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Sovereign class experiment

The Fedral Union
07-02-2006, 06:14
Sovereign class
Type: Battle ship
Length: 700 meters
Beam: 240 meters
Height: 88 meters
Decks: 24
Mass: 3,205,000 metric tons
Crew: 700-800
16 Type XII Phased Anti matter arrays (These weapons basicly replace normal phasers on a UFP ship, It fires a highly concentrated beam of phased anti matter towards its target, its one of the most powerful weapons in exitance , it has a high yield and high rate of fire, the arrays on the Sovereign class are located mainly on its saucer section, ventral and dorsal, it has a few arrays located on its star drive, and three on its Nacelle pylons, this covers the ship 360 degrees all around )
8 Quad rapid fire Torpedo tubes located 4 froward, 4 aft.
1 super rapid fire Torpedo Turret located on the ventral saucer section
8 Standard Dual fire Guided missile tubes (2 spinally placed froward, 4 placed on the star drive in a VLS pattern, 2 spinally place aft )
2 swarm drone launchers (! aft, 1 froward)
Universal vibration hull dual connected, 8 M thickness
Shield: dual layered Tycon shield (a Tycon shield basically crates a bubble around the ship, that’s phased, and is folded in to a dimensional time warp)
Deployable Universal vibration ablative Armour hull around the Nacelle and the ship
advanced inter spital transwarp drive
(basically an inter dimensional warp drive, one of the fastest around, it ceiling is un known but it can get from one side of the galaxy to the other in a matter of hours)
Sub light:
Advanced Zero mass impulse drive
anti FTLI:
Field extension drive :
extends a field of manipulated space time, to alow the ship to travel faster than light with out braking the speed of light) (it extends the speed of light)
Warp core:
advanced inter spital warp reactor (it manipulates a space time rift and siphons as much power as it needs form it )
Stealth: Spatial warp cloak

(ooc: NS TFU and II TFU is different ill post a thread about that later on; this just to see what you think)