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Automabile Rebels

Zero - 1
19-11-2005, 14:55
'Our informant is real,' said the Agent Johnson. 'They are planning another shipment.'

'We have their next target,' said Agent Jones. 'A new range is being shipped over from a currently unknown company.'

'Do we have the location?' asked Agent Jackson.

'Yes.' Agent Johnson put his finger to his ear piece. 'Send the sentinels'

On the outskirts of the colony, the dark sector where the slick underground merchant-rebels dwell, a new shipment of Vectra-Thrust engines are being unloaded into originally Machine-Made transports. The irony of this was visible to everyone but the machines.

Judas was a rebel merchant, one of the best in his feild. Legend has it that he survived three sentinel attacks in one night. But myths aren't statistical, which is all that really matters. This task would not be trusted to anyone but Judas. Him and his crew were infamous; they had escaped the pods without aid of rebels. They were self-born. And now they were freeing the industry of all those still encased within the Iron Fist of Zero - 1.

Closer and closer came the sentinels, only a few hours until they locate the underground where business men and women from all over the world were coming for the auction of the new Vectra-Thrust engingines, some of the fastest engines engineered in the world.

Judas began to walk away as the voice echoed the halls. 'Would all those attending the auction please take your seats.'
26-11-2005, 03:14
Mr. Mash took his seat.