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Save the Popayen Black-back horse

11-10-2007, 20:28
"Disaster has struck Popay," decalares the enviroment minister Jackie Clarke, "The Popayen Black-back Horse, the very symbol of Popay it self! Is facing extinction from our shores."
Jackie Clarke, 48, and minister of enviroment, spoke in front of a packed forum house today with over 3,000 people packing the halls along with many TV crews. The issue, quite simply, to save the rare Popayen Black-back horse from dying out.
"We are asking for internatinal action to help save this rare horse from dying out!" Says renowned activist Flanett de Peaches, "Popay has no say in the U.N and no-one seems to care for our cause! Many species of animal are facing extinction and no-one seems to give a damn in the world but us!" Flanett draws breath and looks around the forum, "We all know that if some 'big' nations rally around our cause we maybe able to save the very symbol of this fine nations!" With great applause Flanett exits the stage and everyone leaves to contemplate on this issue.

The Popayen Black-back horse has been on the decline for almost 30 years since the death of the use of them for military and other uses. It was thought that the Black-back would be able to survive in the wild but after almost 2000 years of domestication means that the horse has lost alot of its natural ability. Tanya Von Destinburggen, A biolgist from the Universty of Popay, discoverd only last year that many of the Black-backs have died out from natural causes, with the main cause being lack of fat and fur, since domestication eliminated the need for this in winter months.

While efforts have been made to stop this animal from going the way of the Dodo, the Poayen goverment cannot find a space large enough, and grassy enough to house these horses.

"So this is where the international community comes in to help us," Says James Dunfreece, Popayen ambassador to the UN, "We are just to small, and not polticaly imporant enough to get things done but if some big nation where willing to help us, and the rest of the animals in the world, we maybe able to stop sevral animals going into extinction if we act now. We are just asking for nations to either try and get a propasal through to the U.N or take our Horse and enact a breeding program to help prevent this great animal from dying."

So do you want to help? It's simple, either apply* to adopt sevral horses to help the Popayen Black-back's numbers to go back up again or try and get the U.N to force nations to provided international wildlife trust to help nations like Popay (who cannot provide for their native animals anymore) to keep there unique wildlife and try and introduction programs when the time is right.

*to apply simply post below
12-10-2007, 07:17
Tanaarans as a whole are horse mad, and have numerous rare breeds already in protective breeding programs. HM Queen Mercedez Merideath Hexx would personally like to adopt two dozen of the Popayen Black-back horses and the Nation as a whole had undersigned a pledge to adopt five hundred of these fine equines. They will not be interbred with other breeds without carefull consultation with the Popayen government as to the best interests of the breed. We have, in our southern zones, most moderate conditions, it very seldom snows even in the depths of winers and there is excellent grazing year around, plus there is stabling facilities at the Tanaaran Royal Stud, located there, to house all five hundred.

Popayens would be allowed to come inspect and visit the horses, and the facilities at any time. And of course when their numbers have risen suffeciently we will return them to the people of Popay, as we would but hold them in trust for the future.

We hope that this will be of assisstance to the people of Popay
12-10-2007, 16:35
"We are increadbly greatful to the Tanaarans" annoceced Jackie Clarke after hearing the news. "We are currently working with their athortuires to organise transportation and housing for the horses." When asked what the Popayens would do to help the Tanaarans, Jackie Clarke replied "We'll be sending out our two top experts on the Black-back to help with the breeding program,"
"We are internaly greatful to the Tanaarans," annoccend Premia, Josph Blacklee, today at the goverment question time today "if there is anything that the Tanaarans need, we'll do are best to repay our debt to them."

The 500 Popayen Black-backs requested are currently being selected for which ones deemed best to breed. The SS Calberio (Traditionly a cow transportation ship) has been donated to transport the horses. The ministery of the enviroment has annonced that the horses will be transported in around 2 months.
13-10-2007, 04:50
HM, Queen Mercedez inquires if it is possible for her and her son, HRH Crown Prince elect, Robert Rayn Fortier - Hexx to come see the Popayen Black-backs in their native lands. She would only bring a small security detail, three Wilderness Scouts and a small film crew as the school children of Tanaara are most eager to see more of the Popayen's and their native breed of horse.

