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Cup of Harmony xXx: Everything Thread

07-12-2007, 02:17
The Footballing Associations of Casari and Novapsolu present...

Cup of Harmony xXx: The Casa-Nova Swiss CoHalet

Welcome to the Thirtieth edition of the Cup of Harmony! As is tradition, the Cup of Harmony is for teams who, while providing a major contribution to the qualifiers for the World Cup, fell slightly short of that tournament. As a reward for their efforts, they will be given the opportunity to play in both the Casarian Highlands, as well as the Isle Kerke in Novapsolu.

Teams will be afforded lodging in their own little training facility, looking roughly like this:

As stated before, the format will be Swiss-style. The first round shall be randomly drawn, with the following three matchdays consisting of matches between teams who have performed similarly in match play. Following the Swiss Round, the top 4 teams, plus all ties on points for fourth, shall enter the knockout rounds. Ties in points shall be broken, for seeding purposes, in the following order:

1. Strength of Schedule (Total points earned by the team's opposition)
2. Goal Differential
3. Goals Scored
4. Random Method (Coin Flip for 2, Draw for more than 2)

The winning team at the end shall earn this incredibly huge (and definitely not boring) Trophy, which we feel is fitting for this cup:

And, if they so desire, a date with this lovely Casaran:

For other info about the Swiss-style format, please check here (

So, without further ado, the following teams have been invited to Casari and Novapsolu for the Cup of Harmony:

Hopeless SC
St Samuel
The Pazhujeb Islands
Jeru FC
The Mice of Miceland
Magnus Valerius
The Archregimancy
Estresse Intenso
San Adriano
Sorthern Northland
Nire and Nire
Green wombat
Lovisa (if necessary, being on the border of RP-acceptability)

We will be using the Opt-out format for accepting invites; please TG either of us if you do not wish to participate. The draw shall be in approx. 72 hours from now, or Sunday, December 9, at 8:00 PM EST (0100 UTC on Monday, Dec. 10).

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here (
Magnus Valerius
07-12-2007, 02:44
Defender Pavlos Demetriopoulos Goes to Cafundéu

Just as WC 38 Qualifiers ended, one of the Boyars fresh from the world cup was signed up into a foreign team. The football club SC Lasft of Cafundéu had interest in the young eighteen-year-old player from the Metashas Warlords. He proved to be an able defender in the World Cup, but apparently the deal offered for him by scouting agents from Cafundéu made a good offer for him. VIFA will not disclose the amount of the deal, but it is known that VIFA gave Demetriopoulos a cut of the deal.

"I know it means one less Boyar, but we can cope with a loss. Besides, he'll get experience in Cafundéu. Sure, he'll have to learn Portuguese, but other than that, he can make a great career under a world-class football association," quipped Coach George Ilyanich.

Demetriopoulos's place on the starting line-up will be taken by Jean-Maurice de Vendôme from the bench.

Another important event for the Boyars was the overhaul of their playing style. Heeding some advice from Maximilian "Max" von Hohenstauffen, Coach Ilyanich reorganized the team and several players had to change roles on the field. The Boyars should now have a much improved defense. Defense was an issue in WC 38 Qualifiers, when the Boyars gave way too many goals away. Dimitri Kim will also now be starting for the Boyars as goalkeeper while Dimitri Shchilinov rests off a sprained wrist.

Their style has been ranked as a defensive -1 by Valerian football officials and outsiders who have seen them play. They will be playing in a 4-4-1-1 formation, which is a whole new approach to Valerian football, doing away with their old formation for at least the Cup of Harmony.

George Ilyanich, the "Tower of Power"; former Boyar football star player (Age 52)

Assistant Coach and Training Manager:
Mongke Urt-Urumqi (Age 50)

Starting Players:

Goalkeep (GK)

12) Dimitri Kim (Age 18, Isangrad Legion)

Defense (D)

2) Étienne de Roviere (Age 19, Blancmonte Paladins)
4) Koksegu Daritai (Age 19, Shorehaven Colonial FC)
5) Vova Pavilov (Age 20, Sankt Valerian Saints)
16) Jean-Maurice de Vendôme (Age 19, Nikeah FC)

Midfielders (M)

6) Levon Andreyevich (Age 19, Isangrad Legion)
7) Ernõ Boldizsár (Age 20, Belagrad Buccaneers)
10) Shapur Kemerhadi (Age 21, Tabriz Immortals)
11) Basileios Psellios-Tsushima (Age 19, Ryuusame Ronin)

Strikers (S)

8) Ivan Afinagorov (Age 20, Isangrad Legion)
9) Maximilian von Hohenstauffen (Age 18, Zellburg Warriors) - Star Player


1) Dimitri Shchilinov (GK, Age 18, Isangrad Legion)

13) Feofil Izyaslavich (D, Age 18, Petrovgrad FC)
14) Ilya Yermakov (D, Age 20, Meijis City FC)
15) Vasily Aefelstanov (D, Age 19, Kholmogory FC)
17) Alexander Myasonov (D, Age 20, Alexandria FC)

18) Johann Adolf Fredericks (M, Age 21, Baden Uhlans)
19) Ruslan Tarakanov (M, Age 19, Port Persepol )
20) Petros Leontios (M, Age 21, Kydonia FC)
22) Iosif Daitsev (M, Age 20, Trentino FC)

21) Isa Sinan (S, Age 19, Türkbükü Viziers) - foreign player; from Yeni Halic

The brand new JMC uniforms are proudly worn by the Boyars:

Home = Blue, White, And Gold

Away = Green and Black

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Name my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod other creative events (including injuries): Y
Injure my players: Y
Give out yellow cards to my players: Y
Give out red cards to my players: Y
07-12-2007, 02:51

Starters first then backups

GK tad montague #1 captain 24 / gk Joey reunion #16 25

LD Jacin raellis #2 21, CD jayly riae #3 27, RD Matt rhietuard #4 25/ D Mike hones #15 19, D Adelin riazeo #14 19

LM Ashton smyth #6 27, CD Ashlie martin #7 30, RM Bubba froalie #8 32, / M Ricky domingo #5 23, M briang ying uing #18 21

LS ZEKE #9 captain 35, LcS ryan williams #10 27, RcS carsin palmer #11 31, RS HELE # 19 17/ S soco kennedy #13 23, Striker John kitna #12 27

IR A.F. Falcon Broken Femur out till next world cup qualifying

Manager: Jake rios
Jeru FC
07-12-2007, 03:11
Jeru FC under Abrams Tunk's last stint at Jeru FC will be there!
Roster is the same as WC38.

And they are in for anything to do with xXx.
Nire and Nire
07-12-2007, 04:05
Nire and Nire Seek Football Manager

Are you an inexperienced football manager? Know nothing about football? Want to run around in short shorts all day? Then we have the job for you! The position of Manager of the Nire and Nire International Team is vacant and needs to be filled before the upcoming Cup of Harmony. If you are interested then please contact the Nire and Nire FA with a CV stating your inexperience for the job. Hurry - position must be filled in the next two days.
Green wombat
07-12-2007, 06:33
The triumphant return of Green wombat to the Cup of Harmony.

After a less then stellar return to the World Cup world, the Wombats are ready to at least do something well and finish in the top half of the 30th CoH.


GK Ralph Bing
DEF Kristin Mcculley
DEF Jose Chaisson
DEF Delia Triplett
DEF Roger Siler
MID Edward Ledford
MID Eva Ibrahim
MID Jill Caffey
MID Danica Howes
FOR Claudia Bard
FOR William Diehl

GK Rodney Rosenfeld
DEF Johnny Guadalupe
DEF Joanna Hume
MID Phillip Milligan
MID Jeffery Nieves
FOR Mike Sink
07-12-2007, 06:44
In honor of the Trophy for this tourney, the Prux Prawns sends this roster for the 30th Cup of Harmony.
Uniforms here:

Goalie: Colby Jack

Monterey Jack




Prux's Modifer will be the highest one available

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events N
RP injuries to my players Y, (nothing too severe)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events N
Nire and Nire
07-12-2007, 08:21
Nire and Nire Roster

The FA today announced that the same 22 players who have performed admirably over the past two years in the Baptism of Fire and World Cup Qualifiers will travel to the Cup of Harmony.

Tim Bront/31/Efet City/GK/23
Olmar Hans/19/Kitse/LB/11
Jus Intior/24/Efet Tigers/CB/23
Hnio Intior/28/Efet Tigers/CB/23
Huio Nert/21/Sentu Warriors/RB/23
Tony Rimarom/29/Mantu/LM/23
Cest Wonder/19/Jhat/CM/23
John Roderiquez Manot Huns Intiole Berket/20/Kitse/CM/11
Cro Minia/23/Mantu/RM/23
Youn Grand/23/Efet Tigers/S/23
Juan Rello/17/Sentu United/S/16

S.B./28/Sentu United/GK/2
Kindur Grewn/20/Sentu Warriors/GK/0
Junior Malo/27/Kartik/LB/14
S. Lide/26/Mantu/CB/2
Surry Guryinwer/33/Sentu United/CB/2
Alberto Humisor/21/Efet City/RB/2
Raghit Hammed/21/939/Mantu/LM/2
Tim Youh/20/Sentu Warriors/CM/14
Cooker Veryou/26/Jhat/CM/2
Kyurio Matasutio/22/Efet Tigers/RM/2
El Commando Nire/995/Kitse/S/9
Prontio Maximus/19/Sentu United/S/2

The Disputed Territories FA has yet to announce the Manager.

R/P - have fun!
07-12-2007, 12:30
I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Yellow Card Players
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Some players have wiki articles on them, and those are linked.

2) The best starting eleven are numbered 1-11 and are in bold

3) I actively encourage, nay nearly demand, that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any).

4) Some players have NSwiki pages, and these out-of-date, read-only articles are linked.

5) * Denotes female player, ^ denotes Dwarf ( player.

6) Starblaydia will perform the Raiigar ( before each match, no matter what the Casaran crowd think of it.
Starblaydia's Third-ever Cup of Harmony Roster
Team up forty-four KPB ranks in fourteen games

The Staff
BM. Betanii Marrones (*, Head Coach, 47
48 Caps, 6 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 Level (
Starblaydia's first female manager of the national team, Betanii was a highly skilled Centre-Back who went to three World Cups and made her name as the first-ever female captain of the World Cup side in Starblaydia's last campaign before their international hiatus ( after World Cup 34. She's been Starblaydia's coach since AOCAF20 and has taken them to Runner-Up spot in the 25th Baptism of Fire for World Cup 38 and now up to 62nd in the world.

AI. Apollina Iakovakis (*, Assistant Coach, 42 - Indigenous World Cup Winner
23 Caps, 4 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 Level)
A competitive attacking midfielder in her playing days, Apollina won the Indigenous World Cup in her playing days alongside this team's captain, Izretar. She later went into coaching and currently manages Starblaydia's Under-21s, who she has led to third place finishes at both the inaugural Di Bradini Cup and International Justantina Cup.

The Goalkeepers
1. Fernando Rodriguez, GK, 28 - Corinthian Spirits
33 Caps (7 Caps at Under-21 Level)
Comparing Fernando's record to the other two goalkeepers in this squad tells you just who the real number one in Starblaydia is perceived to be by the management. Had a habit of conceding goals at crucial times, though when you consider Starblaydia's world rank that's not really surprising.

12. Kostas Nikolaidis, GK, 25 - Hecia
Uncapped (10 Caps at Under-21 Level)

19. Sandra van Agmark*, GK, 21 - Internashionale
Uncapped (2 Caps at Under-21 Level)

The Defenders
2. Sebastian Brunner, CB, 25 - Hallad Reavers
8 Caps (17 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 Level)

3. Claudio Melciori, CB, 31 - Iskara Daii
34 Caps, 1 Goal (Uncapped at Under-21 Level)
The only over-thirty to remain in this squad since the World Cup Qualifiers, Melciori will anchor the new three-man defence on the left hand side, providing much-needed experience and solidarity in that position.

5. Roque Bravo, Captain, CB, 28 - Tabeck FC
33 Caps, 2 Goals (15 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 Level)
The young man has come of age and been installed as Starblaydia's captain, receiving a congratulatory phone call from Khim Azanulbizarn, another former Tabeck and Starblaydia captain. He will be the key link in the middle of the unusual back-three, and the keystone of the entire team.

13. Leandro Perheira, L/CB, 21 - Internashionale
18 Caps (8 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 Level)
Throwing the twenty year-old straight into the mix at left-back throughout the World Cup qualifiers seemed to be a little too much for this young defender, but the hottest fire makes the strongest steel. Leandro will not be happy to be dropped to the bench and will undoubtedly try to prove that Melciori's position should be his instead.

14. Jae Chang-hwa*, RB, 20 - Internashionale
2 Caps (11 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 Level)
For a nineteen year-old girl to be left out of a World Cup squad and it even to be mentioned as a minor shock shows her true quality. Though most-known for her off-pitch activities as a model and for having 'a great racl', Jae is actually a very good right-back. Just don't ask her to take a penalty, as she's missed two in shoot-outs already in her short career.

20. Marco Lima, CB/SW, 23 - Jhanna United
Uncapped (12 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 Level)

The Midfielders
4. Kwame Jabir, DM, 24 - Penningworth United
Uncapped (17 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 Level)

6. Ornvidar Bazraltek^, RB, 29 - Karak Ungor Chiefs
27 Caps, 3 Goals (7 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 Level)

7. Antonio Mora, RM, 26 - Iskara Daii
26 Caps, 3 Goals (7 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 Level)

8. Alfonso Di Angelo, A/DM, 22 - Iskara Daii
22 Caps, 5 Goals (11 Caps, 9 Goals at Under-21 Level)

11. Kalia Canildo*, LW/LB, 25 - Corinthian Spirits
27 Caps, 2 Goals (17 Caps, 3 Goals at Under-21 Level)

15. Joseph Shakirii, AM, 27 - FC Farça
10 Caps (7 Caps, 3 Goals at Under-21 Level)

16. Juan Oscar, L/DM, 24 - Internashionale
6 Caps (11 Caps at Under-21 Level)

21. Eduardo Faisca, CM, 29 - Tribe Urjali
3 Caps (Uncapped at Under-21 Level)

22. Karinha*, C/AM, 20 - FC Farça
Uncapped (3 Caps, 1 Goal at Under-21 Level)

The Forwards
9. Stefan Hinkonnen, CF, 25 - Widdrington Wolves
31 Caps, 9 Goals (17 Caps, 13 Goals at Under-21 Level)

10. Tarquin Fullbright, SC, 28 - Montepool Waves
34 Caps, 16 Goals (7 Caps, 8 Goals at Under-21 Level)

17. Giorgio La Pranza, SC, 28 - Vecchio Victors
Uncapped (4 Caps at Under-21 Level)

18. Lii Chong-sun, SC, 24 - Internashionale
13 Caps, 2 Goals (14 Caps, 4 Goals at Under-21 Level)

23. Raphael Torino, SC, 21 - Jhanna United
Uncapped (8 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 Level)

The Formation

Home And Away Kits:
Kits created by:
St Samuel
07-12-2007, 15:23
The St Samuel Football Association proudly accepts the invitation for the Cup of Harmony.

Roster to follow.
07-12-2007, 19:23
Mallatarsland would like to say thank you for the invite, but will have to politely decline due to an outbreak of influenza throughout the country. All foreign travel is restricted in the hope of not spreading this virus outside of our borders.
Sorthern Northland
07-12-2007, 20:56
Sorthern Northland's cup of harmony squad will be the same as the World Cup qualifying squad which can be found here. (
08-12-2007, 03:57
Despite the troubles, we're sending the same World Cup Team here, although a poor performance here will see a new team at the World Cup Qualifications next season:

Imperial Roster for CoH30:

Playing Style = +2
Formation = 3-4-1-2

Head Coach: Cha Beomgeun {車範根 (차범근)}

Player ㅇ韓ㅇ ㅇ한ㅇ # POS Club
Kim Yongdae 金龍大 김용대 1 K Clube Imperial
Choi Jincheol 崔眞喆 최진철 2 D Joseon
Pak Geonha 朴建夏 박건하 3 D Bokgeon
Yi Sabik 李ㅇㅇ 이사빅 4 D Daeman
Kim Donghyeon 金東炫 김동현 5 D Malla
Baek Jihun 白智勳 백지훈 6 M Cheonjin
Yi Yeongpyo 李榮杓 이영표 7 M Hanseong
Song Jongguk 宋鐘國 송종국 8 M Dunboor FC
Son Daeho 孫大鎬 손대호 9 M Gwangdong
Kim Daeeui 金大儀 김대의 10 F Sanghae
Jeong Jihun 鄭智薰 정지훈 11 F Hangyeong
Kim Ho 金皓ㅇ 김호ㅇ 12 K Monggol
Jang Yogon 张耀坤 장요곤 13 D Sandong
Kim Jingyu 金珍圭 김진규 14 D Junggyeong
Yi Eulyong 李乙容 이을용 15 M Gangso
Gang Gamchan 姜邯贊 강감찬 16 M Sanghae
Yi Dongguk 李東國 이동국 17 F Manju
Yi Jeongyeol 李正烈 이정열 18 K Shingang
Wang Shinheun 王新欣 왕신흔 19 D Hanseong
Kim Chigon 金致坤 김치곤 20 D Haenam
Kim Byeongji 金秉址 김병지 21 M Atlético Jutense
Hong Myeongbo 洪明甫 홍명보 22 M Haenam
Kim Dohun 金度勲 김도훈 23 F Taehaeng

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: no
Godmod Other Events: Yes

Also, MBC requests rights to broadcast all Han matches in Daehanjeiguk.
Hopeless SC
08-12-2007, 05:38
Soccer Academy Administrator: Brian Peterson, 61
National Team Head Coach: Thomas Larson, 70 (former Praying2God star)
National Team Assistant Coach: Greg Miller, 51
Trainer: Sarah Armstrong, 42
Goalkeeping Coach: Andrew Stoll, 49

GK: Radar Green, 18*
GK: Arthur Park, 16
WB: Brad Marshall, 17*
WB: Mark Field, 19*
WB: Tom Allen, 26
CD: John Anderson, 20*
CD: Tim Paulson, 19*
CD: Matt Walker, 19*
CD: Chad Carter, 21*
CD: Adam Brown, 18
CD: Jamie Winters, 17
W: Kyle Williams, 23*
W: Antonio Hall, 18*
W: Bob Johnstone, 25
IM: Wally Milton, 20*
IM: Larry Marks, 17
F: Paul Corner, 24*
F: Burt Larkin, 16


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: yes
Godmod Scoring Events: no
RP injuries to my players: yes, but nothing too major without checking with me first
Godmod injuries to my players: no
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: yes, only one per match
Godmod Other Events: no

If we're playing with style modifiers, make us a -5 (or whatever the most defensive is).
08-12-2007, 06:23
Scotchpinestan is honored by the invitation and will accept.

