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World Grand Prix Championship (read F1GP) 5 Signups and Witty Banter

21-08-2006, 05:08
That's right, it's once again time to send the world's fastest drivers on the world's most interesting tracks! That is correct, it's time for, the newly renamed, less redundant:

World Grand Prix Championship season 5!

As usual, the signups will follow the traditional fashion that they always have. If you're new, or need a refresher, here they are:

How to do that thing you do

First: Team Name. Simple.

Next: The normal three-category-car-system-thing.

Aerodynamics makes you go fast on straight lines.
Cornering makes you go fast around the corners.
Reliability stops you from being a burning oily mess up against the tire barriers.

You have 20 points to split the three, a max of ten in any particular one.

Usually, these will be referred to in th format: (Aero-Corner-Reliability)

Then, your drivers. You have 2, a first and a second. The first should, in theory, be the better one, and will therefore recieve a minor bonus. Now, each driver gets a bonus point to one of the three stats. So one could be driving a car that's 8-7-6 and the other could be driving a car that's 7-7-7. If you miss that, you don't get to go back and add it in once we start. I mean, I put it in red, after all.

One team per person please, and no puppets currently. If this changes for some reason, you'll know.

Submitting a track

To submit a track for a race, you need:

The name of the circuit,
a track map or description,
and if you drew/created it yourself, a fastest lap time would be nice to have as well, so we know how fast the cars can go.

Typical policy must require us to say- Keep it light on the Ovals, please.

The season will consist of a number of races to be chosen from applicants. Feel free to apply with multiple tracks, but if possible, a one race per nation rule will be adhered to. Each race will consist of a qualifying and race day. An ideal number of races will be twelve.
21-08-2006, 05:17
The team name is Hetz va Keshet
Team itself:
Aerodynamics: 10
Reliability: 1

Driver One: Yoni Carson
Aerodynamics: 10
Reliability: 1

Driver Two:Oleg Hasaganov

Aerodynamics: 10
Reliability: 2

After having the two guys go through a bunch of weird things last time not only do we have the great anynomous watchers we have Douglas Jefferey so its always getting better.
Liverpool England
21-08-2006, 05:41
LivEng Racing are back.

First Driver: Troy Wilkins (defending world champ, 11-5-5)
Second Driver: Mike Daniels (10-5-6)
Test Driver: Tim Owens
Car: R05-04

Aerodynamics: 10
Cornering: 5
Reliability: 5

This time, the FVSLE have decided to put forward the Cyclonesville track as the Liverpool England Grand Prix, rather than the Orean Desert Circuit, which it will still be offering as a GP for The Heartland. (
Grand Prix of Liverpool England
Track Name: Motor Racing Circuit of Cyclonesville
Track Location: Cyclonesville, WT, Liverpool England
Track Length: 3.744km/2.34MI
Number of laps: 81
Circuit Fan Capacity: 110k
Circuit Condition: Unused
Circuit Architecture: Modern
Circuit Description: A triangular-shaped track with many tricky turns and chicanes to overcome on one side of the track, with two long straights down the other two sides of the triangle. 10 full corners for the drivers to deal with, with the best overtaking opportunities down the two straights, and into turns one and two.
Pit Speed Limit: 70Kph/44Mph
Lap Record: NIL, but most tests recorded sub-1 minute, 10 second times

Orean Desert Circuit (
Grand Prix of The Heartland
(Ignore the track in grey)
Track Name: Orean Desert Circuit
Track Location: Orean, Liverpool England
Track Length: 5.14 km/3.21MI
Number of laps: 63
Circuit Fan Capacity: 174k
Circuit Condition: Good Quality
Circuit Architecture: Modern
Circuit Description: With many long curving turns, this track doesn't seem to be too difficult to race on at first glance, until you actually race on it. Strategically-placed chicanes make the race so ever more challenging.
Pit Speed Limit: 80Kph/48Mph
Lap Record: 1 min 19.500s (William Sralt, Team Rolatia, F1GP 2)
21-08-2006, 15:00
yay! witty banter!

Team Name - Good Car Guys

Driver 1
Cameron Troy 9-8-4

Driver 2
Grahm Gait 8-9-4

Name: Jinkton City Raceway
Location: Jinkton City, Quakmybush
Track Length: 2.5 miles
Number of Laps: 83
Pit Speed Limit: 50 Mph
Track Record: 1.18.78
Virginia Nova
21-08-2006, 17:26
I'm lifting My RP Boycott and enterring

Driver 1 (Chris Weisner)
Driver 2 (Brendan Langlois)
Test Driver (Esben "ORLY" Tipple)

C. Weisner
Cornering makes:5

Aerodynamics 8
Cornering 5
Reliability 6


Virginia Nova Intl Raceway Grand Course East (

Disatance:4.590 Mi
Race Name: GP Of Virginia Nova

Description: set within 50 yards of the Carolina,Virginia Border VNIR is a very fast,open, and unprotected this is by far the most challenging Circuit on the NSF1GP trail.

