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Street Racing in CM--OOC/signup/interest

Crazed Marines
04-04-2006, 22:22
Ok, so I was thinking. I want to have basically the same thing that Imitorita had of a cannon ball run with some characters from various countries. It also gives me more of a chance to introduce the racing scene in CM as well as develop my former-president-who-just-happens-to-be-married-to-a-member-of-Imitorita's-leading-family character. Now for some background.

Former President Mike Kowalski: One of the Kowalski triplets (John and Joe), this one is a triple Medal of Honor recepient for his actions in the War of Secession and the following War with China. He was a fresh private entering the first war and had gotten a battlefield comission by the end of the second to the rank of Major. He progressed faster than his brothers and was the Secretary of Defense (my Vice President) under David Miles' (whom he served with in China) presidency and subsiquently elected after David left for the Jedi Academy at Corusant. A Civil War erupted during his presidency soon after he married Lauren Lutz of Imitorita, and she and his two adopted children were abducted while being evacuated to safety. His son, a one Captain Kowalski, wasa Blood Ranger on the team that rescued them along with NE commandos. After gun rights were challenged, Mike felt it best not to seek reelection after calming down a bunch of hippies. This, of course, was three months after the War and a year after the Triple Terror Incident (read the NS wiki). While loved by his people, he feels history shall judge him differently.

Street Racing: Street racing in CM is illegal unless it is convened by local authorities who close off the streets and announce it well in advance. However this makes for bad racing as we all know, and a few local cops have been known to race illegally themselves. Mike Kowalski's race in Imitorita roused much interest in the activity after he returned, the only sitting President in CM history to leave the country to commit an illegal act in known CM history. It is not much frowned upon, but racers are expected to stop themselves when they hear a crime has been reported over their scanners, and most do. And for such reasons, many police precincts have car-stoppers from the old reliable method of blowing tires or yanking axles to more shopisticated methods like frying the circuitry or latching onto the car with a helicopter's crane to go along with their suped-up vehicles that can easily do an 11 on a 1/4 mile drag. While racing in CM is not uncommon, be warned that the police are good in stopping it when they want to.

San Haven
04-04-2006, 22:37
I shall sign up! I will provide more info later...
Crazed Marines
05-04-2006, 02:22
Ok, all I need from you is a short description of your racers and their cars. Nothing outside 2010 tech.

Here's Mike's car:

The Silver Sub: A modified Lotus Elise frome (streched 2 feet) , the Silver Sub uses a different chassis than the lotus. Its side-stacked engine is a 12 cylinder diesel out of an old submarine producing close to a thousand horsepower. The entire rear is a fuel cell, a liquid-fuelled rocket, andsome jamming gear and ejector seats in case things go bad. The silver color actually holds a cloaking device (see James Bond) that, along with a special wax, can throw off LIDAR and the electronics package equivalent to an F-22 can throw off 99.9% of police radars by jamming. Its wheels can be jacked up internally like an Indy car, which has proven useful in the past.

Groww Weight: 2620 pounds
Max speed: 250
Max safe speed: 225
0-60: 1.75 seconds
0-120: 3.2 seconds
60 seconds burn time for the rocket
05-04-2006, 02:59
Interested, thought absolutely NO knowladge about cars(or street racing for that matter). Will that be a problem?
05-04-2006, 06:30
Massive tag, although I dont know if I'll race that silver sub, I mean...I could with a set up race car, but not the types of cars I'll be running. I'll be the asshole who actually does street race IRL and tries to keep it real:-)!
05-04-2006, 07:46
Everyone wanting involvement but having no automotive technological smarts whatsoever can feel free to tgram me, I will be more than happy to design a car for anyone involved. I'm working on a car right now, but the character I have is the co owner and primary investor of "Black Owl Custom Motorsports" an Imitoran based company that builds cars based to specs to order. They are all based on existing cars, with massive engine swaps and forced induction and other modifications that make them unique, powerful, and very good for this sort of race.
San Haven
05-04-2006, 07:57
Black Owl Custom Motorsports.

