griffith (age 30, 소코지토 도시 결합뒌 Sokojito Dosi Gyūlhabdwen)
07: Pablo Sanqeso (age 27, Sonoma Center Panthers)
08: Carl Schwarz (age 30, Yuba United)
09: Gary Pollard (age 26, Black Oasis Athletic)

10: Sharon Pittman (age 26, San Solari FC)
11: Luise Ulmen (age 32, Yuba United)
12: Gregory Harding (age 28, Natestadt Nationalisten)
13: Judy Núñez (age 29, Yuba United)
14: 임일만 ʼIm ʼIl-man (age 27, 소코지와 도시 축클 Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK)
15: Jon Meyer (age 25, KQ Nepáïire Tingitana)

16: Mazerinne Beck (age 28, Medoria Löwen)
17: Clyde Moore (age 30, Yuba United)
18: Nina Spengler (age 33, San Solari FC)
19: Albrecht Herfurth (age 32, Yuba United)
20: Νίκος Παπαδιαμάντης Níkos Papadiamántis (age 26, Yuba United)
21: Júlia Souta (age 27, Sonoma Center Panthers)

22: Ángel Wynn (age 25, Qidade Savana [Jasīʼyūn])
23: Χαρίλαος Γκουσγκούνης Charílaos Gkousgkoúnis (age 34, 소코지와 도시 축클 Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK)
24: Lorraine Briggs (age 30, Yuba United)
New Manhattan
03-03-2009, 00:21
Information on Paripana, stadia, and RP permissions can be found in the Paripana “roster” post. ( 자스연 (Jasīʼyūn)

Nickname: 혜성즈 (Hyesūŋjī)
Formation: 4–4–2, attacking
Style modifier: +φ
Flag: red with the Jasīʼyūn logo in the center (image of flag (
Three-letter abbreviation: JSY
Kits: (made by ediraf)

(starters in bold; ages as of World Cup 45 proper)
Manager: 신채랑 Sin Çā-laŋ (age 46)

02: Samuel Murray (age 29, Qidade Savana)
03: 하손지 Ha Son-ji (age 31, Qidade Savana)
13: Petra Brammer (age 25, Naquada Falls Demons)
14: Stella Taylor (age 31, 구산토 고자이크즈 Dusanto Mojaʼikījī)

07: Herbert Brady (age 29, Qidade Savana)
18: Helen Drake (age 29, Qidade Savana)
05: Teresa Everett (age 33, 구산토 고자이크즈 Dusanto Mojaʼikījī)
06: Leslie Jones (age 28, 소코지토 도시 다람쥐즈 Sokojito Dosi Dalamjwijī
16: 장강상 Jaŋ Gaŋ-saŋ (age 33, Qidade Savana)
17: Ulrich Krug (age 30, 구산토 고자이크즈 Dusanto Mojaʼikījī)
04: Alicia Dennis (age 33, Qidade Savana)
15: Wilhelm Heinz (age 26, Naquada Falls Demons)

11: 원현원 ʼWon Hyūn-won (age 24, 구산토 고자이크즈 Dusanto Mojaʼikījī)
22: 췌상정 Çwe Saŋ-jūŋ (age 32, Qidade Savana)
09: 홍시군 Hoŋ Si-gun (age 31, Qidade Savana)
10: 전정선 Jūn Jūŋ-sūn (age 34, Yuba United [Capitalizt SLANI])
20: Juan Gay (age 30, Qidade Savana)
21: Miguëla Lobatá (age 27, Medoria Löwen [Capitalizt SLANI])
08: Francisco Kaufman (age 28, 구산토 고자이크즈 Dusanto Mojaʼikījī)
19: Bernd Liebeneiner (age 30, Qidade Savana)

01: Brandon King (age 34, Yuba United [Capitalizt SLANI])
12: Wolfgang Kammer (age 26, Noka Mariners)
23: Steffen Bohm (age 31, 소코지토 도시 다람쥐즈 Sokojito Dosi Dalamjwijī)
Logria and Cambrow
03-03-2009, 02:00
Alan Burnett has made some additions to the squad for the WC45 qualifying campaign. Otherwise, the squad is the same as the BoF one - except for Roy Williams, who has retired from football due to injury. New squad members in italics.

