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The First NSOC Summer Olympics RP Thread

17-07-2006, 05:49
This would be the RP thread for the first NSOC Summer Olympics, in beautiful Ashford, Casari.

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Scores Thread (
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The Confederated Colonies and the City of Ashford are happy to welcome 36 delegations from around the NS World to compete:

Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
The Archregimancy
Bears Armed
Crna Gora Liv Eng
Dorian and Sonya
Liverpool England
Magnus Valerius
New Montreal States
Nouvelle Angleterre
San Adriano
South Antrium
United Island Empires
Virginia Nova
The Weegies

Events will start after the upcoming World Cup 29 Final on Sunday, July 23rd.

Links to national delegations will be coming soon, along with the finalized Summer Olympic schedule.
17-07-2006, 06:30
As the delegation lined up to head to Ashford, Casari, one person looked on in disinterest, a Micheal Fessi.

"Why can't I go... Just becuase I'm the only person in Qazox that knows gymnastics and you need at least 4 people to send a team..It's not fair." He thought walking away from the tarmac.

As he continued to walk through the airport, he suddenly had an idea, "IF I'm can't win, then no-one from Qazox will win" he muttered to himself.

A man standing nearby overheard Fessi and quickly spoke into his communicator. "Sir, I think we may have a problem..."
17-07-2006, 13:36
Sunny Mokhobo had kissed her family goodbye, and waved back to them as she joined her fellow athletes in the queue to go through check-in.

“Take lots of photos!” her mother called to her over the ambient noise in Rêvane International Airport.

“I will!” she promised, as she rummaged in her bag, looking for her ticket and passport. “I’ll send you all heaps of postcards!”

“And bring us back some medals!” her younger brother called. Sunny grinned.

It would not be the first time she went to Casari; she had already been there, along with her fellow gymnasts, for the Tyrellian Ylompic Games. They had won the female team event, and the entire Ariddian nation, she knew, would be hoping for its gymnasts to hold on to their Olympic title.

“So, Ashford this time,” Laure Mkrchyan said beside her. “I suppose we’ll have time to go sight-seeing?”

“Definitely,” Sunny said, and smiled. She patted the side of her bag. “I’ve got a tourist guidebook.”

Capitalist nations, they knew, were very strange places, but at least Casari was not entirely unfamiliar. And they were all feeling rather excited at taking part in the first Summer Olympic Games. All two hundred and fifty-nine of them.

It’s just a shame al Safi can’t come too. . . The famous female football player had been barred from taking part by the Comité Olympique Ariddien, since she had now become a professional, signing up with the Riviera Canaries in Nedalia. The C.O.A. had been adamant that only amateur athletes should be allowed into the Ariddian delegation.

I wonder who’ll be carrying the flag. . . she mused, as the queue moved forward again and she turned to wave and smile at her family once more.
Nouvelle Angleterre
18-07-2006, 00:15
Martin Reddy

The Nouvelle Angleterrais Olympic delegation left Charles Collis Memorial Airport bound for Ashford, Casari, the host city of the inaugural Olympiad, with dreams of Olympic glory this afternoon. The delegation consisting of 79 individual athletes, two football teams and various coaching staff, physios and organisers jetted off on 3 planes which had been named especially for the occasion. Pride of a Nation, Olympic Flame and Golden Glory took off in front of a crowd of around 90,000 well wishers.

The inaugural Olympiad has brought much excitement to the nation. Many homes are already displaying the national flag and shops, schools and most other public buildings are steadily turning to the blue and red of Nouvelle Angleterre. Matt Buxton MP, Sports Minister, was equally enthusiastic. “I am really exited about these Olympic Games. I believe sports are an incredibly important part of our society and that the nation will come together in support of our athletes. It is a really proud day for everyone involved with sports in Nouvelle Angleterre, not least the athletes themselves, who head off with talent and enthusiasm in abundance and a desire to win and perform at their best that is second to none. I am confident that our men and women can put in a performance that will make the country proud”.

As for the medal prospects, does Nouvelle Angleterre have a chance of gold. Nouvelle Angleterre’s head coach seems to think so. “We have some incredibly talented athletes. We have submitted a small delegation by some peoples standards and I have heard criticism and people saying that we should have entered an athlete in every sport. I believe that, by not entering an athlete in every sport, we have given ourselves a better chance of a decent medal tally. I think that it gives us a chance to focus on our strengths and for the coaches to ensure that we have a few world class athletes and a bulk of extremely good athletes rather than the large number of decent athletes that would have resulted from a larger delegation. I think we have a great chance and our guys will certainly make the world sit up and take notice.

The official Olympic motto was unveiled today as the athletes boarded their planes. “Pride, Passion and the Hearts of a Nation” was emblazoned across a giant banner and across the planes. We can only hope that our guys strike gold.

“Pride, Passion and the Hopes of a Nation”
18-07-2006, 05:13

Qazox City-
As the delegation of Qazox boarded the transport to Ashford, Casari for the first Olympic Games, the crowd was very enthusiastic about the chances that the Oxen will bring home a medal.

Greg Griffin- "I think that Qazox will win 2 golds in these games, one for Women's football and that Cyrus Furches will shock the world and win in boxing."

Elaine Frottage- "I hope that Cyrus Furches doesn't get beaten up too bad, He's so HOT!!!! EEEEEE!!!!"

Brad Juser- "These kids don't know ****. Why back in my day we didn't have no fancy Olympics or Football Leagues or a World Cup, We played football, but it involed kicking your friends in the nuts. Annnnnd we liked it!!"

Most of the country is captivated by the current Cup of Harmony, but when these games start in a few days, the attention of a nation and the world will be on Ashford.
18-07-2006, 16:04
"Oh well, another World Cup over, here we are in Ashford Airport waiting for the flight home. It's been fun, Mike."

"What do you mean going home? We're here to welcome the Schiavone Olympic Delegation."


"Our bosses at SchiaFM have been in touch. They want us to present the SchiaFM Olympic coverage"

"But we can't! I mean, what do we know about all these sports? I mean, archery? Isn't that something to do with viaducts?"

"No. It's firing arrows at a target. Look, most of them are really simple to get a hang of."

"But I only know about football. And a bit of cricket. Why the hell do they want us?"

"Because we're already in Casari and they're trying to cut back on expenses. Schiavonia aren't in World Cup 29 any more, we're already in the country, we know about enough sports to get by for now... it'll be easy. Trust me!"

"OK. But I'm not going to promise to be any good."

"Don't worry, it'll be OK."

"When's our first show, then?"

"Ten minutes time."


"Look, just be calm, it'll be OK."

- - - -]-

"Hello listeners, and welcome to Casari for Schiavone Olympic Special, I'm Mike Jones..."

"...and I'm Filipo Schiavone, and we are here at Ashford International Airport to welcome the Schiavone Olympic Delegation."

"Schiavonia have 644 athletes competing, with 424 entries in 26 different sports, giving them one of the biggest delegations of athletes at the games. The Olympic Organisation of the Fourty-six Islands are seriously hoping that this will convert itself into success on the medals table."

"So what are these sports?"

"Well, let me go through the alphabetical list of sports that you can look out for the Schiavone enteries, and we'll explain them to anyone who doesn't know what they are. There's aquatics."


"It's a fancy word for swimming."

"Swimming? But Schiavones can't swim. They sink."

"Well, truth be told, we only have one swimmer participating, and even he is only here for the free holiday."

"Ah, well fair play to him."

"Indeed. Then there's Archery."

"That's firing arrows at a target!"

"Yes it is. Athletics."

"Running, jumping and throwing"

"Spot on. Badminton."

"Something to do with mouldy sweets."

"Actually, it's like tennis, only they play it with something called a shuttlecock. You'll find out when the time comes. Basketball."

"Where you throw a ball into a basket."


"Where you wrap gifts in the quickest time possible. Points are awarded for neatness."

"It's fighting, throwing punches at each other."

"That's a sport?"


"And there's Schiavones in it?"


"Well they can't be very good, then!"

"Probably not. Although you do have to remember that a lot of our so-called athletes are only here because they are getting a free trip on OOFI."

"OK. Well, let's just reel the rest of the sports off."


"Riding round in paddle boats."


"Hitting a ball with a flat bat."


"Riding a bike."


"I didn't know Equestria were in the Olympics?"

"It's a posh name for horse riding."


"Anyway, Fencing."

"Putting up..."

"It's sword fighting, Filipo."

"Isn't that a bit dangerous?"

"It's not duelling like you see from farmers in some of the Outer Schiavone Islands. It's a kind of friendly swordfighting. Which is why we're in it."


"Good. Football."

"The greatest game on earth!"


"Being bendy."


"That's not allowed!"


"Handball. It's against the rules!"

"It's a different sport. They throw the ball instead of kicking it."

"Ah right."


"Hitting ball with sticks."

"Modern Pentathlon."

"Some kind of new five-sided shape."

"That's pentagon. This just has five different events. Rowing."

"Propelling a boat using oars."


"Bless you."

"No, Rugby. You have to get an odd shaped ball into an end area."



"Propelling a boal using a sail."


"That's bad! You'll hurt someone."

"You do realise that our only enterent is King Francesco?"

"He WILL hurt somebody!"

"Actually, when you put it that way... um, Table Tennis."

"Tennis on a table."


"Hitting a ball over a net with a bat."


"Like a modern pentathlon, but with only three things. And not as new."


"Like tennis, but no bat."

"I'm surprised at you there. I thought you were going to say something really silly."

"To tell the truth, I only know because Tony Tarmey and Ben Kershaw have 'entered'."

"Heh. Well, er, Weightlifting."

"Picking heavy things up."

"And finally, wrestling."

"Not a friendly event. Unless it's playful."

"Indeed. Well, that's our guide to the sports you will be seeing Schiavones take part in over the coming few weeks. There's a couple of others, Baseball, Judo, Softball and Taekwondo, but they're either dumbass versions of cricket or some fancy wrestling styles, although I am amazed that nobody took OOFI up on the offer of a free trip to Casari to stand around a field playing a bat and ball sport."

"Almost a shock, in fact."

"Indeed. Maybe we just couldn't get a team together."

"So, who have we got entering that I might know. Apart from the king and a few footballers?"

"Well there's popular athletes Winston Ferguson, Gladstone Wight and Emily Weekes, canoeists Kingston Hull, Valentino Jones and Bob Camoranesi-Rocca, King Francesco's son Prince Giraldo is going to be riding a horse, while there's Herman McLeod and Jason Nagenda in the beach volleyball."

"I'll look out for them, then!"

"No, you'll brobably be looking out for Elise Conroy and Emma Anderson in the women's beach volleyball."

"That's true..."

"It should be an intersting few weeks, and you can hear about it with us, here in SchiaFM!"

"Although, to be quite honest, I'd rather be going home now we're out of the World Cup."

"Oh, do stop whining!"
St Edmundan Antarctic
19-07-2006, 17:41
(OOC: posting for 'Bears Armed'...)

A convoy of vehicles leaves the shelter of Bears Armed's woods, and rolls along the road into the neighbouring nation (OOC: which is one or another of the IDU's other members, probably Mikitivity, although unfortunately the keeper of the regional map hasn't yet assigned B.A. a precise location...). Anybody who's viewing this scene and already aware of the Bears' existence would probably be able to tell that all of the buses & vans involved were originally built for sale to humans but have since been modified for Ursine use instead. Some of them look a bit battered, to varying extents, but they are all sporting fresh coats of purple paint. A swarm of Ursine motorcyclists*, all wearing black leather jackets and mirrored sunglasses, peel off from around the larger vehicles once the border has been crossed and -- with several of them yelling the national battlecry as they do so -- heads back towards home.

Within the leading van, the driver asks the Bear sitting next to him a question:
"So tell me, how do we get to this 'Ashford' place anyway?"

"It's easy," comes the reply. "A bunch of the Human nations from around here are sending teams too, right? So, we just drive along until we reach one of their "cities" and ask the bosses there to provide us with directions in the interests of good sport. We've got enough stuff along to pay our way with, after all."


* OOC _
The country just got reclassified by the UN as an 'Anarchy', with order provided by cycle gangs: I'm not taking that idea completely seriously, but...
19-07-2006, 18:32
"Ai, where the hell is Andali?"

A loud voiced boomed over the gathered crowd in the terminal of the Ωn-Baranxiž International Airport. It was Dipana Melaga's, the head coach of the Baranxtuan delegation, former star athlete of Baranxtu and now increasingly irritated and bitchy.

"And when are the flights from Himanea and Ceboné scheduled to arrive, anyway? They're late! We're gonna be late! It's gonna be a disaster! And a shame for the whole country!"

Dipana fumed, and everybody did their best to get out of her way. It just wasn't her day.

First, she had overslept. Then her car had a flat tire on the way to the airport. And now, both the Cikoutimian and the Otean parts of the delegation were late. And their star athlete, Nahtηri Andali, had apparently gone missing. Great, just great!

Suddenly, a tap on her shoulder. She swiftly turned around, hitting the person behind her with her braid. "Nahtηri! Where the fu... where in the Gods' names have you been?"

"I was in the restroom!" He smiled sheepishly.

Dipana drummed her right fingers on her left arm. "For thirty damn minutes?"

His eyes shifted. "Well, yeah..."

"With whom?"

"Coach, you don't think I..."

She cut him off. "I very well do think so. I know you. Probably picked up some fan on the way here, didn't you?"

"Well.." He started. "Maybe."

"You could've at least told somebody about that! I was worried you'd miss the flight!"

"Sorry, coach."

"That better not happen again..." With that, Dipana stormed away, for she was afraid she'd hit him or say something not so nice.

The speaker announced: "Flight 294 from Ceboné, Cikoutimi has just arrived. And Flight 203 from Himanea, Otea, has just arrived, as well."

Dipana sighed with relief. "Well, finally!"

Five minutes later, she hoarded everyone on the plane that should take them Ashford. "Hurry, hurry! If you ain't getting on that plane right now, I'll personally kill your cats, ya hear me!?"

At last, 194 athletes, three head coaches including Dipana and more than 20 reporters from the AAZB ( were on the plane, ready for takeoff. One last check if everyone was there (they were), and then it was up, up and away.


Hours later, dead tired and looking like hell, one by one, everyone staggered down the gangway to the busses that should bring them to the olympic village and hotels, respectively.

Nahtηri and Ar’un Baek’at’ were sitting next to each other on one of the busses.

After some minutes spent in silence, Ar’un started talking: "Say... is it 'Casarian' or 'Casaran' ?"

Nahtηri shot him a somewhat confused look. "Casaran, I think. Why do you ask?"

Ar'un smirked. "Well, I wanna write an e-mail to my boyfriend later, and I needed to know if 'those Casarans airport security guys are majorly doable' was grammatically correct!"

"Okay..." Nahtηri glanced on his watch. "I so hope we reach the Olympic Village before you reach TMI Land!"

Alas, it should not be, and so, when they finally arrived, Nahtηri left the bus with a red face and Ar'un with a satisfied, evil grin on his face.

The fun could start!
20-07-2006, 01:49
The Ceoranan delegation was camped next to gate B16 at New Boston International Airport, which was luckily situated right next to the mens' room, as the Sparx Brothers were continually using it.

An announcement came over the PA: "Attention passengers. Ceair Flight 360 with nonstop service to Ashford, Casari, departing from gate B16, is hereby canceled due to lack of planes available. A replacement flight will be departing in approximately 3 weeks."

A large murmur began rippling through the delegation. The team manager, Ben Irmada, pulled out his cell phone and dialed the CeOC.

Five minutes later, an airport transport shuttle (OOC: you know, those things that move around inside airports continually beeping) pulled up with a large Department of State logo taped onto the front.

"Talk about passing the buck," Irmada muttered. Then he groaned when he saw who was driving.

"Yo!" chirped Horace Indigo, Ambassador-at-Large, from the van. (OOC: This guy is completely annoying) He jumped out and continued: "I was called because there was some disturbance here with you champs. What is the situation?" After Irmada filled him in, Indigo skipped over the the frenzied-looking airline representative.

"Yo!" he yelled, "What in yo's name is the matter, yo? You had a contract with the Department of Environment, Recreation and Sport to give these athletes a ride to Ashford. I personally snuck over the office and made sure the contract included no excuses for cancellation or delay, yo! So, if you want to have any contracts for any time before I stop incessently saying "yo", you better get one of your planes over here and load on these fine athletes, who are representing this whole entire yo-worthy nation, of which you are a citizen. So call your manager and tell them that I will personally not stop "yo"-ing you until there is a plane here and all of these athletes are safely strapped on board. So there, yo!"

The representative smiled meekly and said, "Oh, okay. We had too many frequent fliers trying to get onto our popular route to that Barantuan city that starts with an omega that I can't pronounce, but I'm sure we can take care of this situation for a valued customer."

Indigo scowled. "That valued customer just happens to be the national government, yo!" he growled.

"Uh, yes, indeed. Oh, here we are. A nice prop plane, unused, looks in decent enough condition, hmmm, a little problem with the jets..."

"Prop planes don't have jets," growled Indigo.

"Yes, of course, ummm...oh yes, it's coming up to the gate now,"

Horace Indigo took one look out the airport window and saw a shabby-looking six-passenger plane coming down the tarmac. "This delegation has more than six members, if you can count," he said irritably, "and if you don't get us a yo-worthy plane in five minutes we're flying SkyCeo," he added ominously.

The representative immediately perked up and said cordially, "Oh, yes, I didn't notice, most of them seem to have just come out of the mens' room. Why don't we use this plane, I'm sure the frequent fliers can squeeze onto the regular plane on that other flight."

"Thank you," growled Indigo, and he jumped onto the shuttle car and sped off through the terminal.

Half an hour later, Thomas "Flipper" Sparx, a Ceoranan diver (or lack thereof) sitting in row 39B began feeling queezy. He was sorry for voicing this concern, because he was immediately duct-taped into the lavatory. Unfortunately, motion sickness is genetic, and there were many less lavatories than Sparx brothers. It would be a long flight.
22-07-2006, 19:23
OOC: I'd like to roleplay the arrival announcement of Mikitivity and possibly my neighbor Bear's Armed on an airship named the "Olympic Carrier" flown by Eule Fluglinien ... but I wasn't sure if Ashford could support airships.
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
22-07-2006, 22:11
The rather large delegation from Andossa Se Mitrin Vega was pleased to once again have arrive in Casari. Sure, this time it was Ashford, but that didn’t seem to matter. ASMV had done very well for themselves in the Ylompic Games on this soil. One could safely say that the expectations were for more of the same in this first Summer Olympiad.

Last time the Draggonnii Socialist Empire had racked up medals in Rowing and Sailing, before pulling some shocks in the realms of Boxing and Wrestling. Team events were also very nice to ASMV as they dominated the Basketball events and proved themselves in Volleyball as well.

Even the two reporters who became household names to all Vegans, Pudgy Rodriguez (Winter Olympiad) and Bryce Favre (Ylompics) were here and ready for the action. Pudgy has already started to sport his well known sunburn- though we can never show all the places that are burnt.

The number on nations and their respective delegations have increased, so the success of the past will be hard to duplicate, but that is just what ASMV will attempt to accomplish. Good luck to everyone who has come to Casari for these games.
Dorian and Sonya
22-07-2006, 23:03
The wind blew strong in the sails of the ships from the Sylvanaes Kingdom as they finished their short journey over the sea to Casari. Once again, the old-style wooden galleons made stark contrast against the newer ships most nations seemed to favor these days. But, that extended to far more than ocean vessals into the realms of everyday life, and we will not discuss all the differences at this time.

The Ylompic and 1st Winter Olympics had been a learning experience for the athletes of the Kingdom. Events and equipment unknown to them the first time around were much more known. That will hopefully serve to allow for more great performances and the medals that will accompany them.

And the events in which we excel should have more competitiona and allow for medals that were not awarded to us last time, such as in team fencing competition.

The athletes of the Kingdom will no doubt be ready to prove their worth, but you can bet they will also enjoy time spent in Casari once again. The whole modern thing just seems to peek their interests. The only thing we have forgotten is if we are allowed to wear our swords and armor in public here in Casari.
23-07-2006, 00:14
OOC: Ashford is more than willing to accept whatever you can come up with. :p
23-07-2006, 00:26
The Quakmybush Olympic Delegation stepped onto the grounds. It was amazing, the City of Ashford look simply stunning, it looked like alot of time and money had gone into this. Indigo Kliment said "We should really find out where we are going to be staying." Then the President of the Quakmybush Olympic Commitee Jamie Creighton came up to the athletes and started to speak.

"We have chosen a flag bearer, it has been narrowed down to three athletes. Indigo Kliment, Enrico Noak, and Sunday Tiffani." The three athletes came out from the crowd, and shook each others hands. Creighton continued "And the flag bearer for the 1st Summer Olympiad is...... Indigo Kliment!" A large uproar came from the delegation. The other two athletes applauded.

Indigo said "It is and honour to be the flag bearer, lets just hope this is the starting of a great thinks. Let's go get them boys and girls!" With that the team headed towards the satdium where the Opening Ceremonies were being held.
23-07-2006, 08:48
A helicopter shot of the rolling hills outside of the city of Ashford slowly panned up to reveal the city of over eleven million itself. The introduction to the opening ceremony had been a sticking point for days between the various parties involved in running and televising the entire affair, but it was nice to see it came off without a hitch.

Now it was time to see if Eddie Brisari, host of each week's domestic soccer broadcasts and announcer for National Team games could step up to the plate as the host of the Olympics.

Well, he did do the Ylompics, but that wasn't quite as much work.

As the producer counted down, he straightened his tie, waiting in the newly built Ashford City Stadium's press room, part of which had been converted into a TV studio for the Opening Ceremonies.

"Five, four, three." the director counted down, signaling the final two numbers before throwing to Eddie.

"Welcome one and all! I'm Eddie Brisari, here with my co-host Susan Williard, and this is the Opening Ceremony for the Ashford Olympic Games. The whole city's been building in anticipation for tonight, haven't they, Susan?"

"I'd definately say so, Eddie. All the athletes in the Olympic Village have been preparing for this moment. As have the citizens of the city, and the fans. Some reports have hotels as far as 3 hours away filled to capacity for the duration of the games. The most expensive tickets tonight were going for 1,450 Selaris, and on the street they're trading for almost four times that."

"This is the ticket that everyone wanted, and now the big night has arrived. The show is about to start, and for that, we'll go to stadium announcer Oscar Warmelli."


"That was incredable, Eddie."

"That it was. An interesting fact, that was the world's largest paper-maché spider used in tonight's production. But of course, now that the bizzare theatrical productions are over, it's time to see everyone's favorite part of the Opening Ceremony- the Parade of Nations. Thirty-Eight Nations have come to participate in events in Thirty Different sports here in Ashford, from Swimming and Diving to Wrestling. There are some clear favorites among the crowd as well. Once again, we'll go to the stadium announcer Oscar Warmelli."

A camera-shot from the roof of the stadium panned over the crowd as the PA announcer began.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the athletes of the Games of the First Olympiad.


"First we see the Allanean Delegation. With 581 entries, they're a strong medal threat in Shooting, but have fielded a very strong all-around delegation that has grown tremendously since the Ylompic Games only a few years ago."

Andossa Se Mitrin Vega!

"The next to enter is the delegation from Casari's regionmate Andossa Se Mitrin Vega. Another large delegation, the Andossans are looking to take home medals in the Rowing events taking place in Reoman Bay."


"A new nation to the Olympic scene, Antrium's round number of 300 entries is looking to be some of Casari's main rivals in Sailing. They're also strong in Archery, but beyond that, the delegation seems to lack depth and experience against strong international competition."

The Archregimancy!

"Everyone's favorite nation of Orthodox monks come to participate in the Ashford Olympics. Their delegation, consisting of only 31 entries, is one of the smallest at the games."


"The World Cup founders have sent a mid-size delegation to Casari for the Olympics as well. However, Gymnastics, not Football, is their best medal chance here."


"One of many nations here expecting to succeed in the pool, Baranxtu is another nation coming to Casari for a major international event for the first time."


"Another Aquatics nation, the AOCAF15 hosts Bazalonia have come as well. The Bazalopes will have to hope for success in the pool however, as their chances elsewhere will be slim."

Bears Armed!

"One of the more interesting delegations, Bears Armed is apparently a nation of bipedal bears. Notably enough, they're expected to do quite well in tests of strength here at the Games."


"The Games' largest delegation, Bedistan, is also looking to compete in the pool. However, you'd be hard pressed to see a venue or an event where the Green Gear isn't flying somewhere in the crowd."


"Bostopia's goal seems to be success on the soccer pitch in these games, among some of the weaker B teams of the opposition. Another small delegation, Bostopia numbers only 37 entries."


"Carvalo's another nation in the group of nations making their first trip to Casari for the Olympic Games. However, Carvalo does look to be the strongest competitors in Volleyball."


"Skipping the hosts, we arrive at Ceorana, where the Sparx family seems to be the story more than the athletes that are expected to perform strongly."


"Chicanada, founder of the Women's World Cup, is also here, looking to be a strong contender in football once again."

Crna Gora Liv Eng!

"With only 8 entries, Crna Gora's best, if only, chance will be in the Triathlon, although they also have Baseball and Football teams here in Casari."

Dorian and Sonya!

"Owners of the fantastic wooden ships that are a fixture of many gawking fans visiting the city, Dorian and Sonya is looking to make a much bigger impact this time around after a few more years in contact with the international community."


"Another small puppet delegation, most of their entries will be in the Team Sports."


"An odd numbered nation, the large delegation of Hendrick4824 will be looking for success in Athletics."


"Another small nation, Jeffgordonville is looking to Baseball to make a major splash."

Liverpool England!

"A small delegation from a large nation, the delegation from Liverpool England will make a strong push in Athletics, but their medal haul will be limited with under 70 entries."

Magnus Valerius!

"Magnus Valerius is next in line to enter the stadium. They're another nation hoping to do well on the track here when the Athletics competition starts soon."


"Malabra's 242 entries are centered around Cycling and Gymnastics, as well as Football."


"A cheer goes up from the home fans for Milchama, who are looking to make their mark in the target sports, particularly the shooting events."


"Milkitivity comes to Casari with small delegations in several different sports, including Athletics and Canoeing."

New Montreal States!

"The New Montreal States are coming to take control of the Baseball competition here in Ashford, but also boast strong presences in several other sports."

Nouvelle Angleterre!

"Another smaller delegation, the athletes from Nouvelle Angleterre will also have limited chances to get medals here at the games, though they feel their best chance is on the Football Pitch."


"Much like Nouvelle Angleterre, Qazox's 9 entries are centered around their Football effort, in which they should have the best chance to succeed."


"After their shock World Cup 29 qualification, Quakmybush have come to Casari again in an attempt to make more splashes in the international sporting community."


"The Ropa-Topians have come to Casari as well, with a few scattered entries in other sports being secondary to the intense competition expected in the pool."


"Another small delegation, Rorysville has most of their eggs in the shooting competition this time around."

San Adriano!

"With only two athletes, San Adriano is a sentimental favorite of many, although their medal chances are definately limited."


"The other prime competitor of Casari in the boats, Schiavonia has four hundred and fifty entries here in the Games, across many of the sports."

South Antrium!

"Another smaller puppet delegation, the 12 entries of South Antrium are all in the athletics competition."


"The Starblaydis have made the short hop across the strait to compete in Ashford. They're expected to do well in Equestrian, where they don't seem to have much solid competition."

United Island Empires!

"The crowd has become restless as the United Island Empires enter the stadium. They're the best chance to upset the Andossans- you remember them, right?- in the Rowing events."

Virginia Nova!

"Virginia Nova's small delegation will see it's best chance for medals in the Basketball competitions, where it seems that they might have the strongest team of everyone."

The Weegies!

"The last-second entry of the Weegies has shown that there is one nation looking to take control of the roads around the city in the cycling competition."


"A nation we've seen from Formula One Grand Prix Competition, Wentland's strength will be the Wrestling competition, where they should be able to collect a number of medals with little difficulty."


"The host nation enters. Although the delegation isn't enormous, the team has hopes in a number of events, but the best chance will be with the seasoned Ylompic veterans headed back out in the boats for the Sailing competition."


Ari Elisar, Casaran Prime Minister, was the last at the microphone for the night. Looking over the crowd and the mass of athletes gathered, he stopped for a second to savor the moment before leaning close to the microphone.

"I have the honor and the privelage today, in front of all of you, to declare the Summer Games of the First Olympiad open!"


"A stirring Opening Ceremony, wasn't it, Susan?"

"Definately, Eddie."

"Of course, this isn't all. Tomorrow begins one of the most exciting competitions in the world. The Swimmers take to the pool, as many of the team sports begin pool play. Rowing begins, with the qualifying rounds of the Men's and Women's Single Sculls. The Regatta takes to the seas, with the first races of Sailing. The Fighting events begin their knockout rounds as well. But most importantly, the 58 kilometer road cycling course will see it's first use of these games, as the Women's Road Race will be the first medals awarded in these games. But we're going to leave you for tonight. For Susan Williard, I'm Eddie Brisari, and we'll see you in the studio tomorrow morning, as the networks of the CasariMedia Group will bring you a full sixteen hours of coverage."



The Schedule can be found here. It is in .xls format. Thanks go to Bedistan for hosting it's scheduley goodness. (

Team sport group draws will be the first day of competition. As most sports will not need as many matchdays as have been given in the schedule (The flexability is a tad nice ;) ) the days of competition will be given in the results for said event.

Thanks for your patience as well. Keep it good and clean, people!
The Archregimancy
23-07-2006, 09:29

New Kit Developed With Assistance From Non-Orthodox

The Archregimancy's Olympic delegation arrived in Casari for the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympiad yesterday in full confidence that they will accept their full share of soul-strengthening humilation at the hands of non-Orthodox competitors. Except when facing athletes from New Montreal States, in which case defeat will occur in a spirit of fraternal Orthodox feeling.

Controversy immediately erupted, however, when it was revealed that the Monastic Olympic Committee was rumoured to be working with Dorian and Sonya kit manufacturers Sabre Inc in order to prepare what has been termed 'a more pragmatic approach to monastic athleticism'.

Concerns were expressed that not only is Sabre Incs home nation non-Orthodox but that many of the sentient non-human inhabitants of Dorian and Sonya may even lack souls under traditional Orthodox interpretations of Christianity.

A full theological ruling on the suitability of wearing Sabre Inc monastic athletic gear is expected shortly from the Monastic Olympic Committee.
23-07-2006, 09:50
Reyna Arcand, the 50m Womens Freestyle specialist and Bazalonia's greatest hope for a gold in the swimming pool lead the pool-based athletes into the stadium for the Olympics openening ceremony. A stadium that none of them would see again.

All of the entrants waved and enjoyed the spectacle of the tournament

Arturo Koelsch, Austin Knoles, Seth Norville 100m mens backstroke competitors, Giere McConnell, Fredrick Harnett 200m Breathstroke competitors, Tamera Cowling the only Bazalonian in the 100 Butterfly and Adelaide Malia & Judi Bigby the 200m Womens freestylers had an early nights considering their heats and/or semis where on the next day and had to prepare for the next matchday the mens and womens Water Polo team where always considering themselves to prepare if the next day was the match. So they also went to sleep early.
The Weegies
23-07-2006, 11:14
The Weegie Star
Olympic Fever Strikes Weegies
Weegie fans swamp Ashford; delegation hopes to make big impact

Not every sport inflames Weegie passions like football does, so it was expected that the Olympic Games would hold little interest for the vast majority of Weegie citizens. After all, who normally cares about Sailing or Hockey. Not the Weegies, certainly, who even when their Field Hockey side came so close to winning the Field Hockey World Cup way back when, shrugged their shoulders and flicked back to Jamestoun City getting absolutely scunnered again.

But there's something about the Olympics collectively, as an ethos of sporting camaderie, that has set Weegies on to this most total of sporting events. The Casarans have already put on a magnificent opening ceremony, fully living up to the title of the Greatest Show in NationStates (apart from the World Cup, obviously). I, for one, had never seen small dogs used as juggling apparatus.

The fans are out in force, and in every tavern, pub, or bar in Ashford resides a small or a large contingent of Weegies talking to the local populace in friendly chats about the sporting extravaganza ahead. Or possibly in the case of those with thicker Weegie accents and a little too much alcohol, talking at the populace.

And what of our chances? Cycling looks good, and we have some strong people on the track and in the pool, but most Weegies look happy with just enjoying the scenery and the sport. The best thing, after all, is that at the end of the day, it's not crushing if you lose, but still delirious if you win because, in the words of one Weegie denizen "after a', it's no' fitba."
23-07-2006, 12:13
The Games begin

The flag-bearer for the Ariddian delegation was announced a mere few days before the Opening Ceremony, finally putting an end to much speculation and debate. Many athletes had been considered likely or possible choices, including celebrated Ylompic gold medallists such as Anaïs Reed, Christina Zhang, Youssef Kasmba, Noémi Lévi or Faith Dallku. Some had also suggested that Mélanie Sandré, the only athlete with a disability taking part in these Games, might be a powerful symbolic choice.

In the end, however, the Comité Olympique Ariddian surprised everyone by handing the flag to an unknown, female marathon runner, Iris Nakata, who had not been present in Tyrellia for the Ylompics. Eo Sheh, the Committee President, explained:

“We want to remind everyone that the Olympics aren’t just about the major stars. Of course, the entire nation is behind our hugely talented athletes, who have already proved themselves in Tyrellia. But the Olympics are about giving the best you have, and we hope that every single athlete from every nation, famous or obscure, will be cheered on and supported, as they all deserve.”

Thus Nakata held the black, red and green Ariddian flag high in the magnificent Opening Ceremony, leading Ariddia’s 259 athletes and following the smaller (but much cheered) delegation from the Archregimancy.

Focusing for a few moments on the Ariddian athletes, the cameras centred briefly on Zhang, Kasmba, Dallku and other favourites, but also on Sandré, who waved with one hand as she wheeled her wheelchair forward with the other.

After the ceremony, however, it was time to prepare for the very first events tomorrow. A great many Ariddians will be competing on the first day. In the pool, Ahmed Sonejee will be the first Ariddian athlete we’ll see, going in the Men’s 100m Backstroke. He’ll be followed by Nigel Yavuz (Men’s 200m Breaststroke), Adèle Wu (Women’s 100m Butterfly), and of course the now well-known Carole Gale and Noémi Lévi (Women’s 200m Freestyle).

In badminton, Ned Feeney, Amina Mba and Judith Enkhbaatar will have to win their first games to stay in the competition, and a lot of hopes will be resting on Mba, Ylompic bronze-medallist in Tyrellia.

We’ll also be seeing some basketball, and, for the first time, Ariddian boxers. Most Ariddians will probably never have heard of Dennis Faghim, Et Sheh and Kim Han-Jae, so tomorrow will be their opportunity to shine, in the lightweight knockout round.

The first day in the women’s football is expected to draw a great number of viewers, and Ariddian supporters will also be able to watch their women’s handball team. We’ll also have some judo, a very popular sport back home now thanks to the great success of Ariddian judokas in Tyrellia. For Ariddia, we’ll be seeing Ylompic silver-medallist Admina Mwakingwe, and aluminium-medallist Julie Lanza. Now, there aren’t any aluminium medals here at the Olympics, so Lanza will be determined to do better than fourth this time around. We’ll also be watching Minh Hai Deleclair, Dong Yue Yan and Joanna Montnoir, so a lot of Ariddian talent there eager to make it past the first day.

In rowing, Richard Zhaunou and Jessica Dancien will represent Ariddia on day one. In taekwondo, Mohamed Williams will be our lone Ariddian. Williams lost his first match to Rejistania’s Vanju Ke in Tyrellia, but Ke won’t be here this time, and Williams will be hoping to stay around much longer. In volleyball we’ll be watching the men’s team, as well as bikini-clad Wiya Uo and Laetitia Alvarez for women’s beach volleyball.

Lastly, there’ll actually be a final tomorrow: the women’s road race in cycling. Most Ariddians, of course, remember that Deirdre Khangal came fourth in that event, on day one, in Tyrellia, and that she consequently obtained an aluminium medal. Well, as we said early there’s no aluminium to be won here in Ashford, but Khangal is back to do even better than last time. Also representing Ariddia will be Annabel Mild, a familiar name back home already. Mild has joint Ariddian and Esati citizenship, making her the only athlete from ESAT ( – not surprising, considering ESAT has a population of only 49. Mild has said she’s here to represent both her countries, and she’ll have tremendous support from ESAT. And from Ariddia, of course. If Mild or Khangal can take a medal on day one, Ariddia will be off to a great start.

Well, that’s it for today. Don’t forget to tune in for an exciting day and many, many events tomorrow. We’ll leave you now with this replay of images from the Opening Ceremony. . .
San Adriano
23-07-2006, 14:11
Smallest Olympic delegation ready to take on the world

Having arrived and settled into the Olympic village, San Adriano’s sole two representatives were ready to face the world’s best athletes – for the second time, after the Ylompic Games, also in Casari. Sabrina Vannucci ( proudly carried her country’s oddly-shaped flag, following the delegation from Rorysville into the stadium. Behind her came her fellow Sanadrianese athlete Benjamin Eash (, smiling, waving at the spectators with one hand and filming the event through a hand-held camcorder with the other.

Many of the nation’s hopes rest on swimmer Vannucci, who made it to the final in the women’s fifty metres freestyle in Tyrellia. Her achievement was seen as a real exploit in her tiny village-nation.

Vannucci will be competing right from the first day of events, tomorrow, in the 200m freestyle. As for Eash, who competes in table tennis, he will have to wait until day 11 to make his appearance.

Reportedly, sales of Sanadrianese flags have increased beyond expectations in Casari, suggesting that many non-Sanadrianese have decided to show some support for a country perceived as the ultimate underdogs.
Magnus Valerius
23-07-2006, 21:34
OOC: Hey Casari, Magnus Valerius isn't looking forward to doing well in Athletics... they're looking forward to doing well in Aquatics. :D

They're an Aquatics nation... just clearing it up.


The Summer Games Begin!

It looks like another sunny day in Ashford. With the city bustling with foreign visitors, it looked as if it were going to be a grand show of sport and who's the best in any particular field. The Valerians have the best shot going for them in the Aquatics division. Any Valerian worth his salt can swim, and swim superbly. The Valerians have filled up all possible entries for the Aquatics division, and hope to do their best in that section. Even so, Valerians have signed up for competition in numerous other areas, such as the Tae Kwon Do, Equestrian, and Sailing events.

Azarmedukht Balash, the star of the Valerian Swimming Team who was designated to be the flagbearer of Magnus Valerius a week ago, marched in pride and joy during the Parade of Nations as he carried the glorious flag of The Grand Empire. Its streaming blue, white, and gold, its imperial double-headed eagle, its symbolism for a diverse and rich empire of the Central Pacific. Balash, a young Tabrizian, could barely stand the pride from being the flagbearer for Magnus Valerius, and this is surely going to give him a morale boost for his competition in the games.

The delegation of three-hundred-and-eighty competitors hummed the national anthem of Magnus Valerius to themselves, God Save the Tsar as they followed behind Liverpool England's delegation of athletes. A smiling Constantina Borivich, the eldest daughter of Tsar Alexander III, walked alongside her friends in the Synchronized Swimming Team, and her colleages in the Aquatics division. Constantina is sure to impress the judges with not only her skill with swimming and synch swimming, but also her beauty.

Many Valerians will be starting off their competitions tomorrow. Azarmedukht Balash and his fellow swimmers will start off with four men's and women's swimming events, the 100m backstroke and 200m breaststroke. Various team sports will begin pool play, and the Sailing Races are to begin tomorrow as well. Millions of Valerians will be watching them either at home in Magnus Valerius, or in Casari in person if they are lucky enough.

The Valerian people overall wish for their team to do their best and to do very well and earn numerous medals. "Medals are good, no matter what color," blurted a Valerian watching the Parade of Nations in the stand. Indeed they are.
24-07-2006, 00:05
"This is Ron Mclearn reporting from Ashford City, Casari. I'm going to bring you up to date about the Olympics and what our Quakmybushian team has in the way of events for later today. Last night was one of the most impressive Opening Ceremonies I've ever seen, for anything. But later today is when the important stuff begins." Mclearn said. "Now I will introduce you to my cohost, the lovely, the beautiful Wendy Rogers. Hello Wendy." Mclearn continued.

"Hello, Ron" Wendy replied. "Let's take a look at what Quakmybushian atheltes will be competing today."

*graphic appears showing what atheltes will participate in the first day*

Men's 100m Butterfly – Winthrop Efraim
Men's 200m Butterfly – Reg Marmaduke
Women's 100m Butterfly – Thyra Hanan
Women's 200m Butterfly – Pepca Norin
Mens Water Polo Team
Men's Singles (Badminton) - Laverne Artur
Women's Singles (Badminton) - Flavia Joy
Men's Baseball Team
Men's and Women's Basketball Teams
Men's Cricket Team
Men's Individual Pursuit(Cycling) - Conrad Upton
Women's Individual Pursuit(Cycling) - Agnieszka Blodeuwedd
Women's Football Team
Women's Handball Team
Men's Field Hockey Team
Men's Volleyball Team
Women's Beach Volleyball - Tempest Gertruids and Liesel Hanna

"Out of these atheltes and teams, Ron, which one has the best chance to medal?" Wendy asked.

"It would probably have to be Agnieszka Blodeuwedd, she is very talented, and just may get a gold medal." Ron replied. "And that's all the time we have for this morning. For Quakmybush Olympic This Moring, I'm Ron Mclearn"

"And I'm Wendy Rogers"
24-07-2006, 00:29
The entire group of 307 athletes from Carvalo was asembled and ready to go as the time neared for the delegation to march on the field of Ashford City Stadium. The relatively young delegation, with a median-age of 20, chatted away as the roars of the crowd frightened the flag bearer, who began to shake a bit. Nefer Nava, the seventeen-year-old beach volleyball player from the sleepy beach town of Paraíso, clutched the flag pole and held it close to her as the Bostopian delegation had walked onto the field. She was now front and center, looking into the vast stadium filled with capacity. She turned back to see the rest of the delegation assemble behind her, and soon enough the camera crew for the Carvalan media conglomerate Telemondo and also a few reporters had jumped in front of her quickly asking questions.

Nefer, how do you feel?
I'm very excited!
Are you nervous at all?
A bit, theres a lot of people out there...
Are you proud of representing Carvalo here at the games?
Yes, very, it's a great honor and i'm just proud to be here!
Is it true you've signed a contract for a photo shoot with Popaganda?
You'd have to ask my agent, i'm not aware of any contracts...
E su familia en sa estadio?
Si, se a acqi vendo o aslamo pa llo!

Stadium workers and security soon ushered the reporters away as the time came for the Carvalan delegation to step on the field. Nefer looked up to see the blue and white flag, and than out at the stadium. She would be introducing Carvalo to the world, a probably very unfamiliar name to about nine out of ten of people watching the opening ceremonies. A few seconds later, she had begun the march onto the field...


The delegation followed the march behind her, cheering and chanting their way onto the field. Several of the girls were screaming their country's name and as she took a look back several of the boys were yelling into many cameras, "Carvalo, Number 1!" As she continued her walk she began to wave the flag around with a large grin on her face. The gap between her and the rest of the delegation had closed and a very drunk Milo Salanobrazao of the men's beach volleyball team quickly gave her a hug from behind. There were few Carvalan's in the crowd but the cheers from the delegation itself roared throughout the stadium. As they circled around the stadium, the delegation continued to cheer and wave even though they were no longer in the spotlight. Soon enough, the march was over but the celebrations inside the stadium continued. As Nefer looked on, she realized that just being in attendence, regardless if she was too win a medal or not, was a true honor and that the First Summer Olympiad would be, for her at least, the highlight of her career.
The Archregimancy
24-07-2006, 00:52

Monastic Olympic Committee Considers Protest

The Monastic Olympic Committee was outraged today to discover that the Catholic schismatic host nation for the Summer Olympics had arranged the games schedule in such a way so as to force almost all Archregimancy athletes to wait until the second or third weeks before competing. It is believed that only the national cricket team, the Willow Wonder-Workers, will be able to compete in the first week, and only the canoers and sailers will be in action before day 14.

"Is outrage!" said Fr. Vasily the Heavily Accented, a minor functionary of the MOC whose selection as a team spokesman has baffled the less linguistically-challenged members of the Archregimancy delegation. "Is recreation of Fourth Crusade! Is Freemason-Catholic Plot!" added the ever-tolerant Fr. Vasily.

MOC officials were said today to be considering a protest in order to force the Casaran hosts to at least shift the trampoline and men's heavyweight weightlifting to the first week, but concerns have been raised over whether actually handing said protest to Casaran officials might provide a false impression that the MOC were engaging in ecumenical dialogue with heretics.

Meanwhile, day 16 of the Olympics, the day of the 3000 metre steeplechase, promises to be an exciting day for all monastic sports fans.
24-07-2006, 02:31
This would be your Day 1 Cutoff.


Lucia Roberts was already getting headaches over her job. After the whole Ylompic thing, she swore it off, but noo, they dragged her back in once again. And now she had a contingent of angry Orthodox Monks to contend with.

Sighing, she began drafting a reply.

"To the Monastic Olympic Committee:

While we can understand your frustration at having few athletes in events until the later days of competition, the schedule was completed long before signups were accepted from the competiting nations. However, at this time, after the sale of tickets for events, adjustments to the schedule would be impossible as they would disrupt the schedules of other events going on at some of the same venues.

Lucia Roberts
Chairman, Ashford Olympic Organizing Committee."
The Weegies
24-07-2006, 03:13
The Weegie Star
Summer Olympic News in Brief

Weegies Sport Sanadrianese Flags, Enthuse "Diddy Team"

The massed ranks of Weegies roaming around Ashford - assumed to be at a strength of over half a million, many of who do not have tickets for events or even hotel rooms - have taken a mascot under their collective wing. Strangely enough, this mascot happens to be an entire country.

The tiny nation of San Adriano, with a collective population under 500 and a surface area of about a third of a square kilometre, exists due to the quirks of history surrounded by the larger nation of Uhuh-Ropa and has existed largely unimpeded by the affairs of the larger nations nearby, who at best have viewed the nation with bemusement. And it has sent the smallest Summer Olympic delegation of any nation - just two athletes are Sanadrianese, swimmer Sabrina Vannucci and table-tennis player Benjamin Eash.

But these two athletes have been championed by the Weegie fans, who have been buying Sanadrianese flags (or making crude copies of their own) and sporting them along with Weegie flags. No-one knows exactly why they've been taken to heart so enthusiastically by the Weegie fans. Some claim a sense of sympathy for the underdog, others enjoy hearing about a nation even smaller than the Twelve Islands.

The small group of Sanadrianese who have made their way to Ashford to support their two athletes have found themselves swept up by one of the larger groups of Weegies, the "Islander's Olympic Army" - essentially the Islander's Army of Weegie football fame transposed into the Olympic festivities. The IOA are fiercely protective of the small group of fans, and they regularly focus most of their attention upon them.

"This is a great crowd. I don't know why they have taken to us, but they just have. It is nice to see nations getting along with each other so well." said Dana Favali, a 26-year old Sanadrianese caught up in the madness that is an IOA street party. "Just one thing, what does "diddy" mean? I have heard it a lot, used in an endearing fashion, but no-one will tell me what it means."

Johnny Bloomfield Carries Weegie Flag

Men's Cycling Road Race hopeful Johnny Bloomfield got the honour of a lifetime when he was chosen to carry the flag of The Weegies during the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games, holding the reputation of the nation in his hands as he strode forth ahead of the delegation, pole in hand.

Although the 23 year old cyclist was one of the favourites to carry the flag as he is one of the Weegies' best chances for a medal, he later expressed some surprise at being asked.

"I hadn't expected this." said Bloomfield. "Although it's an honour, it's not something I've been thinking about at all. I've been concentrating on the road race rather than who'd get the flag. I've got my eye on gold."

Giant Papier Mache Spider Missing; Weegies Suspected

The giant papier mache spider used in the breathtaking opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games, the largest of its' kind, has been taken from its' storage area. Ashford Police have suggested that initial reports claim Weegies may have been involved.

"It was reported that three dozen rather tall men in blue and green striped football shirts and kilts were loitering around the containment area for the giant papier mache spider before it was stolen.", said the Chief of the Ashford Police Department. "It is believed from such a description that the men were some of the large number of Weegie tourists who are currently residing in Ashford for the Summer Olympics."

The Chief continued with a plea; "We, along with the organisers of the Summer Olymics, suggest to those men that they return the spider immediately, and no charges will be brought against them. Otherwise we shall arrest and imprison those responsible."

He finished by appealing to others who might have been in the area; "If anyone has any more information on the perpetrators, please contact us immediately."

Ashford Bars Report 135% Increase In Revenue

"It's amazing." said David Lenner, the Chairman of the Ashford Bar, Club and Pub Association in reference to statistics by the Casaran Department of Commerce that revenues had soared 135% in the past couple of weeks. "We expected an upturn in sales, but this is a flood! We've been absolutely mobbed in the past couple of weeks. Ashford might run dry if it continues in this vein.

Weegie economists have no trouble in claiming a Weegie element to this revenue increase. Professor David McLaigh, Senior Lecturer in Economics for the University of Mackintosh, said: "There has been a notable economic effect by Weegies travelling en masse to foreign cities and consuming vast amounts of alcohol."

He explained: "Normally, Weegies tend to over-consume alcohol abroad not just because of a holiday spirit but because prolonged exposure to the rather dangerous substances produced by radical drinks co-operatives such as the Distillery in Lylia has given many Weegies a tolerance of alcohol normally only possessed by ruddy-faced Sargeant-Majors and students. There are many Weegies who can, and will, drink meths or other such substances without any ill effects."

"Thus, Weegies abroad feel that they are not getting drunk at the same speed they normally would because overseas breweries are not so... experimental, and thus consume far more than usual."

"The economic effect is noticable, and here in Mackintosh call it the "Football Bubble", since normally it happens because of football travelling support. But I suppose an "Olympic Bubble" could very well exist as well."
Dorian and Sonya
24-07-2006, 04:30

Day 1 Excitement Takes Shape

The First ever Summer Olympiad for NS is now underway. The nations are here. The athletes are here. And the Queen of the Sylvanaes Kingdom is here. That’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen. The Queen herself is mingling with the fans of all nations as she watches the Olympic competition.

On this first day of the Olympiad, Women’s Cycling Road Race was the order of business. This is how the competitors from the Kingdom performed in the event:

Domenica Winterfeldt - 5th, 2:44:55.48
Cythia Lienke - 9th, 2:45:05.68
Ayesha Newbound - 19th, 2:45:24.78
Tenisha Merithew - 30th, 2:45:59.02
Page Grandner - 44th, 2:47:27.42
Alethia Coutinho - 45th, 2:47:38.37

Gold went to Deirdre Khangal of Ariddia with a time of 2:44:53.36
Silver went to Ley Carey of The Weegies with a time of 2:44:54.95
Bronze was taken by Glenda Wallace of Bedistan. Time 2:44:55.06

The race was furious as 1st through 27th place would be decided by only a single second. You don’t get much closer than that. Winterfelt actually had a great chance to take the Gold as the sprinted for the finish line. However, a slight bump with Delia Nassar of Casari and Lianne Schebel of ASMV knocked all three riders from the podium. The slip to 5th could have been much, much worse with so many riders being so close at the time of the incident.

Cynthia Lienke came out of nowhere to finish ninth. The 16 year old should turn into one of the top riders in the World for some time to come.

In other news, it is rumored now that our own Sabre Inc might just be supplying athletic robes for athletes from The Archregimancy. This seems to have caused a lot of controversy in that nation, but we do hope the issues can be worked out. And there seems to be some question over the different races of the Kingdom having souls. We would like to invite members of the Orthodox Church in The Archregimancy to spend some time in D&S and meet those people in question before delivering rulings that may not be completely researched and studied. The nation of Dorian and Sonya is a God fearing nation even if the beliefs are not quite the same. God created each and every living soul, regardless of the race in question.
The Archregimancy
24-07-2006, 07:12

Win First Match Too

The Willow Wonder-Workers, the Archregimancy's entry into the Olympic cricket tournament, overcame the obstacles placed in their path by the schismatic host nation overnight in order to win their first match against the United Island Empires. Who may or may not be heretics, heathens or pagans. Hardly matters really.

Some tight bowling by Fr. Yuri the Chinaman and Fr. Gregory the Spinner - the latter a convert from a small community of Sufi dervishes - ensured the UIE fell short of the Archregimancy's total of 268 for 6, the latter anchored by a fine 88 not out from captain Fr. John the Hesychast, whose silent, meditative batting style is winning new converts across the cricket tournament.

Of the many obstacles placed in the team's path by the host nation, the one causing the most consternation is that the Olympic Village is apparently a den of vice and iniquity, with fornication rife amongst fit, lithe, young athletes burning with pent-up, unused energy. A senior archimandrite, speaking on condition of anonymity, noted that the only nations not joining in the rampant rutting, other than the Archregimancy, appeared to be San Adriano - largely because no one could find their two athletes - and the non-human athletes of Bears Armed. Even there rumours unfit for monastic consumption, and involving a couple of drunken athletes from the Weegies, are rife.

The Monastic Olympic Committee is currently deciding whether or not to petition host nation Casari to withold athletes' condom allowance in order to control the level of sin in the village.

Monastic Results:

Pool A (Cricket):
The Archregimancy
Dorian and Sonya
United Island Empires

The Archregimancy defeats United Island Empires by 16 runs.
24-07-2006, 08:55
BazSports Olympic update:

100m Backstroke, Mens;

1 Philippos Branas MGV 0:53.15
2 Seth Norville BAZ 0:53.15
3 Austin Knoles BAZ 0:53.16

This olympics the 100m mens Backstroke looks certain to net us a medal if not a gold. Firstly Out of the three Bazalonian competitors only 1 failed to qualify for the Semi-finals held later in the day. Arturo Koelsch in a time of 54.58 seconds failed to get into the top 16, but fellow Bazalonians Seth Norville, with a time of 53.87 and Austin Knoles with a time of 53.47 seconds.

Seth Norville performed at or near his personnel best during the Semifinal with a time of 53.15 only being denied 1st position by the slimest of margins. So small it was in the same hundredth of a second. Philippos Branas of Magnus Valerius looked like he touched the wall at the same time as Seth and an official protest has been filed with the olympic hosting organisation but we have yet to hear back from the Casarans but expect it to be "Go to *beep*

Austin Knowles had improved by over 7 tenths of a second in the final and only being 1 hundreth of a second behind his fellow Bazalonian and the Valerian.

Other swimming tournament the 200 breathstroke has not been as successful with Giere and Fredrick Harnett failing to qualify for the 200m breathstrok semifinals with 2:10.11 and 2:10.50 respectively. Both failed to qualify for the semifinals by only 2 tenths and 7 tenths of a second respectively.

Tamera Cowling with a time of 57.53 seconds failed to qualify for the womans 100m butterflys.

Adelaide Malia and Judi Bigby performed in the 200m Freestyle with times respectively of 1:57.29 and 1:59.66. Judi Bigby failed to qualify for the semis and Adelaide qualified for the Semi-final but failed to qualify for the finals by the slimest of Margins.

8 Allison Farmer BDS 1:56.69
9 Paula Le Guin WEE 1:56.69
10 Adelaide Malia BAZ 1:56.70

Onto the Men's Water Polo, while no matches where being held the Pool groups and the schedule has been announced. The SeaBazalopes (name of the Bazalonian Water Polo team) will face Bedistan in Pool A, during day 5 of the olympics, Hendrick4824 during day 9 and finally day 13 with Milchama.

We will look out of the progress of the Water Polo. and that is all for BazSports coverage of the first Summer Olypiad in Casari.
24-07-2006, 11:36
Dipana reclined in a chair, lighting another cigarette (the only way she could relax right now) and envisioned tomorrow's headlines in the Baranxtu National Review:

"Promising Aquatics Showing For the BCO!"' ( and "Men Disappoint, Women Kick It at Badminton!"' (

And somehow, she wasn't too sure whether they would explicitly mention that it were especially the Baranxtuan athletes that did much of the disappointing... well, not at Badminton, but that only because most Baranxtuans wouldn't even be able to spell that word.

But aquatics - okay, so Zilpati and Nabitsa had made it to the finals, but still... the others could have done better. Like Baek'at' - well, especially Baek'at'.

"If he won't manage to pull of something better in his next event..." she swore to herself. But then, she decided to swallow her anger - or at least wallow it in alcohol. And so she dressed up a bit and left her room in search for a nice, dank bar.


Ar’un lay on his bed, receiver in one hand, remote in the other. While looking at what Casaran TV had to offer, he discussed today's competitions with his boyfriend, Ðimari.

Or more accurately, he had been discussing them - for an hour straight by now.

Ar'un rolled his eyes. "For the hundredth time now, arurυnni'', I'm really not upset because I didn't make it to the finals. I got to the semi-finals, that's good enough for me."

Even Ar'un's present roomie, Nahtηri, could hear Ðimari snort through the phone. Ar'un sighed. "Okay, Dipana's gonna rip me a new one, probably. I'm glad I didn't run into her on my way back. But really, she can so bite me."

A slight pause.

"Well, you know what I wanna answer now, but the hell, I'm not alone!"

Now it was Nahtηri's turn to roll his eyes. "You want me to leave my room so you can be undisturbed?"

Ar'un said nothing, but gave Nahtηri a meaningful look.

"Oh, in Baranxi''''s name, go be hired as a hooker''''!" With that, Nahtηri stood up and left the room, looking for some other... distraction.


' = Articles courtesy of the Baranxtu National Review(tm). All rights reserved.
'' = Baranxei ( word literally meaning "beloved", but in actual usage not sounding as pathetic.
''' = Baranxi ( is the big kahuna of Baranxtuan Religion ( Religion).
'''' = Which in idiomatic English would simply be "Go get a room (of your own) !".
24-07-2006, 15:06
Ariddia wins first Summer Olympic gold

Cycling: Khangal improves on Ylompic performance

The major event in the first day of competition here in Ashford, if you happen to be an Ariddian that is, was unquestionably the women’s road race in cycling, the only medal event of the day. A total of sixty-six athletes lined up for the honour of winning the Summer Games’ first ever gold medal, and two of those athletes were Ariddians. Deirdre Khangal, aluminium medallist in Tyrellia at the Ylompics, was there to make it into the top three this time, while her team mate Annabel Mild has become famous in Ariddia as the only athlete of joint Ariddian and Esati ( citizenship. Mild had announced that she was in Ashford to represent both her countries.

Amidst loud cheers, the sixty-six competitors took to the road, beginning a race that would last almost three hours under an inclemently hot sun. The pack only very slowly began to stretch out, as most of the cyclists remained in contention from start almost to finish, dogging the heels – or rather back wheels – of the group’s leaders. Khangal, in her red and black suit, remained solidly amongst those leaders, and in the closing stages pulled into a very narrow lead.

She crossed the finish line less than a second ahead of Ley Carey from the Weegies, beaming with joy as she caught her breath after her strenuous effort. The scoreboard lit up, indicating that she had achieved the exploit she had so narrowly missed out on in Tyrellia, becoming the first ever Summer Olympic Champion. Her time was 2:44:53.36.

“I still can’t believe it yet!” she told a crowd of journalists a few minutes later, looking both ecstatic and a little dazed. “I’m so very proud to have given my country a gold medal today. I’ve been training so hard to do this, and now it’s finally happened, and it’s not really sinking in yet. I’d really like to thank my family, and everyone who’s helped and supported me. Thank you, and vive l’Ariddia!”

Mild logged a time of 2:51:46.36, finishing in 56th place. She seemed pleased with her performance.

“I did what I’ve always wanted to do, competing at the very highest level for ESAT, and for Ariddia. I’m happy with what I’ve done today. I stayed in with the pack, and I finished just seven minutes from the very best. It’s a great honour just to be here.”

Ley Carey of the Weegies and Glenda Wallace of Bedistan joined Deirdre Khangal on the podium, as those three nation’s flags rose above the stadium and Dream (, the Ariddian national anthem, was played.

All sixty-six athletes completed the race, although some struggled to make it. Kurnikova and Krivaya of Allanea took over three and a half hours to reach the finish line, while Hendrick4824’s Amanda Tomarelli finished an hour behind Khangal, and Allanea’s Lida Skomorohova took over four hours and twelve minutes. Skomorohova’s courage and determination were applauded by supporters as she finally crossed the finish, and Khangal later praised her “true Olympic spirit”.

Swimming: Carole Gale makes the final

Few people were expecting a spectacular performance from Ariddia’s male swimmers today, who competed more for the sake of representing their country and achieving their personal best than of striving for a medal. Ahmed Sonejee finished 53rd overall in the 100m backstroke heats. With a time of 1:00.92, he was more than two seconds behind 52nd-placed Rico Gapp of Dorian & Sonya, but almost fourteen seconds ahead of Allanea’s Fiber Smith. The finals will no doubt be very interesting, with Magnus Valerius’ Philippos Branas tied within a hundredth of a second of his closest rivals, Seth Norville and Austin Knoles of Bazalonia. In the men’s 200m breaststroke, Ariddia’s Nigel Yavuz also bowed out early, finishing 48th overall with a time of 2:34.14. And in the women’s 100m butterfly event, Adèle Wu came 44th, her time 1:09.56.

Far more was expected of the women in the 200m freestyle, an event in which Noémi Lévi had won gold at the Ylompics. Disappointingly, Lévi finished 17th overall in the heats today, missing out on a place in the semis by just two hundredths of a second. Her compatriot Carole Gale, however, came eleventh and advanced to the semi-finals, where her time of 1:56.63 was fast enough to put her in third place – a potential bronze medal position. In Tyrellia, in this very same event, Gale had finished tenth in the heats and third in the semis, a startlingly close performance to her achievement today. She had then finished fourth in the final. “But I’ll do better this time,” she promised with a smile. The whole of Ariddia will be hoping the same.

Badminton and boxing: Feeney and Sheh advance

In badminton, Ariddia’s Ned Feeney defeated Darryl Gill of Bedistan in three sets (12-15, 15-4, 15-8), while Judith Enkhbaatar lost to Velîànû Tîûmàrgo of Antrium 15-4, 4-15, 6-15. It was a bye-day for Amina Mba, often described as Ariddia’s best badminton player.

In boxing, expectations were not high; Ariddia has never been renowned internationally for its boxers. In the lightweight category, Kim Han-Jae and Dennis Fahgim went out against Dorian & Sonya’s Noble Bantillan and Bedistan’s Guido Scherhammer respectively. Indigenous Ariddian Et Sheh, however, remains in the competition after having beaten Otto Glass of New Montreal States. In rowing, Richard Zhaunou and Jessica Dancien failed to qualify directly, and will go on to the repechage with fairly slim hopes. And in volleyball, Ariddia’s men conceded a close defeat against Casari in four games: 7-25, 25-6, 22-25, 23-25.

Judo delayed

The women’s judo, which was scheduled to begin today, was delayed until day 4. Ariddia is putting a lot of hope into its judokas, who swept up several medals in Tyrellia. With the events delayed, we talked to 19 year-old Ariddian judoka Dong Yue Yan.

Dong is competing in the women’s lightweight category, and, unlike her team mates, was not in Tyrellia for the Ylompics. Hers is a somewhat unusual story. In Ariddia, she is categorised as a super-lightweight (1m46, 39kg), but as this category does not exist for the Olympics, she forced herself to put on weight to enter as a lightweight.

“I’ve had to gain nine kilos over the past few months,” this tiny slip of a girl explained to us. “And then I had to make sure I didn’t lose them again. I weigh myself every morning, and I’m always a bit worried I’ll have dropped back below 48kg.”

Dong sounded amused as she explained,
“I’ve actually had to gobble down amazing amounts of food to become a lightweight. I’ve got friends who tell me how lucky I am, and that lots of women would envy me. I’m just a little bit worried when I wonder if I’ll be able to go back down to my normal weight and category after the Olympics,” she added with a laugh.

Team mates Minh Hai Deleclair and Ylompic silver-medallist Admina Mwakingwe have taken Yue-Yan under their wing.

“She’s cheerful and enthusiastic, and she’s got a lot of skill,” Mwakingwe said. “Her competitors had better watch out for her!”

Uo denies “den of vice” allegations

Ariddian women’s beach volleyball player Wiya Uo smilingly dismissed allegations by the Monastic Olympic Committee of the Archregimancy that the Olympic Village was a “den of vice”, “iniquity” and “fornication”.

“That’s an exaggeration,” Uo said. “We may be having a bit of fun from time to time, but I really wouldn’t use those terms to describe what’s going on. We’re Olympic athletes, and we have more important things to do than. . . what’s being suggested. Such as training, resting and keeping fit.”

She added, “I haven’t actually seen any monks visiting us to find out what we’re doing. If any of those fit, muscular monks want to drop by to check on me, my room is number 307, third floor in the Ariddian building.” Then she winked at the camera.

Medal count

At the close of day one, Ariddia is in the lead on the medal chart, having won the only gold medal. The Weegies are second, and Bedistan third.

“Of course this was just one event,” Eo Sheh of the Comité Olympique Ariddien said. “But it shows that even a Third World nation can shine at the Olympic Games. That’s the magic of the Olympics.”
Virginia Nova
24-07-2006, 15:33
The Olympic Report

Today was day one of The Olympics in Casari, and it was a mixed result. In Swimming VN struggled somewhat as the results show

25 Yvan Turneil VIN 0:54.41

42 Freddie Richards VIN 2:14.19

As for the women same thing

25 Dayanna D'Buhl VIN 1:57.67

In Water Polo the draws were announced and it appears like this

Pool D:
Virginia Nova

VN appears to have been put in a rather easy group. the schedule is

M1:VN vs Malabra
M2:VN vs Carvalo
M3:VN vs Quackmybush

should be an easy group with only QMB as compitition

The Baseball team on the other hand has a tough job ahead of them as they were put in Group C

Pool C:
Virginia Nova
Crna Gora Liv Eng

in Group C we predict CGLE,Mikitivity,and VN all fighting it out for the top

MD1:Virginia Nova vs Allanea
MD2:Virginia Nova BYE
MD3:Virginia Nova vs Allanea
MD4:Virginia Nova vs GTF
MD5:Virginia Nova vs Mikitivity

OOC:Cas notice i'm playing Allanea twice ;)

BasketBall has been given an even tougher task by being put in this group

Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
Virginia Nova
Magnus Valerius

On the Womens side

Magnus Valerius
Virginia Nova

As for the Footy Soccer teams, this is the group draw For the women

Virginia Nova

And that is the Day 1 Olympic report
San Adriano
24-07-2006, 16:29
Vannucci shines in the pool

The competition began right from day one for the Olympics’ smallest delegation, with flag-bearer Sabrina Vannucci taking to the pool in the women’s 200m freestyle.

Meanwhile, Sanadrianese were surprised to discover that countless supporters from the Weegies had become Sanadrianese fans, and in the Olympic swimming pool several green and red Sanadrianese flags could be seen. Fans of the two nations have reportedly been spending a lot of time together, and people back in San Adriano have become enthusiastic supporters of the Weegies’ delegation.

“We’re really very touched,” Vannucci said. “Thank you, and we love the Weegies!”

In the pool, Vannucci qualified in fifth place overall, with a time of 1:56.81. She finished less than one hundredth of a second behind Phoebe Buitendam of neighbouring Ropa-Topia, and the two ladies congratulated each other. Sanadrianese supporters were also pleased to see the Weegies’ Paula Le Guin qualify in second place.

Then came the semi-finals, and Vannucci had a look of slightly nervous concentration on her face as she stood waiting for the start of the race. She waved and smiled cheerfully at supporters when her name was called out. Once in the water, however, the Sanadrianese athlete – who works as her country’s only hairdresser and children’s swimming instructor back in the Sovereign Village – looked fully focused. Her efforts were rewarded as she finished in first place overall, with a time of 1:56.63, and smiled in proud delight as the results came up on the scoreboard.

She will now face tough competition in the final, as Bedistan’s Alia Markuëiä and Ariddia’s Carole Gale both finished less than one hundredth of a second behind her, and several other athletes, including Buitendam, were also very close.

“I’ll do my best,” Vannucci promised, still smiling radiantly after her victory in the semi-finals. “My absolute best. Of course I’ll be going into that final to win it.”

It has been rumoured that, if she wins a medal, her portrait may be printed on Sanadrianese lira ( banknotes, as was the case when Thomas Peruzzi won a shock silver at the Winter Games in Aeropag. Peruzzi’s image now features on every new 500SL banknote, and the Sanadrianese are hoping Vannucci’s portrait may soon join him there.
24-07-2006, 17:30
"This is Ron Mclearn and Wendy Rodges welcome to Olympics this Morning.
The Quakmybushian Olympians did not fair very well today. Here are the results.

*graphic appears*

36 Salomon Sofronio QMB 0:55.48
30 Nsonowa Nahor QMB 2:11.48
34 Thyra Hanan QMB 0:58.20
27 Shelby Nere QMB 1:57.83
Men's Water Polo
Pool D:
Virginia Nova
Laverne Artur QMB bye
Antwanète Neuwille BAR def Flavia Joy QMB 15-13, 15-13
Men's Baseball
Pool A:
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
Liverpool England
Magnus Valerius
New Montreal States
*graphic disappears*

"Now their is some confusion about the basketball, Quakmybush's Women's team does not appear in the draw, and the male team appears twice, we assume that it is just an error and that it will be corrected." said Wendy.

"Now back to the results" said Ron.

*graphic reappears*

Pool A:
The Archregimancy
Dorian and Sonya
United Island Empires
Quakmybush had a bye
Men's Individual Pursuit
Dwain Leusink MIL 4:11.46
Conrad Upton QMB 4:12.35
Women's Individual Pursuit
Agnieszka Blodeuwedd QMB 3:24.97 Q
Helen Risel CHI 3:25.82
Women's Football
Pool D:
Virginia Nova
Women's Handball
Pool C:
Men's Hockey
Pool D:
Men's Volleyball
Pool B:
Quakmybush def. Antrium 5-25,25-11,25-17,23-25,15-0
Women's Beach Volleyball
Pool B:
Peterson/Perotti HEN
Maro/Erfazao CRV
Gertruids/Hanna QMB
Lew/Bannon DOS

*graphic disappears*

"Not alot of success" said Ron. "However, I do belive that our Men's Hockey team will win their group and I do belive that Agnieszka Blodeuwedd will continue to win." he continued.

