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Moscow is up and working! More coming soon...

10-12-2007, 19:06
With a great pleasure, I am pround to announce establishment of a new country in European part of Russian region - The United States of Rublevka.

We're a group of the most rich people in Russia (so-called Oligarchs), localized from the government, for a several reasons and created our own country with liberal political views.

Our country consists of 25 states, with a governor supervising each state. Each citizen of our contry must have at least 25 percent of his business integrated and invested into country's capital. The overall capital of our country is equialent to approximately 500 000 000 000 EUR and growing.

We're the most elite and wealthy people in Russia, and looking forward for a friendship with European Union. Please, feel free to ask and explore our country. And, furthermore - some other countries are also coming soon to appear on Russian territory!

(by the way: Rublevka is really place where all the richest people of Russia live, even President Putin lives here. So, this is not some kind of joke...)

Trully yours,

President of United States of Rublevka

Victor Rudnov