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New International Laws for Emp. of Croneybones

20-08-2006, 04:56
It is hereby announced to all NationStates and territories within that The Empire of Croneybones is ammending it's International code.
Changes are as such:

Passports are required to be validated before departing to, and upon arrival to EOC.
International travelers are subject to search and seizure, without just cause or suspicion.
Women must sign an agreement that if a child is concieved within EOC terrirory, they must register that child as a citizen of EOC.
Foreign men are no longer permitted to engage in any form of sexual activity while in EOC. This is punishable by death for all parties involved.
We reserve the right to refuse anyone access to the Empire to protect and ensure national security. If one is found to be a spy, they shall be killed.

The Empire of Croneybones is very serious about preserving it's heritage. Thank you for abiding by our policy.