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NS Champions League : The Squad/Roster Thread

The Islands of Qutar
11-07-2006, 00:43
The NS Champions League Begins!

Here is the place to put your Squads/Rosters for the NS Champions League.

Playing style modifiers, with a range from -3 to +3, will be used for this tournament. A +3 formation being the most attacking style and -3 being the most defensive. The default style is a balanced 0. Any higher or lower numbers will be set to +3 or -3.

Please do not use players from other nationalities without getting the permission of that nation first, if a complaint is brought against you, you may face a RP bonus penalty

When posting a roster, you should tell other nations what they have permission to do to your players, should the other nation post their RP first. A sample list is provided below. If a list isn't posted, it is assumed that all answers to the questions are "yes."

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y/N
Godmod Scoring Events Y/N
RP injuries to my players Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players Y/N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y/N
Hand out Red cards to my players Y/N
Godmod Other Events Y/N
11-07-2006, 03:33
Rorysville Celtics FC is proud to announce it's Roster for the NS Champions League

RV Celtic Home Stadium-Celtic Field(capacity-102,955)

GK-Mike Sweeney-28
RB-David Lawton-27
CB-Rick MacDonnel(RV National Team Starter)-25(C)
LB-Adam MacNaughlten(RV B Squad Starter)-27
RM-Ron Billardi-27
RCM-Ian Barclay-23
LCM-Steve McDaniels-24
LM-Olivier Lajeunesse(Marceau National Sub)-20
ST-Martin Fréchette(Marceau National Starter)-25
LF-Adam Negeuanne(RV National Starter)-21
RF-Maxime Fréchette(Marceau National Starter)-23

GK-Rick Loory-20
LB-Tom Skilles-27
LM-Mark Donnel-29
RM-Adam MacEnzy-30
ST-Ron Stewart -22

GK-David Ross-20
RB-Milles Hislop-28
RCM-Anatolli Zengratsiev-18
LF-Ted Haggerty-21
CF-Mark Farmer-19

and thier Kit
Home/Away/Home Goal/Away Goal

Style Modifier of +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y(No Killing)
Godmod injuries to my players Y(No Killing)
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y(Within Reason)
Godmod Other Events Y(No Killing)
11-07-2006, 05:12
1908 QFL Champions FC Fromburg ROSTER:
(will play a +3 and have formation of 3-2-3-2)

Starters in Turquoise

GK- Marion Bilotta
GK- Kirk Milholland
DEF- Kirk Polansky
DEF- Salvador Aburto
DEF- Mara Galley
DEF- Berta Turcott
DEF- Amparo Rehrig
MID- Mai Melder
MID- Byron Dare
MID- Hallie Havlik
MID- Daryl Hepfer
FOR- Perry Nordquist
FOR- Hector Artiaga
FOR- Herman McCannon
FOR- Kirk Saccone
FOR- Morris Stinger
WING- Deirdre Lancon
WING- Byron Dahlquist
WING- Augusta Routson
WING- Rakow


1908 QAZOX CUP winners Qazox City Roster:
(Will play a 0 and have a 3-5-2 formation)

Starters in Brown

WING- Roseann Blane
WING- Deena Fitzgibbon
MID- Corina Roell
MID- Leanna Devitt
MID- Tessa Mcduffy
MID- Willard Carstarphen
MID- Virgil Haglund
DEF- Ivan Collopy
DEF- Marion Smart
DEF- Willard Hanning
GK- Ross Dray
GK- Isaac Kostelnik
DEF- Andy Gammons
DEF- Sidney Mennella
DEF- Casandra Icenhour
MID- Alfredo Zulauf
MID- Dave Arvidson
MID- Clifton Pretty
WING- Leanna Mika
WING- Sasha Jorstad


OOC:Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events N
11-07-2006, 05:28
1 in Group Stage of NS Champions League- Desert Foxes 25%
1 in Third Qualifying Round of NS Champions League- Great Alexandria 25%
1 in Second Qualifying Round of NS Champions League- Norman Spartans 25%

Well let us start with the Norman Spartans:

They play the traditional Milchamian 3-3-4 +3
The lineup
GK: Mishka Leal
D: Kent Littner
D: Marcos Epok
D: Darius Myschwicz
M: Barrett M. Lonnen
M: Antoine Sanchez
M: Cooper Wint
F: Aaron Kary
F: Schreider Martin (main goal scorer)
F: Caroline Steardt (women)
F: Daveed Lintooney

F: Pat Winter
F: Ticky Tack
M: Gregory Brundage
GK: Jones Flight
D; Mick Peterso

Great Alexandria +1
GK Mario Paquili
D Martin Stevens
D Kyoga Marcazumi
D Yoni Pieleon
M Quentin Myler- Collonie International
M Maris Sturm
M Del Clufor
M Walto Manin
F Spot Nielson- Milchamian International
F Skyler Thomos
F Yonatan Mitayel
GK Barrett Olson
M Carl Falton
M Wally Llama
M/D Olie Kevington
F Myers Thompson

