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An Empire of 365 Days (Klatchian, Semi-Open)

Alcona and Hubris
11-02-2006, 22:50
Day Three
Ozy Begins to Clean House
The Presidential Palace ( of the Federated Klatchian Coast had been built on a grand scale. It had been conceived as a place to declare the magnificence of the Federation, but also to seem like it even dwarfed Vrakians. The massive creatures of blubber had easily moved through rooms built for their massive size and weight.
This made the current FKC President seem a bit small for the position. Ozymandias J. Llewellyn was a mere four foot tall grey fox creature who seemed to look like a child in the cavernous spaces. This likely explained why he still was currently residing in his more comfortable house on Cenotaph Hill rather than the contruct of concrete, marble and granite on Parliament Hill. But he was used to the commute actually, Parliament ( sat near the Presidential Mansion. Sir Ozy had spent most of the time since the new constitution being Speaker of Parliament.
The private monorail subway car he was riding slowed and was shunted off the ‘secure’ line onto a private spur that turned under the executive residence. The vehicle slowed as it passed through a set of blast gates into a rather utilitarian subway station. The former king had not used the system much so it tended not to have any decorating funds spent on it, just walls of white tile and a domed ceiling of coffered concrete.
As Ozy stepped onto the platform, a young Colonel in JDF dress uniform saluted him. “Mister President, I have the latest intelligence on the Dyellian problem.” Ozy nodded and held out his hand, taking the rather thick file from the Colonel and reading the status report. Ozy, his four man guard detail, and the Colonel stepped onto an escalator to ride up to the manse.
“So, the Vaadians Foreign Guard split into two…no it appears that the D’regs are moving north and the Foreign Guard is moving east. Apparently the Vaadians support the Cardinal? I thought they didn’t like Catholics?”
“Well they don’t like the Catholic Church, seems they think they are a conspiracy or something. But General Imro is moving in that direction. I suppose to cause Soult more problems than anything.”
“True, but I’ve personally had enough of Vaadian’s demand that we of the Federation bend backwards to fit into their mold, but they can ignore their own moral codes whenever they desire.”
“I want an investigation of who is paying for these Black Hand people. I think it is time we went on the offensive towards Ilek-Vaad. If they thought we were being rude before, perhaps they’ll be a little less so when we have rubbed their noses into their own fluid morality.”
“Er…Yes sir…I thought you like the Naxcha…”
“I do…But besides him, most Vaadians do diplomacy as well as Vrakians do ballet. Unfortunately Vaadians think they do diplomacy quite well.”
The escalator ended in a low, barrel vaulted hall.
“I also see that this unknown bogie wishes to scan the Dyelli Beybi.”
“Correct Sir, and Klatch One allowed it but is trying to keep them away from LOW.”
Ozy nodded in thought, “I hope Himmler thinks that the Var are just being their normal anti-social selves. I really do hope he comes for a visit…”

The group stopped at a wide door. It was guarded by two men in military uniform. Sir Ozy stepped through into a cavalcade of hammering and sawing. A group of carpenters and welders were busily building a substructure in the large pool that filled the massive Presidential Office. The room was D shaped with tall windows looking out onto a private garden, it was finished in an overly baroque style that didn’t seem really Vrakian.
Ozy stopped and looked about the space. Most of the steel tubes that rose up from the bottom of the pool to the height of the surrounding floor were finished. The carpenters were busily attaching the floor joists at the moment, although a few were already laying down the sub-floor at the moment. The finished floor around the pool was a mess of sawdust, sub-flooring, steel pipes, tools, and pieces of a parquet floor.
“I have several messes to see cleaned up before my term is done with, lets see if I can start on them today shall we?”
Ozy stepped through a set of massive double doors into the outer office. The senior secretary looked up from her desk. “Jane, have either of the senior Keys from Vrak or Tanah Burung arrived?”
“No, Mister President…”
“Fine, please send them in when they arrive…”
“Yes Mister President”
Sir Ozy stepped through a smaller door and into a large sunlit room. Normally it was the President’s private breakfast room, but it was serving as Ozy’s temporary office. He sat down at the table turned desk and began to read through a host of files his predecessor had never dealt with at all. Sir Ozy was going to clean up some of those messes.
OOC: This thread is primarily to deal with Klatchian Issues stemming from the Death of King Vrak and the Dyellian Civil war that do not really belong in those threads. It is also somewhat of an election of the Federation thread...note No nations currently have an ambassador to the Federation itself but might to one of the Klatchian States. Most events in this thread occur in Port Olympus and not in Alcona and Hubris. Please don't ask on this thread...
13-02-2006, 16:34
OOC: It's Bad Hand ;)


