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World Baseball Classic 10 Rosters/RP/Scores thread

06-02-2009, 07:02
"Play the World, Beat the World"

Once again, Qazox will host the World BaseBall Classic! As 3-time hosts, and the de-facto NIC of the WBC, Qazox is thrilled to host the largest Baseball tourney in the world!

Venues to be used:
Preliminary rounds:
Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg (39,178)
Hastings Park, Rockport (43,907)
Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (40,000)
One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas (38,623)
Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (70,000)
National Stadium, Fromburg (37,989)
Hastings Park, Rockport (43,907)
Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (40,000)
Pheonix Stadium, Qazox City (58,145)

Now the Group Draw!
GROUP A (all games played at One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas)
Zwangzug ( (5)
Colbourne (29)
Tocrowkia ( (4)
Yafor II ( (10)
San Castello ( (29)
Greal (21)

GROUP B (all games played at Hastings Park, Rockport)
Lurikastan (29)
Cookesland (29)
Secristan ( (12)
kenavt (20)
Newmanistan ( (2)
Green wombat ( (7)

GROUP C (all games played at Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana)
Mantenwic (29)
Liventia (6)
Cassadaigua ( (17)
Taeshan ( (3)
Milchama (9)
Tree Hugging Lesbians ( (29)

GROUP D (all games played at Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg)
Lovisa (15)
Prux ( (8)
Sarzonia ( (29)
Qazox ( (1)
Patetopia (29)
Bluth Corporation ( (11)

SCHEDULES for all groups: ('home' team is listed first)
MD1: Results (
MD2: Results (
MD3: Results (
MD4: Results (
MD5: Results (
MD6: Results (
MD7: Results (
MD8: Results (
MD9: Results (
MD10: Results (

H2H record involving all teams concerned.
Run Differential in H2H games involving all teams concerned.
Overall Run Differential.
Overall Runs Allowed per 9/Innings played.
Overall Runs Scored per 9/Innings played.
Average Runs Allowed per inning.
Average Runs Scored per inning.
The Italicized is for teams from the same group. The Group winners will be seeded 1-4, then the rest 5-16. The 4 group winner WILL NOT face each other until the semifinals, if they make it there.

The Top 4 teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.
The 16 advancing teams will be ranked by the tie-breaking criteria above to seed the tourney 1-16.

FIRST ROUND: (Single Game)
S1: 1 vs 16 @ National Stadium, Fromburg
S2: 8 vs 9 @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
S3: 5 vs 12 @ Hastings Park, Rockport
S4: 4 vs 13 @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla
S5: 3 vs 14 @ National Stadium, Fromburg
S6: 6 vs 11 @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
S7: 7 vs 10 @ Hastings Park, Rockport
S8: 2 vs 15 @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla

QUARTERFINALS: (Best 2-of-3 series)
QF1: S1 Winner vs. S2 Winner @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
QF2: S3 Winner vs. S4 Winner @ National Stadium, Fromburg
QF3: S5 Winner vs. S6 Winner @ Hastings Park, Rockport
QF4: S7 Winner vs. S8 Winner @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla

SEMIFINALS: (Best 2-of-3 series)
SF1: QF1 Winner vs. QF2 Winner @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla
SF2: QF3 Winner vs. QF4 Winner @ National Stadium, Fromburg

Third Place: (Best 2-of-3 series) @ Pheonix Stadium, Qazox City
SF 1 Loser vs. SF 2 Loser

CHAMPIONSHIP: (Best 2-of-3 series) @ Pheonix Stadium, Qazox City
SF 1 Winner vs. SF 2 Winner

RL Schedule:
Feb. 9-19th: MD's 1-10 (Off Day on 2/14)
Feb 20th: First round
Feb. 21st OFF DAY
Feb 22-23rd: Quarterfinals (Both Games 2 and 3 posted on the 23rd)
Feb 24th: Off Day
Feb 25th- March 2nd: Semifinals (2/25-27), 3rd place and Championship (2/28-3/2)

WBC10 Wikipage (

(Rosters will be linked by Monday as well)
06-02-2009, 09:13
Poor performances in the IBC and the World Bowl have left a bitter taste in the mouths of the Tocrowkian People. And so the return of the world-championship of the sport that the nation has seen the most success with is more than welcomed. After seizing a 3rd place finish in WBC 9, and climbing the world rankings to 4th place, a deep play-off run is expected of the Nordics this time around.

Manager: Paul Rudolf
[ The manager of the Nordics baseball team for the past three WBCs, Rudolf's squad has managed to make the second round in two of those. He is often regarded as an "old school" type of manager, as he relies on the speed of his players to play "small ball", stealing bases and taking risks on the base paths. He is also known to keep his starting pitching on a tight leash, frequently pulling them if they give up anymore than three runs in less than five innings. ]

Batting Order:
3B - Kitten Dyfuse (R/R)
[ The 21 Year-old Kitten has a great set of wheels, among the leaders in her league in extra base hits, infield singles (despite being a righty) and stolen bases last year. Usually not a power hitter, but she has been known to go deep once in about every ten to fifteen at bats.
LF - Willhelm Dynrus (L/L)
[ Another Speed demon, and an expert at threading the needle with on the line base hits, bloopers and in field singles. Not a longball player, but he draws a lot of walks to make up for it.
SS - Jill Haviland (R/R)
[ A rarity among infielders, Jill Haviland has an excellent power stroke. She is known for her majestic, 425+ ft homeruns that come easily to her, giving her the tongue-in-cheek nickname "Princess of Pounders" Everything works for her, and her swing is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Tocrowkian baseball. She is much more than just a slugger though, and can pretty much get every type of hit from line drivers to tape measure jacks. She can also protect her strike zone fairly well. On top of that, she is a media darling with a great personality, thus making her the easiest choice for team captain. ]
CF - Dmitri Rykov (R/R)
[ Baring the nickname "Mr. Clutch", Dmitri Rykov is a man that thrives on clutch situations when a hit means a run. He lead the league in walk-off hits last year and looks to repeat this year. And as expected for the fourth hitter in your lineup, he posses significant power in his bat and he can protect the zone. ]
1B - Johnny Stryker (L/L)
[ An amazing young player, and one of Tocrowkia's, if not the worlds at this point, most prolific five-tool players. He can hit for average. He can hit for power. His speed is positively explosive on the base paths, and he's a defensive wizard to cap it all off. After his performance in WBC 9, which included his four-AB-Four HR game against Taeshan, he is often called the "spark" in the lineup for his charismatic personality with his team mates and his intimidating aura to his opponents. ]
C - Hoyt Klaus (R/R)
[ Hoyt is a veteran, hard-nosed player. Despite being more of a line-drive hitter at this point in his career, Hoyt still has pop in his bat. He likes breaking balls and his highly regarded for his ability to hit them ]
2B - Domino Mazdrick (R/S)
[ Mazdrick's position in the order should not reflect poorly on her. She is perhaps the best "pure hitter" on the team. Though she does posses power, that just isn't her game. She prefers hitting frozen ropes, line drives, bloopers and one hoppers and terrorizing the opposition that way. She is the most protective of her strike zone out of anyone on the team, and draws a lot of walks and runs up the pitch count that way. ]
RF - Alec Travylin (L/L)
[ Like the middle of the order, a power hitter. But a free swinger and he strikes out a bunch, an all or nothing type of hitter. So he's 8th for that reason. ]

Designates team captain

SP - Tommy Thunder (Righty)
[ Classic power pitcher, with a 93-98 MPH fastball, 12-6 Curve, cut fastball and circle change making up his arsenal. Attacks the strike zone, especially the corners, with his fastball and uses his other pitches for outs. And having player 3rd base during high school and half of his college career, he is no slouch at the plate, either, and can hit balls and hit them deep. ]
SP - Jeanna Glaus (Lefty)
[ A sink baller by nature, Jeanna also has a 92-96 MPH fastball, curve ball and a slider to make use of. Of course her sinker is her main pitch however, which results in a lot of ground outs. ]
SP - Matthew Shaporio (Righty)
[ A pitcher with excellent control of four pitches: A 92-97 MPH fastball, an odd screwball, a deceptive splitter and a great change up. Has an odd wind-up and delivery style, which of course deceives hitters.]
SP - Mercedes Gaunt (Lefty)
[ Finesse pitcher who relies on breaking pitches and off-speed pitches to win games. Throws quality strikes, and has a low walk percentage to show for it. However, her fastball, which tops out at a maximum of 92 MPH is sort of easy to hit, but due to all the off-speed stuff she mix's in, it makes up for it. ]
MR - Jaycen Hester (Righty)
[ A former starter turned reliever late in his career. Has a four-seem fastball, a curve and a change-up. Though he used to be a fire-baller, he now relies on throwing quality strikes rather than over-powering the hitter. Good for up to two innings of effective relief. ]
MR - Gerald Fischer (Lefty)
[ A one inning, maybe less guy. A junk-baller by nature, he has a curve, slider, splitter and a sinker to use. Utilized mostly in blow-outs when giving up a run to the opposing team isn't such a big deal. ]
MR - Kimberly Soylnt (Righty)
[ A smart pitcher that uses a two-seam fastball, a slurve, a circle change and a fork ball. Though she usually ends up working the count full and throwing a bunch of pitches, she's good for up to two innings of relief. ]
MR - Hans Koller
[ Hans really only has control of three pitches. A sinker, a two-seam fastball and a curve. His sinker is really good though, so he's often used in jams with the game on the line, like a bases loaded no outs type of situation. ]
LHP - Darrel Klitz (Lefty)
[ Used against tough lefties, obviously. Has a cut-fastball, a slider and a change up. Prefers to work lefties inside at first, and surprise them with a fastball outside for the out. ]
LHP - Anna Tavker (Lefty)
[ Again, used against tough lefties. Another junk-baller too in that she relies on a 12-6 curve, a normal curve, a slider and a palmball in order to get her target out. ]
SU - Amber Taven (Righty)
[ Amber Tavern, an impressive young woman that performs well under pressure, has an arsenal of pitches to work with. A 95 MPH Fastball, a two-seam Fastball which has good movement and has a good late break, and is extremely effective against lefties. An excellent slider, which she often uses for outs against righties, an effective curve which breaks down and away, and finally a great change up. Amber is extremely emotional, and some would say cocky, and often performs elongated celebrations after retiring the side. ((OOC: Seriously. Imagine her doing something like Jonathan Papelbon ( and K-Rod ( after every out she records.)) ]
CL - Jamie Von Tipker (Righty)
[ A classic closer. Unlike her set-up counter-part, Jamie is a calm and modest player, but she is extremely effective. She has command of a cut-fastball, which she throws with great effectiveness and oddly enough causes alot of broken bats. She also has a good 12-6 Curve, circle change and finally a sinker. ]

Eva Bethge (Utility Infielder) (R/R)
[ Can play either corner-infield position, Eva is a strong defensive player used mostly in double-switcher scenarios. She can make good contact on pitchers too, but has little power. ]
Stefan Küchler (Utility Infielder) (R/R)
[ Can play either middle-infield position, Stefan is utilized as pinch hitter more often than not due to his ability to work the count in his favor. Though he has little power like Eva, he can also hit for average. He also has good speed, and is often utilized as a pinch-runner as a result. ]
Michel Keitel (Utility Infielder) (R/R)
[ A young catcher, used more often than not to give Hoyt Klaus a break for a game or two. He can call a good came, but has iffy skill when it comes to throwing runners out. Can hit for power, but not for average and is vulnerable to striking out. ]
Heinz Görtz (Utility Outfielder) (L/L)
[ Can play either right or left field. He's a solid defensive player, but he can really struggle at the plate at times. When he does make contact however, he can hit the ball a long way. ]
Carmen Rein (Utility Outfielder) (L/L)
[ A young center fielder, Carmen is known for her athletic and impressive plays in the outfield and her cannon of an arm, having two gold-glove awards in her short career. Not a lot of power, but is pretty fast, making her a good pinch runner too. ]




Valkryie Field ( (Modifer +0)
Capacity: 360,750
[Regarded as a cathedral of baseball in Tocrowkia, the iconic stadium has seen the Nouva Yourk Valkries hoist twenty four championships over the past one hundred years. Frequently renovated, it's life span has been well extended and it now features many modern features while maintaining an "old park" feel. ]

Left Field: 318 ft
Left-Center: 399 ft
Center: 408 Ft
Right Field: 314 Ft
Right-Center: 385 Ft

The Other Stuff:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching rotation Rotation: No
Godmod scoring events: A cautious yes for now
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Another cautious yes for now. Stuff like charging the mound, bench clearing bawls? That's fine with me. But I don't want to see my players murdering or raping people.
DH in home park: No
06-02-2009, 09:25
Bidding has officially come to a close for the right to represent Secristan in World Baseball Classic 10 from Qazox. Unlike other teams that are formed by the best players within their nation, Secristan awards roster spots to the highest bidder for the position. Due to that, they are not necessarily the best players in the country, they just happen to be the richest. That said, these aren’t a bunch of bums off the street. In order for their bid to be valid, they had to be between 18 and 38 and pass a strenuous fitness test, and have a minimum of one year professional baseball experience.

As you have to pay a team in order to play professionally, anyone in this lineup would love to receive international offers to actually get compensated.

RP Permissions: Do whatever you want, short of deaths & serious injuries, and please stick to my batting order and pitching rotation. If you are going to RP something unusual involving us, please keep in mind that due to our players being young and filthy rich, they tend to be very arrogant and stuck up.

Head Coach: John Michaelson (55), coached in WBC8. Was outbid for the last one.

Rotation: (Age/Throws/Bats)
Steve Jamison (28, L/L)- Hard throwing southpaw. If this spot were given out on merit, he would still be the ace. Steve is also the only player to been on all three Classic teams.

Eric Strassner (31, L/L)- Also a fastball pitcher, but not as much velocity as Jamison. He played in WBC7 but has not been back. Eric has plenty of talent, he is just awfully inconsistent.

Alan Coldwell (23, R/R)- Relies on a curveball/slider combination. Generally can’t go more then 6 innings. WBC debut.

Jim Slattery (27, R/R)- Mixing up speeds is his strength. He has great offspeed stuff, but also a 94 MPH heater. Appeared in WBC9.

Paul Newkirk (26, L/L)- Nothing really stands out about him. Fastball/curveball type pitcher. Has a career 5.37 ERA, but he had enough money to successfully bid for this spot. Don’t be surprised to see Michaelson pull him very early.

Bullpen: (Age/Throws/Bats)
Francisco Martinez (27, L/L)- THE CLOSER. Martinez also was the closer in WBC9. Generally only goes one inning, but is capable of going two. He can hit 102 MPH, and mixes in a nasty circle change.

Michael McKeon (30, R/R)- SET UP MAN. McKeon last appeared in WBC8, where he was the closer. This time, instead of trying to outbid Martinez, he went for this role. Wise choice. He is a closer by trade, fastball specialist, just in an 8th inning role.

Chad Jarvis (27, R/R) Short reliever. Probably a 7th inning guy when used. He has a pretty wicked cutter. Last appeared in WBC8.

Nicholas Gillette (20, R/R) Situtational shortman. Makes WBC debut.

Dominick Peluso (25, L/L)- Versatile, will be used in any situation. Also a debutant.

David Tocci (34, R/R)- Investment banker who just barely passed the fitness test. Likely a last resort, has a good 78 MPH changeup (though he calls it a fastball)

Robert Curley (28, R/R)- Long reliever. Best pitch is his curve. WBC debutant.

Starting Lineup (using DH) (Age, Throws/Bats)
1) Larry Pritchett- CF (32, R/S) Speedster, prototypical leadoff batter. Led off in WBC 8.
2) Jason Carlin- LF (26, L/L) Speedster, prototypical leadoff batter that happens to bat second because Pritchett outbid him. Led off in WBC 9.
3) Tim McMurtry- 3B (31, R/S)- Bat here in WBC9, good power but more of a doubles hitter.
4) Manny “ManRod” Rodriguez- RF (29, L/S)- Explosive power hitter. Would you expect anything less from someone named this? Sometimes tempermental.
5) John Fusco- 1B (27, R/S)- In his 3rd WBC, John has great power himself and his presence means you can’t just pitch around “ManRod” all day.
6) Eddie Forte- SS (22, R/R)- Debutant, doubles-type hitter, has tremendous discipline. Gold-glove caliber fielder.
7) Mick O’Rourke- 2B (23, R/S)- Debutant, hits for average. Defensive wizard.
8) Eric Beaudoin- DH (33, L/S)- Has great power. Also strikes out a ton, so he is not in higher lineup spot.
9) John Mullins- C (36, R/R)- Debutant. Excellent at calling a game and throwing at runners. With the bat? Well, he bats ninth for a reason.

Kip Kircher- C (28, L/L)- Much better hitter then Mullins. Much worse behind the plate. Debutant.

Mike Bradley- 2B/SS (30, R/R)- Started in WBC8. Solid overall player. Does everything decently but nothing extraordinarily.

Adam Sperbeck- 1B/3B (29, L/S)- Started in WBC9. The most home run ability of any of the bench guys.

William Sutliffe- OF (19, R/S)- Up-and-coming talent, may be a five-tool player in the long run.
San Castello
06-02-2009, 10:18
As the San Castellian Baseball Season draws to a close, the people have even more to celebrate for as thier national team for the first time enters the World Baseball Classic. Expectations, however, are not too high as experienced teams such as Tocrowkia and Zwangzug are in the same group. Regardless, thosuands of San Castellian fans travel to Qazox to watch their team play, and millions more are cheering on the streets.

San Castellian National Baseball Team
Home(No Away, Alternate switch blue with black)

Manager: Johnathan Huber(39) - A former star player of The Indonesian States national baseball team. The San Castellian Baseball Federation had asked him to coach and he heartily accepted.

Starting Line-up [Pos.-Name (Club)]
3B - Scicello Mazeri(Athenaneum): Very fast runner, hitting only average.
SS - Donatello Figuero(Romaliano): A vital part to the San Castellian squad, Figuero is both the fastest runner and a great hitter.
LF - Agustus Caesar Scimiti(Lugio): Extremly fast, as most of the San Castellian squad.
CF - Samuel Antoni(Romaliano): Led the San Castellian League with a record of 43 homeruns in the season.
2B - Guisppe Renaldi(Romaliano): An above-average hitter with great speed
RF - Vivaldi Di Gucci(Gesso-Verrucio): The average baseball player.
DH - Raouf Dali(Sendoria): An explosive hitter, unfortunatly he is extremly slow.
C - Dora(RobertiaVII): A below-average batter with very good speed. Unusual for a catcher.
1B - Napoleon Di Lugio(Lugio): Very untalented. Came on the baseball team only because he is very rich and is part of a ruling family in San Castello.

RHP - Johnathan Huber II(Kota Laut[TIS]): The son of the Manager with dual citizenship. Excellent power pitcher.
RHP - Lament Antoni(Romaliano): Brother to Samuel Antoni. He has a very good curveball.
LHP - Travian Octavius(Selai): A rare left-handed San Castellian. Because of strict manners in San Castello, very rarely do sputhpaws exist - a potential threat to the team.
RHP - Constantine Pontifex Maximus(RobertiaIX): Known for his sinkers, he is average besides that.
RHP - Daniel Tiberius Serenii(RobertiaIII): Rookie taken from the street a few months ago. He has an above-average fastball but mostly everything else is average or worse.

2B/SS - Maximillian Cardali(Pax Castellia)
1B/3B - Palaiogos Helena(Athenaneum)
C - Mustafa Origonus(Gesso-Verrucio)
LF/RF/CF - Iniesta(RobertiaV)
06-02-2009, 17:45
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching rotation Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Within reason; ie, if you have a bench clearing brawl, there's bound to be some ejections.
Godmod other events: Stuff like charging the mound, bench clearing bawls is fine, but that's about it.
DH in home park: Yes

Sarzonia Stars

Manager Jim Paulsen
Bench Coach Johnny Martin
First Base Coach Clem Barker
Third Base Coach Lyle Menifee
Hitting Coach Geoff Yancey
Pitching Coach Jim Wiesen


Starting Rotation
12 John Morgan (RHP): Woodstock Mountaineers Led the Sarzonia League in victories with 15 and finished fourth in strikeouts with 106.
22 Charlie Palmer (LHP): Portland Fishermen Known for having the best changeup in all of Sarzonian baseball, he was named the first-ever Jim Palmer Award recipient for postseason MVP after leading the Fishermen to a Sarzonia Series crown.
27 Brian Edwards (RHP): Lexington Flight Despite the Flight's last place finish in the Incorporated League, Edwards was an 11 game winner (11-5, 2.67 ERA). He doesn't strike out many and relies on a sinking fastball to get ground ball outs.
34 Brad Baxter (RHP): Nicksia Nighthawks Baxter led the Sarzonian major leagues in wins (17), innings pitched (172) and strikeouts (156). He just pitched two days before the team assembled, so he was pushed back in the rotation.
40 Ken Sutcliffe (RHP): Portsmouth Pilots Sutcliffe is the veteran of the rotation, turning 41 at the end of the season. He's known for being a heady pitcher but he can still throw the ball past hitters when he has to.

32 Kenny Spencer (RHP): Saugerties Streakers Spencer is arguably the best setup man in the history of the sport in Sarzonia. He has only six saves in his career, but makes a living closing the door in the eighth inning.
29 Jay Ballard (LHP): Nicksia A specialist at getting lefthanded hitters out, Ballard made only one career start in secondary school. He threw a two-hit shutout in the state championship in that start.
33 Roger Tolliver (LHP): Avalon Aeros The lefthanded long reliever for the Aeros, he led the league with most innings pitched by a reliever (79) without making a start. His 38 appearances led the league among all relief pitchers.
17 Kerry Clark (RHP): Woodstock The leader among all of Sarzonian baseball with 29 saves, Clark has a devastating curveball and fastball. He's working on developing a change up.
39 Alvin Dryden (LHP): Rypien Rhinos Dryden is the lefty closer on the national team and will alternate with Clark depending on the opponent. Dryden led his league with 27 saves.

Position Players (starters in bold
C 10 Fred Carlton: Grovesmont Gryphons Carlton is the best defensive catcher in Sarzonian baseball. Calls a great game, threw out 44 percent of opposing baserunners. His problem: He hit .227 with only two home runs.
1B 44 Hank Everly: Woodstock Led the Sarzonian League in home runs with 37 and finished tied for second in runs batted in with 105. His batting average of .269 is lower than his coaches want.
2B 8 Dewey Griffin: Avalon The sparkplug for the Aeros, Griffin led both major leagues with 44 stolen bases and nine bunt hits. He was tied for second in the league in sacrifice hits (bunts or flies).
SS 2 Chris Spontanelli: Townshend Tigers: One of the many shortstops in the Cal Ripken mold, Spontanelli led his team with 17 homers and 81 RBI. At 6'5", he's the tallest starting shortstop in Sarzonia.
3B 9 Kate Schmidt: Bristol Bears: The only female to earn a starting spot on the national team, she hit .309 to lead her team and smacked 11 home runs.
LF 19 Tyrell Gordon: Portland Set a record for most outfield assists in college or high school baseball with 133. Had only two outfield assists this season when major league teams decided not to risk running on him.
CF 23 Drew Bradley: Avalon A speedster, Bradley is known for his graceful play in center and led his league in outfield assists with nine.
RF 24 Mark Dwight: Nicksia Not much with speed or a throwing arm, but Dwight specialises in being at the right place at the right time. He led the league with a .361 batting average.

OF 36 Skip Hale Woodstock: Hale played in a career-high 44 games for Woodstock due to injuries to other outfielders. He's known as the best pinchhitter in the league and can serve as the starting DH if that position is available.
OF 7 Tyler Hunter Bristol: Can play either corner outfielder position, but his throwing arm is arguably the worst in the league.
C 13 Mario Salvidotti Avalon: Improving as a receiver, Salvidotti led his team with 21 home runs and 89 RBI.
IF 3 Russ Fraley Bristol Handled his demotion to reserve behind Schmidt with surprising grace and honed his skills as a shortstop so he could play short, third or first. He also is learning how to play second.
IF 5 Bryan Carroll Portland Extremely valuable asset to his team, he can play any position in the infield. Could serve as the emergency catcher if necessary.

Starting lineup (with the DH)
2B Griffin
CF Bradley
SS Spontanelli
1B Everly
DH Hale
RF Dwight
3B Schmidt
LF Gordon
C Carlton

Starting lineup (without the DH)
2B Griffin
CF Bradley
SS Spontanelli
1B Everly
RF Dwight
LF Gordon
3B Schmidt
C Carlton

Home colours are white and navy with silver trim. Road uniform is a dark grey with navy blue and white lettering. The third uniform is navy blue with white lettering, which is used as either a home or away uniform depending on what the other team wears.
06-02-2009, 22:51
National Team Announced, Menigen To Retire At The End of Classic

Player Pos # Age Other(pitches)(hits) Hand Batting Spot
Anthony Rielas SP #1 26 Knuckler, Curve, 4 Seam, Slider Left
Zeke Peters SP #3 27 Slider, 2 Seam, 4 Seam, Change, Palmball Left
Rian Willemson SP #7 29 Slider, Change, 4 Seam, Curve Right
Coi Vecxen SP #90 25 Curve, Slider, Palmball, Knuckler Right
Victor Frun RP #45 36 4 Seam, 2 Seam, Curve, Slider Left
Goeli Hans RP #78 37 4 Seam, Slider, Palmball, Curve, Change Left
Ohmegode Frede RP #92 36 Curve, 4 Seam, Change, Slider Right
Willie Stavra RP #46 25 Slider, Curve, Sinker, Change Ambidextrous
Danny Laemen RP #25 23 Slurve, Change, Knuckler, Palmball Right
Starting Lineup
Freddy Myers Catcher #12 36 Switch Right 8th
Tadihito Shakiri 1B #2 28 Switch Right 7th
Zoey Menigen 2B #22 39 Switch Right 2nd
Alexander Parea 3B #7 23 Switch Left 1st
Sol Jeeves SS #49 30 Switch Right 5th
Fier henris LF #66 33 Switch Left 6th
Riane Totalez CF #24 30 Switch Left 4th
Socki Lewis RF #14 22 Swith Right 3rd
Yeckers Flederichi Catcher #78 26 Switch Left
Corbin White IF #39 27 Switch Right
Jose Deigo IF #34 27 Switch Right
Jeb Fisher IF #8 25 Switch Left
Jay Nedved OF #29 26 Switch Left
Xeric Peters OF #83 24 Switch Left
Joel Myers OF #41 29 Switch Left
Xavier Dendes OF #93 28 Switch Right

Yes it is that time of year again. It is time to go back to your roots and watch the Knights take the field and win some more baseball games. Over the last seven World Baseball Classic's the Knights have won 56 games and lost only 31. They are one of the top 4 teams in the world and this has been shown in there six straight final four apperances. Once runners up, twice in 3rd place, and 3 times they have finished in 4th. Only once in WBC 3 did they not finish in the top four, but they were a differnet team then. Now its time to get more, it is time for the Knights to win it alll. Youi all fear us, and many even revear us but no longer will we not be champions. It is time to win.

Coach Jamie Stewart today announced that after this WBC Zoey Menigen will be retiring from the sport she loves to be replaced by her son 20 year old Adam Menigen who is expected to lead the team out of second base as has his mother for the past seven years. In her final apperance at the Classic Menigen and her team will be facing of against Milchama yet again, Mantwenic yet again, two new teams Cassadaigua, and Tree Hugging Lesbians as well as bitter rivals Liventia. Of course the event will be held yet again in Qazox where the Knights will look yet again to use the land near there own as a "home" field.

(-whatver is the most modifier, and of course purple home with blue trim and opposite away)
07-02-2009, 05:31
The Prux POWER have decided to use REAL PERSONS, not Robo-ducks, nor sentient cheese, nor candy bars nor abstract concepts, but REAL PEOPLE this time around.


Louis Jaquez (SS)
Gerald Schlegel (1B)
Steven Fenn (LF)
Joe Lower (RF)
Robert Looney (DH)
Earl Harrigan (C)
Christopher Burnside (2B)
Lawrence Bosco (3B)
Alan Begin (CF)

(In games w/o a DH, #6-#9 move up a spot and the pitcher bats 9th)

STARTING LINEUP (games 4-??)

Christopher Burnside (2B)
Travis Gill (CF)
Robert Looney (DH)
Joe Lower (RF)
Steven Fenn (LF)
Gerald Schlegel (1B)
Roy Chong (SS)
Kenneth White (C)
Lawrence Bosco (3B)

(In games w/o a DH, #4-#9 move up a spot and the pitcher bats 9th)

LHP- Timothy Eskew
RHP- Johnny Wilson
RHP- Manuel Marker
LHP- Samuel Comfort

SS- Louis Jaquez
OF- Alan Begin
C- Earl Harrigan
3B/1B- Frank Fanning
INF- Patrick Russo
LHRP- Howard Bedell
RHRP- Nicholas Ripley
RHRP- Victor Dorman
LHRP- Gregory Kerr
LHRP- Henry Sheets
Closer- Alan Nicely
UTIL- Tony Rasmussen (Can play every postition, including P)
Green wombat
07-02-2009, 05:32
Wombat's WBC 10Roster. (+1 modifer)

After the good showing at WBC 8, these players deserved one more chance.

LF- antonio Desrosiers
SS- albert Beckham
RF- robert Ortega
C- alan Monge
1B- aaron Clemente
3B- jose Gove
DH/CF (in non-DH games)- andrew Held
2B- travis Seals

SP kenneth Maclean
SP howard Lheureux
SP adam Moll
SP/RP eric Catalano
RP dale Luther
RP ernest Wayman
RP leonard Sheehan
CP jacob Wolford

INF- randy Wells
OF/CF (in DH games)- norman Cromer
INF- dennis Jasso
OF- jeffery Lundy
07-02-2009, 08:03
I have forgotten ONE Very important thing. The DH rule.

The DH is not used in Qazox, but for the Group stage, Odd numbered MatchDays will have the DH, while Even numbered Matchdays will NOT have the DH. Thereby equalizing the advantage/disadvantage for all teams.
07-02-2009, 08:52
In Newmanistan, baseball is a sport in which is dominated by women, thus we continue to send an all-female team to the WBC. The roster consists of mostly the same players who are eager to keep Newmanistan as one of the top baseball playing nations in the word. Why mess with a good thing? In three tries, Newmanistan has finished 2nd twice and 3rd once. There are only three WBC rookies on this roster. Not because I was lazy, but because there didn't need to be. ;)

Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No, as my lineup is posted here. Follow that!
Follow my Pitching Rotation: My starting pitcher for the next game will always be announced in my RP from the previous game.
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only to the extent of saying so and so was injured. I’ll determine the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes on a basis of no more then one more then you eject from your own team.
Godmod other events: No, except for weather. That you can.

Additional Information that is very important to me: Newmanistan does not prescribe to the modern day concept of pitch counts determining how long a starting pitcher is kept in for. In fact, pitch counts are not even kept track of outside of curiosity sake. Such count is not displayed on the scoreboard, so if you want to track it for your pitcher, you must do it manually. If Newmanistan has given up 3 runs or less, then the starting pitcher has gone all nine innings. No ifs, ands, or buts. This is true even if it would have been a save situation.
– Another Newmanistan trait is aggressive base stealing. Think back to the days of Vince Coleman and Ricky Henderson in their primes.

Head Coach- Christina Sanders (Southport)
Hitting Coach- Allyson Payne (North Charlotte)
Pitching Coach- Carrie Lynsder (Hampton)

Rotation: (pitchers bat with the same hand the pitch with)
1) Tara Stewart (LHP- South Tier) A 32-year old veteran, with a career 1.83 ERA. Her best pitch is her curve, though she mixes in an effective slider, and a fastball that you must respect. Stewart has taken to hill in big games during all of the team’s WBC’s, and is still in her prime. Looking for redemption in WBC 10 after getting injured in the first inning of Game 1 of the finals series against Qazox. Doing it in Qazox would serve as a nice backdrop.

2) Stacey Keisler (LHP- Southport)- The 28-year old veteran has been the most successful starting pitcher, statistically for the Rockets in the three World Baseball Classics that the Empire has participated in. She is a power pitcher and comes right after the hitter, afraid to challenge no one. Keisler is also known for being the most attractive player on the team and has used her success to also be a marketers dream.

3) Courtney Lombardi (RHP- Pocono City)- Courtney came out of no where in her rookie season, after being a mere 18th round draft pick by the Pocono City Capitals and just continued to impress year after year. She, and her 98 MPH fastball have proven the critics wrong. The 25 year old mixes in an assortment of breaking pitches, including a fantastic slider. Courtney also pitched in the #3 spot last time. Courtney is also a pretty good hitter for a pitcher, with a career BA of .277.

4) Kristen Haynes (RHP- South Charlotte)- Due to her petite stature, Kristen does not look like she would be an overpowering pitcher. On the contrary. The 27 year old won the league’s Curtis Award (equivalent of the Cy Young) in just her second season. Kristen’s fastball is in the low 90's, but its her ability to mix up speeds that makes her real effective. That, and her devastating splitter. She has a career 1.98 ERA.

5) Sarah Brayton (LHP- Putnam Lake)- At 23, Sarah is in her second World Baseball Classic. Brayton will come at you with a wide variety of pitches, but her wicked 12-6 curve seems to be her favorite. She also saw work out of the pen in WBC 9 when the Rockets went to a shortened rotation.

Bullpen: (Smaller then most because of the nation’s reliance on starters)
Lauren Tippett (LHP- North Charlotte)- The 26 year old will generally be used in situations where the Rockets need to pull one of their starters early, and then Tippett will go several innings. She is mainly a sinker/slider type pitcher.

Christine Stafford (RHP- Southport)- Making her debut in WBC 10, she is the only rookie amongst the pitchers. She’s far from an actual rookie though, being a 29-year old veteran who has just missed the cut on the previous teams. A curveball specialist, she could be used in any situation.

Jessica Vauclair (RHP- Tundra Falls) - The 31 year old features everyone’s favorite pitch, the knuckleball. She will mainly be used after Keisler and Lombardi, to make batters have to adjust to a knuckler after facing the heat all game.

Set up/Short Relief: Erica Darby (LHP- Springfield)- Darby is a 22-year old makes her second WBC appearance. Initially she seemed like she would be an above average but not a superstar as a starting pitcher, but once Springfield moved her to the bullpen, she was dominant. She did not allow an earned run in a 36 inning stretch of her final 31 appearances of the regular season, and the Rockets will be looking to continue to ride this Thoroughbred.

Closer: Jill Heisler (RHP- Fairfield City)- Heisler is another player making her WBC debut in Liventia. The 23-year old hard throwing member of the Admirals is your classic closer that looks to the heat to get batters out. But she also mixes up speeds very well. And that circle change she adds at key points of an at bat will drive batters crazy. She has a decent slider, but doesn’t use it a lot.

Batting Order: (throws/bats)
1) Brittany Wright- CF (R/R- North Charlotte)- Wright is everything you want in a leadoff hitter. The 28 year old has outstanding speed, and draws a ton of walks. Sadly for pitchers, it is often a 3-base walk. Wright will steal 3rd as aggressively as she steals 2nd. She has a 93% success rate, and a career .318 BA. Some may consider her to be the MVP of the team as she has really seemed to pick her game when the team needs it most.

2) Jennifer Martin- LF (R/S- Pocono City)- Martin, 24,makes her second appearance. Jennifer is more of a contact hitter then Michelle Rancourt (her predecessor), who was on the team more for her wheels. She is expected to be able to handle the pressure of playing at this level without trouble.

3) Carrie Nicolette- 2B (R/S- Southport)- Behind the speedsters is one of the Empire’s all time best contact hitters, although its not fair to label her quite as that, as she averages 15-20 HR’s a year. The 30 year old has a career .347 BA. Nicolette does a great job getting on base and allowing the big guns behind her to bring her in, a formula that has worked extremely well.

4) Rachel Crockett- RF (R/S- Springfield)- Crockett’s power must be respected. She consistently averages 40-50 HR’s per season, but unlike a lot of power hitters, she also hits for a great BA (career .320 hitter), and rarely strikes out. At times, Rachel will do a little showboating after a homerun, but its one of the reason the fans love the 30 year old slugger.

5) Sarah Boland- 3B (L/S- Springfield)- Boland has the same HR capability as does Crockett, she’s just slightly less of an all-around player, with a .316 career BA. Also like Crockett, the 33 year old is a complete show off, but at the same time is a terrific clubhouse leader, as evidenced by the fact that she was named team captain, and has produced some of the biggest HR’s in Newmanistan’s WBC history.

6) Natalie Monroe- 1B (R/R- Hampton)- Natalie is in her fourth World Baseball Classic, but the 25 year old’s career has had a breakthrough. Previously regarded as a player who will hit around .315 with 25 HR’s, Natalie has hit .330 and .339 the last two years with 33 and 38 HR’s, respectively. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a bigger role she has in Qazox.

7) Jennifer Bennett- C (L/L- Centralia)- Bennett is the only first-time player in the starting lineup, this is because Nicole Flick has hung them up. Jennifer, at only, 22 years old may become a fixture here. She’s improving her behind the plate skills, but has a lot of ability with the bat. In her first two seasons, she has averaged 23 HR’s and a BA of .320.

8) Tara Cuyler- SS (R/S- South Tier)- There is no let up in the 8 spot, in fact, it is because Sanders wants to make sure the bottom of the order is not a walk through, that Cuyler hits here and not 6th. Tara is a career .338 hitter, and can hit the ball over the fence with regularity. She is a 30-year old veteran.

9) Pitcher (w/o DH)
9) (w/ DH) Caitlin Peters (INF by trade- Putnam Lake) (R/S)- Caitlin is a speedster, and capable of leading off. When her and Wright lead off an inning, pitchers will not have a fun time. The 32-year old is strictly a contact hitter, with a career BA of .325. She has never hit more then three HR’s in a single season, and only has 24 in her eleven-year career. Doubles? That’s her thing.

On the Bench:
Sarah Conrad- C (utility OF as a last resort if necessary) Tundra Falls (Does not pinch hit unless absolutely necessary. Pitcher Courtney Lombardi, if possible, will pinch hit over her as well if the situation called for it.)
Jennifer Dawkins- MI (Middle Infield)- Dover City (preferred pinch hitter #1)
Stacie Gallant- CI (Corner Infield)- Loudon (preferred pinch hitter #2)
Kiersten Johnson- OF- Centralia (preferred pinch runner)
Meghann Carillo- OF- South Charlotte
Erica Hilton- Utility- Fairfield City (only first year player amongst the bench group)
07-02-2009, 08:56 Coverage

3 of the last 4 WBC gold medals have come to Qazox, and now they host the tourney once again. But hosting the WBC, or any other major event, has seemingly made Qazox vincible. in the last 3 WBC's hosted by Qazox, they've finished: Quarterfinalists, 7th in Pool B (Did not qualify for playoffs), and 3rd in Pool D (Did not qualify for playoffs). But since that early round flame-out in WBC 5, Qazox has won 3 titles and has a 3rd place finish. At World Bowl IV, Qazox was knocked out in the Quarterfinals, and at the 7th World Cup of Hockey, they lost in the finals. So in 5 international competition hostings, Qazox has never taken home a title on its soil.

Will Qazox' strange bad-luck in hosting cost them a chance at history? Or will the hosting-jinx finally be broken?

The team will return all but 2 of the players that won in Liventia just 2 years ago. (They will be in Italics below)


CF- Darren Pew: (R/R) Classic leadoff hitter, Plenty of speed and gets on base. Has an below average throwing arm in the field.

2B- Herman Doane: (R/R)The best fielder on the team, but is streaky at the plate. Has little power, but can hit it anywhere.

1B- Douglas Ellenburg: (L/R) Hits for power, but strikes out alot. Has a decent glove for a first baseman, but will drop a few here and there.

RF- Angel Monks: (L/L) 4-tool player, Can do almost everything. Has only an average range in the field and a spotty arm.

3B- Clark Petrie: (R/R) Solid glove at the hot corner. Inconsistant at the plate, but has good power.

LF- Kyle Bryon: (S/R) Like Monks, a 4-tool player, Great arm, but has no bat power. Can hit it anywhere.

C- Mickey Weatherby: (R/R) Unlike past Qazoxian catchers, he can be run on, but can handle every pitch and has some pop in bat.

SS- Johnnie Bannon: (L/L)Great glove at short, can play anywhere on infield, but struggles at times at the plate.

Pitcher: (see below)

For games involving a DH, please place the DH as the #4 batter and drop everyone down acordingly.
DH- Hank Yans (also back-up catcher): Hits the ball a mile, but strikes out alot as well. Decent enough behind the plate, and has better arm than Weatherby.


#1 (LHP)- Rick Highfield: Has a 98-mph fastball, a good slider and a good changeup. Does tend to fall behind in the count.

#2 (RHP)- Glen Barter: Good fastball, good curve, a decent changeup. Tends to give up a few HR on changeup.

#3 (RHP)- Corey Delrosario: Great slider, average fastball and average curveball. Can throw a knuckleball on occasion.

#4 (RHP)- Tyle Newson: Has a good circle-change and a good splitfinger fastball, but a hanging curve which does get crushed often.

1B: Oliver Tyes- Good fielder at first, but liability at bat, used for defensive purposes mostly.
2B: Victor Young- Quick runner, usually a pinch runner, as bat skills are ineffective.
INF: Randy Michaels- Good overall player, but has fielding issues and is usually put in in blowouts.
SS/3B: Sean Schell: Good bat off the bench and has decent fielding, but tends to make too many errors.
OF: Annabelle Lucien: The 1st female to earn a roster spot for Qazox. Will mostly be used for pinch-running purposes, but does have a great arm in the outfield, and may be used defensively
OF: Alvin Kulesza: Best pinch-hitter on team. Works the count real well, but has erractic arm.
UTIL: Clayton Sommerfeld: A good bat of the bench, but has a dead arm and probably be used at 1st base if needed at all.

RP (LHP)- Brian Rescovich: Middle relief. Has a good slider and curve, but has a hanging fastball.
RP (RHP)- Nathaniel Schuyler: Godd setup man, has good curveball that tends to get hit into the ground.
RP (LHP)- Francis Scarbourgh: Long relief. Can go 3 innings if needed, but tends to get more ragged the longer he goes.
RP (RHP)- David Haskins: Used in mop-up role. Has decent stuff, but is wild.
CP (RHP)- Jackson Throne: Has 97-mph fastball and a 12-6 slider that lefties can't hit.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: follow the one i have.
Follow my Pitching rotation Rotation: YES
Godmod scoring events: no
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: no
Eject my players:No
Godmod other events: No
DH in home park: No

UNIS (thanks to Tocrowkia!)


(Will be used as Home Jersey vs. Prux and Away Jersey @ Prux)
07-02-2009, 19:57
In other news after Qazox Dh rule decision, the Knights have decided to kill anyone who tells during a story that we used a dh...
07-02-2009, 21:39
Two days before the start of the tenth edition of the WBC, the Nordics have already arrived in Qazox and are hard at work preparing them selves to face the best the rest of the world has to offer. Despite the favorable group draw which places the Nordics in Group A, a group that only features only one real statistical threat to the Nordics simply running away with the group, Zwangzug. Despite their presence, the Nordics are still the highest rank team in their group and many feel that will sit on top of the division at the end of group play.

Indeed, everything does point to the Nordics having their best WBC yet. After placing third in the last edition and enjoying their new status as one of the worlds Top 5 teams there is a lot to be excited about. "Still." Manager Paul Rudolf reminded the press. "We can't underestimate anyone. Just like last time, we're going to go out there and play as hard as we can against every single one of our opponents, no matter who they are." He said in a brief interview with the press, after which he went right back to work supervising the training of his squad.
08-02-2009, 07:51 Coverage

SInce the WBC is starting in a few days, the staff at have made their predictions for the WBC. But first, Qazox' schedule and the GameSim prediction for each game, based on known starting rotations.

MD1: @ Lovisa (W 7-2)
MD2: @ Bluth Corporation (W 3-2)
MD3: @ Prux (L 5-7)
MD4: Sarzonia (W 10-4)
MD5: @ Patetopia (W 11-1)
MD6: @ Sarzonia (W 7-5)
MD7: Lovisa (W 6-4)
MD8: Prux (W 4-3 11 innings)
MD9: Bluth Corporation (W 9-4)
MD10: Patetopia (W 5-0) GameSim Record Prediction: 9-1

(Staff Playoff Picks in Bold)
Staff Picks:
Jim Gammons:

Zwangzug 8-2
Tocrowkia 7-3
Yafor II 5-5
Colbourne 4-6
San Castello 3-7
Greal 3-7

Newmanistan 9-1
Green wombat 6-4
Secristan 6-4
kenavt 5-5
Lurikastan 2-8
Cookesland 2-8

GROUP C: (Gammons' GROUP of DEATH)
Liventia 7-3
Taeshan 7-3
Milchama 6-4
Cassadaigua 6-4
Mantenwic 2-8
Tree Hugging Lesbians 2-8

Qazox 9-1
Bluth Corporation 6-4
Prux 6-4
Sarzonia 5-5
Lovisa 3-7
Patetopia 1-9

Gammons' Predicted Final: Qazox vs. Zwangzug (Qazox wins series 2-1)

Craig Maddux:

GROUP A: (Maddux's GROUP of DEATH)
Zwangzug 9-1
Tocrowkia 7-3
Yafor II 6-4
Greal 4-6
Colbourne 3-7
San Castello 1-9

Newmanistan 8-2
Secristan 6-4
kenavt 5-5
Green wombat 5-5
Lurikastan 3-7
Cookesland 3-7

Taeshan 8-2
Liventia 7-3
Milchama 6-4
Cassadaigua 5-5
Mantenwic 2-8
Tree Hugging Lesbians 2-8

Qazox 9-1
Prux 7-3
Lovisa 5-5
Bluth Corporation 5-5
Sarzonia 3-7
Patetopia 1-9

Maddux's Finals Prediction: Newmanistan vs. Liventia (Newmanistan in 3)

Will Timmons:

Tocrowkia 7-3
Zwangzug 7-3
Colbourne 6-4
Yafor II 5-5
Greal 3-7
San Castello 2-8

Newmanistan 10-0
Secristan 6-4
Green wombat 5-5
Lurikastan 4-6
kenavt 4-6
Cookesland 1-9

GROUP C: (Timmons' GROUP of DEATH)
Taeshan 8-2
Liventia 8-2
Milchama 6-4
Cassadaigua 6-4
Mantenwic 2-8
Tree Hugging Lesbians 0-10

Qazox 8-2
Prux 7-3
Bluth Corporation 7-3
Sarzonia 4-6
Lovisa 3-7
Patetopia 1-9

Timmons' Finals Prediction: Taeshan vs. Newmanistan (Newmanistan 2-0)
08-02-2009, 22:24
Presenting the Zwangzug Zebras, WBC10 edition. Numbers after the teams denote their first tournament, with a III representing the Olympic games (this is mostly for personal record keeping). RPers have free rein, though I'd ask you to justify any departures from the given lineup or rotation.

Starting rotation:
#4, Brianna Schneider (Tigers) 8
#39, Moises Chiszar (Wildcats) 7
#18, Amber Pastis (Gray Sox) III
#22, Danny Greger (Dolphins) 7
#3, Norman Jakiela (Grey Socks) 10

#22, Gabriel Dukart (long relief) (Aurora) 10
#8, Johanna Aelink (long relief) (Rainmakers) 10
#34, Arianna Shadduck (middle relief) (Millers) 8
#30, Rod Kirst (middle relief) (Gray Sox) 8
#13, Kelsey Loh (middle relief) (Rainmakers) 8
#19, Hedrick Wehrwein (middle relief) (Red-Tails) 10
#45, Marco Erewhon (closer) (Red-Tails) III

Starting lineup:
#5, Rufus Lievano, shortstop (Worms) 8
#16, Ken Schlemmer, second base (Wildcats) 8
#33, Noah Trecarichi, center field (Worms) 8
#20, Nadia Koves, right fielder (Dragons) III
#17, Amos Robotham, left field (Worms) III
#6, Chela Palmer, third base (Panthers) III
#9, Don Abuanza, catcher (Crabs) III
#10, Patricia Worland, first base (Panthers) 8

#24, Brigid Hoefflin, catcher (Rainmakers) 8
#7, Leonid Kostelanetz, outfield (DH if needed, batting sixth) (Dragons) 9
#59, Jameson Lamenc, outfield (Mustangs) 10
#12, Greta Orsulak, middle infield (Flash) 10
#15, Marvin Stania, corner infield (Bears) 10
08-02-2009, 23:24
Cassadaigua will be bringing the following roster to World Baseball Classic 10.

Allow opponents to RP injuries to my team: N
Allow opponents to RP ejections to my team: N
Allow opponents to choose my run scorers: Y

Coach- Brittany Donnels

SP- #36- Meghan Corrigan- LHP
SP- #38- Rachel Andrews- RHP
SP- #41- Morgan Klein- LHP
SP- #35- Katie Douglas- RHP
SP- #44- Erica Bellonte- RHP- Long reliever or a starter

RP- #32- Renee Porter- RHP- Long reliever.
RP- #37- Kayla Belanger- LHP- Short reliever, usually just comes in to get one or two outs.
RP- #40- Adrienne Benton- RHP- Short reliever, like Belanger.
RP- #35- Katie Douglas- RHP- Mop up reliever.
RP- #34- Alyssa Markowitz- LHP- Set up reliever.
CP- #42- Katie Sanderson- RHP- Closer.

Here is our lineup with the players average numbers per season over the course of their career. All players are switch hitters, you don’t get to this level in Cassadaigua without having that ability.

1) #11- Christina Barrett- CF .337, 9 HR, 45 SB, 104 SB
2) #4- Brittany Knowles- 2B .330, 7 HR, 50 RBI, 88 SB
3) #31- Rachel Weston- C .327, 30 HR, 115 SB, 0 SB
4) #5- Katie Sheridan- 1B .348, 55 HR, 158 RBI, 11 SB
5) #17- Elizabeth Murray- DH .329, 43 HR, 140 RBI, 3 SB
6) #8- Megan Pattison- RF .319, 24 HR, 83 RBI, 33 SB
7) #3- Courtney Cutler- LF .316, 18 HR, 72 RBI, 14 SB
8) #20- Deanna Hudson- 3B .305, 12 HR, 60 RBI, 2 SB
9) #1- Michelle Driver- SS .308, 8 HR, 58 RBI, 2 SB

Where the DH is not used, Murray starts at 3B, Hudson goes to bench, and Driver bats 8th.

#33- Casey McAbee- C
#7- Katrina Campell- 1B
#2- Stacey Kessler- 2B/SS
#6- Nicole Goddard- Utility Infielder
#15- Emily Thomas- OF
#18- Jennifer Branston- OF
09-02-2009, 01:45
ooc: This is cool, how did you guys organize something like this?
09-02-2009, 06:03
(OOC: Qazox, you are aware that I have a roster on this thread, right? You've linked several others that came after mine but not mine). I don't want to lose potential scorination points.
09-02-2009, 06:25
(OOC: Qazox, you are aware that I have a roster on this thread, right? You've linked several others that came after mine but not mine). I don't want to lose potential scorination points.

(ooc: Your not... just keep forgetting to link to it.)

Match Day 1 scores will be up around 11:30pm tonight. Please attempt to have your roster posted by then. thanks.
09-02-2009, 06:49
It's time for the show to begin. The pine tars been applied, the tickets scalped and the packs of bubble-gum and sunflower seeds opened. The Nordics put on a show during batting practice, with Captain Haviland depositing souvenirs to all areas of the field in particular, but the rest of the line up was no disappointment either. Even starting pitcher Tommy Thunder knocked a few out. The Nordics do indeed look more than ready to take the field in their first game against newcomer San Castello.

In a somewhat superstitious, but at the same time symbolic gesture each player sprinkled soil brought from their homelands over their starting positions in the field for good luck. It might seem odd with all of the fan support their getting, but they aren't going to take anything for granted. They want every advantage they can get.
Tree Hugging Lesbians
09-02-2009, 07:19
OOC: I has a roster!

The debutant of the Federation into the WBC, the worlds premier international baseball tourney has brought excitement, and a cautious sense of optimism. The group draw places the Federal Team, named the "Bunnies" after the nations national animal in perhaps the toughest group for any debutant. Group C includes veteran squads such as Taeshan, Liventia and Milchama. In fact, as far as rankings go only Mantenwic is an equal. Still, despite the odds being stacked against them, the Bunnies aren't just going to lie down and let them selves be steam rolled, as evidenced by the star-studded team being sent in to make a stand.

Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching rotation Rotation: No
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes. But keep it within reason.
DH in home park: Yes

Starting Lineup:
Angela Redfiend: (SS, Right/Right)
An extremely good contact hitter with a high career average, good speed and judgment on the bases. Little power, though she makes it up by being a strong glove at short.
Kira Maeu: (3B, Switch/Right)
Similar to Redfiend, a high career average hitter. She's a little less fast, but has more power than her, typically popping at least thirty long balls a season.
Rachel Miller LF, Left/Left
An all-around solid player that does everything well. She has a good amount of power in her bat and can also hit for average, and has good speed and a good glove in the corner outfield.
Victoria Rodriguez RF, Right/Right
The Bunnies five-tool player. She can do everything and do it well, with a very high career average, lots of power, a great glove and good speed. However, "V-Rod" is actually a controversial addition to the team, because despite her obvious talent she is oft labeled as clubhouse poison for her surly, aloof, and sometimes arrogant personality.
Kaleigh Sparks CF, Left/Left
In two big league seasons, Sparks has been a ROY and a runner up to the MVP award. An emerging five-tool talent, she still has some kinks to work out with her fielding, and has a tendency to get jittery at the plate in the clutch. With some more experience, the 19-year old Sparks could become a force to be reckoned with.
Wendy Cook 2B, Right/Right
A good bat, considering her position at second. Solid at making contact, but like Redfiend she only has a little power. A strong defensive asset however.
Juli Chambers 1B, Left/Left
An aging veteran that is still none the less a potent bat. Though through the years she has lost a lot of her power, she still has a high batting average, a high on-base percentage and an superb batters eye means she draws alot of walks.
]Karen Valotox C, Left/Left
She can call a great game, as evidenced by the fact she has called seven no-hitters, one of which was a perfect game in her career. However, she is an offensive blackhole at this point in her career, so that's why she's eigth.
Pitchers spot

Starting Rotation:
Carly Valentine Left/Left
Tall and strong, Valentine is the ace of the national team. Her fastball typically clocks in at 97 MPH, and in the playoffs she has been known to throw it in the triple digits. She has a nasty curve, a slider that lefties can't hit and a sick circle changeup to top it all off.
Annette Creed Right/Right
Like Valentine, Creed is a power pitcher. Despite a number of injury-ridden seasons in her career Creed still has a good arsenal to work with. A 95 MPH fastball, a 12-6 curve, an evil splitter and a changeup make up her arsenal.
Maggie Nakam/[u] Left/Left
While statically not as potent as Valentine and creed, she's still a very effective pitcher. She's an inning eater with nerves of still, having an absolutely nuclear sinker, a two-seam fastball, changeup and slider to make up her pitch selection.
[u]Angelica Kirk Right/Right
An up-and-coming young pitcher with a fine selection of pitches to work with. A fastball that clocks in at the high 90's when she needs it to, a 12-6 curve, a cut fastball which she uses against lefties and a good changeup. Could be ace material in the near future.
Ada Silven left/left
A veteran 36 year old pitcher. Though she isn't the strikeout champ she used to be, she still has the ability to K batters in short order with her control of four pitches: A fastball, slider, slurve and a sinker.

Caitlin Dent Infielder, Left/Left
A lead-off type hitter with good speed and the ability to make contact. Can play either middle infield position. She's also a good basestealer which means she'll be used as a pinch runner often, too.
Danielle Calahan Infielder, Right/Right
Placed in the game in double switchs or when power is needed. A high career average combined with plenty of power make her a just as much of a threat as the starting lineup, but she isn't very fast.
Laura Gent Outfielder, Switch/Left
A prototypical pinch hitter. Can make the pitcher throw a bunch, can make good contact and drive runs in and is awesome in the outfield, in which she can play any of the three positions.
Arianna Thomas Outfielder, Left/Left
Usually used as a DH or a one inning sub. Plenty of power and a good average, but little speed and iffy on defense.
Ashley Luken Infielder, Right/Right
An offensive-minded catcher. She can it it anywhere, and hit with power. However, she's a little easy to run having trouble throwing baserunners out.

MR: Sarah Duncan Right/Right
Has a good fastball, slider and a change up. Her submarine delivery style throws hitters off.
MR: Regina Simmons Left/Left
A decent fastball, curve, sinker and a palmball make her an effective reliver. Can eat up to three innings if need be.
MR: Carry Ramirez Righ/Right
She has a screwball, a slider, a sinker, and a cut fastball. Her side-arm style can throw people off, like Duncan
SU: Jennifer Stump Left/Left
She posses four excellent pitches. A cutter, a sinker, a slider and a sinker.
CL: Lizzy Stein Right/Right
Has five pitches, all of which are as good as the other. A fastball, a two seam fastball, a screw-ball, a forkball and finally a sick circle changeup.
09-02-2009, 08:11
WORKIN’ ON A DREAM: Tara Stewart- P.
Part 1 of ??? in a Series

On the brink of the first “Play Ball!” of World Baseball Classic 10, we see twenty four nations who right now have the same dream. Some will come close. Others will flap around in mediocrity, and more will have a disappointing experience. There can be only one champion. One nation to know what it feels like to be able to say that they played the best, and beat the best. Qazox already knows, but the two-time defending champion certainly wants to complete the hat trick. Newmanistan has appeared in three of these Classics and has finished no worse then third. Two of those three have been defeats in the final, including the 7th version to Zwangzug and the 9th to this juggernaut that is the Qazox Pheonix. The roster looks familiar. Why change around a good thing, especially when most of the core is presently in their prime. The time is now to achieve the dream.

Tara Stewart’s memories of World Baseball Classic 9 are not necessarily great ones. She had a fine performance, but in game one of the finals against Qazox everything just suddenly went snap! The second batter of the game, Herman Doane, was who she was facing. That sound was her elbow, and the injury would be elbow chips. During the season, this kind of injury would not be that devastating, but in the World Baseball Classic, it meant that it would keep her out long enough to not be able to help the team again. We recall how Qazox won that first game, but while that was going on, Tara Stewart was nearly in tears on the trainer’s table. “I never get hurt. How could this happen? I really let my teammates down tonight.” She said at time. Not that any of her teammates would have even thought about blaming her for the loss. Stacey Keisler, the pitcher for game two said that she promised Tara that she would win the game and even up the series, and do it for Tara. Stacey did just that, tossing a complete game shutout and a four-hitter in the win. Looking back at it, Tara says that while that would not be an eventual championship-winning performance, it was a defining moment in the chemistry of this team. You see, what we forget about in the World Baseball Classic is that the players who play for one team are only teammates for those games. Back at home, they play on rival teams and they may not necessarily care for the others before being teammates on the national team. Respect? Sure, they respect each other. But we can respect someone and not necessarily like them. Tara Stewart and Stacey Keisler never really knew each other well. They did know this: Tara played for South Tier and Stacey for Southport. Division rivals. Ace pitchers on division rivals. Many, many meaningful domestic league games saw one competing against the other. Respect? Yeah, there was respect. Friendship? Not until being national teammates.

“You compete against someone that much, they become a rival. We are rivals at home, but here we got to know each other well,” said Stewart. Yes, they got to know each other. But good friends, not until that defining moment in the final of the last WBC. “She wasn’t just being a teammate. What she told me while I was down is something that I will remember, and then she went out and executed and gave me a game ball. I let her keep it because she earned it and not me, but the gesture was something else.” The South Tier vs Southport rivalry lives on. It always will, and Stewart has pitched against Keisler six times since that fateful day. Fittingly, the teams are 3-3 against the each other in those games, with each going 2-2 in those games and a pair of no-decisions. When they shared a hug prior to their first head to head matchup, no one in the stands probably knew the sincerity that existed between them.