I'm very very interested in such company. Do you have a store-front. We would be very keen in buying!
05-04-2006, 08:03
Nah, I don't do store fronts. You'd have to contact the owners (Robert Fortier and Thomas "Hoot" Gibbson), give them an idea of what you want, and then they'd work out a car. They'll even give it a cool name. After that, they build it, you give them the money, and they ship it off to you. Due to the exclusivity of Black Owl Custom Motorsports, they don't have catalouges or store fronts or any of that. The car you get is your car to your specs. If anyone wants this, just say so, and give me some criteria for the car. I'll build it up for ya afterwards, and we can negotiate prices.
San Haven
05-04-2006, 08:08
So i TG you with what i would like?
05-04-2006, 08:15
Yeah, that or post it here.
San Haven
05-04-2006, 08:19
I want something fast (Lets be realistic here, not too Fast like over 200 miles!). Something that looks like a SkyLine, but has a better engine, faster speed, you get my drift. What about the name? We are offering some good money here (Realistic too).

Are prices negotiable?
05-04-2006, 08:22
By Skyline I assume you mean an R Serries Nissan, correct? Nothing wrong with the RB26, excellent motor, can make hella power, but if you really want something else, it can be arranged. How much power you looking for? Oh, I alos need your character's name.
San Haven
05-04-2006, 08:27
Something faster like perhaps Ferrari or similar! Not too fast though!
05-04-2006, 08:29
Well, I mean, what do you want? I can do Ferrari, I can do a Skyline. Its all dependent on your price range. Here, give me this

Origin (US, Japanese, European)
How much your willing to spend
and for RP purposes, your characters name.
San Haven
05-04-2006, 08:38
I'm not all that good with Cars so here goes:

In-fact we will the Skyline GT-R (R34) as our car but would like you to slightly increase its performance & speed.

The engine is 2.6 liter, dual overhead cam, 24 valve, twin turbo charged, and
intercooled producing 276 hp @ 6800rpm, capable of handling over 600 hp without internal modifications.

Yeah that should do! Just increase speed & performance.
We will pay big bucks & our Character's name is Tracy 'Lightning' Sullivan or just Lightning!
05-04-2006, 08:41
Ol, I'll get something up for ya later, I'm gonna hit the sack. R34? No prob. Price is negotiable, will be somewhere between the 70k-100k range, depending on certain aspects handled in the building phase.
San Haven
05-04-2006, 08:53
Ok. So far the price seems well!
05-04-2006, 14:26
Origin: European
Make/Model: Lamborghini/Gallardo
Spend: Up to 150k.
Name: Sara Mercucci
Hope this is what you meant.
Crazed Marines
05-04-2006, 16:49
Ok, so let me set up the IC forum and I'll post the link. Everybody needs to post their entrance into Chesty Puller Memorial Airport in Parris Island. PI is where we'll race and just mapquest for Nashville TN as I know the roads there and they're good for racing and very similar to whar PI looks like.
05-04-2006, 17:12
Theo, thats gonna be a bit hard, seeing as the Lambo engineers did a damned good job with that car, the standard modifications to it (IHE, stuff like that), wont do to much. It would have to be forced induction to get any sorta bennifit, and even then, 150k isn't really alot to work with after purchase of the car.
05-04-2006, 17:57
Miss Sullivan

Allow me to be the first to thank you for choosing Black Owl Customs Motorsports. We recently received your request for a vehicle tuned and modified from our shop, and we are very excited to announce we have the perfect planed set up for the vehicle.

However, before we get to the so called nitty gritty of the situation, I would like to welcome you to the world of Black Owl Customs Motorsports. Your choice has secured that you will be the owner of a car built to the highest standards. The car will not only be sleek, powerful, and fast, but it will also be reliable, and more importantly, driveable. Many other tuners simply look for power applications, creating massive horsepower numbers, leaving you with a vehicle that is not easy, nor fun, to drive. At Black Owl Customs, we aim to find a ballance between all aspects of driving:power, handling, ride quality, and of course, asthetics.