Information on The Bad Hand was easy to find, they had a very slick website. While it did not give direct access to their leadership it did have an e-mail address and it intimated that it had bases in several locations worldwide, either in now defunct states (Syrique in Africa, Cyberjaya in the South Pacific) or in 'unincorporated areas'.

Any intelligence agency that did perfunctory work could find out that the Bad Hand was owned jointly by Allied Industries LTD, an international energy and construction concern with no less than two thousand locations worldwide and FN-Ilek LTD, arms manufacturers to the Retaliatory Guard owned by the Ilek family in Ilek, Ilek-Vaad. It was also easy to find out that the Bad Hand was a sore point between the Retaliatory Guard and FN-Ilek. The Retaliatory Guard hated mercenaries and often pressured FN-Ilek to drop their joint ownership, something which was discussed, but apparently never happened.

The Bad Hand also reportedly had ties to some poweful Orc Warlords and to the Bendith corporation Tendarus Mountain Co. in Hammerstead, Ilek-Vaad. The Bad hand with it's reputed 250,000 mercenaries currently worked security for several legit and illegitimate businesses, warlords and other 'concerns'.

Their website stated that they were 'Independant Contractors' and would take any legitimate and pre-paid assignment.

Finding who was funding their entrance into the Dyelian conflict, would prove much more problematic.
Tanah Burung
14-02-2006, 03:45
The Bishop was having such a lovely dream when the telephone rang.

"Your eminence, Sir Ozy requires your presence!" It was the unmistakably cheerful voice of the receptionist at the Burungi mission in Port Olympus.

Francis-Xavier Mangunvijaya, Bishop of Burung-yang-membuat-dunia, Senior Burungi Key in the Federated Klatchian Coast, Winner of the Largest Turnip contest three years running, clambered bad-temperedly to his feet. "Well, what does our beloved acting president desire?"

"It was something about a Back Hand, Eminence. Or a Mad Hand. Something hand-related."

The Bishop groaned. Another secret society, no doubt. This was why he didn't read the papers. It seemed as if everyone and their uncle was setting up terrorist groups named after Hands. International politics as a Hindu goddess.

Mangunvijaya shuddered. Too awful to contemplate, that.

He splashed some water on his face, grabbed some vestments and a bag of raisins, and set out for the Presidential Palace. He wished they hadn't fixed the phone lines: this was almost certainly one of those conflicts the Burungi government would wish desperately not to know about.
Alcona and Hubris
14-02-2006, 04:29
(OOC: And it has nothing to do with the Bad Hand, Black Hand, or even Grey Paw)

The Bishop (assuming he was napping in his office) of course only had to cross Parliament Square and then the large triagular swath of grass and trees that was before the Palace. Rather a nice stroll on an autum day, or quite chilly perhaps if you were from somewhere more tropical that Port Olympus.

The JDF guards at the main door didn't even pause to search the Bishop. Security was well enough run that if you were expected, then well no one was going to ask you to identify yourself. Of course he still had to travel through one of the vestibules and into the main hall. The small closet like vestibules served as both bomb and metal detectors, as well as keep the cold air out.

Inside the Palace the Bishop was meet by a teenager who bowed to the Bishop, "Your Excellency, if you would follow me..."

Ten minutes later, and crossing through the huge Grand Hall of the Palace, the Bishop was shown into Sir Ozy's temporary office. The sound of a buzzsaw cut through the room for a moment more and then went quiet.

"Bishop Mangunvijaya, how nice of you to drop by." The four foot grey fox stood and held out his paw to the Bishop, not an Alconian custom, but he thought the Burungi might be more at ease with it.

