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Academy for the Gifted (Mutant Character RP)

27-10-2005, 03:51
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The world had continued its spiral downwards as civilization grew more powerful. Mankind had slowly allowed their hearts to turn cold, and learned to care about themselves, and only themselves. It seemed as time went on, more and more people were being shunned from society as it became more closed-minded and disinterested in those who were different from themselves. Despite the growing worldly approach, rather than the national approach, each society was contrasting the other more vividly as each day passed.

There was hope…

A woman by the name of Reina Emmerson had been one of the people shunned from society as being different from the 'typical' person. She had certain characteristics that differed from any normal person. Reina was born with the ability of flight, superstrength, and Intelligence, which makes specific problems easier for her to solve than most, if not all. With this, she has a great way in negotiating with anyone she interacts with, though, with this power comes inner strength to not use it against others she 'debates' with. Despite being a mutant, she has become quite respected among humans and mutants alike, though there are always those in society who have become jealous, or just plain hate the fact that a mutant is involved in human politics. There are also other mutants who strongly dislike Reina, because of her attachment to the human society. It seemed like a never-ending list of enemies when it came down to it. Normally though, mutants wouldn't directly try to attack Reina; they would strike at who she had hope for, her precious humans. These attacks were rare in the past, but in the past few years, they had begun to rise significally, and it was suspected that specific mutants had begun coordinating with each other, or even perhaps forming 'alliances' to destroy specific areas of the human society. The growing danger in the world itself was becoming more and more of an issue within Reina's mind. With so many attacks upon innocent humans, the death toll had begun to rise significantly, and the thought of attacking humans itself was destroying everything that Reina had worked for, that humans would be able to live alongside mutants. Co-existance. At this point though, that option was almost inconceivable.

The scattered souls of the good will come into play... the world must see it fit to fix the balance between good and evil before it's too late...

There was a... balance that was always held with the good mutants and humans who supported them, the humans who disliked mutants, and the mutants who disliked everyone else; though the term 'good' and 'evil' was undefinable at best...

Reina believed that in order for the attacks to decrease once again, something needed to be done. She had also noticed a few mutants, scattered across the world, had taken it upon themselves to do everything that they could to stop the violence between these evil mutants and humans, despite the fact that most humans considered all mutants evil. There was hope that if these forces united, just as the forces of evil had begun to gather together, all would not be lost; thus, the final solution came forth. An Academy for the gifted would be sufficient in gathering mutants together to put an end to this, as well as training those who grow up to learn that they have special abilities. This Academy's main goal was to help these children cope with their abilities, show them that they aren't outcasts and that they have a place in this world, and to help them realize the good that they can do in the world, despite most humans having bad thoughts on anyone who was different from themselves.

For the next few months, Reina, with the aid of volunteers and friends, of which almost all of them were mutants, were able to construct a smaller sized school as the base of what would hopefully become a large Academy. Dorm rooms and the main building were constructed, thanks to the work of Reina, with her superstrength, and Gemini, with her ability to control metal, along with others who simply carried specific objects to the base of operations while these two were busy. After the base of the construction was completed, each person worked on the specifics, such as each classroom, and the technology of the entire building, as well as beds and other necessary items in the dorms. Each classroom was painted with vibrant colors, as it has been proven that the color of the classroom affects each students' mood very significantly. Computers were installed into each room, as well as desks, chairs, and boards for the teachers to write on. The simple things were only necessary right now, seeing as they didnt even have any students yet. The more technological items would be brought in if the Academy became successful.