All Black Owl Customs projects are gaurenteed for a full year of operation with the assumption that the vehicle will be raced. I will be the first to warn you, through my extensive dealings with automotive racing and technology, that, in high stress applications, parts will wear faster than usual. However, for that first year, should you have any performance related problems with your vehicle, my shop will gladly and expidently fix it free of charge.

Now, I've kept you waiting long enough. Your choice of vehicle was a Nissan Skyline, BNR R34, GT-R. We were able to find a very low miliage (sub20k) model here in Imitora for a very good price, of the 2001 stock. The RB26DETT motor is a strong turbocharged I6, but where it is lacking is the internal components inability to hold power to comparable motors such as the 2JZ-GTE found in the MkIV Toyota Supra.

We focused not on building power (although we did raise at wheel output levels to 625whp), but on maintaing the ability to easily produce power. You will find below this letter the full list of modifications made for this vehicle, as well as payment information and delivery information.

Again, I thank you for choosing Black Owl Customs Motorsports, and hope you enjoy your vehicle.

Robert Fortier

Car Info
Car:2001 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
Motor:RB26DETT, 2.6L I6, Twin Turbocharged and Intercooled; Bored and Stroked to 2.8L
Turbo:Single turbo conversion, HKS Garrett Style T04Z Ceramic Vain Ball Bearing Turbo; TiAL 52mm Vented Wastegate (BOV); GReddy 4 Row Front Mount Intercooler; ZEX Intercooler Spray; Turbo XS 3.5" Intercooler Piping (Stainless Steel); Turbo Housing Port and Polish
External Motor Modifications:Injen Cold Air Intake; HKS 3.5" Downpipe; Black Owl Customs (BOC) 4" exhaust piping with Cat Delete; HKS Carbon Ti Muffler; GReddy Power Pulley Kit; Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pullies; BOC Ported Throttle Body
Internal Motor Modifications:HKS 2.8L Stroker Kit; Polished Cylinder Walls; High Flow Head Port and Polish; HKS RB26DETT V Cam(Computer Controlled Variable Valve Timing System); HKS 272 Cams; AEM Cam Gears; Stock Crank; BOC Engine Ballencing
Suspension and Breaking:Tien EDFC Coilovers with EDFC 15 way Adjustable Electronic Controler with presets; Tien Front and Rear Anti Sway Bars; BOC Chasis Ties; Low Intrusion Custom Colormatched Roll Cage; Stoptech Big Break Kit (Front and Rear) with Carbon Kevlar Lines; Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors, Ceramic Reinforced Green Stuff Pads (Prevents "Cheese Grating")
Transmission:Stock Six Speed Gearbox; 4.10 Gears; Spec Stage 3.5 Clutch; Fidanza Mid Wieght Easy Rev Flywheel; BOC AWD Controller
ECU/FMU:Black Owl Customs Dual Map (93 Octane; 100 Octane) ECU Dyno Tune; Apex'i Power SAFC (allows for further driver tuning and updated mapping); HKS ECU Flash Backup; GReddy Profec B Electronic Boost Controller; GReddy Fuel Management System with 1600cc High Flow Rails and 1000cc Back Up Rails; High Capacity Oil Pan and Flow System