"Please take a seat..." The grey fox returned to the oversized highback chair he had been using earlier. A descrete look under the table would show he was also using a foot stool to enable him to use the chair comfortably. "...The reason I asked for this meeting with you was to discuss some rather important nominations that need to be made soon, specifically for the Grand Ambassador to Ilek-Vaad."
14-02-2006, 07:59
-So, what do you think?
-It does make sense to meet. Time does not stop just because the King has died. The rite of succession will begin soon enough. Besides, this is an opportunity to still retain some influence.
-Do you mean the chancellorship?
-Perhaps. Until a president is elected it would mean that the chancellor would be the defacto head of the federation. Odd, isn’t it? We have mechanisms in place for all the states to participate in and yet no one seems to be willing to step forward. Elections are basically one candidate who gets in by acclamation. I don’t know what to make of it except that the reforms enacted by our late King have failed.
-Well, there are other states involved in the ministry portfolios. For example, the Minister of Defense is held by New Shiron.
-Hmmmm. I suppose this is what happens when you have a loose federation such as this. Everyone wants to follow their own path and not willing to risk themselves.
-Where does that leave us?
-Well, it could leave us back in charge again. But, I am not so certain this is the path we want. Look at the trouble Sir Ozy is having. Surely, it is more than a coincidence that Timaru and Moskau chose independence when the King died. I doubt very much that they would get away with this while he was alive.
-What of Ilek-Vaad?
-What of them? They are most headstrong, trying to set the agenda of the Klatch.
-That causes me concern.
-Does it? You should worry more about Dyelli Beybi. The Klatch needs a firm hand. Since no one seems ready to lead, it is time we put someone forward to do so.
-What do you have in mind?


The Vrakian Ambassador in Port Olympus was removed. It was basically a quiet show of support for the changes that were developing in the Klatch. Besides, he was essentially useless. In his place, the senior key was given more rope as in accordance with the constitution and in internal changes within the Vrak Diplomatic Corps.

The senior key himself, only informed of these new changes a couple days ago was furiously catching up on news and the Vrakian stance on a number of issues, of which he was already familiar with but now required even greater attention, when the message came straight from the office of Sir Ozy. He cancelled all his appointments and send word that he would be there immediately.

He waddled out accompanied by one aide and a JDF guard. Sniffing the air, he paused and looked at the Presidential Palace before crossing the square to meet with Sir Ozymandias J. Llewellyn. It should be an interesting meeting, especially since he learned that Tanah Burung was also going to be there. Most interesting. Did this signal what direction the interim president wanted to take, especially in foreign policy? He would have to wait and see.

OOC: I'm out of ideas for names. Feel free to make one up. :)
Tanah Burung
14-02-2006, 08:44
"Bishop Mangunvijaya, how nice of you to drop by." The four foot grey fox stood and held out his paw to the Bishop, not an Alconian custom, but he thought the Burungi might be more at ease with it.

ooc: because after all, who wouldn't be placed at their ease by a large fox standing on his hind legs holding out a paw?

The bishop ignored the minion who addressed him in the incorrect form, remembering his first ecumenical council. "Address me as befits a prince of the church!" the Pantocratorian cardinal had thundered. Ah, days of youth.

He was startled out of his reverie by the odd-looking creature who now stood at the head of the Klatch. Hesitantly, he took Sir Ozy's paw, trying to accept this off hand-shaking custom that seemed so popular abroad. He half-expected the fox to offer him tea, but apparently that wasn't on the agenda.

"Thank you for your invitation, what a pleasant surprise," he answered. "Of course i am pleased to discuss whatever you wish."
Alcona and Hubris
14-02-2006, 23:48
ooc: because after all, who wouldn't be placed at their ease by a large fox standing on his hind legs holding out a paw?

OOC: Versus a large walking and talking cow? Hell Bovines ring a bell?

Sir Ozy pondered another door for a second before continuing. "Well, it is my observation that Tanah Burung has the freindliest relations with Ilek-Vaad at the moment. As such I was hoping to name a distinquished Burungi to the Post of Grand Ambassador to Ilek-Vaad. Of course I would like to have some suggestions from the government of Tanah Burung. With the current diplomatic mess they would have to be part of the Burungi delegation to Ilek-Vaad also."

