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Introducing the Empire of Montsanto

23-04-2006, 02:05
Authorized for Release by the High Council of Montsanto:

The Government of Monsanto would like to introduce itself.

Chancellor of the High Council: Rodrigo “Chi Chi” Romero

Vice Chancellor: Richard Ricardo

Commissioner of Defense: Excellency General Guerllmo Belgrande

Commissioner of Foreign Affairs: Guido Carlucci

Commissioner of National Affairs: Vincent “Vinney” Sarducci Sr.

Commissioner of Education: Luisa Rithmetic

Commissioner of Health: Dr. Francesca Francisco

Commissioner of Labor: Vincent “Little Vinney” Sarducci Jr.
Commissioner of Justice: Maria Mariano

Attorney of the High Council: Justin Foreall PhD.

The High Council led by its charismatic young leader Chancellor Rodrigo Romero is working hard to enrich the lives of its citizens, while protecting the environment and promoting world regional peace. We invite all nations with the goals of regional peace to open diplomatic relations and build an embassy in our great capital city of Kronos.

Official Relases by the opposition parties

Socialist Party
Sure the Chancellor is charismatic, he ought to be, he spent many years on the stage as a popular night club and lounge singer. He talks about democracy. Then why have some political parties been outlawed where are their press releases? He has no leadership qualities, he is a pompous, short tempered, and compulsive liar who is not to be trusted.

Monarchist Party
The whole cabinet is corrupt “Chi Chi” was elected because he was a lounge singer (not a very good one), He made mafia connections singing in Mafioso establishments. You don’t really think that a fly by night singer can really move a nation to dispose of the Monarchy? Nations don’t get rid of their beloved king in favor a pompous entertainer. They were afraid they would get “whacked” if they didn’t support the Nationalist Movement. Do you really think it is a coincidence that commissioners in the high council have known ties to organized crime? Just look at the commissioner of labor and national affairs, the very father and son duo that was brought up on charges by Kings Judiciary Knights. Do not trust the high commission.

Official Rebuttal of the Chancellor’s Nationalist Party

Chancellor Rodrigo Romero is an exemplary leader. He alone did not outlaw some political parties; the decree was passed by the Imperial Assembly, after it was determined by independent commission that the Fascist and Communist parties where a threat to the internal security of the nation. The Chancellor was always a loyal subject of the King. After the King died millions of citizens opposed the monarchy system. The Chancellor did not start the democracy movement nor was he the only voice calling for a change millions of our citizens marched on the Royal Palace and demanded fair and free elections. No one in the High Council has any ties to organized crime, its all rumor and innuendo. Furthermore the charges leveled against the Sarduccis were found to be baseless by the King’s very own Court. No one was coerced into voting for the Nationalist Party, The Chancellor was elected by popular vote.