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LIRA Founded

The Resurgent Dream
30-09-2007, 06:31
Ladies' Intercultural Reconciliation Association

Principal Aims

1. To promote gender and cultural sensitivity as complementary rather than divergent goals

2. To heighten awareness of cultural and gender issues

3. To promote dialogue between different cultural groups with different value systems

4. To promote the welfare and empowerment of women in society

5. To promote a culture of pluralism and tolerance


1. Domestic and international letter writing campaigns on issues of concern

2. Pluralistic cultural festivals

3. International travel for cultural education purposes

4. Hosting international visitors for discussion and dialogue

5. Maintaining a regular journal in print and on-line

6. Facilitating intercultural connections using the internet


Ashley White, President

Mary Langmore, Vice President

Miriam Ran, Treasurer

Abigail Gottesman, Secretary