The steward finally appeared and stopped bowing to them both. "Ah would you like any refreshment your excellency?"

An empty vodka bottle rolled out from the door the steward had just appeared from.

Zord Utral, Senior Vrakian Key was likewise meet on the otherside of the palace vestibules by an aide. "Representative Utral, we have been expecting you. The Vrakian Key was led towards the President's Offices without much fanfare. But the building was suddenly working out how to operate as both an executive office. In some ways the former President's reliance on his own Vrakian Ministries and Departments had left the actual Federal Offices somewhat weak and understaffed.
15-02-2006, 09:06
Zord dutifully followed the aide to the sunlit room. He really didn't come out here much at all, mostly because the Vrakians had an ambassador to keep the now departed King updated on matters within Parliament. An odd arrangement and one that Zord is glad to see gone. After all, he is the senior Vrakian key and it is about time that people started respecting that.

He only wondered what other changes were afoot in the mysterious bureaucracy of Vrak. He heard rumors that the Order of Bok wanted to introduce a new Ministry of Rites and downsize the rest of the ministries to just five: Personnel, Revenue, Military, Justice, and Public Works. He briefly wondered where the External Affairs department, which oversaw the Diplomatic Corps, would be accomodated.

His thoughts came to a halt when the aide made the necessary introductions. Zord bowed his head to Sir Ozy and rumbled.

"Zord Utral, Senior key of Vrak at your service."

A turn and then another bow, although slightly less than the one for the fox towards the Burungi.

"Bishop Mangunvijaya. Always a pleasure."

OOC: I'm assuming the two know of each other when in Parliament? I can edit.
Tanah Burung
15-02-2006, 22:41
((ooc: why not? Maybe they share fish sticks every friday.))

Mangunvijaya bowed back to the Vrakian, just low enough that his alb didn't brush the ground. "The pleasure is all mine, your munificence." He re-adjusted his pointy hat and noticed an empty bottle on the floor. He tried to nudge it discretely out of the way. Dribbles of vodka got on his sandle. He noticed his toenails needed a clip. This day was not going at all as he had hoped.

"A cup of tea would be most fine," he said to the steward. "Whatever you have on the go, please don't feel you have to make a fresh pot."

Grand Ambassador to Ilek-Vaad, eh? That sounded like a can of worms. A ticking time bomb. A dirty diaper pinned ogether precariously with sticky tape and bubble gum. Most of all, it would mean trying to smooth the feelings of the notoriously prickly Vaadian government, now confirmed in power and probably bursting with even mreo than its usual degree of, er, self-confidence.

No, he didn't like the sound of that at all. Unfortunately, the foreign minister back in Rumbipura would probably be thrilled. Bishop Mangunvijaya was constantly bewildered by the eternal optimism in the foreign office. They tended to go charging into diplomatic crises, when the msot likelty outcome of such things was almost always to upset both sides. Young Alvaro would probbaly jump at the chance. The boy had always been too eager, running into mass, gobbling the communion wafer instead of savouring it.

"Your offer is indeed generous and far-sighted," he said to Sir Ozy. "I am certain that our foreign minister, Dr. Alvaro Pinto, will give it most sympathetic consideration. Of course you appreciate i can't give you an answer immediately, but the Burungi government does indeed have the privilege of good relations with Ilek-Vaad." He paused and took the plunge. "Why, is the Federation having trouble with the Vaadians?"
Alcona and Hubris
16-02-2006, 00:49
Sir Ozy stood again as the Walrus entered the room. Thank god it had been desgined with the creatures in mind.

"It is nice for you to join us, Zord. At the moment we were discussing a Grand Ambassador to Ilek-Vaad." Zord was well known to the former Speaker of Parliament. After all Zord was the most Senior Key of Parliament, even if Vrak had ham-strung him somewhat with an Ambassador looking over his shoulder.

The steward notice the bottle and picked it up before asking, "Ah anything for you Sir?" to the Vrakian. Taking the final order, the steward vanished discretely carrying the vodka bottle back into the pantry. A moment later there was some loud noises, and then a massive crash of glass.