Vindication would occur for Stewart should the Rockets win the championship in Qazox. First and foremost, because it would be what this team has just missed out on for years. They stormed into the World Baseball Classic in Green Wombat for version seven, and took no prisoners, toppling all but one opponent. The run in Liventia was impressive, but once you start to have near misses, you yearn for the title so much more. Secondly for Stewart on an individual level, it would prove that she did indeed make the comeback. She was never guaranteed of her roster spot, she earned it just like the others. Some might think Keisler should be think be the ace. It doesn’t matter to coach Christina Sanders, to Stewart, or to Keisler. Thirdly, to do it in Qazox. This is a driving force for all of the Rockets players. The Pheonix spoiled their dreams like the grinch on Christmas Day, but they are all after redemption, and to celebrate in Qazox. That would be sweet.

Tara Stewart believes that this will be the Rockets year. She is confident in that, as she told us, “Many of us have been through this before. There is only one podium spot in which we have not yet achieved, and the confidence in which we have right now is very high. I know that I will be ready.” Stewart will not have an easy first opponent, as she pitches against Secristani ace Steve Jamison, another familiar face. Newmanistan and Secristan have met several times in the One Big Island baseball championships, and Stewart and Jamison have faced each other before. Tara is 4-0 however, lifetime, against Jamison, but knows that all that number does is further motivate Jamison. Tara knows she will be in tough but says she doesn’t want it any other way. “I’m glad I have to pitch against Steve in the first game. I want to be able to show the world that I am back, and that’s only going to happen if I go up against a very good pitcher of his caliber.” Newmanistan-Secristan is the highlight of day one, and for Tara Stewart, that just fine. She’s just happy to be back and this time she has a little more work she wants to complete.
San Castello
09-02-2009, 14:01
One in a Million Chance - San Castello hopes for the win

A whole plane carrying the San Castellian national team landed in the Qazox international airport to be greeted by hundreds of fans from thier home nation. Thousands more will be coming to support them. Even the leader of the nation, Archbishop Guisppe, will attend the games. Although most know the San Castello won't go past the group stage, that doesn't mean that the people have lost hope. Dressed in light-blue and white, San Castellian fans have prepared for the World Baseball Classic 10. Together, we hope for a one-in-a-million chance for the underdogs, our San Castello, to the world title.

Said the San Castellian manager "No matter what happens, we will do our best. We're probably not going to the finals, but we'll play like we are in it, all of the time."
Bluth Corporation
10-02-2009, 04:38
Starting pitchers:

Dwight Fish #14
Sean McIntyre #8
David Sisk #37
Thomas Shelton #16
Cory Smith #25


Cody Meny #9
Logan Canaan #1
Karl McLain #22
Roth Cole #13
Christopher Brewster #18
Theodore Dages #5
Jonathan Hunt #41


Jared Ritchie #17
Karl Vandenberg #29


Benjamin Eads #23
Kyle Thorson #4
Joseph Coomer #19
Clint Eaton #51
Sepp Stein #38
Alexander Beadles #24


Jared Lamar #20
Kevin Hurst #15
Cody McConnell #28
Chester Stonecipher #36
Arthur King #40

Home stadium: Ramius Field, Newport Beach (capacity 43,000)
DH in home stadium: Abso-freekin'-lutely not
RP Injuries: No
RP Erections: No
RP run scorers: Yes
Choose lineup/Pitching Rotation: No
The rest I don't care, as long as it's sensible. Or if it's not sensible, then really, really, really good
10-02-2009, 05:24

MD1 Scores will be up shortly.
10-02-2009, 05:47
MD ONE SCORES (DH Rule in effect)
WBC10 Wikipage (

All Winner in BOLD
Group A games @ One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas
Zwangzug - Yafor II 7-4
Greal - Colbourne 5-3
Tocrowkia - San Castello 7-0

GROUP B Games @ Hastings Park, Rockport
Lurikastan - kenavt 5-2
Secristan - Newmanistan 3-2 (10 innings)
Green wombat - Cookesland 10-3

GROUP C games @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
Mantenwic - Taeshan 11-2
Cassadaigua - Milchama 2-1 (13 innings)
Tree Hugging Lesbians - Liventia 7-4

GROUP D games @ Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg
Lovisa - Qazox 4-3
Sarzonia - Patetopia 6-4
Bluth Corporation - Prux 4-2

(Standings will be first posted after MD2 and there is no mercy rule in effect)
10-02-2009, 06:09 Coverage
Pheonix Stunned in Opening Game

Qazox and Lovisa haven't met that often in the World Baseball Classic, and after today, the Pheonix wish they didn't meet in this WBC, as Lovisa scored 3 runs in the bottom of the ninth off of Jackson Throne, to steal a 4-3 win on opening day.

The first game of the WBC to be started, at 11:00 am, QST (ooc: QST= -5:30 UTC) saw the defending champions parade into the stadium and the soldout crowd of 39,178 was in a frenzy. After Qazox left Darren Pew stranded at third; Qazox' Rick Highfield left to cheers and whistles from the crowd after striking out the first 3 Lovisan batters,. Qazox used that momentum in the top of the 2nd, scoring 3 times to take a 3-0 lead. Angel Monks started the inning with a double to right, followed by a RBI single from Clark Petrie. Petrie advanced to 2nd on a wild pitch and scored two batters later when Mickey Weatherby singled to center. The final run came across after a Lovisa throwing error, trying to get Johnnie Bannon at first on a sac bunt. The throw bounced into right field, and Weatherby huffed around the bases sliding in just under the tag.

Lovisa's bats were shut down until the 5th, when a 1-out bloop single into right fell in, ending Highfield's perfect game. Two batters later, the score was 3-1 after a pair of singles to left. Highfield quickly pitched out of the jam and held Lovisa scoreless thru the 8th inning, allowing just that one run. Leading 3-1, in trotted Jackson Throne, one of the best closers in the world.

But someone didn't tell that to Lovisa. After striking out the first batter, Throne allowed back-to-back singles to the left and right fielders, putting runners on the corners. A ground ball to Johnnie Bannon looked to be a perfect game-ending double play ball, but Herman Doane bobbled the catch, allowing the runner from 3rd to score. The next batter, the Lovisan 1B, slapped a double down the right-field line and the game was tied 3-3. After an intentional walk to Lovisa's DH, a bloop single by the shortstop, just in between Doane and Darren Pew was enough for the stunning comeback.

Based on the schedule and the rankings, this was just the first of 3 consecutive games against the 2nd-4th seeds in Qazox' group. Was this just an abberation or a sign that Qazox would struggle once again at a tourney they are hosting? Up next is Bluth Corporation, 4-2 winners over Prux.

(ooc: :eek2: Qazox... is NOT using a Box Score?! OMG!! :eek:)
10-02-2009, 06:24
Pawtucket Times
Power Drop Game One

Prux lost game one to Bluth Corporation 4-2, despite a strong outing by Timothy Eskew; who went 8 innings, allowing only 6 hits, but 4 runs. Bluth Corps' Kyle Thorson had the big game, going 3-4 with 2 RBI's including the game winning double in the 7th, which made it 3-1.

Up next for Prux is Sarzonia 6-4 winners over Patetopia.


Prux 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2
Bluth 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 1 x 4
WP: Dwight Fish (1-0)
LP: Timothy Eskew (0-1)
Sv: Jonathan Hunt (1)

Prux: (2)
Gerald Schlegel (2nd inning, single); Christopher Burnside (8th inning, Double)
Bluth: (4)
Cody McConnell (3rd inning, Single); Kyle Thorson (2: 3rd inning, Double; 7th, inning, Double); Arthur King (8th inning, HR)

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (3)
Joe Lower (4th inning double), Gerald Schlegel (5th inning double), Christopher Burnside (8th inning, double)
Bluth: (3)
Kyle Thorson (2: 3rd inning, double; 7th, inning, double); Arthur King (8th inning, HR)

Pitching Summary:
Timothy Eskew: 8 IP, 9 H, 4 ER, 4 R, 7 K, 2 BB, 118 pitches, 41 BF
Dwight Fish: 7 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 1 R, 10 K, 3 BB, 97 pitches, 30 BF
Roth Cole: 1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 0 K, 1 BB, 24 pitches, 5 BF
Jonathan Hunt: 1 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 0 BB, 13 pitches, 3 BF
Green wombat
10-02-2009, 06:44
Hellispont Times-HeraldWombats dominate Cookesland

A 10-3 win on the opening day of the 10th WBC has the Wombats off to a good start. 2 homeruns by Aaron Clemente, and a very strong pitching performance by Kenneth Maclean proved too much for the returning Cookesland team. The wombats scored 3 runs in the first and second innings, jumping out to an 6-0 lead, chasing the Cookesland starter. After than inital outburst, Cookesland scraped across runs in the 4th, 7th and 8th to cut the lead to 7-3, after Clemente's HR in the 5th. But in the bottom of the 8th, Clemente's 3-run HR bumped the lead up to 10-3, basically ending any chance of a comeback.

Up next for the wombats is kenavt, who defeated Lurikastan 5-2. This is a potentially dangerous game, as Newmanistan is the next game after kenavt.

Cookesland 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 3
Green wombat 3 3 0 0 1 0 0 3 x 10
10-02-2009, 08:32
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Tocrowkia 3 0 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 7 13 0
San Castello 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0

WIN: Tommy Thunder (1-0)
Kitten Dyfuse 2 (2), Jill Haviland 1 (1), Johnny Stryker 1 (1), Tommy Thunder 1 (1)

Matchday one featured yet another big win for the Nordics, and as in the last edition of the WBC, another big game for Tommy Thunder. The ace pitched a complete game shut-out with the San Castello team only managing a mear two hits. Thunder remained perfect for five innings until the number 4 hitter finally managed a bloop single off of him, repeating the feat two innings later. However, it obviously wasn't enough.

The story wasn't the same on the Nordics side of the ball, however. Kitten Dyfuse took the second offering from the opposing pitcher deep for her first WBC homerun, while Jill Haviland would drive in Willhelm Dynrus a little later with a two-run shot of her own. Kitten would repeat the feat in the 4th, while Johnny Stryker blasted a towering two-run shot also. And Thunder also helped his own cause with a line-drive homer to left in the 7th.

All in all, it was a fine victory for the Nordics, and they are looking forward to matchday two.
10-02-2009, 09:26


Rockport, Qazox- When the group draw was announced, one game immediately caught the attention of the Rockets. Secristan, those bloody Millionaires, would be in their group, and they would get them right out of the gate. Stewart-Jamison, just like we had seen before. It should come as no surprise to the interregional community that Newmanistan and Secristan are the top two baseball playing nations within One Big Island. The game spelled insta-classic before it was even played. Qazox’s own rival may have been at Hastings Park themselves, but this was the featured game of the day.

Much to the dismay of the Millionaires, Newmanistan jumped on the “home” team in the first inning. Brittany Wright led the inning off with a double and found her way to third with her first of likely many stolen bases during this World Baseball Classic. After Jennifer Martin struck out, Carrie Nicolette sent a Steve Jamison pitch a long way. 429 feet over the left field fence for a 2-0 lead. Carrie could have just trotted around the bases like a normal player would, but she would not that. Knowing it was gone as soon as it left the bat, she stood to admire the blast for a couple seconds, and then blew Jamison a kiss in a taunting manner. The showboating was supposed to be what Rachel Crockett and Sarah Boland had a stranglehold on, not necessarily Nicolette. Jamison saw the blown kiss, but the umpire either didn’t see it or didn’t think it was a big deal. On the next pitch, Jamison would search for payback by tossing a fastball at the head of Crockett. Rachel was able to get out of the way, and paid a long stare to Jamison. The home plate umpire pointed to Jamison after the pitch and ordered him to cool it, and the same to Crockett and the Secristani catcher John Mullins and gave everyone warnings. He did not toss anyone, likely thinking it was too early in the game, and there hadn’t actually been a brawl. Instead he went what in soccer terms would be, a yellow card instead of the red. This did seem to settle the players down. The Jamison-Crockett at-bat would conclude normally, with a routine ground out to short, and Jamison would get out of the inning. In the bottom of the first, many were probably wondering if Tara Stewart would seek revenge and throw at one of the Millionaire batters. Sadly for those who wanted to see a brawl, she did not do this. After all, do you think Tara wanted to be tossed in the first inning after having to leave after the first inning with an injury in her final World Baseball Classic 9 start. Things did appear to have calmed down. The umpire looked to have done the right thing by only issuing the warning. Jamison had settled down, only allowing one hit after the Nicolette blast through the fifth inning, and Tara Stewart had pitched shutout ball through four, and only allowed one hit.

The leadoff batter for Secristan in the bottom of the fifth would be John Fusco, and Stewart would hang a curveball. Fusco knows what to do with that and launched it 416 feet to right field for a solo shot. When rounding the bases, Fusco slowed up suddenly right in front of Rockets 2B Carrie Nicolette and blew her a kiss, and continued running. Nicolette only smirked, but 3B Sarah Boland noticed and proceeded to purposely trip Fusco as he rounded third. And this would get the masses a little upset. Fusco got up, made sure to finish running the bases and touch home plate, then went directly for Boland. Boland was ready, and the two exchanged some punches, Tara Cuyler came in to be the third person in, but by that time, Millionaire players had gotten onto the field and intercepted Cuyler. Tara found herself in a skirmish Eddie Forte. Even the coaches had a shouting match with one another, and John Michaelson would give Christina Sanders something many would call a “bitch slap”. This ignited more tension. This whole escapade took about 20 minutes to resolve and the umpires seemed to have a hard time keeping track with who was doing what. In the end, each team had five players ejected plus their head coaches. Neither starting pitcher, oddly enough, was tossed. Qazox security reports that a fight also broke out in the stands between a group of Newmanistanian and Secristani fans.

When we were able to get back to baseball, Newmanistan was still trying to nurse a 2-1 lead, and was doing so with a depleted lineup. Secristan would have to do the same, but one of the players they still had in the game was “ManRoid”, oops, “ManRod”. In the seventh, Manny hit a clutch HR to tie up the game at 2 with the Newmanistanian fans in attendance chanting “Ster-oids! Ster-oids!” as he ran the bases. Stewart would be taken out of the game after the 7th by hitting coach Allyson Payne, who was serving as the tossed Sanders’ replacement. The game remained tied at two through nine innings. Erica Darby has pitched the 8th for the Rockets and closer Jill Heisler came in for the 9th. Jamison ended up going 8 for the Millionaires before giving way to Francisco Martinez in the 9th. Secristan opted to keep F-Mart in the game for the 10th, and he would struggle. Jennifer Martin led off the inning with a single. After retiring Jennifer Dawkins, Rachel Crockett would double in Martin to make it 3-2 in favor of the Rockets. They would threaten for more, but Secristan would get out of it. Heisler remained in the game for Newmanistan, and pitched a 1-2-3 bottom of the 10th to secure an eventful 3-2 victory.

We are unsure what the fallout will be from the Empress concerning the bench clearing ball in today’s game. This is certainly not the way Newmanistan plays the game, but emotions just got the best of both of these bitter rivals. Newmanistan takes on Lurikastan next in a game in which will see the Rockets be heavily favored. Some players and coach Sanders did give us a response on the matter.

Sanders: “Absolutely I am playing the same lineup against Lurikastan. I’m proud of my team. Sometimes those things happen.”

Boland: “I bet Fusco won’t blow Carrie a kiss again.”

Nicolette: “Jamison is a showboater himself. So yeah, I did what I did and I will do it again when we meet again if I have the chance.”

Stewart: “I didn’t want to throw at their hitters and get tossed early in the game. You can say we instigated the whole deal, but Fusco made the incident happen by doing what he did. If Carrie was in the baseline, he probably would have done something else to her. Sarah stood up for her. That’s what we do.”
10-02-2009, 12:11

Steve Jamison didn’t get off to a good start in the World Baseball Classic. Three batters into the game, he surrendered a two-run homer to Carrie Nicolette to give the rival Rockets of Newmanistan a 2-0 lead. That was the story of the game because Carrie decided to taunt Jamison. In the first inning of the World Baseball Classic against an elite pitcher, you do not do that. Jamison sent that message to Rachel Crockett by tossing a fastball near her head. “If I wanted to hit her, I would have,” said Jamison, “It was a message pitch.” The Millionaire players could see the Rockettes giggling like little school girls in the dugout after Nicolette’s antics. Steve Jamison, like the mature professional athlete that he is did not let this phase him, and he would only give up three more hits for the rest of his game, which lasted eight innings. The Rockettes never got another runner past second base off of him. In the fifth, John Fusco cut Secristan’s deficit with a home run. Rounding the bases, he was blatantly tripped up by 3rd baseman Sarah Boland. He did gesture to Nicolette as he rounded second, but the Rockettes should have seen that coming. Fusco continued to his journey to touch home plate, where he says Boland shouted out a taunt to him. He was not going to take this from her at all and engaged her in a fight, something that Sarah will regret. Fusco says it’s the first time he hit a girl. “I hated doing that, but they want to be treated like guys out there well, I did that. I would have smacked her hard if it was a guy, so I did it to her as well.” Other fights also broke out, including the coaches. John Michaelson afterwards called Newmanistan cheap, “If you look at the incidents, they provoked everything. The players got tossed, and that was deserved, but no one will receive a team suspension.” Manny Rodriguez, the target of recent steroid allegations tied the game in the 7th despite vocal taunts from the fans. Of them, Manny told us, “They say what they want it just pisses me off man.” He has continued to deny that he ever used performance enhancing drugs. Despite working hard to tie the game, Newmanistan pulled it out in the 10th and took the opener, 3-2.

The Secristan Department of Sports reported huge revenues from the telecast of the game on pay-per-view, and believes that the second time they meet will produce higher ratings. Katie Simpson, our SDOS spokesperson thanked the nations for their fifth inning brawl, “That was just fantastic!” Simpson said, “Now we have something to use in our advertising for future games. Marketers will be all over this in every capacity. It’s great for the game. I guarantee you that you will even see them show the fight in Qazoxian commercials because even though people say that kind of thing has no place in baseball, the same people who say that are all over marketing it, aren’t they?”
San Castello
10-02-2009, 12:49
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Tocrowkia 3 0 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 7 13 0
San Castello 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0

WIN: Tommy Thunder (1-0)
Kitten Dyfuse 2 (2), Jill Haviland 1 (1), Johnny Stryker 1 (1), Tommy Thunder 1 (1)

First Game Results in Huge Loss
The first match of the San Castellian team in the WBC10 did not go off to a good start. The Tocrowkians were in top form as their star pitcher Tommy Thunder managed a near-perfect game. San Castello only managed two hits, both from CF Samuel Antoni. The Indonesian States/San Castellian pitcher John Huber II didn't do much good either. Expectiations were high, and many believe that Huber completly under-performed. All in all, a terrible game. It was completly one-sided, and although San Castello expected to lose, this was completly unexpected.

Some San Castellian fans were seen throwing thier blue and white scarves in the trash, but most are still optimistc. We hope for the next match to go our side.
10-02-2009, 14:35
Megan’s Space

Good morning, Cassadaigua! It’s me, Megan Pattison, and I have been named the team blogger for the World Baseball Classic. Why they chose me, I am a little unsure, but Courtney Cutler told me it is because I have the biggest friends list on Spacebook so that must mean I spend too much time I my computer. So I like to spend time on the internet, who cares. Seriously, I am honored to bring our side of things to you, the Dagan fan at home who wants to know what we are all up to from an inside perspective. A lot of people out there might think that this is Cassadaigua’s first World Baseball Classic, but no, we were in the last one. The format of World Baseball Classic 9 only gave us two games, which was the preliminary round against Green Wombat. We showed some promise there, actually splitting with the favored Wombats, but they won out on aggregate. It was a short, abbreviated experience, but here we are again and we know that we will play at least 10 games! Altogether, there are 24 teams in this Classic, so with sixteen teams making the next round, it’s set up pretty well for everyone involved to think that they have a chance right now. We are in Group C, and are the 4th overall ranked team in the group. We are behind Taeshan, Liventia, and Milchama in the group and ahead of Mantwenic and what’s this? The Tree Hugging Lesbians? I’ve been told that the games between us and the Lesbians were two of the first games not involving Qazox to officially sell out. I wonder why that was, exactly.

We got started against Milchama in the first game. The rankings said we were an underdog, but we also had Meghan Corrigan. She is our ace, the all-time best pitcher in Cassadaigua and a domestic teammate of mine for four years. So maybe I am biased a little bit. Milchama may have had the ranking, but we know that in baseball, when you have an ace pitcher on the mound, you can beat anyone. Meghan delivered for us. Man, oh, man, was she ever impressive. She was shutting those batters down one after the other and only had allowed one hit in through seven innings! In the 8th, they got a couple doubles together that tied the score up at 1. We had scored in the 3rd inning on a two-out double by Brittany Knowles that had scored Michelle Driver, who picked up a single for us. Meghan was done after nine, but had a great outing allowing only the one run on five hits. She also struck out ten. It was up to our bullpen then and they did a wonderful job. Starting with Katie Sanderson in the 10th, Alyssa Markowitz in the 11th, and Adrienne Benton in the final two innings, our bullpen allowed only two hits. In the bottom of the 13th, we won in walk-off fashion. It’s always such a thrill to do it that way even when you’re not the one delivering the big hit. It was a slider that I was offered, and I found the left center field gap for a double, and that scored Katie Sheridan, who had been on first. We had the hit and run on, so it was important for me to make contact with that pitch. It all worked out, and we complete a big win against one of the better teams in the world. Liventia stands in our way next.
10-02-2009, 14:42
Woodstock Daily Mail

Stars off to a good start

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

FROMBURG, Qazox -- Playing for the first time in years, the Sarzonian national baseball team looked the part of an experienced side. Starting pitcher John Morgan threw seven innings of two-run ball and got the win and the Stars defeated Patetopia 6-4.

Stars manager Jim Paulsen said he wasn't concerned when set up man Kenny Spencer gave up two runs in the top of the eighth inning because closer Kerry Clark shut the door in the ninth.

"It was the first time in two weeks Kenny pitched in a real game," Paulsen said. "He hasn't had much of an opportunity against live competition. We're trying to help him, and us get the kinks out."

Offensively, third baseman Kate Schmidt was the sparkplug. She went three-for-four with a two-run double that gave Sarzonia a 6-2 lead in the bottom of the fifth. Paulsen said she spent a lot of time in the batting cage.

"Absolutely," he said. "Kate's been working hard on every aspect of her hitting. She knows the states here are much higher than they are in the domestic leagues back home."

"I just wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into," she said. "We hadn't played that much together since the World Cups, so it was nice to get back together with these guys."

Sarzonia (1-0) also got a three-run home run from designated hitter Skip Hale, who will be on the bench as there is no designated hitter on even numbered games. Still, Paulsen said he would get Hale involved in the latter innings as a pinch hitter.

"When there's a designated hitter, he's the guy we'll use," Paulsen said. "When there isn't, we'll use him as the first available pinch hitter. He's the best pinch hitter in our league and that isn't changing any time soon."

As for the Stars, their next match is against world No. 8 Prux before their match up against world No. 1 and host nation Qazox. Schmidt said the Stars respected both squads, but didn't fear them.

"We're not going to lie down and we're not going to play dead against either of these teams," she said. "We're going to get after it."

Morgan said if the Stars had one advantage compared to other Sarzonian national teams, it was the fact that they were playing at the same field and staying in the same hotel throughout qualifying.

"That makes a difference," he said. "If we're not riding all over the place going from stop to stop, it's going to seem like it's home for us except against Qazox. Even then, we're going to be motivated because we expect a hostile crowd when we face the Pheonix."
10-02-2009, 21:38
Purple Knights Put A Hurting On Manwenic

As expected in the Knights first game of the 10th World Baseball Classic against Mantwenic the Knights easily won a game that was always gooing to go there way. The fianl score was a startling 11-2. The biggest win in possibly the history of the Purple Knights. They ran away with this game, and it totally didn't stun anyone. The Knights played some amazing runs, and played an even better game on defense if thats even possible. Now they will probally be playing somone not as lowly ranked as the wenics, but really after that game the Knights fans are rearing to go on another stretch of greatness.

The game started off with a Zoey Menigen home run for there first three runs in the third to make it 3-0. Menigen started off her final WBC on fire. Then Socke Leis found the range with a blast of his own over the fences making it 5-0. Then the wenics attempted a small comeback only scoring two witch even then was not enought. Two innings later in the eighth the Knights put to more 3 run homers on the board when Jay Nedved hit a pinch bomb, and Tadihito Shakiri hit one to make it 11-2 witch of course was the final score.
11-02-2009, 01:20
You're listening to WTB AM 1450 in Zwischen. This is not any ordinary broadcast, though. Oh no. This is...

"...Zwangzug's milestone tenth appearance in the World Baseball Classic."


"So their tenth will be next tournament?"

"Let's hope so."

"Aw, the eleventh? There's nothing exciting about that."

"Why do you care about the tenth appearance?"

"'Cause it's a milestone."

"Pfft, ninth is an actual baseball number...unless you're a DH fan?"

"Of course not!"

"Well that's good."

"We do have the DH today, disappointingly for a matchup between these two defensively-oriented sides."

"Indeed. Leonid Kostelanetz--how many sluggers are there down south?--will be batting sixth."

"An international rookie last tournament, Kostelanetz will be the only member of the starting lineup not to debut in the tournament before that."

"What about Nadia Koves? Or Don Abuanza? Or--"

"The cycle before that, whatever. The Olympics were the same time."

"Fine. Anyhow, Firebugs versus fireballs, ace Brianna Schneider warming up. And we're underway..."
11-02-2009, 05:12
RP cutoff For Day 2
Will there be as many upests as there was in Day 1? or will the faves dominate?
11-02-2009, 05:54
WBC10 Wikipage (

All Winners in BOLD
Group A games @ One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas
Zwangzug - San Castello 7-2
Colbourne - Tocrowkia 6-5
Greal - Yafor II 5-2

GROUP B Games @ Hastings Park, Rockport
Lurikastan - Newmanistan 8-0
Cookesland - Secristan 2-0
Green wombat - kenavt 4-1

GROUP C games @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
Mantenwic - Milchama 9-3
Liventia - Cassadaigua 4-0
Tree Hugging Lesbians - Taeshan 6-2

GROUP D games @ Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg
Lovisa - Patetopia 6-5 (12 innings)
Prux - Sarzonia 4-2
Bluth Corporation - Qazox 4-1

Zwangzug 2-0 1.000 14 6 +8
Tocrowkia 2-0 1.000 13 5 +8
Colbourne 1-1 .500 10 9 +1
Yafor II 1-1 .500 9 9 --
Greal 0-2 .000 5 10 -5
San Castello 0-2 .000 2 14 -12

Green wombat 2-0 1.000 14 4 +10
Newmanistan 2-0 1.000 11 2 +9
Secristan 1-1 .500 4 3 +1
kenavt 1-1 .500 6 6 --
Cookesland 0-2 .000 3 12 -9
Lurikastan 0-2 .000 2 13 -11

Taeshan 2-0 1.000 17 4 +13
Liventia 2-0 1.000 11 4 +7
Cassadaigua 1-1 .500 2 5 -3
Milchama 1-1 .500 10 5 +5
Tree Hugging Lesbians 0-2 .000 6 13 -7
Mantenwic 0-2 .000 5 20 -15
Note: Cassadaigua is ahead of Milchama based on H2H results.

Sarzonia 2-0 1.000 10 6 +4
Qazox 1-1 .500 7 5 +2
Lovisa 1-1 .500 9 9 --
Patetopia 1-1 .500 10 11 -1
Bluth Corporation 1-1 .500 5 6 -1
Prux 0-2 .000 4 8 -4
Note: the 1-1 teams are sorted by Run differential.
11-02-2009, 06:05 Coverage
Pheonix Rebound over Bluth Corporation

After stunningly losing to Lovisa on the opening day, Qazox rebounded with a 4-1 win over Bluth Corporation. Sean McIntyre allowed 4 runs in the 5th, which was enough to overcome a lead off HR by Jared Lamar off of Glen Barter. Barter settled down after that, retiring the next 11 batters before allowing a bloop single to Alexander Beadles in the 4th.

Qazox rallied thanks to an error by Cody McConnell. McConnell dropped a relatively easy fly ball by Herman Doane in the 5th. Doane wound up on third on the play and was driven in on Douglas Ellenburg's Homerun to left. After singles by Angel Monks and Clark Petrie, a double to left-center by Kyle Bryon knocked in the final runs of the game.

Despite being the goat of the opener, Jackson Throne came in the game in the 9th. After walking pinch-hitter Joseph Coomer, Throne struck out the next two batters and got Kyle Thorson to fly out to center to end the game.

Up next for Qazox is Prux, a regional rival. The Power so far haven't been anything like their namesakes, losing 4-2 to group leaders Sarzonia, who are 2-0 so far in their return to the WBC.
Green wombat
11-02-2009, 06:11
Hellispont Times-Herald
Wombats setup for Showdown with 4-1 win

While not as impressive as the opening day win over Cookesland, the Wombats are 2-0 following a 4-1 win over kenavt, setting up an early showdown with #2 Newmanistan tommorrow for the early group lead.

The wombats scraped by 4 runs on only 6 hits, but kenavt pitchers walked 8 batters, and 4 of those came around to score. robert Ortega scored twice and drove in a run, leading the wombats offensively, while howard Lheureux went the distance, allowing 7 hits, but striking out 12.

kenavt 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
Green wombat 0 0 0 1 1 2 0 0 x 4
11-02-2009, 06:22
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Tocrowkia 0 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 1 6 8 0
Colbourne 0 2 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 5 7 0

WIN: Jeanna Glaus (1-0)
SAVE: Jamie Von Tipker (1-0)
Dmitri Rykov 1 (1), Hoyt Klaus 1 (1)

Matchday Two saw the Nordics get yet another win, but one that was much closer than one would have hoped. In the first Jeanna Glaus' sinker appeared to be as nuclear as ever as she sat the first three hitters down in a row. However, an inning later she started to struggle a bit, walking the first two hitters she faced. The next hitter grounded into a fielders choice to Jill Haviland, who tagged the runner heading for second but was unable to get the second out. Two pitches later, Glaus was taken deep to center to make the score 2-0 in Colbourne's favor.

The Nordics got one back in the top half with a Hoyt Klaus solo shot to center, put in the fourth the one hole hitter on Colbourne's squad got all of one of Glaus's sinkers and took her deep again. The game went back and fourth from there, and was tied into the 9th. Tipker sat the side down again paving the way for Mr. Clutch, who jacked a solo shot to right to end the game and secure the win.

"I felt strong on the mound, but going into the second I started to feel very tight." Glaus said in a post-game interview. "I slept on my arm last night, so that's probably the reason. I'm not hurt or anything, I promise you that. I just wasn't able to loosen up enough, but I'm really glad I had such a great lineup behind me to make up for the mistakes I made on the mound." Manager Paul Rudolf also dismissed the idea that Glaus would be taken off the roster and replaced, and said he also believed her performance was just a one-tome affair. "I've talked to both Jenna and our trainer, and we agree that it isn't cause for concern. She had her struggles, but she'll be back better than ever in her next start."

Up next for the Nordics is Zwangzug, whom the Nordics have faced only once in WBC 9, winning the game in a stunning 1-0 fashion. Matthew Shaporio, who pitched the shut-out will also take the mound against them again. While he isn't expecting to repeat his previous feat, he remains confident in his team's chances.
11-02-2009, 06:45
Pawtucket Times
Power Outage as Qazox Looms

Sarzonia stunned Prux 4-2 today as the Power drop to 0-2 early in WBC 10 pool play. 3 runs in the 8th off of Gregory Kerr, though 2 of those runs were charged to Johnny Wilson. Prux manged to get 2 runs, on solo HR's by Steven Fenn in the 1st and 8th innings, but other than that, Charlie Palmer held the Power to just 5 more hits, while striking out 10.

Up next for Prux is Qazox, who rebounded from their opening day loss with a 4-1 win over Bluth Corporation.


Sarz 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 0 4
Prux 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2
WP: Charlie Palmer (1-0)
LP: Johnny Wilson (0-1)
Sv: Kerry Clark (2)

Prux: (2)
Steven Fenn (2: HR 1st inning, HR 8th Inning)
Sarzonia: (4)
Dewey Griffin (Sac Fly, 7th inning); Kate Schmidt (2: 8th inning, double); Drew Bradley (8th inning, Double)

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (2)
Steven Fenn (2: HR 1st inning, HR 8th Inning)
Sarzonia: (2)
Kate Schmidt (1: 8th inning, double); Drew Bradley (8th inning, Double)

Pitching Summary:
Johnny Wilson: 7.1 IP, 8 H, 3 ER, 1 R, 5 K, 3 BB, 121 pitches, 33 BF
Gregory Kerr: 0.2 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 3 R, 0 K, 0 BB, 20 pitches, 5 BF
Nicholas Ripley: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 1 BB, 16 pithces, 4 BF
Charlie Palmer: 7.0 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 1 R, 10 K, 4 BB, 103 pitches, 31 BF
Jay Ballard: 1 IP, 1 H, 1 ER, 1R, 1 K, 0 BB, 16 pitches, 4 BF
Kerry Clark: 1 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 0 K, 0 BB, 9 pitches, 3 BF
11-02-2009, 10:13
BACK TO .500

After the opening night bout against the Rockettes, Secristan took to the field against an opponent that is far weaker and should have been trounced easily. It wasn’t necessarily easy, but the Millionaires took care of business in style, defeating lowly Cookesland by the score of 2-0. The ever inconsistent Eric Strassner was on the mound for Secristan. With Eric, you can get a sense of the kind of outing he is going to have by the second inning. If he’s throwing strikes, he is usually in good job. Sometimes, he has trouble with command of the strike zone and often self-inflicts his own wounds with the free pass. Strassner looked very good, not walking a batter in the first three innings and only allowing a single hit. That is when you knew that he was going to give you a good outing. The bats seemed to have hangover from the fisticuffs with Newmanistan and seemed a little sluggish. They were not striking out, but making very weak contact to the ball. The Millionaires only managed three hits in the first six innings, and of the 18 outs, 14 of those were ground-outs, and 11 of those 14 were to the middle infielders. Fortunately, in the seventh inning, Secristan could generate some offense. John Fusco, a main culprit in the brawl in opening night, led the inning off with a single. Three more singles would follow, by Eddie Forte, Mickey O’Rourke, and believe it or not, John Mullins that in a very non-exciting fashion, put Secristan up by the score of 2-0. Who says you need to be exciting, we had enough of that against Newmanistan, after all. Cookesland got Strassner to hit into a double play that killed the inning, but that was ok for the pitcher. Eric completely shut the door, going all nine innings for the shutout. He allowed only five hits and struck out six. He did walk one batter in the eighth inning.

Secristan is now 1-1 in Group B, and should be able to win their next two games against Lurikastan and Kenavt, before what should be a good game against Green Wombat. Then it will be Round 2 in the same order. Katie Simpson of the Secristan Department of Sports reports that game-day purchases for this game set a team WBC high. She attributes this to the fact that this was not as desirable of a game to our fans due to an unknown opponent, so sales were expected to be low. But because of the incident in the Newmanistan game, many fans were highly interested in seeing how the team would rebound from that. Sales are good for the Lurikastan game as well, given that it falls on the day off of the World Bowl.
11-02-2009, 16:20
Woodstock Daily Mail

Stars win with 8th inning rally

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

FROMBURG, Qazox -- Don't look now, but the Sarzonian national baseball team is suddenly turning heads at the World Baseball Classic.

The Stars used a three-run eighth inning to defeat world No. 8 Prux 4-2 as starting pitcher Charlie Palmer struck out 10 and third baseman Kate Schmidt doubled home Mark Dwight and Tyrell Gordon before scoring on center fielder Drew Bradley's double. Kerry Clark worked the ninth for his second save.

"Our offence struggled a bit without [reserve outfielder/designated hitter] Skip Hale in there," manager Jim Paulsen said. "But we were able to get the runs late when it counted."

Sarzonia (2-0) also got a strong pitching performance from Palmer, who worked seven innings, allowing six hits including a solo home run to left fielder Steven Fenn. Fenn also went deep in the eighth inning off relief pitcher Jay Ballard.

"He's just a dangerous hitter," Palmer said. "There's a reason he bats third for the eighth ranked team in the world. You saw it out there today."

Paulsen said he was "slightly" concerned about the four walks Palmer issued.

"Charlie was trying to get a little too cute out there," Paulsen said. "He's got to do a better job of changing speeds in the latter innings especially."

Schmidt said she went with the pitch from relief pitcher Gregory Kerr when he got ahead of her 0-2.

"I wasn't looking to hit the ball deep," she said. "I just wanted to put the ball in play and give [Dwight and Gordon] a chance to score." Kerr said if Schmidt weren't trying to go deep, it fooled him.

"She put a charge in that ball," Kerr said. "I didn't think she'd be able to hit it that far, to be honest."

The runs were charged to losing pitcher Johnny Miller, who deserved better according to Bradley.

"He pitched real well," Bradley said. "If Kerr doesn't leave one up in the zone against Schmidt, we're still playing." Miller allowed eight hits in 7 1/3 innings, walked three and struck out five.

Sarzonia face world No. 15 Lovisa in Fromburg tonight. Paulsen said Hale would be back in the lineup with the designated hitter available on odd numbered match days.

"Whenever we can play with the DH, we will," Paulsen said. "Our pitchers are used to hitting for themselves because the Sarzonian Major Leagues ban the DH, but if we have a chance to get a good hitter in the lineup without sacrificing our defence, we'll do it."
11-02-2009, 19:47


Rockport, Qazox- Stacey Keisler did it again. Maybe this just isn’t big news anymore. Once again, Keisler pitched a complete game shutout in the World Baseball Classic. In her last 5 games in the WBC, going back to WBC 8, (against Taeshan, Milchama, Prux, and Qazox to boot, prior to this), Keisler has pitched 44 innings, and given two runs. That’s right, folks. In that span, she has three shoutouts, and two of them are in clutch moments, one being game 2 of the 3rd place series against Taeshan in World Baseball Classic 8, and the other being in game 2 of the WBC Final against Qazox. 44 innings. Against the world’s best. 2 runs allowed. Those are not cream puff opponents either. Well, this game may have been. If those elite teams could not score against Keisler, how could we expect poor Lurikastan to have a chance? Poor, poor Lurikastan. They were doomed from the start.

Keisler wasted no time sitting down the Lurikastan bats. Striking out the side in the first and then again in the second. And by that time, the Rockets had already given her some run support. In the top half of the inning, Rachel Crockett got us started with a single, and Natalie Monroe would double her in to make it 1-0 in favor of Newmanistan. Jennifer Bennett flew out to left for the second out of the inning, but it was enough to get Monroe to 3rd base. Natalie would cross the plate on a laser of a line drive that Tara Cuyler hit to left. After Keisler flew out to shallow center, Lurikastan was out of the inning. No worries, Newmanistan just had some more runs to tack on the board in the 3rd. Brittany Wright led the inning off with a single, and as Qazox fans are well used to by now, that usually becomes a three-base hit with her speed. That’s exactly what happened as Wright stole her way to third and scored on a single by Jennifer Martin. Next up was Carrie Nicolette, and she would add a double and all of the sudden it’s 4-0 Rockets. Sarah Boland then finished up the 4-run inning by blasting a 409-foot homerun just inside the foul pole to make it 6-0. That would be more then enough for Keisler, but Stacey was still her dominant self, picking up strikeout after strikeout. By the fifth inning, her strikeout total was up to eleven. And still, there was a zero up there on the scoreboard. A zero, in the hits column. Newmanistan picked up another run in the top half of the 6th inning on an RBI double off the bat of Tara Cuyler that scored Monroe to make it 7-0, but as the game went on Keisler was becoming more of the story. She strikes out the side again in the 6th, now up to 14 K’s. Then a 1-2-3 seventh which saw her 15th strikeout. Still, that zero remained. Could there be something special brewing at Hastings Park tonight? In the 8th, Sarah Boland would hit her second home run of the game, this a solo shot to make it 8-0 in favor of the Rockets. The outcome was not in question. Now, we were wondering if we were going to see history. Newmanistan had never had a no-hitter or a perfect game at this level before. But the zeroes remained. Still, Lurikastan had not had a baserunner. In the bottom of the 8th, she shuts them down again, getting two more strikeouts to bring her total to 17. Now as we head to the bottom of the 9th, everyone in attendance is wondering if Stacey can complete the perfect game. The first batter was fanned. Number 18. A strikeout on the second batter, number 19. One out away. One out away from history and completing such a rare feat. Lurikastan, attempting to avoid embarrassment, sent up a pinch hitter to hit for their pitcher. How was he going to have a chance? He hadn’t even seen Stacey’s dominant fastball-curve combination all game long. He did make contact, though. Slightly. A routine ground ball back to Keisler. This was it. The toss to Monroe and it’s over. A perfect game! Stacey Keisler has pitched a perfect game! The first ever in the history of the Empire in any international competitions!

The Rockets charged the mound to congratulate their pitcher. It was a far cry from the depleted lineup we saw here a day before against Secristan. Today was all about something special. Keisler was walked off the field on the shoulders of Sarah Boland and Rachel Crockett and waved to the crowd, where she received a huge standing ovation. After allowing just 2 runs in her 35 prior innings in games against the likes of Milchama, Taeshan, Prux, and Qazox, poor Lurikastan never stood a chance.
11-02-2009, 20:42
...Then it will be Round 2 in the same order.,.

(OOC to Secristan: NO it is not.)
11-02-2009, 20:44
(ooc to Newmanistan: Congrats on the Second Offical WBC Perfect game! (of course, I had the 1st one... :p))
11-02-2009, 22:29
((OOC: And I still have the only Four-AB-Four Hr game. :P ))
12-02-2009, 00:20
(and Milchama has the only unassisted Triple Play, and I think either Liventia or Az-cz has the only walk-off Grand Slam, and Qazox had the 1st cycle. BTW I see one of those in this WBC, automatic -50 realism points!!! LOL)
12-02-2009, 01:11
((OOC: Someone should compile all these records on the WBC wiki. That'd be cool.))
12-02-2009, 03:14
"...Trecarichi draws yet another walk, and now there are two on with cleanup hitter Nadia Koves coming to the plate."

"San Castellian manager Johnathan Huber walking out to the mound."

"Indonesian Statian."

"What, the mound? It's Qazoxian, we're in Las Vitas."

"No, the manager!"

"Oh. Him. Well, he's the manager of the San Castellian national team, so..."

"Whatever you say. Probably giving Antoni a couple of tips on the curveball, Huber was an ace at that back in the day."

"Yeah, I can't imagine a call to the bullpen working too well."

"All right, heading back to the dugout with Koves stepping in."

"Ball one taken high."

"Koves with an RBI in the Yafor 2 game, driving in Lievano after Schlemmer's sacrifice fly."

"Strike called. Koves taps the plate unnecessarily ostentatiously."

"One-and-one the count. The sign from Dora."

"A one-name wonder? Are there any baseball players actually like that?"

"Guess so. And it's driven deep!"

"Lievano rushes in, Trecarichi behind him, and it's a two-run double for Nadia Koves!"

"San Castellian fans are gonna be lamenting the decision to leave Antoni in..."
12-02-2009, 04:21
((OOC: Someone should compile all these records on the WBC wiki. That'd be cool.))

OOC: If you want to, go right ahead, but you'll have to read through 10 WBC threads to get them all correct.

TOMMORROW, and every Thursday of the competition, the scorination will be up around 12:15 am EST, instead of 11:30-11:45 pm. So forewarning you now.
12-02-2009, 05:30
MD 3 RP Cutoff.

Show-down Day! Who will take early control of their groups? Find out Soon!
12-02-2009, 06:09
(ooc: Sorry the results are up a bit late tonight, was on phone w/ brother in Hawaii.)

WBC10 Wikipage (

All Winners in BOLD
Group A games @ One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas
Tocrowkia - Zwangzug 3-1 (10 innings)
Colbourne - Yafor II 4-3
San Castello - Greal 3-0

GROUP B Games @ Hastings Park, Rockport
Lurikastan - Secristan 5-1
Cookesland - kenavt 4-3
Newmanistan - Green wombat 2-1 (12 innings)

GROUP C games @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
Cassadaigua - Mantenwic 5-1
Liventia - Taeshan 6-5 (10 innings)
Milchama - Tree Hugging Lesbians 6-1

GROUP D games @ Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg
Lovisa - Sarzonia 3-1
Prux - Qazox 6-2
Patetopia - Bluth Corporation 6-3

(Ties broken by RD, unless noted)
Tocrowkia 3-0 1.000 16 6 +10
Zwangzug 2-1 .667 15 9 +6
Colbourne 2-1 .667 14 12 +2
Yafor II 1-2 .333 12 13 -1
San Castello 1-2 .333 5 14 -9
Greal 0-3 .000 5 13 -8

Newmanistan 3-0 1.000 13 3 +10
Green wombat 2-1 .667 15 6 +9
Secristan 2-1 .667 9 4 +5
Cookesland 1-2 .333 7 15 -8
kenavt 1-2 .333 9 10 -1
Lurikastan 0-3 .000 3 18 -15
Cookesland ahead of kenavt based on H2H win.

Taeshan 3-0 1.000 23 9 +14
Liventia 2-1 .667 16 10 +6
Cassadaigua 2-1 .667 7 6 +1
Milchama 2-1 .667 16 6 +10
Tree Hugging Lesbians 0-3 .000 7 19 -12
Mantenwic 0-3 .000 6 25 -19
Liventia ahead of Cassadaigua based on H2H win.
Cassadaigua ahead of Milchama based on H2H win.

Sarzonia 3-0 1.000 13 7 +6
Qazox 2-1 .667 13 7 +6
Bluth Corporation 2-1 .667 11 9 +2
Patetopia 1-2 .333 13 17 -4
Lovisa 1-2 .333 10 12 -2
Prux 0-3 .000 6 14 -8
Qazox ahead of Bluth Corporation based on H2H win.
Patetopia ahead of Lovisa based on H2H win.
12-02-2009, 06:27 Coverage
Pheonix Cut Short Power

Prux got off to a good start, getting 2 runs in the first off of Corey Delrosario, but the Pheonix rallied with 3 runs in the 2nd and added 3 more in the 6th, to take a 6-2 win over their regional rivals.

Darren Pew was the star of the game, stealing 3 bases, and scoring twice. Angel Monks and Hank Yans each drove in 2 runs, while Corey Delrosario, after that 1st inning, allowed only an additional 4 hits, all singles.

The next game is the Pheonix' first 'Homw' game, against suprising group leaders Sarzonia who beat Lovisa earlier today 3-1, improving them to 3-0 inthe early portion of the stage. Tyle Newson is the scheduled starter for Qazox, while Brad Baxter will take the mound for the Stars.

An early look at the groups and Group C seems to be the most competitive,a s 4 teams are either 3-0 or 2-1, while Newmanistan has the early lead in Group B, and Tocrowkia in Group A. While there is still 7 games left to be played before the playoffs, tommorrow's games look to be very important, as those teams which are stuggling will have little time to make up ground.
12-02-2009, 06:45
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Zwangzug 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3 0
Tocrowkia 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2x 3 4 0

WIN: Matthew Shaporio (1-0)
SAVE: Jamie Von Tipker (2-0)
Jill Haviland 1 (2)

Those disappointed with the pitching in the Nordics last game were in for a treat in today's game. Shaporio once again won in yet another pitchers duel with Zwangzug. Though the Nordics struck first with a solo shot to left courtesy of Captain Jill Haviland, The Zebras would get one back in the top of the 7th thanks to a Ken Schlemmer RBI double. Other than that however the story on the Zebra's side was pretty dismal. Matthew Shaporio struck out 16 batters and gave both Noah Trecarichi & Nadia Koves golden sombreros. That's right, he struck them out in all of their ABs.

Though Shaporio departed in the eigth, he maintained he felt strong. But Amber Tavern and Jamie Von Tipker held the Zebras to one run as the game went into the 10th, with Von Tiper setting down the side one, two and three and eventually earning her second save in the classic. Jill Haviland singled, and Dmitri Rykov walked setting up Johnny Stryker's game winning two-run double to left. In a post game interview, Paul Rudolf had this to say about Shaporio's apparent frustration with being pulled. "Of course, I was happy with the performance he gave. And he had every reason to feel confident, but when you have a delivery style like his and you're still as young as him and have yet to work out all the kinks it can be dangerous to eat up innings like that. Matt knows it wasn't anything personal. Next question, please?"

Next up for the Nordics? The Firebugs, whom the Nordics have a perfect record against.
Green wombat
12-02-2009, 06:45
Hellispont Times-Herald
Wombats Error in 12th gives Rockets Win

When you think of Newmanistan, besides the thought of the team calendar, you think pitching. When you think of Green wombat, you think of green wombats, probably. But after today, maybe you'll start to think of pitching as well, as the wombats' Adam Moll went toe-to-toe with the Rocket's Courtney Lombardi for 9 innings, with each just giving up one run. The rockets struck first on a HR by Carrie Nicolette in the 4th, the first Rocket's hit of the game, after the first 11 batters went in order. Moll buckled down and struck out the next 3 batters he faced, and allowed just 3 more hits thru 9 innings of work.

On the other side, Courtney Lombardi, retired the first 13 wombats she saw, giving the rockets a WBC record 47 consecutive batter retired, until a jose Gove single in the 5th broke the streak. But Lombardi would also knuckle down, retiring the next 8 batters in a row. Trailing 1-0 heading into the 8th, and having just one hit, Andrew Held lead off the inning with a 380-ft homerun to right field, just missing the 3rd deck in Hastings Park.

Now tied 1-1, the pressure of the game didn't seem to faze either starter as the game moved into extra innings. Lombardi was pulled after the 10th, after pitching out of bases-loaded 1 out jam, by getting Alan Monge to ground into an inning ending DP. Ernest Wayman came in to start the 10th and Natalie Monroe just missed a HR by about 5 feet as her foul ball just went wide of the left-field pole. But in the 10th and 11th neither side could score, and after Lauren Tippett retired the wombats 1-2-3 in the 12th, the drama was just beginning.

Jennifer Bennett lead off with a single to right, and advanced to second on a Tara Cuyler walk. After sticking out both Caitlin Peters and Brittany Wright, Wayman faced Jennifer Martin. After fouling off the first couple of pitches and taking a couple of balls on the 2-2 pitch, Martin grounded a ball to Albert Beckham at short, and it looked like the game was going into the 13th. But Beckham overthrew 2nd base and Bennent stormed around third and slid home just under Alan Monge's tag. 2-1 Rockets on a error from Green wombat's best fielder.

But the Wombats have little time to comiserate the tough loss as they face Lurikastan in the next game. Will the stunning loss carry over, or will Green wombat recover and get back on the playoff track?


Green wombat 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Newmanistan 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2
Green wombat
12-02-2009, 06:47

(Ooc: Uhm, Tocrowkia, you were the home team, weren't you? better make that a GW ground-rule Double)
12-02-2009, 07:02
Pawtucket Times
Qazox dominates Power, Changes Ahead?

After getting a couple of early runs off of Qazoxian starter Corey Delrosario, the Pheonix rallied with 3 runs in the 2nd and 6th to send Prux to an 0-3 start at the WBC, the worst start for the team in any WBC. The head Coach, who name is protected due to the Witness Protection Program, has announced that changes in the lineup may be needed if the team doesn't break the losing streak against Patetopia tommorrow.


Qazox 0 3 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 6
Prux 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
WP: Corey Delrosario (1-0)
LP: Manuel Marker (0-1)

Prux: (2)
Steven Fenn (2 [4]: Double- 1st inning)
Qazox: (6)
Angel Monks (2: Double- 2nd inning), Clark Petrie (single- 2nd inning), Herman Doane (single- 6th inning), Hank Yans (2: single- 6th inning)

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (2)
Steven Fenn: (Double, 1st inning) Lawrence Bosco (Triple 5th inning)
Qazox: (4)
Angel Monks (Double- 2nd inning), Douglas Ellenburg (double- 4th inning), Darren Pew (2: double-6th inning, Triple 8th inning),

Pitching Summary:
Manuel Marker: 5.2 IP, 12 H, 6 ER, 6 R, 2 K, 1 BB, 113 pitches, 29 BF
Henry Sheets: 2.1 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 0 BB, 43 pitches, 8 BF
Alan Nicely: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 3 K, 0 BB, 19 pitches, 3 BF
Corey Delrosario: 9 IP, 9 H, 2 ER, 2 R, 11 K, 3 BB, 137 pitches, 39 BF
12-02-2009, 07:12
((OOC: The team on the left is away, and the team on the right is home, usually.))
12-02-2009, 07:18
((OOC: The team on the left is away, and the team on the right is home, usually.))

I have the Home team on the left, away on the right. (World Cup style) Frankly, i don't care which way you RP it!
12-02-2009, 07:25
((OOC: Oh my god....>_<;;;

I'm gonna go fix all of what I've done, then. ))
12-02-2009, 08:28


Rockport, Qazox- For a little while, we were wondering if Courtney Lombardi was going to follow up Stacey Keisler’s perfect game with back to back such accomplishments. Perhaps she may have if she too, was pitching against Lurikastan. But tonight, Newmanistan had a far more difficult opponent, and the team that on paper, looks to be the main obstacle to the Rockets in the team’s effort to win this group. That would be Green Wombat. And no, they aren’t fantasy baseball geeks. Courtney was not perfect in the game, but she was for a little while, after 4 1/3 innings before finally, an opponent got a baserunner against the Rockets. The streak of consecutive batters retired is an amazing one. 47 straight. In domestic competition, that would be a startling number. Considering that these are all-star lineups of some of the strongest baseball playing nations in the world, that number simply blows you away. Who knows if it will ever be topped again. Courtney did not get a win to show for her efforts, however, as Green Wombat’s Adam Moll also was outstanding. But in extra innings, Newmanistan would prevail 2-1, benefiting from an uncharacteristic error from Wombat 2B Albert Beckham.

How we got to that result was pretty entertaining, if you like great pitching. Prior to the game, Stacey Keisler signed autographs behind the Newmanistan dugout for hundreds of fans, and during it she looked on. It was probably just now, once this game started, that it began to sink in for her that she tossed a perfect game. Courtney Lombardi’s efforts really got her excited. Down went the Wombats in order in the first. Again in the second. Then in the 3rd, once again. Adam Moll looked quite strong himself, reminding the Rockets that tonight, they were facing a much stronger opponent. Moll was perfect himself in the first 3 2/3rds of the game. Finally, after a combined 23 batters in THIS game, someone would reach base. Well it was a little more then that. Moll tried to sneak a fastball in on the outside corner, but Nicolette was ready, and sent the pitch sailing over the fence in left-center field to give the Rockets the one run lead. Carrie did not have any kisses to blow to Moll, perhaps learning her lesson from the Secristan game, and rounded the bases in normal fashion. Moll would recover after the big hit, just fine, doing everything he could to keep his team in the game. Courtney Lombardi was not making this easy for him. But eventually, a Wombat would get on base on a single by Jose Gove up the middle. Tara Cuyler made a dive out of desperation more then anything else to come up with the ball, but it would get through the infield. After the hit, the Rockets fans in attendance all stood up cheered. It was a standing ovation for an incredible streak. Not phased by the hit, Lombardi not only retired the next batter but eight more after that, leaving the broadcasters wondering how amazing this streak would be if Gove’s hit didn’t get through. As dominant as she was, the Rockets got a reality check of just how slim a 1-0 lead can be. In the 8th inning, just one mistake, a slider that got too much of the plate was blasted over the right field fence, a towering shot to tie the game at one. Just like that. Was Green Wombat going to steal this game away?

The bottom of the 8th and the 9th went by routinely as neither Moll or Lombardi would give in. Going into extra innings, we had ourselves a true grind-it-out kind of game on our hands. Lombardi remained in the game through the 10th (OOC: thanks for doing that, just what I would have done), but with the Wombats also getting great pitching, we had ourselves a game that would be decided by the bullpens. Natalie Monroe nearly ended it in the 10th inning with a homerun that just barely went foul. It looked like it would stay fair until it had a late hook towards the foul side. That missed shot made the Rockets fans think that this had all the makings of a game the Wombats were going to get one break in and steal a win. The Rockets surely weren’t getting the breaks. At least, to that point. In the bottom of the 12th inning, Jennifer Bennett led off the inning with a single, and advanced on a walk to Tara Cuyler. After fanning Caitlin Peters and Brittany Wright, it looked like yet again, Green Wombat was going to get out of it. As Jennifer Martin hit a routine ground ball to short, it looked like this was going to happen. All Albert Beckham had to do was step on second or flip to second base to get the force out on Cuyler. Inning would have been over. But Beckham’s simple toss was errant. The error gave Newmanistan the win, yes, but you have to credit Jennifer Bennett here with the heads up play and hustling to third even though a third out seemed inevitable. You have to credit her for continuing to hustle, and rounding third to try and score. It ended up being a very close play at the plate. One split second slower, and she would have been out. She wouldn’t have that split second if she hesitated even briefly on what maybe would have been a pointless sprint to third.

It’s a great finish to what ended up being a fantastic game. Lauren Tippett is the pitcher of record for the Rockets, having pitched the top half of the 12th inning. Many players deserve credit for this victory. Lombardi. Nicolette. Tippett. Bennett. But what it is, is a team victory. The kind of game a championship caliber team pulls out. Cookieland, oops, Cookesland will be next on the docket.
12-02-2009, 11:18
WORKIN’ ON A DREAM: Carrie Nicolette- 2B.
#2 of ??? in a series

Some players, when they make the big leagues, live up to their talent right away. They get drafted highly, and some make the major league roster immediately. Others come flying through the minor leagues to nail down their roster spot. Most would think that every player that is on the Newmanistan roster for the World Baseball Classic had a relatively smooth ride getting there. Yeah, there may have some a few things that they had to overcome, but for the most part, they looked like stars at a young age, had their potential developed early, and have gone on to have great careers. Such is the case not just for Rocket players, but for each of the twenty four teams. Everyone has their exceptions, and for the Rockets, Carrie Nicolette is one such player.

Carrie is known as being a feisty competitor, and the kiss that she blew to Steve Jamison of Secristan in a taunting manner after she stood at home plate to enjoy the sight of her towering home run leave the ballpark, might make some think she is arrogant. In that moment, she may have been. But for Nicolette, enjoying these moments is something that she will always cherish. Carrie plays for the Southport Tigers, and is a teammate of Stacey Keisler, who recently tossed the second perfect game in the history of the World Baseball Classic against Lurikastan. Don’t worry, we’ll get to Stacey in this series! The Tigers are an elite team in the Empire Baseball League, and Carrie is a big reason why. They were not that way when she arrived. As a matter of fact, before Nicolette was drafted by Southport, the team had a playoff drought of fifteen years. That’s a significant drought in Newmanistanian baseball, because sixteen teams out of thirty make the playoffs. The Tigers weren’t the worst team in the league for all those years, and as a matter of fact, they were consistently 17th-20th best for that entire stretch.

When Nicolette was drafted by Southport in the first round, some were surprised by the pick. She seemed to be a good contact hitter and major league caliber, but not someone who should go in the first round. She was too small. She wasn’t bulked up enough. No way, thought critics. No way did she deserve to be a first rounder. In her first three years, Nicolette proved the critics right. What was supposed to be her strength, her batting average was unspectacular. .233 her first year, .242 the second, .240 the third. 28 combined home runs. Nicolette was a draft bust and would be destined to a minor league fate, to likely never be heard from again. That second season, Stacey Keisler had joined the team, and the Tigers were showing their improvement. They didn’t need Nicolette. In the first round of the next draft, they selected 2B Erica Hamelin, a highly touted power hitting player, who would obviously be the new Southport 2B. Hamelin said all the right things, and signed immediately with the Tigers. The media didn’t even refer to 2B as a position in which there would be a battle. The job was Hamelin’s. In training camp, Erica Hamelin impressed the team and the media was towering shots and great hitting. She was going to make it. Hamelin started at second for the first two pre-season games and looked good. Then Carrie got a start. Four-for-five with two HR’s. No one paid much attention to that. Hamelin starts the next two. Then comes Nicolette, another four-for-five. Very good, thought the media. Carrie was showing she should stay in the bigs to back up Erica Hamelin. After all Hamelin was doing enough in her starts. Games went by, and even though Hamelin was doing well, Nicolette was clearly outplaying her, and people got to thinking. Maybe, Carrie has it in her. Some wondered if the team should play one at short (there is no DH, by the way). Present SS Kristen Graves would have none of that.