And now for the Desert Foxes +2
Desert Foxes
GK Kennesaw Johnson
D Mark Miller
D Tom Thade
DM Mack Berghoff
Dm Liam Henderson
M Doni Kunalin
Am Bobby Martin
Am Eyal Keller
F Jonathan Corey
F Clyde Misterson
F Kelly Mihm
GK Floyd Mantain
F Florence Martin
F Amit Burner
F Jackie Helt
M Paco Guamul

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y
Lisburn Mateys
11-07-2006, 13:23

Owned by Baron Phillip O'Niell whose money brought them their first success around seven seasons ago when they won the Primerio Liga. They won their second title to gain entry to this tournament but finished third last season.
Recently signed David Mc Cullough from Dunmour Hill for 500k primeros

3-4-3 - style = +2
Stadium = Moira Road ( (Glenavy) Capacity = 30 602

1.Billy Talent (GK) - 29 [Hockey Canada]
2.John Bell (DR) - 31
3.Scott Mitchell (DL) - 25 - 1 cap
4.Manuel Gucho (DC) - 24 - 15 caps
5.David Mc Cullough (MC) - 19
6.Stephen Mc Niece (MC) - 25 - 19 caps
7.Alan Morrison (MR) -19
8.Pierre Smith (FC) - 23 [Nouvelle Angleterre]
9.David Cairns (FC) - 15
10.Richard Dougherty (FC) - 27 - 21 caps
11.Seamus O'Flannery (ML) - 23

OOC: no subs because they probally will no be used

yes to all apart from God moding injuries
11-07-2006, 14:42
Hades Lavamje
Colors: Dark green, gray, sky blue

Manager: Teke Iky
Coach: Kiete Jana

Style: -1

1 Hiki Deteme, GK, 29
2 Seas Karela, DF, 23
3 Kansu Seli, DF, 26
4 Lyku Kansu, DF, 19
5 Syku Imik, DF, 27
6 Simu "Kitame" Kyan, DF, 24
7 Xiaela Serena, MF, 23
8 Nana Teki, MF, 22
9 Siaeli~n Ka~n, MF, 29
10 Keme Tari, FW, 24
11 Syku Lyku, FW, 24

14 Kiret Tei, GK, 29
16 H~sela Taren, MF, 18
17 Tajera I Sel, MF, 24
18 Sejajet Ri, DF, 29
351 Keami Syku, DF, 19

Yes, it's number 351. No, don't ask about this. Basically, it's a joke after Keami told reporters he wanted to become the most famous player with his number.

Karela Lines
Colors: Yellow, with a blue horizontal stripe (inspired by the kit of the national team, but with more stars since one was added for every championship title)

Style: -3 would be too takilan!

1 Karela Ty, GK, 25
2 Kamu Jenji, DF, 26
3 Daki Hiti, DF, 23
4 Seta~o I Sinik, DF, 25
5 Kitanu Nana, DF, 27
6 Sala Imdila, DF, 20
7 Ki Jen, DF, 25
8 Takanu Ha~e, DF, 28
9 Ijil Neiaju, MF, 26
10 Kameril Janjal, MF, 25
11 Ka~nsu Kansu, FW, 27

13 Jeaten Keaianu, DF, 21
14 Sihiril Xehenil, DF, 25
15 Kiru Jenji, DF, 29
16 Syku Ilaru, DF, 29
18 Teresil Ately, DF, 27
19 Ma~eji Vesunil, MF, 20
20 Syku I Karu, MF, 24
21 Jen I Kitanu, MF, 25
22 Itikemelara Hikijenesele, FW, 19

Sikane Sekhika
Colors: Brown and white

Style: 0

Coach: Raira I Iknet

1 Jeri Kis, GK, 28
2 Teke I Sulateru, DF, 24
3 Kami Siki, DF, 23
4 Xalki Saratera, DF, 24
5 Siki Kansu, DF, 19
6 Kelit Simu, MF, 21
7 Xaha Ily, MF, 27
8 Sam Wildgoose, MF, 28, qutarian citizen
9 Karima Kama, MF, 30
10 Selek Kim, MF, 25
11 Lyku I Sil, FW, 28
11-07-2006, 15:35
OOC:just incase

Arbuckle United "Kings"(3-3-4)


#3 Bobby Hanson*
#24 Chris James (Native of Brings)*
#9 Adrian Gondloxa *
#19 Johnny White
#39 Lewis Goborsvinik (Native of Karachin Villa)
#10 Alex Thorndyke


#11 Justin Verderux (Native of Marceu)*
#80 Alwin Fresdar (Native of Virginia Nova)*
#90 Kevin Garri *
#32 Nate Whinne (Native of Brings)
#22 Jacob Wiley
#7 Robbie Burns


#20 Chuck Amarro *
#45 Boz Cannuex (native of Marceu)*
#33 Elwyn Gynadder (Native of Rhodesia-Newydd)*
#9 Sesa Cavionia *
#1 Luiz Desmond
#50 J.J. King
#10 Paul O'brady
#39 Kurt Hill (Native of Mountainsea)


#100 Bradley Lomax
#00 Dev Demarzt

Arlene Cove FC "Watermelons" (2-5-3)


