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Cup of Harmony 25 (WC33) RP/Roster/Scores Thread

New Manhattan
08-03-2007, 12:17

자스연 (Jasīʼyūn) welcomes the twenty participating nations to the Unified Capitalizt States for the twenty-fifth Cup of Harmony.

The teams will be drawn into four groups of five teams. Each team will play the other teams in its group once. The top two teams from each group will advance to a knockout stage. The following pots will be used to determine the group draw (numbers in parentheses are post-qualifying ranks):

Pot 1: (27) Vilita, (43) Ropa-Topia, (46) Fort Europe, (49) Schorteskatascansolani
Pot 2: (51) Jasīʼyūn, (54) Bostopia, (55) Magnus Valerius, (58) Bushes Been Quaked
Pot 3: (61) Zwangzug, (62) Estresse Intenso, (68) The HURD, (75) Cookesland
Pot 4: (80) Turruth Gordur, (86) Acapais, (88) East Lithuania, (91) Swilatia
Pot 5: (91) Druida, (104) Lovisa, (106) Atheistic Right, (110) Cluichstan

(all scorination will take place at approximately 02:00 UTC ( on the indicated date)
2007–03–09: Group draw (
2007–03–11: Group stage, matchday 1 (
2007–03–12: Group stage, matchday 2 (
2007–03–13: Group stage, matchday 3 (
2007–03–14: Group stage, matchday 4 (
2007–03–15: Group stage, matchday 5 (
2007–03–17: Quarterfinals (
2007–03–18: Semifinals (
2007–03–19: Third-place playoff (
2007–03–20: Final (

Fixtures and stadium information will be provided shortly after the group draw.
08-03-2007, 13:46
Swilatian Football Team Squad


#1 Dominik Kowalski, GK
#2 Synade Wassenza, GK

#4 Urszula Kapowska, D
#5 Jan Serelianski, D
#3 Falaja Tiskane, D
#7 Szymon Klonowski, D
#8 Maria Jankowska, D

#10 Piotr Szymański, M
#11 Stanisław Wak, M
#15 Kenysa Borlane, M
#16 Ryszard Anioł, M
#17 Ania Kotek, M
#29 Dominik Nitsolski, M

#21 Michał Dąbrowski, S
#22 Mikołaj Rycerski, S
#24 Mirosława Romańska, S
#26 Kanna Wejare, S
#30 Jarosław Zieliński, S

GK - Goalkeeper, D - Defense, M - Midfield, S - Striker
Starters in bold.

3-4-3 Formation

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers N, this includes own goals by my team.
Godmode Scoring Events N
RP injuries to my players Y, but no deaths
Godmode injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmode Other Events N
08-03-2007, 16:12
The GNUs of HURD

The GNUs of HURD are a robotic team since for the HURDists it appeared more easy to find a robotic solution which is good enough to defeat the World champion in the time of half a year than some HURDist athletes.

The robots are Nassi-Shneidermann class robots in kid's size and they are programmed by a rather big community around them. The design and programming is still beta. Tyler or Zuse might even attempt to patch players during the match. The formation is a 5-4-1. The robotic goalkeeper is nicknamed lynx, other players were nicknamed, but the nicknames did not stick.

Project leader: Tytso Tyler

AI developer: Glenda Satanya

Equipment manager: Deborah Faure

BTW: a typical HURDist fan-chant is: "Fee! fie! foe! FOO!"

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (they tend to happen with the faulty preliminary designs, the HURDists then substitute a robot with the same design in or are shorthanded)
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y
08-03-2007, 16:22
#, Name, Position, Age

Goalkeepers - 3

1 - Peter Jeffers - GK - 6 (Nearly 7)
12 - Barry Daffling - GK - 6
13 - Mark Simons - GK - 6

Defenders - 7

2 - Francis Vale - DL - 6
3 - Gerry Landor - DC - 6
4 - Karl Matthews - DC - 6
5 - Adam Craiff - DR - 6
14 - Simon Richards - DC - 6
15 - Brian Mcdowd- DLRC - 6
16 - David Ryarrif - DR - 6

Midfielders - 8

6 - Michael Wake - ML - 6
7 - Stuart Flambriff- MC - 6
8 - Freddie Marsh - MC - 6
9 - Luke Barle - MR - 6
17 - James Harriff - MC - 6
18 - Nick Orring - ML - 6
19 - Terry Serring - MC - 6
20 - Richard Ampling - MR - 6

Strikers - 5

10 - Harry Auderrie - SC - 6
11 - Aleksander Cripps - SC - 6
21 - Robert Karr- SC - 6
22 - Kyle Jonners - SC - 6
23 - Ian Tanraer - SC – 6

Players numbered 1 to 11 will be our starting line-up. Kits are as follows.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (Within reason)
Godmod injuries to my players Y (Within reason)
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y (Within reason)
Hand out Red cards to my players Y (Within reason)
Godmod Other Events Y (Knock yourself out)
Estresse Intenso
08-03-2007, 17:18
Landau Institute's selected players for the Cup of Harmony - The same of the BoF and of the WC qualifiers:


1- Julien PRUNELLA: Perfectionist, Prunella is a serious man, who likes to see everything in the right place. When playing, he is a very fast goalkeeper who can make great jumps and has good reflexes.
Age: 23 years old
Years in the Institute: 12

12- Harold ZHEE ZHANG: Zhang needs many medicines to stay calm. He becomes angry easily, and the doctors have to control him everytime. When playing, he is a good goalkeeper, good in saving penalties and like to leave the goal to start plays.
Age: 32 years old
Years in the Institute: 25

23- Tomé Demétrius VIANA: Viana doesn't talk. After many years under stress, he decided to stop talking and now communicates using signals. In the field he isn't an excellent goalkeeper, only a backup for the team, as his hands aren't very strong.
Age: 30 years old
Years in the Institute: 2


2- Sidney PINDARÉ: Pindaré loves music. He sings everytime his preferred music, and even when he have to talk, he talks singing. He plays singing and even sleeps singing. As a player, he plays in the right wing, using all his speed and technique to start plays for the team, but he is good at tackling too.
Age: 27 years old
Years in the Institute: 11

6- Diego FLORES: Flores fears practically everything. Animals, objects, people, he fears all of it. His main fear is his fear of thieves, thinking that he will be mugged everytime. When playing, he is fast and very intelligent, thinking before passing the ball. He even goes to the attack sometimes to try to score.
Age: 21 years old
Years in the Institute: 18

14- BERGUE: Bergue forgot everything that happened in his life before going to the Institute, even his age and name. Apart from this, he is a normal person, and is learning many things from the doctors. When playing, he can be used in both wings in the field, and is very good at tackling and at passing.
Age: who knows?
Years in the Institute: 13

16- Manoel Arnaldo ANTUNES: Antunes is very fat, and has to take many medicines to control his weight. The doctors discovered that he started to eat after suffering from intense stress and he can't stop to eat anymore. When playing, Antunes doesn't run very much, but is great at tackling and in long passes.
Age: 24 years old
Years in the Institute: 6


3- Carlos Eduardo GODÓI: Godói thinks that he is a very famous person, and when he is playing he thinks that most of the supporters that are in the stadium are his fans. As a defender, he is very competent and is a good leader, although isn't the captain.
Age: 23 years old
Years in the Institute: 9

4- Viriato MANGA: Manga is one of the few players of the squad that doesn't have any problem and doesn't need any medicines. He is very experienced and is a natural leader, very good in tackling and in protecting the ball. (CAPTAIN)
Age: 26 years old
Years in the Institute: 22

13- Roberto MARINHO: Marinho says that he can see the future. But his visions never happen (well, one or two happened, but it was only luck, I think), so nobody believes on him. In the defense he has more technique than te others, but his marking is poor.
Age: 17 years old
Years in the Institute: 3

20- Ângelo SURBINOV: Surbinov lies everytime, and he can't control this. When someone asks something to him, he has to lie. When he is playing, he likes to control the ball and marks well.
Age: 22 years old
Years in the Institute: 5

Defensive Midfielders:

5- Eurico SARDINHA: Sardinha is rally crazy. He says incomprehensible things all the time, shouting and acting like a cave man. Sometimes he talks normally, but still acts like a crazy person. He is a very violent player and good at long shots and passes.
Age: 27 years old
Years in the Institute: 15

8- Anton DUMITRACHE: If Dumitrache doesn't take his medicines, he will be delirious and see unreal things, objects moving and he won't move, shocked in his world, seeing the colours mixing and things moving. As a player, he has some technique and can help the team in making good goal chances.
Age: 18 years old
Years in the Institute: since birth

21- Bjorn ERIKSSON: Eriksson is too calm and lazy. He doesn't run in the field and even sleeps while playing sometimes. He likes to relax. When playing, she stays in only one place in the field, helping the team with his good passes.
Age: 18 years old
Years in the Institute: since birth

22- Jairo MONTEIRO: Monteiro likes to collect. Everything. Everytime he is looking for something to collect, and can even steal or do something wrong to get what he wants. In the position of defensive midfielder, he is very good at tackling and marking, and can play as a defender.
Age: 25 years old
Years in the Institute: 1

Offensive Midfielders:

10- BOGDAN Nejmanovski: Another player that doesn't have any serious problem, Bogdan only need medicines because he has many health problems. But he is a key player, as he is very smart and can dribble very well, creating many good goal chances and even scoring lots of goals.
Age: 35 years old
Years in the Institute: 20

11- Vandison DOS ALPES: Dos Alpes likes to comment the game to his team mates and gives orders for them, becoming angry if they don't obey with him. He also fears the dark and crowded places. Playing, he is good a dribbling and good in taking corner kicks, being a very technical player.
Age: 28 years old
Years in the Institute: 18

15- Gregório ARAÚJO: Araújo loves a deathwatch. He thinks that he can speak with the dead and stays many hours in the cemetery. When playing, he controls the ball a lot and has a good passing ability, but doesn't score many goals.
Age: 20 years old
Years in the Institute: 4

18- Selênio CÉSAR NOBRE: César Nobre is hypochondriac, taking lots of medicines even when he doesn't need any. He also avoids physical contact with other players, fearing that he gets a disease in this contact. But when he is playing he forget about that and play using all his speed and dribbling ability.
Age: 21 years old
Years in the Institute: 20


7- Fernando PONTE PÊNSIL: Ponte Pênsil is a free kick expert, scoring easy goals from free kicks. He also is very good at heading and assisting his team mates, being one of the most respected players of the squad. But he has a serious insomnia, he can't sleep for six days, and after that he sleeps during 24 hours.
Age: 25 years old
Years in the Institute: 22

9- Carlos Alberto GABALÁN: Gabalán is the best player of the team and a goal maker. He doesn't need medicines and is completely sane, so he is the key player of the team and the main responsible for the good results of the squad.
Age: 24 years old
Years in the Institute: since birth

17- Cláudio MENDES: Mendes can't decide. He can't decide what he will eat, what shirt he'll use, and other things. He need to take his medicines to play well. As a supporting striker, Mendes is good at dribbling and makes many assists.
Age: 22 years old
Years in the Institute: 3

19- Nico LACERDA: Lacerda hates cities. When he has to play in a big city, he stays in the hotel during all the trip and only leaves to play the game. When playing, he is a very good striker, and can score many goals.
Age: 17 years old
Years in the Institute: 16

COACH: Doctor Vittorio Mendonça: Vittorio is the responsible for training the team and giving them the medicines that will make them forget their strange habits and play football like the other teams. He is a very good doctor and Landau trusts him.
Age: 68 years old

Landau also sent many other doctors to help the team, working as physical trainer, spy, doctor and other jobs.

The Formation: 4-5-1 Style of +1(used in the first games):

-----Dos Alpes-----Bogdan-----Araújo-----------

3-4-3 - Style of +3 (not used):

-----Dos Alpes------------------Dumitrache-----
-----Ponte Pênsil----Gabalán----Mendes---------
08-03-2007, 17:30
<tZuse@jabber.inferno.tba> Glenda? You here?
<Cavewoman@greenjabber.tba> Give an old woman some _time_...
<Cavewoman@greenjabber.tba> I just came home... had to kill rats... yearly quota, you know :(
<tZuse@jabber.inferno.tba> Come on! It's better than income taxes!
<Cavewoman@greenjabber.tba> and gimme some time to config this client...
<tZuse@jabber.inferno.tba> Okay, but I need to talk to you.

<Cavewoman> Okay, here I am.
<tZuse> Glenda, I don't know how I can say it...
<Cavewoman> you want to marry me?
<tZuse> keep dreaming :p
<tZuse> In the last days... weeks... months... all became too much of it... being lead developer is starting to make me feel like a Linux with 8MB of RAM.
<Cavewoman> you mean fine?
<tZuse> a Linux with 8 MB of RAM and no swap trying to run X11!
<tZuse> and KDE!
<Cavewoman> oh...
<Cavewoman> and now... Shingdala Mingdala?
<tZuse> indeed, Glenda, like in the fairytale.
<tZuse> Can you hold the oar?
<Cavewoman> You want _me_ to take over your post?
<tZuse> yes, SUltimatije
<Cavewoman> SUltima was a flop... I can not understand why I got so excited about it!
<tZuse> yeah, you did not attempt to ride a dead horse.
<Cavewoman> okay, if youo need a person like that, I do it!
<tZuse> great! I'll blog it ASAP
08-03-2007, 18:53
Acapais Men's National Team

Manager - Anil Keswani
Age: 46
Int'l Caps: 19

My starters are numbered 1-11

1 - Matthew Dickenson
22 - Edward LeGrand
23 - Paul Sandstone

2 - Shane Murphy (C)
3 - Nick McKellar
6 - Jeremy Davis
10 - Shaurabh Nandy
13 - Robert Hernandez
14 - Bradly Jackson
17 - David Pham
18 - Jacob Peyton

4 - Craig Robicheaux
5 - Salvador Salazar
7 - Dom'onic Duke
8 - Alex McKellar
9 - Oscar Van Savage
15 - Graham Atwater
16 - Makeshift Taylor
19 - Martin Heswah
21 - Copelon Wright

11 - Ricardo Jose
12 - Samuel Haun
17 - Deshawn Jones
20 - Curtis Oakley

1 Dickenson, Matthew
Age: 21
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Position: GoalKeeper
Current Club: Hearn United
Int'l Clean Sheets: 3
Int'l Caps: 19

2 Murphy, Shane (Captain)
Age: 27
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Position: Defender
Current Club: South Maypearl
Int'l Goals: 1
Int'l Caps: 19

3 McKellar, Nick
Age: 16
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Position: Defender
Current Club: Holliday FC
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 19

4 Robicheaux, Craig
Age: 21
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Position: Midfeilder
Current Club: North Maypearl
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 19

5 Salazar, Salvador
Age: 17
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Position: Midfeilder
Current Club: FC Elkheart
Int'l Goals: 5
Int'l Caps: 18

6 Davis, Jeremy
Age: 18
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Position: Defender
Current Club: Edgewood United
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 18

7 Duke, Dom'onic
Age: 18
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Position: Midfelder
Current Club: Real Malakoff
Int'l Goals: 3
Int'l Caps: 19

8 McKellar, Alex
Age: 16
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Position: Midfelder
Current Club: Holliday FC
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 16

9 Van Savage, Oscar
Age: 21
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Position: Midfelder
Current Club: Three Rivers FC
Int'l Goals: 4
Int'l Caps: 19

10 Nandy, Shaurabh
Age: 20
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Position: Defender
Current Club: Schulenburg
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 19

11 Jose, Ricardo
Age: 17
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Position: Striker
Current Club: FC Elkheart
Int'l Goals: 6
Int'l Caps: 19

12 Haun, Samuel
Age: 20
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Position: Striker
Current Club: Edgewood United
Int'l Goals: 1
Int'l Caps: 13

13 Hernandez, Robert
Age: 16
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Position: Defened
Current Club: FC Elkheart
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 15

14 Jackson, Bradly
Age: 22
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Position: Defender
Current Club: Yorktown
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 11

15 Atwater, Graham
Age: 19
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Position: Midfeilder
Current Club: Hearn United
Int'l Goals: 2
Int'l Caps: 15

16 Taylor, Makeshift
Age: 23
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Position: Midfeilder
Current Club: Sweetwater Rovers
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 5

17 Jones, Deshawn
Age: 21
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Position: Striker
Current Club: North Maypearl
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 6

18 Peyton, Jacob
Age: 22
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 79 kg
Position: Defender
Current Club: Hearn United
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 4

19 Heswah, Martin
Age: 25
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 79 kg
Position: Midfeilder
Current Club: Yorktown
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 0

20 Oakley, Curtis
Age: 22
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Position: Defender
Current Club: Cooper Hawks FC
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 0

21 Wright, Copelon
Age: 20
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Position: Midfeilder
Current Club: Cooper Hawks FC
Int'l Goals: 0
Int'l Caps: 0

22 LeGrand, Edward
Age: 20
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Position: Goalkeeper
Current Club: Real Malakoff
Int'l Caps: 0

23 Sandstone, Paul
Age: 19
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Position: Goalkeeper
Current Club: Sweetwater Rovers
Int'l Caps: 0


Style Modifier = -2

Acapis will generally play a 4-2-3-1

-------------------Dickenson (GK)-----------------
----Van Savage--------Duke------------Salazar-----

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following (Within Reason):
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y
08-03-2007, 19:36 Men's National Team press conference

Jessica: "Hello and welcome to today's press conference for the Acapais Men's National Team. I am glad all of you could make it this afternoon for this is the first press conference for the national team. In a moment, Mr. Anil Keswani, Manager of the Acapais Men's National Team, will present himself and give you information about this year's team competing in the Cup of Harmony. It is requested however that you save your questions until the end of the announcements. Well, my watch says one o' clock so, without further ado, I would like to introduce to you the first manager in Acapais Men's National Team history, Anil Keswani!"

Light Applause

Keswani: "Hello everyone. Thank you everyone for coming. My name is Anil and I will talk to you about the team that will be traveling to Unified Capitalizt States this summer. We are very excited for this is Acapais's first ever Cup of Harmony competition. Cup of Harmony XXV will be our next opportunity to bring home an international trophy. By competing in the Cup of Harmony, it should bring more spirit to the already proud citizens of Acapais. Having been eliminated from the World Cup proper was a bit of a let down however I am certain that we have a chance to finish high this time around.

"Now, because this is our first Cup of Harmony tournament, other countries expectations for Acapais are rather low. However, my expectations for the team are higher than one might expect. Acapais is a young and inexperienced team with much to learn, but I can say that this is a team with a lot of potential. As nation ranked 86, advancing to the knockout stage will be a difficult task. That does not mean it is out of our reach. Four groups of five and two qualify for the knockout round in each group. In our group we will have a team ranked between 27 and 49 and between 51 and 58, and they will be the favorites to qualify regardless the group. Their players will be stronger than us, faster than us, and more experienced. None of this means however that we cannot upset these higher ranked nations and take a spot.

"In this tournament we will play a defensive game to try to outlast these nations. With our youth we should be able to be them as far as conditioning. Offensively we have pace with, Duke, Jose and Van Savage. Our large goalkeeper is quick has a good coach for positioning. All players on the roster are familiar with each other because they all play in the Acapais FA Division I. Some players even have teammates the roster.

"Having said all of this, our goal, like the rest of the world, is simple; win the Cup of Harmony. Some of you might call me an optimist, but the members of the Acapan Football Association will do our best to bring home glory.

"Are there any questions?"


Reporter 2: "What will be the best way to get through to the knockout stage successfully?"

Keswani: "If we play a solid game and capitalize on opponents mistakes there should be no reason why we can't advance."


Reporter 1: "Anil, How will you optimize the speed and skill of Van Savage and Salazar?"

Keswani: "We are going to put them wide and as attacking midfielders. Players with their pace and crossing abilities are optimized by sending them to the wings."


Reporter 3: "Will you expand on what you said about 'outlasting' you opponents?"

Keswani: "Certainly. Since our team is very young we will have the ability to run at a faster pace for a longer period of time. I have confidence that when we play possession football and good defense, we should be able to make our opponents fatigued."