The team was becoming divided over this. Christina Sanders was losing the locker room. Hamelin was supposed to be the star, but Nicolette had the better numbers, and also the support of her teammates. As the pendulum swung towards Nicolette, Hamelin was getting peeved. Sanders had a dilemma. If Nicolette’s spring training was a fluke, and you tick off Hamelin, it can damage the team. If it was not a fluke, you’re benching a good player. There was some experimentation with them at other positions, but it was clear both were 2B only. Maybe SS, but they had a veteran SS. No reason to get her involved. “It was a real difficult decision given that we just gave Erica Hamelin a big contract and Erica had a good spring training herself. The fact that Carrie had more support from the teammates is why I went with her. If she struggled, then I could make the change and know that I gave her the chance. Well, she went on to hit .361 that year!” Sanders told us. Hamelin, though moping about it somewhat, spent the year as Carrie’s backup, and had a productive year as a pinch hitter. After the season, she was dealt to Centralia, where she has been ok, but not a star, and you won’t be seeing her in the World Baseball Classic unless something drastic changes (and with disparaging comments Hamelin made toward Sanders after the trade, it’d be far fetched to imagine that Christine would name her to the team even if it did change). Nicolette was grateful for the chance, “Christina didn’t have to give me a chance. She had enough to go by and say that I didn’t do a good job before that. But she always believed in me. I don’t know how I got better so quick, but I am sure glad I did!” Nicolette remarked.

It was not just a one year thing. Carrie has continued to be the best second baseman in the Empire, and that is evidenced by the fact that she is now on her fourth World Baseball Classic roster. She has bulked up to become more of a home run threat, and can usually get that number in the twenties now. At 30 years old, those early days are behind her but they are not forgotten. They serve as motivation every morning she wakes up. “Whenever I don’t feel like working out one day, I remind myself of where I have been, and where I could be again if I do not continue to work hard.” She said. She enjoys the game, as she showed in the blown kiss to Steve Jamison. “That may not have been the best idea but I was living in the moment.” Nicolette replied to justify her antics. She’s tasted defeat in two finals so far, but knows what it is like to win a championship in Southport. That was special. Now, to be a world champion. A true world champion is the only thing that is left in her way. Like she did in spring training of that breakout season, she’s not about to let anyone get in her way. And like she had in that season, she has the support of her teammates. Plus, the support of Christina Sanders as her coach. A World Baseball Classic championship would be quite an exclamation point to her story.
12-02-2009, 14:28
Woodstock Daily Mail

Stars go to 3-0 after beating Lovisa

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

FROMBURG, Qazox -- Perhaps the years away from international competition have helped the Sarzonian national baseball team.

Sarzonia improved to 3-0 in the World Baseball Classic with a 3-1 victory over Lovisa behind a strong effort from starting pitcher Brian Edwards. He threw eight innings, allowing five hits and one unearned run that came in when third baseman Katie Schmidt's throw home skipped past catcher Fred Carlton. Kerry Clark worked the ninth for his third save.

Schmidt said she rushed her throw to the plate.

"I knew I had to hurry because it was their centre fielder," she said. "I didn't set myself and make a good throw." Edwards took the run in stride, saying he focused on pitching as well as he could.

"It was sort of my audition for the rest of the tournament," he said. "Our number four guy is actually our best starter. I think [manager Jim Paulsen] will probably cut the rotation to four guys if we make it to the playoffs."

"We seem to be making a habit of getting timely hits so far," said manager Jim Paulsen. "We've been pitching well and playing strong defence except for that one throw by Katie. Offensively, we haven't exactly exploded."

The Stars don't expect to explode in their next match, which will officially be a home fixture for world No. 1 and two-time defending champion Qazox. Schmidt said the team was prepared for a hostile reception from the Pheonix supporters.

"We think it's going to be a true road fixture," she said. "We're coming in 3-0 and in first place. We're playing the host nation at their place. It's going to be a mad house in there."

Stars ace Brad Baxter gets the ball for Sarzonia against Qazox righty Tyle Newson. Carlton said the team expected a lot of offspeed pitches from Newson, but was going to be wary that he would surprise them with fastballs.

"You don't want to sit on a breaking ball or a straight change," Carlton said. "If you go in looking for something slow, he could get an 82 mile per hour fastball by you. So we're going to go in looking for the fastball and react to the rest of his repetoire accordingly."

Paulsen said the team didn't expect to sit in first place in Group D, but wasn't going to approach this match as a critical match for playoff seeding.

"We're still only playing our fourth match day," Paulsen said. "We've got a long way to go before anyone talks about the playoffs or anything of the sort."

Even so, 3-0 is nice, right?

"It sets us up for a big fall," said designated hitter Skip Hale (three for four, two doubles, three runs batted in). "If we come in with a big head, we could get deflated faster than you'd expect. We've got to get after it, especially in a true away fixture."
San Castello
12-02-2009, 15:13
OOC: I'm really sorry that I cannot post any RP replies since I am very busy with RL at the moment. I'll try to go on when I can.
13-02-2009, 03:52
Purple Knights Record Two More Wins

7 days ago the Knights were 1-0 after a gripping victory after the first game in the 10th World Baseball Classic after defeating Mantwenic 11-2. Now after yet another week of exciting baseball action the Knights are now 3-0 and steadily leading there group. In the last two games they have defeated the Tree Hugging Lesbians and therebiggest threats so far Liventia. The Knights won those games by 6-2, and 6-5 scores respectively. They are now well on there way to another final four appeaance and many expect them to be a real threat to win it all this time around, unlike other years were there form went away at the end of the season.

In game one the Knights took on the beautiful ladies of the land of Tree Hugging Lesbians. Boy are they cute and sexy especially when they make nice plays and kiss each other. There may even have been some action going on down in the clubhouse if you know what i mean. The Knights though were not exactly thrilled to be playing a team like Tree Hugging LEsbians as many were married and others were straight women, but the horny fans sure go into the game. Soki Lewis Taeshan's most eligeble bachelor smashed two homeruns as the Knights walked away with an easy 6-2 victory.

In game two the Knights took on one of the bitter rivals in Liventia. Both teams were rearing to go at each other and they played a very good game. The game was close throughout and the Knights just managed to win on a Zoey Menigen sac fly witch scored Jay Nedved. The Knights won this game in a closer 6-5 victory. The team looks really good right now and as many hope the future looks good.
13-02-2009, 05:41
RP Cutofff for MD 4.
The RL issues that I thought would conflict with this, isn't going to, so ignore my post about the Thursday delays.
13-02-2009, 06:14
MD FOUR SCORES (no DH today)
WBC10 Wikipage (

All Winners in BOLD
Group A games @ One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas
Greal - Zwangzug 5-3
San Castello - Colbourne 5-4 (10 innings)
Yafor II - Tocrowkia 5-1

GROUP B Games @ Hastings Park, Rockport
Green wombat - Lurikastan 8-3
Cookesland - Newmanistan 9-1
Secristan - kenavt 8-3

GROUP C games @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
Mantenwic - Tree Hugging Lesbians 3-1
Milchama - Liventia 6-5
Cassadaigua - Taeshan 5-3

GROUP D games @ Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg
Bluth Corportation - Lovisa 4-0
Patetopia - Prux 5-2
Qazox - Sarzonia 4-2

(Ties broken by RD, unless noted)
Tocrowkia 4-0 1.000 21 7 +14
Zwangzug 3-1 .750 20 12 +8
San Castello 2-2 .500 10 18 -8
Colbourne 2-2 .500 18 17 +1
Yafor II 1-3 .250 13 18 -5
Greal 0-4 .000 8 18 -10
San Castello ahead of Colbourne based on H2H win.

Newmanistan 4-0 1.000 22 4 +18
Green wombat 3-1 .750 23 9 +14
Secristan 3-1 .750 17 7 +10
Cookesland 1-3 .250 8 24 -16
kenavt 1-3 .250 12 18 -6
Lurikastan 0-4 .000 6 26 -20
Cookesland ahead of kenavt based on H2H win.

Cassadaigua 3-1 .750 12 9 +3
Taeshan 3-1 .750 26 14 +12
Milchama 3-1 .750 22 11 +11
Liventia 2-2 .500 21 16 +5
Tree Hugging Lesbians 1-3 .250 10 20 -10
Mantenwic 0-4 .000 7 28 -21
Cassadaigua ahead of BOTH Milchama and Taeshan based on H2H win.

Qazox 3-1 .750 17 9 +8
Bluth Corporation 3-1 .750 15 9 +6
Sarzonia 3-1 .750 15 11 +4
Prux 1-3 .250 11 16 -5
Patetopia 1-3 .250 15 22 -7
Lovisa 1-3 .250 10 16 -6
Qazox ahead of BOTH Sarzonia and Bluth Corporation based on H2H win.
Prux ahead of Patetopia based on H2H win.
Patetopia ahead of Lovisa based on H2H win.
13-02-2009, 06:35 Coverage
Pheonix Speed by Stars, now 3-1

Darren Pew stole 5 bases, setting a new Qazox record, and his prowess on the base baths rattled Sarzonian starter Brad Baxter enough to allow 4 runs in the first 5 innings as Qazox jumped out to a 4-0 lead. Tyle Newson held the Stars scoreless until the 6th when back-to-back-to-back doubles by Dewey Griffin, Chris Spontanelli, and Kate Schmidt chased him after 5.2 innings. Francis Scarbourgh came in and got Tyrell Gordon swinging and retired the next 3 batters to reach the eighth. After allowing back-to-back singles to Hank Everly and Griffin; Scarbourgh was pulled for Nathaniel Schuyler, who got Spontanelli to ground into a 5-6-3 DP and struck out Schmidt, ending the Stars last threat. Jackson Throne got 3 fly ball outs to end the game in the 9th and Qazox was back atop Group D.

Qazox runs came off of Pew's stolen bases. In the first, he lead off with a walk and promptly stole 2nd and 3rd, scoring on a Annabelle Lucien single. Lucien. who was making history as Qazox' first female starter, filling for a sick Angel Monks, batted 2nd in the lineup and was given the ball after her historic single. Pew would factor into the next run as he beat out a bunt attempt in the 2nd scoring Johnnie Bannon from third, and came around on Douglas Ellenburg's homerun. In the 5th, Pew stole 2nd and 3rd again, and became the first Qazoxian to steal home as Brad Baxter bobbled the throw-back from Fred Carlton.

So with one game left in the first half of qualifying, Qazox is tied for 1st at 3-1, but hold the tie-breaker advantage, for now. Up next is a stuggling Patetopia team who just lost to previously winless Prux.
13-02-2009, 06:49
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Tocrowkia 0 2 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 5 9 0
Yafor II 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 2 0

WIN: Mercedes Gaunt (1-0)
Johnny Stryker 2 (3), Alec Travylin 1 (1)

The Nordics domination of the Firebugs continued in matchday four. Mercedes Gaunt was dominant on the mound, striking out ten while only giving up one run on a sac-fly in the sixth. Offensively, the Nordics decided to play long ball. Johnny Stryker went deep, his first blast a towering two-run shot to right center in the second and the next a solo shot in the 4th. Alec Travylin would follow up with a solo shot of his own, his first in his WBC career, in the 6th to make it 4-0 in the Nordics favor.

A Hoyt Klaus RBI-double in the 8th would seal the win. On an interesting piece of news, Sarzonia and Taeshan fell today and Tocrowkia and Newmanistan remain the only undefeated teams in the WBC. And tomorrow, Ace Tommy Thunder will be taking the mound against cellar-dwelling Greal...
13-02-2009, 06:54
Pawtucket Times
New-Look Power Break Patetopia, Win First Game.

The line-up was tweaked and provided the first win 5-2 over Patetopia, as Prux avoids an 0-4 start. The biggest changes were having Christopher Burnside lead off, and benching Alan Begin, who had been 0-13 in the first 3 games in favor of Travis Gill. Robert Looney was bumped up to the 3 spot, and Roy Chong took the place of Louis Jaquez, whose 3 errors were the worst in the group at SS.

It took a turn thru the lineup for every one to get used to the new order, but in the top of the 3rd, it began to click. A pair of singles by Burnside and Gill, was followed by a Looney HR, Looney was taking the place of injured RF Joe Lower, who has an abdominal strain; and Prux was on its way to its first win. Comfort allowed 2 runs in the 8th before being pulled for Nicely, who retired the final 5 batters he faced for his 1st save of the tourney.

Up next for the Power is Lovisa, who've lost 3 in a row after their amazing win over Qazox in the opener. Perhaps the winner of this game will be able to qualify for the playoffs, while perhaps the loser might as well get ready to head home in a week.


Prux 0 0 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 5
Patetopia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2
WP: Samuel Comfort (1-0)
LP: Patetopia P#4 (0-1)
Sv: Alan Nicely (1)

Prux: (5)
Robert Looney (3: HR- 3rd inning), Kenneth White (single- 5th), Steven Fenn (single 6th)
Patetopia: (2)
Patetopia LF (2- Double 8th)

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (4)
Robert Looney ( HR- 3rd inning), Roy Chong (2: double 5th inning, 8th inning)
Patetopia: (1)
Patetopia LF ( Double 8th)

Pitching Summary:
Samuel Comfort: 7.1 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 2 R, 7 K, 2 BB, 120 pitches, 31 BF
Alan Nicely: 1.2 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 1 K, 0 BB, 27 pitches, 4 BF
Pitcher #4: 7.0 IP, 10 H, 5 ER, 5 R, 8 K, 1 BB, 125 pitches, 32 BF
Reliever #1: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 1 K, 0 BB, 19 pitches, 4 BF
Green wombat
13-02-2009, 07:08
Hellispont Times-Herald
Wombats dominate Lurikastan

After last night's 12-inning heartbreaker, the Wombats wasted little time jumping on the worst team in the group leading 6-0 after 2 innings and 2 homeruns by Robert Ortega. Ortega hit a pair of 2-run HR in the 1st and 2nd, the latter chasing the Lurikastan starter after just 1 1/3 IP. The 6-0 lead was more than enough for Eric Catalano, who lasted into the 9th, before giving up 2 runs in that inning, which brought in little-used Dale Luther to get get the final 2 outs. Ortega tied a team record with 5 RBI's as he drove in anothe run in the 8th, with a double, leaving him a triple short of Green wombat's first cycle. Catalano even managed to drive in a run, with a bases-loaded walk in the 4th.

So now is the other tough match-up in the group, against Secristan who is also 3-1 in group play. The winner of this match-up will be in 2nd place at the half-way point, and both teams await their rematches with Newmanistan, both believing that they can knock off the Rockets. This game will see which team is closer to doing so, and which team might need to tweak something in the 2nd half of qualifying.

The pitchign match-up will be a great one with Secristan's Paul Newkirk, who will be making his 1st WBC start; facing Kenneth Maclean, the winner of the Wombat's 10-3 win on opening day.


Lurikastan 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 3
Green wombat 4 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 x 8
San Castello
13-02-2009, 08:33
(OOC: Well I guess I do have some spare time :D)

WBC 10 Special

TEAM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 H R E
San Castello: 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 1 0 1 9 5 0
Colbourne: 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 9 4 1

San Castello Gets Back in Shape
After two devastating losses against two of the best teams in baseball, San Castello was in the bottom of the group, and almost all lost hope. All that is, except the team itself. They readied themselves against their next opponent after vigorous training, and it paid off. San Castello had beat Greal, thier historical neighbor. San Castello had at one time been totally dependant on Greal, and at a point even used the Greali Dollar as the currency, but now San Castello is back on top - in sports. The apprentice has beat the master, and everyone cheered for the underdog.

The fourth game against Colbourne was anybody's guess. Baseball experts all disagreed on who would win and lose, or if they would tie. Instead, we all waited until game day.

The game started with Colbourne in the lead, by the beginning of the fourth the San Castellians were down 2-0. This inning went to the 'Bluewings'. The Lugio left-fielder Agustus Scimiti hit a massive home run, tying the score. However, Colbourne scored again to put them in the lead. Right before the 7th inning stretch, with two outs and two strikes, catcher Dora bunted the ball in what many thought the most stupid move ever. However, amazingly, miscommunication between the Colbourne catcher and pitcher led them to run into each other trying to take the ball, and Guisppe Renaldi ran from 3rd base to home to score. But once again, Colbourne took the lead. San Castello scored again the next inning to tie the game. Nothing else happened and the excitement rose as both teams prepared for the 10th inning.
The San Castellian team hoped for the best when Napoleon di Lugio went up, but unfortunatly he was struck out. Scicello Mazeri, the 28 year old 3rd baseman, then stepped up onto the plate. He was patient, and the first pitch was a ball. The next pitch Mazeri swung as hard as he could and put that ball in the stands for a homerun. The crowd roared. Pitcher Maximus then took the last 3 Colbourne batters out in 5 pitches to end the game. San Castellian fans threw their hats and blue scarves in the air to celebrate, and the whole Bluewings team rushed onto the field to celebrate. The Colbourne manager just stared in disbelief. They had lost against an un-ranked team that had never played before. It was a miracle for the San Castellians.

The game put the San Castello Bluewings in the top three in the group, behind Tocrowika and Zwangzug.
Tree Hugging Lesbians
13-02-2009, 08:44
In a tournament where little has gone right and there is little to be happy about, Kaleigh Sparks brought just that, a spark to the Bunny's lineup in todays game against Mantenwic. Her top of the 9th three run blast secured the win and brought something that hadn't been seen at all in the Bunny's lineup in the WBC so far - life. "Obviously we have to do better." Kaleigh said after the game. "We're not quite out of the tourney yet and we just have to keep getting wins after our really, really bad start."

Bad start indeed. The Bunny's dropped three in a row prior to this point and it seemed as if they would go down in history as a winless team. However, with the Bunny's now having something to fight for, an outside chance of the playoffs, they aren't quite ready to throw in the towel.
13-02-2009, 10:52

The Millionaires won their third consecutive game last night, taking care of Kenavt by the score of 8-3 after they had defeated Lurikastan 5-1 the day before. Secristan stands in a 2nd place tie at the moment with Green Wombat, who is also 3-1. Both trail undefeated Newmanistan by a game, and all three look pretty safe to be on their way to the second round. The gap between the top three and the bottom three in this group is almost as being as the gap between the rich and the poor in Secristan.

Against Lurikastan, a country that was coming off getting the dubious distinction of being the second team to have a perfect game thrown against them, the Millionaires had little difficulty. Just as Courtney Lombardi had gotten off to a good start and extended the Rockettes perfect streak, Alan Coldwell extended the woes of Lurikastan in the first three innings. Lurikastan finally got two batters on in the fourth inning, but due to the base on balls. They would not get a hit into the sixth inning when Coldwell ran out of gas, like he normally does. By that time, his teammates had even him a 4-0 lead in which to work with. Tim McMurty scored three of those fours runs, going 3-for-3 by the sixth inning with one home run and a pair of doubles. Both times he was driven in by ManRod. ManRod then extended the Millionaires lead in the seventh inning with a home run to right centerfield to make it 5-0. With a comfortable lead, and it not being a save situation, David Tocci was given a start. Tocci is the career investment banker who supposedly passed the grueling fitness test in order for his bid to be valid. He relies on a changeup that hits his speed around 70MPH. Fact is, it’s the only thing he knows how to throw. Tocci was able to get the first batter out on a deep fly ball to left, then walked the bases loaded. He then walked a runner in to make it 5-1, before he got the next batter to ground into an inning double play. “Effective relief work.” Tocci called it. Those who paid to watch the game can make their own decision.

That brought us to our game against Kenavt, the third win a row for the Millionaires, but they still have yet to beat one of the good teams in the group. The score was 8-3. Jim Slattery pitched himself into a jam in both the first two innings, walking four batters during those innings, and they accounted for two runs. Despite the early deficit, Secristan took the lead in the 4th inning on a 3-run home run off the bat of John Fusco. It came with two outs, and after Kenavt intentionally walked ManRod for what they thought was a better matchup. Big mistake. It ends up being a 5-run inning as the bottom of the order followed with four straight singles. Fusco picked up two more RBI’s in the 7th on a double. In all, he was the star of the game for the Millionaires with a 3-for-5 outing, a HR, a 2B, and 5 RBI’s. Slattery gave the team 7 solid innings, allowing three runs. He did walk five, and only fanned four. Those are numbers that will have to improve. Secristan added a run in the 8th to score an 8-3 win for themselves. The next game ends up being a test against 3-1 Green Wombat. Many fans are uneasy about Paul Newkirk getting this start. Coach Michaelson thought about skipping over him in the rotation for ace Steve Jamison but Newkirk reminded him that doing so would be breach of contract given his bid.

Editor’s Correction: We apologize for incorrectly stating in our previous report that the second leg of qualifying is in exactly the same order as the first. This is blamed on a journalist who has now been fired due to the 26 lawsuits in Secristan that have been filed over this error from fans who bought tickets for one game thinking they were going to see another opponent and that those tickets are non-refundable. The journalist simply assumed that the second half was the same without actually looking at the schedule, and he should have known better because when we hosted the World Lacrosse Championships, we mixed it up too. In fact, the Secristan Department of Journalism has also filed a lawsuit against this reporter over the error.

A settlement was made with those 26 lawsuits filed by fans, however, in allowing them to have the pay-per-view for the entire second leg free of charge.
13-02-2009, 14:53
Megan’s Space

Four games into the World Baseball Classic, we are having a very good start to this with a record of 3-1. We lost the game to Liventia but have since recovered with two wins and sit atop the group, thanks to tiebreakers. Our most recent game was against Taeshan, and not many people really thought that we would beat this opponent. Taeshan participates in nearly everything that we do, making them truly a great sporting nation, but to date our only head to head encounter in anything was in the knockout stages of Cup of Harmony 35, where they went on to win the whole enchilada. Katie Douglas was excited about this matchup, facing some of their great hitters. Coi Vecxen, who likes to throw a knuckleball was on the mound for the Knights. Taeshan scored twice in the bottom of the first thanks to a two-run double by Socki Lewis and I guess most of the fans in the stands were immediately discounting us, and Vecxen was tough to solve initially. After we had gone through the lineup once, we picked up on some things and put together our big four-run fifth inning. I led the inning off with a single and scored during it, but everyone needs to get credit for piecing together an inning where we had six hits and four runs. Katie settled in nicely for us and I drove in a fifth run in the sixth inning, bringing in Rachel Weston with a double. Katie went seven innings and allowed only the two runs from the first inning, and had a strikeout total up to eight. Tadihito Shakiri led off the eighth inning for the Knights win a homerun again off of Alyssa Markowitz to close our lead to two runs, but she did not let that phase her, getting out of the inning, and Katie Sanderson pitched a perfect ninth for the save.

The 3-1 start is promising when you consider that the top four teams in the group will make the playoffs. But like our football team, we do not just want to be content with being a playoff team. They did a fantastic job in the World Bowl, and I do not see why we can be any less of a story for our fans. For starters, we have the confidence that you would need in order to do it. In baseball, anyone can beat anyone on any given day. All it takes is dominant pitching, and we have the best five pitchers in all of Cassadaigua going for us. Our opponents have the best five going for them as well, but it is because every pitcher has the potential to dominate a game, that anything can happen. We are certainly not going to look past our next opponent, the Tree Hugging Lesbians. This game, and our second one against them sold out immediately as fans want to see two teams of women do battle. It’s nice to see women having success on other teams too, not to mention that Newmanistan’s team is actually all female, too. Then you have players like the great Jill Haviland of Tocrowkia. We are excited about the game, and are definitely ready to show them that heterosexual females can beat lesbians. ;) Not that I know about all my teammates sexual preferences, but I don't think anyone is off hand. Anyway, enjoy the game.
13-02-2009, 17:50


Rockport, Qazox- Last night, Newmanistan took on the nation of Cookesland in their fourth game of the tenth World Baseball Classic, and the Cookies were not able to pose any kind of challenge to the Rockets, as Newmanistan improved to 4-0 in Group B. Kristen Haynes was on the mound today, and despite having three very difficult acts to follow, she continued the pitching dominance of the team.

Cookesland was not expected to be threat coming into this game, but as we well know you cannot take anyone lightly in the World Baseball Classic. It is their first interregional appearance, and they have had a tough go of it so far, having already been slaughtered by Green Wombat. They are one of eight first time nations, and last night they were introduced to the devastating splitter that Kristen Haynes will throw. Before Kristen took to the hill, she already had some run support to work with. Brittany Wright led off the game with a double in the right centerfield gap, and was driven in on a single by Jennifer Martin. After Carrie Nicolette lined out sharply to the shortstop, Rachel Crockett took hold of what looked like a very weak curveball, and sent over the left field fence, a 411 foot monster shot to give the Rockets a 3-0 lead and quickly erase any thoughts the Cookies may have had to pull off an upset. Haynes made sure of that too, retiring the first ten batters that she faced, and six of them coming via the strikeout. In the fifth inning, Newmanistan put a couple more runs on the board as Tara Cuyler led the inning off with a single. Haynes sacrificed her over to second, and the Cookies would elect to put Brittany Wright onto first base. Cuyler and Wright then took off on a double steal, and both it successfully. After Jennifer Martin lined out to first, Carrie Nicolette drove in the baserunners with a double that just was barely fair down the left field line. Cookesland would get out the inning without further damage, and would score their first and only run of the game in the bottom half of the inning. A couple of doubles did the trick, but the Rockets were still well in control of this game by the score of 5-1. In case anyone had their doubts, Newmanistan put it away in the sixth. Natalie Monroe and Jennifer Bennett led the inning off with singles. But when Tara Cuyler popped out to first and Kristen Haynes struck out, it looked like maybe Cookesland was going to get out of it. Brittany Wright had other ideas with a triple into the right field corner scoring the runner. She would then score herself on a single by Jennifer Martin to make it 8-1. For good measure, the Rockets tacked on a run in the 9th on a Sarah Boland home run.

Many players played an important role in the victory. Kristen Haynes had the complete game, and marked the fourth time in a row that Newmanistan did not have to go to their bullpen in the first nine innings of a ballgame. Haynes allowed just one run on five hits, walking two and striking out twelve for the victory. You also must give props to Brittany Wright, who was 2-for-3 plus a walk, and scoring three runs. Crockett and Boland had home runs. Cuyler initiated the 8th inning rally, and Carrie Nicolette had a pair of RBI’s. This is just the way that coach Christina Sanders love it, and is a great example of how the Rockets are a team that does not rely on just one or two players. The team has gotten off to a great start now with a 4-0 record, although there are pessimists out there who wants to rain on the parade and point out that we needed extra innings to win two of those games. Optimists however will counter that by saying the Rockets have shown the ability to both put the bad teams away and claw their way to a victory against the better teams. Newmanistan will have their first meeting against Kenavt next, before meeting up with the Cookies again. Then of course, comes the rematch with the neighbors. But let’s not look too far ahead yet.
13-02-2009, 18:58
Woodstock Daily Mail

Pheonix send Stars to first loss

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

FROMBURG, Qazox -- Brad Baxter swears he wasn't rattled by Qazox center fielder Darren Pew's speed on the basepaths. However, manager Jim Paulsen grimaced when he saw Pew steal five bases en route to Sarzonia's first loss of the World Baseball Classic, 4-2 in front of a sold out crowd of 39,178 at Ox-Cola Field.

"I knew I'd have to quicken my delivery some," Baxter said. "I don't think [Pew's] speed really bothered me, but I just didn't have my best control today."

Sarzonia (3-1) dropped into a three way tie with Bluth Corporation and Qazox for first place in Group D after the loss. Manager Jim Paulsen said he had "no choice" but to pull Baxter after 4 2/3 innings after Pew stole home.

"Brad just didn't have his best stuff today," Paulsen said. "He seemed to lose concentration on the hitters with Pew stealing so many bases. When he goes to his slide step, he loses three or four miles per hour off his fastball. We've got to work with him on being quicker to the plate without losing his velocity."

Sarzonia went to its bullpen extensively for the first time in the tournament, as lefty Roger Tolliver worked 2 2/3 scoreless innings and fellow lefty Alvin Dryden worked 2/3 of an inning in his first World Baseball Classic appearance.

The Stars got their two runs in the sixth inning off Pheonix starter Tyle Newson when
Dewey Griffin, Chris Spontanelli, and Kate Schmidt hit back-to-back-to-back doubles to chase him after 5 2/3 innings. However, Sarzonia couldn't muster any more offence with no designated hitter. However, Paulsen said having Hale as a pinch hitter only "was no excuse.

"We should figure out a way to get more offence from this lineup whether Skip's in there or not," Paulsen said. When a reporter asked why Hale wasn't in the starting lineup as an outfielder, Paulsen responded quizzically.

"Who are you going to take out of the lineup?" Paulsen asked. "Skip's the fifth best defensive outfielder on our team. We need our best defensive players out there.

Sarzonia closes out the first half of qualifying with a game against the Bluth Corporation. Veteran righthander Ken Sutcliffe gets the ball for the Stars.
13-02-2009, 19:54
Purple Knights Fall To Cassadaigua

Is there really anything else i can say about this game? Huh. No, there is not.
14-02-2009, 01:00
"...the Zebras scoring five runs and allowing three, exactly their averages this tournament to date."

" it is. ERA of three for the staff, with all runs earned."

"Other averages of note include Ken Schlemmer's torrid .375 start, impressive by any measure but especially for someone who's just cracked the national starting line up. He joins us to discuss the Zebras' progress so far."


"How have you been training since the last tournament?"

"Uh, nothing illegal? I watched a lot of tapes and focused on finding flaws in my swing. I've gotten rid of plenty of hitches and I'm seeing the ball a lot better."

"Why do you think you got the number two slot?"

"Let's not kid anybody, because Spencer retired! No, I'm not the best at getting on base, and I'm not really a slugger either. But I know how to put the ball where it needs to be, and that's...useful."

"Obviously. Is there anything to which you can attribute your success?"

"Eh, not really. I've never faced these pitchers before, but they've never faced me, just enjoy your luck as long as it lasts."

"And you've been plenty lucky, another RBI today driving in Danny Greger."

"Yep. He was happier than I was, though, never scored a run at this level before!"

"Well, good luck with the rest of the tournament. Zwangzug 5, Greal 3, other scores after...something or another..."
14-02-2009, 05:47
RP Cutoff for MD 5

Please bump the RL schedule back ONE DAY, as I've decided to add a mid-qualifer break.
14-02-2009, 06:12
WBC10 Wikipage (

All Winners in BOLD
Group A games @ One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas
Zwangzug - Colbourne 6-4
Greal - Tocrowkia 11-4
San Castello - Yafor II 4-3

GROUP B Games @ Hastings Park, Rockport
Lurikastan - Cookesland 4-2
Green wombat - Secristan 1-0 (14 innings)
Newmanistan - kenavt 11-2

GROUP C games @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
Mantenwic - Liventia 8-3
Tree Hugging Lesbians - Cassadaigua 5-0
Milchama - Taeshan 4-3 (10 innings)

GROUP D games @ Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg
Lovisa - Prux 6-0
Bluth Corporation - Sarzonia 6-4
Qazox - Patetopia 10-1

Tocrowkia 5-0 1.000 32 11 +21
Zwangzug 4-1 .800 26 16 +10
Colbourne 2-3 .400 22 23 -1
Yafor II 2-3 .400 17 21 -4
San Castello 2-3 .400 13 22 -9
Greal 0-5 .000 12 29 -17
Colbourne is ahead of Yafor II and San Castello based on overall RD as H2H is tied (1-1-1), as is H2H RD (0-0-0).
Yafor II ahead of San Castello based on H2H win.

Newmanistan 5-0 1.000 33 6 +27
Green wombat 4-1 .800 24 9 +15
Secristan 3-2 .600 17 8 +9
Cookesland 2-3 .400 12 26 -14
kenavt 1-4 .200 14 29 -15
Lurikastan 0-5 .000 10 32 -22

Cassadaigua 4-1 .800 17 9 +8
Taeshan 4-1 .800 30 17 +13
Milchama 3-2 .600 25 15 +10
Liventia 3-2 .600 29 19 +10
Tree Hugging Lesbians 1-4 .200 10 25 -15
Mantenwic 0-5 .000 10 36 -26
Cassadaigua ahead of Taeshan based on H2H win.
Milchama ahead of Liventia based on H2H win.

Qazox 4-1 .800 27 10 +17
Sarzonia 4-1 .800 21 15 +6
Bluth Corporation 3-2 .600 19 15 +4
Prux 2-3 .400 17 16 +1
Patetopia 1-4 .200 16 32 -16
Lovisa 1-4 .200 10 22 -12
Qazox ahead of Sarzonia based on H2H win.
Patetopia ahead of Lovisa based on H2H win.
14-02-2009, 07:13
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Tocrowkia 3 0 2 0 4 0 1 0 1 11 15 0
Greal 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 4 7 2

WIN: Tommy Thunder (2-0)
Kitten Dyfuse 1 (3), Jill Haviland 2 (4), Dmitri Rykov 1 (2), Johnny Stryker 1 (4),

Matchday Five featured a heavy-hitting night as the Nordics went up against a lack-luster Greal club. Kitten Dyfuse got things started right away as she sent the first pitch over the left field-wall for a line drive home run, and after Willhelm Dynrus drew a walk, Jill Haviland followed up the feat by blasting a 445+ ft bomb over the left-center field wall. Though Greal escaped the rest of the inning unscathed, it was only a preview of what was to come.

Though they'd get one back with an RBI double in the second, the top of the third saw two more blasts, both solo shots. One off the bat of Jill Haviland again, and the other a shot off Dmitry Rykov's bat who sent it to deep center. Though Greal scraped two more runs across the board, it was in the 5th inning that things really got ugly for Greal. Johnny Stryker came up with the bases loaded and walloped a grand slam to make it 9-3 in the Nordics favor. Thunder would depart in the 7th having pitched a strong game only giving up three runs, while Greal would manage one more run, it was far too late. Another fine victory for the Nordics, whom will face the Firebugs yet again after the break.
14-02-2009, 18:50
Woodstock Daily Mail

Stars surprising WBC run continues

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

FROMBURG, Qazox -- Fresh off the Sarzonian national baseball team's first loss of the 10th World Baseball Classic, observers weren't sure how the unranked side would respond facing a key match up with the world's 11th ranked side.

Designated hitter Skip Hale provided the answer. He hit a towering three-run home run in the top of the sixth inning, providing veteran righthander Ken Sutcliffe all the support he would need and the Stars defeated Bluth Corporation 6-4 in front of 29,236 at Ox-Cola Field.

"It felt good to get back on track offensively," said manager Jim Paulsen. "Skip was a beast out there."

Hale went three-for-four with a ground rule double snapping a 1-1 tie in the top of the third inning. His homer in the sixth gave the Stars a 6-1 lead before Bluth Corporation outfielder Jared Lamar jacked a three-run shot of his own in the bottom of the sixth to chase Sutcliffe. The Stars bullpen took it from there, shutting Bluth Corporation out the rest of the way.

"Our pen was huge," said catcher Fred Carlton. "Sut was teetering on the edge all match, and it was good to see the pen come up big."

Lefty closer Alvin Dryden picked up his first save of the tournament, striking out the side on 22 pitches in the top of the ninth. Bluth Corporation got two runners on with none out, but Dryden bore down.

"Carlton came out to settle me down," Dryden said. "He told me, 'you're overthrowing. Pitch to me, don't try to pitch through me.'"

Sarzonia (4-1) face Qazox after a day off during the midway point of the World Baseball Classic. A win and losses by Patetopia and Lovisa virtually clinches a spot in the playoffs for the Stars, but Paulsen warned against looking ahead.

"It's one match," he said. "We didn't play that well offensively against the Pheonix."

Paulsen said he would rework the rotation following the off day, moving Brad Baxter ahead in the rotation after John Morgan and Charlie Palmer. He said Baxter was the fourth starter because he worked two days before the World Baseball Classic began.

"He's really our best starter," Paulsen said. "If we can get him near the top of the rotation, it'll help us out."
14-02-2009, 21:38
Purple Knights Defeat Milchama

Yesterday began the reknewal of a long ago rivalry between the two teams from Milchama and Taeshan. The two met in Taeshans earlier World Baseball Classic's, but have not met in many a game. Yesterday's game was a long one lasting 10 innings as the two teams fought to stay in the hunt for first place in there group. The Knights would pull it out and continue on in there trek to be superior to as many teams as possible. The next game of course will again be against one of there smaller rivals the team from Mantwenic.

The Knights looked really good at the begining of the game and in fact throughout the first 8 innings it looked like Anthony Rielas would record yet another shutout in his long pitching career, but one of the Milchaman power hitters smashed one over the fences and after an earlier Socki Lewis homer the two teams ended the first nine innings tied 2-2 forcing some free overtime baseball. It looked bad for the Knights when the top half of the inning was led of with yet another slam by the Milchamans, but the Knights were able to win it on a Zoey Menigen walk off homer.
15-02-2009, 00:10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Colbourne 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 4 9 1
Zwangzug 0 2 0 1 1 0 0 2 X 6 16 0

How they scored:

Zwangzug second: Kostelanetz singled to left. Palmer singled. Abuanza flyout to right, Kostelanetz scored. Worland grounded out, second to first. Lievano singled, Palmer scored. Schlemmer grounded into fielder's choice, shortstop to second.

Colbourne third: First baseman popped out to shortstop. Second baseman doubled to center. Left fielder singled to right, second baseman scored. Shortstop grounded to pitcher. Third baseman singled to right. Center fielder scored. Designated hitter struck out.

Zwangzug fourth: Abuanza doubled to right. Worland sacrifice bunted, catcher to first base. Lievano struck out. Schlemmer singled, Abuanza scored. Trecarichi walked. Koves flew out to right.

Colbourne fifth: First baseman flew out to left. Second baseman grounded out, third to first. Left fielder homered to left-center. Shortstop was hit by a pitch. Center fielder grounded into a fielder's choice, second to shortstop.

Zwangzug fifth: Robotham struck out. Kostelanetz reached on an error by the pitcher. Palmer singled. Abuanza popped up to the pitcher. Worland singled, Kostelanetz scored. Lievano grounded out, first baseman unasssisted.

Colbourne sixth: Designated hitter singled to right. Right-fielder doubled, designated hitter scored. Catcher fouled out to third. Third baseman popped up to second. First baseman walked. Second baseman grounded out to pitcher.

Zwangzug eighth: Schlemmer doubled to left. Trecarichi walked. Koves singled to right, Schlemmer scored. Robotham struck out. Kostelanetz popped up to first. Palmer singled, Trecarichi scored. Worland flew out to center.
15-02-2009, 04:56


Rockport, Qazox- The first half of the group stages during the 10th edition of the World Baseball Classic have completed with Newmanistan having gone undefeated. Following an 11-2 rout of Kenavt, the Rockets sit alone up top of Group B with a record of 5-0, and are just one of two teams that are able to say they had a perfect half. In Group A, Tocrowkia has the same record. Not many people expected Kenavt to come away with a victory in this game, and like they did against the Cookies, the Rockets made sure not to give the underdog any thoughts that they could pull off an upset by putting them away early.

Sarah Brayton got the ball for the sky blue and white in this game, and she is in her second World Baseball Classic to date. She learned a lot from experiences in Liventia, and came into this game with quite a bit of confidence. After she routinely retired the side in the top of the first inning, her teammates got her some early run support. Kenavt’s starter made the mistake of walking the leadoff batter, Brittany Wright. This is something you never, ever want to do, and Brittany soon showed him what we mean when we say “three-base walk”. After two steals to get herself to third base, she was in position to score on a centerfield flyout by Jennifer Martin. The inning would not end there. Carrie Nicolette would double, and she would be driven in on a Rachel Crockett single to make it 2-0. After Sarah Boland was retired on a long fly to right that advanced Crockett, Natalie Monroe singled her in to put the Rockets up by three. An inning later, the Rockets put some more runs on the board when Caitlin Peters connected on a one-out single, she would steal second, and score on a single by Brittany Wright. Once again, Wright would find her way to third with two stolen bases, giving her four and here we were only in the second inning still. Once again, Wright scored on a sacrifice fly by Jennifer Martin and Newmanistan was up 5-0. Despite allowing a third inning run, the Rockets were in control of this game and Sarah Brayton had been looking very sharp. Her wicked 12-6 curveball was showing more signs of bite as the game wore on. The Kenavt batters were having all kinds of trouble, and through 6 innings, Brayton had amassed 10 strikeouts, a performance that would put her right in line with the efforts that the rest of the Rockets rotation has put forth in this series.

The game was 5-1 for a while. Kenavt had put in a reliever wearing #33 in the 3rd inning, and he was effective, throwing three innings of relief work, but they made a mistake trying to get a fourth inning out of him. He retired Jennifer Bennett to lead off 6th the inning, but then things would erupt. Tara Cuyler slapped a liner over the outstretched arm of the second baseman for a single, which was followed up by a seeing-eye single to left by Caitlin Peters. Brittany Wright was next, and she slapped a liner into the rightfield corner for what looked to be a triple. However, the rightfielder had trouble slightly playing the carom off the wall, and Wright would run third and go for the inside the park home run. In fact, she made it home pretty easily as the ball had just gotten to the cutoff man by the time Wright was high-fiving Caitlin Peters in celebration of the 3-run HR. That would be the end of reliever #33's day, but it would not be the end of the inning. Jennifer Martin kept the inning rolling with a double to right center, and Carrie Nicolette followed it up with a single to left to make it 9-1. After retiring Rachel Crockett for the second out of the inning, Sarah Boland would complete the six-run inning with a home run over the fence in straightaway centerfield to give the Rockets a commanding 10-run lead. It was Sarah’s second home run in as many games to make it 11-1 in favor of Newmanistan. The Rockets threatened for more, loading the bases before Caitlin Peters was retired for the third out on a tremendous leaping catch by the Kenavt third baseman. Without it, the Rockets would have scored at least two more in the inning. In the top of the seventh, Sarah Brayton was a little rusty, walking the first two batters she faced. Perhaps this was a product of her being in the dugout for nearly half an hour during the big offensive inning. Kenavt would exploit this for their second run, but get no more. Sensing Brayton seemed to be tiring, coach Sanders went to the bullpen for the 8th and 9th innings, allowing Jessica Vauclair and Erica Darby to get an inning of work in.

At 5-0, Newmanistan sits in first place all by their lonesome in Group B and will look to keep things going once play resumes in the second half. Tara Stewart will start against Cookesland in the Rockets next match, and then Stacey Keisler will return to the mound for the first time since her perfect game and look to continue her amazing run of success. The opponent will present more of a challenge then did Lurikastan. That will be the rematch game against Secristan, and there are definitely storylines galore for that one. Not to mention it will be the day after the countries take each other on in the 3rd place game of the World Bowl. No, it didn’t need another thing to get the teams riled up, but it will anyway. The Rockets will be sure to feast on their Cookies before getting worried about that game, however.
15-02-2009, 05:47 Coverage
Pheonix 4-1 after Patetopia Pounding

After being straddled with a no-decsion in his last game, Rick Highfield took it upon himself to ensure that it wouldn't happen again against Petetopia. Heighfield took a no-hitter into the 8th, before back-to-back singles chased him from the game. Highfield had 14 strikeouts, and only the two hits allowed in 7 2/3 innings. David Haskins, suprisingly, threw 1 1/3 perfect innings to close out the 10-1 thrashing.

Offensively, the big 3 of Qazox, Douglas Ellenburg, Angel Monks and Hank Yans each drove in 3 runs, Ellenburg on a 3-run shot in the first, Monks, with a bases-loaded double in the 4th and Yans with a pair of solo-homeruns in the 3rd and 6th, and a sac-fly in the 8th. The only other RBI was from Darren Pew who took advantage of a misplayed ball by a Patetopian OF and cruised home with an inside-the-park HR in the 7th.

Now for's 5 BIGGEST moments of the First half of qualifying:

#5: Cassadaigua's 5-3 win over Taeshan- The win by Cassadaigua showed that their opening round flame out of 2 years ago is behind them and showed that they will be a force in the WBC for years to come.

#4: Lovisa's 4-3 win over Qazox- Showed everyone that no-one is safe in this tourney, not even the defending champions and hosts.

#3: Secristan and Newmanistan's fight- The OBI rivalry spilled over into the WBC, and proved that emotions are important in this game, and that girls can fight as well as guys in a bench-clering brawl.

#2: Sarzonia's 4-1 start- The stars have proved that a team can emerge from the depths of obsurity and contend.

#1: Stacey Keisler's Perfect Game vs. Lurikastan. Proves once again that Pitching, pitching, pitching is key.


#5- Qazox-Sarzonia MD6: Right off the bat starting the 2nd half, can the Stars continue their great run, or will the Pheonix take control of the group?

#4- Newmanistan-Secristan MD7: So which team will do something stupid to piss the other off this time? And what will it be? Either way, it will be a good game to watch.

#3: Tocrowkia-Zwangzug MD8: Can the Nordics beat the Zebras again? This game probably will determine who wins the group, and who will have to tougher road in the playoffs.

#2: Green Wombat-Newmanistan MD8: After the 12 inning clinic both pitching staffs had in the first game, what will they do for an encore?

#1 Cassadaigua-Taeshan MD6: Another 2nd half opener, as Taeshan seeks to assume control of its group over the upstarts from Cassadaigua
15-02-2009, 06:03
Pawtucket Times
POWERful Performance by Timothy Eskew

Timothy Eskew was 4 outs away from the 2nd perfect game in this WBC, and after walking a batter, gave up a slap single to right, ending his chance at a no-hitter. But Eskew did get the complete game shutout, as Prux defeated Lovisa 6-0, to move into 4th place in Group D.

Prux got 5 runs in the first, thanks to 2 Lovisa errors, a dropped fly ball, which allowed Christopher Burnside to get to third, and three batters later, a failed throw to first on a double-play attempt allowed Robert Looney and Joe Lower to score, making it 3-0. Gerald Schlegel than Homered to left to make it 5-0 and the rout was on. Robert Looney hit a HR to lead off the 6th, bouncing the Lovisan starter.

Now after the day off Prux faces Patetopia once again, and with a win, the Power would be .500 after an 0-3 start. Though the schedule gets tougher on MD7, a win tommorrow would prove that Prux is still a contender in this WBC.


Prux 5 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 6
Lovisa 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

WP: Timothy Eskew (1-1)
LP: Lovisa P #5 (0-1)

Prux: (4)
Travis Gill (1st inning) Gerald Schlegel (2: HR 1st inning,) Robert Looney (HR- 6th inning) (other 2 runs came via error.
Lovisa: (0)

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (4)
Gerald Schlegel (2: HR 1st inning, double 7th inning); Kenneth White (triple 4th inning); Robert Looney (HR- 6th inning),
Lovisa: (0)

Pitching Summary:
Timothy Eskew: 9.0 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 10 K, 1 BB, 108 pitches, 29 BF
Pitcher #5: 5.0 IP, 11 H, 3 ER, 6 R, 2 K, 4 BB, 129 pitches, 30 BF
Reliever #1: 2.0 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 0 BB, 29 pitches, 8 BF
Reliever #2: 2.0 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 1 BB, 35 pitches, 9 BF
(P#5 faced 1 batter in 6th)
Green wombat
15-02-2009, 06:34
Hellispont Times-Herald
Wombats outlast Secristan

Just 48 hours after a 12-innign marathon against Newmanistan, the Wombats had a 14-inning ultra-marathon, winning 1-0. The game marked the longest scoreless game in WBC history, as both teams left runners in scoring position in the 8th, 9th and 11th innings, any of which could have won the game.

Paul Newkirk, of Secristan and the Wombats' Kenneth Maclean each lasted the full 9 innings, giving up combined only 7 hits (3 for Secristan, 4 for GW). Then it was up to the bullpens. Secristan's Dominick Peluso lasted 3 innings, giving up a lead off double to Jose Gove in the 11th, for the only runner to reach base against him, while Green wombat's Ernest Wayman, who was the hard-luck loser in the Newmanistan game, allowed back-to-back singles in the 11th to Eddie Forte and Mick O’Rourke, before Jacob Wolford, the Closer came in a slammed the rally short with a pair of strikeouts. In the 14th, Secristan's David Tocci came in, and allowed a one out double to Andrew Held. After walking Travis Seals to set up a double play, Antonio Desrosiers slapped a single to right field, and Held slid under a John Mullins tag from a throw by Manny Rodriguez, ending the game.

Thanks to today's Off day, the wombats' bullpen has a chance to rest before starting the 2nd half of qualifying against Lurikastan, whom Green wombat beat on MD4 8-3.


Secristan 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Green wombat 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
(1 out when winning run scored)
15-02-2009, 06:41

Paul Newkirk was supposed to be the weak link. Such a weakness that most of Secristan wanted to see him pulled from the important game against Green Wombat and have Steve Jamison pitch this one instead. This may have really motivated Newkirk as he was excellent in this game. His control, especially of his curveball was good, which was surprising because this had always been something that had plagued him throughout his career. Perhaps, the Wombats were caught off-guard with how good he was throwing his curve as they likely anticipated that he would be wild with it. Batters came to the plate and were sent back to the dugout more often then not, and when Green Wombat got players on base, they were never able to do anything with them. Most would have said that on a good day, Michaelson would be able to get five innings out of Newkirk before he would want to pull him. But by the time the fifth inning went by, something weird was happening. Paul Newkirk was throwing a gem. If only he had some offensive support. The Millionaires were also unable to generate any offense, managing a few scattered hits, but nothing much against Kenneth MacLean, who was also dominant. Most would predict a loss whenever Newkirk would be engaged in this kind of game, but he kept battling. Through the 7th inning, he was still in the game and had worked up a strikeout total to eight, with only two walks, a very good number for him. If only he had the runs. Still 0-0 after seven, Michaelson decided he would ride Newkirk. If he’s hot, you want to him to get his confidence up as it could only do great things for him as a pitcher. Paul would pitch nine innings, and it was the first time since college that he had pitched a nine inning shutout. Though that day, he got run support. Today, he got nothing. Dominick Peluso pitched three innings of work, before yielding to Francisco Martinez in the 13th, and surprisingly to David Tocci in the 14th. That is a move that will certainly be second-guessed. Tocci could not keep the game scoreless as Green Wombat finally scored a run in this game with some walk off heroics.

(OOC: Only had to change three sentences to match our RPs up!)
15-02-2009, 08:11
Manager Paul Rudolf let his squad enjoy most of their day off, but did request that they keep relatively under the radar when it came to the press. Still, inquiring minds want to know and the Tocrowkian paparazzi, and that others captured several Tocrowkian players relaxing and enjoying the sights and sounds of Qazox. Johnny Stryker was spotted with several young women at a local club, pitching ace Tommy Thunder was seen at a local car dealership intent on expanding his all ready impressive collection of foreign car, and Kitten Dyfuse whom has had her hottest WBC yet was seen at a local pet adoption agency, and ended up taking home two of her namesakes. But the one that has recieved the most attention, was the bikini-clad Jill Haviland whom was seen relaxing around her hotels pool.

Though Stacey Keisler has long received the title of most attractive female WBC player. But certainly, the lithe 6'2' blond haired, blue eyed Princess of Pounders could give Keisler a run for her money in that category if she wanted to. Haviland's few ventures into the world of glamor have been met with widespread mouth-watering from the populace of the Reich, especially when she was the cover-girl for the October issue of Spiel-Junge in 2004, and the swimsuit edition of Athletics weekly in 2006. Haviland once responded when asked why, as beautiful as she is, she never was more involved with the industry: "I'm a baseball player, first and foremost. If I had wanted to be a model, I'd be a model full-time. Of course it's fun to do something like that once in awhile, but my main objective has always and will always be baseball."

But despite the time off, expect to see the Nordics taking the field bright and early tomorrow for batting & fielding practice.
15-02-2009, 08:36
WORKIN’ ON A DREAM: Rachel Crockett- OF
#3 of ??? in a series

Batting cleanup in the Newmanistan lineup is quite an honor, and it is something that the 30-year old Crockett has been able to do since the Empire entered the world scene in Green Wombat back for the seventh edition. Rachel is known for being a flamboyant player, her long home runs capture the imagination of young kids everywhere who wish of becoming such a great slugger themselves. In the domestic league over the last five seasons, Crockett’s average BA is .323 and she averages 48 HR’s per season and is coming of 53 HR campaign. There is no “out of the blue” story with those numbers. When Rachel was drafted by the Fairfield City Admirals with the #3 overall pick in the draft, she was expected to become a superstar. But just because you show the talent at a young age, and carry it through your teenage years, into college and then professionally, doesn’t necessarily mean that there were not hurdles to climb along the way.

Rachel Crockett was born in Concord City, a medium-to-large city in the northeastern part of the Empire approximately 75 miles southwest of Loudon. Her parents were athletes including her father who was a professional soccer player, spending six seasons with the “C” League team from Nashua. He was a decent midfielder who tried hard and instilled in his daughter the importance of having a strong work ethic both on and off the sports field. Her mother played volleyball, and this is where she was able to get her height. She was a good volleyball player, but where will being a good volleyball player get you in life? Now, if she were a great one, perhaps she would be an Olympian, but she wasn’t quite at the level. The mom did coach volleyball and wished for her daughter to learn how to play. Rachel did, and also played a little soccer for her dad, but she had another love. The game of baseball. Her parents did not try to steer her away from her passion, unlike other stories you may read about adults wanting to live their failed dreams through their children. If Rachel wanted to play baseball, she could play it. But they wanted her to not give up on volleyball and soccer entirely. At 13, the parents asked their daughter to pick a sport. Mother Megan explains, “As Rachel reached her adolescent years, we wanted to make sure sports were not too big of a part of her life. We wanted her to enjoy being a teenager, and for her to be a good student. We also thought that she was at a point where she needed to single out one sport. We didn’t want to exclude her from playing sports, not at all, but we tried to tell her that it’d be best to be excellent at one then to be good at three or four.” Rachel recalls the decision, “I was so happy when my mom told me to pick one sport. Really, I was only playing volleyball and soccer because I didn’t want to let them down. I loved baseball. It’s all I wanted to do.”

Her parents sent Rachel to baseball camp to learn from more knowledgeable baseball people. It is all Rachel wanted to do, and she studied intensely every minute detail to make her become a better baseball player, and it was paying off. Rachel made the varsity team as a freshman, and was the most productive player on the team. She was laying the groundwork for her great career, but a month into the sophomore year, Rachel received a note from the school’s athletic director, “Miss Crockett, your grades are unsatisfactory. While you are passing, you are not meeting the required minimum for participation in sporting activities. You have time to improve this before the season starts, but if you do not, you will be suspended for the season. Also, in the first four weeks of the academic year, you are already shown as having skipped a combined 16 classes. This is unacceptable.” Crockett had intercepted the note before her parents could see. She had to do something. Go to class? Yes. Do her homework? Yes. But, she just could not motivate herself. Her parents never got wind of the note, but they could see that her grades were suffering, and Rachel got some tutoring. Enough to just get her average over the required minimum. The skipped classes thing, well that would continue. She played out the season, then one night during the summer she got a reality check. Her best friend, Julie, who she skipped all these classes with had gotten pregnant at just 15 with a boy that she had known well too. Julie was a baseball player too, but not at level Rachel was. Then it sunk in, she had to grow up. She did. Julie’s social life was over. Seeing that, Rachel renewed her focus. By the time she had graduated, she had shattered her school’s records and was seen a definite first round pick. Julie, had dropped out after her junior year, and was struggling to raise her son. At graduation, Rachel made her friend a promise, she would do anything she could to make the major leagues, and once she got the first contract, she would support her friend.

Two years of college later, Rachel was drafted by Fairfield City. She did not sign a contract immediately, as she held out hoping for a better deal. After all, her agent promised her it would come. As Fairfield City played hardball in the negotations, Crockett took part in a charity soccer game in Concord City. Her intentions were great. The tackle delivered by a rival player not so much. Rachel had tore her ACL, a devastating injury for a young female athlete. Fairfield City wasn’t going to pay her now, but they held onto her rights anyway. “The doctors told me I was probably done. The tear was severe and I also had ligament damage.” Crockett recalled. “I cried in bed. It was a charity game and the bitch tackled me from behind for no apparent reason. My career was over. I was ready to give up.” She said she was close. Lying in her hospital bed after a second surgery, in walked her friend Julie and her now six-year old son David. Julie was getting by, but certainly not succeeding. Her job as a hotel housekeeper was enough to pay the rent on her basement studio. Both offered their sympathies, until David showed her a homemade card he drew for her. Crockett showed it to our cameras as she still holds on to it, “Don’t give up on your dream you will be ok.” Rachel got teary eyed. She could never give up. Not for David and she had to keep her promise for Julie.

Rehab was tough, but she made it. Fairfield City tendered her a offer, and even though it was far below even their offers from before, she took it. The first half of her rookie season was tough. She struggled, but after the all-star break, she began to show some signs of getting back to her projected form. By the end of the season, her numbers were respectable. By the end of her second season, her numbers were outstanding, a .334 BA with 33HR’s. She had arrived, inspired by the card from David that she kept in her locker. She was able to get Julie into a house as opposed to a small studio in the basement. She was a little annoyed with Fairfield City, though, and at the end of her two year contract, they hardly offered her a raise. The Springfield Thoroughbreds came along with a huge offer, and Crockett jumped it. It required a move almost halfway across the Empire, but it was worth it. Her career has taken off, a career that has escalated to where it is today. She has one championship with Springfield under her belt now. But after participating in three World Baseball Classics, coming up short in the finals twice and in the semifinal the other time, there’s one more thing Rachel wants to do.

She knows she can do it. Because David told her, “Don’t give up on your dream you will be ok.”
The Gupta Dynasty
15-02-2009, 17:02
Yaforite Firebugs Roster

Style modifier is a totally Yaforite as negative as possible - if there is such a thing as a karelan baseball team, the Grand Democratic Duchy is that. Good, strong pitching and terrific defense give the Yaforites their victories (if they can get any!), but their lackluster hitting can lose them matches (which is why they tend to try and play small-ball). Upcoming is the twenty-five man roster:

[Yaforites play at home without a DH, in as pitcher's a park as there can be. When there is a DH, Jarifar is inserted into the fourth place in the batting line-up].

Allow opponents to RP injuries to my team: Sure.
Allow opponents to RP ejections to my team: Sure.
Allow opponents to choose my run scorers: Sure.
When playing at home in the preliminaries, DH is used: Definitely not.

[Position] [Name] [Team] [Bats/Throws] [Description]

3B - Caris Juir (S/R). Chelmar Flame. Juir is a good defensive player (he gets dirty often and a lot, and has a strong arm). He has the attributes that one looks for in a lead-off hitter; speed, a high on-base percentage, and the drive to, ever day, in and out, give 110%. If he tries to steal too often, it may be because he can get on base so much, and does so, often by bunting.

SS - Arrin Jarridan (S/R). Uharan Otters. Jarridan is the best player on the Yaforite team. Not only is he a perennial award-winner for his defense (he is quick and has a thunderous arm, especially from the whole), but he is also the best player offensively. From the left side, he is a slap-hitter, sprinting out base hits and taking walks. From the right side, he his for power, accounting for his back-to-back-to-back 50-50 seasons. He has excellent speed, as well. League leader in VORP, unsurprisingly.

1B - Tyrius Valderrana (R/R). Darigeris Wildfire. Valderrana is a rarity - a first baseman with some amount of speed. He can run fairly well, and field his position well, as well. He is in the line-up to provide some fair amount of power. Valderrana is also something of a surprise in the way he bats, since he is almost completely an opposite-field hitter, which can be both a weakness and a strength.

LF - Rabyn Zaranez (L/L). Uharan Otters. If there is a weak link in terms of fielding, it is Zaranez, who leads the team in errors. He, despite his fourth position on the team, is not a power hitter - instead, he is batting fourth for his ability to hit in the clutch. Zaranez not only has won award after award for his RBI abilities, but Zaranez is also a league leader in RISP. Zaranez may not catch every ball, but he makes that up for his ability to drive them in.

