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Marriage traditions and preparations in your country.

Holy Faith killester
19-08-2007, 13:01
Marriage traditions are simple in our country. all marriages must be arrange between youth houses in our country without the bride knowing. Marriage takes place on the girls 18th birthday. the most important ritual before the wedding is that she is unaware of the marriage plans until the morning of the wedding day when she is brought into a room where her wedding dress is hanging. traditionally the Bride should resist going into the room when she sees the dress, therefore she is carried into the room blindfolded and two women hold her still while other women dress her. Her wedding outfit consists of a white Ceramic mask with eye and mouth holes which is strapped onto her face by tightening straps at the back of her head. This is the first Garment to be put on her, second is the dress which is fastened with small hooks at the back, third is a white garment whichsits around the mask, hiding the straps and covering the brides neck. This is buttoned to the mask and the inside of her dress. fourth is a thick long veil which drapes down at the back and the front, hiding the Brides mask. At the Ceremony the groom lifts the veil and kisses her lips, which are visable through the mouth hole. At the party the bride is tied to her chair and spoon fed by her foster mother. The brides mask may only be removed by her husband two weeks after the wedding. this means that he must spoon feed her on the honeymoon which shows that he will always care for her.
21-08-2007, 01:17
Wedding traditions depend on the ethnic group and religion, people belong to. The inikresaistic mainlanders have several traditions in the preparation of the wedding: the future husband sneaks into the house of his future wife and spends a night there. On the next morning, his parents arrive and ask for acceptance of the wedding. The most important thing which need to be agreed on is into which family the couple belongs to. This is important for ceremonies and for the last name of the couple. In certain cases, like if neither of the parents agree, if the marriage was committed without the consent of the parents or if the number of families in a village would be too low for certain ceremeonies, the couple would start its own family and choose its own last name. The groom and the bride normally wear either very traditional clothes on the wedding day (made of a yellow-brown cloth with pattern believed to be auspicious) or in western style in (often still yello-brown) suit and white dress. The ceremony itself is led by an inikresaistic priest and it consists of a lot of traditional dances, singing and later, an opulent meal. In some places, the first sex of the marriage is expected to happen in front of the eyes of the family and close friends. In other parts of Rejistania, it is considered to bee a bad omen if the bride is a virgin on the day of the marriage so in case the woman and her future husband have not taken care of this fact themselves, a teualu-is (female priest in certain inikresaistic denominations) or in modern times a gynecologist make sure she does not enter the marriage as virgin.

The Kireshi minority normally has shorter ceremonies, which take place in excelite temples and which - like most excelite ceremonies - are not to be disclosed. After the religious part however, the long parties are notorious. Kireshi superstition says that if guests leave the wedding celebration early, they wish the marriage not to last.
21-08-2007, 05:02
Marriage tradition often varries by religion and geographic location. Some common traditions include the Bachlore/Bachlorett party, followed by the Pre-Wedding Party, a gaterhing of both famlies for a dinner (Often BBQ). For thoes more of a Japanese Decent, they will wear a lovely Kimono prior too and during and after the cerimoney (Washed every day). Most weddings are held at night unless they are outdores then they take place close to dusk.
Royal Scots
21-08-2007, 06:03
royal scots marriage tradition is when the couple want to get married they sit on diffrent sides of a wall . the vicar of sorts says a traditional marriage text . once the text is done the bride and groom step to the right were they face each other for the first time as a married couple . sort of a " love at first site " deal .
21-08-2007, 19:08
Our nation does not legally recognize marriage at all, it merely enforces any relevant contract law. The definitions and preparations are left up to the individuals.
The Resurgent Dream
26-08-2007, 00:39
The religious and cultural rituals associated with marriage vary widely within the Confederated Peoples and a few of the legal specifics vary from Member to Member. As far as the law is concerned, marriage is a specific kind of partnership between two people (some Members specify that they must be a man and a woman). This partnership confers certain benefits in law and with regard to most employers. Most significantly, the spouse of any married person has next of kin status and, in the event that that person is incapicitated, has the legal right to make decisions pertaining to their welfare in the absence of a "living will" or medical power of attorney to the contrary. A person cannot be married while legally married to another person. Marriage is based upon the consent of both parties. In some Members, a person over the age of consent but below the age of adulthood can be married provided that both the bride or groom to be and one or both parents consent. If both parties are under the age of adulthood, then they remain under the guardianship of their parents. If one party is a legal adult and the other is not, the adult party becomes the underage party's legal guardian until they come of age. Foreign marriages based upon consent are recognized although Confederal courts reserve the right to grant a divorce or annullment to a citizen or permanent resident originally married in a nation that does not recognize divorce or annullment. Foreign marriages not legally grounded in consent are not recognized in the Confederated Peoples unless the current consent of both parties is established. Being forced into an unwanted marriage abroad is grounds for asylum in the Confederated Peoples. Marriage to a Confederal citizen confers Confederal citizenship upon formal request regardless of other circumstances. The partners to a marriage undertake the obligation to take reasonable care for one another's medical and economic well-being, a responsibility that can persist after the termination of a marriage although divorce laws vary from Member to Member. An alimony order issued by a court in one Member is honored in all others. Married couples retain their distinct legal identities and rights as persons and neither undertakes any other legal obligations. Specifically, there is no legal obligation to have sexual intercourse or to cohabitate nor is any party legally subject to the will of the other. The parties continue to own property separately except in so far as they voluntarily undertake to hold some or all of their property in common. Any act that would be a crime if committed against a stranger remains a crime if committed against a spouse. There are also additional laws prohibiting spousal abuse which are enforced in addition to, not instead of, ordinary criminal law.
Holy Faith killester
01-09-2007, 14:17
Thank you everybody for sharing this information. If you do not have customs to share then please give your opinion on our customs. they are widely appreciated.

