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National Adjectives

27-12-2007, 22:24
If there isn't one, someone should compile a list of what the people from each country are called, what the adjective for that country is and so on.

Inspired by Az-cz' post from a few months ago (just recently unearthed due to clearing out old threads on my faves page) here is the place to list your country with adjectives used to describe it. And if possible, the pronounciation of the name(s)/ adjectives. The Degrogatory Nickname is for fun only, (I.E.: most Americans don't like to be called YANKS.. at least I don', if you want to poke fun at your country.

For example:
NATION: Qazox (pronounced: Kaz-oks)
Name of inhabitants: Qazoxians (pronounced: Kaz-oks-e-ans)
Short name of inhabitants: Qazians (pronounced: Kaz-e-ans)
Adjective: Qazoxian (pronounced: Kaz-oks-e-an)
Short adjective: Qazian (pronounced: Kaz-e-an)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Ox-Heads or Ox-Worshipers

If necessary, You may put male/female names and adjectives if appropriate.

(ooc: this post makes my total # of posts equal to my Birth Day 2-6-77..weird)
27-12-2007, 23:29
NATION: Cookesland (pronounced: Kooks-luh-nd])

Name of inhabitants: Cookeslanders (pronounced: Kooks-lahn-durz)
Short name of inhabitants: Cookes (pronounced: Kooks)
Adjective: Cookeslandic (pronounced: Kooks-lahn-dik)
Short adjective: (antique) Chelseian
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Chels or Chelk (from Cookesland's Latin name, Chelseia)
Brutland and Norden
27-12-2007, 23:37
NATION: Brutland and Norden
Name of inhabitants: Nord-Brutlandese
Short name of inhabitants: B&Ners
Adjective: Nord-Brutlandese
Short adjective: B&Nic
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: anything that stem from B&N (B&Ner, B&Nic, etc.)

Anyways, for the English speakers' use.
Our Backyard
27-12-2007, 23:40
Nation: Our Backyard

Name of inhabitants: Backyarders
Short name of inhabitants: (none)
Adjective: Backyardish
Short adjective: Backyard
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: (name(s) of any domesticated animal you might keep in your backyard, e.g. "Dogs")
27-12-2007, 23:46
NATION: Ohshucksiforgotourname

Name of inhabitants: Ohshucksiforgotournamers
Short name of inhabitants: Shucksers
Adjective: Ohshucksiforgotournamish
Short adjective: Shuckish
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Rabbits (because Ohshucksiforgotournamers tend to be forgetful (hence the name of the country), and if you're forgetful, it could be said your memory lasts about as long as a "rabbit's romance")
Soviet Houston
27-12-2007, 23:52
NATION: Soviet Houston

Name of inhabitants: Soviet Houstonians
Short name of inhabitants: SHers
Adjective: Soviet Houstonian
Short adjective: SHian
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Slaves (because most Soviet Houstonians vividly remember the cruel reign of the now-defunct General Zod, and he referred to them as "slaves", and since they overthrew him, they now take great offense at being called a "slave")
Quintessence of Dust
27-12-2007, 23:55
NATION: Quintessence of Dust
Name of inhabitants: Quodites (pronounced 'Kwod-yt-s')
Adjective: Quodite
Alternative adjective: Quintessential (formal use only)
Derogatory nicknames of inhabitants: Dusty (Dusties)
27-12-2007, 23:57
NATION: Three-Way

Name of inhabitants: Three-Wayers
Short name of inhabitants: Ys (pronounced like the word "wise")
Adjective: Three-Wayish
Short adjective: Three-Way
Derogatory Nickname(s) of inhabitants: "Forks In The Road", "Wishbones"
28-12-2007, 00:17
NATION: Jeruselem
Name of inhabitants: Jeruselemites
Adjective: Jeruselemites
Short adjective: Jeru
Derogatory nicknames of inhabitants: Bikes (thanks to one Dazza Dallas), Whores of Babylon (thanks to one Dazza Dallas)
28-12-2007, 08:21
NATION: Prux (Per-ucks)

Name of inhabitants: Pruxians (pronounced: Per-ucks-ans)
Short name of inhabitants: NONE
Adjective: Pruxian (pronounced: Per-ucks-an)
Short adjective: None
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Any word that begins with F and rhymes with Ducks.
Green wombat
28-12-2007, 08:24
NATION: Green Wombat

Name of inhabitants: Wombati
Short name of inhabitants: Batis (Bat-ees)
Adjective: Wombati
Short adjective: Bati (Bat-ee)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: wombs, greenies, GW Bush
28-12-2007, 08:41
Nation: Vetalia

Name of inhabitants: Vetalians
Short name of inhabitants: Vetal (archaic)
Adjective: Vetalian
Short adjective: Vetalic
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants:


Almost all derogatory terms reference the country's greed, obsession with obtaining wealth and status, its already accrued wealth, its lavish spending, its widespread social and moral decadence, amoral business practices, opportunism, business skill, nasal Russian, pale, effete men and women, control of many financial markets and sea lanes, widespread presence in organized crime, arms dealing, drug trafficking cowardice, strange beliefs, amoral research practices, military ineptitude, hedonism, elitism, condescension towards poorer states, slavish admiration of wealthy states....and so on.