Reporter 4: "Because we are ranked so low, what advantages and disadvantages do we have?"

Keswani: "The disadvantages are that our players have never played in a Cup of Harmony and are therefore inexperienced, and that we will more than likely get drawn into a very difficult group. However, all of the nations in the Cup of Harmony are in the same boat we are, they failed to qualify."


Reporter 5: "Why is Murphy your captain of choice"

Keswani: "He has the most club experience for his team South Maypearl than anyone else on the roster, and he is a natural leader"


Reporter 6: "There is a lot of controversy surrounding the roster you chose. Tell us please why you went with such a young roster when there are clearly older players that play in the AFA."

Keswani: "Ah, I was wondering when someone was going to ask me that. The reason is because I want to build a young team for future World Cup competitions. If I put players that are over 30 years old on the roster, then they would only help us for Cup of Harmony XXV and none there after. By selecting young players I can ensure that the team will gain experience not only individually but grow together as a team. Plus I don't want to physically rewrite the roster in four years."


Keswani: "This concludes the press conference. Thank you all for coming."

Acapais RP Threads
Roster Thread (
Acapais PreCoH Press Conference
Fort Europe
08-03-2007, 19:41


Acting Manager - Ria Gaskell - 24

Acting Assistant Manager - Josh Melannis - 30

Acting Head Coach - Sam Jones - 21

Coach - Ian Holbeach - 40

Physio - Tanya Gilmore - 23

Physio - Victoria Sevenoaks - 23

Publicity - Alysa Tiana - 24


GK - 01 - James West - 27 - Stape Harriers

GK - 13 - Ed Russell - 22 - Kaytuo City

GK - 23 - Tom Reas - 15 - Baysleef Bombers (Elves Security Forces)

DF - 02 - Floe Peltsten - 20 - Stape Harriers

DF - 03 - Tim Forrester - 28 - AC Leà Monde
1x WC 33 Goal

DF - 12 - Laura Harris - 17 - Racing River Rapid

DF - 14 - Shaun Pearson - 23 - Mar Sara Flames (Elves Security Forces)

DF - 04 - Murphy Lee -25 - Fortress FC

DF - 15 - Mike Young - 24 - Assegai Developments FC (Assegai)

DF - 20 - Aki Haddon - 19 - Kaytuo City

MF - 05 - Gemma Lloyd - 23 - Orson Town

MF - 06 - Katherine Keller - 21 - Fortress FC

MF - 07 - Ryan Holmes - 21 - Fortress FC
1x WC 33 Goal

MF - 17 - Vicky Princess - 22 - Cathedral Spooks DC (Assegai Developments)
1x WC 33 Goal

MF - 08 - Andy Fletcher - 23 - Assegai Developments FC (Assegai)
2x WC 33 Goals

MF - 18 - Mia Nevola - 21 - Ascama United
1x WC 33 Goal

MF - 22 - Edowine Sanjuan - 17 - Sirus Athletic

AF - 09 - Michelle Bishop - 23 - Stape Harriers
8x WC 33 Goals

AF - 10 - Chris Lessinger - 24 - AS Lasft (Cafundeu)
1x WC 33 Goal

AF - 19 - Ian Sikes - 19 - Sirus Athletic

AF - 24 - Del Jenkins - 26 - Hartdale Hawks (Elves Security Forces)

AF - 11 - Karl Isaak - 25 - DS Assegai (Assegai Developments)
14x WC 33 Goals

AF - 25 - Josephine Blanchard - 16 - Racing River Rapid
1x WC 33 Goal


Formation: = 3 - 5 - 2
Bias: = +2

RP Permissions
Choose my goal scorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N
09-03-2007, 00:06
I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y
GodMod Injury Events Y

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y


[ -- ] Callum Banda [ - Head Coach- ]
Sensational Striker averaging over a goal per game in the U21's remarkable Runner-Up performances in U21 WC3. First Appeared for the National team in World Cup 13 and scored the Jungle Cats first ever goal in Inter-NationStatal Competition in the 2-1 over Compound Interest. Banda set a Vilitan record by scoring 10 times during World Cup 19 Qualifying, includding his 50th career goal, both in all international competitions, and his 50th Senior-National tally with the equalizer against Tadjikistan. Banda capped off a sensational season by winning his first Vilitan Most Valuable Player award. Banda netted his 196th career Domestic goal for Marine Coast United as he helped return his long-time club to the top of the Stellar Division in Season 15. In Season 16, Banda netted his 200th career goal for Marine Coast United, then shocked the world by announcing he would be leaving the club he had played for his entire career, midway through Season 16. Banda was offerred the job of saving Arcticala Inlet from the threat of relegation, not only as a Striker, but also, as team manager. Banda accepted the job, and not only fired the goals that kept Arcticala Inlet safe, but coached the club to victory in the Vilitan Cup for the 5th time in club history. Banda, the All-Time top Goalscorer in Vilita, is believed to have around 100 International goals, though an exact number has not been released by the Vilitan Football Association.

[ -- ] Jimmy Kater [ - Assistant Coach- ]
Jimmy Kater took over the starting position on the National Team under the intense spotlight of the World Cup 17 Finals in Vilita. Kater has remained first choice keeper since then, despite a Quarter Final exit to Liverpool England. After leading the Vilita Under-21's to the Under-21 World Cup 7 Championship, Kater left a deflating Tivali City to join up-and-comers Arcticala Inlet, who he led to the top half of the Stellar Division tables. Kater earned a pair of consecutive Vilitan Cup titles with Arcticala Inlet, before returning to Strike FC ater the departure of Bryan 'Pop' Duiker. Kater has continued in his role at Strike FC, being the backbone of a revitalized franchise netting consecutive Vilitan Stellar Division titles for the first time. Kater took the role of Assistant Coach to Callum Banda for the Vilitan National Team during World Cup xXxI as his first recognized coaching position, by personal request of Banda.


[ 95 ] Jawz Oaker [ - Inland Peaks FC - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 24 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Jawz Oaker is the son of Colonial Sile and Oaker national midfielder Arthin Oaker, who moved to Vilita early in his career after his impressive performances for Oaker in past World Cups. Jawz was called up to the Vilita Under 21 squad as Oaker did not participate in the Under-21's, qualifying through his residency and his Mother, a Vilitan. The young keeper spent most of Season 15 on loan to Mavaloiao, before being recruited by Doug Freech's Lopinka side, Declasse champions looking for a starting keeper for their return campain in the Stellar Division. However, hometown Makosile's vast improvements in Season 16 saw the youngster quick to return home to bask in the spotlight with one of Vilita's rising new powers. Despite earning the Goalkeeper of the year award, Oaker's team was not able to compete and spent more time at the bottom of the table then the top, prompting the young keeper to depart once again, this time to Champions League bound inland Peaks FC.

[ 91 ] Jimmy Jaded [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 19 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Jimmy Jaded became one of the youngest players in Vilitan history to receive a professional contract when his Turoki Tide were invited to the Vilitan Declasse in Season 18. Jaded was the only keeper left at the small Turoki club after senior keeper Mital Siegalafel retired at the age of 47 due to injury and fatigue. The Tide will be looking to bring in some experienced cover for Jaded during the season, but the youngster impressed former Goalkeeper Bryan 'Pop' Duiker enough to become the youngest player ever called into the Vilitan Under 21 squad, Duiker asking Jaded to cover as backup for Jawz Oaker in Under 21 World Cup 18. The potential of Jimmy Jaded was quickly spotted, and the youngster made a cross-town switch to the Stellar Division to join Turoki United for Season 21. Jaded could not break into the first team, however, and the youngster who spent the season on loan would transfer elswhere in hopes of first team football. He found just that in Arcticala Inlet, who led the Stellar Division until the very end of the season, coming home third in Season 24.


[ 4 ] Vite Makose [ - Strike FC - ]
------- D C ( AGE: 26 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Born to a Half-Vilitan, Half-Druidan uprising, Vite Makose grew up in Port Scadock, Druida and was trained into a budding young Central Defender at the well known Vilitan Exiles club. Word of the youngsters skill quickly spread to Vilita, but many top teams were wary of how much talent a half-druidan could actually possess. Finally, struggling decalsse side Morata Valley made the move and signed Makose to a one season contract. The move proved more than effective as Makose lifted Morata Valley to third in the table on the way to earning the Declasse player of the season award. Unfortunately for Morata Valley, the lure of the Stellar Division was too much as Makose made the switch to heavy spending Turorian Champions Cednia Beach AFC. Makose proved his first season was no fluke after he was shortlisted for the honors of Defender of the Season. Having bit off more than they could chew, Cednia quickly cashed in on Makose who made the switch to seasonal contenders Arcticala Inlet, and his top defensive performances helped Inlet get the final boost they needed to win their first ever Stellar Division title in Season 19. Makose would move to Yeaddin Owls in Season 21 and spend 4 seasons there, before moving to Strike FC and winning the Stellar Division and Vilitan Cup in his first season with the club.

[ 8 ] Ricata Tivalan [ - Unknown Club - ]
------- D C ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Ricata Tivalan became the first Vilitan defender to sign for a club side in Karela-laden Rejistania when he signed for Siji~e Xkora. The 18 year old was invited to the Jungle Kitties side for his first taste of international play in Under 21 World Cup 15.

[ 62 ] Rayford Watson [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- D RLC ( AGE: 23 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )

[ 6 ] Ricky Ezis [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- D RC ( AGE: 37 GOALS::SR: 4 U21: 1 REG: 1 )
Ricky Ezis is one of the most exciting prospects in all of Vilita, being molded in the exact form of the most capped Vilitan player in history, Enzo Ahat. The Strike FC defender plays alongside former Vilitan Nationals Danilo Liguori and David Leacock in the Stellar Division and frequently outshines his more experienced teammates. His performances have consistently earned him selection to the National team in favor of this duo, and Arcticala Inlet's Emarka Laniora. Ricky transferrd to Yeaddin Owls in Season 14 and helped lead them to the Stellar Division Championship. Ezis would be one of the most recognizable defenders in Vilitan history, spending 9 memorable seasons with the Yeaddin Owls earning accolaides from around the world, before moving to Kiiarana City at the age of 36, furthering his career in the Stellar Division before moving to Strike.

[ 61 ] Willie Fenn [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- D RLC ( AGE: 20 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Willie Fenn took a big step towards becoming the most famous Yutzie defender in history after a two-step switch from Yutzie Sorma to megoliths Marine Coast United in Season 22. The time in the spotlight with Marine Coast was short lived though, as Fenn left the struggling Crosaibi club for Arcticala Inlet a season later, going on to finish 5th in the Stellar Division, while Marine Coast United would be relegated for the first time. Despite being a fan favorite at Arcticala, money talks and Fenn made a move to Yeaddin Owls AFC to replace the departing Vite Makose in the Owls backline.

[ 66 ] Viliiama Kikarai [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- D RLC ( AGE: 16 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )


[ 39 ] Derek Valkanis [ - Strike FC - ]
------- DM C ( AGE: 20 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Raised in the Morata Valley academy, Valkanis made a surprise switch to rivals Eastal Lunar prior to Season 22, But signalled his intention to fight for the position of Vilita's Defensive Midfielder in their return to the World Cup Finals in World Cup 31 by joining high flying Strike FC in Season 24.

[ 38 ] Andronik Taimazov [ - Morata Valley - ]
------- GK/D/DM ( AGE: 22 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Young Morata Valley phenom Andonik Taimazov quickly gained a reputation in the Declasse Division after being called to step in as Goalkeeper mid-match and pitching a perfect shutout performance as Morata Valley marched towards the Stellar Division. Taimazov's multi-skilled background has served him well on the domestic level, but his ability as a powerful defensive midfielder earned him his first international call at the hands of Bryan 'Pop' Duiker and the Under 21 World Cup 18.


[ 21 ] Jonjo Hulyer [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 27 GOALS::SR: 4 U21: 4 REG: 0 )
Jonjo Hulyer is one of the most exciting prospects to come out of the Marine Coast academy in many seasons. He is expected to challenge for a place in the Marine Coast Lineup at just 16 years of age, Preferring to attack down the middle or on the left flank. Hulyer quickly broke into the Marine Coast lineup but failed to show the Inaki Soler like qualities that many had expected out of him. After a few seasons of mediocracy, Marine Coast finally got the results expected of them on the way to the Vilitan Cup in season 19. Unfortunately, Marine Coast could not put the results together in the league, and Hulyer finally made his move away from Crosaibi to pursue a career at Arcticala Inlet. The star midfielder would record 15 goals for the Inlet, earning a transfer to the Yeaddin Owls during season 23.

[ 74 ] Esorijan Marelja [ - Strike FC - ]
------- AM RL ( AGE: 23 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
After coming throught the ranks at the Morata Valley Youth academy, Marelja was a key player for the Valley in Season 17 and earned a post-season transfer to storied Stellar Division club Strike FC. In his first season at Strike, 17 year old Marelja started nearly every match and tallied 8 goals from the wing, helping Strike to the Stellar Division title. Dishing out the single largest transfer fee since Riccardo Appolloni's transfer to Inland Peaks in Season 16, 19 year old Vilitan wing phenom Esorijan Marelja made the switch to inconsistent Jlinal Cove FC with a promise of being the centerpiece in which the squad would be molded for time to come. Strike, however, needed cover for the departing Antonis Siazzu, and re-acquired Marelja after he had spent just one season at Jilinal Cove.

[ 52 ] Thierry Columbo [ - Turoki Isle - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 30 GOALS::SR: 2 U21: 3 REG: 2 )
Columbo left Lonngeylin Coast in search of first team action with Declasse side Mavaloiao FC. Columbo was an instant hit at the club, and helped lead them to the Declasse Division title and a place in the Stellar Division starting in Season 14. Columbo became a hot commodity after performances for new club Makosile, and signed with Strike FC for Season 17. After a pair of mediocre seasons with Strike, head coach Santo Kecker decided it was time to bring in some new talent with the clubs earnings from their position atop the Stellar Division in season 18. Midfield Star Antonis Siazzu took Columbo's role at Strike, eventually forcing the midfielder to move on and sign a deal with Turoki Isle midway through season 19.

[ 14 ] Iñaki Soler [ - Strike FC - ]
------- AM RLC ( AGE: 34 GOALS::SR: 17 U21: 9 REG: 1 )
Inaki Soler may be the greatest Vilitan talent since Santo Kecker graced the Vilitan history books with the first ever game-winning Vilitan goal against Compound Interest in World Cup 13 Qualifying. Despite a lack of goals so far in his senior career, a high profile-record transfer to the ever-improving Yeaddin Owls AFC was sure to do nothing but improve his chances of keeping his place in the Vilita side. With Helmut Vilkaus announcing an emphasis on Wings in the coming years, many expect Soler to breakthrough and take his place as the first-choice Vilitan midfielder. However, Soler left the Owls with friend Antonis Siazzu during the Season 12 Exodus to train independantly and focus on international play. After starting the first half of Season 13 with Alikki-Corra, Soler returned to Yeaddin Owls and sparked a resurretion that saw the Owls catch and pass Strike FC to earn their 10th Stellar Division title. But Once again, Soler showed an uncanny unpredictability, by ditching newly acquired friend Antonis Siazzu, and the Yeaddin faithful, after they failed to secure the championship in Season 15. Soler was talked into joining Inland Peaks FC by former Yeaddin teammate Riccardo Appolloni, and as his contract ran out with Yeaddin, Soler once again refused to resign and walked into a new and questionable chapter in his very fascinating domestic career. After two seasons at Inland Peaks, Soler was recruited back to the club where he got his start, Strike FC, by Vilitan legend Santo Kecker and the big checkbook of one of the top teams in the world.

[ 78 ] Brent Obwinyi [ - Turoki United - ]
------- M RC ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 1 REG: 1 )

[ 28 ] Moltuai Valjariia [ - Turoki Tide - ]
------- AM C ( AGE: 18 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )

[ 55 ] Damian Adeshina [ - Tivali City - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 17 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )

[ 53 ] Resaie Kentiak [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- M RC ( AGE: 16 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )


[ 17 ] Tika Massa [ - Strike FC - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 3 U21: 9 REG: 3 )
Tika Massa was thrust into the Vilitan Spotlight after netting on his debut performance in the Jurassic Invitational Tournament after coming on as a sub. Massa's late goal sent Vilita into the Semi Finals of the inagural Jurassic competition. Massa's performances earned him a transfer to the admitedly more high profile club of Eastal Lunar, from Makosile where he trained as a youth. Massa was an instant hit at Eastal lunar netting 7 times in 18 games and helping them to the Season 15 Vilitan Cup title. Massa' impressive performances for Eastal Lunar earned him a transfer to Marine Coast United where he netted a career high 8 goals in Season 17. With Marine Coast's form slipping, and Cednia Beach's stock rising, the Season 17 champions tabled a bid for the Vilitan Under 21 International and Massa made his first appearances for the Turorian Club during the 6th NS Champions League. After netting 6 times in 36 appearances for Cednia Beach, Massa made his second consecutive move to the Stellar Division Champions, making the high profile switch to Strike FC in Season 19. It was like deja vu for Strike however, when they acquired Grenville Marai from Cednia Beach, allowing Massa to be offloaded to Inland Peaks FC, but would return once again to Strike a season later after the departure of Ippolit Adjei

[ 15 ] Kris Wrice [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 4 REG: 1 )
Wrice made 10 appearances for Inland Peaks in Season 15, and his 5 goals helped propel the team to the top 5 in the table at the halfway point. The young striker's potential did not go unnoticed, and Turoki Isle opened up their pockets to make an offer the smaller Inlands club could not refuse, bringing the Under-21 International to Turoki Isle. Wrice would spend two seasons at Turoki Isle, netting 21 goals for the club before making a high-profile transfer to Marine Coast United during Season 17.

[ 48 ] Grenville Marai [ - Strike FC - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )

[ 44 ] Bevan Holness [ - Kiiarana - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 23 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Bevan Holness was handed a senior contract to partner Spruitlands Chico Provoost after graduating from the Mavaloiao academy following Season 17. After Mavaloiao's dissapointing relegation from the league system, however, the club had no choice but to entertain offers for the budding striker, eventually seeing him join up with Makosile in the Stellar Division. Holness spent two seasons with Makosile before making the move to Simeone Di Bradini's Kiiarana City in Season 23.

[ 43 ] Kristofer Kilpter [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 16 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
After shining in Vilita & Turori's magnificent Atlantian Oceania Regional championships, speculation arose as to whether Kristofer Kilpter would opt to play for historical powerhouses Vilita or the team of the future, Turori. However, Kilpters hand was influenced by Turorian head coach Jualiar Vumaou who opted to field Cocoabo's instead of Citizens in the World Cup xXxI Qualifying and Finals, leaving Kilpter no other choice but to accept the Vilitan invitation if he wanted to compete in competitive World Cup action during the time of the 31st World Cup.
09-03-2007, 00:32
The Zwangzug roster (

1. Simon Ryne Olson, forward
2-3, 5-11, 14-26, 28-30, 32-41, 43-45, 47-49, 51-53, 55-68, 70-99: Anne Onymous, substitute forward/midfielder/defender
4. Phillip Stings, forward
12. Yul Maughum, forward
13. Steven Ruck, midfielder
27. Rube Tercer, defender (captain)
31. Ulysses Stael, midfielder
42. Anatoly Trumper, goalkeeper
46. Andrew Card, defender
50. Roger Hammers, midfielder
54. Jacob Barons, midfielder
69. Lawrence Sevvy, defender.

The Zwangzug coach is BOB 64.