#22 Jake Demassoiz *
#88 DesLuigi Bonnitelli*
#3 Rudolph Harron
#21 Ken Joseph


#45 Leo Caterham *
#29 Jason Long*
#18 Hiro Tutusi (native of Foxenberg)*
#29 James Green *
#90 Ron Brigintine *
#19 Lucky Lopez
#56 Kevin Dorr
#99 Max Crindolovski
#38 Jay Hyatt
#78 Rob Bingo


#91 Joe Faulk *
#45 Hym Gibald *
#17 Timo Wynlea (native of Rhodesia Newydd)*
#66 Brad Ossmosser
#10 Jody Yaktell
#22 Hill Donahugh


#0 Dusty Randolph
#900 Fred Wigginsby
The Islands of Qutar
11-07-2006, 16:26
Please post your NSFA Cup teams in the NSFA Cup Squad/Roster Thread, and your NS Champions League teams in the NS Champions League Squad/Roster Thread
Virginia Nova
11-07-2006, 16:45
Please post your NSFA Cup teams in the NSFA Cup Squad/Roster Thread, and your NS Champions League teams in the NS Champions League Squad/Roster Thread

I couldn't remember Which teams were in wich,so I just posted the rosters in both.

BTW which Virginia Nova Teams are in which Tournements?
11-07-2006, 19:42
Triela Wanderers

A team who has enjoyed breakout years in the past two seasons, Triela's blend of total football and insane defence had worked much better than it ever should have. I mean, really, who would have expected Holland's total football team to make defence look good? No-one, but that's because they can't and the Wanderers can, simple as. Yes, I am suggesting this Wanderers team is better than Holland's total football team. Stop laughing, it's not that crazy!

Style: 5-3-2, but as Kancer plays further forward than Steele, it would be more accurate to call it a 5-3-1-1. This equates best to a [B]-1 style modifier

[B]Starting Roster

#1 - Jesus Estrella, goalkeeper

#2 - Sean Damon, right-sided defender
#3 - Justin Howe, central defender
#4 – Brad Hutchinson, left-sided defender
#5 – Liam Byrne, left wing-back
#6 – Greg Maat, right wing-back

#7 – Harry Gamble, central midfielder
#8 – Paul Andrews, left winger
#9 – Keith Clark, right winger

#10 – Chris Steele, center forward
#11 – Tristan Kancer, striker

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers N
Godmod Scoring Events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events N
11-07-2006, 19:52
Chicanada entries for the NS Champions League: Southampton Football Club
Shortname: Southampton
Nickname: The Aeros
Stadium: Southampton National Square (107,000)
Qualified: 1936 SuperCup Champion

Style - +3
Formation - 3-3-4

Roster upcomming Finnen Athletics Club
Shortname: Finnen
Nickname: Mustangs
Stadium: Qualsait Stadium, Finnen (60,000)
Qualified: 1936 SuperCup runners-up, 1937 SuperCup Champion

Style - 0
Formation - 4-4-2

Roster upcomming
11-07-2006, 20:28
Nickname: The Flames
Home Kit: Blue shirts with single yellow hoop, blue shorts, blue socks
Away Kit: Red shirts with a single white hoop, white shorts, white socks
Stadium: The Gasworks, Gabalfa (capacity: 85700)Nestled in the heart of Gabalfa's industrial district on the site of an old gasworks (hence the name), The Gasworks became the new home of Gabalfa Rovers after their former home was destroyed by fire. The second-largest stadium in Bettia, it incorporates exceptional facilities for supporters (including it's famous halal cornish pasties) along with accommodation for visiting teams and state-of-the-art training and fitness facilities. It also looks rather nice.
First Team (formation: 3-5-2 - style: +3)
01. (GK) Latif Bettison (age 16)
02. (LB) Ian Bridgestick (age 27)
03. (CB) Hassan Dilawar (age 26)
04. (RB) Ivan Francis (age 24)
05. (CM) Fadl Ahmed (age 20, 5 caps)
06. (CM) Trystan Abu Shakra (age 26)
07. (LW) Kevin Salisbury (age 22)
08. (CM) Evan Brooks (captain, age 33, 65 caps, 18 goals)
09. (CF) Tariq Al-Jahani (age 21, 10 caps, 3 goals)
10. (CF) Paul Jacobs (age 24)
11. (RW) Sonny Sabbith (age 12 - yes that's right, 12)
Nickname: The Dons
Home Kit: White shirts with red sash, black shorts, red socks
Away Kit: Light green shirts with dark green sash, white shorts, light green socks
Stadium: The Campus Ground, Grappenhall (capacity: 65000)Situated in the heart of Bettia's main university city, the Campus Ground features large banks of seating at its sides with shortened stands behind the goals offering views of the stunning Banastra rainforest. Of course, being situated in a rainforest meant that the pitch was often damper than usual compared with other Bettian grounds, and fans tended to get a bit wet. You'd have thought that being in a city full of students and geniuses, someone would've had the bright idea of putting a fully-retractable roof on the damn thing sooner than they did.
First Team (formation: 3-4-3 - style: +3)
01. (GK) Daniel Sanders (age 25)
02. (LB) Stephen Harris (age 22, 12 caps)
03. (CB) Gareth Coates (captain, age 33, 61 caps, 1 goal)
04. (RB) Chuck Gonzalo (Lisburn Mateys, age 28, 8 caps)
05. (CM) John Thorpe (age 29)
06. (CM) Craig Woosencroft (age 27)
07. (LW) Ieaun Swain (age 28, 71 caps, 6 goals)
08. (CF) Jason Haynes (age 18)
09. (CF) Barry Haynes (age 18)
10. (CF) Martin Haynes (age 18)
11. (RW) Jamie Kingsholm (age 28, 40 caps, 5 goals)
Nickname: The Storm
Home Kit: Silver shirts with blue quarters, blue shorts, blue socks
Away Kit: Green shirts with yellow quarters, green shorts, green socks
Stadium: Shubunkin Park, Akani Sands (capacity: 71000)A stadium famous for it's comfortable seats, excellent facilities and vivid colour scheme, supposedly reflecting the vibrancy of this popular seaside resort just a stone's throw from the Nedalian border. Thankfully, the football on offer here is usually as bright as the stadium itself.
First Team (formation: 4-4-2 - style: +1)
01. (GK) Ricardo DiTorino (age 28, 135 caps)
02. (LB) Glyn Waltham (age 20)
03. (CB) John Hanson (captain, age 28, 54 caps)
04. (RB) Chris Spencer (age 24)
05. (CB) Eirwen Johnston (age 29)
06. (CM) Trent Hardman (Nedalia, age 35, 109 caps, 10 goals)
07. (LW) Sammy Ewene (Nedalia, age 27)
08. (CM) Brennan Alasanne (age 30, 28 caps, 5 goals)
09. (CF) Baha Al-Bihmardi (age 25)
10. (CF) Gwrlais Devanallt (age 20, 19 caps, 10 goals)
11. (RW) Ionwen Mirza (age 29)
12-07-2006, 21:34
The Wentland teams

