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Military Capability of the Phenixican Empire. (being edited)

09-07-2006, 08:50
Today the Phenixican Empire wishes to show the Universe there military strengh.

Here are first the 5 fleets of the Empire.

Imperial Royal Fleet.

Purpose:To protect and to only take orders from the Emperor. Most of the time sent to escort his majesty on routine visits around the galaxy.

Flagship:I.P.N Glory, under the command of Emperor Belcameron II.

Ships:1 Flagship class,15 Battlecruisers,25 Star Destroyers,40 Frigates and 10 carriers.

Imperial Ruidan Fleet

Purpose:To stop the inflow of 'foreign' attacks on the Great Belt Forts of Kira and Shiron. Used during high emergency battles otherwise always stationed at the Kira and Shiron Systems.

Flagship:I.P.N Harold, under the Command of Admiral Kitra.

Ships:1 Flagship class,24 Battlecruisers,45 Star Destroyers,64 Frigates and 15 Carriers.

Imperial Bis Fleet

Purpose:To protect Trade convoys and economic Systems like Devenis. spread out all across the galaxy and comes together during Emergency situations.

FlagShip:I.P.N Kathrine, Under the control of Admiral perius

Ships:1 Flagship Class,16 Battlecruisers,26 Star Destroyers,74 Frigates and 5 Carriers.

Imperial Monra Fleet

Purpose:To Protect new found colonies and there inhabitants. rarely brought together since all colonies because of consitutional right must have protection.

FlagShip:I.P.N New Found, under the Control of Jitrac

Ships:1 Flagship class,5 BattleCruisers,6 Star Destroyers,120 Frigates 6 Carriers.

Imperial Grun Fleet

Purpose:To Police trade and work againts corruption. the only fleet without a Flagship or Admiral but controlled by the Security Council.

Ships:1 Star Destroyer,300 Frigates and Multiple long range Fighters.

Please Remember these arnt all the ships of the Empire these do not include:
Garrisons,Messiahist or Private ships.

Phenixican Ships and there Origins

Star Destroyers
Employed by Multiple powers around the universe it originally had it's origins in a Galaxy Far Far away when the Empire invented the first Warpgate and travelled to this galaxy they were impressed by the firepower these ships held and brought several Thosand to strenghen things like Garrisons and the main Fleets.

Has been heavily modified to use less crew members instead of 1000 you just need a crew of 350.

Flagship Class

Made by the imperium Company it the standard Flagship class. Armed with the latest technology around the Empire they are expensive needing constant matinance. only 3 are employed by the Imperial Military.

Has firepower of 5 Star destroyers and during the Qwelva-Phenixican war was known to wipe out entire enemy fleets by itself.

Typical Phenixican Battle Cruiser

Made by Boderworld Enterprises, the Typical Cruiser is made for planetary Bombardment and anti-capital ship Warfare. it has become increasingly popular with most fleets since it can be used for many other purposes making it a flexible craft.

Has Firepower of 3 Star Destroyers and is employed by most fleets. The design used today have only been in use 3 years.

Phenixian Frigates most of the time are used as anti-fighter craft
Longest serving ship in the Imperial Navy with the Latist Design being around for 53 years.

Crew:350 not including pilots.

Used to counter the bigger ships fighters used to play a very little role in Phenixican Warfare. Carriers have been called 'slow,expensive and defencless' and are known to be easily destroyed. Since the start of Belcameron's II reign he has Updated all Carriers with weaponary and now there the one of the Backbones of the Phenixican Navy. most of the time they have up to 2000 Human fighter and 5000 A.I Fighters.