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What Happens After You Take Over the World (MT open)

Dumb Idiotic Idiots
28-06-2006, 13:10
ooc-sry bout the name, was angry when I made nation.
There were explosians on the horizon, and helicopters flying into the battle. Countries around the world weren't prepared for the assault. Then finally it stopped, and the helicopters would come back. Then people realized that these weren't the same that left. The helicopters were suddenly unleashing what was left of their firepower onto the skyscrapers and buildings around them. This act of murder was the final step in Surann Rahadhii's rise to power. The leaders of all countries began to surrender, lest more innocent civilians be killed. Millions of civilians were killed that day.
Years later, a strict international dictator government was underway, and if you even sneezed without permission, the guard that was assigned to keeping his gun to your head would kill you...painfully...over the next year. Soon, people would try and slip away in the middle of the night to speak with their friends, family, and their Rebel leaders. A secret organization had been set up to try and get rid of the new dictator. Getting to the meetings was hard enough, since trying not to wake your guard and get through the streets without being seen by patrolling police was not really easy to do...
ooc-my best work:cool:
28-06-2006, 14:42
What happens when a guard sneezes?