Nickname: the Crows
Colours: red shirts, black shorts, red socks. Change: all yellow with blue trim
Ground: Sequor Stadium, Crowhurst (cap: 42,857)
Mod: +2

1 Dennis Tracey

2 Ian Talbot 5 Steve Moon 4 Johnny Lane 3 Bertie Tanner

7 Adey Loder 6 Benny Jones 11 Peter Davey

8 Neil Collins

9 Tommy Barnes 10 Norman Cooper
Subs: Adam Waller (GK), Cyril Swate, Don Callender, Gary Gibson, Phil Lampton

Nickname: the Stones
Colours: black shirts, white shorts, black socks. Change: all red.
Ground: The Warplands, Warpstone (cap: 50,000)
Mod: -2

1 Ben Leiper

2 Pat Flynn 5 Phil Gordon 6 Dave Savage 3 Terry Edwards

7 Tony Armstrong 6 Nick Starkey 10 Ernie Baldock 11 Cosmo Kent

8 Frankie Treves 9 Jon Stark
Subs: Ted Rascoe (GK), Ron Hutton, Jerry Taylor, Tony Briggs, Max Dylan

Royal Heath
Nickname: the Heathens
Colours: all royal blue. Change: yellow shirts, black shorts, yellow socks.
Ground: The Garrison, Royal Heath (cap: 41,000)
Mod: +1

1 Merv Gilbert

2 Phil Bowker 4 Blake Wright 5 Joe Callaghan 3 Dennis Marks

7 Tom Devey 10 Joe Weston 6 John Edmunds 11 Hoppo Hopkins

8 Robert Schinn 9 Andrew Saint
Subs: Gordon Wayland (GK), Ian Dark, Bob Horton, Steve Cox, Paul Burrage

Nickname: the Dockers
Colours: white shirts with 3 black stripes, black shorts, white socks. Change: all green.
Ground: Harbour Road, Blackport (cap: 24,500)
Mod: +3

1 Nicky Dyson

2 Phil Carter 6 Mike Bateson 5 Ian Sharp 3 Ray Jarvis

7 Terry Leach 4 Dale Edwards 10 Tony Conway 11 Danny Marsh

8 Billy Lawrence 9 Alan Hardwick
Subs: Hugo Guthrie (GK), Wilf Tucker, Barry Day, Bobby Dene, Jim Power
The Lowland Clans
14-07-2006, 18:23
GRAHAM CITY FC Team Sheet - NS Champions League

Full Name: Graham City Football Club (est. 1898)
Home City: Graham City
Nickname: The Admirality
Manager: Níkos Eleytherákī
Formation: 3-5-2
Style: +1
Colors: Navy Blue and White

* Denotes starters
C Denotes captain
N Denotes National Player

GK - Max Podopolis*
GK - Ben Gallaghar
DC - James Podolski*
DC - Artur Majnievski
DC - Martinho Devalicco
WB - Greg McFadden*
WB - Yuri Kvendazi*N
WB - Konstandin Vereshkin
WB - Titus Lippy
AMC - Quentin Mackallen*C
AMC - David Jergenson*
DMC - Vincent Machiezni*
DMC - Kevin McDermott
MC - Darren Opnit
MR - Elliot Deldier*N
MR - Thomas Jenkins
ML - Seamus McGaranagh*
ML - Shawn Forrester
ST - Portus Gerakis*
ST - Cody Taylor*
ST - Pavel Nestorev