Scotchpinestan roster (identical to the one we used in qualifying; different starters)


1 Pedro Marzala
12 Stan Dreyer
21 Siegfried Leach


2 Mark Reilly
3 Kazuo Watanabe
4 Sam Shetland
13 Yadier Salazar
16 Mike Jones
19 Orlando Moore


5 Chris Jenkins
6 Larry Wright
7 Paulo Salcedo (captain)
14 Mitch Hannity
15 Seth Walker
20 Rob Xavier


8 Joe Long
9 Igor Volkov
10 Alex Urmanov
11 Terry Pipp
17 Jamie Watson
18 Henry Eller
22 Brandon Jackvony
23 Zeke LaForest

Formation: 3-3-4



4 3 19

7 14 5

11 10 9 17

Style: Attack, attack, attack (+5)

Uniforms: Green and white

If you RP before me: No godmoding, anything else is ok

In other news, the Scotchpine Soccer Federation announced that Paulo Salcedo has signed to play club soccer in Cafundeu next season. His duties with the national team will be unaffected. The SSF hopes that Salcedo's play will raise the profile of Scotchpine soccer and perhaps lead to other players getting an opportunity to play overseas. Evnetually the SSF hopes to help establish a top-level domestic league, but that appears to be a few years off.
Hopeless SC
08-12-2007, 08:19
Pre-Cup of Harmony Power Rankings (as issued by an anonymous member of the Hopeless SC media):

22. Hopeless SC (77) --until we prove we can play better, we're the worst team out there
21. Miceland (100) --statistically worse, but not as hopeless
20. Krytenia (89) --definitely not your great-uncle's Krytenia
19. Magnus Valerius (84) --porous defense earns this spot
18. Kelssek (70) --needs to find a defense...or an offense
17. Green wombat (67) --left their fans looking green a lot of the time
16. Prux (65) --needs to find a way to rebound from horrendous WC 38
15. San Adriano (89) --defense solid, needs to find some offense to win
14. Starblaydia (62) --a decent follow-up to BoF in a tough group, but still long way to go
13. Scotchpinestan (60) --has the offense, but can they find the defense?
12. Taeshan (52) --decent defense, but can they score enough to compete?
11. Jeru FC (54) --Jeruselem's little brother not nearly as good as their relatives
10. The Pazhujeb Islands (57) --BoF champs look to have a promising future
9. Casari (47) --co-hosting has to be good for something, doesn't it?
8. Nire and Nire (66) --maybe the best team nobody's heard of
7. Daehanjeiguk (45) --wanted to rank them lower, but nobody lower worthy of jump over team that drew me at home in WC 38
6. Dance 2 Revolution (33) --2nd highest rank, but draw against me in WC 38 doesn't make them worth a higher rank
5. Estresse Intenso (37) --intense play will bode well for them
4. St Samuel (40) --up-and-comer will use solid CoH to contend for spot in WC 39, you heard it here first
3. Lovisa (44) --solid WC 38 earns this spot, along with veteran status
2. Sorthern Northland (42) --may be surprise pick, but deserve this spot by play in WC 38
1. The Archregimancy (28) --probably cursed them by calling them the favorites, but they deserve the distinction

Projected Final Four: Sorthern Northland, St Samuel, Nire and Nire, Casari

Pre-Cup Prediction to Win: Sorthern Northland
08-12-2007, 16:41
Prux' Cup of Harmony Preview:

(assumes that all 22 invitees make it)

TOP 22 LIST (Oddsmaker's list of favorites to win it, along with WCQ record)
#1- The Archregimancy (9-1-4) 5-2
#2- Sorthern Northland (8-1-5) 4-1
#3- Daehanjeiguk (6-4-4) 5-1
#4- Lovisa (7-4-3) 8-1
#5- Estresse Intenso (5-4-5) 10-1
#5- Casari (5-4-5) 10-1
#5- Dance 2 Revolution (5-4-5) 10-1
#8- St. Samuel (6-2-6) 15-1
#9- Jeru FC (4-2-8) 18-1
#10- Starblaydia (4-1-9) 20-1
#10- Nire and Nire (5-1-8) 20-1
#12- Scotchpinestan (5-2-7) 22-1
#13- The Pazhujeb Islands (5-1-8) 25-1
#14- Magnus Valerius (3-3-8) 30-1
#15- Taeshan (3-5-6) 32-1
#16- Prux (2-5-7) 40-1
#16- Krytenia (2-5-7) 40-1
#18- Kelssek (2-5-7) 45-1
#19- Green wombat (2-4-8) 50-1
#20- San Adriano (2-5-7) 55-1
#21- Hopeless SC (2-3-9) 60-1
#22- The Mice of Miceland (1-4-9) 65-1

Projected Final Four:
Daehanjeiguk, Casari, The Archregimancy, Sorthern Northland
The Pazhujeb Islands
08-12-2007, 19:01
We gladly accept the invitation to the Cup of Harmony. We do however request that all Pazhujeb Islands matches be overseen by a team of cockroaches who will ensure that the match is telepathically recreated in roach pits for Urchins fans back home.

Feel free to peruse the roster we submitted for World Cup qualifying, to which we have made no changes.

Style Modifier: +1.198229
09-12-2007, 02:33
Well, considering the thing's half in the country anyway, we might as well decide to show up.

Hoops! (First) (
Reds! (Second) (
Keepers! (

The Casari Tigers, WC38 Edition

No. Name G Pos
1 Peter Danialson M LF
2 Silvia Hill F CF
3 Michael Reoni M RF
4 Rebecca Lornair F FH
5 James Estanberg M LM
6 David Tennar M RM
7 Christopher Rollins M HB
8 Mark Antari M LB
9 Will Wroni M CB
10 Lucia Perrins F RB
11 Raymond Barisa M GK

No. Name G Pos
21 Reia Lienzi F LF
22 Daniel Potts M CF
23 David Epedan M RF
24 Uri Bruski M FH
25 Katherine Scorrin F LM
26 Olivia Granger F RM
27 Loren Tapperossi M HB
28 Ari Lewison M LB
29 Andrea Winter F CB
30 Theo Richards M RB
31 Brian William M GK

We play the 3-1-2-1-3. If you're unfamiliar-








Here's how the RPing goes:
You may choose scorers, and distribute Yellow Cards.
Feel free to use your imagination- you have free reign over all on-field activity. In fact, using your imagination is a requirement- no dullness may take place in a Casaran match. I ask you to hold back on Red Cards and any serious injuries without asking me first, but definitely feel free to ask- I have and will always be a promoter of creativity, at the expense of the health of my imaginary players, but I don't want plans thrown off because you wanted to break eight legs.

Information and Notes
-Casarans will do what Casarans have done for years- drink, do bizarre things on dares, drink, sleep in parks, drink, goof off, and drink. As well, they will ignore most of the etiquette of soccer, mock your pregame rituals (they will laugh at them, especally the Ulek, which might promote some kind of drinking game among the fans with each useless grunt), being nice (they'll come up with nasty chants about your team, manager, mothers, fathers, and other associates and post them on the internet), and won't mind taking a run at your best player (they just don't care).
Nire and Nire
09-12-2007, 02:54
Nire and Nire "Unheard of"; Predicted to make final four

Outrage has greeted the International media's assessment of Nire and Nire just days out from the start of the 30th Cup of Harmony. To suggest that a team without a manager and a ruthless dictator on the reserve bench is capable of making the final four makes a mockery of International football. Hopeless SC has once again lived up to their name and citizens of the Disputed Territories are relishing an opportunity to play such an infamous team. Jan Thomas, who turns tricks for coke outside the newsroom hopes for a match up with Hopeless and a chance to make them eat their words: "Hopeless SC, huh what a joke - they have proved they cannot play football and not they are attempting to prove they cannot analyse football either. I hope we play those whores and they thrash us, show them who is truly hopeless"

Meanwhile, the search for a replacement for Manager Lexit Sohot continues. The FA have announced that as yet there have been no applications for the position vacant since last years qualifiers. With just days before the Cup of Harmony commences, and the Nire and Nire team in transit to Casari, it appears inevitable that the team will remain managerless for a short while at least.
Sorthern Northland
09-12-2007, 21:58
It was a typical cold, crisp winters day on the steps of the Sorthern Northland Football Association in Beningrad. It was around half past ten in the morning, and it was the day that the Sorthern Northland national football team were due to set off for the Cup of Harmony xXx. Outside was the official team bus, whilst a few members of the team had made it on time. The manager Kevaughn Ó Criomhthain was also there. Ó Criomhthain had set a time of ten in the morning for the team to meet up. He knew most players would be late but being one of the few Sorthern Northlanders to take punctuality seriously he was growing impatient whilst nervously taking a swig from a hip flask and looking at his watch. Suddenly the four players rose to their feet as the nations new national anthem, The Internationale, started. Ó Criomhthain looked across at the players calmly announcing, "It's all right lads, it's just my phone.", after which he answered the called.


"Ah good morning, is this Kevaughn Ó Criomhthain?", asked the voice at the other end.

"Yes it is, how may I help?"

"Ah good morning Mr Ó Criomhthain, this is Doctor O'Reilly from Beningrad General Hospital and I'm afraid I have some bad news regarding Kim Min-Kim."

"Kim Min-Kim? What's happened Doc?" the manager replied in a worried voice.

"Well he is a keen reader of foreign media, and he seems to have picked up some football magazine from the countries Hopeless SC and Prux which put Sorthern Northland among the favourites to win the competition, which has sent Kim into a state of shock."

"Oh shit. And there's no chance that he can play Doctor?"

"Well I certainly think him travelling would be a very bad idea I'm afraid."

"All right, well thanks anyway, give Kim my best wishes.", Kevaughn said before hanging up.

"Shit who am I going to play now?", he thought to himself.

Kim Min-Kim was certainly a big loss, he was the nations record goalscorer and had a goal ratio of nearly one every other game. The players there, now up to seven bolstered by the apperence of goalkeepers Jonny Sage and George Palmer as well as striker Korea China, knew something was wrong.

"What's up boss?" one of them asked.

"Kim Min-Kim's in hospital with shock, he's gonna have to miss the tournament."

Upon the end of that sentence all seven players at the same time let out a "Shit what we gonna do?"

The manager then looked at Korea China, a highly rated player who had never really been given a chance at international level, and said to him, "Korea, your gonna replace Kim as first choice striker along with Jing Mao, I want you to give me a fucking hard decision on who to pick when Kim's back okay?"

Korea knew that replacing your nations record goalscorer was always going to be hard but he also knew he had the ability to do so, and simply replied "Yes boss."

Ó Criomhthain then got back onto his phone, and said "Benjamin is that you? It is? Excellent. Look how soon can you get down to the SNFA headquarters, I want you in the squad for the Cup of Harmony. Half an hour? Excellent, see you soon."

He then turned to the players and told them, "I've just called Benjamin Peacock, he'll be our reserve striker."

Peacock played his club football in Beningrad and was in the U21 squad for the The International Justantina U-21 Cup. Another highly rated youngster, the players from the senior team certainly seemed to approve of the twenty two year olds late addition to the team.
09-12-2007, 23:51
The Empire wishes to remind all countries that if any opponent seeks to "fix matches"; they will be dealt with furiously. That said, we do not discourage the employment of betting and if Imperial regulations would permit it, we would offer our own numbers (domestic use only!).

That said, the Imperial Ministry also wishes to remind all countries involved that any attempt to harm or injure any of our players will potentially result in a major fight between the players. Because all citizens are trained in martial arts, it is a necessary precaution that neither the Empire nor the Imperial Football Association any responsibility for our players actions if they are provoked seriously. So unless your players wish to engage in a martial arts competition instead of a football match, we would strongly encourage your players to refrain from serious intents to harm.

May Heaven smile upon all of you!
09-12-2007, 23:58
Unpredictable, Betanii you are!
Marrones scythes over-30s from squad for youthful line-up

Betanii Marrones has never been one to sit around and do nothing when the pressure is on. So, after managing to win just four games out of fourteen, getting less than a point-per-match in the World Cup 38 Qualifiers and scoring just over one goal per match, she has cut a swathe through the squad that attempted to qualify, hoping that seeds she plants now will be ready to harvest in three years time when World Cup 39's qualifiers come around.

There's also a third Di Bradini Cup in the planning stage, of which at least a handful of these Cup of Harmony squad participants will get to play in, notably Chang-hwa, Perheira, Torino and Karinha. None of those, however, get to play in the starting line-up from the off, but Marrones has hinted that this seemingly experimental team will be subject to chop and change based on performances. The message is simple: Screw up and you're out.

The pressure is on every player, many of whom played a part in hauling Starblaydia some forty-four places up the rankings to sixty-second in the world, to perform to their utmost, particularly while playing in the unfamiliar - at international level at least - three-five-two. Again this shows Marrones' willingness to change up or down a gear when needed, and now she's initiating a technique not seen for eighty-one years. Starblaydia are fitting their system to their players, not their players to their system, and it's about bloody time.
10-12-2007, 02:26
Matchday 1 Pairings

(Seating Capacity of Pitch in Parenthesis)
Matches in Casari:
Scotchpinestan v San Adriano - Tenfall Stadium, East Resia (32,790)
St Samuel v Prux - Tyir University Stadium, Tyir (43,720)
Starblaydia v Estresse Intenso - Rocastle Stadium, West Resia (31,093)
The Archregimancy v Casari - Entari Arena, Winton (48,493)
D2R v Daehanjeiguk - Riverside Field, Fenstrom (37,162)

Matches in Novapsolu (
Magnus Valerius v Nire and Nire - Falfyo (59,022)
The Pazhujeb Islands v Hopeless SC - Oyam (76,510)
Green wombat v Kelssek - Mahe (73,231)
Taeshan v Krytenia - Golis (45,906)
Miceland v Sorthern Northland - Rowkla (71,045)
Jeru FC v Lovisa - Hoult (75,417)

Also, a few additional notes:
-Matches in the first round (Matchdays 1-4) will be played to regulation (no extra time).
-A viewing area will be made for each team's respective federation representatives, with appropriate accomodations for Pazhujeb's cockroaches
-Mass brawls will not be tolerated in Novapsolu, nor will unfounded accusations of match fixing (I'm looking at you, Han :-P)
Hopeless SC
10-12-2007, 02:50

The Hopeless SC Wanderers drew a rematch from the Baptism of Fire tournament with The Pazhujeb Islands for the first round of the Cup of Harmony. What's changed? Both teams have a World Cup under their belts. What's the same? The Wanderers will be without Alan Bell after his career-ending injury in the Wanderers World Cup debut. It should be a hotly-contested battle, as The Pazhujeb Islands only won 1-0 in the Baptism of Fire meeting. However, they also had a much better World Cup than the Wanderers did.

Prediction: The Pazhujeb Islands 3-0

Complete match day 1 predictions:

Scotchpinestan def San Adriano 2-1
St Samuel def Prux 5-1
Starblaydia loses to Estresse Intenso 1-3
The Archregimancy draws Casari 2-2
Dance 2 Revolution draws Daehanjeiguk 3-3
Magnus Valerius loses to Nire and Nire 1-4
The Pazhujeb Islands def Hopeless SC 3-0
Green wombat def Kelssek 5-4
Taeshan draws Krytenia 0-0
Miceland def Sorthern Northland 0-8
Jeru FC loses to Lovisa 1-3
Jeru FC
10-12-2007, 02:56
OK team, it's our last tourny together - I think we need to show the world we aren't a bunch of idiots! We will try to win a few games here. I want you in good shape for the next coach. Right first thing! Can you all sign this card for your Princess here? She needs a bit of help here. NO DIRTY PICTURES please.

Team: Yes coach!

First stop Lovisa. It's not the purple team so that's alright. OK team, let's get out there working hard. I want a good result before my tenure is over.

Daisy: Hey coach!
Tunk: Say what there Daisy.
Daisy: What you think our new coach will be like?
Tunk: Well, I don't know but he or she gets you guys into shape. It's not Dazza.
10-12-2007, 03:56
The faint mist of snow cannons covering the slopes of Morriston Ski Area up the mountains from Winton was visible at the team pulled up to the stadium. It was damned cold- the middle of February, probably the least likely time anyone would want to have a competition up in the mountains, but the CSA didn't have much control over the timing of the competition, so here they were.

"We have to play in this?" Hill muttered, zipping her jacket up to her neck and looking around the recently plowed parking area. "This might be the worst damned idea anyone's ever had. How's the weather in Nova... pflfi...osu?"

"Damned Tropical." Lornair replied, pulling a wool hat over her head and sighing. "Well, there's always those thermal things to put on."

"Meh, I suppose." Hill said. "It's why we're here to practice, anyway."

The team walked inside and changed, wearing their uniforms over whatever they felt necessary to keep warm- except for David Tennar, who was from Mount Crisari and had proclaimed the rest of the team "pansies" for resorting to cold weather gear.

"Damn, it's cold." someone said as they filed out.


"David, it's getting pretty fucking old!"

Hill sighed. "Oh, shut the hell up. Acting like a fool isn't going to make you any bloody warmer. Start practice, run around, I don't care."


An hour later, the tean was yelling and swearing over the results of a traditional hitting-the-crossbar-from-midfield competition when a CSA intern sprinted out of the tunnel and up to the team.

"What is it?"

"The Reg."

"Oh shit!" Hill yelled, turning. "That's a lie."

The intern went a bit pale, shaking his head.

"Damnit." Hill said. "Well, I suppose we'll have to practice more."

"Even worse, all those robes are going to keep them warm." Antari said.


"Well... what do we do now?"

"Give me a minute, I'm busy swearing."

"Oooh, right, sorry."

"Damnit, damnit, damnit!"

"Anyway, our strategy?"

"Winning sounds good."

"Good idea."
10-12-2007, 04:02
(ooc: thanks to Novapsolu for crashing my imagination - FREE SPEECH!)

The Imperial Team is going to Casari

With news that the Imperial Team will be playing its first match in Casari, the Imperial Government has contacted Casari officials, to guarantee that the Imperial Team will not be harassed while there. Additionally, the Imperial Government has offered a guarantee that no Han citizen will commit any act of terrorism - that is any action that is directly intended to instill fear in an enemy with the sole purpose of creating anarchy in a social system (per the Imperial Safety Board's recommendations on a unilateral definition of "terrorism") - during the Cup of Harmony. This guarantee is made more manageable considering that the Han Empire automatically and immediately voids the citizenship of any citizen guilty of an act of terrorism (there are conditions...).

With this in mind, extra protection for the Han players will be provided during the matches, and guards hired for the purpose are all qualified martial artists, whose knowledge of managing mass riots exceeds the knowledge a horse has about breaking a leg (and given the recent spur of leg injuries at horse stables, it appears that they know a lot). We can only hope that all ethnic Hans can afford the same protection for their players while in Casari, because if anyone remembers the tirade of the Mujeongbu, they will know fear dearly.

In other domestic news, a recent oil spill in the Yellow Sea has caused an extensive ecological damage to the western coast of Joseon. Teams of scientists are currently exploiting this natural phenomenon to study the ecological effects of oil spills. Current research trends have shown that oil has a negative effect on the immediate ecological community but may provide some positive stimuli for evolutionary stable creatures that are able to survive in the future world of oil seas; the researchers are hoping to offer their findings at next year's Petroleum Ecological Explorations (PEE) Conference.
Magnus Valerius
10-12-2007, 05:54
The Isangrad Times
First CoH Match In Novapsolu
Hopless SC Predicts We Lose, Too

Finally, after a few days of waiting, the Boyars are about to go into their first Cup of Harmony game. The draws were made by Casaran and Novapsoluan officials to get the matches settled and the Boyars got drawn into a game at Novapsolu - in the city of Falfyo. Boyar fans clamor about the game and are excited for the first matchday. The first opponent to the Boyars happens to be Nire and Nire. Nire and Nire is expected to be a decent challenge for the Boyars, yet nonetheless, many Boyar fans are confident the Valerian Empire will shine in this game.

Magnus Valerius v Nire and Nire - Falfyo (59,022)

"We have done well in the past in the Cup of Harmony, and I think our Boyars will prove that fact," said a fan.

"Who said the Boyars suck? Why, the Patriarch will probably shoot that guy," a second fan added.

"I really want a date with that Casaran," said a third fan.

In light of the second fan's comment, Hopeless SC had predicted the Boyars to lose their first match in the Cup of Harmony by an astounding 4 to 1 loss. While predicting a Boyar loss is not really rabble rousing for Boyar fans, many were infuriated with the fact that their beloved team was predicted to lose by such a huge margin. Some were even riled up enough to threaten to crash their game against The Pazhujeb Islands in the city of Oyam (still in Novapsolu) to jeer at their team and throw garbage while they play The Pazhujeb Islands. Some plucky shop owners have come out with a few shirts such as "Go Pazhujeb Islands - Make Them Hopeless!" and "Hey Hopeless - yoptaya maat!".

