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International Cricket Tournament

08-03-2006, 02:16
OOC: Would anyone be interested in RPing a cricket tournament? I know there have been attempts in the past, with varying degrees of success, and that there is not a huge cricket following in NS, but there must be at least someone. I know have a [very, very basic] cricket simulator, and a provisional roster system [the first tournament would be as much a test of how that worked as anything]; I just need someone for the Gruenberg XI to take on. It can be ODI or Test format, and it can be a one-off, a series, a tournament, anything.

If there is any interest, I will write up an IC post. <-- EDIT: Which is now found below.


The Holy Wenaist Sultanate of Gruenberg has a long and distinguished history of local and national cricketing competitions, with the sport beloved of all true Gruenbergers. Close to one fifth of Gruenberg's population tuned in to watch the final of the Kippi Cup (won in an exciting final over by Moroschwegen). However, bar a disappointing defeat in a friendly to Druida, Gruenberg has played no international matches, and the Gruenberger Cricket Board (GCB) noted with regret in their latest end-of-year report that the international cricket scene "if active, was actively hiding".

In a bid to foster mutual relations and extend friendships through the comradeship of sport, the GCB - in partnership with FLA Armaments ("Buy A Better Bazooka") and Compound Cola ("Have you got high today?") - is proud to announce the Inaugural Capra Cup, to be held in Gruenberg in the coming weeks. All nations, whether veterans of international sports or newcomers to the world stage, are invited to attend. The tournament structure is yet to be announced, but the format will be of 50-over one day internationals.

Definite participants:
The Resurgent Dream
Vuam and Isma
Dorian and Sonya
The blessed Chris

Potential participants:
Liverpool England
CR Oscilloscopes
The Resurgent Dream
08-03-2006, 02:18
OOC: I'll do it. I've been trying to break into the sports RP scene this last month or so.
Iesus Christi
08-03-2006, 02:33
OOC: very interested. If Jesus played a sport, it would have been cricket(or perhaps rugby)...Cricket is the #1 summer sport of Iesus christ dammit!
Dorian and Sonya
08-03-2006, 02:49
We have no clue as to how to play cricket, but if you can fill us in on the basics, consider us in.
Liverpool England
08-03-2006, 02:49
OOC: And while I don't know how it's played, and think it's a more complicated form of baseball, I'd be interested.
08-03-2006, 02:49
OOC: Ok, thanks for the responses. I will write up an IC post, in the form of an invitation to join a tournament in Gruenberg.
08-03-2006, 02:52
OOC: A quick explanation of cricket to those new to the game. I'm willing to answer any additional questions people have.

Basically, there are two teams of 11 players each. The match is won by the team who scores more runs.

One team bats first. This means two of their players try to score as many runs as possible. They can score a run by:
- running between the wickets (similar to running to bases in baseball)
- hitting the ball out of the field
- 'extras', which are penalties against the other team for bowling wide etc.

The batsmen can be 'out', which means they have to stop batting. They can be out in many ways:
- bowled: their wickets (three sticks they bat in front of) are knocked over
- caught: they hit the ball in the air, and it is caught by a fielder
- lbw: they block the ball hitting the wicket with their legs
- run out: they try to make a run, but the other team knock over the wickets before they get there

There are a few other ways, but those are the most common. There are, I think, parallels with baseball.

Two batsmen have to be in at a time, so when ten are out, the 'innings' (turn of the first side) is over. Alternatively, there can be a set number of overs (an over consists of six balls - 'throws' at the batsman by the other team), usually 50 (so 300 balls) after which the innings is over. However many runs have been scored is that team's total.

Then, they swap over. The other team goes in, and sends out two players to bat, and score runs, while the first team puts their players out to field. Again, this is basically like baseball, except teams have 1 or 2 innings, not 9.

The second team tries to score more runs than the first to win; if they don't before they run out of overs or wickets, they lose.

Clearer? Probably not. But it's a start.

Wikipedia may also help:
08-03-2006, 03:14
The baseball loving nation of Milchama is in. Hopefully we won't get crushed.
08-03-2006, 03:55
OOC: To give people an idea, I'll post my squad. You can have as many as you want, but I'd advise against more than 14 or 15. Obviously, you need at least 11. The numbers in brackets show how many of each type you should have.