Interesting combinations of the aforementioned qualities, colorful language, and "Vetalian" are a common derogatory term in places that dislike Vetalians.
28-12-2007, 08:46
NATION: Intangelon (The Iconoclastic Singdicate of Intangelon), pronounced

Name of inhabitants: Intangelese
Short name of inhabitants: Tangos
Adjective: Intangible (as in Sephora Mavro, [I]Intangible Regional Minister)
Short adjective: Tangy
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Jelly, Jellies, Jello, Jellos.
Eire Mor
28-12-2007, 08:57
NATION: Kingdom of Eire Mor

Name of inhabitants: Na Gaeil (pronounced nuh Guy-ill)
Short name of inhabitants: Gaels, Irish
Adjective: Eireannach (pronounced Air-uh-nuck with a slightly rolled "r")
Short adjective: Irish, Gaelic, Celtic
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: morons, Eirers (pronounced errors), micks, drunken bastards.
28-12-2007, 09:25
NATION: Kandarin (rhymes with Mandarin, not Pandaren)
Name of inhabitants: Kandarinese
Adjective: Kandarin (proper term that nobody ever uses)
Alternative adjective: Kandarinese (everyone uses this)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Pretty much all of the Elven derogatories
28-12-2007, 09:42
NATION: Federated Segments of Scolopendra (pronounced: SKO-lo-PEND-ruh)

Name of inhabitants: Scolopendrans (pronounced: SKO-lo-PEND-runs [or -rins, or -rans, or -rayns depending on accent])

Short name of inhabitants: 'Pendrans (pronounced: PEND-runs [or -rans, or -rins, or -rayns depending on accent])

Adjective: Scolopendran (pronounced: SKO-lo-PEND-run [or -ran or -rin])

Short adjective: 'Pendran (pronounced: PEND-run [or -ran or rin])

Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Peeds (in general) libbies pinkos rabble mobocrats [any number of racial slurs indicative of internal ethnicities] monkeyboys (humans) ratcats (kzin) pointies (elves) stunties (dwarves) fuzzies (anything bearing fur) clickers (anything insectoid) ragheads (Arabs) Glow(sticks) (Angloids, with 'glowsticks' used for extremely pale ones) Wops, Krauts, Nigs, Eyeties, Gippos, Bubbles, Froggies, Chinks, Yidds, Jocks, Polacks, Paddies and Dagoes ( wahoos (Islamists in general, inhabitants of Dar-al-Din in particular) boobies (Titan-Topside dwellers) cups (Titan-Caves of Steel dwellers), Ringers (Ring-dwellers) goggies (Hillary dwellers) genies (Si'lat dwellers) so on and so forth. Most of them are internally generated and taken as terms of endearment; it is usually hard to offend people by using them (they think you're just being friendly or patriotic).
Beer Served Here
28-12-2007, 14:03
NATION: Beer Served Here
Name of inhabitants: Beerservers
Adjective: Beerservian
Alternative adjective: Servian
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Drunks, Lushes, Kegstanders, Caseracers, Bartenders, etc.
Candelaria And Marquez
28-12-2007, 14:09
NATION: Candelaria And Marquez (usually pronounced by natives as can-dul-LAIR-re-ah and mar-KAYZ with the and given its full value)

Short form of nation: C&M (see-un-em) or alternatively CAM; though the latter is seldom used in spoken form.

Name of inhabitants and adjective: Candelariasian(s) (CAN-du-lair-re-uz-she-un or can-du-lair-re-aze-zhun; the pronounciation does not appear settled). The usage of C&M and Candelarias as adjectives is acceptable in instances where the original sense is retained (i.e., the Candelariasian Navy could also be referred to as the C&M Navy or Candelarias Navy). Though internationally ubiquitous, the use of Candelarian should be confined to instances where the user is certain that the individual or entity being referred to is of solely Candelarian origin. Marquezian is the usual form employed in C&M in reference to Marquez natives, particularly those of Hispanic origin.

International Alternatives: Trading and socio-political contact with extra-regional nations since the early 19th C has led to the common use of a number of alternative adjectives in foreign countries. Many of these are now considered archaic or entirely defunct, but include (or included); the Vephrese Candlearisian, Kura-Pellandi Candelasarian, Bostopian Candalian, Qazoxian Candlearian, Bazalonian Calandarian, Han Engrish and Sargossan Canderlarian, Vanorian Canderlian, Canderlisian and Cadelarian (the latter also being a Qazoxian alternative), the Canderarian, Canderlari and Canderlarian as employed in various different parts of the Lowland Clans (the latter also being a Vanorian alternative), the Krytenian Candelari and Marqueste (the nation itself is referred to as Candelar in most of Krytenia, with Spanish-speaking Avides employing the term Marquez y Candelar for preference), the Sorthern Northlandish Candelaris, the Sterogan (and, by proxy or laziness, likewise used in the Dreamed Realm) Candelarsian, the Candelbran and Candelbrese of Bears Armed, the Wysterian Candelalalian, and the inexplicable CAD as used in Kiryu-shi.

[Note that alternatives used in Taeshan are exempt from the list above. We'd be here all day otherwise.]

