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The People's Republic of Rhyddha Cymru

Rhyddha Cymru
06-11-2007, 22:28
The People's Republic of Rhyddha Cymru

"Ar y cyd fel chymdeithion, ar y cyd fel rhyddha ddynion]"

Welcome to the Capitol of Rhyddha Cymru.
Here information about the government may be accessed simply by reading. The majority of people will not give a crap about the history and culture of the Cymraeg, however, that is for their own naiveté. If you are interested in becoming a colony or ally of the Cymric government, please see "The Cymric Alliance".

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Rhyddha Cymru
07-11-2007, 07:38
[ History ]

//Ancient History

The rich history of the region dates back to the year 1000. It was founded by two Welsh refugees, Gwynedd the Younger and Ytris Gwynhwyfar, fleeing the Kingdom of Gwynedd, and seeking to preserve Welsh culture elsewhere in the world from the English and even Welsh Christian menace. They came upon the region that is today modern Rhydda Cymru and formed a household therein. In time, their population grew to a family, and from there, though intermarriage with the local indigenous population, a substantial populous grew, and continued to until the modern age.

[see religion for more information on the causes of the departure and the mythology involved]

//Modern History

The majority of the history of the region until the modern age has been lost since the great invasion of 1743 by the indigenous populations of the nearby islands and the burning of the libraries. However, from the record, we can deduce that a theocratic government had control of the people, although the people had free will and freedom of religion.
[see politics]

In 1750, the old government reclaimed control of the region for a short time, followed by a period of civil and international wars between the native-born population inside the territory and the "near-pure" Welsh population. The result of this period was an upsurge in a desire to reconnect with the Old Religion of Angsley. [the seat of religious power in pre-Roman Wales] Thus was formed the First Avalonian Clannship of Rhydda Cymru.

I'll come back to this. Boreddd.