Starting XI:
Openers (2)

HP Figgut
NZ Burtz

Middle Order Batsmen (3-5)

BF Enchante
MD Trokan
IT Spreingmenger
WS Pinnex

Wicket Keeper (1)

KF Ellalilali

All Rounder (0-2)

PH Nejjimhio

[b]Bowlers (2-5)[b]

DN Yeg
AE Williganti
AI Klopper

Squad Extras

PT Yellsez - Batsman
S Pattan - Batsman
JGF Kulled - All Rounder
FI Nerreian - Bowler

You are also asked to note one captain - in this case, Trokan - and any batsmen who can also bowl - in this case Burtz, Pinnex and Yellsez.
CR Oscilloscopes
08-03-2006, 08:20
The republic of CR Oscilloscopes, so long a haven for small amateur cricket leagues has decided to take the plunge into international competition.

After an extensive series of trials, the squad has been announced.

CR Oscilloscopes 1st XI
Kurt Johannes
Liam Ruhen
Middle Order
Frederick Dermotts
Henry Thriesinger
Üwe Edwards (W/K)
Rhys Reiniger
Adam Neufield
Greg Thryziecki (C)
Benni Umverson
Ian Thring
Mickel Farfeld

Sasha Callopa
Jurgen Drayton (Sub-W/K)
Barry Garson
Maurice Laux

Notes- Sasha Callopa, and Frederick Dermotts can bowl.
08-03-2006, 10:43
Schiavonia will undoubtedly send a team, who's names will replace this post at a later point in time.
08-03-2006, 21:09
A capital idea. While cricket has never achieved mass popularity within McPsychoville, it still has a distinct cult following across the nation. Indeed, the recent Championship match between Triela CC and Carson City CC (or, as their supporters know them, the Bomb Squad) drew a surprising twenty-nine million viewers, with Triela's Dyspepi Cola Stadium being sold out.

Naturally, the McPsychovillian Cricket Association are unwilling to commit to a tournament of this magnitude without a full-strength squad. As such, the squad will made public following the extensive trials; however, due to the league season, these may not be for some time.

OOC: A little bit of background - the Bomb Squad are so known because of their initials (CCCC...C4, geddit?). Triela have had a long-standing rivalry with Carson City stemming from their part in the Cola Wars (for which the wiki entry will be up soon), as Carson City have traditionally been firm supporters of Cloaca.
Dorian and Sonya
08-03-2006, 23:15
Dorian & Sonya Announces Cricket SquadWe didnt Know enough people here play cricket to make a full one

Coach: Harland Honorharo

Starting XI:
Openers (2)
Fausto Oberprillar - 6
Sidney Dagnon - 5

Middle Order Batsmen (3-5)
Michal Ezechu - Captain - 5
Lino Laurence - 4
Stanton McCurren -4
Iko Muresso - 2

Wicket Keeper (1)
Gaylord Nwonko - 5

All Rounder (0-2)
Israel Malinak - 5(3 bat, 2 bowl) - spin

Bowlers (2-5)
Edmundo Claude - 6 - fast
Kukler Brenowicz - 5 - spin
Cortez Paratore - 3 - fast

Squad Extras
Erasmo Neisent- Batsman
Filberto Jamqochian - Batsman
Leigh Mulich - All Rounder - fast
Manual Flasher - Bowler - fast

Let me know if this works for my cricket kit.
The Resurgent Dream
08-03-2006, 23:45
Shieldcrest Dreams

Openers (2)

Havgan Parry
Nai Vane

Middle Order Batsmen (3-5)

Baden Ffoulkes
Mbabane Dakin
Ial Flello
Abloc Saise

Wicket Keeper (1)

Kevenard Flood

All Rounders (0-2)

Pabo Haggar

Bowlers (2-5)

Daind Nanney
Abloc Eathel
Ada Ithell

Squad Extras

Padarn Tarvin - Batsman
Sadynfyw Pennant - Batsman
Joscelin Fabre - All Rounder
Fabbrino Innacone - Bowler

Dakin is a captain. Tarvin, Vane, and Saise can also bowl.
08-03-2006, 23:49
While Cricket isn't a widely played sport in Becquerelia, there are many talented players.