Full Name: Football Club of the Central Heartland (est. 2006)
Home City: Newcastle
Nickname: The Red-Blues
Manager: Pavel Larentev
Formation: 4-4-2
Style: -1
Colors: Blue and Red

GK - Golan Kepodolis*
GK - Marcus Bailey
DC - John Stokes*
DC - Jevinho*
DC - Caja Old
DC - Juru Imdila
WB - Guillaume Aupry*
WB - Gary Delvecchio*CN
WB - Malcom Gettelio
AMC - Kory Deletio*
DMC - Jerzy Machienteev*
MC - Kelsey Nuteyo
MC - Ulli Debenov
MR - Sinik Sekilajihnen*
MR - Noori Opotolov
ML - Kiamu Ka~nsu*
ML - Larry Upton
ST - Louis Reternia*
ST - James Telthor*
ST - Remi Dubeau
14-07-2006, 20:50
Note: Generally players numbered 1-11 are starters. Players shown in bold are national team members.
Sokojiwa Dosi Chuggu Keulleob
Formation: 3-4-1-2 (+1)
Colors: Orange and bluish-teal

1. Cameron Stokes, age 28, GK
2. Flarénsia Juniënta, age 28, D LC
3. Krístofo Marino, age 33, D C
4. Benjamin Patel, age 22, D RC
5. David Sutter-Ertl, age 32, M L
6. Mitchell Muñoz, age 22, M C
7. Jaŋ Mu-ug, age 20, M C
8. Renée Hopkins, age 31, M R
9. Sū Doŋ-gīn, age 30, AM C
10. Franseska Sanqesa, age 34, F C
11. Tiffany Taylor, age 32, F C
12. Loretta Kennedy, age 26, GK
13. Mános Mītrópoylos, age 29, D RL
14. Bāg Çūl-jūŋ, age 33, DM
15. Bā Byūŋ-yūŋ, age 22, AM/F C
16. Raula Riba, age 26, SW/D C
17. Cindy Greene, age 28, M RC, F C
18. Han Su-jin, age 18, AM L
19. Ana Russell, age 25, D LC
20. Raula Sanqesa, age 32, F C
21. Cory Stevenson, age 33, DM
22. Gi Sīŋ-gīn, age 31, GK
San Solari Football Club
Formation: 3-4-3 (+2)
Colors: Yellow and black

1. Floreno Amaneqo, age 31, GK
2. Timothy Watson, age 24, D C
3. Angel Ford, age 22, D C
4. Ian Graham, age 27, D C, WB R
5. Andolfabio Vunghiasso, age 26, M L [PAC]
6. Maurice Myers, age 25, AM LC
7. Thános Geōrgiádoy, age 26, DM
8. Przemysław Mezger, age 26, AM R
9. Felicity Wilson, age 27, F C
10. Mára Níkos, age 21, F C
11. Lawrence Powers, age 31, F C
12. Marka Agiara, age 27, GK
13. Ted Jones, age 20, AM RL
14. Jerome Crawford, age 25, M C
15. Emilia Saüta, age 20, AM/F C
16. Edwin Graves, age 18, D/WB RL
17. ʼAn Çūl-dūg, age 31, GK
18. Chase Webb, age 21, D C, DM
19. Gwon ʼU-hūn, age 30, AM LC
20. Lillian Day, age 33, D C
21. Elizabeth Holloway, age 20, F C
22. Renée Carr, age 29, SW/D C

Carter Football Club
Formation: 3-4-3 (+2)
Colors: Purple and white

1. Anita Delgado, age 31, GK
2. Marilíta Ōnásī, age 32, D L
3. Christian Murphy, age 23, SW/D C
4. Matthew Clarke, age 30, D RL
5. Felipa Alansa, age 27, M L
6. Maureen Patton, age 26, M C
7. Steven Warner, age 22, AM/F C
8. Cristoffer Kowalschik, age 27, AM R
9. Blake Roberts, age 23, F C
10. Randy Douglas, age 32, F C
11. Elijah Powell, age 34, F C
12. Arlene Mann, age 23, GK
13. Iánnīs Kálvos, age 23, D RL
14. Ronnie Ingram, age 24, AM RC, F C
15. Ron Yates, age 29, DM
16. Harry Harmon, age 27, D C, DM
17. Debbie Patton, age 18, AM/F C
18. Sepp Weberus, age 19, GK
19. Tonya Cohen, age 26, AM L
20. Cynthia Roy, age 25, D/WB L
21. Steven Lewis, age 25, M LC
22. Ekrem Gerards, age 20, AM C
New Montreal States
14-07-2006, 21:05

Home: Poutine Hut Field, Dorion
Colors: Crimson and Blue
Coach: Alexandre Gagnon
Style: +2