"Thats all the time we have" said Wendy.
The Archregimancy
25-07-2006, 00:27

Fetching New Monastic Athletic Robes Revealed

Despite being schismatic heretics in league with freemasons, the local organising committee for the first summer olympiad has organised any number of surprisingly sober, enlightening, and non-sinful cultural events designed to enable participating nations to share their distinctive cultures with the other Olympic nations.

Prominent amongst these events is the daily Fashions of the Olympics parade, where the hottest fashion designers of the participating nations get the chance to show-off their most cutting-edge designs.

It was perhaps something of a shock to the assembled media that the first nation in Fashions of the Olympics was the Archregimancy - Orthodox monasticism not being something readily associated with cutting-edge fashion. In the Archregimancy, after all, black is not just the new black, it's the old black too.

Yet yesterday's fashion show stunned the assembled media, leading to an immediate runaway fashion among an estimated 0.6% of the youth of the assembled nations for hermit's rags, monastic robes, and the fetching new monastic athletic gear designed for Archregimancy athletes by Dorian and Sonya company Sabre Inc.

That fetching new monastic athletic gear

The controversy over the humanity and status of the souls or non-souls of the sentient non-human element of the population of Dorian and Sonya has been temporarily assuaged by a committee of the Holy Synod of the Archregimancy announcing an inquiry into the human potential of non-human D&Sers, and by the Monastic Olympic Committee announcing that no profits will be made through the licensing deal with Sabre Inc.
The Weegies
25-07-2006, 01:55
The Weegie Star
Olympic Roundup

Medal: Silver For Unfavoured Carey

Cycling unknown Ley Carey brought the first of what is to hopefully be many medals for the Weegie Olympic Delegation, winning a silver medal in the first medal event of the Games, the Women's Road Race.

The race started in sweltering conditions, but Weegie favourites Tabitha Wilson, noted for her excellent performance in the Round-Weegia Tour last year, and Rose Jones, who took the trophy in the annual Tail Race, took command of the peloton and started to set the pace in the initial stages. Meena McHolt also stayed close, and was in the lead at one point.

The broiling weather, however, was taking its' toll upon the riders, and many at the back end of the pack were beginning to drop off, especially the hapless Allaneans, who couldn't really catch up with the vast majority of atheletes out there. It got so bad that the tarmac glistened, and many people saw double the riders in the shimmering heatwaves that radiated off the roads in Ashford.

Minor collisions plagued the latter half of the race, and the Weegie contingent in Ashford were stunned when Danielle Lapore, joslting for position with Tabitha Wilson, inadvertenly gave Wilson a nasty gash on the side of her leg. Blood streaming, Wilson refused help but continued stoically on, but she never really recovered. Rose Jones faded from the front by the 1km to go stage, and it looked as if the Weegie cycling team would go medalless in the first day.

However, in the sprint Ley Carey exploded from her mediocre position, taking advantage of a minor collision between Winterfeld, Nasser and Schebel and the ensuing confusion to rocket up the pack, just edging ahead of the Bedistani cyclist Glenda Wallace to take the silver medal.

"I'm amazed!" said Carey. "I didn't think I had it in my, but the girls all believed in me and each other and we were in a real positive mood beforehand. And it paid off."

Aquatics: Mixed Bag For Swimmers

Soom good results, some bad for the swimming for Weegie athletes. In the 100m Backstroke Heats, Johan McCloud and Owen Carlsson finished strongly, going through comfortably, although Carlsson looked as if he would have to pick up his game to be in with a shot of qualifying for the final. He did, making the cut in a magnificent performance 4 hundredths of a second ahead of Andossa Se Mitrin Vega swimmer Parker Jui. The final lineup, then, consists of:

1 Philippos Branas MGV 0:53.15
2 Seth Norville BAZ 0:53.15
3 Austin Knoles BAZ 0:53.16
4 Nekeri Kitnareo BAR 0:53.18
5 Azarmedukht Balash MGV 0:53.19
6 Johan McCloud WEE 0:53.20
7 Eric Riley BDS 0:53.23
8 Owen Carlsson WEE 0:53.23

With the Bazalonians and Magnus Valerans strong, it'll be a tough time for the Weegie hopefuls McCloud and Carlsson.

No Weegie swimmer came close to qualifying for the semi-finals in the 200m Breaststroke, and in the Women's 100m Butterfly, Margaret Duffy appeared very strong in her heat, coming third overall, but in the semi-finals the other atheletes pulled something extra out of the bag and Duffy couldn't compete, failing to make the cut. Similarly, Paula Le Guin came second overall in the 200m Freestyle, but was just edged out of the cut by Alison Farmer of Bedistan. However, the Sanadrianese swimmer Sandra Vespucci continued a great day by coming top in the semi-finals overall, and is one of the favourites now to take home gold for the tiny country in that event. The Star wishes her the best.

Badminton: Boyd Wins, McQueen Crashes Out

Alan Boyd took no time in despatching Jon-Pol Merani of Baranxtu in the Men's Singles, winning in just two games 15-7, 15-4. Merani looked lost and foundered as Boyd took the game in his stride, and won with confidence and style. One to watch in the coming tournament, certainly.

However, in the Women's Singles, Marie McQueen crashed out to Allanean Sandra Kipling 15-7, 15-3. Although McQueen started strongly, she did not have theinstinct to kill the game off and increasingly looked tired as the game went on.

Boxing: Weegies Box Strong

In the M Lightweight division, both O'Rourke and McFelger defeated tough opposition in Quintin Syrstad of Dorian and Sonya and Ian Tiedt of Casari, grinding down the opposition. O'Rourke finally finished the bout in the fourth round after a flurry of punches had Syrstad on the ropes, ending the bout by disparity of points scored, whislt the McFelger-Tiedt match was a tense bout, with McFelger only just beating Tiedt by two points, although Tiedt had the upper hand in the middle of the bout. Andrew Coyle, however, lost narrowly to Samuel Bates of Allanea.

Cycling: Individual Pursuit Thrillers

In the Individual Pursuit event, there were many thrilling match-ups. Chic Chambers narrowly beat Tyron Sankoh of Milchama, whose last-second wobble may have cost him that place, and Rushton, Patkin and Griffiths also ended their matches in close finishes, although all 4 Weegies went through to the second round. Here not everyone got through, though, as Rushton was just off the pace against Jin Hi Shuk of Starblaydia, whilst Griffiths was beaten in the tightest game of the round, losing only by two hundredths of a second. Patkin and Chambers advanced easily, beating their opponents by over a second.

In the Woman's Individual Pursuit, Judson lost by over half a second to Danielle Lepore of Hendrick4824, whilst Stanford, Butler, and Clarke won easily, Clarke embarassingly so as she passed the ailing Allanean cyclist Samaria Longa. However, only Tina Stanford could make it to the next round, defeating Natividad Aluqdah of Andossa Se Mitrin Vega.

Football: Women's Groups Drawn

In the Women's Football, the Weegies find themselves in Group E, along with:

The Weegies
Liverpool England

Liverpool England are of course favourite, but there are strong links between Milchama and the Weegies thanks to ancient Milchama manager and noted Weegie Jamie Smith. That match should be a classic.

Hockey: Known Sides A Plus For Men's Hockey Side

The groups have been drawn for the Men's Hockey, and the Weegies are in Group, along with:

Liverpool England
The Weegies
New Montreal States

All nations well known to Weegies through football, although their hockey prowess is less well known.

Rowing: Weegies Fail To Make Cut

In the Single Sculls events, male and female, Weegie rowers failed to match the pace of the leaders, and didn't qualify for the next round. Best placed was Marcus Bowick, who came 30th overall.

"We knew we weren't going to win." said Bowick, representing the other rowers as well. "We aren't the best-known or supported sport in the Weegies. We came here to try our best, and our best wasn't particularly good. But we tried to keep up, and I myself beat my own personal best. That's something to be proud of. We can only get better."

Sailing: Messenger Sends Himself To Third

In today's sailing events, most Weegies have proved to be well off the pace; Dave Vickery is down in 11th, way off the pace in the RS:X standings, and in the 470 event, a good third place for Norfolk and Watson wasn't good enough for them to make up for their dire first performance, and they're stuck in 12th, although they can console themselves with the fact that no-one seems able to catch Beaver and Beaver of Schiavonia in this event.

However, in the Finn Race, Andy Messenger made use of favourable winds to maintain a fair 11th in the first race, only a couple of seconds off the pace and then eased just past Nora De Richeleu of Magnus Valerius to win the second race. When he was questioned, all he had to say was "I'm not finished yet. Now get off my boat."
25-07-2006, 01:59
Port James Sentinal-Telegraph-Telegram-Update-Register-Sun-Star-News-Miracle

Sports Section

Goddamn a lot of things happen at the Olympics

The first day of Olympic competition has come and gone and so much has happened that we can't really comment. There was only one medal event in cycling where the Milchamians failed but didn't do it so bad as we got people in 10th and 11th place. The rest of the events were varied and long so we are not going to describe except for failures.

Failure 1- Nobody qualified for the medal round in all but 2 of the swimming events.

Failure 2- One of our boxers lost.

Failure 3- We lost in cricket.

Now some random succeses-

Success 1- Men's volleyball won.

Success 2- A lot of people advanced in many different events.

Success 3- We haven't lost more than we already have.
25-07-2006, 02:09
I hope you all enjoyed Matchday 1, for it's in the paaaast, man. As this is the *dundundun* RP Cutoff.
Dorian and Sonya
25-07-2006, 06:08

Bronze Medal For D&S!!! In Swimming???

And now for more Summer Olympic news from Casari.

We reported to you last on the scramble that was known as the Women’s Road Race Cycling event. Now it is time to catch you up on all news of Sylvanaes athletes. And surprise, surprise, surprise The Kingdom has already collected it’s first ever Summer Olympics medal.

The final of the Men’s 200m Breaststroke Aquatics event saw one athlete from the Kingdom compete. Starla Trilli was the man who would make D&S history. A late entry to the D&S delegation, Trilli was not even supposed to be close to medal contention - someone forgot to tell him that. On Day 1 of competition, he managed to quietly sneak into the finals ahead of more highly regarded competition. But he would save a great performance for the finals.

It was clear early in the race that Carlton Levels of Milchama had control and would take the Gold. However it was Þalhaši Humðilritu Zilpati of Baranxtu and Thános Aggelídoy of Bedistan that were supposed to push each other for Silver. But when Aggelidoy began to struggle late in the race, Trilli made his move and very nearly managed to steal the Silver himself. 3 one-hundredths of a second would see the difference as Trilli captured the Bronze. This is the first ever Summer Olympic medal in D&S history. And especially when you consider that Aquatics is not one of our stronger events, and Trilli was considered a “lucky-just-to-be-here”, it is a medal that everyone in the Kingdom will remember for eternity.

Now for other action:

Day 1
Men’s Lightweight boxing saw Noble Bantillan defeat Kim Han-Jae of Ariddia while Quintin Syrstad lost to Mickey O’Rourke of The Weegies.

In Men’s Cricket, the Kingdom downed Allanea by 3 wickets. As the Cricket squads are the only people in the Kingdom that understand the game, we can not tell you more.

Men’s Individual Persuit Cycling Round 1
Sol Nanes (4:11.47) lost to Abram Onifade (4:11.28) in an all Sylvanaes affair.
Jamey Roulhac (4:11.49) defeated Hadrian Paskevich of Magnus Velarius (4:11.60)

Men’s Individual Persuit Cycling Round 2
Jamey Roulhac (4:12.99) defeated Casey Decook of Jeffgordonviulle (4:14.21)

Women’s Individual Persuit Cycling Round 2
Romelia Enote (3:25.46) defeated Danielle Lepore of Hendrick4824 (3:25.50)

Men’s Single Skulls Rowing
Garrett Mcclaim and Long Hetchman moved on to the Semis while Len Durol, who hasn’t taken a bath since the Ylompics will not bathe this day as he fell into the Repechage.

Women’s Single Skulls Rowing
Charlotte Vail and Signe Calamare moved on to the semis.

M RS:X Race 1saw Modesto Breines shocking win while Andreas Bloomstrom finished 3rd and Michal Courtad finished 5th.

Race 2 would see Coutad finish 8th while the other two fell off the pace.

That moves Courtad to 2nd on the table after the first two races.

Men’s Volleyball would see D&S down Hendrick4824 in straight sets 25-9, 25-13,25-8. Not even close.

Day 2. See first part of this post and then come back

The Men’s Road Race Cycling event was run today and there was more of the “close but no cigar” for the Kingdom. Chung Harkenreader would finish 4th while Rashad Kielich would finish in 6th place.

Back to the pool:

Starla Trilli has managed to make it to another final in the 100m Breastroke.

Judson Mondoza made the 200m men’s Butterfly final

Hana Pahk cruised to the Women’s 100m freestyle finals.

Men’s Basketball saw D&S get hammered 84-64 by Malabra

Women’s Field Hockey saw D&S fall 0-2 to Carvalo

And it looks like Len Durol will continue to stink up Casari. No bath since the Ylompics - and he failed to qualify today. That means no bath for a long while yet.

Sailing was in action as well, but those reports will come later.

Milchama downed the Kingdom 5-1 in Softball. Thanks ladies. We needed that.

Now back to regularly scheduled events in most areas. Those unlucky few will be treated to highlights of The Mystical Unicorns WC29 experience.

I conjuction with the Fashions of the Olympics parade where The Archregimancy wowed the world with their new kits, Sabre Inc also re-unveiled sportswear designed for Ylompic Competition. And made announcements on new event kits to be released later. The Ylompic designs are in high demand as everyone wants to go "Retro"
25-07-2006, 07:07
The National Post
Carvalo’s Largest English Newspaper

Ashford, CAS – The first two days of competition at the First Summer Olympiad in Ashford kicked off with a bang, starting with a crowd favorite – Acquatics. As most of the delegation of 307 trained throughout venues in and around the city, several got their first taste of competition and for many, partying the night before with athletes and spectators around the world didn’t seem like the smartest thing to do as reports have come in from trainers that many athletes are not feeling as well as they should be. The National Post, along with Popaganda Magazine, http://www.athletica.crv, Sa Mondo, and the Telemondo Broadcasting Network will have complete access to the entire games, so count on us to follow your favorite athletes and sports at the Ashford games. To cover everything, the Post will use an easy-to-use format to cover all the happenings at the game. For coverage of day’s one and two, we’ll start with Acquatics.


On Day 1, the Acquatics competition kicked off with the Men’s 100m Backstroke and 200m Breastroke Heats and Semifinals, where all Carvalan competitors failed to reach the final. On Day 2, Francisco Mendez managed to qualify to the semifinals of the 100m Breastroke, however, he came in last place in that event. For the women, the 100m Butterfly Heats took place, however all three Carvalan competitors failed to reach the Semifinals. At the 200m Freestyle Heats, Tiago native Rachael Binschadler reached the finals, where on Day 2 she was disappointed with an eighth place finish. She also failed to qualify at the 100m Freestyle. In the 200m Backstroke, all three Carvalans failed to qualify.

In Water Polo, the Men’s Team was placed in Pool D with a rather cocky Virginia Nova, a seemingly innocent Malabra, and an odd-named Quakmybush. They kick off against Quakmybush on Day 5, where Carvalans across the country will have trouble pronouncing the name of the enemy. For reference, we here at the Post believe it is pronounced Ku-ah-ke-ma-e-boo-se. In Women’s Water Polo, the national team was drawn into Pool A with Bedistan, Virginia Nova, Hendrick 4824, Casari, Milchama, and Malabra. Following the draw, they defeated Malabra easily with a score of 7-2 and on Day 4 they take on the girls from Virginia Nova.


Not much exciting news from the court of the equally un-exciting game of Badminton as Eric Raoul was defeated in three sets (15-9, 4-15, 15-4) by Fernando Briggs of Bedistan. Blane Quentin – a former model for Aero Clothing – had a bye. Franciska Regena was also handed a loss by Elukeari Pantaki of BAR, which we think is Baranxtu, however their code according to a guide from the Ashford organizers is BCO.


In Men’s Football, Carvalo was seeded into Pool A with Magnus Valerius, The Weegies, Bostopia, and Chicanada. They play their opener against Magnus Valerius on Day 4. The Women’s Football Team was drawn into Pool F, with United Island Empires, GarfieldtheFat, Ceorana, and New Montreal States. The team, who probably will not medal at the games, will be playing in a specially made uniform by Rocket Girl which does not, like most other uniforms out there, leave much to the imagination. In an interview with the team captain, Jisela Anavero, she described the uniform as being pink, black, and “basically lingerie.” The team kicks off it’s campaign on Day 3 against Ceorana.


In Men’s Handball, Carvalo was drawn into Pool B, with Antrium, Hendrick 4824, and Baranxtu. They will play their opener against Baranxtu on Day 4. The Women’s Handball Team was drawn into Pool A, against Ceorana, Andossa Se Mitrin Vega, and New Montreal States. Their uniforms, also made by Rocket Girl, promises to be a crowd pleaser as the girls hope to qualify into the next round. They play Ceorana on Day 9.


In Hockey, the Men’s Team was drawn into Pool D, where they face Hendrick4824, Ropa-Topia, and Ku-ah-ke-ma-e-boo-se (Quakmybush). The Men’s Team, whose star players recently participated on the primetime game show “Revenge,” is looking for one thing, and one thing only – a gold medal. They kick of their campaign on Day 3 against, well, who else? Ku-ah-ke-ma-e-boo-se! In Women’s Hockey, Carvalo was drawn into Pool C where they face Dorian and Sonya, Ku-ah-ke-ma-e-boo-se, and Antrium. Following the draw, they defeated Dorian and Sonya with a score of 2-0. On Day 6, they will take on the girls of Antrium.


Volleyball kicked off on Day 1 where the Men’s Team was drawn into Pool A, with Andossa Se Mitrin Vega, Milchama, Dorian and Sonya, Malabra, Hendrick4824. and Ropa-Topia. Approximately an hour after the draw, they proceeded to dominate Malabra winning in a quick three sets (25-17, 25-3, 25-7). The highlight of the match came in the second game, where star player Alessandro Saolo dominated the net and won points on fifteen different spikes. They play again tomorrow, Day 3, against Ropa-Topia. The Women’s Team was drawn into Pool B, where they face Andossa Se Mitrin Vega, Milchama, Antrium, Dorian and Sonya, Malabra, and Ariddia. Following the draw, they defeated Ariddia in a quick set that lasted three games (25-7, 25-11, 25-20).

In Men’s Beach Volleyball, Aras Baskausalozao and Danijel Lorenzo were drawn into Pool B with Mirecki/Swantek of Hendrick4824, McLeod/Nagenda of Schiavonia, Mendez/Aeu of Ariddia, Rîret/Wenkàr of Antrium, and Dagner/Atmore of Dorian and Sonya while Milo Salanobrazao and Niko Deonado were drawn into Pool C with Bidahq/Nichaw of Malabria, an unknown duo from Starblaydia, Cooper/Sun-çūl of Bedistan, and Davis/Yomari of the host nation Casari. They both play their first matches on Day 4, where Aras and Danijel take on Mirecki/Swantek and Milo and Niko battle it out against Cooper/Sun-çūl. In Women’s Beach Volleyball, flag-bearer Nefer Nava and teammate Kirstin Acampado have been placed in Pool F with Cadigan/Bute from Androssa Se Mitrin Vega, Mu-ha/Bryant of Bedistan, and Abersol/Belem of Antrium while Ashley Maro and Tara Erfazao have been placed in Group B, with Peterson/Perotti of Hendrick4824, Gertruids/Hanna of Ku-ah-ke-ma-e-boo-se, and Lew/Bannon of Dorian and Sonya. They both play their first matches on Day 5, where Nefer and Kirstin take on Abersol/Belem and Ashley and Tara battle it out against Peterson/Perotti.

The Women's Beach Volleyball Tournament, which is always a crowd-favorite, will be one of the highlights of the Ashford Olympics for Carvalans as not only is volleyball the national sport, but the two pairs from Carvalo are in a fierce rivalry. For their sake, we hope they both make it to the finals. The girls uniforms has been provided by Rocket Girl - notorious for their revealing bikinis.

From Ashford, that's all there is to know about Carvalo in the First Summer Olympiad. Check our website at http://www.thepost.crv for more coverage of the Ashford Olympics, along with athlete profiles, olympic mini-games, and an up-to-date medal count.
25-07-2006, 10:46
Franciska Regena was also handed a loss by Elukeari Pantaki of BAR, which we think is Baranxtu, however their code according to a guide from the Ashford organizers is BCO.
That's true; Baranxtu itself has the code BAR; but as the delegation consists of athletes from Baranxtu and my two puppets Cikoutimi and Otea, the code is actually BCO, which was corrected today.)



Dipana opened her eyes. And closed them immediately, for it was a splitting headache that had woke her up. She sat up - eyes still closed - and grabbed for her clock on the nightstand. Which wasn't there.

And then she remembered where she was, and let out a low growl.

As silently as possible, she quickly got dressed and left the house, hoping she'd run into no one who knew her on the way back.

Of course, she had to take a cab, and during the whole drive, she kept pressing herself into the back and made herself as small as possible. At least, she had managed not to oversleep. Lucky her.


She was almost in her room when an all too familiar voice stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Now, where are you coming from?" Great. Just great.

She turned around and faced Nahtηri. "Morning. What business is it of yours?"

Nahtηri smiled. "It's just interesting - if you're missing and show up a bit disshevelled, it's okay. But when I do it..."

Dipana stopped him. "There are so many ways in which this is different - for starters, no plane to catch - but I'm too busy to discuss that with you. Go. Away."

With that, she entered her room and started undressing, as for now, a shower was all that was on her mind.


Nekeri Kitnareo grinned into the camera, his gold medal hanging around his neck. He was flanked by Þalhaši Zilpati and Laŋa Nabitsa, also wearing their medals and smiling almost as broadly as he was.

The reporter, a young Baranxtuan whose name they all had already forgotten, stood in front of them and smiled, as well - and not a reporter's smile, but a genuine one.

"Okay guys - really, that was so great what you accomplished - we're connected to the home studio, and we'll be on in about two minutes."


The camera focused on the reporter, and he started.

"Šωþera, Baranxtu! Saotira, Baranxitu! Hello, Baranxtu! Našra, Baraŋemin! Bonjour, Baranktou!
Kitameoke, Otea! Bonjour, Otéé! Šωþera, Otea!
Guidémègue, Cikoutimi! Bonjour, Chicoutimi! Šωþera, Šikutimi!
I'm here in Ashford, Casari, standing next to our first three medalists. For those who haven't quite gotten the formidable news yet, Nekeri Kitnareo won Gold in the 100m Backstroke, Þalhaši Zilpati won Silver in the 200m Breaststroke, and Laŋa Nabitsa won Bronze in the 100m Butterfly.
Kitameoke, Nekeri; šωþera, Þalhaši; saotira, Laŋa!"

The three returned the greetings in their respective mother languages.

"First, Nekeri. A really great feat you accomplished there - so, what do you feel right now?"

Nekeri smiled even more. "I feel so very proud. I mean, everyone did so very well out there - but I'm very glad that I could win this medal."

"How do you think you were able to do this? I mean, there must have been some pressure on you!"

"Well, of course there was - I didn't want to let anyone down; my family, my friends, my fans, my whole country. But then I thought about the positive things, not so much the letting down, but how I could bring them honor. And that, somehow, just did it. And I swam, I swam like I never swam before - and I just did it!"

"Anyone special you wanna thank?"

"Well... of course, everyone who supported me, who believed in me and gave me strength through their belief. And, I wanna dedicate this medal - " Nekari held it into the camera " - I wanna dedicate it to my country, to the beautiful Otea."

"That's very touching. Thank you for the interview. Now, on to Þalhaši. You also did well, but how does it feel that it was only Silver, and not Gold?"

In his mind, Þalhaši rolled his eyes. That reporter would be happy to finish second-to-last, and now it was 'only' silver. But, whatever. "Oh, it's not like I'm sad about that or anything. I focus on the good thing - that I did well, and I certainly didn't let anyone down. And looking at my competition, I can say it was a really good race - I won that medal fair and square, and competing against all those really good athletes, I think I can openly say I deserve that medal."

"A very philosophical way of seeing it. So, whom do you wanna thank?"

"Well, of course, I wanna thank my fans, my loved ones, and of course the whole team who cheered me on. But, most of all, I wanna dedicate this medal to my fiancée, who helped me stay focused and still down-to-earth during the preparations."

"How very sweet! Now, on to Laŋa. So, how do feel about bronze?"

Laŋa's eyes lit up. "Oh, I'm so very, very, very happy - this is one of the most beautiful days of my life. I mean, I came hear and expected to, well, show the world what Baranxtu has to offer - and now I even won a medal! It's really more than I expected, and I'm so... well... happy!"

"What do you think about the two Bedistanis who beat you to Gold and Silver?"

"Oh, I'm happy for them, too. I mean, they really gave their best and they so deserve their medals. And well, they swam better than I did, so, I won't complain about anyone but myself."

"So, who are the people you want to express your gratitude to?"

"Of course, my family first... they always supported me in all my decisions. And my friends, who were always there for me. And my fans, who cheered me and encouraged me! And - no hard feelings to the rest - most of all, most importantly, I wanna thank my wife, Liala. I wanna dedicate this medal to her, our two-year-old daughter Miriha, and to the child she's currently carrying."

"Oh, that's so lovely! Now, good luck to you all!"

The camera focused solely on the reporter again.

"Now, that's it for now. Join me again later, and now back to the studio!"
25-07-2006, 11:56
Hyypiä takes silver

An unexpected medallist

Ariddians were in contention for two medal events today: the women’s 200m freestyle, and the men’s road race. In the latter, Ariddia’s main contender was thought to Sesh Shawe [pronounced shah-wih], an Indigenous Ariddian who took bronze in Tyrellia. But it was a complete unknown, Serge Hyypiä, who was going to surprise Ariddian supporters. . . yet another reminder that everything is unpredictable at the Olympics.

Seventy-one athletes lined up on the start line, and Hyypiä was definitely not considered to be among the favourites. He maintained a steady rhythm, however, staying with the lead of the pack even when Shawe started to lose ground towards the end. While Shawe was not looking in top form, his compatriot seemed inexhaustible. Many soon began to hope he could match Deirdre Khangal’s achievement from the women’s race, but Johnny Bloomfield of the Weegies was just sixteen hundredths of a second faster. The two men crossed the finish line almost simultaneously, but it was the Weegie athlete who had taken gold. Hyypiä stood in a proud second place on the podium, watching the Ariddian flag go up with an Olympic silver medal round his neck.

Mixed results for Gale in the pool

In the other medal event for the day, Ariddia’s Carole Gale finished in sixth place in the final of the women’s 200m freestyle in swimming, with a time of 1:57.01. She was one of three Uhuhlanders in the final: San Adriano’s Sabrina Vannucci took gold, while Ropa-Topia’s Phoebe Buitendam came fourth. Two Bedistanis, Alison Farmer and Alia Markuëiä, joined Vannucci on the podium in second and third.

In other events, Nigel Yavuz squeaked into a qualifying spot in sixteenth place in the men’s 100m breaststroke heats, with a time of 0:59.59. He then narrowly missed out on a spot in the finals, improving his performance to 0:59.79 and a tenth place in the semis. In the women’s 100m freestyle, there came a shock for Ariddians as both Noémi Lévi and Carole Gale failed to advance.

Disappointment in other events

In boxing, Jean Torrealba went out against Hendrick4824’s Billy MacPherson, a result which was not unexpected. Et Sheh remains the only Ariddian boxer in contention. In rowing, Richard Zhaunou and Jessica Dancien both improved their performance, but still failed to advance. And in volleyball, the men’s team had a disappointing start, losing to Carvalo in three sets.

Medal count

At the end of day two, Ariddia is in fourth place on the medal table, with Khangal’s gold and Hyypiä’s silver. Many of Ariddia’s top athletes have yet to compete, raising hopes that Ariddia’s performance will continue at least as well as it has started.
San Adriano
25-07-2006, 12:22
“A dream come true”

When your country has only sent two athletes to the Olympic Games, you usually don’t expect one of them to win a gold medal. But that is exactly what Sanadrianese swimmer Sabrina Vannucci has succeeded in doing, prompting celebrations in her tiny home nation.

Vannucci later admitted that she had never really considered what would happen if she won; she was entirely focused on winning, or rather doing her best and refusing to believe that winning was impossible. Having emerged from the semi-finals in first place, she was the theoretical favourite to win the final, and in the end finished ahead of Bedistan’s Allison Farmer by just two hundredths of a second. As she realised she had won, Vannucci looked shocked, then absolutely ecstatic. Back home in the Sovereign Village, shouts of joy filled the air as the entire nation had watched the race breathlessly.

“I can’t believe I did it!” Vannucci said, tears of joy in her eyes. “I just can’t believe it yet; it’s just not real! It’s like a dream come true.”

The Olympic Champion seemed almost to glow with happiness as she stood on the top step of the podium, and billions of spectators watched the Sanadrianese flag lifted and heard the Sanadrianese anthem played.

We found a handful of Sanadrianese supporters, along with a large number of cheerful, mildly inebriated Weegies.

“It’s incredible!” one Sanadrianese said. “Well, we all had faith in her, but for it actually to happen. . . Wow! What makes it really great is that we’re just a very small country, so we all know her. Well, sort of. She’s our hairdresser, you know. YOU’RE THE BEST!”

In San Adriano, the country’s small Parliament has invited all citizens to express themselves in the National Assembly Hall regarding the possibility of adding Vannucci’s portrait alongside that of Thomas Peruzzi on all newly printed banknotes with a value of 500 lira. It is expected that the nation will overwhelmingly support the idea, and that Parliament will come to a quick and favourable decision.

Meanwhile, amazingly, San Adriano is in joint fifth place on the medal table. Even though it won’t last, this is a day no-one in San Adriano will ever forget.
Virginia Nova
25-07-2006, 15:15
Olympics Day 2

The second day of Olympics went okay for VN

in Aquatics Cassandra Jackson jr nearly made in the womens 100 Freestyle

8 Ivanna Sum Lee MGV 0:53.79
9 Cassandra Jackson Jr. VIN 0:53.80

You can see in that chart just how close she came.

in the 200m Backstroke Hannah Lupo missed out on Qualifying

33 Hannah Lipo VIN 2:07.96

In Water Polo The Wet Eagles defeted Milchama 14-8 behind Aaron Covy's 5 goals.

Virginia Nova 14-8 Milchama

In Mens B'Ball The Eagles won over a very powerful ASMV team with Forward Deangelo Bobbik Getting a Triple Double 20 Points,11 Rebounds,10 Blocks.

Virginia Nova 78, Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 64

In Softball Micheala Pruitt hit a two-run homer in the fith to give The Lady Eagles a 2-1 Victory over Rorysville

And that is all from Ashford
25-07-2006, 17:17
"Hello listeners, and welcome to Ashford for Schiavone Olympic Special, I'm Mike Jones..."

"...and I'm Filipo Schiavone, and first we must apologise for the lack of a show yesterday. We decided to spend the evening at the pub."

"We were ill, Filipo."

"Oh, yes, we were ill. I don't think they're actually going to believe that, though."

"They won't now, you twerp!"


"So this means we have a double show reviewing the first two days action. So where better to start than day one?"

"Sounds fair."

"Well, what do you want first, the good news or the bad news?"

"The good."

"Schiavones topped the tables in every sailing event that took place, while four rowers and two cyclists managed to get through to the latter stages of their events."

"And the bad news?"

"Well, the best our cyclists could do in the Women's Road Race was Felicity Woolagong who finished twentieth. Badminton player Martin Gray lost in three sets to Kovàl Uvàrnéko of Antrium. Milchama's Jonny Dawson outclassed boxer Scott Lever within forty-five seconds. Cyclists Ollie Scott, Leon Birkett, Ed Bartlett and Eduardo Hoad were all beaten in the Men's Individual Persuit in Cycling, while Goldie Headley and Carrie Wright went out in the women's event. In the Men's Single Sculls in rowing, Imitaz Ali, Leopold Baichan and Johnny James were all knocked out, followed by female counterparts Kimberly Ord and Wendy Daniel."

"Maybe we'll just stick to the good from now on, eh?"

"Sounds like a reasonable plan."

"So what about today?"

"Today, Schiavonia got their first medal of the games!"


"We certainly did! Which means we are on the medal table, despite the Aquatic sports taking up most of the medals at the moment."

"You mean to say that our only swimmer won a bronze!?!"

"Um, not quite. Peter Berry, who hails from Welkay, managed to pip D&S's Chung Harkenreader to third place, just getting his front wheel ahead metres from the line. So a big well done to Peter!"


"Also, a big well done to Bobby Roberts. He may have finished last in the race, almost twenty minutes behind the rest, but consider that he fell and broke his arm, yet still managed to carry on and finish. That's some achievement."

"It really is. So how did the rest of our athletes do?"

"Well, our female cricketers beat the hosts by thirty runs in their opening group game, Margaret Christie taking six wickets with her pace bowling, four of which coming in the last two overs. Schiavonia's Women's Hockey team easily beat The Weegies four-one. And our sailors, while not quite hitting the heights of day one, are still doing well. Two Schiavones are in the top five of the RS:X, Women's 470 and Finn classes."

"So all good news, then?"

"I thought you didn't want me to tell the bad news?"

"Is there much?"

"Well we lost at Basketball."

"Is that all?"

"Pretty much. Oh, and the rowers that were a bunch of no-hopers yesterday have proven themselves today."

"You mean they put the satback behind them and did OK?"

"No. They are now proven to be absolutely and utterly hopeless. Hopefully they'll be forced to row all the way back to Schiavonia. They clearly need the practice."

"So that's it then?"

"For now. But there's a long way to go. And we're already tied for seventh in the medals table, which isn't a complete tragedy at this stage. So from us here in Ashford, goodnight."
25-07-2006, 17:42
"Hello I'm Ron Mclrean alongside with Wedny Rogers and thank you for tuning into Quakmybush Olympics This Morning"

"Hello, and I'm Wendy Rogers"

RM"The Quakmybushian atheltes faired alot better today, eh Wendy?"

WR"Very well, we had to swimmers qualify for semi finals, and most of out teams did well"

RM"Well here are the results"

WR"Isocrates Ogden finshed 10th in the qualifying for the 100m Breastroke, he then unfortunatly he finsished 13th in the semis"

RM"Next up is Reg Marmaduke who finished 6th in the heats for the 200m Butterfly. He then finsished 16th in the semis and did not advance."

WR"Now we have Maira Murdag who finished 52nd in the heats for the 100m Freestyle"

RM"Edna Hughes finished 31st in the heats for the 200m Backstorke"

WR"Quakmybush 14-11 Chicanada is the score that our Women's Water Polo team won by."

RM"Quakmybush def. New Montreal States by 8 Runs is how our Women's Cricket Team faired."

WR"Wentland, Ariddia, Starblaydia, and Allanea is who our Men's Football team will be playing."

RM"Schiavonia, Allanea, Ceorana, and New Montreal States is who our Men's Handball team will be taking on"

WR"Dorian and Sonya, Carvalo, and Antrium are in the same pool with us for Women's Hockey, who won 4-2 over Antrium."

RM"Hendrick4824, Milchama, Bedistan, Mikitivity, GarfieldtheFat, and Dorian and Sonya are the group which Quakmybush's Softball team will face. The team also dropped their first game 3-2 to Mikitvity."

WR"GarfieldtheFat, Bedistan, Starblaydia, Ropa-Topia, Hendrick4824, and Casari are who the Women's Volleyball Team will be facing. The team also lost 25-21, 25-9, 16-25, 25-4 to Starblaydia."

RM" So overall a better day for the Quakmybushian's but still no medals"

WR"The time will come Ron"

RM"That was all the time we had, I'm Ron Mclearn and for Wendy Rogers, Thank You, and good day"
Bears Armed
25-07-2006, 18:13
A group of the Bears' athletes have congregated in in the largest room of their accomodation, mostly lying spreadeagled for maximum exposure to the cool breeze from the electric fans that they've got set up there.

"Hot here," one of them grumbles.
"Very hot here," most of the others agree.
"But the days set for most of our events give us a while to get used to it", says Borrin (heavyweight wrestler, the team's flag-bearer, & effectively their overall captain...), and most of the earlier events that we've got are swimming ones so at least our contenders will have the water to cool them down."
"Been watching the swimming events today," mutters Elga o Whitewater, one of the swimmers. "These humans start their races very fast..." Jhil, one of her colleagues cuffs her gently (by ursine standards, anyway) on the back of her head.
"We beat them anyway," Jhil says.
25-07-2006, 21:34
"Hello everyone and welcome to BSTV's coverage of the First Summer Olympics live from Ashford, Casari! I'm Kelly Milton here with Mike Green IV. Mike, it's been a very exciting couple of opening days for Team Bedistan, hasn't it?"

"Indeed it has, Kelly - two days in, Bedistan top the medal board with a gold, two silvers, and three bronzes. Of course, most of the medals so far have been in aquatics, where we are expected to do best, though of course there was the cycling medal on Day 1."

"There were five medal events today. First, in the men's 100m backstroke, Bedistan's hopes were with Eric Riley, and he didn't disappoint, edging out Bazalonia's Austin Knoles to take third place and the bronze medal. The Bedistanis weren't quite so lucky in the 200m breaststroke, with Aggelídoy and Miller finishing 4th and 6th, respectively, while Milchama's Carlton Levels took home the gold."

"The women's 100m butterfly saw the first possibility of a medal sweep in these Olympics, with three Bedistani swimmers in the final. Yun Gu-tāg would be the one that would not leave the pool with a medal, coming in 5th, but Natalie Chambers and Pepa Nisaüa were the first two to cross the finish line, giving Bedistan its first gold and silver medals. Baranxtu's Laŋa Semurgatu Nabitsa would finish third and take bronze."

"Possibly the most exciting event, though, Mike, was the women's 200m freestyle. An extremely close finish resulted in the two Bedistani swimmers, Allison Farmer and Alia Markuëiä, taking silver and bronze, respectively. But even they were cheering when the gold medalist was announced, as Sabrina Vannucci had done the incredible, securing a gold medal for the tiny nation of San Adriano."

"Yes, the Sanadrianese delegation - both of them - has been a crowd favorite here in Ashford, and they can certainly walk now with their heads held even higher after Vannucci's stunning performance."

"As mentioned earlier, Bedistan tops the medal chart with one gold, two silver, and three bronze. The Weegies are second with one gold and two silver, followed by Baranxtu with one of each."

"Meanwhile, outside of aquatics, the men's basketball team started its campaign today with a fairly run-of-the-mill 79-70 victory over Allanea. And in cricket, the Bedistani team defeated Milchama by seven wickets."

"Is that good or bad, Mike?"

"Well, I assume it's good, as the results sheet says that we won. I'm really not quite sure how to compare it, though, everyone else won by some number of runs."

"That doesn't help me, either, since this is cricket and not baseball. My apologies to the viewers, neither of us actually know a darn thing about cricket."

"Well, in slighly more familiar news, our hockey team also won, defeating Milchama 4-1."

"What's up with Bedistan and Milchama facing each other in everything these days? Not just in the Olympics, but also Sokojiwa getting drawn into the Champs League group with Great Alexandria. It's kinda creepy."

"You mentioned baseball earlier - well, there was no baseball today, but our softball team did play. Sally McCoy made a great pitching effort today to keep GarfieldtheFat down to one run, and the girls scored three of their own to get the win."

"And finally, in volleyball, for once one of our teams didn't win, the women's team falling 2-3 to Casari. And I can't say it wasn't deserved either, as they simply didn't put up a fight in the games Casari won. 25-5, 25-4, 15-1. Wake up, ladies!"

"Anyway, there's your quick Olympic Results Break for now. We'll be back at the top of the hour with more, but for now it's back to the pool with more live coverage from Tyler Rogers."
United Island Empires
25-07-2006, 21:44
The UIE News Service

First Two Days Review

The start of the Olympics has been one of ups and downs. There have been some great successes, and a few disappointments. This is a sport by sport guide to the competition so far for Team UIE:


The men have not managed to continue their good run of late, not reaching the Archregimancy’s target pf 268, being bowled out for 255. However, an expected victory for the uncelebrated women’s team against Allanea, beating the Haven nation by 24 runs.


No football has been played yet, but the group draws have been made. The women are in a group with GarfieldtheFat, Ceorana, Carvalo and late arrivals New Montreal States. The men‘s group, drawn earlier today, come up against Casari, Dorian and Sonya, Crna Gora Liv Eng and Milchama.


In the men’s single sculls qualification on day one, three of the four of our rowers, Andrew Carter (2nd, 6:36.17 ), Cole Matthews (6th, 6:36.22) and Daniel Watson (7th, 6:36.41), proceeded to the semi-final. However, Bryan Jones did not qualify, coming 29th in the qualification with a time of 6:38.01, and also missing out in the repechage, ending 13th with a time of 6:07.88. There was a similar story in the women’s, with Isabel Loeffler coming 3rd in 7:08.54, Tamara Boswell 6th in 7:08.60 and Susan Benefield 8th in 7:08.67. However, Florence Larosa just missed out on qualification, finishing 16th in 7:09.35 but then in the repechage she had an awful start and was unable to proceed, finishing 7th, with a time of 7:09.73.


The sailing has been disappointing so far, with just one sailor in a position to have a chance of winning. Jonathan Valle is currently coming 7th after 4 races, with 46 points.
Nouvelle Angleterre
25-07-2006, 22:00
James Thomas

With days one and two of the Inaugural Olympiad already gone there have been mixed results for our athletes.

CYCLING- Justine McCaspurn was the first Nouvelle Angleterrais athlete to compete. She took part in the womens road race and finished in 22nd place with a time of 2:45:30.15. "I'm pleased with the overall result I think. Cycling doesn't have a huge profile or a huge budget back home so I think this is a result. I managed to get well inside the top half and to be officially the 22nd best woman at my sport in the world is great", she told me.
Timi Lakeland was also in action, this time in the Ashford velodrome. He was up against Luis Reimer (STB) in the individual pursuit. He didn't fare to well however. He posted a time of 4:14.97, 1.33 seconds behind his opponent.
Jakie Kennedy performed better in the velodrome in her Womens individual pursuit 1st round match up with Agnes Soto (BDS). She recorded a time of 3:24.52, a full 1.34 seconds faster than the Bedistan athlete. Her good form continued in her second round tie with Regina Spektir (chi). Kennedy, 3:25.24, beat her opponent by nearly 2 secs. "I'm deligted so far but the hard work really starts now in the chase for the medals".

FOOBALL- The draw for the womens football pools were made and Nouvelle Angleterre have been drawn in Pool C with Andossa Se Mitrin Vega, Magnus Valeruis, Wentland and Derian and Sonya.

CYCLING- Timothy Crispin finished 49th in the Men's Road Race with a time of 4:37:46.47.

SWIMMING- Three of our athletes were in action in the pool today. Sandy Rogers, Amelie Dupin, Melanie Marshall and Stacey Moulin were all competing in the Womens 100m Freestlye. Rogers (3rd 0:53.55) and Dupin (9th 0:53.69) both made it through to the semis. Rogers luck ran out as she finished 11th (0:53.87) and is out of the competition. Dupin, however, continues to go from strenght to strength. She came out on top in the semis with a time of 0:53.51. "Althoug I know I am an underdog in the final, I see no reason why I can't make a serious push for a medal and get out flag on the pole", she said afterwards.

FOOTBALL- The draw for the Men's Football Pools has been made. Nouvelle Angleterre have been drawn with Baranxtu, Hendrick2824, Liverpool England and GarfieldTheFat.


Pride, Passion and The Hopes of a Nation
The Weegies
25-07-2006, 23:38
There are two men in an alleyway in Ashford, trying not to look at each other, trying to be inconspicuous. Since they are wearing copious amounts of footballing and Olympic merchandise and one is wearing a sombrero, and both are swaying from the effects of alcohol, this is a tad harder than it normally would be. Around them, fellow Weegies argue, shout, drink and cheer on after an excellent day's Olympic events. Shouts of "'Mon the Bloomfield!" and "Aw yer wee Vespucci, she's a bonny lass is she no." can be heard amongst the general air of broad chaos and casual mockery. Tonight, this area is a little Weegie enclave in Ashford.



"Goat it?"

"Aye, course ah have, ya rocket."

The two men glance at each other as three highly inebriated Weegie brush past, singing a song about a hedgehog that probably shouldn't be repeated.

"Ho, nae need to be a prick. Whur's it?"

"Safe, y'ken? Naeb'dy'll find it, it's locked up tighter than a Rejistanian defence."

"Aye, sure. Youse are already oan Candid Camera, y'ken?"


"You got pictshured."

"Effin never."

"You f'kin did. Youse lot are giein the polis some nice entertainment 'fore they cart ye's aff tae the Big Hoose. Y'know, popcorn, fizzy drinks, makin' comments aboot the female protagonists' tits."

"Leave Mary oot o' this. Whit d'ye want wi' it, anyway? Isssa f'kin giant spider"

"Shcelebratory matters, y'know, stuff like tha'."

"Aye, you're a total bampot."

"Awa' an bile yer heid."

"Aye, see ye anyways, got to be oan the lookout fot polis."

"Ony arse can avoid them, clunkin' aboot in yon yoooniforms."

"Avoidin' yon bricks."

"Ach, they're only friendly bricks. Maist are rubber. A' the fun of a riot, nane of the casualties. Leaves mair fur later."

"Ach, rubber bricks aren't the same. I know ye can carry them aboot easy and that, but ye're no takin' doon some daft bugger on a horse."

"Aye, good times."

"See yez."

"Aye, piss aff and leave me wi' my pint, ye theivin' basturt."

"Y'drank yours."

"Whit? Aye... aye."

"See yez the morra."

"Piss aff."
26-07-2006, 02:11
You know, with today, the Olympics will be one-eighth over.

... That's really not all that reassuring, but it's true.

This *would* be an MD3 Cutoff, though.
Dorian and Sonya
26-07-2006, 06:02

We Can Swim!!! Wow! 2 More Medals in the Pool!

Day 3 was another great one for the Sylvanaes Kingdom.

Let’s begin again in the pool, where D&S has made some big surprises.

Men’s 200m Butterfly saw unknown Judson Mendoza (1:54.13) take home the Bronze Medal by defeating Miliono Alonso of Bedistan. As Bedi is one of the strongest contenders in swimming, we feel very good about the result.

Women’s 100m Freestyle saw another shock as Hana Pahk took silver on a literal photo-finish with Amelie Dupin of Nouvelle Angletere. Only a slow motion replay could decide the Silver as both ladies had identical times.

Now for other news:

D&S dropped Qazox 1-0 on the diamond.

Women’s Basketball saw D&S down Chicanada 69-61

Men’s Lightweight Boxing saw -
Enoch Baumgard defeat Jimmy McFelger of The Weegies
Mickey O’Rourke of The Weegies defeated Stanford Remondet
Noble Bantillan defeated Willian Nates of Allanea

Men’s Cricket. We lost to some Purple Team by 7 runs

Cycling :
Men’s Ind Pursuit
Jamey Roulhac (4:11.14) defeated Brian Piquet of Jeff Gordonville (4:11.28)

Women’s Gynastics:
The D&S Team finished 2nd to Ariddia in Artistic Qualifying

Individual qualifiers
All Around - Beckie Koloc; Malisa Correau
Floor Exercise - Beckie Koloc,
Balance Beam - Lurline Olivers, Beckie Koloc, Vallie Ageboi
Uneven Bars - Vallie Ageboi,
Vault - Thalia Feirmonte, Beckie Koloc,

Men’s Volleyball. The D&S team moved to 2-0 with another easy win, this time over Milchama 25-16,25-10,25-16
26-07-2006, 06:15

After a boring 1st couple fo days to the olympics as no Qazoxian teams were entered in events those days, Day three started off with a bang as the Lady OXen played the Host Country of Casari. the Hosts were very gracious hostas as Qazox won 5-0.

QAZOX -5 (Rene LaTreque (1,2,3) 15' 29' 42';
Genny Gump (1) 59'; Kelli Renoir(1) 78')

In other matches, the Black Oxen were not as successful...

In Baseball Dorian and Sonya won a thirlling game with a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 9th to edge Qazox 1-0.


2B- (Qazox)- Pink, Salmons
(Dorian and Sonya)- #13

SH- Wilborn
SF- DNS- #13
DP- Qazox- 2 (Minix-Pink-Kruger; Wilbourn-Kruger)
WP- Mac Nelly
HBP- (DOS) #16 by Well (2nd inn.)

LOB-Qazox- 7
Dorian and Sonya- 3

WP- DOS- #24 (1-0)
LP- QZX- Melvin Mac Nelly (0-1)

In boxing, Arron Mccaffity lost a split decison to Robt Dandoy of Andossa Se Mitrin Vega (47-48, 48-47, 47-48). Despite Mccaffity dominating the 1st three rounds, Dandoy knocked Mccaffity down twice in the 5th round to sway the judges enough to award him the match.

Stay tuned to QSNBS (QazSoft National Broadcating Station) for more Olympic Updates.

(OOC- and Casari Qazox's abbreviation is QZX not QAZ.... thanks
26-07-2006, 06:59
And welcome to the BazSports daily round-up for the first Summer Olympiad, Day 2.

Today was ended with the Bazalonian delegation having a golden day earning 2 gold medals with the first medals earned by the delegation.

Basquez, in the time of 1:53.98 in the 200m Men Butterfly final today beating Ropa-Topian Lars Sepers by the miniscule amount of 1 hundreth of a second. who got the silver and Judson Mondoza of Dorian & Sonya with the bronze. We'll now take you to the medal ceremony by the pool

<video plays>

"The Gold medal goes too... Baquez of Bazalonia" was announced over the PA system as Basquez took the position in the middle of podium in the gold medal position. "The Silver Medal goes to Lars Sepers of Ropa-Topia" as the Ropa-Topian stood up on his sport. Basquez had a large smile and seemed to eagily await the Bazalonian national anthem. "And the Bronze Medal goes to Judson Mondoxa of Dorian & Sonya"

"And now please be upstandin for the national anthem of Bazalonia." The flags of the three nations started to rise as the music to the National Anthem of Bazalonia started. Basquez sang along with pride. Not only was this Bazalonia's first Medalm but it was Bazalonia's first gold medal at the olympics.

</video ends>

"We'll be talking live to Basquez via sattelite to Casari for the olympics later in this buletin but now we will go onto 100m Womens free-style. Adelaide Malia is bringing home Bazalonia's 2nd gold medal from the pool as she won finals of the Womans 100m freestyle. Adelaide managed a time of 53.51 seconds pipping silver and bronze by the slim margin of 2 hundredth of a second. The silver and bronze positions almost came in at exactly the same time and it went down to milliseconds to determine who was first. Let's go to the medal ceremony for this one as well."

<video plays>

"The Gold medal goes too... Adelaide Malia of Bazalonia" went over the PA as she received her medal and a bunch of flowers. Once she received the flowers she thrusted them up in the air. The Bazalonians in the crowd roared with excitement of their 2nd gold medal. "The Silver MEdal goes too... Hana Pahk of Dorian & Sonya" the presentation occured to Hana, "And the Bronze medal goes too... Amelie Dupin of Nouvelle Angleterre." The presentation of the medal and flowers to Amelie happened."And now please be upstanding for the national anthem of Bazalonia" The flags where raised the music played and people that knew the words sung along. That would be all of the Bazalonians in the crowd.

</video ends>

"And the sattelite link has been struck up and we are talking live to Basquez in Casari."

"Basquez, glad you could speak with us" - reporter

"Good to be heard" - Basquez

"How does it feel to have won not only Bazalonia's first medal but to have made that medal a gold?" - Reporter

"It was just amazing, I mean getting up on that podium had been the greatest accomplishment of my life. The challenge of the Ropa-Topian.. Lars something I think and the Dorian and Sonyan representative.. Judson, I think his name was. was just tremendous I had a reasonable start but they just had a great start and so I was determined and I managd to be 1 hundreth of a second ahead by the end of the 2nd 50ms I was just blown away." - Basquez

"What did you think of your chances before the race?"

"I was thinking somewhere in the maybe third getting the Bronze but in now way did I ever think I'd get the gold. There's just so many good competitors here." - Basquez

"So what are you going to do tonight?"

"well, first thing I'm going to do is drink a Forhey's I've been desperate for one all day. but next I'm going to go and party a bit. Not too much but still I'm going to have some fun."

"Is there anything that you would like to say to your supporters back here in Bazalonia?"

"Yes, I'd like to thank everybodsy for their support in preperation for this and thanks for all the messages of congratulations that I have recieved. It's just been overwhelming. Thank you so much. Things like that mean everything to us."

"Well, thank you Basquez. That's all the time we have for now."

"Thank you. BAZALONIAN GOLD!" - Basquez

"There we have it... and with these 2 medals, Bazalonia is on the medal tally, and not only that is 2 on the rankings under Baranxtu. Thank you and goodnight."
The Archregimancy
26-07-2006, 08:17

Archregimancy Apparently Only Entrant to Actually Understand Sport

In another fine victory for the Archregimancy Olympic cricket team, the Willow Wonder Workers cruised to a four wicket win over the baseball-obsessed nation of Milchama. After the Milchamans won the toss and decided to bat, some more fine controlled bowling from Fr. Yuri the Chinaman and Fr. Gregory the Spinner kept Milchama to low total of 168 all out on a dry and dusty wicket. Despite a mid-batting order wobble, team captain Fr. John the Hesychast anchored the Archregimancy innings with a patient half century to lead the team to victory with five overs to spare.

In a surprising turn of events that may well indicate the natural proficiency of Orthodox monks for an all-day game that requires great reserves of patience and concentration, the Willow Wonder Workers have lept to the top of the Pool A table. "Batting for over an hour on a hot day is just like conducting the liturgy during Great Lent!" said one possibly slightly misguided team member.

The Monastic Olympic Committee has noticed the the number of nations participating in the Olympic cricket tournament who profess themselves baffled by the sport. MOCTA spokesman Fr. Vasily the Heavily Accented has been quoted as saying "Is alright with us! If heathens no understand game, is easier for Orthodox to crush heathens!"


Pool A results

Starblaydia def. Dorian and Sonya by 7 Runs
Quakmybush def. Allanea by 11 Runs
The Archregimancy def. Milchama by 4 Wickets

Pool A:
The Archregimancy 2 0
Starblaydia 2 0
Quakmybush 1 0
Dorian and Sonya 1 1
United Island Empires 0 1
Milchama 0 2
Allanea 0 2
26-07-2006, 10:06

Ropa-Topia catches up with Ariddia

ISLE OF UHM/ASHFORD - Three days into the Olympics the Ropa-Topian athletes have managed to catch up with Ariddia. Ariddian athletes Khangal and Hyypiä took a gold and a silver medal respectively in Cycling on the first and second day and Ropa-Topia was without any medals until now, although the women's 200 meter breaststroke final will be remembered despite Buitendam's non-medal but still excellent fourth place, because it was also that final where the San Adrianese Vannuci won the gold medal.

First medals
On day three both swimmers who had qualified for the final events were rewarded with a medal. Jessica Rubik took the gold medal in the 200m backstroke final with a time of 2:06.70. In the 200m butterfly final for the men, Lars Sepers, who won three medals in Tyrellia at the Ylompics, finished second with a time of 1:53.99, earning him another silver medal, and Ropa-Topia's first silver medal in Ashford.
26-07-2006, 13:41
No medals, but a good start for some of Ariddia’s top athletes

Cycling: Charpentier, sole medal contender of the day, comes 21st

There was little chance of a medal today, with Ariddia absent from most of the medal events. In cycling, Audrey Charpentier finished 21st in the time trial, with a time of 33:20.55, far from the podium. Yvonne Smith of Schiavonia took gold. Ropa-Topia, however, won two medals in the pool, including their first gold through Jessica Rubik, matching the PDSRA’s medal count. Bedistan’s medal count, meanwhile, increased to an impressive seven, of which one gold.

Many disappointments in swimming

It truly was not Ariddia’s day in the pool. In the heats of the men’s 200m freestyle, Henri Loa, Brian Réveil and Alan Heath (winner of both a gold and a silver medal at the Ylompics) all failed to qualify. Similarly, Chloé ben Haim failed to qualify past the heats for the women’s 200m breastroke.

Mixed results in team sports; women looking strong in football

The Ariddian ladies in basketball lost their first match to Magnus Valerius, on the relatively close score of 74-83. But these are early days still, and anything could still happen. The men’s volleyball team lost for the second time, this time to Bedistan in four games. In football, by contrast, the ladies performed as everyone was hoping, defeating Bostopia by 3-0, and making an encouraging start to the competition.

A glimmer of hope in rowing; not so in boxing

Ariddia’s last remaining boxer in contention, Et Sheh, was defeated by Alkiviádīs Etseirídīs of Bedistan, putting an end to any hopes in that particular sport. In rowing, Natasha McCulloch & Kimberley Davies finished twenty-second in qualifying, but Richard Zhaunou and Victor Yehiel came seventh in the men’s event with 6:04.95, missing out on an automatic spot in the semi-finals by just six hundredths of a second. They will go through to the repechage with high hopes.

Ariddia’s top athletes perform as expected

Finally, it was the first day of competition for Amina Mba in badminton, and for Ariddia’s female gymnasts. Spectators were expecting nothing less than their very best, and were not disappointed. Mba met Yekaterina Petrova of Magnus Valerius and, as has become her custom, defeated her in just two sets, 15-9, 15-8. Other players, however, are looking extremely skilled. Antwanète Neuwille of Baranxtu defeated Antrium’s Solànû Zérîjé 15-1, 15-2, while Casari’s Teresita Spittler beat Baranxtu’s Jeanette Masonne 15-2, 15-2. Mba and Spittler no doubt remember each other well, having met in the match for the third place in Tyrellia. Mba had won that match 15-3, 15-2, taking bronze and denying Spittler a place on the podium. Any new encounter between the two women should therefore prove highly interesting.

Another familiar face is that of Allison Allinson, of Schiavonia. Mba eliminated Allinson in the first round at the Ylompics (15-7, 15-9), but this time the Schiavonian is still in contention, having beaten the Weegies’ Jenna Kant in three sets. Allinson, too, may be looking forward to a new encounter with the Ariddian.

But in the meantime all Ariddian eyes were on the gymnastics’ event today. The ladies’ team carry the hopes of a nation on their shoulders, and proved their skill in style to loyal fans in this first day.

The Ariddians topped the team qualifying event, scoring a total of 156.439 points, almost five points ahead of their closest competitors Dorian & Sonya. Aliw Set and Laure Mkrchyan scored 9.99 and 9.993 respectively in the floor exercise, while April Smithson was the only gymnast to score a perfect 10, on the uneven bars. Reed, Smithson, Set, Mkrchyan and Mathijsen all scored over 38pts, a feat only two non-Ariddians were able to achieve: Carla Smith of Bedistan and Beckie Koloc of Dorian & Sonya. Hope Mathijsen was the only gymnast to go over 39 points, scoring a total of 39.10. It truly was a team accomplishment.

At the end of qualifying, every single gymnastics event had an Ariddian in the lead, an amazing feat. The Ariddians will now be hoping for medals in all these exercises.
26-07-2006, 17:44
"Hello listeners, and welcome to Ashford for Schiavone Olympic Special, I'm Mike Jones..."

"...and I'm Filipo Schiavone, and today we are celebrating Schiavonia's first gold medal of the games!"

"Indeed we are, as Yvonne Smith, who didn't set the world alight in the Women's Road Race, came home in the fastest time. Yvonne was one of the first riders out, and managed to get some of the better conditions, before extreme heat and later a torrential downpour made conditions less than perfect for cycling for the latter entrants."

"So, things aren't going quite as badly as we thought they would be so far. Apparently, we're still in seventh out of everyone, which doesn't sound too great, but Mike assures me that it's good."

"It is. Most of the medals are in the pool events, and Schiavonia aren't really in those."

"They have cue sports in the Olympics? We'd be great at them!"

"Swimming pool, Filipo. Schiavones can't swim remember."

"Ah. Makes sense."

"So the Schiavone Party is under way! One gold, and hopefully more to come as our masses of entries make their way through their numerous events. There's so much still to come, but we'll be back with more tomorrow!"
26-07-2006, 20:04
A woman in her mid-thirties - renowned Baranxtuan sport reporter Arnika Lamaiγra - was sitting at a table across Þalhaši Zilpati, who was wearing both of his medals now.

"I'm sitting here with Þalhaši Zilpati, who won Silver yesterday and Gold today for the BCO delegation, putting us on top of the medal table after the third day. Say, Þalhaši, how do those medals feel?"

"Incredibly good! And a little straining on the neck, but it's manageable."

"So, you already finished your competitions, and in both you won a medal - what's your take on that? Was it - in quotation marks - simply talent? Or also with a bit of luck?"

"A little bit of luck is always part of it. I haven't really talked a lot with the other swimmers, but in competitions, luck can be a lot of things - a little back pain with another one, and it can throw them back. But of course, the major part of these competitions is - without wanting to sound bigheaded - talent. And of course, without Majja and Baranxi, it would have been impossible."

"You are a religious person?"

"Yes, I am. My whole family is - my mother is High Priestess of Atamja in Naïaž and my father was Priest of Baranxi. They taught me everything I need to know about faith and love. And I'm firmly convinced that I owe this to the Gods, especially Majja, who made the waters go my way, and Baranxi, my personal patron."

"Well, now, thank you for this talk. I'll now let you go off to celebrate!"
26-07-2006, 20:50
Milchama successes so far:

We have a gold medal.

Our baseball team, volleyball team, several of our boxers have all won.

Brandon Nicks finally didn't suck.


Pretty much everything else.

We need some more medals and badly because we don't want to be in the position of last time in the Ylompics where we came back in the last two days and vroomed through the medal charts to come in 4th or 5th place with 50 some odd medals. We need to start better and then use shooting to cement our place at the top of the medal charts.

With that report I'm Jeff Douglas AkA The Devil of Doom. Goodnight.
Nouvelle Angleterre
26-07-2006, 21:46
James Thomas

Nouvelle Angleterre's flag was flying high above the pool in the Ashford Aquatics Complex today as Amelie Dupin brings home our nations first Olympic medal. Dupin finished in the bronze medal position in the Womens 100m Freestyle with a time of 0:53.53 secs. The gold went to Adelaide Malia (BAZ) and the silver went to Hana Pahk (DOS) in a phot finish, the official time being exactly the same as that of Dupin. Both came within 0.02 secs from gold.

Kelly Davide def Anne-Mari Lekourse (BCO) to reach the next round of the Womens Singles.

In the Womens Individual Pursuit Jakie Kennedy continues her good form with a win in the 3rd Round.
Jackie Kennedy NAN 3:24.75 Q
Agnieszka Blodeuwedd QMB 3:24.76

The womens team suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Wentland.
Wentland 6-2 Nouvelle Angleterre
Kelly Harris and Sophie Dumont scored for NA.


Pride, Passion and the Hopes of a Nation
26-07-2006, 23:27
Well because I wasn't aware until now that the Olympics had started (was waiting for a link to the new thread to be posted on the signup thread, but fortunately I noticed this one soon enough), we begin our reporting a little behind.


Lowestown, Hendrick4824- The Olympics got underway earlier this week with massive pagentary and patriotism from members of all nations. Well known nations delegations proudly waved their flags, and then came this unknown group. People stared and applauded politely. But who were these athletes? Why is there a number in the name of the nation, they asked? And why... why... was there so many of them? This little known nation on the global scale was certainly looking to make an impact. And even though nobody besides fellow Tundran nation Jeffgordonville and perhaps Virginia Nova knew much about the Kingdom of Hendrick4824.

So far members of the Hendrickian delegation have been shut out of the medals, but there have been some close calls. Katie Halpin turned in a solid 7th place finish in the women's cycling road race. "It was an unfamiliar course," commented Halpin, "but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I thought I had a shot at the podium and it is a little disappointing not to have gotten a medal."

But things are just getting underway in this Summer Olympiad, and several events that Hendrick4824 expects to do well in have not yet begun. Chad Grubb, the HOC (Hendrick4824 Olympic Commission) expects the Kingdom to begin medaling soon, "We've made an impact, and although we have not yet won a medal, our athletes have had some good finishes. The world is aware of us now and knows that we're coming to put on a good show. When favorable events begin, we will be on the podium." Grubb also spoke of the treatment Hendrickian athletes have received thus far, "The Olympic Village is just beautiful. They have put a lot of time and effort into it and their hard work really shows. We have been treated very well and it's really an honor to be here."

Now that word has reached the Kingdom that the Olympics have begun, look for daily reports on the Hendrickian athletes.
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
27-07-2006, 05:22

Golden Day For ASMV

This is Pudgy Rodriguez along with Bryce Favre reporting live from the Inaugural Summer Games in Casari.

The Draggonnii Socialist Empire was expected to do very well in rowing events here. Isn’t that right Bryce?

Indeed it is Pudgy. And after three days where the most important thing accomplished for ASMV was Pudgy’s sunburn, the tides turned in our favor, But surprisingly the first medals came in the pool.

In the Women’s 100m Backstroke final, Allyson Severa surprised everyone as she swam past Katherine Manning of Bedistan and Lenora Aldanova of Magnus Velarius to capture the Gold. This was an event we were not supposed to contend for, but it seems the experts were wrong in their assessments.

Then we surprised everyone again. Tonia Kopf managed to edge out Svetlana Dotporova of Magnus Velarius and Femke Timmer of Ropa-Topia to find Gold in Women’s 200m Breaststroke. Another shocker but we are pleased to have the medals in swimming.

Then the rowing finals began.

Men’s and Women’s Single Skulls finals were today and ASMV was the clear favorite to take home Gold in each event. Our rowers did not disappoint.

Hal Kallenberger took the Gold over Long Hetchman of Dorian and Sonya while Marlon Lupardis missed Silver by mere millimeters as the photo-finish gave the Silver to Hetchman. But Gold and Bronze isn’t bad either. Diedra Izard easily took the Gold in the Women’s event.

That now gives ASMV 4 Gold medals thus far. And the lone Bronze. Today’s medals have placed ASMV atop the Medal Board for now.

More to follow as we receive the results.

Thank you and Goodnight.
Dorian and Sonya
27-07-2006, 06:46

We Got To Fight Today!!!
I mean we competed in contact sports.....

The Queen would be proud of our athletes today, if she were here. Perhaps she will watch the news report. But I fear she is waiting for news from some football tourney one of our squads entered. Perhaps she should return to the Summer Games. We have a D&S football squad here as well as many more athletes. Someone should tell her that this is THE FREAKIN OLYMPICS for Christ’s sake. What?…..We’re on the air?…….Oh Shit!. We dearly love our Queen who forgives our slight mistakes. Please?……..

The Men’s Cycling Time trials were run today. A medal in this event would show just how far our nation has come since the Ylompics where our riders had never even seen a bike before. We have made great strides, but a medal was not likely for us on bikes. Someone didn’t tell Barrett Phetphongsy he was supposed to finish mid-pack. He simply was out to prove he was the best. He didn’t quite get that though. 4 one-hundredths of a second would see him take the Silver instead. But any medal at all in cycling is a great thing for the Sylvanaes Kingdom.

Long Hetchman also made history as he took Silver in Men’s Rowing Single Skulls. He actually competed well against ASMV who took the Gold and Bronze. They were expected to be that good. We feel they are over-rated. We are happy to find a medal in rowing.

We played some water polo today but lost 4-8 to a bunch of Quacks.

The Mens basketball team beat Ariddia 75-62.

In Mens Middleweight Boxing 4 of our boxers actually won. Woot!
Burl Rogian defeated Mohamed Diomede of ASMV
Chi Veld defeated Herschel Kurdziel of Qazox (didn’t know the Ox lovers boxed. Hmmm)
Waldo Eibell defeated John Scarlett of The Weegies
Moshe Kracker defeated Kyle Allen of Bedistan

Casari downed us by 6 runs in women’s Cricket. Ok

Mens Football saw us defeat Crna Gora Liv Eng 3-2. Woot!

Men’s Gemnastics:
The team qualified 4th

Individual Qualifiers
All-around - Ezekiel Gartenmayer, Jc Bohlinger, Edison Hercman
Floor Exercise - Edison Hercman
Parallel Bars - What Nobody? Fire ‘em all. Just kidding
Rings - What Nobody? Fire ‘em all. Just kidding again.
Vault - Jc Bohlinger
High Bar - Hoyt Mondelli
Pommel Horse - Ezekiel Gartenmayer, Edison Hercman,

Handball? Ok the men lost to Casari 22-16

Women’s Lightweight Judo: Oh Yeah. Combat Sports.
Rosamond Cheas defeated Sue Barahona of that damnable Purple nation.
Tammara Dalbeck defeated Sbyslava Slavomirov of Magnus Velarius

Mens Double Skulls Repechage saw Hetchman/Mcclaim qualify

We actually beat somebody. Mikitivity was the victim 4-3

Men’s Middleweight Teakwood - Woot! More Contact Sports.
Rhett Glathar defeated Wong Yoichibei of Hendrick4824.

Tennis Women’s Singles: Beat the hell out of the yellow ball. Hehehehe.
Helena Eshleman defeated Olivia Barns of New Montreal States 7-5, 6-3
Vanessa Sienkiewicz defeated Désîré Neldenej of Antium 3-6, 6-2, 6-2

Women’s Volleyball = Beat people with a white ball. Hehe
We beat Ariddia 25-17, 2-15, 25-21, 18-25, 15-5

Men’s Beach Volleyball
Ilaria/Condell defeated Edrîvàl/Tevremtel of Antrium 21-4, 18-21, 15-11
Dagner/Atmore defeated Tarmey/Kershaw of Schiavonia 21-13, 8-12, 15-8

Women’s Lightweight Freestyle wrestling - did we mention we like contact sports yet?
Valencia Lowden defeated Polina Panin of Magnus Velarius
Kylie Britz defeated Amber Gulledge of ASMV
Isabell Mccuiston defeated Catherine Price of Schiavonia

Women’s Middleweight Freestyle Wrestling - More Contact!
Lorri Haigwood defeated Celina Bollock of Schiavonia
Zella Rajewski defeated Edna Torres of Bedistan
Zoila Lamore defeated Mîmé Okobelo of Antrium

Whew! What a day. And guess what? If you think we love these contact sports, remember we still get to play with swords later too.
27-07-2006, 11:29

Day 3:

W 200m Breaststroke Semifinals

1 Miliana Krestela BDS 2:21.73
2 Yuki Itakara MGV 2:21.73
3 Janell Duhaime BAZ 2:21.73

Day 4:

W 200m Breaststroke Final

1 Tania Kopf AMV 0:59.57 GOLD
2 Svetlana Dotoporova MGV 0:59.58 SILVER
3 Femke Timmer RTO 0:59.60 BRONZE

That's one sudden increase in speed, or did the pool shrink? ;)
27-07-2006, 11:57
No medals today – but good performances where it counts

Swimming: Ariddians fail to make the finals

Again there were virtually no Ariddians in contention for a medal today, and the Ariddians struggled in pool, writing off hopes of any aquatics medals tomorrow either. The only good news in the pool came from fellow Uhuhlanders Ropa-Topia, with Jacob van Deyk and Femke Timmer winning gold and bronze respectively.