Mountain Circuit (

Distance:2.301 Mi
Race Name:Appalachin GP

Description: A new track located in a semi-Remote area of Virginia near the town of Radford,this looks to be a promising Racetrack
United Transylvania
21-08-2006, 17:35
Impaler F1.

First Driver: Vlad the Impaler (8-6-7)
Second Driver: Alexander Hinton (7-6-8)
Test Driver: Rusni Kopinikov
Car: UT-06

Aerodynamics: 7
Cornering: 6
Reliability: 7

There may be a track to follow.
23-08-2006, 03:32
Hopefully, we won't have to wait three weeks for signups to trickle in this time. Which means, sign up, peeps.
New Dracora
23-08-2006, 07:09
ooc: This looks nifty.

Team name: New Dracora Aerospace Ltd. Racing Team (NDAL Racing)

- Cyril Heliodoros (9-6-6)
- Hosannah Jaffe (9-5-7)

Track later....
United Transylvania
23-08-2006, 11:52
Northern Badlands Raceway - The Grand Prix of United Transylvania (

Distance: 1.45 km
Best Lap Time: 53.183

Laps: 100

Description: This short, quick race track blazes through the rugged mountains and swamps of Northern Transylvania. The 4 main straights provide a good speed test for the faster cars, but the cornering sections reward good, yet aggressive driving.
23-08-2006, 18:57
Bostopia would again like to enter a team into the NS F1GP!

Team Name: Bostopia F1
Aerodynamic: 8
Cornering: 7
Reliability: 5

Driver 1: Adam Teraining (Bostopia) 8 - 8 - 5
Driver 2: Dave Prast (Bostopia) 8 - 7 - 6

Test Driver: Kevin Lorr (Bostopia) 9 - 7 - 5

Team Manager: Barry Sleed

Bostopia also wishes to submit a track.

Name: Fort Boston Park Circuit

The Fort Boston Park Circuit is set in a park in the centre of Fort Boston Park (think the Australian GP in Albert Park). The penultimate left hander leads into the right hand turn that leads through Fort Boston Plaza, where the cars accelerate past the gates of Fort Boston Castle, before breaking for the next right hander that leads onto the straight, and Park Circuit proper, before the final chicane back onto the start/finish line for another 1 minute 20 second blast round the lap.

3.294 miles/5.301 km
Circuit Type: Temporary Parkland Circuit
Fastest Lap: 1'24.125
23-08-2006, 19:10
The Stellar-WRM operated by Jeff Jordan is back. With Roger Stoddard still recovering from his near-fatal injuries last season brother Scotty is the new second driver as Bob Turner takes over as lead driver.

There's a new track on board; the undulating four mile Petterham circuit. Lap record was set by a Formula 3 car at an average of 122mph, so it's gonna be fast for the Grand Prix boys.

The Stellar's stats:

Bob Turner - 9-6-5

Scott Stoddard - 8-6-6
26-08-2006, 03:20
I'm rather depressed. The Signups are a bit behind, but the witty banter is seriously lacking. What's up with that?
26-08-2006, 08:54
Difficult to have witty banter when your lead driver has just emerged from a coma. :(
26-08-2006, 15:41
I'll see if I can pull a mate of mine in - can't and won't promise he'll RP mind you.

He won't join :(

On another note, does anyone have a plain side-view of an F1 car they've drawn, or have aquired from somewhere? I'd really like to play with the fill-tool in MSPaint to colour in my car.
United Transylvania
26-08-2006, 19:03
This is a Champcar, but it'll do.
26-08-2006, 21:14
BATRACER! I should have thought, it's next on my to-go list after visiting NS. Thanks UT.
27-08-2006, 06:29
Team Name: Goddeffroy Grand Prix
Aerodynamics: 8
Cornering: 7
Reliability: 5

Driver 1: Stephen Visdomini
Aerodynamics: 9
Cornering: 7
Reliability: 5

Driver 2: Dominic Seraine
Aerodynamics: 8
Cornering: 8
Reliability: 5

A track, and more exciting banter should be forthcoming in the future.
27-08-2006, 07:03
Ahh.. WTH.. Qazox will jump in.

TEAM NAME: OX-Cola Racing.
Aerodynamics: 7
Cornering: 10
Reliability: 3

Driver One: Frank Church

Aerodynamics: 8
Cornering: 10
Reliability: 3

Driver Two: William Burns
Aerodynamics: 7
Cornering: 10
Reliability: 4

Track Name: Qazox National GP raceway

Track is a fast one, with 13 turns and 2 main straightways, There are 3 hairpains and two 90 degree turns, which slow down the speeds, which can climb up to 230 mph on the straights.