H.I.M. Emperor Ivan V, however, released a statement that such threats and anger are only from a handful of Valerians and do not represent the country as a whole. "I assure you, that only a few hundred Valerians are rather riled up about this affair - out of a empire of many millions, they do not represent us," the emperor has stated. "I personally excuse any actions of these individuals." The young emperor then drank tea and was later seen purchasing one of the novelty "Anti-Hopeless" shirts.
Nire and Nire
10-12-2007, 06:36
International Outrage Over Hopeless SC Comments Continues

Sentu: Anger is quickly spreading throughout the football world over predictions made by media from Hopeless SC. Recent predictions that Nire and Nire would make the final four were rubbished by many within the Disputed Territories, citing the lack of a manager and a team full of incompetent children. A fresh controversy has erupted over predictions for Matchday 1 of the Cup of Harmony in Casari and Novapsolu, again Hopeless SC has predicted a 4-1 win for Nire and Nire over Magnus Valerius. H.I.M Emperor Ivan V of Magnus Valerius reacted angrily to the predictions in local press: "I assure you, Valerians are rather riled up about this affair." The FA are also up in arms, annoyed that the international media are talking up Nire and Nire. "It is an outrage, we deserve to be treated with respect, there is no way that Nire and Nire will win a game in this tournament, even less likely against a team as prestigious as Magnus Valerius. With that incompetent fool Nire [President Nire] sitting on the reserve bench threatening to kill the starting XI's families if they win there is no way Nire and Nire is going to progress." said an unnamed source within the FA.

Meanwhile, the Nire and Nire Bulls have arrived in Novapsola ahead of their opening match still without a manager. A source within the FA said that so far only one application had been received, from a relatively unknown former international manager - Steve McLaren. It is understood McLaren fulfills the FA's requirements of incompetence for the role and confirmation of his appointment is expected shortly.
Hopeless SC
10-12-2007, 06:39
President Johnson considers publishing ban

After yet another report of an international team being upset by something put into print by the Hopeless SC media, President Johnson said in part of his weekly press conference that he was considering placing a ban on the publishing of information that is derogatory of opposing teams. The media was outraged at the news, as it would be a blatant violation of laws regarding the freedom of the press.

The most recent information we have as of this printing is that Nire and Nire, Sorthern Northland (the media pick to win the Cup of Harmony tournament that the Wanderers are currently participating in), and Magnus Valerius have either taken offense or had issues arise directly relating to things put into print by various Hopeless SC media outlets.

Head Coach Thomas Larson has said he has no comment on the matter, and the remainder of the Hopeless SC Soccer Association is also silent on the matter.
10-12-2007, 07:37

Reassurances given over Cup of Harmony security levels

Head of National Team operations and one of the managers of the Thirtieth Cup of Harmony, Michael Maclusky, has guaranteed the safety of Han citizens, as well as all others, visiting the nation after past violence in the country.

"We are doing absolutely everything within our power in order to keep all visitors to Casari- teams and fans- safe during the Cup of Harmony, and will continue to do so for the duration of the competition. A number of supplementary police forces have been deployed to secure stadia and the surrounding areas, leaving the regular police forces of the five cities hosting matches able to respond to problems throughout their jurisdictions, with support available on request."

Deputy Minister of Justice Reg Ferris released a statement asking visitors to be aware of local laws, and to use the booklet How to Not Get Arrested in Casari, provided free in airports and other transportation hubs as well as available on all Casair airship flights coming to the country, as a guide.

"If you are arrested in Casari for any major crimes, it is within the law and at the discretion of the court to hold you for the duration of your sentence for any offenses on List H (30-45 Days) or higher prior to ejection from the country at your own expense, barring any negotiation your government cares to make for your return. Instead, we encourage you to follow the laws and have an enjoyable time in Casari, and if you must commit crimes, make them minor crimes."
The Archregimancy
10-12-2007, 07:58

FOR: Cup of Harmony 30 Participants

TITLE: Peace and Harmony

Dear Friends,

The entire World Cup 38 World Cup squad - and all of the WC38 MFA administration - have been sacked for bringing ridicule to the Archregimancy.

Ours is a nation of serious Orthodox monastics, not a community of comedy fools.

We shall be entering the forthcoming Cup of Harmony in a spirit of peace and harmony, entering a squad of prayerful anonymous hesychasts who will seek prayerful reflection through the act of playing football.

In order to better adapt to the conditions, the entire squad shall be taken from our nation's Arctic monasteries. We note the kind offer of provision of a chalet for the squad during the tournament, but we feel this is insufficiently ascetic for the current team. Instead they shall be camping out in the snow under a single thin blanket.

The squad shall, as is traditional, continue to use an orthodox 4-4-2 formation (+0 style if relevant), shall continue to wear liturgical robes during matches, and shall continue to parade the Holy Icon of the Mother of God, Bringer of Victories, before the match (though God knows the Holy Theotokos seems to be judging us for our sins in recent tournaments).

We note with interest that our first match offers us a re-match against the schismatics and pagans of Casari. We wish the sinners well, and will pray for them throughout the match. We shall turn the other cheek to their sins, and offer them a blessing each time they foul us.

Though we have fallen of late, let us not be as the nine healed lepers who did not thank the Lord, but instead let us be as the one healed leper who did thank our Saviour. We still have much to be thankful for.


Magnus Valerius
10-12-2007, 09:21
Valerian Monks Show Interest In Playing For The Archregimancy

After hearing news that the entire WC 38 team from the Archregimancy has been disbanded, some faithful members of various Orthodox monasteries from all over The Empire have clamored for applying to play for Monastic Football and to represent the Archregimancy. They also want to earn a little fame for themselves, rather than

Just to name a few of the Valerians who want to be worthy in Monastic Football:

Fr. Yuri the Tea-Drinker - This venerable monk from St. Photios Monastery near Boyaragrad has a strong connection to tea - he usually can be seen drinking the said beverage for breakfast, lunch, dinner - and then some! "It helps me concentrate on the liturgies," he remarked.

Fr. Aleksey the Hegumen - He is the head of the St. Nikolay of Leonia monastery that excels at the production of fine wines. Of course, he abstains from his order's produce... most of the time. He is in line to rise in the ranks, perhaps to replace the aging Patriarch Feodor III - so in lieu of the Patriarch's love of football, Aleksey has tried to mimic him.

Fr. Anatolius the Bell-ringer - Although not the most brilliant and inspired monk in his order from St. Constantine (outisde Trikoupes), he does enjoy bell-ringing and does it quite well. What he lacks in divine providence, he makes up for in his work ethic.

Fr. Isan the Polyglot - This honorable monk has devoted his time in the St. Tikhon monastery outside of Kholmogory to learn as many tongues as he can, although he usually mixes up his Romance languages: "Et teu, mon amigo?"
The Archregimancy
10-12-2007, 17:26

TO: The Footballing Monks of Magnus Valerius

FROM: The Monastic Football Association

Dear Brothers in Christ,

Rejoice! For as we celebrate the feast of the conception of the Holy Mother of God, and the God-granted ending of the barreness of Anna, so do we fervently hope that the Lord, mystical and opaque though His ways may be, shall soon end the barren years of our footballing community.

Alas, it nonetheless saddens me to say that we shall not be able to find a place for Fathers Yuri, Anatolius, Aleksey or Isan on our football team for the present Cup of Harmony. The anonymity of our Arctic and cold-hardened monks is important to us in the wake of the comedic humiliation of World Cup 38.

But perhaps Fathers Aleksey and Isan might like to assist the Archregimancy in a different capacity?

We have often admired the fervent footballing knowledge of His Holiness Patriarch Feodor III, and note that Fr. Aleksey shares His Holiness' love of the game. Perhaps Fr. Aleksey would like to audition to be our coach this Cup of Harmony?

And in this strange land of Casari, where none understand or speak Old Church Liturgic, we have much need of Fr. Isan's linguistic skills. Perhaps he might like to join us in an unofficial translator capacity for the duration of this tournament?

Naturally, both monks will be expected to sleep outside in the snow under a thin blanket, as with the rest of the squad, but I'm sure they've both faced worse hardships in your fine nation.

+ The Monastic Football Association
St Samuel
10-12-2007, 18:56
The St Samuel Football Association have announced that Ariddian, Yves al Jahdali will be employed as full time St Samuel manager on a rolling contract with a full review at the conclusion of the Latin Crusaders Cup of Harmony Campaign. Al Jahdali was employed as Assitant manager prior to the World Cup 38 qualifiers and became caretaker manager after the sacking of Georgi Monte-Cristiano. The Ariddian has now announced his squad for the Cup of Harmony.

St Samuel National Football Team Squad

Manger: Yves al Jahdali
Age: 42
Former Ariddian International legend.

GK: Niclas Corinthian - Age: 28, Club: Marienburg United, Squad number: 1
CD: Tyrone Rock - Age: 24, Club: Saint Maria FC, Squad number: 4
CD: Seth Justantinium – Age: 20, Club: Isadora City, Squad number: 13
RD: Frankie Le Ricco - Age: 22, Club: Lewisburg Town , Squad number: 2
LD: Luther Della Rosa – Age: 21, Club: Saint Maria, Squad number: 14
CM: Leo Sensini - Age: 18, Club: Marienburg United, Squad number: 8
CM: Aaron De Villion - Age: 23, Club: AC Solina, Squad number: 6
RM: Maxi Bezzi-Louaza - Age: 21, Club: Marienburg United, Squad number: 7
LM: Omar Batista - Age: 27, Club: AC Solina , Squad number: 11
CF: Sebastien Atalanta – Age:19, Club: St Malo, Squad number: 9
CF: Enzo Mazzeranni - Age:25, Club: Saint Maria FC , Squad number: 10

GK: Paolo Van Monica – Age: 26, Club: Wolf Bay, Squad number: 21
CD: Jermaine Siddacious - Age: 26, Club: AC Solina, Squad number: 12
CD: Paulo Monte-Pellaino - Age: 25, Club: West Corina FC, Squad number: 5
LD: Roberto Zaggi - Age: 24, Club: West Corina FC, Squad number: 3
RD: Cesar Le Ellandria – Age: 25, Club: St Lysander, Squad number: 20
CM: Leon Angelico – Age: 25, Club: South Lake, Squad number: 15
CM: Salvatore Rocka – Age: 19, Club: Marienburg Utd, Squad number: 17
LM: Edgar Lovintino – Age: 23, Club: Greenbay, Squad number: 19
RM: Gino De Santis – Age: 29, Club: Christianburg, Squad number: 16
CF: Maximus De Sicci - Age: 22, Club: AC Solina, Squad number: 18
CF: Sebastiano De Robbia – Age: 24, Club: Charlestown Utd, Squad number: 22

Style: +2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y

1) Background detail

Stadium - Park of King's, 80,000 all seater state of the art venue, with re-tractable roof, under-soil heating in the capital city of Saint Maria.

What is specific or unique about your country? St Samuel is very Italianesque. For more information visit:

I am willing to have one or more of my players defect. N
I allow other nations to have one or more of my players defect to their country. N
I allow players from other teams to defect into my country. Y

3) Interviews.

I would like to take part in interview RPs. Y
Name a media organisation(s) or individuals willing to interview foreign players, officials, and/or supporters:
St Samuel Sports Channel

Which of your players/officials/ supporters you would be willing to have interviewed by foreign media?
Sorthern Northland
10-12-2007, 20:23
Sorthern Northland manager Kevaughn Ó Criomhthain today gave an exclusive interview to the Beningrad Morning Star upon his arrival in Novapsolu. Below are the highlights from this amazing interview.

"Kevaughn, hello and welcome to Novapsolu, the weathers good isn't it?"

"Ah how you doing mate? You good? Yeah the weathers nice isn't it? Certainly different to Sorthern Northland."

"Defiantly is, mind if I ask a few questions?"

"Not at all, go ahead."

"Thanks Kevaughn, first of all there has been international outrage to various media predictions particularly from the media in Hopeless SC and Prux. Sorthern Northland are one of the nations to have suffered from this, what do you make of it all?"

"Well we've lost Kim Min-Kim as he went into shock on seeing our predicted finish, but that's just unfortunate you know? We can't really censor the foreign media to say what we want them to say, but I have to say I find it a compliment that both of the writers that wrote these predictions from these two nations rate us so highly."

"Does it not put any extra pressure on the team though?"

"Maybe in the eyes of the international media but certainly not in my eyes, I'm just looking for a good performance and I'll be delighted with a top four finish."

"Your first game is against Miceland, who are the lowest ranked team in the competition what do you think about that?"

"I'm a bit confused about this actually. Are they actually mice?"

"I believe they are."

"What? Like huge mice or normal sized mice?"

"Hmm I'm not sure actually."

"Because if they are just normal sized small mice then surely all we need to do is keep the ball above them."

"Yeah I suppose, although I believe they do use dirty tactics."

"Like what?"

"Well I read somewhere, and I may be wrong on this, but I defiantly read that in World Cup qualifying they used some sort of body swapping technology so they gained the bodies of their human opponents whilst they're opponents became mice."

"Crikey, well we'll have to watch out for that then."

"So are you confident of a win."

"We always are, if your not confident of being able to win then you shouldn't be on the pitch, if you don't have confidence you don't have much really."

"Right well thanks for your time Kevaughn and good luck with the competition."

"No problems, thanks for the interview."
Sorthern Northland
10-12-2007, 20:28
OOC: Updated SN squad with all the irrelevant bits taken out.
Sorthern Northland squad for the thirtieth edition of the Cup of Harmony taking place in Casari and Novapsolu.


21 George Palmer ( - 29 y/o Goalkeeper
13 Joseph Huntley - 27 y/o Goalkeeper
1 Jonny Sage - 25 y/o Goalkeerer (Is an expert free-kick taker and will be taking any free-kicks that are within range of the goal.)
2 Graeme Shorey - 27 y/o Right Back
12 Ri Kwang-Chong - 28 y/o Right Back
3 Min Cho-Hi - 29 y/o Left Back
14 Nicky Murty - 27 y/o Left Back
6 Ivar Wrightson - 27 y/o Centre Back
5 Corneal Corneal - 26 y/o Centre Back
15 Jay-Jay Bay-Bay - 25 y/o Centre Back
16 Marek Smith - 30 y/o Centre Back
18 Mark Tuguy - 29 y/o Right Winger
7 Tom Tomsk - 28 y/o Right Winger
17 President Ben O'Bagels ( - 25 y/o Left Winger
11 Feng Shui - 86 y/o Left Winger
8 Relondinho - 28 y/o Central Midfielder
19 Diago Maran - 27 y/o Central Midfielder
4 Xeng Xung - 25 y/o Central Midfielder
20 Gung Ho-Suk - 27 y/o Cental Midfielder
9 Jing Mao - 22 y/o Striker
24 Benjamin Peacock -22 y/o Striker
22 Korea China - 28 y/o Stiker
23 "The Haitian" - 21 y/o Sriker

Formation is 4-4-2 with a style modifier of +5.
The current starting eleven is:
GK: Jonny Sage
RB: Graeme Shorey
CB: Ivar Wrightson
CB: Corneal Corneal
LB: Min Cho-Hi
RM: Tom Tomsk
CM: Relondinho
CM: Xeng Xung
LM: President Ben O'Bagels
CF: Korea China
CF: Jing Mao
The manager is Kevaughn Ó Criomhthain who will be managing in his second CoH.

Home/Away/Third ( ( (

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events N
The Archregimancy
10-12-2007, 20:36
[OOC - I invite all other teams playing me to react to the following (linked) widely publicised story ( about Athonite monks in their RPs, substituting the Archregimancy for Mount Athos. I plan on using it myself once the first matchday's out of the way. Meanwhile, in unrelated news....]


TO: President Johnson of Hopeless SC

FROM: The Monastic Football Association

Dear President Johnson, God-blessed leader of Hopeless SC,

We read with sadness of your recent concerns regarding your media reports on other national football teams. We would ask you whether anything that your media have reported can be characterised as untruthful. It is true that the Ninth Commandment admonishes us not to bear false witness, but have the reports in the Hopeless SC media been false, or perhaps have they been too accurate? The truth often hurts, and many nations can take offence at seeing the truth written about them - one thinks of Nebuchadnezzar's dream in the Book of Daniel - but if the truth be indeed the truth, then is it not better to report that truth than report a lie?

For example, your media reports have the Archregimancy installed as firm favourites to win this Cup of Harmony. We see nothing wrong in this, and urge you to encourage them to share this truth - and other truths - as often as possible.

+ The Monastic Football Association
11-12-2007, 02:32
Matchday 1 Scores

Scotchpinestan 2-1 San Adriano
St Samuel 2-2 Prux
Starblaydia 0-1 Estresse Intenso
The Archregimancy 1-3 Casari
Dance 2 Revolution 0-0 Daehanjeiguk
Magnus Valerius 2-1 Nire and Nire
The Pazhujeb Islands 1-4 Hopeless SC
Green Wombat 2-5 Kelssek
Taeshan 3-1 Krytenia
Miceland 5-2 Sorthern Northland
Jeru FC 2-3 Lovisa

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Miceland 1 1 0 0 5 2 3 3*
2 Kelssek 1 1 0 0 5 2 3 3
3 Hopeless SC 1 1 0 0 4 1 3 3
4 Casari 1 1 0 0 3 1 2 3*
5 Taeshan 1 1 0 0 3 1 2 3
6 Magnus Valerius 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 3*
7 Scotchpinestan 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 3*
8 Lovisa 1 1 0 0 3 2 1 3
9 Estresse Intenso 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 3
10 Prux 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1*
11 St Samuel 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
12 Dance 2 Revolution 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1*
13 Daehanjeiguk 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
14 Jeru FC 1 0 0 1 2 3 -1 0
15 San Adriano 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0*
16 Nire and Nire 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0
17 Starblaydia 1 0 0 1 0 1 -1 0
18 The Archregimancy 1 0 0 1 1 3 -2 0*
19 Krytenia 1 0 0 1 1 3 -2 0
20 Sorthern Northland 1 0 0 1 2 5 -3 0*
21 Green Wombat 1 0 0 1 2 5 -3 0
22 The Pazhujeb Islands 1 0 0 1 1 4 -3 0
* - tie broken by random draw/coin flip

Matchday 2 Pairings

Matches in Casari:
Casari v. Taeshan - Tyir University Stadium
San Adriano v. The Pazhujeb Islands - Tenfall Stadium
Nire and Nire v. Green Wombat - Rocastle Stadium
Starblaydia v. Sorthern Northland - Riverside Field
The Archregimancy v. Krytenia - Entari Arena

Matches in Novapsolu:
Estresse Intenso v. Prux - Oyam
St Samuel v. D2R - Falfyo
Daehanjeguk v. Jeru FC - Mahe
Miceland v. Lovisa - Golis
Kelssek v. Scotchpinestan - Rowkla
Hopeless SC v. Magnus Valerus - Hoult

Additionally, a transnational Tube system has been set up, for travel between the two nations.

(OOC: Those of you who have seen Futurama will get the idea)
11-12-2007, 03:20
Abrams Tunk was watching his team play like crap as they normally do when the phone his rang. The number was from the Jeruselem FA - it had to be Dazza's little girl Jacinta.

Girl: Tunky!
Tunk: Hello there, what are you up to?
Girl: Ah, I'm typing up your notes for the next coach - but I'm having trouble with some of words here.
Tunk: Oh yes, sorry about that.

Girl: What's a gumby?
Tunk: A soft mushy useless football player. Most of the team generally.
Girl: What's a fishy man?
Tunk: A groper - someone who gropes women. You know what I mean.

Girl: Dog house?
Tunk: Gaol
Girl: Buns
Tunk: Those things you Dallas girls like flash around. The upper ones that is.

Girl: Pussy footer
Tunk: Weak strike on the ball
Girl: Clonker
Tunk: Miskick, happens a lot with these boys

Girl: Clogs
Tunk: Shoes full of mud
Girl: Oogle boogle
Tunk: Perverts looking at women like you

Girl: That's all for now, thanks!
Tunk: No problem.
Girl: Luv ya ...