In the men’s 100m freestyle event, Henri Loa clocked a time of 0:47.90, missing out on a spot in the semi-finals by a few thousandths of a second. Such are the vicissitudes of the Olympics, but he must be feeling extremely frustrated. In the same event, sadly, Alan Heath and Brian Réveil came nowhere near qualifying.

Adèle Wu faired no better in the women’s 200m butterfly event, but Chloé ben Haim qualified comfortably in the 100m breaststroke. With a time of 1:06.24 she came sixth, just three hundredths of a second from a potential gold medal position. Alas, she slowed down significantly in the semi-finals, ending up in fourteenth place.

The only medal event for Ariddia today was the men’s time trial in cycling. The PDSRA was represented by Iosep Tuhiana, who logged a time of 55:32.26 to finish in fifty-first place. “I truly did do my best today,” Tuhiana later said, “and I’m happy to have been here and to have represented my country.”

Ariddia shaky in team sports

Despite coming from a highly communistic society, in which group work is often emphasised, Ariddian athletes appear to do far better in individual events than in team sports – with football a notable exception. Even football was a disappointment today, however, as the men’s team lost 0-2 against Wentland. Ariddia also lost all its matches in basketball, handball, volleyball and beach volleyball. The only good news came from rowing. While McCulloch and Davies were eliminated from the women’s double sculls events, their male counterparts Zhaunou and Yehiel went through the repechage comfortably, qualifying for the semi-finals.

Good performances in badminton, judo and gymnastics

Most Ariddian viewers, however, no doubt focused their attention on three “key” sports in which Ariddian athletes were expected to do well. They were not disappointed.

In the women’s doubles in badminton, Amina Mba and Brenda Tamang defeated their first opponents, Collins and Connolly of Hendrick4824, in three sets.

In gymnastics, the men performed as impressively as the women did yesterday, finishing with an astonishing 285.433 points, six and a half points ahead of their closest competitors from Ceorana. While their individual scores were often lower than those of the Ariddian women, the men dominated the event. Ceoranan gymnast Enrique McEnton was the only non-Ariddian to score over 57 points, an accomplishment achieved by both Jang Yong-Jun and Michael Gris for Ariddia. Many Ariddians will now excitedly be awaiting the run for the medals, for men and women gymnasts alike.

Lastly, Ariddians proved themselves in judo, another sport in which Ariddians have traditionally been strong. Admina Mwakingwe, Minh Hai Deleclair, Julie Lanza and Joanna Montnoir all defeated their opponents, and only 19-year-old Dong Yue Yan lost her first (and therefore only) match. Mwakingwe’s win had been expected (a loss would have been a major shock for Ariddian supporters), but the victories of Deleclair, Lanza and Montnoir were experienced as major morale boosters.

The main feeling among Ariddians seems to be that, despite the setbacks in the pool, the best is hopefully still to come.
Liverpool England
27-07-2006, 15:10
"Welcome to Olympics Roundup on Radio Sports Folenisa, 113.4FM! We'll be rounding up the day at the Ashford Olympic Games as Day 4 finishes, and look back at Liverpool's England performance so far through the four days, as well as Crna Gora Liv Eng. So, join me, Mike Turner, live in the RSF studios in Folenisa..."

"...and me, Chris Walker, live in Ashford, Casari, alongside Liverpool England flag-bearer, tennis player Paul Handy."

<Theme music>

CW: "Welcome to beautiful Ashford, Casari. It's a beautiful night, a calm breeze is blowing to us here from the southwest, from where we are standing on the patio of the lounge of the Liverpool England team hotel. We'll start the programme by running down the day's events, and Paul will fill in with his opinions on the tennis matches."

MT: "After Day 3, the medal standings are led in total medals by our nation's arch-rivals Bedistan, who are placed 3rd by gold medals won, with just one gold. They have three silvers and three bronzes, though, leaving them with a total of 7.

Baranxtu, a relative newcomer to sports in NationStates, has taken the lead at the top of the standings, with two golds, two silvers and a bronze just pipping Bazalonia - who have a similar number of golds but haven't finished elsewhere on the podium. This rounds up a top three of nations leading the medal standings - and all start with the letter "B".

Back to Ashford, Casari, where Paul Handy agreed to file this special report on life within the Liverpool England camp."

<Begin report>
PH: "So, I'm standing here outside the door of my hotel suite, having just left it. The OCLE - that's the Olympic Committee of Liverpool England - have reserved five-star suites for all athletes competing under the LEN and CNG flags, in an agreement with the Autoritet Olimpijski Mesni Crna Gora LivEng - that's the the Crna Gora LivEng Regional Olympic Authority, or CNGOA.

<inaudible mumbling in the background, followed by a "Hi, Paul, good luck with the tennis" barely audible, and a "thanks">

So, we're now entering the breakfast hall...

<a brief pause is heard, then some munching and chewing>

And with that, it's off to train, so I'll see you guys later."
<End part report>

PH (live): "And we'll hear more from that report by my later, but now, to the day's action."

CW: "A total of seven gold medals were up for grabs today, six of them in the water. Our swimming correspondent reports."

--more later in a seperate post--
27-07-2006, 15:34
Labonteville Sun
Sports Section

Jeffgordonvillian Olympic report

The Summer Olympics got underway earlier this week. Many well-known nations made the trip, but among the unknowns were our own nation, and fellow Tundrans Hendrick2824. Very few nations outside of Tundra know of the region, however, this was more incentive for our athletes to perform.

So far, neither Tundran nation has taken a medal, but there have been a couple close calls, the closest being our very own Jess Howards of the small hamlet town of Karlshad in southern Kelod. Howards, 20, suprised many by making it to the finals of the women's 100 meter breastroke, and only missed out on bronze by .07 seconds, behind Baranxtu's Laŋa Semurgatu Nabitsa.

Said Howards, "I did very well in the last Tundran olympics in this category, and I was entered in this olympiad, having no idea of the heavy competition. There's a lot of very talented swimmers in that pool, I'm just thrilled to make it to the finals, let alone compete for bronze. I'm sure I turned some heads out there, and I'll be back for the next olympics, and who knows, maybe we'll get a medal."

Another close call was Hendrick4824's Katie Haplin finished 7th in the women's cycling road race. "It was an unfamiliar course," commented Halpin, "but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I thought I had a shot at the podium and it is a little disappointing not to have gotten a medal."

The head of the Olympic division of the JSC (Jeffgordonville Sports Commision), Weston McMasterton, says he expects Jeffgordonville to medal in baseball and shooting. "Those are the two events we expect to do very well in," said McMasterton, "The Tigers are really fired up, mainly because they really want to beat Hendrick4824. And of course, you can't count out the Mayfields in shooting. They - especially Kasey - are probably the most taleented in Tundra."

When asked about future participation, McMasterton said, "Are you kidding me? Of course we'll be back. We're putting Jeffgordonville on the world map, and it just wouldn't be right to not come back. In fact, we're expecting some other Tundran nations to enter as well, not just us and Hendrick4824. I think in the near future we could become a powerhouse in the Olympics, but it'll take a total team effort. We're all up for it, though."
27-07-2006, 15:45

The Hendrickian delegation found themselves without a medal again on the 4th day of Olympic competition in Ashford, and there were no real close calls to report this time around. "As far as the medal events were concerned, it was an uneventful day for the Kingdom." commented HOC Director Chad Grubb. However, Hendrickians are having success in other areas, which makes us confident that the medals will begin to roll in.

The Men's Basketball team improved their record to 2-0 in Pool C with a convincing 86-65 victory over Andossa Se Mitrin Vega. The Monarchs dictated the pace of the game throughout and a strong defensive performance made it a long and difficult day for the Andossan shooters. The team is confident it will get out of group play and is maintaining an outstanding focus, not looking to far ahead, or with the upcoming matchup with Virginia Nova. The Hendrick4824-Virginia Nova battle is expected to be very emotional and don't be surprised if you see a few extra security guards patrolling the stands as Casari gets its first taste of the national rivalry that has existed between the nations for years in any sport.

Hendrick4824 boxers have also been experiencing success, although Billy MacPherson lost a close decision to Gavin Roberts of Bedistan. Not everyone was convinced that Roberts outscored MacPherson for the win. Hendrick4824 Boxing Analyst James Crawford had the fight scored as a 2 point win for MacPherson. Crawford stated, "I'm not complaining about the scoring, but this was such a close fight that it could have really gone either way. I wish we could have seen them go 12 rounds, because the fans would have been treated to some real good boxing." Marcus Furlowe was defeated soundly by Gustavo Sanchez of New Montreal States. But there were victories, as Kenneth Gaines scored a KO against Willard Craney of hometown Casari, and Shane Courtney won via a decision. Crawford says that Gaines' win may make him the favorite in the Men's Middleweight competition. "I think the world has caught notice of Kenneth Gaines. Craney is a good fighter, but the way Kenneth disposed of him was that of a champion. If Kenneth Gaines does not win a medal, I will be shocked."

Hendrick4824 also had success in tennis as the O'Hearn twins each won their match. Erica got off to a slow start against a game Stephie Zimmermann of Mikitivity but rebounded for a solid 3 set victory, and Amanda had little trouble knocking off her opponent from Magnus Valerius. The O'Hearns are also expected to be strong contenders and should be able to medal, and don't discount the possibility of them both getting wins for the Kingdom. After her match, Amanda O'Hearn was feeling good, "I just played my game. I didn't know what to expect here but I played hard and it felt good to be in control like that. I saw my sister not start off quite as well so I went out there with the killer instinct. That's my approach now for the rest of this competition and it will be for Erica, too." Teammate Sarah Mayers also dispatched her opponent in three sets, and Megan Tomlinson had a bye for this round. Those watching the tennis battles across the world now have a taste of Hendrick4824 women's tennis and we expect to have large success here.

In the pool, Hendrick4824 did not have much success but that wasn't much of a surprise. Lisa Sproney looked good in the 100m Breaststroke heat, but did not fare well at all in the semifinal. It is unclear right now what caused her to be a full 2 seconds slower in the semifinal. Such a large dropoff is unusual, to say the least.

In Water Polo, Bedistan scored an 11-6 win over Hendrick4824. Hendrick4824 led 5-4 at halftime, but Bedistan woke up and only surrendered one goal in the second half. Spectators felt that Bedistan may have been looking ahead to future matchups and after getting an earful from the coach, turned it on in a big way in the second half. Bedistan also knocked off the Cricket team, but not much is expected from us there.

In football, a 3-1 win for the Kingdom men over Baranxtu raised some eyebrows. The Monarchs took to the pitch not expected to be one of the favorites but after scoring 2 goals in the first 15 minutes of gameplay, spectators were impressed by the effort. Representatives from other football powers have reportedly picked up their scouting of Hendrick4824's team in a hurry.

The handball team recorded a hard-fought 24-21 victory over Antrium, in a game that was back and forth the whole way with 11 lead changes over the course of the game.

However, there were some disappointing team results, and the biggest one came in softball, with the Monarchs losing the opener of pool play to Quakmybush, 5-1. After putting together what we thought was a strong medal contender, this wasn't the opening we were looking for at all. But maybe a little adversity at the start will wake the team up. With 4 teams at 1-1, Hendrick4824 can overcome this loss. Also a disappointment is women's volleyball where Casari rebounded from a first set loss to destroy the Kingdom the rest of the way for a four set victory. This is another team that was expected to do well here, and not start 0-2 in pool play as they have so far. Results were mixed in men's beach volleyball.

Hendrick4824 scored some wrestling victories today. Winning their matches were Nicole Russo and Sarah Conrad in the lightweight, with only Jillian Frey losing. In the middleweights Nicole Flick won while Amanda McClure was defeated. Sarah Soden, Amanda Colanno, and Morgan Barcomb all had byes. Russo was the most impressive of the bunch. Michelle Pletcher and Katie Boland scored Judo victories.

The sailors were not expected to do anything, and they have lived up to their expectations, and have performed very consistently. Consistently, at the back. In rowing though, Lexner and Hampton had a better then expected finish, although it won't amount to anything.

Elsewhere, the Kingdom record a win in badminton with Caprette and Stanish while Connolly and Collins were defeated.


Erica Peterson and Danielle Perotti taking to the sand in beach volleyball is one of the highlights. Peterson and Perotti look to be one of the favorites, if not the favorite to win a gold medal in this event. They have great chemistry with one another, and those who attend their match should expect to see them give an outstanding performance. "We are so ready to play," exclaimed Perotti, "we can't start soon enough!"

Also, more women's singles tennis will take place, and the Hendrickian ladies should continue to make their presence felt as they search for medals. Sarah Mayers commented, "All four of us (O'Hearn twins, Tomlinson and herself) are 100 percent and ready to go out there again!"

After tying a powerful Bedistan team in the opener of women's football, the Lady Monarchs will take to the pitch again. Bedistan fans expected to see their nation roll past Hendrick4824, and were stunned to only get a tie during the game, but their players showed tons of respect and said that they would not be surprised to see Hendrick4824 again later in this tournament, in the medal round. In day 5, the Lady Monarchs look to build on this performance.

There will also be plenty of aquatic action to keep one entertained. Hendrick4824 has an average shot in these events. More exciting boxing action is also a highlight as the Hendrickians have looked strong in the ring so far. These are just some events of what will be another busy day in Ashford.
Magnus Valerius
27-07-2006, 21:47
So Where's the Gold?
Magnus Valerius Earned Six Medals So Far, But Has Yet to See the Gold

The Olympics so far has been a mixed bag for Magnus Valerius, who has most of its eggs in the Aquatics events that are mostly underway right now. The nation did not see any medals until Day 3 when Pilib O'Cathasaigh came in second at the Men's 100m Breaststroke Final. He was only four fractions of a second ahead of the Valerian favorite, Azermedukht Balash (who came in 4th). When the Celtic Valerian, who was thought to give the spotlight over to Balash, came in and made the first medal for Magnus Valerius, Valerians soon lightened up and began to take interest in this young native of the state of Arnach.

"It is a fine game... That Zilpati barely inched ahead of me to nab the gold, but I reckon I did me best!" O'Cathasaigh said with a smile.

In Matchday 4, the Valerians really began racking up the medals, as they earned five in that day alone! And guess who yet again got another silver to add to his collection? Why, O'Cathasaigh of course! In the Men's 100m Butterfly Final, he marvelled Valerians yet again as he powered past colleague Philippos Branas for a great finish and another medal for The Grand Empire!

In the Men's 200m Freestyle Final, Azermedukht Balash finally made a medal, although it wasn't the gold the accomplished swimmer was hoping for. He earned a Bronze medal, which was still very much respectable in the Valerian fans' hearts. "I did my best... I was hoping to hear our national anthem, but I'm still glad I took home another medal for the Empire."

In the Women's 100m Backstroke Final, Lenora Aldanova also took home another medal, another bronze. Her colleague, Sirithil Yastarias, who powered through the heats, came in at an unfortunate dead last. "This isn't just my medal," Lenora said as she hugged Yastarias after the Final, "this is our medal. I'm sorry you couldn't make it, Sirith." The Syl'Vanian elf smiled with a tear in her eye, "I'm glad that you at least won for the Empire. But it was fun, medal or not! I'm sure to be back in four years!"

Svetlana Dotoporova made it in the Women's 200m Breaststroke Final, just a shy amount of time behind Androssa Se Mitirin Vega's Tania Kopf. She was ecstatic after the run, holding a silver medal in her hand as the national anthem of A.S.M.V. played. Dotoporova gave Tania Kopf a hug and a cheer before hopping off the stand to talk with us. "I'm happy to have met so many new people here! I didn't win gold, but it's still exciting and I'm glad to have something to take home to show my family and boyfriend!" Svetlana blew a kiss to the camera, "I'm thinking of you, Victor!"

Finally, in Cycling, Paul Montague earned a bronze in Men's Time Trial, coming in at 55:29.48. He earned the fifth medal on Day 4 for the Valerians, and this was certainly a triumph for the Valerians to have earned so many medals in one day. However, some are asking, "Where's the Gold?" or "I Wanna Hear God Save the Tsar! Can Our Team Make It Happen?" To that, Paul Montague smiled and responded, "Be patient, Valerians. We can earn a gold. The Olympics just started and we have many more events to go! After all, earning six silver and bronze medals in total is not bad either, eh?"

And now, for Other Events...

Lenora Aldanova finishes in the Top 5 of the Women's 200m Butterfly Semifinal. She might just make this Magnus Valerius' first gold medal!

1 Joanna Ewing WEE 2:05.61
2 Pepa Nisaüa BDS 2:05.61
3 María Poyliópoylos BDS 2:05.63
4 Lenora Aldanova MGV 2:05.65
5 Laura Janzen RTO 2:05.65

Magnus Valerius has currently been dominating Water Polo. In Matchday Four, they paraded their 8-6 victory over Androssa Se Mitrin Vega. The team started off the Olympics with a crushing 15-6 win over Allanea.

Pool B: W L
Magnus Valerius 2 0
Bazalonia 2 0
Quakmybush 2 0
Allanea 0 1
Dorian and Sonya 0 1

The Men's Basketball team are also looking up as they started off with a 68-61 win over Rorysville.

Pool C: W L
Hendrick4824 2 0
Virginia Nova 1 0
Magnus Valerius 1 0
Rorysville 0 2
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 0 2

With the Men's Basketball team starting off, the Women's Basketball Team yesterday showed that Valerians know how to play basketball, with a nice win over Ariddia, 83 - 74.

Today in Men's Middleweight Boxing, Gustav-Adolf Gorlitz lost to Shane Courtney of Hendrick4824.

Shane Courtney HEN def Gustav-Adolf Gorlitz MGV

The two women on the Judo team also did not fare well today. Sbyslava Slavomirov and Chabi Sorghaghatani-Gurbesu both lost, which reduces the hopes for more Valerian Medals in the Judo competitions. Meanwhile, in the Women's Double Sculls Repechage, de Normandie and Pavlosianos made it to fourth. This was enough to qualify for the next round of events.

W Double Sculls Repechage

1 Long/Long CHI 6:39.80
2 Pino/Shipley CAS 6:39.81
3 Îûskopû/Pîoséràn ANT 6:39.83
4 de Normandie/Pavlosianos MGV 6:39.85

Today, the pools for Rugby were also announced. Magnus Valerius was placed into Pool C, which looks like a most easy group for the Valerian National Rugby Team. The only competition that may be taken seriously could be from Hendrick, although Bostopia have the possibility to take away from the Valerians. However, most sports analysts predict that the Valerians will win big time in this pool.

Pool C:
Magnus Valerius
Bears Armed

MD1 (Day 6) Magnus Valerius v. Hendrick4824
MD2 (Day 10) Magnus Valerius v. Bears Armed
MD3 (Day 14) Magnus Valerius v. Bostopia

In Women's Softball, Magnus Valerius took home a 3 - 2 win versus Chicanada, making up for their 0-1 loss against Androssa Se Mitrin Vega.

Pool B: W L
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 2 0
Casari 1 0
Magnus Valerius 1 1
Chicanada 1 1
Virginia Nova 1 1
Malabra 0 1
Rorysville 0 2

Our Men's Baseball Team is doing BAD. That's the one word to describe it. They lost 6 - 3 to Liverpool England yesterday in Pool Play, and it may be likely that Magnus Valerius won't be able to make it with their Baseball Team.

In the only Men's Lightweight Taekwondo match today, Valerian Sun Ahn-So defeats Yoshi Hatsamisu of Hendick4284. Sun was pleased and happy after the match, and he spoke briefly with us in slightly accented Valerian. "I am... happy to ensure that the Grand Empire is guaranteed to make it in Taekwondo." He is a man to admire. A young man, born in the Republic of Korea and who migrated to Magnus Valerius with his family when he was eight, he earned several Imperial championships in Taekwondo. Now, he has made it to the Olympics as the representative of The Grand Empire of Magnus Valerius, and the growing Korean community we have in the Empire. His parents watch proudly in their restaurant and bar in Isangrad with Valerian and Korean alike, cheering him on.

In Women's Tennis Singles Matfei Nevsky brought home a victory while her colleagues couldn't do the same. She was unlucky to have been given a man's name; her father was desperate to have a son, and since his fifth and final child was yet another daughter, he named her Matfei, showing such a desire. While she was ridiculed in school, Matfei made friends and soon began a tennis club in elementary school where the young girls would go out and play tennis. Emma Reinfield was one of her friends from back then, and now they both compete in the Olympics for the Valerians in Women's Tennis.

Matfei Nevsky MGV def Angie Otero STB 6-2, 6-3
Amanda O'Hearn HEN def Agafia Stanislavsky MGV 6-1, 6-1
Avûrî Mîmérîķ ANT def Emma Reinfeld MGV 6-1, 6-1
Terrilyn Kalenkoski AMV def Klementia Wendtlandt MGV 3-6, 6-1, 6-2

And wrapping up Day 4 is the report on Wrestling. In the Women's Lightweight Freestyle, Polina Panin lost to Valencia Lowden of Dorian and Sonya. Isabeau Neville of the Women's Middleweight Freestyle defeated Çā Hyo-so of Bedistan. We look forward to more from Isabeau Neville and her exploits, considering she won over one of the favorites of the event.

And that's your Olympic Digest for today... stay tuned for more Valerian Team news. And remember, the games have only begun! There's still plenty of time for the Valerians to shine and perhaps net some gold ones!

G - 0
S - 3
B - 3
T - 6
Nouvelle Angleterre
27-07-2006, 21:58
James Thomas

It was another reasonably succesful Olympic day for Nouvelle Angleterre's athletes as Day Four drew to a close.

4 of our athletes were in action in the pool today as the Men's 100m Freestyle competition got underway. George Harrison (29th, 0:48.07) and Sebastian Chiraq (43rd, 0:48.22) failed to make the semis, but there was better luck for Tommy Roberts (4th, 0:47.81) and Benjamin Gedin (16th, 0:47.90) as they both comfortably made the semi final stage. The semis proved to be the end of the road for Roberts as he finished 14th in a time of 0:49.00. Gedin, however, was in great form as he cruised through to the final in 8th place with a time of 0:47.91. So does he feel he has a medal chance in the competition's first blue ribbon event? "I think so yea!", he told me. "Ithink that, when it comes to the final, it's a level playing field and I think I have as much chance as the other 7 guys out there".

Nouvelle Angleterre's men's football team took to the field against Liverpool England today with high hopes of a win. The former Baptism of Fire runners-up didn't disapoint as they beat Liverpool England much more comfortably than the 1-0 scoreline would suggest. The goal came from David Thompson, who, in the words of his manager Lee Marshall, "Could have had a hat-trick mate!".

The Men's Road Race took place today. Nouvelle Angleterre's Martin Thomas finished in 44th with a time of 55:31.62.


Pride, Passion and the Hopes of a Nation!
27-07-2006, 22:12
Baek’at’ Secures Silver, Causes Controversy At Ceremony

Ashford (Ašφord) - On the fourth day of the First Olympic Games, Ar’un Baek’at’ won the Silver Medal in the Men's 200m Freestyle, finishing with a time of 1:44.65, trailing Ropa-Topia's Jacob van Deyk by only 0.03 seconds.

Later on, when he stood on the podest, as the Baranxtuan anthemn Ma Baranxtu ( was played, it became clear that he was singing along - in Phipul (or P'ipur') (, his mother language. This caused a minor stir among the more conservative circles of Baranxtu, who called it a "disgrace of the anthem, which is meant to be sung in Baranxeï (", quoth Zurhaneigi Amesati, official spokesperson of the NPR (

Amesati further said that this could potentially have legal consequences, as the Constitution of Baranxtu states that "the anthem has to be sung with lyrics that are officially sanctioned by the Baranxtuan government".

In a press conference called immediately after this statement surfaced, Baek'at' denounced Amesati's words as "a thinly disguised intolerant hate speech" and said the he did "not regret singing in the language of [his] people".

When Amesati shortly afterwards retaliated and announced that his party was already preparing for legal actions against Baek'at', it did not take long for the government to actually take action itself.

Prime Minister Aimala Boulea ( denounced Amesati's line of reasoning as "stupid and foolish" and immediately ordered a moratorium on any prosecution against Baek'at' until "this utterly silly situation is resolved".

It was resolved quicker than expected when, at 6:43pm, HRH King Ateni ( surprised everyone when he exercised one of his constitutionally granted, but rarely used powers and declared the Phipul version of Ma Baranxtu officially recognized, a step that was lauded by most, except for some members of the NPR.

Article courtesy of the Baranxtu National Review ( Links for clarification added.
27-07-2006, 22:25
The National Post
Carvalo’s Largest English Newspaper

Ashford, CAS – Days 3 and 4 of competition at the First Summer Olympiad in Ashford have ended, and the results have been rather favourable for the Carvalan delegation even amidst no current medals. Team sports continued to dominate while the rest of our athletes struggled to stay competitive against the other competitors. For coverage of day’s three and four, we’ll start with Acquatics.

On Day 3, Dominic Pavlos failed to reach the semifinals of the Men's 200m Freestyle while on Day 4 he managed to qualify into the M 100m Freestyle Semifinals in first place. At the semifinal, he placed fifth, .03 seconds below fourth place Jacob van Deyk of Ropa-Topia and .04 seconds behind first place Luther Lemme of Bazalonia. At the 200m Backstroke Heats, the Carvalan boys were unable to qualify. In Women's Acquatics, our girls failed to qualify in the W 100m Backstroke and the 200m Breastroke on Day 3 while on Day 4 Emma Frédérique qualified for the 100m Breastroke but at the semifinals, a dismal performance led to her elimination. At the 200m Butterfly Heat, neither Carvalan athlete managed to qualify. In Women's Water Polo, Day 4 gave Carvalo a 9-6 win over Virginia Nova, which puts them at the top of Pool A with 2 wins and 0 losses, tied with Casari who edged out Malabra 8-6.

Football, Handball, and Hockey

In Men’s Football, Carvalo managed a 1-1 draw with Magnus Valerius on Day 4, while elsewhere in the group Bostopia downed The Weegies 3-1. In Men’s Handball, Carvalo took care of Baranxtu with ease as they won with a score of 23-13. Elsewhere in the group, Hendrick4824 secured a close victory against Antrium with the score of 24-21. In Hockey, the Men’s Team beat Quakmybush with a score of 3-0, while elsewhere in the group Hendrick4824 barely managed a win against Ropa-Topia with a score of 2-1.


On Day 3, the Men's team came back from a first game loss to win the match in four games against Ropa-Topia. After a first game 21-25 defeat, the Carvalan athletes were stunned, and retaliated with a 25-4 second game victory. The third game was close, with a 25-21 victory. A tired Ropa-Topian team was than quickly defeated in the fourth game, 25-7, which ended the match in favor of Carvalo. The Men's Team currently sits at second place in Pool A, behind Dorian and Sonya, who took out Milchama in a quick three game match. On Day 4, the Women's team annihilated Milchama in the possible the quickest three game match ever, with a final score of 25-2, 25-3, and 25-8. They currently lead Pool B with 2 wins and 0 loses.

Finally, in Men's Beach Volleyball, Aras Baskausalozao and Danijel Lorenzo defeated Mirecki/Swantek of Hendrick4824 with the final score of 21-1 and 21-4. Shortly after, Milo Salanobrazao and Niko Deonado defeated Cooper/Sun-çūl of Bedistan in an easy 21-7, 21-8 match.

From Ashford, that's all there is to know about Carvalo in the First Summer Olympiad. Check our website at http://www.thepost.crv for more coverage of the Ashford Olympics, along with athlete profiles, olympic mini-games, and an up-to-date medal count.
The Archregimancy
28-07-2006, 00:31

MOCTA Denies Charges of Gender Bias

The Monastic Olympic Committee - perhaps slightly bored by the near-total lack of Archregimancy participation in this first week of the Olympics - today announced that they would file a protest with the NSOC demanding that beach volleyball be banned from the Olympic program in future Olympiads.

"Have you seen what those women wear?" asked a senior archimandrite, speaking on condition of anonymity. "Or rather, what they don't wear" he added, shielding his eyes from the sinful display of taught and toned muscular female flesh on display on the screen in the press conference room.

"Is outrage!" announced MOCTA spokesman Fr. Vasily the Heavily-Accented. "Do you think they had bouncing boobies on beach in 10th-century Byzantine Empire? Do Seven Ecumenical Councils allow for the bouncing boobies? No they do not. Is almost as if decision was made to force the display of the flesh in this the beach volleyball."

MOCTA officials are, however, sensitive to charges of gender bias in their protest, and have therefore decided to demand the banning of all beach volleyball, rather than concentrating solely on the women's event. "Is silly sport anyway" added Fr. Vasily.
28-07-2006, 01:23
Ariddia's Wiya Uo feels "targeted" by MOCTA demands

Ariddian female beach volleyball player reacted today to a request by the Monastic Olympic Committee that beach volleyball be banned as an Olympic sport.

"If they can't stand the healthy sight of naked flesh, they should simply avert their eyes or turn off their screen," she said.

Uo also suggested that MOCTA may have expressed its demand "in response to my invitation to them ( the other day", which she admitted had been "slightly provocative, but in a very friendly sort of way".

After a brief pause, she added with a grin, "And that invitation still stands. An entire nation full of men; no wonder they feel nervous and insecure around women. But there's no reason why we can't get along."
28-07-2006, 02:23
CNT Special Report
Live Broadcast

Good Evening, I'm Chanel Asorelli reporting live from Ashford with a CNT Special Report. A recent demand from the Monastic Olympic Committee of The Archregimancy (MOCTA) has sparked a controversy concerning the sport of Beach Volleyball - a crowd favorite at the Ashford Games that is also one of the most popular sports here in Carvalo. According to MOCTA officials, Beach Volleyball is a "silly sport" and an "outrage". Furthermore, they have announced that they will protest to the NSOC demanding that the beach volleyball tournament no longer be recognized as a part of future olympic programs. We are currently scheduled to speak with Carvalan Beach Volleyball player Nefer Nava, who was also the flag-bearer at the Opening Ceremony, but first we go to video tape of Wiya Uo, female beach volleyball player from Arridia.

The screen splits to show Asorelli listening on one side and the Uo videotape on the other. Once the tape finishes, the screen resumes to normal with Asorelli front and center.

Although the MOCTA has denied their decision to protest as being gender biased, it appears that the primary concern coming from the MOCTA officials is the display of breasts coming from the women's tournament. And now we go to Nefer Nava from inside the Olympic Village.

The screen splits once again to show Asorelli on one side and Nefer Nava, who is wearing a bikini, on the other. Uo's quote than appears on the news ticker as the interview with Nefer begins.

C: First, thank you for taking the time out of your training to talk to us.
N: No problem, thank you for having me.
C: So, now that your aware of the statements coming from both sides, what do you, first as an olympic athlete, second as a female, think about the statements released by the MOCTA officials?
N: Well, first as an olympic athlete, I think the demands of the Monastic Olympic Committee are very contrary to the Olympic movement and the way they are handling their protest is very un-Olympic. The basic goals of the movement ARE to contribute to building a peaceful and better world through sports practiced without discrimination, goals that the MOCTA are clearly avoiding. As a female, I think Uo said it best. And also, maybe it is because they are a nation full of men, but I mean, they need to grow up and realize that on the outside their are billions of females and that we all have boobs!

Nefer proceeds to hold up her breasts.

For all MOCTA officials and supporters who view this broadcast, i'd like you all to grow a pair down there. Seriously, your demands are foolish and they will not pass.
C: Well said, Nefer, and thank you for talking to us. Good luck with the tournament, and bring us home a gold!
N: Thanks, and i'll try my hardest, and again, thank you for having me!

The screen resumes to normal with Asorelli front and center.

C: We here at CNT will keep you covered on this developing scandal, but for more information and for interviews with other beach volleyball players, please check our website at http://www.cnt.crv for up-to-date coverage of all the happenings at the Ashford Olympics. Once again, from Ashford, I'm Chanel Asorelli, and thanks for watching. The Media with Andrew Saforri is up next.
28-07-2006, 02:57
RM "Hello this is Ron Mclearn, and welcome to Olympics this morning"

WR"Hello, I'm Wendy Rogers, due to some scheduling errors yesterday, we were not able to bring you results, so here are the results from the last two days."

RM"Here are the Day 3 results."

WR"Winthrop Efraim, missed qualifying for the semi finals in the 100m Butterfly."

RM" Kip Shawn did not advance to the semis in the 200m Freestyle."

WR"Kaley Linda did not advance in the 100m Backstroke."

RM"Natasa Hjord missed qualifying in the 200m Breaststroke."

WR"Our men's baseball team defeated Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 5-3."

RM"The men's Cricket team defeated Allanea by 11 runs."

WR"Sadly, one of out best medal threats, Agnieszka Blodeuwedd lost by 1 onethousandth of a second and is now eliminated"

RM"Our men's Hockey team lost 3-0"

WR" Now for Day 4"

RM"Edoardo Jupiter did not advance for the 100m Freestyle"

WR"Kristoffer Khaliq was eliminated in the semis for the 200m Backstroke"

RM"Jarka Meta did not advance for the 100m Breaststroke"

WR"Thyra Hanan qualified for the finals in the 200m Butterfly"

RM"Our Women's Water Polo team defeated Dorian and Sonya 8-4"

WR"Our Women's Badminton doubles advanced to the next round"

RM"Our Men's Basketball team defeated Bedistan 73-69"

WR"Our Women's Cricket Team lost to Schiavonia by 8 wickets"

RM"Our Men's football team got spanked 4-0 by Starblaydia"

WR"The Men's Handball team lost 26-14 to Ceorana"

RM"The Women's softball team won 5-1 over Hendrick4824"

WR"Cleo Emperatris won her first match in Singles Tennis 6-4, 6-1 over Zara Zinga"

RM"Those are all the results, still no medals, but we have a chance for one or two on Day 5"

WR"That's all the time we have"

RM"Thank You and Good Day"
28-07-2006, 03:00
This would be the later-than-usual RP Cutoff.
28-07-2006, 03:02

Day 3:

W 200m Breaststroke Semifinals

1 Miliana Krestela BDS 2:21.73
2 Yuki Itakara MGV 2:21.73
3 Janell Duhaime BAZ 2:21.73

Day 4:

W 200m Breaststroke Final

1 Tania Kopf AMV 0:59.57 GOLD
2 Svetlana Dotoporova MGV 0:59.58 SILVER
3 Femke Timmer RTO 0:59.60 BRONZE

That's one sudden increase in speed, or did the pool shrink? ;)

That'd be I forgot to change what the time should be in the scorinator. Irregardless, if you want the results to match up, adding 1:22.20 to the results should clear it up nicely.
28-07-2006, 03:15

One of the top beach volleyball players in the world, Danielle Perotti ripped to shreds criticism that beach volleyball should be banned. "Are you kidding me?!" Perotti exclaimed, "Beach volleyball is a great sport, and I am not ashamed at all to wear what I wear while I am playing. If jealous women are intimidated by the way Erica (Peterson) and I look, then maybe they shouldn't be watching the Olympics, and especially not watching beach volleyball."

Erica Peterson called it a publicity stunt, "I just think some bored old guy is trying to get his name in the paper. It's pretty funny actually. Danielle and I will be sure to blow him a kiss when we hit the sand tomorrow."

Perotti and Peterson are considered major medal favorites in this event, and they will make their debut tomorrow.
28-07-2006, 05:04

MAtch Day four updates:
Middleweight Herschel Kurdziel of Qazox lost by Knock out in the 4th round to Chi Veld of Dorian and Sonya.

Stay tuned to QSNBS (QazSoft National Broadcating Station) for more Olympic Updates.
The Archregimancy
28-07-2006, 07:05

Spokesman Calls for Respect for Nation's 'Unique Cultural Tradition'

The Monastic Olympic Committee today protested against the recent protests that have arisen as a result of MOCTA's protest against the sinful sport of beach volleyball.

"Is outrage!" said team spokesman Fr. Vasily the Heavily-Accented, holding a press conference. "Does Theotokos wear bikini on icons of the Dormition? Did Byzantine Emperor or Russian Tsar allow protests against the Church? They did not!"

A senior archimandrite, speaking on condition of anonymity, carefully avoided answering questions from more informed reporters about Byzantine church-state affairs or Peter the Great's suppression of the Moscow Patriarchate, instead stating "I believe that what Fr. Vasily is trying to say is that our nation has a rich and unique cultural tradition that inevitably means the Archregimancy often takes a different perspective on certain matters relating to the role of women in society. Fr. Vasily feels particularly strongly about this given that we are currently in the middle of the Fast of the Dormition of the Mother of God. These misunderstandings can best be dealt with through respect for this unique cultural tradition."

Meanwhile, sources close to the Archregimancy refused to comment on stories that a mixed group of male athletes from other nations, described by Casaran authorities as 'somewhat drunk and very sexually frustrated', were arrested after attempting to sneak into the quarters of Ariddian athlete Wiya Uo while disguised as monks from the Archregimancy.

In other Olympic news, the Willow Wonder Workers, the Archregimancy's Olympic cricket team, have lept to the top of Pool A after a tightly-fought 4 wicket victory over Dorian and Sonya, with opening batsman Fr. John the Willow-Carver leading the team to victory with only four balls to spare thanks to a magnificent unbeaten century.
28-07-2006, 14:47
Gold! Ariddian gymnasts live up to expectations
Also: One-legged athlete impressive in the pool
Beach volleyball controversy continues

Going into the event as clear favourites, and bearing the excited hopes of a nation, Ariddia’s lady gymnasts did not disappoint. In a dazzling display of fluidity, rhythm and precision, they scored a total of 192.033 points, putting them almost six points ahead of second-placed Casari, in a league of their own. Sunny Mokhobo was the best overall gymnast, with a total of 38.743.

The six Ariddians together gave their country a second gold medal, adding to cyclist Deirdre Khangal’s gold from day 1. Anaïs Reed and her team-mates were clearly delighted as they stood together on the top step of the podium. The Olympics are far from over for them, however; the gymnasts have yet to compete in individual events.

Meanwhile, fellow Uhuhlanders from Ropa-Topia were impressive in the pool, taking two silver medals with Jacob van Deyk and Jessica Rubik. And in the final of the women’s 200m butterfly, it was an all-Bedistani podium as Bedistani swimmers Nisaüa, Chambers and Poyliópoylos took gold, silver and bronze.

Swimming: Disabled athlete Mélanie Sandré delivers impressive performance

Also in the pool, Alan Heath and Brian Réveil failed to advance from the heats of the men’s 50m freestyle. Réveil likewise crashed out of the 1500m event, but Heath performed excellently and qualified in third place, with a time of 14:34.66. Heath then went on to log a time of 14:34.94 in the semi-finals, finishing fifth and qualifying for his first Olympic final.

For the women, the 50m freestyle event generated significant interest. Not only were Noémi Lévi and Carole Gale hoping to make up for their poor performance so far, but the race also featured these Olympics’ only disabled athlete, Ariddian Mélanie Sandré (

Sandré has only one leg, and removed her artificial leg before starting the race. She received wild cheers from spectators, and finished in an impressive 54th place, with a time of 0:24.88. Meanwhile, Gale came 42nd, and Noémi Lévi qualified in sixth place with a time of 0:24.14.

“I’m pleased to have been here, to have done my best and to have performed so well,” Sandré told journalists after the event. “There are still no Paralympic Games, and too many people are still unaware of the efforts and skills and achievements of athletes with disabilities. If I’ve made spectators a little more aware of our existence, and of what we’re able to do, then I feel I really have accomplished something.”

Lévi praised Sandré’s “remarkable courage, determination and skill”, while Gale said her team-mate was “a model for all of us” and “a very talented athlete who really does embody the Olympic spirit”.

Lévi, unfortunately, failed to advance past the semi-finals. In the eight hundred metres freestyle, both she and Carole Gale qualified from the heats (in fourth and seventh place respectively) and, while Lévi was again knocked out in the semis, Gale achieved a time of 8:16.54, putting her in seventh place and earning her a spot in the final.

Mba continues on track; team events continue downhill

In badminton, Amina Mba again defeated her opponent in two swift sets (15-5, 15-12), this time Caitlin Connolly of Hendrick4824. Casari’s Teresita Spittler and Schiavonia’s Allison Allinson, Mba’s opponents in Tyrellia, also advanced to the next round and into the final eight.

The women lost to GarfieldtheFat 65-76 in basketball, and the men to Bedistan in volleyball, continuing Ariddia’s poor performance in team sports. Only in football did the Ariddians impress, with the ladies defeating Rorysville by three goals to one, topping Pool A for the time being.

Women’s beach volleyball begins amidst controversy

Most Ariddians will have watched the football, and surely few Ariddian men will have missed the opening day of the women’s beach volleyball, the hype around the event further enhanced by protests from the Monastic Olympic Committee and the reaction from Wiya Uo. Uo again spoke up today, shortly before her match.

“I understand the Archimandrites have their own cultural values, and far be it from me to judge them on their culture and beliefs. But there’s no justification for them trying to impose their views on the rest of us. I am going to be playing today, and I will be wearing a bikini, and if they find that shocking no one’s forcing them to look. A lot of people want this event to take place, and I know I’ve trained long and hard to compete here. I’m not just here to show my bare legs, I’m here as an athlete to compete, and after all my hard training no-one’s going to stop me.”

She added, “Nefer Nava of Carvalo put it very well indeed. There’s no reason for us to be ashamed of our bodies or to hide them. The Archimandrites don’t know what they’re missing.”

Regarding the intrusion of several men into her quarters, Uo had little to say except:
“Those. . . gentlemen were not invited. Casaran security handled the incident very well. I was a bit shaken, but in the end everything went well.”

Uo and her team mate Laetitia Alvarez then lost their opening match against Koltz and Clemons of Hendrick4824, 21-6, 2-21, 15-1. Uo was later seen personally congratulating Carvalo’s Nefer Nava for the latter’s win, sparking comments that a sort of informal “sisterhood” of beach volleyball players may be forming in response to MOCTA’s pressure. Another side-effect has been the number of autographs Uo has been asked to sign, for male and female fans alike.

Good news in judo and rowing

Julie Lanza defeated Sue Zwaga of New Montreal States in the women’s middleweight category in judo, advancing to the next round. Her competitor Saskia Verhaegen of Ropa-Topia also advanced, beating Dorian & Sonya’s Ayanna Goodvin.

“I’d love to meet Saskia again,” Lanza said, with a smile. “And hopefully beat her this time.”

Sadly, however, the Olympics are over for fellow Ariddian Julie Montnoir, who lost to Dorian & Sonya’s Trudie Bisikirski.

In rowing, Richard Zhaunou and Victor Yehiel finished a close third in the semi-final, less than a hundredth of a second from the first place, and six hundredths of a second ahead of the Chicanadan pair in fourth. They will be among the favourites for a medal in the final.

In the light double sculls’ heats, however, Zhaunou and Yehiel failed to qualify, as did McCulloch and Davies in the women’s event.
28-07-2006, 14:59

At last, Hendrick4824 has won its first medal, picking up a bronze in the Women's Gymnastics artistic team competition. Ariddia's team was dominant in the event, easily winning the gold, but for Meghan Jackson, Jennifer Miller, Rachel Mallette, Caitlin Brackett, Maureen Paige, and Amanda Drinnon the distinction of winning the first ever medal earned by the Kingdom in the Olympics is something that can never be taken away from them. Drinnon was the highest overall scorer on the team, followed by Jackson, but it may have been Maureen Paige's final performance of a 9.528 that lifted Hendrick4824 to the bronze, over 4th place Andossa SMV. "I am so excited this just rocks!" exclaimed Drinnon, "We worked so hard for this, and we knew going into the final day we could finish as high as 2nd since Ariddia was in a league of their own, and we got the bronze. It's awesome!" Paige agreed, "I knew I had to be good seeing how well Peroff did (Andossan Pura Peroff). I had a couple tough days and this was all about some redemption. It's an honor to win the first worldwide medal for Hendrick4824. I know we will win more, but we got the first!" The bronze was the only medal by the Kingdom today, and there were no other close calls as most of the other medals were aquatic events, and the Kingdom did not have a single person in any of those finals, a fact that really wasn't too much of a surprise.

Elsewhere, there was some good and some bad in the mon-medal events. The aquatic events were basically a wash. Erica Feldman was thought to have a decent chance to advance out of her 50m Freestyle Heat, but was unable too. Ashley Robertson advanced to the 800m Freestyle Semifinal, and just narrowly missed making it to the final. All other aquatic events saw defeat for Hendrickian athletes.

The men's Water Polo team defeated Milchama 11-7, and the baseball team was defeated by Qazox 4-2. The baseball team seems to be a little hindered by the fact that some national stars elected to pass over the Olympics and continue playing for their national teams. Cricket, as expected, lost. The men's hockey team was soundly defeated by Carvalo 5-2. Carvalo looked extremely impressive. Andossa SMV won a thrilling 5 set victory in men's volleyball in a game that went back and forth. The winner's of each set had decisive wins as momentum was certainly the big factor in a game that got the fans to their feet in excitement, especially in a gritty 5th set by each side.

The women's football team built on its big tie of Bedistan to defeat the host nation, Casari, 4-2. The Lady Monarchs are looking real strong in group play and right now you have to say their chances of advancing look pretty good. Qazox still looms on the schedule but right now, there's nothing but positives going on for the ladies in football.

And now for the individual results and Beach Volleyball was the highlight not only because of the Hendrickian medal threat, but for the contraversy stirred up by the MOCTA over it. Prior to the match, Danielle Perotti was seen joking with Ariddian Wiya Uo, likely in response to the MOCTA criticism. Uo then proceeded to lose to the Hendrick4824 team. No, not to Peterson and Perotti, but to Jessica Koltz and Kirsten Clemons, the more laid back and less outspoken of the Hendrickian beach volleyball teams. Koltz and Clemons spoiled Uo's day in 3 sets. Peterson and Perotti overcame losing the first set to a game Gertrudis and Hanna of Quakmybush, but recovered nicely to win in three sets. Peterson said it was just a matter of getting comfortable, "It was our first game. Once we got the hang of our opponents, we felt better. They were tough though, I got to give them credit for that." Perotti declined to comment on what was said between her and Uo, but joked about it. "I told her to watch out for Jessica's (Koltz) spike. Other then that, it's between me and Wiya. " she said.

Women's tennis has positive results as all four Hendrickian ladies continue to play on, and none of them lost a single set. The O'Hearn twins, Tomlinson, and Mayers all won in straight sets. In fact, 6-3 was the closest that any opponent got in any set. "It's still one match at a time for all of us," said Amanda O'Hearn, "No one is looking ahead. Our next opponent is all the matters." Megan Tomlinson agreed that medal talk, or even multiple medal talk is very premature, "You just like to get that stuff in print, I know. But I treat every match like its for the gold medal. We all do. We overlook no one."

Elsewhere, Tony and Steve Callahan scored wins in men's badminton, but Ashley Cincotta and Caitlin Connolly lost on the women's side. It was a disappointing day in the ring as Hendrickian boxers were 1-2, including a loss by "Rowdy" Busch. Danny Sorenson remains the lone active boxer in the lightweight division. Michelle Bradley defeated Nicole Bradley in judo's heavyweight division. They are not related. Or we don't think they are, anyway. It was part of mixed day in Judo. In rowing, Bascetta and Lindell actually beat a whopping 6 other entries, but did not qualify, as expected. Like in other sports, the ladies are kicking the guys butts in rowing too. Fournier and Barnes qualified out of Double Sculls competition. Barnett and Brayton scored a somewhat surprising win in race 10 in a Sailing event, but are 9th in the overall standings, and not likely to medal. In wrestling, the Hendrickian ladies middleweights all lost their matches and the heavyweights maintained that performance, losing all their matchups.

And that's your Day 5 Report from Ashford! We hope your are enjoying the games!
28-07-2006, 15:20
Milchama get two more medals.

The Milchama Olympic had two more successes in the form of bronze medals to go along with many failures. Both of our gymnastic teams failed to go the final round of the competition and our cycling something or others lost in the quarterfinals just before the medal round. Oh and Jonny Dawson blew it as he lost before the gold medal match.

Both Brandon Nicks and Abby Brickley got bronze medals in swimming to increase our medal count to three. This puts us in 8th place after 5 days of competition.

As for other successes just for those two people getting to quarters is pretty good. Our baseball team is undeafeated, we still have boxers in all competitions and other swimmers have actually made the medal round or won qualifying heats only to fail in the semis.

That was the Milchamian report. I'm Jeff Douglas. Good night all.
San Adriano
28-07-2006, 15:55
Day 5: Vannucci is back in the pool

Sabrina Vannucci was back in action today as San Adriano’s sole representative in the pool. Competing in the heats of the women’s 50m freestyle, the Sanadrianese was off to a promising start, finishing the race in 0:24.16, which put her in tenth place. She then improved very slightly on her time in the semi-final, finishing in 0:24.15 – good enough to be in third place. Vannucci will go on to the final in a potential bronze-medal position, but she will have some very tough competition in what promises to be a close race.

Fans of San Adriano’s tiny delegation, however, are already hoping for a second gold medal, and Sanadrianese flags are numerous as ever among spectators round the pool.
Virginia Nova
28-07-2006, 18:33
MD5 Report

Today Virginia Nova won it's first medal, a bronze won by swimmer Alec Sieffer who finished with his time being

3 Alec Ceiffer VIN 1:54.72 BRONZE

otherwise in swimming the results were much of the same

29 John Hall VIN 0:21.94

43 Ty Batista VIN 14:44.23

22 Jessica Daniels VIN 8:19.03

In Water Polo Terry Haverty scored the winning goal in a 4-3 victory over Malabra

Virginia Nova 4, Malabra 3

A for run 5th propelled Mikitivity over VN in baseball

Miktivity 8, Virginia Nova 4

In Womens Basketball Shawna Tallier scored the game winner from 32 ft in our victory over Quackmybush

Virginia Nova 73, Quakmybush 70

oddly enough look at the standings

Pool B: W L
Virginia Nova 0 1

In Soccer the Eagles lost 3-1 to Starblaydia

Starblaydia 3, Virginia Nova 1

Finally in Girls Tennis DeHonda Demeer won her matich against Milchamian Liz Damo

DeHonda DeMeer VIN def Liz Damo MIL 4-6, 7-5, 6-3
28-07-2006, 22:23
The National Post
Carvalo’s Largest English Newspaper

Ashford, CAS – Day 5 of competition at the First Summer Olympiad in Ashford has finished, and the results bring victories in team sports but still, no medals. For coverage of Day 5, we’ll start with Acquatics.

Dominic Pavlos failed to medal at the Men’s 100m Freestyle, where he finished 7th, his timing only 15 seconds behind first place finisher Marxi Nihaggitu Aheφani of Baranxtu. At the 50m Freestyle Heats, both Dominic Pavlos and Mark Escobar qualified, however at the semifinals only Escobar managed to qualify for the final. At the Women’s 50m Freestyle, all three swimmers failed to qualify. In Men’s Water Polo, Carvalo gave Quakmybush a modest 11-7 defeat.


In Badminton, Eric Raoul failed to defeat Steeve Callahan of Hendrick4824, losing 13-15, 15-4, and 15-1. After narrowly winning the first game, it was clear Raoul began suffering from fatigue, which caused him to nearly collapse in the last game. Blane Quentin had a bye.

Football and Hockey

In Women’s Football, the Carvalan team was handed a loss by New Montreal States with a score of 3-1. They currently sit at the bottom of Pool F – however in light of their losing streak they all recently signed an exclusive contract with Supra Magazine, the nation’s premier men’s interest magazine. In Men’s Hockey, Carvalo defeated Hendrick4824 with an easy 5-2 victory. They currently sit at the top of Pool D.


In Men’s Volleyball, Carvalo defeated Malabra in a four game match, winning the first and fourth game with ease while struggling in the second and third. The final score was 25-1, 11-25, 25-12, 25-5. In light of the recent controversy sparked by the MOCTA, the beach volleyball events took place without a hitch on Day 5, where both Carvalan teams easily dominated their opponents. Before and after their matches, the girls had several conversations with many of the other girls in the tournament, sparking bonds and friendships along the way. After a conversation with Wiya Uo of Arridia, Nefer Nava spoke to the Carvalan press, saying briefly, “These girls are great, and I’m glad I get to spend my days here in Ashford with them. Me and Kirstin are planning on having a bonfire soon – were inviting primarily the beach volleyball players but we hope to get it to be bigger than that. As for the Archmandrites, they’re definitely invited. As for Wiya, she’s a great girl, and I’ve even invited her to come join the Carvalan Pro-Tour or even come play at a charity tournament with me. My agent also told me this morning that they want Wiya, Danielle Perotti, and I to grace the cover of Popaganda! I’ve always wanted to be a cover-girl for that magazine, and they’d both be the first foreigners to be featured on the cover. So we’ll se what happens…”

As for the scoreline from the beach volleyball venue, Nava/Acampado defeated Cadigan/Bute of Andossa Se Mitrin Vega (21-9, 21-3) while Ashley Maro and Tara Erfazao defeated Lew/Bannon of Dorian and Sonya (21-8, 21-16).

From Ashford, that's all there is to know about Carvalo in the First Summer Olympiad. Check our website at http://www.thepost.crv for more coverage of the Ashford Olympics, along with athlete profiles, olympic mini-games, and an up-to-date medal count
Magnus Valerius
28-07-2006, 23:23
So Where's The Gold?
"I've Found It!" Says Ulgulisht

On Day 5 of the Olympics, The Grand Empire of Magnus Valerius has finally earned a gold medal in the Ashford, Casari Olympics. This was the only medal earned today, but it proved a source of pride for the Valerians regardless. And, it was not earned by Lenora Aldanova, who was a favorite to medal the gold in the Women's 100m Breaststroke and 200m Butterfly. It was a little known Árpád Ulgulisht in the Men's 200m Backstroke Final today.

A native of the state of Magyar Isles and Port Kalandgom, Ulgulisht was one with the water ever since he was a kid. His father was a boardmaker and he owned a surf shop, and Árpád took up surfing young. Even when he almost drowned while surfing a 10 foot wave when he was nine years old, Árpád did not fear the water. He began meditating to the shoreline waves on the beaches of Port Kalandgom, and when he entered high school, he won the state championship for swimming. Árpád, now 19, shows that, despite coming from an obscure background without much fanfare, he has skill.

He qualified through the charts with little fanfare for the 200m Backstroke, surpassing his "star" colleague Azermedukht Balash. Today, he was one with the water, as he passed ahead Mihgba Huty of Malabra and Alec Ceiffer of Virginia Nova. From mere obscurity, Árpád shows that he has the skill to succeed, and he stunned Magnus Valerius for he was not one of the main contenders to medal in the Olympics. The race was close, but Árpád managed to keep a lead throughout the event for the entire race.

Árpád Ulgulisht emerged from the pool with a wide grin as he cheered along with the Valerian spectators. "I've found the Gold they have been asking," Árpád said with a smile. He was then rushed by his girlfriend, who was watching him and cheering him on from the stage. They embraced for a couple of minutes before they cleared off.

Later that night, at the medal ceremony, Árpád was the happiest he could be, standing on the top stand with Huty to his right and Ceiffer to his left.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the national anthem of Magnus Valerius."

The national anthem, God Save the Tsar, began playing as the blue, white and gold colors, familiar to Ulgulisht and all the Valerians at the Olympics, rose above the Malabran and Virginia Novan flags. The tanned Magyar was wearing a laurel wreath made by his friends and family, and held numerous roses that were given to him by random fans. Surely, it was an honor to make the first gold medal for Magnus Valerius.

In other events today, Magnus Valerius had a mixed bag of results.

With Árpád Ulgulisht shining in the Men's Backstroke Final, Lenora Aldanova could not medal either as she did not medal in either of the two final events she participated in today. In the Women's 100m Breaststroke Final, she made a respectable fourth place in a close race, although if she had kept the pace from the day before, she could have easily made that event a medal to take home. Sirithil Yastarias, who was also in the event, did not fare better, placing in last for the final. After the 100m Breaststroke Final, Lenora had to participate in the Women's 200m Butterfly Final. She did well from the start, but she soon lagged behind the other swimmers, finally placing in last for the event. It was a moment of sadness for the Valerian fans, who love Aldanova and her sexy body... they were hoping for her to win a gold after Árpád Ulgulisht pulled off his stint.

"I don't know why I couldn't pull myself together," Lenora said with disappointment. "I placed fourth yesterday in the 200m Butterfly Semis... I must have not have had a good breakfast or did not sleep well enough."

Lenora and the rest of the women in the 50m Freestyle Heats did not qualify today either, which is even harder on Valerian fans. However, Sirithil Yastarias managed to qualify for the Women's 800m Freestyle Semis, but did not get any farther. Her friend, Ioanna Aniphionakis, however, qualified for the Finals in that particular event.

W 800m Freestyle Semis

1 Sampaka Koteka BCO 8:16.23
2 Marka Bambina BDS 8:16.28
3 Diane Morton BDS 8:16.29
4 Ireen Arcadia RTO 8:16.35
5 Ioanna Aniphionakis MGV 8:16.40
6 Femke Timmer RTO 8:16.51
7 Carol Gale ARI 8:16.54
8 Florida Hnyda DOS 8:16.77

Back to Men's Swimming, one of Magnus Valerius's stars, Tidus Orlov, qualified for the Men's 50m Freestyle semifinals, but he could not qualify for the finals. He came in at the unlucky 13th slot in the Semifinals.

Tidus Orlov also did not qualify for the Men's 1500m Freestyle, but a little know Tabrizian by the name of Fravarti Danishmend qualified for the finals at the top of the heap (although he was barely ahead of Milchaman Wesley Vannatter). With such a great performance pulled by a little-known athlete, he may very well prove the Valerians wrong for trusting Orlov by taking home another gold medal tomorrow in the 1500m Freestyle Final!

M 1500m Freestyle Semifinal

1 Fravarti Danishmend MGV 14:34.59
2 Wesley Vannatter MIL 14:34.59
3 Rosendo Sunn DOS 14:34.78
4 James Kirby ALL 14:34.84
5 Alan Heath ARI 14:34.94
6 Wade Nelligan BAZ 14:35.33
7 Ipriko Pakaao BCO 14:35.80
8 Efren Savka AMV 14:35.86

In Men's Water Polo, the Valerians delivered another loss, pipin' hot, to a rival team. Their victim this time was the hapless team from Dorian and Sonya. The Valerian Men's Water Polo team has not lost yet, and look to be one of the top contenders in that particular event.

Magnus Valerius 14, Dorian and Sonya 7

In Men's Badminton Rodislav Tsang, a half-Chinese, half-Valerian star, lost to Neal Marchman of the host nation Casari in the Men's Singles. However, Simeon Vassilikov, a native of the Port City of Trentino, delivered a smashing performance against Léjihàr Tonàrk of Antrium.

Neal Marchman CAS def Rodislav Tsang MGV 15-7, 7-15, 15-13
Simeon Vassilikov MGV def Léjihàr Tonàrk ANT 5-15, 15-6, 15-8

In Men's Baseball today, Magnus Valerius' Olympic Baseball Team seems to have a losing streak, for they sucked again today. They lost for the second time in the row against New Montreal States, 4 - 3. It looks like a miracle is out of the question for this doomed team. "It looks like they're going to be the welcome mats for the other teams!" said a random Valerian at the games.

New Montreal States 4, Magnus Valerius 3

Pool A: W L
New Montreal States 1 0
Quakmybush 1 0
Liverpool England 1 1
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 1 1
Magnus Valerius 0 2

Now, over to Cycling and the Women's Individual Pursuit, Beatrice Anastasiova qualified for the next round after she beated out the Hebrew Milchaman Nevada Baulch. It was a close race, and it seems that Beatrice Anastasiova was losing it when the Milchaman caught up with the Valerian as she began to be lax about Baulch's distance. But, Anastasiova managed to keep herself a nose ahead of the Milchaman and won the event with a smile to boot. She hopes to make at least a bronze in the Finals.

Nevada Baulch MIL 3:24.76
Beatrice Anastasiova MGV 3:24.75 Q

Now, for your Rowing Digest, Team de Normandie/Pavlosianos made a respectable qualifying third place in the Women's Double Sculls Semifinals. The only Valerian women so far in the running for a medal in rowing, they are doing great, and we hope to see them in the medal ceremony very soon!

1 Kabigting/Daramola AMV 6:39.81
2 Edward/Dann DOS 6:39.81
3 de Normandie/Pavlosianos MGV 6:39.82
4 Garrish/Formento AMV 6:39.83
5 Swenson/Hodson UIE 6:39.86
6 Steinke/Gurule CAS 6:39.91

In the Men's Light Double Sculls Qualifiers, Team Vlyanov and Strumm also pulled off a third place finish like their female colleagues in the Valerian Olympic Rowing Team. They are our hope to medal in the Rowing events along with the hard-working women.

M Light Double Sculls Qualifying

1 Rice/Saleta BDS 6:10.80
2 Bokàrl/Jîronîm ANT 6:10.81
3 Vlyanov/Strumm MGV 6:10.81
4 Garvey/Monley WEE 6:10.82
5 Cox/Owen UIE 6:10.88
6 Pallett/Forister AMV 6:10.88

In Sailing the Valerians are still in a lackluster, and bad position. Even though Richard Vassilikov in the RS:X races today and von Himmerlitz/Chateuanoire did excellently today in their two 470 races, the Valerians are still in bad rankings, with Vassilikov in 11th place overall and the ladies in 14th. In the Finn race, the Valerians are doing even worse, with Pavel Tartov in 16th and Nora de Richeleau near the bottom at 26th.

In Women's Tennis Singles today, the Valerian tennis player who is whirling up a storm of attention and possible fame is Matfei Nevsky. She whipped up an easy and well-deserved victory against her Casarian opponent, Tera Spera. She was greeted with the cheers of Valerians who have been inspired by this young twenty-year-old woman, who was named after her father in his desperate desire to have a son. Although her father is suffering from cancer, he wakes up just to see her from his hospital bed. He is weak from chemotherapy, tears emerge from his eyes and he mentions how much his youngest daughter makes him proud.

Matfei Nevsky MGV def Tera Spera CAS 1-6, 6-1, 6-2

And, wrapping up your Valerian Olympic Digest is Women's Middleweight Wrestling. Unfortunately, this will be the last coverage of that event, as Isabeau Neville, the only Valerian woman left in the running for wrestling, was taken out by Reta Sedlacek of Dorian and Sonya. After winning a stunning victory against Bedistani, one would think that the Valerian could easily win over a denizen of Dorian and Sonya. But, it seems that, after a technical point awarded to Sedlacek, Isabeau could not make it. She was still all smiles, and is determined to come back in four more years to compete again.

Reta Sedlacek DOS def Isabeau Neville MGV

That's it for Your Valerian Olympic Digest! We shall bring you tomorrow yet more news from the Ashford Games as they unfold!

G - 1
S - 3
B - 3
T - 7


Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Andossa Se Mitrin Vega AMV 4 0 1 5
2 Bedistan BDS 3 5 4 12
3 Baranxtu BCO 3 2 2 7
4 Ropa-Topia RTO 2 3 1 6
5 The Weegies WEE 2 2 1 5
6 Ariddia ARI 2 1 0 3
7 Bazalonia BAZ 2 0 0 2
8 Magnus Valerius MGV 1 3 3 7
9 Casari CAS 1 2 2 5
10 Milchama MIL 1 0 2 3
11 Schiavonia SCV 1 0 1 2
12 San Adriano SNA 1 0 0 1
13 Dorian and Sonya DOS 0 3 2 5
14 Chicanada CHI 0 1 0 1
14 Malabra MAL 0 1 0 1
16 Nouvelle Angleterre NAN 0 0 1 1
16 United Island Empires UIE 0 0 1 1
16 Virginia Nova VIN 0 0 1 1
16 Hendrick4824 HEN 0 0 1 1
29-07-2006, 02:26
WR"Hello I'm Wendr Rogers and welcome to Olympics this morning."

RM"Hello, and I'm Ron Mclearn. Still no medals for Quakmybush, but they will come."

WR"Let's looks at the Day 5 results,"

RM"Thrya Hannan missed out on bronze by 9 onethousandths of a second and missed 7th in the 200m Butterfly Final."

WR"Aloisio Robbie did not advance in the 50m Freestyle."

RM"Hades Kemen barely missed advancing in the 1500m Freestyle."

WR"Haylee Rebbeca missed qualifying in the 50m Freestyle."

RM"Marit Holly did not advance in the 800m Freestyle."

WR"The Men's Water Polo team lost 11-7 to Carvalo."

RM"The Women's Basketball Team lost to Virginia Nova 73-70."

WR"The Men's Cricket team was royally destroyred by Starblaydia, losing by 66 runs."

RM"The Women's Football Team lost 2-1 to Antrium."

WR"The Men's Hockey team lost 2-1 to Ropa-Topia."

RM"Cleo Emperatris lost 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 to Elizabeth Gaynor."

WR"The Men's Volleyball lost 25-1, 6-25, 25-10, 25-3 to Antrium."

RM"The Women's Beach Volleyball team of Gertriuds and Hanna lost 19-21, 21-16, 15-11 to Peterson and Perotti of Hendrick4824."

WR"Still very few good results eh Ron?"

RM"Ya, but we will come along"

WR"Well that's all the time we have"

RM"Thank You and Good Day."
29-07-2006, 03:18

Beaagkh man protests against protests against protests against protests

BEAAGKH -- Randy Miller, a carpenter and avid Olympic fan from Beaagkh, recently wrote to the BSD protesting against the Archregimancy's latest meta-protest.

"If these people wanna protest, let 'em do it! You don't protest someone's right to protest; that's just silly! I, for one, enjoy the beach volleyball very much and would have to launch a protest of my own if it were taken away."

After being informed of the irony of the text of his protest, Miller began ranting and raving about anthropomorphic tomatoes playing football and was promptly removed from BSD offices by five white-clad doctor types.

In other Olympic news, the story of the day for Bedistan was the women's 200m freestyle, where the Grand Dominion picked up all three available medals - Pepa Nisaüa the gold, Natalie Chambers the silver, and María Poyliópoylos the bronze - completing the first medal sweep in these Olympics by any nation.

"This truly is a great day for Bedistani sports," remarked Chambers after receiving her medal. "This event will surely be a source of national pride for many years to come."

Bedistan's dominance in the pool has helped it achieve second place in the medal table with three gold, five silver, and four bronze. Bedistan has a total of twelve medals, more than any other nation - Baranxtu and Magnus Valerius have the next highest number of seven.
29-07-2006, 03:25
And in sadness at no mention of giant evil spiders, we hereby CUTOFF today's RPing.
29-07-2006, 05:19

Match Day five updates:
Water Polo: Qazox played its 1st ever international match against Liverpool England and lost 10-4.

Goals scored for Qazox by Lewis Capers (1st- 5:23, 2nd- 7:05), Tommy Surrett (2nd, 5:12). and Lloyd Esser (4th- 0:13)

In Baseball, A 3-run top of the 9th inning lead by Barry Wilbourn's 2-run triple, propelled Qazox to a 4-2 come-from-behind win over Hendrick4824 .


2B- (QZX)- Pink-2 (3), Wilbourn
3B- (QZX)- Wilbourn
(HEN)- #13

SH- Wilborn
E- QZX- Minix
DP- QZX- 4 (Minix-Pink-Kruger (3); Wilbourn-Kruger)

LOB-Qazox- 11
Hendrick4824- 9

LP- HEN- #24 (1-0)
WP- QZX- Melvin Mac Nelly (1-1)
BS- HEN #48
SV- Mario Sheely-1


Pool D: W L
Milchama 2 0
Dorian and Sonya 1 1
Qazox 1 1
Hendrick4824 0 1
Chicanada 0 1

In women's Football. Qazox dominated once again this time winning 4-1 over an out-classed Ropa-Topia.
Goals for Qazox: Rene LaTreque-3 (13', 71' 85'), Risa Klyn 66'
Current Standings:
Qazox 2 0 0 9 1 8 6
Hendrick4824 1 1 0 5 3 2 4
Bedistan 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Ropa-Topia 0 0 1 1 4 -3 0
Casari 0 0 2 2 9 -7 0

Stay tuned to QSNBS (QazSoft National Broadcating Station) for more Olympic Updates.
Dorian and Sonya
29-07-2006, 06:44

More Medals From the Watery Sports

And now, with the blessing of our glorious and benevolent Queen Sonya, we bring you more news of Sylvanaes athletes at the 1st Summer Olympiad.

Day 5 saw no medals and some great performances from our athletes in the ever-popular contact sports. We might be a bit behind, our choice of course, on modern technology. But the fact remains we can trade punches, kicks, and such with anyone. Now if they would only make catapulting an Olympic sport……..oh well. Now to the Day 6 medal action.

Faustino Flot proved the speed of the Sylvanaes in the Men’s 50m freestyle swimming event by taking the Bronze. The fastest of all the world in the pool. And once again a surprise D&S appearance on the podium was in order. Perhaps next time we will not be so misjudged by those who supposedly know the sport. 3 medals now in the pool for a nation no one thought could do much besides sword fight and shoot bows. Not bad.

And just to prove the point - Florida Hnyda ruled the women’s 800m freestyle event and easily took the Gold from nations that thought they had swimming all wrapped-up. Look at the hardware. We got ourselves a Gold baby!

And another shocker for the day - Silver in Men’s Team Gymnastics. Gotta love the sports that use strength and balance over skill with new-fangled contraptions. The Silver in this event was one we were not expecting, but we love it anyway.

Women’s Double Skulls Rowing saw the team of Edward and Dann take home the Bronze.

Gold - 1
Silver - 4
Bronze - 4

When asked about the so-called “Beach Volleyball Scandal”. Queen Sonya Sabre declined any comment, citing that all nations have a right to their own views. Both indoor and beach volleyball players from the Sylvanaes Kingdom wear the same attire. But that is simply our own choice.
29-07-2006, 08:41

More swimming. More sailing. As expected, that means no medals for Hendrick4824. This isn't too say our athletes have not given it their best shot in these events, because they have. But with no Hendrickians in the medal swimming events, TV ratings for the events were fairly low in the Kingdom. Same story for swimming and rowing. The Kingdom still clings to its lone bronze medal. Congratulations to the winners in these events. We'll have our time during athletics! The blue, silver, and gold of Hendrick4824 is expected to display prominently in athletics and fans may get used to hearing "Always in Our Hearts", the Hendrick4824 national anthem. Later today in a separate edition, we will preview the Athletics team.