The team will play a -2 style. RPers should not kill my players (except for Anne, who's dispensible). Other than that, be intelligent and have fun.
New Manhattan
09-03-2007, 03:03
Group Draw

Group A
(62) Estresse Intenso
(54) Bostopia
(80) Turruth Gordur
(91) Druida
(49) Schorteskatascansolani

Matches at Auswärtssieg Arena, Natestadt, Lontorika (cap. 127 202):
Estresse Intenso–Turruth Gordur, Estresse Intenso–Schorteskatascansolani, Bostopia–Turruth Gordur, Bostopia–Druida, Druida–Schorteskatascansolani

Matches at Keto Olympic Stadium, 케토, 소코지토 (Keto, Sokojito; cap. 65 535):
Bostopia–Schorteskatascansolani, Turruth Gordur–Druida, Estresse Intenso–Druida, Turruth Gordur–Schorteskatascansolani, Estresse Intenso–Bostopia

Group B
(61) Zwangzug
(88) East Lithuania
(106) Atheistic Right
(46) Fort Europe
(58) Bushes Been Quaked

Matches at JPL Paladin Stadium, Port Lusambo, Jativa (cap. 128 400):
Zwangzug–Atheistic Right, Zwangzug–Bushes Been Quaked, East Lithuania–Atheistic Right, East Lithuania–Fort Europe, Fort Europe–Bushes Been Quaked

Matches at Aeropag Olympic Stadium, Aeropag, Jativa (cap. 107 596):
East Lithuania–Bushes Been Quaked, Atheistic Right–Fort Europe, Zwangzug–Fort Europe, Atheistic Right–Bushes Been Quaked, Zwangzug–East Lithuania

Group C
(86) Acapais
(110) Cluichstan
(75) Cookesland
(51) 자스연 (Jasīʼyūn)
(43) Ropa-Topia

Matches at Sokojito Überdome, 소코지토 도시, 소코지토 (Sokojito Dosi, Sokojito; cap. 400 552):
Acapais–Cookesland, Acapais–Ropa-Topia, Cluichstan–Cookesland, Cluichstan–Jasīʼyūn, Jasīʼyūn–Ropa-Topia

Matches at Capitalizm, 유포, 소코지토 (ʼYupo, Sokojito; cap. 161 803):
Cluichstan–Ropa-Topia, Cookesland–Jasīʼyūn, Acapais–Jasīʼyūn, Cookesland–Ropa-Topia, Acapais–Cluichstan

Group D
(55) Magnus Valerius
(27) Vilita
(91) Swilatia
(68) The HURD
(104) Lovisa

Matches at CDA Stadium, New Seoul, New Manhattan (cap. 173 205):
Magnus Valerius–Swilatia, Magnus Valerius–Lovisa, Vilita–Swilatia, Vilita–The HURD, The HURD–Lovisa

Matches at Anaphase Alchemy Stadium, Sonoma Center, New Anaphase (cap. 81 067):
Vilita–Lovisa, Swilatia–The HURD, Magnus Valerius–The HURD, Swilatia–Lovisa, Magnus Valerius–Vilita

Day 1: 1v3, 2v5 (4 bye)
Day 2: 1v5, 3v4 (2 bye)
Day 3: 1v4, 2v3 (5 bye)
Day 4: 2v4, 3v5 (1 bye)
Day 5: 1v2, 4v5 (3 bye)

(A2 indicates second-place team in group A, et cetera)
QF1: A1 vs D2 at Auswärtssieg Arena
QF2: B2 vs C1 at Sokojito Überdome
QF3: B1 vs C2 at JPL Paladin Stadium
QF4: A2 vs D1 at CDA Stadium

SF1: winner QF1 vs winner QF2 at Capitalizm
SF2: winner QF3 vs winner QF4 at Aeropag Olympic Stadium

Third-place playoff: loser SF1 vs loser SF2 at CDA Stadium
Final: winner SF1 vs winner SF2 at Sokojito Überdome
09-03-2007, 03:40
Merano Regency


The Cup of Harmony: a NationStates tradition that Zwangzug will soon be partaking in. A delegation has traveled to New Manhattan, a proudly capitalist nation. Placed in "Group" (file) B, it will interchange cultural traditions with other countries, specifically, Atheistic Right (known for its unwavering spirit in the face of religious persecution), East Lithuania, Bushes Been Quaked, and Fort Europe.

"...You do know this is a football competition?"

"No! But...we're past deadline! What can we replace it with?"

"Scores from the Third Grade League."

"Of course! Let's see...Timmy, Billy, Danny...Do all third graders have ingratiating diminutive names?"

"Yes. But when Katie plays Suzie, that's a win for political correctness, and therefore a win for us all."

1. e4 c5...

Unidentified location with distinct appearance of an airport

"Well," Rube said, "while socialism may be dismayed, it represents a balance of parity-"

"Does anyone else care about the cup proper?"

"Yul and Phillip are rooting for "not Northern Bettia"."

"I mean, does anyone else have deluded ideals about Group H representing "competitive honor"?"

"Else? I'm assuming you don't-"


"I didn't know anybody...maybe Jacob?"

Or maybe, by the look on Andrew's face, not.
09-03-2007, 04:15 The Cookesland Blue Knights

Group C
(86) Acapais
(110) Cluichstan
(75) Cookesland
(51) 자스연 (Jasīʼyūn)
(43) Ropa-Topia

Starters in Bold

Coach: John Andrews

05- Damien Vasquese
12- Andrew Hommerly
23- Daniel Campo

04- Fred Denou
06- Nick Salrisa
27- Steven Dartes
13-Tyler Nobis
22- Omar Azeder

19- George Reynold
05- Matt Despon
11- DeMon Gahret
16- Stacy LaReina
17- Conor Huston
21- Derick Baston
24- Ryan Nico

15-Colin Short
07- Barry Maxwell
14- Patrick Andolor
18- Peter Rykil
09- Michael Fedris
10- Victor Altum
09-03-2007, 21:11
Draw for Cup of Harmony announced.
Acapais placed in Group C.

Excitement poured throughout Acapais last night when, for the first time in our history, Acapais was placed in a Cup of Harmony group.

More than 15% of the nation was said to have watched to Cup of Harmony Draw on television hoping and wishing they would not be grouped with a high seeded nation. To the delight of the Acapans, the Men’s National Team avoided high ranked nations like Vilita.

Although never competing, Acapais was placed in Group C as the fourth seed. Among the three other nations seeded higher than Acapais, none finished respectively lower than Acapais in WCQ33. The lower ranked nation finished last in their group.

"We have a difficult group but it is by no means a group of death. Acapais has a good chance of advancing to the knockout stage." says manager Anil Keswani. "but we can't let that distract us from our goal, winning games. We are going to start today getting ready for Cookesland."

20 nations entered this year’s Cup of Harmony and divided into four groups of five. The top two teams qualify for the knockout stage.

"I am so excited about this year's Cup of Harmony. I really think we can win our group." says a walking pedestrian.

Players of the Acapais Men’s National Team have high hopes for themselves too.

Oscar Van Savage says, “We have a great chance for advancing for the Cup of Harmony despite our inexperience. We just have to remain focused and do our job.”

Some people believe, however, that all the optimism in Acapais is just a false sense of hope.

Sally Mayfield, sports expert, says, "The teams in this tournament have been playing World Cups and Cup of Harmonies for years. These teams know how to win and they will not let an inexperienced nation like Acapais get in their way of glory. Acapais will probably end up in the bottom three nations in group qualifying."

Sally predicts that the two advancing naions from group C will be Ropa-Topia, and Jasīyūn. She also pridicts that Vilita will win this years Cup of Harmony.

Group C:
(86) Acapais
(110) Cluichstan
(75) Cookesland
(51) Jasīyūn
(43) Ropa-Topia

Schedule of CoH matches for Acapais:
Acapais v Cookesland @ Sokojito Überdome, Sokojito Dosi, Sokojito
Acapais v Ropa-Topia @ Sokojito Überdome, Sokojito Dosi, Sokojito
Acapais v Jasīyūn @ Capitalizm, Yupo, Sokojito
Acapais v Cluichstan @ Capitalizm, Yupo, Sokojito

Acapais RP Threads
Roster Thread (
Acapais PreCoH Press Conference (
Acapais PostCoH Draw Newspaper Article
Estresse Intenso
09-03-2007, 21:51
Doctor Rogério Landau, president of the Landau Institute, released his usual short comments about the group draw for the Cup of Harmony

Group A

(62) Estresse Intenso - hey, that's our team. Why do you ask me to make comments about my own team? This isn't so smart. Anyway, I think that we have a good team and able to do a good job. After all, they're my patients.

(54) Bostopia - the best team of the group, in my opinion, and the favourite to go to the next stage. It'll be a difficult game.

(80) Turruth Gordur - don't see much danger coming from them. The stadium should fear their supporters more than us. But we need to be cautious.

(91) Druida - don't know too much about them, but they don't seem too poor. But we are the favourites for this game.

(49) Schorteskatascansolani - the ones that will fight against us for the qualification. Maybe we can get a revenge against them.

General overview: Well-balanced group, good chances of qualification. Probably end: Bostopia, Estresse Intenso, Schorteskatascansolani, Druida and Turruth Gordur.
09-03-2007, 23:09
Gary Moffatt, a citizen of Drangmorie, walked into his local corner shop, to buy the daily paper.

[Gary] Morning Geoff, the Daily Mail and a quart of army and navy tablets please mate.
[Geoff] Right you are Gary...that'll be £1.10
[Gary] you go, s'all correct change.
[Geoff] Cheers, see you later.

Gary bid his farewell to Geoff and steps out into the fresh Drangmorie morning. Being a manly sort of man, he flicked straight to the back page, for the best sports writers in the country. The right-wing-biased news could wait, though the main headline "Laquar Wants Independence!" was interesting, seeing as Drangmorie and Laquar share a state border. Gary didn't need a civil war on his hands, let alone a 18 year old daughter, a 20 year old son and a wife to deal with.

As he walked home, he began reading the back page.


by Harry Friff

Bostopia, who of course beat Sel Appa in a friendly 2 - 0 before the World Cup Qualifiers, were yesterday drawn into Group A for the Cup of Harmony in the Unified Capitalizt States. The other teams in the group are Druida, Estresse Intenso, Schorteskatascansolani and Turruth Gordur.

Bostopia, being the second highest ranked team, 5 places below 49th ranked Schorteskatascansolani, are widely expected to go through into the knockout stages. However, with Bostopia's first game being against Schorteskatascansolani, this will be a tough start to the championship.

With Adam Collick fielding the same team who ended the World Cup, some have speculated that his great project is failing him early on. Of course, his project was to bring 5 year olds to play in the Bostopian National Side, giving them around 30 years worth of international experience. But with Bostopia failing to qualify from a strong position, the tide will certainly be pulling Collick away from shore, and possibly even away from his job.

Again, with the other nations being well placed, it will provide the kids that wanted experience, but Bostopia will end up pulling well through the group, hopefully registering themselves as bigger players on the sporting world stage, with a respectable showing this cup.

Gary let off a little "humph", then smiling at Bostopia's prospects, then found himself whistling the anthem for Bostopian football as he headed for the front door of his house.
Atheistic Right
09-03-2007, 23:23
Atheistic Right Darwinists

Style: +2

Cameron Miller F - A Scientist Footballer, when he is not at home fiddling and creating inventions, he is on the soccer field. Sometimes he melds the two and has been known to occasionally fit performance enhancing devices under his clothing.

Jacob Hunt F - Likes to go naked everywhere... especially on field. He only wears precisely what he has to obey local nudity laws. Of course in all home games he'll naked on the pitch.

Jaden Jackson F - Has a weird fascination with animals, particularily eating them.

Matthew Wright F - Is slightly psychotic though under his meds he is an effective footballer, though once he is off his meds he can act well, like a demon.

Aidan Stewart M(C) - The more sane sensible one of the group and the captain, has a great football mind but dosn't have the international experience to back it up yet.

Kyle Rogers M - Kyle, is actually the Bastard son of the great lion. Though at the moment no one knows it. Well someone does, but not Kyle.

Xavier Carter M - A gun nut, who collects them. He likes to get guns from all around the world. Though while he likes guns he never brings them with him overseas.

Ryan Mitchell D - Does on the occasion get violent on or off field.

Brandon Cooper D - A close friend of this guy was killed at the whim of the Great Lion. Brandon Cooper hates the Great Lion with a passion and would like to see everything related to him wiped off the face of the planet

Robert Murphy D - Robert is a person that seems out of the place in the team, he certainly seems friendly, respectful and not one to make waves.

John Edwards K - John... what is there to say about him. Not much at all

Jesse Chapman F
Eric Gibson F
Carlos Webb F
Jacob James M
Luke Baker M
Ethan Phillips D
Caleb Mason D
Timothy Morris K
Joshua Wright K
Atheistic Right
09-03-2007, 23:42
"Uh, did we say that we would join the Cup of Harmony, they're asking for our roster."

"Not that I know of, but send it anyway, we're going. It's the only way these idiots will get experience."

"Don't be too harsh on the guys, with all the upheaval we lost any people that had any previous experience in international football.; We'll do much better this time."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, and those wacked out Schorteskatascansolanians will be there too. We can't let them be as good as they were perhaps see if we can tempt them with something. It's in UCS right?"



"Oh, who are we going to face? Are we playing against Schorteskatascansolani?"

"Nope their in Group A, we're in group B along with Zwangzug -ranked 61st, East Lithuania - ranked 88th, Fort Europe - ranked 46th and Bushes Been Quaked ranked 58th. There's the list of fixtures.." Leon Green said passing a piece of paper to the asker of many questions.

Matches at JPL Paladin Stadium, Port Lusambo, Jativa (cap. 128 400):
MD 1: Zwangzug–Atheistic Right @ JPL Paladin Stadium
MD 2: Atheistic Right–Fort Europe @ Aeropag Olympic Stadium
MD 3: East Lithuania–Atheistic Right @ JPL Paladin Stadium
MD 4: Atheistic Right–Bushes Been Quaked @ Aeropag Olympic Stadium
MD 5: Bye
10-03-2007, 03:32

Vilitan's Anticipate Easy Ride

After the group draw for the World Cup 33 Cup of Harmony was announced in the state formerly associated with the name Commerce Heights, many Vilitan fans started putting in their orders for the best seats in the predicted Quarter-Final matchup at the CDA Stadium in New Seoul, New Manhattan. The stadium, which will host two of Vilita's five group stage matchups is also set to host the winner of Group D against the runner up of Group A in the last of 4 matchups in the cups quarter final round.

Vilita was lucky enough to avoid the other high seeds in each of the pots, most notably the banana skin in the form of Druida that found its way from the bottom pot into a very tough Group A, from which it is projected that the Vilitan's would find their Quarter Final opposition should they follow form an take the top spot in Group D. The fans are fairly confident as well, With the greatest challenges believed to be coming from the 68th ranked HURD and the 91st ranked nation in the world, Swilatia. The safe money is on the Jungle Cats, however, they must be certain not to get complacent with their opposition as they will entertain each team only once, and there will be no time to correct any early upsets on the path to the knockout stages.

Should Vilita top Group D, it is widely expected by the local press that they would square off against Bostopia at the Quarter-Final stage. Many Vilitan's will be pulling for a Druidan upset, with a mutual history between the two nations that stems back to World Cup 20 where Vilita traveled just across the cove they named to Druida en route to winning the nations only World Cup Title. It is believed that Druida is the best bet to challenge Bostopia for the second spot in group A, with Estresse Intenso and Turruth Gordur not getting any love from the bookies, while Long-Winded Schorteskatascansolani should be able to claim the group title.

Pressing their luck, the bookies at Vilitabet have placed odds all the way through to the competition final, and should Vilita advance to and win a Quarter Final matchup, and set up a potential Semi-Final tie with Fort Europe, which would absolutely delight all Vilitans, especially this one. Despite a temporary media publication blackout during World Cup 33, Vilitan's all over have been anxiously awaiting the chance to have the honor of being featured in a Fort Europe Match Report. Vilitabet is now projecting that Vilitan's will finally get that chance at the Semi-Final stage of the competition with a place in the Cup of Harmony final on the line.
10-03-2007, 04:03
As in WC33:


First, a description of competive association football in Schorteskatascansolani. Below are the teams, in the order of last season's standings:

Superakta-AutomotivSchortisach Intersolanian Extralig (Schortenliga)
Eagles of Valour
EMF Prokupek
Cristia United
Queen's Own FK
FK Mlada Boleslav
Tongatupou FK
Trinity Chapel FK

Eagles of Valour (BurghittEaglon FutbalKlup) is the #1 team in the country, and renowned for their policies of fair play. Last season, the Eagles as a whole collected only four yellow cards and no reds. They have a fantastic midfield that is more than capable of penetrating their top rival Zizkaberg's stolid defense and blocking its killing strikers. They also boast an excellent goalkeeper, Bower, who, though an injury set him out most of last season, is considered the best in the country.

Zizkaberg (FutbalKlup Viktoria Zizkaberg, or FKVZ) are the hated rivals of the Eagles of Valour; they are both located in the capital city, Schortislaniscandersburg. In contrast to the Eagles, they are renowned for their brutal play, going to the limit and seeing if the referee will let them get away with it. They have a highly skilled squad, capable of exhausting the other team and still running all over the place with the ball. In past times the Eagles were able to deal with them with calm and repose but it has become increasingly difficult for them to contain this vibrant and extremely young squad.

ElektriMotif Futbalklup (EMF) Prokupek has some considerable talent but invariably loses to the top two teams. Their players seem prone to injury, giving Prokupek fans a continuously running "Lost Cause" story to tell Eagles fans that "if only!" the Prokupek would surely have won the title. They have a skilled contingent of forwards who are excellent headers, but in general the goalkeepers for the other teams are able to get their balls under fingers.

Cristia United (sometimes called Cristia United FutbalKlup) has a skilled midfield that works beautifully together but runs into troubles when faced with serious defense. They also have a player considered to be the best defender in the entire league, who has had several lucrative offers from higher clubs but has stated his love for the team he plays for and has no intent to transfer; it is due to his skill primarily that they are so high placed in the league, as their forwards and goalkeepers leave much to be desired.

The Queen's Own FutbalKlup is unique among the league; the Queen (or King, whenever one of them is reigning; then the name changes) pays a pension to the older players who have nowhere to go once higher clubs sack them, and they get together and play together in competive matches against the league. It is easily the most experienced squad in the league -- almost all the players are older than 30 -- but age shows with a lack of stamina, and younger squads like the Zizkaberg run them into the ground.

FK Mlada Boleslav is the only club that has no players in the national squad; the selectors (paid, runs the conspiracy theory, by ratinghawks from SchorticiaTeleray) like to have "diversity" in the squad and take players from all over the league (though, many claim, you could build the best squad just by taking players from Eagles of Valour and Zizkaberg). FKMB plays solidly but unspectacularly.

Tongatupou FutbalKlup is a relatively new squad but has some talent. Two players from there come to the SchorticNatizonialiskadva.

Trinity Chapel FutbalKlup are the dogs of the league, hardly winning any games; they are located in the second largest city, Split. They thus have the greatest following of any club, as the capital's loyalty is divided between the top two clubs. They are owned in part by SchorticiaTeleray, whose broadcasts make all Splitklaks think that TCFK games are the most important thing in the world, even though they always lose. When TCFK once made a freak draw with Zizkaberg, the mayor of Split declared that day to be a permanant annual commemorative holiday.

The National Squad


01 Bower

Daniel Bower is the best goalkeeper in the Schortenliga, playing for Eagles of Valour (though in recent years Zizkaberg's Duke has been trying to challenge that.) He has excellent reflexes and a real leading personality. In the famous MagnusKonsterbilt Skatascup (Schorticup) three years ago, the Zizkaberg played five strikers (4-2-4 formation with one in midfield) in an all-out bid for spectacular offense; Bower kept a clean sheet. It is unknown how he will perform against the whole new world of international football, but Schorteskatascansolanians have high hopes. He is 28 years old.

09 Duke

Duncan Duke is the primary goalkeeper for FutbalKlup Viktoria Zizkaberg. He possesses a fearsome presence in the goal; at six foot six, he makes attackers' legs tremble. In any other country, he would have been sent to the basketball team. But this was Schortlandt, and he became a goalkeeper. He is a tireless trainer and last season trailed Bower in goals allowed by only three points. He is only 21 years old, and already considered by some people (mostly Zizkaberg fans) to be the equal of Bower; most think that he will grow still better with age. He hopes to be able to play some games for the squad while in the Cup and show on the World's Greatest Stage just who is the greatest goalkeeper in Schorteskatascansolani.