<Phone call finishes>

Player: Coach, are we really all gumbies?
Tunk: Yeah, why?
Player: Just curious.
11-12-2007, 03:58
Top ten of first round of coh
#10 We won i believe are second ever coh match
#9 Young middie Brian ying uing came in for the yellow carded ashton smyth and scored 2 goals
#8 Zeke scored his 3oo goal as a member of any soccer team
#7 Jack rios threw a fit when tad montague got a red card in the 7th minute
#6 He still had a shoutout going till the last minutes
#5 Bubba froalie got 3 assists in the game
#4 We did better then writers said we would
#3 Take the hopeless sc
#2 Did i mention are 3-1 win
#1 We're still better then these teams: san adriano, star, Arch, N &N, Pi, Green wombat, Jeru fc, SN
Nire and Nire
11-12-2007, 04:28
Hopeless SC Proved Wrong, Nire and Nire Celebrate

Sentu: The Disputed Territories of Nire and Nire broke into widespread celebration following their 2-1 loss at the hands of Magnus Valerius in recognition of the flawed and foolish predictions of Hopeless SC. Further fueling the celebrations was news of Hopeless SC's comprehensive victory in their opening match.

Managerless Nire and Nire Upset in Cup Opener

Efet: Nire and Nire have been upset 2-1 by Magnus Valerius in their opening Cup of Harmony XXX Match. Still without a manager the Mighty Bulls were lacking cohesion for most of the match and it was only a late goal by Juan Rello that provided some hope for the remainder of the tournament.

Nire and Nire Appoint New Manager

Official Press Release, Nire and Nire Football Association: The Football Association is pleased to announce today the appointment of Jay Fend as Manager of the Nire and Nire Football team. Fend (17) takes the reigns of the national side on the strength of his performance as manager of the Burlow Village under 8's 3rd XI who finished a credible 7th in the Sentu Rural Under 8's 3rd Division. Fend is currently on route to Novaspola and will join up with the national side prior to their second match in the Cup of Harmony XXX
11-12-2007, 04:59
The Imperial Team played their first match in Casari, and it was eventful. Yes. So eventful! It was so eventful that they decided to cancel the match altogether, and both D2R and Han left the field at 0-0.

The Imperial Team is still demanding an explanation for this strange incidence, but now faced with this draw, the Imperial Team will be looking to recover and beat the $#@! out of Jeru FC - who solemnly whipped the Team in the last CoH. Hopefully, our match in Novapsolu will be leess eventful and the players will actually play for 90 minutes.
Green wombat
11-12-2007, 05:50
Jason Vallens Cup of Harmony Blog:

Matchday 1: Kelssek in Mahe, Novapsolu

Not the best of starts to a CoH as the wombats get blownout by Kelssek 2-5, dropping the team to 21st place overall. But jet-lag maybe to blame, as accidently the team was sent to Casari for the opening match, and the transnational Tube system still ahve some bugs to be worked out, so a 7 hour flight the night before the match wore the team down.

SCORING SUMMARY against Kelssek
Kelssek: 8'
Kelssek: 22'
GW: Diehl- 30'
Kelssek: 43'
Kelssek: 49'
GW: Bard- 55'
Kelssek: 79'

Up next for the wombats is Nire and Nire back in Casari at Rocastle Stadium. For rthe 3rd time this year, we'll have to play N&N, hopefully this time we can pull out a win.
11-12-2007, 06:09
Prawns Earn a gooey Draw.

With sentient cheese playing, anything that can happen in a match did in the Prux-St. Samuel match.

After finding out that the temperatures were in the low 30's, the conditions were ripe for a victory. Especially after Mozzarella and Gorgonzola used their casings to knock home goals just 3 minutes apart in the 35th and 38th minutes.

But in the locker room, appearently someone thought that the heat need to be turned up, not knowing or not caring that most cheeses do not do well in heat. When the second half whistle blew, the team was not on the field and St. Samuel's Enzo Mazzeranni scored twice in the 46th minute, becoming one of the few palyers in history (perhaps the only one) ever to score 2 goals in less than a minute.

But luck favored Prux, as the referee decided that the billowing snow was blowing too hard and suspended the match until the conditions cleared up. During that time, the Prawns (as it were) re-solidified and just before the whistle blew to re-start the match, came rolling back onto the pitch.

The rest of the match was uneventful, although Maxi Bezzi-Louaza was given a yellow card for taking a nibble on Provolone in the 77th minute. When asked after the match why, Bezzi-Louaza claimed he was hungry and decided to nosh on the nearest player.

The Pruxian Football Association has petioned the hosts to notify the other teams in the tourney in advance that the Pruxian team IS NOT TO BE EATEN during the match or after or before or in the dining hall or the locker room or anywhere in the host countries. If fact if you see any cheese at all that is not shredded, sliced, diced, cubed, melted or crumbled, please DO NOT EAT IT, as it maybe a member of our squad.
Hopeless SC
11-12-2007, 07:26

Revenge it seems, is a dish best served cold. On an unusually cold day in Novapsolu, the Wanderers got their revenge on The Pazhujeb Islands for their Baptism of Fire beating in a stunning, brutal 4-1 beat down, that left everyone on both teams shocked.

Wanderers Head Coach Thomas Larson just shook his head after the match and told reporters, “I’d like to know where that energy came from so I can get them to play like that in every match.”

The Wanderers spotted The Pazhujeb Islands an early 0-1 lead, as the Wanderers’ defense took a bit to get in sync after having not played a match in a few weeks. However, then the Wanderer’s scored four unanswered goals for the shockingly easy win.

What made it all the more shocking was a move that took everybody in the press box by surprise, when Larson pulled starting forward Paul Corner, who’d only scored two goals in 13 matches as a starter in World Cup 38, for 16-year-old Burt Larkin, who’d never played in an international match before. Larkin then made Larson look like a genius by scoring twice in the second half, including the match-winner in the 51st minute.

Hopeless SC 4 Milton (19), Larkin (51, 82 PK), Williams (64)
The Pazhujeb Islands 1 (6)

Previous Power Rankings Commentary:
What happened? Four of the bottom five teams won, three of the four by three goals. On top of that, the top two both lost by multiple goals. Needless to say, some shake-ups happened for the new set.

Post-Matchday 1 Power Rankings: (with previous in parenthesis)
22. Krytenia (20) 0-0-1, -2 GD -how far the formerly mighty have fallen…
21. Hopeless SC (22) 1-0-0, +3 GD -a stunning win, but not one worthy of a big jump
20. Green wombat (17) 0-0-1, -3 GD -a brutal loss to a team that they should have stayed close to
19. Miceland (21) 1-0-0, +3 GD -not bad…do it again, and you might make believers out of us
18. San Adriano (15) 0-0-1, -1 GD -tough loss, but at least they were competitive
17. The Pazhujeb Islands (10) 0-0-1, -3 GD -fell surprisingly flat in their opener
16. Magnus Valerius (19) 1-0-0, +1 GD -one of the day’s biggest surprises
15. Starblaydia (14) 0-0-1, -1 GD -they kept it competitive, the current lack of experience bit them
14. Prux (16) 0-1-0, 0 GD -a hard-fought, impressive draw against a team projected to compete for the championship
13. Scotchpinestan (13) 1-0-0, +1 GD -off to a decent start, can they keep it up?
12. Kelssek (18) 1-0-0, +3 GD -where did they come from?
11. Sorthern Northland (2) 0-0-1, -3 GD -talk about a team falling flat on it’s collective face, the predicted champ got embarrassed in the opener
10. Nire and Nire (8) 0-0-1, -1 GD -that’s what’s called a bad loss
9. Jeru FC (11) 0-0-1, -1 GD -how often do you see a team lose and jump two spots? some of the teams in front of them played even worse than they did
8. Taeshan (12) 1-0-0, +2 GD -took care of business on a day of surprises
7. Daehanjeiguk (7) 0-1-0, 0 GD -dude, where’s their offense?
6. Dance 2 Revolution (6) 0-1-0, 0 GD -there was no dancing in the streets after that draw
5. Casari (9) 1-0-0, +2 GD -the co-hosts got off to a very impressive start, beating the highest-ranked team in the tournament
4. The Archregimancy (1) 0-0-1, -2 GD -if it wasn’t for bad luck…
3. St Samuel (4) 0-1-0, 0 GD -disappointing draw, but at least they salvaged that much
2. Estresse Intenso (5) 1-0-0, +1 GD -not a huge win on the scoreboard, but they’re now the favorites
1. Lovisa (3) 1-0-0, +1 GD -how long can they hold this spot?

Post-Matchday 1 Predicted Final Four: St Samuel, Casari, Lovisa, Estresse Intenso
Post-Matchday 1 Predicted Champion: Estresse Intenso

Matchday 1 Analysis

Scotchpinestan [60] 2-1 San Adriano [89] -This makes me look like I know what I'm doing
St Samuel [40] 2-2 Prux [65] -Bit of a surprise considering St Samuel's World Cup 38, but far from a shocker on this day
Starblaydia [62] 0-1 Estresse Intenso [37] -No surprise here either
The Archregimancy [28] 1-3 Casari [47] -Not as big of a surprise as you'd think based on rank, considering the underdog was on homesoil
Dance 2 Revolution [33] 0-0 Daehanjeiguk [45] -This was expected since they've had a recent history, but more goals were expected
Magnus Valerius [84] 2-1 Nire and Nire [66] -Here's the first real surprise, nobody really could have seen this one coming
The Pazhujeb Islands [57] 1-4 Hopeless SC [77] -Sure we'd seem them before, but nobody expected this after our World Cup 38 disaster
Green Wombat [67] 2-5 Kelssek [70] -This was surpisingly one-sided
Taeshan [52] 3-1 Krytenia [89] -Ranking-wise, no surprise here either
Miceland [100] 5-2 Sorthern Northland [42] -Anyone who saw this one coming raise your hand...okay, those of you from Miceland put your hands down...
Jeru FC [54] 2-3 Lovisa [44] -No surprise here, move along


The international community is going to be paying close attention to the Hopeless SC Wanderers’ second match in Cup of Harmony 28, as Magnus Valerius, the Wanderers’ opponent, has already taken offense to things released by the Hopeless SC media in relation to the Cup of Harmony tournament. It is expected that the Novapsolu security is going to be on high alert for this potentially very heated match. The Wanderers have already shown the international soccer world that they aren’t afraid to exchange blows with an opponent after their card-filled World Cup debut against Dance 2 Revolution in which Wanderers star forward Alan Bell suffered a career-ending knee injury. However, Magnus Valerius is bound to be sneaky-aggressive, and ready to play against the inexperienced Wanderers.

Prediction: Magnus Valerius 6-0

Complete Matchday 2 Predictions:

Matches in Casari:
Casari [47] def Taeshan [52] 2-1
San Adriano [89] loses to The Pazhujeb Islands [57] 1-5
Nire and Nire [66] def Green wombat [67] 2-0
Starblaydia [62] loses to Sorthern Northland [42] 1-3
The Archregimancy [28] def Krytenia [89] 5-2

Matches in Novapsolu:
Estresse Intenso [37] def Prux [65] 3-1
St Samuel [40] def Dance 2 Revolution [33] 1-0
Daehanjeguk [45] draws Jeru FC [54] 2-2
Miceland [100] loses to Lovisa [44] 0-8
Kelssek [70] draws Scotchpinestan [60] 1-1
Hopeless SC [77] loses to Magnus Valerius [84] 0-6

leaves unbeaten: 8 teams—Casari (2-0-0), Estresse Intenso (2-0-0), St Samuel (1-1-0), Daehanjeguk (0-2-0), Lovisa (2-0-0), Kelssek (1-1-0), Scotchpinestan (1-1-0), Magnus Valerius (2-0-0)

Predictions Records: 4-7, 1 perfect score
11-12-2007, 07:41
There were a few snowflakes in the air by the fifty-first minute, the game already 1-1 by this point and Hill staring at the ball where it had been placed for the free kick. Wearing the optional (and climate appropriate) ski goggles that were employed in similar conditions on the Downs six years prior, Silvia wiped them with her sleeve, clearing away the drops of water that had formed and clearing her vision.

The wall of monks had formed a wall four-wide, watching Hill intently as she prepared for the kick. She bit her lip and glanced across the front of the penalty area, Reoni and Esterburg digging at the turf, trying to get a decent footing for the kick. To the other side, on the touchline and even with the wall, Lienzi, on as a halftime substitute, was doing the same, glancing back at Silvia and trying to anticipate the kick.

Then, Hill had an idea. Backing up slowly, she tried to motion what she wanted with her hands. The first attempt was quite unsuccessful, leaving Reia to give an odd stare and mouth "what" in return. The second attempt was seemingly successful, however, and with a nod, took a few steps to the right and began kicking at the turf again, working on the footing.

Kill took four steps, bearing down on the ball and hitting it square with the top of the foot, sending it arcing high into the air and dropping five feet in front of the assembled monks, meeting Reia's head, popping it over the heads of the religious and into the near scrum that formed behind them.

The ball was lost for a minute or two in the mess- some various kicking of the ball and shins occured until it squirted out, parallel to the goal line, with a solid boot placing it in it's proper home, spinning against the twine of the back of the net.

The rest of the team quickly hurried back to midfield, patting each other on the back with goofy smiles on their faces. "Hehe, a poet of the right foot." Rollins said as they dispersed to take their positions.

"You know, I like that one." Hill said, streching and watching the Referee carry the ball back towards the spot.

"Hey, I aim to please."


Hill sat in the slightly-too-small media room, hunched over a microphone and towel wrapped around her neck, still wearing her uniform for the post-match interview.

"What was your inspiration for the kick in the 51st minute?" one reporter said.

"Well, I noticed Reia over by the touchline, and those monks can jump surprisingly high in those robes- I'm not quite sure why, probably some sort of dreamed-up-device or whatnot. Anyway, I realized we should be able to flip the ball up to her and knock it over the wall, and it worked out."

"The media has gotten rather excited over your set pieces-"

"You too, I assume."

"- Right, hehe... anyway, what made you decide on such an agressive, swarming style?"

"Well, the important thing, we determined, was being able to achieve some kind of local superiority over the defenders deep in the penalty area- aiming for one head in a bunch of four is far harder than three of four."

"Don't you feel this leaves you open to a counterattack with very little defense in place?"

"Maybe, but that's just how it goes, you know? Anyway, fellows, I have to go. Good luck meeting those deadlines." Hill said, getting up and walking off the stage as the media official began introducing the next person to come out. Reia was standing just outside the door, glancing out at the crowd. "Don't worry, you'll do fine."

"Heh, popular and talented, what skills don't you have?"

"Meh, I sucked at math."
Magnus Valerius
11-12-2007, 08:20

TO: The Footballing Monks of Magnus Valerius

FROM: The Monastic Football Association

Dear Brothers in Christ,

Rejoice! For as we celebrate the feast of the conception of the Holy Mother of God, and the God-granted ending of the barreness of Anna, so do we fervently hope that the Lord, mystical and opaque though His ways may be, shall soon end the barren years of our footballing community.

Alas, it nonetheless saddens me to say that we shall not be able to find a place for Fathers Yuri, Anatolius, Aleksey or Isan on our football team for the present Cup of Harmony. The anonymity of our Arctic and cold-hardened monks is important to us in the wake of the comedic humiliation of World Cup 38.

But perhaps Fathers Aleksey and Isan might like to assist the Archregimancy in a different capacity?

We have often admired the fervent footballing knowledge of His Holiness Patriarch Feodor III, and note that Fr. Aleksey shares His Holiness' love of the game. Perhaps Fr. Aleksey would like to audition to be our coach this Cup of Harmony?

And in this strange land of Casari, where none understand or speak Old Church Liturgic, we have much need of Fr. Isan's linguistic skills. Perhaps he might like to join us in an unofficial translator capacity for the duration of this tournament?

Naturally, both monks will be expected to sleep outside in the snow under a thin blanket, as with the rest of the squad, but I'm sure they've both faced worse hardships in your fine nation.

+ The Monastic Football Association

To Our Brothers in Christ in The Most Glorious Holy Synod,

Fr. Aleksey would be most honored to be your team's coach for the Cup of Harmony and perhaps even beyond that.

Fr. Isan would also be most honored to be the team's unofficial translator for the duration of the tournament as well.

They do not mind the hardship they will have to face - such is the lives of monks.

With The Blessing of God,
His Holiness Patriarch Feodor III
Patriarch of the Valerian Orthodox Church
11-12-2007, 12:53
Hitting The Wall
Starblaydia struggling

It was the eighth one-nil loss of Betanii Marrones' five-year reign as Starblaydia's international manager and she appears to be getting as sick of it as the Starblaydi fans. "That's twelve times we've lost by a single goal, and our eighth one-nil loss, as you correctly point out. It feels like I'm banging my head against a brick wall, here. We'd hoped to turn around Starblaydia's record in the Cup of Harmony a little bit, here, but starting again, ninety years on, it's just like the old days - in a bad way." Summing up, Starblaydi fans are leaving stadia and switching off their televisions after ninety minutes with the feeling that things aren't getting any better,

Starblaydia's Cup of Harmony record, before the loss to Estresse Intenso, consisted of two wins, two draws and six losses. Make that seven losses, now, with Starblaydia scoring just five times in those eleven games. The Cup of Harmony was Starblaydia's bogey tournament until World Cup 17, where they qualified for the Cup proper and never looked back to their Cup of Harmony disasters.

Until now.

All Starblaydia can do in the Cup is to pick up some points, to try and gain a little bit more respect from the world rankings. The old-timers say there was a time when the rankings had to catch up with how good Starblaydia really were, but this time it feels like Starblaydia are having to fight the global list of teams tooth and nail to even hold their current position, never mind fight their way up. It is against this tide that Starblaydia are swimming, facing first Estresse Intenso and now Sorthern Northland, two teams who would have held no fear whatsoever for Starblaydia even less that twenty years ago. Now, however, they are both better than Starblaydia - even with a moronic President and a fictional character in the latter's side.

The team is sure to be getting another swift kick up the backside, but how many times has one been delivered to no effect in the past? One must ask the question, is it the kicker or the kicked who are at fault? By the end of this tournament, which for Starblaydia could be just three more matches away, we will be able to form some sort of a decision on that.
Sorthern Northland
11-12-2007, 13:10
Half an hour had passed since the final whistle had blown on Sorthern Northland's first game of the Cup of Harmony. It had been an embarrassing game for the Sortherners. They had lost five two to Miceland. That is a bunch of professional footballers lost to a bunch of mice. International media had already said talk "about a team falling flat on it’s collective face, the predicted champ got embarrassed in the opener", about the defeat. The teams manager Kevaughn Ó Criomhthain, sat in front of a group of hacks from the Sorthern Northland press for the post match press conference, with a look on his face that looked more like the look you'd expect from someone whose seen a ghost than a football manager.

"Kevaughn, what happened out there today?", came the first question.

The manager tried to reply but all that came out was a whimper.

"We never really got started did we?", another hack asked.

"Wwwe, buuu-, th-th-they're.", Ó Criomhthain stuttered.

"We'll need to improve massively in our next game won't we?"

"Mmmice, mice, th-th-they're m-m-m-ice", came the replay.

Another journalist was about to ask a question, but the goalscorer of SN's two goals, Korea China then came into the room, saying "I'm afraid Kevaughn won't be giving an interview today.", before leading his manager out of the room.

It was another ten minutes before China reappeared in the teams dressing room.

As he entered midfielder Xeng Xung looked up and asked "How is he?".

"Not good," China replied, "He's turned into a gibbering wreck. Hopefully some rest will do him some good."

"God, I hope so, I never want to experience a game like that again."

"Yeah, how did it happen?"

"Do you think maybe we're cursed?"

"Cursed? How?"

"I dunno, maybe it's the predictions from the Hopeless SC media. I mean Kim Min-Kim's in hospital due to them, we've been thrashed by a bunch of mice after them and now our managers a gibbering wreck."

"It's just predictions, they can't curse you."

"Hmm I think they can."

"Well you better hope they predict us to lose our next game then."

"Hold on, you've got them in your hand there, what do they say? Who are we playing actually?"

"Erm hold on let me just check, erm, Starblaydia and they predict us to win three one."