Now, lets take a look at Hendrick4824's performance in non-medal team sports. A contraversial 77-71 loss to Virginia Nova in basketball put a damper on things. With the Kingdom leading 60-58 in the latter portion of the second half, the referees called fouls repeatedly on Hendrickian defenders. In the final 8 minutes of the game, Hendrick4824 was whistled 13 times and Virginia Nova only once for defensive fouls. Granted some of that was to put Virginia Nova on the free throw line late in the game, but coach Shawn Riley was not happy at all with the officiating. "I think the ref is a descendant of the former Tonissia or something. It was pretty clear to us that he had at a stake in the outcome of the game." When asked if he would protest to the sanctioning body, Riley said, "Why bother. They always side with the refs." But he did add one final statement, "Our next opponent better be ready, because we have a chip on our shoulder now." Elsewhere in team play, there were alot less contraversial results. Cricket lost again. Reports are that the Cricket match drew a 0.001 TV ratings share in Hendrick4824, the highest ever to watch a Cricket match in Hendrick4824. Hendrickian pitcher Erica Chapman held Dorian and Sonya to just two hits (singles) in an impressive 2-0 win in softball, which was a nice rebound for the team. "We're still very much in this." exclaimed Chapman. The women's volleyball won the set against Starblaydia but then the Starblaydians dominated the rest of the game, winning the next three sets very easily.

But there was one big result in team play. It came in Rugby: Hendrick4824 15, Magnus Valerius 8. Magnus Valerius reporters referred to Group C as a "most easy group" a couple days ago. That statement by those reporters was pinned on the blackboard of the Hendrick4824 dressing room. The tape of those statements was played to the players just prior to the game. The Monarchs came out highly motivated from this and played an inspired game. However, it should be noted that none of the Magnus Valerius players or coaches showed disrespect to the Hendrickians, and that it was just their reporters. They did mention that Hendrick4824 needed to be taken seriously, but that part was conveniently left out as to not take away from the bulletin board material.

And now, let's look at the individual results. Swimming was mostly more of the same, although the men's team of Chambers, Ahearn, Sullivan, and Brown were able to qualify! Julie Ricci advanced to the semifinal of the Women's 400m Freestyle, but like other Hendrickians, she could not take the next step in the pool. Also qualifying, and doing so decently was the Women's 4x100m Medley team of Hogue, Feldman, Krifchin, and Robertson. They may be worth a watch as they advance. They were 5th, but the top 5 were all very close, within a tenth of a second, and it could go any way.

Men's badminton paired up Hendrick4824's teams as Fields and Caprette knocked off the Callahan brothers. "Well we knew one of us would advance anyway!" joked Steve Callahan. The Callahan's were hoping for a bit of revenge as three months ago in the Hendrick4824 Badminton Championship, Fields and Caprette also defeated them then.

In the boxing ring, Kenneth Gaines scored another victory by a KO and Shane Courtney won by a decision. Gaines has looked real powerful so far in the middleweight division and will be real tough to beat as the tournament continues. Cycling saw Andrew Pazcone and Kevin Childs qualify to the next round, with Pazcone's 9.87 one of the fastest times recorded. He needed every hundredth, because opponent Matthew Ore clocked in at 9.88. Three others scored a 9.87 and no one was better then that, so perhaps Pazcone could have something to say when medals are awarded in the Men's Individual Sprint.

Maybe we haven't show our Judo competitors enough love. It was a complete sweep for Hendrick4824 in both the women's lightweight and women's heavyweight competitions. Pletcher, Boland, Belak, and "Sugar" Sweet advance in the lightweight division as the Lorraine's, Bradley, and Detford all move on in the heavyweights. Kim Sweet thought that was pretty cool, "We kicked some serious butt today didn't we? We all won! Man that was awesome." Men's Taekwondo wasn't as fortunate although Ichiro Ikemoto and Hokichi Nobuhiko advanced in the lightweight division and Jung Fumihiko advanced in the heavyweight.

Interestingly, the men's beach volleyball events drew only about 1/4 of the fans that the women's beach volleyball did yesterday. Mirecki and Swantek were defeated. But Hendrickian fans were still looking for Danielle Perotti and she signed autographs for all the fans in attendance. Danielle had more to say today, "You know what is really awesome? MOCTA wanted to ban beach volleyball, and look what its done! It's had the opposite effect. We're in such high demand now. Women's beach volleyball is now one of the biggest events in this Olympics. I've never signed this many autographs before in one day! Thank you MOCTA (as she blows a kiss)." She also confirmed that the sisterhood of beach volleyball players is growing, and that she would be honored to appear on Carvalo's Popaganda Magazine alongside Wiya Uo and Nefer Nava, "We're all in this together. And we're enjoying every moment of it. I would love to go to Carvalo and do the photo shoot with Wiya and Nefer, that would be a lot of fun. Hopefully I can do it with a gold medal around my neck."

In women's tennis the only person that could beat a Hendrickian was another Hendrickian, as a strange pairing had the O'Hearn twins go head to head. Amanda won, but was a little critical of having to meet her sister in an early stage. "I don't get the pairing. Isn't it a little early for two of the favorites to be going head to head like this?" The pairings were later explained to Amanda to ease her frustration, and she looks forward to her next match. Sarah Mayers lost a set, but won the match and Megan Tomlinson won in straight sets. Mayers also talked about the O'Hearn's meeting so early, "In the round of 16, I am a little confused by it. I would understand if it is in the round of 8. I'm sure there is method to it but if they meet now then either one of them was seeded below #9, which I wouldn't understand, or they were the 8 and 9, which I also wouldn't get. Oh well. It's not my place to argue. I'm here to win a medal." Does Amanda O'Hearn have a chip on her shoulder now in what I guess was perhaps a disrespected seeding? You bet, "Oh yeah! I have something to prove now, baby!"

This is just one of two reports that we will give you today. Later on, we will look at the athletics team. A group, that is expected to win medals after medals.
29-07-2006, 21:30

The second week of the Olympics will see the beginning of Athletic, or Track & Field, competition and this is where Hendrick4824 expects to make a big splash. All of these people are highly successful within the Kingdom, and within our region, and even though this is an obvious step up in competition, the blue, silver, and gold of Hendrick4824 will be waving in Ashford and "Always in Our Hearts" figures to play more then a few times at the medal podium. The heavy hitters are on the ladies side, and let's take a look at them now.

Jennifer Newman- Jennifer has the most experience of any Hendrick4824 track star and has accomplished the most so far. She will be participating in the womens 100m, 200m, 400m, as well as powerful 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m relay teams. Jennifer is the Hendrick4824 world record & Tundra region world record holder in the 100m and 400m. She has finished no lower then 2nd in any 100m competition in her career, and that was when she was nipped by Lauren Massey at the 2005 Hendrick4824 Championships by .002 seconds. "I'm in 5 events, and I am looking for 5 golds." Jennifer said. Newman is extremely confident in her own abilities, but at the same time is an extremely focus athlete. About Newman, teammate Lauren Massey said, "I've been chasing her my whole life. Jennifer will become a worldwide name before this is over, and when the Olympics are over, she will probably be the Hendrick4824 name that people around the world remember most. Well except maybe for Danielle Perotti."

Lauren Massey- If Lauren Massey wins a silver in an event that Newman won a gold, it would be the 8th time that has happened in Lauren's career. If it were not for Newman, Massey would be garnering the same time of multiple gold medal talk, but she has steadily closed on Newman, including her win at the 2005 Hendrick4824 Championships in the 100m. Lauren is the Hendrick4824 & Tundran World Record holder in the 200m. She respects her past and has a great friendship and rivalry at the same time with Newman. Massey will compete in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 1500m where she has been a multiple time winner (Newman doesnt run the 1500), and the 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 m relays. On Massey, Jennifer Newman describe her teammate, "Lauren keeps me honest. Really. I know with her there in my shadow I have to continue to work and train hard. She's an outstanding athlete and eventually will probably turn the tables on me, but that can wait until after the Olympics!"

Michelle Bylina- Commonly referred to as the "next one", Michelle is quickly approaching the level of Newman and Massey. Every year and within every event Bylina gets better and better. She doesn't have the experience yet that Newman and Massey have and so far that is the only knock on her. At the 2005 Hendrick4824, she won a bronze in the 100m and 200m (behind Newman and Massey), and was only .012, .008, and .013 behind the leader in each event. Bylina is close to taking the next step, and if she were able to beat Newman and Massey it woould be that step. "Jennifer and Lauren are the greatest ever in my opinion and I want to be there with them." Newman confirms that Bylina is one to watch, "Michelle is very talented and she will have her day in the sun and win several golds. She is still improving, though." Michelle competes in the 100m, 200m, and 1500m, as well as the 4X100m and 4x400m relay teams. The 1500m is her best chance at a gold, analysts say.

Jessica McAllister- The great unknown. Jessica competed against Newman and Massey in the 2005 Hendrick4824 Championships before she even graduated from high school. She did that a month later (with high honors, we must add). McAllister is more then capable of pulling off the upset of her teammates, but that might be a few years away. But right now, she is still very much a threat and the unknown comes in not knowing just how good she may be.

4x 100 and 4 x 400 Women's Relays- It isn't very often that these 4 gets a chance to run as teammates, but to do so racing for Hendrick4824, everyone else just may be running for 2nd place in these events. "No one brings more talent especially to these two events then Hendrick4824." says track analyst Sharon Johnson, "I've looked over the entries, and no one has this kind of firepower in the team relays where athletes that themselves are formidable in the individual 100's and 400's, are teaming up in the relays. The race is for 2nd. They've raced in relays and no one has ever dropped a baton. They are smooth as silk with the handoffs. During these two events especially, I suggest the rest of the world just sit back and watch the show, and hope they win a silver."

But there is more....

Stacey Drummond- Stacey Drummond, a tall and attractive blonde, is fast enough to run in the 100m for many countries in the Olympics, and is an alternate just in case something happened to one of the top 4. But her powerful leg kick makes her a natural for the hurdles, and sure enough that is where she is entered. Stacey will be competeing in the 100m hurdles, 400m hurdles, and 3000m steeplechase. We should point out that Jessica McAllister also competes in the 3000m steeplechase. Stacey won the gold, easily, at the 2000 & 2004 Tundra Olympics in the 100m hurdles, and won a silver & gold in the 400m hurdles in those events, respectively. Sharon Johnson says that many people will enjoy Drummond, "She's quite an athlete. And I'll say it, extremely attractive. If MOCTA saw her in a bikini, they'd flip! She will be a popular person among the fans." Stacey shrugged that off, "I'm here to compete, not model. That comes 2 weeks after the Olympics are over."

Julie Fletcher- Julie just graduated from high school and is an up and coming athlete and competes in the jumping events: the long jump, high jump, and triple jump. There's no doubt she has the talent to win the gold, she just hasn't competed at this level of competition in her career. She holds the national high school record in all of these categories. "I don't think you list Julie Fletcher as the top choice in these events, yet." commented analyst Sharon Johnson, "In 2010 though, she will be. I don't think she has peaked yet but where she is right now is very strong. If she has her day though, Julie could pull it off. Keep an eye on her, the Kingdom's tradition is strong, so it may happen. Experience is the biggest thing working against her, not talent." The long jump is her best event of the three.

Other ladies with a shot- These Hendrickian athletes all also deserve a mention in the preview with a chance to pull off something special. They aren't the favorites, but they have a ton of talent and are worth keeping an eye on: Nicole Losavio & Jessica Vitale (100m Hurdles), Julie Rinehart (5000m), and Rachel Vincent (javelin).

How about the men? The strength of the men's entries will come in the 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m relays, but the best medal hopes of the Kingdom are, once again, in the hands of the women.

Michael Shannon- Michael has had a long and illustrious career. He is still is the dominant force in the 100m and 800m in the Kingdom, which he competes in here, but he isn't getting any younger. And that's the knock on Michael. If these Olympics were held four years ago, then Shannon would be the favorite. Don't count him out though, because if he can dig down deep and pull off one more magical performance, then Michael Shannon can win a gold. He is the emotional favorite though, to say the least. His best shot at a gold will be when he runs the relays, especially the 4 x 100m.

Martin McCafferty, Jr- The name McCafferty is the biggest name in Hendrickian sports, but not necessarily because of Martin. His father, Martin McCafferty, Sr, is a world famous endurance auto racer that competes in the Tundra Endurance Championship. His brother Michael, is the best pitcher in the Kingdom in baseball and in his region winning the 2005 Cy Young award in Tundran baseball play. Michael declined to pitch for the national team in the Olympics as he did not want to leave his hometown team. Martin, Jr also throws real well, but somehow it ended up being a discus in his hand and not a baseball or a steering wheel. Martin, Sr talks about how his son got started in the discus throw, "When he was 15 I had him working in my pit crew. One night he came home real drunk after an obvious night of partying with his buddies and his girlfriend at 6am and I was angry. So obviously I yelled at him. He flipped out and went down to my garage and just started throwing my tires. I was upset but also amazed by the distance he was getting on his throws, especially in a drunken state. While he was grounded we talked about it and I said man, you should try track and field and the discus throw. And the rest they say, is history." It's a good thing Martin Jr had that night of fun, because we may never have known how good he could be in the discus throw. He is a favorite to win a gold, and be the latest in a strong lineage of family success.

And there you have it, the favorites among the Hendrick4824 athletic entries. When the competitions begin, the world will get a taste of what Hendrick4824 and our region has always known!
29-07-2006, 22:55
RM"Hello and welcome to Olympics this Morning, I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers"

RM"Still no medals for the Quakmybushians"

WR"Yep, but we have a chance for some today"

RM"Let's look at yesterday's results"

WR"Oz Paramonons failed to advance in the 400m Freestyle."

RM"Zora Ibolya is in the Finals for the Women's 400m Freestyle."

WR"That's very good, she just might win"

RM"Yep, she does have a good chance"

WR"Yuliy and Mackenzie defeated Rayo and Marchman of Casari in Men's Doubles Badminton"

RM"The Men's Basketball team lost by a buzzer beater to Schiavonia 67-66"

WR"The Women's Cricket team defeated Dorian and Sonya by 20 runs"

RM"The Men's Football team won 3-0 over Allanea"

WR"The Men's Handball team lost their second in a row 23-20 to Schiavonia"

RM"The Women's Hockey team won 3-2 over Dorian and Sonya"

WR"The Men's Rugby Sevens lost 15-13 to Chicanada"

RM"The Men's Volleyball team suffered a loss. They lost to Bedistan 25-7, 25-20, 16-25, 25-23."

WR"Thanks, that's all the time we have."

RM"I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers, thank you and good day."
Magnus Valerius
30-07-2006, 01:05
No Medals Today Folks
Day Six Hold Mixed Performances for Magnus Valerius

After a stunning rise in the seminfinals for the Men's 1500 Freestyle, Fravarti Danishmend did not deliver the solid performance that he made the day before, when he came out on top of the rest of the crew during the semifinals. Fravarti started off with the lead, but the apparent rising star soon lost strength and began to fall behind the other swimmers. Disappointed Valerians murmured as they saw him lag firstly behind Wesley Vannatter of Milchama, then Efren Savka of Androssa Se Mitrin Vega, then Wade Nelligan of Bazalonia. Once Danishmend fell behind Ipriko Pakaao of Baranxtu, he found himself in fifth place. He finished in that position, thankfully before he fell behind Rosendo Sunn of Dorian and Sonya. He finished with a total time of 14:35.04, .60 behind the lead; it was a close race, but if Danishmend had kept ahead of the others and not have been demoralized, he could have won.

"I... I am speechless," Danishmend said as he hopped out of the pool. "There is little I can say. I did well yesterday, but I-I don't know."

Many Valerians were expecting Danishmend to medal, thanks to his excellent performance in the pool yesterday. But, it seems that not all things go as planned. The other Valerians participating in medaling events also did not do as well as they first expected in their events. In the Women's 800m Freestyle Final, Ioanna Aniphionakis finished in 4th place. Were it the Ylompics, she would have an Aluminum medal, but alas, this is the Olympics, and she came away with nothing but determination for the next Summer Olympics. "I'll come back again!" she said with determination. "This won't put me down!"

Ioanna Aniphionakis started off with a bad start in the event, taking off last. However, as the minutes past, she sped ahead of all the other candidates save the three in the lead. The three up in the lead, from Dorian and Sonya, Ropa-Topia, and Bedistan, were a leg ahead of Aniphionakis, who had to settle for fourth place in the event.

In Rowing, the Women's Double Sculls Final saw a similar case as with Danishmend and Aniphionakis. Team de Normandie/Pavlosianos did not make it to the medal stands tonight either. In the Final today, they finished 5th, and seem to be going home disappointed and empty-handed. They were set for Silver before Pavlosianos' paddle slipped, causing a minor delay. This one second, however, made the race. They no longer had the chance to go for second and grab another silver medal for the Grand Empire, and they had to settle with Garrish/Formento of Androssa Se Mitrin Vega earning that reward.

As one last blurb in the medal events, the Valerian Sailers in the Men's RS:X, Women's 470, and the Finn Races did not come close to medalling. Richard Vassilikov (RS:X) however, came in 9th, which is not too bad. Too bad he did not have the same performances in earlier races as he had in the last few races.

And now, for The Valerian Olympic Digest Non-Medal Event Coverage:

Back to Swimming Events, it seems that the Men's Swimming team has two people in the running for the Men's 400m Freestyle Final! Jean-Pierre d'Leivur, a French Valerian, native of Chateaubleu, came in third, and did excellently where the expected star of this event, Tidus Orlov, came in tenth, two entire places below the qualification mark. He was close, but there was no cigar for Tidus Orlov, who has been victim to bad performances in the pool.

"I am so happy... me and my friend Yohan are in ze running for ze medals!" d'Leivur remarked.

Indeed, the Valerians have two people swimming in the final, which makes our chances at medalling in this event even better! Yohan von Karolitz came in 8th for the Semifinal, and he is the second Valerian running in this race. He is hoping to medal, or at least for d'Leivur to medal. After all the Valerians need a medal to keep their spirits up, after Ulgulisht's amazing performance the other day.

M 400m Freestyle Semifinals

1 Newton Thirst ALL 3:40.10
2 Cidney Webb ALL 3:40.22
3 Jean-Pierre d'Leivur MGV 3:40.22
4 Eric Moorhouse WEE 3:40.25
5 Ricky Marshall BDS 3:40.26
6 Danny Blumenthal STB 3:40.27
7 Ahmad Gacke AMV 3:40.33
8 Yohan von Karolitz MGV 3:40.33
9 Mark Barisse BCO 3:40.42
10 Tidus Orlov MGV 3:40.49

In the Men's 4x100m Medley, the Valerians apparently qualified. There were only 12 teams and they apparently all qualified, from the reports given by the Casarian officials overseeing the Olympics in Ashford. O'Cathasaigh, Kyrilov, Yaikov, and Danishmend all came in at 8th with a time of 3:31.40. They will have to do better if they hope to continue on, but with O'Cathasaigh, who has won two silver medals in the games so far, the Medley team is likely to go far and do better in the coming days.

M 4x100m Medley Qualifying

1 Goodwin/Richter/Lee/LaPlanza STB 3:30.69
2 Morley/Bailey/Petersen/Patton WEE 3:30.73
3 Schamberger/Trilli/Vitolas/Gbur DOS 3:30.77
4 Adounes/Dadakre/Endageri/Matekani BCO 3:31.18
5 Bazalonia BAZ 3:31.23
6 Chambers/Ahearn'Sullivan/Brown HEN 3:31.26
7 Fader/Hauer/Khalsa/Brooking CAS 3:31.31
8 O'Cathasaigh/Kyrilov/Yaikov/Danishmend MGV 3:31.40
9 Leeds/Fowler/Ford/Dury WEN 3:31.45
10 Owen/Rarigo/'Īn-gīn/Mpithikṓtsīs BDS 3:31.46
11 Jui/Ganie/Mellendorf/Zwingman AMV 3:31.60
12 Allanea ALL 3:39.42

In the Women's 400m Freestyle Heats, the Valerian Swimming Team was all wet, both figuratively and literally! They all came up short and did not qualify for the Semis, and would have to come back in four more years to try it all over again. Ioanna Aniphionakis, who had the best performance of the four ladies, came in at 20th with a time of 4:04.03. She was only a few fractions of a second below the qualifying 16th slot, but she did well regardless.

17 Ireen Arcadia RTO 4:03.97
18 Femke Timmer RTO 4:03.97
19 Sampaka Koteka BCO 4:03.98
20 Ioanna Aniphionakis MGV 4:04.03
21 Florida Hnyda DOS 4:04.04
22 Ophelia Villebleu MGV 4:04.07
23 Rachael Binschadler CRV 4:04.07
24 Lois O'Brien MGV 4:04.09
25 Sirithil Yastarias MGV 4:04.11

The Women in the running in the Women's 4x100m Medley are a different story. With skill and finesse, the ladies in the Medley team made the qualifying mark, and were well up there --- they qualified with a first place finish in the qualifiers! With the coming days, we may see them come up for a sturdy and solid position for obtaining a medal in this event. Lois O'Brien spoke with us after the qualifying run.

"Well, it's fun, and exciting... I'm glad we all did well... in fact, Ophelia [Villebleu] is taking us out to dinner and for some Long Island Iced Teas! Isn't that great?" O'Brien removed her cap and let her seducing red hair flow down to her shoulders. Lois O'Brien was once Miss Arnach, voted the best-looking women in the state of Arnach two years ago. However, behind that beautiful body is a capable swimmer, and considering that most people in the state of Arnach live along the coast (most of the inland of the state is sandy or rocky desert), it comes as no surprise that this overacheiving woman is now in the running for a medal with her teammates.

W 4x100m Medley Qualifying

1 Itakara/Vodiyeev/O'Brien/Villebleu MGV 3:57.32
2 Neal/Alegra/Gu-tāg/Markuëiä BDS 3:57.33
3 Bazalonia BAZ 3:57.33
4 Abbot/Linting/Wei/Innes WEE 3:57.34
5 Houge/Feldman/Krifchin/Robertson HEN 3:57.40
6 Diamond/Fitch/Cox/WIlliams WEN 3:57.43
7 Hempara/Mehirga/Mehoke/Teheni BCO 3:57.45
8 Meiss/Dicosmo/Fattore/Hards DOS 3:57.47
9 Ohta/Stelle/Soder/Folds AMV 3:57.51
10 Athens/Eckhart/McCusker/Winnie CAS 3:57.60
11 Allanea ALL 3:58.23

In Men's Water Polo, Magnus Valerius again maintains its position at the top of its pool, making sure that no one comes to topple the dominating Valerians. However, today's game was a close one in the pool today, as Magnus Valerius faced off against Chicanada. The Valerian and Chicanadan defenses were impenetrable when faced off against each other, and it took a hard-fought game for the Valerians to bring a modest victory to the table. They won, 3 - 2, after a last-minute point sealed the Valerian victory. The Bazalopes from Bazalonia are also undefeated in the pool, and when the Valerians and Bazalopes face off, it will be a match to decide the true king of Pool B.

Pool B: W L
Magnus Valerius 3 0
Bazalonia 3 0
Quakmybush 2 0
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 1 2
Allanea 0 2
Dorian and Sonya 0 2
Chicanada 0 3

In Men's Basketball today, the Valerians were served a narrow defeat by Androssa Se Mitrin Vega today, losing by four mere points, 72 - 68. A stunning three-pointer made by a forward and a technical foul brought upon the Valerians by the coach secured the ASMV lead over the Valerians. This does not mean that the Valerians are out of the running for Basketball just yet, folks. They still can bounce back like a cat. Some question their capabilities however, when faced with Virginia Nova and Hendrick4824, who rest at the top of the Pool.

Pool C: W L
Virginia Nova 2 0
Hendrick4824 2 1
Magnus Valerius 1 1
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 1 2
Rorysville 0 2

In Cycling today, Mikhail Murmankov sat out today as he had the bye for the Men's Individual Sprint

In the Women's Individual Pursuit, Beatrice Anastasiova lost out to Francesca Di Cairesi of Schaivonia for the Gold Medal Race in the event. Anastasiova now will have to face off against Jackie Kennedy of Nouvelle Angelterre for the Bronze Medal Race. We hope for the best for our second medal in Cycling to be the bronze worn by Beatrice Anastasiova. In other words, we hope she wins! She has a good chance, and Valerians are rooting for her.

Beatrice Anastasiova MGV 3:24.84 BRONZE MEDAL RACE
Francesca Di Cairesi SCV 3:24.59 GOLD MEDAL RACE

In Men's Rugby the Valerians met a defeat at the hands of Hendrick4824. The Valerian coaches said that they were one team to be eyeing out for serious competition in the pool they were placed in, and the coaches were right! Hendrick won a solemn, respectable victory over the Valerians, 15-8. The Valerians vow that they will do better next time against their next opponent, and they wish the best of luck to the Hendrickians on their next game as well.

In Women's Softball, the women seem to be on the verge of starting a losing streak, as they lost a game to Malabra today. These pool games count, and if the Valerians are stuck on the losing streak, the women will have to come back in four more years to try and go for gold in the medal runs. The softball team lost in a shutout to Malabra. The game was nil-all for the majority of the time until, in the seventh inning, Malabra made filled up the bases and sent the ball screaming out of the field for a home run and three runs. The Valerians could not hope to equalize the score and finished the game losing, 3 - 0.

Pool B: W L
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 3 0
Chicanada 2 1
Casari 1 1
Virginia Nova 1 1
Malabra 1 1
Magnus Valerius 1 2
Rorysville 0 3

In Men's Lightweight Taekwondo, José Cummings of Bedistan knocked out Olympic medal hopeful Nho Byong-Sun. He was heartbroken and, although he maintained a straight face as he walked off to the Olympic Village, he was soon seen teary-eyed back at the Valerian complex. Nho Byong-Sun was also see being comforted and hugged by Her Imperial Highness Princess Constantina Borivich, who is set to compete later on in the games during the Synchronized Swimming events. She has caused scandal in the Imperial Family by always getting "close" with young, attractive men (especially young men who are not from noble families, which her father deems unfit for marriage), and some suspect that she and Byong-Sun might become an item by the end of the Olympics.

On the bright side, Sun Ahn-So defeated Jewel Comoletti from Dorian and Sonya, establishing one opening for the Valerians to medal in the event. Sun Ahn-So won his first match in Day 4, and he has been keeping up the momentum. He wom easily and with finesse. From his home in Isangrad are friends and family watching, cheering him on. Some of his schoolmates are here in Ashford to root him on as well, and they all hope he could make a good run and perhaps go for a medal, like the stunning Matfei Nevsky in Women's Tennis.

José Cummings BDS def Nho Byong-Sun MGV
Sun Ahn-So MGV def Jewel Comoletti DOS

In the Men's Heavyweight Taekwondo, the Valerians also saw one player getting knocked out while another one proceeds to the next fight. GillaPátrac MacGofraid, the "Arnachian Comet", made good use of his name and skill as he gave Sutomoru Hiroharu of Hendrick4824 a run for his money. He earned an easy win that overshadowed the other loss in this event. Béla de Benedek lost to Victor Carter of Bedistan, which makes MacGofraid the only Valerian left in this event.

GillaPátrac MacGofraid MGV def Sutomoru Hiroharu HEN
Victor Carter BDS def Béla de Benedek MGV

In Women's Tennis, Matfei Nevsky yet again impresses the crowd with her great performance. In her Singles game today, she sent another Bedistani out of the Olympic running as she won a rather easy game against Angel Scott. The young woman, with a sparkle in her eye and plenty of court screaming, kept up ahead of Angel Scott. Scott tried for a comeback and almost succeeded (3-6), but Matfei Nevsky was just one step ahead of Angel and knocked her out with a humilating third round (6-1). Matfei Nevsky now is in a serious position amongst the other women competing in the Olympics for that gold. There are only eight players left, and there will be even less tomorrow. Nevsky is now facing some real serious competition, and her friends and family support her one-hundred-percent of the way!

Matfei Nevsky MGV def Angel Scott BDS 6-4, 3-6, 6-1

Wrapping it all up, this has been your Valerian Olympic Digest! Tomorrow is yet another day of games, another day of possibilities!
30-07-2006, 02:23
With a dissapointing sigh and shake of my head, the MD6 RPing Period ends.
30-07-2006, 03:49
Another Silver Won

A Malabrian cyclist won Malabra's second medal in Day 7 competition.

ASHFORD, CASARI--Cyclist Jakabqn Nighaqw has won a silver medal in Day 7 competition after qualifying for the Mens' Individual Persuit gold medal race against Chic Chambers of The Weegies. It was a close race through out, but Chambers beat Nighaqw in the final seconds of the competition. He was beaten by eight hundreths of a second.

In the bronze medal race Luis Reimer of Starblaydia beat out Jamey Roulhac of Dorian and Sonya for the bronze medal by four hundreths of a second.

"I've worked so hard for this. I'm glad that I did this well and I hope I do even better next time," Nighaqw said, possibly hinting at his hopes for a gold medal at the next Summer Olympics.

From the Malabrian Times:
Dorian and Sonya
30-07-2006, 07:13

Golden Day for The Sylvanaes Kingdom
D&S Continues to Shock the Pool

And now with even more wonderful Olympic news for our beloved Queen.

The Men’s 10k Marathon was swum today. And to the surprise of everyone, Christopher Asaeli of the Sylvanaes Kingdom came in first for Gold as he beat Marius Julianus of Magnus Velarius by a massive 53 seconds. The Gold in this event is a great accomplishment as no one from the Kingdom has ever been competitive in this event before today. Well Done. In the women’s marathon, Jean Creath swam for Bronze. Wow. Who would have guessed?

And if the Marathon were not enough, we one another medal in the pool. Women’s 4x100 Medley Relay saw D&S capture the Bronze. If it were not for the pool, we would be seriously hurting for medals just yet.


Gold 2
Silver 4
Bronze 6

Now for some non-medal action

Baseball action saw the Sylvanaes Kingdom edge past Chicanada 8-7 in a home run derby as D&S knocked 6 out of the park while Chicanada scored all 8 runs on solo-homers. Whew.

The Sylvanaes Women ruled the court again and move to 3-0 in basketball with an astounding 81-62 thrashing of NMS.

Cricket is not as kind as we lost again today by 2 wickets to United Island Empire.

Women’s football saw Sylvanaes supremacy as a 2-0 scoreline bested the ladies of ASMV.

Men’s Field Hockey saw the Sylvanaes vs. ASMV as well, but this time the score was 0-0.

Judo - Oh Yeah. More figh……contact sports.
Women’s Lightweight
Tammara Dalbeck defeated Kim Sweet of Hendrick4824 to move to the semis

Women’s Middleweight
Trudie Bisikirski defeated Renée Holland of Bedistan to move to the semis

Women’s Light Double Skulls semi action saw the team of Hairston/Stuart move into the finals
Women’s Quad Skulls Semi action saw the D&S team move into the finals on a second place finish

Men’s Middleweight
Oswaldo Emmrich defeated Kim Choi-Young of Magnus Velarius
Shon Lobach defeated Winford Grindel in an all D&S match

Women’s Lightweight
Valencia Lowden defeated Lolita Davies of Wentland to move to the semis

Women’s Middleweight
Zoila Lamore defeated Salena Penha of ASMV to move to the semis
30-07-2006, 07:43

Hendrick4824 won its second and third medals of the Olympics, and winning them were a couple of gymnasts who add to their medal collection. A few days ago Jennifer Miller and Amanda Drinnon were part of the bronze medal winning team in women's artistic gymnastics, and today they won individual artistic all-around medals. Miller and Drinnon placed second and third in the event, and Jennifer now will hold the distinction of being the Kingdom's first ever silver medalist. She can already say that about a bronze too, in that she was part of the team. While the hometown fans loudly applauded for Casari's Rebecca Madson and her gold medal, as her medal ceremony took place giving the hometown fans pride on their third gold, the blue, gold, silver Hendrickian flags on each side of the Casari flag also stood out well. We asked Jennifer how it felt to be the Kingdom's first ever silver and bronze medalist, "Well, someone will top it when they win the gold. But it's cool though, I am so honored. This is the greatest day of my life! I thought it was great to win the team bronze, and it was, but now a silver too, it feels so good. It was also cool to stand on the medal podium again with Amanda (Drinnon). Seeing both of our flags rise, even if they were below the Casari flag, and congratulations to Rebecca, by the way, was just really cool." Jennifer's Olympic Games are now done, so she doesn't have the opportunity to be the first person to ever win a Gold, along with a Silver and Bronze. Miller was only about .07 points behind Madson's gold medal performance, so it was a real good effort. For Amanda Drinnon, she's very happy with her second bronze, holding off 4th place Hope Mathijsen of Ariddia in a close result for the bronze. "Hope is really talented, we saw that in the team competition. To beat her is an honor. Everyone wants to win a gold in the olympics, but I would tell any of them, that a bronze works just as well." Given that the Hendrickians medals all have come in women's gymnastics, it's safe to say that the Kingdom is now regarded as one of the best, and maybe next time around we can have something for those Ariddians in the team competition.

Other medal events saw Hendrick4824 a little more competitive, too. In the pool, the 4 x100m relay team of Chambers, Ahearn, Sullivan, and Brown finished 5th but only .03 out of the bronze medal time. It so far is the closest to a medal Hendrick4824 has come in the pool. A close race was expected after the qualifying times, and that's exactly what we got. The women's 4x100m relay team also finished 5th. Hogue, Feldman, Krifchin, and Robertson clocked in with a time of 3:57.45, just .08 off a bronze. Given the nature of the event, Shannon Whitmore finished a very respectable 8th in the 10k marathon.

Most of the news in team non-medal pool play was positive in day 7. I mean, even the cricket team won! We had to double check the score, but the people who actually admit to having watched the match do confirm that Hendrick4824 was indeed the victor. Our women's basketball team powered its way to a 77-64 victory over Milchama puts the Lady Monarchs on top of Group C with a 2-0 record. But the women's football team continues to impress, not just that they are winning, but the way they are winning. They cruised a 4-1 win over Ropa-Topia and sit atop Group B with 2 wins and a draw. Not bad for a team not many thought was going to be one of the favorites. It's safe to say that the world has caught notice. It appears that Hendrick4824 and Qazox are going to advance out of this group. The men's field hockey team played to a 1-1 tie with Quakmybush, good enough to advance the team out of group play.

There were a couple team defeats as well. The first coming in men's volleyball where the team split two sets with Milchama, but then could do nothing right in the 5th set, losing it 15-1. The baseball team continues to be a disappointment, as it lost to that same Milchama team 4-3. They aren't out of it yet, but things look bleak, to say the least.

In the individual events, Hendrick4824 is assured of winning at least a bronze in the lightweight division of men's Taekwondo. Both Ichiro Ikemoto and Hokichi Nobuhiko have advance to the semifinals, meaning that the worst the Kingdom could do here would be 3rd and 4th. But Ikemoto and Nobuhiko are in the position to be the Kingdom's first ever gold medalist. We'll have to wait and see but we wish them the best of luck. The middleweights have two Hendrickians advancing to the quarterfinals with Wong Yoichibei (who defeated fellow Hendrickian Hiroshi Tadamichi in a gritty battle between the two), and Jeremy Bowden.

In women's tennis the O'Hearn twins both won while Sarah Mayers and Megan Tomlinson were defeated. Amanda O'Hearn continues to look sharp, and lived up to her word yesterday that she is playing with something to prove now with a bit of a chip on her shoulder. "I played well today," said a calmer Amanda, "I am still on top of my game, I feel real good. And I eagerly await my next challenger. Every match is for the gold medal in my mind."

Danny Sorenson advanced to the semifinal in the men's lightweight boxing competition as he continues to look sharp in the shadow of Kenneth Gaines, of whom the Kingdom is really excited about seeing back in the ring. But Sorenson too, has a shot at a medal, and will, unless he loses his next two fights, and we wish him the best of luck.

Elsewhere, the Kingdom did not qualify in either the men or women's 4x100m freestyle in swimming. Steve Callahan defeated fellow Hendrickian Brett Fields, turning the table on Brett having lost a doubles matchup to Fields and Caprette alongside his brother yesterday. Caprette though, also moves forward. After a stunning perfect performance in women's judo yesterday that saw all Hendrickians win, that emotional high came crashing down as only Katie Boland won in either the lightweight or middleweight division. Katie advances to the semifinal, and like Sorenson, will win a medal unless she loses her next two duels. Best of luck, Katie!

No Hendrickians advanced in rowing, but the team of Fournier, Bulluck, Barnes, and Marhenke were just .02 shy of moving forward, making them the top rowers for the Kingdom on the day even though it doesn't really mean much. After not doing much in the first race of a sailing event, Hendrick4824 placed 3 sailors in the top 10 of the second race, and that deserves giving them at least this shout out. Jessica Manzer was second, Julie Masolino 6th, and Meghann Lapointe 10th. Despite those performances, none of them are in a real good medal position. Swaine and Lacey pulled off a stunning third in the men's 470 then were brought back to reality in race 2, finishing 20th. They too, are not in a good medal position. And finally, Sarah Conrad was defeated in her women's lightweight wrestling match.

It's hard to believe that the first week of Olympic competition is now over. Although the Kingdom still awaits its first gold, it figures to come at some point, especially when the athletic events begin. But don't count out boxer Kenneth Gaines or Danny Sorenson, or our great women's tennis stars. Also, Ikemoto and Nobuhiko in Taekwondo may be the ones to get it. And of course, Danielle Perotti and Erica Peterson in women's beach volleyball. As the second week gets set to begin tomorrow, there is plenty to be excited about. We'll see you then!
31-07-2006, 00:54
RM"Hello, I'm Ron Mclearn"

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers, and welcome to Olympics This Morning"

RM"A Quakmybushian athlete won a medal yesterday."

WR"Now let's look at the results"

RM"Viktor Herakleides took home 10th place in the Men's 10k swimming marathon."

WR"Zora Ibolya finished 4 one hundredths of a second behind third in the 400m Freestyle final and finished 5th.

RM"Blondie Coby took home Quakmybush's first medal finishing 1st in the Women's 10k swimming Marathon."

WR"This is very good for the swimming program"

RM"That it is"

WR"The men's 4x100m Freestyle team did not advance"

RM"The Women's, however, did."

WR"Laverne Artur advanced to the next round in Men's Singles Badminton."

RM"The Men's Baseball team defeated Liverpool England 5-0."

WR"The Women's Basketball Team defeated Aridda 64-62."

RM"The Men's Cricket Team was defeated by The Archregimany by 35 runs."

WR"The Women's Football team lost 2-1 at the hands of Virgina Nova."

RM"The Men's Hockey Team drew Hendrick4824 1-1, and is eliminated from the next stage"

WR"The Men's volleyball team defeated Starblaydia."

RM"That's all the time we have"

WR"Thank you and good day"
31-07-2006, 02:54
Yup, MD7 is cut off now as well.
Dorian and Sonya
31-07-2006, 06:44
Rowing Gold For The Sylvanaes

More Medal News for our benevolent Queen who did not send us to the guillotine when we insulted her.

Swimming again was kind to the Sylvanaes Kingdom. The Women’s 4x100 Freestyle relay saw the team from D&S capture the Silver medal by barely sliding past the women of Bazalonia. It was a very hard race that left everyone breathless.

Women’s Double Skulls Rowing saw the team of Stuart/ Hairston take the Gold most had believed would belong to ASMV who finished a disappointing 5th. But the Gold looks better on us anyway.

Gold 3
Silver 5
Bronze 6

Non Medal Action

Men’s and Women’s 4x200 Freestyle swimming saw our boys and girls qualify for the finals

Water Polo saw D&S drop Magnus Velarius 6-5

Men’s Middleweight Boxing saw Chi Veld defeat Shane Courtney of Hendrick4824

Men’s Individual Sprint Cycling saw Eusebio Mehis (0:09.92) beat Caesar Nine of Chicanada (0:09.93)
Edison Gormally (0:10.04) also beat Luis Reimer of Starblaydia (0:10.10)

Men’s Handball saw D&S drop ASMV 26-20

Men’s Rugby Sevens saw D&S beat Milchama 13-10

Taekwondo saw Shon Loboch drop Jeremy Bowden of Hendrick 4824 and Guido Jones of Ropa-Topia to move into the Gold Medal match.

Men’s Beach Volleyball saw Ilaria/Condell defeat Milchama 21-9, 21-13

Women’s Middleweight Freestyle Wrestling saw Zoila Lamore move into the finals by defeating Fréodàr Nîràjîn of Antrium.

Women’s Heavyweight wrestling saw quite a match as Dorris Gaiter somehow managed to defeat the massive Silver of Bears United. The match lasted fully an hour before a winner could be declared.
31-07-2006, 13:28

As far as the Kingdom was concerned, day 8 did not see quite as much go on for our athletes. The highlight of the day was Kenneth Gaines' match against Moshe Kracker of Dorian & Sonya. It was one of two middleweight boxing matchups that saw a Hendrickian and a D&S combatant. Gaines was the favorite in his fight, having won his last to fights via a KO, though Kracker showed he was a little tougher then previous opponents. Gaines did not knock him out, but did knock Kracker down two times, and won a decision by a large margin. He will advance to the semifinals, and although he will only be happy with a gold, he is assured of a medal now unless he loses his next two fights. And anyone who has seen Gaines in these Olympics can't seriously think that he will lose two fights in a row. "He knows what he's doing in the ring," said former Hendrick boxing great Mitch Bryson, "His ring presence is outstanding, he punches are very powerful. He looks like the best of the four remaining here, but even if he didn't win a gold, I can assure you that Kenneth will have a long successful career in boxing wherever it takes him." Chi Veld, got a little payback for D&S by defeating Shane Courtney. Bryson commented on that match, too, "I think Shane Courtney still has a ton of potential. He works hard, but is not yet as smart as Gaines in the ring, and Veld took advantage of that. I respect Chi Veld, but I think he will see a different result if he runs into Gaines."

Hendrick4824 did not win a medal on the 8th day of competition, and that wasn't a big surprise as going into it, it didn't look like it would be one of our more productive days. No Hendrickians were close, either.

So getting back to the non-medal competition, it wasn't the greatest day in team pool play, either. Carvalo laid the smack down on the men's handball team with a 25-15 victory. They lead by as many as 21-6 before they decided to give bench players some playing time. Softball fell to 1-2 with a most disappointing loss to Bedistan, 6-1. Is it over? No. But they obviously have to win out the rest of the group schedule now. This may be the most disappointing team in any sport as Hendrick4824 thought we had a medal shot here. "I guess not", said 1992 & 1996 softball Olympian Jennifer Brennan, "They can do better this, but sometimes things just don't work out and I feel bad for them. But I think if they use this as a time for soul searching, and dig down real deep, that they still can get this done." Quakmybush defeated the women's volleyball team in four sets, placing the Lady Monarchs at 0-4, and the bottom of group A. All they can do in their remaining games is play for pride and hope not to leave Casari without a single victory. The men's beach volleyball teams lost both of their matchups even though once again, the fans seemed more interested in getting autographs from the women beach volleyball players that made an appearance.

The world finally got a chance to see a Hendrickian do good in the pool for once, and Rachel Cote is that person. Rachel, along with Maegan Krifchin, advanced to the semifinal in the women's 400m Individual Medley. Rachel was 3rd overall and Krifchin 7th. Krifchin did not qualify for the final, but Cote did, and she did so in a very impressive finish by winning the semifinal outright in a time of 4:33.64. Ann Hart of Bedistan equalled the time, but Cote will have lane choice for the final. If you go by these times, then you have to say that Rachel Cote has a very good chance at scoring the first medal for Hendrick4824 in the pool. "Hopefully I can be just as good in the final and win a medal, preferably the shiny gold one. None of us on this swim team wants to get shut out of medals, and I really want to deliver for them and not just for myself," explained Cote. Only .04 separated first from fifth, so a medal should not be considered a given by any means. Expect a highly entertaining final, and for us, hopefully Cote can pick up the Kingdom's first swimming medal. Shawn Sullivan looked to be in a good position after the men's equivalent of the first event after the first heat, but was off the pace in the semifinal.

Wong Yoichibei will have a chance at a bronze medal in the men's middleweight division of Taekwondo. After defeating Oswaldo Emmrich of D&S, he was defeated by Isidiro Bolufero of Bedistan in the semifinal, placing him in a bronze medal matchup with Guido Jones of Ropa-Topia. Good luck Wong and bring that bronze home!

Christina Lorraine, mother of Cynthia and Courtney Lorraine had a flashback of her daughter's childhood when they met in the heavyweight division of women's judo. "Yeah, it did remind me of times they argued and fought as little girls, now look at them (she said while holding back a tear). It made me proud but it also was a little hard to see your daughters fight and know you couldnt step in there and do something about it." Big sister won again, as Cynthia knocked off Courtney. Christina, the 1988 gold medalist in the Tundran Olympics in the same event, couldn't have been more proud as Cynthia moves on. "I would love to see her win the medal. They've been surrounded with Judo their whole life. It would have been amazing if Kelly and Michelle won, too." That would be a reference to Kelly Detford and Michelle Bradley, who were each defeated. Had they won, there would have been 3 Hendrickians in the semifinals.

Elsewhere, the Kingdom split a couple of badminton decisions. Fields and Caprette were unable to advance to the quarterfinal after being defeated by an Ariddian pair, but Caprette bounced back with his lady partner in mixed doubles to win with Shannon Stanish, over a pair from Magnus Valerius. Ashley Reardon won race four of the Women's RS:4 in a gritty fashion, but being that she was 35th in race 3, keeps her towards the back of the overall standings. Still, it was gritty in that Ashley showed that she still belongs out there with the rest of the competition. Swaine and Lacey moved into the top 10 of the men's 470, which is an accomplishment worth of a medal for them, even though they won't likely win an actual medal. Lacey did call it the best he has ever done in a major competition like this, so it's good to see that the effort is there. Hendrick4824 did not advance anyone in the men's individual cycling sprint.

That should wrap up this daily report. Day 9 could bring medals, so be watching!
31-07-2006, 15:08
RM"Hello, and welcome to Olympics This Morning, I'm Ron Mclrean"

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers"

RM"No medals yesterday, but chances for some today"

WR"Let's look at the results"

RM"The Women's 4x100 finshed 6th in the final."

WR"Illarion Morty lost in the semi finals for the 400m Individual Medley."

RM"The Men's 4x200m Freestyle team did not advance to the finals."

WR"Emilia Talulla qualified for the finals in the 400m Individual Medley."

RM"The Women's Water Polo team lost 6-2 at the hands of Bazalonia."

WR"The Men's Doubles Badminton team of Yuliy and Mckenzie qualified for the quaterfinals by defeating Gill and Gill from Bedistan."

RM"The Women's Doubles, unfortunatly lost, to Cloutier and Lagrange from New Montreal States."

WR"Jani Cheyenne was eliminated in the Men's Individual Sprint."

RM"The Men's Handball team lost to Allanea 16-13."

WR"The Women's Softball team scored a 4-2 win of Dorian and Sonya."

RM"The Women's Volleyball team won 11-25, 25-14, 25-18, 25-16 over Hendrick4824."

WR"That's all the time we have, I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"And I'm Ron Mclearn, thank you and good day."
Dorian and Sonya
01-08-2006, 06:14

Making The Best Of Golden Opportunities

And the medals keep pouring in.

The men’s 4x200 Freestyle Swimming event saw 4 men from the Sylvanaes Kingdom capture the Silver medal just 1/100 of a second behind Bazalonia’s Gold. The freestyle relays have been very good to D&S athletes as we collected our second medal - the first was in the 4x100 women’s event.

Women’s Gymnastics also saw D&S medal as Vallie Ageboi took Bronze on the Balance Beam. But the Vault event saw another Gold for D&S. Thalia Fiermonte was near flawless as she easily outpaced the competition.

3rd on the medal leader board.
Gold 4
Silver 6
Bronze 7

Total medals 17. Second only to Bedistan thus far.

Non Medal

Someone spent some time in practice reading the rule book, because today D&S actuall won a Cricket match. Wow. Our men defeated Milchama by 4 wickets. Hehe. Look out cricket world, here comes D&S!

Women’s Handball saw another shocker as we actually beat someone. Ariddia was the victim 23-18.

Judo - Oh yeah. CONTACT SPORTS!!!!
Tammara Dalbeck defeated Katie Boland of Hendrick4824 to move to the Gold Medal Match against Admina Mwakingwe of Ariddia in the Lightweight competition.

Women’s Beach Volleyball - the controversial sport - saw the team of Lew/Bannon defeat Gertruids/Hanna of Quackmybush 21-18, 21-6

That’s all for today. Catch more glorious Sylvanaes action tomorrow.
01-08-2006, 06:27

Match Day Nine updates:
Water Polo: Qazox got destroyed by Allenea 11-0.

Score 1-2-3-4-F
Allenea 4-2-2-3-11
Qazox 0-0-0-0-0

In Baseball, Chicanada dominated Qazox 6-0 as the Black OXen were held to just 3 hits.


HR- CHI (#24- Grandslam in 1st off of Francisco Schuldt)

LOB-Qazox- 3
Chicanada- 1

WP- CHI- #17 (1-0)
LP- QZX- Francisco Schuldt (0-1)

In women's Football. Qazox dominated once again this time winning 3-1 over an fiesty Bedistan.
Goals for Qazox: Kelli Renoir 34',Sunny Powers 43', Kylie Rena 57'

Current Standings:

Qazox 3 0 0 12 2 10 9
Hendrick4824 2 1 0 9 4 5 7
Bedistan 0 2 1 3 5 -2 2
Casari 0 2 2 4 11 -7 2
Ropa-Topia 0 1 2 3 9 -6 1

Stay tuned to QSNBS (QazSoft National Broadcating Station) for more Olympic Updates.

(OOC: How am I 1-3 in baseball when i had a bye????)
The Archregimancy
01-08-2006, 07:27

Spokesman Slams "Efficient and Well-Run Games"

The Monastic Olympic Committee of the Archregimancy launched a protest overnight against a near-total lack of things to protest against, other than continued rampant fornication in the Olympic Village, the ongoing display of near-naked flesh in the beach volleyball, the sexualisation of pubescent girls in the women's gymnastics, drunken athletes from other nations interrupting vespers in the team's private chapel, discrimination against the nation's athletes in the event schedule, and the Ariddian delegation's belief that the official title of an abbot of a second- or first-rank monastery is also the collective noun for a citizen of the Archregimancy.

"Is outrage!" said team spokesman Fr. Vasily the Heavily-Accented, apropos of very little at all. "Schismatics run such good games, I no protest at nothing!"

"I believe that what Fr. Vasily is trying to say" announced a senior archimandrite, speaking on condition of anonymity, "is that the Casaran authorities have given the world an efficient and well-run games, and if only the 4th Crusade had been as efficiently organised, that unfortunate unpleasantness in 1204 might have been so easily avoided. And that's 'archimandrite' as in 'abbot of a senior monastery' - gottit?"

In other news, the Willow Wonder Workers continued to dominate pool A of the men's cricket team with an easy victory against an outclassed Quakmybush side, all out 35 runs short of the Archregimancy's total of 258 for 2. The match against Starblaydia looms large as the pool A decider.

But the really exciting news comes in the sailing, where the Archregimancy's entrants in the men's 470 are in second place after finishing second in every single race except race 1, where they finished a disappointing 14th. "It is almost as if our very sails are filled with the Holy Spirit - who proceeds eternally from the Father, not from the Father and the Son, no matter what the Catholics might mistakenly claim" said Fr. Nicholas. Hopes are high that Fr. Nicholas and Fr. Gabriel will claim the nation's first medal at these games.
02-08-2006, 03:34
This is in the Scores thread as well.

Lalala Announcements:

Casari will be ABSENT on the night of 5 August, which means no scores that day. Therefore, I propose a contest!

What contest, you say?

Well, you know all that annoying, up-close-and-personal crap they have at the Olympics?

"Boo hoo, this person won with a hangnail!"
"Omfg, this person tripped on a cat and broke their face and came back to compete!"
"Look, this person really sucks at their sport... but they came from a little country, so it's heartwarming!"

It's all thuroughly annoying and pointless, of course. But the important thing is that this is the Olympics and we have no sickningly sweet up-close-and-personal perspectives cutting into my coverage!

Plus, it's really thankless to scorinate for 4 hours to see 3 RPs the next day.

Therefore, the contest is as follows:

1) Each Nation in the Olympics can submit one (1) up-close-and-personal for an athlete, coach, the flag they brought to the opening ceremony, the giant papier-mache spider that the Weegies stole, an athlete's pet bird/cat/monkey, or something else Olympics-Related.

2) Both humor and seriousness are allowed and encouraged.

3) The formal cutoff for this particular contest's entries will be MIDNIGHT GMT on 6 August.

4) Entries will be judged on effort, originality, and if they're just downright amusing or interesting.

5) The Contest Winner will recieve quadruple RP bonus points for that post.

6) If you think that this is stupid/unethical/whatnot, instead of complaining, use the effort to actually participate. Be less boring! Try new things!
Dorian and Sonya
02-08-2006, 06:49

Backwards Nation Ruling Olympic Medals
So much for technology being the answer

Queen Sonya Sabre herself returned to Casari for Day 10 of Summer Olympic competition. The athletes of the Sylvanaes Kingdom were obviously inspired, because the medals were plentiful for the on the day.

Things started slowly for D&S, but that would change in the Men’s Individual Gymnastics competition where Hoyt Mondelli was nearly flawless on the high bar, easily topping the Casaran duo that took Silver and Bronze. Nobody could match the performance that was the easiest Gold to award on the day. Moments later another D&S Gold would come. Edison Hercman ruled the pommel horse event and captured the Gold. Two Gold medals in Gymnastics is far more than we had hoped for.

Judo saw Tammara Dalbeck face Admina Mwakignwe of Ariddia for the Lightweight Gold. Unfortunately the day was not hers as she dropped the match and took home Silver. Middleweight was not as kind as Trudie Bisikirski lost the Bronze medal match to Haleigh Zane of New Montreal States.

The upset of the day came in Women’s Quad Skulls Rowing as D&S cruised to an easy victory over the heavy favorites, ASMV. So much for all the hype.

Taekwondo would see another Sylvanaes Gold as Shon Lobach was perfect in the men’s middleweight Gold match against Isidro Bolufero of Bedistan. Perfect. You know how hard that is to accomplish? Not too bad today.

Women’s middleweight Freestyle wrestling would see Zoila Lamore fall just short of Gold as she took the Silver after a loss to Sonya Maiden of Wentalnd. At least Queen Sonya liked the girl’s name.

Today’s results have catapulted (we would still like to see Catapulting as an Olympic event [/Plug]) D&S to the top of the medal tables. 8 Gold, 8 Silver, and 7 Bronze for a grand total of 23 medals. Woo Hoo! Go D&S! Top of the list, Baby!

The non-medal events were numerous and several Sylvanaes athletes performed very well. But the fact is that we wish to solely dwell on the medals we have won on this great day so no mention of anything else will be made.
Magnus Valerius
02-08-2006, 07:52
Day 9 Proves to Be a Boon For Magnus Valerius
Many Medals Earned Today!

Today was a fine day in the Ashford Olympics for the Valerian Olympic Team. The VICAO was indeed impressed by the performances of the athletes in the competition today, and it was no surprise that the Valerians are able to keep up with the pace of the games, and maintain a (or maybe, an almost) steady position in International Medal Counts. Today in Aquatics was another triumph for the Valerians who took home some medals, but other areas of competition saw some nice performances as well.

In the Men's 400m Individual Medley, three Valerians competed in the Final. Some fans were hoping for a sweep, but alas, only one came out with a medal in hand. That was Tidus Orlov, who was one of the best swimmers on the team; he has finally borne fruit for Magnus Valerius, and has finally earned himself a medal. With Árpád Ulgulisht and Azarmedukht Balash falling behind, Orlov made it up for them and took home the silver medal today in the sport.

More good news from the Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay. O'Cathasaigh, Kyrilov, Yaikov, and Danishmend came in for the Bronze Medal. Funny, since they didn't far so well in the shorter 4x100m Medley, but then again, they have proven to have better endurance than most. Now, they only need to work on their speed and they could easily top other teams within four years! Pilib O'Cathasaigh said with a smile, "This is my third medal! Maybe next time, I could bring home some gold to add to my silvers and this new bronze..."

Pilib O'Cathasaigh comes from the driest state in The Grand Empire, Arnach. Home to the majority of Celtic Valerians in the Empire, the majority of Arnach is desert. Sandy dunes and dry rock beds span throughout most of the state, with several oases. The largest oasis is the site of the state capital and largest city, Arboria. Along the coastline of the state are lush and Mediterranean-type climates, especially within the Tara River Delta. Most of the people make their homes in these coastal areas or at the major oases, but there are still some people living as nomads, much like the Bedouins in the Middle East, herding goats, camels, sheep, horses, and the prized Arnachian Alpaca. Other people live in the dusty, dry settlements in the middle of the desert near the major oil wells. These oil workers and their families live a hard life in towns that are always dull and surrounded by empty dunes or rocks for miles. Towns such as Aarden, which has the biggest oil field in The Grand Empire, are such towns. Pilib comes from the northern coast of Arnach near Gustav's Gulf. He has worked hard, swimming in pools and the sea, to make it to the Olympics, and he has proven himself an accomplished swimmer, as his medals do attest.

In the Women's 400m Individual Medley, however, things did not seem so chipper when Svetlana Dotoporova came in 5th. She was the only Valerian in the event, causing some shame on her part. In the Women's 4x200m Freestyle Relay, the whole Valerian part of the event was completely different. The Long Island Ice Tea loving, lovely ladies of Team Mintleaf (also known as "Team Itakara/Vodiyeev/O'Brien/Villebleu") came in for the Silver medal, and after the event, went off clubbing at local Casari venues. These four Valerian women have become close friends, and now seem to do all sorts of things together. Partying is just one of them. "We deserve this after getting a silver," Lois O'Brien calmly said as she sipped on some Gin and Tonic. Some Valerians later reported that the members of Team Mintleaf were later seen puking their guts out.

In Gymnatics today, Svetlana Riurikovich performed magnificently above the favorites from Ariddia for the Gold! She was crying at the end of her performance after she realized that she had topped everyone else who was competing in the Women's Balance Beam. Once again do the Valerians sing along to the national anthem at the medal ceremony while admiring the 17 year old girl and her trek to the Olympics. She started competing in gymanstics since she was six years old, and now her lifelong ambition has culminated in a golden medal for her to take home and treasure for the rest of her life.

In Other Events...

In Men's Water Polo Magnus Valerius triumphs again, and earns a decent victory over hosting nation, Casari. Magnus Valerius 9, Casari 4. That's right, folks. The Casarians aren't doing too well in Water Polo so far, it seems. And, the host seems to be doing as well as Magnus Valerius overall in terms of the medal count, although the Olympics are barely half over. Casari has lots of athletes in the wings waiting while Magnus Valerius's own pool is dwindling, thanks to VICAO's (OOC: Valerian Imperial Committee for Athletics and the Olympiad) undersight in putting most of its athletes in Aquatics, Shooting, Team Sports, and Athletics.

Pool B W L
Chicanada 2 0
Magnus Valerius 2 0
Dorian and Sonya 0 2
Casari 0 2

In Men's Badminton Simeon Vassilikov won another match today in Singles. The young man from East Valeria is the son of a cossack and a florist, and he continues his family's tradition of being excellent badminton players, not to mention excellent hunters and sportsmen. Simeon greets and congratulates everyone he faces, where he wins or loses, and he is known for his calm, positive nature. Today he met with Fernando Briggs of Bedistan and offered him congratulations for coming this far to represent the Bedistanis.

Simeon Vassilikov MGV def Fernando Briggs BDS 15-11, 15-5

Canoeing and Kayaking started today as well. Al'a'addin al-Mansur represented Magnus Valerius in the Men's Single Canoe today and came in at a decent 11th place. He was overshadowed, however, by Feodosia Annakova, who in the Women's Single Kayak finished 1st for Day 1. She was barely ahead of Bedistani Çwe Hā-lim, but she managed to keep a nose ahead of her rival and came in 0.2s better than Hā-lim.

1 Feodosia Annakova MGV 3:35.10 1:47.55 1:47.55
2 Çwe Hā-lim BDS 3:35.12 1:47.56 1:47.56
3 Terrilyn Hettwer AMV 3:35.15 1:47.57 1:47.57
4 Amy Irvin HEN 3:35.24 1:47.62 1:47.62
5 Ginny Schmidt CHI 3:35.37 1:47.69 1:47.69

In the Individial Sprint event in Cycling, Mikhail Murmankov qualifies and celebrated with a toast of champagne to his biggest supporter: his wife. After that, he was seen being haggled by her when he took her out to an outing at a local Ashford store. Apparently she wanted a handbag but Murmankov wanted to get a new jacket. A few minutes later, Murmankov was treated for minor lacerations after his wife beat him with an uprooted mannequin.

Chris Muir AMV 0:10.02
Mikhail Murmankov MGV 0:09.92 Q[b]

In Coxless Pair Qualifiers for Rowing, Molotov and Alesdairas both qualified with good standing in third place. As always, the Olympic Digesters will want to see these men medal in the final event.

1 Choutos/Tsitsonis STB 6:14.98
2 Elsayed/Reddinger AMV 6:15.01
[b]3 Molotov/Alesdairas MGV 6:15.05
4 Macnevin/Douvia DOS 6:15.10
5 Bàrdîé/Kestholm ANT 6:15.14
6 Davidson/Kershaw WEN 6:15.20

Due to the lack of reportage coverage due to an anomaly in our communication airwaves, we have had to cut our report on the Olympics shorter than usual today. Therefore, that concludes the truncated version of your Olympic Digest for today.


Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Andossa Se Mitrin Vega AMV 7 3 4 14
2 Bedistan BDS 5 5 8 18
3 Dorian and Sonya DOS 4 6 7 17
4 Ariddia ARI 4 4 2 10
5 Baranxtu BCO 4 3 3 10
5 Schiavonia SCV 4 3 3 10
7 The Weegies WEE 4 3 1 8
8 Bazalonia BAZ 4 1 2 7
9 Magnus Valerius MGV 3 7 5 15
10 Casari CAS 3 6 5 14
11 Ropa-Topia RTO 2 4 1 7
12 Starblaydia STB 2 2 3 7
13 Milchama MIL 2 1 5 8
14 United Island Empires UIE 2 1 2 5
15 Ceorana CEO 2 0 1 3
16 Malabra MLB 1 3 0 4
17 Antrium ANT 1 1 1 3
18 Quakmybush QMB 1 1 0 2
19 San Adriano SNA 1 0 0 1
19 Carvalo CRV 1 0 0 1
21 Hendrick4824 HEN 0 1 2 3
22 Chicanada CHI 0 1 0 1
22 Allanea ALL 0 1 0 1
24 Nouvelle Angleterre NAN 0 0 1 1
24 Virginia Nova VIN 0 0 1 1
The Archregimancy
02-08-2006, 08:02

Profile of Team Spokesman Announced

Many citizens of the Archregimancy were confused this morning after being forced through the uncommon experience of watching athletes compete in more than one Olympic event on the same day. Up until the last couple of days, only undefeated cricket team the Willow Wonder Workers - who won yet again on day nine to take their unbeaten streak to 5 - had distracted the monastic sports fan, but with Mens 470 sailing crew Fr. Nicholas and Fr. Gabriel consolidating their hold on second with a first place in race seven, and the two Father Johns in seventh in the double canoe (the less said about their individual performances in the single canoe, the better), Olympic watchers have never had so many options.

"I hardly know where to begin" said a young monk interviewed by this newspaper on the streets of the Grand Lavra. "Four events in two days? Isn't that dangerously overstimulating? Will I be able to concentrate on my duty to the Lord? Shouldn't someone be banning this sort of thing - or at least protesting against it?"

Particularly exciting is the news that Fathers Nicholas and Gabriel - who would surely be in first but for a disappointing result in race 8 - are only behind a team from fellow Orthodox nation Magnus Valerius, therefore strengthening the possibility that the Men's 470 will end in a mighty victory for Orthodoxy.

Elsewhere, this newspaper has announced that it has secured an exclusive interview with controversial team spokesman Fr. Vasily the Heavily Accented, and we hope to bring you this enlightening up close and personal interview in the coming days.
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(OOC: Hectic day yesterday kept me from posting. Instead of doing 2 days, I'll just go with today's.)


It took 10 days but it finally happened. Hendrick4824 has won a gold medal, and the world finally gets its opportunity to hear "Always in Our Hearts" as the Hendrickian flag rises to the top. Ichiro Ikemoto brought home the prize and will forever be known as the Kingdom's first ever worldwide gold medalist. In the men's lightweight division of Taekwondo, Ikemoto took care of Bedistan's Jose Cummings in a hard nosed championship battle. Ichiro just would not be denied. The hard nosed samurai didn't show a tom of emotion on the medal stand, but if you looked deep beyond the tough exterior you could tell that he was honored on the inside. Catching up with him after his victory, Ikemoto proclaimed, "This is great honor. I win gold for my country and make them proud. Jose good fighter but I knew I could do it and make my family and my nation proud!" Hokichi Nobuhiko had a chance to make it two medalists in the event, but he fell to Sun Ahn-So of Magnus Valerius. At last, the Kingdom has won gold and it was one of four medals won on the day, the best performance thus far as Hendrickian athletes prove they very much belong on this stage.

Hendrick4824 won its fourth gymnastics medal of the Olympics, coming from Michael Castellini in the Men's Pommel Horse. It was a silver for Michael. His performance comes as a bit of a surprise for the Kingdom but it also shows that high level of fight that Hendrickian athletes possess. He scored a 9.873 in the event which saw 4 gymnasts be the clear class of the field. Castellini was happy not to be the odd man out of that equation. "A silver medal, wow!" Castellini exlaimed, "I will wear this with pride. A lot of people told me that I couldn't do it when I was growing up, or that I should be playing football instead of gymnastics, but I got a silver medal and I don't see them with anything!"

Katie Boland will bring home a bronze in the lightweight division of women's judo. After losing in the semifinal, she bounced back very nicely to end up with the bronze around her neck. And by listening to her afterwards you would think she just won the gold, "Oh my God, I can't believe this I am so pumped! I won a medal! I can't wait to go home and show to all of my friends and have a big party, it's going to be great! Woohoo!!"

The Kingdom's second bronze is listed as being won by Sarah Conrad in women's tennis but I am wondering if this is actually Sarah Mayers? Conrad is a wrestler. For now, we'll just go with Sarah for now. Sarah was happy to win a medal, but unlike Katie she wasn't quite as emphatic about it. "I'll cherish this medal, but I was hoping for a gold. Still, I am thrilled to have done this for my country."

Those were the medals won. There was also some close calls. We touched on the fact that Hokichi Nobuhiko was defeated in the bronze medal match in Taekwondo. Also, Steve Verplank was 4th overall in the men's floor exercise in gymnastics, and even though the top 3 were well ahead of him, we are proud of his performance as well. Brian Carothers was a decent 6th on the rings, so a better performance by the Kingdom on this day for sure.

Now, let's take a look at the non medal events in team pool play, which continue to draw very high TV ratings in Hendrick4824. In women's Water Polo, the ladies beat rival Virginia Nova soundly by a 9-4 score. It was their first win of the tournament. Before the match, Hendrick4824 decided to give the backup goalie a chance to start, and she made the most of ther opportunity in only allowing the 4 goals. Even though the Kingdom doesn't figure to advance, this goaltender swap will be in effect for the next match. Another team getting their first win was the Women's Cricket team. Even though hardly anyone in the Kingdom realizes we have a women's Cricket team, we are happy to know they won't go winless.

Men's football picked up a 2-1 win over Liverpool England. The tie was broken in the 83rd minute as the Monarchs controlled the second half of the match. The Monarchs are now 2-0-0 in Pool C, and if my quick math in my head is right, Hendrick4824 only needs to secure one more point to clinch moving forward out of their next two matches while Liverpool England and GarfieldtheFat must win out. But don't worry, Hendrick4824 will be playing to win their next two matches as they are especially enjoying the role of the underdog in football. Also, after winning their inspired Rugby match against Magnus Valerius, the Kingdom did not suffer a let down against Bostopia, beating them by a score of 16-8. It looked as though they are still playing with that same "us against the world" mentality they showed against the Valerians. Magnus Valerius rebounded nicely today, which only adds to what the Hendrickians accomplished in their first game.

Bad news for Women's Hockey as they tied Virginia Nova, 3-3. Only getting the tie will prevent them from advancing out of group play. Virginia Nova can't take any solace either as they too could have advanced had they won. The biggest disappointment for Hendrick4824 in this year's Olympics ma just be the softball team. They lost again, this time to a team from GarfieldTheFat that they really should have beaten. We don't really know or understand what is up with softball right now. Something is wrong, obviously. Unfortunately, it is leading for some in the Kingdom to call for the firing of the coach immediately at the conclusion of the Olympics. The women's volleyball team fell to 0-5, but unlike softball, they didn't really have any expectations so no one is really let down over it. Still we'd like to see them win and did give Bedistan a major scare today.

And now, we move on to the non-medal individual events, and the highlight here was the semifinal match between Kenneth Gaines and hometown Morris Alvino of Casari. Feeding off the emotion of fighting in front of his home fans, Alvino fought Gaines tooth-and-nail for the first round, but Gaines eventually took command of the fight in the second round and Alvino could not recover. Alvino was eventually knocked down late in the second round, and again midway through the third. The powerful Gaines will fight Starblaydia's Kurt Heishman for the gold. Former Hendrickian boxing great Mitch Bryson says that Gaines should bring home the gold, "Gaines is in a zone right now. He is real smart in the ring, and he has so much strength, and right now he wants the gold. Heishman is a worthy challenger for a gold, but looking at these two, Gaines should prevail."

We got some other good results too, and one that really jumps out at us is that fact that Swaine and Lacey have jumped up to 3rd place overall after 8 races of the Men's 470. It seemed like we had written them off a few days ago, but they have valiantly battled back and now are in a position where we may get our medal hopes up. They were 6th in race 7 and 2nd in race 8. They got momentum working in their favor now, so check these guys out in their upcoming races. Michael Lacey said, "One race at a time, my friends. We are doing better then we could have ever imagined but one bad race can knock us out of it again, so right now, we take it one race at a time." Also out on the open waters, the Kingdom got two very strong performances from our men's double canoe teams. Fernandez and Trujillo currently stand 2nd overall, and are just .03 off the lead while Hawks and Mendez are 4th, .06 behind their countrymates. It wasn't a great day for the rowers, but Erica Henderson and Ashley Pickens just qualified in the Coxless Pair Repechage.