For those of you interested, sex after marriage takes place after the brides mask is removed when they return from the honeymoon. During pregnancy, the mother is left in a dark room in the care of nurses to meditate until the childs birth occurs.
01-09-2007, 17:18
Dear Holy Faith killester,

As a representative of my people, I find your customs abhorent, abusive and violation of basic human rights. Obviously women in your culture are but second class citizens with no ability to speak up for themselves. That they allow such treatment to be foisted upon them seaks far worse for the women, but badly enough for men.
If such actiosn were attempted to be done to me, there'd be dead bodies on the ground.

To be forced into marriage with some one you have never met? To be fed like an animal, or a slave, by said strranger for two weeks or starve? Personally I'd starve rather than be treated thusly. Then once impregnated - the victim of rape must be loked in darkness for the term of her pregnancy? That hurts the fetus she is carrying as well, for studies have proven thagt the fetus can hear the mother's voice, hear sounds etc. No wonder yuou freaks are so stunted.

~Anne Mariamour Hathaway~
age: 14
Imperial Interstellar Guides Leadership Conferrence

Dear Holy Faith killester,

I find it shockinly ignorant that a young man would be forced to marry a stranger, then tend this person as if they were disabled, or an infant unable to fend for themselves. How can you form healthy emotional bonds, how can you truly love some one you treat as a child? What an unhealthy dependancy is formed. And being forced to wear a mask for two weeks must be most unsanitary.

I would never try and force any of my wives to live as a prisoner for nine months, nor would my co-husbands allow such treatment.
I found it quite astonishing to read of a culture where women are held in such low regard, though we have studied such backwards societies in school.
Rape caries the death penality in the Empire, and deservedly so, though obviously it is insttutionalised in your nation.

On the whole, I must say, that if your marriage customs are thus, I would rate your societal index as primitive, and underdeveloped. I don't think I'd care to live there.

~ Zarrik Daffyd Sayjayet Mantooth ~
Age: 16
Imperial Interstellar Guides Leadership Conferrence

These two letters were selected as being strongly representative of the reactions of those attending the annual Imperial Interstellar Guides Leadership Conferrence. Interstellar Guides are much like the Boy and Girl Scouts of Earth, save -that like every other aspect of the Tanaran Empire's culture- it is open to all genders. Gender discrimination is unknown and unacceptable within the Empire. I have to mention that both Anne and Zarrik are both human.
The Eternal Kawaii
01-09-2007, 19:30

In the Name of the Eternal Kawaii
may the Cute One be praised

To the Holy Faith killester,
From the NSUN Nuncia of the Eternal Kawaii
Dear sir,

While it is not usual for our people to discuss personal matters, sir, our Prophet has directed me to publish a response. Marriage among the people of the Eternal Kawaii is among the highest of our sacred traditions, a pact carefully guarded and supported by the community. We Kawaiians view marriage as a union not between man and woman but between two families, joined together by the sacred bond. Thus, it is common for marriages in our nation to be arranged between families.

My own marriage was arranged so, when I was nine years of age. My groom was about ten, and, to be honest, we really didn't know each other at the time, since our families lived in different cities. It was a rather charming ceremony; I mostly remember the funny bearded otaku who pronounced the prayers over us and the party afterwards before my new husband and his parents left for their home. I didn't meet him again until middle school a few years later, and I'm sad to say we really weren't that close. I had hoped things would work out when our marriage became official once we had reached our ages of majority.

Sadly, that was not to be. My husband and his family perished the awful night when Lord Gojira unleashed the scourge of the Cute One upon our people for our sins. As a widow now, I console myself with service to the Eternal Kawaii until I and my family find the right man for me.
03-09-2007, 00:52
(As each island has it's own set of culture and there is no unitary law for marriage each island varries)

On Aurora women are anything but the farer sex, nor are the equal in the work place. After courting the girl will usually ask the man Upon this proposal if accepted the to me coupel may move into the same hut and sleep together (That they wouldn't do before courtship) What happens next is very much depending on circumstance Some men like to test the women's sexuality and make sure she is a viable mate. Some women even ask for the test. Otherwise they will have sex at pleasure or not at all untill the final cerimoney. Hower tradition dictates only one night of sex and only a few minutes during the engagement. The cerimoney is always held one week from the day the proposal is made rain or shine.

The cerimoney is far from typical western wedding. The girl is put through an endurance test before the man. It's seen as a test of love and a prepration for the hardships of marriage. The day of the cerimoney the bride and groom are kept sepearte. As the bride prepares for her test the groom is also prepared. He meets up with just about every pretty girl and is told he must resist them to prove his fidelity. Once night falls a giant bonfire is lit the bride is stripped naked Such tests will inlude: Walking over hot coals, being drenched in hot and cold water lifting heavy stones and placing them in the correct order. After the endurance test the girl is showered in a nice cool bucket of water with herbs that give a very sweet sent to clean her off and make her smell good. (It's said to increase sex drive) and she is free to embrace her husband. The girl typically remains naked through the night, while it's the choice of the man to be clothed or not.

And after the cerimoney the bride and groom are left alone to return to show their new physical attraction. This can go for hours
Holy Faith killester
23-09-2007, 15:59
The Bride is given a bath by two maids who also clean her mask, her husband is generally unaware of this. children are taken are taken away to live in youth houses with educators and other children when they are 5 years old. therefore we do not call a man, woman and child a family. a childs family is those who he/she lives with in the youth house.