"Oh that's not good."

"Although they no longer predict us to be in the final four."

"Hmm that could be good."

"Shut up, they're just predictions, there's no curse or anything on them."

"You know, this cup's been really weird?"

"Yeah how?"

"Well Kim going into shock and the gaffer becoming a gibberish wreck, a team of mice, and then as well as that pretty much everyone is disappointed at being given high predictions, while in one of the games, they didn't even play they just walked off and got a nil nil and then the Prux FA go and tell us not to eat cheese in case it's one of their players."

"And let me guess, this is all down to the prediction curse?"

"Yes, how did you guess?"

"You seem obsessed by it."

"Oh and the Starblaydi's think one of our players is fictional."

"But they seem to accept that mice and cheese can play football?"

"Yeah weird huh? But anyway get this, they think our President is moronic."

"They think the Dear Leader is a moron? Ha idiots."

"I know, I'm sure he won't take that too well."

"Well if he inspires us to another victory then he'll have the last laugh won't he?"

Team for the Starblaydia game.

Goalkeeper: George Palmer
Right Back: Graeme Shorey
Centre Back: Corneal Corneal
Centre Back: Jay Jay Bay-Bay
Left Back: Min Cho-Hi
Right Wing: Tom Tomsk
Centre Midfield: Relondinho
Centre Midfield: Xeng Xung
Left Wing: President Ben O'Bagels
Striker: 'The Haitian'
Striker: Jing Mao
Estresse Intenso
11-12-2007, 18:30


Style is 0 now

The Landau Institute (we don't like to be called Estresse Intenso, as we are completely different from the country), will repeat the team that played the WC 38 qualifiers, but with a different style and president. A team that isn't composed just of crazy patients or only doctors.

Estresse Intenso is a very dangerous and difficult place to live. Its citizens have to support all the stress resultant of a society that is near to an anarchy. The country itself doesn't have a National Team, but there is one place that has, the only place that doesn't have the pressure of Estresse Intenso's way of life.

Many people from Estresse Intenso succumbed to the stress. Most of them became crazy and couldn't live in the country anymore. So, they went to the Landau Institute, where the stress can be controlled and any craziness signs can be controlled by the many doctors that live there, employed by Professor Jesus Bangu Melo.

All the players of Estresse Intenso's National Team come from the Landau Institute, and there they can train 12 hours per day, every day. Someone can only be considered a doctor after intense study, and the minimum age is of 23 (but few are able to become doctor at this age). Patients come after they become crazy in the "outside world".

To become a professor, the doctors need to keep studying, and only after a specific number of services made for the Landau Institute, a doctor gets this title (it takes approximately twenty years). A professor works together with the commanders of the Institute. The title would suggest that he would start acting as a teacher for young doctors, but this isn't the case.

See the list (use the names in BOLD):


1-Benjamin Toledo DURÃO (patient, sometimes becomes violent without reason)
12-Francisco TUARANA (patient, controlled with medicines)
22-Doctor Octávio SÉRVULO (doctor, an optician)


2-REBECA Holambra (patient, kisses everyone that touches her face)
3-Doctor Wellington QUEVEDO (doctor, a psychiatrist who doesn't believe in supernatural things)
4-Professor Jesus BANGU MELO (doctor, a psychiatrist, one of the main doctors of the Institute, the new president of the Institute)
6-Father ANACLETO the Tactician (monk, main monk from the Institute)
13-HERBERT Lizi Olive (patient, arsonist)
14-Doctor CIRO Penbrandt (doctor, a pneumologist)
20-ÍRIS (she is one of the computer experts of the Institute)
21-Doctor Yuri APARECIDO (doctor, a surgeon)


5-Doctor César ZETTI (doctor, a general practicioner)
7-José Eduardo Ubirajara "BIRA" (patient, has hallucinations)
8-Doctor Letícia SABIN (doctor, a neurologist, she is a very good player)
11-Professor César SELIC (doctor, a cardiologist)
15-Augusto MIRTILO (patient, for him, the colours change everytime)
16-Professor ALINE Felipo Landau (doctor, a psychiatrist, wife of Doctor Rogério Landau)
17-Genalvo Lambert WASH (patient, perfectionist)
69-THE WANDERER (lives in the Institute, he is a bit crazy too, but not a patient)


9-Carlos Alberto GABALÁN (patient, plays abroad)
10-Doctor Rogério LANDAU (doctor, the former president of the Landau Institute, but not as good as Gabalán, Selic or Sabin)
18-Doctor Ivo PITANGUY (doctor, arguably the best plastic surgeon of the world)
19-PEDREIRA (security guard of the Institute)

Coach: THE MACHINE 2nd Version (improved)

The Formation: basic 3-5-2 (Style 0)

-----Rebeca-------------Prof.Bangu Melo----------Fr.Anacleto-----
----------Dr.Sabin--------The Wanderer-----------Bira------------


1st: completely blue (shirt and shorts)
2nd: completely white (shirt and shorts)
3rd: shirt divided in halves (red and blue), white shorts


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (minor injuries only)
Godmod injuries to my players Y (minor injuries only)
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y (max. 2)
Godmod Other Events Y (within reason and nothing too serious or unreal)
The Archregimancy
11-12-2007, 20:41

To: Cup of Harmony 30 Participants

Regarding: The Casari Match

(available in several languages, as translated by Fr. Isan the Polyglot of Magnus Valerius)

Dear Fellow Nations,

We rejoice in all humility that the Lord our God has seen fit to bring happiness to the host nation through granting them victory over our squad of anonymous hesychasts, and congratulate them over their use of clever tactics - as described in Casaran media reports - in scoring their second goal.

It is the fervent hope and prayer of our team that the appointment of Fr. Aleksey the Hegumen, of Magnus Valerius, as coach (in the immediate aftermath of the Casari loss) shall bring us some success in coming matches.

In the meantime, we take some small comfort in the thought that - though it is not for us to say whom God, in his infinite and unknowable wisdom, may choose to save on the Day of Judgement - it shall most likely be the fate of the majority of the schismatics and heathens of Casari to find themselves condemned at the Second Coming to an eternity of torment that shall make the torment they have inflicted upon us in our last two competitive matches against each other pale in comparison.

We hereby prophecy that, at the Last Trumpet, the souls of Casari shall be sent to a vasty wasteland with no alcohol, no 'rock and roll' music, and no opportunities for rioting. Indeed, they shall find that Hell shall seem unto them even as like the Archregimancy, except much less fun.

We now rejoice that the Lord has seen fit to test us by presenting us with worthy opponents for the next match in the form of Krytenia.

+ The Monastic Football Association
11-12-2007, 23:33

The Mujeongbu have been quiet for the past few weeks, hoping for an opportunity to strike hard at both the Empire and Casari for all of their troubles. And the Cup of Harmony presented to them their best opportunity. What a better way to demonstrate the weakness of all the world against the righteous crusade of anarchism against the heathen monarchists and republicans. But such a message was too powerful - and it wouldn't come so easily either. Planning would be needed.

How to travel in the streets of Casari without being noticed? !!!Of course!!! Hire people to do the job for them. From where though? That was their problem... No one wanted to get caught, especially after their cake and tea social in the warehouse some time ago. Perhaps it was time to go out into the streets of Casari once again, and hope to hell that no one was paying attention to any Han people. After all, there were now too many people that looked remotely Han, and it would be impossible to regulate all of the traffic. Or would it?

"We've got to plan something now! Otherwise, this opportunity is going to fly right by us and there won't be another chance like it."

"I know!!!" Some innocent kid runs up into the meeting somewhere hidden underground. "They're printing out books about how not to get arrested in Casari!"

"Oh really?"

"And I've got a copy right here!"

Immediately the Mujeongbu grabbed the book and read it, at times out loud.

"Well, according to page 1, the police will confiscate anything that looks like bombs, guns, knives, booby traps, old haggards, dildos, or communists. they will also arrest the person hold these things. It is also against the law to hold up a sign commanding people to strip naked and dance around a fire hydrant."

"You idiot! It says that holding up signs, stripping naked, and dancing around fire hydrants are legal. You can't read?"

"I'm sorry. I'm not fluent in whatever this damned language is. I failed at that."

"Let me read. Oh... it also says that if you are a member of a communist party, if you turn yourself in before noon on Mondays, you will stripped naked and beaten with a club."

"As opposed to what?"

"At other times, you will be shot."

"What if you don't turn yourself in?"

"You will be shot."

"Hmm. That stripping and beating does sound better; at least it's legal. What day is it anyway?"


"Aww, f%$#. I guess we'll have to wait until next week."

"That's still not going to help us get out of here and get people dead. We need bombs, guns, knives, booby traps, old haggards, and dildos. I'm not so sure about communists."

"Eh. We'll find a way to kill people. I mean, we do a good job at it."
St Samuel
12-12-2007, 00:58
St Samuel Scrape A Draw

St Samuel 2 - Prux 2

The Latin Crusaders were held to a dissapointing 2-2 draw against Prux after a hard fought 90 minutes. St Samuel went in at half time trailing 2-0 after a poor first half display, but more than made up for this by dominating in the second half.

Leo Sensini struck first early on in the second half with a well placed curling free kick. The next ten minutes saw St Samuel pile on the pressure and were unlucky not to equalize when a goal mouth scramble was put wide.

The St Samuel fan's had to wait until the 68th minute when Enzo Mazzeranni read a cross from Rocka perfectly and took the ball first time on the volley leaving the Prux keeper no chance. Minutes later St Samuel had a penalty appeal turned down after De Villion was bought down clynically in the penalty area.

By the last 5 minutes Leo Sensini led an onslaught that saw the Prux keeper make some great saves, keeping his team in the game. Mazzeranni was unlucky not to get his second and the winner in the last chance of the game when he rose to a De Villion corner and headed hard only to see his effort strike the cross bar and headed safely away.

The draw see's St Samuel drawn against Dance2Revolution in a tough second match, but manager al Jahdali is confident of victory.
12-12-2007, 02:50
I hope you don't get road rage, because I just cut you off.
Magnus Valerius
12-12-2007, 03:03
I hope you don't get road rage, because I just cut you off.

OOC: DAMNIT just when i logged on... :(
Magnus Valerius
12-12-2007, 03:32
The Isangrad Times
Boyars Snag Win 2-1 Versus Nire and Nire
Valerians Arrested in Ovam, Novapsolu For Rioting

Proving their pedigree as a nation who can put a team that can't qualify but excels at the Cup of Harmony, The Valerian Empire opened up the Cup of Harmony tournament very well at Falfyo, Novapsolu today; they took a tidy win in their game against Nire and Nire. It started off with the Valerians taking advantage of the lack of cohesion of the managerless opponent team. At the 20th, Max von Hohenstauffen kicked in a clean goal. The first half also saw the improved Valerian defence frustrate Nire and Nire's Mighty Bulls, rejecting all of their shots and making sure that the ball was mostly in Valerian possession.

In the second half, the Valerians continued the momentum. Max von Hohenstauffen sneaked in the ball through the Mighty Bulls defence and passed it on to Afinagorov, who sent it flying in at the 60th minute. The Mighty Bulls however were saved from a shutout by a cool goal made at the 81st minute by Juan Rello. The Valerians kept the ball out of Mighty Bull possession and carried on to win the game.

In another note, many Valerians lived up to their threat in crashing the CoH game in Ovam, Novapsolu, where The Pazhujeb Islands and Hopeless SC were facing off in their game. A few hundred Valerians bought tickets and entered the arena with "Anti-Hopeless" gear flamboyantly portrayed, from their shirts with provocative lines such as "Hey Hopeless - Yoptaya Maat!" (which means 'Fuck Your Mother' in Valerian). Once they saw that Hopeless was doing well in their game, many chucked food, garbage, shoes, and even a kitchen sink in the second half. Many shouted fighting words and slurs at the Hopeless players. Some Valerians were plucky enough to try and run onto the field while the game was going on - this was the last straw for Novapsoluan officials. Police were called in to evict the Valerians from the stadium and several were arrested.

Emperor Ivan V has apologized in an official statement for the embarrassing acts of a few Valerians and offered to pay crown funds for any damages.

In all, 42 Valerian men, women, and children were arrested. One elderly, slightly insane Valerian shouted as he was being carried away in cuffs, "STRIKE THE TENT!"
12-12-2007, 03:36
Matchday 2 Results

Casari 1-2 Taeshan
San Adriano 2-3 The Pazhujeb Islands
Nire and Nire 0-1 Green Wombat
Starblaydia 2-0 Sorthern Northland
The Archregimancy 1-2 Krytenia
Estresse Intenso 5-1 Prux
St Samuel 2-3 Dance 2 Revolution
Daehanjeiguk 1-1 Jeru FC
Miceland 1-3 Lovisa
Kelssek 0-3 Scotchpinestan
Hopeless SC 2-1 Magnus Valerius

Matchups Shortly.

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Estresse Intenso 2 2 0 0 6 1 5 6
2 Hopeless SC 2 2 0 0 6 2 4 6
3 Scotchpinestan 2 2 0 0 5 1 4 6
4 Lovisa 2 2 0 0 6 3 3 6
5 Taeshan 2 2 0 0 5 2 3 6
6 Dance 2 Revolution 2 1 1 0 3 2 1 4
7 Miceland 2 1 0 1 6 5 1 3
8 Casari 2 1 0 1 4 3 1 3
9 Starblaydia 2 1 0 1 2 1 1 3
10 Kelssek 2 1 0 1 5 5 0 3
11 Magnus Valerius 2 1 0 1 3 3 0 3
12 Krytenia 2 1 0 1 3 4 -1 3
13 The Pazhujeb Islands 2 1 0 1 4 6 -2 3
14 Green Wombat 2 1 0 1 3 5 -2 3
15 Daehanjeiguk 2 0 2 0 1 1 0 2
16 St Samuel 2 0 1 1 4 5 -1 1
17 Jeru FC 2 0 1 1 3 4 -1 1
18 Prux 2 0 1 1 3 7 -4 1
19 San Adriano 2 0 0 2 3 5 -2 0
20 Nire and Nire 2 0 0 2 1 3 -2 0
21 The Archregimancy 2 0 0 2 2 5 -3 0
22 Sorthern Northland 2 0 0 2 2 7 -5 0

Matchday 3 Matchups
In Casari
Estresse Intenso v Lovisa -Rocastle Stadium
Hopeless SC v Scotchpinestan - Winton City Stadium
Taeshan v Dance 2 Revolution - Tenfall Stadium
Miceland v Green wombat -Riverside Field
Casari v The Pazhujeb Islands -Entari Arena
Kelssek v Magnus Valerius - Tyir University Stadium

In Novapsolu
Starblaydia v Krytenia (MATCH OF THE DAY)- Gan Monah, Capacity 109,300
Daehanjeiguk v St Samuel - Oyam
Jeru FC v Prux - Mahe
San Adriano v Sorthern Northland - Rowkla
Nire and Nire v The Archregimancy - Hoult
Jeru FC
12-12-2007, 04:00
Tunk was watching as his team were fighting hard to keep a point against their better Asian opponents Daehanjeiguk who really should have won this game. The boys were really getting into the game despite being far less skilled and having less real quality game time.

Earlier Kate Dallas had sent a video message to her boys which helped motivate them. They liked women in bathtubs especially 22 year old redheads. It wasn't everyday the future Queen of Jeruselem sent these kind of videos to football players.

The boys were working hard Daehanjeiguk attacked but the Jeru FC boys weren't giving up today. Maybe the new Queen was watching the game and they wanted to impress her - who knows! They were getting tired as time ticked on, holding on the point they wanted. They whistle blew as a frustrated Daehanjeiguk failed score to the winning goal. Jeru FC had grabbed an important point.

At the end of the game, the boys had trouble walking back to their room. The coach figured they didn't need to be told they were idiots as they had done a great job today. Next opponent was Prux or the Prawns, and they were ahead of The Archregimancy!
12-12-2007, 04:48
The truth behind the team top ten list
By Dick ditka
#10 Zeke outscored the whole casari offense with out even putting one in the net
#9 Joey reunion starting his first ever game(tead got carded last game) scored the only goal of casari on himself
#8 Taeshan stays undefeated in coh but in fith out of playoffs Drew d2r Should be exciting
#7 Bubba froalie scored his first goal ever for the national team
#6 He also got an assist
#5 Brian ying uing also started for the yellow carded smyth and scored yet again
#4 In a rematch of an earlier friendly taeshan beat ashlaea 32-0
#3 Jack rios didnt utter a word the whole game
#2 Were winning games
#1 Were still better the The archregimancy
12-12-2007, 05:05
Prawns get eaten to speak.

The personages from LANDAU INSTITUTE in Estresse Intenso are fromagophiles, but they didn't act like it as they walked all over the Prawns 5-1.

The game time temperature rose to 50 degrees, causing some runny moments for the team, as the Landau Institiute scored 4 goals in the first 45 minutes as the cheeses played defense like swiss cheese.

But thanks to a possibly illegal injection of rennet into the cheese at half time, the score in the 2nd half was 1-1, but the score that mattered was 5-1.

The loss sets up a match with Jeru FC once again in Mahe, Novaspolu; who are tied for 17th with the Prux. With only 2 more matches left in the Swiss part of the tourney, the team really needs to squeeze together in a coherent effort to have any hope of advancing.

EI's goals:
SELIC- 27'

Prux goal:
Mozzarella- 62'
Green wombat
12-12-2007, 05:14
Jason Vallens Cup of Harmony Blog:

Matchday 2: Nire and Nire in Rocastle Stadium, Casari

After the embarassment that was the 5-2 loss in the opener, the Wombats finally beat Nire and Nire, although they had to wait until the last minute of injury time to pull out the 1-0 win. Claudia Bard's goal in the 3rd minute of injury time came about 20 seconds before the final whistle blew. The goal was set up by the passing of Eva Ibrahim and Jill Caffey which froze the N&N defense enough to allow Bard to slip by and kick home the winner.

Up next is Miceland, who really are mice, despite the rumors to the contrary. The match is in Casari at Riverside Field, and could go either way, as both teams struggled in the qualifiers, and both need wins to keep the slim chance of advancement alive.

On a personal note, I sincerely hope that somehow Prux' team of sentient cheese winds up playing the sentient mice of Miceland, as that match-up would be an instant classic.

SCORING SUMMARY against Nire and Nire:
GW- Bard 90+3'
12-12-2007, 06:58
"Why the hell do you want to go skiing?"

"Well, I need something to get my mind of a more than brutal jobbing in a match against a nation that doesn't understand the complexities of punctuation or proper journalism." Hill said. "Besides, they've been making snow for a week."

"It's not like anyone saw it. Hell of a last day in the stickball match against Firania yesterday, damn. You see highlights of that?" Lornair said after the day's practice.

"Meh. Come on, just a few runs!"

"Naaa, I'm going to hit it."



Silvia was clothed rather warmly as protection against the weather as she slowly made her way up the street towards the Casaran accommodations. Halfway there, her phone started ringing, forcing her to pull off her glove and go digging in her pocket. "Hello?"

"Hey, how's it going?" The voice of her mother, Vivica, came through the other side.

"Oh, hi Mom. I already know about the match."

"Huh? It's the Cup of Harmony, that's like wanting an award for squatting on the toilet. See the end of the match yesterday?"

"Nope, heard it was good though."

"Very, you're going to regret it later."

"Oh, I already do. How are you?"

"Meh, same old same old... You're beating yourself up rather well, aren't you?"


"Over the loss to whoever the hell that was. Rather forgettable. I know you're beating yourself up over it."

"Naa, it was just a random loss to a random team. Luck's luck, what can you do? Hasn't smiled on the monks lately either."

"Aahhh, the monks. Damned you to hell again, huh?"

"When don't they? They severely underestimated our ability to riot, too."

"I saw that. Someone should tell them about the hole riots of '75. Those were mad."

"Meh, what can you do."

"Exactly. Anyway, just wanted to make sure you weren't cutting yourself or anything morbid like that."

"I'm not an emo teenager, mom."