Elsewhere, diving was a lost cause as Rachel Tanner's 8th place was the only Hendrickian to qualify in any of the diving events that took place. After convincingly winning the first set, Caprette and Stanish fell to Mba and Tamang. Jessica Manzer won race 7 of the women's RS:X, and if the Hendrickians ever had some consistency in this event, then we could have had a shot at a medal. But we have performed well in this event at times, and that should at least show that we have potential. Couple in the performance of Lacey and Swaine, and it definitely appears as though Hendrickian sailing is on the upswing. Both beach volleyball men's pairs lost, although it's still about the women. The big news was Danielle Perotti's confirmation that nothing is wrong after their loss in day 9.

There is your day 10 report. We will see you tomorrow.
02-08-2006, 14:26
[um, I'm not sure what happened, but I appear to have had an all-Wentland women's tennis final, between 2 wrestlers...]

Olympic Report on day 9 decided to focus on the Wentland team and interviewed Gerald Sincity for details.

“So far, the Wentland swimming team has returned no medals, but that was not unexpected. What was unexpected, however, is that none of them drowned.

“Suzanne Cox put in a great performance in the 100m freestyle but was a scant two-tenths away from a semi final place – not as heartbreaking as Kim Williams’ missing out by four-hundredths in the backstroke. That gained her Performance of the Week from the WOC.”

“They did however make a final in the relay, which was more than expected?”

“Indeed. The badminton was a bit of a disappointment, but Lydia Costa put in a fighting performance in the first round. Despite the blow of going a set down she rode back mightily and crushed her opponent Murray 15-1 in the decider. Alas the effort was too much and she went out in Round 2, although Emma Gayle marched on.”

“Women’s football has taken off of late, hasn’t it?”

“Yes. The Blue Tits’ performance in World Cup 2 caught the imagination and the country is hoping they will do well. So far they have a 100% record after 3 matches and are looking very good indeed.

“The men were not expected to do so well but a draw with Starblaydia certainly put them in the mood to go on…that’s possibly the best ever result for the men’s team.”

”But of course the biggest news comes from the wrestling. So far there have been some dominant performances and medals are looking likely. Poor Princess Keeley was squashed in less than thirty seconds by Penny Grainger but even she did well compared to Amanda Colanno, who submitted within ten to Coleen O’Laughlin’s stranglehold.

“Amelia Price was unlucky enough to face the firecracker Sonya Maiden and so was eliminated by one of her countrywomen, as was Martha Haggerty. But generally the women’s wrestling has been a success with guaranteed medals in all of the events. We are looking forward to the Miller-Dawson struggle in the women’s heavyweight final – there is a guaranteed gold for Wentland there And the Davies-Gregan rivalry reaches a pitch in another final. Guaranteed golds all the way!”

Day 9 was good. Day 10 was even better.
The Weegies
02-08-2006, 14:57
The Weegie Star
Weegie Sporting Authorities "Livid" At Archregimancy Protest Usurpation

The Weegie Department of Sports, Culture, and Miscellaneous Others has launched an official complaint about the behavoir of the Archregimancy's Olympic Committie, MOCTA, maintaining that it, The Weegies, rather than the Archregimancy was "the sporting nation most likely to kick up a fuss and whinge needlessly, and generally be a bloody pest to whoever is organising the thing." and that the MOCTA complaints "were undermining the system of bloody-minded argument towards everyone and anyone which has served The Weegies so well in their history of sporting achievements."

The Weegie sporting authorities have a long and varied history of complaining, whining, and bitching. In this they have usually been supported, in a fit of populist outrage not usually seen by those viewing sporting authority politics, by the Islander's Army, who act as the "shock troops", usually finding the sporting headquarters of the sporting body perceived to be outrageously biased and with remarkable skill and protesting outside it, erecting tents, taunting policemen, and generally enacting all the air of a riot without as much senseless violence, and a lot more throwing of bizarre inanimate objects that the Weegie crowd "jus' happened tae find oan yer street, pal".

Notable whinges of the Weegie sporting authorities include the moan made by many when the groups had to be rearranged after an excellent 3-1 victory for The Weegies a couple of World Cups ago, and the fuss made over the Andossa Se Mitrin Vega/Cuation "player-trading" scandal, where the two sides tried to swap players, earning Cuation (who were in The Weegies' group) the undying enmity of Weegie fans, something enforced by Cuation continually beating The Weegies.

"It's shocking." said Marten Aigh Niall, and official of the WOC (Weegie Olympic Committee. "Year after year we've moaned, whined, whinged, dummy-spat, tantrummed, annoyed, pestered and bitched, and we've never gotten our way, but here come the Archregimancy and try to steal the thunder from under us. It's unsportsmanlike. It's unheard of. Most of all, it's really not bloody fair, and I'll be letting the relevant authorities know in a 213 page report entitled "The Archregimancy: Those Bastards" to be delivered later today."

Some 300 Weegies have already turned up outside MOCTA with signs, tents, and a vocabulary that will confuse some and infuriate others of the Archregimancy. Since The Archregimancy is essentially a meditated realm that exists only in another plane of existance which requires the belief of the Orthodox priests of the Archregimancy, it is unknown exactly how such a number of rowdy drunken Weegies managed to get into such a realm, never mind find MOCTA, throwing broken biscuits, a large number of monastic robes and rubber bricks at anyone who manages to sneak out for a quick confirmation.
02-08-2006, 17:01
RM"Hello, I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Due to scheduling conflicts we werent on yesterday, so lets looks at the last 2 days results."

WR"On Day 9"

RM"Emilia Talulla got Quakmybush's second medal with a silver in the 400m Individula Medley."

WR"The Women's Points Race Cycling Team, finished 21st."

RM"The Men's Water Polo team defeated Malabra 7-5."

WR"Laverne Artur advanced to the Quater Finals by defeating Jon-Pol Merani."

RM"The Men's Baseball Team shutout Magnus Valerius 7-0."

WR"The Men's Basketball team beat Allanea 76-64."

RM"Wade Brayden sits 25th in the Men's Single Canoe."

WR"Sigurn Irene sits 24th in the Women's Single Kayak."

RM"The Men's Cricket team defeated United Island Empires by 8 runs."

WR"The Women's Football team lost 4-0 to Starblaydia."

RM"The Women's Handball team lost 25-16 to Casari."

WR"The Men's Volleyball team won their 3rd in a row, 25-10, 14-25, 18-25, 25-1, 25-17 over Casari."

RM"The Women's Beach Volleyball team of Gertruids and Hanna lost to Lew and Bannon of Dorian and Sonya, 21-18, 21-6."

WR"Now for Day 10."

RM"Mairtin Rueben qualified for the finals of the Men's 3m Springboard."

WR"Victor Cyriacus qualified for the finals of the Men's 10m Platform."

RM"Anais Blair failed to qualify for the Women's 3m Springboard."

WR"Phile Khalida failed to qualify for the Women's 10m Platform."

RM"The Women's Water Polo suffered a 15-4 loss to Magnus Valerius."

WR"The Men's Doubles Badminton team of Yuliy and Mackenzie lost to Feeney and Zaoui of Aridda 15-8, 15-13."

RM"Serafim Jacopo sits 30th in the Men's Single Kayak."

WR"The Men's Football Team drew Allanea 2-2."

RM"The Men's Handball team defeated New Montreal States 26-22."

WR"The Women's Hockey Team lost 5-2 to Carvalo."

RM"The Men's Rugby Sevens lost 8-5 to United Island Empires."

WR"The Women's Softball team lost 1-0 to Bedistan."

RM"The Women's Volleyball Team lost to GarfieldtheFat 25-12, 25-17, 11-25, 25-16."

WR"That's all the time we have. I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"And I'm Ron Mclearn. Thank you and good day."
02-08-2006, 17:37
Day 10: Age of Gold

“Welcome to Olympic Special, where we are hoping for a glorious day for Wentland. At present we do not have a single medal on the board – not even wet paper – but today we are guaranteed some as there are all Wentland finals in a couple of events.

“Plus we are hoping for some success in other events as well…with that we have to go straight to the Olympic coverage from the cycling, as the Madison final is taking place…”

No-one had much interest in the Madison, other than trying to work out the rules; one of the reasons Wentland had not sent a team was because in the World Championships the Went pair were playing by the Stovold variation and thus were caught in a diagonal at Aldwych. And the gymnastics had not caused much excitement after His Majesty was caught describing it as “choreographed deviancy” when confronted with a 14 year old girl doing the splits.

But the big events took place in the Gymnasion where the wrestling finals and play-offs were to be held. First up was the women’s lightweight freestyle bronze play-off where Kathy Gregan became the first Went athlete to claim a medal when she narrowly defeated Lowden on points.

But Wentland was guaranteed a medal in the final as tiny Evie Regan faced powerful Bedistani Paula Barnes. Regan’s game plan was exhausting in its effort; she had been nicknamed the Mosquito for her constant buzzing around the combat zone, striking and moving, striking and moving, and took Barnes down with a reverse knee clip. Suddenly Barnes could not use her size advantage and Regan’s striking prevented her from arising. Such was Barnes’ power that Regan could not force her to quit but as the time ran out there was only one winner. With a six point advantage Evie Regan had the gold.

There was more glory in the middleweights. Although O’Laughlin surprisingly lost to Nîràjîn in the bronze match the Rising Sun Sonya Maiden was the overwhelming favourite in the final and proved herself worthy of the label with a quick pinfall victory over the hapless Lamore, a waist-lock being turned into an almighty reverse bridge and the poor Dorian and Sonyan athlete almost being knocked out when driven backwards into the mat. By the time she recovered her senses Maiden’s arm was aloft and it was 2 golds for Wentland.

(Gregan’s effort to win bronze cost her later, as she took silver in the wrest-nis final, a strange mixture of grappling and tennis, when she lost to Lolita Davies who knocked her down with a forearm smash.)
02-08-2006, 19:06
Diving Qualifiers

Several Malabrian divers make the cut in Day 10.

ASHFORD, CASARI--Malabra had some success today in the pool, with seven Malabrians qualifying to the next round.

Of these seven, three of the four entries for the Womens' 10m Platform qualified. The members of this team are Nikwa Nikna, Irnaq Mika, Mikbar Nikrana, Harietana Nikaiq. Nikna qualified second, while Nikrana is in last place, twentieth. Nikaiq was the only Malabrian to fail to qualify in this event.

In the Womens' 3m Springboard, only Manda Nabq and Irai Kina qualified. They placed fourteenth and eighteenth, respectively. Jamiq Orswana, in twenty-eighth, and Jndaqa Niaka, in thirty-third, both failed to qualify.

The single Malabrian left in the Mens' 10m Platform competition is Mnaqihyu Jhuygb, who placed a respectable sixth place. Hngaqb Hanq, Uqyr Naqr, and Oruiabq Nhtuh all failed to qualify.

Mens' 3m Springboard action saw one Malabrian, Xanaq Ndaq, qualify in seventeenth place. Mneia Nhqa, Mnbaq Ianq, and Dnaqo Ori were the stragglers.

All of the diving events mentioned in this article were cut to just twenty swimmers left in the respective competitions.


First in the World

A Malabrian gymnast has her dream come true.

ASHFORD, CASARI--In Day 9 yesterday, a young Malabrian gymnast named Danas Disakq won Malabra's first gold medal of the Summer Olympic Games and the first overall for any Olympic Games.

She did so in the Womens' Floor Exercise competion with a score of 9.958, beating out her competitors Violet Ein of host nation Casari, with a score of 9.656, and Wilma Tavarez of Milchama, with a score of 9.616.

The streets in her small home town, Ujdan (in the province of Jamaria), were filled with most of her fellow townspeople celebrating her victory. Flags were waved and the national anthem was sung.

It seemed fitting that she won because most of her life was a struggle. When she was a child her dream was to be an olympic gymnast, but her family was too poor to buy her the necessary equipment. Added was the fact that the nearest gym wasn't for another 300 miles away. In this rural farmland, most of the townspeople are poor.

She changed her life, however, when she started saving for college at a very young age. She did odd jobs around town and amazingly, by the time she was eighteen, had enough to go to a small community college in a nearby city. From there she earned enough money to train in her sport, leading her to go to hundreds of competitions accross both the country and the international scene. During this time the politcal climate of Malabra shifted to a constitutional monarchy and it improved both her life and the life of others. Earning more and more money, she began to finally make a normal living.

At the time she wasn't aware of any major international competitions in her sport because there weren't any planned, but when the Olympics were organized, she relished the opportunity.

"I just knew it was meant to be. I was so excited for it to start," Disakq stated.

Both Articles from the Malabrian Times:
Magnus Valerius
03-08-2006, 01:32
The Olympic Village
The Valerian Complex

The VICAO, in its efforts to keep up morale amongst the team for further great performances, held a feast and get-together for the athletes in the Valerian Olympic Team. With all sorts of foods, both Valerian, Casarian, and God-knows-what-nationality foods. The "Mongolian BBQ", "Korean Catering Table", "Indigenous Casarian Cuisine" and "French Finger Foods" were really popular with the athletes, to say the least, although Valerian Voreshk and Sun-Dried Apricot & Honey Crepes were the all-time favorites that reminded many of home.

After the food and chatting, however, came a good supply of alcohol. "DRINK! BE MERRY!" bellowed Benjamin Yakovsky, who organized this event. The Valerians helped themselves to all sorts of international liquors, and began playing the "Drinking Olympics", mimicking many of the events in the Summer Olympics. For example, there are the "divers", where someone has to make a coin within a cup ten feet away. With every miss comes a fresh beer... Needless to say, many Valerians were floored by this game and several others that the team made up themselves.

However, as many turned in for the night after a round of eating and drinking, some were far gone and they could not sit still. They left the complex to find clubs or something else to do, including a quartet of women who are very familiar with drunken debauchery. These women, well, comprise Magnus Valerius' women's relay team, Team Mintleaf. Tonight, they were out in the Olympic Village to cause mischief.

The Olympic Village

Lois O'Brien, Yuki Itakara, Fabia Vodiyeev, and Ophelia Villebleu have recently rosen to fame (or perhaps infamy) in Magnus Valerius thanks to their hard-won silver medal and their interesting forays into the Nightlife of Ashford, Casari. Yuki stumbled around with Fabia trying to support her while Ophelia was busy eating something she saved from the dinner earlier this night. Lois burped and spun on her heel with a beer in hand.

"Hey girls, how about we, uh... I know! Go and see the folks from The Archregimancy! That will be fun!"

Yuki woke up from her drunken haze and added with a smile, "Ooh, uh, why don't we, uh, go and break in their complex and steal one of their icons?"

"That would be fun!" snorted Fabia as she stumbled onto a bush. "And it would be... secret. And fun!"

The women laughed, and they decided to run (albeit drunkenly) over to the compound belonging to the small team from The Archregimancy. Yuki peeked into the window as Ophleia finished eating a sliver of meat. Fabia gazed around to see whether they brought any icons. But before they could hatch their plain in their stupors, Ophelia remarked, "Where's Lois?"

The three drunk girls looked around until they saw the reckless Lois O'Brein dancing in the lawn. Somehow, her clothes got... misplaced. She sang a song, filled with intoxicated lyrics before collapsing on the grass. The other girls perked up and quickly ran over to the passed-out woman. Yuki grabbed some leafy branches to cover one portion of Lois while Fabia covered the rest with the flag of Casari that she quickly reeled down from a flagpole. Apparently some Casarian officials will be wondering what happened to their flag overnight.

"There! Now no one will know!" said Ophelia. The celibate monks, who would have been appalled in more ways than one at the sight of a naked woman in front of their compounds, would sleep easy as the antics of the four drunk ladies would be cut off short tonight. The women hurried back with the collapsed Lois in tow back to the Valerian compound. They weren't without spectators. The Valerian Men's Rugby team were out for a smoke, talking over random topics while enjoying some cigarettes. Perhaps the most exciting thing for them to see were four drunk women, one wrapped in a flag and leaves, stumbling as fast as they could to get back into the Valerian Compound.

Of course, Lois O'Brien's clothes are still out there... somewhere.
03-08-2006, 02:06
[um, I'm not sure what happened, but I appear to have had an all-Wentland women's tennis final, between 2 wrestlers...]

Yup, this would date back to me messing up Women's Singles before once again, after which I took the Wrestling data instead. I would also like to note that I hate scorinating wrestling *and* tennis. Eitherway, just telling me "Hey, this doesn't seem right." is a lot more helpful. :p
03-08-2006, 04:52
Well we're over a week now and we only have 6 medals. Apparently the Milchamian athletes have not been listening to my plees to not suck outside of shooting. We only have 6 medals and are barely in the top 10. We need some good results quickly espiecially because our boxers are sucking big time and we were depending on them to actually win something.

Well we actually have sucked less. We have doubled our medal count in the last 2 days which is good including a gold medal in tennis which is excellent. Now we just need to keep that success up and I'm sure we will do great incredible things in the future. Now you Warrior athletes keep up your spirit and all will go well.

Well our complaints can only do so much so with that we're signing off on Milchama's tri daily Olympic Report. I'm Douglas Jeffrey Good night all.
Dorian and Sonya
03-08-2006, 07:17
Slow but still Productive Day

The Queen’s stay in Casari was turning into a nice little vacation. Preferred seating at events, when she chose, and mingling with fans from elsewhere at others. A wondrous hotel to be staying at. And a wonderful dinner last evening. The people of Casari were really quite nice. Except for that jerk at the pizza place. What do they mean they don’t deliver after 2 AM. Idiots.


Diving’s 10m platform men’s diving finals saw Jerold Stridiron capture the Bronze medal and nearly get the Silver if not for an absolutely horrid 8th dive.

Women’s 3m Springboard did see Tiffanie Hugron take Silver. Her final dive was as close to perfection as you can actually get.

Gold 8
Silver 9
Bronze 8

Now we cant wait for the events we are supposed to do well in. Swords and such.

Women’s Basketball Dorian and Sonya 80, defeated Schiavonia 70 a hard will played game for both squads. That give the women there fourth win which keeps them at the top of there group.

In Men’s Individule sprint final see Chas Presume will be going up against Pete Haddlesey of Weegies for the Bronze medal.

In women’s football D&S defeated Magnus Valerius 2:1

Women’s hand ball Dorian and Sonya 25, Schiavonia 16 for there second win

Men’s Coxless pairs semifinals see’s the team of Macnevin/Douvia come in first maybe another medal will be coming soon. And the Women’s team of Cully/Diedrich came in at fourth. Men’s 470 standings leaves the team of Indermuehle/Desporte in the third spot. 49er’s standings the team of Courtad/Logarbo is currently in sixth.

Men’s Volleyball D&S defeated Malabra 25-12, 15-19, 22-15, 25-21 which takes them to 3 wins and 2 losses.

And that will bring us to the end of a somewhat short day compared to some of the days that we have had, but it was a good day in all. We will see you again tomorrow for more highlights from the Olympics here at Casari Good Luck and Good Night to all.
The Archregimancy
03-08-2006, 07:57

Team Mystified By Presence of Feminine Undergarments Outside Quarters

The Monastic Olympic Committee of the Archregimancy protested to the NSOC today over a claim from the Weegies that the Archregimancy was "undermining the system of bloody-minded argument towards everyone and anyone which has served The Weegies so well in their history of sporting achievements."

"Is outrage!" said team spokesman Fr. Vasily the Heavily-Accented. "The Orthodox have been making the complaints for two thousand years! The First Ecumenical Council in 325AD, it was the complaining against the Arians. The Third Ecumenical Council in 431AD, it was the complaining against the Nestorians. The Fourth Ecumenical Council of 451, it was the complaining against the Monophysites. The Sixth Ecumenical Council of 680, it was the complaining against the Monothelites. The Seventh Ecumenical Council of 787, it was the complaining against the iconoclasts. The Second and Fifth Councils, they were not so much with the complaining, but the Orthodox Church has been making the complaining longer than the Weegies, and so now we be making the complaining against the Catholics of Casari."

"I believe that what Fr. Vasily is trying to say" said a senior archimandrite, speaking on condition of anonymity "is that the long and rich tradition of intellectual debate within Orthodoxy has enabled us to gain particular insight and experience into how to voice our concerns over certain matters, and that we shan't be lectured to in this regard by some wee glaikit Weegies."

In other news, the Archregimancy's Olympic team were baffled to find a woman's discarded undergarments, sewn with the initials "L O'B" outside the team's compound this morning. The team are said to be 'mystified', and suspect Weegian involvement.

Cricket Team Lose - Sailors in Poll Position - Canoeing Disappointment

In sporting news, Archregimancy sports fans were palpitating with excitement after watching no fewer than three events on the very same day. The less said about the men's single canoeing, the better. Further disappointment came in the cricket where the Willow Wonder Workers lost their first match, albeit against undefeated pool leaders Starblaydia. For once the patient and meditative style of captain Fr. John the Hesychast let the team down as a slow run rate early in the team's innings led to the batsman falling 20 runs short of the total set by the opposition.

But the really exciting news comes in the Mens 470 sailing event, where Fr. Nicholas and Fr. Gabriel lead the standings despite coming no higher than third in races 9 and 10. Some clever strategic racing kept them ahead of their nearest rivals, and they must now be favourites to win the gold medal. The entire team is eager to hear the Archregimancy's two hour long national anthem played in its entirety for the first time in these Olympic games.

Up Close And Personal With Fr. Vasily

MOCTA spokesman Fr. Vasily the Heavily-Accented has achieved cult status in these Olympics with his witty catchphrase "Is outrage!" The Monastic Times today profiles this popular monk....

Fr. Vasily was born in the Holy Empire to faithful servants of the Orthodox Church some 56 years ago. Named after Saint Basil the Great, he soon showed an interest in the theological history of Orthodoxy, and entered seminary at the age of 18. Tragically, a fall from a tall bell tower shortly afterwards left him with severe brain trauma, and when he awoke from his coma, he could only speak with a thick Russian accent. Believing his desire for a career in Orthodox broadcasting was shattered forever, he left the Holy Empire soon afterwards for a life of quiet contemplation in the Archregimancy monastery of Borisoglebsky.

But God directed Fr. Vasily's desire for a media career in a new and exciting direction when he was asked to write the Holy Empire Herald's "Agony Monk" column on the basis that as the new boy, he was best placed to understand the concerns of non-monastics outside the Archregimancy.

"Ask Fr. Vasily" soon became one of the most popular columns in the Herald. We joined Fr. Vasily as he wrote this week's column. "Is outrage!" he said. "Only 1500 letters a week I get! I can only answer so few!" As we were talking to Fr. Vasily, he kindly allowed us to watch him writing this week's column, which - for reasons that are not entirely clear to this reporter - are also written in a Russian accent.

Dear Father Vasiliy,

This month on my church calendar I saw the feast of the Venerable Zacharia to the Rescue. What does that mean, "to the Rescue"? Was he a superhero? Did he save people?

Perplexed in St. Mary's City

Dear St. Mary's City:

You are not perplexed, only needing new prescription lenses. This is not Venerable Zacharia to Rescue, this is Venerable Zacharia, Recluse. Yes, he was superhero, because he was lover of God, and keeper of righteousness. And yes he saves people even now by most holy prayer. You could pray to holy Recluse while waiting in optometrist's office for new lenses. Please to mention sinful Father Vasiliy.

Signed, Father Vasiliy.

Dear Father Vasiliy,

I am not Orthodox, but my mother is converting to Orthodoxy, and I'm terribly afraid she might be making a huge mistake. Please confirm that you believe in the Bible, and my mind will rest at ease.

Baptist in Bellevue.

Dear Bellevue:

Believe in Bible? We wrote Bible! What is more we know what it means, unlike some groups of so-to-call-them Christians whose interpretations of Bible are little more than three or four hundred years old, which I could name but I refrain. You join your very smart Mama on this trip, and come home to Church of Jesus and Apostles. They will keep light on for you.

Signed, Father Vasiliy.

Dear Father Vasiliy,

I don't like tofu.

Tasteful in Trenchtown

Dear Trehnctown

Who does? The fasting is not about eating what we are liking, but about seeking God. But please to try it floured and pan-fried, with steamed broccoli and oyster sauce.

Signed, Father Vasiliy.

Dear Father Vasiliy,

Why are shrimp considered vegetables in Orthodoxy?

Loophole Lover in Lakewood

Dear Lakewood:

This is employment security for writers of Orthodox question-and-answer columns. Ha ha! Father Vasiliy make little joke. Some say that they were left off lists of forbidden foods so poor people could have source of protein. This however implies compassion on part of makers of rules, but we all know compassion comes from "com" meaning "with" and "passion" meaning "evil desire which drags one away from God," so this cannot be true. Fact of matter is, decision is buried in rubble of ancient history and we will probably never know why shrimp are vegetables, at least in this life. Rumours that ancient fathers who made rules were heavily invested in harvesting and marketing shellfish and mollusks are surely probably completely false, presumably.

Signed, Father Vasiliy

[OOC - with grateful acknowledgement to the oniondome website for my rampant plaigiarism]
03-08-2006, 13:02

Two medals were won today by the Kingdom as the Olympic Games in Casari are approaching their halfway point. Time certainly flies while you are having fun. Some athletes from other nations may be having a little too much fun, but Hendrickian athletes have kept quite a good focus. The medals won were a gold and a silver, the gold being delivered by Cynthia Lorraine in the heavyweight division of women's judo and Danny Sorenson settling for a silver in the lightweight division of men's boxing. We'll start with Sorenson, who peaked at the right time before reaching the gold medal match against Mickey O'Rourke from The Weegies. Sorenson was a little down when he accepted his silver medal, and it can be understood why. There may not be a harder sport out there if you think about it to have to accept a silver medal in. Come so close only to have someone beat you up in the end and then have to listen to their anthem. And that was the tune of his post-fight remarks, "I know I should be happy with the silver. If you told me at the beginning of the Olympics I would win a silver I would have taken it. But man, I was one fight away from winning gold. I would love to meet O'Rourke again later in my career. I mean yeah, he deserved his win and his medal. I have nothing against him at all. I guess I'll feel better about it later!" Hendrick4824 now eagerly anticipates the gold medal fight of Kenneth Gaines. We have tried to get pre-fight comments from Gaines, but he has been hard to reach because he is zoning out everything right now besides training for his big fight and analyzing Kurt Heishman of Starblaydia in every possible way. "That's just Kenneth", said Sorenson, "not only is he an amazing boxer he's also very studious and I think that's what gives him a level or ring presence that I could only wish to have. He should do what I didn't in his gold medal match." His girlfriend, Stefanie Tremblay, who herself tried out for the women's gymnastics team but did not make the cut, hasn't even spent much time with him, "I think it's kinda cute actually how he gets himself all ready for his big fights. I can't wait for him to knock that guy all the way back to Starblaydia. I'll have my time with him after (smiles very wide)."

Christina Lorraine, who won the 1988 Gold Medal in the Tundran Olympics may have seen her daughter outdo her today. Cynthia Lorraine defeated Virginia Xie of Casari for a gold medal, not in the Tundran Olympics, but in the worldwide 2006 Ashford Games, doing so by beating a hometown athlete in the process. During the fight, Christina Lorraine seemed to be a nervous wreck. Both Cynthia and Virginia had their moments in the duel, but Cynthia got the best of Xie in the end. Cynthia paid tribute to her mother in her post-fight comments, "She helped me get here, in getting me started with Judo early and showing her medal displayed at home. It made me want to get one of my own. I got all the instruction I needed at home. Judo is sometimes all about your conditioning and intelligence as a fighter. Everyone for the most part that is here at these Olympics has a lot of strength, so its really about being technically smart and prepared that can be the difference. Having my mom know what it takes, it really helped me out. I am honored to have won this gold and I dedicate it to her. I kinda enjoyed having the crowd cheer for Virginia too. I like being the underdog and it motivated me to disappoint the hometown fans." When "Always In Our Hearts" played and the flag rose to the top with Cynthia Lorraine at the podium, mother Christina tried to hold back her tears, but couldn't and broke down with joy. "Every mother dreams of this but when she's followed in your footsteps, I just don't know what to say I am just so happy right now!" Courtney Lorraine, who Cynthia defeated in the quarterfinals, was there with her mom as well and consoled her. Courtney had that look of "that'll be me in 4 years" in her eyes, but was also real proud of her sister.

Hendrick4824 had a few close calls to speak of. Diving events however, were not. The single canoeing/kayaking events did not go as well as the doubles did yesterday for the men, but Amy Irvin was a just .02 away from winning a bronze in the women's single kayak, where she was 4th overall. The Hendrickian ladies in women's group rhymtic gymnastics competition were 5th.

Now in non-medal team pool play, a women's football game between Hendrick4824 and Qazox was the highlight. The two nations both have played extremely well and were solidly 1-2 in Group B and knew they would advance. The match was all about who would get that bye to the quarterfinals. Qazox rolled past their previous competition, and scored in the 8th minute to take a 1-0 lead. But 3 minutes later, in the 11th the Lady Monarchs responded and the Qazox team got the message that this match would be a little more difficult. It stayed 1-1 all the way until the 65th minute when Qazox scored to make it 2-1, but like before, Hendrick4824 responded quickly, in the 69th minute. A goal in the 88th minute by Qazox was clutch for them, and scored late enough to not allow the Lady Monarchs a chance to tie it again. But they almost did as Hendrick4824 banged one off the crossbar in stoppage time. Qazox gets the bye to the quarterfinal and Hendrick4824 will try to join them there out of the playoff round in a game that looks like it is against Malabra. As strong as Qazox was, don't be surprised if they win gold. And maybe having to work hard like this and earn a close victory will help prepare them as they move on.

Another story is in volleyball, where the combined record of the Hendrickian men's and women's team is now 0-9. We didn't think they would be THIS bad. Andossa SMV needed 5 sets to avoid the upset. We wouldn't have been as surprised if cricket was a combined 0-9, though. There were a couple of team victories, and they came in baseball and in women's handball. The win by women's handball puts them at 2-0 and atop pool C. This team has the ability to medal, and so far they are looking on top of their game. Baseball's 5-2 win over Chicanada puts them in a tiebreaker game with Dorian and Sonya in order to advance. Some people in the Kingdom are putting pressure on Hendrick4824 superstar pitcher Michael McCafferty to leave his hometown team and join the Olympic team and pitch that game. Those people were then told that is not legal. If Hendrick4824 does not advance, look for the Kingdom to give its complete support to Jeffgordonville's team, as the fellow Tundran nation has still been shut out of a medal in these Olympic Games. However, it would also be nice for our paths to cross with Jeffgordonville, too. The baseball traditions of Hendrick4824 and Dorian & Sonya are widely different. Dorian and Sonya doesn't seem to have the same commitment to baseball as it is a national pastime here. Their reporters didn't even mention this showdown! In Hendrick4824, just about everyone will be watching this game. Losing.... to them... would be an insult, expect the stadium to be packed with Hendrickian supporters since not many from D & S are buying tickets. Rumors have it that even some D & S players are considering playing for Hendrickian teams after the Olympics because they can get paid so much more here when they turn professional.

Now, if we may turn your attention to the individual non medal events. Unfortunately, Swaine and Lacey could not keep up the momentum that they had built up going into today in any whatsoever as they finished last and next to last. Oh well, guess we got a little too excited there for the good ol' Mens 470. But it increased TV ratings for sailing, so there is some good to report there. On the women's side in the RS:X, more potential and lack of consistency was shown. Julie Masolino was second in race 10, but 33rd in race 9. That pretty much tells the tale of how Hendrickian sailing, both genders, continues to perform.

In men's badminton, Jeremy Caprette won a quarterfinal then lost in the semifinal, and will have a chance for a bronze when he faces off against Ron Mangaro, from Schiavonia. Erica Henderson and Ashley Pickens sat atop at women's coxless pair semifinal in rowing in what was a very close competition. Henderson talked about it, "It was such a close race today. It's great to win a semifinal, but it's more important to win the final." They will not be joined by Jenna Bulluck and Megan Marhenke in the final, as they finished 9th.

And that will do it for the day 11 report. We'll be back tomorrow.
03-08-2006, 14:52
This is it...the big one...Missy Miller and Jane "The Pain" Dawson...Miller is the overwhelming favourite - literally...her girth is surely going to be too great for Dawson to handle...

They match up...Miller clearly the stronger and Dawson has to withdraw...moves in for a throw but moves out again...Dawson has to keep moving, if she is caught once by Miller that could be it...

Dawson in again...Miller stolid and on her feet...Miller dominating the middle of the mat and Dawson scooting around on the outside...Dawson in again but Miller has her...Miller lifts her high and rotates Dawson and down - shoulders to the mat - one, two - that's IT!!! As quickly as that Missy Miller WINS the Olympic Gold!! And she is exultant...Dawson distraught at having lost so quickly but she will eventually be happy with silver...yet again "Keep Right On" will echo through these halls for Wentland's third gold of the Games...
03-08-2006, 18:03
WR"Hello, I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"And I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"Let's look at the results for Day 11."

RM"Mairtín Reuben finished 14th in the Men's 3m Springboard final."

WR"Victor Cyriacus finshed 7th in the Men's 10m Platform Final."

RM"Wade Brayden missed the podium by less then a second finishing 5th in the Men's Single Canoe."

WR"Sigurn Irene also missed the podium by less than a second and finsished 6th in the Women's Single Kayak."

RM"Quakmybush currently sits 21st in the Medal Standings with 1 Gold and 1 Silver."

WR"That's pretty good so far."


WR"Now for more results."

RM"Laverna Artur won his quater final match 15-11, 15-11 over Simeon Vassilikov of Schiavonia. He then won his semi final match 15-6, 2-15, 15-11 over Ron Mangaro of Schiavonia. He will now take on Antwan Neuwille of Baranxtu in the Men's Singles Badminton Finals."

WR"Thats very good, that guarntees another medal for Quakmybush."

RM"Ket's hope he can get a gold."

WR"The Men's Baseball team lost 2-0 to New Montreal States. However they still did advance to the next round with a 3-1 record."

RM"The Women's Basketball team defeated GarfieldtheFat 72-67. They currently sit tied for first in the group with a 2-1 record."

WR"The Men's cricket team defeated Milchima by 6 runs. They currently sit in third with a 3-2 record."

RM"The Women's Football team was eliminated yesterday. They lost 2-1 to Allanea and finished dead last in their group."

WR"The Women's Handball team lost 26-18 to Hendrick4824. They are sitting last in their group with an 0-2 record."

RM"The Men's Volleyball team won their 4th straight game 25-15, 2-25, 25-10, 7-25, 25-4 over Bedistan. They now sit atop their group with a 4-0 record."

WR"That's all the time we have."

RM"I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers, have a great day."
Bears Armed
03-08-2006, 18:43
Elga, Arrah, Silver and Ilda, the Bears' female wrestlers, talked as they walked back to their quarters after watching their sport's finals. They had all breezed through the initial qualifying round on day 5, but then overconfidence had led to the first two of them getting eliminated on the following day and although the others had worked harder and put up a better fight in the Semi-finals on the day after that -- Silver's match against the Sylvanian human Dorris Gaiter having lasted for a full hour -- they had both been defeated then...
And now, the best that any of the humans who had defeated them had been able to manage in the Finals was the bronze medal for third place!

"What went wrong?", Ilda asked of nobody in particular. "Should we have trained more with smaller opponents?"
"Maybe, maybe," Arrah replied.
"Maybe so", agreed Silver, but these humans mostly seem to react a bit quicker than us -- as the swim-sprinters have all found out as well -- which doesn't help either."
"That what happened to the Horde in their rugby game yesterday, too?" Ilda mused...
"Think so", said Silver. "When they got the ball they kept it, but the humans just seemed to get the ball more often and then be able to keep it away from them..."


(OOC: Slower-than-human reaction times probably are why the Bears have done worse than they hoped in those events, and why they probably won't qualify in the Rugby either, but after the initial qualifying round I really did think that the female wrestlers might have managed at least one medal. Oh well, maybe next time...
Sorry about the shortage of RP from me, so far, but I've found myself rather over-committed this week...)
03-08-2006, 21:55
Malabrians Advance

Womens' national soccer team advances with a win over The Weegies.

ASHFORD, CASARI--The Malabrian womens' soccer team has advanced out of group play with a 1-0 victory over The Weegies, it has been announced today. Malabra placed second in Pool E, while The Weegies got first place in the pool. Both Malabra and The Weegies ended with a record of 3-0-1. Fellow IDU member Baranxtu, also in Pool E, placed last and failed to get out of group play.

The women will play in a playoff round to decide who goes on to the quarter finals with the other top placing nations. In this round Malabra is seeded third, just ahead of fellow IDU member Ceorana.

Malabra will now play the delegation from Hendrick4824. They placed second in Pool B with a record of 2-1-1.

Being the national sport of Malabra, support is high for the women. Many expected soccer to be the nation's top sport in these Olympics, but so far the men have dissapointed the nation. The men have tied all of their games and need to win their next one.

From the Malabrian Times:
04-08-2006, 05:25
Rorysville's UIniforms for some of the Sports are finally on sale after delays getting them to the village for public sale the teams of course had first dibs and had them before the games started.

Rugby Sevens

of Course all events that Rorysville is Participating in at the moment are Team Oriented Sports and until the Shooting Starts there are no Individual Sports at the time.Stay tuned to RVSP for all Olympic Coverage
The Archregimancy
04-08-2006, 05:33


Great joy was brought unto the God-fearing monks of the Archregimancy today when - despite the heretical host nation openly admitting an anti-Orthodox plot to the harmless lackey delegated to post the official scores - Fr. Nicholas the Sailor and Fr. Gabriel the Skipper won the gold medal in the Men's 470 sailing event. With Pylosianakis and Vasilikov, the former leaders from Magnus Valerius, seemingly bent on self-destruction over the last three races, the two sailing monks knew they only needed to make sure Indermuehle and Desporte from Dorian and Sonya didn't finish too far ahead in the final race. The Valerians continued their run of bad form in 16th and won bronze; but while Indermuehle and Desporte finished in 5th, the two sailing fathers were close behind in 8th, thereby guaranteeing the Archregimancy's first gold of these games.

To the sound of much rejoicing from all six Archregimancy citizens at the medal ceremony - and, perhaps, some of the more devout Valerians - the Archregimancy's national anthem soon resounded through the sailing venue....

PRIEST: Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: now and ever, and unto ages of ages.

CHOIR: Amen.

<two hours later>

PRIEST: May He who rose again from the dead, Christ our true God,--through the intercessions of his all-immaculate and all-blameless holy Mother, by the might of the precious and life-giving Cross; by the protection of the honorable Bodiless Powers of heaven; at the supplication of the honorable, glorious Prophet, Fore-runner and Baptist John; of the holy, glorious, and all-laudable Apostles; of our father among the Saints John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople; of the holy, glorious and right-victorious Martyrs; of our venerable and God-bearing Fathers; whose memory we celebrate, and of all the Saints, have mercy upon us and save us, forasmuch as he is good and loveth mankind.

Through the prayers of our holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy upon us and save us.


PRIEST: The blessing of the Lord and his mercy come upon you; always: now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Perhaps some in the assembled crowd, at least those who stayed for the full two hours, feel that the Archregimancy could abbreviate its national anthem - silver medallists Indermuehle and Desporte were noticeably wilting by the end of the medal ceremony - but MOCTA continues to stress that shortening the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom would run counter to the spirit of Orthodoxy.

The sailing gold has perhaps overshadowed the dramatic silver medal performance of Fr. John of the Wintry Lakes and Fr. John of the Watery Wastes in the double canoe. Putting their disappointing solo results in the single canoe behind them, the two Fr. Johns put in a storming second day performance to rise from seventh to second. But for an even more extraordinary final day performance from UIE team Smith and Foster - and let it be placed on the record that MOCTA is willing to recognise excellent performances from heathens - the two Fr. Johns might well have won gold. The men's double canoe event was notable for its second day turnaround, with Chicanada team Simpson and Heidrix the only one of the first day's top five to finish the event in the top five - and even they were out of the medals. The top three places were filled by the teams placed 6th, 7th, and 8th on day one.

To celebrate these magnificent medal performances, MOCTA has called a 24 hour moratorium on all protests.
Dorian and Sonya
04-08-2006, 06:48

Four Score And Seven Yea......What? It Was Only Two Hours?

Queen Sonya was glad to be here in Casari, far away from the disappointments of the Mystical Unicorns in the Draggonnii Inviyatii up north. But then again, the weather was much nicer here as well.

The Queen was pleased to be witness to more medals won by Sylvanaes athletes.

Fencing. That’s right folks. The women got to play with blades today. And there was much reason to celebrate early in the Women’s Sabre competition as three Sylvanaes fencers all moved into the third round and two more into the 4th. But the luck ended there. In an event where we had to be considered the favorites, we managed only to obtain a lowly bronze medal by Holley Buyes. Some unknown fencers from Schiavonia and ASMV took the better two medals. And since The Archregimancy has issued a 24 hour “No Protest” bunch of bull, We hereby protest the utter lack of protesting being done today. ASMV and Schiavonia good with swords? Hogwash!

In Men’s 470 sailing, the team of Indermuehle/Desporte couldn’t manage to unseat the Friars of The Archregimancy for the Gold and instead brought home the Silver. Desporte has unofficially stated that the team was too busy laughing about what had been spray painted on the back of the Friar’s craft - “Friar 69” Again, this report is unconfirmed. But we do congratulate the monks on their Gold even if the two hour national anthem was way over the top. Afterwards, Indermuehle had to be carried off the podium as his legs were too cramped to walk. We also issue a protest on this fact. An amendment to the original protest states that if athletes are forced to partake in the national anthem of The Archregimancy, coffee must be made available to all non-orthodox that are present.

In other news, a report from Hendrick4824 has stated that D&S does not embrace the sport of baseball like they do and even goes as far as to state that players from the D&S team will play in said nation after the Olympics. Let’s look at the issues separately. First, since there are no swords being used in baseball they might just be right about that. Swords top bats any day. As for the second part, we have only one word to say - HOGWASH!. If truth be told, our players have intentions of seeking roster spots on clubs located in New Montreal States and Fmjphoenix. That is where the real money is. Milchama runs a distant third on the preferred list. Hendrick4824, I think, is somewhere near thirty - maybe.

In non-medal news

Synchronized Diving saw three teams qualify in events. Men’s 3m springboard and men’s and women’s 10m platform. Could this mean more unexpected medals in water sports?

Men’s Table Tennis
Rudolf Beau defeated Paul Handy of LEN 3-6, 6-2, 7-5
Oswaldo Feery defeated Mixhawl Hgha of Malabra 6-4, 6-1

Men’s Beach volleyball
Ilaria/Condell defeated Mihfax/Micna Malabra 21-8, 21-12

Men’s Greco-Roman Lightweight wrestling
Jude Panuccio defeated Jonathan King of Bedistan
Rey Gailun defeated Dallas Depaolo of Andossa Se Mitrin Vega

Men’s Greco-Roman Middleweight wrestling
Zack Lauschus defeated Pablo Ribo of Bedistan
Zackary Kaucher defeated Giles Montefaro of Carvalo
04-08-2006, 08:09
"The penultimate bout of the Greco-Roman Middleweight...Rocco against Împargo...Mark Rocco the overwhelming favourite in this event...they hook up and Rocco immediately takes control...throwing Împargo down and rolling him over, looking for a quick pin...Împargo holding on...they're close to the edge of the combat zone...referee calls a in the middle, I think Rocco got a point there...again Rocco takes control...still on their feet but Rocco looking for an arm grapevine...I think he's got it almost synched in...Împargo going down to the mat to roll out of it...Rocco on his back but he has the hold there...I think...yes, the referee taps the mat and Rocco has gained a sub- wait a minute, he's awarding the bout to Împargo! What is going on? He's signalling a pinfall...were Rocco's shoulders down for 2 seconds? But he was in control of the hold...this is remarkable...Mark Rocco is out and Wentland will go into mourning..."
04-08-2006, 14:57

After losing what he felt was a ridiculous decision in the men's middleweight gold medal match, Kenneth Gaines refused to accept a silver medal as well as refusing to take the podium during the medal ceremony. Despite knocking down Kurt Heishman twice in the match and not knocked down himself, Kenneth and most of the entire crowd were absolutely shocked when Heishman's arm was raised. "This has happened before in boxing, its nothing new," said former Hendrick4824 boxer Mitch Bryson, "But it doesn't mean its right. It's a part of boxing that we can never get rid of. When the whole arena goes quiet like that when an armed is raised that should tell you something. Heishman was a 80:1 longshot for this match, and you wonder what kind of an influence the bookies may have had in this outcome. I applaud Kenneth's decision to refuse the silver." Kenneth was firm in his post fight comments, "You all watched the fight so you all know who the real winner was. I don't need an (expletive) gold medal to know I was the best here today. Kurt can have the silver too. Because he knows too that's what he really deserved."

Unfortunately, this result caused alot of chaos in the stands and in the parking lot. A group of Hendrickian fans reportedly ganged up on and attacked some Starblaydian fans in the stands, and in the parking lot, a handful cars that had Starblaydian emblems on it saw their windows smashed and tires slashed, with one vehicle even set on fire. Ashford police quickly arrested these hooligans as they should, and their actions are greatly frowned upon by King Hendrick and the Royal Court. King Hendrick himself issued a Royal Decree on the matter: "My people, I am as disappointed as you are in the result of this fight. But we must conduct ourselves in an orderly manner. The actions of these people disgrace the Kingdom and are unacceptable. They should be tried to the full extent of Casari law. For everyone else please keep in mind that these people do not make up the majority of Hendrickians which are in Ashford that have been completely law abiding. Also, Kenneth will be given an honorary gold medal when he returns from Casari."

Many TV sets turned off in digust after the conclusion of this fight and weren't interested in anything else that went on. And quite frankly, neither were we.
04-08-2006, 21:15
The continued success of the women's football team was attracting readers to the various media in Wentland. Captain Anna Kumble had a column with heavyweight paper The Messenger:

Although our game against Andossa Se Mitrin Vega looked as if it were unimportant, as we had guaranteed our top two spot before kick-off, we were still anxious to finish on 100% to ensure a slightly easier seeding for the next round. Given that all the other group leaders were on three wins out of three we had to make sure we won well to guarantee a bye into the final eight.

Consequently we took great satisfaction from our four goal haul. All the team played magnificently, but if I were to highlight one performance it would have to be that of Tricia Yates, who did not score herself but was instrumental in creating three of the goals. And what a strike from Stacey Cadman for the fourth!

By this time we had received news that the Weegies were lagging behind and therefore a point would have sufficed for a seeded place, so we slackened a little and conceded a rather careless goal, but I did not grudge it from such gallant never-say-die opponents as ASMV. If there is a slight concern it is that keeping a clean sheet would have ensured we finished the group stages with the best record of all the teams, but perhaps it is better for us to have finished in bronze, as it takes some of the attention away. It is certainly a measure of pride that we conclude the group stage with the most goals of any team as goalscoring has hitherto been difficult. Let's hope our front line of Gemma and Thalia, not forgetting Mo and Honey, plus our attacking midfielders, can continue their spree in the knockout stages.

Whereas Anne Foy was contracted to write a blog for website

New Montreal States
04-08-2006, 23:02
Getting up Close and Personal With...

...Ramon the batboy

CASARI - With Montréalais atheletes continually disappointing, our edition of "Getting up Close and Personal With..." has turned to what everyone has agreed has been the most valuable member of the NMS contingent so far - Ramon the batboy, who works for the NMS baseball team, one of the few parts of the Olympic team that has been pulling its full weight.

Ramon, fifteen years of age, attends St-Jacques-de-Jerusalem, a private Orthodox academy in the suburbs of Sherbrooke, where he works for the Rénégats as a batboy. He was chosen as the side's batboy after winning the "Batboy Trials" imposed by the members of the team, consisting of various physical tests such as the Foul Ball Sprint to ensure fitness, diplomatic tests such as the Enraged Slugger and Drunken Fan test to see how well he could get along with various hostile parties, and the most important test of all: the Smuggling Vodka Past a Teetotaling Manager for the General Benefit of the Clubhouse Test, which he passed with flying colors. Thus proven to be the finest of over one hundred fifty candidates submitted by the finest professional clubs in the States, his parents signed ten thousand liability release forms and he winged his way to Casari, part of the official delegation.

From the first day in town he proved his cunning and bravery, securing exclusive access to the deck with the hot tubs for the baseball team by careful selection of rooms for the players, giving them the ability to restrict passage to the deck on grounds of privacy. The team's gratitude knew no bounds, especially when it was discovered that Ramon, thinking ahead, had taken a correspondance course in bartending under his father's name, and could correctly mix over 80 delicious cocktails from the contents of the minibar. Later on he proved adept at getting various individuals past security and into the building, and quickly found that he was just as successful in dealing with these individuals inside the hot tubs as he was in getting them there. All hands rejoiced that they had managed to obtain the services of such a resourceful youth!

The manager, growing angry at the fact that his players seemed to be spending more time carousing on the deck than they did training, began to consider sending Ramon back to Sherbrooke. When rumors of this potential disaster reached the batboy's ears, he lost no time springing into action to counter this threat. He tracked down a very, very special individual he had noticed at the opening game of the group stage and brought her back to the deck. Plying her with a variety of refreshing cocktails, he quickly and astutely set the situation for a seduction, then ducked inside as the manager came out on the deck. Everything worked to perfection, and with the manager having lost every last bit of the moral high ground, Ramon's job security was assured.

Ramon has contined to provide these duties as the Games continued. Gilles Villeneuve, Paul Chasson and Hubert Labranche have announced that they've procured his services for World Cup 30 qualifiers and tournament for the sum of $300,000, a very pretty sum for a boy of fifteen. His comments on the matter: "It's been a fun three weeks so far since we got here, and I'm looking forward to more of the same as the Olympics carry on."

Other Random News

Marcel Trudeau, head of the takeover team that plans to turn struggling Moncton Sands around, has announced that he "wouldn't say no" to signing foreign players, "provided they can take the scrutiny of playing day in, day out in a nation of 3 billions who take their professional baseball very seriously."
Dorian and Sonya
05-08-2006, 02:09 And Present:

The Success of a Backward Nation

Olympic profile for Dorian and Sonya

We here at the Sylvanaes Media Center, along with the Dorian & Sonya Olympic Committee, present an “Olympic Profile” on “The Success of a Backward Nation”.

The Sylvanaes Kingdom is considered by many nations of the world to be “Backwards”, “Uneducated”, and “Behind the times in Technology”. This may be true - but only to a certain extent. Castles, wooden ships, knights, Elves, Halflings, Dwarves, catapults, Unicorns, and even the mighty Dragons of old have been long since forgotten or abandoned for more advanced ideas or machines. Instead we tend to embrace our heritage and refuse to pretend that it is simply “best forgotten” or “complete myth”.

A great example of the beauty of our nation now sits in the harbor here in Ashford, Casari. The Galleons and Frigates used to transport our own athletes to these games have quite simply become the top tourist attraction present. Not bad for a bunch of relics that most nations and their people feel are outdated and best forgotten.

Other areas of Sylvanaes life receive much of the same thoughts until one actually visits them. Castles have been abandoned in most places in favor of sky rises, penthouses, and million dollar mansions. People tend to view our more traditional buildings as antiquated and outdated. But stop in and visit them for a bit. Feel the majesty that the walls and spires hold. The feelings are far more inspiring than those generated by the “syndicated” buildings most places offer. Just ask the Ambassadors from other lands who now use some of these castles as their embassies what it is like to be a part of the Royal family and all it can offer.

Ships and Architecture are not the only areas where the Sylvanaes excel. The Gardens that dot the countryside and palaces remember times when things were not so complicated. They bring a peace to the soul and tranquility to the world that surrounds them.

The life here is simple. None of the modern “rat race” to try to get ahead of one’s neighbor. None of the gangland riff-raff that makes one scared to leave their home at night. None of the worry of whether your child will make it safely home from school. Everything here has its place, and everything has an order which it will follow.

But the Sylvanaes Kingdom is much more than that. The D&S Olympic Committee has worked hard to prepare athletes for this first Summer Olympiad. During the Ylompic Games, our athletes in cycling had never even seen a bicycle before. We sent no athletes in more than half of the events, and could not even find decent competition for the sports we were good at. But that has changed. D&S athletes have been performing better than expected in many areas - especially water sports such as swimming. That is not as much of a surprise to us as to everyone else. D&S is a nation comprised of many small islands
and everyone knows how to swim. But there is a vast difference between casual swimming and Olympic style races, so we are proud of these athletes.

Take a look at the medal board for a moment. We currently sit in third on the table as ranked by color of medal and second overall in medal count. Not bad for a nation that still considers Knights to be its police force, sails from area to area in wooden ships, uses catapults to end a stalemate, and has Unicorns roaming the woodlands. Not bad for a nation of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings that may or may not have a soul according to some of the few nations who actually acknowledge the existence of such races.

Take a look at your own land. Take a look at ours. You are no better than us simply because of advances that have caused you to forget your history. We are no better than you because we embrace our own. We are all great nations - Let’s try to act as such.
05-08-2006, 02:26

Over the course of the Olympics, we’ll hear heart-wrenching stories of athletes who overcame poverty to get where they are or perhaps of an athlete overcoming a disability to get where they are today. While those stories are impressive, that’s not the story of Hendrick4824 track star Lauren Massey. Lauren isn’t disabled, and she came from a financially stable suburban family. That doesn’t mean she had an easy ride to get here. The story of Lauren Massey proves that you don’t have to be disabled or poor to have overcome long odds. This is her story.

Lauren has always been able to run. It all started when she was a little girl of only 5 years old. While she was playing outside at her friend Nicole’s house, who lived 3 houses down, a neighbor’s ferocious pit bull broke loose and charged at Lauren. While it would have been easier for her to run into Nicole’s house, Lauren was scared and ran to her house as fast as she could. The pit bull never caught up to her. Nicole was not threatened and was unharmed. Mother Elizabeth remembers, “I heard Lauren screaming and I ran to the door and she was being chased by this maniac of a dog. I was about to call 911 but she got to the door and I was able to slam it right in that beast’s face.” It could have been a tragic event. The police were called and the dog was taken from its owner as it was obviously a neglected animal. If the dog had caught her, it is unlikely that Lauren would be here today. But that is just part of what makes Lauren Massey so incredible. Greater obstacles would face her as she grew older.

As Lauren got older, she started to become one of those arrogant, conceited girls in middle school that you sometimes hear about. You know, the people who always pick on and insult the nerdy girl on those teen movies that ends up getting the hot guy instead of the popular girl in the end? Yes, Lauren Massey was becoming the “Regina George” (Movie: Mean Girls) of Seneca Falls Junior High. But despite the attitude, Lauren always seemed to do very well in her classes. She was smart, but rarely admitted it to protect her social status. One day in 8th grade history, Lauren’s life changed. History teach Andrew Daniels paired up his students to do a project based on a random draw. Lauren was paired with high honor roll student Amber Harris (aka a major nerdy girl). Harris had very few friends and did not want to work with Lauren, fearing that she would “bring her grade down.” As Lauren was giggling to her friends about working Harris, Amber approached teacher Daniels. Andrew Daniels remembers it well, “She didn’t want to work with Lauren, but I told her she didn’t have a choice in the matter. I always believed that assigning people to work with another randomly is the way to go. But what happened with Lauren and Amber was truly amazing (wipes tear from eye).”

Lauren told Amber to meet her in the library to begin the project that day at 4:00. “There was no way I thought Lauren would actually follow through with it, but I went to the library anyway.” Harris remembers. Amber went, and there was Lauren sitting there not surrounded by friends ready to insult her, but with schoolwork. “She started saying that she had already begun researching, and gave me ideas. We couldn’t pick a topic though.” Harris said. They agreed to meet at Lauren’s house over the weekend. Surely, Lauren would slack off on the weekend, Amber thought, but she was surprised again. Lauren was still doing the work. It was in her room thinking about a topic that it happened. It was simple, but significant. Amber discovered that Lauren had many similar interests as her. In fact, Lauren’s bedroom looked a lot like hers as far as the posters and such hanging up, the CD collection, etc. Amber was stunned, “It was really a shock. And we just started talking about all of that. We talked for 2 hours and we bonded like crazy, it was really amazing. We were supposed to be social opposites, but we had so much in common. Through that, we discovered our topic. Defeating stereotypes, and we didn’t need to do any research at all for it. It all came from the heart.” The presentation stunned the teacher Andrew Daniels, “It was amazing. Lauren dressed like Amber would and Amber dressed like Lauren would. Amber talked about how people like Lauren were stereotyped and Lauren on how people like Amber were both in school and in the media. At the end they held hands and raised them up high. The class was speechless, and many had tears in their eye. So was I. I couldn’t let my class be the only ones to hear their message which came from their hearts. So they presented in front of the whole school in the auditorium. They didn’t have to, but they wanted too when I gave them the choice. The auditorium began with the usual kids not paying attention, but at the end of their presentation you could hear a pin drop as everyone was stunned.” Lauren Massey and Amber Harris changed Seneca Falls Junior High and became friends for life. Lauren recollects, “Back then I was popular and I would flaunt it people’s face whether they wanted me to or not. I looked at people like Amber as being ‘lesser people’ until the project. I always wanted to do well in school so I took the project seriously at the beginning. When I learned more about her, it changed me for the better.” In terms of the school, Lauren & Amber’s message had only a short term effect, but between the two of them, it has lasted a lifetime. It is believed that this performance is what built Lauren’s character and work ethic, which she brings to the track in every meet.

A few years later, that friendship would be called upon again. Socially speaking, Lauren was a changed teenager, completely respectful of everyone and would not hang around anyone who wasn’t like that. After two years of dominating the local high school track scene, and being rated as Hendrick4824's #2 up and coming track star, it could have come to an abrupt end for Lauren as the Seneca Falls High School athletic director made a startling announcement, “Due to budget cuts by the city, our school district must cut the athletic program.” Parents tried to get the school board to appeal, but they would not. They needed to spend the $200,000 elsewhere. For Lauren Massey, her dreams seemed gone. But a wise friend stepped in and led a massive fund raising drive for the athletic program. That friend? Well, it was Amber Harris using her intellect to think of innovative ways to raise the $200,000 for the athletic program. She tried and tried, but the pledges stalled out around the $120,000 mark and that was not enough to convince the school board. She took one last shot. It would cost some of the money she made, but she would put an advertisement on a website. Being a computer genius, she tagged the website address to as many guestbooks of other school districts as she possibly could. After about a week, a donor from Shrubville, a city on the other side of the country, pledged $100,000. Alongside the pledge came the message, “For the good of Hendrickian track and for Lauren Massey.”

But who was this donor? Amber Harris accepted the anonymous pledge, the school district accepted the money and revitalized the sports program. Massey was greatful but wanted to know who would make this pledge so she could thank them. But the anonymous pledger did not come forward immediately. After her senior year in high school, Lauren Massey broke and shattered every conceivable local track record, and remained ranked Hendrick4824's #2 track star. As Lauren was making her collegiate plans, the anonymous donor asked to meet her. Lauren was a little unsure on where this would lead, but invited this person to meet her at Seneca Falls High alongside her parents, just in case no funny business would happen. When the car showed up, a women and a girl that looked her age stepped out. “You’re Lauren Massey?” asked the lady “Yes.” replied Lauren. “Nice to meet you, Lauren, it was my pleasure to help out your cause. My name is Katie Newman, and this is my daughter Jennifer.” Lauren was stunned. Jennifer Newman? The person she had been chasing all throughout high school? The person that was always ranked as the #1 track star when Lauren was #2? Indeed it was. They hugged and made an immediate connection. Obviously, they had a lot in common.

Lauren Massey continues to chase Jennifer Newman on the Hendrickian sports scene. 8 times, Massey has been second in a major event Jennifer has won. But if not for Jennifer Newman, and her parents then Lauren Massey may never have been here at these Ashford Olympics. They will compete against each other again, and race as teammates in the 4x100m relay. The story of Lauren Massey shows that you don’t necessarily have to come from a poor family, be disabled, or be a war hero to have overcome a lot. Lauren never had anything easily. Oh, and if you keep an eye on Lauren, take a notice at that red head beside her before and after the event. That’s Amber Harris.
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
05-08-2006, 02:51
OOC - sorry for the lack of RP. DI and BoF keeping me busy

IC -

Up Close and personal With Ali Tyger

When Casari officials announced their request for an “Up Close and Personal” there was little doubt that the article from ASMV would feature a rower. After all, rowing is the sport of the Gods according to many in the Draggonnii Socialist Empire. But the story of Ali Tyger is on that you will not believe.

Ali grew up in the countryside of the Eastern Coastal Territories where the nearest town of any importance was more than 200 miles away. In fact, the nearest neighbors of the Tyger family were more than 50 miles away. So what does the youngest of seven children do for fun growing up? Ali tried a bit of everything before deciding rowing was right for him.

It was when Ali turned 14 that he decided to find a way out of his current life and make a name for himself. Problem was that there was nothing to do. He first decided that he would lead hunting expeditions in the ECT, but quickly decided that was not going to make things better when he lost a finger while loading a rifle for one of his customers. Ali still swears that he did not shoot his own finger off, but rather had it bitten off by a rather large turtle. Either way…….

The Ali decided that he was going to be a great wrestler. After all his father was a huge wrestling fan. The first problem was that there was no one to teach him the sport, so Ali actually thought that a “Pile-Driver” was a legal move. The other problem was that he only had his brothers and sisters to practice on - that and the family goat, Chi-Chi. But after Chi-Chi beat him for the fifth straight time and his smallest sister, Gabrielle, forced him into submission, he began to rethink this idea as well.

He considered cliff diving next. But as the highest cliff to practice on was only 15 feet (and the water just 3 ½ feet deep) that didn’t work out either. Funny though, he still cant bring himself to jump into a pool. Something about his head and large rocks. Oh well. Time to try again.

After a return to wrestling that resulted in another “sister submission”, Ali stormed off in the family canoe - supposedly to never be seen again. He really made a great escape. He made it all the way upriver to Kleisseia Lake. It was there that the sport of rowing would find him. Hungry and alone, Ali stumbled across a brood of river dragon hatchlings that looked easily enough like a good dinner. And believe it or not this is where the rowing comes into the picture.

Ali had just returned to his canoe and sat down with the intention of cooking the poor little dragon when momma dragon showed up. There was no time to position himself in the canoe properly, so Ali simply grabbed the two oars and began to row furiously backward, trying to escape. Obviously adrenaline kicked in and Ali flew across the water. Luckily the momma dragon turned back to check on its little one, but Ali didn’t let up. It was then that it happened. Fellow rower Hal Kallenberger, ASMV’s best, was on a fishing trip to Kleisseia Lake and just happened to see Ali speed by. Several hours of searching found the boy hiding under his canoe on the far end, scared to death. But Kallenberger was impressed enough to take Ali under his wing and teach him the sport of rowing.

Today Ali and Hal are considered to be the very best of the very best sport in Andossa Se Mitrin Vega. It is even rumored that Hal will yell “DRAGON!” if Ali is not performing very well. Don’t laugh. It works. Now if he could just find a way to make Ali stop at the finish line…
05-08-2006, 03:17
Although I've been forgetting, I'll post an RP CUTOFF tonight.

Remember, Contest Entries due 11:59 PM GMT on 6 August, because midnight 6 August is a full 24 hours before I intended.
05-08-2006, 03:46
Slam Dunk!

Malabrian mens' basketball team places second in Pool A.

ASHFORD, CASARI--The Malabrian mens' national basketball team has advanced out of group play to reach the quarterfinals. The men had a record of 3-1, with their only loss comming from a game played against the Starblaydian delegation, who placed first in Pool A. The score in that game was really close, however, and it remains to be seen who will be the ultimate winner in the next meeting, if any.

Fellow regionmate Antrium also qualified by placing second in Pool D with a record of 3-1.

Mens' basketball will continue on Day 19.

The womens' basketball delegation is also expected to qualify.

From the Malabrian Times:
05-08-2006, 03:54
Port James Sentinal-Telegraph-Telegram-Update-Register-Sun-Star-News-Miracle

Sports Section

Our pathetic and misguided attempt at a coherent interview

Hello and Welcome to our interview feature at this Olympics. Tonight we are interviewing Frankie Hanan who not only survived 3 car crashes of doom. But also was once Collonian and may or may not have had a nuclear bomb come down on his house.

ME: Hello
FH: How are you doing?
ME: I'm the one asking the questions.
FH: That clearly was not a question just there.
ME: Let's get started with the interview. You're not technically, competing, in these Olympics correct?
FH: Nope, but I competed in multiple events at the Ylompics some of them at the same time.
ME: But you're only one person?
FH: Yes but King John Fishhook selected one person out of a hat to be the name of the whole Collonian male delegation and he chose me.
ME: So then you were only in one event?
FH: No, I was in all of them usually at the same time.
ME: But you just said you were only one person, how is this possible?
FH: It isn't.
ME: OK then, ummmmm, do you actually exist?
FH: No.
ME: So I'm speaking with a ghost?
FH: No, I'm just a hologram. I'm not human.
ME: What the hell? Your just a big Collonian government conspiracy!
FH: NO! I'm part of King Fishhooks attempts to create big blonde super beasts
ME: But you have brown hair.
FH: That's because that will be my mature hair, right now I do not need that hair yet.
ME: This is getting weirder by the second. You mean your not actually mature yet?
FH: No, I'm only 3 years old.
ME: But you competed in the Ylompics? How was this possible?
FH: I'm not human. I'm super human. Your human tasks will be easy to me with in the next 2 years.
ME: I'm cutting this interview short right now before it gets even weirder.
FH: Meep Meep *He speeds off like the roadrunner in Looney Tunes*
ME: And it just got weirder. I leave you with this, somebody assinate King John Fishhook now before his weird and demented turns Collonie into a HUGE cult of death. We need to know how deadly our nuclear weapons are.
05-08-2006, 04:16
Well we actually have had less success then I had thought. I thought we had 12 medals when after the medal events today we only have 11. This is most definitely a terrible failure that needs to be reversed and quickly. If it keeps up a HUGE downward trend will result which will lead to many bad things including nuclear war, nanotech, and George Bush being elected for a 5th term.

Anyway at least our sports teams are doing well. The majority of them are in 1st place or in position to advance which is excellent. This has even happened in competitions liked basketball where it was not expected at all. This has been progress indeed but it isn't enough.

Of course the organizers are plotting against us as well. In the quarter finals of the men's fencing something or other there were 3 Milchamians left. 2 of our pround boys Stephen Hargreaves and Charley Flare had to face each other. Hargreaves went out and won to get the bronze medal but they were also 3 Dorian and Sonya competitors and none of them had to face each other. They instead beat up on weaker competitors (Except for the other Milchamian of course) and therefore went on to win the gold and silver medals. Injustices like this cannot stand! Something needs to be done so go out and protest, heck RIOT IN ASHFORD!

RIOT! RIOT! RIOT! For all of you who want to be I'm Douglas Jeffrey Good luck all.
05-08-2006, 20:30
RM"Hello I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Due to some scehduling conflict we wernt on the air yesterday."

WR"Let's take a look at Day 12 results."

RM"Serafim Jacopo finished 46th in the Men's Singles Kayak."

WR"The Men's Syncronized 3m Springboard team of Benat and Sigiswald did not advance."

RM"The Men's 10m Syncronized 10m Platform team of Cyriacus and Ingemar sit first heading into the finals. While the other Men's 10m Syncronized team of Ammiel and Urs did not advance."

WR"The Women's 3m Syncronized 3m Springboard team of Blair and Pavla sit 8th heading into the Finals."

RM"The Women's 10m Syncronized 10m Platform team of Khalida and Ryan did not advance."

WR"The Women's Water Polo team won 10-6 over Allanea and now sit 3rd in their group with a 3-2 record."

RM"The Men's Basketball team suffered a 76-68 loss to Milchima. They ended up third in their group with a 2-2 record and will not advance."

WR"The Women's Cricket Team lost by 3 wickets to Casari. They advanced to the next round ending up third in their group with a 2-2 record."

RM"The Women's Softball Team defeated GarfieldtheFat 4-3. They currently sit 3rd in their group with a 3-2 record."

WR"Teofil Cyrsanthos won his first round match against Troy Bates of Bedistan, 4-6, 6-4, 6-1."

RM"The Women's Volleyball team beat Ropa-Topia 25-13, 25-11, 25-15. They now sit 5th in their group with a 2-3 record."

WR"Now for Day 13 results."

RM"Quakmybush scored another Gold yesterday with Cyriacus and Ingemar winning the Men's Syncronized 10m Platform Final."

WR"The Women's Syncronized 3m Springboard team of Blair and Pavla finished 10th in the final."

RM"Laverne Artur scored another Gold Medal for Quakmybush by winning The Men's Singles Badminton Final over Antwan Neuwille 15-8, 15-13."

WR"Quakmybush now sits 18th in the Medal Standings, with 4 Medals, 3 Gold, 1 Silver."

RM"Pretty Good."

WR"Now to continue with the results."

RM"The Men's Water Polo team defeated Virgina Nova 11-5 and will advance to the next round with a 2-1 record."

WR"The Men's Cricket team defeated Dorian and Sonya by 45 runs. They now will advance to the next round with a 4-2 record."

RM"The Women's Handball Team beat Milchima 21-18. They have a 1-2 record and will not advance."

WR"Women's Table Tennis player Selveggia Rani lost to Lisa Pearce in 5 sets."

RM"Teofil Cyrsanthos lost to Etienne St-Pierre 2-6, 7-5, 6-3."

WR"The Men's Volleyball team won their fifth in a row. The defeated Aridda 25-8, 17-25, 25-11, 25-9. They sit first in their group with a 5-0 record."

RM"The Women's Beach Volleyball team of Gertruids and Hanna lost 21-7, 21-7 to Maro and Erfazao. They will not advance."

WR"That's all the time we have, I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"And I'm Ron Mclearn. Thank You and good day."
06-08-2006, 09:56
Golden Girl's brave fight ends
Wentland flags at half mast as flag bearer dies in hospital

With a mighty heave Arthur Street lifted Nastem Tréjéon high into the air and squeezed. Tréjéon could do nothing as the breath was expelled from his body. Limply he felt a massive crash as he was thrown to the mat and two seconds later Street’s arm was lifted in victory. A 100% record for Wentland in the men’s Greco-Roman Heavyweight – so why did Street dissolve into tears when his arm was raised?