Number of Laps: 77
Distance: 2.31 miles
Best Lap time: 1:58.80 by Frank Chruch, 4 May 1905.
New Dracora
27-08-2006, 07:10
I'm rather depressed. The Signups are a bit behind, but the witty banter is seriously lacking. What's up with that?

My apologises to you. My roommate forgot to pay the humour bill last week and as a result our wit has been cut off.

Should be back up in a couple of days....
27-08-2006, 07:13
Team:Mooseledge Systems Racing

1st: Jaques Lacroix ( River City,MR age:25)

2nd: Jean Sebastian Lafluer(Marceau City,MR age:23)

Test: Mike Collins(Yorkdale,SH age:21)

Team Manager: Jean Langlius(Laval,MR age:44)

The Track(s) for Rorysville
I'll let you Pick the one(s) you want to use
Shutt Island Raceway
Races-Grand Prix of Island Territories,NS Stock Cars
Course type-Streets/Temporary Road Course
Marceau City Raceway
Races-Grand Prix of Marceau,Tour de Marceau
Course Type-Streets/Temporary Road Course
Rorysville International Raceway
Races-Grand Prix of Rorysville,GP of Rorysville(NS),Rorsyville 600,Rorysville 500(Stock Cars)
Couse Type-Raceway/Permanant Raceway
29-08-2006, 03:30
Signups will close... Friday, because I feel like it and doubt many more will sign up, but would like to leave the oppertunity.
New Dracora
01-09-2006, 15:45
ooc: And now for some not-so-fancy pictures...

Mith Draconis Raceway

* * *

Located amongst the dense industrial district of New Dracora's capital, Mith Draconis Raceway is a feature track of the local national V8 Supercar series. Known for it's long fast straights and unforgiving corners, the 5.23km long track has long been a favourite of racing fans everywhere which has ultimately led to it's nomination for entry into NS-world GP.

Circuit overview
Location: East Isolade, Mith Draconis
Circuit Type: Temporary Street Circuit
Track Length: 5,230 m
Lap Record: Cyril Heliodoros (NDAL EM105/Hydra X1TI 4.5 V12) 1'38.928 min. 190.374 kmh (set during testing - no official GP lap time)

The Mith Draconis circuit is often seen as the apex challenge of the season for a many number of reasons. It's harsh concrete lined alleyways provide little room for error and the continuous lead in and out from straight to hairpin and other tight turns can be tough on brakes. Yet the surface is well keep and thus smooth, meaning there is more grip available than may first appear. However, local pollutants produce an oily residue during the off-season and patches can be missed by pre-race cleanup operations (although this is rare).

Track analysis

And now for the flying lap with local racing hero, Markus Skaifbrose.

"Straight off the start line and the circuit challenges you straight off with a high-speed chicane that can catch out anyone unlucky enough to find themselves off the racing line... This leads into a misleading double apex corner before coming out into the first real straight of the track... However, it isn't long before you are hard on the brakes again in readiness to go around the first hairpin at around 90km per hour... Straight out of turn five you are hard on the throttle again trying to get up as much speed and hence gain as much time as possible on the first long straight before braking hard hard hard and turning heavily into the next hairpin - a lot of discipline required here to back off at the right moment or you end up nose first into the tire barrier... Again hard on the throttle down the next straight, slowing into turn seven but not too much, it might look daunting but it is really a friendly corner once you get the hang of it - real smooth - and can sometimes be a nice place for overtaking... Coming out of turn seven we accelerate and cruise through turn eight before coming out hard and fast onto the straight... No breaking necessary through turn nine, only danger here is the concrete barriers make it a bit blind, and then it's down the fastest section of the track before again on the brakes for the long and wide turn ten... About half way through we are accelerating again... and soon we are back on the main straight. Then you wave at the guy waving the checked flag and that is it folks, one full lap of MD Raceway."
02-09-2006, 01:29
Signups are now closed, of course. Expect the thread with numbers and schedules tomorrow, with races starting Monday.
Virginia Nova
02-09-2006, 15:24
On another note, does anyone have a plain side-view of an F1 car they've drawn, or have aquired from somewhere? I'd really like to play with the fill-tool in MSPaint to colour in my car.

I have the one The Candrian Empire used

I'll paint every single car in the field if you want
02-09-2006, 21:34
Thanks for the base VN, (and T.C.E.) I'll put this online somewhere when I've got it done.
New Dracora
07-09-2006, 16:17
ooc: Eye candy