Derogatory Nickname: None of the above are considered especially offensive by C&M natives. The country and its citizens are far too obscure to enjoy great dislike among foreigners, though non-human nations regularly refer to the country’s occupants as “flaming specists” (or speciesists) et al, and the dismissive term “those creeps” has garnered a certain amount of popular usage in foreign, non-human media. More directly, Candelarians and Marquezians have been referred to as bowlers and hombres by Nethertopian natives.
Okanama City
28-12-2007, 14:18
Nation: Okanama City
Name of Inhabitants: Okanamans
Adjective: Okanaman
Alternative Adjective: None.
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Oka(s) (It is like the derogatory term "Jap(s)".)
28-12-2007, 15:41
Nation: The United States of Philimbesi (fill-im-bee-z)
Name of Inhabitants: Philimbesians
Adjective: Imbesians
Alternative Adjective: None.
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Phillys
28-12-2007, 17:27
Nation: Romanar
Name of Inhabitants/Adjective: Romanarians
Alternative Adjective: None.
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Roms, any term used for capitalists, "those damn Northerners" (that last is frequently used in South Romanar)
28-12-2007, 17:41
NATION: Kirav (pronounced: KEER-ăv)
Name of inhabitants: Kiravians (pronounced: Keer-AY-vee-ǝnz), Kiravites (pronounced: Keer-AV-ĪTZ)
Short name of inhabitants: Kiravs (pronounced: KEER-ăvz)
Adjective: Kiravian (pronounced: KEER-AY-vee-an), Kiravic (KEER-ah-VIK)
Short Adjective (prefix) Kiro- (Pronounced: KEER-O)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: K'rucks, Kiravos, Tree-Huggers, Fat-as-a-Whales
28-12-2007, 18:50
NATION: Bostopia (Pronounced: Bos-toe-pee-ya - Locally: Bos-toep-ya)
Name of inhabitants: Bostopians (Pronounced: Bos-toe-pee-ans - Locally: Bos-toep-yans)
Short name of inhabitants: Bosto (rarely used) (Pronounced: Bos-toe)
Adjective: Bostopian (Pronounced: Bos-toe-pee-an - Locally: Bos-toep-yan)
Short adjective: Bosto (rarely used) (Pronounced: Bos-toe)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: None that we know of, people must be too smart to say them when Bostopians are around.
29-12-2007, 11:13
NATION: Republic of Urmania
Name of inhabitants: Urmanians
Short name of inhabitants: Urmans
Adjective: Urmanian
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Frog-eaters
29-12-2007, 12:16
NATION: Association of free nations of Rejistania (it is not a nation, but an association of nations)
Name of inhabitants: Associate Rejistanis
Short name of inhabitants: Rejistanis
Adjective: Rejistani/Rejistanian
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: anything involving karela, slow computers, the colors orange and blue, communism (by more capitalist nations), capitalism (by more communist nations) and fragmentation
Elves Security Forces
29-12-2007, 12:22
NATION: The Grand Commonwealth of Valanora (Val ah nor ah)
Name of inhabitants: Vanorians (Vah nor ians)
Short name of inhabitants: Vanors (Vah nors)
Adjective: Valanorian (Val ah nor ian)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Vikos (Vike ohs)
The Freethinkers
29-12-2007, 12:38
NATION: The Freethinker Commonwealth
Name of inhabitants: Freethinkers or Freestians
Short name of inhabitants: Freets (pronounced either as one or two syllables)
Adjective: Freethinker or Freestian (Freestian is generally prefered unless the person is known personally, given the religious connotations of Freethinker)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Multiple, generally based on regional habitation and species.
29-12-2007, 12:48
NATION: Alfegos (Pronounced Al-fay-gos)
Name of inhabitants: Alfegosian (Pronounced Al-fay-go-si-an)
Short name of inhabitants: Alfegan (Pronounced Al-fay-gun)
Adjective: Alfegosian (Pronounced Al-fay-go-si-an)
Short adjective: Alfegan (Pronounced Al-fay-gun)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Algaygans, Hypocrites, Murderers
29-12-2007, 13:14
NATION: Obalonia (Pronounced Obba-LONE-ee-aa)
Name of inhabitants: Obalob (Pronounced Ob-a-lob)
Short name of inhabitants: Obalob (Pronounced Ob-a-lob)
Adjective: Obalonian (Pronounced Obba-LONE-ee-un)
Short adjective: Obbie (Pronounced Obby)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Pumpkins (stereotypically what Obalonians eat), Kevin (male) Brenda (female)
29-12-2007, 13:23
NATION: Zaheran (pronounced: za-er-an).
Name of inhabitants: Zaheranian (pronounced: za-er-ani-an).
Short name of inhabitants: Zaher( male, pronounced: za-er), Zahera( female, pronounced: za-era).
Adjective: Zaheranian (pronounced: za-er-ani-an).
Short adjective: None.
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Multiple, depends on religion and ethnic group.
Wales - Cymru
29-12-2007, 14:05
NATION: Wales - Cymru

Name of inhabitants: Welsh
Short name of inhabitants: Welsh
Adjective: Welsh
Short adjective: Welsh
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Taffy (individual), Taffs (group).
29-12-2007, 17:23

Name of inhabitants: Inyanese
Short name of inhabitants: Inira (although archaic in nature)
Adjective: Inyanese
Short adjective: none
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Flowers, Ins
29-12-2007, 17:36
Name of inhabitants: Uir* (OO-EER)
Short name of inhabitants: n/a
Adjective: Uir
Short adjective: n/a
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: U['s] (OO[-Z]), Uirian, Uiran, Uirese, Uirish, Uiric, Uirine, Uirite, Uirier, Uireno, Uiriard, Uiraise, Uiriot, Uiresque

Uir are very serious about their demonym. I'm going to put this in my sig, lol.

*those who were on the island when it was colonized are aborijinal (pronounced like aboriginal).
29-12-2007, 17:42
NATION: Omigodtheykilledkenny (pronounced just like the "South Park" meme, mashed together)
Name of inhabitants: Kennyites (pronounced "Kenny-ite")
Short name of inhabitants: n/a
Adjective: OMGTKK or Kennyite
Short adjective: n/a
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: "sticks and stones..."
Independent Planets
29-12-2007, 18:45
NATION: Independent Planets
Name of inhabitants: Planetians (pronounced: Plăn-ē-shəns)
Short name of inhabitants: IPs
Adjective: Planetian (pronounced: Plăn-ē-shən)
Short adjective: IP
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Indies, Ippies (extremely offensive)
29-12-2007, 20:14
name of country taeshan

Name of inhabitants: Taeshanese, teashanese
short name: Taeshites
adjective: Tieshanese
short a: Taes
Nickname of inhabs: Knights/ Purple knights