1. Glenn Money (GK, 32, Tunstall United)
2. Kevin Appleby (RB/LB, 28, Croxby)
3. John Wood (LB, 26, Liodence City)
4. Adam Miller (CM, 28, Maccabi Totton)
5. Ryan Bond (CB, 30, Croxby)
6. Rob Black (CB, 29, Bethenall) - Captain
7. Adam Round (RW, 25, Croxby)
8. Ronnie Bowes (ST, 31, Harrick Town)
9. Robert Woollingsby (ST, 32, Holmecaster Orient)
10. Jeff Harris (FW, 28, Bethenall)
11. Peter Martin (LW, 26, Maccabi Totton)
12. Alan Bethenall (GK, 27, Holmecaster Orient)
13. Glenn Easton (GK, 27, Croxby)
14. Clive Neale (LW, 25, Maccabi Totton)
15. John Woollingsby (CB, 35, Liodence City)
16. Tim Carpenter (RB/LB, 25, Croxby)
17. Norman Gates (CM, 28, Holmecaster Orient)
18. Michael Summers (FW, 27, Holmecaster City)
19. Nigel Bowyer (CB, 26, Liodence City)
20. Callum Chivers (CM/RW, 24, Holmecaster City)
21. James Hargreaves (ST, 30, Bethenall)
22. Tommy Peters (ST, 27, Speake)
23. Frank Lewis (FW, 26, Holmecaster City)
24. Eric Howson (CM/LW, 23, Speake)
25. Paul Osbourne (ST, 23, AC Palliston)
26. Alex Clarkson (FW, 23, Liodence City)
27. Jack Alliss (ST, 28, Brimcaster)

Likely starting XI (4-3-3): Money, Appleby, Wood, Bond, Black, Miller, Round, Martin, R Woollingsby, Bowes, Harris.
Terreiro de Ogum
03-03-2009, 02:04

Style is -4.2

ÈPA BÀBÁ! After years trying to get our independence, our lovely country of Terreiro de Ogum was finally able to escape from the control of Estresse Intenso’s government (although that control was already inexistent). Now we are a country, thanks to our mystical power and thanks to Olorun, our great god! And, now, using our magic abilities, team work, faith and different practices, with the help of our Orixás (Orisha), we will now try to win games against the biggest opponents. Oxalá we will win something! Now, see our list of players:

“Oxalá guie nossos guerreiros do futebol rumo a vitória, usando o poder de Ogum, o apoio de Iemanjá e o braço forte de Xangô!”

The 26 players (yes, Terreiro de Ogum has 26 players in its roster) – use the names in BOLD in the RPs (no need to put their names in capital letters too, please):

Each player has a pre-game ritual, which will be made in every game that they play as starters only. There are 5 levels of spiritual strength: very low, low, average, high and very high.

Goalkeepers (the hands that hold our faith):

1- Baitolah BIBAH
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Iemanjá.
Spiritual Strength: Average.
Info: Baitolah Bibah is the most talented goalkeeper of Terreiro de Ogum. Born and raised in the territory, Baitolah is an orphan rose by a famous mãe-de-santo, and learnt how to prepare medicinal recipes to help the ill with her. He is funny, talkative and loves to show himself to the public. He is homosexual, and often makes jokes of the opponents of Terreiro de Ogum.
Pre-Game Ritual: a lover of foreign music, Baitolah Bibah is the last member of the team to enter in the field, wearing his full pink goalkeeper clothes. When he enters, the music “I Will Survive” is played (or other music associated with homosexuality).

12- Wladmir Girnos Bueno “PAPAGAIO”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Ayrà.
Spiritual Strength: Average.
Info: this man is crazy. Seriously. Wladmir, usually known as Papagaio, can’t communicate well with other people. He has serious difficulties in creating phrases of his own. He lives in a small village, where he works as a mechanic. His life isn’t special, but now he has been recruited to play in the National Team, due to his incredible agility. He is called Papagaio (parrot in Portuguese) because, as he can’t create his own phrases, he repeats what the other people say.
Pre-Game Ritual: if Papagaio plays as a starter, this means that Bibah isn’t playing. So, Papagaio will be the last player to enter in the field, making gestures to his teammates, who probably won’t understand him.