23 Brandao
Marcelo Brandao plays for the Queen's Own FotbalKlup. He was once primary goalkeeper for the Zizkaberg, then unceremoniously dumped at age 32 when a Duncan Duke half his age was moved up from the youth team. Now 36, he is still considered to be a top class goalkeeper. His age prevents him from the furious activity he had when younger, but he is highly experienced and sharp as a tack. He is considered to be the best penalty saver in the whole Schortenliga, based on his performance once in the Schorticup where QOFK miraculously held the Zizkaberg to a draw and the game went to penalties. Brandao saved six penalties straight while the QOFK penalty takers fitfully found the back of the net on the other side of the field. He has excellent reflexes, only somewhat dulled with age; an uncanny ability to tell what the attacker is going to do next; a powerful jump that makes him supreme ruler of the air; and an unparalleled record at one on ones.


02 Nioplias

Evstathios Nioplias (age 29) is considered the best defender in the entire Schortenliga, and a founding member of Cristia United. Any goalkeeper will feel secure with this legendary defender in front of him. More has been written in the description of Cristia United above.

03 Alexander

Marcus Alexander plays for Eagles of Valour and is 28 years old. He is quite solid and was named the Eagles's MVP last season.

04 Vishnevskij

Valerij Vishnevskij is 27 years old. He exhibits remarkable speed and power in his defending for Zizkaberg, and has some experience playing in midfield where he can be put in a pinch. Like many Zizkaberg players, he demands a high salary and does very convincing dives. When he gets near the goal he has a feared power shot; he is usually Zizkaberg's designated penalty taker.

05 Verbir

Ondrich Verbir is a skilled 24-year-old who plays for EMF Prokupek. He is as cool as ice on the field; nothing can faze him. He takes penalty kicks with perfect regularity and rarely misses. He was named Prokupek's MVP last season.

06 Elmes

Rory Elmes played for the Eagles of Valour for several seasons before he was transferred to the Queen's Own FK. He is 29 years old and a renowned free-kick taker; however, he shows a regrettable tendency toward being injured. (Many have thought that Zizkaberg's Bernard or Hayward would have been a better choice for the squad.)

07 Torpey

Nathan Torpey is a brilliant 21-year-old defender for the Zizkaberg. At even this young age he is considered one of the best defenders the Schortenliga has ever seen. He is widely considered to have an excellent future ahead, if only he can restrain his rough nature. He led the league in yellow cards last season.

08 Tullie

Alfie Tullie is the mercurial captain of Tongatupou FK. Some games he is solid; other games, spectacularly brilliant; others, lackluster and slow. After starting extremely well last season, his performance went into a muddle, and the club slipped to seventh place from second. He is included in the squad in hopes that he will show some brilliant stuff; however, he is currently injured and he may not be recovered in time for the cup. He is 29 years old.


10 Giddins

Jalen Giddins is the 29-year-old captain of the Eagles of Valour. He is esteemed throughout the league as the dynamic, charismatic leader of the Eagles' feared midfield in their 3-5-2 formation. He is excellently suited to captaincy (unlike all of Zizkaberg's players, save Cornfeld), and eminently a gentleman on the field. In his whole career he has received two yellow cards, both in the same game: he received a booking for a tackle from behind, then another one minute later for arguing with the referee -- he kept insisting he be sent off for the offense. He plays beautifully, almost acrobatically, and will be a man for the world to watch when Schorteskatascansolani appears on the World's Greatest Stage.

11 Platt

Edward Platt is a brilliant counterpart to Giddins in the Eagles's midfield. He is highly intelligent, always knowing what to do; he has a ferocious power-kick that makes him a wonder from long distances. He is always called upon to do free-kicks and often converts goals from the most unlikely of positions. Together with Giddins, Brightwell, Caldwell, and Raabe, with Hancook in reserve, he makes the BEFK midfield the renowned force it is in SchorticcikanFutbals. On top of all that, he is only 21 years old.

12 Elliot

Billy-Bob Elliot is 26 years old and plays for the Zizkaberg. He is distinguished by his powerful headers. He is 6 foot 4 and the second tallest player on the squad after Duke.

13 Stott

Phil Stott is Elliot's teammate on the Zizkaberg, 23 years old. Whereas Eagles of Valour players use grace, finesse, and skill to make the ball do what they want, Zizkaberg players tend to use brute force. Stott is the quintessential example of that: he is a mean-spirited player who is good enough to sometimes get away with it; he and Elliot barge through midfield, assisted by Steen and sometimes Malcolm or Blackburn, and sometimes pick up bookings on the way. It will be quite interesting to see him paired with Giddins - two players in such contrast. Stott is also an excellent header and rather greedy for money.

19 Kapetanopoulos

Otto Kapetanopoulos is Nioplias's teammate on Cristia United and helps that team to have their reputation for a strong midfield, along with Prittas and Pasios. At 26 years old, he is the youngest of their midfielders, but also the strongest and nearly the most skillful. He is a dynamo on the field, keeping going when everyone else is tired. He has a cool demeanour which does not get ruffled easily (unlike Zakopal, of whom we shall now hear.)

20 Zakopal

Oldrich Zakopal is a stalwart of the EMF Prokupek midfield (with Kubik and Fousek) and is 23 years old. He is notorious for his dominantly powerful shot which once broke the finger of a goalkeeper stupid enough to be playing without gloves. He is also notorious for his fiery temper on the pitch. If something upsets him or strikes him as unfair he will be sure to let the captain, the players, the referee, and the whole stadium know about it. This has resulted in a few unnecessary yellow cards for him.

21 Cameron

Kenneth Cameron is 31 years old and plays for Tongatupou FK. He is an extremely smart person, and has a degree in Nuclear Engineering from SkataschortikUnibor/Verdensity. Since he was so good at Futbal, however, he decided to play a while to ensure an easy retirement. He plans to retire from the sport at age 35 and go into Nuclear Engineering for fun and pleasure.

22 Pazura

Patryk Pazura is a 25-year-old midfielder for Trinity Chapel FK (sometimes called Poliscotia). He is a hard-working and respectable player but suffers from the common afflictions of most TCFK players in that he rarely wins. His choice was somewhat controversial, with many fans thinking BEFK players Brightwell or Caldwell, or FKVZ players Blackburn or Steen, should have been chosen in his place. With him playing, however, with him playing, all TCFK fans will be sure to be watching World Cup games.


14 Priest

Homer Priest is a 30-year-old striker from Zizkaberg. He is well skilled but is rather fragile and prone to injuries. He and Lee Bush make a famous combination heading the Zizkaberg's 4-4-2, whenever he is in good health.

15 Bush

Lee Bush is the "child prodigy of strikerdom" (SchortigaoryNowssmaediaray). He is 21 years old and already proclaimed the best striker in the country. He has incredible speed and has led the league in goals scored since he signed on with the Zizkaberg three years ago. Unfortunately, his performance is somewhat erratic - when he is good, he blows the field away; when he is bad, he gets nothing done, consistently missing shots.

16 MacNaughton

Connor MacNaughton is the most controversial pick for the World Cup squad. The 32-year-old Trinity Chapel striker has undeniable skill but posesses a very bad attitude, is unbearable arrogant, has a way of getting injured at every hard tackle, and, when he doesn't get his way, sulks and is no good in the game. Most people would much rather see Eagles' Hadley, Zizkaberg's Cornfeld, or even Poliscotian teammate Sean Ferguson, who, though less skilled, is very likable and fun to watch on the pitch; but the Eighteenth Subcommitte to the Third Subcommission of Public Amusement and Disportation, In Charge of Matters Relating to the World Cup (ESTSPAD ICMRWC) has made their decision, which stands.

17 Gilmore

Darius Gilmore is only one year older than Lee Bush, and nearly as good. The 22-year-old forward for Eagles of Valour, though prone to bad moods when he runs out of breakfast cereal before a big game, has proved his worth again and again when the Eagles are tested at the pitch. When the Eagles move from their favoured 3-5-2 to a defensive 4-5-1 (usually against the Zizkaberg), Gilmore is often put up front.

18 Vyborny

It was a tough decision for the ESTSPAD ICMRWC whether to use Radek Vyborny or Marcel Kopacka from EMF Prokupek in the SchorticNatizonialiskadva. Vyborny was injured for most of last season and is somewhat out of form, whereas Kopacka was energetic and famous for the bullet headers he put past many goalkeepers. But in the end the Eighteenth Subcommittee chose Vyborny, because they knew the 28-year-old forward would lend a measure of skill and experience to the squad that Kopacka could not.

(Note. Some fans have asked: "But what of Sturegård and Devold, surely two of the most experienced players in the country?" Sturegård and Devold are not citizens of Schorteskatascansolani and are thus ineligible for the national Squad.)


Wenzel Jahn Strichidonija is the man selected by the Eighteenth Subcommittee to manage the National Squad. He is seventy-two years old. Neither the manager of Eagles of Valour nor the manager of Zizkaberg were chosen due to fears that they would work poorly with members of the teams of their arch-rivals. Rather, Master Wenzel (as we shall call him) is the manager of the Queen's Own FutbalKlup, and brings thirty-seven years of managing experience and two years on the Council of Ancients to -- it is the hope of all loyal Schorteskatascansolanians! -- lead the Schor (as they are called) to many valiant losses in their inaugural World Cup.


As the ESTSPAD ICMRWC did not want to show favouritism to any team, they have authorized and constructed a stadium and training ground for the use of the National Squad. The government, frugal as always, outsourced construction to the conglomerate MagnusKonsterbilt, who took in bids for the name, saying the more money given, the larger and more magnificent the building would be. The bidding was won by biotechnology company InterzmitziByoSkopija-2, who put up 1.793 billion VoenSchueh. This won a very large and magnificent stadium, which can seat fully 87,200 (including those being seated by hanging upside-down from the siding-wings). The stadium was modelled to look like a Klein bottle, and the outside walls were plated with silver for maximum effect. The name given was the ByoSkopija-Grostadion.


Schorteskatascansolanian fans tend to be rather reserved when watching. Nobody ever paints their faces, and by national law, fans are limited to two beers during the period of the game. (Also worthy of note are the nation's Christian-Sabbath laws, which enforce that all games scheduled for Sundays be switched to Saturday evening or Monday morning.) Currently, the KlupFutbal system is much more popular in Schorteskatascansolani than the national squad. Thus at these "all-star" games, fans are much more interested in yelling out the name of their favourite player and telling him to get a move on with his lazy feet or to congratulate him for an excellent play, or to berate the players of the team they hate most for spoiling the national team's chances, than to cheer on their country as a whole. It has come to the attention of fans that most other people shout "GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!" when a goal has been scored, so the ESTSPAD ICMRWC has devised something for Schortland fans to shout - both the word for "score" and the name of their country: "SCHORRRRRRRR!!!!!!"


Much to the disgust of Zizkaberg fans, Gregor Spidkula has been chosen as the primary referee for Schorteskatascansolanian games in the World Cup. He will referee all of their home games during qualifying and then travel to the host country to offer his services for the final, not refereeing any Schortic games should they be there. In Schorteskatascansolani, there are two main parties of referees. The first favour Eagles of Valour, who believe that Futbal is eminently a gentleman's sport and greatly frown on mean play of any sort. This group isvery susceptible to dives. The second favour the Zizkaberg, and believe that anything should be allowed and hardly ever give out cards or penalties. Spidkula is the main leader of the former camp, and is very strict on the pitch. Twenty-one years of refereeing experience make him a little less susceptible to a diving player, but he is still deceivable by a particularly good diver, like Vishnevskij. Often, decisive matches between the Eagles and the Zizkaberg depend on which man is refereeing their match. Once, Spidkula sent off four Zizkaberg players in a single match. (The Zizkaberg won anyway, due to a highly controversial penalty call.)

Schorteskatascansolanians believe that it is the height of impropriety for a match official to take national bias into consideration, and thus believe it perfectly fine for Spidkula to be refereeing all home matches. The ESTSPAD ICMRWC has said, "The government is already paying enough money for player salaries and airplane flights to every sort of place. We don't need to pay a foreigner to wave around little bits of yellow plastic that a native could wave around just as easily, and much more cheaply."


Master Guillaume is the man whom all of you will become the most familiar with this cup. He is the Designated Oberfunkmeister For Schortic Football Games. (Typically this would be abbreviated with DOFSFG, but we shall call him The Oberfunkmeister.) He has had four years of experience in radio broadcasting since his graduation at age 21 from the RhetakademiSchorta, mainly covering Schortenliga games. This will be his first time broadcasting for Schorticia-Teleray.

Such is all we need to know to get Schorteskatascansolani going in the World Cup, save the requisite q/a:

Style Modifier: +1
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y - Nothing egregious
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y - Nothing egregious
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y - Please be reasonable when handing out cards. Don't hand them out indiscriminately to just everybody. Duke, for example will be much more likely to get a card than Bower; Vishnevskij might get one for diving, Stott for stamping, but Giddins should not get any cards throughout the whole tournament. Don't just declare a card. RP where it happened and why it happened.
Godmod Other Events Y - nothing egregious, and it must be funny.

Also, we must know our squads. My basic setup will be a slightly defensive 4-4-2 or a 4-5-1:

Bower (or Duke) in goal

Nioplias, Torpey, Vishnevskij, and Alexander in defense (substitutions as needed)

Giddins as captain, Platt, Elliot, Stott, (and Kapetanopoulos) in midfield

Bush (and Priest or Gilmore) as strikers.

Kits will be blue shirts and white shorts at home, and black shirts and black shorts away.
10-03-2007, 04:07
Oddly enough, we are highest ranked in our group, which also includes old rivals Estresse Intenso. Despite our admirable performance in a tough group as newcomers, all analysers have relegated us to third place in the group. There is this nation called Bostopia which is highly favoured even though we are ranked above them. As Master Wenzel says, "The speculation is worthless. All that matters is valiance on the pitch."
Magnus Valerius
10-03-2007, 05:42
The Boyars Back IN THE COH!!!

It seems that the Boyars have created a fine tradition of making it to the CoH in one piece, but many Valerians wonder when this tradition of playing off in the Cup of Harmony is going to end. Many Valerians are fine that the Boyars are doing okay and do well in the CoH, but many fans want the Valerians to actually qualify one of these days for the World Cup playoffs.

As noted in WC 33, their style has been ranked as a strong offensive +3 by all Valerian football officials. They will be playing in a 4-2-4 formation.


George Ilyanich, the "Tower of Power"; former Boyar football star player

Assistant Coach and Training Manager:
Mongke Urt-Urumqi

Starting Players:

Goalkeep (GK)

1) Ivan Yaroslavlov (Age 19, Alexandria FC)

Defense (D)

4) Jacques de Tadoussac (Age 20, Blancmonte Paladins)
5) Johann Gottliev (Age 18, Badenese Uhlans)
3) Andronikos Kastamonios (Age 22, Metashas Warlords)
7) Daritai Urde (Age 18, Shorehaven Colonial FC)

Midfielders (M)

10) Aristotle Koyabayashi (Age 18, Ryuusame Ronin)
11) Antoine de Nouville (Age 23, Nikean FC)

Strikers (S)

21) Karl von Hohenstauffen (Age 26, Zellburg Warriors) - Star Player
22) Vladimir "Vova" Dariyanov (Age 19, Isangrad Legion)
24) Ardeshir Kemerhadi (Age 22, Tabriz Immortals)
26) Alexander Putneyev (Age 21, Sankt Valerian Saints)


2) Domenico al-Nizari (GK, Age 21, Isangrad Legion)
19) Vsevolod Lyapunov (D, Age 18, Petrovgrad FC)
32) Marc'antonio Memmo (D, Age 23, Nova Venezia Sphinxes) - Foreign Player
8) Afanasiy Kreml'ov (D, Age 19, Trentino FC)
9) Grigoriy Myasanovsky (M, Age 20, Alexandria FC)
10) Leon L'Yastarias (M, Age 25, Syl'Vana Foresters)
36) Viktor Permovsky (S, Age 22, Meijis City FC)
41) Dimitrios Basileonos (S, Age 21, Kydonia FC)
57) Sean MacMordha (S, Age 20, Arnach FC)

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y
10-03-2007, 14:27
Lovisa is very happy that we can play with Magnus Valerius and Vilita, they are very good team, and our expereince will be grow. And in next WC we will be playing much better.

Group D
(55) Magnus Valerius
(27) Vilita
(91) Swilatia
(68) The HURD
(104) Lovisa
10-03-2007, 15:12
Gazeta Swilajska
English Version

Having done rather poorly in the qualification round of World Cup 33, The Swilatian team faild to get into the tournament. Swilatian fans were shocked by this, as this might mean the new Swilatian will have an embarrasing record like the old one. In case you don't know what we mean by this, look back to how our old team tried 5 times to qualify for the world cup, and failed every time. After that, the team wasdisbanded because Swilatians did not want any more of that.

Of course, just because we failed to qualify here, does not mean the team sucks. There is still more to see then countries you have never been to duking it out in the world cup, or the World cup of hockey, which no-one gives a damn about. First, the 3007* Swilatian Football Championships start soon. Secondly Swilatia's team was invited into the Cup of Harmony, so we still have some chance to make a name for ourselves.

For those of you who don't know, the cup of Harmony is an International football tournament for nations that did not qualify for the world cup. Well, some of them at least. Swilatia is one of them, and we know the other ones in its group. They are Magnus Valerius, Vilitia, The HURD, and Lovisa. From what we see here, and our team having a piss-poor defense, this will not be easy.

Okay, So to tell more about the nations, Magnus Valerius and Vilitia are pretty good temas, so we will have little chance against them . The HURD was competing with us in the world cup qualifications, but I don't remember the record we had with them, but at the end they were one spot above us. Lastly, Lovisa did poorly in the qualifications, and should be an easy win. So with all that, well, no-one know how this will go.

OOC: *Thats 2007 for those of you using the Gregorian Calendar
New Manhattan
11-03-2007, 01:57
Status of football in the Unified Capitalizt States
The “nation” 자스연 (Jasīʼyūn) entered in the Cup of Harmony represents one of two football associations in the Unified Capitalizt States ( (the other being Capitalizt SLANI). New Manhattan is my forum account, and has nothing to do with anything ICly (but happens to also be the name of a state in the UCS). The team’s three-letter code is JSY.

The code UCS is used in this roster to indicate players residing in the Unified Capitalizt States; ICN is used to indicate players residing in the International City of Paripana (

————— 자스연 (Jasīʼyūn) Roster
The starting eleven for the 혜성즈 (Hyesūŋjī) is identical to that used in the team’s World Cup 33 qualification attempt.