Name of country Ashlaea
Salamanders/ White salamanders ( we call people in our countries by team name)
29-12-2007, 20:30
Name of country:Aschenhyrst (Pronounced: Ashen hurst)
Official Name:Sovereign Imperial Dominion of Aschenhyrst
People: Aschen, Aschenhyrstian
Lauguage(s): Official-Aschenhyrstian (English dialect), Widely used- Gaelic
Derogatory terms: Assen, Ass-it-hurts-obvious plays on the name;
Clodhoppers, Hicks, Rednecks, Rubes-Most Aschenhyrstians are from rural areas,though some consider these names a compliment.
29-12-2007, 20:44
Name of inhabitants: Squirrels
Short name of inhabitants: None
Adjective: Xaphanish
Short adjective: Xaphan
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Rodents, Raccoons, rodent lover, theocrazies
Tokonaga Empire
31-12-2007, 00:48
NATION: The Confederacy of Tokonaga Empire (pronounced: Toe-koe-na-ga)
Name of inhabitants: Wolves
Short name of inhabitants: Wolf
Adjective: Tokonagan (pronounced: Toe-koe-na-gan)
Short adjective: none
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Wild Dogs
Nation's Capital: Toko (Toe-koe)
Nation's Currency: Platinum Coins
Nation's Ethnic: Dark Elves
Nation's Ethnic Physical Description: Blue Skin,White Hair,Red Eyes,Thin,and Stand 5ft. 2in. Tall
Nation's Religion: Konaga (Koe-na-ga)
Nation's RP Style When RP'ing: Fantasy and Future Technology
31-12-2007, 07:04
(ooc: I'm quite surprised that this thread is going this well. It's perfect for RPing!!!!)
The Most Glorious Hack
31-12-2007, 07:42
NATION: The Most Glorious Hack
Name of inhabitants: Hackers
Short name of inhabitants: n/a
Adjective: Hacker
Short adjective: n/a
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: libertines, geeks, freaks, capitalist pig-dogs, most any other slur related to capitalism or libertarianism
03-01-2008, 07:53
Bumping because i can.
03-01-2008, 08:19
NATION: The United Imperium of Crossman
Name of inhabitants: Crossmanians (Cross-may-nee-ans), Imperials
Short name of inhabitants: Imps
Adjective: Crossmanian (Cross-may-nee-an), Imperial
Short adjective: Imp
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Crossmaniacs, Unics

(Many citizens from the homeworld, Crossmannia, like to distinguish themselves from non-Crossmannia Crossmanians by calling citizens from the other worlds Imperials.)
03-01-2008, 15:05
English in Blue
Zarblese in Red

The Meritocratic Empire of Zarbli (zar-BLEE)
I Emtirsarkis Mirepis ed Zarbli

Name of inhabitants:
Zarblisei (neuter), zarbliseu (male), zarbliseiu (female)

Short name of inhabitants:
Zarbi (n), zarbu (m), zarbiu (f)

Zarbliseis (n), zarbliseus (m), zarbliseius (f)

Short adjective:
Zarbis (n), zarbus (m), zarbius (f)

Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants:
Canibals (after the first antrhopofagic culture that ihabited Zarblese territory), Blue Tigers (after nation's symbol)
Akinlabi (n), akinlabu (m), akinlabiu (f); Rgiti Aluzi (n), Rgitu Aluzu (m), Rgitiu Aluziu (f)
04-01-2008, 01:30
Official Nation Name:
United Socialist States of Nosoreland
I Lulurte'si Ruossepo Lescio va I Nosorepazzau(Nosore)
(EE-Lu-loor-tay-see Roo-oh-shaypo Lace-chi-oh Va EE-Noh-soh-ray-pazh-ah-oo)

Short Nation Names:

Name of people:
(Nosore) u Nosoreru(male),e Nosoreru(neuter),i Nosoreru(female)


Derrogatory Names:
Bird heads(The Nosorian national animal is a falcon)
Beak Face
Feather Ass
E Regrire(An extinct related race that destroyed themselves through continuous warring between sects)(It has the same effect as calling germans huns or nazis cuz the Regrire rulers were very nazi-like)
04-01-2008, 02:00
NATION: The Prussian Republic of Calizorinstan
Name of inhabitants: Calizorinstanians
Short name of inhabitants: Calis
Short adjective: Calian
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Nazis, Prusski's, Fredrickites, Caliztines
04-01-2008, 05:17
Nation name
English: Commonwealth of Vephrall [VEF-rahl]
Vephra: Clenoncyg Vephrall [kla-NON-sig VEPF-rahl]

Name of inhabitants
English (preferred): Vephraller, pl. Vephrallers
English (informal): Vephrese
Vephra: Vephraller [VEPF-rahl-er], pl. Vephrallerret [vepf-RAHL-uh-ret]

Short name of inhabitants

English: Vephrese
Vephra: Vephraller

Short adjective

Derogatory nickname(s)
Frolly, Vephro
04-01-2008, 09:28
Nation: Zanzarkanikus (pronounced: Zan-zar-KAN-i-kus)
Name of inhabitants: Zanzarkanikusians (pronounced: Zan-zar-kan-i-KUʒ*-uns)
Short name of inhabitants (oft-used): Zanzarkans (pronounced: ZAN-zark-ans)
Adjective: Zanzarkanikusian (pronounced: Zan-zar-kan-i-KUʒ-un)
Short adjective: Zanzarkan (pronounced: ZAN-zark-an)
Derogatory Nicknames of Inhabitants: Zarkies, pedants (most of the populace can fairly be identified as such, but they don't tend to like it)