Little Emily Smith was the life and soul of her school. A popular pupil, loved by all, perennially upbeat, friendly, helpful. Not an evil bone in her body.

Her world was shattered when she was 5. When going out with her father to collect some fish and chips, an articulated lorry jack-knifed out of control across their path. Her father could not avoid it and was decapitated in the resulting incident. Emily found her father’s head in her lap, but was unable to move it as she was trapped with injuries that resulted in paralysis from the waist down.

A year later, things got worse. When pushing her wheelchair home from school a freak lightning bolt seared her mother. Emily saw her mother’s eyeballs explode over her wheelchair and heard the groan as her mother expired. Emily herself was fortunate to survive the blast but suffered serious burns.

Orphaned before she was 7, a charity bought a puppy as a companion to Emily. She adored the puppy and was never away from it; the puppy would nestle in Emily’s lap and provide comfort and Emily would stroke it. Unfortunately, when the puppy was a year old, vandals broke into the hospice where Emily was residing and macheted it to death for a prank. Emily awoke to find the head of the puppy on a stick with a sign on it saying “stupid bitch”.

A year later came more tragedy. As she was being wheeled towards school a hot air balloonist was desperately trying to shed weight in order to avoid a crash landing. One of the things he pitched overboard was a dart that had been kept for emergency puncturing. Emily looked up to see what the noise was about at the exact moment the dart came to earth. Her right eye was punctured and Emily was half-blind.

Throughout this Emily kept a sunny demeanour and found a release in Wentland sports. She was an avid supporter of the wrestling team and the women’s football team in particular. Her upbeat cheery voice was a constant source of support for all Wentland athletes and no event was complete without her by the sidelines. One of her proudest moments was to kick off a legendary women’s team food fight by pouring chocolate sauce over her favourite player, Stacey Cadman, a blonde spitfire a bit like Emily.

In secret the Wentland Olympic Committee decided that she would be named as an honorary member of the team and would be selected to assist with carrying the flag. Without her being informed she was taken for a medical so that she could be given the appropriate injections for the trip to Casari.

That was when the real tragedy occurred.

When examining her doctors found Emily was riddled with cancer. She had days to live at most. She had continued to smile through the pain and no-one expected such a devastating blow. Doctors managed to give her enough medicine so that she could take the flag around at the opening ceremony but one of the side-effects was to reduce the sight of her one good eye to a bare minimum.

Somehow she managed to attend the opening ceremony, smiling and waving all the while, the blue Wentland flag strapped to her wheelchair and being pushed by her friends Stacey Cadman and Evie Regan. But as soon as the ceremony was over and she was back in the Olympic Village she collapsed. She never would get to see any of the events.

Her one stated wish was to see a Wentland athlete win a gold medal, especially Cadman or Regan. She could not do so, stuck in a Casari hospital, drifting in and out of consciousness. The last time she was lucid was when Evie Regan visited, with her gold medal. Holding the precious metal close enough to see Emily’s face lit up. “You won? Then I die happy.”

With a smile on her face she fell into her last coma.

Emily Smith died on Tuesday. She never saw Arthur Street’s gold medal win. She never saw how far Stacey Cadman progressed. But somewhere the Wentland team believes she is watching them still.
07-08-2006, 00:57
Special Report from Malabrian National TV News

"...And now for a story of a girl who was told that she couldn't. Couldn't succeed. Couldn't train. Couldn't be a gold medalist. This person is Danas Disakq."

"Thanks for having me."

"Explain to us how your childhood was compared to others."

"It was tough. We had no money, no food, barely any clothing. We froze every night as we slept and we certainly didn't have any toys."

"Why is that?"

"We lived in a small farming community. Poverty was rampant. There were only a few successful familes in that town. Of course, at that time we were under a ruthless dictator and we weren't in this unified country that we have now. We lived in Mala. That was only a few years ago."

"So when did you decide to become a gymnast?"

"As a small girl a small traveling circus rolled in to town. As a Christmas present for my brothers and I, we got to go to the circus. It was then that I fell in love with the sport. I told my dad that I wanted to be a gymnast, but he said that I needed to pick a more respectable job."

"Did that discourage you any?"

"Not at all. I still knew what I wanted to be. The problem was the training. The nearest gym was over three hundred miles away. I didn't have enough money either."

"So what did you do?"

"Against my father's wishes, I started earning the necessary money to go to college to get a degree in sports and to train by doing odd jobs. He wanted me to help work on the farm, gathering chicken's eggs and all, but I didn't want to. I remember him being very emphatic about it and not being a gymnast."

"That's a lot of money for college to earn through odd jobs."

"Yeah, but I recieved help when Mala and Branuham defeated the two dictators and combined. That produced a small economic boost and certainly influenced how much I made. Of course, the economy would collapse later and then come back again."

"What happened when you had enough to go to college? Was your father angry?"

"Yeah. I left the house that day and he was outraged. He said if I left the house he'd never speak to me again. Crying, I walked out with my things and walked to a small community college in a small city near here. I remember my mom and crying and my brothers just standing there looking at the ruckus. I was the only girl besides my mom, so I never really got a long with my brothers."

"After college, how'd training go?"

"Well, I broke my arm. That took a while to come back from. I eventually got to competition for the first time and now I compete at hundreds of national, regional, and international competitions a year."

"Wow...breaking your arm? You had problem after problem. Could you explain to us about your gold medal?"

"Yikes! That was exciting! All of those girls had wonderful routines, but I came out on top. I'm happy about the result and I cried after I won and at the medal podium because of all the adversity i've gone through. My dad spoke to me for the first time after I won. It was a big shock because he suprised me by being there. He spent most of his money to come here."

"Wow, that's great! May I also say, what a wonderful person to win the medal! Thanks for comming on the air!"

"Thank you!"


"...And watch us on Monday as we discuss the IDU Delegate election."
07-08-2006, 02:50
This would be your Day 14 Cutoff. Congratulations to contest winner Wentland, and thanks to all for participating. Athletics start today, as we start the downhill roll to the finish.
Dorian and Sonya
07-08-2006, 05:45

The Queen at Coffee and Fun

Queen Sonya sat at the table at a nearby Coffee House that was out on the street corner, It had been a really poor day for medal count for the Sylvanaes Kingdom, but the Queen was trying to look on the bright side of things after all the Kingdom had already gotten a bunch of medals that they had not really expected to get (hoped to get ) and this was not the day for the strong side of the Kingdom to shine on.

As the Queen sat there drinking her double latte she watched all the wondrous things that were going on in the streets, It was like a huge festival going on everywhere that she looked and everyone was having a grand time. The Queen saw people from other competing nations like New Montreal States, The Archregimancy, ASMV, Ariddia, Milchma, and many, many more like the strange peoples of Bears Armed.

The one and only medal for the day came in Men’s Light Coxless Fours Rowing event the team of Mcdunn/Falb/Gewant/Fiscal took a Silver medal in this event and looked as if they had fun doing it also.

Well the day was drawing to the end and even though it was not as productive it was still filled with lots of fun and games. The Kingdom got to compete and visit with the other Nations and relax and have a good time.

That will do us for tonight but we hope to see everyone back here tomorrow for another grand and glorious day here in Ashford, Casari Bye For Now……
07-08-2006, 07:17
Women's Water Polo Team, the Sea Bazette's, going from strength to strength and have qualified for the finals at the top of their group with a win over Allanea. The Allanean's have seemed to be the whipping girls for the woman's water polo games as they have failed to score one single win against their opponents. The Sea Bazette's won in a low scoring game 5-2 towards the Sea Bazettes.

The Sea Bazettes are however on the exact reverse scale of the Group B table with the Sea Bazettes ruling the roast at the top of the table with 6 wins and no loses.

The finals which will start on Matchday 19 will be against Virginia Nova. A team that has lost 3 times, the Sea Bazettes are generally expected to over come their next opponents with a reasonable amount of a barrier. It's the semi-final that will be hard for the Sea-Bazettes.
The Archregimancy
07-08-2006, 07:19

Monks Deny Having A 'Grand Time'

After a slow couple of days - where the main news involved the qualification of the Willow Wonder Workers for the next round of the cricket competition without raising a bat on the final match day - Monastic sports fans were today anticipating the start of the athletics competition.

Unfortunately, the sole entrant in the first day of the athletics - Fr. Fyodor the Equally Fleet of Foot - crashed out of the first round of the 200 metres race, finishing 33rd, and leading to discussion over whether Fr. Fyodor should be re-named the 'not quite so fleet of foot as was formerly believed'. Other sources believe that Fr. Fyodor may have fasted too heavily during the current Fast of the Dormition, leading to a sub-par performance during qualification.

In other news, MOCTA officials were today forced to deny that the team was enjoying itself in Casari after a Dorian and Sonya news report listed the Archregimancy as one of the nations having a 'grand time' on the streets of Ashford.

"Is outrage!" said team spokesman Fr. Vasily the Heavily-Accented. "This is the time of fasting, not of having the 'grand time'. Monks do not have the 'grand time' when reflecting on Dormition of the Theotokos. This is time of the prayerful reflection. Perhaps the 'grand time' monks were drunken schismatics?"

"I believe that what Fr. Vasily is trying to say" said a senior archimandrite, speaking on condition of anonymity "is that Dorian and Sonya have perhaps misjudged the mood of Archregimancy athletes in this time of fasting. Though can I perhaps take this opportunity to recommend Fr. Polycarp's Diet Guide for Fasting Orthodox Sportsmen, available for only 450 tithes from Archregimancy publications?"
07-08-2006, 09:56

Today was great day to be a Hendrickian. Today was a day of partying throughout the Kingdom due to events that happened elsewhere in the world. To top it off, at the Ashford Games in Casari, it also marked the beginning of the Athletics Competition and the chance for our amazing athletes to succeed. And if that wasn't enough, the Kingdom also won 3 medals, bring our total for the Olympics to 13. Overall, Hendrick4824 has climbed to 13th on the overall medal table, and only 7 nations have won more then 13 medals. (Baranxtu has also won 13). And as we gear up for Athletics, which is our best event, many Hendrickians have become optimistic that we will enter the top 10 on the official medal board and finish among the top 10, a feat that would certainly have accomplished our mission of making the world serve notice as to the sporting prestige of Hendrick4824.

Before we get into athletics, lets touch on the medals won by the Kingdom on the 14th day. A silver and a bronze were scored in the same event, marking the second time the Kingdom has done that in the Olympic Games. In the Women's Individual Foil of Fencing, Brooke Hughes scored a silver and Julie Charlton won a bronze. Both fencers were defeated by Ariddia's Christina Zang in the medal round, as Zang took gold. Charlton defeated Alina Wolfley for the bronze. Hughes, who lost to Charlton in this event for the gold at the Hendrick4824 Championships earlier this year, was happy to turn the table a little bit but also glad that they both medaled. "We both did real good today," Brooke said, "I'm honored to win a silver, Christina was tough and we had a good duel for the gold. For Julie to also have gotten a medal makes it terrific. I had a pretty good run the other day in the Sabre, but lost in the bronze medal match. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be left without a medal today!" Julie was happy, too, "Like she said, I didn't want to be without a medal. After I lost to Zang I knew I had to take care of business against Wolfley. It helped a little bit seeing the way that Brooke had defeated her in their match, and knowing Brooke as I do, I tried to apply it and it worked. She gave me a few pointers, too. I am so excited to win a medal. Only 3 people win a medal in this event, so while we all want a gold, a bronze is something to cherish, too."

The Kingdom picked up another gymnastics medal today as Kevin Blendell won a somewhat surprising bronze on the Men's Trampoline. This came a day after Tara Atskull took the gold on the Women's Trampoline. Atskull, always a humorous one, said about her gold yesterday, "I like jumping on trampolines in front of a lot of people watching! To know I'm the best at it, well that just calls for one giant trampoline party at my place when we get home!" Tara Deluca, who finished 6th then suddenly appeared over her shoulder and shouted, "Oh yeah I am so going! Woohoo!" After Kevin scored a bronze, maybe he will get invited to that party too, "Yes this is a more popular event for the women, but us guys know what we're doing too. To be honest I didn't really expect a medal so I am really excited. I thought I would have a shot and that I would just do the best that I could. Now maybe Tara Atskull will let me hang with her." To which a drunk Atskull replied, "No way man, he's a dork! (then gave him a hug)"

Alright enough of the medal fun, and on to the athletic fun. Jennifer Newman, Lauren Massey and Michelle Bylina highlighted the powerful Hendrickian track team. All the Hendrickian track stars, male and female were seen just prior to the events huddling up, pumping either up and then to one giant group hi-five. After hearing some of the hype surrounding Newman and Massey in particular, many fans, not just Hendrickians, wanted to get their autographs, which so far is some of the best recognition our athletes have gotten from our non-hometown fans. Jennifer Newman spoke on that, "People with Casari flags, Magnus Valerius flags, Quakmybush flags and a bunch of others greeted me so well and wanted my autograph, not just the Hendrick4824 fans. I didn't forget the great and loyal Hendrickian fans, but it was nice to be welcomed so well by all these wonderful people." Lauren Massey added that the Hendrickian presence in the stands for the event was greater then any other event, in her opinion, "From what I have seen on TV and heard from my fellow Hendrickians, there was the biggest contigent of Hendrickian fans here today then at anything." Michelle Bylina, maybe the forgotten one behind Newman and Massey also agreed, "I love it here. I can't wait. Man I would just love for me, Jenn, and Lauren to sweep an event that would be a dream come true."

The threesome took to the track for the 200m today and all three advanced to the final, finishing 3rd, 7th, and 8th. Even though it may appear as though Massey and Bylina cut it close with their 7th and 8th place runs, both were a couple tenths ahead of 9th. Jennifer Newman said not to worry, either, "They ran a 36 (0:21.36 to be exact) and I ran a 41 while saving something for the final. As we approached the finish I knew I was locked in to the final so there was no need to excessively push it. I will be quicker in the final. I don't know those other two that well so I don't know if they were saving something too, but I feel really good about bringing home a gold in this event after the semi." Lauren Massey wasn't that worried, "I can run what the leaders ran." she said with a wink. Michelle Bylina wasn't quite as confident but still felt good, too, "I am thrilled to race in this final with Jennifer and Lauren and 5 other great athletes. I am going to try so hard to beat them." A 4th Hendrickian, Jessica McAllister, did not make it to the semifinal after running a 56. All the teenager could say was, "That sucked. But go Jennifer. Or Lauren. Or Michelle!"

The 800m saw only one Hendrickian advance to the final after Stacey Drummond did not advance from the heat. "I don't know," Drummond said, "I really don't know what happened today." Some wondered about a lack of focus with Drummond, who is also a professional model. Allegedly, Stacey was missed a practice session last Friday to do a shoot for an underground magazine from The Archregimancy. Drummond denies the report, "That's crazy, my modeling does not get in the way of my running!" (though she was unable to look the reporter straight in the eye). So it will not be Drummond in the final, rather it will be Julie Sheridan in the final. Sheridan has the potential to medal in this event, although she overshadowed by Drummond most of the time. Now maybe with Drummond not in the final, Sheridan will be able to run one of her best races and get that medal. She says, "That's the plan! It will be weird being a final and not having her around. I can run my race now."

The men also ran the 200 and the 800, and Michael Shannon is the featured male, with the 800 normally a good event for him. But it did not work out that way at all as he was a very disappointing 48th. Around the 2nd turn, while running 7th and poised to strike, he got cut off by John Fendergrass of New Montreal States, and stumbled slightly, but enough to run his day. Shannon though blames himself completely, and not Fendergrass at all, "No that's my fault not his. John has every right to do what he did, my error was that I didn't see it coming, I thought he was going to stay to the outside there. I'm lucky I didn't get trampled to be honest with you." Shannon's stumble seemed to motivate Brett Tasker who charged close to the lead after the incident. It probably was on adrenaline, because Tasker had nothing left in the semifinal. No Hendrickian advanced to the final of the 800. Fendergrass however, did, and Shannon was asked about that, "I hope he wins the gold since our boys are out. I have no ill will toward him at all. You guys don't need to try and make a story out of nothing." In the 200 however, two Hendrickians are in the final. Eric Blanton was 2nd and Bryan Murray was 5th. "I felt good today. We've waited almost 2 weeks for this to start. I feel confident about a medal tomorrow. I ran a 32 and a 34 today, and I know I can run another low 30." Murray ran a 40 in the semifinal after a 45 in the heat. "I can get in the 30's and that's what it will take. You're probably going to have to beat a 33 or a 34 for a medal. I've done that before in my career."

There were some other events that went on today too, by the way. In team pool play, the women's water polo team lost to fall to 1-5, but our ladies did alot better on the hardwood, by defeating Bedistan 77-51, after a impressively complete performance. They sit atop Pool C with a perfect 3-0 record! The football team continues to also sit atop Pool C after a physical 1-1 draw with Nouvelle Angelterre. The Rugby team also is 3-0 and is just playing very well right now with another complete and inspired performance, defeating Bears Armed 18-5. A couple of disappointing results, too. The nightmare of an Olympics for the softball team saw them fall to 1-5, but thats one more win then we have seen in volleyball where the ladies are now 0-6. Reports have it that the ladies volleyball team has been challenged to a match against a Lowestown area high school team, and the ladies olympians will be spotted 5 points in each set.

A few individual performances we need to let you know about as well. In boxing John Hammond won his heavyweight match. James Stegman was just one of three Hendrickian Wrestlers to win in the Greco-Roman lightweight, and Darren Kuester won his Greco-Roman heavyweight match. Not much went on in sailing.

That will conclude our report. Stay tuned now more then an ever as the Athletic events unfold.
Liverpool England
07-08-2006, 12:14
"Liverpool England's strong suit has finally begun. The start of Day 14 mark the beginning of athletics, where Liverpool England has fielded the majority of its competitors. First, a round-up of other Liverpool England Olympic news, here on Radio Sports Cyclonesville, the leading sports radio station in the Western Territories!

"Day Fourteen.
Men's Football.
Liverpool England - one, GarfieldtheFat - nil. Goal scored on 18 minutes, by Jang Yuen-ho, making his national under-23 debut.
Liverpool England now sit in second in Pool C.
Full table is as follows.
Men's Football, Pool C.
Leading the table, Hendrick4824. Played three, won two, drawn one, lost none. Seven points.
Coming in second, Liverpool England. Played four, won two, drawn none, lost two. Six points.
Coming in next, Nouvelle Angleterre. Played three, won one, drawn two, lost none. Five points.
In fourth, GarfieldtheFat. Played three, won one, drawn one, lost one. Four points.
Bringing up the rear, with no points from three games, Baranxtu.

Men's Tennis Singles.
Round of Sixteen.
Liverpool England's Kevin Peters, who'll be joining us live later on the programme, was in action today.

Kevin Peters - Liverpool England, defeating Étienne St-Pierre - New Montreal States, in three sets, seven-five, four-six, six-three.

"And now, to athletics. We start with the Men's Eight-hundred metres, where Liverpool England had Stanley Cecil and Leonard Kiernan running in the heats. Commentary, comes from Eric Averett, a two-hundred-metre runner."

"Welcome to Ashford, Casari, as we prepare for today's running of the Men's Eight-hundred metres heats. For Radio Sports all over Liverpool England, from Folenisa to Orean, Cyclonesville to Schimpol, I'm Eric Averett, an NSOlympian in the two-hundred metres for Liverpool England."

"Ready. Set." (bang)

"And they're off. Stanley Cecil is running with Aimé Fer of Ariddia, Zeke O'Bannon of Ropa-Topia, Sion Ramadhin of Schiavonia, Dale James of Wentland, Andrew Selson of The Weegies, Brandon George of the hosts Casari, and Dave Winland of Milchama in this heat. George takes an early lead as Stanley falls behind to fourth in this pack. Round the hundred-metre mark they go, twelve seconds on the clock - Selson records a twelve-point-six-six-second hundred-metre timing, taking the lead as we go past the mark... but where is Stanley? Is he conserving energy? He's in sixth, and clocks a fifteen-point-eight-three-second hundred-metre timing.

"Now coming up to the two-hundred-metre point of this heat. Selson seems to have a firm lead, clocking thirty-three-point-sixty-eight seconds. Stanley's struggling here, he might have picked something up... no, he's beginning to pick up his pace again... did clock a good second hundred, total timing at the mark thirty-five-point-oh-two..."

<a while later>

"And we're coming up to finish this heat! Selson is in the lead here, and this is tight! Selson crosses the line first! Fer is just slightly ahead of James! George crosses the line! Winland's not far behind, and now O'Bannon! Stanley crosses the line in a disappointing seventh, while Ramadhin will finish this heat!

"Now, for the unofficial results we have collated... Andrew Selson of The Weegies, clocking in at 1 minute, 41 point one-five seconds, from Aimé Fer of Ariddia at one forty-one twenty-three, Dale James of Wentland at one forty-one twenty-seven, in fourth Brandon George representing Casari at one forty-one twenty-nine, in fifth Dave Winland from Milchama at one forty-one thirty-two, Zeke O'Bannon of Wentland will finish the heat in sixth with one forty-one forty-six. Stanley Cecil of Liverpool England finishes seventh, disappointing, with one forty-one forty-seven, while Sion Ramadhin will round this heat off with a one forty-one fifty-one timing."

"Join us again later for more from the Olympics, but for now, local sports news."
07-08-2006, 15:24
Well the failures were still there today as we only got one medal in two different events. The first event was BMX biking where Fleta Viele proved to be a great asset as she was strong throughout the whole competition to finish with the silver medal. On the other hand our women's fencing team couldn't get past the 2nd round so they all sucked terribly and should shamed.

In the non medal events both softball, women's water polo, and soccer won again so that is good. But Marin Miller did not get into the semifinal heats of the 200M. He is a HUGE bum. And the rest of our 200M team are just as bad, except for Scott Lara who made the final. In the 800M none of our boys did get to the so they are all bums who are very very bad. We qualified 2 in the women's 200M including 3 in the semis and we qualified another person in the 800M. Things are actually looking up (for once) with all those medal contestants now, and more to come soon I'm sure.

Quickly in Men's Keirin it looks like we qualified one person to the medal round. And we lost in Men's tennis. The bums!

I'm Douglas Jeffrey. You all suck!.
07-08-2006, 20:18
This would be your Day 14 Cutoff. Congratulations to contest winner Wentland, and thanks to all for participating. *sob*...poor Emily would have been so proud...*sniff*

Wrestling Whitewash as Athletes Bow Out

As expected it was a bad day for Wentland in the athletics. As expected it was a good day for Wentland in the wrestling.

Norman "White" Wash continued his encouraging domestic form in the Greco-Roman lightweight with a quick half-throw putting him in an early lead against Kellett of Hendrick4284. He is joined in the quarters by Stevie Lee but the Great Wall is out; Albert Wall eliminated on points by the promising Panuccio, who will be a medal threat.

The heavyweights however proved to be 100% successful - and all in quick time. Blake Christmas made Yrazao submit in 1'24", and young Mowersby gained an even quicker pinfall; however they paled into insignificance following Mighty Stan Drews' dismantling of poor Goltry who had to submit within 20 seconds after Drews launched him around the mat with a series of suplexes before clamping a triangle arm bar on him.

The only noteworthy performance in the athletics was that of team pin-up Piper Jacklin, who came within six-hundredths of a second of qualifying for the 200m semi-finals. It was a new personal best for her, but to be fair the rules that state that the time is taken when an athlete's chest crosses the line probably gained her a couple of tenths.

It was a day off in the men's football, but the Swifts were within a minute of going through; a late goal from a desperate Quakmybush gave them a point against Ariddia and ensured qualifying will go down to the wire. Anything other than a two-goal defeat or worse for the Swifts will ensure they go through, otherwise they are out. On the plus side a two-goal win will give Wentland the group win.
08-08-2006, 05:58

Updates Day 15.. (due to hackers in the servers, the site was down for repair and implementation of anti-hack software)

In the 6 days since this last post,

Baseball- Qazox blew a 5-0 3rd inning lead to lose to Milchama 7-6 as the Black OXen finished with a 1-3 record in Pool play.

Women's Football, Qazox beats Hendrick4824 3-2 to finish pool play witha 4-0-0 record

Water Polo, Qazox, lead 9-7 with 3 minutes to go in the 4th period, but loses 10-12 to ASMV to finish winless in Pool Play.

In Boxing, Cyrus Furches beat Florencio Echegoyen (Dorian and Sonya) by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45) to advance to the 2nd round in the Heavyweight Division, while Octavio Tangri def. Colin McJinn(Wentland) by TKO in the 3rd Round in the Welterweight division.

In the Women's triathalon, Mandy Williams with a time of 3hr:06min:45.58sec, finished 41st of 42.
08-08-2006, 06:22
Today was suprisingly a good for Milchama. We won 3 medals and moved up the charts in such notable events as the medal count from 15th to 11th. Congratulations to every person who helped us make that possible. We also qualified athletes to the finals or semi finals of every event that we entered them in which is also really really good. And all our sports teams won which leaves me very little to complain and kvetch about indeed so instead I'm going to complain about how the world is against Milchama and how we need to overcome this bias to win anything.

Well you need to look no further than World Cup 24 to see this bias starting. It happened with The Lowland Clans (which is why they are our biggest rival) as they did not think that our entirely wrong prediction would be right. But they decided to talk about us in a derisive manner which led to many people hating us. This continued in the Cup of Harmony when our entirely right predictions were thought wrong by the majority of people who were wrong because they were against us. This bias continued into World Cup 25 where we did not qualify and onto the ensuing Cup of Harmony where we could not advance despite being favorites in our group. The biased though temporarily peaked in World Cup 26 as biased referees led to embarrasing losses against Rordia and Artoonia and eventually led to us finishing BEHIND Rordia in the standings. The bias was not eliminated in the Cup of Harmony despite our hosting as our co hosts Schiavonia deliberately put us against a top 32 Archregimancy who we unsuprisingly lost to. The bias was not there during qualifying of World Cup 27 but showed itself in the final when we lost 8-2 against LE on our way to being humiliated. It also was there during the Ylompics when we could not get medals until the end as the Casarans stopped us from acheiving our true potential and by forcing us to lose to Collonie to our shame and horror. This bias seemed to be lost in World Cup 28 until the 2nd round when despite getting first place in our group we had to face a tough opponent who should not have been there in Fmjphoenix and we lost. Oh and don't get me started on the fact that despite advancing to the 2nd round of every single U21 cup we only advanced to the quarterfinals once and have only won a total of 5 elimination rounds in a total of 15 chances. Despite consistently being better in the IAFL then almost all other teams we have only won one title while Casari has won at least 3 and of course there is World Cup 29 where despite being a 2nd seed we could not even finish in 4th place thereby proving that the world is indeed against us. The times when it helps us are few and far between. Milchama is alone against the world as we cannot get any respect from any nations who constantly think that newer less experienced nations are better and more quailfied than us. But we will prove them wrong as we are strong and wise and better than them.

Milchama L' Olam!

I'm Douglas Jeffrey. Good night Loyal Milchamians.

OOC: If any of you think this is true in the slightest then your wrong. Except for the results those are all true except for the elimination rounds thing I think that Milchama has only been in 11 of those.
08-08-2006, 06:59
The First Medal Brings a Silver Lining to the Olympics for Rorysville

Dana Lili the Ace Archer made sure to notch herself into Rorysville History as the Firt Athlete to win a Medal in Olympic Competition for Rorysville.Lili's Run to silver started with the Archery Competition's Womens Individual Ranking Round Where she Placed Fourth with a Score of 670 a mere 10 points out of First.
RV Womens Archer Results after Ranking Round
4 Dana Lili ROR 670
19 Hiliray Sillian ROR 648
59 Irena Moventsky ROR 626
68 Anna Soolmman ROR 623
Then onto the Individual Matches
Dana Lili ROR 137
Hilary Mason WEN 126

Dana Lili ROR 135
Mbaqb Gana MLB 126

Dana Lili ROR 138
Byonce Hard ALL 134

and now the Gold Medal Match
Mildred Lee NMS 159 GOLD
Dana Lili ROR 152 SILVER

also in Rorysville Olympic Sports
Mens Soccer(on Day 14)
Rorysville 2, Bedistan 1
New Montreal States 2 1 0 7 3 4 7
Rorysville 2 0 1 5 7 -2 6
Malabra 1 2 0 8 3 5 5
Bedistan 1 1 2 6 6 0 4
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 0 0 3 2 9 -7 0

Rugby Sevens(on Day 14)
Rorysville 16, Milchama 5
Pool A: W L
Rorysville 3 1
Dorian and Sonya 3 1
Bedistan 2 2
Milchama 1 3
Schiavonia 1 3

Womens Softball(on Day 14)
Casari 8, Rorysville 3
Pool B: W L
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 4 2
Virginia Nova 4 2
Magnus Valerius 4 2
Chicanada 3 3
Malabra 3 3
Casari 2 4
Rorysville 1 5

thats all for now
08-08-2006, 08:10

Day 15 was one of those days that just simply proves that you can never know what to expect in the Olympics. The Kingdom won 6 medals today, including 2 golds, in what was clearly our best performance of these games in one day. The fact that we won 6 medals in one day and none of them were won by our track stars in the Women's 200 shows that you never know for sure what may happen.

Being that the Women's 200m was a highly anticipated race for us, we'll begin with that even though we got shut out of the medals. The race was won by Kate Fisher of Ropa-Topia. The strange part was her time as all she needed was a 37 (0:21.37) for the gold. Even stranger, a 41 won a bronze. In the heats and the semifinals athletes from all nations were running conisistenly in the mid-30's. Michelle Bylina, for the first time in her career, defeated both Jennifer Newman and Lauren Massey in the same event. Unfortunately for her though, her 45 was only good enough for 4th. Mixed emotions obviously for Michelle as it didn't get her a medal, but at the same time, she showed she can defeat Jennifer and Lauren. Michelle wasn't really thinking about that part though, "I didn't get a medal so I don't feel like I won anything." she said, simply. Jennifer Newman, who ran a disappointing 55, couldn't help but notice the times after an apology, "I let my country down. I am sorry. I have no explanation. You look at the times and everyone's times are down, even Kate's (Fisher, who won the gold). On the men's side in the 200 all the times were down, too. It was rather humid today in Ashford, maybe that had something to do with it. There are obviously other factors at work like weather or track conditions when times are slower across the board like this then just your individual talent." Massey was also distraught, "I feel embarassed to be honest with you. I apologize to all my fans at home for not getting the job done. We still got the 100 to run and we will make up for it." In the 800, Julie Sheridan finished 5th. Like the 200, the times were slower. In the heats, the top time was a 29, yet Elaine Mikil of Milchama only needed a 33 for the gold.

Fortunately, Eric Blanton made sure the Kingdom was not shut out on the men's side, winning a silver while running a 38 (0:19.38) in the 200. And yes, he was in a better mood then the ladies, "To win a silver is a great thing. I am happy with it and I congratulate Michael (Michael Noyman, the gold medal winner) on his victory and maybe we will meet again sometime." Eric said with a wide grin. Noyman ran a 36 for the gold. And as we touched on, these times were slower, too, as the men looked to be in the lower-to-mid 30's for a gold and a medal. It may have been the humidity here today that played a factor in the slower times then what we saw yesterday. Hendrick4824 picked up another track medal on the men's side as Ken Walker was 3rd for the bronze in the 5000m. After he caught his breath and took a big gulp of an athletic drink, Walker was happy, "These events are tough, it was pretty humid today. I enjoyed running with Kurtis (Loiselle, the Hendrickian who was 4th) for a while. In the last 500 meters, those two guys just had another gear that I didn't have. I gave it all I could, but once I realized it was they were gone, I just focused on getting the bronze and holding off the rest. They had good battle there for the gold."

Hendrick4824 dominated the women's pentathlon, by placing three of the top 4 finishers, including gold medal winner Michelle Nopper. Sara Chamberland won the bronze, and Erica Frey was 4th. Only Alyssa Bodily of Casari could prevent the Hendrickian medal sweep. Nopper's performance wasn't really a surprise, it's just that perhaps the pentathlon was overlooked a little bit. But now with her winning this gold, and this great overall performance by the team, fans in the Kingdom have noticed them now. A very jubilant Nopper exclaimed, "This is such a great event, you have to be good in so many different areas. I can't believe I'm the best in the world at it! I mean, I knew I had a shot at the gold but to be able to think I am the best in the world it's an amazing feeling and one I will cherish for my whole life." Sara Chamberland wasn't surprised by Nopper's performance either, "Yeah she was awesome, but I've seen it from her before. I'm happy with my bronze as this is a grueling event to medal in, there is no other event that is like the pentathlon. So even though its not gold, a bronze works for me too." On just missing out on a Hendrickian medal sweep, Frey commented, "Yeah it would have been to have seen 3 Hendrick4824 flags rise to the top and for to have been part of it. Being 4th though is like the worse place to finish. Being this close but being as far as the people who finished 25th. 17-year old Michelle Ingbretson was 26th. "Inge has a good future ahead of her," said Frey, "It's just not her time, yet."

The Kingdom also picked up another gold today, won by women's weightlifter Brooke Halvorsen in the middleweight division, with a lift of 210 (lb? kg? something else? not sure!) She creditted her training after the lift, "All of us just train so much for this. Hours after hours in the gym, making all kinds of sacrifices. I knew I had a shot at a gold but I wasn't sure about my competition, so I just did what I could and let the pieces fall where they may. To win a gold (wipes tear from eye) makes it all worth it!" Caitlin Carroll just missed the medal podium in this event as well, with a fourth place lift.

The final medal was picked up with the swords, a Dorian & Sonia tradition. The Hendrickians, led by Mark Feeney would be the highly favored Dorian & Sonia team's opponent in the gold medal match. Our fencers battled well and gave the D & S a pretty solid duel, even though the D & S team seemed to be in control most of the way. After the duel, Feeney commented, "We knew they were the best. But at the same time, we were going to make them fight for it and I think we hung in there pretty well and made it an exciting match for the fans. I talked with one of their guys afterwards and he told me that if they lost the gold medal match that they would really let their Kingdom down, and that it was expected. Not really the same thing in our Kingdom, and I hope you are all happy with this silver!" We are Mark, we are.

In the other medal events in which the Kingdom was shut out, it was a disappointing day in Archery. Stacey Kielper, who was well behind the leaders in the ranking round, put it best, "We knew we would have more fun here partying then we would with our arrows. But hey, its over, and now I can get back to meeting cute foreign guys again." The Kingdom didn't really threaten for anything in the men's 10000m or cycling. In the triathlon, Jennifer Whitehead was 6th overall. And in weightlifting, Hendrick4824 was very close in the men's lightweight as Norman Weeks placed 4th and Leonardo Garduno was 5th. Weeks didn't look at 4th as a consolation, "What's my medal for 4th? That's what I thought. Those Carvalo guys were good." he said. The Kingdom now has 19 overall medals, including 5 golds, and that places us 10th on the medal board.

Elsewhere in the non medal individual events, there was some good and some bad. We'll start with the good. Jennifer Newman qualified for the final in the women's 400 with an 80 (0:47.80). She won her heat, and was 6th in the semifinal, and is very motivated now for this event, "Having not won anything in the 200, I am out for redemption here in the 400. It's time to get a medal around my neck." Julie Sheridan was a tick slower with an 81, "I love running against Newman. This will be a good race, all 8 of us are great runners but I think its time for some Hendrickian gold!" Chris Littlefield won his men's welterweight boxing match, albeit at the expense of fellow Hendrickian Calvin Lang. Littlefield liked that though, "I liked beating him. A medal is my goal here but let's face it, Calvin is someone I am sure I will be meeting again for belts at home. To beat him here, well it makes me feel good." Hendrick4824 also got two very good performances in the Eights (Rowing) from the men and the women. The men tied for second in their semifinal while the women were 4th. In table tennis, Eric Silverstri moved forward on the men's side while Melanie Clayton, Danielle Chambers and Amanda Spinelli all won their matches.

Now, for the not so good. And we'll start this one off with the really, really bad. That could be none other then the Hendrick4824 Volleyball team. The women fell to 0-6 yesterday, and today the men joined them at that mark of futility. Young volleyball players across the Kingdom are very eager to meet these players, all of which have been released from the national teams and told not to return. The men's 400 was also a disappointment as no Hendrickian even made it to the semis. Sailing, tennis, and wrestling all saw Hendrickians defeated.

And that is our report for today. See you tomorrow.
Liverpool England
08-08-2006, 13:09
Liverpool England picks up three medals on Day 15 while Crna Gora LivEng claim first gold

Liverpool England and its territorial self-governing enclave Crna Gora LivEng both claimed their first medals of the games on Day 15 as the major events in which the countries were expected to excel got underway. The day started with Kevin Peters making it through to the men's singles semifinals in tennis, defeating home favourite Ivan Claywell in two sets, 6-1, 6-3. Then the athletics got underway, beginning with the men's 200 metres final.

Liverpool England had two runners in the 200m final, with both Charles Hess and Eric Averett having qualified. Hess clocked a time of 19.46 seconds, enough to take third place and be the first Liverpool England representative to stand on the medal podium at this Olympics. Averett finished 5th, just eight hundredths of a second behind. Liverpool England also picked up a silver from the men's 5-kilometres, with Leonard Kiernan faltering at the finish line despite leadding most of the race, losing out by a hundredth of a second to Allanea's Trevor Mottershead, and having to settle for second place. Liverpool England had no medal luck in the 10 km run, as Kiernan finished a disappointing 7th.

Helen Cardona picked up Liverpool England's only women's medal so far, with her bronze-medal effort in the women's 200 metre finals. The women's triathlon was also held on Day 15, with Crna Gora LivEng's Adrijana Pepca claiming gold by a good 20 seconds. This leaves Crna Gora LivEng just ahead of Liverpool England in the medal tally.


Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Bedistan BDS 11 14 16 41
2 Dorian and Sonya DOS 10 14 11 35
3 Ariddia ARI 10 7 4 21
4 Schiavonia SCV 9 7 7 23
5 Andossa Se Mitrin Vega AMV 9 6 11 26
6 Casari AS 8 12 12 32
7 The Weegies WEE 6 5 2 13
8 Baranxtu BCO 6 4 3 13
9 Magnus Valerius MGV 5 12 11 28
10 Hendrick4824 HEN 5 7 7 19
11 Milchama MIL 4 4 7 15
12 Ropa-Topia RTO 4 4 2 10
13 Starblaydia STB 4 3 3 10
14 Bazalonia BAZ 4 2 2 8
15 Ceorana CEO 4 1 2 7
16 United Island Empires UIE 3 3 3 9
17 Wentland WEN 3 2 1 6
18 Allanea ALL 3 1 2 6
19 Quakmybush QMB 3 1 1 5
20 Malabra MLB 2 5 1 8
21 Chicanada CHI 2 3 3 8
22 New Montreal States NMS 2 1 4 7
23 Carvalo CRV 2 1 1 4
24 Antrium ANT 1 3 5 9
25 The Archregimancy ARC 1 1 0 2
26 San Adriano SNA 1 0 0 1
26 Mikitivity MKV 1 0 0 1
26 Bostopia BOS 1 0 0 1
26 Crna Gora Liv Eng CNG 1 0 0 1
30 Liverpool England LEN 0 1 2 3
31 Rorysville ROR 0 1 0 1
32 Nouvelle Angleterre NAN 0 0 1 1
32 Virginia Nova VIN 0 0 1 1
Dorian and Sonya
08-08-2006, 17:29

Lots more to Come

Queen Sonya was everywhere today watching the different events going on and cheering for the Kingdoms athletes which were in a number of different events. The events that held the Queens attention the most was the medals.

In the pool the men’s 10000m race was done well by Frances Wolfred who luckily came out of the event with the silver medal.

The Kingdoms must waited event was in full swing and Azahar etc. defeated Feeney etc. Hendrix4824 for GOLD in the fencing event and we should be able to secure some more medals in this part of the Olympic.

In Weightlifting saw the women’s middleweight class saw the Kingdom bring home a silver for Vernell Brodhead.

This brings the Kingdom in medal count up to 10 Gold, 14 Silver, 11 Bronze which puts them in second place on the medal count table.

In the other events the kingdom was busy with various rounds of locking in there spots hoping to do well enough to lock in some good placements. In the Cycle for men’s team pursuit the team of Herstad/Matot/Smolnicky/Habbs will go on to the Gold medal match. While in the women’s eights the team of Giltner/Mcmonagle/Corl/Haupert/Manalo/Candia/Cully/Diedrich will be going on to the semi’s.

In men’s singles tennis Oswaldo Feery defeated Léon Snyder of Bedistan 6-1, 5-7, 6-4

And to finish off the days events Wrestling Greco-Roman in the Men’s light weight Rey Gailun defeated Elden Fiebich both of them from the Kingdom of D&S and Jude Panuccio defeated Steve Lee of Wentland, and in the Men’s middle weight Zackary Kaucher defeated Levi Douds of Andossa Se Mitrin Vega.

Well that will do it for today we will be back tomorrow for more fun and action and possible some more medals but until than have fun and be safe Good Night………………..
08-08-2006, 20:11
For a moment it looked as if Wentland might actually have a representative in the athletics finals. Patty Rowlands had run a stormer in the women's 400 heats and became the first Went ever to win an event. Turned out to be the fastest time as well. Alas she could not repeat her time in the semi - and the three tenths dropped proved crucial. She can be pleased with her top 10 ranking, but Patty was so disappointed not to make the final.

Meanwhile three women progressed in the table tennis, far outdoing their male counterparts, and the only one eliminated was Wendy Hay - who was facing Michelle Lake!

However, as ever most Went eyes were on the wrestling. Disaster for Stevie Lee in the Lightweight Greco-Roman as he went out at the quarter-final stage, Panuccio again proving the Wentland scourge with a darting points victory, but Norman continues the Whitewash by forcing Sūl Hye-juŋ of Bedistan to succumb to an armlock.

Meanwhile, bitter rivals Vic Faulkner and Max Bryan may face each other for a medal in the Middleweight. Both made it through to the semi-final; as Regional Champion Bryan has treated the prospect of meeting Faulkner with nothing but contempt. "Bring him on. And bring his brother on. I'll take them two on one. No-one can cope with Max Power!!!!!!"

Faulkner meanwhile is more circumspect. "Yes, it will be difficult, but I've been working on a plan to counter Bryan. With a bit of luck it will be yet another Vic-tory!"
08-08-2006, 21:28
RM"Hello I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Welcome to Olympics this morning."

WR"Let's get going with some Day 14 results."

RM"Zdenka Aileen did not advance in the Women's Individual BMX."

WR"The Women's Water Polo team defeated Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 11-4 and advanced to the next round of play with a 4-2 record."

RM"Kuba Quinton missed the 200m Finals by 1 hundredth of a second."

WR"Corin Draco advanced to the finals in the 800m."

RM"Keri Maria did not advance in the 200m."

WR"Agnes Tactia did not advance in the 800m."

RM"The Women's Basketball team powered by Magnus Valerius 71-66. They will advance to the next round with a 3-1 record."

WR"The Men's Football team drew Ariddia 1-1. They now sit 3rd their group with a 1-1-1 record."

RM"The Men's Rugby Sevens Team defeated Malabra 15-13. They finished 3rd in their group with a 1-2 record and will not advance."

WR"The Women's Softball Team suffered a loss. They lost 6-3 to Milchima. They finished 3rd in their group with a 3-3 record and will advance to the next round."

RM"The Women's Volleyball Team lost to Casari 9-25, 25-4, 25-6, 25-19. They currently sit 5th in their group with a 2-4 record."

WR"Now for Day 15 results."

RM"Thalia Lindsey did not advance in the Women's Individual Archery."

WR"Corin Draco brought home Quakmybush's 5th medal with a Bronze in the 800m Finals."

RM"Rolph Sathis finished 37th in the Men's 5000m."

WR"Callistus Aeron finished 19th in the Men's 10000m."

RM"Federico Marius did not advance in Men's Individual BMX."

WR"Liv Morgen finished 29th in the Women's Triathlon."

RM"Quakmybush now sit 19th in the Medal standings with 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze."

WR"Iefan Sachairi did not advance in the Men's 400m."

RM"Sunday Tiffani did not advance in the Women's 400m."

WR"Stefano Aed advanced to the round of 16 in Men's Table Tennis by defeating Isaiah Harris of Bedistan in 6 sets."

RM"The Men's Volleyball team made it a perfect 6 for 6 by defating GarfieldtheFat 25-15, 25-5, 25-7. They will advance in 1st place with a 6-0 record."

WR"That's all the time we have."

RM"Thanl You and Good Day."
09-08-2006, 03:00
Running to Victory

Track star among elite.

ASHFORD, CASARI--The biggest news of the day for Malabra was a second place finish for Xanga Irna in the Womens' Marathon for a silver medal. She ran the course with a time of 2:02:39.59. She finished behind Adrijana Pepca of Crna Gora Liv Eng and ahead of Tami Bramblett of Casari.

Other athletics events had no success for Malabrian athletes today. In the Mens' 5000m Gdang Nanfa placed a dissapointing thirteenth, where three other Malabrians placed below him. Mens' 10000m action brought spectators seeing Mgihjhn Yita placing eigth and Mighaqba Mixhaqwl placing eleventh. The other Malabrian track stars found themselves lower yet again. In the Mens' 400m Heats, all of Malabra's entries failed to qualify.

Athletics will continue tommorow with Malabrians hoping to have more success in the Olympic Stadium.

From the Malabrian Times:
Liverpool England
09-08-2006, 06:34
Gold hopes pinned on Peters and football
The entire nation of Liverpool England is now pinning its hopes for a gold medal at the Casaran Summer Games on its men's football team as well as tennis player Kevin Peters, with Liverpool England's athletics picking up yet another silver in the men's 400 metres when Charles Hess was beaten to the line by a hundredth of a second.

The under 23 football team made it through to the second round despite a disappointing group stage in which they lost two of their four group matches. Kevin Peters, meanwhile, reached the final of the men's singles tennis - and represents the nation's first real shot at gold, with at least a silver guaranteed. He will face Heath Traut of Andossa Se Mitrin Vega in the gold-medal game.

Liverpool England still has representatives in table tennis in both the men's and women's team competitions, as both teams were given byes. The OCLE has officially revised their expected tally of 5 golds, 4 silvers and 2 bronzes downward to 2-3 golds, 3-4 silvers and 3 bronzes.
09-08-2006, 07:29
Power Corrupts as Heavyweights Dominate

CASARI.- Max Bryan, the self-proclaimed "Max Power" of the wrestling mat, reached the Olympic final thanks to a controversial win over Henry Hoover of Schiavonia.

Hoover was left waiting in the ring for two minutes before the start of the match whilst Bryan refused to enter until his music was played. Eventually the lights dimmed whilst the booming chords of "Max Power!!!" filled the arena and the delay appeared to get to Hoover as he hurled himself at Bryan frustratedly from the off. Unfortunately Hoover forgot about defence and Bryan easily picked up some early points that proved crucial.

It was not the end of the controversy, however. With seconds to go Hoover trapped Bryan in a potentially match-winning full nelson, only for Bryan to escape amidst much flailing of limbs as time ran out. Afterwards Hoover complained of a low blow and a replay did suggest that Bryan might have kicked him in a delicate area. Bryan pleaded innocence, however. "I do what is necessary to get out of a hold like that," he claimed. "But I will not cheat. If I caught him it was an accident."

Bryan will face Zak Kaucher of Dorian and Sonya in the final, who pinned a brave Vic Faulkner in the final seconds of a tight bout. "I knew Faulkner would not reach the final," boasted Bryan, "he does not have the guts. He'll blow the bronze as well."

In the heavyweight division Wentland provides three fo the four semi-finalists and a clean medal sweep is a possibility. Mighty Stan "the Man" Drews dispatched of another opponent within seconds but both Mowersby and Christmas had to rely on points wins to advance.

Apart from Dale James' unexpected appearance in the 1500m final, where he trailed in 10th, the only other outstanding appearance came from the men's football team, where a late goal ensured a 3-1 victory over Quakmybush and a win in their group. Tommy Barnes' men are now full of confidence with the only dropped points coming in a creditable draw against Starblaydia and are hopeful of medals.
09-08-2006, 07:37

Today was another good day for the Kingdom in Casari, as we picked up 4 more medals. However, don't tell that to the women's track team, who is having anything but a good meet. Fortunately, success elsewhere is diverting attention away from their struggles.

A stunning success was realized in rowing in the Women's Eights. The team of Fournier, Barnes, Pickens, Perrone, Labrance, Bulluck, Henderson, and team captain Meghan Marhenke won gold!! They had performed well leading up to the final, and individually some of them have had modest success in the singles and doubles without winning a medal, but now each of them has a shiny gold to proudly wear across their necks. Marhenke credited the chemistry of the team, "We work really well together. One thing we usually are when we race in this event, is a team that's in sync. We might not always have the speed but we communicate well. Today each of us were at our best. I dreamed of winning a gold my whole life. I can't believe I finally did it!" Tara Labranche said she just had a good feeling about it, "When I woke up this morning I just had the feeling that something really special was about to happen." Erica Henderson, who went to college with struggling track star Jennifer Newman talked about her motivation, "Jennifer just let me know how much different this (the worldwide Olympics) is then anything we have ever competed in before. She was a little down but believed in me and our team. We got it done! I'm so excited!" They defeated a team from the United Island Empires by a tenth of a second.

For the second day in a row, a heavily favored Dorian & Sonia team met up with a resilient Hendrick4824 team in the gold medal match in a fencing competition. This time, it was the Men's Team Epee. "It was cool to have another shot at them," said Mark Feeney with his second silver medal of the Games, "they are really good though. But like yesterday I think we hung in there pretty well and made them earn their gold. I must admit it's real cool seeing how much they love fencing in their country. I mean, it's all I ever wanted to do in my life. Hopefully us getting a couple of silvers and hanging tough with them can help this great sport get to that level in Hendrick4824, too." Don't forget that Hendrick4824 won a couple of individual medals by Brooke Hughes and Julie Charlton a few days ago, so we have done a good job displaying some fencing prowess ourselves in the shadows of Dorian & Sonia. Feeney was later seen at a resturant with one of the top fencing sports agents in Dorian & Sonia. No word what that might be all about.

Yesterday, the Hendrickians just missed out on a medal sweep in the women's pentathlon, and today we picked up a bronze medal on the men's side, delivered by Michael Hanson, who narrowly beat Nathanel Doxon of Dorian & Sonia for the medal. "It came down to the wire like should," Hanson said, "Three of us had a real good shot there for the silver at the end. It was fun battling those guys, and I'm happy to have gotten this medal after the amazing performance our ladies put in yesterday in this very event."

Our fourth medal was a silver won by young Jessica McAllister in the 3000m Steeplechase. The silver may best represent its silver lining for the rest of the women's track team, but we'll get to them a little later. Jessica, who is only 18, may be the biggest up and coming star on the track as after all, she has now done something that Jennifer Newman and Lauren Massey have yet to do, and that's win a medal. Jessica was asked a couple questions, but first about winning this medal, "I am so happy right now I just wanna scream. Competing against the best in the world is such a dream, I can't believe I am here first of all and now to win a silver medal, it rocks!" We also asked about the significance of her medal while older veteran national icons like Newman and Massey have been shut out, "I hope they get a medal. I hope Michelle Bylina does too, I know her better then I know Jennifer and Lauren. I mean they gotta at least do good in the 4x100m, that is totally their turf."

The big story is the failure so far of Newman and Massey. Usually this is the part where we talk about close calls in other medal events, but that's not the case for these two. Hendrickians so far have been very disappointed, and there have been many people calling in to radio talk shows blasting their efforts. Maybe preparation is an issue as strange as it may sound since they are veterans with experience. You can surely say that the competition level here is nothing they ever faced, and no one in Hendrick4824 is taking anything away from the people who have won the medals in these events, because the fingers are being pointed directly at Newman and Massey as their times have been slower throughout the meet then what they have run before. Jennifer Newman did not help her cause when she was 36th overall in the 100m heat with a 71. A 71 from Newman? What's going on with her? In fact in the 100m, you will not even see Massey or Bylina in the final. But you will see Jessica McAllister. Is this Olympic Games going to signal a changing of the guard on the Hendrickian landscape when our athletes return home? Is the 18-year old McAllister surpassing her countrymates? Jennifer Newman declined to comment as she is very upset with herself right now. Lauren Massey simply shrugged her shoulders. McAllister, looks for another medal in the 100. Can you just imagine the looks on the veterans faces if the 18 year old shows them up with a second medal while they still have none? Interesting developments here for sure.

Alright, now time for the close calls in medal events breakdown. Kazayoshi Takagawa had a good run going in Archery, and was one point away from advancing to the semifinals. Jennifer Newman was 4th in the 400m with teammate Julie Sheridan was 5th. Sheridan should be happy with her finish, but don't tell Newman that she should be!

Now to the non medal events, and check out that team at the top of Pool C in Men's Football. That's right, the Monarchs win the pool with 3 wins and a draw following their 4-1 win over GarfieldTheFat. The Monarchs quickly dispelled any thoughts they would take their group finale easy since they were locked in to go through by scoring twice in the first 20 minutes (7th and 17th minute goals). They led 4-0 late until a GTF strike in the 79th minute spoiled the clean sheet. Still, a very impressive effort as we head to the knockout stages. The Kingdom may have caught some people off guard but analyst David Owens says it gets tougher now, "Hendrick4824 was an unknown to some of these teams, but now you got the best teams in the world advancing, so it will be tougher for the Monarchs. Still, don't be surprised if Hendrick4824 moves forward because they shown alot of skill here and have certainly shown they can play with anybody. They must be respected by any opponent."

In individual events, we basically already looked at the women's 100m, but on the men's side, Mark Carney will participate in the final after placing 6th in the semis that saw outstanding times across the board. The top 8 were so close, that any of them can win, so expect a very exciting and unpredictable race tomorrow there. In boxing's men's heavyweight division, Hendrickians went 3-1, with the only loss being in a Hendrickian vs Hendrickian match. Jason Spencer, Roberto Gordon, and John Hammond all are moving forward. One Hendrickian qualified in the women' cycling individual sprint, but again that was a case of Hendrickian vs Hendrickian. Tracy Nikalus did post a respectable 10.92 in her win over Lauren Hixson. We'll give a shout out to John McCarry, who won race 8 of the Men's Laser in Sailing, but the sailing performances have still been very inconsistent, and no Hendrickians appear to be a medal threat.

Elsewhere, Darren Kuester lost in wrestling and Viscusi and Dunkley lost in table tennis.

16 days are now complete and Hendrick4824 is presently 9th on the Medal Board, and has won 10 medals in the last 2 days. We congratulate all the medalists and look for even more success as the final third of the Games begins. At the same time, we congratulate all our Olympians for their efforts. Except maybe the volleyball teams.
The Archregimancy
09-08-2006, 07:49

Athletes Win Gold and Silver; Narrowly Miss Clean Sweep

Following a quiet day 15, in which the only competing Archregimancy athlete was a clearly insufficiently obsessed Fr. Simon the Even More Obsessed (who finished in 12th place in the men's 10,000 metres), the 'Kenyans of the NSOC' were finally unleashed on the men's 3000 metre steeplechase on day 16. This was an event the Archregimancy were expected to dominate, and the nation's athletes did not disappoint.

Fr. Athanasius the Leaper, the NS world's best steeplechaser by some considerable margin, found himself in a surprisingly tight race, but ultimately finished ahead of compatriot Fr. Hippolytus the Jumper. Only surprise package Jason Vedley of Virginia Nova - winning only the second medal of the games for his nation - stopped an Archregimancy clean sweep of the medals as Fr. David of the Winding Trails was just pipped to fourth. Indeed, but for a controversial judging decision by the schismatic heretic local authorities in awarding fifth spot to local athlete Roa Scottside - despite his having precisely the same time as Fr. Simeon the Obsessed - the Archregimancy might well have filled four of the top five spots. As it is, four out of the top six will do quite nicely, thank you.

After the race, an elated Fr. Athanasius gave thanks unto his name saint, St Athanasius the Recluse of the Kiev Near Caves, venerating an icon of the 12th-century hermit as he did a lap of the track.

The crowd groaned in what we can only assume was great delight at the realisation that this meant the Archregimancy's two hour long national anthem, the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, would be playing for only the second time at these Olympics. Wins for New Montrealer Louise Beaujeu in the women's 400 metres (where compatriot Susanne Rosemont won bronze) and Valerian Ioannes Spiranios in the men's 400 metres made this a particularly fine day for Orthodoxy around the track.

In other news, Fr. Theodore the Fleet of Foot missed out on the men's 100 metre final despite setting a blistering 9.79 second time in the first round that would have carried him to third if sustained in the semis. Unfortunately for everyone's favourite monastic sprinter, a strong headwind caught his robes in the semis, leaving him in a disappointing 15th.
09-08-2006, 14:31
Today was a truly miserable day. The one brightspot was our boys football team showing World Champions Casari that we are better than them. This of course means that Milchama is going to win the World Cup next time as if Casari can do it and we can beat them then we can beat anybody and everybody. And we will too. Anyway back to the Olympics the rest of it was bloody horrible.

First in archery we couldn't get a person to the knockout rounds as all the bums couldn't hit the target if it were 2 ft away from them. The crappiness continued for the rest of the medal events as only Julian Gehlert came away with a silver in the men's 1500M. The rest of it was all terrible. Nobody else medaled or even came close to medaling for us.

But things really got bad during the men's and women's 100M dashes when NO MILCHAMIAN COULD GET TO THE FINAL IN EITHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right they were so horrible that they could not get to the final at all so that we cannot win more medals tommorow. Those bums should be sent to the gulag and made to do horrible things with donkeys. Needless to say we won't be getting any medals tommorow because of thsoe bums.

Then in boxing all our guys won (thankfully) so that they continue and try to get us medals instead of the rest of our boxers who all sucked (Jonny Dawson we're looking at you). And also very suprisingly all our cyclist peoples won.

Still it was a crap day filled with shitty competitors who all suck.
I'm Douglas Jeffrey F--- You all.
Dorian and Sonya
09-08-2006, 19:13
Medals, Coffee, and a Streaker. Oh My!

Queen Sonya was once again at her new favorite place to visit here in Ashford, Casari - the street side Coffee House. Where lots and lots of the Athletes are frolicking in the streets and I think we saw a monk out in the street with his robes pulled up to his armpits streaking everyone.-Aren’t they suppose to wear something under those robes ? And was that an Ariddian woman with him? Hmmmmm Lord Have Mercy on someone.

The Queen had just gotten her Double French Vanilla Cappuccino with a nice sprinkle of nutmeg on the top and a slice of Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce ummmm good. As she sat watching everything going on around her she was recapping in her head what had gone on today in the Olympics.

It was a great day for the Kingdom the medal started coming and events where running , the sun was out and it was wonderful so beautiful perhaps that our Archers were not even thinking of the arrows and Lord only knows where they were shooting at , Oh Well.

Our first medal of the day came in the Men’s 1500m where Jerrold Strem came in just short of the Silver to take the bronze.-that was a close one-. The Women’s 1500m saw the same results as Tawny Brynga just barely missed out on the Silver and came home with the Bronze

In the Men’s 3000m Steeplechase the monks were on a roll Fr. Athanasius the Leaper and. Fr. Hippolytus the Jumper they almost got a sweep of the medals but fell short and got a Gold and Silver great Job.

In Cycling the Men’s team pursuit was exciting we finish up with the Silver behind the Weegies Herstad/Matot/Smolnicky/Habbs had a great race.

Swords ,Swords and more swords………oh yeah the Men’s Team Epee was glorious Long Forcino, Lindsay Gucciardi,Eldridge Norkaitis, Ezequiel Fabus ,Leandro Benanti ,Francesco Hipol,
Walton Luensmann ,Lindsay Pascall ,Herb Jirsa, they bought the Gold Home Woot Woot……

The Men’s Pentathalon was even good to us Nicky Medearis was a surprise to come in with the Silver medal for the Kingdom.

In the Men’s Middleweight Weightlifting we put two of ours on the podium Johnson Hansil took the Gold and Ike Bonaventura got the Bronze medal way to go.

Wow the Queen was very proud of all of the Kingdoms progress in the Olympics she could not have asked for anything more from the Athletes , they have worked really hard to get to this point and she will she to it that they are well rewarded for all the hard work.

The Queen sat back and pushed her now empty plate forward and than continued to watch everything going on around her - was that real one of the Arch’s Monks streaking through the streets and what was the women chasing him have in her hand? Hmmmmm . Does not look good for someone and they will be need some divine intervention when that’s all said and done.

The Queen Sonya giggled to herself thinking - glad that’s not any of my people- after she got done with that thought she remembered she needed to get back to the events going own relaxing and coffee time was over but she will be back real soon to give you an up-dated account of the medals. Good Night for now.
09-08-2006, 22:01
RM"Hello, I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Welcome to Olympics This Morning."

WR"Let's look at those results."

RM"Desislav Serafim finished 41st in Men's Archery."

WR"Dhaval Frantzisco did not qualify for the Men's 1500m."

RM"Gordian Courtney finished 34th in the Men's 3000m Steeplechase."

WR"Tahira Rosaline finished 37th in the Women's 1500m."

RM"Katrina Katrien finished with a time of 9.10.83 and in 22nd place in the Women's 3000m Steeplechase."

WR"Indigo Kliment, Quakmybush's Flag Bearer qualified for the Finals of the Men's 100m."

RM"Evgenia Anais did not qualify for the Women's 100m."

WR"The Badminton Mixed Doubles Team of Macerana and Kristof advanced to the next round by defeating Gill and Steele of Bedistan 15-9, 6-15, 15-12."

RM"Susannah Bebinn had a bye in the Women's Individual Sprint."

WR"The Men's Football team lost to Wentland 3-1. They finished 1-1-2 and will play Chicanada in a playoff for the last qualifying spot."

RM"Ferdie and Lars, who are the Men's Table Tennis team, had a bye."

WR"The Women's Team of Pernoel and Charis defeated Landy and Beaupre of New Montreal States in 5 sets."

RM"That's all the time we have."

WR"I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"And, I'm Ron Mclearn, have a good day."
10-08-2006, 02:12
Lousy Day

Only major success was Malabrian Mens' National Soccer Team.

ASHFORD, CASARI--It wasn't a very good day for Malabrian athletes, with no one winning a medal and barely anyone qualifying for the next round.

The Malabrian Mens' National Soccer Team, known as the Tigers, did not let that get in there way, as they rolled to a 4-0 victory over Andossa Se Mitrin Vega. That brought them to second place in Pool B with a record of 2-2-0. They are undefeated in group play and will now advance in the tournament. Relatively unknown player Ignis Imda amazingly scored all four goals, two in the first half and two in the second.

Other Pool B results showed that New Montreal States guarenteed first place after its 4-0 victory over Rorysville, who placed third in the pool. New Montreal States had a record of 3-1-0, while Rorysville had a record of 2-0-2. Bedistan and Andossa Se Mitrin Vega failed to qualify.

From the Malabrian Times:
10-08-2006, 02:45
Yup, Cutoff.
10-08-2006, 07:36
There's OAP for us all!

66 year old Hilary Mason capped a splendid international archery career with a silver medal in the women's team event in Casari earlier today. The ladies' team was on form after disappointing individual events and qualified for the knockout phase with 60 points in hand and following a couple of fairly easy wins found themselves playing off for the gold against the mighty Milchamians.

Alas, there was no fairytale ending for Mason and her team-mates as the Milchama trio proved just too good, taking an early lead that was never surrendered.

However, it proved to be Mason's best event since she was part of the World Championship team 37 years ago and a splendid swansong to her career - or will she decide to continue?

Elswehere there was a mighty upset in the men's wrestling as Stan Drews was controversially beaten in the semi-final. Drews was fuming afterwards as he was convinced he had a winning submission hold interrupted by a referee who claimed the hold was going nowhere. "Venom was about to tap, I had him choked, but the referee ordered us to restart," said Drews. "I could not get my head back together and he was given a new lease of life as a result. One lousy point and it's back to the start again."

The decision cost the chance of a 1-2-3 for Wentland and young CJ Mowersby has the chance to become Wentland's youngest gold medallist of the Games when he faces Venom.

However, the Whitewash continues and Norman Wash faces Juno Kayne, who finally ended Jude Panuccio's magnificent run. The Dorian and Sonyan grappler now has a tricky bout against fellow countryman Gallun for a medal, which is perhaps the least he deserves following such a spiritied competition.

***The men's football team has filed a formal protest over the next round seedings. "We finished above Starblaydia," complained Tommy Barnes. "Why are we seeded three lower than them?"

When informed that past form is taken into account, Barnes was incandescent. "It's about the here and now!" said the boss. "Why should we face discrimination because of what happened under Bluff?"

Many consider the protest to be futile and, indeed, petty, but believe that Barnes is fostering a siege mentality for the next phase.
10-08-2006, 13:42
(OOC: Casari, I have to ask you why Jessica McAllister does not get a bronze in the women's 100m. In an event like this where this is a tie for third, both competitors usually get the bronze awarded to them. Correct? If it's broken down in the thousandths of a second then can we see that info please? What is displayed in the results does not show that one person deserved a bronze and the other doesn't. Thank you in advance!)


After 2 great days of winning medals, no Hendrickian flags rose today, but the HOC is appealing the decision that Jessica McAllister was not given a joint bronze alongside Starblaydia's McGovern. In other medal events, in the men's 100m, Mark Carney came up just a bit short, finishing 4th with a 90. Fred Cole and Blake Wadsworth were in a 3-way tie in the heavyweight division of weightlifting for 4th place and Jennifer Blaisdell was 4th in the women's welterweight division. A scary incident happened in this event when Hendrick4824's Megan Sullivan lost her balance trying to make the lift and fell with the weight landing on top of her, she was sent to an Ashford hospital and broke 3 ribs but is otherwise ok. Other then that, no Hendrickians were close.

The women's football team looked sharp in its pool play, but its loss to Qazox dropped them into a difficult match against Malabra, and lost 3-2. So they're done as well, adding to the disappointing news on the day. Malabra jumped out to an early 2-0 lead and the Lady Monarchs never really recovered from it, although they gave an outstanding effort. Congratulations to them though with their good overall showing. The men's football team was given a #6 seed. Hendrick4824, Wentland, and Starblaydia were tied with a 6 goal differential and identical record, but somehow Starblaydia got a #4, ahead of New Montreal States, who had an 8 goal differential. The Monarchs aren't going to fret and are just going to prepare for whoever they say our opponent is.

It was a good day in the field events as most Hendrickians made the qualification cut. Steve Morton and Martin McCafferty, Jr move forward in the men's discus throw as does Kellen Lyons in the men long jump. He was the only Hendrickian to advance in that event, but won it outright. Roberto De Los Santos and Martin McCafferty, Jr advanced in the javelin throw. For the women, Katie Scholten was at the top of the board in the women's discus throw and she will be joined in the next stage by teammate Rachel Vincent. In the long jump Stacey Coleman, Shannon Murray, and Amanda Thaxton have all advanced. All 4 Hendrickians move forward in the javelin as Jennifer Conte, Rachel Vincent, Michelle Conrad, and Tracey Bennett will make up a quarter of the field as that event continues although none were higher then 6th. This was just the qualification stage we remind you but we should be able to get a few medals out of this, we hope!

Elsewhere, in the men's welterweight boxing, Chris Littlefield was KO'd by Bedistan's Joshua Webb, a very impressive fighter. Tracey Nikalus is keeping Hendrickians interested in the women's individual sprint as she won again while posting a 10.90 time. She might have to be a bit faster for a medal, but it may be in her range as she is certainly close enough to the best times being posted in the event. In judo, Hendrickians were 2-2 in the lightweight with James Tingley and Mark Dudley advancing, and advanced all three fighters that battled in the middleweight division as Scott Gauthier, Chris Rosenblatt, and Jeff Sonnier advance. Randolph had a bye.

The guns came out today, too, and it was a good day for Erica Guzman, Courtney Reese and Jennifer Trombley as they all qualified in the women's trap. Trombley also advanced in skeet shooting.

In other events, Danielle Chambers and Melanie Clayton move forward in the early stages of women's table tennis and Michael Madsen advanced in Wrestling, one of only 3 Hendrickians to do so in the Men's Middleweight Freestyle.

That will conclude our report for today. Hopefully we'll have some clarification on the women's 100m decision for tomorrow's report.
10-08-2006, 15:15
Today was a great in the Olympics. And this was before we figured out that Shooting started today! Yeh! shooting. We'll start with the first event in alphabetical order, archery, where our women picked up a gold medal in great fashion as they outshot everybody else to be not only the most accurate but also the longest and farthest shots. Then in our only other chance to win a medal in the triathlon we again came away with gold as Herbert Fronner, outran, outswimmed and outbiked all competitors. These two golds moved us up to 11th place with 18 medals and with shooting now started we will only go waaaaaaaaay up from here.

After that the bums started coming in, in athletics again. As we did not qualify people for many events that we should have. I think this is more of the big world conspiracy to slow us down but people assure me that's just because those guys suck. They both sound like logical explanations.

Mack Hamilton won again on his way to the gold medal. Then in cycling the Casarans again made sure that we could not dominate as in the women's individual sprint 3 out of 4 Milchamians advanced. The only one who did not advance lost to another Milchamian and we were THE ONLY NATION whose competitors had to face each other. This is clear that Olympic organizers could not stand the fact that we could be guaranteed all 3 medals so they sneakilly found a way around this fact. Then in shooting the organizers struck again as Mary Winters who was ready to compete was not able because we "did not sign her up" when we clearly did.

Our men's football is also the top seed but will probably lose to Quakmybush because of the world conspiracy against us. Although if they do win they will win the the gold medal.

For Tim Gonnenberg and Steve Laklu this has been Douglas Jeffrey. You all suck!
Bears Armed
10-08-2006, 16:10
Ranno Troutcatcher scowled as he walked slowly away from the weightlifting contest. Only fourth place, and even that position shared with two other contestants into the bargain... and that against human opponents -- even if the winner had been rather on the large size for his species -- rather than fellow ursines...
How would he live this down? Explaining about the heat and humidity might satisfy a few of the people back home, but too many others would see that as just trying to find excuses...
Admittedly none of his team-mates had fared any better so far, and only one other of them -- Jorro Bigbear, in the males' individual Archery contest -- had done as well, but even so...
And in these games, unlike events back home, fourth place didn't earn even a wooden medal... so his team was one of the last three, out of the thirty-six present, who had yet to win any medals here at all...