Benedict Amrein - can Bowl
Karim Azizi

Middle Order Batsmen

Mohammed Razai - can Bowl
Anthelm Interiano
Paul Stith
Adrian Bastone - can Bowl

Wicket Keeper

John Tiley

All Rounder

Alexis Cadriel - Captain


Sattar Tanah
Javad Abdullah
Victor Grohs

Squad Extras

Acepsimus Lions - Batsman
Hossein Salman - Batsman
Zachary Lorick - All Rounder
Maraes Piccioni - Bowler

(OOC: I know next to nothing about Cricket, but gosh darn it I'm competitive enough to learn.)
09-03-2006, 10:51

Ok, now for the roster/points thing. Because I didn't think everyone would know a lot about cricket, I tried to keep it simple.

You have fifty points to divide over your 11 players. Each player must have a minimum of 1, and no player can have more than 9. So for example, you could have five with 4 points, and six with 5 points. Players with 2-3 points will do notably less well; those with 6-7 points will do notably better. The points determine how good the players are on paper; in practice, there is always an element of chance, and so a player with a high rating can still have a bad day.

For batsmen, the points count towards their batting score; for bowlers, towards their bowling score. The wicket-keeper's points are just for batting, and part-time bowlers (i.e. not bowlers or all-rounders) need no bowling points. For all-rounders, you choose how the points are spread out e.g. an all rounder gets 6 points, 4 for batting, 2 for bowling.

It's up to you how you divide it up, but it's obviously adviseable to have some balance between batsmen and bowlers. The main thing is: no more than 50 points for the team. You can have less if you want, but there's really no point.

If there are confusions or questions, please ask.

Here, as a reference, is Gruenberg's allocation.

Batsmen (Openers, Middle Order, Wicket Keeper)
Figgut 5
Burtz 5
Enchante 7
Trokan 5
Spreinmenger 4
Pinnex 3
Ellalilali 3

All Rounder
Nejjimhio 5 (3 batting, 2 bowling)

Yeg 4
Williganti 5
Klopper 4
The Resurgent Dream
09-03-2006, 19:14
Batsmen (Openers, Middle Order, Wicket Keeper)

Havgan Parry-3
Nai Vane-4
Baden Ffoulkes-4
Mbabane Dakin-4
Ial Flello-5
Abloc Saise-5
Kevenard Flood-4

All Rounders

Pabo Haggar-5


Daind Nanney-4
Abloc Eathel-5
Ada Ithell-9
Vuam and Isma
09-03-2006, 20:28
The Vuam and Isma Cricketer's League has decided to send a Vuam and Isma Collective League XI to Gruenberg.

If Gruenberg were to accept Vuam and Isma's request to participate in the tournament, then Vuam and Isma should inquire upon sevral smaller points :

- Will the teams be allowed to field in colors, or will whites be required?
- Vuam and Isma has a tradition of changing colors during matches. Seen that this measure is used in the Vuam and Isma league as a disruptive action to break the flow of the game, the V&ICL doesn't want to spread this activity during the world cup, but would like to retain the originality that is caracteristic of Vuam and Isma. Could a compromise be found, perhaps one such as allowing V&I to change kits twice during the match, and only when a batsman has been called 'out'? Of course, if teams are to field in whites, then this question is dismissed.
- Will the matches be 1 inning or 2 inning rules? (Vuam and Isma inquires as it is known that certain 50-over competitions include 2 innings whilst other only include 1 inning, such as the Vuam and Isma Leather Ball competition.)