Appearance changes have not been made, we will leave that up to the final owner. Cost as of this point, including shipping, will be placed at $115,000IC, or approx. $125,000US. Delivery can be made anywhere.
05-04-2006, 18:21
Theo, thats gonna be a bit hard, seeing as the Lambo engineers did a damned good job with that car, the standard modifications to it (IHE, stuff like that), wont do to much. It would have to be forced induction to get any sorta bennifit, and even then, 150k isn't really alot to work with after purchase of the car.
As I said, I know nothing about cars. I just went for an image I liked. What would you suggest as an ajustment?
05-04-2006, 18:55
If you wanna stick with an Exotic, I would move away from Lambos. The cars are flat out extreme, and not really a whole shit ton of room for improvements. I could find some stuff for it, but it would take a while, and cost WAY more than 150k. Somewhere in the mid to high 200K range. Personally, I would recomend more along the lines of Ferrari (except the Enzo, seeing as that really, the only improvment one could make would be the addition of a Tubi exhaust. The rest would have to be driver based), Koenigsegg, Salleen, Jags, or the higher end Mercedes Benz/BMW sports cars (AMGs or super high end Ms). For example, you could do some nice tuning with an AMG TT V12, or swap in a supercharged M5 V8 into a M3. I can work with just about anything, just tell me what you would like. Engine swaps, addition of forced induction, handling, I can make just about anything happen...for a price *evil grin*
05-04-2006, 22:28
Could I leave it as 150k, and let you pick out/design the best car?
As I said, I quite literally know nothing about cars(I've never even bothered to get a drivers licence)
05-04-2006, 23:04
Alright ya'll...time to see what ya gotta contend with.

Car: Mazda FD3S RX7
Motor:13B-REW, 1.3L 2 Rotor, Turbocharged and Intercooled
Turbo/Modifications:Garrett GT4202RT; TiAL 52mm Internal Wastegate; Blitz 4 Row Front Mount Intercooler, Air to Air; 4" Stainless Steel Intercooler Piping; Turbo Housing Polish and "Deburing"; Zex Nitrous Intercooler Spray; Intercooler and Turbo Piping Heat Wraps
External Motor Modifications:Rotary Performance Carbon Fiber Air Horn; Custom No Cat 4" Turboback Stainless Steel Exhaust with HKS Carbon Ti Muffler; Standard Reliability Factor Modifications (PFS Racing Radiator; Dual Racing Electric Fans; PFS 25 Row Oil Cooler; GReddy Oil Catch Can; High Flow Oil Pumps; etc.); Pettit Racing High Flow Stainless Steel Intake and Exhaust Manifolds; Polished/Ported 20B Throttle Body; GReddy Power Pully; Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pullies; NGK Iridium Plugs
Internal Motor Modifications:Black Owl Customs Stage Four Bridge/J Port

Factory Racing Spec Overhaul
Intake and Exhaust Aggressive Full J Style Bridge Port
Oil Passage Porting
RE Amemiya Light Weight Rotors
Rotor Housing Port and Polish
3mm Apex Seals
Heavy Duty Springs; Competition Oil Seal Springs; Improved Design High Flow Main Bearings

Suspension and Braking:Tein MonoFlex Coil Over System with Tien EDFC Springs and Computer Controled Auto Adjuster; Eibach Front and Rear Anti Sway Bars (Adjustable); Custom Colormatched Low Intrusion 6 Point Roll Cage; Brembo Gran Tourismo Big Brake Kit; BOC Custom Subframe mounts; RE Amemiya Motor Mounts; Engine Torque Brace; Compition Trailing Arms
Transmission and Drivetrain: Custom Mounted Getrag Six Speed Manual; 4.33 gears; BOC Custom Transmission Mounts; Kaaz Adjustable LSD; B&M Short Shifter; Carbon Kevlar Driveshaft; Excedy Twin Plate Clutch; Fidanza 7lbs Flywheel

Primary ECU/FMU:Dual Map (93 Octane/98 Octane) Black Owl Street Tune supported by Apex'i Power SAFC for adjustability based on availability of fuel
Redundant Secondary System:Electromotive Tec3 Automatic ECU/FMU Control System

ECU/FMU Components:Apex'i Super AVC-R Boost Electric Controller; MSD 6A X 3; AEM 1600cfm primary rails/850cfm backup rails; Apex'i High Flow Pressure Regulator; AEM High Flow Filter; Gotham Racing Wideband; Stainless Steel Fuel Lines
Monitering:A Pillar-Boost Pressure, Boost Temperature, Oil Temperature; Steering Wheel Mounted-Oil and Water Pressure; Dash Mounted J&T Knock Sensor*All Defi*
Appearence:Click ( and click for Image ( and Get used to this view (, cuz thats what you all will be seeing...:p