"The children are filled with admiration for the Popayen's for their great courage and sensitivity in openly acknowleding that one of the greatest partners of mankind are in peril. Too few recognise that thier native breeds are in danger of either dieing out or disappearing as the unique breed that they are. In recognition of the Popayen's efforts, on their own initiave the Tanaaran Wilderness Souts, the Tanaaran youth organization has collected, in but three weeks, over half a million dollars to donate to the conservation efforts ongoing in Popay. I would like to bring some troop leaders with me on my hoped for visit so that those who worked so hard to raise these funds - can present them to the Popayens."

She also had pledges from five of Tanaara's largest conservation organizations to match what the Scouts had raised. But she wasn't going to mention that just now, the children of Tanaara had given from their hearts and deserved every moment in the spotlight. The Tanaaran Equine Society, the Tanaaran Jockey Club, the Tanaaran Wildlands Preservation Association, the Tanaaran Automotive Consortium, and the Tanaaran Vetrans Association were those pledged so far, and she knew others would follow.

She also sent to Popayen government and Premia, Josph Blacklee, some holophotos of what the stables look like here (, and here (, and interior here ( int.jpg), though the vast sweep of well fenced and maintained paddocks about each stable will ensure that, except in inclement weather, that each of the horses will have much room to graze on rich bluegrass, roam and run to their hearts desire. And for in the rare instances of too high or low temperatures, or storms, there are indoor arenas for them to exercise in.

As well as the two experts, we would love to host several teams of Popayen grooms, stable hands and others who are experienced in the temperments, psychology, medical, nutritional needs and such of the Black-back, so that they can pass along their expertise to our own people in a hands on fashion.

Popay owes us no debt. We are just glad that we have been granted this oppertunity to help.
13-10-2007, 11:41
At the news that the fine people of Tanaara has raised almost AT.250,000 (Nearly half a million dollors) for a consovation fund into helping the Popayen Black-back horse, many people in Popay are still pinching themselves to see if this is rearly happening.

For one of the first times in his life, Premia Josph Blacklee was lost for words, "Never in my life have I seen such genosority! We accept this great gift with open arms." Was what the Premia said today on 'Govay Satar' (Politics Sataurday) the popular TV show to ask the Premia on his reaction to the weeks events.
"Her Majasity, Queen Mercedez need not to ask if she wishes to vist, she may come any time she please's to vist the horses. Also, because of the Border Act of 1945, we can't rearly refuse entry either," He jokes.
"I wish to add," Says Jackie Clare, "That the lands they wish to allow our horses to live on our perfect, we could not ask for more. And as for the money that the Tanaarans raised will go straight into creating the 'Queen Mercedez natinol park' in her honur. It will enusure that all our endanged species will have a place to live, and a place for which people may view them."

After the broadcast of the show and hearing Queen Mercedez plee for some horse teams in Tanaara, the PRPHS (People's Republic of Popay Horse Socaity) wish to send a team of the Popayen Armies' stable lads, and lasses, who will help the Tanaarans with the Black-back.

There is also news that the People of Popay wish to thank Queen Mercedez by giving her the 'Royal Garnet Cross' and award given to people who aid Popay. This motion will be voted upon in the Grand Forum on Wensday.
14-10-2007, 05:04
Dear Premia Blacklee,

How about, in order to give our respective security types time to coordinate, why don't we time my visit so that it falls just before the horses are due to be shipped, in about two months I believe was mentioned? Would myself and the others mentioned earlier staying a week be too much of a strain?



P.S.I didn't mention it publicly as I didn't want to steal the children's thunder, but from several of our most active conservation groups I have pledges totaling over three point five million at this time as well. My people have always thrown themselves whole heartedly behind good causes, and this is one all of us can not only feel good about but do active good about.

The missive was in a simple, elegant, and easy to read script on a note card of heavy ivory laid bond paper, the ink a deep peacock blue and from the looks and flow it had been pened by the nib of a fountain pen rather than a ball point or gel pen.
14-10-2007, 12:42
Your Majesity,

Thats all fine. I've talked to the La Zader family (Thier decendents of our greatest hero) and they've said that you can use their villa/army barracks near Portton, which is very near the site of the horses. The place should be easly big enough for your entourage.