22- Bianca Marçal Nínive “CIRCENSE”
Gender: Female.
Orixá Guide: Obá.
Spiritual Strength: High.
Info: this young woman is just 16 years old, but became the third choice of the Terreiro de Ogum National Team for the goalkeeper position due to her incredible elasticity and acrobatic moves (she is a circus star), that help her to make saves with less difficulty. She lives in a small village that doesn’t have a terreiro, so she’s not much linked with Umbanda rituals. But she is very sensitive and can feel the presence of the orixás.
Pre-Game Ritual: if Circense plays as a starter, she’ll be the first player to enter in the field (yes, even before Preto Véio). She’ll look extremely happy and will make some acrobatic moves, a small show for the supporters.

Full-Backs (the messengers of our future):

2- Ananias dos Santos “BICHO GRILO”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Exú.
Spiritual Strength: High.
Info: the terreiro leaders usually are the ones that make the homemade medicines, but Bicho Grilo is the one that finds the ingredients. With extremely high knowledge of the plants and animals that live in the terrain of Terreiro de Ogum, Bicho Grilo can easily survive in the jungle and find any kind of plant there. Due to his love for nature, you can find him talking with animals, but this usually happens only after he smokes his marijuana, something that he does daily (every hour, I should say).
Pre-Game Ritual: one of the last players to enter in the field, Bicho Grilo enters in an extremely low pace; walking on the grass and feeling it (he doesn’t wear shoes). He has long hair and beard, and smokes marijuana in the field (if it isn’t a country where marijuana is prohibited).

6- Ubiratan de Carvalho Quirino “TOQUINHO”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Xangô.
Spiritual Strength: Low.
Info: brother of another starter of the National Team, Guaxinim, Toquinho is a dwarf, and is a bit taller than his brother. He has an incredible speed, and due to that usually works as a messenger in the territory, making the contact between different terreiros possible. When playing football, Toquinho is responsible for fast counterattacks and good long passes, but doesn’t score many goals.
Pre-Game Ritual: Toquinho will be one of the first players to enter in the field. He likes to show his speed to the supporters, so he’ll enter with full speed, reaching his position in few seconds.

16- Joe Hi-Kim “ZEN”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Oxumaré.
Spiritual Strength: Very High.
Info: the Umbanda attracts many people, who were used to follow a different religion. But unlike other religions, the Umbanda practitioner doesn’t have to abandon his former religion to get into contact with the orixás. And this situation was perfect for Zen. Follower of Shinto, Zen went to Terreiro de Ogum to learn about the place where strange rituals where being made. He loved the place, and started living here. Zen is a formidable defender, calm and secure, and has a high spirituality.
Pre-Game Ritual: if Zen plays as a starter, he’ll enter in an intermediate position in the order of players. He’ll walk quietly to his position, wave to the supporters of both teams, and later meditate a bit to be concentrated for the game.

Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Ibeji.
Spiritual Strength: Very Low.
Info: Horácio Baixote is the third dwarf of the Terreiro de Ogum National Team. Cousin of the starters Toquinho and Guaxinim, Horácio Baixote is much younger than them, and because of that his football talent isn’t developed. If he has one. He isn’t a very good player, but has a very good fighting spirit. So bad that he lacks strength, otherwise would be a very good defender because of that.
Pre-Game Ritual: Horácio Baixote will enter in an intermediate position in the order of the team. He’ll enter with the ball, controlling it and reaching the middle of the field.

Defenders (the guardians of our honour):

3- Maria Celeste Ernestelli “RECLUSA”
Gender: Female.
Orixá Guide: Yewá.
Spiritual Strength: Very High.
Info: no one knows from where she came exactly, or about her life before reaching Terreiro de Ogum. All they know about her was in her documents, a passport from Cafundéu and a library card. She was adopted by a mãe-de-santo when she was only a child, and soon it was discovered that she is extremely sensitive, being able to have contact with spirits and to being possessed by them. This power has been explored by her “mother”, and she is now famous because of her ability. When not possessed, she doesn’t speak with anyone, with the exception of her “mother”.
Pre-Game Ritual: in fact, Reclusa doesn’t have any special pre-game ritual. She will enter before Bibah, so will be one of the last ones to enter. She will quietly go to her position in the field.