C - Daaklen Kirjai (S/R). Cirad Blaze. Kirjai is a very good defensive catcher. His greatest strength, it is said, is his ability to call a good game, which is a prized ability in a catcher. He also is very good at getting down and blocking balls in the dirt, though he can, like anyone, mess up. Kirjai, a switch-hitting batter, also possess a strong arm, having thrown out over nine tenths of opposing hitters in his career.

RF - Nan Judaron (S/R). South Ajer Titans. Judaron is anything but a defensive liability. His massive arm in the right field allows him to reach the catcher or third baseman without even a bounce, placing it perfectly for the play. However, he often hits for extra bases as a hitter, but does not have much power.

CF - Tyrius Carian (S/L). J'kar Ice. Quick and dangerous, Carian is much more of a defensive player than an offensive one. With Zaranez a bit of a weakness, Carian and his skills make up for the fault, due to his excellent range and diving ability. His arm is not suspect at all, but his hitting is, because, while he hits from both sides of the plate, only his speed is above suspicion.

2B - Haridas Jyolt (S/R) N'samri Heights Fire. If Carian is a second number-one hitter, than Jyolt is a second number-two hitter. He has the ability to bunt a runner over, to do things with a hit and run, and other such number-two hitter abilities. He also turns two well with Jarridan, and as a result, makes up a very good double-play combination.

P - Whoever.

SS/2B - Monar Calraahim (R/R). North Ajer Blizzard. - A patient hitter like most of the rest of the squad, Calraahim is an excellent pinch-runner because of his speed.
1B/3B/DH - Garregan Jarifar (S/R). Uhari Cutters. - A powerful hitter, Jarifar is the DH when playing with a DH because of his power. He has pop from both sides of the plate and good plate discipline to compliment his abilities. He's a massive person, though, so he isn't fast.
IF - Magan Dorianas (L/R). North Ajer Blizzard. - A slick-fielding versatile infielder, Dorianas is a very good back-up. His veteran abilities make him an excellent addition late in the game.
C - Caristan Nelias (L/L). Chelmar Flame. - The dependable, intelligent, defensive veteran catcher every team needs.
RF/LF - Corvan Ta'an (S/R). West Ajer Panthers. - Has a fair bit of pop in his bat, but strikes out a lot, as well. A swing-for-the-fences-or-nothing player, he can win a team games with one swing.
CF - Melius Vankirior (L/L). Satiran Boars. - Another quick back-up, who provides outstanding defense in center field and eases the pressure off of the other outfielders with his excellent play.

Starting Pitchers
RHP - Pedran Alvar. Southeast Ajer Whirlwind. Alvar has an excellent fastball, with tremendous movement on his pitches. His fastball often reaches triple digits. In comparison, his slider looks wicked. When Alvar is on, he is untouchable.
LHP - Johan Rean. Indigar Horsemen. A "junkballer", Rean is noteworthy for the fact that he sets up his 87-mph fastball with a 64-mph curve, jamming lefties and righties alike.
RHP - Darius Hadagamerion. North Ajer Blizzard. His fastball reaches up to 94-95 mph, but his abilities with his four off-speed pitched make up for it. He can defeat a team on his own and can always be counted on to be solid. He may be slightly overrated - his BABIP is quite above the league average.
RHP - Davrain Karajad. Uharan Otters. His fastball hovers around 97 mph usually, and, with his quick-moving slider and dangerous curve, can be counted as the most solid starter on a very solid staff. His WHIP is traditionally among the best in the league.
LHP - Raecher Harill. West Ajer Panthers. A left-hander with a big, breaking-curve, Harill may be the most suspect on the staff, but is probably the best number-five starter out there.

Middle Relievers/Long Relievers (come in when behind/tied)
RHP - Josain Villikan. North Ajer Blizzard. Good long reliever with mid 90s fastball.
RHP - Corvan Macran. South Ajer Titans. Stronger fastball, but weaker against lefties.
LHP - Gregan Xiarin. J'kar Ice. Good against both lefties and righties.

Set-Up Men (come in when ahead)
LHP - Maxin Cotras. Chelmar Flame. Primarily a lefthanded specialist, can also get out righties.
RHP - John Stanford. Cardarel Gazelles. Throws around 98 mph, can get out almost anybody.

RHP - Tyrius Validor. Uharan Otters. Throws around 104 mph, with three off-speed pitches as well. Has been untouchable in his career.

[OOC: HUGE APOLOGIES! I've fully intended to RP so far, but hadn't realized this was going on! Apologies - I'll get right on it!]
15-02-2009, 17:33
Woodstock Daily Mail

Ryan Calvin

Stars a surprise at World Baseball Classic

FROMBURG, Qazox -- In the well established tradition of World Cup football, unranked sides don't normally stand a chance of qualifying. Most of the time, an unranked side that comes in without Baptism of Fire Cup experience becomes a group whipping boy, grateful for any goal or even any standings points.

With nine World Baseball Classics already completed, many expected the World Baseball Classic to hold the same form for the debutant Sarzonian national baseball team. In a group with two-time defending champions and host nation Qazox and world No. 8 Prux, Sarzonia figured to be fighting for the fourth and final playoff spot in Group D at best.

Perception and reality tell a completely different story halfway through qualifying, however. The Stars are 4-1, having beaten Prux, world No. 11 Bluth Corporation and No. 15 Lovisa. They lost a hard-fought 4-2 game to Qazox, the only time the Stars have come up on the short end so far in this qualifying stage.

However, to hear manager Jim Paulsen say it, the team isn't interested in being a Cinderella story. They just want to win games.

"We don't worry about where a team is ranked when we face them," Paulsen said. "We just try to do the things we do well and hope it ends up with our winning the game at the end of the day."

Sarzonia has accomplished this, even with a spotty offence. The Stars have averaged 4.2 runs per game in the five matches so far, but have struggled when their pitcher is forced to hit. Paulsen said his pitchers are used to hitting after the Sarzonian Major Leagues abolished the designated hitter, but said pitchers still are considered an automatic out in the lineup.

"Pitchers generally don't take [batting practice] except on the day they pitch," he said. "Most of these guys grew up with the DH rule, so they haven't had to hit since secondary school."

Playing without a designated hitter also takes away one of Sarzonia's most productive bats, as reserve outfielder Skip Hale usually pinch hits when he's not in the lineup at DH. Paulsen said they keep Hale for his bat, not his glove.

"He's our fifth best defensive outfielder," Paulsen said. "We want our eight best gloves out there defensively."

One area of strength for these Stars is their pitching staff. Except for Brad Baxter, Sarzonian starting pitchers have pitched at least five innings in each match so far. The bullpen has largely gotten rest, although they've benefitted from an unexpected off day at this halfway point in qualifying.

"Getting a day off means that some guys who may have been unavailable at the beginning are available now," said Stars catcher Fred Carlton. "If we can get strong pitching efforts from our starting rotation, it means our bullpen will be well rested when we need them."

Third baseman Kate Schmidt said the team is downplaying their rematch against Qazox to open the second half of qualifying in spite of QSPN's describing it as the fifth most important match of the second half.

"We're not worried about any of that," Schmidt said. "We just want to get out there and get a 'W.' None of that other stuff matters."
15-02-2009, 17:39
Megan’s Space

As I had mentioned in other blog entries, our game with the Tree Hugging Lesbians was highly anticipated for well, pretty obvious reasons. We had started off with three wins in four games, but a lot us wanted to make sure that we did not blow this game. I’ll stop short of saying this game was for pride, because that would be an exaggeration, but when there are three teams of women in this competition, you get psyched up playing one of the other ones. The fact that our opponent were a bunch of lesbians didn’t really give us a whole lot more motivation going into the ball game. It was irrelevant to the task at hand, and that would be winning a baseball game. Things have gone well, but a bad loss can kill all the momentum of good victories. We were looking at the possibility of going 4-1 during the first half, and this is all that mattered to us.

Erica Bellonte started the game for us. She is the #5 pitcher on our rotation, but that doesn’t mean quite what it would when you say someone is the fifth starter on a club team roster. It was her debut as she never got to play in our very brief World Baseball Classic 9 appearance, and she was sharp early in the game and never let up. The Bunnies were shut down, and only got four hits in the ball game. Three of them came off the bat of the bat of Rachel Miller, but Erica did a great job on their clean up batter, Victoria Rodriguez, twice getting her to ground into an inning ending double play. We had five runs in the game, two in the 3rd, one in 4th, and two more in the 7th. Personally, I went 2-for-4 with a double and a run scored. It was a productive day for everyone in our lineup as everyone had at least one hit. As a team, we managed twelve. Our biggest hit was the two run homerun that Elizabeth Murray hit in the 3rd inning. That is what gave us the lead, and we would not relinquish it. We would complete the shutout, and complete the first half of our schedule at 4-1.

A lot of people at home are comparing our start in the World Baseball Classic to our performance in the recent World Bowl where we went from 1-9 in World Bowl IV to 7-3 in World Bowl V, making the knockout field before a loss to Qazox in the first round. By the way, if you have stopped paying attention to the World Bowl after we were eliminated, Qazox has advanced to the World Bowl final, something that is very apparent here Cuidad de Iguana. While baseball rules the city right now like it should, the natives are very excited about the play of their football team, and you cannot escape hearing any news about it. Anyway, we are compared to our football team due to the fact that we only played in the two preliminary games of World Baseball Classic 9 and did not advance to the main competition. Some may forget though, that we did go 1-1 in those games, and just missed out on stunning Green Wombat on aggregate, so even though that was very brief, I think we showed some potential there of what were capable of doing. It was also enough to give us a taste of what the international scene is like in baseball. It’s a whole different level, but it’s the same game. That’s what realized. Do what you’ve done your life, and anything can happen. We will begin our second half against Taeshan, where our performance left their media speechless in the first game. According to, this game is the top game of the second half of the WBC as it is all about fighting for the top spot in the group. Our ace, Meghan Corrigan, will be on the mound, so we are confident that we can win another game against Taeshan.
15-02-2009, 18:24
Battle For Group Supremacy Looms

Tonight begins the second half of the grou stage of the 10th World Basbeball Classic, and the Purple Knights will take on Cassadaigua, the only team to have beaten them thus far in the tournament, in a battle royal to take full control of the group. The Knights need a win to even have a chane of finishing ahead of them unless they lose twice more this season. The Knights wi;ll send out one of there two aces, and yes i said to we are just that good, Zeke Peters. Peters one of the four starters listed one of the four starters will look to power and finess his way through the lineup and will look to not be caught up in a pitchers battle with Cassadaiguan pitcher Meghan Corrigan. It should be a great game as many expect it to be.
16-02-2009, 05:06
Did you all have a good day off?
I hope so, MD 6 cutoff is NOW!
16-02-2009, 05:51
WBC10 Wikipage (

All Winners in BOLD
Group A games @ One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas
Zwangzug - Greal 7-3
Colbourne - San Castello 5-4
Tocrowkia - Yafor II 6-5 (10 innings)

GROUP B Games @ Hastings Park, Rockport
Lurikastan - Green wombat 6-1
Newmanistan - Cookesland 5-3
kenavt - Secristan 5-2

GROUP C games @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
Tree Hugging Lesbians - Mantenwic 4-3 (10 innings)
Liventia - Milchama 4-3
Taeshan - Cassadaigua 5-3 (13 innings)

GROUP D games @ Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg
Lovisa - Bluth Corporation 5-1
Prux - Patetopia 6-5 (10 innings)
Sarzonia - Qazox 5-3

Temas in BLUE have clinched playoff berth.
Tocrowkia 6-0 1.000 38 16 +22
Zwangzug 5-1 .833 33 19 +14
San Castello 3-3 .500 18 26 -8
Colbourne 2-4 .333 26 28 -2
Yafor II 2-4 .333 22 27 -5
Greal 0-6 .000 15 36 -21
Colbourne is ahead of Yafor II based on H2H win.

Newmanistan 6-0 1.000 38 9 +29
Green wombat 5-1 .833 30 10 +20
Secristan 4-2 .667 22 10 +12
Cookesland 2-4 .333 15 31 -16
kenavt 1-5 .167 16 34 -18
Lurikastan 0-6 .000 11 38 -27
Newmanistan has clinched due to kenavt's inability to finish higher than Newmanistan.

Taeshan 5-1 .833 35 20 +15
Liventia 4-2 .666 33 22 +11
Cassadaigua 4-2 .666 20 14 +6
Milchama 3-3 .500 28 19 +9
Tree Hugging Lesbians 2-4 .333 14 28 -14
Mantenwic 0-6 .000 13 40 -27
Liventia ahead of Cassadaigua based on H2H win.

Sarzonia 5-1 .833 26 18 +8
Qazox 4-2 .666 30 15 +15
Bluth Corporation 4-2 .600 24 16 +8
Prux 3-3 .500 23 21 +2
Patetopia 1-5 .167 21 38 -17
Lovisa 1-5 .167 11 27 -16
Qazox ahead of Bluth Corporation based on H2H win.
Patetopia ahead of Lovisa based on H2H win.

Playoff Clinching Senarios for MD7:

Tocrowkia: Clinches Playoff berth with a win over San Castello and a Colbourne loss to Greal OR a Yafor II loss to Zwangzug.
Zwangzug: Clinches Playoff berth with win over Yafor II and a Colbourne loss to Greal.
Green wombat: Clinches Playoff berth with win over Cookesland OR a kenavt loss to Lurikastan.
Taeshan: Clinches playoff berth with win over Mantenwic and a Tree Hugging Lesbians loss to Liventia.
Sarzonia: Clinches Playoff Berth with win over Patetopia and a Lovisa loss to Qazox.
16-02-2009, 06:08 Coverage
Stars Shine Bright in Upset Win

A day off might not have been the best thing for Qazox. After dropping the opener to Lovisa, Qazox had won 4 straight to lead the group at the half-way point of qualifying. But thanks to a great pitching perfomance by John Morgan, 4 double-plays hit into by Qazox, and a rare error for Clark Petrie, Sarzonia has re-taken the group lead.

Qazox couldn't figure out Morgan's change-up and were held hitless until the 6th, when Douglas Ellenburg lifted a pitch into right field, cutting the lead to 3-1. Sarzonia got all three runs in the 3rd, after a wild throw by Clark Petrie ended up half-way to the right field corner, scoring Kate Schmidt and Tyrell Gordon, and allowing Drew Bradley to get to third. A sac fly by Skip Hale, and it was 3-0 Stars.

After Ellenburg's HR, Morgan got the next two batter out, ending the rally. The Stars put 2 more runs up in the bottom of the 6th off of Glen Barter, chasing him for Francis Scarbourgh. Scarbourgh would get Qazox out of the inning thanks to a strike out and double play, but the damage was done.

In the top of the 9th, trailing 5-1, Darren Pew lead the almost-comeback, reaching 1st on a walk leading off the inning, and stealing 2nd on the next pitch. Herman Doane doubled Pew home, and Jim Paulsen wasn't going to let this one slip away. In came Alvin Dryden, to face the lefties Douglas Ellenburg and Hank Yans. Both men grounded out weakly to short, with Yans' grounder scoring Doane, making it 5-3. Most people expected with Angel Monks, a very good hitter against lefties, coming up that Kerry Clark would come in, but Paulsen stuck with Dryden and was rewarded with a strikeout that ended the game.

Now at 4-2, Qazox needs to finishe strong or face a difficult seeding in the playoffs. Up next is a chance to avenge the opening day loss to Lovisa, who have lost 5 in a row since that upset.
Green wombat
16-02-2009, 06:21
Hellispont Times-Herald
Lheureux Lassos Lurikastan

Howard Lheureux gave the bullpen just what they needed, another day off, going the distance in a 6-1 win over Lurikastan. Lheureux struck out 14 batters, and allowed only 5 hits, the final hit being an RBI double in the 8th, scoring Lurikastan's only run.

Aaron Clemente provided most of the offense, knocking in 4 runs, all of them on bases-loaded singles, the first of which scored two in the 2nd, the others coming in the 4th and 8th innings.

With the win, Green wombat improved to 5-1 in the group stage, trailing only Newmanistan, 5-3 winners over Cookesland, which clinched them a playoff berth. Tommorrow is a dangerous day for both the Wombats and Rockets, as they await the rematch on MD8. Newmanistan will play Secristan, a tough game in its own right, while the Wombats face Cookesland. A wombats win will clinch them a playoff berth, only if kenavt loses to Lurikastan.


Green wombat 0 2 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 6
Lurikastan 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1

(ooc: to Qaz: I can clinch tommorrow, right? Or am I missing something?)
16-02-2009, 06:47
Pawtucket Times
Power Blow 3-run lead, and Comback to Win in 10 Innings

Leading 3-0 and with 2 outs in the 8th, the Power looked like they were going to win their 3rd striaght game. But a walk and a ground-rule double later, men were on 2nd and 3rd, and Patetopia's LF snaked a double just inside the RF line and it wa 3-2 Prux. Johnny Wilson was taken out and Victor Dorman came in to stop the fire. But the RF eked out a single over the outreached glove of Roy Chong, and the game was tied 3-3.

After both teams went 1-2-3 in the 9th, and after Prux went 1-2-3 in the 8th, Howard Bedell came out to start his 2nd inning of work. Bedell gave up 3 consecutive singles, the 3rd being an RBI single by the RF, and Patetopia lead 4-3. Bedell did strike out the Pinch Hitter, and was pulled for Henry Sheets. Sheets gave up a bloop single the Catcher and it was 5-3, but luck favored the Power, as the RF was caught up between 2nd and 3rd and was doubled up. Sheets struck out the SS and the Power came up to bat trailing by two in a game they seemingly had won, just 2 innings ago.

Roy Chong led off with a single to right followed by a walk to Kenneth White. After Lawrence Bosco struck out swinging, up came Alan Begin to pinch-hit for Sheets. After fouling off the first 2 pitches, Begin launched a sky-rocket to dead center field. The ball missed being a 3-run walk-off HR by about a foot, but the game was tied 5-5, as Chong and White scored easily, and Begin was held to a double. Begin was then lifted for pinch-runner Louis Jaquez. Jaquez took off on a 1-2 pitch for third and the jump was enough as Christopher Burnside pulled a single through the hole between 2nd and 3rd, and Jaquez scored easily, as there was no throw. Prux had blown an lead and came back to win.

Now the job gets a bit tougher. Bluth Corporation is up next, and they beat us last time around 4-2. If they win again, they'll have a tie-breaker advantage over us in determining playoff seeding. But if the Powr win, they'll move into 3rd place in the group.


Patetopia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 2 5
Prux 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 3 6
WP: Henry Sheets (1-0)
LP: Patetopia Reliver #3 (0-1)
1 out when winning run scored.

Prux: (6)
Lawrence Bosco- single 3rd; Gerald Schlegel- double 5th; Joe Lower- double 6th, Alan Begin 2- double 10th, Christopher Burnside- single 10th
Patetopia: (5)
Patetopia LF (2- Double 8th); RF (2- single 8th, single 10th), C (Single 10th)

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (3)
Gerald Schlegel- double 5th; Joe Lower- double 6th, Alan Begin 2- double 10th,
Patetopia: (2)
Patetopia 1B (Ground Rule Double 8th), LF (Double 8th)

Pitching Summary:
Johnny Wilson: 7.2 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 2 R, 5 K, 4 BB, 116 pitches, 34 BF
Victor Dorman: 0.1 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 1 R, 1 K, 0 BB, 7 pitches, 2 BF
Howard Bedell: 1.1 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 2 R, 1 K, 1 BB, 37 pitches, 10 BF
Henry Sheets: 0.2 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 1 K, 0 BB, 9 pitches, 2 BF
Pitcher #1: 7.0 IP, 9 H, 3 ER, 3 R, 8 K, 4 BB, 126 pitches, 34 BF
Reliever #1: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 0 BB, 14 pitches, 3 BF
Reliever #2: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 0 BB, 11 pitches, 3 BF
Reliever #3: 0.1 IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 3 R, 1 K, 1 BB, 22 pitches, 6 BF
16-02-2009, 07:29


Rockport, Qazox- With everyone expecting the Rockets to cruise over Cookesland with Secristan looming on the schedule, things did not quite work out that way. The Rockets most certainly did not cruise to an easy victory. In fact, the Cookies gave them a good battle tonight. Still, the team showed character, and in the end, they got the job done. Cookesland is likely devastated that their impressive effort fell short as they fall to 2-4 and the Rockets are a perfect 6-0. Oh, and by the way, the Rockets clinched advancement to the playoffs. Not that we were that concerned that they would finish lower then 4th. Newmanistan will be more concerned with maintaining the top spot in the group.

Tara Stewart took to the hill, and it seemed like it would be a mismatch. This was the same Cookesland team that just a few days ago Newmanistan had very little trouble with in a 9-1 victory. Questions will abound now if the team was looking past the Cookies. But those asking that question are simply looking at the final score and assuming that’s what happened. The fact of the matter is, Cookesland played excellent tonight, and the only thing that kept them from winning is the fact that they had to deal with #2-ranked team in the world. The Cookies got on the board in the first inning, despite Tara Stewart getting the first two outs. The #3 batter hit a double to left field, and scored on a single by the cleanup hitter to take a 1-0 lead. However, this lead would be short lived as Newmanistan responded in a pretty similar manner in the top of the second. After the first two batters were retired, it would be Natalie Monroe getting a big double, and scoring on a bloop single to shallow right center off the bat of Jennifer Bennett. In the top of the third inning, another two-out with no-one on hit led to a run as Jennifer Martin singled up the middle of the infield and scored on a double by Carrie Nicolette to put the Rockets up by one. Now, they would take control of the game and pull away, right? Not so fast, said the Cookies as in the bottom of the third inning, that same #3 batter hit a solo HR over the centerfield fence, an impressive blast, and once again, we were all tied up.

Despite the best efforts of the starter for the Cookies, he could not hold the game in a tied situation, and would allow two big runs in the top of the 5th inning. Tara Cuyler led the inning off with a single, and advance on a sacrifice by the pitcher Tara Stewart, which simply opened the door for the Cookies to intentionally walk Brittany Wright. The Rockets would try the double steal here, since Cuyler has decent speed but got an unexpected result. Cuyler was out! A perfect throw by the catcher, and this play would be significant. Then Jennifer Martin hit a ball to left center that appeared to be in the gap for a single, but an amazing diving catch by the centerfielder created the second out. Wright did tag, and scored on a single by Carrie Nicolette, but this tremendous defensive play by the Cookies is what prevented the Rockets from breaking this game wide open. Had Cuyler been safe, Nicolette’s hit would have scored two. Had Cuyler been safe, and the great play not made on Martin, then the Rockets have two runs in, and runners on the corners with nobody out. When Rachel Crockett doubled to score Nicolette and make it 4-2, then Rockets fans were really wondering how big this inning would have been. The inning did not end without another great play, an outstanding leaping catch by the first baseman to prevent a double that would have gone down the right field inning. The Rockets got a pair of runs, but it could have been a whole lot more. In response in the bottom of the inning, the Cookies put three singles together to close to within 4-3. Stewart buckled down, but would be taken out of the game after the seventh inning in favor of Erica Darby, who got a 1-2-3 inning in the 8th. Newmanistan added an insurance run in the top of the 9th on the first homerun of Jennifer Bennett’s World Baseball Classic career. With a two-run lead, it seemed comfortable, and Jill Heisler closed the deal to pick up the save. Newmanistan wins the game, 5-3.

If anyone tells you at work the next morning that the Rockets were looking past this game, and played poorly, then you will know right away that they did not watch this game. This final score was the result of Cookesland playing like a championship-caliber team themselves. Their outstanding defensive work in the 5th inning kept the Rockets from opening it up. It’d be an easy case to say they Rockets could have scored about six or more runs in that inning. Had they done that, then no one will say the Rockets looked past Cookesland now, will they? The dejected faces on the Cookies players told the story. They know they gave it their all and played their best game of the WBC tonight, but it was because Newmanistan WAS NOT looking past them, that their amazing upset effort fell short, and the Rockets win the game. Newmanistan improves to 6-0, and has clinched a playoff berth, although the team is more concerned with winning the group then saying we’ll finish in the top four.
16-02-2009, 09:34
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Yafor II 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 2 0 5 6 0
Tocrowkia 0 1 1 0 2 0 1 0 0 1x 6 8 0

WIN: Jeanna Glaus (2-0)
SAVE: Jamie Von Tipker (3-0)
Michel Keitel 1 (1), Dmitri Rykov 1 (3)

Maybe it's becoming old news, but the Nordics once again won against the Firebugs today in an extra-inning game. Jeanna Glaus pitched a strong 7 1/2 innings, giving up only three runs. As the game went back and fourth, there was the added excitement of the fact that to this point, the Firebugs were 0-and-4 against the Nordics at this point in both teams history. They were certainly giving it their all as they sought some form of redemption against a team that always seemed to have their numbers.

Unfortunately, the Firebugs would not find it tonight. After Michel Keitel's two-run blast in the 5th, Mr. Clutch Dmitri Rykov delivered yet again with a bottom of the 10th, two-out no one on solo bomb to left for a walk-off homerun. The Nordics are now a heart-beat away from qualifying for the playoffs for the third time in as many WBCs, and have every reason to be confident as Matthew Shaporio takes the mound tommorow against San Castello, whom the Nordics won against handily in their last encounter.

Rudolf however said that, like the Rockets, his squad is focused on winning a group for the first time rather than just being satisfied finishing in the top four. "Even after our finish in the WBC 9, you can still get the feeling many out there do not take us seriously, like we're some sort of fluke for being the #4 ranked team in the world. I'm just here to prove that no, we're not a fluke. And yes, we deserve every bit as much recognition as say, Taeshan and Newmanistan. We've worked long and hard to get where we are now, and winning a group for the first time, well maybe it will get us some more respect."
16-02-2009, 09:41

The Millionaires successfully began the second half of the group stages by securing a 5-2 win over Kenavt, keeping themselves in 3rd place with a record of four wins and two defeats. Ace pitcher Steve Jamison was not necessarily dominant in this game, but he was very effective in pitching seven innings, giving up six hits and two unearned runs. He walked one and struck out nine batters. The unearned runs came in the fourth inning, after the Millionaires had already jumped out to a 3-0 lead, thanks to a three run home run by ManRod in the first. Secristan was guilty of two errors in the fourth, one by John Fusco in dropping the throw from shortstop to get the leadoff batter out, and then a very costly miscue with two outs in left field by Jason Carlin. He’ll make no excuses, he simply dropped a routine fly ball that should have gotten Jamison out of the inning, but instead allowed a run to score. The next batter would double to bring in the second run to make it one run ballgame. Carlin atoned for his miscue in the 6th inning with a solo shot, and in the 7th Micky O’Rourke hit an RBI double to score ManRod with two outs that would account for the 5th run. Michael McKeon pitched the 8th inning, and Francisco Martinez picked up a save by striking out the side in the ninth. The Millionaires get a chance to take on a Stacey Keisler that is fresh off a perfect game.

The Secristan Department of Sports reports that pay-per-view sales for this game was high, but attribute that to our error when we stated that matchday six would be against Newmanistan. Allegedly in a lawsuit filed against the newspaper, we deliberately made that error with the express purpose of helping the Secristan Department of Sports make money off a game against Kenavt. Mentioned in that case by our accusers is that we accepted in a large amount of rusas from the SDOS. Of course, this allegation is absolutely ridiculous as we have never worked with the SDOS in anything and have to pay them just for the quotes you see in our articles from time to time. A countersuit for slander is being considered.
16-02-2009, 18:39
OOC: Sorry for not Rping to this point. I forgot about this tournament.

This would be a good time for a RP however I am not in the mood.
16-02-2009, 21:50
Purple Knights Exact Revenge After 13 Innings

If you think either team was ready for last nights astonishing battle between the Knights of Taeshan and the young team from the land of Cassadaigua you are totally wrong. The final score was 5-3 after 4 extra innings proviong to be one of the Knights longest games ever and perhaps a great one in the history of baseball. Both teams though were congratulatory to the other as they both new that there oponets were at there top form and it was a great match, but i must say that this does not bode well for the Knights as they have now played two consecutive extra innings game and are tired and weary.

The game began with a crack of the bat and as usual it was that of our opponents. The Daigans scored to open up the second and tried unending to add to it as they blasted a three runner, but they were unable to. Then the Knights got back into it in the 7th when Socki Lewis, Zoey Menigen and Tadihito Shakiri hit back to back to back omeruns to tie it up. Then the game went scorless heading into a 4 inning overtime until the score was breached. Jay Nedved in in the outfield tripled and was sent home by a Lewis pop fly. Then Menigen hit a double stole third and scored the second run on a balk. Then the Knights ambidextrous closer Willie Strava through some heat and the Knights won.
16-02-2009, 23:53
Woodstock Daily Mail

Stars within a win of clinching

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

FROMBURG, Qazox -- For the first time since Sarzonia returned to organised team sport competitions, the Stars have defeated a team representing Qazox.

The baseball team defeated the Pheonix 5-3 in front of a disappointed sell out crowd of 39,178 at Ox-Cola Field, reclaiming first place in Pool D. A Stars win over unranked Patetopia and a loss by Lovisa to host nation Qazox clinches a spot in the first round of the World Baseball Classic playoffs. Qazox can also clinch with its win over Lovisa if the Stars beat Patetopia.

"We're happy with the win, but we recognise there's more work to do," said manager Jim Paulsen. "Nothing's been accomplished in pool play."

Sarzonia (5-1) got a strong pitching performance from John Morgan, who worked eight innings plus two batters into the ninth to pick up his second win of the World Baseball Classic. He struck out 10 Pheonix hitters, using a change up he said fellow starter Charlie Palmer taught him.

"I figure there'll come a time when I get guys out through guile, not throwing hard," Morgan said. "I guess the Pheonix weren't ready for me changing speeds."

To wit, Morgan didn't allow a hit until the top of the sixth, when Douglas Ellenburg took Morgan deep with one out. He finished the day allowing three runs on five hits. Closer Alvin Dryden finished up for his second save. That was one of two moves Paulsen made that were atypical of his usual methods. The other was starting Skip Hale in left field.

"We figured we had to get Skip's bat in the lineup," Paulsen said. "We felt we'd be at a disadvantage if we didn't have him in there."

"It was important after the last two games to give the bullpen some rest," Morgan said. "We know we're going to need those guys."
17-02-2009, 05:09
RP Cutoff For MD 7

Who might clinch a playoff berth today?
17-02-2009, 05:59
(ooc: Yes I am aware that a couple of fixtures for MD 6 were reversed. The scores ARE the same, just not the 'home team'. I apologize for not correcting it earlier. :$:()

WBC10 Wikipage (

All Winners in BOLD
Group A games @ One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas
Yafor II - Zwangzug 3-0
Colbourne - Greal 3-1
San Castello - Tocrowkia 5-3

GROUP B Games @ Hastings Park, Rockport
kenavt - Lurikastan 2-0
Cookesland - Green wombat 6-3
Newmanistan - Secristan 5-4

GROUP C games @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
Taeshan - Mantenwic 7-0
Liventia - Tree Hugging Lesbians 8-2
Milchama - Cassadaigua 6-3

GROUP D games @ Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg
Qazox - Lovisa 8-4
Prux - Bluth Corporation 7-4
Patetopia - Sarzonia 5-2

Temas in BLUE have clinched playoff berth.
Tocrowkia 7-0 1.000 43 19 +24
Zwangzug 6-1 .857 36 19 +17
San Castello 3-4 .429 21 31 -10
Colbourne 3-4 .429 29 29 --
Yafor II 2-5 .286 22 30 -8
Greal 0-7 .000 16 39 -23
San Castello ahead of Colbourne based on H2H Sweep.

Newmanistan 6-1 .857 42 14 +28
Green wombat 6-1 .857 36 13 +23
Secristan 5-2 .714 27 14 +13
Cookesland 2-5 .286 18 37 -19
kenavt 2-5 .286 18 34 -16
Lurikastan 0-7 .000 11 40 -29
Newmanistan ahead of Green Wombat based on H2H win.
Cookesland ahead of kenavt based on H2H win.
Secristan has clinched due to H2H sweep of kenavt.

Taeshan 6-1 .857 42 20 +22
Liventia 5-2 .714 41 24 +17
Milchama 4-3 .571 34 22 +12
Cassadaigua 4-3 .571 23 20 +3
Tree Hugging Lesbians 2-5 .333 16 36 -20
Mantenwic 0-7 .000 13 47 -34
Liventia has clinched due to H2H sweep of Tree Hugging Lesbians.
Milchama ahead of Cassadaigua based on H2H RD (7-5); as H2H record is tied 1-1.

Sarzonia 6-1 .857 31 20 +11
Qazox 5-2 .714 38 19 +19
Prux 4-3 .571 30 25 +5
Bluth Corporation 4-3 .571 28 23 +5
Patetopia 1-6 .143 23 43 -20
Lovisa 1-6 .143 15 35 -20
Qazox has clinched due inability of either Patetopia or Lovisa passing them in standings.
Prux ahead of Bluth Corporation based on H2H PD (9-8); as H2H record is tied 1-1.
Patetopia ahead of Lovisa based on H2H win.

Playoff Clinching Senarios for MD8:

Milchama: Clinches playoff berth with a win over Tree Hugging Lesbians.
Cassadaigua: Clinches playoff berth with a win over Mantenwic.
Prux: Clinches playoff berth with a win over Qazox.
Bluth Corporation: Clinches playoff berth with a win over Patetopia.
17-02-2009, 06:27
Woodstock Daily Mail

Stars clinch playoff spot, vows to continue work

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

FROMBURG, Qazox -- Some reporters asked Sarzonian national baseball team manager Jim Paulsen who he planned to use in the closer role for last night's game against Patetopia. After all, both Alvin Dryden and Kerry Clark have three saves each.

It took nine innings to find the answer: No one. Starter Charlie Palmer baffled Patetopia hitters en route to a complete game five hitter and the Stars clinched a spot in the World Baseball Classic playoffs with a 5-2 victory.

"Charlie was on point," Paulsen said. "He got stronger as the game progressed and he talked me into leaving him in, so I did."

Sarzonia's win coupled with Qazox's clinched both Group D frontrunners a spot in the World Baseball Classic knockout stages. According to tournament rules, each team is seeded regardless of finish in the groups stage, so Sarzonia (6-1) would earn the sixth seed if the playoffs began today. That fact didn't bother third baseman Katie Schmidt.

"We're not worried about that stuff," she said. "We just focus on the next match."

As for this match, Skip Hale's return to his more customary spot as a designated hitter paid off. He went three-for-four with a RBI double and a two-run home run, forcing Patetopia to go to its bullpen after the bottom of the fifth inning. Fortunately for Patetopia, they only had to cover three innings as the Stars were considered the home team for this match.

Sarzonia's next match is against No. 15 Lovisa, who along with unranked Patetopia are in danger of missing the playoffs. However, Paulsen said his team would be ready no matter who their opponent was.

"We're at a point now where we're just trying to play good baseball," he said. "That's our priority, not where we are or where our opponent is."


Patetopia 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 5 0
Sarzonia 0 2 1 0 2 0 0 0 x 5 11 0

WP: Charlie Palmer (2-0)
LP: Patetopia P #2 (0-2)

Pratetopia: (2)
#3 hitter; #4 hitter
Sarzonia: (5)
Skip Hale 3 (12); Katie Schmidt 2 (9)

Extra Base Hits:
Patetopia: (0)
Sarzonia: (3)
Skip Hale 2 (double, third inning, home run fifth inning); Kate Schmidt (double, second inning)

Pitching Summary:
Pitcher #2: 5.0 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 3 K, 4 BB, 117 pitches, 29 BF
Reliever #1: 2.0 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 K, 1 BB, 38 pitches, 8 BF
Reliever #2: 1.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 3 K, 1 BB, 25 pitches, 6 BF
Charlie Palmer: 9.0 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 5 K, 0 BB, 99 pitches, 32 BF
Green wombat
17-02-2009, 07:00
Hellispont Times-Herald
Wombats Clinch, Rocket Re-Match next.

Adam Moll gave up three runs in the bottom of the 1st inning to Cookesland, but the wombats rallied with 2 runs in each of the 2nd 3rd and 9th innings to clinch a playoff berth. Coupled with Secristan's win over Newmanistan, the Wombats are now tied for first, though the Rockets have the current tie-breaker advantage, heading into tommorrow's very important game.

Andrew Held was the hero of the day, driving in both runs in the 2nd on a bases-loaded single and scoring the go-ahead run in the 3rd inning on a bloop single to left by Antonio Desrosiers. Moll did last 8 innings, and dale Luther closed out the 9th on only 11 pitches.

So now tommorrow. It will be Kenneth Maclean taking the mound for the wombats, pitching on his normal 3-days rest, as Eric Catalano will be used in the pen, in case of another marathon. For the Rockets, Courtney Lombardi will take the mound for her 1st start since the previous meeting between these two teams. Andrew Held, usually a DH, will play Third Base, taking the place of light-hitting Jose Gove. Held still will bat in the 7th spot in the order.


Green wombat 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 6
Cookesland 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3
17-02-2009, 07:15


Rockport, Qazox- The rematch between the Rockets and Millionaires was highly anticipated as fans flocked to Hastings Park to see what these two teams would do for an encore. As I am sure you will remember, when these two teams met back on matchday one, we had ourselves quite a bench clearing brawl. But what we saw tonight was the difference in intensity between a game on matchday one and one on matchday seven. This wasn’t about making a statement against the other like it was in the opening game, this was about playoff positioning, and fans who were hoping to see another fight left the stadium disappointed. They will have to be satisfied with the 4th inning shouting match between John Fusco and Carrie Nicolette after Carrie had singled. What they did see was a good game between the teams, and much to our displeasure, a 9th inning come from behind rally by the Millionaires to win 5-4.

Today was the highly anticipated return to the mound for Stacey Keisler after tossing a perfect game in the win against Lurikastan. She would soon find out that there is a big difference in the quality of play between Lurikastan and Secristan. She would be perfect in the 1st inning as well, but when ManRoid led off the second inning with a single, her run came to an end. John Fusco followed it up with a double, and just like that her shutout streak was over as well. Keisler retired the rest of the side in order, but Secristan was up 1-0, and held that lead until the fourth. For the Millionaires, Eric Strassner was looking pretty good, but he fell apart in the second. Jennifer Martin and Carrie Nicolette led off the inning with singles, and this caused a heated exchange of words between Nicolette and Fusco, the Secristan first baseman. These were the main instigators of the matchday one brawl, and they apparently had a little more that they needed to discuss. The fans in the stands noticed that they were jawing at one another and everyone rose to their feet. The first base umpire called time and got between them, shouting out warnings to the two of them in an effort to restore order. He was able to do this as Fusco and Nicolette did not say another word to one another for the rest of the game. The fans were hoping that this would be the start of something that would develop later, but both teams seemed more interested in playing baseball. After Strassner retired Crockett and Boland, Natalie Monroe delivered a hard hit double off the right field wall, a shot that would have cleared the fence had it had more height. It was enough to score two Newmanistan runs. An inning later, Newmanistan added a third run on a two-out single by Brittany Wright. As normal, Brittany stole her way to third even with a pitchout on her second base steal attempt. After walking Jennifer Martin, Carrie Nicolette drove in Wright to make it 3-1 in favor of Newmanistan.

Stacey Keisler, after giving up the second inning home run, was in control of the game, only giving up two hits between the second and sixth innings. She had struck out seven Millionaires in that time, and showed no signs of letting up. So when the bottom of the order produced a run in the seventh inning, it came as a bit of a surprise. Mick O’Rourke led the inning off with a single, and after getting Eric Beaudoin to strike out, it looked like things were going to be routine, but then Keisler will tell you she messed up in the at bat of the #9 hitter John Mullins, walking the light hitting backstop on five pitches. She seemed to be frustrated with that, and allowed an RBI single to Larry Pritchett to cut the lead to 3-2. She would catch a break though on a brilliant defense play by first baseman Natalie Monroe to catch a line drive and the tag Pritchett before he could get back to first. In the bottom of the inning, Newmanistan went back in front, and all seemed well again. Sarah Boland launched an Eric Strassner pitcher over the left field fence for a solo home run, and it was 4-2. In the 8th inning, Secristan loaded up the bases against Keisler, but failed to score any runs. That was enough for Christina Sanders to feel that Keisler had enough tonight, and she went to Jill Heisler to close out the game in the 9th. With a 2-run lead, there would be no reason not to have confidence in Heisler (OOC: I’ve just now realized this similarity in their last names!). As he did in the seventh, Mick O’Rourke led the 9th off with a single, but Heisler was able to retire Beaudoin and Mullins, and the Rockets were an out away from 7-0. Heisler then gave up a hit to Pritchett and walked Carlin, and now Newmanistan was in trouble. Bases loaded, and the always dangerous, though sometimes overlooked, Tim McMurtry coming to the plate. After 11 pitches, McMurtry sliced a double down the right field line. O’Rourke and Pritchett scored easily, as did Carlin and suddenly Secristan was up 5-4. ManRoid hit a long fly ball to left for the third out of the inning. To no one’s surprise, the Millionaires brought in closer Francisco Martinez to pitch the ninth, and he overpowered the Rockets, getting a one-two-three inning in the bottom half and secure the come-from-behind victory for Secristan.

No one was expecting to go 10-0 in group play, let’s face it. And 10-0 in group play doesn’t equate to championships anyway, just look at Dancougar in World Bowl 5. With the likes of Secristan and Green Wombat in this group, that was not a realistic expectation to put upon the team. What this result does is significantly tightens up and increases the importance of tomorrow’s showdown with Green Wombat. A Newmanistan win means they are probably home free given that they close out with Lurikastan and Kenavt, but a Wombats win would put them in front, but then they still have their second game with the Millionaires. All these teams did the expected and clinched their playoff spots, but the important thing for each is not ending up in a tight first round matchup.
17-02-2009, 07:25
(ooc: Ripping off of me Sarzonia??? You must be desparate! LOL!!!)

Pawtucket Times
Power roll past Bluth Corporation, Await Rematch with Qazox.

After giving up a lead-off HR to Joseph Coomer, Manuel Marker retired the next 16 batters he faced, until a walk to Karl Vandenberg ended his streak in the 6th. Marker would get out the 6th on 3 consecutive fly-ball outs and retire BC 1-2-3 in both the 7th and 8th innings. But in the top of ninth, leading 7-1, Marker would allow the first 3 batters he faced to reach, 2 via singles and a 2-run double to left by Cody McConnell which cut the lead to 7-3. Alan Nicely came in to stem the fire, allowing only a RBI single to Karl Vandenberg, before striking out the side to end the game. Nicely did not earn the save however, as there was a 4-run lead when he came in, and the 2nd on-deck batter couldn't have tied the game. (ooc: which is the MLB rule).

Prux however jumped on Sean McIntyre, who gave up 7 runs and 11 hits in just 1 1/3 innings pitched. The B.C. pullpen did shutdown the Power, holding them to just 6 more hits, but the damage had been done and a 7-1 deficit after 2 innings is just hard to comeback from.

So now on a 4-game winning streak, the Power take on the Phoenix in a crucial game for Prux. If they win, then they clinch a playoff berth, however if they lose to Qazox, and either Lovisa or Patetopia win out then the Power would be eliminated from the WBC. The expected pitching match-up will see Samuel Comfort take on Tyle Newson.


Bluth Corporation 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 4
Prux 5 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 x 7
WP: Manuel Marker (1-0)
LP: Sean McIntyre (0-1)

Prux: (7)
Robert Looney- 2 (single- 1st), Joe Lower -2 (HR 1st); Roy Chong- (single 1st); Travis Gill- (HR 2nd), Steven Fenn- (single 2nd)
Bluth Corporation: (4)
Joseph Coomer - (HR 1st); Cody McConnell (2- double 9th), Karl Vandenberg (Single 9th)

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (4)
Joe Lower -2 (HR 1st, Double 2nd); Travis Gill- (HR 2nd), Kenneth White- (double 8th)
Bluth Corporation: (2)
Joseph Coomer - (HR 1st); Cody McConnell (double 9th)

Pitching Summary:
Manuel Marker: 8.0 IP, 4 H, 3 ER, 2 R, 12 K, 1 BB, 126 pitches, 29 BF
Alan Nicely: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 1 R, 3 K, 0 BB, 26 pitches, 4 BF
Note: Marker faced 3 batters in 9th.
Sean McIntyre: 1.2 IP, 11 H, 7 ER, 5 R, 1 K, 0 BB, 72 pitches, 16 BF
Logan Canaan: 3.1 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 2 R, 4 K, 0 BB, 53 pitches, 12 BF
Christopher Brewster: 2.0 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 0 BB, 33 pitches, 9 BF
Roth Cole: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 0 BB, 19 pitches, 4 BF
17-02-2009, 07:35 Coverage
Late Rally puts Pheonix into Playoffs

Trailing Lovisa 4-1 heading into the bottom of the 7th, Clayton Sommerfeld came in to pinch-hit for the struggling Johnnie Bannon, and sparked a 6-run rally that gave the Pheonix thier 5th win and a playoff berth. Sommerfeld just barely beat out a weakly hit grounder to third, but it was just slow enough to make the Lovisan third baseman double-clutch the ball. After Sommerfeld reached, Darren Pew singled to right and Herman Doane singled to left, scoring Sommerfeld. After Douglas Ellenburg and Hank Yans each grounded out to short, the later scoring Pew from third, Angel Monks ripped a 378-ft HR to right to tie the game at 4-4. After a pitching change, and a pair of singles to Clark Petrie and Kyle Bryon, Mickey Weatherby laced a 2-run double to right and Qazox was up 6-4. Sommerfeld batted again, and knocked home Weatherby with a double of his own. Pew flied out to right ending the inning, but Sommerfeld's 82-ft single was the key. In the bottom of the 8th, Yans blasted an 0-2 pitch to dead center to make it 8-4.

Now Qazox has to face the suddenly hot Prux Power. While Qazox is assured of a playoff berth, a loss to Prux would drop them further behind Sarzonia, who is scheduled to take on Lovisa.
17-02-2009, 08:44
WORKIN’ ON A DREAM- Brittany Wright- OF, North Charlotte
#4 of ??? in a series

Brittany Michelle Wright, affectionately nicknamed “BMW” by her fans due to her initials and her blinding speed has become one of the most feared baserunners in World Baseball Classic history. At the end of World Baseball Classic 10, Newmanistan will be formally inducting people in the WBC Hall of Fame, and it is widely expected that Brittany Wright, who can turn walks into triples with ease, will be one of those players selected. This speed is something that she was blessed with. It was in the family genes to an extent, but due to exhausting workouts, the 28-year old has taken her God-given talent and taken it to a whole new level to where she is regarded as the fastest woman in Newmanistan.

That is not just a claim, or a neat little exaggeration we added. Brittany was Olympian this past summer in the Olympiad in Columbia, Unified Capitalizt States. But it wasn’t playing baseball. She was entered in the women’s 100m, 200m, and 400m track events. While she did not pick up a medal in those events, her participation was a life experience that she will never forget, as after all, running has always been her passion. “Being fast, running fast, is something that I always have wanted to do with my life. It’s just this weird obsession I got when I was a kid. This fascination with racing and track events, I loved it so much. Every day I worked out to become faster and faster. A lot of running is about conditioning, and that was very important too.” Brittany is not the only member of the Wright household to have success, either. Her brother, Brian, has plays professional football (soccer) for Dover City, and was on the Rockets Di Bradini 4 Cup winning team. Brian doesn’t have a ton of international experience, as it was only that Cup, and Oxen Cup 8 in which he was part of the national team, but it goes to show the talent that exists in this family. “Brian loved to run too. Obviously, we had a lot of races against each other and that’s what made me better and faster.” Their parents encouraged their kids to run, and let them enjoy their passion, but also told them there had to be more in their life then that. Father Carl explains, “I ran track in high school and college and so did their mother. We did push our children to work out and keep in good physical shape. We didn’t force them to want to enjoy track, but we did push those important intangibles that go along with it. They enjoyed it, but track didn’t get me anywhere. It’s great to know you are fast, and to beat people when you are young, but it is not something you can make a living off of, unless you’re an Olympian. Which at the time, isn’t something I would have ever expected out of Brittany.”

They needed to do more, and the kids realized that. Speed could be used in other sports, and Brian went to the football field. Brittany never cared for football, so she decided to take up baseball in high school. It was just for fun. “Track was my life. Baseball was just something to pass time back then,” she said. She played, but wasn’t any more then an average high school player. When she went to college, her scholarship was for track, not at all for baseball. She wasn’t even going to play baseball, until the coach called. Two outfielders were suspended on the team for poor grades. The baseball coach asked Brittany if she would consider playing baseball. “I said I would but you know, don’t expect much from me.” Wright said. That coach, Kyle Johnson called Brittany an experiment. “Her speed was obvious. If nothing else, we’d use her to pinch run. She was a very studious young lady, and wanted to help out this team, and she showed some progress during her four years here with the bat, although she more of base stealer for us.” Brittany didn’t watch the Newmanistan Baseball League draft that year. She didn’t plan to read about it the next morning. She was having lunch when a friend called her. “Congratulations!” she told me, “I was like for what? You were drafted by Putnam Lake in the 8th round, silly, she said. I felt stupid. I checked the computer, and there it was, I was drafted by Putnam Lake. 10 minutes after, they called me. I was in shock. I didn’t plan on making baseball a career. And all Putnam Lake wanted to do probably is have me pinch run.”

Brittany wasn’t sure if she wanted to have a career as a pinch runner when she could be focusing on real track events. When she went to Putnam Lake, she was tempted to say thanks, but no thanks. However, the contract offer blew her away, and even more so when coach Matthew McBride told her she was a “project.” “Oh boy, I thought. I was an experiment in college and now I am a project in the pros. But the money they offered me, I couldn’t turn that down.” Wright spent one season in Putnam Lake before she was traded to Hampton for a relief pitcher. With Hampton he coach told her that, “We think you have potential to be more then a base stealer. Here I go again.” But unlike Putnam Lake, where she was simply a pinch runner, she was named to the Hampton starting lineup. The hitting coach would not allow her to run in practice. “It’s about your swing, he told me. It’s the first time someone wanted to make me a hitter and not just a baserunner. I took pride in training to become a better hitter, and we started to hit on something.” Brittany hit .252 with Putnam Lake, and in her first year with Hampton, it was up to .277. In the second year there it was up to .291. She even hit six home runs that year. Things were going well with the Bulldogs until, “You’ve been traded to North Charlotte.” Wright was bummed out about that news until it became clear that North Charlotte had very high expectations for her. “They told me they’d make me the best leadoff hitter in the league.”

With the Wildcats, Wright’s batting average improved dramatically, up to .338 and she cracked the 100 SB plateau for the first time. Then it was another call. Christina Sanders, of Southport. “My first thought was why is she calling me, have I been traded again?” Sanders remembers that phone call, “Of all the calls I made to name players to the World Baseball Classic 7 roster, the call to Brittany was the most interesting. She really did not expect to be named to the national team. She thought we had traded for her. I would have loved too, but North Charlotte isn’t going to let her go, obviously.” Wright replied, “The national team?! I couldn’t believe it.” With her brother having played for the Rockets and having won a national title with the 4th Di Bradini Cup, could she have a chance to win a more prestigious title? She’s been to two finals, and thinks this can be the year. “My baseball career just happened so fast and so out of the blue, really. But now, to win a World Championship, and to do it for the country, that would be amazing.”

Yes it would, she didn’t medal in Columbia, but she’s looking for that coveted WBC title. A title in that career that just kinda happened out of nowhere.
17-02-2009, 10:16
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
S.C. 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 3 5 2
Tocrowkia 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 5 6 0

WIN: Matthew Shaporio (2-0)
SAVE: Jamie Von Tipker (4-0)
Johnny Stryker 1 (5)

Though nothing like their first meeting, the Bluewings ended up being swept in the two games they met the Nordics. Johnny Stryker popped a two-run homerun in the second to start the scoring. The Bluewings would get one back in the 3rd off a Donatello Figuero RBI double, and start a rally in the 6th when Samuel Antoni hit a two-run homerun with nobody out. However, Shaporio regained his control and struck out the next three batters, and the Nordics bullpen, which has yet to surrender a single run took care of the rest.

With the Rockets loss to Secristan, the Nordics remain the only undefeated team in group-play and have clinched a playoff berth. Tomorrow promises to be an exciting game as the Nordics once again take on the Zebras. Mercedes Gaunt will get the rubber this time around, and has expressed her confidence. "Obviously, I'm not Matt. But I know what I'm doing out there and I'm really excited to be going up against them and prove I can get a win against those guys, too."
17-02-2009, 11:40

Stacey Keisler only extended her perfect stretch by another inning. In the second, all of her impressive streaks came to an end thanks to the duo of Manny Rodriguez and John Fusco, both of whom have played great in Rockport thus far. A single by Manny broke up her perfect streak, and Fusco’s double put a run on the board. Despite grabbing the early lead, Secristan found their good fortunes slip away and Newmanistan pulled in front. They picked up some timely hits over the middle innings to pull ahead by the score of 3-1. During this, the fans were treated to an argument provoked by Carrie Nicolette. Again. After Carrie blooped a single into right center field she immediately looked at Fusco and began shouting at him. Fusco tried to look away, but he could not stand the sound of this annoying woman much longer and told her off. After umpire intervention, the two were separated. Heading into the ninth inning, the Rockets had extended their lead to 4-2 and brought in their closer Jill Heisler, which seemed to give the Millionaire players new life. Gone was Keisler, chased from the game, and even though the Newmanistan bullpen has played well, they are simply not intimidating once you get past their great starters. The Millionaires ended up loading the bases with two outs, and Tim McMurtry had the chance to be the hero. Timmy hasn’t had his real shining moment yet in the way that ManRod and Fusco have had, and this was the chance for him to have it. After battling with Heisler, fouling off six consecutive pitches, McMurtry got a slider which he hit deep to right, clearing the bases, putting Secristan in front and stunning the Rockets fans. Secristani fans, meanwhile, cheered loudly, and rattled their amplified coin jars with pride. F-Mart closed it out in the bottom of the ninth to preserve the come from behind victory. The win opens things up in the group now, and the Millionaires have a shot at finishing first overall with their second game against Green Wombat still yet to come. That will be a big matchday ten showdown. In the meantime, the Millionaires will prepare for Lurikastan and Cookesland, games in which they are expected to win.

Katie Simpson, our Secristan Department of Sports representative called the game, “A great win for the country, any time we can beat Newmanistan it is a big deal for us. It can be the kind of win that can get people to stop saying Secristan is a good team that might make it to the second round, and get them to start saying Secristan is a threat to win the Championship.”
17-02-2009, 21:47
Purple Knights Add Another Shutout To List

It was game seven and the Knights were taking on Mantwenic, or thats what the team thought but they were really playing a pickup game against some nobodies. The Knights would walk away with an easily earned shutout. No easier of a game has come thus far in the season and the Knights were thrilled as they left the field.

The Knights were gonna win the whole game. They led it off with five runs in the first and second and never looked back, they would tack on there last two with a Socki Lewis homer in the fourth. Then the Knights just added to the stats with some nice singles and kept the Mantwenic d in it with some easy doubleplays. It was a really easy game.
17-02-2009, 23:37
"...And a slow curve coming in from Johan Rean, taken for a strike."

"Yes, very slow. Only 65 miles an hour."


"Look on the radar gun, it says 65."

"No it doesn't."

"It does too. Look at it."

"You look at it, there's nothing there."

"Yeah, if you'd looked at it when you should have, you'd have known."

"I'm the play-by-play person, I'm supposed to be watching the ball!"

"You go do that."

"The sign from Kirjai, Trecarichi connects! Zaranez can't come up with it and Lievano will come around, it's 1-0 Zebras here in the third..."

"...Villikan shakes off the sign and hurls it in. Drilled by Kostelanetz, and it's outta here!"

"Zwangzug's first home run of the tournament scores both Dragons in the starting lineup, it's 3-0."

"They're the only two Dragons on the roster."

"Really? Just two?"


"...Oh. Okay then. Um, yeah...Chela Palmer stepping in now, I guess..."
18-02-2009, 05:09
RP MD 8 Cutoff...

The final playoff push begins, and with it the first TOP 16 list. Keep in mind that the TOP 16 list has all tiebreakers involved so they are an accurate picture of the playoffs at the time.
18-02-2009, 06:03
WBC10 Wikipage (

All Winners in BOLD
Group A games @ One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas
Zwangzug - Tocrowkia 4-3
Yafor II - Colbourne 5-1
Greal - San Castello 3-2 (11 innings)

GROUP B Games @ Hastings Park, Rockport
Lurikastan - Secristan 10-3
kenavt - Cookesland 2-1 (11 innings)
Green wombat - Newmanistan 2-0

GROUP C games @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
Mantenwic - Cassadaigua 3-0
Taeshan - Liventia 2-1
Tree Hugging Lesbians - Milchama 4-1

GROUP D games @ Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg
Lovisa - Sarzonia 5-4 (14 innings)
Qazox - Prux 6-4 (10 innings)
Bluth Corporation - Patetopia 4-1

Teams in BLUE have clinched playoff berth.
Teams in BOLD have clinched Division Title.
Tocrowkia 8-0 1.000 47 22 +25
Zwangzug 6-2 .750 39 23 +16
Yafor II 3-5 .375 27 31 -4
San Castello 3-5 .375 23 34 -11
Colbourne 3-5 .375 30 34 -4
Greal 1-7 .125 19 41 -22
Tocrowkia has clinched group title based on H2H sweep of Zwangzug.
Yafor II ahead of San Castello based on H2H win.
San Castello ahead of Colbourne based on H2H Sweep.
[Yafor II is also ahead of Colbourne; based on H2H RD (8-5) as H2H record is tied (1-1).]

Green wombat 7-1 .875 38 13 +25
Newmanistan 6-2 .750 42 16 +26
Secristan 6-2 .750 37 17 +20
kenavt 3-5 .375 20 35 -15
Cookesland 2-6 .250 19 39 -20
Lurikastan 0-8 .000 14 50 -36
Newmanistan is ahead of Secristan based on overall PD (+26 - +20) as H2H RD (0-0) and H2H record (1-1) is tied.

Taeshan 7-1 .875 44 21 +23
Liventia 5-3 .625 42 26 +16
Milchama 5-3 .625 38 23 +15
Cassadaigua 5-3 .625 26 20 +6
Tree Hugging Lesbians 2-6 .250 17 40 -23
Mantenwic 0-8 .000 13 50 -37
3-way tie amongst Liventia, Milchama, and Cassadaigua is broken like this:
Liventia 2-1 H2H record
Milchama 2-2 H2H record
Cassadaigua 1-2 H2H record

Sarzonia 7-1 .875 36 24 +12
Qazox 6-2 .750 44 23 +21
Bluth Corporation 5-3 .625 32 24 +8
Prux 4-4 .500 34 31 +3
Patetopia 1-7 .125 24 47 -23
Lovisa 1-7 .125 19 40 -21
Patetopia ahead of Lovisa based on H2H win.

Playoff Clinching Senarios for MD9:

Yafor II clinches playoff berth with win over Greal and Colbourne loss to Tocrowkia.
San Castello clinches playoff berth with win over Zwangzug and Colbourne loss to Tocrowkia.
Taeshan: Clinches group title with win over Tree Hugging Lesbians or Milchama loss to Mantenwic.
kenavt clinches playoff berth with win over Green wombat and a Secristan win over Cookesland.
Green wombat clinches group title with win over kenavt and a loss by Newmanistan to Lurikastan and a Secristan loss to Cookesland.
Sarzonia clinches group title with win over Prux and Qazox loss to Bluth Corporation.

(teams in italics have NOT clinched playoff berth)

Tocrowkia 8-0
Green wombat 7-1
Taeshan 7-1
Sarzonia 7-1
Newmanistan 6-2
Qazox 6-2
Secristan 6-2
Zwangzug 6-2
Liventia 5-3
Milchama 5-3
Bluth Corporation 5-3
Cassadaigua 5-3
Prux 4-4
Yafor II 3-5
San Castello 3-5
kenavt 3-5
18-02-2009, 06:32
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Tocrowkia 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 4 5 1
Zwangzug 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 3 6 0

WIN: Mercedes Gaunt (2-0)
SAVE: Jamie Von Tipker (5-0)
Dmitri Rykov 1 (4)

The Nordics second meeting with the Zebras was, as expected just as thrilling as the first. Though the Nordics got on the board first when Dmitri Rykov crushed a two-run shot deep center, the Zebras managed to scratch their way back to tie the game. However, in the eighth Jill Haviland drove Kitten Dyfuse in with a one-out RBI double. And as expected, the solid Nordic bullpen shut down the Zebras in the next two innings.