* a sound like the 's' in 'pleasure'. I was going to try "between J and SH" but yeah, no.
04-01-2008, 21:27
NATION: Imperium Scientium
Name of inhabitants: Imperium inhabitants
Short name of inhabitants: (none)
Adjective: Scientific
Alternate adjective: Imperium
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Nerds

NATION: Hofkauzern
Name of inhabitants: Hofkauzerners
Short name of inhabitants: (none)
Adjective: Hofkauzern
Alternate adjective: (none)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Schweinkopfer
17-01-2008, 08:05
bumping because the Devil told me to.
Westby and-or Eastby
17-01-2008, 08:49
Official Name: The Disputed Territories of Westby and/or Eastby. The slash is silent. Either "and" or "or" can be used alone in informal contexts, and the slash can be replaced by a hyphen, but the term "disputed", or some synonym, must be included.
Name of inhabitants: Westbeans (WEST-bee-uhnz) or Eastbeans (EAST-bee-uhnz), depending.
Short name of inhabitants: Same spelling, but pronounced as written (-beenz).
Adjective: Westbean or Eastbean, depending.
Short adjective: Same spelling, but pronounced as written.
Derogatory nickname: "Beans" by itself, however pronounced, is considered deeply disrespectful; so much so that beans themselves are always called "legumes" in the two towns.
17-01-2008, 09:42
NATION: Errinundera
Name of inhabitants: Errinundrians
Adjective: Errinundrian
Nickname: Erri
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Tree-huggers
Tokonaga Empire
19-01-2008, 09:09
wow six pages of nations posted in here sweet deal.:D
19-01-2008, 22:46
Full Nation Name: The Holy Imperium of Angenteria (AN-gent-er-ie-uh)
Alternate Name: Angenterian Empire (AN-gent-er-ie-in)
Short Name: Angenteria (AN-gent-er-ie-uh)
Name of Inhabitants: Angenterians (AN-gent-er-ie-ins)
Adjective: Angenterian (AN-gent-er-ie-in)
Alternative Adjective: None
Derogatory Nickname: Angies
20-01-2008, 08:08
wow six pages of nations posted in here sweet deal.:D

Thanks. (About time something i posted was popular in and thanks again to Az-cz for the idea..)
20-01-2008, 14:26
NATION: Komekong
Name of inhabitants: Komenease (kome-neez)
Short name of inhabitants: komes
Adjective: Komeneas (kome-neez)
Derogatory Nicknames of Inhabitants: Commies, kongies
20-01-2008, 22:02
Name of Nation:The Free land of Future-World

Short name of Nation:Future-World/Futuria

Name of inhabitants: Futurians
However, the semi-autonom state of Baskerland, often refers to themselvs as baskers, or baskerians rather then Futurians. Those who refers to them self as Futurians, call themselves New Futurians and the traditional Futurians Olde Futurians.

Adjective: Futurian

Derogatory Nicknames of Inhabitants: Hippies (reffering to their near-utopian way of life), Teens (reffering to their music style) Oldies (called so by the Baskers)
24-01-2008, 01:57
NATION: Allied States of Scotchpinestan (Scotch-pine-stan)
Name of inhabitants: Scotchpines
Short name of inhabitants: (none)
Adjective: Scotchpine (Scotch-pine)
Short adjective: (none)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Woodies, treehuggers
Northern Rangeria
24-01-2008, 02:47
Rangerian (if more than one word: singular, indefinite plural, definite plural)

Northern Rangeria ('Rangeria' pronounced: rain-dzher-ia)
Pohjois-Rangeria (poh-yo-ees-ran-gha-ree-a)

Name of inhabitants:
(Northern) Rangerians (The population refers to itself as Rangerian, Northern Rangerians is used in international and official contexts)
pohjoisrangerialainen, rangerialainen (poh-yo-ees-ran-gha-ree-ah-lie-nhen, ran-gha-ree-a-lie-nhen)

Short name of inhabitants:
Rangeri, Rangi (rain-dzher-ee, rain-dzhee)
rangeri, rangereita, rangerit (ran-ghay-re, ran-ghay-ray-tuh, ran-ghay-rit)

Northern Rangerian

Short adjective:
P-Rangerialainen (paay-ran-gha-ree-ah-lie-nhen)

Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants:
(Mainly stemming from Greater Rangerian use, the nation that occupied Northern Rangeria 1808-1983)
- Rankers/ rankkeri, pl. rankkerit
- Woodsmen/ mätseläinen, pl. mätseläiset
- Knife-frights / puukonpelkuri, pl. puukonpelkurit
- Lesser Rangerians / vähärangerialainen, pl. vähärangerialaiset
- Lord's Bastards / herranäpärä, pl. herranäpärät
The Supermarket
24-01-2008, 14:10
NATION: The Empire of The Supermarket

Name of inhabitants: Most are products, can also be referred to as goods or stock. Any humans, however, are the government and are called staff. However, these are only very rarely seen by outsiders.

Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Anything that insists that the Supermarket only sells one type of product (eg tinheads, cheeseys)
Fujisawan Territories
30-01-2008, 00:50
NATION: Fujisawan Territories
Name of inhabitants: Fujisawans
Short name of inhabitants: Fujis
Adjective: Fujisawan, Territorial
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Chooba, Ehujo
30-01-2008, 01:26
NATION: Golugan (Go-LOO-gahn)
Name of inhabitants: Golugani (Go-LOO-gah-nee)
Short name of inhabitants: Golugani
Adjective: Golugani
Short adjective: Golugani
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Mutts (Population is 40% half-orc half-human, 35% half-elf half-human, 20% half-human half-mixed, and 5% pureblooded human, orc, or elf.)
The Eternal Kawaii
30-01-2008, 01:42
NATION: The Eternal Kawaii
Name of Inhabitants: People of the Eternal Kawaii
Short Name of Inhabitants: Kawaiians
Adjective: Kawaiian
Short Adjective: Kawaiian
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: The "Hello Kitty" Taliban, Those Crazy Cat Worshipers.