Josph Blacklee,
Premia of the PRP

P.S We are very greatful for this money, we will put it to very good use.

This letter was very simple compared to the one he had recived. Written on some goverment paper and written in a Biro. But, then the Popayen's weren't rearly used to writting fromal letters anymore. Realsing this, Josph added.

Sorry about the paper and pen quality, but the warehouse holding all the good pens and paper was locked and we've misslaid the key. We hope you don't mind the sub-standard paper and pen.
14-10-2007, 20:35
The next missive was delivered on a data disk that when activated would show the Queen sitting on a comfortable taupe leather upholstered sofa, a closed hard cover book resting on her lap, and a kitten asleep on the back of the sofa. She is wearing a simple but fashionable outfit, with only minimal jewelry, a small broach on the right lapel of her blazer and matching pendant necklace and ring set. The necklace and ring held cobalt and canary Life Diamonds, the honored dead she carried from her time in Federal Service. The sun filtered through mostly closed drapes behind her, bringing out the stormy blue of her eyes and the brilliant higlights in her golden blonde hair. The room, a double height ceilinged study ( is well decorated and is obviously a room which sees use on a daily basis.

She looks toward whomever is holding the camera and with a smile begins to speak, her voice is warmly conversational.

Premia Blacklee, I just wanted to let you know" and her smile widens into dimples "Please, whatever paper and paper you have available is fine by me. It's just that to economise the government offers to certain reputable companies the right to display" The smile turned into a wry grin and her fingers put quote marks around the next words "...'in a discrete and refined manner' that they 'provide' to the Crown in return for 'donating' such supplies to the Crown. And as obviously they want a good recommendation, we get the fancy stuff. Though I have to admit that the fountain pen does write marvelously." She settled back and gave the still sleeping kitten an ear scritch before continueing.

"Please pass along my deepest thanks and appreciation to the La Zader family. If you will send me their address information, I will have the security people communicate with them about what the estate is like. The party will consist of myself and Robert, the three Wilderness Scout representatives, and six aides/ assisstants and whatever number of security people they deem necessary. Though it won't be many, perhaps a dozen. Oh, and I am told that the holocamera crew is ten in total." She looked up at some one out of camera view and nodded at something said but unheard, then turned her attention back to the Premia, for she very much gave the feeling that she was speaking to him, not the camera.

"I'm sorry Premia Blacklee, I am needed elsewhere, but I hope to talk with you again soon...Oh, and around here they would have fetched up a laser cutter rather than bothering too much with a key." Her eyes twinkled "Should I bring one with me when I come?" Her teasing was gently done. "I came down to the Stud, to make sure every thing was ready, and to catch a day or two to myself, so of course events conspire that need my attention. But the climate is lovely here and I am sure that the Black Backs will thrive."

She wished the Premia and all of Popay well and the video ended.
14-10-2007, 23:09
A week after the Queen sent her message, a package arrived at the royal palace. Inside the package was a DVD and a DVD player.

When the DVD was played, it showed on the TV a man in a casual suit, and with hair that covered his hair. He seemed just to sit there intill a paper ball came from behind the camera and a female voice hissed "Your on!".
"Uh? Oh...Um, Your Majesty, or advisors if you watch this instead, I am not Premia Blacklee...he is currently in some boring confrence, you know what their like rearly boring," Another paperball came from behind the camera and the voice hissed again "STAY ON TOPIC!".
"Oh...oh, yeh, well, I'm José Émo. Vice-Premia of sorts," He seemed to pause and then think, "Well I'm not rearly, but you know, I'm kinda Vice-Premia," this time a book flew from behind the camera, this time a male voice said "Hey Emo! Get to the point!"
"Hey, Eddie, shut up! we're lucky that the DVD player is working after you decided to watch that dodgey foregin DVD import intilled 'Goth Girls like to Fuc...'".
"GET TO THE POINT!!!" Screamed the female voice.
"Yeash Kiki, don't get stressy..." José straighted some papers on his desk and continued, "Anyways, sorry your majesty, I'll give you the La Zader's address, with the DVD."
"What about there number?" Said another male voice.
"Oh yeh, there main number is +111 17 278940, they should answer that one, it's there offices in Popay City." Émo paused, "Well I think that is all...oh, yeh, that thing about the pen and paper things, Josph lied, we atchualy don't have a warehouse full of paper and pens."
A voice behind the camera mutters "Well duh, I think she picked up on the fact it was a joke..."
José Émo gave the person a dirty stare and continued "Yeh, well we don't have any good pens or paper because we all ring each other up or email messages these days. Anyways, I bid you farewell and I hope you have a nice day."