GK: Paul Chasson*

D: Marcel Rochon
D: Yves Girouard
D: Maxime Thivierge

MF: Connor O'Doull
MF: Peter Bates
MF: Petr Hunyadi*
MF: Jules Joubert

F: Billy Corcoran*
F: Alexandre Lecosteau
F: Lucien D'Aillier


Harry Bannock (GK)
Marcel Pierrefonde
Yves Coubert
Paul St-Antoine
Louis-Marc Daillenpur

* denotes national-team member


Home: The Paladin Dome, New Montreal
Colors: Red, White and Green
Coach: Jean-Claude Gerald
Style: +1

GK: Tomas Beaujeu*

D: Jean-Marc Brochu
D: Hughes Darcy

MF: Paul Chan*
MF: Louis Daillbert
MF: Peter Chuntsford
MF: Fabrice Labranche*
MF: Jack Bilreilli
MF: Jean Trudeau

F: Gilles Villeneuve*
F: Hubert Labranche*


Tyler Backsmeier (GK)
Matt Briscoe
Alan Gagne
Bertrand Lecavalier
Sylvain Dentelle
Giant Zucchini
16-07-2006, 09:37
Iberia CF
Formation: 4-3-3
Style: +2

2 Federico Perón Defender
3 Ramón Gimeno Defender
4 Carlos Corretja Defender
5 Pablo Elcano Defender
6 Albelardo Moyà Defender
7 Pablo Pérez Midfield
8 Jussi Adolf Midfield
9 Vicente de Silva Forward
10 Ernesto Fuentes Midfield
11 Álex Iglesias Forward
12 Fidel Iglesias Goalkeeper
13 Edgardo García Goalkeeper
14 Héctor Cañas Goalkeeper
19 Yoshikatsu Nakamura Forward
20 Francis Landau Midfield
21 Ricardo Quiroga Defender
23 Julio Quiroga Defender
24 Jefferson Huidobro Forward
27 Jefferson Buñuel Midfield
28 Fernando Pichot Defender
29 Juan Gimeno Defender
31 Francisco Olazábal Forward

Nordic IF
Formation: 3-2-3-2
Style: 0

2 Ingvar Krag Midfield
3 René Ulvaeus Defender
4 Tommi Ekberg Defender
5 Peter Arne Josephson Midfield
6 Martin Mellberg Defender
7 Jami Saarinen Forward
8 Samuel Miller Midfield
9 Martin Pedersen Forward
10 Tommi Borg Forward
11 Eiður Jørgensen Forward
13 Sven Saarinen Goalkeeper
14 Domenico Algarotti Defender
15 Rolf Arne Riise Midfield
16 Jussi Sandberg Forward
17 Ingmar Ekberg Forward
18 Håkan Saarinen Midfield
20 Ole Räikkönen Forward
21 Jesper Bruun Midfield
23 Victor Sjöström Goalkeeper
24 Lars Christian Stoltenberg Forward
28 Jens Kristian Mellde Defender
29 Hans Jääskeläinen Forward
16-07-2006, 19:21
Caledon Simpson

HOME GROUND: Walton Gardens

16-07-2006, 22:51
Ousevale Borough

NICKNAME: Borough, Boro
HOME GROUND: Denbigh Park

Virginia Nova
16-07-2006, 23:20
Capital FC

Team Name:Capital FC
Full Team name:the Capital FC Eagles
Team Sponser:Ukrops
Fun Fact: this team has a 20% ownership from The VSL


24 Harold Freemont*'
19 Jean-Luca Dowitz*
1 Andre DaMaggio *
22 Scott Hensly
10 Tim Javier
56 Bruce Grubb


90 Alan Breveckki *'
87 Tim Wando *
34 Scott Dimba (Dashake)*
2 Zimmerman Note (Mountiansea)
32 Luca Goer (GarfieldtheFat)
61 Ken Giglio


3 Irvan Todder (Grays Harbor) *
0 Jason Yarr~*'
11 D-Wayne Bradshaw*
99 Kelvin Damon *
30 Kevin Locks
13 Ian Duran
97 Yvan Dulgouhx (Brederland)
73 Randy Havolina


38 Elroy DuPall (New Yavin)*
11 J.S. Tate

Manager:Yangley Benobavis
Vuam and Isma
17-07-2006, 04:26
Dingam-Roh :

. . . . . . . Home kit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Away kit . . . . . . .

Squad :

Goalkeepers :

Olexandr Kucherenko - 28 years old
Best keeper in the club, but only because there's nobody better... Used to be #2 before Leonardi's hand injury. However, put in good performances, and has taken Leonardi's starting stop at the beginning of this new season.

Alessandro Leonardi - 25 years old
After being one of the names that was expected to bring Dingam-Roh to new hights, Leonardi's reputation stumbled when he injured his hand, ruling him out of the latter stages of the league. However, even back from injury, he didn't find the confidence and the form he had before his injury, and lost his starting place to Kucherenko.

Andy Wells - 19 years old
Called in to warm the bench when Leonardi injured himself, his solid performance in the only appearance he made reassured Dingam-Roh that they didn't need to invest in another goalkeeper.

Andy Hughes - 19 years old
Also used as cover when Leonardi was injured, dispite not playing a single league game, he proved he had talent by helping the reserves win the Reserves League Cup.