"Grrarrrgh!" he roared, turning his face to the sky...
10-08-2006, 21:41
Norman Wash was deep in thought as he prepared for his bout with Juno Kayne for gold. He was not used to the attention but as the last Went athlete in the lightweight Greco-Roman from the quarter finals there had been a lot more than usual.

It wasn't usually like this. He was the one in the shadows. The back-up man to the Great Wall and Stevie Lee and Rocky Taylor. He had never won a major medal in his entire career and now he was going for the ultimate prize.

Wash's problem is that his style did not easily sit with the judges. A born contortionist, Wash was defensive as he was not as strong as other wrestlers. His skill lay in escaping moves and tiring his opponents out. Very difficult to hurt him. He scored a bit of a freak win with a quick throw and pin in an earlier round as he escaped a waistlock attempt with a risky somersault. He had relied on his trusty armbar, a move that did not need a great deal of strength, to get past a Bedistan wrestler. And the semi-final was his greatest moment, although even then he faced criticism as his victory was more because Gailun got his tactics wrong - within two minutes of frenzied but futile attack the Dorian and Sonyan was exhausted and Wash could not believe his luck as he slipped on the armbar.

But the final? This was uncharted territory. He had always done well at home and had unexpectedly beaten Taylor in the National Championship third place play-off. His one major appearance at the world stage had been four years before when the World Championships came to Warpstone and he got to the final four. What happened in that semi-final, however, was a black mark that still taints his heart. Match stopped for passivity. Wash barred from fighting for bronze as a result.

Wash protested - in vain - that he was not being passive. His tactic was rope-a-dope, or more accurately mat-a-dope. Curl into a little ball, almost. Don't give the opponent any chance of getting a hold. It was dull to the neutral and the Wentland crowd were used to it, but the officials were not. Wash to this day maintains that his opponent was blowing and getting frustrated and out of breath and that he was waiting for the moment to slap on the standing armbar. But his disqualification stood and he was in disgrace.

It affected him for the next three years and his win-loss record was one of the worst in Wentland wrestling. But the prospect of the Olympic Games forced him to re-think. He retreated within himself to find an inner strength and brain. He started to see matches from outside his body and suddenly the acrobat became even more adept at escaping moves - sometimes before he was put in them. He came out of the National Championships with a bronze - and an Olympic place as a result. There were some who suggested that he should be withdrawn and the more talented Col Coper included in his place, who had been a semi-finalist in the previous three years, but popular acclaim ensured the Whitewash would be there when the flag was being wheeled around.

And now the final. How would he cope against Kayne? He had faced him once before. His tactic then was to frustrate his opponent. Roll into a little ball. That was 4 years ago. At the World Championships.

Time for a re-think.


Malabra in the quarter-finals. On paper, it should be easy, thought Edwina Bluff. The Malabrians were not even ranked, they had never taken part in international competition before. And a loss to top 15 Milchama suggested there was nothing to fear.

But there was the easy win against the (admittedly woeful) Barantxu, a 4-1 dismantling of fancied Liverpool England and a 1-0 win over the Weegies, the latter's one defeat. Then a play off win against Hendrick's Numbers. They had clearly been practising in isolation together for some time, ready to be unleashed on the Olympics to everyone's massive surprise. Their teamwork had been impeccable and the clinching goal in the play-off had been hailed as the Goal of the Tournament, a 14 one-touch pass move that ended in a top-corner finish. How to counteract such teamwork?

Edwina Bluff had an idea. About time the Meld was unleashed.
11-08-2006, 03:02
Casari, I have to ask you why Jessica McAllister does not get a bronze in the women's 100m. In an event like this where this is a tie for third, both competitors usually get the bronze awarded to them. Correct? If it's broken down in the thousandths of a second then can we see that info please? What is displayed in the results does not show that one person deserved a bronze and the other doesn't. Thank you in advance!

The way that particular scorinator works, it takes the random numbers generated, adjusts them based on the athlete's Skill Points, and then converts it into a time. However, while the excel sheet is only set to display hundredths, the scorinator is ranking the athletes based on numbers all the way down to ten-millionths. Of course, I only looked at the ranking-numbers, and since they didn't read a tie, I neglected to give out a double Bronze Medal. Therefore, this shall be corrected.

The men's football team has filed a formal protest over the next round seedings. "We finished above Starblaydia," complained Tommy Barnes. "Why are we seeded three lower than them?"

Well, the thing about that is, since the third tiebreak used was GA, you didn't.
11-08-2006, 05:06

Updates Days 16 and 17.

Qazox has only one hope left for any medal as the only athletes left competing are the Women's Football team who received a bye into the quarterfinals vs. Ceorana.

In boxing, Cyrus Furches lost his Heavyweight bout with Mohamed Garrean by TKo in the 5th round, Cyrus was knocked down for the 3rd time 1:23 into the round. In Welterweight action, Eun Brownlie of Dorian and Sonya won by unanimous Decsion over Octavio Tangri by a score of (48-47, 48-47, 49-46).

In Men's triathalon, Brian Gooly finished 36th with a time of 2hrs:05min:03.58sec.
The Archregimancy
11-08-2006, 09:06

MOCTA Denies Archregimancy Involvement in 'Streaking' Incident

Shockwaves were caused across the weightlifting world overnight as Archregimancy flagbearer Fr. Andreas the Giant rocked the heavyweight section of the event with a winning total of 374. The Archregimancy's massive weightlifter - easily the largest monk in the Olympic squad - put his surprise success down to trust in the Lord, prayerful meditation, and a training regime designed by sympathetic Bulgarian Orthodox weightlifters and consisting of picking up large rocks obstructing the fields surrounding his home monastery.

Some spectators in the weightlifting venue engaged in the uniquely Casaran practice of 'booing' upon realising that Fr. Andreas' victory meant that the Archregimancy's two hour long national anthem would be playing for the third time these Olympics. A Casaran cultural attache later explained that 'booing' is a way that the local Catholic schismatics show their appreciation for an athlete performing beyond expectations. The accompanying practice of throwing half-filled plastic water bottles at the main stage during the national anthems is similarly designed to show respect. Wacky lot these Catholics, but one is often forced to abide by secular local customs, even ones not endorsed by an Ecumenical Council.

Pre-event overwhelming favourite and sentient anthropomorphic ursine Ranno Troutcatcher of Bears Armed, who set an unofficial world record in practice, was left rueing the heat and humidity in the venue, which seemed to impact the lushly-pelted BA athlete more than the other competitors. Troutcatcher finished fourth after skipping over several medal-winning lower totals to try directly for an extraordinary 380, only to fail on all three lifts.

In other news, Fr. Serapion Who Runs Best pronounced himself 'pleased' to finish in 6th in the men's triathlon. Likewise Fr. Nicodemus Who Runs For Fun's 10th place finish in the men's marathon - a remarkable placing for a monk who lacks professional training and who runs simply as a means of pacing his daily 1333 repetitions of the Jesus Prayer.

The Archregimancy cricket team, the Willow Wonder Workers, also continued to impress with an easy 57 run quarterfinal victory over an outmatched Bedistan squad. Fr. Yuri the Chinaman was the star for the team, with final bowling figures of 5-58 to join his surprisingly persistent tail-ender batting figures of 36 not out.

Finally, MOCTA today categorically denied any involvement in an incident witnessed by Queen Sonya of Dorian and Sonya, where Her Majesty reported seeing 'streaking' down Casaran streets chased by a woman holding an unspecified object. "This seems to be a simple honest mistake by Her Majesty" said a senior archimandrite, speaking on condition of anonymity. "This is not the first time that a sinful foreign athlete interested in abasing his flesh through fornication has dressed as an Archregimancy athlete in order to tempt and fool an Ariddian. I can assure Her Majesty - and the relevant authorities - that all members of the Archregimancy delegation were, at the time of the incident in question, celebrating Fr. Athanasius the Leaper's steeplechase gold with a rousing All Night Vigil.
Bears Armed
11-08-2006, 12:42
From the sports pages of “The Bear Necessities” _

Now we've got a medal, and it's a Gold one at that! :)

Rosa o Eastdale triumphed quite easily in the Women's Heavyweight Weightlifting... having daringly had most of her fur trimmed way back (pictures on page 3) so that she’d be able to work better in the local climate, and one of her team-mates, Elga, almost got the Bronze — and would have gained a Wooden medal, if the games were being run under our own rules — in that same event…

This jumps us up the list of medal-winners, all the way from nowhere at all to a joint-28th place (with 35 of the 36 national teams present now having gained medals) and to equal with our neighbours Mikitivity, with plucky little San Adriano, and with the country called Bostopia whose Rugby team our own ‘Thundering Horde’ defeated easily in their first game of the contests...

And three of our four male [heavyweight] Wrestlers, including our team's flag-bearer Borrin who — as I’m sure you already know — was widely considered our best hope for a Gold overall, triumphed in their qualifying matches: Good luck, Borrin, Jeggar and Grreg! It's a pity about Maccar, our fourth entrant, who'd apparently strained a muscle during a practice session on the previous day, but we still have enough contenders going forwards for a clean sweep of the "metal" medals in this event to be possible.

And the 'Thundering Horde' won two play-off matches (against Bostopia, again, and against the team from Magnus Valerius who’d beaten us when we played them before) and thus becomes the second team (along with the one from the nation called Hendrick4824, who won all of their initial matches including the one against the Horde…) from our 'pool' to go forwards to the elimination rounds. :)

Outside, the fans are beating out a triumphant tune on their drums….
11-08-2006, 12:46

After being shut out of the medals yesterday, the Kingdom bounced back on the 18th day not only to win 4 medals, but to receive word that we weren't indeed shut out of medals yesterday. Jessica McAllister was presented with a bronze for her effort in the women's 100m, marking the second medal that she has won compared to the zero combined medals won by Jennifer Newman and Lauren Massey. "I am very happy they awarded me the medal, I didn't understand it yesterday. Now all I need is a gold!" exclaimed the 18-year old McAllister who is making a name for herself back home while other household names are struggling, to put it nicely.

Hendrick4824 won a gold and a silver in the women's long jump as Shannon Murray and Amanda Thaxton paced the field. The jump of 7.53 was Murray's personal best and she picked a good time to do it in order to beat fellow Hendrickian Amanda Thaxton. Stacey Coleman wasn't that far off the pace as she finished 5th overall. The gold won by Murray represents the 7th picked up by the Kingdom at the Ashford Games. Coming in to the event, Murray was seen as a someone who could have a shot and she delivered. After the flags rose with the playing of "Always in Our Hearts", Murray spoke of her gold, "I can't wait to go home and show everybody, this is the greatest day of my life! I felt that I could win but still on the back of your mind you know it is so difficult. This is a dream come true." Amanda Thaxton appeared to be in the position to win the gold herself until Murray made her jump but wasn't let down that much, "I think if you're going to win a silver, its best to get beat by a teammate. I got to still stand on the podium and listen to our anthem! I know Shannon works real hard and she certainly earned it." 5th place Stacey Coleman was happy for them, "We wanted to win medals, I didn't but they did, and I would have won something if not for them. We did real good today and I am proud."

Overall in the field events, it looked like Hendrick4824 may have been in the position to win more medals and some people think it should have been a more productive day. But those critics aren't really giving credit where credit is due to the great athletes that did win medals. Although the Kingdom qualified several, so did these other nations, and that's what makes the Olympics great. The closest call to another medal in the field events was Kellen Lyons, who was 5th in the long jump, just narrowly off the bronze medal leap. One of the more well known athletes, more because of his brother then himself, was Martin McCafferty, Jr who placed 9th in the discus throw and 8th in the javelin.

From running to gunning, we move to the women's trap where Erica Guzman picked up a silver with a score of 106. Also, Courtney Reese missed a bronze by a point. The Kingdom hopes to have some success in shooting, and Guzman gets the team off to a good start here. Guzman worked hard to get to where she is today and that's what she creditted afterwards, "This is all about all those hours of practice. I began to realize my dream when I was named to the Olympic team and it just got even better today. The ultimate prize is what Sheri (Milchama's Shari Keegan, who won the gold) gets, but there are not many people out there who can say they won a silver medal."

The Kingdom's fourth medal came in an unexpected event, heavyweight women's weightlifting as Megan Ritzmon won a bronze, holding off the massive Elga from Bears Armed. Elga's teammate, another incredibly powerful competitor, Rosa o Eastdale took gold, the first in the games for her country. Ratings were low for this event, so not many people saw Ritzmon, an underdog place 3rd in this event, and the mighty weightlifter still could not overcome her tears, "I don't know what to say. I can't believe it! My parents gave me so much support. I dedicate the medal to them." Tomas Zamudio finished 4th in the men's welterweight division of wrestling, and that coupled in with the previously mention close calls in athletics were the story of the Kingdom's day in the medal events.

We also saw the heavily anticipated showdown between Hendrick4824 and Dorian and Sonia on the diamond. Hendrick4824 won the game 4-0, on a complete game 2 hitter by Andrew Brandt. Brandt, who hits the corners with an impressive array of breaking pitches, had his opponents swinging and missing at his devastating slider and curveball all game, on his way to 14 K's. "They just kept whiffing, so I stayed with it. I occasionally mixed in my fastball and they couldn't keep up, they never knew what was coming and some of them were missing quite badly actually. Now that we move forward, I expect to face much better hitters," said Brandt. The days off leading up to this game really appeared to benefit the Monarchs.

On the pitch, the Monarchs battled rival Virginia Nova and posted a clean sheet against them. Hendrick4824 won the game 2-0 with goals in the 35th and 56th minutes, and controlled most of the action. They move on to the quarterfinals to play Ceorana, who won their match 4-0. Analyst David Owens reports, "Hendrick4824 made it difficult for Virginia Nova to get anything going. They were definitely the much more prepared team here today. Getting the clean sheet was impressive, but it will be alot tougher against Ceorana. I have confidence that the Monarchs will be prepared and will battle hard, and it should be a good game." Ceorana has been strong throughout and is the #3 seed, but they will face a Monarch team that has been sharp and physical this Olympic Games.

Now for our look at the individual performance in non-medal events. Roberto Gordon and Jason Spencer have advanced in the heavyweight boxing competition with solid victories as those battles continue. In the women's individual sprint of cycling, Tracy Nikalus continues to remain alive as she consistenly posts times in the low-90's. She is now one of eight remaining cyclists in this event. Judo middleweights went 2-2, and the advancing men were Matthew Randoph and Scott Gauthier. The heavyweights saw Andrew Cernigila win and Jason Champlain lose with byes to Ryan Howcroft and Kevin Hearns. Megan Statton was the only one of four Hendrickians to advance in taekwondo's middleweight division. And in wrestling, Michael Madson and Rodney Astridge won in the middleweight freestlye while Kevin Whitney and gritty veteran Ramon Curbelo, Sr won in the hevyweight freestyle.

Elsewhere, both women's table tennis teams were defeated, but the men's team of Janelli and Blackburn were victorious. Also the Men's water polo team was shut out, thats right, shut out, against Bazalonia, making the game against Milchama serve only one purpose: Spoil Milchama's day. They did.

18 days are now in the books. Overall, Hendrick4824 is 7th on the Medal Board, and is 6th in overall medals won!
11-08-2006, 17:08
Today was a crappy crappy day at the Olympics. We only won ONE medal in shooting out a possible 6. Meaning other countries got medals in OUR event. Allanea even won TWO medals. If those capalists bastards think they can beat us in our event they have another thing coming same with the rest of those countries. The only real bright spot was that we won a silver medal in the marathon.

We are now 9th in the medal count which is hardly good enough considering they are nations like Weegies, Ariddia, Magnus Valerius and Hendrick4824 ahead of us.

In non medal events we did alright at best and terrible at worst. First in cycling Casari again proved their bias against us as in the women's time trial AGAIN two Milchamians had to face each other in octofinals. This is again part of the plot of the world to try and stop Milchama from dominating all other nations. In boxing we also advanced two people to the quarterfinals which means of course that we are taking home at least one if not two medals in that event. Then in football we crushed Quakmybush 4-1. From the beginning it looked to be a Milchama dominated game after Chuck Farenstein scored the early goal. It went down hill from there for the suprise qualifiers to WC 29 as we proved Milchamian dominance once again over an inferior foe. Next we play an even worse team in Bostopia where we are sure to dominate. By the way I'm guaranteeing at least a silver medal in this event. As the only two teams that could stop us are Starblaydia and New Montreal States and they play each other in the next round.

With all that I'm Douglas Jefferey. Ya'll Suck!
11-08-2006, 19:42
The Wentland Echo, in common with much of the Wentland media, had different views on the gold medal wrestling performances.

Stormin Norman takes surprise gold

Norman Wash was in the centre of the arena, dropped to his knees, arms out wide, screaming out four years of frustration, four years of derision, four years of torment. He could not hear the cheers of the mass attendance - only the sound of his demons finally being expurged.

Popular wisdom had it that he would go out fighting to avoid a passivity defeat as happened last time he faced Juno Kayne. Popular wisdom was wrong as both men began tentatively, perhaps Kayne thinking Wash would go for it and looking to avoid being caught out. But after half a minute of stalling Wash was firmly on the defensive, until a quick throw got him out of difficulty.

The first round was close and Wash started the second on an absolute assault. For thirty seconds. Then he was on the defensive again. His attacks had prevented a passivity defeat but the points were beginning to pile up against him and Wash was in danger of losing by a margin.

The third round began and a quick Wash assault was followed by more Wash defence. Then it happened. One minute 33 into the bout the Andossi matman lifted Wash for a throw but could not manage the strength. This was Norman Wash's moment. He threw himself backwards whilst Kayne's arms were still around his waist. As Wash's back hit the mat the hands were released from the impact - and suddenly Wash had rolled over and snapped on an armbar on Kayne's left arm. Wash leant back into it as Kayne yelled in pain and had no choice but to submit. Referee Belm tapped Wash on his back and four years of hurt were finished. Norman Wash was Olympic champion. Somewhere Lucifer is putting on a warm coat.

Bryan Flyin'
Max Power crushes Kaucher

Max Bryan does not endear himself to anyone and likes it that way. One could almost tolerate the cockiness, the swagger, the ego as he entered a dimmed arena with "Max Power!!!" basslines dominating. But he is a superb technical wrestler and what one does not want is the short-cuttery he constantly uses and for which he is constantly on the verge of suspension from the Wentland team.

The worst of it is he does not need to do it. The Golden Boy was twice World Junior champion and currently holds 2 senior world golds. Why does he skirt the edge of disqualification when he has the ability to win on merit?

Fortunately he cut down on the shenanigans in the Olympic final, perhaps the occasion proving itself too serious for his secret eye gouges or chokes. And with one exception he pretty much dominated Kaucher throughout, having perhaps scouted him following his victory over Vic Faulkner.

It went to points but Bryan had the unanimous verdict. His ego got the better of him at one point, however; following a waistlock overhead takedown it appeared he had the opportunity for a pinfall but instead he rolled away, to punish his opponent some more perhaps. It almost proved fatal as with 21 seconds to go Kaucher suddenly trapped an inattendant Bryan in a crouch nelson but Bryan was able to rotate out and Kaucher was crushed by his one hope of winning being snatched away so close to the death.

So Bryan and Wash join the Wentland gold parade. Little question, however, that Norman Wash will be favourite to win Sports Personality of the Year, whilst Bryan won't make the final shortlist.
Nouvelle Angleterre
11-08-2006, 22:25
James Thompson

The National Press Association strike came to an end yesterday so here is a round-up of the Olympic results that were decided during the strike.

DAY 15

Didier Bohin failed to qualify for the final of the Men's 400m. He finished 26th in the heats with a time of 0:43.50.

DAY 16

Jaques DeBrun finished 7th in the heats of the Men's 1500m, with a time of 3:26.10, good enough to qualify for the final. Although an outsider for a medal, DeBrun ran well and posted a time of 3:26.19, slower than his performance in the heats butn good enough to secure a bronze medal, Nouvelle Angelterre's third of the games. The President and Prime Minister were present in the stadium, fresh from their election victory, and clapped proudly as the flag of our nation was raised above the magnificent Olympic Stadium here in Ashford. DeBrun got a warm round of applause from all inside the stadium and the Nouvelle Angleterrais athelets appear to have endeared themselves to the world's sports fans. "I'm really proud to have represented our nation and to get this medal around my kneck is the proudest moment of my life. I shall be in the stands cheering on our athletes for the rest of the games and I am sure we will be able to get that elusive gold", he told me.

Gina Quigley didn't have so much luck in the womens event, however. She finished 14th with a time of 3:50.80, just 0:0.15 secs off qualification.

Elizabeth Clement was in action in the Women's 3000m Steeplechase. She finished 9th with a time of 9:03.71.

DAY 17

Day 17 saw the start of the real Blue Ribbon events of the games, them men's and women's 100m. Four of our athletes ran in the Men's event. Darren Saunders (59th 0:10.35), Sebby Gasquet (50th 0:10.18) and Christophe Domenech (40th 0:10.06) failed to qualify in a very fast heat. Charles Gedin, however, performed brilliantly and recorded a lifetime best of 0:09.85 to reach the semi, the first time he has broken the 10 sec barrier. It appears that he peaked to soon, however, as he finished 20th overall in the semi with a dissapointing time of 0:10.11. Despite this, NA Atheltics will be confident the 19 year old has a bright future.
Four of our women ran in the women's event, again with 3 not qualifying for the final. Julie Gedin, twin sister of Men's 100m semi finallist Charles, (50th 0:11.11), Hollie Henri (41st 0:10.79) and Megan Wilson (37th 0:10.72) failed to make it past the final. Sue Peters scraped into the semi in 19th place with a time of 0:10.55. She improved in the semi and managed to qualify for the final in 6th place in a time of 0:10.50, a dead heat wirh Maureen Christchurch (NMS). With odds of 35/1 Peters is unlikely to win a medal in the final but if she runs to her best anything can happen.

Nouvelle Angleterre 2, Baranxtu 0
A brilliant performance from Lee Marshall's men saw a goal for 17 yr old Freddie James and a brilliantly placed freekick from Matt Lewis. This result saw Nouvelle Angleterre qualify for the knockout stages, finishing 2nd in Pool C. Marshall, "We are ready and waiting for the knockout stages, I have an extremely talented bunch of lads here and I'm confident we will go far". The seedings for the knockout stages are due to be annouced on Day 17.

DAY 17

Sue Peters was in action on the track in the Women's 100m Final today. Starting the race as 35/1 outsider, Peters posted the exact same time as she did in the semi,0:10.50, only good enough for 6th in the semi, the time was good enough for first in the final. Peter's collapsed with emotion after she had crossed the line and the realisation of gold sunk in. The whole stadium was on it's feet, as is custom, for the medal presentation, and tears were flowing down the 22 year olds face as "Land Of Our Fathers" blared out around the Olympic Stadium, sung along to with gusto by the President and the PM. "I am overwhelmed to have won my country's first Olympic gold. It was more than I ever expected. It proves that our nations socialist values are true, I grew up on an estate in the capital and now I am an olympic gold medallist. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

Henrietta Harin was in action in the Women's Discuc Qualifiers. She finshed 15th with a distance of 75.00m.

The mixed doubles pairing of Odesski/Gaskin were beaten 15-1 15-9 by brother and sister pairing Neuwille/Neuwille (BCO).

The Weegies 2, Nouvelle Angleterre 1
The Women's team lost 2-1 to The Weegies in the 1st knockout round with Julie Smith getting on the scoresheet.
Meanwhile, the Men's team have been seeded 10th in the knockout stages.
Odds to win gold- 25/1
to win a medal- 10/1

DAY 18

The Men's and Women's marathons took place today. Assier Lambrotta finished 56th in the mens event, posting a time of 2:24:07.99. Celine Grupin finished 8th in the women's event, posting a time of 2:16:41.27, little more than a minute behind the winning time of 2:15:27.75.

Wentland 2, Nouvelle Angleterre 2 (2-3 AET)
Lee Marshalls men put in a massive 2nd half performance twice levelling to take the game into extra time. Wentland took the lead late in the first half but Harry Boyd soon levelled the scores on 47 mins. Wentland again took the lead but Nouvelle Angleterre scored through footballing hero David Thompson to level on 82 mins. Extra time was a nervy affair with both sides creating chances but it was Boyd, with a superb 25 yard strike on 107 mins that sealed Nouvelle Angleterre's place in the quater final. Nouvelle Angleterre's quater final opponents The Weegies also went to extra time before beating Rorysville. "I am very pleased with the performance today although I believe that the defence needs to tighten up before the quarter final. The Weegies are a good team but so are we and we want to avenge the defeat they inflicted on our womens team", manager Lee Marshall told me.
Odds to win gold- 10/1
Odds to win a medal- 5/1


"Pride, Passion and the Heart of a Nation"
11-08-2006, 22:41
"It's all on you now, Edwina," said a bitterly disappointed Tommy Barnes. Yet again the men's side had underachieved.

Edwina Bluff had taken the women's team to the octofinal for inspiration and confidence. Seeing the men take a giant step to their first major semi since the Cup of Harmony two rounds ago would, she thought, be beneficial for her nervous team.

Unfortunately the Swifts took their opponents too lightly and blew it. It looked as if they had got out of gaol as Barnes himself gave the Swifts a late lead but instead of driving forward too many Wentland players sat back and allowed Nouvelle Angleterre to score an even later equalizer and in extra time a third to clinch victory.

Tommy Barnes' only hope was the outcome of his appeal against the seeding. Maybe they would order replays, with Wentland facing an inexperienced Liverpool England instead of a motivated Nouvelle Angleterre. Alas it was dismissed on the basis that goal average was used to differentiate different positions. Barnes was incandescent in front of the Press - "goal average went out with the bloody ark. We're penalized for being a BETTER team than Starblaydia and scoring more goals. And what logic is there for putting us 3 places worse than a team who had an otherwise identical record? Yet again we're screwed by the system" - but he knew in his heart of hearts that Wentland had blown it. He would have to make some major changes in the World Cup 30 squad; resting the Crowhurst players had not had the desired effect in the others.

Fortunately for Edwina Bluff the football was being hosted close to the wrestling and she was able to squeeze her squad in amongst the Wentland fans who were beginning to dominate the Gym. And it had been pretty good. They saw a couple of gold medals and in the men's freestyle there was a very good first round record. Findley lost to Pfeiffer but his time will come. Big Dave Quinn went too far with his brutality and was disqualified - a bitter disappointment to the former World Champion. And Magnificent Martin Ruane was beaten - but at least by a Went.

So marching on were McManus, the surprising Robin Brooks who had not been fancied to down Derobles, and Superstar Steve Logan in the middleweight division; three in the quarters, although it was a very young Wentland contingent and none had featured in the Worlds before. Whilst in the Blue Riband event Aiki "King Hiro" Shima was of course still there, now a strong favourite for gold, and second favourite Wild Angus Campbell hammered Grashot with an array of power moves that had the Blue Tits gasping.

The main controversy surrounded King Hiro. Not for his style, which combined nerve strikes with suplexes, but from his attire. Not everyone in Casari had appreciated the sacred mask worn by the matman and there had been calls that he should remove it before each bout to ensure that he had not been substituted for a fresh man. Agent and manager Ryan Lloyd had managed to talk officials around this for the time being, however, and future opponents will have to deal with the hugely talented newcomer. Not previously unleashed at World level, even the champion Campbell, beaten by Hiroshima in the National Championships to the astonishment of the Went, is wary of the King. If these two meet it will be devastating.
12-08-2006, 07:17

Update Day 19

Qazox survives a tough match with Ceorana today winning in the 27th minute of Extra-time 2-1.

Rene LaTreque started the scoring with a goal in the 34th minute, but Ceorana scored only 5 minutes later to tie it at one-all. Both teams tried and failed at penalty shots in the second half and Qazox missed a wide-open shot on goal in the 88th minute as Rene LaTreque shot it over the crossbar. In the 1st 25 minutes of Extra-time, neither side seemed willing to attack in fear of a quick counter, but as the match drew nearer towards penalties, a last-gasp attack lead by Kylie Rena lead to Kelli Renoir's winning goal with just over 3 minutes left in extratime. Up next is Wentland, a team that beat Qazox at the recent Women's World Cup (ooc: shameless plug Signup now for Women's World Cup 4!!!!!) 3-1 during the ranking stage.
12-08-2006, 10:13

Today represented a slow day for the Kingdom in the medal events, as they were WALKING along the track today. Hendrick4824 did not enter anyone in these "events". After all the Kingdom is about speed, and speed walking, is about as exciting as watching say, Cricket. Due to no Hendrickian presence in these walks, our fans were spared having to listen to the 2 hour Archregimancy anthem again as there were likely little, if any, Hendrickians with tickets for speed walking. There was some medal running though, as the women ran 5000 and 10000m, but they were not expected to be our best events, and that was true to form. Jessica Freeman was our top finisher in these events, with an 8th place in the 5000m. The Wrestling heavyweight Greco Roman final was really only interesting if you were from Wentland. Congratulations to them though on their performances there. In fencing, Amanda Anthony made it all the way to the bronze medal match before losing to Amina Forney of Dorian & Sonia.

But fortunately, we had horses. Today was the running of Dressage Grand Prix of Equestrian, and Hendrick4824 made a strong statement. Individually, Hendrickians made up 3 of the top 6 finishers with Allie Coughlin 2nd, Melanie Gendron 5th and Kallie Vaglicek 6th. Starblaydia had 2 in the top 4, but were not as consistent as a team as we were, therefore they get a nice shiny silver medal as our impressive 70.9 average on the day gets up the gold! Horses play a big part in Hendrick4824, as the thoroughbred is our national animal if you were not aware and we were therefore looking at this event as being a good chance to win a gold medal. Coughlin's 73.2 led the way as she was flawless. Her and Meredith David of Starblaydia, individually wowed the crowd and were far and away the top two individual riders. After listening to "Always in Our Hearts" play for the 8th time in these Ashford Games, Coughlin reflected on her childhood dream, "Ever since I was little I wanted to ride a horse. They are such majestic, beautiful, and yet powerful creatures. I have been riding all my life. Once I started getting competitive with it, the Olympics were my dream. (begins to cry) I can't believe I did it. Velocity (the horse's name) deserves this medal every bit as I do. He was terrific." Vaglicek also creditted her horse, Midnight Secret, "Midnight is a perfect horse for this. He was bred to jump. I just went along for the ride." Congratulations to our fine lady horse riders!

Since that sums up the medal events, there was also alot of non-medal excitement that took place, and its a good thing. The boys were back on the hardwood, and defeated Starblaydia 75-66 in what was a very passionate and physical game that wore down the Starblaydians. Starblaydia, who led 61-57 with 5 minutes to go, could not hit much of anything down the stretch as the Hendrickians pulled ahead and then pulled away. Reportedly, middleweight boxer Kenneth Gaines, who many feel was robbed of a gold against a Starblaydian, gave the basketball an emotional pep talk prior to the game, and the may have led to the Hendrickians physical approach. Hendrick4824 advances to the semifinals and will next meet Milchama. Why does it always seem like us and Milchama cross paths in these team events? Expect a good game in this one! The basketball team will not be joined as teams that advance by the women's handball or men's field hockey teams, both of whom lost today. Handball was a terrific game, though, that saw 13 separate lead changes en route to a 25-24 win for Carvalo. In Field Hockey, splendid defense by The Weegies kept the Monarchs to only 6 shots as The Weegies score a 2-0 win.

Individually, it was a bad day for the Kingdom, but it wasn't a complete wash. Mixed results were seen in Taekwondo as the middleweights saw 2 Hendrickians, Jessica Kadison and Heather Wright advance, but then saw all three heavyweights lose. Stefanie Wilson is still alive there thanks to a bye. That was the story in wrestling too, as Eric Van Zandt was only one of the three Hendrickians to win in the lightweight freestyle while Kevin Whitney beat Ramon Curbelo, Sr in the heavyweight division. After the battle, Whitney said, "That's my gold medal right there. If I lose in the next round, I will still feel like I won gold." In 2002, Kevin Whitney was left off the Hendrick4824 Wrestling team in favor of then 16-year old Ramon Curbelo III simply because of Curbelo's connections, mainly Curbelo, Sr. Ever since then, Whitney has held a grudge towards the Curbelo's. Whitney moved up in weight this year solely for the chance to fight Senior. Table tennis results were 0-3, overall. Judo was also a disappointment as only one out of three Hendrickians won his match.

Tracy Nikalus continues to hang around in the women's individual cycling sprint and has now reached the semifinals. Tracy's time of 10.87 was her best of the Ashford Games, and now she will set her sights on a medal. The best part of Tracy's runs have been her consistency, and we hope she can continue that. And also a good story here in this event is Jeffgordonville's Laila Ostwald, who is also one of the four semifinalists. Jeffgordonville, a fellow nation from our region has been shut out of medals so far, and is the only one nation competing that has not won a medal. Should Nikalus be defeated, we will offer our support for fellow Tundran Ostwald and it's good to know that one of these two will at least win something in this event.

Besides all the walking for medals, there was some running, and some jumping to go along with it with the men's and women's 110/100, hurdles taking place. On the male side, Bryan Murray has advanced to the final. Murray's time in the heat and the semifinal were consistent with a 94 and a 95, but he may have to pick it up a tab if he wants to medal. He was 7th in the semifinal with leaders running a 91. With 7 runners between a 91 and a 95 though, expect an entertaining race. The women will have 3 Hendrickians make up the 8 in the final of the 100m, including Jessica McAllister, who has already picked up a silver and a bronze in this meet. McAllister was 4th in the semis running a 32, and Nicole Losavio ran a 46 to finish 6th. The top Hendrickian was Stacey Drummond. If our professional model on the side is going to win a medal, this is her best chance right here, as this is her signature event. Drummond was in a three tie with the lead running a 26, and placed 3rd when the fractions of a second were further broken down. Some people thought that Drummond lost her focus last week, but this week, Drummond is pumped for the event, "Like I always said I am here to win a medal. And I would like for it to be gold. If I made a mistake before I am not going to repeat it here. If I don't get a medal, it won't be because I wasn't focused or because I was in front of a camera," explained Drummond. The young McAllister aims to win one of each medal right here, "I have a silver and a bronze so there is only one left. Those three in front of me including Stacey are real fast and it is going to be hard, but I never back away from a challenge!" proclaimed McAllister. Losavio sees herself as the sleeper here, "I'm glad to be in the final and to race with my teammates. I have to pick up two tenths but I will do whatever I can to get in there a go home with a medal."

Elsewhere, we got to see Chris "Back Off" Schiffer in action for the first time in this Olympics as he qualified in skeet shooting with a score of 90, 11th overall. Also qualifying were Andrew Padgett and Chris Powell. Schiffer, who's wife competes on the ladies side and is equally as talented, was actually disappointed with his score. "I am glad I qualified but a 90 isn't going to win a medal. That's why I am here," he said simply. In the trap, Kevin Brownley just barely made the cut with an 88.

That will conclude today's daily report. We'll be back for more tomorrow and wish the best of luck to our fine young athletes that will be competing for medals in the 20th day.
12-08-2006, 10:35
An angry Stan Drews ripped through countryman Blake Christmas in next to no time at all before the main event - the Men's Greco-Roman Heavyweight final.

Enrique Venom was full of confidence having struggled past the favourite, but his semi-final bout had clearly taken some of the strength away from him and the youngster CJ Mowersby went at him like a house on fire. Within thirty seconds Mowersby scored a three point throw which winded Venom. Another twenty later and he had a further two points for a sidelock. And just before the end of the round to chants of "CJ! CJ!" Mowersby pulled off another throw to take a clear lead.

Venom was in danger now of losing via grande superiority and seemed to be holding on for pride. His only hope was to drag a submission or pin from somewhere and this was all the more difficult as Mowersby was wrestling defensively with such a massive lead. Venom thought he saw an opportunity when Mowersby slipped part-way through the round - but it was a trap. As Venom moved in Mowersby dodged sidewards and nailed a side waist-lock. One quick lift and it was two more points. The lead was in double figures and the bout stopped. CJ Mowersby had won Wentland's sixth gold - and became the youngest Wentland gold medallist ever.

The remainder of the wrestling events went well for the Went squad. Every single competitor progressed, with Jim Brooks and the Saint making it to the quarters in the lightweight freestyle and the big guns doing the same in the heavyweights. However there was disappointment in the table tennis as Michelle Lake went out at the quarter-final stage.

There was nearly a seventh Wentland gold in the women's fencing, according to one media outlet, but that turned out to be a mis-hearing of the Milchamian winner Sylvia Wentler's name. Still, we'll take it, following the demonstration gold for Lolita Davies.


There was one amusing incident in the Olympic arena. Connor Kenneth was being interviewed by his hometown radio station Maitland FM when an horrific noise permeated the airwaves. "What the bloody heck is that?" asked the startled hurdler. Turned out to be the Archregimancy's national anthem, but instead of being played at 45 rpm it seemed to be being played at two thousand or so. At least that meant it was over within a few minutes.


The mask of King Hiro continues to cause some concern for the other competitors in the freestyle. River Tobias of Andossi Se Mitrin Vega lost his gameplan for a moment and seemed to be trying to yank it off the mystery man's head. It was a metaphorically fatal error; with his attention momentarily distracted Hiroshima caught him in a double leg-lock and with an almighty suplex the King got a stomach-busting pinfall.
12-08-2006, 12:02
ANN News Release

“Well, there are good news and there are bad news. The bad news are, we only have five gold medals so far. The good news is, at least one of them is in one of the more important sports - women's trap. Now, as the olympics procede further into the shooting session, it is likely that the Allaneans will receive additional gold – and some people in our studio are already placing the bets.”

The screen dims, and a commercial appears. It depicts a young, scantily clad lady, walking through a desert. Eventually, when she gets tired, she falls. For a second, the lady's situation (as an aside, she is played by a sixteen-yea-old Allanean model) seems hopeless. Then, we see her whip out a cellphone – it's an iPhone. ( She calls, and within a few second a gorgeous, muscular young man appears and carries her off to safety. As she reaches out to kiss him in a passionate manner, the slogan appears:

Liberty Networks: With you anywhere. (

In the meanwhile, the newscaster is undressing in her room, chatting to one of the other cast members.

“So, do you think we're going to get more medals?”

“Nah, not really.”

“But you said that people were placing bets...”

“I didn't say these were smart people, did I?”
Bears Armed
12-08-2006, 14:28
From the sports pages of “The Bear Necessities” _

Firstly, the bad news: None of our four entries in the various speed-walking events won any medals, although all of them did achieve quite respectable results _
In the male’s 20 “kilometre” walk (Remember, we explained this system of measurements in our free ‘Olympic’ giveaway issue three weeks ago: That distance is just over four leagues…) the twin brothers Corram and Largan o Westwood came in 19th & 20th respectively, with times of 1:19:59 & 1:20:18 as against 1:17:25 to 1:17:31 for the three medal-winners (I remind you that in these games there are no ‘Wooden’ medals awarded for fourth place…) on the one forepaw and of 1:49:23 for the contender in the 43rd & final place on the other.
And in the males’ 50 “kilometre” walk Barrin — who’s another of the Westwood bears, but not closely related to the twins — managed 27th place, out of 43 again, with a time of 3:46:27 against times of 3:36:37 to 3:36:58 for the medal-winners, and of 5:23:05 for the last-placed contestant -- Damien Fukasaki, a human from the nation of ‘Allanea’ -- whom we gather may have sustained a minor injury somewhere along the route but carried on regardless…
And in the females’ 20 “kilometre” walk Sarrla o Westwood — a cousin of the twins — came in 13th out of 36th, with a time of 1:28:26 as against 1:25:47/1:25:52/1:26:06 for the medal-winners but of 2:32:13 for last-placed Gisella Eight who’s another Allanean human.
[i]“I was still going well at the finishing line,” Sarrla said, “and unlike some of the Human competitors I could easily have continued onwards: Why isn’t there a 50-‘kilometre’ event for the females, as well as one for the males?”
This leaves us the same place that we won yesterday in the list of medal-winners, at equal-28th place (with the same 3 other nations) out of the 35 national teams present — from a total of 38 (Yes, we had previously been saying that the total number of teams was only 36: That’s what the official brochure said, but we’ve just added them all up and it seems that there’s a couple more teams who must only have entered the contest after that booklet had been sent for printing…) — that have won any medals…

And now, the good news: The three of our male Wrestlers who got through the initial round have all triumphed in their second qualifying matches, too, and are through to the quarter-finals… Borrin easily crushed Zackary Altamiruno, from the nation of ‘Androssa Se Mitrin Vega’ which is currently third in the overall tables for medals won, Grreg defeated Jagiello Fuhri from that same nation, and Jeggar beat Waylon Dammrich who is from the nation of ‘Dorian and Sonya’ which is first in the overall tables…
The latter country still has one of it wrestlers left in contention after this round, but the third one that A.S.M.V. had left until today, River Tobin, who beat our own Maccar in the previous round, also fell now: He was crushed by a human named Aiki Hiroshima, who seems likely to be Borrin’s main rival for the Gold medal in this contest… This person comes from a nation called ‘Wentland’, which is only twelfth in the overall tables but has a strong tradition in this sport and has done very well in it so far during these Games: Their wrestlers have won all six ‘Golds’, and three other medals too, for the six contests — including the females’ heavyweight freestyle one, the only other wrestling event in which we had any entrants, where they won both ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ — that have been concluded so far…
The next round in this contest will be in two days time: Good luck, Borrin, Jeggar and Grreg! We mustn’t be overconfident, but we do still have enough contenders going forwards for a clean sweep of the "metal" medals in this event to be possible.

Tomorrow, the only event in which any of our entrants will be competing is the quarter-finals of the Rugby Sevens: Good luck, the Thundering Horde!

Outside, the fans are beating out a hopeful tune on their drums…
12-08-2006, 16:00
We had a decent day at best in the Olympics after having Mack Hamilton lose in quarters (Dirty Bum we give you a 5 and you FAIL! how could you? how?! how?! how?!)

Our first possible event to medal in the women's 5000M we got a silver and we struck gold in fencing for another solid two medal performance. This moves us to 22 medals so far which is pretty good but far from our Ylompic count of 56 medals which was good enough for second place with the gold count and 5th place in the strait medal count. We have to expect stuff similair to that but our atheletes are just not delivering in the clutch. However we do have many medal oppurtunities to come in shooting and I think this will happen soon.

Actually there was some shooting today and we got at least 3 people to qualify in each event which is really really good. We really need to pick it up like last time where on the last two days we won a total of 24 MEDALS!!! That's right 24! That's a fucking lot. We need more athletes to step up again to tie this or even do better than it. Heck now we are doing worse than in the Ylompics when we had 24 medals at this stage. We need more medals and fast!

Anyway back to the events. Suprisingly enough we qualified a total of three women to the final in the 100M and 110M hurdles. We also made it to the semis of basketball (how the slani did that happen?) where we play those idiots Hendrick 4824 and we NEED to win. If we don't win then Milchama will need a new incarnation of Jeremy Jaffacake as I will kill myself. Then in the cycling stuff after all our competitors knocked themselves out because of biased organizing, we fell in quarters when if our competitors had NOT faced each other we would have been at least in semis if not finals. We also made it to semis in men's field hockey despite our handi cap of people putting on ice skates when they play. I guess they found a way around that. We actually qualified ALL 4 PEOPLE in both Men's Trap and Skeet. We also I belive qualified one in Men's double skeet. Judy Wenzel could not hold off that damned Ariddian in quarterfinals of women's ping pong and lost. Somehow we also made it quarters in women's volleyball but we lost to Starblaydia, those bastards.

For the Port James Sentinal-Telegraph-Telegram-Update-Register-Sun-Star-News-Miracle I'm Douglas Jefferey. Ya'll Suck!
12-08-2006, 17:08
RM"Hello, I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"and I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Let's Look at the past three day's results."

WR"The Women's Archery Team of Alyx, Roos, and Ana, lost by 4 points in the Bronze Medal match."

RM"Indigo Kliment finished second in the Men's 100m Final, he brings home Quakmybush's 2nd Silver Medal of the games."

WR"Nic Farai finished 19th in the Men's Triathalon."

RM"The Mixed Doubles Badminton Team of Macerana and Kristof defeated Fenney and Mba of Ariddia, 2-15, 15-9, 15-7."

WR"Susannah Bebinn defeated Olivia da Costa to advance to the next round in the Women's Individual Sprint."

RM"Quakmybush beat Chicanada 2-1, and will be 16th seeded in the Playoff rounds."

WR"The Women's Handball team defeated Milchima and Casari to advance to the next round."

RM"Stefano Aed defeated Hugo Chavez of Starblaydia to advance to the "octofinals"."

WR"Now for Day 18."

RM"The Men's Archery team of Celestinem Julio, and Aindreas lost in the second round to a team from Weegies."

WR"Percival Sanford finsished 8th in the Men's Marathon."

RM"Huan Zara finished 40th in the Women's Marathon."

WR"The Mixed Doubles Badminton Team of Macerana and Kristof lost to Gill and Matthews of Bedistan, 15-5, 11-15, 15-2."

RM"The Men's Cricket Team defeated Casari by 7 runs to advance to the Semi-Finals where they will face Bostopia."

WR"Susannah Bebin lost to Gerri Heafey of Andossa Se Mitrin Vega."

RM"The Men's Football team lost to Top-Ranked Milchima 4-1 and are eliminated."

WR"Ferdie and Lars, The Men's Table Tennis Team defeated Nana and Pringle in 5 sets."

RM"The Women's Table Tennis Team of Pernoel and Charis lost to Mu-hwa and Sun-a of Bedistan in 5 sets."

WR"Now for Day 19."

RM"Kanya Christa finished 25th in the Women's 5000m."

WR"Nora Jadwiga finished 38th in the Women's 10,000m."

RM"Quakmybush currently sits 22nd in the Medal Standings, with 3 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1 Bronze."

WR"Quakmybush's Women's Water Polo team lost to Carvalo 16-3 and are eliminated."

RM"Koray Floyd missed qualifying for the next round by a hundreth of a second in the men's 110m Hurdles."

WR"Lianne Mayborn did not advance in the Women's 100m Hurdles."

RM"The Women's Cricket Team defeated Bedistan by 2 wickets to advance to the Semi Finals where they will face Schiavonia."

WR"The Women's Handball Team beat Ceorana 20-15 to advance to the Semi Finals where they will take on Dorian and Sonya."

RM"Stefano Aed lost to Loic Perron in 4 sets, and is now eliminated."

WR"That's all the time we have."

RM'I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Thank you and good day."
12-08-2006, 18:57
Three Hours From Gold?
Malabria Foy-led as Hunt finds quarry

Oh, it was tough, but the Blue Tits made it by the skin of their teeth. The Malabrian fairy-tale came to an end at the quarter final stage and the Blue Tits are 90 minutes away from the first major final for a Wentland team since Cup of Harmony 19, nearly 3 World Cups ago. And after this squeak past Malabria they will hope to go all the way.

This was going to be a difficult game as Malabria's teamplay had been seen to be one of the best in the women's game. Edwina Bluff introduced Imelda Davies into the Blue Tit midfield to break it up and it was partially successful but came so close to backfiring after the fiery tackler was dismissed for a second yellow card in the 58th minute and will miss the second semi-final.

But the gamble worked just enough. By this time the Blue Tits were two goals to the good thanks to a brace from the ever probing Gemma Hunt and with the man advantage Malabria were only able to score the once. Anne Foy, in the team for the past five games, was in inspirational form and although she was beaten with twelve minutes to go her agility kept the Blue Tits ahead.

The defining moment came three minutes after Malabria's goal. A panicking Lucinda Rhodes tugged an opponent's shirt at a corner to give Malabria a penalty - and at 2-2 with 10 men who would have bet on Wentland winning? But for all her diminutive stature Foy is nothing if not game and her constant bouncing on the goal-line must have put the taker off. In truth it was not a great penalty but Foy still needed to go the right way and her holding on to the ball prevented any chance from the rebound.

The save ripped the heart out of the Malabrians and Hunt spurned a great chance for a hat-trick with two minutes to go that would have brought a slightly less panicky injury time. But the Blue Tits held on and a game with the Lady Oxen awaits. Wentland beat them last time out, but the Olympics has already proved to be surprising on many occasions and pas form can be thrown out of the window.


Anne Foy had a slightly different take on it for

Nouvelle Angleterre
12-08-2006, 23:12
James Thompson

The five day National Union Of Journalists strike has come to an end so a round-up of the Olympic results follows.

DAY 15

Didier Bohin was in action in the Men’s 400m. He finished 26th in the heats with a time of 0:43.50 and failed to qualify for the semis.

DAY 16

Jaques DeBrun was in action in the Men’s 1500m. He finished 7th in the qualifying heats with a time of 3:26.10. He was an outsider for a medal going into the final but put in a decent performance. He finished 5th with a time of 3:26.19, only 0:0.14 secs of bronze.
Gina Quigley was in action in the Women’s 1500m qualifying. She finished 14th with a time of 3:50.80, a mere 0.0.15 of qualification.
Elizabeth Clement recorded a lifetime best time of 9:03.71as she finished 9th in the Women’s 3000m Steeplechase.
The real Blue Ribbon events of the Games got underway today, the Men’s and Women’s 100m. Four of our men were in action in the men’s event. Darren Saunders (59th 0:10.35), Sebby Gasquet (50th 0:10.18) and Christophe Domenech (40th 0:10.06 failed to qualify for the semi. Charles Gedin was in much better form however as he qualified for the semi in 17th with a new national record time of 0:09.85. It appeared, however, that Gedin had peaked to soon, as he finished 20th in the semi with a disappointing time of 0:10.11.
We also had four athletes in action in the women’s event and again 3 failed to make the semis. Julie Gedin, sister of male sprinter Charles, (50th 0:11.11), Hollie Henri (41st 0:10.79) and Megan Wilson (37th 0:10.72) failed to make the semi but there was a better performance from 22 year old Sue Peters. She finished 19th overall in the heats and qualified for the semis in a time of 0:10.55. Her good form continued as she finished 6th in the semis with a time of 0:10.50, a dead heat with Maureen Christchurch (NMS), a time good enough to qualify for the final.
Odds to win gold- 10/1 Odds to win a medal- 5/1
Nouvelle Angleterre 2, Baranxtu 0
Nouvelle Angleterre’s men qualified for the knockout stages after securing 2nd place in pool creation by defeating Baranxtu 2-1. Last years Sports Personality of the Year, David Thompson, scored to as Nouvelle Angleterre bossed the game from 1st to last. The seedings for the knockout stages will be announced on Day 17.

DAY 17
Sue Peters was in action in the Women’s 100m final today. The Olympic Stadium was full to capacity for the Men’s and Women’s 100m finals, the blue ribbon events of the Games. Peters was 10/1 outsider for gold as the starters gun went off but she ran the race of her life in the final. She recorded a time of 0:10.50, exactly the same time she recorded in the semi, only good enough for 6th on that occasion but good enough for gold on this. She collapsed in tears after crossing the finishing line as the realisation that she was Olympic Champion began to dawn. The whole stadium was on its feet as “Land of Our Fathers” blared out around the magnificent Olympic Stadium here in Ashford and was sung along to with great gusto by the President and Prime Minister, who are back in Casari after their election victory, and Peters had tears streaming down her face as the emotion of the occasion, understandably, bubbled over. “I am totally over the moon! It really hasn’t sunk in yet. I ran well and you know what happened! I grew up on an estate in the capital and now look where I am, on the podium with a gold medal around my neck. Being presented with this medal and hearing the National Anthem played because of my achievements was the proudest moment of my life. And it shows that our nations Socialist values are really true! CARPE DIEM!!!!!! WOOOOO!!”, she told me.
We had an athlete in action in the field today, as well, with Henrietta Harin finishing 15th in the Women’s Discus qualifying with a distance of 75.00m.
The mixed doubles pairing of Odesski/Gaskin lost 15-1 15-9 to brother and sister pairing Neuwille/Neuwille (BCO)
The Weegies 2, Nouvelle Angleterre 1
The Women’s team were knocked out in the 1st knockout round with a 2-1 defeat to The Weegies with Sara McGivern getting on the score sheet.
Nouvelle Angleterre’s men have been seeded 10 for the knockout stages.
Odds to win gold- 25/1 Odds to win a medal- 5/1

DAY 18
The Men’s and Women’s marathons took place today. Assier Lambrotta finished 56th in the men’s event with a time of 2:24:07.99. Celine Grupin did much better in the women’s event, finishing 8th with a time of 2:16:41.27.
Wentland 2, Nouvelle Angleterre 2 (2-3 AET)
Lee Marshall’s team are through to the quarter finals after a gripping 3-2 win in extra time over Wentland. They fell behind twice but came back to equalise and force extra time. Harry Boddington, who scored both goals in normal time, sealed his hat-trick in the 10th minute of extra time and Marshall’s men hung on to set up a quarter final meeting with The Weegies. “The Weegies have a good team but so do we. I think we are more than capable of getting a medal. We have quality and we never know when we are beaten, both qualities we demonstrated today. We are gonna work on our defensive errors before the quarter final and then we’ll be 100% ready”, manager Lee Marshall told me.
DAY 19
Katherine Cedile finished 13th in the Women’s 10000m with a time of 29:50.74.
Melanie Greene (44th 61.6), Sandy Johnson (29th 65.4), Katrina Lewis (26th 65.8) and Hugo Thomas (3rd 70.2) were all in action in the Dressage Grand Prix whilst in the team event Nouvelle Angleterre finished 5th with a score of 67.1, just 0.7 points off bronze.

110m hurdles heats results
10 James Taylor NAN 0:13.14q
25 Johann Bjork NAN 0:13.45
28 Harry Boyd NAN 0:13.56
33 Henri Cisse NAN 0:13.70

6 James Taylor NAN 0:12.95
Odds to win gold- 20/1
Odds to win a medal- 10/1
Nouvelle Angleterre
12-08-2006, 23:14
****would like to apologise for double report, didnt think other had posted as had power cut****
13-08-2006, 01:05
Athletics Success

Malabrian places well in two athletic events.

ASHFORD, CASARI--Malabrian Xanga Ngaoq was dissapointed in his results for his first event, the Mens' 20k Walk. He placed fifth, just two spots away from the medals. Although he placed well above the last place finisher, a distant fourty-third, he felt as if his performance was less than satisfactory.

"Getting so close to a medal is what does it to you," he said.

Xanga Ngaoq also had another event that day, the Mens' 50k walk, a longer event. He said he kept his performance from earlier in the day in mind as he walked to the starting line. This impassioned him to do even better than before, placing second with a time of 3:36:41.34 for silver. He was ahead of André Lelent from New Montreal States by over fifteen seconds. Rob Schoel of Andossa Se Mitrin Vega placed first in the competition by over three seconds.


Malabrian Volleyball in the Quarterfinals?

Malabrians shocked that team qualifies.

ASHFORD, CASARI--In one of the shockers of the Olympics for Malabra, the Malabrian Womens' National Volleyball Team has advanced to the quarterfinals. Sure, volleyball is a common sport among our citizens. Malabra's world class beaches are filled with players, both men and women, through out summer. But it remains the least popular sport among the populace.

Soccer is popular amongst seventy-eight percent of the nation and basketball sixty-six percent. Comparing that to professional volleyball, at twenty-eight percent of the nation, it seems like a dismal amount. However, it is worthy to point out that participation in the sport is stronger than popularity of the professional leagues.

Viewership for the quarterfinals is expected to increase ten-fold. Not suprisingly, Men are expected to be the event's biggest viewership.

Malabra will play Starblaydia, while regionmate Antrium will play Carvalo. The Malabrian men failed to qualify because of a poor performance in group play.

Both Articles From the Malabrian Times:
The Archregimancy
13-08-2006, 02:28

Walker Strolls to Gold

The Monastic Olympic Commitee of the Archregimancy was today forced to issue a protest against the decision of the heretical schismatic Catholic freemason-embracing and quite possibly demon-possessed host nation organising committee to play the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom - the national anthem of the Archregimancy, and a source of inspiration to all monastic athletes - at forty times the usual speed during last night's 20K walk gold medal ceremony.

"Is outrage!" said official spokesman Fr. Vasily the Heavily-Accented. "Did St. John Chrysostom write liturgy for lazy? Do Patriarchs speed up liturgy on sundays so parishoners can go home early? They do not. These Casarans should consider themselves lucky we don't use longer Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great."

"I believe that what Fr. Vasily is trying to say" said a senior archimandrite, speaking on condition of anonymity "is that while we realise our national anthem may be longer than those of more secular nations, the spirit of the Olympics demands that the unique cultural traditions of each nation be respected, and that abbreviating our anthem to a couple of repetitions of 'even unto ages of ages' - or playing it at forty times the usual speed - doesn't quite sum up the Orthodox monastic spirit."

The anthem controversy threatened to overshadow Fr. Mark the Pilgrim's brilliant victory over Kanhai of Schiavonia and Falls of Liverpool England. "I ascribe my victory to faith in the Lord and the seventeen years I spent walking prayerfully between the sites of all three findings of the head of St. John the Baptist" said the latest Archregimancy gold medal winner in an exclusive interview. Fr. Willibrord the Walker and Fr. Polycarp the Other Pilgrim finished 17th and 28th.

The Archregimancy 50k walk participants fared less well, with Fr. Tikhon Who is Yet Another Pilgrim best placed in 15th. Fr. George Who is Still Yet Another Pilgrim finished 22nd. It is believed that controversial selection Fr. Dmitri the Daisy Picker, who was in first for much of the first 45 kilometres, might have been well placed to win another medal had he not spent 10 minutes praying in admiration of God's creation upon spotting an attractive roadside flowerbed.

The big surprise of the day came in the dressage, where a scratch team of monastic equestrians, pulled together from four inter-monastery message riding service stable hands, finished fourth - within two tenths of a point of a bronze medal. Three of the four Fr. Michaels qualified for the individual final. But for the poor performance of Fr. Michael the Hoarse Rider, who finished 41st of 44th after being temporarily distracted at the realisation that some of his fellow competitors were women, the scratch squad of equestrians might well have won a shock medal.
13-08-2006, 02:56
Hey, we might be right bastards at some times, and drunk most of the others, but we have more than enough holy men to prevent us from being demon-possessed.

And those Masons sure know how to party!

By the way, this would be your cutoff for Day Twentay.
13-08-2006, 09:08

Hendrick4824's Stacey Drummond responded to criticism in her previous event by bouncing back to win the 100m Hurdles with a time of 0:12.21, nipping Bedistan's Anna Metaxas at the line. Stacey was criticized on radio talk shows for not having the focus of an Olympian due to reports she did a photo shoot for a foreign magazine. But the model puts all that behind her now with this outstanding performance, winning the Kingdom's 9th Gold, and likely creating the some great modeling opportunities in the process. Always strong in front of a camera, Stacey showed that in her post-race comments, "I am really honored to win a gold medal against the greatest hurdlers in the world. There is nothing else I can ever win or receive that will be greater then this medal. I will cherish it forever." Drummond was one of 3 Hendrickians in the event, and if it weren't for Bedistan's Metaxas, Hendrick4824 would have enjoyed a sweep of the medals. Scoring the bronze was Nicole Losavio, who yesterday said she would need to pick up two tenths from her time in the semifinal, and today she did just that, digging down deep to finish 3rd. Losavio, somewhat of a surprising medalist, had this to say afterward, "I ran like it was my last ever race. Lining up directly to Stacey's left, my plan was to just stay beside her as long as I could and not think about anything else. She was supportive of me too." Missing out on the medal and finishing fourth was young Jessica McAllister, who had already won 2 medals in these Olympics. Expecting a dejected McAllister, we were surprised by how upbeat she was saying, "Ya know, I can't be too spoiled here. I have won two medals and I tried hard but it didn't work out. It's ok, I ran good and I will be back here again, I'm sure. I am very happy Stacey won a gold because I know how bad it meant to her with those people saying mean things about her just because she is a model too. Running is great, but it alone won't pay all the bills, and I applaud her for being a successful model. And now she is a gold medalist and I am very happy right now for her!" The Drummond gold seemed to be a big pick-me-up for the Hendrickian ladies, including Jennifer Newman and Lauren Massey as spirits were really high today. That may or may not carry over to the 4x100m and 4x400m relays for the team as that still remains to be seen, but morale right now is as high as its been since the meet started.

Things were a little different in a strange men's 110m race. Only two athletes, our own Bryan Murray and Milchama's Keverne Wellington had any kind of consistency off their semifinal times. Wellington ran a 92 and a 93 yesterday and followed it up with a 91 today to score a gold. Murray ran a 94 and a 95 yesterday and a 95 today to get the silver. But after these two, times were down, and the race wasn't as close as we thought. That really benefitted Murray, making his time good enough for the silver. Murray was very happy afterward, "First of all, congratulations to Keverne. Expecting a close race, I just tried to phase everyone else out and run like I was the only guy on the track. It worked out and I cannot wait to go home with this silver medal. I also want to congratulate Stacey Drummond on her win."

Another medal was picked up by Mark Feeney and company in fencing, but this time it was a bronze and not a silver. In the men's team foil, not many nations fielded a team, which admittedly made the task not that challenging, Feeney and company were defeated by Dorian and Sonia, again in the semifinal, before taking it out on an Andossa SMV team for the bronze. Feeny briefly commented on the medal, "One day we will beat Dorian and Sonia in this. But we got the bronze, so that's cool. There were only five teams, so it would have been embarassing to have been empty handed in this."

The equestrian grand prix special was a comedy of errors if you are Hendrickian. Allie Coughlin, Kallie Vaglicek, and Melanie Gendron all looked good in the qualification round but miscues set them back in the final. Allie's day was pretty much shot when her horse Velocity refused to jump over the 5th fence. "That was the hex on the whole thing. Velocity never does that. Ok, he does sometimes. But I didn't think he would here. I was out of sync after that," said Coughlin. It was that kind of day. Kallie and Melanie also seemed to fight stubborn horses in the final and it knocked them all out of any medal contention. Elsewhere, we didn't have much success in any of the shooting competitions with the exception of Chris Powell, who finished 4th in the Skeet event. Chris immediately left so we could not get any comments from him.

Looking at baseball, it was the TBL (Tundra Baseball League) all over again for the Monarchs. Jeffgordonville has had our number in the TBL, and even with us and the great Tigers meeting at a neutral field, the usual result happened, a Jeffgordonville victory. While we realize that no one here is familar with this league most likely besides us and Jeffgordonville (OOC: shameless plug: although I'll be happy to clue anyone in who may have interest) all you really need to know is that the Monarchs have had little success against the Tigers, who are one of the league's elite teams. The matchup caused so much excitement that King Hendrick XXIV himself made an unexpected appearance at the game, not as much to be an emotional lift for the Monarchs, but for the show of Tundran pride between us and the Tigers. The King proclaimed, "I've thought about coming to the Olympics several times but duties kept me home. I was really proud of our Olympians but also of Jeffgordonville's Olympians. We have had and continue to have great diplomatic relations with Jeffgordonville and I couldn't pass this game up. To see two Tundran nations battling to get into the Medal Round is a victory for all of Tundra. Not just the Tigers. On behalf of the Kingdom of Hendrick4824, we congratulate the Tigers and wish them luck as they move forward." It was a historic visit by the King as well, as it marked the first time he personally travelled outside of Tundra while on duty. Before returning home, he met with Casari leaders and other national leaders and thanked them for the nice reception he received and referred to city of Ashford as a "beautiful city he wished he had more time to visit". The Tigers won the game 5-3 in pretty typical fashion of previous Monarch-Tiger battles.

Baseball was truly the highlight today of the non-medal events, and it drew incredibly high ratings. Fans never had to turn away from their TV's, because soon after the football game between Hendrick4824 and Ceorana started and it saw the Monarchs win it 2-1 and advance to the semifinals against Starblaydia. This was a highly entertaining game that saw Ceorana strike first in the 23rd minute, and go to halftime with the one goal lead. But this Hendrick4824 team played inspired football and as the second half opened up, the Monarchs got some momentum, leading to a 48th minute goal. Tied at 1, both teams buckled down and played hard nosed, physical defense, but fortunately the referee let them play and kept the cards in his pocket, allowing both teams to play very physically. In the 79th minute, the Monarchs took advantage of a rare Ceorana miscue in their defensive end and capitalized for the winning goal. Don't be surprised if Casaran officials call for some extra security for the Hendrick4824-Starblaydia showdown. Ever since the boxing incident, their have been alot passionate battles between these two sides, and while it will be a good game on the field, there will also be a lot of passion in the stands in a game that ignites national passion as it is anyway.

This is starting to run a little long, even by my standards, so I will cut it short even though there is more that can be talked about. We wish everyone in all events the best of luck tomorrow.
13-08-2006, 11:30
Water Polo Update

The only events that Bazalonia are still in are the Water Polo events. Both Men and womens in Days 20 and 19 respectively have progressed to the semi finals of the Water Polo, both the woman and the men will play against Carvalo. A nation unknown to many people in Bazalonia, us included. Carvalo, the only nation to seperate us from a guaranteed silver should we win against them.

The Bazalonian Men faced Chicanda and scored 12 points to Chicanda's 6, while Carvalo scored 12 against Allanea to their 4. The result of the match will be unknown but the Men will surely attack the Carvalo men with all the gusto that they can.

The Bazalonian women faced Virginia Nova, scoring 9 against VN's 2. While Carvalo faced the team from Quakmybush and totally dominated them with 16 vs. 3
13-08-2006, 12:12
It was a quiet day for the Wentland team in medal events where the women's hurdles featured a near-blanket finish in the medals, heart-throb Stacey Drummond just sneaking the gold by a bra size ahead of Bedistan's Metaxás.

There has been some criticism, however, of the Wentland Olympic Committee owing to the almost complete lack of medals outside the wrestling events. Don Carlos of the Athletics Board launched a blistering attack on the Sports Ministry for concentrating on wrestling to the near-total exclusion of athletics events. "We've had one athletics finalist," he complained. "It's difficult for the athletes as someone like James Sidney has to complete his milk round before he can train for an event. How can we encourage youngsters to compete when there are no monetary rewards?"

The head of the Royal Equestrian Society, Claire Alexander-Hammond, concurred. "Apart from posh tarts no-one's interested in the gee-gees," she said. "We need the kind of pleb who can kick-start a nag and hoist the MFer over a brick wall rather than the Ponsonby-Smythes of this world. But how can we do that without decent funding? Take a thoroughbred to Alumgreen and they'd eat the bloody thing."

There were some muted criticisms of His Majesty from unnamed sources. "Look at the finals of today's events for example" said one anonymous athletic funder. "His Majesty put a lot of people off with his negative opinions. Over the years he has called the hurdles 'pointless', cycling 'poor man's motoring', 'potential roadkill' and 'wastes of space on my roads who don't even pay taxes', fencing as 'not much good against a gun', shooting as 'not much good against a stout longbow' and 'chav-tertainment' and dressage as 'horseback mincing'. Not much chance of getting people involved in those."

However, for the neutral it was an intriguing day. Rorysville picked up a long-overdue gold in the men's double trap finals (where they also collected silver) after Dean Muoron decimated the field with a scarce 6 misses and some minor Bedistan medals putting them nearly level with Dorian and Sonya at the top of the table, just three silvers behind, with the Andossi team also on 15 golds as, wrestling apart, the Andossians are ruthless at converting medal chances into golds. Had Metaxás been one hundredth of a second quicker (or had bigger thingies) Bedistan would be top; the remaining few days will be most eventful.

Meanwhile, some sympathy should be spared for Jeffgordonville, Garfield the Fat and Qazox who remain without a medal of any sort. Even tiny San Adriano has picked up a medal - a gold, no less, back on day 2 in the women's 200 metres freestyle. Most of Wentland is hoping Qazox will end without a medal, however, as their best chance is in the women's football, where they are favourites for gold - which would be at Wentland's expense.
13-08-2006, 14:58
RM"Hello, I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Welcome To Olympics This Morning."

WR"Let's look at Day 20 results."

RM"The Men's Water Polo Team defeated Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 13-3 and will play Bedistan in the Semi Finals."

WR"Enrico Noak did not advance in the Men's 400m Hurdles."

RM"Laura Kivnat did not advance in the Women's 400m Hurdles."

WR"The Men's Baseball Team lost 9-4 to Mikitivity and are eliminated."

RM"The Women's Basketball Team suffered a loss, they lost 74-71 to Malabra and are eliminated."

WR"The Men's Cricket Team lost their Semi Final match to Bostopia by 25 runs and will now face The Archregimany who lost to Schiavonia by 12 runs, for the Bronze Medal."

RM"Sophie Mckenzie sits tied for first in the Individual Jumoing Qualifying."

WR"The Women's Softball Team defeated Virgina Nova 5-3 to advance to the Semi Finals, they will play Chicanada who beat Milchima 3-2."

RM"Ferdie and Lars, who are the Men's Table Tennis Team defeated Janelli and Blackburn from Hendrick4824 haved advance to the Semi Finals."

WR"The Men's Doubles Tennis Team of Flaithri and Conrado lost to Ballard and Hayes of Hendrick4824, 7-5, 6-2."

RM"The Women's Doubles Tennis Team of Shapperia and Satchel defeated Eshleman and Sienkiewicz of Dorian and Sonya 6-4, 6-2."

WR"In a shock, The Men's Volleyball team, who went undefeated in the Group Stages lost to Milchima 25-6, 25-13, 20-25, 25-12."

RM"That's all the time we have."

WR"I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"And I'm Ron Mclearn, thank you and good day."
13-08-2006, 17:04
Road to Glory Olympic Update

The Nation of Rorysville has it's silver Lining but now it has A Golden Touch when it comes to shooting.

On to Men's Skeet Shooting Finals-
Rorysville's lone Qualifer Seth Wyatt Could only manage to shoot so well in the Skeet Finals his performance was decent but not good enough for any medal
Rorysville Skeet Final Results
18-Seth Wyatt-83

Now for the Trap Finals-
Rorysville is very strong in these Shooting events due in large part to the Compulsitory Military Service that all Men at the Age of 18 are required to serve at least 2 years in either the National Guard or Active Military leading to Rorysville having a strong Shooting team.In the Trap Finals Rorysville had 2 Participants Mike Kitzenhiemer,and Henrik Lindstrom. Both Would be on the True and one would walk away with a medal the Third of the Games for Rorysville
Rorysville Mens Trap Finals Results
2-Mike Kitzenhiemer-116-SILVER Medalist
5-Henrik Lindstrom-112

And now the Final Shooting Event of the Day The Men's Double Trap Finals-
The Men's Double trap gave us a feeling that something special could happen here and something did with 2 athletes and 2 medals in this Final .Rorysville's First ever Gold was earned by Dan Muoron of Douglasdale,Outer Islands will become the First Athelete to ever win a Gold From Rorysville he will also be awarded the Order of The Moose the highest honour to be given to a person in Rorysville. The Other Medal in the double Trap well was a Silver won by Seth Wyatt who viwed he would shoot better in the Double Trap after his horrible Skeet Final Performance.
Rorysville Men's Double Trap Finals Results
1-Dan Muoron-194-GOLD Medalist
2-Seth Wyatt-185-SILVER Medalist

And now for the update on the Team sports
Men's Rugby Sevens-
The Ruggers continue on the Path of Glory as they enter the Semi-Finals with a win over Bears Armed 20 -10 This is teh result of hard work as rugby is becoming the Sport that Rorysville is best known for with it's World Cup Championship and Finals Apperances.The Moose will face Starblaydia in the Semi-Finals.