With the win, the Nordics have not only clinched a playoff berth but the group title for the first time in team history, and are presently the number 1 seed in the round of 16. "We've just been play great, great ball." Paul Rudolf said in the postgame interview. "The stance we have of discarding domestic differences in WBC 8, when everyone forgot the rivarlys they had with each other just because they played on a different team has helped us to get to this point. And now, we know we have to play a lot harder. In the play-offs you always face tougher teams. But if we just remember to keep playing harder and true, I think we're going to please a lot of people with the results."
18-02-2009, 06:33 Coverage
Pheonix Cut-Off Power Surge in 10

Qazox never trailed Prux, but the team couldn't get a lead bigger than 1 run until a walk-off 2-run HR in the bottom of the 10th by Mickey Weatherby off of Henry Sheets, giving the Pheonix a 6-4 win. Both teams' starters, Samuel Comfort and Tyle Newson battled for 8 inning each. Both pitchers gave up 4 runs and 11 hits, but how the two teams scored those runs were vastly different. Qazox used speed and a couple of Prux errors, while the Power, powered, no pun intended, their way with 6 Extra-base hits.

In the Qazox first, Darren Pew lead off with a single to right and within 4 pitches, was standing on third, were a Herman Doane ground ball scored him, making it 1-0. Prux countered with a Solo HR by Steven Fenn to lead off the 2nd. In the Qazox 3rd, Newson reached on a throwing error by Lawrence Bosco, and came home on Douglas Ellenburg's double 3 batters later, which saw Pew thrown out at the plate, trying to score from first after a walk.

In the Prux 5th, back-to-back doubles by Joe Lower and Steven Fenn re-tied it at 2-2. Qazox scored again in the 5th, on a HR to right by Angel Monks, and Prux' Christopher Burnside tied it with a triple in the 6th scoring Kenneth White. In the bottom of the 7th, Qazox re-took the lead, again, thanks to the legs of Pew, who scored from second on Herman Doane's single, after reaching on a dropped third strike by Kenneth White.

In the top of the 8th, the game was tied up again, thanks to an inside-the-park HR by Roy Chong. Chong's ball hit the outfield wall and carrommed away from both Darren Pew and Kyle Bryon, allowing Prux' fastes runner to score on the play. After the uneventful bottom of the 8th and 9th innings; the teams went into extras.

After Francis Scarbourgh finished his 2nd perfect inning of relief in the top of the 10th, Prux sent in Tony Rasmussen, the only pitcher thay had not yet used. Just 7 pitches later, it wasn't tough to see why he hadn't been used. After a single by Kyle Bryon on a 3-2 pitch, Mickey Weatherby swung on the first pitch he saw from Rasmussen, and deposited it into the left-field stand for the walk-off HR.

Now at 6-2, Qazox is currently seeded 6th in playoff seeding chart. With games against Patetopia and Bluth Corportation remaining, a 8-2 finish isn't out of the realm of possiblity, and perhaps Sarzonia will stumble under the pressure of the playoff chase and Qazox can take a top-4 seed.
18-02-2009, 06:47
Pawtucket Times
Qazox Walk-off with 10 inning Win over Power.


Prux 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 4
Qazox 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 6
WP: Francis Scarbourgh (1-0)
LP: Tony Rasmussen (0-1)
0 outs when winnign runs scored.

Prux: (4)
Steven Fenn-2 (HR 1st, double 5th), Christopher Burnside- (triple 6th), Roy Chong- (IsPkHR 7th)
Qazox: (6)
Herman Doane- 2(Ground out- 1st, single 7th), Douglas Ellenburg - (Double- 3rd), Angel Monks (HR 5th), Mickey Weatherby 2- (HR 10th)

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (6)
Steven Fenn-2 (HR 1st, double 5th),Travis Gill- (Double 3rd), Joe Lower (Double 5th) Christopher Burnside- (triple 6th), Roy Chong- (IsPkHR 7th)
Qazox: (3)
Douglas Ellenburg - (Double- 3rd), Angel Monks (HR 5th), Mickey Weatherby - (HR 10th)

Pitching Summary:
Samuel Comfort: 8.0 IP, 11 H, 3 ER, 4 R, 7 K, 1 BB, 128 pitches, 36 BF
Nicholas Ripley: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 0 BB, 14 pitches, 3 BF
Tony Rasmussen: 0.0 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 0 R, 0 K, 0 BB, 7 pitches, 2 BF
Tony Rasmussen faced 2 batters in 10th.
Tyle Newson: 8.0 IP, 11 H, 4 ER, 4 R, 11 K, 2 BB, 126 pitches, 29 BF
Francis Scarbourgh: 2.0 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 3 K, 0 BB, 26 pitches, 4 BF

E: Lawrence Bosco
PB: Kenneth White
Green wombat
18-02-2009, 07:16
Hellispont Times-Herald
Eric Catalano Stymies Rockets, But Controversy Reigns.

Eric Catalano pitched the game of his life, striking out 9 and holding the very powerful Rocket offense to just 6 hits, as Green wombat defeated Newmanistan and Courtney Lombardi 2-0. After the extra-inning classic the last time these two teams met, many expected a similar game, and for the most part it was. Courtney Lombardi went the distance herself, allowing only 4 hits, but 2 runs, both of which were controversial, but not as controversial as the top of the 8th inning.

In the bottom of the 4th, tied 0-0, Aaron Clemente broke-up Lombardi's perfect game with a double to right. After advancing to third on a ground out by Andrew Held, Clemente tagged up on Travis Seals' fly-ball to left field. Clemente, while not slow, is not really fast and Jennifer Martin's throw was dead on for Jennifer Bennett. Clemente slammed into Bennett, and as replays showed, Bennett held on the ball, but from the view of the Taeshani umpire, it looked like the ball had come out of Bennett's glove and he signaled safe. Christina Sanders stormed out of the dugout and after a minute or two of arguging with the Ump, she was thrown out of the game.

In the 5th, while not as controversial as in the 4th, Robert Ortega was awarded home plate after a balk call on Lombardi. Ortega reached third on a single and a double to Alan Monge, putting runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out.
While Lombardi was visibly furious, Pitching Coach Carrie Lynsder, who took over Coaching duties for the ejected Sanders, came out and cooled her starter down. Lombardi would strike out both Aaron Clemente and Andrew Held to close out the 5th.

In the top of the 8th with 1 out, and with Brittany Wright on second, after a ground-rule double to the right field corner, she stole third and was confident that any ball hit into the outfield would score her, Carrie Nicolette lofted a soft fly ball to Norman Cromer, in a very rare start for him. Cromer launched a missile right at Alan Monge, who was waiting for Wright, but she had scored. Or so the Rockets thought. Andrew Held, who was moved to 3B for the struggling Jose Gove, called for the ball from Monge, and promptly tagged third base. The 3rd base Ump signal an out and the inning was over, so everyone thought.

Wright came back out on to the field and started chewing out, not the Umpire, but Held, claiming he shoved her off the base before the flyout, there fore causing her to e out.. Held started jawing back claiming she left early, and in the middle of the arguement, appearently Held took a swing at Wright. The 3rd base ump ran both players out, immediately, though Wright took a swing at Held while beign restrained by Jennifer Martin and Sarah Boland. The Taeshani Umpire at home after talking with both benches and the other umpires, waved off the double play, and declared that since it couldn't be determined if Wright left early or if she was pushed, a pinch runner would be placed at 3rd in place of Wright and there were 2 outs. Kiersten Johnson took Wright's place, but was stranded when Rachel Crockett popped out to Travis Seals ending the inning.

In the 9th, Eric Catalano got Sarah Boland and Natalie Monroe to fly out to center and then struck out Jennifer Bennett to end the 2-0 game.

While Held and Wright were ejected as was Newmanistan's Coach, the WBC hasn't offically come down with any suspensions for the incident between Wright and Held. Christina Sanders is expected only to be fined the maximum $500.00.

After all that fuss, The wombats still have a game against kenavt tommorrow and they conclude with Secristan. The way this group has gone, don't be suprised if the final game determines the gorup champions.


Newmanistan 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Green wombat 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 X 2
18-02-2009, 09:06


(ooc: This game took place on Independence Day in Newmanistan)

Rockport, Qazox- So, you were expecting a round two between Newmanistan and Secristan and were disappointed only to get a shouting match between two players? Well as it turned out such extracurricular activity was only delayed a day as the Rockets got into it with the Wombats as a result of some, to be nice, “questionable” umpiring decisions. While this action is always just a formality and never amounts to anything in baseball, Newmanistan has placed the game under protest. According to Christina Sanders, whom we spoke to after the game after she had calmed down, “You have close judgement calls, that maybe could go either way, then you have blatant incidents. Perhaps Taeshani umpires, given their baseball rivalry, and in reality, baseball jealousy of us, should not be assigned to games of ours any longer. The result is what it is, I know these protests will never change results, but let’s be sure that these umpires today do not call another game involving us. If they must be used, assign them to the meaningless games in the last two matchdays. And I sure the hell hope they won’t be calling anything once the playoffs begin. As bad as the fourth and fifth inning calls were, what happened in the eighth was absolutely inexcusable.”

The incidents put a damper on what was an important game for both teams. It will infuriate (and inspire?) the Rockets and it will cloud the legitimacy of Green Wombat’s victory. Eric Catalano was on the mound. Oh boy, remember him? Yep, it was in the Group Stages of World Baseball Classic 9 where Catalano pitched against the Rockets. In that game, he had a complete game shutout, and allowed only two hits, and struck out thirteen. Coming off of that in this WBC, he was obviously coming into the game with a ton of confidence, and the Rockets looked forward to their second chance. No way Catalano could do it again, right? Well, according to Hellispont Times-Herald, Catalano pitched the game of his life last night. He was great, but we’ll file it as the second greatest game of his life. Though obviously it comes with great controversy, Catalano now has pitched 18 scoreless innings against the Rockets, with just eight hits allowed. Catalano clearly is to the Rockets as Stacey Keisler is to Qazox. Rockets fans are probably wondering, why isn’t this guy #1 in Green Wombat’s rotation? Every pitcher in baseball just has that one team that brings out the best in him, obviously for Catalano, that team is the Rockets. Hopefully, we will not have to see this guy again during the WBC. He was opposed tonight by Courtney Lombardi, who pitched effectively against the Wombats in the first meeting, and came away with a no decision.

Courtney had gotten off to great start in getting through the order the first time without a baserunner, but it would fall apart in the 4th inning. Aaron Clemente led the inning off with a double, and had moved to third on a ground out. After a routine flyout to left, a laser of a throw by Jennifer Martin would double up Clemente, who had attempted to tag up and score for the third out of the inning. Well, that is what should have happened. The home plate umpire ruled that Jennifer Bennett did not have control of the ball during the collision at the plate and inexplicably ruled Clemente safe. If it were not for what would happen later in the game, this would have to be the worst blown call of the entire WBC so far. We are sitting here watching these replays in super slow-motion wondering what this umpire may have seen to have made this call. Obviously, Bennett had the ball the whole way, but we wanted to try and give the ump the benefit of the doubt. We simply cannot, there was no justification for this bad call at all. On a play like this, when you are the umpire and you do not definitively see the ball come loose, you cannot rule the baserunner safe. Christina Sanders, was livid and stated her case emphatically, but of course, the umpire wasn’t going to have anything to do with it. Sanders was tossed, and several Rockets fans threw items onto the field, causing a delay in the action. More controversy came an inning later after the Wombats put runners on second and third. A balk was called on Lombardi, allowing Robert Ortega, who had doubled, to score. Perhaps, the Rockets would have let this slide had it not been for the poor call an inning earlier, but Lombardi was ticked off and gave the umpire an earful before acting coach Carrie Lynsder calmed her down. Lynsder also was sure to get in some words to the same umpire before she returned to the dugout.

When the Rockets were finally able to score against Catalano, they, officially, did not. Down 2-0 in the eighth, Brittany Wright tried to spark a rally by delivering a one-out ground rule double to right field. She was upset with the ball bouncing over the fence, as this may have well been her second inside the park home run had it not. But she retreated to second, and took third on a steal. After a walk to Jennifer Martin, Carrie Nicolette hit a sacrifice fly to pull the Rockets to within a run. But, not really. Andrew Held “Accidentally” bumped into Wright causing her foot to lose contact with the bag, apparently, as she tagged up. Knowing what he did, Held called for the ball from the catcher and Wright was ruled out. The third base umpire apparently missed the push, but Brittany Wright certainly did not. She charged at Held and did a little more then push him in retaliation. Some punches were thrown, and the benches would clear. Here we go again. Wright was ejected, as was Held, and the umpire decided that he would “compromise” and put a runner on third with two outs. Are you kidding? By making this decision, the umpire is therefore admitting that he missed the call and he could not determine if the runner left early or was pushed off. If this is the case, as an umpire, you do not call the runner out, nor do you put them back at third. The runner scores. It was a lot like the scenario with Jennifer Bennett earlier. Naturally, Green Wombat got out of the inning, but not before another bad call. A Rachel Crockett hit that bounced just in front of the third base bag in fair territory was ruled foul by the very same umpire after the second bounce, on the outfield grass, was in foul ground. By this point, the Rockets had given up their arguing. It was obviously pointless. After a questionable strike on a 3-1 pitch that looked to be ball four, Crockett popped out to end the inning. Such ends the game an inning later.

The Rockets stopped short of saying the umpires were the reason that they loss as several comments alluded to them putting themselves into those situations, but deep down you could see how visibly upset these players were inside by the terrible calls. The game is under protest by Christina Sanders, who knows that the score will not be reversed, but wants to see these umpires banned from the WBC.
San Castello
18-02-2009, 12:46
Umm... I think its the rules to nor RP when you lose right?
18-02-2009, 13:43
No way! You can always RP, win, lose, or...draw, I guess, though that shouldn't be relevant here. :p
18-02-2009, 14:42
Megan’s Space

Since a 4-1 first half start, the second half has seen has only win once over the three games. We have fallen to 5-3, and are presently in a three-way tie for second place. Should we beat Liventia in our next game, we would then only be in a tie with Milchama, and even though we would not have that tiebreaker, it would make a big difference in finishing 3rd and 4th. If the playoffs started now, we would be seeded 12th of 16 teams and end up with a first round series against Newmanistan. That would be an exciting series for us given that they are also a team of all women, but we would rather not have to deal with the Rockets right out of the gate. The third place team in our group, Milchama, would play Secristan. So if that were us, then we would have the Millionaires. We have clinched the playoff spot, which is very good to know, but the odds are that we will most likely have to play a very good team in the first round. That’s the way it goes, though, and if we have to play a team like Newmanistan early, so be it. We have our own dreams to work on.

The second half of our schedule started with a 5-3 defeat at the hands of Taeshan in thirteen innings. It was a pretty good game I suppose, but it needed a better outcome. We got off to a pretty start in the second inning, and I personally picked up a pair of RBI’s, but all that would be very short lived. Meghan Corrigan had pitched great over the first six innings of the game, and then you all know what happened next. When a team hits back-to-back-to-back home runs, it is a special achievement, and something that in my professional career is something that I have been a part of just twice. I am sure this was very exciting for their players to be able to do this on the world’s greatest stage, but the fact that Meghan is the one serving them up will not make them highlights that we will want to watch. I think we did a pretty good job not letting them take the lead and get too much momentum off of that for a while, but we could not score one more run. It ends up being quite a frustrating loss. Following that, our 6-3 loss to Milchama was our dud of the World Baseball Classic. Nothing went right. Rachel (Andrews) did not have her best stuff, and when you fall behind 4-0 after three to a team like that, it’s a pretty steep hole. Even though we did get back all the way to 4-3 and generated excitement for our fans for a while, it still wasn’t our day.

We were able to keep this from developing to a second half collapse to the proportions of the soccer team’s World Cup 43 fortunes. 0-7 Mantwenic was the next opponent, and this was clearly a game that we could not afford to lose. Winning the game would mean that we would officially clinch our playoff spot, which is a pretty good step for a team that only got to play the first two preliminary games of World Baseball Classic 9. Morgan Klein pitched very well for us, but I think she will tell you that the batters that she was facing was not quite at the same level as the other teams in our group. She did get a complete game shutout, so let’s all congratulate her on that. She struck out eleven, I have been told, but while I was in the outfield watching her mow those guys down it was like she struck out 27. I actually only had to make two defensive plays in this entire game, that’s how good she was. I didn’t contribute much with the bat either, getting a lone single in four at bats, but credit Christina Barrett on her 4-for-4 with four stolen bases and scoring all three of our runs. That’s what a great leadoff hitter can do for you, and I know there are some with bigger reputations in the WBC, but hopefully Christina can rightfully add her name to that list. The next game against Liventia is critical for us. If we do get the win, then we will have beaten everyone in the group at least once, which will be good to generate confidence for us. We aren’t lacking that though. We know we can win every time we go out there on the field.
18-02-2009, 14:51
Woodstock Daily Mail

Stars win marathon, close in on group title

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

FROMBURG -- The only Sarzonian starter to have a shaky performance, Brad Badger felt pressure to rebound from having the team's only loss of group play thus far. He answered the bell with eight strong innings, but Alvin Dryden blew a save opportunity in the bottom of the ninth. However, Sarzonia's bullpen and a pinch hit home run by Skip Hale gave the Stars a 5-4 win in 14 innings at Ox-Cola Field.

"We just had to find a way after blowing the lead in the ninth," said manager Jim Paulsen. "Skip just got a hold of one and it was the difference."

Sarzonia took a 4-1 lead in the top of the fourth after four consecutive doubles chased Lovisa's starting pitcher. Baxter limited the world's No. 15 team to just four hits and struck out 12 in eight innings before Paulsen turned matters over to Dryden.

"They had lefties coming up and I figured Dryden would be better for that match up," Paulsen said. "Fortunately, we were able to get out of the mess when Lovisa equalised."

Relief pitcher Roger Tolliver took it from there. He worked four innings to get the win, his first of the World Baseball Classic. He allowed three hits and struck out two. Paulsen said Tolliver "got hot and stayed that way," so he left Tolliver in until the bottom of the 14th when Kerry Clark came in to retire the side in order for his fourth save.

"Games like this can burn a bullpen," Tolliver said. "That's why I wanted to go as long as I could."

As for Hale, he drilled a 2-2 fastball over the fence in left field after pinch hitting for Kate Schmidt.

"I had to get Skip in there," Paulsen said. "He saw the ball well."

"I just wanted to put the ball somewhere and give our guys a chance," Hale said. "Fortunately, it went out."

Sarzonia faces world No. 8 Prux in their next match and can clinch the Group D title with a win and a Qazox loss to the Bluth Corporation. If qualifying ended today, the Stars would have the No. 4 seed and would face Prux, which lost to Qazox 6-4 in 10 innings.

"We've just got to play our game," Paulsen said. "Nothing fancy."
18-02-2009, 21:49
Purple Knights Wion Again

For the seventh time this season the Purple Knights have walked away with yet another big victory. In one of the better groups this year the Knights are pretty much walking away with it. Two games are left for the Knights next Tree Hugging Lesbians and then Milchama. The Knights win there group with a win against the Lesbians. Then if and only if they win Socki Lewis will start at pitcher for the first time ever. The young right fielder has been waiting in the wings ever since he was removed from closing the games when Wi;llie Strava joined the team. Both games should be interesting.

The Liventias and the Knights have been bitter enemies since Taeshan came onto the national scene. The politicians have never gotten along, and the teams love a good fight. The Knights would as many times before win this game though. The Knights scored first with a Zoey Menigen RBI, hitting home Socki Lewis. Then the Liventians tied it in the seventh at 1 with a big bambino by there 3rd baseman, and the Knights would win the game on a fluke hit off of the pitcher Coi Vexcens bat that carombed into the Liventian pitcher and stunned the field long enough for Jay Nedved to score from second.
19-02-2009, 04:15
Umm... I think its the rules to nor RP when you lose right?


It doesn't hurt, and it does help.
19-02-2009, 04:16

It doesn't hurt, and it does help.

OOC: It definitely helps. Look at me! :tongue:
19-02-2009, 04:44
(yes I know its a bit early, but it cannot be helped, sorry.)
19-02-2009, 05:31
WBC10 Wikipage (

All Winners in BOLD
Group A games @ One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas
San Castello - Zwangzug 6-2
Tocrowkia - Colbourne 8-3
Yafor II - Greal 3-2 (11 innings)

GROUP B Games @ Hastings Park, Rockport
Newmanistan - Lurikastan 11-3
Secristan - Cookesland 9-4
kenavt - Green wombat 8-2

GROUP C games @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
Milchama - Mantenwic 6-2
Cassadaigua - Liventia 5-3
Taeshan - Tree Hugging Lesbians 5-1

GROUP D games @ Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg
Patetopia - Lovisa 3-1
Sarzonia - Prux 5-3
Qazox - Bluth Corporation 7-4

Teams in BLUE have clinched playoff berth.
Teams in BOLD have clinched Division Title.
Tocrowkia 9-0 1.000 55 25 +30
Zwangzug 7-2 .778 45 25 +20
Yafor II 4-5 .444 30 33 -3
San Castello 3-6 .333 25 40 -15
Colbourne 3-6 .333 33 42 -9
Greal 1-8 .111 21 44 -23
San Castello ahead of Colbourne based on H2H Sweep.

Green wombat 8-1 .889 46 15 +31
Newmanistan 7-2 .778 53 19 +34
Secristan 7-2 .778 46 21 +25
kenavt 3-6 .333 22 43 -21
Cookesland 2-7 .222 23 48 -25
Lurikastan 0-9 .000 17 61 -44
Newmanistan is ahead of Secristan based on overall PD (+26 - +20) as H2H RD (0-0) and H2H record (1-1) is tied.

Taeshan 8-1 .889 49 22 +27
Milchama 6-3 .667 44 25 +19
Cassadaigua 6-3 .667 31 23 +8
Liventia 5-4 .556 45 31 +14
Tree Hugging Lesbians 2-7 .222 18 45 -27
Mantenwic 0-9 .000 15 56 -41
Milchama ahead of Cassadaigua based on H2H RD (7-5); as H2H record is tied 1-1.

Qazox 7-2 .778 51 27 +24
Sarzonia 7-2 .778 39 29 +10
Prux 5-4 .556 39 34 +5
Bluth Corporation 5-4 .556 36 31 +5
Lovisa 2-7 .222 22 41 -19
Patetopia 1-8 .111 25 50 -25
Qazox is ahead of Sarzonia based on Overall RD (+24 - +10) as H2H (1-1) and H2H RD (7-7) is tied.
Prux is ahead of Bluth Corporation on H2H RD (9-8) as H2H is tied 1-1.

Playoff Clinching Scenarios for MD10:
(note NOT all scenarios are shown)

San Castello clinches playoff berth with win over Yafor II OR Colbourne loss to Zwangzug.
Colbourne clinches playoff berth with win over Zwangzug AND San Castello loss to Yafor II.
Green wombat clinches Group title with win over Secristan.
Newmanistan clinches Group title with win over kenavt and a Secristan win over Green wombat.
Secristan clinches group title with win over Green wombat and a kenavt win over Newmanistan.
kenavt clinches playoff berth with win over Newmanistan OR a Cookesland loss to Lurikastan.
Cookesland clinches playoff berth with win over Lurikastan AND kenavt loss to Newmanistan.
Sarzonia clinches group title with win over Bluth Corporation and a Qazox loss to Patetopia.
Qazox clinches group title with win over Patetopia OR Sarzonia loss to Bluth Corporation.

Note: In case of a kenavt/Cookesland tie-breaker, the First TWO tie breakers (H2H results and H2H RD) will not be used, as the two teams would be tied. The tiebreakers between the two will begin with Overall Run Differential, and so on until the tie is broken.
Note: In case of a possible 3-way tie amongst Newmanistan/Green wombat/Secristan. every tie-breaker excepting the FIRST (H2H results, as those would be tied 2-2-2) will be used in determining the group champion, then the process will be used, if needed, to determine playoff seedings.

(teams in italics have NOT clinched playoff berth)

Tocrowkia 9-0
Green wombat 8-1
Taeshan 8-1
Qazox 7-2
Newmanistan 7-2
Secristan 7-2
Zwangzug 7-2
Sarzonia 7-2
Milchama 6-3
Cassadaigua 6-3
Liventia 5-4
Prux 5-4
Bluth Corporation 5-4
Yafor II 4-5
San Castello 3-6
kenavt 3-6
19-02-2009, 05:49
(ooc: Due to Work related issues, the 1st round games will take place on the 20th (friday night); while the 21st (originally the day for the 1st round); will be an off day. I apologize in advance for the change, but I have no idea when I'll be coming home on Saturday from Work.)
19-02-2009, 06:05 Coverage
Qazox Buries Bluth-Corp. takes over Top spot in Group

A six-run 3rd inning broke open a 1-1 game and allowed Qazox, for the time being, to take over the Group D lead, after Sarzonia fell to Prux earlier in the day.

After a lead off HR by B.C's Kevin Hurst, Rick Highfield knucked down retiring 16 of the next 18 batters he faced, before allowing a 2-run shot to Alexander Beadles in the 7th making it 7-3, ending Highfield's day. Qazox rallied in the top of the 2nd, with 3 single, the third of which, by Kyle Bryon, drove in Hank Yans, tying the game at 1-1.

In the top of the 6th, Darren Pew started the expolsion, with a 12-pitch walk, which included fouling off 3 consecutive 0-2 fastballs. After Pew stole 2nd base, the fun really began. Herman Doane, Douglas Ellenburg and Yans each homered, back-to-back-to-back, chasing Thomas Shelton, after just 2+ innings of work and Qazox leading 5-1. After Karl McLain struck out Angel Monks, Clark Petrie, Kyle Bryon and Mickey Weatherby each hit back-to-back-to-back doubles making it 7-1. McLain would get Johnnie Bannon and Pew to ground out, ending the big inning. McLain would pitch the next 3 innings, allowing just 3 more hits, all singles.

After the 2-run shot by Beadles, Nathaniel Schuyler came in and ended the B.C. threat striking out Jared Ritchie and Joseph Coomer. Schuyler would allow a run in the bottom of the 8th, on a misplayed fly-ball by Darren Pew and a wild pitch. Jackson Throne then came in with the score 7-4 and retired the final 5 batters for the save.

Now there is only one more game left before the playoffs, and Qazox needs to beat Patetopia. However, the management is stating that the reserves will play, with Yans catching behind the plate. The Line-up for tommorrow's game (ooc: and only for MD 10) will look like this:

Annabelle Lucien- CF
Victor Young- 2B
Sean Schell- SS
Hank Yans- C
Alvin Kulesza- RF
Randy Michaels- 3B
Clayton Sommerfeld- LF
Glen Barter- P
Oliver Tyes- 1B

The game will be historic as Annabelle Lucien will become the 1st Qazoxian female to start for the Pheonix. Lucien has played sparingly this WBC, so far, but when she has had an oppertunity, she's made the best of it. Rumors are that Darren Pew would be retiring after this WBC, and Lucien might take his place in 2 years for WBC XI.
19-02-2009, 06:09
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Colbourne 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 3 5 0
Tocrowkia 1 0 2 0 3 0 1 0 1 0 8 11 0

WIN: Tommy Thunder (3-0)
Hoyt Klaus 1 (2), Johnny Stryker 1 (6), Willhelm Dynrus 1 (1)

Matchday Nine saw the Nordics win handily, 8-to-3 again Colbourne. Tommy Thunder once more pitched a commanding 7 1/2 innings, beginning the game in style by striking out the side on nine pitches. Willhelm Dynrus hit a 0-2 pitch over the right-field wall in the bottom half for his first home run in his WBC career, while Hoyt Klaus hit a two-run jack to left in the 3rd and Johnny Stryker hit a three-run bomb into the right field seats. Though Colbourne managed to scrape together three runs, it just wasn't enough against the Nordics whom have been hot all WBC long.

With the impressive 9-0 record, they have surpassed everyone's expectations but their own. "We always knew we were capable of this." Jill Haviland sad after the game. "And we want to build on the success we've had in the last three tourney's." She ended. And now, for the final match in group play the Nordics look to take on a demoralized Greal squad. A victory against them could lower the Nordics seeding, but the players are confident. Johnny Stryker said "We're ready to go out there and finish this thing off against Greal. We're going to give our fans that have been great with their support something to cheer for in the final day of pool play. I have my full confidence that Jeanna can go out there and get us that final W."
19-02-2009, 06:38
Pawtucket Times
Power Stun Streaking Stars.

Trailing 3-2 with 1 out, Prux looked like they were to fall back under .500 in the WBC, when a mis-jugded fly ball dropped in, sparking a 3-run rally against Alvin Dryden, as the Power best group leader Sarzonia 5-3.

Both teams got off to good starts, as both teams scored a run in both the 1st and 2nd innings. Prux got their 1st run on a bases-loaded, 2-out walk by Brad Baxter to Gerald Schlegel. Sazrzonia's Dewey Griffin launched a 328-ft HR into right field, that just cleared the fence to tie it a 1-1 in the bottom of the 1st. In the second, the teams traded HR, Prux getting rare HR from Kenneth White, while the Stars answered with a shot by Kate Schmidt. After the mini-HR derby in the 2nd, the pitchers, Timothy Eskew and Baxter settled down and the score remained 2-2 into the 6th.

In the Sarzonian 6th, a lead-off double by Mark Dwight was followed by a Schmidt single, scoring Spontanelli. But that would be all the Stars would get, as Tyrell Gordon grounded into a 3-6-3 DP and Drew Bradley struck out.

In the 8th, the Stars would threaten again, forcing Eskew out of the game with 1 out and the bases loaded. Victor Dorman came in and on the first pitch got Skip Hale to pop-out to short and then got Mark Dwight to weakly ground out to first, ending the Stars' potentially big inning.

In the 9th, after Alvin Dryden got Steven Fenn looking on a called 3rd strike, the strangeness began. Gerald Schlegel launched what looked like an easy fly ball to left center-field, but Tyrell Gordon and Drew Bradley miscommunicated with each other as to had the ball and it fell in front of Gordon, as Schlegel wound up on 2nd on the bloop-double. As the saying goes, 'when it rains, it pours'; and that truism was never more true that in the 9th.

After Schlegel's double, Roy Chong singled to right, making runners on 1st and third. afer an intentional walk to Kenneth White, possibly to set up a game-ending DP, up stepped PH Alan Begin, whose heroics of the other day were still in the minds of Power fans. Begin though struck out and now there were 2 outs.

Christopher Burnside came up next and sliced a double just over the head of Hank Everly at 1st, and when the smoke cleared, it was 4-3 Prux, with runners on 2nd and 3rd. After Dryden was replaced with Kenny Spencer, a single by Travis Gill made it 5-3, and Robert Looney flied out to left ending the strange inning.

Alan Nicely came in an after walking the lead off batter, retired the next three on 2 fly balls and a groundball right back to the pitcher, and Prux walked away with a 5-3 win.


Prux 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 5
Sarzonia 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 3
WP: Victor Dorman (1-0)
LP: Alvin Dryden (0-1)
Sv: Alan Nicely- 3

Prux: (5)
Gerald Schlegel- (walk- 1st); Kenneth White- (HR 2nd); Burnside-2 ( Double 9th), Gill (single-9th)
Sarzonia: (3)
Dewey Griffin- (HR 1st); Kate Schmidt-2 (HR 2nd, Single- 6th);

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (4)
Burnside-2 (Double 1st and 9th); Kenneth White- (HR 2nd); Gerald Schlegel- (double- 9th)
Sarzonia: (3)
Dewey Griffin- (HR 1st); Kate Schmidt-2 (HR 2nd,); (Mark Dwight -6th)

Pitching Summary:
Timothy Eskew: 7.1 IP, 9 H, 3 ER, 3 R, 6 K, 2 BB, 117 pitches, 32 BF
Victor Dorman: 0.2 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 0 K, 0 BB, 7 pitches, 2 BF
Alan Nicely: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 0 K, 1 BB, 22 pitches, 4 BF

Brad Baxter: 8.0 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 2 R, 10 K, 2 BB, 116 pitches, 34 BF
Alvin Dryden: 0.2 IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 2 R, 2 K, 1 BB, 37 pitches, 6 BF
Kenny Spencer 0.1 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 1 R, 0 K, 0 BB, 8 pitches, 2 BF
Green wombat
19-02-2009, 06:49
Hellispont Times-Herald
Held Suspended, Wombats defeat kenavt

Good news and bad news. First the good news! the wombats rolled over kenavt 8-2 to improve to 8-1 in the WBC. The bad news, Andrew Held will not be around for the next three games. Held, who was kept out today's game by the management, will miss the Secristan game tommorrow for his role in the fight with Newmanistan's Brittany Wright yesterday. The WBC has suspended Held 1 game for his actions. But the Green wombat Baseball Federation has suspended Held for an additional 2 games for instigating the events. No word from Newmanistan or the WBC about any suspension for Ms. Wright, but considering she was struck first, no suspension is probaly forthcoming.

Now with the game against Secristan tommorrow, the wombats will be without one of their best hitters. If the wombats win that game, they will assure themselves of no worse than the #3 seed and could finish as the #1 seed, if Tocrowkia is upset by Greal and Taeshan loses to Milchama. But if the Wombats lose, and the tiebreakers in a 3-way scenario with Newmansitan and Secristan don't go their way, they could slip as low as the #8 seed. The expected pitching match-up is Howard Lheureux vs. Paul Newkirk, which does favor the Millionaires, as the Wombats do struggle with lefties.


Green wombat 2 0 1 1 1 0 2 0 1 8
Greal 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2
19-02-2009, 07:59


Rockport, Qazox- Excellent umpiring tonight. Well, it was pretty routine for the umps, but after what we deal with against Green Wombat, an ordinary performance will look like a masterpiece. Tonight’s game featured Newmanistan and Lurikastan for the second time, and I am sure you will remember what happened the first time these two countries met. With Kristen Haynes on the hill, the Rockets looked to extend their domination of Lurikastan. This time, Lurikastan got baserunners and managed to score a few runs. But they still lost by eight. The end result is an 11-3 victory for the Rockets, quickly erasing this two-game losing streak. Some people were wondering with the Green Wombat team-imposed suspension of Andrew Held, that if the Rockets were going to do the same thing, or something similar. Nothing was expected, so when Kiersten Johnson took centerfield, it came as a surprise. Then the shot of the dugout not showing Christina Sanders also was unexpected. The Empress had in fact, ordered team-imposed suspensions as well. Sanders would be held out of this game and Carrie Lynsder would coach. Brittany Wright is being held out of this game as well as the finale against Kenavt. The Empress explained why she did this, “This was our second brawl of the WBC. We didn’t impose any suspensions after the first one. The umpiring was pathetic, and we are still waiting to hear about the future of the crew that worked the Green Wombat game. But at the same time, we cannot be getting a reputation as brawling team. We had one in World Baseball Classic 9, too. This is a message to everyone that we need to control our anger and I hope that they understand that.”

The team seemed to understand why the decision was made. And really, with the final two games against weaker opponents, this probably won’t be as significant of a deal for Newmanistan as it will be for Green Wombat, who is pulling Held out of the game against Secristan. Kiersten Johnson was excited about her opportunity. Kristen Haynes was also very excited, because she was getting Lurikastan after Stacey Keisler had tossed perfection against them. How much longer would the perfect streak against Lurikastan go? Well, two batters. The third batter of the first inning blooped in a two out single into the right field, but the Haynes would fan the next batter. After going down in order in the first, the Rockets gave some run support for their pitcher in the bottom half of the second inning. Rachel Crockett and Sarah Boland led the inning off with a pair of doubles. Crockett’s was down the left field line, and Boland’s went off the center field wall for the first run of the contest. Natalie Monroe then delivered a single up the middle, and Boland wisely held at third. After Jennifer Bennett lined out to first, Tara Cuyler sent the ball a long way. High over the left field fence to put Newmanistan up by the score of 4-0 with the three-run blast. But we were not done. Caitlin Peters then singled and stole second, and would score on a single by Kiersten Johnson. Johnson can run as well, and stole her way to third just like Wright would have done. She would score on a sac fly to make it 6-0. Lurikastan tried to get under the skin of the Rockets apparently when their catcher threw the ball to third to see if Johnson left the bag too soon. This time, the Rockets got the safe call, and the crowd, depending on who they were rooting for either loudly cheered or booed this throw. Nicolette and Crockett picked up back to back singles as the inning continued, but the 11th player up in the inning, Sarah Boland, would fly out to left. Lurikastan picked up two runs in the top of the third as what can happen a lot of times to a pitcher when they are in the dugout that long without throwing. The bottom of the 2nd took 34 minutes, officially. Haynes walked the first two batters of the inning, but then surrendered a two-run double to make it 6-2. She would pitch herself out of it with no further damage.

The game remained 6-2 until the bottom of the fifth inning, where Newmanistan would extend the lead. Natalie Monroe and Jennifer Bennett led off with singles, and both scored on a 2-run double by Tara Cuyler. That would be RBI’s number four and five for Tara. An inning later, the Rockets put another one on the board thanks to an RBI double by Carrie Nicolette which had scored Jennifer Martin, who had a single earlier in the frame. With the score 9-2 in favor of the Rockets after six, the game was theirs, and Carrie Lynsder made some substitutions to the lineup just to get playing time for some of the bench players. Sarah Conrad, Jennifer Dawkins, Stacie Gallant and Meghann Carrillo all got into the game defensively in the top of the 7th inning, and the fact that Lurikastan got a solo HR against Haynes didn’t have any demoralizing effect on the team. In the bottom of the 8th, these players made the most of their opportunity to play by adding some runs. Sarah Conrad led the inning off with a single, and would move to second on another single, this by Jennifer Dawkins. Caitlin Peters and Kiersten Johnson were retired for a couple outs, but then Meghann Carrillo would have her biggest hit to date of the WBC, delivered a well struck double off the left field wall. A couple more feet, and perhaps this would have been a three run homer, but she will take the two-run double to make it 11-3. Erica Hilton then got her very first at bat, pinch hitting for Carrie Nicolette, though unfortunately for her, she could only ground out to second. It didn’t really matter, Newmanistan had handily defeated Lurikastan once again. This time, by eight runs. It wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t need to be.

Christina Sanders will resume her duties as the head coach of the team for the group finale against Kenavt, and announced a different lineup then we are accustomed to seeing for the game. Here is that lineup:

1) Caitlin Peters- 1B
2) Jennifer Martin- LF
3) Carrie Nicolette- 2B
4) Rachel Crockett- CF
5) Sarah Boland- 3B
6) Tara Cuyler- SS
7) Meghann Carrillo- RF
8) Sarah Conrad- C
9) Pitcher (Sarah Brayton)
19-02-2009, 08:47
Mr. Alex Roger Bonds

Re: Officiating of the Green Wombat- Newmanistan Game, Matchday 8 of World Baseball Classic 10 and other incidents this World Baseball Classic.

After reviewing the game footage, and talking with the head of umpiring, Mr. Raymond Charles; the Office of the WBC President has decide to take the following actions all effective immediately:

Action 1: The Taeshani umpiring crew who were in charge of the Green Wombat- Newmanistan Game shall be suspended for the remainder of the tourney, without pay, and are being sent home.

Action 2a: Starting with the World Baseball Classic 10 playoffs, each team's manager will be allowed ONE replay challenge per 9 innings to challenge a questionable call. In the event of an extra inning game, the Home plate umpire shall use, at his/her discretion, the replay on any questionable calls. The length review of the challenge shall not last longer than 90 seconds.
Action 2b: The ONLY challengable calls that can be reviewed shall be the following:
a: Fan Interference.
b: Fair/Foul calls of homeruns and balls hit down the foullines.
c: Clearing of the yellow line of homeruns.
d: Plays at the plate involving dropped balls and runners touching the plate.
Action 2c: The following calls SHALL NOT be eligible to be reviewed:
a: Entrapment of a flyball.
b: Touching of a base during double-plays.
c: Calls at ANY base involving: Tagging up, steals, or if a runner touches the base before the ball is caught for an out at ANY base.
d: Balks

Action 3: Any player(s), manager(s) or other team personel ejected from a WBC game for fighting will be subject to the following penalties:
a: 1st offense: 2 game suspension.
b: 2nd offense: 5 game suspension.
c: 3rd offense: suspended for remainder of current tourney plus first 2 games of the subsequent WBC.
d: 4th offense: lifetime ban from participating in the WBC, or coaching in WBC.

Action 4a: Umpiring crews will be reviewed after every day of games, rather than one every week for the following:
a: Accuracy of balls and strikes.
b: Control of game (i.e.: Not allowing fights, limiting hit-batters, speed of play, etc.)
c: Limiting officiating errors.

Action 4b: Any umpiring crew that recieves a failing grade after any day of games, excepting the final day of the WBC tourney, shall be suspended for 2 days of play, and subject to fines totaling no more than $1000.00 (payable to any suitable host nation charity). If the umpiring crew of the final day of the tourney recieves a failing grade, they shall be suspended for the next WBC tourney for 2 days of play, and also subject to fines totaling no more than $1000.00.

Action 5: Any manager or player ejected from a WBC game will be subject to fines totaling NO more than $500.00 of their nations' national currency (payable by that nations' Baseball Federation also to any suitable host nation charity). Any subsequent ejection shall result in a 1-game suspension and an additional $250.00 fine. Additional ejections beyond the 2nd ejection, will result in an additional game added to the suspension and an additional $250.00 fine. (ie: a played is ejected for a 3rd time, the supsension is for 2 games and the fine is $1000.00). The suspensions will carry over into the next WBC, if need be.

Action 3 note: No players from the incident during the Green Wombat- Newmanistan Game shall be affected by this penalty, as they have been dealt with by their own federations.


(ooc: This is an IC post, but by the 'WBC President', which I am, technically, as no one has asked that I step down or decided they want the job)
19-02-2009, 10:07

The Millionaires remained hot in World Baseball Classic 10 by shutting down Cookesland by the score of 9-4. The victory puts Secristan at 7-2, remaining tied with the Rockettes heading into their group stage finale against 8-1 Green Wombat. If the Millionaires win this game, with the likelihood of a Newmanistan win against Kenavt, there will be a three way tie for first between the only teams of the group that are actually worthy of participating in the next round. Should that occur, the three teams would all have 2-2 records against one another for tie-breaking scenarios. The run differential between the teams would be the next factor. Heading into the game, that RD in head to head games has Green Wombat first at +2, then us and the Rockets tied for second at -1. Therefore, should there be a three-way tie, we would finish no worse then second because obviously we would be higher then a –1. Should we defeat Green Wombat by two, then we win the group title. A loss to Green Wombat means we place third. With all of us going to the playoffs, you may ask why it even matters. The first place team is going to get a very bad team in the first round, and one that really has no right still playing after the group stages. As it stands now, that team would be San Castello. Second and third place teams have to deal with a more respectable opponent such as Liventia, Prux, Cassadaigua, or the Bluth Corporation. That is a big difference.

Not to long ago, a Presidential announcement was made concerning the incident between Newmanistan and Green Wombat, and put forth some pretty radical changes. The big one would be the use of instant replay. Plays at the plate would be eligible for a review. This is a major addition to the game, and something that not everyone in Secristan agrees with. Fair or foul home runs, or home runs clearing the yellow line, that’s fine. But we are going to allow a review to see if a runner touched home plate, but if the same exact play happened at third base, we are not? Matthew O’Reilly, the vice president of the Secristan Department of Sports- Rules Division, had this to say, “The only thing we do not really like about this is the home plate issue. If we are going to allow review for plays at the plate, we need to allow then for plays at the other bases, too. The better solution would be to simply remove this clause. Trust it to the umpire, the other provisions in this announcement will do enough to hold the umpire responsible if he missed the call.” O’Reilly also added, “We didn’t have this for nine WBC’s. The umpires in the Rocket – Wombat game were terrible, and they agreed with that by suspending them without pay. The other umpiring crews are doing a great job. All this does is tell those other umpires that we don’t trust you anymore. I have a feeling we will see some upset umpires for the duration of this WBC.”

Pay-per-view purchases for the Green Wombat game are up 35% from the earlier showdown with the team, likely because of the significance of the game. The Secristan Department of Sports have showed the Held-Wright fight over and over to promote the game, and it is believed that has had a lot to do with the increase in sales, a number that should only increase as we get closer to game time.
19-02-2009, 21:52
Purple Knights Win Group

The Knights one yesterdays game against Tree Hugging Lesbians behind reliever Ohmegode Frede who attained his first start as the Manager decided he would save Anthony Rielas for the second round of playoffs at least with the pitching rotation to be turned to decending order in the playoffs. Socki Lewis of course the star outfielder will get his chance now to pitch for the Knights in his first ever start. The Knights will be hoping to set it up just right so that after Coi Vexcen and Rian Willemson pitch in the opener and the quater finals respectively with Zeke and Anthony Rielas coming in the last two game with Rielas only if needed, and then if he does pitch Peters will again pitch to start the semis if he doesn't he will and from then on the team will switch to a 3 man rotation for the last series.

The Knights easily defeated the Lesbians behind there knew starter for the game Frede, and unlike what many thouhgt would happen when they put in the old reliever he could go the distance letting in only 1 run in his 7 innings of work. The Knights were of course not trying to hurt themselves by diving around and stuff, but it was still easy to beat the younger team as they placed the balls right in there gloves with some bad hits and such. The story of the day was of course Frede handiling the Lesbian offense and later Socki Lewis grand salami and later Jay Nedved's homer. Nedved it seems is trying as hard as possible in all the oppurtunities he is being given to pinch hit right now to get a starting position. Many see his effort and hope it is enough someday as he is a great young person.
20-02-2009, 01:15
"Maximus, or maybe Pontifex Maximus, dunno which really-"

"Maybe his family name's Constantine."

"It's not though."

"How do you know?"

"Because San Castellians put their last names last. Look at the Antoni brothers."

"It doesn't have to be the same for everybody in the country. Look at...uh...that one Liventian guy."

"Indeed. Anyhow, whoever he is, digs in to face Nadia Koves. Hot stove rumors have her off to Newmanistan for the foundation of their professional league-"

"No they don't."

"Again, how do you know?"

"Because I asked the Zwangzug commissioner's office and they said they weren't sending anyone to Newmanistan."

"Why not?"

"They'd need some sort of consistent calendar or timescale, and they really can't be bothered to put in that sort of effort."

"I guess not. Anyhow, Maximus--and I'm pretty sure that is his last name--"

"Well of course it comes last--"

"winds and delivers, and it's skied to left..."

"'s not a save situation, so Kirst will get some innings in."

"The bullpen must be tired though, after that extra-inning marathon against the Nordics."

"It didn't go to extra innings."

"It didn't?"

"No, you idiot, the Princess drove in Dyfuse in the eighth, that was the go-ahead run."

"I thought this guy was Group A's token royal?"

"It's a nickname."


"And anyhow, Di Lugio swings and misses horrendously, that'll do it, Zwangzug hoping to climb to a higher seed in the playoff tree."

"How do you climb a tree to get to a seed? The seeds are underground!"
20-02-2009, 05:07
MD 10 Cutoff
Whom will you play in the opening round? Or will you just go home?
20-02-2009, 06:11
WBC10 Wikipage (

All Winners in BOLD
Group A games @ One Tree Bank Park, Las Vitas
Colbourne - Zwangzug 8-2
Tocrowkia - Greal 8-1
Yafor II - San Castello 3-2

GROUP B Games @ Hastings Park, Rockport
Cookesland - Lurikastan 3-1 (14 innings)
Secristan - Green wombat 7-6 (11 innings)
kenavt - Newmanistan 6-3

GROUP C games @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
Liventia - Mantenwic 6-3
Cassadaigua - Tree Hugging Lesbians 4-2
Taeshan - Milchama 7-3

GROUP D games @ Ox-Cola Field, Fromburg
Prux - Lovisa 6-2
Sarzonia - Bluth Corporation 7-6 (10 innings)
Qazox - Patetopia 6-0

Teams in BLUE have clinched playoff berth.
Teams in BOLD have clinched Division Title.
Tocrowkia 10-0 1.000 63 26 +37
Zwangzug 8-2 .800 53 27 +26
Yafor II 5-5 .400 33 35 -2
San Castello 3-7 .333 27 43 -16
Colbourne 3-7 .300 35 50 -15
Greal 1-9 .100 22 52 -30
San Castello ahead of Colbourne based on H2H Sweep.

Green wombat 8-2 .800 52 22 +30
Newmanistan 8-2 .800 59 22 +37
Secristan 8-2 .800 53 27 +26
kenavt 3-7 .300 25 49 -24
Cookesland 2-8 .200 24 51 -27
Lurikastan 1-9 .100 20 62 -42

3-way tiebreaker: H2H is tied 2-2-2 with all three teams.
H2H Overall RD:
Green wombat 10-9 overall
Secristan 14-14 overall
Newmanistan 9-10 overall
Green wombat wins Group title
Newmanistan-Secristan tiebreaker:
Newmanistan +37 RD
Secristan +26 RD

Taeshan 8-2 .800 52 29 +23
Milchama 7-3 .700 51 28 +23
Cassadaigua 7-3 .700 35 25 +10
Liventia 6-4 .600 51 34 +17
Tree Hugging Lesbians 2-8 .200 20 49 -29
Mantenwic 0-10 .000 18 62 -44
Milchama ahead of Cassadaigua based on H2H RD (7-5); as H2H record is tied 1-1.

Qazox 8-2 .800 57 27 +30
Sarzonia 8-2 .800 46 35 +11
Prux 6-4 .600 45 36 +9
Bluth Corporation 5-5 .500 42 38 +4
Lovisa 2-8 .200 24 47 -23
Patetopia 1-9 .100 25 56 -31
Qazox is ahead of Sarzonia based on Overall RD (+24 - +10) as H2H (1-1) and H2H RD (7-7) is tied.
Prux is ahead of Bluth Corporation on H2H RD (9-8) as H2H is tied 1-1.

Playoff seeding
Group winners are seeded 1-4.

Tocrowkia 10-0
Green wombat 8-2 (+30 RD); RA/9I: 1.98
Qazox 8-2 (+30 RD); RA/9I: 2.67
Taeshan 8-2 (+23 RD)
Newmanistan 8-2 (+37 RD)
Secristan 8-2 (+26 RD) RA/9I: 2.48
Zwangzug 8-2 (+26 RD) RA/9I: 2.67
Sarzonia 8-2 (+11 RD)
Milchama 7-3
Cassadaigua 7-3
Liventia 6-4 (+17 RD)
Prux 6-4 (+9 RD)
Bluth Corporation 5-5 (+4 RD)
Yafor II 5-5 (-2 RD)
San Castello 3-7 (-16 RD)
kenavt 3-7 (-24 RD)


ROUND OF 16 matchups: (Single elimination game)
S1: Tocrowkia vs kenavt @ National Stadium, Fromburg
S2: Sarzonia vs Milchama @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
S3: Newmanistan vs Prux @ Hastings Park, Rockport
S4: Taeshan vs Bluth Corporation @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla
S5: Qazox vs Yafor II @ National Stadium, Fromburg
S6: Secristan vs Liventia @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
S7: Zwangzug vs Cassadaigua @ Hastings Park, Rockport
S8: Green wombat vs San Castello @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla

QUARTERFINALS: (Best 2-of-3 series)
QF1: S1 Winner vs. S2 Winner @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
QF2: S3 Winner vs. S4 Winner @ National Stadium, Fromburg
QF3: S5 Winner vs. S6 Winner @ Hastings Park, Rockport
QF4: S7 Winner vs. S8 Winner @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla

SEMIFINALS: (Best 2-of-3 series)
SF1: QF1 Winner vs. QF2 Winner @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla
SF2: QF3 Winner vs. QF4 Winner @ National Stadium, Fromburg

Third Place: (Best 2-of-3 series) @ Pheonix Stadium, Qazox City
SF 1 Loser vs. SF 2 Loser

CHAMPIONSHIP: (Best 2-of-3 series) @ Pheonix Stadium, Qazox City
SF 1 Winner vs. SF 2 Winner

As for the DH rule in the playoffs:
If the higher seed uses the DH normally, then that series will use the DH.
If the higher seed doesn't use the DH normally, then the DH won't be used in that series.
20-02-2009, 06:39 Coverage
Pheonix Pound Patetopia, again. Earn #3 seed

A 6-0 combined shut out as Qazox won Group D and took the 3rd seed, ahead of fellow Q-continuum nation Taeshan, but suprisingly behind Green wombat.

Here's a look at the possible schedule for Qazox in the playoffs (assuming top seeds win

Yafor II (R16)
Secristan (Qtrs)
Green wombat (Semis)
Tocrowkia (finals)

Not easy. In fact New Bruxen Casino has Qazox as the SIXTH favorite to win this WBC at 8-1! Taeshan, suprisingly is at 4-1 as is Tocrowkia. Both Newmanistan and Green wombat are at 5-1 and Secristan and Sarzonia are at 7-1. The longest odds are shared by both kenavt and San Castello at 75-1.

But it doesn't matter at all what the oddsmakers say, Tommorrow every one is 0-0 and every team needs 7 wins to take home the title of WBC 10 champions.

The QSPN Schedule for the Round of 16: (All times are QST)
11:00 am: Sarzonia vs Milchama @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana. (QSPN2)
11:45 am: Zwangzug vs Cassadaigua @ Hastings Park, Rockport (QSPN)
2:25 pm: Secristan vs Liventia @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (QSPN2)
3:10 pm: Newmanistan vs Prux @ Hastings Park, Rockport (QSPN)
6:45 pm: Tocrowkia vs kenavt @ National Stadium, Fromburg (QSPN)
6:55 pm: Taeshan vs Bluth Corporation @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (QSPN2)
10:10 pm: Qazox vs Yafor II @ National Stadium, Fromburg (QSPN)
10:20 pm: Green wombat vs San Castello @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (QSPN2)
Green wombat
20-02-2009, 07:02
Hellispont Times-Herald
Secristan wins in 11, but Wombats earn #2 Seed

The wombats blew a 5-0 lead, and lost to Secristan 7-6 in 11 innings. But thanks to tibreakers over Secristan and Newmanistan, Green wombat won Group B and thanks again to more tie-breakers, took the #2 seed over Qazox based on better RA/9I. So in the next round, the wombats will face (3-7) San Castello. San Castello, is one of the 3 new teams to qualify for the playoffs this time around, joining Sarzonia, the darlings of this tourney, and Cassadaigua, the Cinderellas of the tourney. Adam Moll will take the mound against Johnathan Huber II. If the wombats win this single elimination game, they will take on either Zwangzug or Cassadaigua in the Quarterfinals.


Green wombat 1 4 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 6
Secristan 0 0 3 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 7
20-02-2009, 07:14
Pawtucket Times
Power cruise by Lovisa. Face Newmanistan in next round.

A 5- run 1st let Prux overcome an early 2-0 deficit and finish the qualifying rounds at 6-4, which is impressive, considering the 0-3 start, the Power finished stronger than most everyone and what does that get them? A first round matchup with Newmanistan, probably the most complete team in the WBC.

Manuel Marker will take the mound against Tara Stewart. The Power need to score early and often to have a change against one of the best pitchers to ever compete in the WBC. But the Rockets are just too strong, and the Power will have to pay for their 0-3 opening sin.


Lovisa 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Prux 5 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 x 6
WP: Johnny Wilson (2-0)
LP: Lovisa P #5 (0-2)

Prux: (6)
Steven Fenn 3 (HR 1st), Kenneth White 2 (Double 1st); Joe Lower (HR 4th)
Lovisa: (2)
C- (double 1st), (LF single- 1st)

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (5)
Steven Fenn (HR 1st), Kenneth White 2 (Double 1st, 6th); Roy Chong (double 3rd), Joe Lower (HR 4th); Travis Gill (triple 8th),
Lovisa: (4)
C-2 (double 1st, 5th), RF (Double 4th), 1B (double 9th)

Pitching Summary:
Johnny Wilson: 9.0 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 2 R, 10 K, 4 BB, 141 pitches, 39 BF

P #5: 3.1 IP, 9 H, 6 ER, 6 R, 1 K, 1 BB, 87 pitches, 20 BF
Rel #6: 2.2 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 3 K, 0 BB, 49 pitches, 12 BF
Rel #7: 2.0 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 K, 0 BB, 39 pitches, 8 BF
20-02-2009, 08:27


Rockport, Qazox- The group stages of the World Baseball Classic have come to an end as the Rockets handled Kenavt by the score of 6-3, to finish in a three way tie in the group. Truly, group B was a case of the haves and the have-nots. You have three teams that went 8-2, and all of those losses were against the other teams in the tie. Kenavt gets the best of the rest award as the bottom three teams could only beat each other. It makes you wonder why we even have 16 teams advancing. Kenavt, at 3-7 gets a one-and-done first round meeting with undefeated Tocrowkia. The Nordics will probably win, but if Kenavt gets a fluke result then wow, there’s not going to be many happy souls in Tocrowkia. The one-and-done first round has raised some eyebrows around the Empire given the fact that many of these fourth place teams are not deserving. Newmanistan ends up second with tiebreakers, but if the Rockets should lose their one and done with Prux, expect to here more complaints about the umpiring in the Green Wombat game. If the Millionaires were to lose to Liventia, then, knowing how our neighbors act, expect to see a lawsuit or two concerning the umpires in our game with Green Wombat, because of the way the 3-way run differential tiebreak was decided, they too get adversely affected and can claim that they should have won the group, or finished second. Alex Roger Bonds may be secretly hoping in his cozy executive office that all three top Group B teams make it out of the first round.

As for this game, Christina Sanders returned to guide the team, and used a different lineup. It was a no DH day, so normal DH Caitlin Peters played her customary position of 1B and would lead off as Brittany Wright served the second game of her two-game team imposed suspension. That meant a day off for Natalie Monroe. Meghann Carrillo got her first start in the outfield, and Sarah Conrad started behind the plate in place of Jennifer Bennett. Tara Cuyler, fresh off a five-RBI game against Lurikastan moved up to the sixth slot in the lineup. The Rockets still had many of their core starters going, so it’s not as if this was a complete “B” lineup. In the top half of the second inning, one of those players, Sarah Boland, put the Rockets up in front with a solo HR, but Kenavt answered back right away in the bottom of the second with a run of their own to tie the game. It wasn’t until the fourth inning where the Rockets began to take control of this game. With one away, Caitlin Peters lined a single to left, and stole second base. Jennifer Martin followed it up with a double into the gap to right center field, and Carrie Nicolette would continue the scoring with an RBI single to score Martin. This made it 3-1 before Rachel Crockett grounded into a 4-6-3 double play to end the inning. An inning later, Newmanistan put another run on the board as Meghann Carrillo singled in Tara Cuyler, who had doubled ahead of her.

Through six innings, Newmanistan held a 4-1 lead and seemed to be on their way, but for a brief moment, Kenavt gave them a scare. After retiring the first two batters, Kenavt players pounded out three consecutive doubles to score a pair of runs. They were within one, and after Brayton walked the next batter, Sanders came out to take her pitcher out of the game and go to the bullpen. Carrie Stafford was brought into the game and got the all important third out to hold off the comeback bid of Kenavt. In the top of the 8th, the Rockets got those runs right back. With one away, Carrie Nicolette hit a single that went through the infield. Perhaps a shortstop with greater range would have come up with this ball. Not to worry, Rachel Crockett hit a routine double play ball to third, but the third baseman bobbled the ball and everyone was safe. The frustrated pitcher held his arms out at his third baseman, and then preceded to walk Sarah Boland. With the bases juiced, Tara Cuyler ripped a double to left center to score Nicolette and Crockett. Boland attempted to score on this as well but was thrown out. Christina Sanders casually walked up to the home plate umpire and requested a video review, however she was reminded that review wasn’t starting yet. With a big smirk on her face, as well as the umpire’s face, it appeared as though Sanders did this only for show. Replays likely would have been inconclusive and the play would have stood had they went to it. Kenavt got out of the inning, but could not put up any more runs. After getting the important out in the seventh, Carrie Stafford remained in the game in the 8th, and pitched a 1-2-3 inning before Jill Heisler came in to work the 9th for the save. The victory concludes the group stage, and Newmanistan finishes 8-2 overall.

