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(Invite only) Southern Continent RP

13-09-2007, 15:40
Hey guys this is our roleplay forum. Only nations from the southern continent may post here or nations invited by members of the Southern continent. Here we shall settle any wars or disputes.
Vakaras Glimpse
13-09-2007, 16:35
It should probably be said that this is not just a war thread, this will be for RPing anything within the southern continent.
Vakaras Glimpse
13-09-2007, 17:56
Vakaras Glimpse Podium

Hetarr International Airport to reopen soon

After nearly two years of renovations, Hetarr International Airport will reopen on Tuesday.

Early in 2005, plans were drafted to upgrade the main runway at Hetarr International Airport preceding the introduction of larger aircraft into the Vakaran Skyways fleet. Before final plans were made, it was discovered that diverting all flights to the nearby Vercen Municipal Airfield would be more convenient and economical. The single runway at the smaller airfield was deemed adequate for most international and domestic flights, however an upgrade was needed to the traffic control tower. Construction was hurriedly carried out and 5 weeks later, Vercen Municipal was ready to accept larger aircraft, and Hetarr International was officially closed.
Hetarr Airport Commission took this oportunity to renovate all 4 aging terminals, modernising the facilities throughout the complex. There was also a fifth terminal added, as well as additional aviation cargo ramps.
After F4.8 Billion and nearly two years later renovations are complete. At 9:00am Tuesday morning, our most Regal Lord and Ruler of Vakaras Glimpse will cut the ribbon, officially reopening Hetarr International Airport.
The newest arrival to Vakaran Skyways fleet, the Loenik 4-80LF will sit proudly in the hold position on the main runway for the entirety of the event.
Normal flights will resume on Thursday.

-Edward Bligh
Culture Major
14-09-2007, 07:06
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Hope this works
Culture Major
14-09-2007, 07:08
I think a good use for this forum is to explain back stories of our nations. Vakaras Glimpse demonstrated this and I think it is a good way to avoid unneeded arguments.
Vakaras Glimpse
14-09-2007, 18:00

Sanitation Jobs Scrapped

A large number of Hetarr's sanitation workers were sacked today, after a week long conference in the nations ministerial cabinet.
The conference was meant to allieviate many of the problems facing the industry. Union strikes have been common in the last few months as workers demanded more pay and better conditions. However it was an unexpected decision by the cabinet, who decided to shed all waste collection staff and a large percentage of process facility staff.
It is unknown at this stage who shall replace the sacked workers or when, however the minister for sanitation has assured the public that there should only be minimal disruption to collection services.
This decision comes just 2 months before the partial privatisation of the city's sanitation service.

-Trent Morsden
Culture Major
16-09-2007, 12:51

-New Islands Found-

A mysterious Island chain has bee found off the east coast of Culture Major. The fact that they have never been detected before completely baffles national information officials. These island have just seemed to turn up out of the mist 5 days ago when a fishing boat was caught in a storm and made shore at the closest possible point. After consulting their on board maps they realized there were no islands for miles around. It is thought that they may have been formed around 5 thousand years ago when the two great tectonic plates collided. Although this does not explain why this fully inhabited island chain could exist without notice. A environmental team has been sent to investigate the local flora and forna. The island's people are a pigmie style people with looks that are similar to that of Culture Major and Luster Land. SC has also set up a perimeter around the island chain that has been ordered not to allow anyone pass.

(National Paper of Culture Major)
Culture Major
16-09-2007, 12:52
Titus Wijnams
16-09-2007, 22:42

Breakthroughs in Genetic Science

The Sunshine Holy Empire Scientist Association, best known for their meddling in things that don't need meddling in, has recently made several breakthroughs in genetic science. With the introduction of new laws allowing stem cell research and cloning, S.H.E.S.A. has cloned the long extinct species, the feathered golden tobacco bird and is breeding in captivity with plans to release them into the wild in a few months. S.H.E.S.A. has also discovered how to get rid of genetic defects like babies that are born with no myostatin, which as we all know inhibits muscle growth. The rich and wealthy were quick to jump on the opportunity until our sensible Emperor came in and shut down the facility. S.H.E.S.A. has only announced that ongoing research is in process and it does involve myostatin and other genetic defects.