Sir Ozy ignored the activities of his staff. "Is the Federation having difficulty with the Klatch. The answer is yes, they no longer recognize we exist." Sir Ozy paused here, in some ways he thought it was a humerous statement. "However one of their complaints was a lack of a formal Ambassador from the Federation. I think that the gesture of actually appointing an Ambassador might go to resolving our difficulties. Which is why I would like a list of names to present to Parliament to be confirmed"

He paused for a moment, glancing at Zord, "Do you not agree that by recognizing our own, rather poor showing in this matter and correcting it, we are will demonstrate that we are ready to deal with our other problems?" He stated dryly to both Keys.

Effectively he was pulling the Federation's representation to Ilek-Vaad from the Vrakian Diplomatic Corps to the Tanah Burung Foreign Ministry. Of course considering the rather disasterous handling of Vaadian-Klatchian relations over the past few months by the Diplomatic Corps, it shouldn't be unexpected. The Vrakians had been somewhat preoccupied and apparently had practiced Salutary Neglect on the matter. However it was seriously caustic in the results. Including a rather bad tasting incident with dropping a platoon of the Kings Own onto Vaadian soil.
Tanah Burung
17-02-2006, 00:36
Studiously, with the utmost concentration, Mangunvijaya carefully removed a piece of lint from his sulplice.

Best to let the Vrakian field that question. Speak first, and anger a walrus. It wasn't yet a Burungi adage, but the Bishop thought it might just become one.

Out of the corner of his eye, he observed Zord, the way his flesh seemed to ripple. It was hypnotic.
17-02-2006, 10:33
Zord bowed again and said,

“Well, I suppose it is good that these issues be addressed as soon as possible. Mind you, I don’t think that Ilek-Vaad having a Grand Ambassador would necessarily have prevented this…debacle. They want to keep themselves at arms length yet seek to control the Klatch. Certainly, a long range plan needs to be done to more effectively manage them. I would also say that this has to do with some of the states within the Klatch signing treaties without Parliamentary review. This is a serious matter but I’m sure there even more pressing matters now?

A perfunctory wave.

“As far as selecting a candidate for Grand Ambassador to Ilek-Vaad, we are up to the task as well as our Burungi colleagues. We support you in whatever you decide in this.”
Alcona and Hubris
17-02-2006, 18:04
Sir Ozy nodded, "True, a plan for dealing with Ilek-Vaad would be a wise path. However, I think I need to assemble a team to implement said plan. It becomes a rather chicken and egg senario. Do I assemble a team first or create a plan? I think I shall do the former. Which brings up the next matter."

Sir Ozy turned as a tray of drinks was brought it. Tea was served to Ozy and the Bishop while Zord's drink was placed before him.

"Ah yes, now the second matter is the Chancellorship. As you are well aware, the Chancellor's Office has stood vacant for far too long. Although it will be filled upon the Presidential Election, which will occur within a year.

He paused again, "Until that time I need a second in command. One who can take a firm hand at the Treasury and help me plan my agenda for this short term. I was of course hoping to select a prominent citizen of Vrak who had a demonstratable expereince and leadership within the world markets."

Sir Ozy taketh, Sir Ozy giveth...
Tanah Burung
18-02-2006, 19:36
"What a fine idea!" the Bishop said brightly, looking up from his fiddling. "The wisdom of Vrak in such matters is legendary!"

He sipped the convenient beverage, just enough to be polite. Sometimes he thought it woudl be better to abandon the Burungi diplomatic conventions and drink something other than tea at one of these meetings. He didn't really like tea all that much, though it would never do to let that fact get out.

"On the grand ambassador, do you think there is a chance the Vaadians would refuse to accept one? They are a stiff-necked bunch, and they've already said they won't recognize the Federation even if it's staring them in the face." He wondered again about this non-recognition thing. There it was, plain to see: the Federated Klatchian Coast, enormous and billowing. You'd have to be half-blind not to recognize it.
Alcona and Hubris
18-02-2006, 20:09
Sir Ozy turned and sipped at his tea. It was a quite exquisite, and expensive,loose leaf tea with a natural hint of vanilla and cinnimon.
"We can not do much if the Vaadians decide to play ostrich and stick their head in the sand. We might try more radical approaches later, if they decide to be annoying on the matter, but anything truly effective would likely demand a constitutional amendment. It is my personal thought that we should acheive a diplomatic relationship, but keep them at arms length at the moment."