(The players numbered 1–11 are starters.)
Coach: Davida Yesta [Port Lusambo, UCS]
Assistant Coach: 채광윤 (Çā Gwaŋ-yun) [소코지토 도시 (Sokojito Dosi), UCS]

No. Pos Name Home city
1 GK Leon Petersdorf Kagoshima, UCS

2 FC Rodolfo Bolúfero Port Lusambo, UCS

3 FC 하성윤 녜고 (Nyago), UCS
(Ha Sūŋ-yun)
4 ML Troy Daniels Portland, UCS

5 MC 안면교 실토 도시 (Silto Dosi), UCS
(ʼAn Myūn-gyo)
6 MC Brandon Richardson Lexington, UCS

7 MR Brian Grabmann Said, UCS

8 DL Hein Mülbe Natestadt, UCS

9 DC 황현나 Prontera, UCS
(Hwaŋ Hyūn-na)
10 DC June Daniel Altera, UCS

11 DR Davido Matesanso International City, ICN

12 GK Teresa Swanson Oak Acres, UCS

13 FC 문황동 먀타니 (Myatani), UCS
(Mun Hwaŋ-doŋ)
14 FC Καίτη Εϊτζιρίδης 파초 (Paço), UCS
(Kaítē Eïtzirídēs)
15 ML Virginia Hernández Naquada Falls, UCS

16 MC Raula Basaka Kainia, UCS

17 MC Sepp Klein Medoria, UCS

18 MR Micheal Stevenson Sonoma Center, UCS

19 DL Steven Cain Fredricksburg, UCS

20 DC Étienne Bourgeois Chorion Bluffs, UCS

21 DC Arnold Waters St Raphael, UCS

22 DR Moritz Bernsteindreher Edalpede’s Ditch, UCS

23 GK Egilof Giessen Cambridge, UCS

Nickname: 혜성즈 (Hyesūŋjī)
Formation: 4–4–2
Style Modifier: −φ



Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y
Bushes Been Quaked
11-03-2007, 02:38
The Bees will play a 7-1-2 -4 style (starters with asterisk)

*Ivan Leonidovič Spasskij
Aleksandr Nikolaevič Gagarin
Aleksej Nikolaevič Komarov

*Konstantin Alekseevič Leskov
*Karl Antonovič Surikov
*Lev Petrovič Elʹcin
*Lazarʹ Mihajlovič Elʹcin
*Aleksandr Petrovič Tamm
*Vladimir Vasilʹevič Dunaevskij
*Nikolaj Vasilʹevič Grišin
Sergej Romanovič Arenskij
Nikolaj Andreevič Mendeleev

*Johann Horabik
Franzl Bilgeri
Thorsten Hertzsch

*Ditmar Marino
*Swen Korn-Hofbeck
Johann Tokay
Dirk Vermeiren
New Manhattan
11-03-2007, 02:53
Matchday 1 Scores

Group A
Estresse Intenso 1–0 Turruth Gordur
Bostopia 2–1 Schorteskatascansolani

Group B
Zwangzug 1–0 Atheistic Right
East Lithuania 0–1 Bushes Been Quaked

Group C (scorinated by Bostopia)
Acapais 1–0 Cookesland
Cluichstan 0–4 Ropa-Topia

Group D
Magnus Valerius 3–3 Swilatia
Vilita 5–3 Lovisa

Group A
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Bostopia 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 3
2 Estresse Intenso 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 3
3 Druida 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 Schorteskatascansolani 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
5 Turruth Gordur 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group B
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Zwangzug 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 3
2 Bushes Been Quaked 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 3
3 Fort Europe 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 East Lithuania 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
5 Atheistic Right 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group C
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Ropa-Topia 1 1 0 0 4 0 4 3
2 Acapais 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 3
3 Jasīʼyūn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 Cookesland 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
5 Cluichstan 1 0 0 1 0 4 −4 0

Group D
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Vilita 1 1 0 0 5 3 2 3
2 Swilatia 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
3 Magnus Valerius 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
4 The HURD 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 Lovisa 1 0 0 1 3 5 −2 0
Turruth Gordur
11-03-2007, 07:41 Gordur

Team Manager: Gorgol “The Butcher” Harad
Team Coach(s): Gorbag Madril, Draco Glaurung


GK: Gorbag Madril –– Assegai Developments F.C. (Assegai Developments)
GK: Bartholomew Dalison –– TBA
GK: Mauhúr Muzgash –– TBA

DF: Boldog Gothmog –– S.C. Vagrant Hills (Assegai Developments)
DF: Varg Vikernes –– TBA
DF: Huldah Sangria –– TBA
DF: Ash Nazg –– S.C. Vagrant Hills (Assegai Developments)
DF: Durbah Tulúk –– TBA
DF: Bruna Garvel –– TBA
DF: Sharku Warg –– TBA

MF: Uglúk Dramborleg –– TBA
MF: Shagrat Grishnákh –– TBA
MF: Magda the Forsaken –– TBA
MF: Snaga Lagduf –– TBA
MF: Anglachel Beleg –– TBA
MF: Artok Brocas –– TBA
MF: Ivo Compton –– TBA

AF: Draco Glaurung –– Cathedral Spooks D.C. (Assegai Developments) Captain
AF: Dagor Bragollach –– F.C. Capri (Elves Security Forces)
AF: Barnard Savage –– TBA
AF: Mauhúr Muzgash –– TBA
AF: Enid Bloodcrow –– TBA
AF: Gromper Grîpper –– TBA

Turruth Gordur… Turruth Gordur presents its roster late... Oops.

Formation: 4-4-2
Bias: + 3

If my opponent RPs first:
Choose my goal scorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N
11-03-2007, 16:48
Fort Boston Castle Plaza was quiet that morning, as dawn broke over the Bostopian Capital. The cafés were unusually quiet for a Sunday, not opening up, and no smells of coffee and toast emanating from their 18th century frames.

For today, was a special Sunday.

How special? Special enough to warrant it’s own line. Bostopia were playing a nation children (and adults) couldn’t spell, and Sel Appa, a distant neighbour to Bostopia’s East, were playing Cafundéu, another team generally misspelled.

Then, at around 9AM, the workers came. Not for a Socialist revolution, but to work. They began erecting (no Dazza references, please) two wide-screen televisions, measuring 82 feet diagonally each in the Plaza, opposite Fort Boston Castle. Whether this is so Emperor Boston could get a good view from his balcony was the subject of some debate. One TV would be showing the Bostopia game, the other the Sel Appa game, possibly just for the humour levels.

Crowds started arriving around 11, some three hours before the game kicked off. The reason for the cafés being closed came clear now, they had all been preparing to serve voluptuous amounts of hot dogs, burgers and of course, beer for those at least 18.

As the Plaza filled, sporting the red, white and blue of Bostopia, and the blue, yellow and white of Sel Appa, a news crew went round, asking for people’s opinions on the Cafundéu – Sel Appa game. After about an hour, the results flashed up on both screens. Who will win the Sel Appa – Cafundéu Game? 51% Sel Appa - 43% Cafundéu, 6% Don't Know.

A large roar of laughter went up from the crowd. Sel Appa? Win? No chance! What made it more funny, was that Bloc Party’s “Helicopter” was playing in the background, and the results came up just as the lyrics went “are you hoping for a miracle? Are you hoping for a miracleeeeee?”

Just over an hour later, a cheer went up from those watching the left hand screen, as the Bostopian National Squad walked out onto the pitch. As the Bostopian anthem started up and got into full swing, the crowd, at least 150,000 strong, made a sound level set to rival any world record. The Sel Appan anthem was greeted by a lesser noise, but a noise nonetheless.

Thirteen minutes in, a cross from Michael Wake was met by the head of Aleksander Cripps, and Bostopia were 1 – 0 up. A massive cheer went up from the Bostopian crowd, the goal also being cheered from the Sel Appan contingent.

The Sel Appan match remained largely unwatched by the Bostopians, who let out the occasional cheer whenever the Sel Appan fans happened to cheer and wave their flags in an over-excited way.

Half time hit, and Bostopia were still 1 – 0 ahead of Schorteskatascansolani. The half time whistle was of course followed by a mad dash to the toilets, and people rushing around taking photos of the atmosphere, and Emperor Boston having what looked like a heated argument with his Empress. All looked away when they made up though, apart from one man who kept looking and was temporarily blinded by a freak glare off the anti-space laser mirrors – which was later found out to be Emperor Boston’s assistant shining a torch toward it to avert the man’s eyes.

The second half opened with Bostopia still playing well, though this took a turn for the worse in the 67th minute, when a Schorteskatascansolani player equalised. The crowd booed, and a cheer went up from the Sel Appan section of the crowd. Things nearly got ugly, till it was realised that a Cafundéu player had been booked.

Throughout the game, Bostopian and Sel Appan fans had been trading chants, one of the Bostopian chants going like this “We’ll win the CoH and shock the world, we’ll the CoH and shock the world, we’ll win the CoH, we’ll win the CoH, we’ll win the CoH and shock the world! Singing ay ay ippy ippy ay, signing ay ay ippy ippy ay, singing ay ay ippy, Sel Appa bombed our chippie, ay ay ippy ippy ay!” The meanings of this chant were largely unknown, considering Bostopia and Sel Appa had never been to war, but it served to confuse the Sel Appans nonetheless.

In the 79th minute, another big cheer went up from the Bostopian fans, as Aleksander Cripps had again scored, this time with his fabled left foot, which was magnificently strong for a 6 year old. Chants of “Aleksander, woahoh, Aleksander, woahoh, he’s only six years old, but hell he’s mighty strong, Aleksander, woahoh, Aleksander, woahoh!” went up to praise the starlet of Naerson Infants School Football Team, who Emperor Boston had once played for himself.

At the final whistle, the majority of the crowd jumped up and danced and hugged, while the Sel Appans sat rather tensely watching their screen, before they too jumped up and cheered.

Then it happened. “Hang on, Sel Appa’s won!”

“You what?”

“They’ve won, they’ve qualified for the knockout stages!”

“He’s right you know!”

The Bostopian fans stood somewhat shell-shocked, while leaving the Sel Appans in the capital to party long into the evening.
11-03-2007, 17:09
Rube pushed open the door. "Everything okay in here?"

The captain could help if anyone could. "Not at all. I want to, um...access foreign publications. For the purposes of, er...cultural interchange." Rube would buy the rhetoric. "And this scrap metal pile is locking me in."

"I'll be glad to pick up something for you. What?"

"The Cabbage," Lawrence said triumphantly over BOB's whirrs and Rube's critical gaze.

True to form, he came back with a cabbage. Fresh, green, and a polyploid triumph of the evolutionary process...but having nothing to do with Sel Appa. "Sorry it took so long...Tagalongs wanted to gawk at the capitalism." He twitched as if purging himself of something nasty.

"$=0 nu." They had joined Phillip and the others. "...Evolu10?"

"Survival of the fittest," Jacob explained. "The processes of variation and natural selection resulting in the propagation of life throughout the universe." He looked desperate for approval.

Rube nodded pleasantly, but Phillip was not convinced. "Sems 2 me finding another wa of...productionx2 wud b mor" He cut off his speech and gave a thumbs up sign.

Yul shrugged cynically.

Distracted by that malaise, the two were not up to par against Atheistic Right. Lawrence had flashy play with impressive stops, but neither side could make real headway through the first half (there were no headers, either).

Simon Ryne scored twenty minutes into the second, and the rest of it was simply a manner of holding on, which the Zwangzug team did successfully. Tied for the top of Group B, they had by no means eliminated competition, but it was a start. If the right to direct the future, with all that entailed, was determined by those sorts of triumphs, Lawrence planned to be the best of the best (of the rest).
11-03-2007, 22:49
Cup of Harmony – MD1 Acapais : Cookesland
1:0 (0:0)

Match Report:

Sokojito Dosi, Sokojito – After a very disappointing 7th place exit of the World Cup Qualifying, Acapais defeated Cookesland 1-0 in Acapais's first ever Cup of Harmony match in Acapan history. With stellar performances by Salazar and Van Savage, Acapais was able to fight off the Cookesland defense.

After some comfortable saves from Dickenson in the first half hour, Oscar Van Savage’s cross to Dom'onic Duke hit the crossbar with a near post header to nearly beat the Cookesland keeper, Daniel Campo. The Cookesland keeper had his work cut out for him in the last 15mins of the first half with three brilliant saves. A bad pass from Nandy in the Acapan third led to a powerful shot by Colin Short that hit the side netting. Both nations entered the looker room scoreless.

The second half started with a very quick pace and it did not take long for Van Savage to volley Salvador Salazar’s cross for the game winner and only goal of the match. Jose nearly put in a second for Acapais with a close range, far post shot, but goalkeeper Campo did well to push it wide. Twelve thousand miles away in Acapais, Acapans rejoiced as their nation won its first Cup of Harmony match in history.

Acapais – Van Savage (Salazar) 49

Acapais – Nick Mckellar (caution; Reckless foul) 46+

Acapais Starting Lineup:
1 - Matthew Dickenson (GK)
2 - Shane Murphy (C)
3 - Nick McKellar
6 - Jeremy Davis (13 - Robert Hernandez) 56
10 - Shaurabh Nandy
4 - Craig Robicheaux
5 - Salvador Salazar
7 - Dom'onic Duke
8 - Alex McKellar (15 - Graham Atwater) 61
9 - Oscer Van Savage
11 - Ricardo Jose (12 - Samuel Haun) 87

Cookesland Starting Lineup:
23- Daniel Campo (GK)
04- Fred Denou
06- Nick Salrisa
22- Omar Azeder
19- George Reynold
16- Stacy LaReina
21- Derick Baston
24- Ryan Nico
15-Colin Short
14- Patrick Andolor

Roster Thread (
Acapais PreCoH Press Conference (
Acapais PostCoH Draw Newspaper Article (
Acapais MD1 Report
11-03-2007, 23:39
This is an
SBC News Alert!

Jawalski: So, finally the cup of Harmony started. That's really great in my opinion, because I finally have a sporting event to make a show on other then that stupid World Cup of Hockey thing. Why did our country even enter a team into that stupidity anyway?? WHY??

Wiadzase: Excellent question. However, that is not what we should focus on. We should focus on today match. I will start by saying that it was against Magnus Velerius, and the score was 3-3. Yes, another draw. Hopefully this tournament won't also be all draws, as it was bad enough with the world cup qualifications being that way.

Jawalski: Okay, so we have the scores, but this is football, not hockey. People want to actually know how the match went, and thus we should tell them. So let's go to the first half. So, we have action straight from the beginning in this match unlike the rather queit first halves of many of our world cup matches. Magnus Verius scores the first goal, at just 7 minutes. That does not matter though.

Wiadzase: Why not. I have heard many people, including the Swilatian team and its management, that every goal matters.

Jawalski, Yes, but we get have a lead by the end of the half. We can thank Rycerski for that, as he scored, both our goal at 25 minutes, and our goal at 41 minutes. So there we have a match going quite well for us. So far... So, Wiadzase: could you go on with the second half?

Wiadzase: So, not much happens in the first few minutes of the second half, so I will just skip those. Then at 59, Romańska scores a goal, furthering our lead. Then as far as to 70, there were no goals. To think that we werre about to win to a team that did much better in the qualifications then us. It just seemed to good to be true.

Jawalski: Well, that's because it is too good to be true. Let's go further into the second half. Let's say, 78 minutes, that when Magnus Valerius score its second goal. We still thought we would win, as we still had a lead, and there was little time left, but at 85 minutes, another goal was scored. And we had no time to regain our lead. And we were so close to winning!

Wiadzase: Well, we can just hope that the next match, against the HURD, will go better. But it is likely it won't, as we haad matches against them in the world cup qualifying, and if memory serves me, which it probably does not, we lost both.
12-03-2007, 02:10
From Glenda's blog:
Friends, Hackers,

Good news are a'coming! The HURD has agreed on a national anthem for the match: The "free software song" of Saint IGNUcius! I am really happy about that. A friend from the wiki administration said the last time the governmental wiki had that much traffic was when our constitution was in discussion. He also told me that they caught another foreign vandal... posting the entire legal code of Oglethorpia on a badly accessible wiki-site. Good thing that change was reverted!

Here in the United Capitalist States, life is rather weird. Not only that the language, which is spoken is entirely unintelligible for us, the same is true for the culture as well. The HURD doesn't even HAVE money and in the United capitalizt states, all seems to revolve around it. And the internet cafe a clerk nearly threw me out for hacking when I sshed to a server I maintain... she said it as if it was something bad! Well, I did not argue about the value of hacking, I merely stated, I was checking my mails. She looked at me strangely but I guess that was because I decoded it unconventionally.
New Manhattan
12-03-2007, 03:08
Matchday 2 Scores

Group A
Estresse Intenso 0–2 Schorteskatascansolani
Turruth Gordur 1–0 Druida

Group B
Zwangzug 0–1 Bushes Been Quaked
Atheistic Right 1–0 Fort Europe

Group C (scorinated by Bedistan)
Acapais 3–1 Ropa-Topia
Cookesland 0–0 자스연 (Jasīʼyūn)

Group D
Magnus Valerius 0–2 Lovisa
Swilatia 1–3 The HURD

Group A
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Schorteskatascansolani 2 1 0 1 3 2 1 3
2 Bostopia 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 3
3 Turruth Gordur 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3
4 Estresse Intenso 2 1 0 1 1 2 −1 3
5 Druida 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group B
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Bushes Been Quaked 2 2 0 0 2 0 2 6
2 Zwangzug 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3
3 Atheistic Right 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3
4 East Lithuania 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
Fort Europe 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group C
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Acapais 2 2 0 0 4 1 3 6
2 Ropa-Topia 2 1 0 1 5 3 2 3
3 Jasīʼyūn 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Cookesland 2 0 1 1 0 1 −1 1
5 Cluichstan 1 0 0 1 0 4 −4 0

Group D
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Vilita 1 1 0 0 5 3 2 3
2 The HURD 1 1 0 0 3 1 2 3
3 Lovisa 2 1 0 1 5 5 0 3
4 Swilatia 2 0 1 1 4 6 −2 1
5 Magnus Valerius 2 0 1 1 3 5 −2 1
12-03-2007, 05:57

Style: +3

Coach: Ferdinand Klungelaer (from the Kingdom of Uhuh-Ropa)
Association: Ropa-Topian Sports Alliance (, Department of Football
Sponsors: The Most Serene Corporation of Bram the Bored (; Le Manchot Béton (; various other Ropa-Topian companies


- Starters in orange
- Changes since last WC in italics, if there were any
1. Karolien Jaspers (f)
22. Alfred Leurs (m) - Retiring after CoH
23. Melissa Zwanenberg (f)

2. Steven de Groot (m)
3. Synthia Carpenter (f)
4. Ruud van der Wal (m) - Retiring after CoH
5. Erin Wall (f) - Retiring after CoH
12. Jake Mitchell (m)
13. Dyson Stoute (m)
14. Ilona Bijlmakers (f)
15. Annie Groenedijk (f)

6. Mark Coenen (m)
8. Laurinda Baldwin (f)
10. Kate Poorbaugh (f)
16. Jeff Hanno (m)
18. Lianna van Eck (f)
20. John Hermans (m) - Retiring after CoH

7. Bas Zadelhoff (m)
9. Anky Huybrechts (f)
11. Yvon Hendrix (f)
17. Edmundo Garland (m)
19. Carlton Ammons (m)
21. Vera Brown (f)

Start formation:
Jaspers (c)

de Groot Carpenter vd Wal Wall

Coenen Poorbaugh Baldwin

Zadelhoff Hendrix Huybrechts

My opponent, if they RP first, is welcome to:
- Choose my goalscorers - No
- Godmod Scoring Events - Yes
- RP injuries to my players - Yes, but minor injuries only
- Godmod injuries to my players - No
- Hand out Yellow cards to my players - Yes
- Hand out Red cards to my players - No
- Godmod Other Events - Yes
12-03-2007, 08:49
Day off at Right time for Jungle Cats

The Vilita Jungle Cats were surprised, but relieved to have a day off while the rest of their group competed on Matchday 2 of the Cup of Harmony. Despite being on target 5 times on Matchday 1, Vilita was less than impressive in a 5-3 victory over lowly Lovisa. The Lovisan's, making a mini revival with an impressive 1 ppc (post per cup) rate over the past one cup, kept the game far closer than the Vilitan's would like to admit, Four goals in the second half of the match could not fully clear the Jungle Cats who gave up three in the same timespan after going into the match with a 1-0 lead.

The Jungle Cats used their day off to focus on training, especially set pieces under coach Callum Banda. Banda was originally supposed to attend a press announcement back in Arcticala, Vilita, the home of the club team that Banda propelled to both Domestic and International fame. That announcement, on an unknown matter believed to have some importance to both the city of Arcticala and the Vilitan National Team, has been postponed for later in the week.
12-03-2007, 17:32
Cup of Harmony – MD2 Acapais : Ropa-Topia
3:1 (2:0)

Match Report:

Sokojito Dosi, Sokojito – After a very promising 1-0 victory over Cookesland, Acapais defeated Ropa-Topia 3-1 in Acapais's first major upset. With a superb performance by the Acapais back four, Acapais was able to fight off the Ropa-Topian offence. Acapais is sitting top of group C with 6 points

After some poor possession play from Acapais in the first twenty minutes, Oscar Van Savage’s cross to Jose found the back of the net with a stunning 30 yard volley to beat the Ropa-Topian keeper, Karolien Jaspers. Murphy’s header from a set piece was as easy as you get for there was not a defender within three yards of the Acapan captain. 2-0 was the score at halftime.

