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Jimanistan facts thread

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This is the political make-up of Jimanistan after the fall of the Communist Dictatorship and the election of the Communal Socialists.

The Communal Democracy Jimanistan is an archipeligo of five-and-a-half major islands and numerous small ones. The main islands are: Jimania, Haighia, Catrosa, Greenwhia, and Guthreria. (shared with the semi-autonomous Free Communes of Guthreria) Each island is something along the lines of what a state or province would be in another country. Villages, Towns, and smaller Cities are classed as 'Communes' on the local form of government. Local elections are surprisingly animated and are highly debated. Larger cities are divided into seperate Communes, While Ashbury, the National Capital, has no local government in the normal sense. There, the locals directly vote on every issue. The National Government is similar to the American system, with a bi-cameral legislature, (made up of the Council and the Communal Seat) a direct-vote judicial system, and an executive (by whichever title he pleases.. 'President' and 'Comrade' are most popular titles) who elected solely on a poplular vote. Local Government has far more power then the federal government.


* Communal Alliance: (Made up of frmr. C. Socialists, C. Democrats, H.I.P.P.I.E Party and
frmr. C. Republicists) This is generally the ruling party, which controls most
of Jimania, Haigha, parts of Castrosa and Greenwhia, and holds nearly no
sway over Guthreria.
* Guthri Party: Exists only in Guthreria and controls the
governmet there. Somewhat more moralistic then the Alliance.

* Chaoticist Party: Essentially anarchists. Holds majority on
none of the islands.
* Peoples party: Only remaining Marxist party. Holds majority on
Castrosa. Very Idealistic.

* Independent Parties: Small clustering of loser parties that
never won a National election.


Current President: Jerry Joplin (A)

Current Majority Parties

National Government

Council: Alliance Party
Communal Seat: Peoples Party

Island Government

Jimania: Alliance Party
Haighia: Alliance Party
Castrosa: People's Party
Guthreria: Guthri Party
Greenwhia: No majority party