4- Jorge Diniz Sodré “PRETO VÉIO”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Nanã.
Spiritual Strength: High.
Info: this man is a wanderer, known in the whole territory. A nice, calm man who likes to chat with everyone, from the commoner to the powerful mãe or pai-de-santo. But he specially enjoys chatting with the children, telling histories to them about his adventures. He has no enemies, and can be considered the most honest and respected person in Terreiro de Ogum.
Pre-Game Ritual: Preto Véio is the first player to enter in the field, going directly to the sector of the stadium where the Terreiro de Ogum supporters are. He’ll wave to them and after that will shake hands with his opponents, being nice with everyone.

13- José Carlos Pereira Filho “ZECA DA PONTE”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Oxóssi.
Spiritual Strength: Low.
Info: although Terreiro de Ogum’s authorities try to make the country successful in social equality, there are many things to do yet. When the territory was under the control of Estresse Intenso, there wasn’t social equality, but now, with the independence, the leader pai-de-santo is trying to give better conditions for the poor. Zeca da Ponte is one of these poor people. He lives under a bridge, sometimes without something to eat, completely miserable. But, as a player, Zeca da Ponte has some ability as a defender, and can get something to eat during the competitions.
Pre-Game Ritual: when Zeca da Ponte is selected as a starter, he enters in the field and asks the referee for food. Searches the field for some bread or other kind of food. If he doesn’t find anything, becomes very frustrated.

16- Janaína Soraya Couto “RAINHA”
Gender: Female.
Orixá Guide: Iyami-Ajé.
Spiritual Strength: High.
Info: the woman with most children in Terreiro de Ogum, Rainha has family ties with a lot of people, as her mother also had many children. She is not a mãe-de-santo, but is good at making rituals to call the orixás too. She is a bit crazy, so sometimes can become angry without reason or complain about things that didn’t happen. She is very respected by the citizens of Terreiro de Ogum, as she is the leader now of the biggest family (in number of people) of the country.
Pre-Game Ritual: Rainha loves her family. So, she’ll enter the field behind Pai Berto if put as a starter, being accompanied by her children (all her 16 children), giving a kiss on each of them before the start of the game.

20- Victor Cirino da Alvorada “BEBUM”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Egungun.
Spiritual Strength: Low.
Info: Bebum is another drunken man of Terreiro de Ogum, as Pinguinha. The difference between them is that Bebum doesn’t have to look after money to be able to buy his cachaça or beer. No, the other people give him money for him to do so. Why? Because Bebum, even drunk, has always everything interesting to talk about, and is also a good snooker player. In football, is just average.
Pre-Game Ritual: Bebum won’t enter in the field with a bottle of cachaça. No. He will enter with a barrel of beer. Will offer it to his teammates and to his opponents, and later will go to his place in the field.

Defensive Midfielders (holders of our home):

10- PAI BERTO de Tucumã de Obalatá
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Obalatá/Oxalá.
Spiritual Strength: Very High.
Info: son of the “leader” of Terreiro de Ogum, Pai Alcir de Macaé, Pai Berto is a talented pai-de-santo, who focuses on helping the people of the territory in the area of health. Some people say that Pai Berto has a better sensitivity than his father, and that he is a natural leader. His knowledge of the orixás and of the umbanda magic became legendary. Now in the National Team, Pai Berto is the captain and “boss” of the team, with more powers than the coach.
Pre-Game Ritual: while Preto Véio is the first one to enter in the field, Pai Berto is the second. He enters with his full-white clothes, wore by all pais-de-santo, and raises his arms to the sky, before making homage to the orixás.

5- DONA ROSA Lozano Pumete
Gender: Female.
Orixá Guide: Ossaim.
Spiritual Strength: Average.
Info: this old woman is a very good football player, and one of the major negotiators of Terreiro de Ogum. She makes contact with other countries, and this is very important to guarantee the autonomy of the country. She isn’t much involved in the religious ceremonies of the country, but she likes watching them, and, because of that, has some knowledge about them.
Pre-Game Ritual: Dona Rosa isn’t one of the first or one of the last players to enter in the field. In fact, she doesn’t do anything special. Just enters in the field and talks with each player of the Terreiro de Ogum team.