The second half started with more poor possession from the Acapais. Fans of both side agree that if it wasn’t or the Murphy, Nandy and McKellar the result would have been quite different. Jose put in his second for Acapais with a close range, upper ninety, near post shot. Ropa-Topia pulled one back in the 81st minute chipping a 40 yarder over Dickenson’s head after he was caught off his line.

Acapais – Jose (Van Savage) 21
Acapais – Murphy (Van Savage) 32
Acapais – Jose (Salazar) 55
Ropa-Topian – ??? 81


Acapais Starting Lineup:
1 - Matthew Dickenson (GK)
2 - Shane Murphy (C)
3 - Nick McKellar (14 - Jackson Bradley) 76
6 - Jeremy Davis (13 - Robert Hernandez) 56
10 - Shaurabh Nandy
4 - Craig Robicheaux
5 - Salvador Salazar
7 - Dom'onic Duke
8 - Alex McKellar (15 - Graham Atwater) 61
9 - Oscer Van Savage
11 - Ricardo Jose

Ropa-Topian Starting Lineup:
1. Karolien Jaspers (GK) (f)
2. Steven de Groot (m)
3. Synthia Carpenter (f)
4. Ruud van der Wal (m)
5. Erin Wall (f)
6. Mark Coenen (m)
8. Laurinda Baldwin (f)
10. Kate Poorbaugh (f)
7. Bas Zadelhoff (m)
9. Anky Huybrechts (f)
11. Yvon Hendrix (f)

Roster Thread (
Acapais PreCoH Press Conference (
Acapais PostCoH Draw Newspaper Article (
Acapais Acapais MD1 Report (
Acapais MD2 Report
Magnus Valerius
12-03-2007, 23:59
"What the Hell!"
Says Drunken Priest

Valerians Lose to Lovisa

After a decent run in WC33, the Valerians are seeming to have lost their edge in what should have been familiar turf to them in the Cup of Harmony. The Valerians have made it a good tradition to do well in the Cup of Harmony, but it seems that the fresh team has not really learned the value of this now prized Valerian tradition. Now that the Valerians are down for the count with their loss against lower-ranked Lovisa, people are praying for a miracle.

The Valerians are cradling defeat it seems, and it may take some hard work from the players and God to make sure that they move on to the second round - which goes along with the old Valerian tradition of entering the CoH and doing well in it of course.

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Vilita 1 1 0 0 5 3 2 3
2 The HURD 1 1 0 0 3 1 2 3
3 Lovisa 2 1 0 1 5 5 0 3
4 Swilatia 2 0 1 1 4 6 −2 1
5 Magnus Valerius 2 0 1 1 3 5 −2 1


Sorry for the crap post. I've got a term paper to work on. :(
13-03-2007, 02:25
"Care to have a go at pronouncing these players' names, Charles?"

"No thank you."

"Ever the polite one. How about Marino?"

"How about...not."

"No, I mean look at him go!"

"We're not on TV, nobody cares where I'm looking."

"They might. Ah well, there's a goal for..."

"...the Bees."

"True enough, true enough. Couldn't have said it better myself. Well, I could have perhaps said it in more detail."

"Why didn't you?"

"Wanted you to constitute something significant in the broadcast."

"Really, you're too kind."
New Manhattan
13-03-2007, 02:55
Matchday 3 Scores

Group A
Estresse Intenso 1–1 Druida
Bostopia 1–2 Turruth Gordur

Group B
Zwangzug 1–1 Fort Europe
East Lithuania 1–1 Atheistic Right

Group C
Acapais 1–1 자스연 (Jasīʼyūn)
Cluichstan 1–0 Cookesland

Group D
Magnus Valerius 1–2 The HURD
Vilita 2–0 Swilatia

Group A
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Turruth Gordur 3 2 0 1 3 2 1 6
2 Estresse Intenso 3 1 1 1 2 3 −1 4
3 Schorteskatascansolani 2 1 0 1 3 2 1 3
4 Bostopia 2 1 0 1 3 3 0 3
5 Druida 2 0 1 1 1 2 −1 1

Group B
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Bushes Been Quaked 2 2 0 0 2 0 2 6
2 Zwangzug 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
3 Atheistic Right 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
4 East Lithuania 2 0 1 1 1 2 −1 1
Fort Europe 2 0 1 1 1 2 −1 1

Group C
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Acapais 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7
2 Ropa-Topia 2 1 0 1 5 3 2 3
3 Cluichstan 2 1 0 1 1 4 −3 3
4 Jasīʼyūn 2 0 2 0 1 1 0 2
5 Cookesland 3 0 1 2 0 2 −2 1

Group D
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Vilita 2 2 0 0 7 3 4 6
2 The HURD 2 2 0 0 5 2 3 6
3 Lovisa 2 1 0 1 5 5 0 3
4 Magnus Valerius 3 0 1 2 4 7 −3 1 E
5 Swilatia 3 0 1 2 4 8 −4 1 E
13-03-2007, 08:13
Singing Swilatian's Downed by Jungle Cats

Why the hell are they singing?

I don't know, perhaps they like to sing.

But this is Soccer!

No it's not, its Football.

Same difference.

Not really.

How do you figure?

Football you play with your foot, thats what we're doing. Its more descriptive.

You play with your foot just as much as you play with your sock, so soccer makes just as much sense.

What the hell are you on about?

I don't understand why I can't say soccer.

Because it makes you sound like a nimfar.

What the hell is a nimfar?

I made it up.

Oh, thats brilliant, what the hell were we talking about?

We were talking about why Swilatia is a bunch of pansies singing on the pitch.

Oh yea, they kept talking about some stupid singing contest too, don't they understand, If we wanted to sing we'd enter a singing competition. We don't want to sing, we want to play soccer. Or football, so thats what we're doing.

We're doing it pretty well too.

Yea, not horribly, we've played two games and won two. Still got a few more games to play. Its our opposition thats a bit surprising though.

In our group?

No, in Group A, the group we are supposed to play if we win the group.

Oh yea, how so?

Well, we thought Schorteskatascansolani would run away with it, and they look like they won't even qualify. We were sure we'd be playing Bostopia, and they are even worse off. We don't know what the hell is going on over there.

Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Yea, wasn't there supposed to be some kind of announcement in Arcticala?

Yea, I think they postponed it though.

When to?

I think tomorrow, go check online what the hell are you asking me so many questions for.

I don't know, I'm bored.


Vilita 2-0 Swilatia
Fort Europe
13-03-2007, 10:15
"This is Aby Watcher reporting live from outside the Commonwealth Stadium where the Fort Europe national football side have picked up their first point in the 25th Cup of Harmony. Two games into this competition and Fort Europe lie disappointingly in last place in Group B with two games left and without former manager Stuart Moss to turn things around it will be down to the caretaker manager Ria Gaskell to get the team on the move. Fort Europe need to win both of their last two matches in order to qualify and still have to play the group's leading side Bushes Been Quaked. Karl Isaak scored today's late equaliser to collect a much deserved point in a match that they dominated from start to finish."

"Thankyou Aby, now that main news again. Stormy weather accross the south of the Commonwealth has killed twenty people in Mekhule's Hemick Province and left hundreds homeless over night. The Commonwealth's first ever team to play Hockey on Ice in a major competition has been knocked out in the quarter finals, and The Great Leader has announced that her wedding plans have been cancelled. More on that later."
13-03-2007, 12:52

The teams of Group C
by Alfred Nonimus

The letter C. Something that nearly all teams in Group C seem to have in common, except Ropa-Topia. At first glance Jasī’yūn doesn't have a C either, but both Commerce Heights and Unified Capitalizt States do, and JSY is hosting this Cup of Harmony. Cookesland and Cluichstan should be obvious, and Acapais also has a C.

What does this mean for the Ropa-Topian team? We don't know, but several Ropa-Topian letterologists seem to think it's a sign of some sort. So far they have been unable to agree on what kind of sign it is though. Some of them are predicting that Ropa-Topia will be eliminated in the group stage, while others seem to think the letter C means Ropa-Topia will become the CoH Champions this time.

Sign or no sign, so far the Ropa-Topian team has had mixed results at the Cup of Harmony in the Unified Capitalizt States.

They started with a 4-0 victory against lowest-ranked Cluichstan, but in the second match, Ropa-Topia was defeated 3-1 by Acapais (ranked 86). If it hadn't been for Bas Zadelhoff's goal in the 81st minute of the match, this match would have ended with a 0 on the score board.

What's next for Ropa-Topia? After a day off, the following opponents await: Cookesland and Jasī’yūn. Neither have won a match yet so far, and two wins should guarantee qualification. The only two nations that could pose a problem would be Acapais (one match remaining, and one C in their name) and Cluichstan (two matches; two C's... It indeed is a sign!). But only if both would win their remaining matches, and because Acapais and Cluichstan still have to play each other, one of them can't win.
New Manhattan
13-03-2007, 14:22
Anonymous posting to AtlantianPolitics.vil forums:

Come bet at UltimateOdds.ucs! World Cup too unpredictable this year? UltimateOdds.ucs is the only major site for betting on all matches in the Cup of Harmony! Registration is risk-free; sign up today!


The post contains a link to ultimateodds.ucs/coh25/, with the following content:

Bostopia–Druida @ Natestadt, UCS
Odds: Bostopia 5–8 draw 19–10 Druida 11–4 [Bet Now!]
A loss would guarantee elimination for Druida and be a significant setback for Bostopia. The Druidans’ lack of experience will give the Bostopians the edge, and the location of the match at Auswärtssieg Arena should be a disadvantage for the team from Atlantian Oceania, but the match could go either way.

Turruth Gordur–Schorteskatascansolani @ Keto, UCS
Odds: Turruth Gordur 2–1 draw 27–11 Schorteskatascansolani 11–10 [Bet Now!]
Turruth Gordur advances with a win. Though Schorteskatascansolani performed better during the World Cup qualifiers, the attacking styles used by both teams may render any question of which team is better irrelevant as they each try to score the last goal.

East Lithuania–Fort Europe @ Port Lusambo, UCS
Odds: East Lithuania 18–7 draw 15–7 Fort Europe even [Bet Now!]
A win in this match between two teams tied at the bottom of the table would spring either team back into contention for a quarterfinal spot. Although sales of Fort Europe newspapers have dropped dramatically since the end of the World Cup qualifiers, their football team can use this match as a chance to prove that they haven’t gone with it.

Atheistic Right–Bushes Been Quaked @ Aeropag, UCS
Odds: Atheistic Right 17–7 draw 11–7 Bushes Been Quaked 15–11 [Bet Now!]
Bushes Been Quaked will win their group if they win this match, but expect this clash between two oddly-named “puppet nations” to be about as exciting as a Karela Lines practice session.

Cluichstan–Jasīʼyūn @ Sokojito Dosi, UCS
Odds: Cluichstan 31–10 draw 11–6 Jasīʼyūn even [Bet Now!]
SPECIAL OFFER: 1 300 000–1 odds of ten or more goals scored [Bet Now!]
After the Cluichstani fans wreaked havoc in the C programming language during these teams’ last match in the UCS, security will have to be stepped up for this game at the Überdome. After two draws, the home team needs all the help it can get if it is to advance.

Cookesland–Ropa-Topia @ ʼYupo, UCS
Odds: Cookesland 18–7 draw 15–7 Ropa-Topia even [Bet Now!]
Ropa-Topia are clearly the stronger team, but need to make sure they do a good job in this match to stay up in the top half of the table. On the other side of the pitch, Cookesland will be eliminated if they cannot win this.

Vilita–The HURD @ New Seoul, UCS
Odds: Vilita 8–11 draw 19–10 The HURD 14–3 [Bet Now!]
On paper, everything is stacked in the Jungle Cats’ favor, but strange things happen on the pitch, and the GNUs’ recent form could continue. The stakes are high; the winner of this match is guaranteed a quarterfinal slot and gets to keep its perfect record.

Swilatia–Lovisa @ Sonoma Center, UCS
Odds: Swilatia 15–11 draw 11–5 Lovisa 12–7 [Bet Now!]
Though the Swilatian team is already going home, they still have one last match before they do so. They’re slight favorites, and a win could drag Lovisa down with them. A win for Lovisa would put them on par with the HURD if Vilita also wins, putting guaranteed advancement on the table for the Lovisa–The HURD battle on the final day of group play.

Register NOW to bet on any of these matches, and more!


The administrator of the AtlantianPolitics.vil forums, username TealFanatic, sees this post and presses the delete button. In the explanation field, he types, “* TealFanatic bats spammers with a ring-tailed lemur carcasse.” He then clicks the confirm button.
13-03-2007, 16:13
Friends, HURDists, fans of our national team, fans of other national teams who want a balanced opinion, fans of other national teams who want to spy on opponents, fans of other national teams who want to DDoS this site, little green creatures from Alpha Centauri, reporters, weirdos looking for nude pictures of me and lacked the decency to hide the referrer, spambots,

Good that you found the way to this site and found it to be up and running (note to self: while you can host a webserver on a digital watch if you use ConTiki (, switch to another platform for your personal blog). The Swilatia match was fun. The puny humans did not expect robots half of their size to play competitively. Well, how wrong can you be? Even though for our goalie Lynx, size really is a problem, the rest of the team ran fine and smoothly (note to self: cover up the kernel panic of player #3). The GNUs took the lead early. #7 gave the keeper (#1 Dominik Kowalski) no chance. Later, #10 increased the lead to 2:0. I would show pictures, but seeing what a bandwidth hogging crowd already now nearly completely DDoSes my blog (note to self: get a real server instead of that watch!), I guess I'll do so in half a year. Later things started becoming ugly. Hint: It is no good idea to attempt to tackle a slightly malfunctioning robot. Fortunately, Urszula Kapowska survived with minor wounds. #12 was not that lucky. Well, fortunately, we have enough substitutes. And fortunately it is for us no big problem if a robot recieved two yellow cards. It gives us more time for maintenance. Well, however that meant the Swilatians caught up. #6 did us all a favor and extended the lead to 3:1 again in the 79th minute (note to self: read logs to check what the hell she was attempting there).

We were forced to only 2 substitutions in this match: #3 and #12 had mechanical errors. #11 will be ready or the match against Magnus Valerius.

Happy Hacking!
13-03-2007, 20:20
Cup of Harmony – MD3

Acapais : Jasīʼyūn
1:1 (1:1)

Match Report:

Yupo, Sokojito – After a heavy upset over Ropa-Topia 3-1, Acapais inched a fraction more to the knockout stage with a draw with Jasīʼyūn 1-1. With Acapais playing a man down the entire 2nd half, tested the Acapan defense. Acapais hold onto a draw with 10 men after goalkeeper Dickenson. Acapais is currently sitting top of group C with 7 points

After a quick 3rd minute goal from Acapan forward Jose, courtesy of a through ball from Robicheaux, the game slowed down and there was not another shot on goal until the 23rd minute. Oscar Van Savage ripped a shot high and wide in the 37th minute after being tripped from behind. The center official however found nothing wrong with the foul. The game became interesting in the 45th minute of play right before halftime when Daniels was taken out of the play inside the penalty area by Acapan goalkeeper Dickenson. He was sent off for denying and obvious goal scoring opportunity. Midfielder Duke was replaced with rookie goalkeeper Edward Legrand and, while earning his first international cap, he conceded his first international goal to Richardson from the penalty spot.

In the second half, Acapais could not keep the ball. Possession was in favor of Jasīʼyūn 70% to 30% for the second half of the game. Although they had the ball most of the second half their 31 total shots could not find the back of the net. Goalkeeper Legrand had notable saves from close range shots, and the Acapan back four played brilliantly the second half.

Match day four is a bye for Acapais and they will be rooting for Cluichstan win with minimal goals and Cookesland to draw with Jasīʼyūn. If this happens in Matchday four then Acapais will finish the group either first or second.

Acapais – Jose (Robicheaux) 3
Jasīʼyūn – Richardson (pen) 46+

Acapais – Salazar (caution; Reckless foul) 32
Acapais – Dickenson (sent-off; Denies an obvious GSO) 45
Jasīʼyūn – Daniels (caution; Reckless foul) 66
Jasīʼyūn – Grabmann (caution; Reckless foul) 71
Acapais – Murphy (caution; Wasting time) 82

Acapais Starting Lineup:
1 - Matthew Dickenson (GK)
2 - Shane Murphy (C)
3 - Nick McKellar
6 - Jeremy Davis (13 - Robert Hernandez) 56
10 - Shaurabh Nandy
4 - Craig Robicheaux
5 - Salvador Salazar
7 - Dom'onic Duke (22 - Edward LeGrand (GK) ) 45+
8 - Alex McKellar
9 - Oscer Van Savage
11 - Ricardo Jose (14 - Jackson Bradley) 76

Jasīʼyūn Starting Lineup:
1. Leon Petersdorf (GK)
2. Ronolfo Volufero
3. Ha Sun-yun
4. Troy Daniels
5. An Myun-gyo
6. Brandon Richardson
7. Brian Grabmann
8. Hein Mulbe
9. Hwan Hyun-na
10. June Daniel
11. Davido Matesanso

Roster Thread (
Acapais PreCoH Press Conference (
Acapais PostCoH Draw Newspaper Article (
Acapais Acapais MD1 Report (
Acapais Acapais MD2 Report (
Acapais MD3 Report
13-03-2007, 23:28
Friends, HURDists, fans of the national team, fanatics, little green creatures from Alpha Centauri, reporters, weirdos looking for nude pictures of me and lacked the decency to hide the referrer, propaganda-writers, slashdot-readers who DDoS the site and have the decency not to hide the referrer, spambots,

Things are going to become ugly here in the United Capitalizt states. First of all, some great person has decided it is a smart idea to post "Glenda Satanya uses Contiki on a watch for her blog! First known Contiki-webserver in real world use!" in some form or the other on Slashdot. Can we agree that it was not? Well, the slashdot effect hit me completely unprepared until a good soul mirrored me. (note to self: migrate to whatever you find and what offers a challenge). Also, we are running out of money. It is weird that basic needs like mountain dew or pizza are not free. Not even open source. These things cut a big hole into our budget. Fortunately bandwidth is free. Yay for people unable to set up their wireless networks without encryption.

Next problem was that the national anthem changed and there were different versions of the GNUbaya-song, which could be meant. zuse clarified it by editing the wiki for us. Well, it was nice to see the HURDist-fans sing GNUbaya! It's a really cheerfull song, albeit not in the least ceremonial. Magnus Valerius's national anthem was rather stiff compared to that. Whoever edited the Legalpedia made a good decision.

The Boyars played very attackingly, seeing that lynx might not be the most efficient goalkeeper (even though the goalkeeper was not lynx but links). They tried to keep the game high in order to make things more difficult for our kid-sized Nassi-Shneidermanns. The Nassi-Shneidermanns are capable of jumps and so had their word to say about that tactic, but it dmaged the players more than usual. We'll have some MS-ly busy days in front of us for maintenance. Still, we were ahead 2:0 in the 75th minute when the fourth player needed substitution. FSCK! Well, one GNU short, we of course caught one, but fortunately only one. Taht was a shivering and shaking on our bench. Well, now for the Vilita match, we need to set up things again and hack one or two implementations of General Niceness on our code.
13-03-2007, 23:55
The techie wilted under the well-intentioned gazes of the team. Gripping BOB's printout, he translated the computer syntax. "Erm, effective, uh, immediately,"

"BOB must be really good if he can produce these utterances," Andrew sardonically interrupted.

"Go ahead," Rube waved.

"the team will be prohibited from accessing publications from countries other than those in the tournament in which they are currently participating," he finished in one breath.

Reactions ranged from stifled blurts (Lawrence) to compromised acceptance (Rube) to flatout relief (Andrew) to normal apathy (Roger).

With no further functions to perform, he watched the game casually. Despite Fort Europe's strong play, they surrendered the first goal, an almost accidental kick from Yul late in the first half. Karl Isaak tied the score even later in the second.