Yes, we know kawaii is the Japanese word for "cute", and "Kawaiian" is an utter bastardization of that word, shoe-horning it into English grammar. Someone in the UN Strangers' Bar coined the term and it stuck.
30-01-2008, 20:32
NATION: The Armed Republic of Catawaba
Name of Inhabitants: Catawabans (descendents of Togovian colonists and the coverall term for any citizen of Catawaba) and Taungs (distinct native ethnic group)
Short Name of Inhabitants: Catwabs, Taung
Adjective: Catawaban, Taung
Short Adjective: Catwaban, Taung
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Togovian stepchildren (allusion to the former colonial power in Catawaba), Cats (oddly offensive...mostly because the national animal is a jungle canine).
30-01-2008, 21:05
Nation: The Sporting Fortress of Demot
Name of Inhabitants: Demotian (Dee mot tian), Druids (as in reference to their ancestry)
Short Name of inhabitants: Deot
Adjective: Demotian
Short Name of Adjective: N/A
Derogotory Nickname(s): Dragon fodder, Heliods
30-01-2008, 21:23
Nation: The Monopoly of Cafundéu
Name of Inhabitants: Cafundelense
Name of Inhabitants According to State: Jutense (Juta State), Lasftense (Lasft State), Dunbooritano (Dunboor State), Centrista (Central State), Titânico (Titã State), Espinalense (Espinal State), Pioneiro (Old Cities State), Costeiro (Coast State).
Adjective: Monopolists, Serranos.
Derogatory Nickname(s): Vintém-eaters, Work dependants, Sambistas (not that the people don't like samba, in fact they love it, but saying that the Cafundelenses only like samba became derogatory), Futile.
30-01-2008, 21:44
Nation: The Republic of Krasslor
Name of Inhabitants: Krasslori (CRASS - lor - ee), Kassyyki (cash - ICK - ee), Kunari (KOO - nar - ee)
Short name: The Krass
Adjective: Krasslorian
Derogatory Nickname(s):
Sel Appa
13-02-2008, 03:15
Nation: Sel Appa (Sell Ahp-pah)
Name of inhabitants: Sel Appans (Sell Ahp-pinz)
Adjective: Sel Appan (Sell Ahp-pin)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: N/A
13-02-2008, 03:42
Nation: Corbournne (Core Bore Nuh)
Name of Inhabitants: Corbournnians (Core Bore Knee Uhns)
Adjective: Corbournnian (Core Bore Knee Uhns)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Frogs, anything that would be considered derogatory to a Frenchman would be considered derogatory to a Corbournnian.
Sorthern Northland
13-02-2008, 04:08
Nation: Sorthern Northland (Sor-fuhn Norf-lund)
Name of Inhabitants: Sortherner (Sor-fuhn-er) Sorthern Northlander (Sor-fuhn Norf-land-er), Northlander.
Adjective: Just add an s to the words above.
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: That's not for us to decide really, although anything anti-Irish Republican/Nationalist or pro-unionist is usually seen as offensive. As is any bad word about alcoholic drinks. Being called a llama is also seen as very offensive in SN due to the Donkey - Llama war many years ago.
13-02-2008, 18:08
NATION: Dancougar (pronounced: Dan-coo-ger)
Name of inhabitants: Dancougarans (pronounced: Dan-coo-ger-ens)
Short name of inhabitants: Cougarrans (pronounced: Coo-ger-ens)
Adjective: Dancougaran (pronounced: Dan-coo-ger-en)
Short adjective: Cougaran (pronounced: Coo-ger-an)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Do your worst?
His Holiness Ted
14-02-2008, 01:37
NATION: The Serene Republic of His Holiness Ted
Name of inhabitants: Liberated Freepersons in Revernce to Ted's Most Holy Wisdom
Short Version:Tedese
Adjective: Most serene, protected under Ted's mein (Noun)
Alternative adjective: Ted's
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Crackpot, Teddit
Manhattan Prime
14-02-2008, 04:16
NATION: The Imperial Republic of Manhattan Prime
Name of inhabitants: Manhattanites
Adjective: Manhattanite
Short adjective: Manhattan
Derogatory Nicknames of Inhabitants: MPers, Chippers (due to our love of British cuisine, especially fish and chips)
Multiple Use Suburbia
14-02-2008, 06:38
NATION: Disputed Territories of Multiple-Use Suburbia

Name of inhabitants for official purposes: Multiple-Use Suburbian

They are divided into several factions:
Light Commercial Use Suburbian (This population refers to itself as New and Improved Suburbanites),
Light Industrial Use Suburbian (This population refers to itself as Genuine and Authentic Suburbians
Educational Use Suburbian (This population refers to itself as Certified Suburbians)
Recreational Use Suburbian (This population refers to istself as Real, Extreme, or Real Extreme Suburbian)
Domestic Use Suburbian (This populaton refers to itself as merely Suburbian and has the house to prove it, darn it!)