Defenders :

Mario Young - 37 years old
The ageing wing-back has been expected to retire season after season. But his commanding presence in the Dingam-Roh defence has made him absolutely necessary. Dispite his age, he still has a good physical side, even if it isn't good enough to compete with the fastest wingers out there. However, he compenstes his lack of speed with experience of 13 years in the top flight.

Maarten Van Putten - 32 years old
This talented left-back is one of the most gifted footballers of his generation. Specialising in free-kicks and corner kicks, Maarten is an advantage both in attack and in defence, as his strong tackling halts attacks and his deep crosses create others.

Brian Palmer - 26 years old
This creative sweeper has the ability to swat opponent strikers with ease, almost as if they weren't playing in the same league. His aerial abilities are tremendous, and he's also a good tackler, never losing his man. However, his progress is often stalled as he falls victim to his poor fitness level, meaning he might need to be substituted at any moment. Injured 13 times last season, even if they were almost all injuries that only took a day or two to heal, they were injuries none the less...

Timi Lindeman - 29 years old
A surprise signing from Kylmons just under a decade ago, Lindeman proved that Dingam-Roh were right to take the risk to sign him. Season in and season out, he got better, becoming one of the best center-backs in the league. However, the lanky defender lacks agility, and his first touch isn't superb, even if his vision of play is often so good that these flaws remain un-exploitable by his opponents.

Tony Burke - 34 years old
Three years ago, Burke was the best asset in Dingam-Roh's defence. Always defending on his feet, intelligent in his placement and his play... Burke was seen as being the best player in the Dingam-Roh side. But then age took its toll, and after missing two seasons because of a broken arm and losing his first-team place to Van Putten, he was unable to find the spaces he glided into so easily before, and his tackles became less and less precise, generally lowering his use for the team. However, he still claims that he's trying to get back to his best, and is one of the players who is competing strongly for a start should any defender have a dip in form.

Matthew Powell - 32 years old
Another player that was on top of his game 4 years ago. When Young was brought in to add maturity to the side, he was the big loser, and has since become a regular on the bench, and a not-so-regular on the pitch. However, he still has a great aerial play, even though his one-on-one skills put him down the pecking order.

Michal Sedlacek - 31 years old
When Young turned 35, Dingam-Roh brought in Sedlacek to cover for Powell, in view of Young's retirement. However, when Young kept on performing, and Powell didn't waste away, Sedlacek's chances were limited. He handed in a transfer request at the beginning of the season, and developments are still unsure.

César Augusto Gonzalez - 28 years old
Hailing from sunny Tildeistan, Gonzales was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. But poor perfomances, bad media relationships and costly errors saw him playing for the reserves week in week out, and even there, he's only better than three-day old black bread.

Robby de Wit - 25 years old
When fixtures started to clog up the first team schedule, three years ago, Robby got his first full team start : a club's cup game against Turgovensten. However, when he was dubbed man on the match thanks to two goals and two assists, he put his name on the club's list of hopeful defenders. His youth means that physically he's got the edge over his opponents, but his inexperience leads to blunders. So he's kept for smaller opponents, and even then, he plays mainly as a sub.

John Blake - 20 years old
Fan of Dingam-Roh since he was a kid, John Blake was lucky enough to be accepted in their junior ranks. Since then, he has never stopped working, and his efforts have ben rewarded by first-team games similar to those of de Wit.

Scott Tait - 21 years old
Recognising their back four was ageing, Dingam-Roh took a bold step to assure their future by signing the young 21 year-old defender from Dunsbra for 2 million Ghi. Much is expected of the youngster, even if the real expectations will be to fill the boots of Lindeman and Palmer when they retire.

Midfielders :

Gonçalo Barjona - 29 years old
With Dingam-Roh for 7 seasons now, Barjona has proved his talent as a tough, rough midfielder. Strong in the challenge and always at 100%, this fan's favorite has shown he has the desire to bring Dingam-Roh to a new level. However, he'll have to cope as usual with his physique that lets him down a little, as he is less nimble than his opponents, and often concedes fouls.

Giuseppe Vitali - 26 years old
Brought in 4 seasons ago, Vitali was supposed to help Barjona with the holding midfield task, allowing Bennett and Leginovsky more freedom up front. But Vitali obviously didn't appreciate sharing his role with Barjona, as he took up the role of playmaker, being part of every construction. Vitali is often acclaimed as the "all-round midfielder", as he is equally able to distribute play as he is to break up opposing play, to shoot or to cross, or even to dribble. But his detractors use the same argument against him. "Jack of all trades is master of none". But if that's the case, then he's an excellent jack.

Carl Roberts - 25 years old
One of the most delicious sights each season, according to Dingam-Roh fans, is to watch Roberts play a game at his best. Superb dribbler, precise crosser, goalscorer at his hours, and even sometimes tenacious ball-protector, the winger is one of the best players to grace Dingam-Roh's left wing in many supporters' memories. But amongst all these superlatives, there are two downfalls. Firstly, Roberts plays for himself. Not for the team. For himself. Dingam-Roh fans often bemoan a shot he took from a poor angle when Leginovskiy was unmarked in the center of the box, or when he tried "one dribble to many". Secondly, he often seems uninterested in playing, especially against weaker sides, and then his passing becomes deplorable, as does his dribbling and his crossing. Luckily for Dingam-Roh though, he always seems to rise to the occasion... Even if he is a bit selfish sometimes.