After the construction of the building, Reina, with her good knowledge of the mutants that have displayed good will towards humans, as well as defending them against others, mainly mutants seeking to harm humans and good mutants alike, sought out others to join her in the Academy as some sort of team, as well as teaching a specific class on a subject that they know quite well. Among the mutants who joined her were:

1) Jason McGinnis, AKA Fury
Sex: Male
Powers: Fire control, Earthquakes

2) Terran Zabilliah, AKA Spirit
Sex: Male
Powers: Shape-Shifting

3) Unknown, AKA Darkstar
Sex: Female
Powers: Telepathy, Mental Projections, Flight

4) Theresa Rourke, AKA Siren
Sex: Female
Powers: Flight, Vocal Blasts

5) Unknown, AKA Feral
Sex: Female
Powers: Animal like reflexes, Agility & Senses

6) Jonathon Greyson, AKA Enigma
Sex: Male
Powers: Energy Plasmoids

7) Gemini
Sex: Female
Powers: Can control metal
27-10-2005, 03:51
Within the Academy, all of the mutants, along with Reina had assembled for their first meeting. It was time to open the school up for the rest of the world. With that, a plan needed to be devised on how to begin recruiting.

"As I see it, television and radio are probably out of the question. If anything, it'll lead certain mutant-hating groups to here. We don't exactly want that. I would prefer if we kept this low key for now, as we start to train new mutants." spoke Reina. "The only problem I can see is that we don't have the opportunity to get this out to every possible mutant out there."

Gemini immediately stood up, looking as if she had the solution to Reina, and the Academy's problem of recruiting new students. "It seems pretty simple to me." she said softly. "Each city has been delegated with a mutant registration. All we have to do is find that registration and talk to each of the students, or send letters since we'll know where they live."

"The only problem we'll have with that is getting this list of registrations in the first place. To do that, we're going to have to break into the Capitol building, access it, and download the list while not causing too much of a distraction. Is that even possible? I mean, good or not, we're going to be breaking into a government office, and the Academy will start off on the wrong foot. Humans will see this Academy as a gathering of mutants who seek to combine powers in their efforts to destroy humans."

At this point, most of the mutants attending the meeting looked back at Spirit, whom was a shape-shifter. Things would be a hell of a lot easier if he could infiltrate the base, and download it himself. It would save the Academy and keep the already fragile peace between humans, Reina, and her allies.

"Alright, alright. I'll do it. I'm not too fond of breaking into government offices, but I suppose I can make an exception..." as Spirit shrugged wearily.

The meeting ended at that point, with the plan of action solved.

Mission: Infiltrate Capitol Building in the heart of the city
- Retrieve the entry code from the security guard.
- Enter the building, and get the access code for the Mutant Registration from the General of the base.
- Find the computer room
- Access the Mutant Registration, download it onto a disk, and get out of the building without causing any suspicion.
27-10-2005, 03:53
Night time had arrived. The sun had fallen below the horizon, and the light had begun to fade slowly. The sky became shrouded with darkness and the clouds had begun to spread out, as if the air were at war with them. Spirit slowly walked through the forest a mile or so in front of the Capitol Building. Unlike the typical Capitol Building, this place was away from society, in its own area in the suburbs. Spirit took his time in getting in the proximity of the building, but eventually walked up to about 1/6th of a mile from the gate. Where he was, is where the guards were patrolling at the time, and one particular guard was assigned at keeping sure the forest was clear. He took a step into the forest, and stepped immediately on a small branch, making a cracking sound throughout the area. The other guard in the area looked over towards him, seen that nothing happened, and went back to his area to patrol. Spirit stood motionless in the time that the guards were on alert for a trespasser, but in their failure, Spirit eased up and began to walk towards the guard, who was oblivious to his presence. He stopped behind one of the larger trees and awaited the guard to walk past him. In what seemed like an entire hour, the guard finally walked right next to the tree. Spirit took advantage of his ignorance of what was really going on, picked up a larger stick, and smashed it over his head, knocking him completely unconscious. Everything was going to plan...

Spirit transformed himself into the exact image of the guard, and continued on back to the entrance where he needed the entry code. As he walked up to the gate, the other guards at the gate began to speak.
"Access code." the guard on the left said.

"Shit, I feel like I have amnesia today, cause I can't remember the code for the life of me. Here's my id just for proof of who I am."

