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31-07-2006, 06:38
Post your RP news here! Big events, milestones, new players.. etc.

Please read:

-This is not a place to spam or generally anger the fine moderators who run this place, so please dont.

Roleplay leaders who are interested can post whatever they like in their thread description, but be sure to include at least the following:

-The title of your roleplay
-A short description of your roleplay including what type it is (post-modern tech, for instance)
-A link to your roleplay

Ideas for further enhancement of your RP description:

-The nations who participate regularly, and their major characters.
-A brief summary of any major events that have occurred (these can always be updated)

Of course, you're allowed and encouraged to be creative. This is not only a place to post news, but its also a place of advertisement, and a place to show off how great the RP you've spent hours and hours of your life working on happens to be.

Please make just one major post for your roleplay (which can always be edited!), so the place doesn't get cluttered, ill link to your post from this one with the title of your RP.

If you reach a milestone of say... 1000 posts, or something important to you or your RP and want that in this first post, then feel free to make a new post saying so, so that I can include it in my Recent News section, also in this first post.

Finally, I'd love to hear ideas from everyone about this thread.. but please message me on Nationstates.

Show your pride folks! Good RPing to ye.

The Big List

Character Roleplays:

War: Der Fuhrer Dyszel read this ( Unofficially named "The War Thread," this Roleplay features a cast of longtime characters. Its a character roleplay, which means that character development through experience is the key to success. Stars Der Fuhrer Dyszel as the leader of a destroyed nation, always striving for peace through constant warfare.

Tectonic Shifts In The Political World ( This semi-closed Roleplay placed in the far future (2150 AD) is character based with a talented writer at the helm. Tarlachia leads a roleplay with a complex structure, but short history, so anyone could leave their mark at this point. Stars a depth of characters, who are attempting to do what they can to mitigate the intense political shifts around the abandoned throne (?).

Unspecified ATM:

Neon Genesis Evangelion Thread ( An alternate history version of the Anime show by the same name. This is a brand new roleplay that has yet to begin.
31-07-2006, 06:39
Recent News


War: Der Fuhrer Dyszel read this ( 5000 posts! Thats a lot of hard work, and a lot of late nights.. congratulations!

New Roleplays!

Neon Genesis Evangelion Thread ( New thread based on the anime show is looking for roleplayers to participate. Kanami provided a link to his and Brazilam's new roleplay. If interested, post in the OOC/IC thread link that he has provided.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
31-07-2006, 06:59

The "WAR: Go to Hell DFD or Shut the Hell up DFD" thread has finally reached it's 5000th post! HAHA! We have no lives.....

Ah yes, my thread is War: Der Fuhrer Dyszel read this (

This thread is the account of a war initiated long ago by a deceased NS'er. The war was declared to create internal uprising within a region run under a strict Iron-Fisted Dictator named Der Fuhrer Dyszel (hence the title for the not so observant). ;) The thread began as a joke but has evolved throughout NS's history to become a rather indepth and detailed RP concerning the history, development, and turmoil a region has and is still undergoing, with major focus on the development of major Reich characters such as Der Fuhrer Dyszel, Dante, Genocide, Mathias Bortniansky, and Admiral Hunny*Dew. I think that is the shortest and briefest summary of the RP you can get.

The thread is a very realistic and humanistic RP, with some minor exceptions. All that is RP'ed is set in modern technology or at least a little post modern technology and focuses on human (character) interactions that tend to be played very much real based with major life themes like the whole love, death, depression, addictions....all those fun humanistic events we go through. :D

Active nations and their primary main characters:
Adyndril: Richard and Travis
Callisdrun: Erzsebet and Knut
Der Fuhrer Dyszel: Der Fuhrer Dyszel, Mathias Bortniansky, Admiral Hunny*Dew, and Levia La'Doure
Eutrusca: Elric
Ferdinand Foch: Anna Castell and Sass
Mahanoy/Whitecastle (now deceased): Dante, Genocide, the unnamed Fourth General

Major Events:

List too long for the moment....


P.S. You so should join my's an NS legacy! ;)

31-07-2006, 21:41
Neon Genesis Evangelion Thread In need of more players.

An alternate history version of the hit TV Anime show needs very desperatley members. The Poster is getting very frustrated, with constant bumping, and zero new responses. We have a ton of spots to fill, so for crying out loud, sign up.
31-07-2006, 23:51
Updated to include Kanami's RP and changed the structure of the first post.

I know that there are more RPers out there who have the pride, and love of their RPs to write up a short description and keep everyone updated on its happenings.. I'd love for this topic to eventually become a storagehouse for all the roleplays and their histories, and a place to post news and updates.. but there's no way im reading through them all to write them up myself. :P
01-08-2006, 22:31
Tectonic Shifts In The Political World

There's a saying often spouted by combatants in the midst of war, "All hell's breaking loose!" In this orchestrated saga, the phrase takes an all-too-literal evolution at the end of the reign of Sigrun Greenwood in Tarlachia. It started out with simple political platforms, but as we all know, first appearances aren't everything... (cue: ominous music)

The real question is not who will ascend the throne next, but who will survive the path... Powerful forces from around the region have moved into action, even forces of deep space have raised a finger in hopes of influencing in some way or another the political chaos that grips the nation of Tarlachia. For those in the Fatal Terrain region, they can only wonder if the region is about to enter a dark age...


Character RP with Fantastic backgrounds; also with various technologies across a range of time from the past to the far future.

P.S. Constructive suggestions/comments about the RP are welcome by telegram to myself!