Should these issues be adressed by the GCB, then Vuam and Isma has made a list of 13 players who would be presented to form the first Vuam and Isma national side, and subsequently apply them for visas to enter the Gruenberg territory :

Name Club Points Notes (1) Notes (2)

Starting XI:
Openers :

Henrik Klose South County Gue 3
Mitral Edgemann Ligdonberri 3

Middle Order Batsmen :

Eugene D'Ami Engeisk 3
Anton Del Gallari Clube Di Sporte Mulee 3
Christopher Ston Cricket Patan 8
Toua Njike Ihnehs 9

Wicket Keeper :

Ewan S. Cotance Engeisk 6

All Rounder :

Stephen O'Knib Saint Doran 2 Batting 1 Bowling 1

Bowlers :

Johathan Stun Schlik Multisporte 7 Fast
David Fermanni Hiron Development Sports 3 Fast
Joahan Eming Engeisk 3 Spin

Squad Extras :

Koang Su-hon Newton Heath * Batsman
Derek Ricoigh The Regals Union * Bowler Medium-Fast

The *'s show that their value is equal to those that they replace.

As Vuam and Isma has only a very recent history of cricketing, the average is low, allowing a small number of stars to shine through.
09-03-2006, 20:46

Benedict Amrein - 7
Karim Azizi - 5
Mohammed Razai - 4
Anthelm Interiano - 3
Paul Stith - 4
Adrian Bastone - 4
John Tiley - 3

All Rounder

Alexis Cadriel - 7 (4 batting, 3 bowling)


Sattar Tanah - 5
Javad Abdullah - 5
Victor Grohs - 3
10-03-2006, 00:00
Jorge Marcos, Carson City (Rating - 4)
Joseph Klein, Ellis Island (3)

Middle Order Batsman:
Darren Garza (4)
Steve Carson, Triela (7)
Randy Fuller, Carson City(5)

Sam Webber, Cednia (4)

Hector Lambert, Triela (6 - 4 batting, 2 bowling)
Bryan Cole, Royston Valley (2 bowling, 1 batting)

Tyler Richards, Carson City (8 - Spin)
Richard Wilkinson, Triela (4 - Fast)
Andy McKenzie, Midway Island (2 - Fast)
10-03-2006, 16:05
Thanks. Everyone who has entered is 'in': I will make a separate full IC thread for all the results.

The Resurgent Dream: Your team is 2 points over, at the moment.

Vuam and Isma: You are welcome to participate. Format will be:

One 50 over innings per side, with standard fielding restrictions for the first 15 overs. 10 overs per bowler.

Coloured kit will be needed. As to changing kit, that is something you would be best agreeing on on a match-by-match basis: Gruenberg would have no strong objection to your doing so, but others might.

I will assume your batting order is as you have noted, but you can change it if you like, for example having a wicket-keeper or all-rounder batting higher (e.g. Ellalilali is at 3 for Gruenberg).

EDIT: Gah, final thing I forgot to mention: Please indicate your bowlers' 'styles'. Basically, whether they are fast or spin. For non-cricketers, you would typically have 2-4 fast bowlers, and 0-2 spin bowlers.

For Gruenberg:

Pinnex, Yellsez, Nejjimhio, Nerreian - Spin
Burtz, Yeg, Williganti, Klopper - Pace
Vuam and Isma
10-03-2006, 16:58
As the GCB has adressed all motions the Vuam and Isma Cricket Association thought were important to raise, Vuam and Isma are releasing further information on their squad.

Batting order (and points attributed) :

Henrik Klose : 3
Mitral Edgemann : 3
Eugene D'Ami : 3
Christopher Ston : 8
Toua Njike : 9
Johathan Stun : 7
Ewan S. Cotance : 6
Anton Del Gallari : 3
David Fermanni : 3
Joahan Eming : 3
Stephen O'Knib : 2

V&I thinks that the pairing of Njike and Ston will be the main lead of the middle order. However, Stun and Cotance are also important players.

V&I will try to play their best players on a warm ball, so that batting is most effective.

Bowlers precisions :
Johathan Stun : Fast Seam Bowler
David Fermanni : Fast Bowler
Joahan Eming : Slow Leg Spinner
Stephen O'Knib : Medium-Fast Bowler
Derek Ricoigh : Medium-Fast Swing Bowler

As Stun is the real star of Vuam and Ismian bowling, He will be bowling overs 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 22, 24, 36 and 38. Fermanni and O'Knib will share overs 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 21, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32. Eming, Vuam and Isma's only Spin bowler will play overs 16, 18, 20, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43 and 45. Ricoigh would play the overs of any player he replaces. As for overs 19, 34, 40, 42, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49 and 50, they will be bowled by fielders.