"Now you're not. Anyway, talk to you soon."

"Bye." Silvia said, hanging up and looking up at the stylish Chalet that had been designated as theirs, for little purpose other than everyone else had one.

"HILL!" a voice came from a window. "They brought over the cow!"

"They did?"

"Yeah, come see!"
Hopeless SC
12-12-2007, 09:10

The Hopeless SC Wanderers pulled off another unexpected win in Cup of Harmony 28, upsetting Magnus Valerius 2-1. Radar “Magnet Hands” Green seems to have rediscovered his Baptism of Fire form after playing poorly in World Cup 38, saving five shots to preserve the win.

The crowds were rowdy and violent amongst themselves, giving the Novapsolu a handful. However, nothing too disruptive found its way on to the playing field. Several fans were treated for minor injuries such as cuts from flying debris, leading to five arrests—three Hopeless SC citizens, and two from Magnus Valerius.

Hopeless SC 2 Hall (28), Walker (47)
Magnus Valerius 1 (63)

Matchday 2 Commentary

Casari [47] 1-2 Taeshan [52] -this is a surprise, though not the big one of the day
San Adriano [89] 2-3 The Pazhujeb Islands [57] -the only surprise is how close it was
Nire and Nire [66] 0-1 Green Wombat [67] -another tough loss for Nire and Nire
Starblaydia [62] 2-0 Sorthern Northland [42] -nice win for Starblaydia
The Archregimancy [28] 1-2 Krytenia [89] -where did this come from?
Estresse Intenso [37] 5-1 Prux [65] -this is called making a statement
St Samuel [40] 2-3 Dance 2 Revolution [33] -ranking-wise, not a surprise, but not what was anticipated
Daehanjeiguk [45] 1-1 Jeru FC [54] -you need to win to advance in this tournament
Miceland [100] 1-3 Lovisa [44] -snooze-fest here
Kelssek [70] 0-3 Scotchpinestan [60] -the biggest surprise here was how lopsided it was
Hopeless SC [77] 2-1 Magnus Valerius [84] -where was this Hopeless team during World Cup 38?

Pre-Matchday 2 Power Rankings Commentary:
It seems to be a blessing to be ranked at the bottom of the rankings, and a curse to be at the top. The bottom three teams all won their matches, while three of the top five lost.

Pre-Matchday 3 Power Rankings: (last in parenthesis)
22. Sorthern Northland (11) 0-0-2, -5 GD -somebody put out a missing persons ad for their entire national team
21. San Adriano (18) 0-0-2, -2 GD -a pair of tough losses, but still pointless
20. Miceland (19) 1-0-1, +1 GD -back to reality
19. Prux (14) 0-1-1, -4 GD -ouch, not the team you want to run into right now
18. Krytenia (22) 1-0-1, -1 GD -that’s a big upset, knocking off the top-ranked team in the tournament
17. Green wombat (20) 1-0-1, -2 GD -nice win over a tough opponent
16. The Pazhujeb Islands (16) 1-0-1, -2 GD -good bounce back from the first day thrashing
15. Kelssek (12) 1-0-1, 0 GD -thump. that was the sound of their dreams crash-landing
14. Magnus Valerius (16) 1-0-1, 0 GD -somebody forgot to bring their ‘D’ game
13. Hopeless SC (21) 2-0-0, +4 GD -will the real Wanderers raise your hand please?
12. Nire and Nire (10) 0-0-2, -2 GD -a brutal pair of one-goal losses
11. The Archregimancy (4) 0-0-2, -3 GD -where are the monks? in seclusion?
10. Jeru FC (9) 0-1-1, -1 GD -nice draw, let’s build from there
9. Starblaydia (15) 1-0-1, +1 GD -good win over a floundering team
8. Casari (5) 1-0-1, +1 GD -the co-hosts slipped a bit
7. Daehanjeiguk (7) 0-2-0, 0 GD -might be eliminated without losing
6. Scotchpinestan (13) 2-0-0, +4 GD -you’d have been locked up before the tournament if you called them one of the favorites
5. St Samuel (3) 0-1-1, -1 GD -needs to rediscover their defense in a hurry
4. Dance 2 Revolution (6) 1-1-0, +1 GD -they earned their right to dance after that one
3. Taeshan (8) 2-0-0, +3 GD -big win over the co-hosts
2. Lovisa (1) 2-0-0, +3 GD -yawn…that was an easy one…next!
1. Estresse Intenso (2) 2-0-0, +5 GD -the team to beat right now

Post-Matchday 2 Projected Final Four: Estress Intenso, Lovisa, Scotchpinestan, Taeshan
Post-Matchday 2 Projected Champion. Estress Intenso

Complete Matchday 3 Predictions

In Casari
Estresse Intenso [37] draws Lovisa [44] 1-1 MATCH OF THE WEEK
Hopeless SC [77] loses to Scotchpinestan [60] 1-5
Taeshan [52] loses to Dance 2 Revolution [33] 1-2
Miceland [100] draws Green wombat [67] 2-2
Casari [47] def The Pazhujeb Islands [57] 3-1
Kelssek [70] loses to Magnus Valerius [84] 0-1

In Novapsolu
Starblaydia [62] def Krytenia [89] 3-0
Daehanjeiguk [45] draws St Samuel [40] 0-0
Jeru FC [54] def Prux [65] 5-2
San Adriano [89] loses to Sorthern Northland [42] 3-4 PILLOW FIGHT OF THE WEEK
Nire and Nire [66] draws The Archregimancy [28] 1-1

Predictions Records: 5-6 day, 9-13 overall, 1 perfect score
Sorthern Northland
12-12-2007, 12:30
Missing Persons ad.

The following twenty-three persons have been reported missing.

George Palmer - 29 y/o male
Joseph Huntley - 27 y/o male
Jonny Sage - 25 y/o male
Graeme Shorey - 27 y/o male
Ri Kwang-Chong - 28 y/o male
Min Cho-Hi - 29 y/o male
Nicky Murty - 27 y/o male
Ivar Wrightson - 27 y/o male
Corneal Corneal - 26 y/o male
Jay-Jay Bay-Bay - 25 y/o male
Marek Smith - 30 y/o male
Mark Tuguy - 29 y/o male
Tom Tomsk - 28 y/o male
President Ben O'Bagels - 25 y/o male
Feng Shui - 86 y/o male
Relondinho - 28 y/o male
Diago Maran - 27 y/o male
Xeng Xung - 25 y/o male
Gung Ho-Suk - 27 y/o male
Jing Mao - 22 y/o male
Benjamin Peacock -22 y/o male
Korea China - 28 y/o male
"The Haitian" - male

They were last seen playing a series of friendly in Oliverry although recent reports suggest they should have been at the Cup of Harmony in Casari and Novapsolu, although the team representing Sorthern Northland has played nothing like them.
In preparation for an embarrassing defeat against San Adriano, the SNFA has announced that the team for that game will be solely made up of players from An Blascaod Mor. Although An Blascaod Mor is an independent nation (population: 143) all it's citizens are eligible for Sorthern Northland passports and therefore to play for Sorthern Northland.

The team shall be:

GK: Tomás O'Neil
RB: Braden Doyle
LB: Kenny Krouger
CB: George O'Sullivan
CB: Patty O'Shea
RM: Patrick O'Donovan
LM: Donald O'Donnell
CM: Dougal McGuire
CM: Patrick Doyle
FC: Muris O'Sullivan
FC: Tomás O'Sullivan

(nb: Should we win this will be hailed as a fine achievment for the island of 143 people, should we lose then we would expect a nation of 143 to lose to one of 439 anyway.)
The Archregimancy
12-12-2007, 13:31

To: Cup of Harmony 30 Participants

Regarding: The Krytenia Match

(available in several languages, as translated by Fr. Isan the Polyglot of Magnus Valerius)

Dear Fellow Nations,

We rejoice in all humility that the Lord our God has seen fit to bring happiness to the people of Krytenia through granting them victory over our squad of anonymous hesychasts, and would congratulate them over their use of clever tactics if only we could find a media report describing said tactics. But no doubt they were clever, whatever they were, since they defeated us, and we give thanks unto our opponents for engaging our team in a spirit of peace and harmony, as is fitting to this great competition.

We regret that that the fervent hopes and prayers of our team that the appointment of Fr. Aleksey the Hegumen, of Magnus Valerius, as coach would bring us some success, but really feel we've turned the corner this time. Honest we have. After all, this time we only lost by a single goal to a team ranked God knows how many places beneath us, so we're not being humiliated by quite as much anymore, God be Praised!

In the meantime, we take some small comfort in the thought that Krytenia used to design our matchday kits for us - in the days before we turned to wearing liturgical robes during matches - and that they were happy in those days to reject the siren call of Godless Mammon, to reject money (the root of all evil, so St. Paul tells us), and produce for us kits that featured no commercial sponsorship. So we doubly rejoice that we were defeated by such lovely people.

We now further rejoice that the Lord has seen fit to test us by presenting us with worthy opponents for the next match in the form of Nire and Nire who - on current form - will defeat us 4-0. But no doubt we deserve it, unworthy monk wretches that we are.

+ The Monastic Football Association
Estresse Intenso
12-12-2007, 16:02
Two patients discussing inside the video room of the Landau Institute:

"The Landau Institute is under new direction."


"And the change... was it good?"

"Not sure. After all, Doctor Rogério is one of the founders of the Institute, and it has his surname. He is part of our history."

"But as a leader, was he good?"

"Yes, he knew how to deal with the problems of the Institute... he only had some problems in football..."

"No, you say that he decided to leave his job as leader of the Institute because the team was losing many games in football?"


"And the new president... the Professor."


"What? Is he a bad doctor?"

"No, his name is Jesus."

"Ohh, now I undertstand. But... what do you think of him?"

"Well, Professor Jesus Bangu Melo is considered the best doctor of the Institute. Good in helping the patients and know all the rules here. A good choice."

"A better doctor than Landau?"

"Yes, Landau is a common doctor. He is just special because he is one of the founders of the Institute. But, as a doctor, there are many better than him."

"And in football? Does Jesus like it?"

"He is a good defender, but he doesn't approve the fact that the Institute sends a team to play international matches. But, as you can see, the team is improving, now that he is our president."

(a goal is scored)

"Yes, we're now leading the Cup of Harmony. Incredible!"

"Thanks Jesus!"
12-12-2007, 17:23
The Imperial Team faces a stark situation - win or go home.

It's a stark reminder that we suck at offense, so we've had to make it up by playing even harder on defense. For this reason, the Imperial Defense Ministry has distributed out books on the Art of NS War, hopefully to get the players to be smarter about their tactics. Hopefully, with enough force, they will break St. Samuel - although given our past dispositions, that isn't too likely, and the Imperial Team just might make its early exit without having lost a single match (or won... that's more likely).

In any case, Imperial advisors are pleased that terrorist activity in Casari has been reported at a new low in their history, and that Casari police are doing a fine job of keeping the peace. Han citizens are enjoying the atmosphere (of course, with the travel restrictions too...), and the matches played thusfar have been fair.

This past match in Novapsolu seemed to pit two very awkward teams in the match. Despite completely dominating the match, the Imperial Team was forced to submit to an early own goal and an early goal on Jeru FC - but you know, sometimes Heaven just doesn't favor you. And today, Heaven was certainly intervening on their behalf. Half of all of the shots hit the woodworks, and the rest of the them were a combination of freakish saves by the keeper or just plan bad shots. It was a shooting derby, and the Imperial Team failed miserably; unfortunately, there isn't a plenty for failure to shoot on goal, but there is a plenty for failing to win - and if the team doesn't scoring more adeptly, they might be catching that ride back home.

EDIT - In other news, massive parades of Orthodox citizens in Manju Province went out to the streets to pray to their God to give the Archregimancy's team a new spiritual leader because their orthodoxy has been somehow corrupted by their ascetic attitude towards football. Meanwhile, the Catholic League in Gwangdong Province took the streets in praise of their God's mercy and justice in continuing to punish the Archregimancy's foolish attitudes towards Christianity and that they may continue to suffer until they convert to the one true faith. The Muslim population took to the streets in Shingang Province, asking their God for mercy in the upcoming matches against the pagans ("infidels" as they say). Heaven knows where everyone else paraded, but everyone seemed to think that yesterday was a parade day.
St Samuel
12-12-2007, 22:26
St Samuel Heading For Early Exit

The Latin Crusaders suffered a huge upset with a 3-2 defeat at the hands of Dance 2 Revolution. St Samuel led 2-1 only to see two late goals from D2R win the match leaving al Jahdali's side in a difficult position.

Things started well for St Samuel with Sebastien Atalanta scoring on the 13th minute when Leo Sensini released him through on goal. Dance 2 Revolution evened thing's up minutes before half time with a poor display of defending by St Samuel.

The Latin Crusaders re-took the lead after 60 minutes when Mazzeranni caught the ball on his chest in the D2R box, then flicked the ball back to Sensini who struck the ball hard on the volley leaving the keeper no chance.

By the 80th minute St Samuel looked to be in a strong position to take all three points but things weren't to go there way. Frankie Le Ricco conceeded a penalty after bringing down a striker and was shown a red card. The penalty left Corinthian no chance and the equalizer gave D2R a new belief and saw St Samuel having to defend hard to keep the score line level.

But things weren't to be and St Samuel hearts were broken in the last minute when a D2R corner was wipped in and a goal mouth scramble saw the ball forced over the St Samuel goal line. With three minutes of added injury time, the Latin Crusaders threw everything at the opposition but time was not on there side, in the same way luck has not been on St Samuel's side. To add insult to injury Aaron De Villion was shown a red card after a poor tackle. As the referee produced the red card, De Villion put himself in deeper trouble by pushing a number of D2R players and taking his rage out on the referee by shouting abuse at him. De Villion was eventually dragged from the pitch by the St Samuel coaching staff and order was finally restored and the last minute was played out with St Samuel unable to find a way back into the game.

The defeat means St Samuel are lurking in 16th place and facing the prospect of an early flight home. They face Daehanjeiguk in what is a must win match for both sides and the task couldn't be any tougher for the Latin Crusaders. With Le Ricco and De Villion out through suspension and Tyrone Rock facing a late fitness test, thing's look bleak as they face very tough opposition.

Disgraced midfielder Aaron De Villion will be looking to face a lengthy suspension after his sending off. He was spoken to after the game and was still clearly angered. "We are playing f%$king sh@t and I've had a f%$king 'nough of w@nker referee's!! I hate this f%$king Swiss style tournament, the Swiss were sh@t in World War II and their f%$king style of tournaments are cr@p."

One thing is for sure, another defeat for St Samuel will all but end al Jahdali's short reign as St Samuel manager and he will be hopeing that his team can finally get themselves out of an ever more bleak rut.
13-12-2007, 02:23
It's just a little snip...

RP cutoff for MD3
13-12-2007, 02:53
Matchday 3 Scores

Estresse Intenso 1-1 Lovisa
Hopeless SC 0-2 Scotchpinestan
Taeshan 0-1 Dance 2 Revolution
Miceland 3-2 Green Wombat
Casari 1-1 The Pazhujeb Islands
Kelssek 3-1 Magnus Valerius
Starblaydia 3-2 Krytenia
Daehanjeiguk 2-0 St Samuel
Jeru FC 4-3 Prux
San Adriano 0-4 Sorthern Northland
Nire and Nire 0-4 The Archregimancy

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Scotchpinestan 3 3 0 0 7 1 6 9
2 Estresse Intenso 3 2 1 0 7 2 5 7
3 Lovisa 3 2 1 0 7 4 3 7
4 Dance 2 Revolution 3 2 1 0 4 2 2 7
5 Miceland 3 2 0 1 9 7 2 6
6 Kelssek 3 2 0 1 8 6 2 6
7 Hopeless SC 3 2 0 1 6 4 2 6
8 Taeshan 3 2 0 1 5 3 2 6
9 Starblaydia 3 2 0 1 5 3 2 6
10 Daehanjeiguk 3 1 2 0 3 1 2 5
11 Casari 3 1 1 1 5 4 1 4
12 Jeru FC 3 1 1 1 7 7 0 4
13 The Pazhujeb Islands 3 1 1 1 5 7 -2 4
14 The Archregimancy 3 1 0 2 6 5 1 3
15 Sorthern Northland 3 1 0 2 6 7 -1 3
16 Krytenia 3 1 0 2 5 7 -2 3
17 Magnus Valerius 3 1 0 2 4 6 -2 3
18 Green Wombat 3 1 0 2 5 8 -3 3
19 St Samuel 3 0 1 2 4 7 -3 1
20 Prux 3 0 1 2 6 11 -5 1
21 San Adriano 3 0 0 3 3 9 -6 0
22 Nire and Nire 3 0 0 3 1 7 -6 0

Matchday 4 Pairings

In Casari:
Nire and Nire v. Prux - Rocastle Stadium
San Adriano v. St Samuel - Tyir University Stadium
Sorthern Northland v. Green wombat - Winton City Stadium
Estresse Intenso v. Scotchpinestan - Entari Arena
Miceland v. Taeshan - Riverside Field
Casari v. Jeru FC - Tenfall Stadium

In Novapsolu:
Lovisa v. Dance 2 Revolution - Oyam
Kelssek v. Hopeless SC - Falfyo
Starblaydia v. Daehanjeguk - Hoult
The Pazhujeb Islands v. The Archregimancy - Mahe
Krytenia v. Magnus Valerus - Rowkla
Jeru FC
13-12-2007, 03:37
Tunk was shocked. While his team's defense was a bit "all-over-the-place" conceding three goals to Prux (or the "Prawns"), the attack clicked for once. The team called the Canons because they either misfire or actually shoot someone, fired straight today. They struck a rare vein of goal scoring with four goals and quality ones. He had trouble working out what the difference from today and other games was.

Tunk: Great work team! Well, apart from your defending but at least you scored a few goals today.
Team: w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t!

Tunk: w00t?
Team: w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t!

Tunk: Oh that, you've been hanging around that Dazza too long.
Team: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, w00t!

Tunk: Well, that's how we should be playing apart from those defensive blunders. It's what I wanted to happen during the World Cup but that didn't happen. That's for all for today.


Tunk: Damn, it's my wedding anniversary. Have get something for my wife ... and I'm in foreign country. I wonder who can help out here, maybe that busy body Jacinta Dallas. I hope she's at work today. (dials a number)

Girl: Good morning, this is Jacinta Dallas!
Tunk: Good, you are there.
Girl: Tunky! How are the boyz.
Tunk: They won today for once. Now I need favour! Can you get someone for my wife, it's our wedding anniversary today.

Girl: Sure thing! Like what?
Tunk: Nothing kinky, something simple and romantic.
Girl: Like flowers? It's not flower season though.
Tunk: Not chocolate either, she's allegic to those.

Girl: I got it, how about a body care kit from my Mum's store.
Tunk: She like being pampered, so that's a good idea.
Girl: I'll personally deliver it on my scooter.
Tunk: Thanks Jacinta, and no chatting up my son.

Girl: That's no fun.
Green wombat
13-12-2007, 04:45
Jason Vallens Cup of Harmony Blog:

Matchday 3: Miceland in Riverside Field, Casari

William Diehl scored twice, but the poor Wombati defense let the team down again in a 2-3 loss to Miceland, that all but eliminates the team from the CoH title.

The possibly last game is against Sorthern Northland in Winton City Stadium.

SCORING SUMMARY against Miceland:
GW- Diehl- 11'
Mice- 32'
Mice- 40'
GW- Diehl- 56'
Mice- 75'

(Ooc: sorry its short, have to go to work soonish)
13-12-2007, 04:51
HOLEY Defense again!

Despite 3 goals by Mozzarella, the swiss-cheese like defense of the cheese prawns allowed an injury time goal that eliminated the team from the CoH.