The Baseball Moose Lost in a Playoff 3-0 to Bedistan in the fianl game for the Moose Ace hurler Arthur Emmonds Pitched a great 7 innings but the bullpen and defnse let him down as they gave up the 3 runs in the 8th inning and were unale to climb back into it.

The Men's Team was able to advance to the finals but that was that and they bowed out with a 2-1 loss in Extra Time to The Weegies.

see you all again soon on the Road to Glory
13-08-2006, 23:05
Gayle Force!
Badminton pair in shock final

It was looking embarrassing for Martin Eden and Emma Gayle. They had been totally, comprehensively blitzed in the first set in the semi-final. A mere two points on the board as Provencio and Rayo of the host nation and those with the blue flags in the crowd were desperately hiding from the home fans' delight.

The second set looked as if it were going the same way with the score at 4-0. But Emma Gayle pulled off a series of miraculous recoveries in a blistering rally to set up Martin Eden for the smash and having regained the serve the Went pair rallied to an 11-4 lead. This recovery set themselves up for the equalizing set and it was all down to the final.

The fitness training under the guidance of Tommy Barnes now bore fruit as the decider turned into a thriller. A 6-1 lead suggested that Gayle and Eden would be in the final; with some thrilling place-swapping Provencio and Rayo turned it around to a 12-7 lead and it looked all over. But back came the Wentland pair to go 13-13 and the next point was going to be crucial.

The serve changed hands six consecutive times before Gayle took an almighty risk with a drop serve. Rayo decided to let it fall but the crucial micrometre failure in judgment from the Casari legend meant that Wentland had the crucial 14-13 lead and Gayle was serving for a place in the final.

Unbelievably Emma Gayle went for the same serve again. Provencio was not going to take any chances this time and returned - but was out of position as Gayle loftily aimed the shuttlecock to the back of the court. Rayo was helpless and as the shuttle embedded itself into the middle of the net Eden and Gayle were delirious with excitement as they became Wentland's first ever badminton finalists at any level - and had guaranteed only Wentland's second non-wrestling medal. Fantastic consolation for Emma Gayle in particular who fell just short of a medal in both singles and women's doubles.

Talking of the wrestling, it was another profitable day on the mat for the Wents. Jimmy Brooks had the misfortune to be drawn with The Saint (brother of Andrew Saint of Royal Heath) which leaves us with one representative in the lightweight freestyle. However as Jimmy Saint was only brought into the squad at the last minute as a replacement for the injured Tibor Kosic it looks as if one wrestling gold is going to escape Wentland.

Robbie Brooks is also out, beaten easily by Rodney Astridge in the middleweights, but McManus and Logan are through to the semis and will fancy their chances. McManus is slightly favoured although the more controversial figure - he was of course disqualified in the final of the national championships against Davey Findley but with the latter out "The Mac" is confident of victory.
14-08-2006, 02:43
Day 21 cutoff. Shock!
14-08-2006, 03:17
GODDAMN Refs and Umpires! Two clearly biased refs and umpires led to losses against Chicanada in softball and Bostopia in soccer in the quarterfinals. It looked for all the world that both of those teams would not only win medals but the medals would be a shiny gold. As both the soccer and softball teams were undeafeated with good results in the end. Then it all comes down to an umpire that wouldn't give a strike to Mary Finner unless the ball was right down the middle or a ref that gave a penalty when the ball was 10 YARDS OUTSIDE OF THE BOX to give us a loss against Bostopia. This is just ridicoulous. Come on we should be doing better than that in two key sports to Milchamian Hegemony.

Anyway we did do very well today outside of biased refereeing. We won the first event on the schedule as we got a gold in the womens 110M hurdles. Of course we failed in the 100M hurdles but that's not important. Then in shooting we got gold and silver in men's skeet and gold in men's trap. All this brought us up to 6th in the medal count in terms of golds and 8th in terms of medals won although we need to do better if we want to get anywhere near our Ylompic medal count. I mean we're doing well but we need to do better.

We did however win in baseball to get to the semifinals there. We beat Bedistan 7-4 and now we will at least get a medal unlike our failures on the softball and soccer teams (even if it wasn't their fault they are still failures). Then in quarters of boxing we had two people in it but they BOTH lost they BOTH lost. Neither of them could win because they are bums who are probably actually from Collonie instead of Milchama. Then in table tennis the majority of them lost.
14-08-2006, 07:09

Update Day 21

Only one more match left for the Lady Oxen and its for GOLD as they survive once again this time on penalties after a scoreless regulation. Both Wentland and Qazox relentlessly attacked and defended, counter-attacked and re-countered, but after 90 minutes neither side had scored. So to overtime and two 15 minute periods. Wentland's Gemma Hunt finally broke through in the 100th minute and after the 1st part of extra-time, Qazox seemed to be done for. But the surprise subsitution of Risa Klyn in the 105th minute gave a second wind to the Lady Oxen and in the 117th minute, Risa scored just past the reach of Anne Foy to send the match into penalties.

Up first was Wentland and as she had done throught the Olympics, Gemma Hunt scored to make it 1-0. But Aki Fa'Mau-Tana scored on her shot to tie it at 1-1. Both of the second shooters missed their shots and it stayed at 1-all.
Wentland's Lucinda Rhodes scored on her attempt to make it 2-1 wentland. But Qazox' Kelli Renoirmade her shot as well to tie it back up at 2-2. the 4th shooters missed as well as did Wentland's fifth. It all came down to Kylie Rena vs. Anne Foy. Kylie calmly walked up to the spot, placed the ball down, lined herself up, while Anne Foy was twitching her fingers in anticipation of the shot. Kylie ran towards the ball with every man woman and child holding their breath. In what seemed like forever, but in reality took just hundreths of a second, the ball moved toeards the net. Anne Foy leapt and just off the end of her fingertips 3-2 Qazox!
14-08-2006, 07:50

Today the Kingdom tried to build off the momentum that was created by Stacey Drummond's gold medal, and we were able to do exactly that with an especially impressive performance in the men's 400m hurdles event, but also in the women's 400m, as we swept both of these gold medals. For the third time in the Olympians, Hendrick4824 placed three athletes in the top four of an event as was the case in the men's race. Steve Gregory defeated teammate Andrew Rehfuss by a hundredth of a second to clinch gold and silver for the Kingdom. South Antrium's Andrew Eskobero Nitan spoiled the medal sweep and was only one hundredth behind Rehfuss. Hector Uhrstand ran a career best 84 (0:46.84) to finish 4th. On the ladies side, Shannon Murray outdid her older brother Bryan who won a silver in the men's 110m hurdles yesterday. Our triumphant medalists proudly stood as our anthem played for the 10th and 11th times at these Olympic games, moving the Kingdom up to 6th on the medal board. Afterwards, we got some comments, starting with Gregory, "Andrew and I are starting to get a good rivalry going. He's a good friend but something tells me we will be having close battles like this for many years to come. I am honored to bring gold back to my country, and to beat him in the process, but I am still glad he came away with the silver." Rehfuss was happy, though also gave the appearance of being a little dejected at being so close, "There's no shame in winning a silver medal in an event like this. It took a lot of hard work to get here. Steve and I are cool with each other, and I know he has worked equally as hard. But to be so close to being an Olympic champion, I'll be re-running this race over in my head for years." Shannon Murray creditted her brother for her win, "I remember when Bryan and I were kids we would just have races all the time in everything we did, heck, we still do. It's been a part of me for my whole life. I was so happy when he won the silver yesterday, but now I did one better and got a gold. I never beat him in those races as a kid, but I beat him in Ashford. I know our father would be proud. I felt like he guided me to this win." (Jason Murray passed away in February).

Hendrick4824 was shut out of medals in the other athletic events that took place, but Tracey Nikalus finished off her amazing run in the women's individual sprint with a bronze medal. As the only Hendrickian that seemed to have any kind of success in cycling, Nikalus remained consistent race after race, but when she needed it most, she ran her best time, a 0:10.84, beating Mixhawen Boakqw of Bedistan by three hundredths. About her performance, she was very modest, "I have to thank God for blessing me with the talent to this and for His guidance in making this possible. I would not have been here if not for that." Hendrickians heard an anthem they've heard before, but one that had not played all Olympic Games until this point. Fredia Corseri took the gold for Jeffgordonville, the first medal won by our fellow regional nation. Congratulations to Fredia go out as well.

A second bronze was picked up today in equestrian in the team jumping competition, beating Nouvelle Angelterre by a point. A highly impressive Jillian Diamond of Starblaydia, who also won gold in the individual portion of the event, led her team to gold in the team competition as well. Diamond's brilliant performance is what was on the mind of our athletes more then their bronze. Said Ashley Payne, "Jillian was perfect. Her horse was perfect and graceful, that's as good as you can ever do. We weren't in her league today, so a bronze will do fine for us." That wraps up the medal event report.

As the Olympics approach their conclusion, many of the team sports are being set to play their gold medal games. One of which, will feature Hendrick4824. In men's basketball, the Monarchs disposed of Milchama 84-69 and will meet Malabra for the gold. Shooting guard Darnell Williams had a triple double, highlighted by 34 points in the victory. He likes his chances against Malabra, too, "Our game is smooth right now," Williams said, "We haven't backed down from everyone. Bring on Malabra." Bookies look at the Hendrick4824-Malabra game as being very even, overall.

Individual events saw mixed results. Andrew Cerniglia advance to the semifinals in the heavyweight division of judo while Scott Gauthier was defeated in the semis of the middleweights. He will battle Casari's Neal Hendel for the bronze. Stefanie Wilson advanced to the semifinal herself in taekwondo's heavyweight division. In tennis doubles, the men split while the O'Hearn twins were real strong on the ladies side as they move forward. Katie Schissler had an outstanding day in the women's laser, placing 5th in race 5 and 2nd in race 6, though inconsistency will keep her from a medal.

Shooting saw Chris Schiffer very impressive in the qualifying round of the 10m air pistol, placing 2nd. Richard Altenhofen also qualified, placing 14th. At 25m, Chris Schiffer remained strong and accurate with a 3rd place qualifying performance. Chris Powell wasn't too far behind him, finishing 5th. With the rifle at 10m, Jason Centers was the only Hendrickian to qualify, and placed in a tie for 12th. On the ladies side, Chris Schiffer's wife Courtney was also accurate in the 10m air pistol, qualifying 8th. Courtney was not the top Hendrickian though as that honor goes to Tracey Kallay, highly gifted with a gun in her hand, and placed herself in 3rd. Kallay is better with a pistol then a rifle, and that showed in her 10m Air Rifle effort. Fortunately for us, Tracey Ray was better, and was the only Hendrickian to qualify in this event, placing 10th.

Finally, turning to wrestling, Rodney Astridge was defeated and will go for a bronze against Wentland's Michael McManus in the middleweight freestyle. Wentland has been dominant in wrestling so far and McManus is the favorite here. Kevin Whitney was denied a semifinal berth by losing to an athlete from Bears Armed that only needs to be referred to as "Grreg". Whitney was amazed by Gregg, saying, "I have never faced someone that powerful. But he kept it clean and that's all you can ask. I would be surprised if anyone beat him."

Time is winding down. So far the Kingdom has picked up 38 medals and is in 6th place currently on the medal board, and is up to 5th in total medals won.
Bears Armed
14-08-2006, 12:15
From the sports pages of “The Bear Necessities”


Birrin defeated, Jeggar defeated: Grreg alone goes forwards to the Semifinals... Today was not a good day for our male wrestlers...

Clash of Titans
The draw for today's round brought Birrin up against Aiki Hiroshima, from Wentland, whom it had already been realised was the toughest of the opponents he could face in this contest: This was the match-up that many people had hoped would be the one in the fight for 'gold' or 'silver', but Luck brought it early and a combination of the Wentlander's greater experience with -- we must admit -- his impressive levels of strength (Is he really just a Human? Speculation on page 12...) and ability eventually saw our flag-bearer beaten after a long struggle...
Hiroshima admitted afterwards that this had been the longest and hardest-fought match he could ever recall having been in, and there had been several moments when he had doubted whether he'd win it. There are rumours that a re-match between Birrin and him is being negotiated for some time next year...

The match between Jeggar and a wrestler called Harry Palmer (from Bedistan) was also hard-fought and long, although not on the same scale as Birrin's fight, and the result was also unpredictable until the final moment. Grreg's defeat of Kevin Whitney (from the nation of Hendrick4824) was, however, somewhat easier... and Grreg has proven himself capable of winning over supposedly better opponents in the past, so maybe he will be able to defeat Hiroshima -- whom he's now been able to observe in that fight against Birrin as well as in matches with other humans -- when they meet later on in this tournament.

So much for the team management's forecast for a clean sweep of the medals! Was their entering Birrin and Jeggar (and Grreg) in the earlier Weightlifting event as well as in the Wrestling a mistake that has contributed to these defeats? Should they be fired? (Discussion, and readers' letters, on pages 13-15.)

(Further details on pages 31-32.)

Thunder ends...
The only event in which any of our athletes competed yesterday also saw them defeated, when the 'Thundering Horde' lost their quarter-final match in the Rugby Sevens (and thus their place amongst the teams left contesting in that sport) to the team from Rorysville by 10 points to 20: the Horde prety much dominated the first half of the game, but then seemed to run out of steam and failed to deal successfully with their human opponents' greater manouverability.

(Further details on page 30.)

Meanwhile, the pattern of medal wins by other nations during yesterday & today has pushed us down the table from equal-28th to equal-29th, jointly with the same three nations as before and also with one called Jeffgordonville that was unlisted before then...
What's left? Well, we still have athletes waiting to compete in the 'Shot Put' and 'Hammer Throw' when those events begin... Let's hope that the managers having entered some of our best hopes for both of those events rather than just for one or the other of them won't weaken their chances at either sport...

Outside, the fans are beating out a tune of 'challenge!' on their drums…
14-08-2006, 19:33
Joy and Despair
Golden glory in badminton as Blue Tits heartbroken

Two events of very different mien but both with something in common. The semi-finals were the real gold medal matches.

The joy came in the badminton. Martin Eden and Emma Gayle had a tight game against the Neuwilles of the Barantxu combine. But having come through the heartstopping semi against home favourites the pair had an inner steel and strength that saw them through the crucial points.

The game turned in the first set when, with the scores at 11-11, Gayle judged a back court lob perfectly and the Neuwilles mistakenly left it and watched in horror as it bounced just inside the line. 12-11 and there was no looking back.

The second set was different as Eden's devastating serving accuracy saw the Wentland pair take a 13-4 lead and the gold was looking obvious. However the BCO duo fought back like rabid dogs and got themselves back to 14-11 after a missed match-point. But an Eden smash saw service revert to Emma Gayle and on the second MP there was no mistake. Eden came to the net and intimidated the Neuwilles into putting one wide and Wentland had its first non-wrestling gold medal. For Eden and Gayle, who had been 33-1 outsiders at the start of the Games, it was their first-ever major title - and what a time to win it!

However, it was a different story at the Casari stadium. After 120 minutes of action that could not separate the teams both sides stood arms linked along the half-way line watching the denoument of the penalty shoot out. The only exceptions were Honey Weeks, being treated for a thigh injury during a frantic second extra-time period, Stacey Cadman, who was in tears on the side of the pitch having seen her penalty saved, Anna Kumble, who was comforting her team-mate, and Tricia Yates, who was lining up her penalty on the spot.

The stadium held its breath. It was 2-2 and a goal here would see Wentland in pole position for the final - and a likely gold medal after Ariddia's shock win.

Yates ran up, hit it hard and straight - and off the Qazox goalkeeper's legs. Yates crumpled as the Lady Oxen went berserk. One more penalty and if Rena beat Foy they had their first medal guaranteed.

Anne Foy did her best trying to put off her opponent psychologically as had worked with two previous penalties. It so nearly worked. She went the right way and got her fingers to it - but could only push it into the inside netting.

The Lady Oxen erupted whilst the Blue Tits collapsed. So near and yet so far. Again.

Qazox have a final against Ariddia that, on paper, looks easy. Edwina Bluff has to pick up her shattered squad for bronze. After finishes of 4th and 5th in the last major tournaments, and none of the teams above in the Games, a first ever major triumph looked a distinct possibility, but this was a game too far.

And now Starblaydia awaits...
14-08-2006, 21:23
RM"Hello, I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"and I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Let's look at the Day 21 results."

WR"Sophie Mckenzie finished 17th in the Individual Jumping Final."

RM"The Women's Cricket Team lost to Schiavonia by 44 runs and will face United Island Empires who lost to Casari by 3 wickets, for the Bronze Medal."

WR"The Women's Handball Team defeated Dorian and Sonya 22-12 and will now advance to the Gold Medal game where they will face Baranxtu who defeated Carvalo 15-14."

RM"On the Tennis Court's the Women's Doubles Team of Shapperia and Satchel defeated Morris and Davis of The Weegies, 6-0, 6-4 to advance to the next round."

WR"That's all the time we have."

RM"I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"and I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Thank You and good day."
14-08-2006, 22:24
...wrestling news...wrestling news...wrestling news...

Middleweight Freestyle
The draw pitching Logan and McManus together meant both good and bad - Wentland was guaranteed another medal but it would not be an all-Wentland final. And Steve Logan turned out to be the controversial winner after McManus was disqualified for an eye-rake.

It was a needless foul as McManus had a three point lead, but Logan claimed he had McManus where he wanted him. "I was about to slap the sleeper on him," said a delighted Logan afterwards, "and he tried to get out of it by going for the eyes. I'm glad the ref saw it cos I'd've been in trouble otherwise."

McManus was incredulous. "Eye rake? I've never raked any eyes ever. It's jealousy cos I was going to WALK the gold. Now we've got that prat in the final..."

McManus has to collect himself for the bronze medal bout but referee Mr Trim will doubtless be doubly wary for any shortcuts from the Mac.

Heavyweight Freestyle
Favourite for the heavyweight crown King Hiro made it to the final with a tough win over Bears Armed's Birrin. It was a veritable clash of titans with
power against power and Hiroshima was unable to display his array of suplexes. It would not have been the most thrilling of bouts for the neutral as irresistable force met immovable object, but for the sheer fascination of watching the masked matman try to overcome the hairy beast and vice versa. It looked as if it would go to a judge's verdict right to the end when a Birrin bearhug proved the Bears Armed's competitor's downfall; Hiroshima hooking legs and managing to shift his weight forward, bringing him down to the mat on top of Birrin for the pinfall.

Manager Ryan Lloyd commented afterward this had been the longest and hardest-fought match he could ever recall Hiroshima having been in, and there had been several moments when he had doubted whether he'd win it. Lloyd was coy over reports that a lucrative re-match between Birrin and Hiroshima was being negotiated for some time next year.

Wentland's hopes of a complete clean sweep in the wrestling however may yet be dashed in this event. Another Bears Armed athlete, Grreg, massively overpowered Kevin Whitney and many fancy him to defeat Hiroshima, as surely he will not be caught out by the same sucker punch that caught Birrin.

Lloyd however was more cautious. "There's enough controversy about Aiki's mask," he said. "What about Grreg's beard? He should be forced to shave his face. That could give an unfair advantage."

Almost unnoticed Wild Angus Campbell defeated Mondone to clinch a semi-final place. The two-time World Champion has been somewhat overlooked in the wake of Hiroshima's and Grreg's runs and will be hoping to avoid both in the semi draw.


"Can anyone smell mushy peas?"

"Don't be daft, Meld...lunch was ages ago."

"And why are we wearing the change kit? We don't clash with the Starblaydi kit."

"I dunno, maybe a sponsor thing."

Anna Kumble had a great idea to loosen up the Blue Tits before their bronze playoff with Starblaydia.

After Edwina Bluff's team-talk, she gathered the girls together in a huddle before the match right in the middle of the dressing room to give a pep talk.

"I know we should be playing for gold...but there's still a chance for a medal. The key thing is to focus...keep confident...and keep our heads this...look up NOW!!!!"

The team looked up as Nikki Griffin pulled a lever. Their mouths opened just in time to catch the green goop that was dropping from a massive tarpaulin above them.


The team came out in the blue first choice kit that Kumble had of course hidden away. But there had not been time to wash the peas out of their hair. Commentator Albert Hall improvised for those watching on Wentland TV. "The team has agreed to dye their hair green, in, er, a bonding exercise," he explained. "To gee them up from the semi-final defeat and to express solidarity with the environmental aspects of the Games.

"The question is whether it will work..."
15-08-2006, 00:25
Malabrians Win in Semifinals Duel

Tigers advance after beating Chicanda.

ASHFORD, CASARI--As the final seconds ticked off the clock of Malabra's 87-66 routing of Chicanda, Malabrian players were excstatic. With this win, they will go on to play in the gold medal match against Hendrick4824. Malabra is now guarenteed another medal.

The game was no where near a close one, with the Tigers going on a 10-0 run to start the first quarter. The closest the Chicanda delegation ever got was within eight points. Malabra continued its dominance through out the first half while increasing their lead. The second half wasn't much different than the first, with the Malabrian men holding on to their large lead.

The Malabrian Womens' National Basketball Team, the Lady Tigers, are currently also in the semifinals and will play the Hendrickian women after their three point thirller over Quakmybush.


Volleyball Team Unsucessful Against Starblaydia

Womens' Team will play Antrium for bronze.

ASHFORD, CASARI--Unfortunately for Malabrian volleyballers, they'll have to wait for gold until the next Summer Games. Fortunately for the Womens' National Team, though, they can hope to win a bronze.

Malabra lost to Starblaydia in the semifinals and, as a result, will play fellow regionmate Antrium in the bronze medal match.

Both Articles From the Malabrian Times:
15-08-2006, 00:40
What a terrible terrible terrible day at the Olympics. The goddamn idiots did not get any medals and what's more they LOST in the semis of all the events we were in, in team sports. The only saving grace was shooting where our men dominated although we still need to get more medals and I quite frankly don't think we will crack the 50 barrier which was our LOWEST goal for these Olympics.

Those fools and idiots suck.

I'm Douglas Jefferey saying Thank God that the World Cup is starting soon.
15-08-2006, 03:21
Yup, You're cut off. 2 days left, fellows.
Dorian and Sonya
15-08-2006, 06:42

Summer Olympic Recap of Days 19-22

OOC: Sorry been having bad thunderstorms hard to do RP Quickly.

This is Reginald Smythe reporting from Ashfordm,Casari. Queen Sonya Sabre will not be joining us today as she is off babying her precious Mystical Unicorns for their WC 30 premier Which everyone knows is not going to do a damn bit of good but you can’t tell her that. Ooops are we on the air oh shit I am in trouble again…..

Anyway lets get on with some medal recaps I think that the Queen has gotten us behind again somehow, damn I wish she would leave us alone and let us do our jobs. Shit there goes my big mouth again.

Let us start with the medals from day 19 first up is for the Kingdom is the Women’s 20k walk where our own Wynona Hogains who took home a Silver medal. In the Women’s 5000m Rashida Javed brought home the Gold.

In Fencing the Women’s epee saw a disappointed Amina Formey only get the Bronze.

Day 20:
In Fencing the Men’s Team Foil the team of Christopher McCord ,Broderick Delaplane , Jarod Hinderaker, HAsa Mayoka , Vincenzo Kyper , Lauen Mcfeeley brought back the
Silver medal for the Kingdom.

Day 21:
In the Men’s High Jump Rolf Andrades has gotten the Gold medal. In the Men’s Triple Jump Dario Glaab got the Bronze medal. The Women’s High Jump Angella Caldarera Got the Silver Medal.

In Fencing the Men’s Sabre Gaston Guilstorf , Hong Gevedon have earned the Gold and the Silver Medal for the Kingdom.

Day 22:
Well lets just say it was not a very busy day for anyone but lets take a look at the Medal count.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Dorian and Sonya DOS 17 25 21 63
2 Bedistan BDS 16 21 22 59
3 Andossa Se Mitrin Vega AMV 15 12 19 46
4 Schiavonia SCV 13 11 13 37
5 Casari CAS 12 13 17 42
6 Milchama MIL 12 8 7 27
7 Hendrick4824 HEN 11 14 14 39
8 Ariddia ARI 11 7 6 24
9 The Weegies WEE 9 10 5 24
10 Starblaydia STB 7 6 5 18

Well at least it was not really busy doing those days that the Queen got Lazy ooppsss, sorry I really didn’t mean that your Majesty I am really sorry. Ok so now that we are caught up with all of the medals and the Queen might stay busy with the Unicorns we might be able to keep all you viewers more up to date with the medals and even the qualifying events that our grand Kingdom have been entered into. For now we will leave you with this to ponder on thank you all and Good Night……
15-08-2006, 08:03

Coming into today events, the Kingdom only had the opportunity to win one medal. It would come in the men's 4x100m relay, and our Olympians delivered with a silver. The team of Michael Shannon, Kevin Johnston, Eric Blanton, and Michael Carney were second quickest, scoring a 42 (0:37.42), just beat by a hundredth by a group from New Montreal States. Afterwards, the 39-year old Shannon formally announced that he will retire at the conclusion of the Ashford games. Every nation has their emotional favorites, and the long time veteran Shannon was one of ours after participating in regional Olympics for 20 years. This was his first opportunity to take on the world, and many hoped that he could dig down deep and pull off one more magical performance. It didn't happen in any of his individual events, but he will surely take it in the relay. It might not be gold, but Michael is not complaining about that, "I have come full circle," he said, "This Olympic meet was going to be my last shot and I debated on whether or not I still should even come here or let a younger guy have my spot. Now I have an NSOC Olympic medal, and its fine that its silver, to add to my collection. Now I am going to go home, celebrate, and concentrate on my family." The kid of the veteran relay team, 22-year old Michael Carney, said Shannon was indeed their inspiration, "I didn't want Michael Shannon to go home empty handed. We wanted to do it for him. He was my idol growing up so it was not only an honor to race with him, but it meant a lot to me to try and get him that NSOC medal."

A miscue plagued the ladies in the 4x100m qualification. Jennifer Newman blew away all her competitiors in the first 100m, then Michelle Bylina kept the lead in the second leg. But a poor handoff between Bylina and Jessica McAllister, where Bylina may have accidentally tripped McAllister cost the team valuable time. Jessica did not fall, but the stumble knocked the team from first to last just like that. In the final leg, anchor Lauren Massey valiantly tried to recover the team and rebounded the team to 10th, but still not enough to move forward. Expecting a dejected group, the ladies were instead laughing about it, and their fate, as Newman best pointed out, "Just about everything that could go wrong has, and that just adds to it. We're just about having fun now. If we win, we win. If not we go back home and prepare for the regional competitions again. It's not the end of the world."

Today also saw qualifying for several field events, and there were some bright spots. The highlight was Kara Scarano in the women's pole vault with a top jump of 4.99 and she figures to have a good shot at a medal since we know she can make this distance. There are 4 of them really close together though, so nothing is assured. None of the other Hendrickians qualified in this. In the women's hammer throw, the Kingdom will advance three, led by 4th place Michelle Conrad. She will be joined by her longtime adversary Christine Merrill who was 14th as well as 18-year old Katie Scholten who was 12th. Merrill was much better with the shot put, as she qualified second there with a distance of 22.56. The other Hendrickians will be watching from the stands in this event. In the men's pole vault, Hendrick4824 was just able to get someone advanced as Ricky Ryan was 15th. In the men's shot put, Danny Berwick also just made the cut, placing 14th, and no one advanced from the hammer throw. In the eventing Cross Country of Equestrian, a tough day for Melanie Gendron brought the team down.

The highlighted non medal event of the day was the big football showdown with Starblaydia. Hendrick4824 has been on quite a roll in football, and today was no exception in terms of their effort. Many people expected that game to be a tight defensive struggle with physical play, and that was exactly as advertised as the two nations took care of their own end extremely well. The game remained scoreless for over an hour until the Starblaydians struck in the 66th minute off a corner kick. If Starblaydia wasn't playing tight defense before, they especially were after the goal and the Monarchs only got one real good chance after that, in the 83rd minute when a shot deflected off their goalie and was heading in, but a miraculous clear by a Starblaydian defender prevented the score and sent them to the gold medal game. Hendrick4824 will go for a bronze against Bostopia.

Perhaps some revenge can be put on the Starblaydians in Rugby. Still playing with a chip on their shoulder, the Monarchs continue to play well, and scored 15-13 victory over hometown Casari. The game was everything you like in Rugby, hard physical play, back and forth action so in terms of that, the fans were satisfied, but the Monarchs sent their fans home disappointed. Starblaydia will be our opponent in the gold medal game. Expect another battle.

The Kingdom also advances to the gold medal game in women's basketball and will do so with a showdown with Virginia Nova. The ladies did what the men hope to do tomorrow: defeat Malabra. The final was 72-61, and the game was a well played overall effort by the Lady Monarchs. It has been a disappointing Olympics for Virginia Nova, and their basketball team will try to get something going for them. They have failed to win a single gold medal in Ashford, and given the nature of the Hendrick4824-Virginia Nova national rivalry that has existed well before the Olympics, you can be sure that the Lady Monarchs will do everything they can to see to it they still go without the gold and make them have to listen to "Always In Our Hearts" with silver medals around their necks.

Now, there is plenty of individual action to get into as well and we will start with boxing. Roberto Gordon will get a shot at gold in the heavyweight division against Moses Lourd, not from the Archregimancy, but from Allanea. Gordon simply said, "We have some unfinished business in the ring." An apparent reference to the Gaines decision a week or so ago. Hendrick4824 will also have an interest in the men's heavyweight judo final when Andrew Cerniglia will meet Mun In-Sun from Bedistan. Cerniglia is excited about the match, "It was big for me to win today, now I know I will get a medal. I watched Mun and will go over the tape to get a handle of his technique and I know he will do the same. It will be fun but tough and may the best man win." Stefanie Wilson will also have a shot at gold in heavyweight taekwondo as she defeated Cynthia Fitzgerald of Bedistan and will now meet another Bedistan athlete, Edith Higgins, for the ultimate prize. A couple Hendrickians will also have a shot at a bronze. Heather Wright is one of them as she will meet Leola Stickley of Dorian & Sonia in lightweight taekwondo, and Erik Van Zandt is the other, he meets Cortez Aleyandrez, also of Dorian & Sonia.

There was a misprint in the men's 50m pistol qualifying results (OOC: You have some athletes listed as Hendrickian that aren't, and our athletes... Chris Powell, Chris Schiffer, Kevin Brownley, and Michael O'Toole are listed as other nations) so we'll have to confirm the actual results at a later time. However Rick Heimel led the way in the men's 3-position 50m rifle qualification and Brett Cappera was printed as finishing 10th and 20th in prone rifle qualifying, so we'll have to get confirmation on his status too. Courtney Schiffer and Tracey Ray both qualified in the women's 3-position 50m rifle qualification, doing so 9th and 12th respectively.

So while time is running out, there is still a lot of medals out there that can be won by our fine athletes. We wish them continued success.
15-08-2006, 20:46
Saint's Alive!
But King Hiro faces a massive Bear-den

If CJ Mowersby is the breakthrough star, and Norman Wash the Cinderella story, then Jimmy Saint is the Comeback Kid. The 44 year old was considered to be past it and only included in the squad to make up the numbers following Tibor Kosic's late withdrawal. But where the younger generation has fallen through the Saint has used every ounce of his experience to reach the Olympic final.

For some reason the Olympics has fazed many of the competitors in the lightweight freestyle and none has lived up to expectations. This has played into the Saint's hands. He is still technically sound, if a little slower and a little more out of breath than before, and of course has four World Titles to his name, albeit none in the past 12 years. And the pressure of the Olympic semi-final seemed to get to Aleyandrez as the young Dorian and Sonyan was tentative and circumspect in the early part of the bout, which allowed Saint to amass a six point lead in the first round.

Aleyandrez fought back mightily in the second and pulled a couple of points back but a slip allowed Saint to nail a side suplex and restore the six point margin with a minute to go. From then on Saint defended paced himself and Aleyandrez' only success was a very late throw that got him within three points - just as the clock ran down.

Saint however will need every single trick in the book to get past Bushart and keep Wentland's gold streak going; the Andossi has looked incredibly agile and full of spirit, although numerous errors have gone unpunished and if the Saint gets him into a mat battle his high flying will avail him not.


The heavyweight final is the most eagerly anticipated amongst the neutrals, who would quite happily see either man lose. Angus Campbell put up a brave, brave fight against the gigantic Grreg, escaping from two bear hugs, but the third was too much. The proud Campbell refused to submit and the referee had to stop the bout as he passed out.

King Hiro was watching but behind his mask betrayed no emotion as he entered the ring for his bout with Palmer. Indeed, he kept his gaze on the noisy and rabid Bears Armed contingent in the arena as he manhandled a clearly outclassed Harry Palmer. After four suplexes in the opening minute Palmer was out but Hiroshima kept up the punishment until the referee stopped the match via grand avantage.

The bronze match will be interesting as two shattered opponents meet before the Clash of the Titans as Grreg takes on King Hiro. Let's get ready to annihilate.


Elsewhere, there was a thrilling finish to the cricket bronze medal play-off. The Archregimancy, chasing a massive total of 322, came oh so close to making it. Needing a six of the final ball to take the bronze, fast bowler and last man in Father Alexis of the Fiery Wheel took an almighty swipe to deep cover, but the ball bounced agonizingly before the boundary and the medal was Quakmybush's.
New Montreal States
15-08-2006, 21:09

Reformed Expos to take on Milchama with everything on the line

CASARI - The New Montreal States Reformed Expos have been progressing through the tournament smoothly, and are now one step away from a gold medal and a position as the dominant world power of Baseball for the next four years. All that they need overcome is Milchama. However, since they're Milchama and we're NMS, this shouldn't be much of a problem.

In the meanwhile, NMS clubs (particularly weaker sides looking for a quick fix) have been swinging around their pocketbooks to poach off the best of other's nations Olympic talent to come play club ball in the world's largest. most cut-throat baseball league. The Aylmer Gallowglasses are in hot pursuit of "an infielder and two pitchers from ASMV" in the words of an anonymous batboy from the team, while the Silver Shirts are gunning for the entire D&S outfield. Signings, if any are to occur, will be taking place shortly, as the playoff hunt heats up.
15-08-2006, 23:12
RM"Hello, I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"and I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Let's look at those results."

WR"The Men's 4x100m Team, lead by Indigo Kliment finished 4th 4 one hundreths of a second out of third."

RM"The Women's 4x100m team did not qualify for the finals."

WR"The Men's Cricket Team won the Bronze Medal game over The Archregimancy by one run."

RM"That brings Quakmybush up to 7 Medals, 3 Gold, 2 Silver, and 2 Bronze, and 22nd in the standings."

WR"The Men's Water Polo Team lost their semi final match to Bedistan 16-10 and will face Bazalonia who lost their semi final to Carvalo 16-7."

RM"The Women's Softball team defeated Chicanada 2-1 and will play Andossa Se Mitrin Vega, who defeated opponents Bedistan 3-1, in the Gold Medal game."

WR"The Men's Table Tennis Team of Ferdie and Lars lost to Gu-ho and Jon-a of Bedistan in 6 sets. They will take on Groinginnen and Groinginnen from Schiavonia, who lost to Perron and Harper of New Montreal States, for the Bronze Medal."

RM"The Women's Doubles Team of Shapperia and Satchel defeated Decams and Legrange of Baranxtu 6-1, 6-4. The team now advances to the semi-finals."

WR"That's all the time we have."

RM"I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Thank You and good day."
16-08-2006, 03:43
Someone Cut Us Off The Bomb!

You Are On Your Way To Scorination!

The Archregimancy
16-08-2006, 06:14

Other Nations Reel in Shock

The Monastic Olympic Committee of the Archregimancy caused shock and consternation today when it pronounced itself 'pleased' with the nation's performance in the Olympics. Other national delegations were said to be following events closely in case MOCTA was simply trying to lull other nations into a false sense of security prior to launching a final barrage of protests.

"Four golds and a couple of silvers actually exceeds our expectations" read a MOCTA statement. "We were expecting a single gold in the men's steeplechase and maybe two other medals of any colour. To hear the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom ring out four times, after golds in sailing, walking, steeplechasing and - the greatest shock of all - weightlifting - has filled our Orthodox hearts with joy. And two silvers in canoeing and the steeplechase isn't bad either."

Particular surprise was caused by a separate MOCTA statement apologising for calling the host organising committee as 'possibly demon-possessed' following the national anthem controversy that followed Fr. Mark the Pilgrim's gold in the 20k walk. A senior archimandrite, speaking on condition of anonymity said that MOCTA were happy to retract a "misleading statement made in the heat of the moment", and that henceforth MOCTA would take care to refer to the organisers as "tainted by vile heresy" rather than actively "demon-possessed".

In actual sporting news, these final few days of the Olympics have brought disappointment for monastic athletes. The failures in the dressage and triple jump were perhaps expected, but the desperately close single run loss of the Willow Wonder Workers to Quakmybush in the men's cricket, after the squad had raced through the group stages with a 5-1 record, left the world's best team of cricketing monks on the verge of tears. Needing only 6 runs in the last over with two wickets in hand, a fine stumping by the Quakmybush wicketkeeper and a disastrous misunderstanding on the final ball leading to a comical run out left the Wonder Workers a run shy of the required total of 287. The squad's souls have undoubtedly been strengthened by the loss, which is something to celebrate, but all Archregimancy sports fans are hoping this is not a portent of events to come in World Cup 30 qualifying, where Quakmybush have been drawn in the same group as the Archregimancy.
16-08-2006, 06:20

Update Day 23

GOLD FOR QAZOX......and Red Blood

After 8 hard fought matches in Casari, the Lady Oxen can hold their collective heads high as they became the 1st ever GOLD medalists in Women's Football with an impressive 4-1 victory over Ariddia. Goals scored by Rene LaTreque in the 13th and 20th minutes gave Qazox a 2-0 lead they would not relinquish. Kelli Renoir added a 3rd goal in the 44th minute effectively ending the match. Although Arridia scored in the 56th minute to cut it to 3-1, Andrea Childress' surprising goal on a corner kick in the 75th minute finished the scoring and after 3 weeks of blood sweat and tears, Qazox stood on top of the Gold medalists.
As the Qazoxian National Anthem played, a crazed gymnast from Qazox, Micheal Fessi, who was denied a spot to compete, suddenly opened fire onto the medal stand injuring 4 or 5 of the team members and killing young Risa Klyn as she was shot in the throat. Life-saving measures were taken, but to no avail. Fessi was shot and killed by Casarian police as he tried to escape.

So on the proudest moment in Qazoxian history, a shocked world saw not a moment of Triumph and Celebration, but a moment of Terror and Tragedy. Risa Klyn was 21 years old and was due to graduate from the University of Qazox next spring with a degree in Economics.

R.I.P. RISA KLYN 1892-1913
16-08-2006, 06:59

The scoreboard read: Malabra 70, Hendrick4824 69. Just 1.3 seconds remaining on the clock. Everyone in the crowd was standing as the Monarchs were about to inbound the ball in the halfcourt. They had seen a great game between two very good teams, but there was still one more big play to make. Who would make it? Hendrick4824 on offense or Malabra on defense? Small forward Daiwan Burnell figured to pass to Darnell Williams for the final shot, and the Malabra defense was poised not to allow it to happen. After all, Williams had 29 points after scoring 34 in the semifinals. Burnell read the play, and instead passed to power forward Sherrod Perry. Perry, who was just outside the paint took the pass and immediately put up the shot. Nothing but net as the buzzer sounds! Monarchs win the gold, 71-70! The Monarchs celebrated, then shook hands with their valiant opponents. It was one of those games both teams deserved to win. Burnell's vision in passing up Williams and going with Perry was the play of the game, and afterwards he spoke of the gold medal winning pass, "We drew it up in the timeout to where Darnell would draw their best defender. This would cause isolation somewhere, and I saw Sherrod in a good spot. He made the shot. Gold medal baby! Yes!" Tomorrow the ladies will look for a gold medal sweep with the roundball. It was the 12th gold medal picked up by the Kingdom.

It was not however, the only gold medal, as we also won another in the 10m Ladies' Air Pistol Final. Rachel Catti was outstanding in this event as she set the early pace. Finishing second was Jeffgordonville's Jen Weston, leading to a 1-2 Tundran finish in the event. The Kingdom was thought to have a good presence in this event, and Catti was one of those favorites. "Heck yea this is pretty awesome. I just won a gold medal! WOOOOHOOO!!! This is unbelieveable, I have had such a great time here, partying for about 3 weeks then getting serious when I had to be and it ends up golden!" exclaimed the emotional Catti.

Hendrick4824 athletes also won 3 bronze medals today, part of our 5 total, putting us up to 44 totals and tying the hosts Casari for 5th on the medal board. One such medalist was Scott Gauthier, who defeated Neal Hendel in middleweight Judo. Gauthier discussed his plan afterward, "I knew I had to get off to a good start against Neal. If I could get some points early it would take some of the crowd out of it, and that's what I was able to do. I am honored to win a gold and thanks to everyone who supported me and made this possible to pursue my dream." Another bronze medal was earned in wrestling, the lightweight freestyle, as Eric Van Zandt got an unexpectedly quick pin on Dorian & Sonia's Cortez Aleyandrez, "I took advantage of my opportunity when it arose. It was just one of those deals, ya know, he opened the door there, probably something he never does, and I had to capitalize and I was able to." Finally, our third bronze of the day was won by Tracey Ray, as Jeffgordonville's Natali Watson took the gold. Tracey, always cool under fire, didn't seem to be phased by the pressure at all, and had a very strong showing. She was simply beat by two people that just did a little better. Tracey looked to her naysayers after, "This is for all you people who said I would never make anything in my life. It might not be gold but it's alot better then what you haters have. I'm an Olympic medalist. It's a great day!"

There were some close calls, most notably defeats in bronze medal matches. Michael McManus of Wentland, who was disqualified in his semifinal match for an eye rake, allegedly did the same the thing to Rodney Astridge, but it was not picked upon, apparently. Astridge called McManus a dirty but talented wrestler, "He gave me an (expletive) eye rake. What the (expletive) was I supposed to do then. It's a shame he has to resort to that stuff because he is otherwise very good and doesn't need too." However, our cameras could not pick out the eye rake Astridge referred to, so maybe he is just looking for a convenient excuse. Heather Wright was defeated in her bronze medal match against Leola Stickley of Dorian & Sonia, but did nothing but congratulate Stickley after, "She won. Congratulations, she earned it. Coming so close is tough, obviously, but I will just continue to train and hope to have another chance someday!" Elsewhere, Danny Berwick placed 4th in the men's shot put and Amanda Meyer was 5th in the women's 10m Air Pistol, the event in which Catti took her gold.

Looking at the non-medal events, Jennifer Newman and Lauren Massey will have the final chance to win a medal in the 4x400m relay as they did qualify, albeit 6th, for the final. The last chance was downplayed though by the ladies, summed up by this quote by Massey, "We're just gonna run as hard as we can. I know you guys (the media) like those last chance plot lines but we're just going to have fun. If we get it, great. If not, life goes on. There are far greater things going on this world then to be upset about not getting a medal." Jessica McAllister confirmed the laid back attitude, "These girls are great. You'd think we'd be disappointed and maybe we were at first but now, it's all about soaking up the Olympic atmosphere. We will try our best to win, don't get me wrong." The men did not qualify in the same event. We thought they might have a chance to sneak in there in the final at least, but it really wasn't their best event. The fact that Michael Shannon, at 39 years old, did both this and the decathlon today was probably bad event planning on our part! The decathlon sees Martin McCafferty, Jr as our best shot at a medal, but he will need several people to slip up. The women's hepthalon has Meghann Genzler as our top entry, but like McCafferty, Jr, she needs others to slip. Erica Darby was only a few points behind.

In Equestrian's Dressage Allie Coughlin had an amazing day leading the individual standings and is about 7 points ahead of 4th. The team though, hasn't equalled Coughlin's performances. Our sailors are simply just finishing out the events, and are too far back to win. No Hendrickian's remain in any other event that was played today.

This is it. The Olympic Games are about to conclude. What a great 3 1/2 weeks it has been. The accommodations in Casari have been outstanding both for the athletes and for us in the media. We have enjoyed our time here and appreciate everything that they have done. It's sad to see them coming to an end. We have a couple big games tomorrow, the bronze medal football game, and the gold medal games in rugby and women's basketball. Good luck to all our fine athletes.
16-08-2006, 21:19
Tragedy strikes Games

The medal ceremony should have been bittersweet for the Wentland women's team. The memories should have been of Stacey Cadman's joyful exaltations after her 25 yard strike secured a bronze medal and Wentland's first-ever world top 3 finish. The slight regret that, having seen Qazox dismantle Ariddia, that but for a shoot-out that could have been Wentland collecting gold. And the knowledge that the women's team were in a great position going forward.

Freshly showered with the green out of their hauir, the smiling squad had turned to salute the flags of Qazox and Ariddia, with tears of joy coming from the Lady Oxen as their country had won their first gold at long last.

As the anthem reached its climax however suddenly gunfire broke out. Pandemonium ensued as security staff chased an athletic looking man at one end of the ground as the tears of joy turned to screams of horror. On the top step of the podium a figure lay crumpled to the ground as the Blue Tits looked on in confusion and the Ariddians, who had seen the gunman just as the shots were fired, looked on in panic.

The Qazox, Ariddia and Wentland physios were on the scene within seconds and the medical staff put on by Casari tried to resuscitate the prone figure but to no avail. Later it was confirmed that the dead girl was Risa Klyn, a 21 year old student from the University of Qazox team, a centre-forward who had generally been used as a reserve but of course who had scored the crucial equalizer against Wentland in the semi-final.

The Casari police later identified the assassin as a gymnast, Michael Fessi, who had been excluded from the Games by the Qazox decision not to send a gymnastics team. Fessi was cut down by police gunfire as he escaped and died in hospital.

If there is any consolation for the Qazox team it was that no-one else was killed as the prompt medical teams managed to do enough for other players caught in the crossfire to prevent any more deaths. Three of the team are still in intensive care but are not thought to be in any danger and most of those on the podium are in trauma.

Anna Kumble later stated that she was glad Wentland had not won the semi-final. "It is a terrible, terrible tragedy. But at least we get a second chance. Risa died at the greatest moment of her career with a gold around her neck and at least she will go down in history as an Olympics winner. But it was such a shame, she had so much to live for and was surely going to create waves in the future."


In the wake of such tragedy it seems almost trite to mention other sports. As it was Wentland's winning streak in the wrestling finally came to an end, but not in the lightweight as expected as Jimmy Saint upset Emery Bushart for the gold with another cagey performance that surprisingly delighted the crowd, keen to see the old man of the mat triumph for the first time in 12 years. He was behind on points going into the final minute but his opponent tried one acrobatic move too many and winded himself with a crash landing. Saint needed no second chance and applied a crunching leglock that forced Bushart to submit.

No, the unsuccessful finalist was Stevie Logan, apparently distracted for a moment by Mac McManus parading around with his bronze medal and allowing Sid Small to wrap him up in a small package for a pinfall. McManus laughed in Logan's face afterwards and the Wentland coach and team had to separate the men.

The results put Wentland into 10th place in the medals table, albeit almost entirely due to the wrestling team, but that matters little tonight as our thoughts turn to Risa Klyn and her family.
16-08-2006, 21:42
RM"Hello, I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"Let's look at those results.:

WR"The Women's Cricket Team brought home a Bronze Medal by defeating United Island Empires by 4 wickets."

RM"Dada Judyta finished 42nd in the Women's Cross Country Cycling Event."

WR"The Women's Handball Team struck Gold by defeating Baranxtu 17-14."

RM:These results are nice, but out thoughts and prayers are with the family of Qazoxian Women's Football player Risa Klyn, who was gunned down by a deranged gymnast after their Gold Medal win over Ariddia."

WR"Very sad, isnt it."

RM"Now, for more results."

WR"In Women's Doubles Tennis Action Shapperia and Satchel lost to Palmer and Szabo of Liverpool England 6-3, 5-7, 6-4. They will now face Quinto and Spera of Casari who were dismantled by Farmer and Pritchard of New Montreal States, 6-1, 6-4, for the Bronze Medal."

RM"That's all the time we have."

WR"Thank you and good day."
17-08-2006, 02:35

Information of this terrible tragedy didnt reach us prior to press time of our previous day 23 report, but now in light of this information, we offer our condolences.

As you have probably heard by now, young 21-year old Risa Klyn of Qazox was shot by a deranged Qazoxian gymnast in an apparent protest over his country not fielding a gymnastics team. Prior to this, the Olympic Games had gone without major incident and this is a true tragedy.

On behalf of King Hendrick XXIV, the Royal Court, and the Hendrickian people we offer our condolences to Risa's family and friends and to everyone touched by this terrible event. All Hendrickian athletes competing tomorrow will wear a black patch on their uniform in honor of Klyn. Even though she wasn't one of us and someone we hardly knew, she was a peer of our athletes and someone many of them can relate too, so we are touched as well. R.I.P. Risa.
17-08-2006, 03:46
The fat lady is on stage, clearing her throat, peoples! This is your one last final last RP cutoff.
17-08-2006, 06:12
The Shut-Up-The-Fat-Lady-We-Still-Have-A-Medal-To-Win Award: Qazox

You win a medal on the second-to-last day, and in the celebration, someone gets shot. That's a rather cold celebration. :p

(OOC: thanks.. If you look at my very 1st RP post for this thread.. You'll see that I had that planned from the beginning.. Just needed a gold medal to pull it off.)
17-08-2006, 06:15
We failed. Our goal of 50 medals was not reached, we came somewhat close with 45 but it was not enough. The bastards all sucked, we even lost to NMS in baseball and our shooting people could not even engineer one sweep. NOT EVEN ONE!!!!!!!!

Of course the worse part is now our rivalry with NMS has flipped and continues to go downhill. This is part of our plot to stop us. We used to crush NMS like bugs but ever since The Macabees rigged that futsal competition it has all been downhill. We have not beat them since and quite frankly I'm pissed. They were our wipping boys and now we are theirs. We need a turn around of this and fast. Goddamn idiots from the baseball team, how do they expect to win the upcoming Baseball World Cup if they can't beat NMS. Those guys play in the competition. And we no longer have a long time to screw up and such, it needs to be quick and short.

Anyway our shooters also failed to produce a single sweep. It was terrible and saddening. If we just could have better athletes we could have won. Either that or better judges because I swear that about 10 times shots that looked to be more points were discredited for us but given the proper amount for opponents. This is of course part of the plot to stop us from acheiving dominance in sports. Not only that but we finished 7th behind nations like Bedistan, Casari, and Hendrick 4824, non sporting nations who have never won anything of importance. NOTHING! Neither of them can claim a title more impressive than the CoH. We should NOT be losing to these nations. I mean come on I don't think any of you could tell me any lasting sporting accomplishments of these guys.

Anyway our delegation not only sucks but it was held down by a massive conspiracy to stop us. Oh and if you think you have heard the last of me you are wrong, I'll be covering the Milchamian at the world cup. I'll a correspondent for the Milchama City Advance-Advertiser-Advocate -Beacon-Bee-Bulletin -Chronicle-Citizen-Clarion-Colonna-Commoner-Courier -Daily-Democrat-Dispatch -Eagle-Enterprise-Enquirer-Examiner -Free-Press-Frontier -Gazette-Gleam-Gleaner-Graphic-Guardian -Harbinger-Herald -Independent-Informer-Inquirer-Inquisitor -Journal-Ledger-Life -Messenger-Mirror-Monitor-News -Observer-Outlook -Pioneer-Plain Talk or Plain Dealer-Planet-Post-Press -Voice-Weekly-World -Record-Recorder-Register-Report-Reporter-Republic-Republican-Review -Sentinel-Standard-Star-Sun -Telegram-Telegraph-Times-Tribune

That's the end of my Olympic coverage. I'm Douglas Jefferey and Ya'll Suck!
New Montreal States
17-08-2006, 06:45
Expos Win Baseball Gold

Result never really in doubt; Milchaman team as bad as their Jefferey Jaffacake impersonation

CASARI - In what was a hard-fought matchup between two nearly equal rivals, the NMS Reformed Expos narrowly edged the Milchama Warriors for the gold medal in the first NSOC Summer Olympics.

Just kidding. We actually blew those crybabies out of the water 5-1. We actually used to lose to these guys? C'mon! We're not sure if it was the walk-off homer by our first batter, the two consecutive booted grounders by Milchama's shortstop in the third, or the joy of watching a power pitcher whip out a knuckleball (apparently on a bet) and getting their cleanup hitter to make an ass of himself swinging at it, but we just started laughing our sorry journalist arses off, and when we came to the Milchamans had actually scored a run. Who knows how? Who cares? We won! We're the leading baseball power of the world right now!


The men's handball team picked up a bronze medal in a hard-fought 26-21 win over ASMV, leaving many to wonder if we should look into buying them some training facilities. Yves Thibault won a gold medal for pole vaulting, one of the very few track events we take seriously here. We finished 9th overall in medal count, not bad considering that we didn't field a full side, and don't take most sports all that seriously.

[[Merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, many thanks indeed to Casari, who did a wonderful job assembling each scorinator and then actually scoring each event]]
17-08-2006, 07:54
The Jeremy Jaffacake Roleplay Award: Hendrick4824

This one has to go to the guy who singlehandedly blew everyone out of the water roleplay-wise. The sheer strength of will it takes to RP that much consistantly leaves me in a bit of awe and only with one question.

What the hell was up with the rest of you? That's right, I'm looking at you, Bedi. Way to show a bit of effort.

That's humor though.

Thank you for presenting us with this award, and for all the work you put in with the running of the games and giving a nation most of you had never heard of a chance to fairly compete with the big boys. I'm one of those people who enjoys writing about sports so I guess that showed over these past weeks!

This was our first time in worldwide competition and our performance far exceeded my expectations. Perhaps the Kingdom will show up in something else sometime down the road.

Bears Armed
17-08-2006, 12:49
From the sports pages of “The Bear Necessities” _

"We apologise for the technical problems that made it impossible for us to keep you up to date with the Olympic news during the past two days."

Day 22: Mixed Fortunes

This was the day when the semi-finals of the Males' ("Freestyle, Heavyweight") Wrestling took place. Grreg, our sole remaining contender, came up against a Wentlander human named Wild Angus Campbell, and -- in a hard-fought match -- managed to beat him for a place in the final fight for the Gold medal: His opponent in that match was to be the Wentlander champion Aiki Hiroshima, the same person who'd managed to eliminate Birrin from the contest on the previous day.
(Further details on page 30.)

The only other events in which we had any competitors this day were the qualifying rounds for the 'Males' Shot Put', 'Male's Hammer Throw' and 'Females' Shot Put' contests... and for some reason, perhaps because of the fact that we didn't learn about these Games until quite shortly before the deadline for naming teams, it was only in the first-named of these that we fielded the full four athletes allowed...
Males' Shot Put: Karramarsar Ben was ranked #1 in this after today's round, but none of his team-mates made it into the final's 16 competitors... Dann o Westwood was ranked 21st (for a distance not that far behind the worst of the "qualifying" ones), Siggur Thulean 36th (Feeling the heat a bit, 'Polarbear'?) and Karramarsar Berren 49th & last.
Males' Hammer Throw: Siggurr Thulean did manage to qualify for this event, which was the one in which he'd been expected to do best, although only in 14th place, but Karramarsar Berren (who'd also been forecast to do better in this event than in the Shot Put, and was allegedly only added to our entry for that other event to make the numbers up) failed to do so as he could only achieve 27th place out of (again) 49... His throw was, however, a lot closer to the "qualifying" ones than to the last-place ones in distance...
Females' Shot Put: Our only entrant in this sport was Karramarsar Ulga, who is one of K. Berren's aunts, but she did manage to qualify for the finals although only in 7th place overall.
(More details on page 29.)

Day 23: Throw It!

This was another hot and humid day, more so than the preceding one, which may be why many of the contenders in the "throwing" events -- including the single atheletes that we had left in each of those contests -- failed to match (let alone exceed) the distances that they'd managed in the previous day's qualifiers.
Males' Shot Put: Karramarsar Ben retained his first-place ranking, to win our second GOLD MEDAL from these Games, although only by a very narrow margin.
Males' Hammer Throw: Siggur Thulean, although definitely feeling the heat despite having had his fur drastically trimmed back, put on a great effort and managed to rise up some distance up the table for this sport today... but, alas, only into 7th place.
Females' Shot Put: Karramarsar Ulga also rose up in her sport's ratings, but only to 6th place.
(More details on page 31.)

Day 24: Grand Finale

And so to the last day of scheduled events, and also to the final match in which any of our athletes competed, namely the Males' (Freestyle, Heavyweight) Wrestling... Birrin's unexpected defeat at the hands of Wentlander human champion Aiki Hiroshima during the last of the knockout rounds three days earlier had left his younger rival the up-&-coming contender Grreg as our last hope in this event — despite the coaches’ earlier, over-optimistic suggestion that we might actually make a clean sweep of the medals in it — and Grreg had managed a win in the semi-finals (over yet another Wentlander) to get into the match for ‘Gold’ or ‘Silver’ where he had to face (You’ve guessed it!) Aiki Hiroshima… and Grreg’s good, but he’s still not equal to Birrin in ability, and Luck did not favour him… and, despite putting up a very good fight, he lost. So, no ‘Gold’, but at least we did[/ii] get the ‘Silver’ in our national sport…
(More details on pages 32-33.)

Is That All?

Grreg’s fall means that our team will be bringing home two gold medals and one silver one, rather than the three golds that we’d hoped for this morning — let alone the larger numbers of medals that various people had forecast on earlier dates — which puts us (alone, not jointly with any other nations) at 28th place in the overall table of the 37 nations whose teams won any medals at all. (There was also one nation, whose name we will withhold to spare their shame, whose athletes didn’t win any medals, but that’s how things go sometimes…) Not a very impressive score, some people might say, especially when one considers that the teams at the top of the table were taking home tens of medals — with the highest number of ‘golds’, for the human country called ‘Bedistan’, being 21! — but then our team just wasn’t as large as those from some of the other nations involved: Given that we only had people entered in 19 of the many events, that’s really quite a good set of results…
But there are lessons that our country’s ‘Olympic Committee’ must learn from what happened in this set of contests _
1/. Upsets can happen, so send as many athletes as is practical within the number that we’re allowed — rather than just the few “best hopes” — next time: Even in the few events where we contended this time we could have had another eight Walkers, five Throwers, three Boxers, and some more Archers…
2/. Don’t enter the same athletes for multiple events unless you’re reasonably sure that the scheduling won’t mean that they get weakened before the ones for which they’re our best hopes.
3/. For contests abroad, get our people there earlier so that they have longer in which to acclimatise…
(More details, readers’ letters, and further discussion on pages 34-40 of this special-length edition.)

Tomorrow, before the official Closing Ceremony for these games, there’s the “demonstration” [i]Tug-of-war match against our neighbours from Mikitivity to look forwards to, but tonight the fans are beating out dance tunes on their drums outside this building and a party — which I can see athletes and fans from other nations attending, too — has begun…
17-08-2006, 15:27

Today marked the conclusion of the Ashford Olympic Games, which provided us many memorable stories for 3 1/2 weeks. 24 days ago, an Olympic delegation walked into Olympic Stadium in the parade of nations. Hardly anyone knew of this nation called Hendrick4824. On the mind of many in the stands at that time was why was their a number in the name of this nation? And just how much success could all of those athletes they brought have against more experienced nations in international competitions. As the Games went on, these guys with the number in the nation name showed their ability, climbing the medal board day by day. With that, the nation began to draw more and more support from foreign fans when their homeland athletes were defeated. These guys were pretty good, they soon found out. 56 medals later, and placing 4th on the final medal table, the Kingdom made their presence felt. Questions were answered about their ability, except maybe for the first one, "So why is there a number in their name?" Well, either you know it symbolizes or you don't. No sense explaining if you don't!

Going into the final day, we set the goal of "48 in 24". There's that number again. With 44 medals going into the day it looked a reasonable goal to set. But no one expected this. 12 medals on the final day. Just outstanding. Four of the 12 were gold, six silver, and two bronze. Our greatest gold of the day was probably the win in women's basketball as the Lady Monarchs completed the basketball gold medal sweep and were able to do it against Virginia Nova, making it perhaps, a little sweeter. The Lady Monarchs have been a dominant team throughout this Olympics, consistent game in and game out. Hendrick4824's tight defensive system kept Virginia Nova to under 40% shooting en route to a 65-57 victory. The Lady Monarchs led from between 6 and 12 for most of the game. Coach Katie Castelli gave her team nothing but praise afterwards, "I am so excited for them to win a gold medal like this, especially after the men won yesterday. It's an honor for me to have led them to this accomplishment, but they executed our game plan very well. A gold medal sweep in basketball is a dream." Hendrick4824 seemed to be the favorite among the fans in the crowd too, which gave the ladies a nice boost.

Another emotional win came at the hands, or should we say, fists, of Roberto Gordon who took care of the unfinished business he spoke of by knocking out Moses Lourd in the third round of their heavyweight boxing match. "Oh yea! YESSS!!" exclaimed Gordon, "I was taking no prisoners today, after Kenneth (Gaines) supposedly lost his decision, I knew I had to knock this guy out so there would be no doubt!"

Meghann Genzler put on a remarkable performance in the second day of the women's hepthalon, coming from seemingly way back after the first day to strike gold. At the start of the day, did Meghann think she was going to win a gold? Not exactly, as she says, "No not really. But I did and I can't believe it! I made up a lot of ground today, I knew I had too and I wasn't going to hold anything back as there was no reason too. I just wanted to do as good as I could. Then I saw some people ahead of me before start to fade, and I started to sense it. This is amazing I can't believe it. This is hard you know this hepthalon." Indeed it is. Hendrickian athletes certainly showed versaility with this gold and nearly a sweep in the women's modern penthalon (1st, 2nd, and 4th) last week.

The fourth gold of the day went to Allie Coughlin, her second medal of the Ashford Games, earning it in the individual jumping portion of equestrian. All things considered, Allie was actually a little off today, but because she built up such a big lead after yesterday, she was able to do just enough to win a gold and hold a couple of hard charging competitiors who gave it a valiant effort to top her. "This was probably a little more of a nail biter then it should have been," said Coughlin, "but it doesn't matter how you won, it just matters if you won, and I got another gold, I just can't believe it! But again, I have to thank Velocity (the horse) too, he will keep one medal and I will keep one."

As this could get insanely long if I went into details of the other medals, we'll just give a rundown of where they were won. Our silvers were picked up, first in rugby where those damn Starblaydians beat us again. In a close well played game though, Starblaydia earned their 13-10 victory. A pair of silvers were won in the pole vault. Ricky Ryan lept 6.06 for his win, just barely knocking off the bar on his attempt to match Yves Thibault, and Kara Scarano got one for the ladies as well with a vault of 4.98. Brittany Irons of Milchama dug down deep and set an impressive 5.04 pace that no one could even approach. Stefanie Wilson earned her silver in defeat when Edith Higgins of Bedistan prevailed in a gold medal duel of heavyweight taekwondo. The same situation held true for Andrew Cerniglia, who was defeated in this gold medal heavyweight judo match by Mun In-Sun, also of Bedistan. And last but certainly not least, Dale Stephens earned us a silver in cycling cross country with a thrilling and very unexpected performance.

The two bronzes? Well, one was picked up by Rick Heimel in the men's 50m 3-position rifle. Not to take anything away from him, but the more notable bronze was won on the track. Jennifer Newman, Lauren Massey, and Michelle Bylina had one final chance to win a medal in the 4x400m relay. McAllister had already earned a couple medals in other events. But Newman and Massey in particular were a couple of athletes expected to have a lot of success but had nothing to show for it coming in to today. They downplayed the last chance theme though and just went out there and had fun, they said. It earned them a bronze, and while they were hoping for golds, to finally pick something up on the last day is a big sigh of relief. Newman did speak of her bronze, "Things didn't go according to plan in the Olympics for me and for Lauren or Michelle, but in the long run it will us better. Now we know that there are people out there better then us, and if we meet them again, we will be more prepared for them. I hope we do see them again, I should be back here in 4 years!" Lauren Massey also accepted her bronze with a big smile, "We can sit here feeling sorry for ourselves or we can be honored to be Olympians and honored by the fact that we are medalists. I'll take the second one. A bronze, while gold is still my dream, is something I am going to be happy with." Congratulations to them, in the face of the scrutiny they got back home in the sports pages, they will at least have a medal to show for it. That scrutiny still will probably be there anyway, but if you ask these ladies, they just don't give a damn. They had fun.

That concludes our report, and our final report of these Ashford Games. We once again thank our hosts from Casari for their hospitality. It was a great 3 1/2 weeks for the Kingdom to compete against the best in the world. 4th place overall. Unbelieveable. Great job guys and gals.
17-08-2006, 15:51
RM"Hello, I'm Ron Mclearn."

WR"And I'm Wendy Rogers

RM"Welcome to the final edition of Olympics this morning."

WR"Let's look at those results."

RM"The Men's Water Polo Team defeated Bazalonia 12-11 for the Bronze Medal."

WR"Shandar Konstantin finished 28th in the Men's Cross Country Cycling Event."

RM"The Women's Softball Team defeated Andosse Se Mitrin Vega 3-1 for the Gold Medal."

WR"The Men's Table Tennis Team of Ferdie and Lars lost in 7 sets to Groinginnen and Groingnnen, and finished in 4th."

RM"The Women's Doubles Tennis Team of Shapperia and Satchel defeated Quinto and Spera of Casari, 6-3, 6-4, to win the Bronze."

WR"Quakmybus finished 20th in the Medal Standings with 5 Gold, 2 Silver, and 5 Bronze. Pretty good for out first time."

RM"And finally all the people Quakmybush would like to thank the people of Casari for putting on this show."

WR"I'm Wendy Rogers."

RM"and I'm Ron Mclearn, thank you and see you in 4 years."
Bears Armed
17-08-2006, 18:29
(At one side of the 'Field' events area, now that those contests have ended, the members of the Bears' rugby team 'the Thundering Horde' -- and some of the other Ursine athletes, mainly from the weightlifting & wrestling groups -- have begun to practice for tomorrow's Tug-of-war "demonstration" match: They are using the sand-pit from the landing area of the Long Jump competition, instead of the more traditional pool of water, as the central area into which the losing team must be dragged...)
17-08-2006, 21:00
And so all good things must come to an end and before the closing ceremony the final events were held. As there had been such interest in the men's heavyweight freestyle wrestling final the organizers arranged for it to take place in the giant Athletics Arena to accommodate the spectators. Alas it appeared that the massive surroundings had an adverse effect on Grreg, the young Bears Armedian taking stage fright and resorting to roaring at his opponent and the crowd. The impassive King Hiro sat back whilst Grreg was controlled and sent onto the mat in a cowed state, leaving him wide open for Hiro's patented triple threat attack - waistlock lift into a Went Suplex, Grreg landing on his head, but with the grip still in place so that Hiro could launch a second and third. Grreg was almost out on his feet but still fought back, but at 9 points down he was facing a grand avantage defeat.

The second round went better and Grreg picked up a couple of points with a slam; however the masked matman took control once more and eased to a points victory. Somewhat anti-climactic but the last gold of the Games went to Wentland.

Flushed with success, His Majesty ordered a telegram be dispatched to the Casari government congratulating them on a fine hosting of the Games and the considerable effort that went into them. His Majesty confidently declared them to have been the Best Games Ever.
22-08-2006, 00:15
Ariddian athlete defects to Casari

There was, generally speaking, pride and satisfaction in Ariddia’s performance over the course of the first ever completed Summer Olympic Games. Those expected to do well had almost unanimously lived up to expectations. The country’s gymnasts, male and female alike, had reaped in medals to the excitement of supporters; Youssef Kasmba, Ariddia’s single representative in archery, had won gold to match his Ylompic performance; Admina Mwakingwe and Christina Zhang had lived up to the hopes of a nation, becoming Olympic champions in judo and fencing respectively.

The list went on, with a total of thirteen gold medals and twenty-nine medals over all, but one thoroughly unexpected event had overshadowed the celebrations somewhat. Aey Mendez, the 19 year-old Fbreni-born runner who had been given the opportunity to join Ariddia’s Olympic delegation, shocked her supporters by requesting to remain in Casari rather than return to live in Ariddia.

Looking mildly apologetic, Mendez expressed gratitude to those in Ariddia who had helped her begin her international career, but explained that she could not envision settling permanently in a communist, under-developed nation with a moneyless economy.

“I come from a country where there are no laws, where I struggled all my life just to survive,” she explained, referring to her native Fbrenia ( “Now I’ve got away from there I want to get on with my life, I want to actually live, succeed in life, and not just survive. I’m sorry, but I’ve thought about this and communism really isn’t for me.”

It is believed Mendez hopes to obtain Casaran citizenship, and pursue an athletics career as a Casaran athlete.

Reactions from Ariddia have mostly been brief and noncommittal. The Comité Olympique Ariddien had little to say, except that “Ms. Mendez is of course free to do as she pleases”. Ariddians in the streets, however, sometimes expressed their frustration and disappointment. “Talk about gratitude” was a comment heard several times.

Should Mendez be permitted to remain in Casari, this would constitute the first ever recorded instance of an athlete defecting to the hosting nation of an Olympiad.
23-08-2006, 03:59

Ariddian defector met with open arms by government
"The circumstances are of no concern to us in this case."

In a statement by Casaran Government Officals today, it was made clear that, while the defection of an athlete during an international competition such as the Olympics might be a strange case, it will be handled just as any other immigration case into the nation.

"There is no reasonable reason why we should reject her application. We wouldn't reject the requests of anyone who came under normal circumstances while persuing any other kind of professional career, and therefore, it would not be fair to Miss Mendez to treat her any differently."

Papers were delivered to Mendez today in order to begin the immigration process, as her current Athlete Visa in the nation is to expire in a few days.