15- Rafael Rocha Brumes “ARMÁRIO”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Xangô.
Spiritual Strength: Average.
Info: the most strong person of the team. Without any doubt. Armário is 2 meters tall and weighs a lot too. But he isn’t overweight, he is strong. He is the security guard of Pai Alcir de Macaé, and no other person of the country have the courage to fight against him. Only his presence intimidates the opponents. In the National Team, will play as defensive midfielder, and will probably win many tackles.
Pre-Game Ritual: if Armário plays as a starter, he’ll enter in the field together with Pai Berto, looking at the stands to try to see if there’s someone or something that can harm the pai-de-santo.

24- MÃE EDITH de Maná de Ifá
Gender: Female.
Orixá Guide: Ifá.
Spiritual Strength: Very High.
Info: an evil mãe-de-santo, Mãe Edith is the only one of the team that you can accuse of making “black magic”. She is a very talented mãe-de-santo, with an enormous knowledge of rituals and of the orixás, and very strong spirituality. Too bad that she decided to make rituals to harm others rather than ones to help the people. She is the one that destroy relationships, put illnesses in people, make someone get fired from his/her job, and other bad things. She and Tramóia are the ones that won’t follow Terreiro de Ogum’s policy of respecting an opponent, making dark rituals.
Pre-Game Ritual: Mãe Edith, when playing as a starter, will enter just before Reclusa and Bibah. She’ll use a completely white outfit, will raise her hands to the sky as soon as she enters the field and will say something that no one will understand. She seems very strange and mysterious.

Attacking Midfielders (seekers of our prosperity):

9- Liceu Modesto Babuíno “PINGUINHA”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Oxóssi.
Spiritual Strength: Low.
Info: Pinguinha is a drunken man. He simply loves to drink cachaça, and does the possible to get some money to have something with alcohol to drink. He doesn’t do anything illegal, but everything else… for him, the cachaça is more important than everything else. He is a good football player, even when drunk, and will have sufficient motivation to want to score goals and create plays for the team.
Pre-Game Ritual: Pinguinha enters in the field in an intermediate position in the order. All he does is to get his bottle of cachaça, throw a bit of the liquid in the grass, and then drink the remaining after making a short prayer.

8- Rafael Graziano “TRAMÓIA”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Oxum.
Spiritual Strength: Very Low.
Info: a criminal, expert in stealing, sneaking into places without being noticed and preparing traps for the opponents. Tramóia is one of the few players that won’t respect the opponent, trying to get advantage in every play using dirty tricks. He is very good at making these tricks without being noticed, so it’ll be difficult for him to receive a card, as he probably won’t get caught. He isn’t popular in Terreiro de Ogum for being a criminal, but his talents will be very useful for the National Team, as he’ll be the main responsible for creating offensive plays.
Pre-Game Ritual: Tramóia is one of the first players to enter in the field, but he won’t be noticed until the entrance of Reclusa. He’ll appear in the middle of the field, surprising everyone and laughing, probably holding an item stolen from someone from the stands.

17- Lara Motta Ithiel “POMBA GIRA”
Gender: Female.
Orixá Guide: Exú.
Spiritual Strength: Very High.
Info: Lara is just a common woman, who works as a waitress in a famous bar in Macumba, the capital of Terreiro de Ogum. But what Lara doesn’t know is that she has a big spiritual sensitivity, something that was discovered when she went to a terreiro. The spirit of the Pomba Gira possessed her. Now this ability will be used in the football team, as the Pomba Gira is a very good dribbler.
Pre-Game Ritual: Lara will enter in the field without being possessed. When all the players of Terreiro de Ogum have entered, she’ll become the Pomba Gira, shouting and making gestures.

19- PAI Makabi Tomake “ÁFRICA”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Oxalá.
Spiritual Strength: Very High.
Info: the person that was the main responsible for the independency of Terreiro de Ogum, Pai África is currently the oldest pai-de-santo alive in the country. He says that he came from África (what’s this? Some kind of spiritual realm?), and knows the orixás and their preferences like no other. He knows rituals that no other pai or mãe-de-santo from Terreiro de Ogum knows. As a football player, can’t play much because of his age, but has an excellent vision.
Pre-Game Ritual: if selected as a starter, which is something very rare, Pai África will enter just after Preto Véio. In fact, he doesn’t need to do anything special. The supporters of Terreiro de Ogum will stand up and applause him.

