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14-11-2005, 15:02
I wonder who created a constitution of his/her country. I'd like to compare it to mine ;-)


Could not upload my PDF :-/
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14-11-2005, 15:10
For a start, you might want to check the ones at You could always add your constitution to the Wiki, too.

EDIT: That said, it's being a little funky at the moment. Keep getting errors. Hmm.
14-11-2005, 17:06
Well, you can always try to read the GDT one.

Can be found by clicking here ( But I warn you - it is very boring and very long ;) And some points will seem gibberish, since you don't really know the history of the nation nor its culture.
14-11-2005, 18:01

I wrote up the constitution for the UNFR, check out the link below....