The 8-2 record, however, is only good enough for the #5 overall seed, since Green Wombat has controversially won the group due to their benefiting of the poor calls in the matchday eight showdown. If the Rockets are frustrated by this, they can take it out on a regional rival of the Wombats, that being Prux. The Power got off to a poor start, but rebounded well and are a dangerous opponent, especially for a one-and-done game. Tara Stewart will be on the mound for the contest.
20-02-2009, 08:34
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Greal 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 3 0
Tocrowkia 3 0 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 8 13 0

WIN: Jeanna Glaus (3-0)
Jill Haviland 1 (5), Johnny Stryker 1 (6)

The final day of group play saw the Nordics roll over the lowly Greal and finish undefeated. The game was rather anti-climatic for what has so far proved to be an amazing WBC for the Nordics. They jumped to an early 3-0 lead with a no out, three-run shot to left-center by Jill Haviland in the first. Johnny Stryker went deep in the third for a two-run shot that dented the foul poll in right, and the Nordics tacked on two more runs before it their offense was done.

The story on the mound was just as impressive. Jeanna Glaus was perfect for five innings before surrendering a single, which would eventually turn into Greal's only run after the batter stole second and scored on a RBI single. The Nordic bullpen, as it has all classic long, took care of the rest and it ended with another fine victory. As the Nordics prepare for the play-offs, the players echoed a quote in QSPN.

"Everyone goes back to 0-0 tomorrow, and we still need 7 wins." Johnny Stryker said. "And everyone always kicks the lid off in the play-offs. And we're no exception. We just need to keep playing like we have, and we'll be fine." The rest of the clubhouse has also expressed a hopeful attitude. We managed to get a rare comment from Hoyt Klaus after the game. "I don't usually pay much heed to numbers, but our record speaks for it self. Like everyone said, I really do think we're going to give our fans something to smile about."
20-02-2009, 10:43
WORKIN’ ON A DREAM- Stacey Keisler- P, Southport
#5 of ??? in a series

Stacey Keisler made World Baseball Classic history in just the second matchday of edition ten by becoming the second pitcher to ever toss a perfect game. Lurikastan was outclassed, and for Stacey, pitching against the best hitters from that country may have been easier then if she were to pitch against the Southport Tigers’ AA affiliate. Considering she had already built up quite an impressive resume heading into the game, Lurikastan was not much of a challenge. In the finals of World Baseball Classic 9, she had a complete game shutout of Qazox, making us wish she could have pitched every game. No offense intended towards those who did. Altogether, going back as far as World Baseball Classic 8, Keisler had allowed just 2 runs in 44 innings of work. That’s a 0.45 ERA against Qazox, Taeshan, Milchama, and Prux. Oh yeah, throw in Lurikastan. Even if you throw in the Secristan game, she still has a 0.72 ERA. Is she the best pitcher in World Baseball Classic history? Well, that’s a big statement, but her name must be part of the discussion of the best pitchers, at the very least.

Other then pitching, Stacey has another gift. Of course, you know what that is. Her stunning physical appearance has allowed her to become perhaps the most well known female in the entire Empire. When she is not pitching, you can find Stacey doing photo shoots for magazines and other print media, as well as appearing in several endorsements. She has even expanded her horizons to the movie industry where she appeared in three films to date, all in mainly an eye candy role. “I have a combined six sentences in the three movies,” she says, “But my friend timed them and said that I am on screen combined for almost half an hour.” Stacey has one rule about any modeling she does, or any kind of character role that she may accept. “Classy. It must be a classy shoot or I want no part of it.” So sorry guys, you won’t be seeing her in RocketPlay anytime soon. “Never!” she exclaimed, “They tried to get me to do it once after the last World Baseball Classic and with the way I told them off, I don’t think they will ever think about calling me again!”

With her level of success on the mound, some feel that Keisler’s modeling is a distraction. Others may not think that, but wonder why she needs to do so much of it. For Stacey, it started as a backup plan. She went to college on a full scholarship for baseball but she felt as though she needed to have something to fall back on. When it was time to declare a major, she picked one. Physics. You see, Stacey is no blonde bimbo, she never used the “I’m an athlete route” to get ahead in life, especially in high school. As much as some people may be surprised by this, high school wasn’t exactly easy for Keisler. “I always wanted to earn what I got. I worked hard and studied hard every night. Then you go to school and the boys are so immature there, only wanting one thing. That, I could deal with. It was the other kids, who without ever talking to me judged me as being a bimbo or worse. And the teachers that looked at you like, yeah, we don’t expect you to do well, we just want you to slide by. For one, for the first three months he acted completely shocked by the fact that I turned in every homework assignment. That’s what I dealt with.” So why did Stacey turn to modeling then if she wanted to be known for more then just her looks? “I was in college. I didn’t have time for a more serious job. I was offered to do a few things. Then I got more and more and I started to like it. I always made sure they were aware of my limitations though. I had friends who were on the baseball team and going to class full time who were working part time jobs, 16-24 hours per week and they had no time for any kind of a life. With modeling, it was maybe like 3 or 4 hours a month, and I would make the same amount or even more money then my friends were. I was dealing with the effects of it in school from the guys, yeah, but I could deal with it and concentrate on physics.” Since then, I have done it just because I enjoy it, and obviously there’s the money end of it, but more because of enjoyment. Stacey does not model for the money. She donates every penny that she earns while doing it to help various charities.

Physics. And she did a pretty good with it too, eventually graduating with a 3.7 GPA and a 4.0 GPA in classes directly pertaining to physics. So is one of the world’s best potential scientists in the wrong profession? Who knows, but we’ll take Keisler for the professions that she is in now. Why physics, we had to ask. She replied, “I was always fascinated with why the ball would do what it did once it left my hand while pitching. Why would a simple wrist movement, or finger location on the ball make such a difference. And how would it act differently if my fingers were in a slightly different position. Then, as far as my release…” We decided to stop her here. You know, when scientists get talking sometimes you can’t get them to keep quiet. She says this knowledge has made her a better pitcher and went into a very technical explanation that made you think she should be wearing thick glasses and a pocket protector. It is another passion of hers, and after her career is over, she plans on going back to school until she gets her doctorate.

She already owns a doctorate in pitching. She has won the league’s Curtis Award (Cy Young equivalent) twice, and has led the Southport Tigers to one championship. When she got to the Tigers, they were a team in complete disarray. That wasn’t going to stop Stacey, and she took on the challenge of turning the Tigers around, and gradually the team did turn the corner. Keisler is fearless, and she brings that approach to the mound on every start. She doesn’t care who she’s going up against, she will not adjust her style. If they beat her, they will be beat her at her best. “I don’t go crazy watching tape. I don’t go crazy studying hitters. I get an idea for their strengths and weaknesses and that’s all I concern myself with. When you, as a pitcher, get away from your strength because you fear what an opposing hitter might do, then that opposing hitter has already beaten you. I know what I got. They know what they got. Let’s see who wins.” More often then not, it is Keisler that wins, whether it is at home, or in the World Baseball Classic. She takes on anyone, fearlessly. Christina Sanders, who also coaches her with Southport, says that Stacey is always exciting, “There are not many pitchers that have the same kind of drawing power that a superstar hitter will have. They always say that fans dig the long ball over good pitching. Stacey Keisler is one of those very few pitchers that does.” How hard is Keisler to hit against? We didn’t need to ask players from other nations. Just take it from Sarah Boland, who plays for Springfield, “Stacey challenges you. It’s really amazing how she never seems to make a bad pitch. No one ever has fun when she is on the mound against us. It’s been fun playing for the national team together to really get to know her very well. I know we’d all love to win a title together.”

If the Rockets win the World Baseball Classic, Stacey promises one thing. “No modeling shoots with the Trophy. It’s a sacred trophy and should not be portrayed in that manner.”
20-02-2009, 22:19
Megan’s Space

The group stage is done, and now just sixteen teams remain. We finished qualifying with a record of 7-3, tying Milchama for second place, although they had the tiebreaker on us. We have drawn comparisons from the Dagan media all World Baseball Classic long between ourselves and our football team that recently participated in World Bowl V. In the World Bowl we went from 1-9 to finishing, well, 7-3. In the World Baseball Classic we went from not advancing out of the preliminary to that same 7-3 mark. Those numbers make the comparisons inevitable, but now it is time for us to separate ourselves from what the football team did. They lost to Qazox in the first round but we do not have any intentions of losing to Zwangzug in the first round. Zwangzug was the winner of the 7th World Baseball Classic back when Cassadaigua was still finding itself as a nation and had not quite taken it’s sporting life to the international level. We are sure that was a great team, but it is in the past, and we are not going to be intimidated by what they may have done before. Our group record was impressive because we were able to beat every team in the group at least once. When we play Zwangzug, it will be a winner take all game, and we will have Meghan Corrigan on the mound for it. Meghan has already proven herself at this level, and Zwangzug isn’t about to intimidate her. In fact, we hope they are ready for what they are about to face. The winner is going to play Green Wombat in the second round. Yes, I am already writing San Castello off. There are some teams in the first round of the playoffs that have no business being here. They are one.

In case you missed it, our final two group stage games were a success. Against Liventia, we had a thrilling rally to win that game 5-3. Despite digging ourselves in a 3-0 hole in that game, falling behind by that score through five innings, we bounced back. Two runs in the sixth when Brittany Knowles had a two-run double, and then we tied up in the 7th. Their pitcher obviously missed with the curveball that he threw me, and as a batter when you get a pitch just hanging their in your wheelhouse, you better be able to take advantage of it, because you’re not going to see another one in your at bat more then likely. I got a great swing on the ball, but I was not quite sure that it was going to get out of the park. I was hustling around the bases thinking that I wanted to try and get three, so I was around first by the time I could see the ball had safely cleared the fence. It’s always exciting to get a big hit like that, and in that situation to tie up an important game was something that was very satisfying. Then with the game tied in the bottom of the ninth, I hit a one out single to try and spark the rally, and from there it was all Courtney (Cutler). She just got one hell of a swing on that fastball. That one I knew was gone as soon it left the bat. A walk-off home run. Those are always fun! That is, if you were on the team that one. After defeating Liventia, we finished off the group stage in round two of heterosexual women vs lesbians. We defeated them by the score of 4-2, with Erica Bellonte giving us another great start, giving up two runs over seven innings. Alyssa Markowitz pitched the 8th and Katie Sanderson closed it out. The big blow for us came in the third inning on a 3-run double by Katie Sheridan. They closed to within 3-2, but in the sixth we remained in front on another big hit by Sheridan, that being a solo HR to give us the victory.

You may have heard the announcement from World Baseball Classic President Alex Roger Bonds concerning the recent incident in a game between Green Wombat and Newmanistan and the terrible umpiring that took place in that game, and our curious to what the general consensus of opinion is about it in our locker room. Well, we like bits and pieces of it, but think that in some areas it does not go far enough. Opponents of instant replay in baseball like to use the word tradition. That we can’t do such and such because they didn’t do it 100 years ago. Let me tell you this. If, 100 years ago, they had the ability to use instant replay, they would have been all over it. We are in definite support of its use, however, we would like to see the one challenge rule per nine inning thing be done away with. Sure, let a team start with one challenge. But if that challenge was successful, then they get another challenge. That trend continues until a challenge would fail. A lot of us would like to see close plays at any base be eligible for a review, not just at home plate. The WBC has also established punishment guidelines for players that are involved in fights. This surprised us simply because these guidelines had not existed until now. Baseball is not hockey, but it can be an emotional game when you’re talking about one pitcher potentially throwing at you in excess of 90 MPH. Tempers can flare. Now, the WBC is telling everyone that you better control that temper or there will be consequences. We are in support of this. We haven’t been involved in any kind of conflict thus far, and we have been put on notice that if we do, we will be punished.

Now, we shall get ready for our big game against Zwangzug. Let us hope there is more baseball to come after this and that this will not be the last game in Qazox for us.
20-02-2009, 23:46

Secristan needed to win by at least two runs to clinch the group. They did not, but don’t let that take away from the terrific effort in which they showed out on the field in rallying from an early 5-0 deficit to prevailing in 11 innings by the score of 7-6. After getting a run in the first inning, the Wombats scored four times in the second inning as Paul Newkirk was unable to find the same kind of stunning form that he showed in the first game. This was a little bit more like the Paul Newkirk that we have become accustomed to seeing. He did not make it out of the inning, although all five runners that scored were his responsibility and therefore charged to him. John Michaelson was never worried, in fact he told us, “If you fall behind by five runs, it’s best to fall behind early. That way you can just gradually chip away and don’t have to feel like you need to get it all back at once. You must prevent them from adding to their lead of course, but when it is early enough, you still have a chance to come back.” Come back, they did, scoring three times in the bottom half of the third inning. It all happened innocently with two outs. Larry Pritchett had an infield single, and then Jason Carlin had a single. Back to bak doubles by Tim McMurtry and ManRod made it a 5-3 ball game. The same suspects sparked the fifth inning rally as well. Pritchett led it off with a double, and two outs later would score on a two run home run by Rodriguez to make it 5-5. In the 6th, Mick O’Rourke put the Millionaires in front with a leadoff triple and then scoring on a sacrifice, though Green Wombat got the run back in the top of the 7th. Secristan got great bullpen work by Robert Curley in this game. He came in during the second inning and remained in the ball game through the seventh inning. Logging these innings was very important, and he eventually gave way to Michael McKeon who pitched the 8th and 9th. Francisco Martinez pitched the 10th, and the 11th would be Chad Jarvis. Michaelson likely would have remained with Jarvis if it were necessary, but it would not be. With one away, Jason Fusco crushed an Ernest Wayman pitch over the center field game and the Millionaires would win the game in walk off fashion, 7-6. Secristan, like Green Wombat and Newmanistan finished group action with an 8-2 record. If they managed one more run in this game, they would have won the group with the tiebreakers. That one run that they did not get puts them in the third position. The 6th- seeded Millionaires will take on 11th Liventia in a winner take all showdown. Ace Steve Jamison will be on the hill and the DH will be in effect.
21-02-2009, 00:43
Woodstock Daily Mail

Stars finish second, face Warriors

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

FROMBURG, Qazox -- Sarzonia finished the group stage of its first World Baseball Classic with a 8-2 record, but due to its plus-11 run differential, it earned the number 8 seed after losing to host nation and two-time defending champions Qazox on tiebreakers.

The Stars will face Milchama (7-3), renewing one of the fiercest sporting rivalries of Sarzonia's previous sporting era. After 10 matches at Ox-Cola Field, the Stars will travel to Estadio Munincipal in Cuidad de Iguana.

"We just go where the organisers tell us," manager Jim Paulsen said. "We just try to put on our kits and get out there."

Starting pitcher John Morgan (2-0) will get the ball for the Stars against the Warriors, who have been unusually quiet in this World Baseball Classic. However, Morgan said he's not deterred by Milchama's reputation.

"We beat the host nation and two-time defending champions," Morgan said. "We split with No. 8 Prux. We're not afraid of any of the teams we could face from here on out. We've earned a little respect out there."

To wit: The Hellispont Times-Herald from Green Wombat described the Stars as "the darlings of the tournament" for the team's success. It's a label that third baseman Katie Schmidt is not comfortable with.

"We haven't proven anything or accomplished anything yet," she said. "If we win the Classic, then you can talk about us like that. But right now, we had a nice little run."

For Paulsen, the team's success is a sign the team has potential.

"We're pleased to see that we've been competitive so far," he said. "Now we want to take it that next step."
21-02-2009, 01:57
(OOC: Shamelessly ripped off from The Loop ('s sports quizzes, if you care...)

The Kerlagrad Courier
The Link: WBC Special

With the playoffs for the tenth World Baseball Classic, our intrepid staff set out to uncover the real truth about the tournament so far. See if you can match our investigative prowess!

1. The champions of Group A, Tocrowkia wear hats that...
a. Along with their jerseys, have served as the basis for uniforms worldwide
b. Feature the logo of twelfth-century Viking sails
c. Are custom-made so as to not disturb the legendary Tocrowkian hair

2. 16th seeds kenavt made the playoffs with a run differential of -24, causing some fans to wonder...
a. If 16 teams is too many for the playoffs
b. How much Tocrowkia need to bother with the next game
c. What "run differential" is

3. Also making the playoffs despite a negative run differential is Yafor 2. The Firebugs' success can be explained by...
a. Experienced pitchers
b. Manufactured runs
c. Bioluminescence; their stadium doesn't have lights

4. Nadia Koves began Zwangzug's scoring in the final group stage game with a home run into the upper deck of One Tree Bank Park. It went surprisingly far, given that the batter was
a. Female
b. Facing a tough Colbourne pitcher
c. Zwangzugian

5. The Zebras have been drawn against Cassadaigua, an all-female side that just defeated...
a. Tree-Hugging Lesbians
b. Bulldozer-Wielding Chauvinists
c. Post-sexual-constructivism Errinundrians

6. The Dagan all-switch-hitting lineup is worrying...
a. Brianna Schneider, who'll start on the mound for Zwangzug
b. Reynolds' bullpen plans
c. Fans who thought that Zwangzug couldn't face Taeshan until the final.

7. WBC President Alex Roger Bonds issued new tournament rules in response to the Rockets' brawl with players from...
a. Green Wombat
b. Secristan
c. West Newmanistan

8. Johnathan Huber, the manager of San Castello's national team, is reminding fans of....
a. Benjamin Isnaris, who returned to the WBC after his birth nation ceased to exist
b. Rints Cothasat, whose homeland probably influenced his roster selections for another country
c. Johann Longbottom, whose baseball ability wasn't worth the trouble he caused the spell-checkers

9. The Sarzonia Stars are succeeding in their first tournament, sort of like...
a. Their football team, which nearly qualified for the World Cup after a long absence
b. Their other-kind-of-football team, which excelled in its first tournament
c. pundit Craig Maddux isn't

10. Newmanistan's Stacey Keisler has drawn international attention for her...
a. Perfect game against Lurikistan
b. Study of physics
c. Attractiveness as compared to Jill Haviland (pictures, right)

[Flip b and c around, it's honestly funnier that way. -ed]

Shut up dude. This is Zwangzug.
21-02-2009, 05:07
RP Cutoff for the Opening Round.

Remember, NO SCORINATION Tommorrow, as I have to work, and don't know when I'll be home. So enjoy the extra day to relax!
21-02-2009, 05:25
(OOC: This ISN'T being counted as an RP...)
QSPN.COM's Predictions:

Jim Gammons: Predicted that Green wombat and Secristan would finish 6-4. (they both went 8-2 and the wombats won their group)

Craig Maddux: Lovisa 5-5. They finished 2-8. And San Castello 1-9, they went 3-7 and made the playoffs.

Will Timmons: Colbourne 6-4, they went 3-7 and missed playoffs and had THL and Mantenwic's record reversed.

GOOD Predictions:
Jim Gammons: Yafor II 5-5 and Prux 6-4.

Craig Maddux: Newmanistan and Taeshan 8-2, and Bluth Corporation 5-5. (but -1pt for predicting a 1st place finish, when the Rockets finished 2nd on tie-breakers)

Will Timmons: Yafor II 5-5, Taeshan 8-2, Qazox 8-2.
21-02-2009, 06:06
Round of 16 SCORES
WBC10 Wikipage (

Games in Red DH.
Games in Black, NO DH.
Winners in BOLD

S1: Tocrowkia vs kenavt @ National Stadium, Fromburg (8-3)
S2: Sarzonia vs Milchama @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (5-4 11 innings)
S3: Newmanistan vs Prux @ Hastings Park, Rockport (5-3)
S4: Taeshan vs Bluth Corporation @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (6-5 12 innings)
S5: Qazox vs Yafor II @ National Stadium, Fromburg (6-0)
S6: Secristan vs Liventia @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (2-0)
S7: Zwangzug vs Cassadaigua @ Hastings Park, Rockport (6-5 12 innings)
S8: Green wombat vs San Castello @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (7-1)

NOTE: The lower seed will be the 'home' team for Game 1 of every series, while the higher seed will be the 'home' team for Games 2 and 3.

QUARTERFINALS: (Best 2-of-3 series, Higher seed listed 1st)
QF1: Tocrowkia vs. Sarzonia @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana
QF2: Taeshan vs. Newmanistan @ National Stadium, Fromburg
QF3: Qazox vs. Secristan @ Hastings Park, Rockport
QF4: Green wombat vs. Zwangzug @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla

SEMIFINALS: (Best 2-of-3 series, Higher seed listed 1st)
SF1: QF1 Winner vs. QF2 Winner @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla
SF2: QF3 Winner vs. QF4 Winner @ National Stadium, Fromburg

Third Place: (Best 2-of-3 series, Higher seed listed 1st)
@ Pheonix Stadium, Qazox City
SF 1 Loser vs. SF 2 Loser

CHAMPIONSHIP: (Best 2-of-3 series, Higher seed listed 1st)
@ Pheonix Stadium, Qazox City
SF 1 Winner vs. SF 2 Winner
21-02-2009, 06:37
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
kenavt 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 3 5 0
Tocrowkia 0 0 2 0 0 4 0 2 0 8 12 0

WIN: Matthew Shaporio (3-0)
Jill Haviland 1 (6), Dmitri Rykov 1 (5)

Before the game, in our last news posting Johnny Stryker said the Nordics would give their fans something to smile about. And that they did, going to work on kenavt and rolling over them right into the quarter-finals. The Nordics started the scoring in the bottom of the third when the Princess of Pounders walloped a two-run homer to left-center. Though kenavt would eventually tie the score, that was quickly erased in the bottom of the 6th when Mr. Clutch jacked a line-drive grand salami to left.

Matthew Shaporio again pitched well, giving up only three runs in 7 1/2 innings pitched while striking out twelve. Now, the Nordics will face the surprising Sarzonia stars in the quarter finals, whom just finished torpedoing Milchama in the first round in an extra inning thriller. But first, an off day gives a chance for the Nordics to prepare for their next opponent. Interestingly enough, the off day gives Paul Rudolf a chance to skip Mercedes Gaunt's start and put Tommy Thunder on the mound against the Stars if he so wished. However, Rudolf dismissed the idea and said Gaunt had his full support. "She's been just as money as everyone else. When she goes out there the day after tomorrow, I really do believe she's going to get us a win."
Green wombat
21-02-2009, 08:58
Hellispont Times-Herald
Wombats into Quarters, face familar foe Zwangzug

A rather easy 7-1 win over (3-7) San Castello puts the wombats into the quartfinals where they will face Zwangzug, a team that has predominately owned the wombats, though they have face each other only 4 times.

A quick history between the Zebras and Wombats:

WBC5 MD1: Zwangzug 8- GW 2
WBC7 QFGroup: Zwangzug 5- GW 2
WBC8 MD2: GW 5- Zwangzug 4
WBC8 MD7: Zwangzug 6- GW 4

The starting pitching matchups for the series are expected to be:
Gm1: Eric Catalano (2-0) vs. Moises Chiszar
Gm2: Kenneth Maclean (2-0) vs. Amber Pastis
Gm3: Howard Lheureux (2-0) vs. Danny Greger

The pitching matchups favor the wombats, as Catalano has turned into quite an effective starter and the Wombats #1 and #2 are matched up with the Zebras #3 and #4 starters. But this series will come down to defense and the Zebras are clearly better in that respect. This series will go 3 games, and the Wombats will advance, but all three games will be very close.


San Castello 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Green wombat 2 0 0 3 1 0 1 0 x 7
21-02-2009, 14:54
Purple Knights Set To Face Rockets

Yet again it is time for the Purple Knights to take on the Rockets from Newmanistan, and for the first time in a long time due to this game the Knights chances to make the final four have dwindled far below what they have been in the past years. The Knights have never fared well against the younger teams frm the land of Newmanistan and yet again it looks like they will streak in to take us down in a three game battle royal its the 4 versus the 5 in a big battle to make the semifinals.

In the final group round game the Knights took on the team from Milchama and for only the second time this season they failed to win. They lost to a long ago rival Milchama with young outfieldedr Socki Lewis barely pitching five full innings before he and most of the starting team were yanked when they started to go down by seven. The backups would fight back, but the team lost there spirit and ended up failing to win the whole game but getting a small mental victory.

In the first game of the playoffs the Knights as the number 4 seed defeated the 13th seeded Bluth Corporation in a do or die 12 inning game that was decided when Socki Lewis smashed one over the fences for a walkoff homer that ended the game with a 6-5 score, but now what the Knights dread doing most has been arranged. The Knights will be taking on the Rockets of Newmanistan a team they have never and may never fair well against. The Knights have probally only once or twice beaten the baseball Knights and this would be a great time to do it again as they are close to not making it to the final 4 for the first time in 6 or 7 Classics.
21-02-2009, 15:07
Woodstock Daily Mail

Stars win marathon

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

CUIDAD DE IGUANA, Qazox -- Designated hitter Skip Hale's 11th inning walkoff home run gave the Sarzonian national baseball team a 5-4 victory over Milchama in the first round of the World Baseball Classic playoffs.

The victory gives Sarzonia (9-2) a date with the only undefeated side left in the World Baseball Classic, Tocrowkia. The Nordics defeated kenavt 8-3 behind home runs by Jill Haviland and Dmitri Rykov, improving their overall record to 11-0. Game 1 is Sunday at Estadio Munincipal.

"We knew going in that this match [against Milchama] was going to be a war," said manager Jim Paulsen. "We're fortunate that we get an extra day of rest to prepare for the Nordics."

Paulsen said Brad Baxter (0-1), who led the Sarzonian Major Leagues with 17 wins in the regular season, would get the start in Game 1 of the series against Tocrowkia. He said Charlie Palmer would start Game 2.

"We want our best starters out there," he said. "This comes close," since the Stars had John Morgan pitching the game against the Warriors. Morgan worked six innings, allowing seven hits and three earned runs. A misplay by shortstop Chris Spontanelli led to an unearned run in the fifth.

However, Hale doubled home two runs in the bottom of the sixth to tie the game at 4-4, leading to his 11th inning heroics.

"I just wanted to put the ball somewhere deep," Hale said of his tape measure shot, well over the fence in left field. "The fact it won us this game is a great feeling."

Third baseman Kate Schmidt said she and the Stars respected the Nordics but weren't intimidated.

"Why would we be intimidated?" she asked. "We've done pretty well here ourselves. We're going to give it everything we've got. We know the Nordics have done a great job so far, but we're not going to back down from anyone."
22-02-2009, 00:25
"Schneider fires it in there for a strike."

"No she doesn't."

"Yeah, she did, the count's two and one now on Katie Sheridan."

"It wasn't fired in there, though. That was a changeup."

"It's Brianna Schneider, does she even have a changeup?"

"Of course. You just missed it."

"This is a breaking ball, for the record, and it...will be driven into right field. Koves tries to chase it down, but Knowles is already in."

"Cassadaigua tie this game up at two runs apiece, but there's a lot of baseball left..."

"...I think Benton's tiring, she's not used to being in this long."

"Yes she is."

"How do you know?"

"She went two innings in Cassadaigua's first game."

"That's not being used to anything, though."

"Anyhow, she winds and delivers."

"Trecarichi...gets good wood on it! Pattison fields it on one hop, she'll avoid the cutoff man."

"No she won't."

"Weston scrambling for it, Schlemmer's getting waved home-"

"There's no real cutoff man, is there?"

"This is not the time. The play at the plate-"

"Cause you know, it's an all-female-"

"Safe! Ken Schlemmer scores, and the Zebras are through to the quarterfinals!"
22-02-2009, 05:16 Coverage
Pheonix into Quarters, Face Millionaires

Back-to Back 6-0 shutouts (the first on the final MD of qulaifying) sees the Pheonix into the Quarterfinals of the WBC. They will take on the Secristan Millionaires, who defeated Liventia 2-0 to advance themselves.

This will mark the first ever meeting between the two teams, at least on the diamond. The New Bruxen Casino has Qazox at 7-5 favorites to win the series, with the line 1-2 that it will go all three games.

The QSPN Schedule for the Quarterfinals: (All times are QST)
Game 1: Taeshan vs. Newmanistan @ National Stadium, Fromburg (12:05 pm QSPN)
Game 1: Green wombat vs. Zwangzug @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (2:45 pm QSPN2)
Game 1: Tocrowkia vs. Sarzonia @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (5:30 pm QSPN2)
Game 1: Qazox vs. Secristan @ Hastings Park, Rockport (8:00 pm QSPN)

Game 2: Tocrowkia vs. Sarzonia @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (12:15 pm QSPN2)
Game 2: Qazox vs. Secristan @ Hastings Park, Rockport (1:30 pm QSPN)
Game 2: Taeshan vs. Newmanistan @ National Stadium, Fromburg (5:05 pm QSPN)
Game 2: Green wombat vs. Zwangzug @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (7:45 pm QSPN2)
Game 3: Green wombat vs. Zwangzug @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (12:10 pm QSPN2)
Game 3: Tocrowkia vs. Sarzonia @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (1:15 pm QSPN)
Game 3: Taeshan vs. Newmanistan @ National Stadium, Fromburg (4:10 pm QSPN2)
Game 3: Qazox vs. Secristan @ Hastings Park, Rockport (5:15 pm QSPN)

NOTE: If there is ONE Game 3 it will start at 6:00 pm on QSPN.
If there are TWO game 3s, one game will start at 4:30pm on QSPN2 and the other will start at 5:00pm on QSPN.
If there are THREE Game 3s, One game will start at 2:10 pm on QSPN2, the next game will start at 3:45pm on QSPN, and the final game will be at 6:00pm on QSPN2.
(Please note that any Qazox Game 3 will be carried on QSPN).
22-02-2009, 06:51
Pawtucket Times
Rockets end Power Trip.

A 5-3 loss to Newmaniatan sends the Power Home early. Since I was too drunk to watch the game after the 3rd inning, when the Rockets had a 5-0 lead and they had chased Manuel Marker, I don't know about the rest of the game.


Prux 0 0 0 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 3
Newmanistan 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 x 5
WP: ??
LP: Marker

Prux: (3)
Newmanistan: (5)

Extra Base Hits:
Prux: (?)
Newmanistan: (?)

Pitching Summary:
Manuel Marker: 2.1 IP, 9 H, 5 ER, 5 R, 1 K, 3 BB, 86 pitches, 19 BF

Tara Stewart: ?? IP, ? H, ? ER, ? R, ?? K, ? BB, ??? pitches, ?? BF
22-02-2009, 08:45


Rockport, Qazox- In a one-and-done contest against a respectable opponent in Prux, a nation who got really hot in the second half of the group stage, Newmanistan took care of business and now gets set for their annual showdown with Taeshan. The Rockets took the game by the score of 5-3, thanks in part to big third inning, in which they scored all their runs, and then holding off a late comeback attempt by the Power. Tara Stewart was the winning pitcher in the contest and now Newmanistan is ready for the Socki Lewis show.

Rockets fans were in Rockport in high numbers, as some people pointed to it being a possible advantage for the team that they did not have to travel following the group stage. Plus, it allowed our supporters to simply extend their hotel reservations by a night to catch the action, leading to a surprisingly pro-Newmanistan crowd even with Prux being a regional rival of Qazox. Power fans simply found out that many tickets that they would have loved to pick up were already picked up by our fans. Prux supporters would not have had much to cheer about anyway, as even though the first two innings were pretty standard scoreless affairs, Newmanistan would explode in the third. Manuel Marker, on the hill for Prux, was able to retire Tara Stewart for the first out of the inning, but then he fell apart. He walked Brittany Wright, and Brittany was able to get in his head by stealing second and third. Marker had attempted nine pickoff throws to first while Brittany was there, and the team even attempted a pitchout. However, Brittany did not go on that pitch. This loss of focus on Jennifer Martin led to her being walked as well. With Carrie Nicolette at the plate, Marker was struggling, working up a 3-0 count to the Rockets second baseman. On his next pitch, assuming Nicolette would have the red light he threw a changeup right down the center of the plate. But Carrie did swing, and hit a hard line drive into the left centerfield gap that would score both Wright and Martin and have Nicolette standing on second base. Howard Bedell began lightly throwing in the bullpen, but they didn’t seem to think they’d have to use him. Rachel Crockett, however, would have a similar at-bat, working up a 3-1 count before she ripped a double off the right field wall to make it 3-0, then after Sarah Boland was walked, Marker was obviously in trouble, but Bedell was not ready yet. Natalie Monroe would then hit the Rockets third double of the inning, this to the left field wall that would score both Crockett and Boland, and the Rockets were now up by five. Prux had seen enough, and Bedell came in. He walked Jennifer Bennett, but then got an inning ending double play on a ground ball to short hit by Tara Cuyler. When the smoke cleared, Newmanistan was up 5-0.

Tara Stewart, after 34-minutes of sitting on the bench, began the top of the fourth a little rusty, with a walk to the leadoff batter Gerald Schlegel, and a single to Steven Fenn. After a conference at the mound with Bennett and the pitching coach, Carrie Lynsder, Stewart seemed to settle in and got the next two batters out, each on a pop fly in the infield. Just when it looked as though she was going to survive the inning, Earl Harrigan ripped a fastball deep into the left field corner for a double, perhaps a faster runner would have gotten three on it, but this hit put the Power right back in the ball game at 5-2. Stewart would get out of the inning after that hit, and after being slamming her glove on the bench in anger, she was settled down by Lynsder as well as Christina Sanders. The Rockets threatened in the bottom of the 4th inning, loading up the bases against Bedell with just one away, but once again, he would get out of the inning with a fortuitous ground ball double play. Though when Tara took the mound in the fifth she was back to her old form. Altogether, she would retire 14 straight batters as the Rockets maintained the 5-2 lead all the way until the ninth inning. The Prux bullpen did a great job themselves, also getting four hitless innings themselves from the fifth through the eighth. In the top of the ninth, with one away, Steven Fenn ripped a home run over the center field fence to finally solve Stewart and give the Power fans something to cheer about temporarily. Stewart would quickly squash all comeback thoughts by fanning both Joe Lower and Robert Looney to end the ball game and send Newmanistan to the quarterfinals. In the win, Stewart pitched nine innings, allowing six hits, three earned runs, two walks, and nine strikeouts.

The victory sends Newmanistan to the quarterfinal where they will meet up with Taeshan. On paper, Taeshan has the better seed, but is there anyone out there who would list the Knights as the favorite? Newmanistan and Taeshan meeting in the playoffs has become a World Baseball Classic tradition. In World Baseball Classics 7 and 9, the nations met in the semifinals to see the Rockets advance, and in World Baseball Classic 8, they met in the 3rd place series, with was also won by the Rockets. Both nations have very similar rosters, and the amount of confidence that Newmanistan will have in this series will be extraordinarily high. Taeshan will have to deal with Stacey Keisler, who will pitch the first game of the series, and then Courtney Lombardi. If necessary, Kristen Haynes will pitch the third game.
22-02-2009, 16:39

Secristan knocked out the hosts of the 9th World Baseball Classic in a winner take all showdown, and as a reward, they’ll look to do the same thing to the current hosts in the quarterfinal best-of-three series. Steve Jamison hurled a masterful performance in the 2-0 victory to send the Millionaires to the next round. Even though Secristan had the higher seed, and the better group stage record then their opponent, there were a lot of people who thought that the Millionaires would have a tough time winning this game. Those concerns became futile with the work of Jamison, pitching a complete game shutout while scattering three hits. He did not walk anyone and had ten K’s. “They were hacking away pretty freely in the early innings.” Jamison told our reporters, “They wanted to be aggressive at the plate, and seeing that, I got them to chase my curveball all over the strike zone, or even just outside of it. I don’t usually go to my curve as often as I did tonight, but they made it look pretty good.” Liventia got a strong performance on the mound from their ace as well as the game was scoreless until the bottom of the 6th inning. With one away, Larry Pritchett painted with right field line with a triple that went all the way into the corner. Living in the moment, manager John Michaelson called for the suicide squeeze on a 2-1 pitch. Jason Carlin laid down the bunt perfectly, though Liventia questionably went for the out at home plate, but Pritchett was in rather easily. The hustling Carlin rounded first and took off for second since they went to the home plate, and the catcher attempted to throw Carlin out at second base. However, his throw ended up in centerfield, and Carlin made it to third. This proved costly when Tim McMurtry flied out to left in what would have been out number three, but was instead a sacrifice fly to score Carlin. It was an insurance run, but no one knew at the time. Jamison had a strong performance on the mound, and Secristan gets the victory.

The Millionaires will now have to deal with mighty Qazox in the next round. Not only are they the host nation, but they are the winners of three of the last four World Baseball Classics. It will be a tough challenge, but should Secristan win, it will be seen as a truly great victory. It would create significant profit potential for our players. Several of them have picked up an endorsement deal, but the country’s top advertisers are still using the World Bowl players to sell their products. Those players deserve it having been semifinalists, but the baseball players know they will need to make the semis themselves. “The football players, man, they get all the money. It’s not the end of the world but we want some of that for ourselves,” said Manny Rodriguez. Eric Strassner will pitch the first game of the series, that one where they actually call Secristan the home team. Alan Coldwell will go in game two, and if necessary Jim Slattery pitches game three. Many people, while predicting Qazox to advance, do feel as though this will be a good and close series. The Secristan Department of Sports has high expectations for the revenue that may be generated by the games in this series on pay-per-view.
22-02-2009, 18:36


Fromburg, Qazox- After defeating Prux, Newmanistan has set their sights on a familiar opponent, Socki Lewis. This year, though, it looks like Taeshan has gotten more of a complete effort from their entire batting order then just relying on Lewis to account for about 80% of their run production. For Taeshan, that’s a good thing, because Socki has had significant struggles against Newmanistan pitching his entire career. It is seen as one of the biggest reasons that Newmanistan eliminating Taeshan from the World Baseball Classic has become something you could set your clock too ever since the Rockets came on the interregional baseball scene. I’m Meghan Traynor, and I am here on assignment covering the team as they look to realize their championship dreams. I had a chance to sit down with Christina Sanders, and this is the interview that I had with her.

MT: Chrissy, it’s always a pleasure to be able to sit down with you and talk about the team. How are you this afternoon?

CS: Great Meghan, and yourself?

MT: I’m doing very good!

CS: Good, and I again remind everyone that Meghan is one of the very few people out there that has permission to call me Chrissy.

MT: The group stage was rather eventful, wasn’t it? How was it to have to sit out that one game against Lurikastan?

CS: It was a little more eventful then we wanted it. Those Taeshani umpires were terrible, so the fact that we are playing Taeshan now, we have some special motivation that we can piss off a couple of obvious fans of their own national team by eliminating the Knights once again.

MT: Were you surprised by the Empress issuing the team imposed suspensions after the Green Wombat game?

CS: I can understand her motives for doing it, but the Empress wasn’t out on the field when it happened, or when the incident with the Millionaires occurred, and if she was, then I don’t think she would have imposed any suspensions.

MT: Alex Roger Bonds has set forth new guidelines, your opinion of that?

CS: He’s the President of the WBC and he was called upon to act. We were the ones that requested it, and we are happy with the response that he gave everyone. Everything he set forth in his proposal works for us.

MT: Even the instant replay guidelines?

CS: Yes, we cannot be reviewing every single thing. There was a suggestion by one of the nations participating in this WBC, I forget which, that if the one challenge you had was successful, then you can get another challenge. That I like.

MT: I believe that was Cassadaigua that proposed that.

CS: We support their proposal, then.

MT: The Rockets have had some notable individual performances over the WBC. Obviously Stacey Keisler’s perfect game, but also Sarah Boland’s 2 HR game, and Tara Cuyler’s 5-RBI game. Courtney Lombardi has pitched outstanding despite two no decisions against the Wombats. Everyone is producing, and that’s the mark of a championship caliber team.

CS: I am proud of the way everyone has played. As we know, it all starts with pitching, and the ptiching that we got has been terrific. Stacey has given us the perfect game, and as great as that is, it’s not the only great pitching performance we have gotten. Courtney Lombardi has tossed two gems for us, she just got no run support in either. Tara (Stewart), Kristen (Haynes), and Sarah (Brayton) have also done a great job, and our bullpen has been there when we’ve needed it. Offensively, we’re getting production from everyone. One statistic I love about our team is that everyone, including our bench, has at least one RBI or one run scored in the WBC. How many other teams can say that?

MT: Maybe one or two, but that does show the team’s depth.

CS: Absolutely it does. A lot of that came in the last two games for our bench players, but what it means is that everyone can sincerely look back and say they did something to help us get to where we are, and that they weren’t just along for the ride.

MT: On the flip side, you have Taeshan, who relies on Socki Lewis.

CS: Well, the Knights have been more balanced this WBC. Socki is a great player, give him credit, but we’ve seen the rest of this lineup be able to help him out, even though it tends to be the heart of their order as opposed to a one through nine thing. Give that we have owned Socki Lewis for three WBC’s, I think that a lot of our fans don’t give him the credit he really deserves.

MT: What is it, do you think, about you’re team that just gives him fits?

CS: I don’t really know, but we’ll just keep doing what we have been doing.

MT: Their team obviously wants to end this hex the Rockets have on them. Will your team be able to match that?

CS: Yes because we want to continue it the same way they want to end it. It is in baseball where the Newmanistan-Taeshan rivalry was born and extended into other sports. Some of their fans cost us the game against Green Wombat.

MT: Their fans, as in the umpires.

CS: Exactly.

MT: Funny because perhaps those umpires hurt their team more then helped it. If Newmanistan won that game, Taeshan isn’t facing the Rockets right now. I believe they would be playing Secristan.

CS: What goes around, comes around.

MT: Well of course, the journalist in me figured out the scenario. If Newmanistan won the controversial game then the quarterfinal matchups are Tocrowkia-Green Wombat and that winner would play Qazox-Zwangzug. Then you would have Newmanistan-Sarzonia and that winner playing Taeshan-Secristan. (OOC: I may have mis-figured the would be Zwangzug-Secristan tiebreaker here if it really matters, I didn't really feel like go back and checking out RD per 9 innings for a meaningless scenario.)

CS: Leave it to you to figure all that out. It just shows how everyone is affected by those bad calls, not just us.

MT: That all makes an assumption of course, that the same teams would have defeated what would have been different first round opponents. And that’s going to wrap this up. Thanks Christina for your time, and good luck.

CS: Thanks! Always nice to talk to you and we thank everyone for their support. The fact that our supporters outnumbered Prux supporters in Rockport for that first round game shows how amazing all of you are.
22-02-2009, 19:32
"Skip, can I talk to you for a minute?"

Jim Paulsen was poring over the scouting reports of the Nordics in the makeshift office he'd created in Cuidad de Iguana. The coaching staff had just adjourned after discussing every Tocrowkian substitute, going over situational hitting, strengths and weaknesses.

"Yes, John?" Paulsen said, looking up to see righthander John Morgan standing in the middle of the doorway.

"Mind if I come in for a moment?"

"Not at all," Paulsen said, lifting his right arm up with his right palm stretched upward in a motion toward a chair sitting in front of his desk. Morgan walked in and shut the door behind him. As he did so, Paulsen suppressed an urge to show concern. His heart sped up a bit though as Morgan was careful not to shut the door too loudly. Of course, the fact that it was 6:30 in the morning hadn't entered Paulsen's thoughts.

Morgan walked deliberately toward the chair and sat down with a serious expression on his face. Paulsen, trying hard to keep his expression as even as possible even though he was by now nervous, tried his best to sound cool when he said, "what's on your mind?"

"If we lose tonight's game, I want to pitch Game 2," Morgan said. Paulsen looked at him, trying hard now to hide the relief he felt at that simple declaration. Raising his right eyebrow, Paulsen looked at Morgan.

"You know," Paulsen said. "If we do lose this game tonight and you pitch tomorrow, you'll be doing so on two days' rest."

"I know," Morgan said. "But this is a do-or-die time in this tournament. If we lose tonight and tomorrow, we're done until the next World Baseball Classic."

Paulsen finally exhaled openly. He looked back at Morgan.

"I wouldn't be showing any confidence in Baxter," he said of Brad Baxter. Even though he'd lost his only decision of the World Baseball Classic qualifying stage, Baxter still led the Sarzonian Major Leagues with 17 wins. Only the fact that he'd pitched two days before the opener against Patetopia prevented Baxter from starting the opener.

"I know Brad's a great pitcher," Morgan said. "But I can beat those guys."

"No one has beaten them so far," Paulsen said of the Nordics. "They're 11-0 and for a damn good reason. Besides, if we win Game 1 or Game 2, I need you out there for Game 3."

"But there may not be a Game 3 if we lose tonight."

"There may not be a Game 3 if we win tonight," Paulsen said. "Let's have some confidence in ourselves. Nine and two is nothing to sneeze at either, you know. We may not be the most dominant team in this World Baseball Classic, but we're no slouches.

"John," Paulsen said, noting a look of disappointment that etched across an expression he'd figured out was one of determination. "I'm responsible for the overall health of this entire team and all its members. This isn't a reflection on you. I know you can do it. That's why I've got you penciled in to start a Game 3 against the Nordics."

Paulsen looked at Morgan again. "Charlie's no slouch. Remember he's 2-0 too."

After Morgan left, Paulsen took a look at his bullpen coach's report. The day off after an 11-inning victory over Milchama would help after the bullpen worked five innings against the Warriors. But he still hoped Charlie Palmer could get him deep into the game.

It was Sarzonia's best chance to pull off an upset over the Nordics. And after two extra inning games in recent days, it would be just what his team ordered after burning through the bullpen.

At least he'd gotten a lot of innings out of his starters in the early to middle stages of the World Baseball Classic. That would help. Plus, putting righty Ken Sutcliffe in the bullpen now that the postseason was upon them would help bolster the pen. Though he'd pitched two days earlier and wasn't available until Game 2 at the earliest, that'd be a good option in case Baxter didn't have his best stuff.

Paulsen leaned back in his chair slowly and exhaled. This wasn't going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. But he also realised that managing in his first World Baseball Classic rendered this round a pleasant surprise for the Stars. But he still wanted to win and not be known for simply getting to the quarterfinals.
22-02-2009, 20:55
Various Poll results from Secristani fans:

Tocrowkia vs Sarzonia

A) The winner of the series will be:
45% Tocrowkia in 3
28% Tocrowkia in 2
20% Sarzonia in 3
7% Sarzonia in 2

B) The MVP of this series will be:
32% Johnny Stryker (Tocrowkia)
29% Jill Haviland (Tocrowkia)
22% Hank Everly (Sarzonia)
16% Kate Schmidt (Sarzonia)
3% Other

C) # of times the new instant replay rules will be used in series:
44% Twice
27% Once
11% None
10% Thrice
8% Four or more

Newmanistan vs Taeshan

A) The winner of this series will be:
64% Newmanistan in 3
24% Newmanistan in 2
10% Taeshan in 3
2% Taeshan in 2

B) The MVP of this series will be:
24% Stacey Keisler (Newmanistan)
23% Sarah Boland (Newmanistan)
20% Brittany Wright (Newmanistan)
12% Socki Lewis (Taeshan)
21% Other

C) # of times the new instant replay rules will be used in series:
36% Thrice
22% Twice
19% Once
13% Four or more
10% None

Qazox vs Secristan

A) The winner of this series will be:
28% Secristan in 3
25% Secristan in 2
24% Qazox in 3
23% Qazox in 2

B) The MVP of this series will be:
55% Manny Rodriguez (Secristan)
33% Angel Monks (Qazox)
12% Other

C) # of times the new instant reply rules will be used in series:
34% Four or more
32% Thrice
20% Twice
12% Once
2% None

Zwangzug vs Green Wombat

A) The winner of this series will be:
37% Zwangzug in 3
35% Green Wombat in 3
15% Zwangzug in 2
13% Green Wombat in 2

B) The MVP of this series will be:
32% Nadia Koves (Zwangzug)
27% Alan Monge (Green Wombat)
26% Robert Ortega (Green Wombat)
11% Amber Pastis (Zwangzug)
4% Other

C) # of times the new instant reply rules will be used in series:
37% Twice
31% Once
14% Thrice
13% None
5% Four or more
23-02-2009, 04:04
As the Nordics prepare for the final leg of World Baseball Classic 10, we here as TSPN decided to gauge the feeling in the clubhouse before the big game. It may not be the finals, or even the semis, but at this point every game is a big game. "We're going to play every game like it's game three of the finals. No exceptions, no slacking no matter who we're up against." Paul Rudolf said. "We're don't think we can just roll over anyone. Especially the Stars, they've been very surprising up to this point and we know we have to give 100% for every minute out there on the field." He finished. We then went to Mercedes Gaunt, whom will be taking the mound against the Stars.

"We're 11-0 for the very reason we take everyone we face seriously." She commented. "We played against San Casetllo, Colbourne and Greal like we'd play against the Rockets or the Phoenix. It's such a great philosophy, to go out and play your heart out no matter the opponent. But that doesn't mean we're afraid or intimidated. No, me and all the other pitchers can go out there and feel strong knowing we have such a great offense to support us."

Jill Haviland and Johnny Stryker, the two players whom lead that very offense also expressed their confidence today at batting practice. "Paul is a great manager, to get us where we are right now shows that. And Mercedes? she's such a smart pitcher, I know she'll be able to keep us in the game." Haviland said. "Like she said, we just have to out and play ball and play ball hard." Stryker said. Johnny was also dismissive when we talked about his chances of being the series MVP. "We're all MVPs on this team" He said simply.
23-02-2009, 04:57
RP Cutoff

Which teams will take the early series' lead?
23-02-2009, 05:16
QuarterFinal Game 1's SCORES
WBC10 Wikipage (

Games in Red DH.
Games in Black, NO DH.
Winners in BOLD

Sarzonia - Tocrowkia 2-1 @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (Sarzonia leads Series 1-0)
Newmanistan - Taeshan 3-2 (10 innings) @ National Stadium, Fromburg (Taeshan leads Series 1-0)
Secristan - Qazox 5-3 @ Hastings Park, Rockport (Qazox leads Series 1-0)
Zwangzug - Green wombat 5-4 @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (Zwangzug leads Series 1-0)

(ooc: if you have the DH in your home park, then any games you 'host' have the DH, if no DH or it's not listed, then there's no DH.)
23-02-2009, 05:28 Coverage
Pheonix Survive, Take Game 1

In a game of momentum, usually which ever team gets it last, wins, and Qazox took full advantage of that scoring 3 runs in the 7th to take a 5-2 lead after Secristan tied it in the top of the inning on 439ft blast by Manny “ManRod” Rodriguez off of Tyle Newson. But in the bottom of the inning, two singles, by Clark Petrie and Kyle Bryon set up Mickey Weatherby, who slapped a double down the left field line, scoring Petrie and Bryon, and chasing Eric Strassner, who had pitched rather effectively in the first 6 innings. Strassner, who gave up runs in the 1st and 3rd, had retired 11 in a row before the 7th. After a Johnnie Bannon flyout and a Darren Pew RBI single, Chad Jarvis got Herman Doane and Douglas Ellenburg swinging ending the inning.

Newson would give up a HR to Pinch-hitter Eric Beaudoin, which landed near ManRod's shot. Newson would leave after that pitch, as Nathaniel Schuyler retired the next two batters, Larry Pritchett and Jason Carlin one groundballs to end the 8th. Jackson Throne get a 1-2-3 9th to close out Game 1.

Qazox struck first, on a Darren Pew single, a stolen base and a double by Doane. In the 3rd, an error by Tim McMurtry allowed Johnnie Bannon to reach 2nd, and two batters later, a Sac Fly by Rew made it 2-0 Qazox.

Now tommorrow. Secristan will send Alan Coldwell against Rick Highfield, which seems like a mismatch. But with the Millionaires' back up against the wall, will they come out swinging, or will they roll over?
23-02-2009, 05:32
Woodstock Daily Mail

Sarzonia deals Nordics first loss

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

CUIDAD DE IGUANA -- They were the only team to go undefeated through the World Baseball Classic qualifying stage. They built an 11-0 record after an easy 8-3 win over 3-7 kenavt, but Tocrowkia faced a determined Sarzonian team last night.

Sarzonia starter Brad Baxter threw a masterpiece, allowing just two hits in eight innings and first baseman Hank Everly's two-run home run in the bottom of the eighth gave the Stars a 2-1 victory in front of 40,000 at Estadio Munincipal. The Stars lead the best-of-three series 1 game to 0.

"We knew this was going to be a close ballgame," said manager Jim Paulsen. "We desperately needed Baxter to be on top of his game and he was."

Baxter gave up a solo home run to Johnny Stryker in the top of the eighth inning as he and Mercedes Gaunt engaged in a pitcher's duel. Paulsen visited the mound, but said he had no intention of removing Baxter.

"I wanted to make sure he could get the next hitter [catcher Hoyt Klaus]," Paulsen said. "He said '[heck] yeah.' I couldn't argue with that." Baxter got Klaus to line out to third baseman Kate Schmidt to end the top of the eighth.

In the bottom of the inning, second baseman Dewey Griffin led off with a sharp single to right, then stole second. Center fielder Drew Bradley grounded out to first base to bring up Everly, who drilled a 2-0 fastball over the left field fence.

"I was looking for something to drive to the outfield," Everly said. "I was just looking to tie the game, but I was more than happy to give us the lead."

Paulsen then gave the ball to Kerry Clark, who retired the Nordics in order in the ninth for his fifth save of the World Baseball Classic. He admitted during an interview in the clubhouse that pitcher John Morgan asked to pitch Game 2 if the Stars lost, but said the victory gave him the chance to use Morgan in a Game 3 if the Nordics win the second game.

"Morgan wanted to get out there and be a gamer," Paulsen said. "Now he has a chance if this series goes to a third game."

As for the Stars, they said they're going to try to match the Nordics and their famous intensity.

"We know how hard they play every game, every opponent," Schmidt said. "We're going to work just as hard, if not harder."
Green wombat
23-02-2009, 05:40
Hellispont Times-Herald
Zebras Replay a win over Wombats.

The first use of replay in the WBC will go down in infamy, at least in Green wombat, but Zwangzug will love replay forever.

Eric Catalano, who was looking for his 3rd consecutive win, pitched into the 9th, with a 4-3 lead, as closer Jacob Wolford just started his warm-ups. A single by Ken Schlemmer was all Catalano would face in the 9th, as Wolford came in. A foul tip and a called strike and Noah Trecarichi was down 0-2 and it looked like the game was over. Trecarichi then launched, what was seemingly a foul ball down the right field line, and the RF umpire called it foul. The Zebras manager came out and asked for a replay of the ball. On the replay, the ball was shown to just barely nick off of the right-field foul pole, and the umpire had no choice but to rule a game-winning 2-run HR for the Zebras. Wolford just collapsed on the mound and sat there for about 5 minutes, as the Zebras celebrated their Game 1 win.

The wombats broke the tie in the 4th, thanks to the bat of Aaron Clemente, whose bases-clearing double off of Moises Chiszar gave the Wombats a 3-0 lead. Catalano gave back 2 runs in the bottom of the 4th, as a Jose Gove throwing error allowed Rufus Lievano to score from 2nd, as Nadia Koves advanced to 2nd and Koves scored just a batter later when Amos Robotham blooped in a single. The two teams also traded runs in the 7th, both on RBI singles, GW's by Albert Beckham, the Zebra's by Robotham.


Green wombat 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 4
Zwangzug 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 2 5
23-02-2009, 06:16
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Tocrowkia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 3 0
Sarzona 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 3 0

LOSS: Mercedes Gaunt (3-1)
Johnny Stryker 1 (6)

A pitchers duel ended in a loss for the Nordics, their first in the series as the Stars pulled away with a victory. Despite a dramatic homerun in the eighth, the homerun was matched an inning later Hank Everly drilled one off a usually solid Nordic bullpen. The Nordics were quick to ensure their fans however, that this was not a sign of things to come. "We always knew that we were going up against a tough opponent." Rudolf said in the post-game interview. "They got a win and they deserved it. Now, we just have to focus on evening up and winning the series. We're not going to let this stumble be the end of this great, great WBC."

That's right. The Nordics now have to win two straight if they are to advance to the semi-finals. Something of course not out of the question for a team of their caliber, especially when their two aces will take the mound in the next two games. Tommy Thunder tomorrow, and if the Nordics manage to win, which the players have full confidence they will send Jeanna Glaus and her nuclear sinker to the mound for the series finale.
23-02-2009, 07:32


Fromburg, Qazox- Ok, let’s stop all that talk now that Newmanistan unofficially clinched their semifinal berth after defeating Prux, expecting yet another series win over Taeshan. With all of the success that we have had against them, and virtually none they have had against us, it could be easy to think we’d cruise on past them here. Taeshan isn’t the World’s 3rd-ranked country because they are not a talented bunch, and even though we have eliminated them in three consecutive WBC’s, it’s not as if every game was a 10-0 rout. Many of them were tight, hard fought contests. Today’s opening game at Ox-Cola field resulted in a 3-2 10 inning loss. Blame it on the early 12:05 start time to accommodate QSPN if you want, but that is nothing more then an excuse. The answer is simply that although the results have been one-sided in our favor in the past, these teams are a lot more evenly matched then many think.

With Stacey Keisler on the hill, things looked very promising for the Rockets to get a win in the opener. She would be opposed by Zeke Peters (OOC: Correct me if I’m wrong, please, so I can have your game two starter right), and the two pitchers both looked to be on top of their games early, both getting through the order the first time with relative ease. In the 4th, Socki Lewis would line a single to left center with two outs to spark a Taeshan rally. Keisler looked as though she would get out of the inning as the next batter, Riane Totalez hit a routine ground ball to the third baseman, Sarah Boland. However, Sarah could not cleanly field the ball, and by the time she got a handle on it, the runners were already at their base. Keisler tried to pick up Boland by getting a strike out of Fier Henris, and on a 2-2 pitch, she thought she had strike three, but the umpire ruled it ball three. Stacey had a few words with the umpire before settling down. (Replays show that the ball did miss the outside corner, slightly, so the right call was made). She was still distracted, and on the next pitch, Henris made her pay with a long shot to centerfield that bounced off the wall for a double and scored two runs. This led to more words from Keisler to the umpire before coach Christina Sanders rushed out to the mound to calm her starting pitcher down. That did seem to do the trick, but still Newmanistan had this 2-0 deficit, and the Knights were getting confidence.

Zeke Peters was doing an excellent job for the Knights. He had allowed only two hits through the first six innings, and seemed to be enjoying the fact that was outdueling Stacey Keisler. But Peters is no Eric Catalano, and the Rockets could not be shutdown for the entire game. Following the 7th-inning stretch, Carrie Nicolette led off with a single. While Rachel Crockett was fanned, Sarah Boland came up with a chance to get redemption for her critical fourth inning error. Boland hit a long drive to left field that looked like it was going to go over the wall, but would arc foul, apparently. Christina Sanders walked out to the umpires, calmly, and let them know she was exercising her right to challenge the call. The Cassadagan umpire nodded and headed over to view the replay. 88 seconds later, the umpire came out and pointed to the sky, rotating her hand around. Home run! Sweet redemption for Boland, and the game was all tied up at two. The Rockets threatened for more, getting singles by Natalie Monroe and Jennifer Bennett, but Peters would get a big double play on what was a defensive gem by the 39-year old veteran Zoey Menigen, a player who announced that they are retiring after the WBC. Taeshan got a rally going in the top of the ninth inning off of Stacey Keisler, loading the bases with one away, but Keisler got a fortunate double play ball of her own hit by Tadihito Shakiri to get out of the jam.