Attackers (conquers of our glory):

7- Matheus de Carvalho Quirino “GUAXINIM”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Oxumarê.
Spiritual Strength: Average.
Info: brother of another starter of the National Team, Toquinho, Guaxinim is a dwarf, and is a bit smaller than his brother. Good in positioning and good at predicting what the other players will do (thanks to good knowledge of the football), is a very good attacker who will make many assists. He is very fast too, so is a special weapon for the counterattacks, as his passes to his team mate Master Kacet are perfect. Another thing that can surprise many is his good ability at heading.
Pre-Game Ritual: Guaxinim is the one that has the best relationship with the supporters. So, he will be one of the first players to enter in the field, calling the supporters to sing for the team, to send Terreiro de Ogum to the victory.

11- MESTRE Timóteo Hora Novaes KACET
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Ogum.
Spiritual Strength: High.
Info: one of the most famous and influential people of Terreiro de Ogum, Mestre (Master) Kacet is probably the only one that is known outside the territory. He is the best Capoeira master of the world, thanks to his great abilities, superb technique and good reflexes, this among other skills. A football lover too, Mestre Kacet joined the team wanting to use his Capoeira ability to score goals. And he can do that. Most of his moves are a mix between Capoeira and football, so expect to see him scoring goals using acrobatic moves. He is also a very friendly person, and likes to talk with the defender that is marking him.
Pre-Game Ritual: Mestre Kacet’s entrance order isn’t an exact one. He can sometimes enter as one of the last players, or as one of the first ones. But, when he enters, he smiles to the cameras and makes some of his Capoeira moves, to impress everyone, especially his opponents.

18- Sandro Viriatlo “DEMO”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Nanã.
Spiritual Strength: Very High.
Info: this man has the ability of summon the most evil and devilish spirits. Since he was born, Sandro often did evil things due to the influence of these spirits. He only discovered his spiritual ability after visiting a terreiro, and since then many pais and mães-de-santo are trying to help him to avoid the influence of these spirits, although sometimes they can give some good hints about supernatural things. Demo is the name of the evil spirit that controls Sandro when he plays football, a deadly attacker with an excellent long ranged shot.
Pre-Game Ritual: if Sandro plays as a starter, he’ll immediately be transformed in Demo when he steps on the grass. His expressions and gestures change drastically, and he fights for the ball even before the game starts.

21- Leão do Federal “COBRADOR”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Ogum.
Spiritual Strength: Low.
Info: what is the Leão do Federal doing in this National Team? The answer is easy. No one is better at finding breaches in the opponent’s defence than him. The Cobrador, as he is more commonly called, is the “Tax Collector” of Terreiro de Ogum. As the country doesn’t use money, he gets some food from the families of the country to use in the government’s programs of assist of the poor. The Cobrador is a very determined player, and never will give up of a play.
Pre-Game Ritual: the Cobrador will enter in the field using a black-tie outfit. When he reaches his position in the field, he’ll remove his clothes (no, he won’t play naked. He’ll use the normal Terreiro de Ogum kit) and get prepared to play the game.

25- Pirimeu Tossatto “CIENTISTA”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Iemanjá.
Spiritual Strength: Low.
Info: Cientista is a person that believes in the orixás, but doesn’t believe in their supernatural nature. He doesn’t believe that they are spirits or representatives of the god Olorun. He thinks that they are something physical, which could be explained with the use of the science. Most of our citizens feel sad by him, because it’s certain that the orixás are spirits. As a football player, is a talented attacker.
Pre-Game Ritual: the Scientist (Cientista) will enter in the field with a piece of paper in one hand and a pencil in another, making notes of interesting things that he saw in the entrance of the field. Later, will go to his place in the field.

Joker (plays in all sectors) - (the chosen one):

0- João Miguel “ILUMINADO”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: guided by all orixás.
Spiritual Strength: Enormously Huge.
Info: the Iluminado is the chosen one, the one that received the power of being able to see the orixás and contact them when he wants to. All the orixás guide him in his path, and his objective is to bring peace to the people of Terreiro de Ogum and to make them follow the umbanda with faith and justice. He is only able to play 30 minutes per game, and during it he receives all the power from the orixás to triumph, surely a gifted player, someone which qualities aren't of this world.
Pre-Game Ritual: the Iluminado will never start a game. But, before entering in the field, he will raise his hands to the sky, and the sunlight will be directed at him (yes, the sun will do it).