After the game, the techie noticed BOB computing a sinusoidal regression. Further investigation revealed that although the peons' score could be approximated by sin(2*pi*matchday), there was insufficient data for the r-squared of their opponents' approximation to be meaningful, much to Charles's disappointment.
New Manhattan
14-03-2007, 03:11
Matchday 4 Scores

Group A
Bostopia 1–1 Druida
Turruth Gordur 1–2 Schorteskatascansolani

Group B
East Lithuania 1–2 Fort Europe
Atheistic Right 1–1 Bushes Been Quaked

Group C (scorinated by Bostopia)
Cluichstan 2–1 자스연 (Jasīʼyūn)
Cookesland 1–1 Ropa-Topia

Group D
Vilita 3–1 The HURD
Swilatia 1–1 Lovisa

Group A
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Schorteskatascansolani 3 2 0 1 5 3 2 6
2 Turruth Gordur 4 2 0 2 4 4 0 6
3 Bostopia 3 1 1 1 4 4 0 4
4 Estresse Intenso 3 1 1 1 2 3 −1 4
5 Druida 3 0 2 1 2 3 −1 2 E

Group B
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Bushes Been Quaked 3 2 1 0 3 1 2 7
2 Atheistic Right 4 1 2 1 3 3 0 5
3 Fort Europe 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
4 Zwangzug 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
5 East Lithuania 3 0 1 2 2 4 −2 1 E

Group C
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Acapais 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7
2 Cluichstan 3 2 0 1 3 5 −2 6
3 Ropa-Topia 3 1 1 1 6 4 2 4
4 Jasīʼyūn 3 0 2 1 2 3 −1 2 E
5 Cookesland 4 0 2 2 1 3 −2 2 E

Group D
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Vilita 3 3 0 0 10 4 6 9 Q
2 The HURD 3 2 0 1 6 5 1 6
3 Lovisa 3 1 1 1 6 6 0 4
4 Swilatia 4 0 2 2 5 9 −4 2 E
5 Magnus Valerius 3 0 1 2 4 7 −3 1 E
Fort Europe
14-03-2007, 06:47
"...and that concludes our round up on this summers best value holidays in the Commonwealth, still to come we have a Sarah Elding's latest report of the happenings inside the office of the Great Leader and we'll be talking exculsively to Bev Rigolo, the grand mother of Great Leader Elizabeth Rigolo. But first the we go live to Aby Watcher with the sport."

"Thankyou Ryan, I'm in East Lithuania where the Fort Europe national side has just eliminated the home nation from the Cup of Harmony with one match left in the group stages. East Lithuania put up a brave fight but eventually lost out to the superior stamina and tallent of the Fort European players as Karl Isaak first set up Ryan Holmes for the opening goal of the match and then Michelle Bishop for the winner fifteen minutes from time. East Lithuania did get one goal back in between but it wasn't enough to quell the damage caused and Fort Europe keep their hopes alive for the moment, though nothing less than a win against Bushes Been Quaked next week will be enough to see them through to the quarter finals. The team camp however remains unsettled as speculation over Stuart Moss's replacement continues with no end in sight as the Commonwealth Sports Council delay in announcing their shortlist. Rumors however continue unabated with latest speculation linking the former ESF manager to Fort European national football's top job. The Sports Council have refused to comment."
14-03-2007, 08:03

Vilitan Businessman offers Banda Challenge

Prominent Vilitan businessman Miakalo Starziizi, President of Arcticala Electrical Corporation has today issued a challenge to Vilita National Team head coach Callum Banda at a press conference held in Arcticala, Vilita.

Good afternoon everybody. I am very excited to be here today for what I hope will be a very exciting announcement, not only for us here at the Arcticala Electrical Corporation but for all Vilitans. At Arcticala Electrical, we are a part of the lives of every Vilitan, supplying more than 90% of the countries electrical energy. We are always looking for additional ways to get involved in the community however, and one of the ways we have done this is through our long standing relationship with the pride of Arcticala, the Vilitan Cup Specialists themselves, Arcticala Inlet AFC. As primary kit sponsors, we have helped support the clubs rise from the local stages right to the pinnacle of the sport as Cup winners and seasonal contenders for the Vilitan League title.

One thing that has been lacking in Arcticala however has always been our National Team. Quality new venues in Yeaddin and Seraai as well as the timeless stadiums in Lonngeyln, Crosaibi and our capital city Alikki-Corra have long overshadowed the local fields here in Arcticala as the choice for our great nation. We at Arcticala Electrical feel it is time that International Football came to Arcticala, and we intend to do something about it. That is why we will be funding the construction of a brand new 94,000 seat Sports Complex as part of our ongoing dedication to both the city of Arcticala, Arcticala Inlet AFC and all of Vilita. This stadium, upon its completion, will be one of the largest in Atlantian Oceania, and its granger will extend far beyond its capacity. We will be consulting with the designers of the state of the art Lunar Park in Seraai to incorporate and even improve on some of the ideas they have gone with over there to ensure that this new stadium will be on the cutting edge.

Naturally, with our investment, we had originally planned on naming the stadium the Arcticala Electrical Stadium. However, I stand here before you today, a fan of sport in our great country, the Tropics of Vilita simply wanting to see our National Team regain some of the glory we once had. This is why I am about to issue a challenge. A Challenge to our very own Callum Banda, the greatest goalscorer in the history of Vilita and the man who led Arcticala Inlet AFC to the top of the Vilitan League, A challenge to restore some of the glory that he himself helped to build.

As President of Arcticala Electrical Corporation, I am offering the naming rights to the brand new State of the Art Electricala Electrical Stadium to the legendary Callum Banda, Callum Banda Stadium. In return, we at Arcticala Electrical would like Callum to return the favor to the Tropic of Vilita by winning the 25th Cup of Harmony, and returning back to Arcticala with the winners trophy to be housed in the new Callum Banda Stadium.

It is widely believed that Banda, a good friend of Starziizi, will accept the businessman's challenge, however the Jungle Cats will still have to perform on the pitch before any stadium names are altered.
14-03-2007, 16:24
Scenarios for MD5

Group A

Remaining Matches:
Estresse Intenso–Bostopia

Druida is out and cannot qualify.

Schorteskatascansolani will qualify with
*a win, draw or loss by 2 or less

Schorteskatascansolani will not qualify with
*a loss by 3 or more AND the Bostopia vs Estresse Intenso game does not end in a draw.

Bostopia will qualify with
*a win.

Bostopia will not qualify with
*a loss.

Estresse Intenso will qualify with
*a win.

Estresse Intenso will not qualify with
*a loss.

Turruth Gordur will qualify with
*a Bostopia and Estresse Intenso draw OR
*a Schorteskatascansolani lose by 3 or more.

Turruth Gordur will not qualify with
*a Bostopia win AND a Schorteskatascansolani win, draw, or loss by 2 or less OR
*a Estresse Intenso win AND a Schorteskatascansolani win, draw, or loss by 2 or less OR

Group B

Remaining Matches:
Fort Europe–Bushes Been Quaked
Zwangzug–East Lithuania

East Lithuania is out and cannot qualify

Fort Europe will qualify with
*a win OR
*a draw with a score of 1-1 or more AND a Zwangzug loss OR
*a draw of 1-1 or more AND Zwangzun draw where Zwangzun scores 0 or more goals less that Fort Europe

Fort Europe will not qualify with
*a loss OR
*a draw of 0-0
*a draw AND Zwangzun win
*a draw of 1-1 or more AND Zwangzun draw where Zwangzun scores 2 or more goals more that Fort Europe

Bushes Been Quaked will qulaify with
*a win or draw OR
*a loss AND Zwangzung loss or draw

Bushes Been Quaked will not qualify with
*a loss AND Zwangzung win.

Zwangzug will qualify with
*a win AND a Fort Europe loss or draw OR
*a draw of 2-2 or more AND a Fort Europe loss OR
*a draw of 2-2 or more AND a Fort Europe draw where Fort Europe scores 2 or more goals less than Zwangzun

Zwangzug will not qualify with
*a loss OR
*a win AND a Fort Europe win OR
*a draw of 1-1 or 0-0 OR
*a draw of 2-2 or more AND a Fort Europe draw where Fort Europe scores 0 or more goals more than Zwangzun

Atheistic Right will qualify with
*0-0 draws from both games OR
*a Fort Europe loss AND a Zwangzug loss

Atheistic Right will not qualify with a
*Fort Europe win OR
*Zwangzug win OR
*1-1 or more draw in the Fort Europe game OR
*2-2 or more draw in the Zwangzug game

A playoff will result between Fort Europe and Zwangzun if
*Fort Europe play to a draw of 1-1 or more AND Zwangzun play to a draw where Zwangzun scores 1 goal more that Fort Europe

Group C

Remaining Matches:

Jasīʼyūn and Cookesland are out and cannot qualify

Ropa-Topia will qualify with
*a win

Ropa-Topia will not qualify with
*a loss or draw

Acapais will qualify with
*a win or draw OR
*a Ropa-Topia loss or draw

Acapais will not qualify with
*a loss AND a Ropa-Topia win

Cluichstan will qualify with
*a win or draw OR
*a Ropa-Topia loss or draw

Cluichstan will not qualify with
*a loss AND a Ropa-Topia win

Group D

Remaining Matches:
The HURD–Lovisa
Magnus Valerius–Vilita

Vilita has already qualified.

Swilatia and Magnus Valerius are out and cannot qualify

The HURD will qualify with
*a win or draw

The HURD will not qualify with
*a loss

Lovisa will qualify with
*a win

Lovisa will not qualify with
*a loss or draw
14-03-2007, 17:35
72 Vale Street, Lulsborough, Drangmorie State, Bostopia

Matt Emmonds was sat at his computer, reading role plays people had wrote about a football tournament. He had pulled the short straw, and had to play as, Junista, a Protectorate of Bostopia, who were renowned for being largely useless at football. As such, Junista had one game left, and needed a win to go through, or for another team to lose.

His problem was, despite their being a whole match just played, he didn’t know what to rp about. As much as he wanted to rp, and as much as he tried, nothing.

He began thinking out loud through frustration.

[Matt] God, how difficult is it to figure out something to rp? Sigh…I need a drink.

Matt walked downstairs, to the bottom floor of his 3 up, 3 down house, and went into the kitchen. Picking up the newspaper his father had bought earlier in the day, he looked at the headlines to see if he could find some inspiration.

[Matt] Hmm…”Cat stuck up tree”… ”79% of Sel Appans found to be Emo & Depressed”… “Liberals ruining the country” does Bostopia even have liberals? “Bostopian Cartographers found to be at the heart of direction problems in the ESF” ESF? Who?

Matt slammed the paper down, and cursed his rotten luck. Why couldn’t he have been Jeruselem or someone like that, with porn-star tv reporters and, oh, I don’t know, better players?

Matt’s thoughts were interrupted by a cry “Don’t turn the garbage disposal on when I’m hanging over the sink!”

“Dad, ever the nudist” he thought “thinking with his family jewels again…musn’t complain though, I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

Matt gave up, and retreated back upstairs to at least post the roster for the next game, turning the TV on when he got up there. Channel 9 News was just getting to the sport.

Channel 9 Griffwitness News Studios, Fort Boston, Bostopia

[Griffis] And now, we hand over to Kelly Firth, with the roster for the game later against Espresso Intenso.

[Firth] Thanks Greg, but it’s Estresso, not Espresso. You must be thirsty or something.

[Griffis] Yeah…must be.

[Firth] Ok, anyway, here’s the squad for tonight’s game.

1 - Peter Jeffers – GK
2 - Francis Vale - DL
3 - Gerry Landor – DC
4 - Karl Matthews - DC
5 - Adam Craiff - DR

6 - Michael Wake - ML
7 - Stuart Flambriff- MC
8 - Freddie Marsh – MC
9 - Luke Barle - MR

10 - Harry Auderrie - SC
11 - Aleksander Cripps – SC


15 - Brian Ortega - DLRC
17 - James Harriff - MC - 6 - 2
19 - Terry Serring - MLRC
21 - Robert Karr - SC
22 - Kyle Jonners - SC - 6 - 1
15-03-2007, 03:14
Friends, HURDists, OS/2-users (all 2 of you!), fans of the GNUs, flamers, little teal creatures from Alpha Centauri (sorry for calling you 'green' in earlier entries), weirdos looking for nude pictures of me and lacking the decency to hide the referrer, propaganda-writers, reporters, gloating Vilitans, hackers,

This match was not good but at least it was not as bad as expected. Fortunately, we have some routine with in-game-patching already, otherwise this match would have been a complete disaster. While the Vilitans celebrate and surely post gloating comments in this blog: You conceded against 80 centimeter tall robots. Lynx also let 3 in, but that is less disgraceful, in my humble opinion.

During the game, we decided to roll back to 0.2.1r5 because we felt it could cope better with the quick pace of the match. That part worked just fine. r5 uses less system ressources and so from the 41st minute on, the GNUs could cope better with the pace of the game. BTW: have you seen that we replaceed Lynx at halftime because one hinge in his left arm acted up. So please stop blogging about why we only used 2 substitutions. We might use ELinks for the next match depending on how severe things are.

In other news: 'Whatever is around' means hardware-ije in the United capitalizt states a pleasant surprise. It is rather nice to have a compputer, which's performance is better than 2 Megahertz. I know that quick hardware makes programs unoptimized since origrammers think it would not matter, so I resisted the temptation to compile things on her. The bad thing about this system is that I am not sure what exactly is in it, because I bought it used and the previous owner was a luser. I had to clear the harddrive of that commercial OS first. Well, strange system or not, NetBSD runs like a charm on it. Of course this means the new issue is the bandwidth :) Open WLans are not exactly known for their speed...
New Manhattan
15-03-2007, 08:12
(delayed due to RL)

Matchday 5 Scores

Group A
Estresse Intenso 1–0 Bostopia
Druida 2–4 Schorteskatascansolani

Group B
Zwangzug 1–1 East Lithuania
Fort Europe 0–0 Bushes Been Quaked

Group C (scorinated by Bazalonia)
Acapais 2–1 Cluichstan
자스연 (Jasīʼyūn) 1–3 Ropa-Topia

Group D
Magnus Valerius 0–2 Vilita
The HURD 2–0 Lovisa

Group A
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Schorteskatascansolani 4 3 0 1 9 5 4 9 Q
2 Estresse Intenso 4 2 1 1 3 3 0 7 Q
3 Turruth Gordur 4 2 0 2 4 4 0 6
4 Bostopia 4 1 1 2 4 5 −1 4
5 Druida 4 0 2 2 4 7 −3 2

Group B
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Bushes Been Quaked 4 2 2 0 3 1 2 8 Q
2 Zwangzug 4 1 2 1 3 3 0 5 Q*
3 Atheistic Right 4 1 2 1 3 3 0 5 *
4 Fort Europe 4 1 2 1 3 3 0 5 *
5 East Lithuania 4 0 2 2 3 5 −2 2

*Head-to-head results between the tied teams:
Zwangzug 1–1 Fort Europe
Atheistic Right 1–0 Fort Europe
Zwangzug 1–0 Atheistic Right

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Zwangzug 2 1 1 0 2 1 1 4
2 Atheistic Right 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3
3 Fort Europe 2 0 1 1 1 2 −1 1

Group C
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Acapais 4 3 1 0 7 3 4 10 Q
2 Ropa-Topia 4 2 1 1 9 5 4 7 Q
3 Cluichstan 4 2 0 2 4 7 −3 6
4 Cookesland 4 0 2 2 1 3 −2 2
5 Jasīʼyūn 4 0 2 2 3 6 −3 2

Group D
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Vilita 4 4 0 0 12 4 8 12 Q
2 The HURD 4 3 0 1 8 5 3 9 Q
3 Lovisa 4 1 1 2 6 8 −2 4
4 Swilatia 4 0 2 2 5 9 −4 2
5 Magnus Valerius 4 0 1 3 4 9 −5 1

Quarterfinal Fixtures
Schorteskatascansolani vs The HURD @ Auswärtssieg Arena
Zwangzug vs Acapais @ Sokojito Überdome
Bushes Been Quaked vs Ropa-Topia @ JPL Paladin Stadium
Estresse Intenso vs Vilita @ CDA Stadium
15-03-2007, 19:26
Cup of Harmony – MD5 Acapais : Cluichstan
2:1 (1:0)

Match Report:

Yupo, Sokojito – After a bye during MD4, Acapais defeated Cluichstan 2-1 in Acapais's final group stage match. With excellent performances by the Oscar Van Savage and Salvador Salazar, Acapais was able to fight off the Cluichstan. The win leaves Acapais winner of group C and eliminates Cluichstan from Cup of Harmony 15.

The match from the media’s perception was rather standard. The higher ranked team wins the over the lower ranked team 2-1, a very average score. One goal and one assist a piece from midfielders Oscar Van Savage and Salvador Salazar. The first goal in the first half was a cross from the left side to the far post and the header from Van Savage put Acapais ahead. The second goal in the second half was a cross from the right side to the far post and the header from Salazar put Acapais further ahead. Two yellow cards from two defensive midfielders were the only bookings on the night.

The quarterfinal match will be between Zwangzug vs Acapais at Sokojito Überdome. Zwangzug somehow managed to creep into the play-offs with a three-way, second place tie in group B. Zwangzug broke the tie breaker on head-to-head match-ups. Before Cup of Harmony 15 Zwangzug was ranked 61 and Acapais ranked 86. We will see if on the 17th an upset is in store for Acapais fans.

Acapais – Van Savage (Salazar) 34
Acapais – Salazar (Van Savage) 67
Cluichstan – ??? 71

Acapais - Shaurabh Nandy (caution; Reckless foul) 26
Acapais - Craig Robicheaux (caution; Reckless foul) 61

Acapais Starting Lineup:
22 - Edward Legrand (GK)
2 - Shane Murphy (C)
3 - Nick McKellar (14 - Jackson Bradley) 68
6 - Jeremy Davis (13 - Robert Hernandez) 70
10 - Shaurabh Nandy
4 - Craig Robicheaux
5 - Salvador Salazar
7 - Dom'onic Duke
8 - Alex McKellar (15 - Graham Atwater) 54
9 - Oscer Van Savage
11 - Ricardo Jose

Roster Thread (
Acapais PreCoH Press Conference (
Acapais PostCoH Draw Newspaper Article (
Acapais MD1 Report (
Acapais MD2 Report (
Acapais MD3 Report (
MD4 Scenarios (
Acapais MD5 Report
Estresse Intenso
15-03-2007, 20:07
After the qualification, inside the Landau Institute, Doctor Rogério Landau and his main assistants (Doctor Valéria Sabin and Doctor Jesus Lagos) were commemorating the good result against Bostopia and the qualification for the quarterfinals, when the team will play against the favourites of Vilita.

DR. LANDAU - "The game is ended! We've qualified after an incredible victory! Let's commemorate! Valéria, the champagne, please."

DR. SABIN - "Of course, boss. This was a good game for us, our players were great. I wasn't expecting the qualification."

DR. LAGOS - "This proves that we can't underestimate our own players. After all, we trained them and they're representing our country!"

DR. LANDAU - "I never underestimate them. I know that they're capable, and that they are great players. Especially Gabalán, Dos Alpes and Bogdan, who I can consider my friends."

DR. LAGOS - "I understand, boss. Do you think that all our results were good?"

DR. LANDAU - "We defeated Bostopia and Turruth Gordur, drew with Druida and lost to Schorteskatascansolani. In general, we got the points that we deserved, and ended with the qualification."

DR. SABIN - "But boss, we'll play against Vilita now. It's the best team of the competition! Can we win?"

DR. LANDAU - "Very difficult, but we need to hope. For now, let's think about the present and the qualification!"

In the same moment, a Estresse Intenso citizen, who lives outside the Landau Institute, was asked about the national team's qualification in the Cup of Harmony:

CITIZEN - "What is that?"

REPORTER - "It's the Cup of Harmony. A football competition. Estresse Intenso qualified for the quarterfinals."

CITIZEN - "Oh, yes? I didn't know that. We have a national team of football? Is something organized here in Estresse Intenso?"

REPORTER - "The team is composed by Landau Institute's best players."

CITIZEN - "Landau Institute. So that hospital puts a team in a football competition and uses the name of our country?"