Jeru FC's goals:

Prux goal:
Mozzarella- 22'
Mozzarella- 52'
Mozzarella- 82'

Up next is Nire and Nire, a familar foe fromt he recent qualifers. We need to win to avoid the Wooden Spoon.
Nire and Nire
13-12-2007, 06:56
Final Chance for Redemption

The equation is simple for Nire and Nire, win and avoid the wooden spoon, lose and return home as the 'worst of the rest'. The Disputed Territories, for the second time in the Cup of Harmony, meet an opponent they met in World Cup Qualifying. Prux, ranked 65th in the World, have never beaten Nire and Nire but all signs are pointing to a fourth straight loss by the Mighty Bulls with just the single goal to their credit after three matches. The game plan is simple, in the Casarian Highlands it is expected that the Prux cheese will hold their consistency and any chance of victory rests on the quality of the Nire and Nire attack on the swiss. Rumours coming from the camp suggest that the squad have been denied food for the last three days, striker Youn Grand confirmed that "all bets are off" adding that "these boys are hungry."

How to beat Prux
1: Having failed to acquire a taste for a swiss tournament, the players need to quickly acquire a taste for another swiss delicacy
2: Attack, attack, attack (OOC: Style modifer now +4)
3: Buy some crackers
4: hmm, chicken, cranberry and brie pizza ...
5: Appoint an experienced manager, not a 15 year old kid
Hopeless SC
13-12-2007, 07:49

The Hopeless SC Wanderers finally lost a match in the Cup of Harmony 0-2 to undefeated Scotchpinestan. It wasn’t as close as the scoreboard indicates, as the Wanderers only managed to get two shots on net. Magnet Hands needed the strongest possible magnets to keep this one as close as it was, as he made nine saves.

Head Coach Thomas Larson just shrugged off the loss. “We have more important things on our hands right now,” was all he said. It seems that he may have been referring to the fact that the Wanderers could possibly make the semifinals of the Cup of Harmony with a win in their next match against 70th ranked Kelssek, who just issued a more convincing beat-down of Magnus Valerius than we did. It won’t be close, and the Wanderers will be coming home. In all, 13 teams could mathematically qualify for the semifinals yet, though some of them need a lot of help, including co-host Casari and reigning Baptism of Fire champions The Pazhujeb Islands.

Matchday 3 Scores

Estresse Intenso [37] 1-1 Lovisa [44] -this really makes me look like I know what I’m doing, to perfectly call the match of the week
Hopeless SC [77] 0-2 Scotchpinestan [60] -the only surprise here was that it was this close
Taeshan [52] 0-1 Dance 2 Revolution [33] -no surprise here either
Miceland [100] 3-2 Green wombat [67] -the mice made the wombats turn green
Casari [47] 1-1 The Pazhujeb Islands [57] -mild surprise here, as the co-hosts failed to claim all the points
Kelssek [70] 3-1 Magnus Valerius [84] -this isn’t a surprise on ranks, but was on form
Starblaydia [62] 3-2 Krytenia [89] -the pair of former titans didn’t disappoint here
Daehanjeiguk [45] 2-0 St Samuel [40] -so Daehanjeiguk finally found an offense…
Jeru FC [54] 4-3 Prux [65] -defenses need not attend
San Adriano [89] 0-4 Sorthern Northland [42] -this is the Sorthern Northland we expected to see all tournament
Nire and Nire [66] 0-4 The Archregimancy [28] -same applies to the monks

Post-Matchday 2 Power Rankings Commentary:

What is it with the team ranked last winning? All three of them that have had the distinction so far have won their next match. The two best teams in the tournament didn’t disappoint on the field. I fully expect to see a Estresse Intenso vs. Lovisa rematch in the final. It’s going to be an interesting battle for the fourth (and final) spot in the semifinals, as five teams are tied for fifth at six points with three tied just ahead of them on seven points.

Post-Matchday 3 Power Rankings: (with previous in parenthesis)
22. San Adriano (21) 0-0-3 -that one hurt a bit
21. Green wombat (17) 1-0-2 -they should be green after that loss
20. Nire and Nire (12) 0-0-3 -who is this team and where did the REAL Nire and Nire go?
19. Hopeless SC (13) 2-0-1 -that’s more like it
18. Prux (19) 0-1-2 -could somebody send a search party to Prux for their defense? they appear to have lost it
17. Magnus Valerius (14) 1-0-2 -must have been an emotional letdown after they should have beat us
16. Krytenia (18) 1-0-2 -not a bad loss, but took them out of contention for the semis
15. Miceland (20) 2-0-1 -how does the lowest ranked team in the Cup of Harmony have two wins and could go to the semifinals?
14. St Samuel (5) 0-1-2 -who’d have thunk that a top-40 team would be winless at this point in the Cup of Harmony?
13. Sorthern Northland (22) 1-0-2 -it’s a big win, but too little, too late from the pre-Cup of Harmony pick to win it
12. The Pazhujeb Islands (16) 1-1-1 -they continue to bounce back from their pathetic play in the opener against us
11. Kelssek (15) 2-0-1 -the win puts them in the driver’s seat to be the fourth team in the semis, if one from outside the current top four bumps in
10. Jeru FC (10) 1-1-1 -not pretty, but it’s a win
9. The Archregimancy (11) 1-0-2 -a disappointing Cup of Harmony for the monks, but a nice win
8. Casari (8) 1-1-1 -the co-hosts have been disappointing, but could make the semis if they get a lot of help
7. Starblaydia (9) 2-0-1 -at this rate, it won’t take them long to become an international power again
6. Daehanjeiguk (7) 1-2-0 -finally found their offense, but is it too late?
5. Taeshan (3) 2-0-1 -a small slip, but they’re still in great shape for the semis
4. Scotchpinestan (6) 3-0-0 -okay, NOW we believe they’re for real
3. Dance 2 Revolution (4) 2-1-0 -they’ll be dancing in the streets if they make the semis
2. Lovisa (2) 2-1-0 -they’re not going anywhere just yet
1. Estresse Intenso (1) 2-1-0 -definitely impressed in drawing a more veteran Lovisa

Complete Matchday 4 Predictions

In Casari:

Nire and Nire [66] def Prux [65] 4-3
San Adriano [89] loses to St Samuel [40] 1-4
Sorthern Northland [42] def Green wombat [67] 2-0
Estresse Intenso [37] def Scotchpinestan [60] 1-0
Miceland [100] loses to Taeshan [52] 0-4
Casari [47] def Jeru FC [54] 3-2

In Novapsolu:
Lovisa [44] def Dance 2 Revolution [33] 2-1
Kelssek [70] def Hopeless SC [77] 4-0
Starblaydia [62] draws Daehanjeguk [45] 2-2
The Pazhujeb Islands [57] loses to The Archregimancy [28] 0-1
Krytenia [89] draws Magnus Valerius [84] 1-1

Which would result in these teams advancing:
1. Estresse Intenso (3-1-0, +6)
2. Lovisa (3-1-0, +4)
3. Kelssek (3-0-1, +6)
4. Taeshan (3-0-1, +6)
5. Scotchpinestan (3-0-1, +5)

Predictions Records: 6-5 day, 15-18 overall, 2 perfect scores
The Archregimancy
13-12-2007, 13:21

To: Cup of Harmony 30 Participants

Regarding: The Nire and Nire Match

(available in several languages, as translated by Fr. Isan the Polyglot of Magnus Valerius)

Dear Fellow Nations,

We rejoice in all humility that the Lord our God has seen fit to give unto us the footballing victory through our Lord Jesus Christ, and that for once our orthodox (but not necessarily Orthodox) 4-4-2 formation has come good in our 4-0 thrashing of Nire and Nire. Which is precisely the opposite of the result we were predicting; clearly we lack the powers of prophecy ascribed to St. John of Patmos. We wish no ill-will upon our opponents, and we would remind them that, in the words of Our Saviour, the first shall be last, the last shall be first; whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted; and that the meek shall inherit the earth. Rest assured that we ourselves have taken great comfort in these words in recent tournaments.

We also rejoice that that the fervent hopes and prayers of our team that the appointment of Fr. Aleksey the Hegumen, of Magnus Valerius, as coach would bring us some success, have at last been answered. No doubt all watching the match will have noticed our new approach to being fouled by the opposition. This entails not pausing to bless the sinner with holy water immediately after the foul, but rather continuing with play and only blessing the sinner if the referee has blown the whistle. This seems to have left our defence less exposed than of late, God be Praised.

We now further rejoice that the Lord has seen fit to test us by presenting us with worthy opponents for the next match in the form of The Pazhujeb Islands who did much better against Casari than we did. While recognising that this by no means makes them brothers in the struggle against the heretical monarchical claims of the Pope of Rome, it at least shows them to be prepared to fight hard. To be perfectly honest, we're so thoroughly confused by the format of this tournament that we have no idea how significant this match might be, or whether we're even still in with a chance of progressing. No doubt all will become clear when God so wills it.

+ The Monastic Football Association
13-12-2007, 18:28
"Ugh, this is the longest damn four matchday group stage ever." Hill said, idly kicking a ball against the wall.

"I agree." Reoni said, yawning and looking around yet another training field.

"Soccer is borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring." Hill said. "I wish I was good at an interesting sport."

"I dunno, I wouldn't go that for."

"Oh please, if it was actually interesting, more of these damn posts would be things to do with actual soccer instead of crap like this."

"Point taken."

"I dunno, it's not exactly fair to call it boring, it's fun to drink during." Danialson replied.

"But we can't drink during it, can we?" Hill said slyly.

"Meh, that's true... So there really isn't anything redeeming about soccer at all."

13-12-2007, 21:15
The Imperial Team has finally broken the deadlock, and won a game for once! And we actually scored!

Yeah, nevermind that Jeong Jihun scored both of them, but it was an impressive match that was only the second shut-out (the first being a miserable draw to D2R) in the CoH for the Imperial squad. There were talks that this squad is too young to compete internationally, especially after the shake-up preceding the World Cup, but considering how the squad nearly qualified for the World Cup (losing out to Geisenfried on goal difference only), the Imperial Squad has been performing admirably against other reasonably experienced teams.

Unfortunately, we expect to face off against another young and rising team who's had its own history of grandeur. Nonetheless, we can only hope that our impressive gains during the past few seasons can let us advance farther and qualify for the semifinals - although that remains a tall order.

In order to qualify for the Semifinals in this extremely awkward set-up, the Imperial Squad will need to win against Starbladyia, and then hope for the following results:

Scotchpinestan defeats or draws Estresse Intenso
D2R draws against Lovisa
Kelssek draws Hopeless SC
Taeshan draws Miceland

That will leave the following table for the top "4":

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Scotchpinestan 4 3 1 0 7 1 6 10
2 Estresse Intenso 4 2 2 0 7 2 5 8
2 Lovisa 4 2 2 0 7 4 3 8
2 Dance 2 Revolution 4 2 2 0 4 2 2 8
2 Daehanjeiguk 4 2 2 0 3 1 2 8
6 Miceland 4 2 1 1 9 7 2 7
6 Kelssek 4 2 1 1 8 6 2 7
6 Hopeless SC 4 2 1 1 6 4 2 7
6 Taeshan 4 2 1 1 5 3 2 7
10 Starblaydia 4 2 0 2 5 3 2 7

Oh, the Heavens - how likely is that result?

*flips a coin* tails, not very likely, eh?
13-12-2007, 21:37
Three Points Required
Starblaydia need to maintain joint-fourth

With one game remaining in this rather unorthodox-format Group Stage, that we're assured has worked well elsewhere, Starblaydia find themselves out-running the odds, and a fair few higher-ranked teams, by sitting in ninth place in the twenty-two team uber-group. Not only ninth, a very good achievement in itself, but, crucially, level on points with the current fourth-placed side. Miceland, Kelssek, Hopeless SC and Taeshan are only separated by goals scored. Starblaydia, at the bottom of the heap, have five while Miceland have nine, every team with a plus-two differential.

What this adds up to is the fact that if Starblaydia can overcome Daehanjeiguk - ranked 45th in the world - they will guarantee themselves a place in the second round of knock-out stages. The top four teams, plus any teams tied on points for fourth, will advance, and this means Starblaydia have their destiny in their own hands. Win and they will go through, gain draw and pretty much every other match-up has to go their way, while lose and they are most certainly out.

For them to even be in this situation is a testament to Betanii Marrones' two key, and opposing, talents: her stubbornness and fluidity. Able to bend like a reed in the wind when the situation requires it, she will change tactics, players and formation in a heartbeat when prompted but has the knack of knowing when to stick instead of twist. You wouldn't want to play her in Blackjack/Pontoon/21, at least.

But how have Starblaydia got themselves to the loft position of ninth out of twenty-two? Their first match was the usual sub-par performance at both ends of the pitch, with the inability to hit a cow's arse with a banjo at one end and the irritatingly devastating ability to let one goal in whenever the other team needs one. Estresse Intenso came away 1-0 winners and haven't looked back, topping three teams for second place with the second-best goal difference in the whole competition, plus-five. Then, however, Starblaydia came across a Sorthern Northland side who appear to have been replaced by a bunch of imposters - quite where their President has gone to is a global political mystery that not even the most hackneyed of sports-minded techno-thriller writers would pursue. Well maybe they would, but Starblaydia both scored two goals and kept a clean sheet in the process, their first since the two wins over Rangpur in World Cup 38's qualifiers. Previous to that was the Semi-Final of the Baptism of Fire against Jey. As you may be able to tell, the famed Starblaydi defence has become somewhat leaky of late.

Both of the goals came from midfield, with young defensive midfielder Kwame Jabir, former Under-21 Captain, scoring in just his second senior international match. The other was from Kalia Canildo, who at the comparatively-veteran age of twenty-five has won twenty-seven senior caps, scoring her third career goal for Starblaydia. The five-man midfield was dominant against Sorthern Northland, not allowing the impostors to get any sort of decent possession in the areas of the park where it matters. All in all a great set of tactical decisions by Marrones, as it would prove to be again against Krytenia.

A true hum-dinger of a match that really lived up to it's pre-match tag of 'Match of the Day', Starblaydia and Krytenia played out a five-goal thriller reminiscent of any AOCAF or World Cup match before both teams fell from dominance of the world game.

In the end it was won by Alfonso Di Angelo, linked along with a few other Starblaydi players with moves to Cafundeu club sides, with an absolute screamer from twenty-five yards out. Earlier on the Dwarven right-winger Ornvidar Bazraltek had broken through the cyan defence to slot one past the 'keeper to take the lead, while Tarquin Fullbright had brought the match back level at two-two with a penalty. Fullbright now has 17 goals in 34 games, a precise one-in-two ratio of which any international striker can be proud. The twenty-eight year old will certainly look to rack up the goals in any remaining game in this tournament, as well as looking forward to the World Cup 39 Qualifiers, where Starblaydia will surely improve on their just over a goal per game statistics from World Cup 38.

The barrier to any more matches in this competition is Daehanjeiguk, one of the up and coming nations of the last few tournaments. This match will hold special significance for two Starblaydi players: Jae Chang-hwa and Lii Chong-sun. Both are from the Hantown areas of the city of Corinth and, had they been born in the land of their ancestors, could be vying to play in the Imperial Han side. Daehanjeiguk themselves have under-performed and lie a single place behind Starblaydia, though unbeaten they have a win and two draws, compared to the two wins and a loss of the white-and-purples.

It will definitely be an interesting match, as Starblaydia are, yet again, the underdogs but could prove to be surprise knockout stage participants.

In other news, Starblaydi football players who expressed an opinion over the possible outcome of the World Cup Final generally chose Squornshelous as the team they would most like to win football's showpiece. Most citied Starblaydia's victory over Squornshelous in World Cup 25's Semi-Final, adding that the underdog Pschychoes should really have deserved to win a trophy by now, some fifty years on from that defeat.
Sorthern Northland
13-12-2007, 23:06
Tiny island beats small nation in big shock.

The national team of An Blascaod Mor (representing Sorthern Northland as the search for the Sorthern Northland squad continues.) caused a huge upset in the Cup of Harmony yesterday. The nation of just 143 beat San Adriano, a nation roughly four times bigger with a population of 439. Of course the rest of the world will claim that this isn't a shock as An Blascaod Mor are playing under the guise of Sorthern Northland and with SN's KPB rankings rather than their own. The rest of the world though are capitalist lying bastards. Apart from Hopeless SC, we like them (even if they did send Kim Min-Kim into shock and ruin our CoH chances, they were still nice). And the non-capitalist nations.

Things are often lost in translation, and that was the case today as the An Blascaod Mor team having read Hopeless SC's prediction that they're match would be the pillow fight of the week turned up prepared for a pillow fight rather than a football match (An Blascaod Mor speaks Irish and the confusion was caused by a translator, possibly Babelfish, stating the match would be a pillow fight rather than a football match). The Islanders then proceded to batter the Sanadrianese team with their pillows. It wasn't until they saw the football that they realised it was actually a football match. They did however keep the pillows to hit the Sanadrianese with though.

The first goal came after twenty minutes from a corner. Patrick Doyle stood on the goal line introducing the Sanadrianese to his pillow whilst Muris O'Sullivan rose above the defence to head home Dougal McGuire's header. A second goal came just ten minutes later when the Islanders used the same tactic again with San Adriano complaining about the An Blascaod Mor tactics.

The teams came back out for the second half, An Blascaod Mor no longer with their pillows after the referee had tried explaining to them that pillows were not needed. Being a non-Irish speaker it is believed he had difficulty getting this message across but it seems he somehow did.

With the pillows An Blascaod Mor were a lot less threatening as San Adriano dominated much of the half, as much as a team that plays ultra defensively can anyway. Unsurprisingly for a team that plays with just the one forward, San Adriano couldn't manage to get a goal or a way back into the game and winger Donald O'Donnell added two late goals to seal a four nil win which depending on how you look at it is either a huge shock or not a shock at all. Those who say it was An Blascaod Mor will say it was a shock whilst those saying it was An Blascaod Mor playing but with Sorthern Northland's ranking points et al will say it is no shock. Whichever way you look at it Sorthern Northland (or whoever is representing them) will move on to Winton City to take on Green Wombat. And lose. San Adriano 0-4 An Blascaod Mor (representing Sorthern Northland)
14-12-2007, 02:57

Also, consider yourselves cut off.
14-12-2007, 03:26
Matchday 4 Results

In Casari
Nire and Nire 4-2 Prux
San Adriano 4-3 St Samuel
Sorthern Northland 3-0 Green Wombat
Estresse Intenso 2-1 Scotchpinestan
Miceland 1-3 Taeshan
Jeru FC 0-3 Casari

In Novapsolu
Lovisa 2-0 Dance 2 Revolution
Kelssek 2-4 Hopeless SC
Starblaydia 0-3 Daehanjeiguk
The Pazhujeb Islands 3-4 The Archregimancy
Krytenia 3-2 Magnus Valerius

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Estresse Intenso 4 3 1 0 9 3 6 10
2 Lovisa 4 3 1 0 9 4 5 10
3 Scotchpinestan 4 3 0 1 8 3 5 9
4 Hopeless SC 4 3 0 1 10 6 4 9
5 Taeshan 4 3 0 1 8 4 4 9
6 Daehanjeiguk 4 2 2 0 6 1 5 8
7 Casari 4 2 1 1 8 4 4 7
8 Dance 2 Revolution 4 2 1 1 4 4 0 7
9 The Archregimancy 4 2 0 2 10 8 2 6
10 Sorthern Northland 4 2 0 2 9 7 2 6
11 Miceland 4 2 0 2 10 10 0 6
12 Kelssek 4 2 0 2 10 10 0 6
13 Krytenia 4 2 0 2 8 9 -1 6
14 Starblaydia 4 2 0 2 5 6 -1 6
15 The Pazhujeb Islands 4 1 1 2 8 11 -3 4
16 Jeru FC 4 1 1 2 7 10 -3 4
17 Magnus Valerius 4 1 0 3 6 9 -3 3
18 Nire and Nire 4 1 0 3 5 9 -4 3
19 San Adriano 4 1 0 3 7 12 -5 3
20 Green Wombat 4 1 0 3 5 11 -6 3
21 St Samuel 4 0 1 3 7 11 -4 1
22 Prux 4 0 1 3 8 15 -7 1

After careful calculation by top Casaran drunken scientists, the following strength of schedule table has been produced-

Team SoS
1 Starblaydia 30
2 Scotchpinestan 28
2 Miceland 28
4 Lovisa 27
5 Estresse Intenso 26
5 Taeshan 26
5 Jeru FC 26
8 The Pazhujeb Islands 25
9 Kelssek 24
9 Magnus Valerius 24
9 Krytenia 24
12 Casari 23
13 Hopeless SC 22
14 Green wombat 21
15 The Archregimancy 20
15 D2R 20
15 San Adriano 20
18 St Samuel 19
19 Sorthern Northland 18
19 Daehanjeiguk 18
19 Prux 18
22 Nire and Nire 13

And using it, the teams eligable for the playoffs have been seeded according to the predetermined system, and placed on this functional, yet sexy, bracket:

The Awards

Finally, there are just a few end-of-group-stage awards-

The Asiago Award- Starblaydia - For the strongest strength of schedule of the competition, Starblaydia just can't be beat.