Police have noticed disappearances in the area around the abandoned S.H.E.S.A. facility. Mainly large men who are muscle-y, tall or have resistances to certain diseases. Titus, Holy Emperor, ensures us this has nothing to do with the research facility and he is constructing a team of super soldiers to look into it.
Vakaras Glimpse
05-10-2007, 18:01

Car Makers Boost Production

The national statistics body has released information from a new study, showing that despite the increased tax rates, retail spending is on the rise.
The largest in the retail sector, Publishing, has had a dramatic increase in spending, which is perhaps not a surprise. Information media, periodicals and Books of all kinds have steadily been a strong player in the retail market. However this rise is completely unprecedented says the NSA chairman Mark Styer.
The Surprise is that the largest percentage increase over the last quarter, comes from the bottom end of the market, the automotive industry. Vakaras Glimpse has never been known for its booming automotive industry, however over the last 24 months, some of our smaller manufacturers have grown significantly. It is speculated this increase is due to the vast increase in military spending, part of which goes to the parent companies of our automotive manufacturers. In return, most manufacturers cease regular production to aid primary military manufacturers. However some of the manufacturers attached to larger military parent companies have managed to continue production, and even improve their facilities. Most auto manufacturers have been producing models mostly for a niche market, however with their newly found wealth, they have been able to increase production rates, to a level that they can now compete with larger foreign manufacturers.
Leading the charge for the up and comming manufacturers is the Keating Motor Company, the automotive arm of the Keating Group, Astron Motors, the automotive arm of DCMCorp, and RellenVaas Auto, the automotive arm of the Loenik Corporation.
This is good news for consumers, as now there is a viable home made alternative to foreign imports. Which is just in time too, as the recent increase in import tarriffs have made buying a car almost impossible for the average family.
It is expected that new models will enter into the market over the comming weeks, with RellenVaas Auto bringing out their first line of mass produced cars in the company's history. So too will Astron Motors, who for a brief period several years ago, mass produced Landroamers for the military. As such, their line of cars will be more commercial and utilitarian vehicles.
Its unknown which direction the industry will take over the next 12 months, however it is assuredly driving forward.

-Mark Hunt.
Culture Major
07-10-2007, 08:57
-Culture Major-

Due to an extremely incredible discovery on a island in the newly found island chain ,off east coast of Culture Major, we wish to hold a debate over the wisest action that can be taken. Please send a time that is appropriate to have this discussion.

(Markwin Skel, SC, This message will be posted on the normal forum)
Vakaras Glimpse
14-10-2007, 07:19

Astron to unveil Landroamer

As far as decent four wheel drives go, in Vakaras Glimpse there is basically only two ways to go. In recent years, the domination of the foreign Yotoy Landbruiser and the Mishun Ranger has reached new highs.

However the newly revamped Astron brand is scheduled to unveil its new entry to the market at the up and comming Vakaras Glimpse Motor show at the end of this month.

The Landroamer is a rebirthed idea from the original Military Landroamers produced by Astron Motors years ago and comes in two different guises.

The first is the Landroamer Sentry. The work-horse of the two, the Sentry model uses a flatsheet body design, allowing easy repairs and a low build price. Building on the success of its distant military cousin, the Sentry focuses on outright durability, an area in which our test car excelled. Probably not the most comfortable of the two, however if its a rough, tough and dependable all terrain work-horse, the Landroamer Sentry is your prize pig.

However, if you're looking for a versatile yet comfortable off-road vehicle, then the Landroamer Recovery may be just the answer. Built on an extended Sentry platform, the Recovery handles the rough stuff as well as any, yet with a spacious cabin with comfortable seating and numerous luxury appointments, the Recovery is an entirely different drive. The sleek body styling and sporty stance belies the cars true offroad ability. Infact in our offroad tests, the two models handled the purpose built obstacle course almost equally well, with the Sentry nudging slightly ahead.

One thing that the two models share, is abundance of power. The Recovery comes with a 4.8 Litre Alloy Quadcam V8 as standard, with the option of a 3.0 Litre Turbo-Diesel V6.

The Sentry comes with both the above as well as a 2.4 Litre Turbo-Diesel inline 4 cylinder engine.

The V8 makes a healthy power figure of 220kW @ 4500rpm and Torque figure of 470Nm @ 2200rpm. Perhaps not the most fuel efficient in the range, but definately the most fun.
The V6 is quite a nice unit as we found in the tests, with 148kW @ 3000rpm and a massive 520Nm @ 1950rpm the V6 is probably the pick of the lot when it comes to practicality as well as fuel consumption.
The Sentry's baby 4 as it came to be called in our tests, is fairly decent, although it is probably not suited to extreme terrain due to a lack of power and torque, yet with 90kW @ 3100 and 290Nm @ 2200rpm it isnt completely helpless. There is a slight problem with turbo lag just off idle, which is also a bit high at over 900rpm. The turbo is appropriately sized for the engine, however the heavier spooling turbine takes too long to kick in.

Astron are being very tight lipped about further details, choosing to wait until the unveiling to release the details.

Overall we were very impressed with Vakaras Glimpse's first home-built commercial offering.
The Vakaras Glimpse Motor Show opens on the 27th of October.

-John Grice