CITIZEN - "We can't allow that! They didn't ask permission to us. We'll get the revenge. If they want to participate, participate as Landau Institute, not Estresse Intenso!"

REPORTER - "Looks like I created a problem."

And, while Estresse Intenso was commemorating, a Cafundelense (native from Cafundéu) discovered that Estresse Intenso was qualified:

TELEVISION - "You just saw the game between EC Elville and Petardos S/A for the National League, which ended with the result of two against two. Now, before showing you the other results of the league, we'll show you the results of Cup of Harmony..."

CAFUNDELENSE - "That crazy defenders of the republic are playing this competition..."

TELEVISION - "...and Estresse Intenso is qualified after defeating Bostopia..."

CAFUNDELENSE - "What? It's impossible! They can't even recognize the ball!"

TELEVISION - "...yes, I'm shocked too, but let's see if Vilita can knock them out..."

CAFUNDELENSE - "They'll play against Vilita? Hahaha! They'll be destroyed... I hope..."
15-03-2007, 23:19

Vilitabet Slammed in Upset Odds

With the group stage now complete, the Vilitan Bookies have had a chance to review their predictions based on their pre-cup lines. As predicted by their own bookies, the Jungle Cats fielded a perfect 4-0-0 record in the group stage to top Group D over The HURD, who's only defeat was of course to the Vilitans. The bookies successful predictions, however, would hit an end with the Group D predictions, only pinpointing one of the other 6 qualifiers in their proper position. The bookies from Vilitabet properly projected Schorteskatascansolani as the champions of Group A, despite an unexpected loss which left Vilita as the only truly perfect team in the Group Stage. Bostopia, who Vilitabet projected as the Jungle Cats Quarter Final opposition, failed to advance from the group stage, finishing 4th in Group A as Cafundian entity Estresse Intenso advanced instead, setting up the first ever meeting between the Intenso's and the Jungle Cats.

An interesting scenario in Group B where three teams finished with an identical record saw one of the few nations with two z's in their name advance on a tiebreaker over Atheistic Right and Fort Europe. Fort Europe, who was Vilitabet's projected Group Winner and Cup Semi-Finalist, goes home early much to the dissapointment of the Vilitan faithful who will now have to wait until the World Cup 34 draw to see if they get to finally square off against the fortified nation. Instead, it was Bushes Been Quaked who topped Group B, earning a Quarter Final matchup with Ropa-Topia, the winner of which advances to play the winner of the Quarter Final between Vilita and Estresse Intenso at the CDA Stadium.

Despite the 4-2-4 formation used by the Magnus Valerius Boyars in the final group stage match against the Jungle Cats, the groups bottom team failed to net a single goal against the cups top scorers in the Vilita Jungle Cats. Vilita will not be the only ones entering the Quarter Finals with a bit of momentum, however. Opponents Estresse Intenso are coming off a massive victory on the final day of the group stage over Bostopia. The two teams went into the final matchday level on 4 points with a Quarter Final spot available to them should one of the teams happen to win. Win is exactly what the Estresse Intenso had done and they will be brimming with confidence going into the match.

Vilitan head coach Callum Banda will not be so quick to be unsettled by the Cafundian entity, however. Following the match against Magnus Valerius, the media were finally able to get a few questions in to Banda about the recent challenge issued by the President of the Arcticala Electrical Corporation, Miakalo Starziizi. Banda has indicated that he is honored to be considered as the namesake of such a great project that will have such an impact on his nation. Furthermore, Banda went on to declare that he has challenged each of the players in his squad to perform at their best by reminding them where Callum Banda lifted his first competitive trophy, which was of course in the Cup Of Harmony, insinuating that perhaps the young players in the squad for this Cup Of Harmony could one day have the same honor bestowed upon them should they inspire the Jungle Cats to Cup of Harmony success and catapult their nation back into the limelight of the World Cup.

Just three and a host Atlantian Oceania ( nations entered themselves into the Cup of Harmony, with Vilita leading a small brigade and being the only Atlantian Oceania nation expected to reach the Quarter Final stage. While Druida did not dissapoint, finishing bottom of Group A, The Free Land of Acapais showed that perhaps the sporting skills of their neighbors has begun to rub off, upsetting the odds to go unbeaten and top their group, becoming the lowest ranked team to reach the Quarter Final stage, dropping their only points so far in the competition on Matchday 3 against the tournament hosts. While we could not ascertain what the Acapais national team mascot was, nor understand why all of their reference links pointed us to the same press release, their fine performance in the group stage leaves open the possibility of an all Atlantian Oceania final should Vilita and Acapais manage to win their next two matches. The Acapans will square off against Zwangzung who advanced over top seed Fort Europe in a tiebreaker to reach the Quarter Final stage.
Bushes Been Quaked
16-03-2007, 00:49
Bushes Been Quaked Bugle

Our national soccer team is competing in this tournament called the Cup of Harmony, and we are actually doing well, we have played four game so far, and finished with a 2-2-0 record, and finished first in the group, as well as advancing to the quarter finals, where they will take on Ropa-Topia. Ditmar has scored all 3 goals for the bees, and is looking to add even more goals. The Bees, who are ranked near 50th in the world, and are just looking to keep their ranking.
16-03-2007, 01:33
The techie gulped down more caffeine. His eyes flicked across the screen as he analyzed BOB's output.

Zwangzug ¬kwalify w/ 0 draw...

He furiously accessed the source code, instructing BOB not to compute subtractions with numbers less than ten on each side. If someone got into the double digits, he'd reconsider.

Zwangzug ¬kwalify w/ 1-1 draw...

East Lithuania was hardly known for its distortions of reality. As far as he could remember, such a draw had indeed occurred. Simon Ryne had scored early in the first half, and East Lithuania had equalized before the break. Both teams seemed fatigued, making no gains in the second.

BOB produced another output. Other tems warping standings?

What other teams? The techie scrolled to results from other groups. Nothing spectacular.

BOB displayed an answer: indeed, proper nouns that had appeared in foreign publications.

The techie scrutinized it, then dialed the broadcasters. "Hey Charles? Is BOB aware of the concept of misspellings?"
New Manhattan
17-03-2007, 01:50
Aeropag Tribune headquarters, Aeropag, Jativa

Greg Kelly: No, we’re not going to print your slani predictions in the slani paper.

Diega Sauta: Of course, I wouldn’t want us to use up all that ink; I’m just saying it should be in the online edition.

Kelly: No. We report on what’s happening now. We have a responsibility to report on the wild speculations of public figures; we don’t need to do any speculating of our own.

Sauta: But all the other nations do—

Kelly. It’s not going to happen. Now get out of my office!


Sauta: As you predicted, he said no.

서석규 (Sū Sūg-gyu): So now would be time for plan B?

Sauta: There’s a plan B?

서: There’s always a plan B. Can’t you post it somewhere else on the ’net?

Sauta: You’re right, I could!

Sauta visits AtlantianPolitics.vil. In the General Discussion forum, he finds a thread entitled World Cup 33. He clicks the reply button, after which he is given a message box in which he types a post logged in as user Rouge¢ommi€. The graphic of his predictions is included in the post.

서: You think someone’s going to believe a person who can’t even spell rogue about who’s going to win the Cup of Harmony?

Sauta: I can spell both rogue and rouge just fine. And they’ll trust me; I predicted Bettia, Wentland, and Az-cz to go through to the semifinals in our World Cup bracket competition.

Sauta clicks the submit reply button.

서: Why did you use the graphic, anyway? You might as well have just written “I’M AN AEROPAG TRIBUNE EMPLOYEE MISUSING COMPANY RESOURCES!!!111!111!” in your post.

Sauta: Yeah, sure, whatever…wanna get some lunch?
(OOC: not real scores)
New Manhattan
17-03-2007, 02:51
Quarterfinal Scores
Schorteskatascansolani 1–1 The HURD (1–1 AET; Schorteskatascansolani wins 3–0 on penalty kicks)
Zwangzug 1–0 Acapais
Bushes Been Quaked 0–2 Ropa-Topia
Estresse Intenso 1–0 Vilita

Semifinal Fixtures
Schorteskatascansolani vs Zwangzug @ Capitalizm
Ropa-Topia vs Estresse Intenso @ Aeropag Olympic Stadium
17-03-2007, 14:19
There was a silence on the field, or maybe he created the void. Next to Simon Ryne, things faded, or at least he thought so.

It didn't take long for him to score: eight minutes into the game, he got a breakaway, leaving the other forwards as far behind him as the befuddled Acapais defenders. There it was, 1-0, and...?

Nothing. It stayed that way, the ball teetering perilously close to both goals multiple times, but without any success.

They won, he'd won, but was that all? Those were the winners of group C?

Now Schorteskatascansolani, on the other hand, they would be something else. They'd beaten robots (and good for them, he privately thought) and scared the opposition in the qualifiers. Indecent competition, but he would take it, and take them on.
Estresse Intenso
17-03-2007, 19:59
Inside the Landau Institute, nearly two hundred million people were watching the game between Estresse Intenso and Vilita in the television room. The television used by the Institute is huge, and all the patients can see the images without problem. The commentator, Santiago Sampaio, a respected doctor of the Institute, starts to talk:

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "And Estresse Intenso is entering in the field, with the traditional blue shirt and white shorts. The starting lineup is: Prunella is the goalkeeper; Manga, Godói and Pindaré are the defenders; Sardinha, Dumitrache, César Nobre, Bogdan and Dos Alpes in the midfield; Ponte Pênsil and Gabalán in the attack. The team will have an extremely difficult game against Vilita."

DR. LANDAU - "This game is very important for our team, the most important until now. They need to give all their will. Maybe we can win. Our midfield is very strong."

DR. SABIN - "I'm not confident. Vilita looks stronger, and our players aren't completely sane."

DR. LAGOS - "Gabalán, Bogdan and Manga are sane. The other players can have some strange habits, but the coach give them all the necessary medicines for them to play."

DR. SABIN - "I hope so."

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "We're reaching ten minutes of the first half, and Vilita is attacking, doesn't giving any space to our team. Here comes Wrice, he dribbles Godói, invades the area, shoots... Prunella saves!"

DR. LANDAU - "Oh my God! They were close to score... I almost had a heart attack!"

(shouts and reactions of the patients watching the game in the Institute)

DR. LAGOS - "Patient thirty million and seventy-five got out of control. I think that we need to call the security."

DR. SABIN - "I'll call Doctor Pedrão. He'll take him back to the habit control room."

DR. LANDAU - "Yes, please do that. We aren't playing well in the game, and some patients may get desperated, so he need to be around."

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "Another attack of Vilita, this time started in the defense with Makose. He reaches the midfield and makes a beautiful pass to Soler in the attack. He shoots... the ball hits the post! Unbelievable, this should be a goal! Landau Institute's lucky today!"

DR. BRANUS(TV) - "Yes, the team needs to improve, otherwise it will surely lose the game."

DR. LANDAU - "This doesn't seem good... looks like we don't have any chance."

DR. LAGOS - "We have. Vilita isn't perfect, and I already noticed some flaws in their playing style. The coach will notice it and our players can improve and win."

DR. SABIN - "But this isn't easy, as we have as many flaws as them."

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "Estresse Intenso goes to the attack, in the end of the first half. Gabalán invades the area and shoots... the ball hit Valkanis, the goalkeeper won't reach it... wide!"

DR. LANDAU - "Good play."

DR. LAGOS - "Boss?"

DR. LANDAU - "Yes, Jesus?"

DR. LAGOS - "Doctor Pedrão just told me that two patients fainted and three more had wild reactions after this missed chance."

DR. LANDAU - "I see. The first half will end, just give them a rest, and ask Pedrão to bring the insane ones to the habit control room."

DR. LAGOS - "Yes, boss."

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "And the first half ends. Zero against zero, Vilita is a bit better, but Estresse Intenso is slowly improving. Any comments, Verônica?"

DR. BRANUS(TV) - "The coach noticed some flaws in the opponent and changed the formation. We can hope for a better performance in the second half."

(After fifteen minutes)

DR. SABIN - "All patients are ready to watch the second half of the game, and the commentators of Be Calm Television are ready to return to show the game."

DR. LANDAU - "Give them the permission. Jesus, how many patients showed problems during the first half?"

DR. LAGOS - "Two hundred thousand and twenty-four."

DR. LANDAU - "Good number. Last game we had more than one million patients with problems after watching the game. The medicines are making more effect."

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "And we return to the second half. Vilita starts attacking with ferocity, using the attackers Massa and Wrice. Massa gets the ball and invades the area. Manga goes to block him. Massa tries to dribble... and loses the ball. Estresse Intenso with the ball now..."

DR. LANDAU - "I can already see some improvements in the team, we're in the right path."

DR. SABIN - "If Gabalán gets a chance, he can score."

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "Nearly twenty minutes of the second half. Gabalán gets the ball in the midfield, he passes it to Bogdan, who exchange passes with Dos Alpes. Bogdan invades the area, passes to Gabalán, who falls... and the referee says that... it's a PENALTY! Penalty for Estresse Intenso!"

DR. LANDAU - (commemorating) Penalty! Penalty for us! We can't lose this chance! Go Gabalán!"

DR. SABIN - "Gabalán doesn't seem allright. Maybe the foul was too tough?"

DR. LAGOS - "Yes. Will he be able to stay?"

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "And it's a red card to Ezis, after this violent foul! Gabalán will take it. But he doesn't seem very well, maybe he is injured. But he'll shoot any way. He runs to the ball, shoots... and the ball goes wide!"

DR. LANDAU - "No!"

DR. LAGOS - "We couldn't waste this chance."

DR. SABIN - "Now Vilita will reply with all their forces."

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "Wait, the referee orders to retake the penalty! He says that Valkanis invaded the area before Gabalán shot the ball! And it's yellow card to him! Gabalán asks to leave the game, and Mendes will enter in his place."

DR. BRANUS(TV) - "The referee did well. Valkanis invaded the area and the penalty must be retaken. Ponte Pênsil will be the taker."

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "Yes, and he'll go for it. He prepares, shoots... it's there! GOOOOOAL for Estresse Intenso! Ponte scores for us, and we're in front of Vilita now."

(The doctors commemorate together with the patients)

DR. LANDAU - "Goal! We made a step to the qualification!"

DR. SABIN - "Now I must agree with you, boss, we can win!"

DR. LAGOS - "Unfortunately, nearly two hundred patients had to be took off the television room after the goal."

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "Vilita attacks, but still didn't reach the goal, and we are in the thirty-fifth minute of the second half. Massa passes the ball to Marelja, he shoots... wide."

DR. LANDAU - "Just more ten minutes..."

DR. SABIN - "We will do it. Vilita is desperated and our players are having an excellent second half."

DR. LAGOS - "It's easier for us to score now than for them."

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "It is the last chance of the game. Hulyer will dribble... he loses the ball, Dumitrache will start the counterattack... but the referee ends the game! Victory for Estresse Intenso, one against zero! Vilita loses and we're in the semifinals!"

DR. LANDAU - "This is great. I couldn't expect less from my patients."

DR. LAGOS - "Excellent work, they must be excited to win this game."

DR. SABIN - "As you said, we couldn't underestimate them, they are incredible!"

DR. SAMPAIO(TV) - "So, the game ends, and we won. Next game will be against Ropa-Topia, and only Dos Alpes won't be able to play, suspended. The others can be used by the coach, even Gabalán, as his injury isn't serious."

DR. LANDAU - "Just two games for the end of the Cup of Harmony, and we have strong chances."

DR. LAGOS - "I'll get back to work and see the patients that Pedrão had to control."

All the patients are brought back to their rooms, and the doctors go back to work. Estresse Intenso continues in the Cup of Harmony.
18-03-2007, 02:12

Impeccable! You predicted every single one wrong!

And I love this goalkeeper -- either that or the other team can't shoot...
New Manhattan
18-03-2007, 03:00
Semifinal Scores
Schorteskatascansolani 0–1 Zwangzug
Ropa-Topia 3–2 Estresse Intenso

Third-place playoff: Schorteskatascansolani–Estresse Intenso @ CDA Stadium
Final: Zwangzug–Ropa-Topia @ Sokojito Überdome
18-03-2007, 14:31
"Hello everyone, I'm Alan Babbage, and...And I'm broadcasting here out of Jass-aye-yune. Charles, I know you're listening: if our illustrious hosts notify me of an issue with my pronunciation, I will be glad to alter it accordingly. Otherwise, I'll cover the semifinal against Shkor-tesk-att-uh-scan-sole-ann-ee...Any comments? No wait, you're not here. Oh well, as much commentary as ever then, and we're-well, I'm at least...The game's started, let's put it that way. Bush with the kickoff, he'll boot it away, and here we go..."

Twenty-three minutes later

"Rather tiring to talk to onesself: I'm not quite sure anybody's actually watching this. Ah well, at least there's some exceptionally overpriced water from Jass-aye-yune or whatever: I really hope the tax cuts back home actually happen, this is egregious...Erm yes, the game. I'm not being paid for economic commentary, though perhaps that's a good thing...Maughum with the ball, looks to pass to Stings as per usual, but...that's not going to happen, Maughum shoots, Bower dives...


I have no idea what just happened. Bower's clinging to the ball but it looks from here as if it might have gone in. If only there was some really mathematical mind that could calculate the angles: oh, it looks like there is: not Charles, alas. Now folks, being across the field and wearing a pair of glasses during the game are not great credentials for having the best view of the play, but he says it was-no goal? No goal, he says, but he's going to be overruled, as Maughum, Stings, Olson, Bower, and Giddins all call it a goal. Referee's a bit befuddled but I can't blame him...It'll be a goal! Zwangzug one, Shkor-tesk-att-uh-scan-sole-ann-ee zero! Say, it looks like we've got a call-in from a fan. Hello?"

"Alan, did you put an exclamatory emphasis after that zero?"

"Well, yes, I did-Charles?!"

"Yes: you know that zero followed by an exclamation point is one?"

"This ain't Algebraic English, Charles, come on up here and broadcast the game."
New Manhattan
19-03-2007, 02:57
Third-Place Playoff Result
Schorteskatascansolani 5–1 Estresse Intenso
New Manhattan
20-03-2007, 02:50
Final Result
Zwangzug 4–2 Ropa-Topia
The Archregimancy
20-03-2007, 07:08
How about a rousing rendition of the Zwangzug national anthem, Anthem, preferably sung by a Russian [monk?]...

No man, no madness
Though their sad power may prevail
Can possess, conquer, my country's heart
They rise to fail
She is eternal
Long before nations' lines were drawn
When no flags flew, when no armies stood
My land was born.

And you ask me why I love her
Through wars, death and despair.
She is the constant, we who don't care
And you wonder will I leave her -- but how?
I cross over borders but I'm still there now.

How can I leave her?
Where would I start?
Let man's petty nations tear themselves apart
My land's only borders lie around my heart.
20-03-2007, 21:03
There was much to celebrate at halftime: Zwangzug was leading 2-1. The first goal had followed a series of quick passes from Yul to Phillip and back, with the former getting credit; not to be outdone, Phillip netted one of his own after Ropa-Topia had equalized. The exuberant forwards didn't even clamor for a translation of BOB's (admittedly less-than-inspirational) pep beeps.

Roger slept through all of it.

It was hardly his fault he hadn't gotten to bed the preceding night. Jacob had been pacing, listening to the Azure Cycle on low volume, but not low enough for Roger to ignore the eerie chords. One interval in particular went a step lower than he'd remembered from the first time he'd heard it (solely for musical exposure). When he'd commented on that, Jacob had been surprised to discover that Roger did in fact have perfect pitch, and kept him up trying to compose something or another. While Jacob was apparently ignorant of the fatigue, Roger was decidedly not.

When he woke up in the second half, Simon Ryne had scored twice and Anne was on for him. Blearily, Roger watched Ropa-Topia score again, but it wasn't enough. The final whistle was music to his ears.

And despite Brother Floyd the Dimensionally Unsure, Brother Hadrian the Perhaps Excessively Hopeful to be martyred, and Father Derrick the Contrabass's efforts, victory was harmonious enough.