Short Name: Suburbian
Adjective: Suburbian

Derogatory Nickname(s):
Due to the litigious nature of all parties involved, this list was not intended to cause mental, emotional, or physical harm to any parties implied or unimplied, real or imagined; but merely used only for informational purposes as described in General Covenant Contract 34, Ordinance of Expected Behavior 34501.34 subsection 18 paragraph 82, but was retroactively removed by the Neighborhood Watch Review Board of Etiquette and Zoning and replaced with the Corrected Ordinances of Expected Behavior which considers it a breach of public trust. We thank the Board for their diligence at finding and rectifying our unintended but thoughtless violation and apologize that the topic was brought up, and we shall never speak of it again.
Magnus Valerius
14-02-2008, 08:41
Nation: The Valerian Empire
Name of inhabitants: Valerians
Adjective: Valerian

Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants:
- Vniks (ethnic Valerians)
- Isangs (ethnic Valerians)
- Isanchinskys (ethnic Valerians)
- Mongolniks (ethnic Valerians again due to their ancestry as a steppe people)
- Wheat Wine Fanatics (not that regular wine is enjoyed too)
- Backwards, imperialistic, conniving, lustful, half-witted, squint-eyed, knife-fighting, chain-smoking, alcohol-guzzling monkeys (yes, that's one slur - it wraps up a stereotypical Valerian)
- Unhinged Rabbits (due to the high population and fecundity of ethnic Valerians in respect to the rest of its region)
- Half-braineds
- The Kuric Continent's Best Strumpets (for the women)
- Holy Fools

- Many others exist in neighboring countries such as Säufer or Les Nez Plats in Gothland-Ile de Le Draque.

(OOC: Will add more slurs later. Have to come up with some creative ones...)
Excelsior Deus
14-02-2008, 11:07
Nation:The Cryptocracy of Excelsior Deus
Name of inhabitants: Ralarii (From the nation that Excelsior Deus was born out of, pronounced Ral-ar-eye)
Short name of inhabitants: Citizens, Comrades.
Adjective: Ralarians
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: None acknowledged by the government.
Nation's Capital: The Citadel.
Nation's Currency: Detal
Nation's Religions: Athiest, The Brotherhood of the Illuminated Gaze, various others in minority statistics
Nation's RP tech level when RP'ing: Futuristic Technology.
26-02-2008, 06:45
Full nation name: The United Islands of Ad'ihan (/ˈʌd.iːˌhʌn/ or UD-ee-hun); Îles-Unis d'Ad'ihan
Name of inhabitants: Ad'ihani or Ad'ihanais (inf. Islander); ad'ihanais, ad'ihanaise
National adjective: Ad'ihani; ad'ihanais, ad'ihanaise
(One is of Ad'ihanais or Ad'ihani descent, and is an Islander, but carries Ad'ihani nationality/citizenship.)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: N/A
26-02-2008, 06:56
(OOC: Will add more slurs later. Have to come up with some creative ones...)

((well, we Iansisleans tend to call you Cossaks and Loony Alex...does that help? =P))

Nation: The Gull Flag Republic of Iansisle
Adjective: Iansislean
Noun: Iansislean
Note: While Iansislean is a blanket term, there are numerous individual ethnicities inside the Republic, including:
Slurs: Quite a few. 'Galler' for people from Gallaga; 'Kuliker' (shortened to 'Licker') for Tharians; 'Hollywack' (shortened to 'Wacks') for Dianatranians; 'Normarcher' for northern Shieldians; 'Callies' for southern Shieldians (or occasionally royalists); and 'Nushies' for both ethnic Shieldians living in Gallaga (as seen from the Shield) and Shieldians in general (as seen from Gallaga). There is also 'Ians', most often used as 'the Ians', although this term is not generally considered offensive.
26-02-2008, 06:59
I'm starting to upload this thread onto Wikistates and am asking for help to do it, as it will be a large job to do.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated especially if you know how to Wikiedit. :)

WikiStates Page:
26-02-2008, 22:45
Nation: Wentland
Inhabitants: Wentlanders, Went
Adjective: Wentlandish, Went
Derogatory nickname: Blue Tits (although adopted as a badge of honour by the women's football team)
27-02-2008, 00:25
NATION: Atrutria
Name of inhabitants: Atrurians
Short name of inhabitants: 'Trurians
Adjective: Atrurian
Short adjective: Atruri
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Atruroes
27-02-2008, 06:39
Breakdown so far of the WikiStates page (

No countries (as of yet) from the letters: L, X or Y.
77 total countries listed
Fewest (not including L, X or Y): J with 1 country (Jeruselem)
Most: C with 7 countries (Cafundeu, Calizorinstan, Candelaria And Marquez, Catawaba, Cookesland, Corbournne and Crossman)
26-03-2008, 05:22
26-03-2008, 06:49
NATION: Frontenax (pronounced: Fron-teh-nax)
Name of Inhabitants: Frontenaxian
Short name of inhabitants: Fronties (pronounced: Fron-Tees)
Adjective: Frontenaxi (pronounced: Fron-teh-nax-e)
Short adjective: Frontie
Derogatory Nickname(s): Naxis, Frumpies

(The 'Fron' as in 'Frontier')
26-03-2008, 12:30
NATION: Chikenini (pronounced as chikenini)
Name of inhabitants: chiken? nope none.... hahaha
Adjective: chikeninish
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: none whatever that is:confused::confused::)
26-03-2008, 13:39
NATION: Nethertopia (Nè-ther-to-pi-a)
Name of inhabitants: Nethertopians (Nè-ther-to-pi-ans)
Short name of inhabitants: Nethies (Nè-thees) / Nethers (Née-thers)
Adjective: Nethertopian (Nè-ther-to-pi-an)
Short adjective: Nethie (Nè-thee) / Netherian (Née-ther-i-an)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Falcons (Fal-cons) / frogs in Candelaria And Marquez, for some funny reason only beknownst to them.
the Humanists
26-03-2008, 17:52
NATION: The Humanists
Name of inhabitants: Humanists
Short name of inhabitants: Hueys
Adjective: Humanist
Short adjective: Humanist
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: HuHu

21-10-2008, 07:36
Updated to include the following nations:
NEW LINK here (

Asgarnieu (as-GAHR-nee-you)
Name of Inhabitants: Asgarnians (as-GAHR-nee-ans)
Adjective: Asgarnian (as-GAHR-nee-an)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Ass(es)