Staff Members (controllers of our destiny):

Coach: Duílio Menezes “BLIND MAGICIAN”
Gender: Male.
Orixá Guide: Iansã.
Spiritual Strength: Very High.
Info: Duílio, called Blind Magician by nearly everyone (only his mother calls him Duílio) is a pai-de-santo with good leadership and some abilities as a football coach, thanks to his contact with spirits of dead football coaches. His style is very defensive and cautious, that’s why Terreiro de Ogum is a defensive team. He is blind, but has a supernatural perception that allows him to walk and do other things like if he could see.
Pre-Match Ritual: when the Blind Magician enters in the field, he gets some grass from it and eats it. After that, he makes a short prayer and goes to his place in the bench, in a very slow way.

Assistant: ÍRIS Duarte Serafim
Gender: Female.
Orixá Guide: Yewá.
Spiritual Strength: Average.
Info: the assistant of the Blind Magician is probably the most common member of the team. She is a young woman, who works together with the Blind Magician in his terreiro, helping him to prepare the rituals. She has knowledge about the orixás, but lacks spiritual strength. She is very happy with her life and loves helping her master, but her job is very simple.
Pre-Game Ritual: Íris enters together with the Blind Magician, following him and watching him to see if he will fall (she knows that he can walk alone, but still worries for her master).

Formation: basic 4-4-2 (style is -4.2):

--Bicho Grilo-----Reclusa-------Preto Véio---Toquinho---
-------------Pai Berto----------Dona Rosa--------------
--------------Mestre Kacet---Guaxinim------------------

RP Permissions: you're free to choose scorers, send cards to my players (red card limit is 2), RP injuries (light ones) and other things (but these things can't be very unreal (can be a bit unreal) or serious (involving death, arrest, etc.)

Stadium: Terreiro de Ogum do Pai Alcir
Info: part of the big terreiro of Pai Alcir de Macaé, this field doesn’t have grass, only dirt, but is a good place for playing football, as the players will be able to get in contact with the orixás playing in this marvellous place. There are some black chickens walking on this stadium too, and some holes filled with cachaça, so be careful.

Kits (made by JMC):

Details about Terreiro de Ogum: this country is in fact a small part of Estresse Intenso that got its independence few years ago. In fact, it already had full autonomy, due to the fact that Estresse Intenso’s government can’t control the country well (the country is a complete anarchy). But, anyway, Terreiro de Ogum is now independent, and due to this could have relations with other countries, something that the territory wasn’t able to do before. One of these things is football. The team couldn’t play in international competitions, but now it’s replacing the Landau Institute, which decided to stop playing in international competitions due to the death of The Machine.

The citizens of the country don’t have money, so they divide everything that they have. Their leader is the most experienced “pai-de-santo”, currently Pai Alcir de Macaé, father of the captain of the National Team Pai Berto de Tucumã, who is a pai-de-santo too. Their language is a mixed of different spiritual languages. The most important fact about the country is its religion. ALL the citizens follow the Umbanda religion, although some of them also respect and practice related religions like Candomblé and Quimbanda (Macumba). You can use Wikipedia to get information about these religions. They make mystical pre-game rituals, but nothing is done to harm the opponent: before everything, they respect their opponents like brothers, and would like to be respected too. Oh… expect some phrases in Portuguese during our RPs.
[NS:]Invisible Wabbits
03-03-2009, 22:13
Goalkeeper: Roger "No, not that one" McWabbit.

Defenders: Peter Bunn, Elwood McWabbit, James Usagi.

Midfielders: Ross W. McWabbit, Norris W. McWabbit.

Forwards: Peter McWabbit, Brian Erasmus Dion O'Hara, Robert 'Bobby' Bunn.

'Nomads': Harry McWabbit (Captain), Jack McWabbit. (No fixed position, they might start play anywhere [except in goal] in their half of the pitch.)

The team's members are all pretty much impervious to injury... but they’ve added a few potential substitutes since the BoF, both because some more of their people wanted to to join in the fun and in case anybody gets suspended for misbehaviour...