The screen then turned black.

With the DVD a note was encolsed from the Premia:
I'm sorry about Émo, he isn't very good at formal speeches, I viewed it and I think you may just get the jist of what we where saying. I'm sorry that I couldn't do the DVD myself, but I was at confrence about electing a new supreme judge.
And the DVD player that came with the DVD, well we didn't think you had anything low tech to play the DVD on so I thought we'd give you it to be able to play the DVD on.
18-10-2007, 18:54
OOC: My apologies for not replying sooner!

Mercedez laughed loud and long at the DVD and the refreshingly relaxed pwople who'd made it. "I definitely need to meet these people. Make note of that number and contact the La Zader 's immediately - provided that it's not two am or something their local time. Waking them up in the middle of the night to talk about security and such is not nice"

"They're a very thoughtfull people, it was kind of them to send along the DVD player just in case. I like what our intellegence reports have turned up about Popay. I want to do an official Pass Along" She had stopped speaking as just a lady and now a more formal air rested lightly but discernably about her, and the half dozen very busy secretaries and aides sitting and working in the same room were well aware of the fact.

"Which technology your Majesty?" One looked up, ready to make formal entries on her padd.

"I think they will be most interested in fuel cells and fusion power plants. The non polluting energy source and non polluting transportation facillitator."

She knew that what Tanaara would be freely offering Popay would have a far greater impact upon than just clean, renewable energy - household and manufacturing waste wasn't the most effecient of fuels for cold fusion plants, but the greater quantity made up to a degree, fusion could never do anything resembling a melt down, and the small, unobtrusive operating facilities made excellent recycling centers as well. The associated technologies would spawn outside merely the energy industry, as would fuel cells. Nearly silent cars with effecient electric engines that just left clean water behind, and had all the get up and go of 'normal' gasoline powered automobile engines? Impossible to refuse. Especially as they were cheaper that gasoline engines to run and to make.

As a founding member of Pass It On, a small, very little known group of technologically advanced nations, Tanaara had obligated herself to passing along their advancements to other deserving nations. At no cost, no strings attached save one - that the recieving nation, at some time in the future, pass it on to another nation that would use the technology in a mature fashion. Not for wars or imperialism, but to help their peopole and others have the best lives possible.

The gifting was never done wholesale, or without thought. The technology offered was 'mature' technology well understood with fully integratable infra structure. Tanaaran technicians and teachers would come to assist in the installation and train the locals how it worked, and the science behind it, so that they could repair and replicate it on their own. No one in the PIO club wanted client or subject nations. They wanted equal partners. They very much believed in "Teach a man to fish, not just feed him a fish"

"Oh and the Lyfang - Helsing vaccine" Mercy added.

Healer Lyfang of the Xa' had discovered and refined the vaccine that prevented over ninety percent of all cancers - and stopped many viruses in their tracks - in homo sapiens, over five centuries ago. Dr. Helsing had discovered the potent anti- ageing serum that had eventually led to Prolong at about the same time. Helsing's discovery had wiped out Alzheimers, and other 'senility' diseases, upped celluar regeneration, strengthing the DNA so that the loss of code never occured. It lengthened life span about sixty years, allowing people to have clear mental functions and personalities until the end of their expanded lives.

However because it could be altered into a terrible weapon it was not gifted as were other technologies and knowledges. It, if accepted, would be admninisted by medics from Tanaara and no samples would be left behind.

"Send them the technical specs and such on fuel cells and cold fusion, see if they are interested. I'll discuss Lyfang Helsing with Premia Blacklee in person." She requested, hopeing that their gifts would be accepted.

Her secretaries moved quickly to get the offers and information sent to Popay.