Beaugeais Pronounced: BOJÀIS
Name of Inhabitants: Beaugeairians
Adjective: Beaugeairian (French: Beaugeaise)

Name of inhabitants: Jaredcohenians, Cohenians
Short Name of inhabitants: Cohenians
Adjective: Jaredcohenian, Cohenian
Short adjective: Cohenian
Derogatory Nickname(s): Kikes, Jews, Bolsheviks, Snobs

Name of inhabitants: Jeunese
Adjective: Jeunese
Short adjective: NA
Derogatory nicknames of inhabitants: sranteye, Yanzy/Yanzie, chinky/chinkie/chink

Name of inhabitants: Willinkians
Short name of inhabitants: Willinkians
Adjective: Willinkian
Short adjective: Willinkian
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Wealthy, Snobs

And also the 4 nations since the last bump.
The Fanboyists
29-04-2009, 02:28
The Fanboyists

Name of inhabitants: Fanboyists
Short name of inhabitants: Fans
Adjective: Fanboyist
Short adjective: Fanboyist
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: "Those Obnoxious Pricks (TOPs)"; "fascist dogs" ; "GWO-huggers"
29-04-2009, 03:17
NATION: Prycuse (pronounced: Pry-ua-cuse or Pry-cuse)
Name of inhabitants: Prycuseians (pronounced: Pry-ua-cuse-e-ans) or Prycusians (pronounced: Pry-cuse-ans)
Short name of inhabitants: None
Adjective: Prycuseian (pronounced: Pry-ua-cuse-e-an) or Prycusian (pronounced: Pry-cuse-an)
Short adjective: None
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Cusians, Apers, Reppers, and Pryans
29-04-2009, 06:29
All info listed in English and Spanish, our national languages.

Nation: Norwellia/Noruelia
Demonym: Norwellian/noruelian@
I don't get the "short name"...

The only other useful tidbit I can think of is that all Norwellian citizens and benevolent visitors have the title of "Colleague" or "Colega", such that our star striker would be called "Colleague Vermeeren" or "Colega Vermeeren" in a formal setting. It is considered awkward to use this nomenclature for foreigners who are not currently in NOrwellia, or who are in Norwellia for nefarious purposes. (For the record, "nefarious purposes" specifically does not include torching, rioting, or other forms of direct action, which are considered essential parts of Norwellian political life.) It is considered tacky to apply the term "Colleague" to oneself, and it is thought downright rude to refer to oneself by another official title unless it's directly relevant to the task at hand. When in doubt, visiting doctors, nobles, PhDs, etc., should refrain from referring to themselves by their proper titles in informal contexts.

(The term for "name of inhabitants", BTW, happens to be demonym (, which is nice because that way it will apply to your people living abroad, too, not just the people who are currently inhabiting your country. Who may, in fact, be enemy soldiers...anyway, the point is, you should consider using the word "demonym".)
29-04-2009, 06:59
NATION: The Reborn Empire of Newmanistan (Reborn refers to the fact that nation ceased to exist for about a year and a half)
Name of inhabitants: Newmanistanians (preferred), Newmanistanis, Rocketmen (acceptable towards men and women), Tundrans (generally towards older people)
Short name of inhabitants: Newmanis
Adjective: Newmanistanian
Short adjective: None
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Stewies (you'd have to know regional history of my original region to know why, just take our word)
29-04-2009, 22:12
Updated to Newmanistan.

Note to Norwellia: a short name would be like Yank for Americans, Canuck for Canadians, Brit for Englishmen, Cheese-eating surrender monkeys for French.. etc. (no offense to any French....)
And not many people know what Demonym means.
Cachette de Lions
29-04-2009, 22:43
NATION: Cachette de Lions (pronounced: KA-shet de LEE-on (English) or ka-SHET de LEE-oh (French))
Name of inhabitants: Cachettians (English, pronounced: ka-SHET-ee-ANS) or Cachettois(es) (French, pronounced KASH-uh-TWA(Z))
Short name of inhabitants: C-Lers (English, pronounced: SEE-el-ers), C-Lois(es) (French, pronounced SAY-el-wa(z)); Lions (English: LIE-ons; French: LEE-oh)
Adjective: Cachettian (English, pronounced: ka-SHET-ee-AN) or Cachettois(e)(s) (French, pronounced KASH-uh-TWA(Z)); Lionnese (rare, English (LEE-on-EEZ)), Lionnais(e) (rare, French (LEE-oh-nay(z)))
Short adjective: CdL (SEE-DEE-EL or SAY-DAY-EL)
Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Shettos, Cacheys
29-04-2009, 23:32
NATION: Fatatatutti (pronounced: Fah-tah-tah-TOO-tee)

Note that the double 't' is an English corruption, used only in the official name of the island. The original name is Fatatatuti in the native Fatatatutian language. None of the derivatives uses the double 't'.

Short name of nation: Fata (pronounced: FAH-tah) in the north or Tuti (pronounced: TOO-tee) in the south.

To add to the confusion, the capital is also called Fatatatutti. Outside the capital, 'back in Fata' means in the city but off the island, 'back in Fata' means on the island.

Name of inhabitants: Fatatatutians (pronounced: Fah-tah-tah-TOO-sh'ns)

Adjective: Fatatatutian (pronounced: Fah-tah-tah-TOO-sh'n)

Derogatory Nickname(s) of Inhabitants: Fatties (Not usually taken as an insult because it tends to be accurate.)
Carnelian Island
29-04-2009, 23:42
NATION: Carnelian Island
Name of inhabitants: Carnelian Elves
Adjective: Carnelians
Alternate: Elves
Derogatory: All elven derogatory; red menaces