Craig Mcloughlin - 28 years old
The small, rather slow midfielder was long thought to never make it to be pro. When he was 17, he was loaned to Higrupp no Isma side Nigno, and was on the bench after two catastrophical matches. And just as Dingam-Roh wree gettin gready to realease him on a free transfer, he earned a loan to Santos Illumenti, a Novi Infe club. There, he seemed to fit effortlessly into manager Jamie Cook's plans, scoring 3 and passing for 17 in 24 games. When Mcloughlin returned, he knew that he'd been playing wrong for too long. He couldn't dribble, and still can't. On the other hand, his crossing, his free-kick taking and his passing are perfect. Master of the short passing game and of the long passing game, Mcloughlin made his mark with Dingam-Roh when he was 24, as he booked Dingam-Roh a place in the Club's Cup final against Kediri with an audacious 40-yard chip that foiled Rhioas 'keeper Moore.

Tom Cole - 30 years old
A flamboyant midfielder, Cole spent his career changing clubs before settling down with Dingam-Roh last season, the first time in 6 years that he completed a whole season with one club. However, he didn't break into the first team regularly, as he was deemed "too offensive". Cole only thinks about going forwards, using his acceleration and his exceptional technique to make the most of each time he touches the ball. But as he forages deeper and deeper into his opponent's half, he forgets to come back down, and regularly finishes alongside the strikers, leaving the midfield vulnerable.

Zdenek Kolar - 29 years old
Official number one sub to both Barjona and Vitali, Kolar has a bit of each, but without the know-how of either. He tackles well, but doesn't have the same presence in the game as Barjona, and though he can read the flow of play exceptionally well, he doesn't have the unpredictable genious of Vitali. Still, his qualities are undeniable, and his drive for each game allows him to perform consistantly well.

Dave Dixon - 20 years old
This hard-working player made the move from the juniors to the seniors in the middle of last season, earning two substitute appearances. Still a fragile young player, Dixon is however the kind of player that does his best, and gives 110% all the time. One to watch for the future, even if his present capacities seem too weak to challenge strongly for a first-team position.

Gavin Macavoy - 31 years old
Pushed out of the team by the young generation of players that followed his, Macavoy remains a good sub, even if his technical abilities have gone down. But Macavoy has kept his one asset that made him feared across Vuam and Isma's Topplig : his excellent heading. Scoring a header when he was brought on as a sub against Agaña last season with only one match left to play showed the Dingam-Roh faithful that he was still itching to battle for a first team place.

Forwards :

Jim Bennett - 27 years old
The man that makes or breaks the season for Dingam-Roh is this man. excellent in almost every domain, from crossing to shooting to dribbling to tackling through heading, Bennett is considered "Re de Roh" (King of Roh) by fans across the country, even if they aren't Dingam-Roh fans. The only chink in his armour is his lack of balance and his fiery temper. Many a defender brought him down in an aerial challenge only to be victimised by a deft thud when Bennett's body clashed with theirs later in the game.

Dean Bennett - 22 years old
In his brother's shadow since they were kids, Dean doesn't have the same ability as his brother, but still has enough to be a promising player. A very technical player, Dean prefers to play the ball "to the feet" and with his feet. Dean is also remarquable by his ability to find space that might even be more developped that his brother's, with whom he shares his magnificent dribbling technique that has bedazzled more than one defender. However, young Dean has the contrary problem from his brother as he is often considered too shy and reserved, leading to incomprehension with his team-mates.

Paul Francis - 25 years old
By far the most physical player in the team, Francis uses his speed, his strength and his balance to the best effect. However, this isn't always enough, and a relatively timid technical know-how means that he doesn't often make it into the starting 11.

Strikers :

Vladimir Loginovskiy - 28 years old
Goleador magnificente, Loginovskiy is Dingam-Roh's main goal machine. Served by Bennett, Mcloughlin, Vitali and Roberts, it's no surprise that he scores loads! But Loginovskiy's real talent is his composure and his reflexes. Most of his goals are scored from inside the box, and his headers and first-time shots are always on target. Vladimir is also a versatile player, who has proven that he can hold the ball and fend off a defender, or serve beautiful passes to his team-mates for them to score. But his main objective is to score, and that often means he breaks the relationship he has with the team, as each pass he recieves in some games becomes a shot.

Martin McGregor - 20 years old
Expected to be Loginovskiy's follower, McGregor showed that although he played in a similar manner, he wasn't yet as effective. Although he is much taller and stronger than Loginovskiy, he doesn't yet have the ability to score from anywhere in the box, and most of his shots in the few appearances he made were off-target. However, McGregor salvaged his reputation as he held the ball effectively, and twice beat his marker to place a shot, even if the result wasn't brilliant, it's very encouraging for a player that young.