Substitute Goalkeeper: Julius ‘Big Julie’ Romano.
Substitute Defenders/Midfielders: Thomas McWabbit, Richard ‘Dick’ McWabbit.
Substitute Forwards: Flopsio Bunnio, Mopsio Bunnio

Playing style modifier: individually variable, probably balances out around +1...

Kits: 'home' = all black, 'away' = all white, goalkeeper's (home or away) = bright green. The kits is VISIBLE, even if the players inside it aren't...

Home games will be played at ‘the Carrot Bowl’, in Acme City. This has a capacity of about 60’000, and the home supporters will generally be out in force (although, of course, most visitors won’t actually be able to see them...).

They don’t have a professional League in their country, you simply turn up at the local sports’ club if you want a game and the most famous players present get to choose their sides.
You can get some idea of how they typically play from the account of their first qualifying match against the Bears ( Yes, they basically are ‘Toons’: Have FUN!

If my opponent RPs first then they can do just about anything, except inflict lasting harm on any of these players (or the audience) or get the entire team suspended, as long as what they do is funny...

(and yes, they could be attracted to human females...)
04-03-2009, 15:26
Modifier: +2

If my opponent posts first, please:
Choose my scorers
Book my players
Send my players off — only for second bookable offences
Injure my players — no tournament- or career-ending injuries
Godmod (have fun with and be creative with) scoring and other events

But do not:
Send my players off directly
Critically injure my players (see above)
Godmod injuries to my team

Home kit

Away kit

Third kit

Starters are bolded.

TACTIC: 3-1-4-1-1

## MANAGER Giovanni TOULMIN 52
## ASST MGR Jeffrey HOUSER 49

01 GK Sam BELL 28
02 DC Alex CARTER 29
04 DC Kyle MILLER 26
05 DC Julian LEE 28
03 DMC Colin MARSHALL [C] 27
15 MC David SIMPSON 25
07 MC Brian HILL 30
12 MR Ryan SMITH 27
08 ML Alex HALL 29
09 AMC Carson SHAW [VC] 29
11 ST Aaron SCOTT 26
13 GK Nathan BELL 28
14 GK Adrian BELL 26
19 D/WBL Jake HUGHES 28
21 D/WBR Ethan MURPHY 30
22 D/DMC Kenneth HOUSER 26
06 MC Richard FRENZEN 18
16 MR/C Caleb POWELL 25
10 AMC Ian GREEN 27
17 ST Steven ROGERS 28
18 ST Tyler MORRIS 27
23 ST Gabriel CAMPBELL 24
24 ST David TURNER 26

All matches in Liventia played at Grovers Park, Orean (teams ranked 1-15); National Stadium, CCL (teams ranked 16-35); and Colonial Stadium, Orean (all other teams).
14-03-2009, 21:28
Septentrionian roster for WC45:

First kit is the home one, second is the away one

Manager: Alain Bellemare
Asst. Manager: Vincent Charette

Modifier: +2

Starting eleven:

Pos. # First Name Last Name Age Club
GK 1 Martin Vachon 28 Stade du Dauphin
DL 2 Marc Bois 28 CS Sept-Onze Ourseville
DC 38 Nicolas Leduc 32 FC Wexax (Valanora)
DC 12 Paul Bourassa 32 América (Cafundeu)
DR 4 Thimothée Cartier 21 Football Nordiqueville
DM 17 Eugène Gagnon 27 A.F.F. (Cafundeu)
ML 5 Serge Giguère 22 Latins de Septentrionalis
MR 20 Benoît Beaudry 25 Latins de Septentrionalis
AM 9 Thomas Filteau 26 FC Cap-Phare
ST 10 Nicolas Maloeil 33 Union d'Ourseville
ST 93 François Lafontaine 34 Stade du Dauphin


Pos. # First Name Last Name Age Club
GK 11 Alain Desroches 24 CS Lac-Amédée
D 23 Raymond Tétreault 28 FC Grand-Glacier
D 3 Victor Morency 24 Croisée de Sauvageville
M 14 Luc Thériault 26 CS Ourseville 1093
M 22 Paul René 25 CS Ourseville 1093
M 21 Gilbert Ricard 29 CF Grand-Glacier
ST 15 Gérard Labrie 33 A.F.F. (Cafundeu)