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Human Powered Hovercraft days [open]

Gun Manufacturers
27-01-2006, 10:11
The Allied States of Gun Manufacturers will be holding a 2 day event to discuss and enjoy human powered hovercraft. There will be a design forum, swap meet, obstacle course, and informal races. There will be hot dogs, hamburgers, side dishes, and soda provided for all participants (there will be vegetarian alternatives), and there will be a live band.

Gate fee is $2 USD.
Gun Manufacturers
27-01-2006, 22:54
Johnny Ioba arrives with his father, pays the gate fee, and starts setting up his hovercraft. Johnny hopes that he can get involved with the obstacle course, which is set up on Lake Ale. He's been working hard for a while, trying to increase his speed and control. He's also hoping to beat his personal best 4 mph (which he accomplished on the pond in back of his house).

A local photographer, here to get a possible human interest stoy for the local paper, snaps a picture of Johnny on his hovercraft.