The Brie Award- Nire and Nire - A soft cheese for the softest schedule of the Cup.

The Limburger Award- Prux - While not having the softest schedule, they still gave the smelliest performance of the competiton.

So, after all that, we get to this:

Repechage Round Matchups

Taeshan v Hopeless SC - Mahe
14-12-2007, 04:34
Top ten vs miceland and Playoffs babe
By ima drunk
#10 We made it as the fith team and a playoff vs hopeless
#9 Miceland scored 1 goal after tad montague missed his second game of coh
#8 H missed one game from a red card and 1 from wrist sprain
#7 hes back now
#6 Zeke scored another goal
#5 ashlaea lost its 2 out of three games to taeshan 66-0
#4 Zeke scored every goal
#3 Brian ying uing scored a goal in the coh
#2 Hele scored a goal in the coh
#1 Were going to the playoffs

Playoff predictions

Hopeless sc 3-1 Taeshan

Lovisa 5-0 Hopeless sc
Landau 3-1 Scothchpinestan

Lovisa 0-0 Landau(3-2)
Hopeless SC
14-12-2007, 08:48

Hopeless SC Wanderers’ Head Coach Thomas Larson made a daring move for a team attempting to qualify for the semifinals of the Cup of Harmony by starting reserve forward Burt Larkin over normal starter Paul Corner. In Larkin’s other appearance in the Cup of Harmony, he’d produced two goals in the second half of a 4-1 win over The Pazhujeb Islands. Again, Larson came out looking like a genius, as Larkin recorded the first hat trick in Wanderer’s history on the way to a 4-2 win over Kelssek, that advanced the Wanderers’ to a play-in match against 52nd ranked Taeshan for a match-up against tournament favorite Estresse Intenso in the semifinals.

Magnet Hands didn’t have as good a match as usual, but the Wanderers’ domination of the midfield kept Kelssek away from his net for most of the day. Midfielder Wally Milton added the other goal for the Wanderers.

It is unclear which of his forwards that Larson intends to use in the semifinals. Actually, the whole team was unusually somber for a team that had just done what nobody outside of their locker room could have seen coming before the tournament began.

Matchday 4 Results

In Casari
Nire and Nire [66] 4-2 Prux [65] -desperate team got their win
San Adriano [89] 4-3 St Samuel [40] -definitely not what was anticipated here
Sorthern Northland [42] 3-0 Green Wombat [67] -no surprise, move right along
Estresse Intenso [37] 2-1 Scotchpinestan [60] -great match, potential elimination rounds rematch possible
Miceland [100] 1-3 Taeshan [52] -big win for Taeshan gets them into the play-in
Jeru FC [54] 0-3 Casari [47] -too little, too late from the co-hosts has them on the outside looking in

In Novapsolu
Lovisa [44] 2-0 Dance 2 Revolution [33] -Lovisa danced all over Dance’s championship hopes
Kelssek [70] 2-4 Hopeless SC [77] -where was this Wanderers’ team during World Cup qualifying?
Starblaydia [62] 0-3 Daehanjeiguk [45] -this one didn’t live up to expectations, tough pill to swallow for Daehanjeiguk to not lose and fail to advance
The Pazhujeb Islands [57] 3-4 The Archregimancy [28] -no surprise here either
Krytenia [89] 3-2 Magnus Valerius [84] -Krytenia seems to be starting to wake-up

Predictions Records: 7-4 day, 22-22 overall, 2 perfect scores

Post-Qualifying Power Rankings:
22. Green wombat (21) 1-0-3
21. Prux (18) 0-1-3
20. Magnus Valeris (17) 1-0-3
19. San Adriano (22) 1-0-3
18. St Samuel (14) 0-1-3
17. Nire and Nire (20) 1-0-3
16. Miceland (15) 2-0-2
15. Kelssek (11) 2-0-2
14. Krytenia (16) 2-0-2
13. The Pazhujeb Islands (12) 1-1-2
12. Jeru FC (10) 1-1-2
11. Starblaydia (7) 2-0-2
10. Sorthern Northland (13) 2-0-2
9. Dance 2 Revolution (3) 2-1-1
8. The Archregimancy (9) 2-0-2
7. Casari (8) 2-1-1
6. Daehanjeiguk (6) 2-2-0
5. Hopeless SC (19) 3-0-1
4. Scotchpinestan (4) 3-0-1
3. Taeshan (5) 3-0-1
2. Lovisa (2) 3-1-0
1. Estresse Intenso (1) 3-1-0

Play-in Round Prediction:

Taeshan [52] def Hopeless SC [77] 4-3

On paper, their qualifying runs were quite similar, as their opponents’ ranks and the amount of points their opponents earned were both about equal. The ranking will be a big difference in this match, as it implies that Taeshan is definitely the more experienced team. The Wanderers both scored and allowed the most goals of anyone still playing.

Predictions Records: 7-4 day, 22-22 overall, 2 perfect scores
Sorthern Northland
14-12-2007, 19:00
Upon disembarking his flight back from Casari, Sorthern Northland manager Kevaughn Ó Criomhthain spent a short time being interviewed by Sorthern Northland's top football magazine Your Not Singing Anymore, below are some extracts from the interview.

"What do you make of the Cup of Harmony campaign?"

"Disappointing obviously, we were aiming for the semi's at least, if not the final so to go out so early is a huge disappoint."

"The rankings, based on the strength of the schedule puts us at 19th."

"Yes and I am hugely disappointed about that, the games against Miceland and Starblaydia we were poor in. Starblaydia I can just about accept a defeat but Miceland we really should of beat. After all they are mice."

"What about Kim Min-Kim? How much of a difference would he have made?"

"I think that's unfair on the strikers we did have, as Peacock, The Haitian and Korea China all scored in the game against Green Wombat and Jing Mao scored earlier in the competition. I certainly would have like to have Kim with us but I don't know if he would have got us through as it wasn't our attack that let us down."

"What was the deal with An Blascaod Mor playing the San Adriano game?"

"Basically to give the SN players a kick up the arse, and say look an island of 143 can win a game why can't we? And the performance from SN in the game against Green Wombat was a lot better than against Miceland, or Starblaydia so I think it worked."

"And what about the World Cup?"

"Well I'll certainly still be here for it, as will many of the players, and I certainly believe we have the quality to qualify but it's the OXEN Cup before that so we'll be concentrating on that until the World Cup come around."

"Thanks for you time Kevaughn."

"No problem."
15-12-2007, 00:01
Not Even Close!
Marrones hails best Starblaydi CoH results ever

With one game to go, Starblaydia were looking like they could upset the odds and make it into the knock-out stages. With no more games to go, Starblaydia sit in the middle of the final group table looking fairly unremarkable with two wins and two losses. It has been, however, the best set of results for Starblaydia in their entire history in this competition. Best percentage of games won, best goal difference, most goals scored, second-least goals conceded. Granted they've only played in three Cups of Harmony, and that their two previous efforts were over eighty years ago, it's an impressive feat nonetheless. Whether this means that Starblaydia have shaken off some kind of imaginary curse in this tournament remains to be seen, as likely as not they will probably fail to qualify for World Cup 39, too.

Starblaydia, in the end, were destroyed fairly easily by their Han opposition, conceding three goals that seemed unstoppable at the time - you know the type where you are screaming at the television for your side to get a proper tackle in, to close down, mark up and all the rest, just before they let a goal in. Starblaydia managed, much to the annoyance of over seven billion people, to do that three times. Betanii Marrones was perhaps the figurehead for that irritation, the frown worn behind her spectacles visible for all to see.

Nevertheless, Starblaydia had their best-ever Cup of Harmony and, in light of their opposition, were awarded The Asiago Award for toughest schedule. This is the first international honour of any sort for Starblaydia, and Betanii Marrones accepted it with ambivalence; glad to have been recognised for playing the hardest teams, but disappointed to have come away with, essentially, no footballing reward for their hard work in defeating fellow Atlantian Oceania nations Sorthern Northland and Krytenia.
Estresse Intenso
15-12-2007, 00:40
Again, the video room of the Landau Institute. Patients and doctors watching another game of the Institute team. A very important one. A win, and the team can go to the next stage of the Cup of Harmony, in the first competition of the Institute after Professor Jesus Bangu Melo became the new president. And all the eyes are directed to the performance of the new president.

(game being played, everyone watching it on the TV - people talking about the game [it doesn't matter if they are doctor or patients... they are people])

"Our president took the ball in the defence..."

"Look at how Jesus commands the team, now that's the new captain. I think that The Machine doesn't have the same leadership ability."

"It seems difficult for him to run, speed is not one of his strong points... it seems that he is carrying a cross while he is walking... he now fell on the ground and lost the ball. Scotchpinestan with it..."

"They missed the goal. Durão made a good save. Nice guy, this Durão. Last week, he gave me some popcorn after lunch."

(after some minutes, Estresse Intenso is attacked again. The president, Professor Jesus Bangu Melo, appears to defend the team)

"Go boss! Show them your powers!"

"Great tackle! Our Jesus is strong!"

"It seems that he'll attack now."

(Jesus advances a bit, and then suffers a violent foul. Yellow card to the Scotchpinestan player)

"How violent. He couldn't try to get the ball this way, especially against our president!"

"Forgive him, he doesn't know what he is doing..."

"Selic will take the free kick..."

"...he sends the ball to the area... the players are disputing it in the air..."

"...Landau hits it, it remains in the area..."

"...look at Bira, he shoots... GOOOAL!"

(everybody in the video room starts to commemorate, exchanging hugs and forgetting their psychological problems for a while)

"Just keep this result and we'll go to the next stage, come on, let's win this game!"

(the game continues, the Landau Institute team attacks again)

"The Wanderer with the ball... can someone explain why he is in the team?"

"The former president wanted him in the team..."

"But now our president is Jesus, and we need to follow his words... if he wants The Wanderer out of the team, so be fulfilled his will."

"He didn't say anything about changing the team... now Wanderer passed the ball to the monk."

"This one must have the confidence of the president... Father Anacleto the Tactician... he's good at preparing plays."

"Yes, and now he sends the ball to Sabin."

"...go girl, score this one for us... she shoots... wide!"


(now Scotchpinestan attacks)

"The attacker avoided our president... he will try to invade the area trying to dribble Doctor Quevedo."

"Quevedo entered in the second half, in Gabalán's place... have faith, Quevedo."

"The guardian angel of Quevedo will help him to take the ball."

"Doctor Quevedo doesn't believe in these things..."

"Oh, no..."

(they can hear Quevedo shouting "Isso non ecziste!" before being dribbled)

"...they will score..."

"...goal for Scotchpinestan."

(some people start to cry, others remain confident)

"Come on, we won't lose this game."

(Estresse Intenso in another attack. Bira reaches the area)

(in chorus) - "Bira, Bira, Bira, Bira, Bira!"

"He dribbles one..."

"...he dribbles the second..."

" is in front of the goal..."

"...and stops?"

"He is having a hallucination!"

"We lost the biggest goal chance of the game! And now The Machine replaces Bira, putting Mirtilo in his place."

(game is ending. Probably the last attack for Estresse Intenso. A corner kick, many players inside the area, including the goalkeeper Durão)

"Selic takes the corner..."

"Look! Our master, our leader, our president, Professor Jesus Bangu Melo, is inside the area!"

"He disputes the ball with an opponent..."

"...the opponent rose his foot... it hit the head of our boss!"

"Jesus headed the ball..."


(commemoration is intense)

"Look at him, the Scotchpinestan player hurt our boss! He is bleeding!"

"He gave is blood to save us! To save our team!"

"Look at how the children commemorate the Professor's goal. He loves the children!"

"Now we continue in the Cup of Harmony."

"Thanks Jesus!"
15-12-2007, 01:50
Cup of Harmony xXx
Repechage Round Results

From Mahe, Isle Kerke, Novapsolu:

Taeshan [2 - 3] Hopeless SC (AET; 2-2 after regulation)

Semifinal Round Matchups

Lovisa v. Hopeless SC - Entari Arena
Estresse Intenso v. Scotchpinestan - Tyir University Stadium
15-12-2007, 04:58
Extreme intensity for Estresse Intenso match

With the sour taste of the last match still in the Scotchpine players' mouths, the team now must regroup for their Cup of harmony semifinal match against the same Estresse Intenso squad that dealt them a heartbreaking 2-1 defeat on a 91st-minute corner kick.

What's more, the corner play has cuased a swarm of controversy.

Kazuo Watanabe attempted to bicycle kick the ball away, but wound up kicking Jesus Bangu Melo in the head as Bangu Melo headed the ball intot he net. Bangu Melo required 11 stitches after the match, but Watanabe was not penalized on the play, as the referee deemed the play incidental contact.

Watanabe was asked if he feared being a marked man in the rematch.

"Not at all," he said. "I'm a defender, so I'm used to teams trying to take me out to get a shot at Pedro (Marzala). But I'm not going to change my game. All I know is, the other team played dirty last game and the ref kept his whistle in his pocket for the most part. We're better than them and they know it. I'm looking forward to playing them again."

Scotchpinestan hopes to keep up the offensive attack that has propelled them this far in this, their maiden Cup of Harmony voyage. Alex Urmanov, who went goalless in World cup qualifying, has three goals so far including the only goal against Estresse Intenso in the first game. With bad blood boiling during the last match and blood literally flowing at the end of it, look for this semifinal match to be an all-out war on the pitch.
Hopeless SC
15-12-2007, 08:16

The Hopeless SC Wanderers were arrested briefly yesterday on the charge of stealing some person named Cinderella’s glass slipper. I’ve never seen a slipper made out of glass before, so if anyone knows this Cinderella person, please introduce this poor reporter to them. The Wanderers were released after police realized they’d made a terrible mistake.

Where did they get arrested you ask? In a bar, celebrating a improbable upset of Taeshan 3-2 in extra time to advance to the semifinals to face a hot, experienced Lovisan team. The match really should never have gone to extra time, but a cheap foul call in the box, when the Taeshan player blatantly dove, gave Taeshan a free kick that they converted in the 85th minute to tie the match at 2-2.

However, extra time gave one Wanderer a chance to redeem himself for a horrible Cup of Harmony. In the 107th minute, Paul Corner (who Head Coach Thomas Larson gave the start to over young star Burt Larkin) took a cross played into the box, and played it off his head into the top right corner of the net to send the Wanderers through.

It’s possible that if the Wanderers pull a miracle and win their next two matches that they will be treading in some unprecedented international accomplishments. To this reporter’s knowledge, no team has ever participated in the Baptism of Fire and then proceeded to win the next Cup of Harmony tournament. Researchers are still trying to determine what the lowest rank for a Cup of Harmony Champion is, but at 77th, the Wanderers could take that record as well.

Hopeless SC 3 Anderson (14), Hall (49), Corner (107)
Taeshan 2 (AET) (36, 85 PK)

Repechage Round Results

Taeshan [52] [2 - 3] Hopeless SC [77] (AET; 2-2 after regulation) -we never should have been in this match, this is a shocker

Semifinal Round Matchups

Lovisa [44] def Hopeless SC [77] 4-0

On paper, this one won’t be close, but that’s why we play the matches—strange things can happen, especially in a situation like this one. Matches at this stage are generally pretty close, unless one team really should be there…and we shouldn’t be. Sorry, Wanderers fans, this one won’t be pretty.

Estresse Intenso [37] def Scotchpinestan [60] 3-1

A closer match-up on paper and a couple intriguing angles on this match. Scotchpinestan was the last team undefeated with an unblemished record, before losing to Estresse Intenso on the last match day. However, on the whole, Scotchpinestan’s opponents in group play averaged more points than Estresse Intenso’s did, despite Estresse Intenso’s opponents averaging a higher rank.

Predictions Records: 0-1 day, 22-23 overall, 2 perfect scores
Estresse Intenso
15-12-2007, 23:54
Released in Insanis, Estresse Intenso

Today, the acting president of the Landau Institute, Professor Raúl Vega (the Doctors' Association president, acting as a president because the President of the Landau Institute [Professor Jesus Bangu Melo] and the Vice-President of the Landau Institute [Doctor Letícia Sabin]) are playing the Cup of Harmony in Casari and Novapsolu), made an announcement:

"Our real president, Professor Jesus Bangu Melo, asked me to announce that, from this day on, the Landau Institute won't use the Estresse Intenso flag in sports competitions. This decision was made because in all the competitions that Estresse Intenso took part, all the team members were from the Institute. So, we think that we're competing for ourselves, not for the whole country. Because of that, the Landau Institute will be represented by the Doctors' Association flag."

(OOC: this doesn't mean that the Landau Institute is an independant country. It is still part of Estresse Intenso, and, because of that, you can refer to it as Estresse Intenso if you want to [but it's now preferable to call them Landau Institute]

The Estresse Intenso flag: shouldn't be used when referring to Landau Institute sporting teams.
The correct flag now is the Landau Institute Doctors' Association flag:

Button version:
16-12-2007, 02:20
Semifinal Results

Lovisa 2-1 Hopeless SC
Estresse Intenso 1-3 Scotchpinestan


Lovisa v Scotchpinestan - Oyam
16-12-2007, 05:54
On to the final

Alex Urmanov scored his fourth goal of the tournament and captain Paulo Salcedo had two assists as Scotchpinestan avenged it earlier loss to Estresse Intenso with a 3-1 victory. Scotchpinestan now advances to the final of the 30th Cup of Harmony against Lovisa.

Mitch Hannity and Igor Volkov also scored for Scotchpinestan, which has taken the soccer world by storm in this tournament with its pepper-the-net style of play. The team has jelled since the last World Cup qualifying, and as a result, other nations are taking notice.

But Lovisa is no pushover - they have not lost a match so far in this tournament. They went 3-0-1 in group play (with the draw coming against Estresse Intenso) and then defeated Hopeless SC to reach the final.

Lovisa will likely be favored, due to their much more storied soccer history and higher world ranking coming into the tournament. But the Scotchpine squad has seemed to relish being the underdogs all tournament long. The players seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves on the pitch. And if soccer is meant to be "the beautiful game", then Scotchpinestan is doing its best to live up to that standard.

NOTES: After the two teams' physical match in group play, this match was expected to be another slugfest, but only one card - a yellow to Terry Pipp in the 48th minute - was issued. The fact that Scotchpinestan was up 2-0 within 30 minutes may have altered the game's complexion...Pedro Marzala made seven saves in the first half, but only had to make one stop in the second, as both squads shone on defense...Salcedo is reportedly urging his club team in Cafundeu to sign one of his countrymen to their squad. It's unclear who that might be...The final match will be televised live throughout the region of New Liberalia.
17-12-2007, 03:05
Cup of Harmony Championship Match

From Oyam, Novapsolu

Lovisa 2-1 Scotchpinestan

Congrats to Lovisa, and my thanks to everyone who participated!
17-12-2007, 22:59
thanks 4 everyone. Lovsan fans are very happy for our success.

today we win a CoH , next time WC. Everyone see the progress in team, and we want come back from previous best years and WC finals.

thx :)