Although Vuam and Isma only play with 4 real bowlers, it's hoped that the Speedy first 11 overs, as well as the hard mix of fast and spin between overs 30 to 39 will kill off the biggest part of the opposition batting. The overs that are bowled by fielders will be bowled in medium-slow pace, without any precise technique. This is expected to bother the weaker players at the end of the batting order, as they will most probably not resemble standard cricket bowling.

(I'm just wondering. How does a batsman or a wicket-keeper fare at bowling? Will they play with "1"?)
10-03-2006, 17:01
(I'm just wondering. How does a batsman or a wicket-keeper fare at bowling? Will they play with "1"?)
The wicket-keeper can't bowl. Batsmen who bowl have a random allocation not exceeding 3, so it is worth having at least 4 main bowlers; you can specify which batsmen will bowl, if you want.
Vuam and Isma
10-03-2006, 17:11
Mark Boucher bowled for South Africa against the West Indies in 2005 I think, and got a LBW... even though he is far better known as a wicket-keeper.

It's unusual... but heck, it can happen.;year=2005;month=5
10-03-2006, 17:15
Mark Boucher bowled for South Africa against the West Indies in 2005 I think, and got a LBW... even though he is far better known as a wicket-keeper.

It's unusual... but heck, it can happen.
Yeah, I know it can happen: Zimbabwe's captain (forgotten his name) used to off pads quite regularly. But the score generator I'm using is quite basic, and it doesn't account for it. For the sake of this, wicket keepers can't bowl.
Vuam and Isma
10-03-2006, 17:17
OK then. It's just that IMO a wicket-keeper would know more about bowling than, say, a middle-order batsman.
10-03-2006, 17:32
OK then. It's just that IMO a wicket-keeper would know more about bowling than, say, a middle-order batsman.
Well, I can make it so your wicket-keeper can bowl, if you want.

The IC thread will be posted in a couple of hours.
Vuam and Isma
10-03-2006, 17:48
I don't want to bother you, so I'll just have Gallari be a kind of Medium Seam bowler. He'll play 7 of the 10 overs. So that leaves 3 "random" fielders.

Let's just have a bit of fun!
The blessed Chris
10-03-2006, 18:14
I'll join if possible please. Team below....


de Willoughby 6
Fitzharrow 5
Pye 4
Edwards 5
Jockly-Harris 3
Forthine 2
Hesseltine 4


Borthwick-Simmons 6
Craig 4
Bancroft 4
van Rahlensberg 7
Dorian and Sonya
10-03-2006, 18:23
I posted a kit that I hope works. If anyone needs a kit, just let me know. From the pictures on Google, Cricket kits vary to all kinds from shorts and t-shirts to polo shirts and slacks.
10-03-2006, 18:27
The blessed chris: Yes, you're in.

Dorian and Sonya: that kit is great. I think I'll make one for Gruenberg, too.
10-03-2006, 18:47
As for my bowler's styles, here they are:

Benedict Amrein - Spin
Mohammed Razai - Fast
Adrian Bastone - Fast
Sattar Tanah - Spin
Javad Abdullah - Fast
Victor Grohs - Fast
CR Oscilloscopes
10-03-2006, 23:22
My allocations...

Kurt Johannes 6
Liam Ruhen 3
Frederick Dermotts 6
Henry Thriesinger 4
Üwe Edwards (W/K) 5
Rhys Reiniger 7 (4 Bat, 3 Bowl) Medium
Adam Neufield 5 (2 Bat, 3 Bowl) Off-Spin
Greg Thryziecki (C) 5 Fast
Benni Umverson 3 Medium-Fast
Ian Thring 2 Leg-Spin
Mickel Farfeld 4 Medium-Fast
The blessed Chris
11-03-2006, 00:46

Borthwick-Simmons 6 (Fast)
Craig 4 (Left hand Chinaman)
Bancroft 4 (Fast Medium)
van Rahlensberg 7 (Fast Medium)