So, we were now heading into extra innings with the score all tied up at two, and Sanders went to the closer Jill Heisler to pitch the top of the 10th inning. Jill would retire the first two batters, the 8 and 9 hitters, before she ran into trouble. Alexander Parea got himself a two out single, and put himself into scoring position with a steal of second base. Then it would be Menigen. The veteran who has been through it all for the Knights had the chance to be the hero, and Zoey would deliver with a single to right to score Parea. Socki Lewis hit a deep drive to centerfield, only to have it fall short at the warning track and into the glove of Brittany Wright for the third out. (OOC: I couldn’t figure out who your closer was, I thought it was Socki Lewis but I didn’t want to just do that in case it wasn’t). Taeshan brought in their closer in the bottom of the 10th, and after getting Brittany Wright to fly out, he ran into trouble, giving up hits to Jennifer Martin and Carrie Nicolette, leading the Knights fans to think “here we go again”, but the Rockets would hit into yet another double play as Rachel Crockett grounded into the routine 6-4-3 double play to end the ball game.

With the win, Taeshan is now up 1-0 in this best-of-three series, meaning that the Rockets, who had very high hopes heading into this World Baseball Classic, must win their next two games in order to avoid a very disappointing quarterfinal exit. Courtney Lombardi will be on the mound in the critical matchup.
23-02-2009, 11:15
Qazox, I thought teams on the left were home? Shouldn’t this have been our “home” (in theory) game? Just saying the “high seed” is home is confusing because I know from the NCAA tournament you get a 50-50 split amongst people on whether the 1 seed is a “high” seed or a “low” seed. For me, the 1 seed has always been a “low” seed. I am confused! That’s why I prefer to call them top seeds and bottom seeds.


Secristan was defeated in the first game of their quarterfinal series against Qazox by the score of 5-3, and the country is now on the brink of elimination. Eric Strassner put in a solid day of work especially when considering the strength of the Pheonix lineup, overall. He needed to be a little better, as his inability to keep the momentum that ManRod generated with a long home run in the top of the seventh could not be sustained as Qazox quickly broke the tie in the bottom half of the inning, plating three runs. Mickey Weatherby had the big hit, a two-run double which scored Clark Petrie and Kyle Byron, each of whom singled. A Darren Pew single added an insurance run. Eric Beaudoin homered in the eighth, but it was a solo shot, and the Millionaires could not do anything afterwards.

The Secristan Department of Sports reports that the amount of pay-per-view purchases only reached the low end of the window they were hoping for, and this surprised them. Katie Simpson, our SDOS representative didn’t really have an answer, “It’s within the window, so we’re not disappointed. However we are confused as to why we didn’t have more interest then this. I hope it’s not because our people view this series as hopeless.” Game two is critical for the Millionaires if they are to come back and win this series, but the pitching matchup really seems to be one-sided in favor of Qazox. They will have their ace, Rick Highfield on the mound while we will have Alan Coldwell opposing him. However, Jim Slattery is going to be ready to go in relief work, and if there is a game three, the Millionaires will put Steve Jamison out there on three days rest. So, the outlook isn’t that bad. Alright, it’s bad but it could be worse.
23-02-2009, 14:23
Qazox, I thought teams on the left were home? Shouldn’t this have been our “home” (in theory) game? Just saying the “high seed” is home is confusing because I know from the NCAA tournament you get a 50-50 split amongst people on whether the 1 seed is a “high” seed or a “low” seed. For me, the 1 seed has always been a “low” seed. I am confused! That’s why I prefer to call them top seeds and bottom seeds.

Looking back, I believe I made this error. Not gonna go back and change it, just have Taeshan be "home" for game two (for RP purposes). It doesn't really matter, its cosmetic more then anything else. Shouldn't have broken away from the home team on the left as us trained monkeys got to learn from the eleven previous matchdays.
23-02-2009, 21:49
We Beast The Rockets

Zeke Peters is now being hailed as the greatest pitcher ever to play Newmanistan as he led the Purple Knights past the Rockets. Rian Willemson will pitch next then if a game 3 is forced ace Alexis Realis will grace the mound. Yeah baby, 10 innings.
23-02-2009, 22:43
"Hit sharply on the ground to Gove, he'll scoop it up and throw to first for the-"

"He's overthrown it! Koves rounds the bag, and Lievano's getting waved home!"

"Gove finally comes up with it, but it's too late. Koves will hold up at second."

"The Zebras get on the scoreboard, it's 3-1."

"You know, the Hellispont Times-Herald said that the Zebras' defense would be the edge they need to sneak through."

"No, it didn't."

"Well, if it'll come down to defense, and we're better at defense, then we're going through."

"It's not that easy."

"Whatever. It's said that human error is a natural part of the game, but Zwangzug does all it can to not make mistakes like that."

"So, would robots not make errors?"

"You're just looking for a horrible pun as the next batter comes to the plate, aren't you?"


"It's Ro-bo-tham. Everybody knows that..."

"...oh and one the count on Trecarichi."

"Taken for...a strike, and it's oh and two."

"A little too keen of a batting eye Noah's got there."

"Here's the pitch, lifted down the right field line."

"Trecarichi just sprinting, head down."

"Save your energy, dude, it's foul."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is. Schlemmer heading back to the bag."

"Yeah, but it's not a foul ball."

"It completely was."

"It hit the pole."

"Didn't either. The ump called it foul, it's foul."

"The ump missed it."

"At five-thirty? In a dome? It doesn't matter, anyway."

"It...wait a minute, instant replay! Yes! Reynolds has figured it out too, and he's going out to talk to the umpire."

"Going to the video screen now."

"For those of you listening at home, which I guess is all of you, I'm looking at my version and I still think it grazed the right edge. Uh...Trecarichi is standing on first, apparently the infield dirt is really fascinating, and Schlemmer is a couple steps beyond, with a "what's-the-holdup" look."

"Very vivid description. Now, the ruling...oh."

"Overturned! Home run! Zebras win!"

"Let's see if Trecarichi can come up with a home run trot."
24-02-2009, 02:51
Charlie Palmer flipped a baseball nonchalantly in the air. Anyone who saw him at first glance would think he was as happy go lucky as it got.

"Hey, what's up?"

The Qazoxian ballboy looked around the room with a little confusion, fully expecting to see another Stars player in the room.

"Over here!"

When Palmer saw the ballboy's look of shock, his grin turned into a wide smile.

"Yeah, Pete, I'm talking to you!"

"H-how'd you know my name?"

"I remember everyone's name," Palmer said. "Enjoying the classic so far?"

"Sure," Pete said. "I love this."


After a few more pleasantries, the ballboy went into the changing room provided for ballboys and got into his uniform. Meanwhile, Palmer put the baseball back in his locker and started to get dressed.

When Palmer saw Fred Carlton walk in with the scouting report, Palmer's smile never left his face.

"Charlie, how do you think we should pitch to Haviland?"

"Change the pattern on her," Palmer said of Tocrowkian shortstop Jill Haviland. "We can't get her sitting on anything, breaking ball, off speed or fastball. If we get into a situation where she knows what's coming, she can tag it."

"What about Stryker?"

"Respect his speed," Palmer said. "If he gets on, keep him close. Have you been practicing your from the knees throw?"

"Yep," Carlton said.

"We don't need to pick him off necessarily," Palmer said. "But if we can slow his first step toward second, we've got a better chance of cutting him down at second or third.

"Oh, and one other thing."

Carlton had started to walk toward the exit of the visitors clubhouse at Estadio Municipal, but turned around and looked back at Palmer.

"Remember, I'm going to be working quicker." Carlton smiled. He knew Palmer was legendary for being the slowest working pitcher on the Stars staff.

"Gotta keep the Nordics off balance, right?"

Carlton laughed. He knew Palmer was a crafty veteran, but he'd forgotten how crafty the lefthander was. He hoped the Nordics would soon find out the hard way.
24-02-2009, 03:22
Hours before the critical game 2 of the Quarterfinals against the Stars, we caught up with Tommy Thunder whom will be taking the ball for the Nordics. We managed to coax a quick interview out of him during his break going over scouting reports.

TSPN: All right, let's start it off simple. What's your game plan going out there tonight?

Thunder: What my game plan always is. To pitch a strong game and keep our team in it.

TSPN: How does it feel to pitch in a must-win situation after Gaunt lost last night?

Thunder: As you know, I've pitched big games before. I'll treat it like any of those, and give it my all.

TSPN: What do you think went wrong last night?

Thunder: Nothing. Not a thing. Mercedes put up seven scoreless frame. With that kinda performance you deserve a win. What happened there is what could happen in any game, and it's what makes baseball the greatest sport on Earth.

TSPN: Can you count on your team to go out and score some runs early for you this time?

Thunder: Absolutely. Statiscally speaking, we have the best offense in the world right now. I know they'll have my back on their side of the ball.

TSPN: Well, that's all for now. Thanks for your time, Tommy. Good luck tonight!
24-02-2009, 05:18
RP Cut off for Game 2's.

Who will sweep and who will face the do-or-die Game 3?
24-02-2009, 05:30
Qazox, I thought teams on the left were home? Shouldn’t this have been our “home” (in theory) game? Just saying the “high seed” is home is confusing because I know from the NCAA tournament you get a 50-50 split amongst people on whether the 1 seed is a “high” seed or a “low” seed. For me, the 1 seed has always been a “low” seed. I am confused! That’s why I prefer to call them top seeds and bottom seeds. ...

Looking back, I believe I made this error. Not gonna go back and change it, just have Taeshan be "home" for game two (for RP purposes). It doesn't really matter, its cosmetic more then anything else. Shouldn't have broken away from the home team on the left as us trained monkeys got to learn from the eleven previous matchdays.

"Home Team" Is on the left for each MD. If i confused anyone with the seedings part, I apologize. Scores up shortly...
24-02-2009, 05:48
QuarterFinal Game 2's SCORES
WBC10 Wikipage (

Games in Red DH.
Games in Black, NO DH.
Winners in BOLD

Tocrowkia - Sarzonia 6-4 @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana ( Series tied 1-1)
Taeshan - Newmanistan 5-2 @ National Stadium, Fromburg (Series tied 1-1)
Qazox - Secristan 5-4 @ Hastings Park, Rockport (Series tied 1-1)
Green wombat - Zwangzug 5-3 @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (Zwangzug Wins Series 2-0)

(ooc: if you have the DH in your home park, then any games you 'host' have the DH, if no DH or it's not listed, then there's no DH.)
24-02-2009, 06:10 Coverage
Millionaires Survive, Force Game 3

Only 4 outs away from the semifinals, and Qazox seemingly had the series against Secristan won. But the Millionaires dug down deep for a 4-run rally in the top of the 8th to steal a 5-4 win and force a decisive game 3 tommorrow night.

It was Alan Coldwell against Rick Highfield, with most, if not all, predicting the Milionaires run to end. Early on, it looked like the predictors would be right. Darren Pew lead off with a walk, and Herman Doane was hit-by a pitch. After a Pew steal of third, Ellenburg walked to load them up for Monks. Monks slapped a single into center, just in front of Larry Pritchett, scoring Pew. Pritchett's throw home was a bit high and Doane came around to score, with Ellenburg and Monks advancing on the throw. Petrie flied out to deep left, scoring Ellenburg and it was 3-0 Qazox. Coldwell would manage to get out of the inning thanks to a diving Eddie Forte who stole a sure single from Kyle Bryon, and Weatherby struck out.

In the 6th, Secristan would cut the lead to 3-1 on a HR by John Fusco, but that was all the runs that Highfield would allow on the day. Qazox made it 4-1 in the bottom of the 7th on a HR by Douglas Ellenburg that went an estimated 417 feet into the right field bleachers.

Highfield was taken out after 7 innings due to tightness in his left quad, and in came Nathaniel Schuyler, who looked ready to set it up for another Jackson Throne save in the WBC. But Throne would never pitch in the game. After striking out pinch-hitter Adam Sperbeck and getting Larry Pritchett to ground out to second. Schulyer had an 1-2 count on Jason Carlin. Carlin dropped a very suprising bunt up the third base line, fooling everyone, as Clark Petrie could only eat the ball, as Carlin would have beaten any throw.

Still with 2 outs but a runner on, Schulyer decided to work from the stretch, and that is not his strength. Tim McMurtry slapped the first curve he saw for a double into left center, scoring Carlin, and it was now 4-2 Qazox. Up stepped Manny Rodriguez, and Schulyer promptly intentionally walked him. It would turn out to be a very big mistake. John Fusco, who had hit a solo HR in the 6th, worked a 3-1 count against Schulyer before lifting a 3-run blast to dead center field and just in the blink of an eye it was 5-4 Secristan. Francis Scarbourgh quickly came in and struck out Eddie Forte to end the 8th, but the damage was done.

Secristan decided to send in Francisco Martinez to pitch its final two innings, and F-Mar (ooc: a bit of a liberty, hope you don't mind, Secristan); retired all 6 batters he faced, striking out Angle Monks to end the game.

Now tommorrow is Game 3 and will the momentum of the come-back sustain the Millionaires? Or can Qazox quickly recover from this stunning loss? The pitching match-up will see Glen Barter take on Jim Slattery.

QSPN Game 3 Schedules:
Game 3: Tocrowkia vs. Sarzonia @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (2:10 pm QSPN2)
Game 3: Qazox vs. Secristan @ Hastings Park, Rockport (3:45 pm QSPN)
Game 3: Taeshan vs. Newmanistan @ National Stadium, Fromburg (6:00 pm QSPN2)
24-02-2009, 06:14
Woodstock Daily Mail

Nordics freeze out the Stars

By Ryan Calvin
Daily Mail Staff Writer

CUIDAD DE IGUANA, Qazox -- Today will be John Morgan's moment. The one he lobbied for prior to Game 1 of the best-of-three series between his Sarzonian national baseball team and the 10th World Baseball Classic's juggernaut Tocrowkia.

His Stars lost Game 2 of the series 6-4 at Estadio Munincipal as Charlie Palmer couldn't get out of the fourth inning after allowing four runs in 3 1/3 innings. Ken Sutcliffe allowed a tape measure shot to shortstop Jill Haviland to put the Nordics ahead 6-0.

"Charlie just didn't have his best stuff," Stars manager Jim Paulsen said. "Thank God Sut kept us in the game the rest of the way." He worked 4 2/3 innings, allowing five hits and two runs, walking two and striking out three.

"I just had to keep my team in the game," Sutcliffe said. "And I wanted to save the rest of the bullpen in case we needed them for Game 3."

As for the bullpen, Paulsen said no one in the pen was "out of the question" for Game 3. He said Game 1 starter Brad Baxter could pitch up to three innings in relief "if it'll help."

"This is postseason now," Paulsen said. "Game 3 in best-of-three series is a completely different animal from the regular season. If we lose, these guys have two months of rest [before the Sarzonian regular season begins]."

For his part, Morgan said he's ready.

"Absolutely. You live for this," he said. A sharp contrast to the laid back Palmer, Morgan is a study in quiet intensity. Several Stars players said Morgan is "a little scary" on game day. However, Paulsen said Morgan's determination has rubbed off on the rest of the Stars.

"You see it," Paulsen said. "This team is already talking about what it needs to do different tomorrow against the Nordics. They're the most intense group of all star players I've ever seen gathered in an environment like this."

"We know [Tocrowkia] is bringing all their intensity," third baseman Kate Schmidt (one-for-four, three-run home run). "We're going to bring ours."

Paulsen said he's starting outfielder Skip Hale in left field in an effort to get his team leading five home runs in the starting lineup against the Nordics.

"We need to roll the dice tomorrow. There's no turning back," he said.
Green wombat
24-02-2009, 06:28
Hellispont Times-Herald
Zebras Sweep Wombats.

No replay to help them this time, but Zwangzug still beat the Wombats 5-3 to sweep the quarterfinal series 2-0.

And once again, the porous wombat Defense did them in. A 5-run 2nd inning, helped by 2 throwing errors by Jose Gove led to the Green wombat demise. The first batter of the 2nd inning, Nadia Koves reached when Gove short-hopped a throw to Aaron Clemente, which bounced up the right field line, allowing Koves tro reach 2nd. An Amos Robotham single up the middle and it was 1-0 Zebras. The next batter, Chela Palmer dribbled a weak grounder to Gove, who turned quickly to get Robotham at 2nd and put the throw about 4 feet over Travis Seals' head. The ball bounced all the way to the righ-center field wall, allowing bith Robotham and Palmer to score, making it 3-0.

Gove was taken out of the game after that 2nd throw, replaced by Dennis Jasso. Still with no-one out, Eric Catalano, whose previous 2 starts, both against Newmanistan were gems, allowed 3 consecutive singles, the last, an Amber Pastis sac bunt that caught Jasso off guard, loaded the bases, and Catalano was taken out in favor of Dale Luther

Luther got Rufus Lievano to fly out the right for the 1st out of the inning, but it scored Don Abuanza, making it 4-0. A single by Ken Schlemmer scored Patricia Worland making it 5-0, but a 5-6-3 DP by Noah Trecarichi ended the long inning.

Chela Palmer, shut down the Wombats until the 7th when she gave up back-to-back HR to Robert Ortega and Alan Monge, chasing her from the game with a 5-2 lead. Kelsey Loh gave up an RBI double to Andrew Held in the, which scored Jasso. But Marco Erewhon came on in the 9th and 10 pitches later, the Zebras were into the Semifinals.


Zwangzug 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5
Green wombat 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 3
24-02-2009, 07:40
(ooc: As stated at the beginning of this thread, Game 3's will be posted TONIGHT. (I have an important appointment on Wednesday morning in RL and Scorination would be a problem tommorrow.. NONE of the RP's between the previous cutoff and now were factored into these scores, as I had complied them earlier, and are just pasting them now.)

QuarterFinal Game 3's SCORES
WBC10 Wikipage (

Games in Red DH.
Games in Black, NO DH.
Winners in BOLD

Tocrowkia - Sarzonia 4-2 @ Estadio Munincipal, Cuidad de Iguana (Tocrowkia wins Series 2-1)
Qazox - Secristan 3-2 (13 innings) @ Hastings Park, Rockport (Secristan wins Series 2-1)
Taeshan - Newmanistan 4-3 @ National Stadium, Fromburg (wins Series 2-1)
(Zwangzug Won Series 2-0)

(ooc: if you have the DH in your home park, then any games you 'host' have the DH, if no DH or it's not listed, then there's no DH.)

SEMIFINALS: (Best 2-of-3 series)
SF1: Tocrowkia vs. Newmanistan @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla
SF2: Secristan vs. Zwangzug @ National Stadium, Fromburg
24-02-2009, 07:45
(OOC: Woohoo! Sudden transition from being on the brink of elimination to advancement! )
24-02-2009, 07:51
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Sarzonia 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 4 6 0
Tocrowkia 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 2 0 6 8 0

WIN: Tommy Thunder (4-0)
SAVE: Jamie Von Tipker (6-0)
Jill Haviland 1 (7)

A dramatic four-run 4th sees the Nordics extend their lifespan and ensure they meet the Stars in a deciding game three tomorrow. Tommy Thunder led off the inning with a slap single to left in the fourth. Kitten Dyfuse stepped up and swatted at the first pitch she saw and hit a grounder toward Stars second baseman Dewey Griffin. It looked to be a routine double play, but Griffin fumbled the ball and was unable to get either runner. With none out, Willhelm Dynrus drew a walk to juice the bases. Tension mounted when Jill Haviland battled through a 7-pitch at bat before finally hitting a frozen rope that landed just fair down the left field line. Two runs would score, and with none out and the middle of the order coming up it looked to be a scary inning for the Stars.

Dmitri Rykov shot one up the middle for a run scoring single, And Johnny Stryker hit a bloop single to plate the fourth run. Though the Stars would rally to within one, courtesy of a Kate Schmidt two-run dinger in 6th, those runs would be restored when Jill Haviland crushed one to left center with one on and two out in the eighth. The ball sailed over the stands and bounced up onto the concourse and into a hotdog stand, an estimated distance of 486 feet from home plate. The 3-for-4, four RBI night came at a great time for the prolific Princess of Pounders.

"Now that we've evened up, we can focus on winning the series." Rudolf said after the game. "And Jeanna can get us there."
24-02-2009, 09:22
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Sarzonia 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 2 5 0
Tocrowkia 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 0 4 6 0

WIN: Jeanna Glaus (4-0)
SAVE: Jamie Von Tipker (7-0)

The Nordics have done it again. They won two straight must win games and have eclipsed the Stars as they advance to the semi-finals. Though the Stars got on the bored first with a sac-fly in the 4th, the Nordics stormed right back. Johnny Stryker hit a frozen rope that landed just fair deep in right field that ricocheted into foul territory. Though Mark Dwight was right on in fielding the difficult hit, Stryker blazed around first and ran right through the third-base coaches stop sign and ended up at third base with a one-out triple that scored Dmitri Rykov as he slid into third. The ball arrived in Kate Schmidt's glove. She turned to tag Stryker, but he was all ready safe, up on his feet and pumping his fist in the air as she did so. A Hoyt Klaus sac-fly put the Nordics up by one.

Though the Stars scored one more on a Drew Bradley RBI single, that was it. In the sixth and the seventh, the Nordics added two more runs off of RBI doubles by Domino Mazdrick and Kitten Dyfuse, and Von Tipker closed out the side as effortlessly as she ever does. Storming from the dugout, the Nordics celebrated with a long dogpile on Tipker. Jill Haviland, whom went 7-for-12 in the series with on homerun and four RBI was declared the series MVP, just barely edging out Stryker. Now the Nordics will go up against one of the best teams in the world, the Rockets of Newmanistan with Matthe Shaporio pitching the opener.
24-02-2009, 10:54

Qazox fans were getting excited for a two-game sweep. Their team had opened up a 4-1 lead and they would prepare for the semifinals. As most people had expected, Rick Highfield had outpitched Alan Coldwell, and the Millionaires were destined for getting the good game pat on the back, now go home treatment. The Pheonix scored three runs in the first inning, which is just what any favored team wants to do, to keep the underdog from beginning to think they can pull off the upset. But there was a play in this inning that cannot become an afterthought. After Qazox had scored those three runs, they were threatening for more as Angel Monks stood on second base. There were two outs and Kyle Byron lined a shot up the middle. Monks would have scored easily, but an outstanding diving catch by Eddie Forte prevented the hit and prevented Qazox from scoring a fourth run. And perhaps more. That defensive gem didn’t seem to matter as the game went on. Highfield was shutting down the Millionaires, and even when we looked like we might do something good, Qazox had an answer. The solo HR by John Fusco was answered by Douglas Ellenburg’s bomb, and the three-run lead was restored. But then Highfield had to leave the game. Tightness in his left quad was of concern for the Pheonix, and there would be no reason to push him when you have Nathaniel Schuyler and Jackson Throne in the pen. Rick would have bigger games to pitch later on in the WBC. Schuyler was getting through the 8th, until with two outs, Jason Carlin laid down a drag bunt. The Pheonix in no way were prepared for this. “That’s why I did it. They were sitting back, they seemed comfortable with things and I just thought there are two outs, we are down by three, why not.” Carlin told us. He reached. The fans weren’t worried, and simply just seemed to roll their eyes that the celebration was going to prolonged another batter. Tim McMurtry came to the plate and sliced a double to center to score Carlin. Now the fans were paying a little more attention. ManRod was intentionally walked, and most fans seemed to agree with the call. Up came Fusco. He patiently worked up a hitters count before getting all of a fastball. A fastball that would not land until it traveled 442 feet, high over the centerfield fence and the Millionaires were up 5-4. The crowd was stunned, except for the scattered Secristani fans across Hastings Park were rattling their amplified coin jars as loud as they could. Remember that play by Eddie Forte in the first? Looks much bigger now, doesn't it! Qazox never seemed to be able to recover. Francisco Martinez went two innings (OOC: Don’t mind at all, very logical given situation) and shut down the Pheonix.

The stunning game two victory for the Millionaires forces a third game right back here in Rockport. We will be hoping to ride this momentum, and be the first team to eliminate Qazox since WBC 7.
24-02-2009, 11:47

Everything was going Qazox’s way. They had gone through this before, having won three of the last four World Baseball Classic championships. In a flash in game two, things changed, and now it was a winner-take-all game. Still Qazox was the favorite. Glen Barter was on the mound, and he should be able to take care of business against Jim Slattery. This wasn’t quite the mismatch of Highfield versus Coldwell, but it should favor Qazox. It would be the Millionaires scoring first as in the top of the second, John Fusco continued his hot hand and doubled to right, and he would be driven in by Eddie Forte. The lead would hold up only until the bottom of the third inning as the Phoenix went up by a run on a 2-run double by Douglas Ellenburg. The fans were cheering and they felt that things were looking good for them once again. Barter made sure of it. He was pitching great, and was shutting down the Millionaires one after the other. Slattery had recovered nicely as well but the scoreboard continued to read 2-1 until it was Jackson Throne time in the ninth. Close out, the fans thought, and let’s prepare for Zwangzug. Pritchett and Carlin were retired and they were out away. A strike away. The fans standing and clapping awaiting the celebration. Throne wound up and Tim McMurtry made contact. A double into left. The fans got quiet. Up came ManRod. They elect not to intentionally walk him this time and again Qazox is a strike away. Manny bloops a single into right field and McMurtry is coming home, and scores easily. The stadium sound goes from clapping and shouting to silence and scattered amplified coin jar rattling. Game tied. Throne got out of the inning, but now it was anyone’s game. In the bottom of the 11th, Qazox loads up the bases with no one out. Mickey Weatherby ready to be the hero, and he hits a liner, but a nice catch by Fusco at first robs him, and Fusco beats Clark Petrie to the bag to double him up. Johnnie Bannon is fanned and Michael McKeon survives. Fast forward to the 13th. Francis Scarborough in for the Pheonix, and with one out, he serves up a gift. A hanging slider and Larry Pritchett hits it hard. Of course, he is not a home run hitter so it does not reach the wall, but he does get three out of it. Next up, Jason Carlin, and it is a single up the middle to score Pritchett and it’s the Millionaires up by a run. Dominick Peluso pitches the bottom of the inning and gets through it 1-2-3. Fans in Rockport are left scratching their heads. They won’t appreciate the magnitude of this victory and of this series as much as those few people in the crowd rattling the coin jars.

The victory is significant for the Millionaires and they will have a day off to collect their emotions and prepare for Zwangzug. Two years ago, they were paired together in the preliminary series to enter World Baseball Classic 9, and now both are heading to the semifinals. The Millionaires won that series, and know that they can beat Zwangzug just the same. A victory over Zwangzug would mean that Secristan eliminated the winners of the last four World Baseball Classics. Katie Simpson of the Secristan Department of Sports was in a celebratory mood herself, she seemed a little tipsy in our interview, “I just want to thank our players for what they have done. You have brought more pride to our great country, keep working hard and we can this whole thing!” For maybe the first time, we are not sure if the SDOS is so caught up in this victory that they are happy for the win instead of being happy for the additional revenue that will be generated. That will come in time, though.
24-02-2009, 13:44
Chela Palmer, shut down the Wombats until the 7th when she gave up back-to-back HR to Robert Ortega and Alan Monge, chasing her from the game with a 5-2 lead.I can definitely RP that, but Palmer normally plays third base. :p
24-02-2009, 15:28


Fromburg, Qazox- Young Courtney Lombardi doesn’t have the same track record as the other starting pitchers on the team. Stacey Keisler has established herself as a great and Tara Stewart, at least in the eyes of the Rockets fans, is every bit as good. (Although we are sure some outside the Empire wonder why it isn’t Keisler 1st and Stewart 2nd). Kristen Haynes, who pitches after her, also has a couple of signature wins, especially in WBC 7 and 8. Lombardi’s career at the interregional level has gone much like her WBC 10 has gone. She pitched two great games in the group stage. She just got no run support, and a pair of no-decisions in the games against Green Wombat. None of that would keep Christina Sanders from giving the young Capital the ball for this critical game two. Now, the team would just have to give her some runs to work with.

When Newmanistan came up to bat in the top of the first inning, you could see a little extra spark in them. Perhaps this is simply what playing with your backs against the wall can do, but maybe also because this time, they did not want to leave Lombardi high and dry. Brittany Wright started the game off very well with a triple into left field. Rian Willemson was able to get Jennifer Martin and Carrie Nicolette to both pop out on the infield, leaving it to Rachel Crockett to bring in Wright. Crockett did not have a good game one at all. She left four runners on base on that game, and even though no one pointed the finger at her, it was certainly very motivational for her to make up for that. She couldn’t strand Wright in the first inning. She wouldn’t, nor would she strand herself. Her towering shot deep into left field traveled 418 feet, and Newmanistan was up early, 2-0. There you go, Courtney, a two-run lead before you even have to throw a pitch. Lombardi struck out the side in the bottom of the 1st, including an exciting 10-pitch at bat with Socki Lewis. Lombardi would continue to pitch well, giving up a couple of lone singles in the second and third innings, but the Knights never really seemed to be about to mount a threat at the lead early on. In the top of the fourth, Lombardi showed that she can do more then just pitch. With two away, Jennifer Bennett doubled down the right field line, and Taeshan elected to intentionally walk Tara Cuyler to pitch to Lombardi. Courtney would make them pay by lining a single into the right field gap to score Bennett and make it 3-0. The next batter, Brittany Wright would hit a single of her own to score Cuyler and now things were looking very promising. Newmanistan held the four-run lead, and Lombardi continued to hold on.

The score remained 4-0 until the bottom of the sixth, when the Knights made their only real significant rally effort. Zoey Menigen, after her great game one, tried to spark the comeback with a single, and that would bring up you know who. Socki Lewis had been 0-for-2 coming into this at-bat, but you can’t expect to contain a great hitter like him forever. Courtney’s fastball seemed to be well located on the inside corner, but Lewis must have been sitting right on that pitch and launched the ball deep to left. A 2-run blast for the mighty Taeshani slugger, and the lead was cut in half. Lombardi didn’t not get rattled. After the blast, she struck out the side to get herself out of the inning. The damage was moderate, but the Rockets still had control of this game. In the top half of the 8th inning, the sky blue and white were able to get one of those two runs back, and Brittany Wright did all the work. She got herself a bunt single. Then stole second. Then stole third, but the throw from catcher Freddy Myers went into left field and Wright trotted home. Run manufacturing, at its finest, by Mrs. Wright, and the way that went down really seemed to demoralize the Knights. Lombardi cruised through the eighth inning, including getting Lewis to ground to third, and she would return for the ninth to wrap up the complete game. She would do that, and Newmanistan is able to even up the series. It’s a fine effort by Courtney Lombardi and the entire team with their backs against the wall. Now, they will prepare to come right back here tomorrow with Kristen Haynes on the mound looking to extend the Rockets domination of the Knights.
24-02-2009, 16:14


Fromburg, Qazox- When Taeshan took the one game to none lead, things were not looking good. Maybe they were finally going to have their moment against us. Or maybe we should have just had more confidence in our team that they could pull this out. With the team’s #4 starter on the mound, Kristen Haynes, in their 4th World Baseball Classic as a nation, Newmanistan has officially eliminated Taeshan for the 4th time, and they did this by scoring four runs. A quartet of fours, yes that must be a good thing, and for Newmanistan it means the final four. The opponent? Well the team that came in the WBC being seeded 4th of course, that being Tocrowkia.

It was Kristen Haynes turn to pitch in this game, and so far she has had a good World Baseball Classic, although she has not been in a game of this magnitude in Qazox this time around. Her two group stage games were against opponents that Newmanistan rolled over, a 9-1 win over Cookesland and an 11-3 win over Lurikastan. So as much as Courtney Lombardi hadn’t been getting run support, the bats certainly had come to life when Kristen was on the mound. Sometimes, a good pitcher may make a mistake early in a ball game and use that to shut the door on the rest of the game as motivation. Such was the case in the bottom of the 1st inning when Socki Lewis came to the plate. She had already walked Zoey Menigan in the inning, so the start was not all that good. But Lewis would make it bad, by smacking a two-run home run over the left field fence that was measured at 465 feet. We’re just surprised that someone saw it land. Yep, Kristen certainly missed with that curveball and a hitter like Lewis knows exactly what to do with it. It was a statement. But by Lewis? It was going to rattle Haynes, right? Kristen would retire the next two batters of the inning and was given a nice calm down message from pitching coach Carrie Lynsder. When Kristen took to the mound in the top of the second, she would surrender a leadoff single to Fier Henris. Little did the Knights fans know then, that would be the last time that a Taeshani baserunner would reach base until the ninth inning. Haynes would get the next batter, Tadihito Shakiri to ground into a double play, and that would start of 20 consecutive batters in which Haynes would retire. Of those twenty, twelve of them would come via the strikeout. She wasn’t going to look bad again, and was confident that her teammates could her some run support and start to turn this game around for the Rockets. Taeshan’s Coi Vecxen had good command of his pitches the first time he went through the Newmanistan batting order, and for a while some fans may have been wondering if they would be able to score against him. It didn’t happen until the 6th inning, but when it did, Newmanistan would assume control of the game. Brittany Wright, fresh off her strong performance in game two would hit a one out single up the middle. And yes, it became an unofficial triple by the time the great speedster was done stealing her way to third. Jennifer Martin hit a sacrifice fly to center that was able to score Wright, but she wanted to get more then just a sacrifice. It wouldn’t matter as the rest of the team continued the inning. Carrie Nicolette and Rachel Crockett hit back to back singles and the Rockets seemed to be in business to at least tie up the game. But Sarah Boland would do more then that. A double down the right field line would score the two runners and put Newmanistan out in front. Because Socki Lewis attempted to make a highlight reel diving catch on the ball, and missed, Boland was able to advance to third. She would be driven in by Natalie Monroe who blooped a single into shallow right center field that perhaps a younger second baseman would have been able to retreat quick enough for an get. A four-run inning, and for the first time, Newmanistan was in the driver’s seat.

The Rockets fans who were in attendance began to realize that this game was looking very promising as Haynes was shutting the door and now the team had a two run lead. We hadn’t heard the customary “You Can’t Beat Us!” chant yet in this series because the Knights had actually, been beating us, but as we got into the eighth inning and Haynes was continuing to be on top form. You could almost see it in the eyes of the Taeshani players, many of them have been through this several times before. They thought that maybe they had it this time, and now as it began to slip away, it was wearing on them. In the ninth inning, Haynes would retire Alexander Parea to start the inning off, and up came Zoey Menigen, perhaps for the last time. This may have been it for the Taeshani slugger, but she went out with a bang. That is, a 422-foot bang to rightfield to make it 4-3. For this to have been anymore then a sidenote on the game, there needed to be more people on base, not that we’re complaining of course. Socki Lewis followed it up with a single, but Haynes would Riane Totalez to hit into a 4-6-3 double play and that would do it. Once again, the Rockets had knocked out Taeshan.

With the victory, Newmanistan prepares to meet Tocrowkia for the first time since they were both debutants in Pool B of World Baseball Classic 7 together. Newmanistan went 4-1 in the group while Tocrowkia went 1-4. Newmanistan won the head to head 5-3 in what was the team’s first official WBC victory. One team went to the final and the other learned what it took to come back strong the next time. Note that we are skipping over Sarah Brayton, so:
Game 1: Tara Stewart
Game 2: Stacey Keisler
Game 3: Courtney Lombardi (if nec)

Interesting tidbit I realized when looking the history up: Of the four semifinalists remaining, three of us debuted in World Baseball Classic 7 (include Secristan). The other, WON World Baseball Classic 7.
25-02-2009, 01:30
As the Nordics prepare for the semi-finals meeting with the Rockets of Newmanistan, we decided to dig in and examine the two teams. Strangely enough, for what are now two of the best teams on the planet they have only encountered each other once in the WBC 7, with Newmanistan pulling away the victor in a 5-3 contest. Now, the Rocket Report will lead you to believe that this will be the result this time around. But let's face it, even though the Nordic roster has remained the same it's spirit and motto has not. In it's debutant WBC, the Nordics were little more than a highly-paid group of 25 all stars slapped together hurridly and rushed out to compete. Egos clashed, and self-interest was put above the interest of the team as a whole.

That all changed in WBC 8. Paul Rudolf pulled his team together under the philosophy that every game should be played hard for every at bat, through every inning. No egos were allowed, and with this mindset his team went 6-and-2 and made the play-offs. In WBC 9 they climbed another rung in the ladder and finished 3rd. Now, they have their sights set on an even bigger prize. But first they have to face down two more opponents, one of course being the Rockets.

People looking for parallels between the Nordics and the Rockets will be disappointed. Aside from the fact they both debuted in the 7th edition of the Classic, they both have very different histories and ways of playing the game. Where as the Rockets rose to fame overnight, the Nordics were sent home licking their wounds their first try. Where as the Rockets have made three final four appearances, and twice just fallen short of the big prize, the Nordics have had to fight tooth and nail all the way up the ladder, just recently cracking into the elusive top four. But just as the names Tara Stewart and Stacey Keisler have become widely used in conjunction with the qualities of excellence, and yes, even perfection, so too now are the names Jill Haviland and Johnny Stryker seeing more and more usage, more recognition from their peers around the world as men and women whom rule the game they play, titans of the ball and the bat and the glove.

"They're the second-ranked team in the world for good reason. Success is like a second nature for them." Paul Rudolf said of the Rockets. "I've never seen a more complete team. They're pitching is dominant, and they're offense explosive." he finished by saying: "But we're where we are now for good reason, too. Our team is just as complete as theirs. I mean, sure we don't have a perfect game under our belt, but if anyone, especially the Rockets think we're just going to roll over, they've got another thing coming."
25-02-2009, 01:52
(OOC: I know Green wombat hasn't logged in since my last post, but I'm gonna go ahead and RP as written. Sorry if there's a problem, I can change it if/when I have time. Otherwise...human error is part of the game, is it not? :p)

"Pastis steps off the rubber, looking for the rosin bag...and she's tripped over the rubber, it looks like."

"Well, that's just humiliating."

"Indeed. Reynolds jogging out there, she looks fine if a bit shaken."

"She'll take some warm-up tosses...and it's in the backstop!"

"Abuanza digs it out, relays it back."

"Pastis trying again. The delivery...nowhere near the strike zone."

"And here comes Reynolds again. He'll have to take her out."

"No he won't."

"Yes he will, it's his second trip."

"Technically it's still the first one, he never got all the way back to the dugout."

"I suppose. Reynolds chatting with Chela Palmer there at third. He goes back to the mound and, uh, waves Palmer over...what's going on?"

"They're switching positions."

"They're what?"

"Pastis is going to stay in at third, she has the strength if not the precision now."

"But Palmer can't pitch!"

"Well, she's sure trying. Admittedly in an underhand, slow-pitch style, but she's trying..."

"...and he's out of there!"

"Palmer fans Beckham, and the Zebras are somehow out of the inning..."

" advance to the semifinals. And here's the victorious manager to share his...insights...Congratulations, anyway!"

"Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here."

"First off, is Pastis okay?"

"She's not injured, if that's what you mean. We haven't tested her too hard."

"If the Zebras get back to her spot in the rotation, would she pitch again?"

"I can't say yet. We'll see how the series develop."

"Why, why did you let Palmer pitch?"

"Mostly to keep her bat in the lineup. She had some experience and I felt it would be safe for an inning or two."



"More recently than, I don't know, fourth grade?"

"I'm afraid I can't say too much more, you know how time dilation is."

"I guess. Thanks for joining us, anyway."

"You're welcome."

"Reynolds there, manager of the national team...brilliant guy, sure, but sometimes I wonder."

"Me too."

"You're just wondering if anybody knows his first name."
Green wombat
25-02-2009, 05:24
(ooc to Zwangug: I meant to use Kelsey Loh, sorry about that. I think Chela Palmer was still hotlinked to my paste command... LOL)
25-02-2009, 05:34 Coverage
Millionaires Knock off Champs in 13

It took 4 extra innings to make it offical, but after Jackson Throne blew the save in the 9th to allow Secristan to tie the game up at 2-2, Qazox knew its run as WBC champions was at an end.

It began with Throne blowing a lead against Lovisa, and ended the same as Tim McMurtry sliced an 0-2 2-out pitch for a double into right, and ManRod did the same, excepting his hit was single, scoring McMurtry. 4 innings later, after a visibly tired Francis Scarborough came in, and Larry Pritchett tripled to right and Jason Carlin singled him home, it was over. Dominick Peluso got three straight ground balls to short and it was over. The 3-peat gone, a 4th title, gone and the Pheonix gone.

But the WBC still rolls on, and QSPN schedule for the semifinals are as follows:

Game 1: Zwangzug vs. Secristan @ National Stadium, Fromburg (5:10 pm QSPN)
Game 1: Newmanistan vs. Tocrowkia @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (8:30 pm QSPN)
Game 2: Tocrowkia vs. Newmanistan @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (5:10 pm QSPN)
Game 2: Secristan vs. Zwangzug @ National Stadium, Fromburg (8:30 pm QSPN)
Game 3: Secristan vs. Zwangzug @ National Stadium, Fromburg (5:10 pm QSPN)
Game 3: Tocrowkia vs. Newmanistan @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (8:30 pm QSPN)
NOTE: If there is only one Game 3, it will be at 7:00 pm on QSPN.
25-02-2009, 11:55
WORKIN’ ON A DREAM: Tara Cuyler- SS, South Tier
#6 of ??? in a series

Tara Cuyler always wanted to be a professional athlete. But she was supposed to become a lacrosse player, not a baseball player. In Newmanistan, lacrosse is extremely popular, and the two sports are considered as equals as far as what interests the common Newmanistanian citizen. Her parents, Raymond and Patricia were supportive. They were certainly not rich, but the made enough to be able to buy what Tara needed to play the game of lacrosse that she loved so much. Both Raymond and Patricia played, but neither were good enough to ever consider making it a career. Raymond, a plumber, and Patricia, a receptionist for a city of Hampton governmental office were people of excellent work ethic and morals, and they instilled that in there two children, Ryan and Tara.

Ryan was five years older then Tara, but he never had a big interest in lacrosse. Instead, he played baseball. Ryan wanted to be a pitcher, and to practice, he used his little sister to stand beside the plate as he threw. This went on and on for a few years until Tara got to be ten years old and got tired of being her brothers practice target. She wanted to swing the bat this time. “Ryan was working more on improving the velocity of his pitches, and Tara was just there to help with the strike zone. He would give her money just to stand there for about half an hour a day, until she decided she had enough of it.” Raymond told us. Tara had practiced lacrosse, and participated in youth lacrosse leagues, that is what she was interested in, and the only thing that she was interested in as far as sports were concerned. Ryan never helped her with lacrosse, and she was holding that against him. “I told him I had enough with this crap, he needed to let me actually swing or I wasn’t going to stand there like an idiot anymore.” Tara told us. Patricia added, “So Ryan laughed it off and they want to practice behind a school on their field. They would have one regret. They never had a fielder to go retrieve the baseball.” Tara was hitting the heat of her brother pretty well. Was it all those days of standing their like a dummy, or was it perhaps her vision and focus she had learned in the handling of a lacrosse stick. Probably, a combination of the two. Three days later, Tara attended her big brother’s game for the first time. In the second inning, an opposing hitter smacked a line drive right up the middle right into his head. Ryan Cuyler was knocked cold and did not get up. He was rushed to the hospital, where he received tremendous medical care. Ryan would survive, but the impact of the ball on his collarbone would be severe, and he would be advised to never play baseball again. He would not, but is fortunate not to be in worst shape then he ended up. “I was very lucky.” Ryan told us.

Tara could not concentrate on lacrosse any longer. It just didn’t feel right. All of those days that her brother spent practicing to become a great pitcher were wearing on young Tara, until she told her mom, “I wanna play baseball. I don’t wanna play lacrosse anymore.” Patricia would certainly oblige, but she had second thoughts, “Tara was by far the best lacrosse player amongst the kids in her youth program, and she was even playing against older girls, and even against some boys. I know she wanted to do it for Ryan, but she never played baseball seriously before. You might say well at eleven, she is still young, but really at that age, most kids have begun playing the sport that they love, you know?!” she told us. Tara signed up, but had no idea where she wanted to play. Her coach threw her in the outfield. “It’s like he just said, you be an outfielder. I hated the outfield.” Despite not being good in the field, Tara showed a good ability with the bat. She wasn’t overpowering, but she was making contact and finding holes in the infield and gaps in the outfield. As time went on, she began to enjoy the game even more, except for the forced to be an outfielder part. It wasn’t until she was thirteen that the coach of that team tried her at different spots. “Unfortunately at lower levels the coaches just put kids anywhere, or give the kids of the parents they like more their choice and they don’t see where the kids are truly the best.” Said that coach, former minor leaguer Jack Brandis, “Tara was lost in the outfield. Her vision, however, at the middle infield positions was amazing, I could not believe that coaches for two years could not have caught on to this. Once we put her at shortstop, she became happier, and her all-around play just took off to the point where you wondered if she could play professionally.”

Playing professionally was what Tara wanted to do, because she wanted to do it for her brother. She went through high school and continued to draw the attention of scouts. She got a full scholarship to play at her dream school, the University of Hampton. With them, she played out her entire eligibility, and led them to a national championship and was a can’t-miss prospect. It was pretty obvious that at this point, Tara was going to become a professional baseball player, but Ryan’s dream was never just to make it, but to be a superstar, and maybe even play for the national team. In the NBL draft, Tara was selected by South Tier with the 12th overall selection in the draft. South Tier would be quite a move for her family, but they made it with pride. Cuyler’s career was successful from the start, there was never any real question that she would not be able to make it in the big leagues, but it is here where she developed into more then just a doubles hitter. She would add muscle, and thus add power to her game, becoming the leader of the Seagulls offensive attack. With South Tier, she has won two World Championships.

Tara was not sure if she would be named to the national team for World Baseball Classic 7. She knew she had a shot, but was also well aware that there were several other worthy candidates, especially Southport’s Kristen Graves. So when she got the call, she was pleasantly surprised. She has since become a mainstay for the Rockets as her career has been one of great consistency from year to year. Tara won’t win an MVP award, but she is one of the most reliable hitters you can have, and she tends to pick up her game in a clutch situations. Ryan Cuyler and his parents are proud of their sister, and even though Ryan may wonder about what might have been for himself he is grateful for the success of his sister. In the big scheme of things, Tara Cuyler has done more then enough to realize the dreams of her brother, but she won’t tell you that. “I never heard him pretend he made it to a championship game and lost when he was growing up,” she said.
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Semifinal Game 1's scores up shortly.
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SemiFinal Game 1's SCORES
WBC10 Wikipage (

(ooc: Since none of the final 4 have the DH at home, the semis, 3rd place and Championship will not feature the DH.)
Winners are in BOLD

Zwangzug - Secristan 5-4 (11 innings) @ National Stadium, Fromburg (Secristan leads Series 1-0)
Newmanistan - Tocrowkia 5-3 @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (Newmanistan leads Series 1-0)
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TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Tocrowkia 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 3 6 0
Newmanistan 0 1 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 5 6 0

LOSS: Matthew Shaporio (4-1)
Jill Haviland 1 (8)

In what was almost an exact replica of the first meeting between the Rockets and the Nordics, the Reich dropped game one 5-3. Though solid for three innings, a Jennifer Bennett two-run single gave the Rockets a lead they would not relinquish. Despite the fact that the Nordic pitchers contained the dangerous hitters known as Crockett and Bolad, neither of them nor any other Rocket batter hitting one out, and a come-back bid by Jill Haviland's two run bomb in the 4th, the Rockets held onto what was an otherwise tight game and walked away with the victory.

After the game, Paul Rudolf announced he would skip Mercedes Gaunt and send Tommy Thunder out to pitch game two. "It's just that Tommy has done it before, digging us out of a whole I mean. We need him out there against Keisler tomorrow." That's right, folks. The Nordics once again have to win to two straight to avoid elimination and advance to the finals for the first time in team history. Instead of the loss demoralizing the Nordics, they have all expressed their desire to get back and play as soon as possible.

"We can't stop now. We can't let our run end just shy of our objective like this." Said Stryker.
26-02-2009, 09:47


SaxerVilla, Qazox- In the first meeting between the teams since their matchday two affair in World Baseball Classic 7, the end result of the ball game proved to be the same, a 5-3 victory for the ladies in sky blue and white. The Nordics of Torcrowkia, who had gone undefeated in the group stage, seemed to hand over the victory to Newmanistan in this one. The normally effective Matthew Shaopiro had trouble finding the strike zone to batters you simply do not want to put on base. It allowed Newmanistan to capture the first game of the series, but much more work is certainly very necessary. After all both the Rockets and the Nordics got here after being down 1 game to none in the quarterfinal.

Shaporio got himself in trouble all game long with the ol’ base on balls. (OOC: You didn’t give me much to work with; 5 runs on 6 hits, no HR’s, no defensive errors, and I had to find away to get Bennett up to the plate in the 3rd to deliver said hit!) It started in the first inning when he walked the first three batters of the game, but with as much trouble as he was getting himself into, he seemed to find a way to get that break, such as when Rachel Crockett grounded right back to the mound, and he was able to go home for a force play and to first for a double play. His woes continued though after he appeared to strike out Sarah Boland, but the catcher dropped strike three, and Sarah safely made it first. Natalie Monroe nearly put the game out of reach with a long drive to left field, but the speedy Willhelm Dynrus made a nice running grab, and unbelievably the Nordics had survived this inning. Paul Rudolph had a long discussion with his pitcher, and he hoped that would settle him down, but more problems continued in the second. He retired Jennifer Bennett to lead off the inning, but then surrendered a single to center to Tara Cuyler. After getting Tara Stewart on a failed sacrifice bunt attempt with two strikes that went foul, Shaporio lost it again. Again Brittany Wright and Jennifer Martin were walked. This time, he would not get away with it as he would walk Carrie Nicolette as well to bring in the first run of the ball game. Rachel Crockett grounded out to first, and the damage was limited. Christina Sanders could only shake her head at the squandered early opportunity to put this game to bed. Rudolph had to be feeling fortunate, and this time hoped that Shaporio could throw strikes. But it started again. Sarah Boland was walked, and Natalie Monroe was hit by a pitch. A balk allowed them to move up a base, and Jennifer Bennett this time got the runners in a more conventional way, with a single to left center and the Rockets were up 3-0. The good news for Tocrowkia was that after that, Shaporio seemed to be able to hit the strike zone.

Tara Stewart was having a better day on the mound to start off. She had allowed only one hit over the first three innings, but in the 4th, the Nordics tried to mount a comeback bid. Dynus lined a double into the right field gap, and Bennett went out to talk to her pitcher. Walk Jill Haviland to set up the force play? Bennett seemed to want to but let Tara make the call and Tara opted to pitch to her. Let Haviland know that we won’t be afraid to pitch to her. Tara may have done that, but Haviland also let Tara know what will happen when you hang a curveball to her. She blasted a two-run shot to bring Tocrowkia to within one, and got their fans excited again, but Stewart did a good job of shutting down the inning without any further damage. Newmanistan would get those two runs back in the 5th and 6th innings. In the fifth, Rachel Crockett and Sarah Boland hit back to back doubles to bring in a run, and an inning later Brittany Wright manufactured a run. With one away, she dragged a bunt single down the third base line, and would steal her way to third base. Jennifer Martin would then hit a deep fly ball to right field that would sacrifice in Wright to put the Rockets back up by three. Tara Stewart would make the lead hold up, as even though the Nordics got one on her in the 7th, she was the better pitcher tonight. Stewart went all nine innings for the win, giving up three runs on six hits, walking one (or six less the Shaporio), and striking out eight.

Christina Sanders and the Rockets are expecting the Nordics to come out aggressively in game two. No one likes to feel that they handed a win to their opponent as Tocrowkia may feel they did today with the seven total bases on balls. They will go to their ace, Tommy Thunder, setting up a Classic pitching matchup between Thunder and Stacey Keisler that would be a can’t miss game if it was a standard mid-season, mid-week game. But this is a big one as it could advance the Rockets to the final. But they aren’t thinking about that yet, here were comments from Christina Sanders’ post game press conference:

“No one is thinking that this series is over. We got here after losing the first game of our quarterfinal series, as did they. One more win is needed, and we know that they are going to play hard as I know from experience that when you lose a game the way that they did tonight, especially in a playoff series which this basically is, it really fires you up the next day. We will have to match that, and we will.”
26-02-2009, 15:57

After defeating the host nation Qazox in the quarterfinals, the Millionaires battled Zwangzug in a rematch of the World Baseball Classic 9 preliminary series. The amount of Secristanis in attendance was impressive as it is likely that many Secristanis purchased tickets from dejected fans of the host nation that were hoping and expecting their team to be playing the Zebras. With an extra day off before the semifinal, Zwangzug put their ace out there on the mound, Brianna Schneider against the ace of the Millionaires, Steve Jamison in what was advertised as a great pitching duel. Both pitchers had trouble in the first inning as each side was able to score two runs against the other. For Secristan, the big hit was a two-run double by John Fusco with two outs, only to see Zwangzug respond and tie it up. In the third, the Millionaires recaptured the lead on an RBI single by Tim McMurtry that would score Larry Pritchett, who had singled. The Zebras responded again in the bottom half, but with two runs and after three innings it was 4-3 Zwangzug and everyone wondered what happened to this great pitching duel we were supposed to see. In the middle innings, it happened as neither team got merely a baserunner from the 4th through the 7th. With Marco Erewhorn on in the 9th to finish it out, the Millionaires continued to be death for opposing closers. With one away, Larry Pritchett tripled and would score on a sac fly by Jason Carlin. Two innings later, the Millionaires rode the momentum on a Manny Rodriguez solo HR which would be the game winning hit.

The Secristan Department of Sports reports that purchases for the first game of the series set a national record for baseball, topping the record set for the second group stage game against Newmanistan in this same WBC. Secristanis are very excited about this team right now and suddenly advertisers seem to be forgetting about the World Bowl players. John Fusco may be the biggest winner as far as the return on his investment so far. Advertisers had always had an interest in Steve Jamison or ManRod, but now Fusco. OFLAC Industries, a producer of several top video games mainly for your PC has placed images of Fusco (and other players to lesser extents) in their new message board based advertising services, where he will be seen in the first post of every thread on their message board. “It’s pretty cool I guess. I would have to think it would probably get people annoyed, but they paid me a nice amount of money plus I got a few free video games to give my kids,” said Fusco. Katie Simpson, our SDOS spokesperson reports on the success, “Things are really looking up right now. We are very close to the final and that will go a long way in showing the world that we can do more then just spend money as a nation. We know who might be looming out there as a possible opponent and we are all very excited about the revenue potential that would exist in that series, but we cannot think about that too much or we could be setting ourselves up for disappointment.” We asked Katie if the SDOS would consider refunding part of their initial bid price as they did after the basketball team won the IBC several years ago. “Let’s get to that point first.” she said.
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"...but Koves' two-run double ties this one up. We go to the second in the Saxerdome."

"Yeah, where are all the saxes?"

"I think that's just a name."


"And it's Millionares 2, Zebras 2, here in this, erm...well, not a pitchers' duel exactly."

"Obviously not..."

"...Taken for ball three."

"Palmer's playing third as normal after "earning" a lifetime ERA of 54 in the quarterfinals."

"Indeed, Reynolds is shaking up the rotation for the final two series. Brianna Schneider starting today, followed by Moises Chiszar in game two."

"Game three will be the problem."

"If there is one."

"Jamison burns it in there, but it's outside."

"Palmer walks in a run, and we're tied..."

"...Abuanza connects! Trecarichi to score again, and the Zebras take their first lead..."

"'ve just gotta wonder if he's biased, going with the Red-Tail."

"No, you don't have to wonder, and furthermore no, he's not. This is the ninth inning. The Zebras had a one-run lead. When you have a one-run lead in the ninth inning, you bring in your closer."

"No, I don't."

"Well, yeah, who would ever let you manage a baseball team?"

"But seriously, you can't save someone just for, uh, saves."

"Yeah, that makes perfect sense..."

"...Forte to Fusco, Lamenc is out and so are the Zebras."

"See, now that's how it works. Martinez enters, gets the outs."

"Yes, well, this was different."

"Yeah. Sure."
27-02-2009, 05:15

Will there be 2 sweeps or 2 game threes?
Find out...soon!
27-02-2009, 05:21
SemiFinal Game 2's SCORES
WBC10 Wikipage (

Winners are in BOLD

Secristan - Zwangzug 6-5 @ National Stadium, Fromburg (Series tied 1-1)
Tocrowkia - Newmanistan 3-2 (10 innings) @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (Series tied 1-1)

QSPN Schedule:
Game 3: Secristan vs. Zwangzug @ National Stadium, Fromburg (5:10 pm QSPN)
Game 3: Tocrowkia vs. Newmanistan @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (8:30 pm QSPN)
(ooc: all times QST which is -5:30 UTC)
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TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Newmanistan 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 4 1
Tocrowkia 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1x 3 3 0

WIN: Tommy Thunder (5-0)
SAVE: Jamie Von Tipker (7-0)
Johnny Stryker 1 (7)

Game 2 was billed as a match-up between two pitching aces, and it did not disappoint. However, as the game went on many wondered what the game would be remembered for most. Thunder vs Keisler, or Stryker vs Boland? As the two aces seemed to be raking up K's on each others lineups like there was no tomorrow, it was the Rockets who got on the board first with a Sarah Boland solo blast to left center, Boland prepared to round the bases slowly and show off like she was famed for. However, just as she reached first Stryker stepped in front of the bag and said something to Boland. For several tense moments the players stared at each other before Stryker, not wanting to be ejected let Boland past.

However, the camera caught Stryker's lips moving as Boland passed him. Boland took offense to what ever it was and trotted back to first to confront Stryker. They two exchanged some harsh words before Boland completed her round tripper and the game resumed. Up one to nothing, that run was quickly made up when Johnny Stryker jacked one to right-center. The 450+ ft bomb landed in the upper decks and Stryker slowly rounded the bases. He seemed to purposely wait until he reached third however to clap his hands together and point his fingers to the sky. Boland took offense to this and she and Stryker exchanged a few more words. As they stared each other down, the Rockets new reputation as brawlers proceeded them and both benches cleared. However, ordered was restored and not a single swing taken in the end.

A Carrie Nicolette RBI double pulled the Rockets ahead briefly, but it was tied again when Kitten Dyfuse grounded one to Tara Cuyler with two out and pinch hitter Eva Bethge on third. Culyer closed her glove a fraction of a second too early and Kitten Dyfuse ended up safe on first on the error while Bethge scored! As the bullpen of both nations shut each others lineups down, the game moved into extra frames. Tipker pitched two strong innings striking out four, while in the bottom of the tenth Stryker justified his reputation as the spark-plug of the Nordics lineup. With one out he crushed one down the line in right and his explosive speed carried him around the based to third. He slid in hard and just barely missed being tagged out by Boland. He rose and pumped his fist in the air.

Boland and Stryker once again shared some words. Boland either took offense to the taunt or thought Stryker was trying to slash her with his cleats as he slid into third. But this one ended as Hoyt Klaus stepped up to the plate and hit a deep fly ball, which was of course caught but it did enough as Stryker trotted fourth as the winning run.

"Now, it's all up to me." Jeanna Glaus said. "I've done it before, in this very classic and I just need to do it again. We're a heartbeat away from the finals for the first time, and I know I can't let so many people down."
27-02-2009, 07:53


(OOC: Tocrowkia, your line score has us going up 2-0 before Stryker’s home run. You RP the HR as having tied the game quickly after Boland’s. Using what you RP’d and not the line score, I am going to have the Stryker blast be in the 4th and not the 6th, and your 2nd tying run to come in the 6th as you also said that run came quickly. This looks like what you meant to do, I think, so maybe just change your line score. You also say that you went to your bullpen here, which means that Tommy Thunder doesn’t get the win.)

SaxerVilla, Qazox- There will be no two-game sweep for the Rockets. I doubt that any of us thought that we would be able to dispose of Tocrowkia that quickly anyway, if are to dispose of them at all. Extra innings continue to be unkind for the Rockets this World Baseball Classic. It began in the group stages, and it is just something that has continued as we have gone through the playoffs. Tocrowkia won the game 3-2 in ten innings to draw even in the series. Mostly everyone expected this series to go three games, and now, it will be. Courtney Lombardi stepped up big in game two against Taeshan, and the sky blue and white will be confident with her on the mound for the deciding third game of the series as the Rockets look to sit Tocrowkia down besides Kura-Pelland and Dancougar. That, if you do not follow gridiron, is a reference to the last two World Bowls where the Rockets played a team the only team of the competition that went undefeated in the group stage in the playoffs and eliminated them.