Power:790RWHP/715ft-lbs tq. at 28psi of boost
Top Speed: 200+MPH
1/4 mile:11.47 @ 143 MPH
05-04-2006, 23:09
Could I leave it as 150k, and let you pick out/design the best car?
As I said, I quite literally know nothing about cars(I've never even bothered to get a drivers licence)

Sure, I'll try to work something out.
Crazed Marines
06-04-2006, 02:40
here's the link for the IC:

Need some Imitorita posts to set up the invites before anyone else enters.
06-04-2006, 05:23
I'll be listing my entry tomorrow ( Thursday ) - Tanaaran's love this sort of thing. I just need to run some detals past Imitora, but Sinjin KinCannon will be there.
06-04-2006, 07:09
Alright, ideas are in and done. Theo, I'll have a car for ya tommorow, Tan, I'm working on ideas for your car now...but then again, you know that already, don't you?
06-04-2006, 12:48
*Wicked Merry Grin* Yep, and I know it will be a sweet job too. Black Owl doesn't turn out anything less than perfection.

And here's Sinjin Kincannon ( driver and general trouble maker ...or is that trouble breaker?...& sidekick...

CM- If this meets with your approval, or if there is anything I need to change, just let me know.
07-04-2006, 00:29
Tanara, all I would really do with the Vector, as we discussed last night, would be to swap in a new tranny and swap out the turbos. Jumkp them up to an HKS or Garrett TO4Z twin set, and then I'd go not with the Getrag like we originally thought of, but a R5MD five speed.

Theao-After looking at some numbers, I'd say have a 05 Ford GT, just get a smaller pulley for the super charger and strengthend steering arms. After that, you'll be set.
07-04-2006, 00:48
Engine - Garrett TO4Z Twin Turbo V8
Horsepower -466.1 kw / 625.0 bhp @ 5700 rpm
Transmission- R5MD five speed stick
Top speed- 350.8k / 218.0 mph
Weight- 1506 kg / 3320 lbs
07-04-2006, 02:40
Could you provide the customized info as I'm not quite sure how the GT would preform.
07-04-2006, 03:30 out somewhere high 190s, low 200s (like under 210), 0-60 somehwere in the threes, 11 second quarter mile. Stuff like that.
07-04-2006, 04:31
gotcha, think I know enough about cars to work with that.
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
07-04-2006, 08:21
And all the kids want imports. I prefer original heavy metal.

If this turns out to be more than the three person discussion it is now, this will be my car - Call me Storm.

Purple People Eater

1971 Dodge Demon
Color: Metal Flake Purple

Engine - 6.1 HEMI - Intercooled Twin Screw Supercharger

Custom EFI Fuel tank
Dual In tank 255 lph electric fuel pumps
3/8" Feed and 5/16" return, stainless fuel lines
Baffled pickup area to provide constant fuel delivery under hard cornering, braking and acceleration
Billet aluminum fuel rails
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
High flow fuel filter
Electric cutoff safety switch

Ceramic coated long tube headers
2.5" stainless steel mandrel bent exhaust system w/ X-Pipe
High flow stainless steel mufflers
Polished factory style exhaust tips

Aluminum radiator - 2-1/2" dual core, cross flow - 22"
aluminum fan shroud with electric fan
Trem V Spec T-56 6-speed manual transmission

31 spline high strength alloy axles w/ large bearing journals and Green bearings
New 8-3/4" nodular iron case w/ billet adjusters
limited slip differential

Rear End
Gear driven True-trac differential w/ helical gear drive
High strength 4-pinion sure-grip type differential
High strength wheel studs