He paused, "The truth is that the United Duchies is quite like the Vaadian Republic in many ways. However, where Vaadians beleive the world should behave as Vaadians desire. The United Duchies has long beleived in allowing people to behave as they desire, rather than demand our moral code upon anyone else. As long as their actions do not threaten us or our commerce, we tend to leave well enough alone. I must admit that I find the Vaadian attempts to force their morality upon the entire planet quite galling. I would ignore them myself, but their only going to stick their snouts in again. Sooner rather than later I imagine."

He sipped his tea again in thought.
21-02-2006, 07:24
Zord frowned.

"To be honest with you sir, I don't think anyone in Vrak is available to take up the mantle of Chancellor at the moment because of the current situation in our state. Please allow me to explain, although Sir Ozymandias J. Llewellyn is perhaps quite familiar with the Kar Uy Rekuytur."

He shifted his bulk so as to see both more easily.

"The Kar Uy Rekuytur is, basically, a contest between the great houses to see who will become the next king. It was instituted by the King of Vrak's father so as to give an equal chance for potential candidates to vie for the throne. Without going into too much detail, there are a series of, shall we say...'tasks' that each candidate must perform. Feats of physical prowess, intellectual challenges, and endurance obstacles all need to be overcome. At the end, the surviving candidates are tossed into a great pit in which they fight to the death. The winner is then crowned the new king. As well, during the contest each great house, which so happen to be the major corporations of Vrak, send their assassin squads to try and kill rival candidates. I realize that it may sound barbaric, but it is a part of our past.

So, with our state currently preparing for that, well, you see how we can't do much in the way of filling positions within the FKC government itself. Not until the king is crowned. The state is still being run, of course, by the executive arm of the government so threats posed by, say, Scandavian States or the Drakonian Imperium can still be countered. We are not helpless, just going through a succession period.

But we can find someone for Grand Ambassador. I do have just the walrus in mind for that. The Vaadians, although they are indeed stiff-necked, are not really our enemies. What they do need to be reminded of is that the Klatch is not to be trifled with. This would come down to us reacting quicker in a crisis of which some states seem more prone to that others."
Alcona and Hubris
21-02-2006, 17:27
Sir Ozy raised an eyebrow, "I think Zord that I would like a better description of what you just implied..."
21-02-2006, 18:59
Zord blinked and then asked,

"A better description of the Kar Uy Rekuytur or what I just said about some states? I can go on at length about the former but I can assure you it is quite boring."

He shrugged and reached for his vodka.

"As for the latter, well, it is nothing personal but it is due to the nature of the federation itself. This is what our king and former president had to deal with all the time. Part of the attraction of being in this federation is the large degree of autonomy each state enjoys. That can also be a hinderance when it comes to reacting to crisis.

Here, I speak of the several incidents Dyelli Beybi has been involved in. Also, the civil war in Karmanyaka was also unfortunate. This is partially why Ilek-Vaad intervened, although certainly with Karmanyaka they did cross the borders. At that very moment, they should have been smacked down. But..."

A wave with one flipper.

"...that is in the past. What I am trying to get at is that although Ilek-Vaad are good friends with, well, I guess it is now some states within the Klatch, they can't reasonably expect to ignore a nation of over 50 billion sitting across from them. We shouldn't beg for their attention, but only remind them when their interests and ours diverge. Basically, the Vaadians are reacting how they would normally react. They need to be educated more on how the FKC government does things but they may always be impatient in that they don't see results according to how they would deal with a situation."
Alcona and Hubris
04-03-2006, 17:55
Sir Ozy nodded, "Quite right actually...if you keep this up Zord you may get tapped for the next Foreign Minister."

Sir Ozy paused, "As for the position of Chancellor, we will have to see who survives the Kar Uy Rekuytur I suppose."