The matchup for the game featured Stacey Keisler and Tommy Thunder, so we knew not to expect many hits or runs. The two great pitchers, in their first meeting against the other, showed the opposing batters what makes them so good first-hand. Both hurlers got through the lineup the first time without any significant difficulty, leaving the game scoreless for the first three innings. The scoreless tie was broken up in the top half of the fourth when Sarah Boland smacked a 2-1 fastball over the wall in left center-field, a solo shot that gave the Rockets the lead. She knew she got all of it and pumped her fists a few times towards the Rockets dugout, the gesture appeared to be in light hearted manner with Rachel Crockett in the dugout, as Crockett had, in her at bat previously, narrowly missed a HR by about 20 feet foul before Thunder struck her out. However, Nordics first baseman Johnny Stryker, who will soon be playing for a Newmanistanian team which will be determined in a few days seemed to think Boland was showing up Thunder. Stryker deliberately stepped in front of the base to have a few words with her but it looked like that was all it was going to be as she continued on. In the bottom half of the inning, Stryker would get a little bit of payback that Stacey Keisler would love to have back. The slugger probably was swinging for the fences when he smashed a towering HR to right center to even up the game. Stryker’s HR trot was normal until he deliberately began clapping his hands right as he was approaching third base, which of course is where Boland plays. Sarah appeared to say a common two-word expression towards Stryker, but Johnny had some words back to her, which of course got Sarah going. This verbal exchange got the benches to empty, but nothing came of it. The Milchaman 3rd base umpire warned both players and their coaches that they needed to cool it, and do so immediately. They would, for now.

The game remained tied until the 6th inning when Brittany Wright hit a one out single and once again stole her way to third base. After Jennifer Martin lined out on a nice play by Jill Haviland at short, Carrie Nicolette doubled in the run to put the Rockets back in front. Rachel Crockett was walked, and appeared to try to explain to Stryker that he mis-interpreted what was a gesture between teammates, although he seemed to tell Rachel the same two word expression beginning with “f” that Boland told him. Sarah hit a deep drive to left, but Willhelm Dynus made a nice running grab at the warning track. An unearned run cost the Rockets the lead in the bottom of the sixth when the normally sure handed Tara Cuyler misplayed a routine ground ball. It was a frustrating turn of events, and neither team could get much going for a while. Keisler went eight innings before giving way to the closer with almost the same last name.

After the Rockets were retired in the top half of the tenth inning, there would be controversy in the bottom of the inning. With one down, Johnny Stryker doubled to right field, but was nailed at third trying to stretch it into a triple. Or, that’s what the Rockets felt. On a close play at third, Stryker was ruled safe for the triple and nearly punched Boland with a fist pump. They began to exchange some words, but Boland’s attention was also towards the third base umpire, because the tag did seem to be in time. Christina Sanders came flying out of the dugout to argue with the umpire that the tag was made. The umpire, feeling the pressure of the rules which have been put into place which grades their performance pretty strongly, and knowing this would have been a very reviewable play at it happened at home plate, and would thus get the people who think replay should be allowed at every base and not just home plate up in arms, went over to the second base umpire for a second opinion. While they were discussing things, Boland and Stryker continued to exchange heated words with one another. The umpire returned to tell Sanders that his call was going to stand, and Christina seemed at least somewhat satisfied that he did ask another umpire for his view. Our replays show it to be a bang-bang play, and whether you think he was safe or out will probably be based on which team you were rooting for. When everything settled down, the Nordics won the game on a sac fly and force the deciding third game.

Game three will be tomorrow and it will be Courtney Lombardi vs Jeanna Glaus to determine who is going to the final, and which of Boland and Stryker is going to have the last laugh.
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((OOC: Yes, that was my intention. I made a mistake when I was making the box score in my post, sorry.))
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(ooc: Sorrying? Are you sorrying? There's no Sorrying in baseball RP's! LOL :p)
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Christina Sanders’ Post-game Press Conference:


I feel that our effort was top notch. We didn’t lose this game because of a lack of heart and character. We made some big plays in this ball game and you have to credit Tocrowkia too, they got a good team over there.


Stacey pitched pretty well. A lot of people have just really set the bar unrealistically high for her. She was in control of her stuff tonight and only allowed two runs.


That’s true but it doesn’t really matter. Stacey will be the first to tell you that the runner who was on third should never got there in the first place. She puts no blame on Tara (Cuyler) for the error. That’s the kind of person she is, and it’s the kind of team we are. One player doesn’t make a big play. One player doesn’t make a bad play. We, as a team, make the big play or the mistake.


I thought that she was out, and I could tell that Sarah felt strongly that she beat him with the tag, and I trust her instincts out there on the field. The umpire told me that it was an extremely close play but in his opinion Stryker got their safely and that he felt good with that. I requested that he speak with the second base and the home plate umpires, and he did that. Because of that, I can live with the call.


I have seen a few replays, and it is a close play. And we have to remember that the umpires don’t get replays and don’t have the option of 15 different angles and super, frame by frame slow motion.


Obviously, yes. There has been some question about the replay rules allowing for reviews at home plate but if the same play happened, like it did tonight, at another base. I did ask the umpire if it was allowed if he would review this and he told me he would. This is why I can live with the call that was made because I do believe in his mind, the runner was safe, even though I still think otherwise. He’s normally a great umpire.


I say Johnny shouldn’t sign with Thoroughbreds.


Johnny felt that Sarah showed up his pitcher when Sarah insists that she was gesturing to Rachel Crockett since Rachel nearly had one in the previous at bat. Sarah got a little agitated, and then you have him getting back in the fourth with waiting to celebrate until he got to third. That there was pre-mediated, and could have been cause for an ejection. They both kept their cool because both of them know that the team battle means more then their individual battles. They can continue that when Springfield plays whoever Stryker signs with.


We (Southport) are not in negotiations with Johnny as we are content at first and are focusing are spending elsewhere.


It’s going to be a good game. I don’t really think either team has any momentum on the other one right now. It’s for everything, we want to get back to the final and win it this time. This is our best shot, you know. You never know if we’ll all be back here in two years. Others may wear the jersey, but for the ladies on this team right now, it’s do-or-die for sure.


Courtney has gone under the radar because people think of Tara Stewart or Stacey Keisler first, but Courtney has consistently gave us strong performances. She has pitched against good opposition all WBC. Twice against Green Wombat, and then against Taeshan, and she beat the Knights after the two tough luck no-decisions.


Yes, Sarah is available out of the bullpen in this one.
27-02-2009, 09:35
Barely a day before what is, to this point in their history, the biggest game in the Nordics WBC history we caught up with Paul Rudolf and managed to ask him a few questions about game two, and of course his plans for game three. First and foremost, viewers back home wanted his reaction to the 'proceedings' between Johnny Stryker and Sarah Boland. "In big play off games, emotions and ego can sometimes get the best of you." He said. "Especially with players like Johnny. He's a competitor, and he wants to out there not just to win, but to beat the other guy everyday. And today I think he was just trying to let Tommy know he had his back and thought that Sarah was showing him up." He went on to say. "But after they exchanged those words, I think it became kinda personnel for a little bit. The waiting until third to clap was uncalled for and I've talked to him about it."

And of course, there is the 'controversial' play at third in the tenth. "You can watch it over and over from any number of angles, slow-mo, fast-mo, heck even bullet time if you want. It was a bang-bang play. And of course I'm going to say I thought the ump got it right, but it's just an aspect of baseball you have to deal with." Next, we asked him about game three and Jeanna Glaus. "Jeanna has pitched big games before. She wouldn't be on this team if she hadn't. But everyone, including her feel that this is the biggest game of their lives up to this point. We've got billions of people cheering us on. Hm, what was that slogan we used last time around? 'Behind every play a nation'? Yeah. That's how it is now. We're going to put everything we have into it."
27-02-2009, 11:51

For 8 ½ innings, this game was a laugher. Zwangzug had asserted themselves in the series and taken the game handily, opening up a 6-0 lead. One of the downfalls of Eric Strassner has been his inconsistency, and he demonstrated that tonight. He had some great starts earlier in the World Baseball Classic, but he got roughed up in this one, giving up three runs over the first two innings, and surviving a bases loaded and no one out jam in the third that would seal his day. Paul Newkirk, since he had been skipped over in the rotation came in and worked the next two innings, and gave up a run himself. Then even David Tocci would make an appearance, pitching the sixth and seventh inning and giving up the fifth run of the ball game, and in the top of the eighth the Zebras got one on Nicholas Gillette. It was about as smooth flowing as Zwangzug could have wanted as they put together their six runs. Of course that home run in the eighth off of Gillette that Chela Palmer hit was just a tack on run and would not have significance in the ball game. Unfortunately, by this time many of the Millionaires fans that attended the game had already made it to the exits and did not witness what would have been one of the greatest comebacks in World Baseball Classic history had it just lasted a little bit longer. Moises Chiszar limited the Millionaires to only two hits in the first eight innings and the Zebras elected to have him start the ninth to save their bullpen for game three. Chiszar retired leadoff batter Mike Bradley who was pinch hitting in the nine spot. Larry Pritchett would hit a double, but after Chiszar fanned Jason Carlin the game was as good as over. Tim McMurtry singled in Pritchett to spoil the shutout. Manny Rodriguez hit a double to left to make it 6-2, and Zwangzug grudgingly gets Marco Erewhon throwing in the bullpen even though Chiszar only needed one more out. A single by John Fusco and all of the sudden it’s 6-3. The laboring Chiszar walks Eddie Forte and by that time Zwangzug has seen enough and brings in Erewhon. Mick O’Rourke would greet the closer rudely with a double into left that would score Fusco and Forte and it would be a one-run ballgame. Erewhon would then walk John Mullins and the winning run was on base. Up now would be Eric Beaudoin to pinch hit in the nine spot and he would launch one deep to center. Retreating to the warning track, Noah Trecarichi made the catch as the ball fell just short of going over and making it a dramatic victory. Zwangzug holds on to a 6-5 victory.

The Secristan Department of Sports reports that 46% of those who purchased the pay-per-view of the game had left the station by the bottom of the ninth and did not return. Purchases for the game were up slightly for the second game, and they will most certainly be up for the third and deciding game of the series. The SDOS hopes for a victory in the game, but if they lose will be hoping to take Newmanistan down with them in the third place game. The One Big Island nations met in the 3rd place game of the most recent World Bowl as well, and purchases were high given that fans wanted to see the rivalry game. The SDOS feels that the country will not have nearly half the interest in the third place game should it be against Tocrowkia. However the most revenue would be generated for a Penthoria River War on the diamond and that is what they will be hoping for. Alan Coldwell is on the mound for the game, and remember that he put in a strong performance against Qazox so let’s put our faith behind him and these Millionaires who are out there to show the world that money can buy world championships!
28-02-2009, 00:14
"Chiszar pops it up weakly, the shortstop will snag it."

"Strassner's stuff perhaps back with him as he maneuvers out of the inning."

"It's still three-nothing Zebras after the early excitement as we move to the middle of the third."

"Yeah, promising potential this inning but a soft exit."

"Would you call that a fortepiano?"


"...Michaelson will go to the bench, and it's..."

"Oh no."

"It's Eric Beaudoin pinch-hitting. Remember, it was his home run last time around that beat Zwangzug in the preliminary round."

"No it didn't."

"Yeah it did."

"The game ended 5-4 Zebras. How is that being beaten?"

"It was a two-legged thing."

"Oh yeah."

"Reynolds to stay with Erewhon."

"Idiotically, at this rate we won't have to worry about game three."

"Though Danny Greger is set to get the start if there is one."

"Anyhow the pitch."

"Beaudoin gets all of this one, hammered into center."

"Come on, not again!"

"Trecarichi backpedaling, he'll settle under it and...make the catch! The Zebras hang on, barely, and we're knotted up at a game apiece."
28-02-2009, 04:32
This is it.
Whom will battle whom for the WBC Championship?
and whom will have to settle for a third place series?

RP Cutoff NOW.
Scores up in a bit.
28-02-2009, 05:11
SemiFinal Game 3's SCORES
WBC10 Wikipage (

Winners are in BOLD

Secristan - Zwangzug 6-2 @ National Stadium, Fromburg (Secristan wins Series 2-1)
Tocrowkia - Newmanistan 3-1 @ Saxerdome, SaxerVilla (Newmanistan wins Series 2-1)

Secristan vs. Newmanistan

Third Place Series
Zwangzug vs. Tocrowkia

(ooc: all times QST which is -5:30 UTC, and "home team" s listed 1st)
Schedules for Third Place and Championship series

(all games live on QSPN and at Pheonix Stadium, Qazox City):
2/28: Zwangzug vs. Tocrowkia Game 1 (4:00pm) 3rd Place series
2/28: Secristan vs. Newmanistan Game 1 (8:00pm) Championship Series

3/1: Tocrowkia vs. Zwangzug Game 2 (4:00pm) 3rd Place series
3/1: Newmanistan vs. Secristan Game 2 (8:00pm) Championship Series

3/2: Tocrowkia vs. Zwangzug Game 3 (if needed 4:00pm) 3rd Place series
3/2: Newmanistan vs. Secristan Game 3 (if needed 8:00pm) Championship Series

Pheonix Stadium:
28-02-2009, 05:18
((OOC: Eh...I'll let Newmanistan RP first. For obvious reasons, I don't feel like it.))
28-02-2009, 06:59


SaxerVilla, Qazox- Thanks to outstanding pitching by young Courtney Lombardi, the Rockets have reached the final series for the third time in four tries. This time, they will be looking for victory and will have a very familiar foe on the other side of the field. After Tocrowkia was able to tie the series at two in an emotional game for both sides, we didn’t really know what to expect. We called Courtney’s victory against Taeshan in game two of that quarterfinal series her shining moment as a member of the national team, but this will top that. Pitching for the Nordics was Jeanna Glaus, and she did a great job tonight, but Lombardi, after having been through two pitching duels in the group stage both against Green Wombat, would be too much.

Jeanna had her sinker working very well early, getting the Rockets to ground out to infielders six times in the first two innings. There was a single up the middle by Jennifer Martin mixed in there, but that was it until the third inning. Tara Cuyler, who may have a had a difficult night sleeping during the night after her costly error in the second game, was hungry to redeem herself and did so by finding a hole in left centerfield , and legging it out for a two-base hit. The next batter would be the pitcher, Courtney Lombardi, and would come that play that gave the Rockets the early momentum. Courtney squared around to bunt as if to sacrifice to bring in the corner infielders, but quickly pulled back and blooped a single over Johnny Stryker at first. Had Stryker not been drawn in by the fake sacrifice, he makes this catch. It was a hit and run as well, and Cuyler, who took off as soon as Glaus threw the ball, would round third and score on the play. Glaus would get out of the inning by striking out Brittany Wright and getting Jennifer Martin on a liner to second but Courtney would now be pitching with added spark. She had only allowed a single to Dimitri Rykov over the first two innings, and cruised the bottom of the order. The Nordics put together a good chance in the fourth inning as with one away, Jill Haviland and Rykov hit singles and had the big bat Stryker up. But the Tocrowkian fans who wanted to see him deliver a monster shot were disappointed as the Rockets elected to intentionally walk him. The bat of Hoyt Klaus simply did not intimidate them and would get him to hit into an inning ending double play. Stryker was agitated about being put on base and had some words for Natalie Monroe at first, but she did not respond to him. In the top of the fifth inning, Rachel Crockett and Sarah Boland hit back to back doubles off of Glaus to add on the second run of the ballgame.

Courtney Lombardi did not seem to be phased by the threat that the Nordics had in the fifth inning, and was being more aggressive with their lower lineup hitters, but in the bottom of the sixth, Tocrowkia would again threaten to score. Jill Haviland delivered a leadoff double that hit the top of the wall in right field and would be driven in by a double hit by Rykov to cut the lead in half. Rykov was having himself a good start to the game, going 3-for-3 to this point. Then came Stryker and with first base open and no one out, this second intentional walk was more rather logical although Stryker seemed frustrated by the fact that the Rockets were taking the bat out of his hands. Lombardi struck out Klaus, and on an amazing diving catch by Carrie Nicolette, got an inning ending double play when Nicolette flipped the ball to Cuyler to double up Rykov who could not get back to the base in time. Quickly, the Rockets got this run right back. In the top of the 7th inning, Sarah Boland hit a one-out single to left, and gave us our first Stryker-Boland meeting of the day. Stryker appeared to have some words with her again as this had been a tough day for him, but Sarah did not respond verbally to him. Instead she pointed out to the outfield at the scoreboard and took her lead. Sarah would only be at first for two pitches, because Natalie Monroe would hit a long double to left field that just barely bounced fair to allow Boland to score from first and make it 3-1. Newmanistan would threaten for more in this inning, but leave the bases juiced. Tocrowkia had no response for Lombardi in the 7th. Travylin, the pinch hitter for the pitcher were fanned and Kitten Dyfuse was retired on bang-bang play at first base as she tried to leg out an infield single, but a nice bare-handed pickup by Boland at third and laser thrown to first would get the speedy Dyfuse by half a step. The bottom of the ninth would be Jill Heisler time, and she would fan Dynus and get Haviland to fly out to center. Up next would be the red hot Rykov, but this time with Stryker on-deck and hoping to get another chance to hit, Rykov could do nothing more then ground out to second. The Rockets had won the game and were heading to the final.

There were no extended celebrations on the mound. There was no champagne in the locker room. On the field they simply exchanged high-fives and shook the hands of Tocrowkian players that were also willing to shake hands. Perhaps another team would have had a bigger celebration, but not these ladies. It’s a big win, and a great team that the Rockets eliminated to get to the finals, but the mission is not complete. The celebrations will come should they accomplish it this time. Standing in their way next are the rival Millionaires of Secristan, just the way it all started in Qazox.
28-02-2009, 07:26
Post-game conference with Paul Rudolf.

TSPN: What happened tonight out there?

Rudolf: First off, before I answer any questions I'd just like to thank everyone for being here tonight. I'd like to thank all 25 men and women on my roster for getting us to this point in the first place. It's been my honor to lead you. I'd like to also thank our fans, you traveled half-way across the world to see us play in all these games. I can't thank you enough for your support.

And next, well, what happened out there just happened. You can't blame Jeanna. She went out there and pitched us a great game. We just didn't score enough runs.

TSPN: So, you blame the offense?

Rudolf: Of course not. We scored the most runs out of anyone in the group stage, so that wasn't the problem. We just couldn't figure out the Rockets hurlers in time.

TSPN: Paul, there's all ready rumors flying you're going to be replaced before WBC 11. Thoughts?

(Rudolf becomes notably despondent here and hesitant for a moment with a listless stare)

Rudolf: Well, it's their (The MLBF's) call. I mean of course I would understand the logic, it seems like we choke up and lose games we shouldn't lose. We dropped two straight last time around, and now this time getting knocked out in the semis. I wouldn't stand in the way of such a decision, and I would of course wish the new manager luck. Like I said, it's been an honor.


Rudolf: And I'd just like to point out, that I've been able to do a lot with this opportunity. From 1-and-4 to undefeated in three Classics? Two top-four finishes? But I suppose if I don't win the big prize, all of the rest doesn't matter.

TSPN: Right. So, after the game you and the players went out and shook the hands of the Rockets despite all of the tension between the two teams. Why?

Rudolf: We just wanted to show a quality everybody, especially Tocrowkians, value. Sportsmanship. They're a great team, and I'm sure they're great people.

TSPN: Plans for 3rd place series?

Rudolf: Hopefully winning it.
28-02-2009, 09:10
WORKIN’ ON A DREAM: Kristen Haynes- P, South Charlotte
#7 of ??? in a series

The story of Kristen Haynes is one about perseverance. It’s about never allowing people to tell you that you cannot be something that you set your mind too. It’s a story of hard work and character, and of what one person can do if they give it their all. It’s a story that’s been written about athletes before but one that will never grow old. On the program for the South Charlotte Condors, Kristen is generously listed as being 5'7". In reality, she is 5'4". Or maybe 5'3". With Kristen Haynes, it just doesn’t matter. It’s never mattered because it’s always been an obstacle that people told her would be too much for her to overcome to the point where some called her dream absurd.

Kristen grew up in Pocono City and was the second of three children that her parents, Scott and Melanie, would have. Neither of the parents had any kind of athletic history, nor did Kristen’s older brother Thomas have any desire to participate in them. Scott was a construction worker, often being assigned to several projects around the Royal Palace. When was 22, he and his company actually had a chance to do some work within the Palace. “That was a thrill. Everyone seemed so nice to me, and we got tours of the place and everything, it was a pretty neat history lesson.” Scott told us. “It made me proud to be a Newmanistanian.” he said. Scott Haynes now runs his own construction company. He could have retired off his daughter’s wealth but he didn’t feel that was right, “Kristen certainly has supported us greatly, but I do not want to live off her earnings at all.” said Haynes. He met Melanie in a restaurant when he was 20 and her 18. She was his waitress that evening, and without sidetracking the story, they would get to know each other well and marry three years later. Melanie was barely five-feet tall, but also a hard and dedicated worker. She went to college and would eventually find her way into a receptionist job for a well known Pocono City dentist. Dream job? No, “But it paid the bills” she said. Neither did much athletics, so sports were never pushed on their children, and Kristen never even played a sport until she was nine years old. The summer prior, her and a friend went to a baseball game with her parents and family and the friend asked her if she would sign up for the baseball team that she was a part of. Excitedly, Kristen said yes. This would mean more time with her friend, and the baseball part of it, she would just deal with. Her friend Tori, would play in the infield but Kristen had no idea where she wanted to play. Fortunately, coach Jennifer Hedden, who has since found her way to coaching in the Riverside Dolphins minor league system was not one of those “Oh, just toss her in the outfield” type youth coaches. “At that age you have a lot of kids that are just there for fun and to hang out. That’s what we promote the leagues as of course but as a coach you want to win games regardless of how old the players on your team are.” Hedden explained, “I tried her and no position really seemed to work, until we got to pitching. She could get the ball from the mound to the plate, which with what I was working with at the time was half the battle (laughs). She pitched for 10 minutes before shouting to me that she loved it.” So Kristen became a pitcher, but then, she became a good pitcher, “She was striking out almost everyone, she threw hard for a girl her age and I asked her parents what kind of experience that she had and they told me none. I told them, you know, you might have something here.” The parents were stunned, there had never been any athletic genes in their family, but they would encourage their daughter to keep pitching as long as she wanted to. “I loved pitching,” Kristen told us, “When people started tell me that I was good at it, I started to watch more baseball games on TV and had my parents take me to more games so I could get better.”

The youth league success continued and she would ultimately reach the high school level. In trying out for her high school team in her freshman year, her coach, who declined to be interviewed for this story gave her a reality check. “He cut me. I didn’t make the team. He told me I just wouldn’t make it as a professional athlete or even at the high school level and when I asked him why he just told me it was because of my height. I didn’t really understand what that had to do with it. I had worked on my pitching so much and I wasn’t even going to get a chance because of something I had no control over.” Her infuriated father confronted the school’s athletic director over the rationale behind Kristen being cut, but would get no where. The team went 3-13 and could have used Haynes for sure. The parents decided to enroll their daughter in a private school for her second year. This was create a tough financial burden on them but they wanted Kristen to have a chance to play baseball, and maybe for this school she could. Kristen tried out and made the team. She was excited and waited for her chance to pitch. And waited. And waited. In the sixth game, she got a chance, to pitch two innings of relief. She would get a total of ten relief innings that whole year. When asked why, that coach gave her the same answer, the height thing again. Kristen Haynes was ready to give up. And in fact, she had.

She had, for about a week until a phone call. Her former youth league coach, Jennifer Hedden had accepted a double-A minor league hitting coach job with the Riverside Dolphins’ affiliate and wanted to see how Kristen was doing. It was there that Hedden informed Haynes of a loophole. At 16 (the age of majority in Newmanistan), you are eligible for the NBL draft. Most don’t come out so early, but you are eligible, “There were 50 rounds in the draft, and I felt confident that I could convince Riverside to draft her as a project in one of the later rounds.” Hedden told us. “Jennifer Hedden was the only person back then who believed in me in the entire world other then my parents,” Kristen told us, “She told me she would get Riverside to draft me or sign me to a minor league contract so I declared my eligibility.” No one, other then Riverside, paid any attention to the name Kristen Haynes on their draft list. At least this is what Kristen thought. When her phone rang late in the evening of the first day of the draft, it couldn’t have been Hedden. The first day was only supposed to be rounds 1-15. Riverside was going to take her later. “Congratulations, Kristen.” said the voice on the phone, she told us, “This is Jason Parker of the South Charlotte Condors and we are proud to have selected you in the seventh round of the draft.” What?! South Charlotte?! How?! Where did they come from?! Seventh round?! Haynes was speechless and flattered. Honored to be selected, for sure, and she reported to South Charlotte immediately, but still she couldn’t figure this one out. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by Condors personnel. “Hi, Kristen.” said a man she didn’t recognize. “I’m Kevin and I was the one who brought you here. I convinced these guys of your talent and I believe you can be a star pitcher. I don’t care how tall you are. Too many people in this day and age prioritize that and they don’t even look at the heart and character of the player.” said the man. “I asked him how did he see me and he told me he when I pitched two innings of relief one day and struck out four of the six batters, he was in attendance. He was there, scouting for the Condors, but there to look at one of the players on the other team that I struck out.” Haynes told us.

The South Charlotte media had some fun with it though, calling it a wasted pick, and for a team that had very little success, it was typical Condor baseball. In her first spring training with the team, Haynes was impressive and made the back end of the rotation. Well, that’s where she was at the start of the year. By the end of the season she had become the ace of the staff, then came an honor she never thought she would hear. Rookie of the Year, Kristen Haynes. Her second season she picked up where she left off and won the Curtis Award (Cy Young equivalent). Today she has established herself as one of the best pitchers in Newmanistan, as obviously her small petite stature has not been a hindrance to her. The media was proven wrong, and those high school coaches must feel really stupid now. She has never won a championship with South Charlotte, so that remains a goal of hers too.

Her career has taken off, but Kristen Haynes hasn’t forgotten the road that she took to get here. Jennifer Hedden, who is now the triple-A head coach in the Riverside system deserves all the credit. “Without her, I wouldn’t be here today.” Haynes says. And without her, the Newmanistan Rockets would have someone else starting game one of the World Baseball Championships 10 final series. Will the coach that cut her from her high school team be watching? “I hope he does,” Haynes says, “If we win this championship I have to thank South Charlotte for everything, but Jennifer will be the first person other then my family that I show the trophy.” Kristen will have a present, too. “I will give her my championship ring if I win.”
28-02-2009, 14:23

The Secristan Department of Sports got their wish and so too, did Secristani fans. Their beloved Millionaires are heading to the championship series and will do so against their most bitter rivals from the west of the Penthoria River. The series will mark the second time that Secristan has met Newmanistan in a world championship, not just a regional event. The nations met in the inaugural final of the International Basketball Championships, a series that saw Secristan stun their neighbors two games to one in a best of three series. They will be hoping for that result once again. While Newmanistan was seen as a favorite to reach the final, Secristan was not. However, the Millionaires have shown the world what a bunch of wealthy and financially successful individuals can do when they come together for one goal of reaching the greatest return on their investments. They also do it for a love of their country, just like everyone else. It can be easy to label them as just being in it for the money but you don’t get to this point and not feel the pride of wearing green and white. When Secristan rallied from a 6-0 deficit only to fall short 6-5 in game two, we were hoping that they could carry some momentum over from that. In the bottom of the first inning, the fans got their answer. The first batter of the game, Larry Pritchett would lead off the game with a triple off of Danny Greger and Jason Carlin drove him in with another double; and then another double by Tim McMurtry would make it 2-0 in favor of the Millionaires before Greger settled in and got out of it. In the third, Pritchett sparked another scoring inning, getting himself a leadoff double with steal of third. Carlin would sacrifice him in before Tim Murtry hit a solo home run into the left field seats to make it 4-0 in favor of the Millionaires. Greger would get out of it after that, and the Zebras had seen enough from their disappointing starter. Alan Coldwell wasn’t dominating the Zebras, but he was pitching himself out of jams. In the second inning, Zwangzug loaded them up with one away and failed to score, and in the fourth they would again load them but this time with two outs. When he needed an out, he got it. In the fifth, he walked the first two batters of the inning, but then got himself a double play and long fly out. Jim Michaelson may have made a mistake trying to get the sixth inning out of him as this time he could not pitch his way out of it. Zwanzug scored twice, on a two run home run by Nadia Koves to cut the lead to two. Michaelson went to the bullpen right after the bomb, and Dominick Peluso slammed the door shut on any further rally. Following a Manny Rodriguez home run in the 6th, the Millionaires would restore their four run lead in the 7th as John Mullins singled in Mick O’Rourke. The bullpen would not allow Zwangzug back. Michael McKeon pitched the 7th and 8th, and even though it wasn’t a save situation for Francisco Martinez, F-Mart was brought in anyway to ensure that Secristan would be heading to the final.

The celebration on the field was enthusiastic, but it may have been more crazy in the press box of several key members of the Secristan Department of Sports. Bottles of champagne were flowing all over the place because they knew that Secristan heading to the final would create enormous revenue for them. The Tocrowkia vs Newmanistan game was still yet to come in the evening, and the celebrations carried all through that game as they were back in their hotel rooms. A One Big Island showdown would be perfect and celebrations picked up highly when the Penthoria River War on the Diamond would be official. A few of them may have to pay the hotel for damages to their rooms due to the celebration, but with the revenue they will be getting from that series they could probably almost buy the hotel. Steve Jamison will not be ready for the first game, so Jim Slattery will throw the opener and then it will be Jamison in game two. Eric Strassner would get game three.
28-02-2009, 16:46
"...Schlemmer crosses the plate, and the Zebras are at last on the board."

"This is ridiculous. Our last three RBIs have all come on home runs!"


"So we can't keep counting on home runs."

"Dominick Peluso to enter for the Millionaires, it's 4-2 Secristan..."

"...Okay, so what do you think about this?"

"About what?"

"F-Mar coming in now, with the Millionaires up by four."

"He's not F-Mar."

"Well, no, his actual name is Francisco Martinez."

"No, but his nickname is F-Mart."

"I don't think so."

"It would make more sense."

"Fine, but what do you think about bringing him in with a four-run lead?"

"Michaelson's prerogative, isn't it? You can't rule out comebacks in this game."

"Of course not!"

"Did you just agree with me?"


"Abuanza makes contact, Carlin will jog in...and that does it."
01-03-2009, 05:24
RP cut off
Which teams will take the early advantage?
01-03-2009, 05:29
(winners still in BOLD)

Third Place Series
Zwangzug vs. Tocrowkia

Game 1: Zwangzug - Tocrowkia 4-3 (Tocrowkia leads Series 1-0)

Secristan vs. Newmanistan

Game 1: Secristan - Newmanistan 6-5 (Secristan leads Series 1-0)
01-03-2009, 05:53
Coming undone at the seams?

TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Tocrowkia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 4 6 0
Zwangzug 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 3 10 0

WIN: Matthew Shaporio (5-1)
SAVE: Jamie Von Tipker (8-0)
Johnny Stryker 1 (8)

The good news? Well, the Nordics won game one of the 3rd place serioes and Shaporio maintained his perfect record against the Zebras. The bad news? Before the game there was some speculation that the Nordics just didn't care anymore now that they didn't have a shot at the big prize, and it showed. Domino Mazdrick, Kitten Dyfuse, and perhaps most disappointingly of all Johnny Stryker all showed up more than an hour late for batting practice. They were all visibly still feeling the effects of the loss to the Rockets, but Stryker, the lighting rod of the team seemed the most effected. It carried over into the game it self as well.

In their first at bats, Kitten Dyfuse didn't even take a swing and was called out on five pitches. Johnny took three lifeless swings and struck out, and Mazdrick left her strike-zone more full of holes than swiss cheese. Shaporio held the Zebras to one run until the sixth when a Nadia Koves home run, a two run shot, put the Zebras up by three. By now the cloud of defeatism seemed to be choking the entire team, with Dyfuse and Mazdrick and Strykers antics messing everyone else up. "If you can't depend on the guy in front of you to try to get on, or the guy behind you to try and drive you in it tends to mess you up. I'm very disappointed with them." Willhelm Dynrus said. During the stretch, Shaporio was seen confronting Stryker about what he was doing.

"I asked him, why is he doing this? Why isn't he taking this seriously? I wanted to know what his problem was." Said Shaporio after the game. Stryker rose from the bench and was seen to push Shaporio. Shaporio didn't back down and the two got in a bit of a scuffle that was then broken up by team mates. In the 8th the Nordics finally came alive on three singles followed by a Johnny Stryker grand-slam, his first hit of the night. Still, the damage to team chemistry was done. Though Paul Rudolf tried to downplay the incident, there is obviously a rift now.
01-03-2009, 09:28


Qazox City, Qazox- If they weren’t our annoying, snobbish neighbors, then maybe we would acknowledge the kind of impressive run that Secristan has been during this World Baseball Classic. Now, after a disappointing game one for the Rockets, the team is faced with their third runner up appearance in four tries in the WBC. But this one would be much worse. Before, it was Zwangzug and Qazox. This time, we have to listen to our annoying neighbor celebrate and hear the brag that they won a WBC title before we did which would probably lead to claims that they are the greatest baseball playing nation in One Big Island. Please, Tara Stewart and Stacey Keisler, please save us from this terrible fate.

Kristen Haynes was on the mound for the sky blue and white this evening, and it looks like the pressure just got to her tonight. She’s been a pretty consistent pitcher for us during the WBC, and gave us a great outing in game three against Taeshan, which was the last time she took the mound. She won twice in the group stage, although the wins were admittedly both against weaker group opponents. During their run, Secristan has given themselves a reputation as team that comes from behind and wins games, with one such rally for a victory against us back on matchday seven. Tonight, they would not need to make the great comeback. Larry Pritchett opened up the game with a drag bunt down the first base line and reached first safely, and then he took second on Kristen Haynes throwing error. Jason Carlin came up and did the same exact thing, a drag bunt down the first base line, catching the Rockets off guard as no way a team would do this twice in a row. With runners on the corners and no one out, Haynes was frustrated and hit Tim McMurtry. Kristen immediately apologized to Tim, as when these two teams play, if a batter gets hit, more often then not it will be seen as intentional, but in this situation it was obvious to everyone involved that Haynes simply missed her mark. She would get the next two batters out, but they would be on sacrifice flies that quickly put the Millionaires up 2-0. Then a double laced down the left field line by Eddie Forte made it 3-0 Secristan in the bottom of the first inning. Kristen eventually got out of it, but slammed her glove down on the dugout bench when she arrived, and was consoled by Christina Sanders. The Rockets got two runs back quickly in the second, as Rachel Crockett led the inning off with a home run over the left field fence. Two outs later, Jennifer Bennett blooped a single into shallow center and would score on a hard hit double by Tara Cuyler into the right center field gap. Newmanistan was going to make a game of this yet, as they tried to pick up their pitcher. But in the bottom half of the inning, Haynes gave up a one out single to pitcher Jim Slattery that threw her off again. Larry Pritchett followed it up with a double to score Slattery, and the Millionaires got another big run across the board, but the Rockets remained resilient. In the top of the third, Brittany Wright led off with a double, stole third and scored on a single by Jennifer Martin. Next up, Carrie Nicolette would double in Martin, and this game was all tied up. Newmanistan threatened for more in this inning, but Slattery was able to get out of it with the score tied at 4.

Kristen Haynes got out of the third inning pretty smoothly, but pitched herself into a jam in the fourth in which the team was fortunate to survive thanks to an excellent diving catch in centerfield by Wright. Still, Christina Sanders could tell that her pitcher did not have it today and called on Sarah Brayton to get several innings. Brayton was the team’s 5th starter, but has twice been skipped over once the playoffs began, so she had not pitched in a while. Sanders wanted to get at least three innings out of her. After getting through the fifth, Brayton got herself into trouble in the 6th. With one away, she allowed a single to Tim McMurtry, and then a ground double to Manny Rodriguez. With runners on second and third and one out, John Fusco was walked intentionally to set up the force play at the plate, and Brayton would strike out Eddie Forte for the second out. However, Mick O’Rourke grounded a single up the middle that scored McMurtry, and Rodriguez was sent around third, setting up a close play at the plate in which Rodriguez completely barrelled over Jennifer Bennett. ManRod was safe as Bennett did drop the ball in the collision. Jennifer was also shaken up quite a bit and had to be taken out of the game. Sarah Conrad was brought in to replace her, and a Brayton got out of the inning, her last inning of work, the Rockets were staring at a 6-4 deficit. Secristan had stuck with Jim Slattery into the seventh inning, and with two outs, Newmanistan would cut the lead to one on a solo HR by Natalie Monroe. But there would no further response. Lauren Tippett pitched the 7th for the Rockets and Erica Darby worked the 8th, and each worked a perfect inning, but so would the combination of Michael McKeon and Francisco Martinez for the Millionaires. In what was a pretty entertaining game, we suppose, Newmanistan falls 6-5 to Secristan and now must win the final two games of the series to avoid losing in the final for the third time in four tries. And some think it’s heartbreaking to go out in the semifinals. The Rockets will have to contend with the Millionaires ace Steve Jamison, but will have Tara Stewart on the mound. Newmanistan needs Tara to come up big. We know she’ll be looking for redemption after her two batter performance in game 1 of the WBC 9 final against Qazox. The script couldn’t be better for her, really, but the Rockets must make the script a reality. Because not only would it be another disappointing runner up finish. We’d also have to listen to our neighbors gloat, and that may be a far worse fate.
01-03-2009, 11:26

Late inning heroics were not needed last night as the Millionaires got to Kristen Haynes and the Rockettes early and never relinquished the lead. By playing smallball in the first inning, Secristan opened up a three run cushion. Larry Pritchett and Jason Carlin each reached base with a successful bunt single, and each would later score on a sacrifice fly later in the inning. This is the way you win championships, not just taking advantage of opportunities, but in creating those opportunities. A third run crossed the plate on a double by Eddie Forte. A second inning comeback effort was squashed in the second when Jim Slattery got the job done at the plate as well singling, and scoring on a double by Larry Pritchett. Has anyone noticed how productive Pritchett has been of late? Yes, as Pritchett signed an endorsement deal prior to the game with Rogers Pale Ale worth an estimated seven million rusas. The two run lead did not last long as the Rockettes were able to tie the game in the third inning. Even though the start of the game was not the greatest for him, Jim Slattery did a good job settling in after the third inning and would only allow one hit over the next three. In that time, the Millionaires picked up two big runs in the sixth inning. With the bases loaded and two outs, Mick O’Rourke came through with a big single to score two runs, including a close play at the plate that saw ManRod take out Jennifer Bennett. The young Rockette backstop had to leave the game and her status for game two is questionable. We did not receive additional word on her injury but our reporters at that time were more concerned with celebrating the win then worrying about Bennett’s health. The win would be secured, despite a 7th inning home run by Natalie Monroe, by strong relief work in the final two innings by Michael McKeon and F-Mart. Secristan is now only a game away from capturing the title and completing what could go down as one of the more improbable championships in World Baseball Classic history. With Steve Jamison on the mound, it could happen tomorrow!

A nagging problem for the Secristan Department of Sports whenever we have to face Newmanistan in something is the amount of people that attempt to steal the free-TV signal from Newmanistan and then profit off of it. Also, you have some people who live near the border who cross it in order to avoid paying 135 Rusas per game, or 15 Rusas per inning. As was the case during the International Basketball Championships when the teams met for the title, the Secristan Border Guard locked down the western border to only allow commercial vehicles through. However, one man, Thomas Spiro of East Penthoria was arrested for attempting to smuggle 150 people across the border in the back of his tractor trailer. Agent Ken Childrose acted on a hunch, “This guy was very nervous. I thought that maybe he had drugs in the load that he was carrying, so I called for the search, and there were people in there. Families, who went to this extent just to avoid paying for a baseball game. They wanted to cross the Penthoria. Childrose was arrested on many different counts, and each person in the trailer were arrested for attempted freeloading. Altogether, this bust led to 154 arrests. I cannot believe that people would do such a thing. We later found out that Childrose charged each person 20 rusas. He may get the death penalty.” Law enforcement also reporters that there were 36 arrests across the country from people caught trying to steal the signal, many of these bar owners. Kristen Greene, a 19-year old law student went to a bar in Amherst to catch the game. She told us that, “I knew right away that the broadcast seemed weird and that it was the Newmanistan broadcast. It was still the top of the first inning when I called the police to have the guy arrested. I don’t understand why these disgusting freeloaders think that no one will catch them and turn them in.” Kristen also will be suing the owner for emotional distress. "In a month, the name of the bar will be Kristen's," she told us. Despite these terrible criminal acts, the Katie Simpson, our SDOS representative tells us that most people did the right thing and paid for the game, “As expected, we had a record number of sales for this game. It topped all sporting telecasts to date. The people are really excited that we have a shot at winning the championship and can beat Newmanistan in the process. Advertising revenues are also very high. This is going to go down as our most successful tournament ever so far.”
01-03-2009, 22:47
"Trecarichi hurls it in, but Dynrus...holds up!"

"The Zebra defense has somehow shut out Tocrowkia so far, but the Nordis keep threatening."

"But now we've got Stryker to deal with."

"Hopefully he strikes out."

"Not very likely--he beat the Zebras on a walk-off double in the group stage."

"Well he only batted .336, so he gets out about two thirds of the time."

"Yeah, but less than that is strikeouts."

"So what?"

"So pretty much anything else scores a run."

"He could ground into a triple play."

"He won't though."

"How do you know?"

"...All right, fine, I'm assuming."

"And the Zebras are up by three runs, while the Nordics have been halfhearted all day. Giving up one run isn't the end of the world."

"Shadduck delivers, and it's...driven deep to right."

"A grand slam puts the Nordics ahead 4-3."

"Look at it this way, we won't have to put in Marco Erewhon."
02-03-2009, 04:41
RP Cutoff

Will Secristan shock the world and win the title or will Newmanistan force a game 3?
Will Tocrowkia earn its 2nd stright 3rd place finish or can the Zebras rebound?
Find out in about 20 minutes!
02-03-2009, 05:19
WBC10 Wikipage (

(winners still in BOLD)

Third Place Series
Zwangzug vs. Tocrowkia

Game 2: Tocrowkia - Zwangzug 6-4
(Tocrowkia wins Series 2-0)

Secristan vs. Newmanistan

Game 2: Newmanistan - Secristan 6-2
(Series tied 1-1)
02-03-2009, 06:06
TEAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Zwangzug 0 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 4 6 0
Tocrowkia 0 0 3 0 2 0 1 0 0 6 8 0

WIN: Mercedes Gaunt (4-1)
SAVE: Jamie Von Tipker (9-0)
Jill Haviland 1 (9), Johnny Stryker 1 (9)

The above image was shown on the jumba-tron after the Nordics held on to sweep the Zebras in two games and earn a second-consecutive third place finish. The game was rather anti-climatic as the Nordics took an early lead off a Jill Haviland three run bomb in the third. And though the Zebras would pull ahead briefly after a three-inning scoring saga, a solid Nordic bullpen and a Johnny Stryker two-run shot would seal the deal. Jamie Von Tipker finished up the WBC with a flat ERA and a perfect save/save opportunities record and both Haviland and Stryker set top offense marks.

After the game, there were no dogpiles. There was no roaring of the crowd. Only A bittersweet song ( as the Nordics milled about for a while, shaking hands with each other. The wounds caused by last games fiasco appeared to have been repaired, or at least didn't show tonight. As the Nordics were presented with the bronze medals, hundreds of the Tocrowkian fans present applauded. Annika Diylm, a college student at the University of Ancheron said she spent her spring-break vacation money to come and see the game. "I had to let them know I was still proud of them. When the game was over, mean and some other girls screamed down. 'Hey, we're proud of you guys!" It caught on, and a series of "Here we go Nordics! Here we go Nordics!" chants ran through out the otherwise laconic crowd.

Many players only stayed long enough to have their medal presented, take one final bow to a grateful crowd before they were back on a plane to Tocrowkia. Johnny Stryker was one such player. "This medal is worthless to me. I all ready have a bronze medal. I guess I'll just use this one as a coaster, or to hold my end table up." He said bitterly. We asked him if he was upset about something and he nodded. "Of course I am. We have the best record out of anybody in the Classic and we have to settle for third place? It's ridiculous. I'm tired of falling short of the finals."

Stryker's sentiment has been echoed by some other players whom wish to remain nameless. Indeed, as in the previous game a sense of defeatism now has a stranglehold around the team. "When you put everything you have into something, only to have it turn into nothing it of course gets you down. It gets you thinking, why bother?" And though a minority as in, less than one percent of the population think the Reich should just throw in the towel and not even bother to field a team for the WBC 11, there are still many who are hopeful for the next time around.

"We'll get what's ours." Jill Haviland said boldly. "We've taken our time and stood in line just as long as anybody else. And I'm going to make sure we get that title, even if I have to drag 24 other crybabies onto the field my self next time around."
02-03-2009, 06:35


Qazox City, Qazox- With their backs against the wall, and facing one of the better pitchers in the entire World Baseball Classic, the dream is still alive for the Rockets. Newmanistan won the second game of the championship series over Steve Jamison and the Millionaires by the score of 6-2, and it sets up a game three that will determine which One Big Island nation becomes the newest WBC champion. It will be a game where Stacey Keisler could perhaps, write the biggest chapter to her resume, of a soon to be hall-of-famer representing the Empire. But to get to that point tomorrow, the Rockets had to take care of business tonight. Tara Stewart took care of that. The Rockets also got good news as Jennifer Bennett would play tonight. She was questionable after being taken out of the game yesterday, but the team training staff cleared her to play.

Qazox City is alive with baseball passion. The natives are excited about this final series, but with the amount of Newmanistanian and Secristani fans around, the city certainly has quite a One Big Island feel to it. The sky blue and white or the green and white are waving all throughout the city, not just inside the stadium. Inside, whether you were cheering like a normal person, or rattling a coin jar, each fan base was ready to support their team. They have co-existed pretty well. There have been no incidents like we saw on matchday one, because then, it was matchday one. Now, it’s the finals. Big difference. In the top of the first inning, Tara Stewart shut down the Millionaires in order, only to see Steve Jamison do the same thing in the bottom of the inning. In the bottom of the second, Newmanistan got a run off of Jamison thanks to an RBI single by Natalie Monroe. The hit came with one away, and Rachel Crockett on second base. Rachel had previously singled and advanced to second on a sacrifice fly by Sarah Boland to right. An inning later, the Rockets extended their lead, coming after Jamison retired Tara Stewart to lead things off. Brittany Wright picked up a single that found the hold between short and third base, and before she had a chance to steal a base, Jennifer Martin hit the first pitch from Jamison into left for a single and the Rockets were in business. Up next, Carrie Nicolette followed things up with a double that went off the centerfield wall to drive in the two runs, and although the Rockets could not get Nicolette around to score, it was nice to be up 3-0 against Jamison after three innings.

The Millionaires were not just going to hand this game over, and in the top of the 5th,they put together their best inning. Tim McMurtry led it off with a single, and though the Rockets earned a temporary victory by Stewart striking out ManRoid, John Fusco would hit a two-run home run to left to close to within one. Fusco, who had an incident with Sarah Boland in the matchday one game, pulled a Johnny Stryker and waited until he approached third base to applaud his home run. If he wanted to get in Sarah’s head, he did not as Sarah toyed with him by holding out her hand for a high-five as he rounded the bag. Stewart got out of the inning without any further damage, and in the sixth inning, Newmanistan put this game away. Tara Cuyler led the inning off with a single and advanced to second on a sacrifice by Stewart. Brittany Wright followed it up with an infield single, setting up runners on the corners with one out, however Jennifer Martin would strike out. That brought up Carrie Nicolette who got a hold of a Steve Jamison fastball and sent it deep into the Qazox City night, a 429-foot three-run home run to put the Rockets up 6-2. For Nicolette, this brought her RBI total up to five and showed the versatility of this lineup. It’s not just one or two people that can beat you. Everyone can, and tonight would be Carrie’s night. With the team up by four, Tara Stewart took care of the rest. Christina Sanders seemed to ask her pitcher if she wanted to pitch the ninth inning and had Erica Darby ready to go, but Stewart shook it off. Tara was going to go all nine tonight and there was nothing that could get in her way. She remembered what happened to her in game one of the WBC 9 final, and tonight, no bullpen would be necessary. She shut the door down on the Millionaires in the ninth, and in total pitched nine innings, giving up just the two runs, both earned, on the Fusco homer. She walked one and struck out nine for the victory. Jamison’s numbers won’t appear very impressive, but in fairness he pitched better then his stat line will show.

So tomorrow, it is for everything. The champion of the tenth World Baseball Classic will be determined. We know it will be a team from One Big Island, which will be the first championship won by the region in baseball regardless of which way it goes. But Newmanistan and Secristan couldn’t care less about that. Which side of the Penthoria River will the fireworks go off on tomorrow night? Well for Newmanistan, they like the pitching match with Stacey Keisler on the mound. Stacey’s made a name for herself with her perfect game, but even if the Millionaires get some hits and score a run or two, a win for Keisler here may be more perfect of an ending.
02-03-2009, 11:08

With a one game to none lead, the Millionaires were unable to dispose of the Rockettes in two games, and will now be face with a winner take all showdown against them in Qazox City. Steve Jamison was touched up, allowing six runs in seven innings of work as Newmanistan opened up a one run ball game shortly after the seventh inning stretch. Secristan was never able to assert themselves in the contest, and dug a hole early. A two run double in the 3rd inning delivered by Carrie Nicolette, who had 5 RBI’s during this game, allowed the Rockettes to take a 3-0 lead, as they had also scored a run in the second inning. The Millionaires got as close as 3-2 as John Fusco hit a two run homerun off of Tara Stewart. Rockettes third baseman had to display some showmanship even with Fusco rounding the bases by extending her hand out as if to offer a hi-five and then pulling it back when Fusco tried to oblige. John probably should have expected that but there was no reason for Boland to make this gesture as tensions still live between the teams even though we have yet to have a bench clearing brawl in this series. Since Steve Jamison had settled in after the rough start, he was brought into pitch the seventh with the 8, 9, and 1 hitters coming up. This would be a mistake. With two runners on, Carrie Nicolette got all of a fastball for a three run dinger and that would put the Rockettes up by four. While the Millionaires have shown a late inning resiliency throughout the World Baseball Classic, there would be no such heroics and Newmanistan would hold on to the four run victory.

The Secristan Department of Sports reports that sadly everyone did not get the message from the amount of arrests following the first game. 27 people were arrested for attempted freeloading as they would steal the signal from Newmanistan television. The border patrol reported a much less active day, saying that they did not apprehend anyone that they could be sure were crossing the border deliberately with the intention of watching the telecast for free. Revenues were pretty constant for this game as they were the first with only a minor increase in the number of purchases. This is because most of the people who were interested already had bought the first game. Advertising revenue remained steady. For the third game, since it is winner take all, the SDOS is hoping for a larger increase in pay-per-view purchases. Advertising is already expected to be higher. Not everyone was disappointed with this loss as Katie Simpson, our SDOS rep points out, “Had we won in two, then we don’t get revenue from a third game. Obviously since this is now a three game series we will maximize our profit potential and since the purchases will already be made, it doesn’t matter as much if we win or lose. At the same time though, there are a lot of products that we would love to market saying we are the World Champions on it, so there is an importance to us winning this game.”
03-03-2009, 00:09
You're listening, once again, to WTB AM. Except that you're actually listening to the latest Tieshanese-Pellandi worldwide hit. Funny how these things work out sometimes...wait, no, they're actually announcing now. That should be good, but it isn't really.

"What are the Nordics so upset about?"

"Well, they wanted to make it to the final."

"Yeah, but it's not like they were one of the two highest seeds or anything. You'd think they were like Az-cz, used to be the best in the world, you know."

"No I wouldn't."

"How do you know?"

"Because I don't!"

"Oh. Well. What did you think Zwangzug could have done better today?"

"I'd have gone with Pastis, at least for a couple innings. Schneider isn't used to pitching on three days' rest."

"That's ridiculous! Three days is plenty, remember the Zebras used to go with a four-man rotation."

"No they didn't."

"They completely did."

"But not just men."

"Actually, yeah, we never had a female starting pitcher until...Brianna Schnieder. Which was after we switched to five."

" then..."
03-03-2009, 05:38
Now without any further ado... the WBC X champions are:

WBC10 Wikipage (

(winners still in BOLD)

Secristan vs. Newmanistan

Game 3: Newmanistan - Secristan 3-1
(Newmanistan wins Championship Series 2-1)

Third Place Series
Zwangzug vs. Tocrowkia

(Tocrowkia wins Series 2-0)

Congrats to Newmanistan for winning its 1st title and to all who competed.

Final OVerall standings (Quarterfinal teams only)
Newmanistan 15-5
Secristan: 14-6
Tocrowkia: 15-3
Zwangzug: 12-6
Qazox: 10-4
Taeshan: 10-4
Sarzonia: 10-4
Green wombat: 9-4
03-03-2009, 05:51
Some WBC 10 weird Facts:

In the group stages, Groups A, B & D each finished (combined) with 233 total runs scored. (for an average Runs Per Game of 7.77). While Group C finished with 227 runs scored (combined), as did the entire playoffs.

This WBC marked the first time that Milchama, Qazox, Zwangzug or Az-cz did not reach the final.

7 teams finished with an 8-2 record.

Only Tocrowkia finished averaging scoring over 6+ runs per game, while 51 runs were scored by 3 teams, Liventia, Qazox and Milchama.

No team on average give up less than 2 runs per game in the group stage for the 1st time in the WBC.
03-03-2009, 08:48


Qazox City, Qazox- They came to Qazox as one of the favorites, ranked #2 overall in the World. They had debuted in World Baseball Classic 7, also in the Q Continuum, with the mission of proving to the World that Newmanistanian baseball was high quality. It was there that the Rockets stunned the competition and made it all the way to the final before losing. The next Classic saw the Empire wishing to show the World its baseball passions as Newmanistan hosted the event, and ended up with a third place finish, then in World Baseball Classic 9, they would have another runner up finish, losing to Qazox. With that, they came to Qazox hungry and determined, beating a common nation they’ve knocked off before in Taeshan, then taking care of Tocrowkia in the semifinal. Like Newmanistan, Tocrowkia debuted in WBC 7 and is a team on the rise, but the Rockets showed them that they are further ahead at this point. Standing in the way now of ultimate glory would not be Qazox or Zwangzug. From over the river, that opponent would be Secristan, who also debuted in WBC 7. Our neighbors had a good run, let’s give them credit for that, but there was no way that of all nations in the world, it would be Secristan preventing us from winning this championship. Each team got a victory, setting up a decisive game three. On the mound for Newmanistan would be Stacey Keisler. She was already a future Hall of Famer before her perfect game against Lurikastan. But now Stacey had a chance to accomplish another thing. Be the winning pitcher in a championship deciding game.

Newmanistanian and Secristani fans filled up Pheonix Stadium knowing that this was more then just another baseball game, and more then just a deciding game of World Championship. There were regional bragging rights at stake. Not all title games or series will feature a pair of nations that already had pre-existing rivalries with one another, and that made this game much more special. Stacey Keisler took to the mound in the top of the first inning and sat down the three Millionaire hitters that she faced. Secristan was hoping that the good Eric Strassner would show up tonight, and the inconsistent southpaw shut down the Rockets in the first as well. Through three innings, each pitcher was answering this challenge before them, each only surrendering one hit. In the bottom of the fourth, Newmanistan would get on the board first. With one away, Carrie Nicolette singled up the middle, and Rachel Crockett would do the same to get the threat going. Sarah Boland would drive in Nicolette with a single of her own for the games first run, but Strassner would get out of the inning by getting Natalie Monroe to hit into a 4-6-3 double play. It wasn’t a big lead, but to be out in front was just what this team needed, even though it would only last until the top half of the sixth inning. Also with one out, Larry Pritchett hit himself a triple down the left field line and would score on a sacrifice fly hit by Carlin to tie the game. It was then that we knew we would get what we truly expected. A battle between both teams doing what they needed to do.

Despite giving up the sixth inning run, Stacey Keisler was having an excellent game, but now her team would need to get her some runs. Strassner had done a terrific job himself, and the Secristanis were elated with the fact that Strassner was brining his best game on the field with him tonight. After the Rockets scored in the fourth inning, Strassner did not allow a hit until the eighth. The sixth and seventh innings went by with the game tied at one, and with Keisler sitting down key Millionaire players in the top of the 8th, the pressure of the moment was heating up. Tara Cuyler led the bottom of the eighth inning off with a single, and Stacey Keisler did what she needed to do and moved her over with a sacrifice. Jim Michaelson was in a tough situation here. Do you walk Brittany Wright and set up the force play? With Brittany’s speed, keeping her at first and behind another baserunner could be a good idea. They decided to walk Wright and pitch to Jennifer Martin. After all, Martin is much less of a feared batter, and Strassner would get himself a big strikeout. Two down and up came Carrie Nicolette. Nicolette had herself 5 RBIs in game two and had scored the Rockets lone run to this point. This was the big moment in the ball game. With the count at 1-2, Carrie got all of the pitch and sent it down the right field line, bouncing fair for a double. Perfect placement by Carrie seeing that the outfield was cheating for her to pull the ball, she smacked it the other way. Cuyler would score easily, but behind her was the speedy Wright. No reason to hold her up and she would cross the plate standing up. A huge two run double and Newmanistan would be up 3-1. Rachel Crockett would fly out to center to end the inning, and now it was the ninth inning. Most teams would go to the closer, and Jill Heisler would have been more then ready. But no, this was going to be Stacey Keisler’s game. Eddie Forte stepped to the plate. Ground ball to short, one away. Mick O’Rourke, strike out victim #11. One out to go. Secristan pinch hits Kip Kircher in for John Mullins. It’s their last chance, you have to go with the better hitting catcher and they knew it. Kircher makes contact to right field. Rachel Crockett tracks it down, and makes the catch. CHAMPIONS!!!! NEWMANISTAN HAS WON WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC 10!!!

The team charged the mound in jubilant celebration. Sarah Boland and Natalie Monroe lifted Stacey Keisler up on her shoulders as all the Rockets went crazy. Rockets fans in the stands went nuts as the Millionaire fans left the stadium. Christina Sanders went over to the Secristan bench and shook the hand and offered a hug to the Millionaires coach Jim Michaelson. Respect thy neighbor. They had one heck of a run. Maybe they will have their day later, but tonight was all about the Empire accomplishing what may be the nation’s greatest title to date. The Di Bradini Cup is restricted cup to young players. The Baptism of Fire is restricted to first time nations and the Cup of Harmony is a consolation Cup. The World Lacrosse Championship a smaller event. This championship is bigger then all of them with what the Rockets had earned before.

They had worked hard to achieve this dream. They all had taken different paths to get here and they will all go back to their respective club teams. But here in Qazox, they were one. One team. One mission. Mission accomplished.

From all of us here at The Rocket Report, we congratulate the World Baseball Classic 10 champions, OUR Newmanistan Rockets.

We congratulate our neighbors. Secristan had quite a good run. And we congratulate the people of Qazox for making this a wonderfully successful tournament on all levels. They do a good job hosting events here in Qazox and perhaps one day more of the world will realize this.

We’ll see you in World Baseball Classic 11. Wherever that may be.
03-03-2009, 11:48
Congratulations to Newmanistan and thanks to Qazox for the well hosted tournament. Well RP'd final, I have nothing more to add.
04-03-2009, 08:08


Though their World Baseball Classic careers are not officially over yet, and all three are likely to be back for WBC 11, two members of the Newmanistanian national team were inducted into the WBC Hall of Fame. The ceremony occurred in Pocono City this morning as the Rockets returned home from Qazox, following their triumph in World Baseball Classic 10.

Stacey Keisler, who was the winning pitcher in the deciding third game over Secristan as well as tossing a perfect game was the first player honored. The Rockets then inducted Brittany Wright, who’s aggressive baserunning as been a game-changer year after year. Both are still expected to defend the title in World Baseball Classic 11.