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Akimonad's leader abdicates

08-09-2007, 18:37
KENT, Aki - In an unprecented move, Supreme Leader Commodore Daniel Heusen, the dictator of Akimonad, delivered a speech to the nation wherein he officially stepped down from his position.

"I must admit," he said in the speech, "that I fail at politics. Dr. Jules Hodz, however, does not. I therefore name him the new leader of Akimonad, and I resign my position as Supreme Leader."

When asked about the future, Heusen said he would remain as commander of the Akimonad Defence Forces.

Dr. Hodz told the press that this had been in the docket for awhile. Hodz came out to the podium shortly after Heusen finished and accepted the responsibility.

Dr. Hodz said that he shall henceforth be known as the First Director of Akimonad.

"'Supreme Leader', with all due respect, sounds a little too dictatorial. And that's not what we're about here."

Dr. Hodz is known throughout the UN as the ambassador from Akimonad. Dr. Hodz said he would remain the UN Ambassador, but would appoint a deputy to help him.

Parliament was called to a special session and passed several acts relating to Hodz's new position, declaring it legal, dissolving the Supreme Leader title and creating the First Minister title. They also passed acts that reorganized the government.

In the vote to declare Hodz's rule legal 98% of the MPs present voted for. Those in opposition were defenestrated shortly after.