8740 heat treated with rolled threads and starter
Front Wheels 18X9
Rear Wheels 18X10
Front Tire 275/35-18 Hoosier
Rear Tire 295/35-18 Hoosier
Level II Suspension
SLA double A-Arm front control arms with aluminum upper and lower arms
aluminum spindles with steel hub and large diameter wheel bearings
lightweight tubular aluminum K-Member
variable rate aluminum power steering rack
bump steer kit
billet aluminum three link rear suspension with adjustable upper link
aluminum panhard bar
aluminum bodied double adjustable coilover shocks front and rear with custom engineered valving. Remote reservoir.
Fully rebuildable with custom valving for race applications.
front and rear sway bars with billet aluminum mounts and urethane bushings
chassis stiffening
engine compartment brace
All components matched to the specific vehicle application
Front and Rear Rotors - two piece design, cross-drilled and slotted with directional cooling vanes.
Billet aluminum rotor hats.
13" Rear 14" Front
Front Calipers - squeeze forged aluminum with billet mounts 4 piston 6 piston
Rear Calipers - squeeze forged aluminum with billet mounts 2 piston 4 piston
Integrated drum type parking brake housed inside rear rotors
Braided stainless brake hoses front and rear
Stainless Steel brake lines (hard lines) pre bent with factory bends
Matched master cylinder
Hydroboost power brakes

See ya then.
07-04-2006, 08:36
And all the kids want imports. I prefer original heavy metal.

What can I say? Nothing like pulling out massive horsepower numbers from a motor that is only displacing 1.3L, and doesnt even have pistons! And trust me, I know the value of heavy metal. Also, made some updates to the Shadow, used a different picture and some more modifications+list of what the port actually includes.

Of note should be the 1/4 mile numbers. Notice that it has a somewhat high ten second run (for the power/weight), but its trap speed is insane. The street tunes+turbo+suspension on this car aren't set up for drag racing. First off, on a very hard drag racing style launch, assuming Fortier doesn't blow the rear tires to shreads, he wouldn't get any real form of traction till just before the 1/8 mile mark due to the amount of power hitting the rear wheels and lack of weight on them. Once he hits the 1/8 mile mark, he just flys off. The ECU is also calibrated to work well with the turbo. Its a big fricken turbo, and takes a bit to get full spool. With this in mind, instead of tuning it to get tons of tq down low then let the turbo take over, Fortier decided just to let the ECU compliment the turbo, having it pull real hard up high. The car is bascially designed for runs like this, where the goal is to achieve high speed and hold it for as long as possible, unlike the 1/4mile ideology of get going to a decent speed fast, but not a high top end.
07-04-2006, 18:26
LOL - the Vector though little known, is American made, and it's from the late 80's early 90's. I'm no kid, not at 51- and I have always loved american muscle over the Europeans - ( I just happen to like exotic/rare cars too )

and welcome Storm, and I am so giggling over the nane of the car!
07-04-2006, 18:30
Is it a custom color? Or is it plum crazy?
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
08-04-2006, 08:36
LOL - the Vector though little known, is American made, and it's from the late 80's early 90's. I'm no kid, not at 51- and I have always loved american muscle over the Europeans - ( I just happen to like exotic/rare cars too )

and welcome Storm, and I am so giggling over the nane of the car!
Yeah. The Vector was the greatest American car No One could afford to buy:p

Metal Flake Purple. Simple and easy.
08-04-2006, 08:47
Well, I don't know about not being able to buy / afford one- Andre Agassi ( the tennis player ) owned one, and I've seen one floating round Houston - and recently found a photo on line to prove to me that my eyes weren't playing tricks one me
Crazed Marines
09-04-2006, 05:09
Ok, all is good. I just got back from a trip I believe I metioned (may not have). I'll get things rolling now.

And a note, CPM Airport is basically a compellation of the best features of ATL, LAX, or La Guardia. Whichever one you like better, post about it and how you ship your car in.

Note: Most of these cars should arrive by airplane due to the time spread, but one could arrive via ships if it comes from Imitorita as it is the closest of any one of y'all at 1500km.
Crazed Marines
16-04-2006, 18:49
waiting for someone to post
Crazed Marines
27-04-2006, 16:26
ok, the race has where are the racers?
Crazed Marines
17-05-2006, 16:52
can I get a bump? everybody else needs to post their getting out of town