Both guards examined the identification license and peered back towards Spirit. Another minute passed by as they examinedt he details of the ID, and finally, they handed it back to him, and the other guard spoke up.
"The access code is 57720. If any of the supervisors caught you not knowing the access code, you'd be fired immediately, so I suggest that you memorize it this time." as he gave him an odd look.

"Thanks, I owe you one." as Spirit looked back at him very pleased.
First objective completed.

He looked at both of the guards, nodded, and walked up to the code entry pad. Now knowing the code, he typed all five numbers in, with ease, and walked in as the gate slowly opened up. Just as the gate opened up, so did the chances of obtaining the Mutant Registration list. With a little more confidence, he opened the door and walked through the entrance. Seeing a directory in front of him, on the first wall where he faced, he began to memorize it. Just then, one of the other guards walked up to him.

"What're you doing? Aren't you supposed to be guarding the perimeter of the building?"

Spirit stumbled for a response to that question. You would think that he would have thought of responses to any of the possible questions, but the fact is that he didn't think that he would be questioned in the first place. He thought of something really quickly, and spoke. Luckily, it was a decent answer.
"I've received special orders from the Governor Williams' contacts that he needs the list of registered mutants. With all of the attacks that have been happening, he needs to know who could potentially become a threat to the city."

The other soldier nodded, not even questioning his response.
"That's probably a good idea. Here, let me take you to the General."

Genius. Pure genius, he said to himself. Everything was going perfect... perhaps too perfect. Either way, he was going to get this done in a shorter amount of time than expected if all went well. As he followed the other soldier, he took note of all of the rooms he passed and exactly what their purpose was. Each room had a small green label on the side of the door, saying exactly what each room was there for. One of the last rooms that he passed was the technology center.

"That room is probably where I can access the database, unless there's a special computer in the General's office, where I need to locate the file. If I'm lucky, the General will play along with everything and hand it over to me. If not, well, I'll have to result to... drastic measures..."
Third objective completed.

At that point, they arrived at the General's office. He sat there, going through a few files that had been stacked onto his desk. It seemed like he had a lot of work to go through.

"Sir, this soldier is here to see you."

"At ease soldiers. Now what can I help you with?" said the General, in an obviously tired voice. Going through files all day probably wasn't what he thought he would be doing as a General, so he was probably a bit frustrated. I mean, guarding a base that doesn't have too much importance? I bet he didn't see that in his future. Usually, those given the task of General are put to good use throughout the world, sailing and visiting other nations across the world, but in this case, it wasn't true.

"I've been requested to come here, and retrieve the Mutant Registration files for the Governor, sir." Spirit said, with ease.

"And what exactly are they needed for? Is there some sort of action that needs to be taken against them?"

"Not quite, though the Governor needs to know all of the mutants who could potentially become a threat to our city. That way, he can pull up information on them with no trouble, and figure out a way to deter them. Think of it as a pre-emptive strike, without the violence...yet."

The General looked at Spirit very hesitantly. "I've never heard of such a thing. The Governor would contact me in case there was such an emergency. Why on earth would he contact you, a guard?"

Unlike before, he actually thought about this question and how he would answer it. It wasn't exactly the most foolproof answer, but it was worth a shot.

"He seemed like he was in a hurry, as if one of the mutants threatened him. I was directed in front of the gate to retrieve this, and bring it to him. He said that he would wait for it."

"So you mean the Mayor is just sitting in front of the base, waiting for this? Is it that big of a deal?" he paused for a few seconds, staring at the eyes of who he thought was just another soldier. "Alright, it seems logical, though I'm still not sure why they didn't contact me about it." as the General began to lighten up. "Give me your disk, and I'll download it for you."

Spirit watched the General as he went through numerous files, only to reach the Mutant Registration, which was buried beneath a bunch of files for a reason. So that only people who knew what they were doing could get to it. Of course, it was password protected. It took only about a full minute to actually download the file onto the disk. Perhaps there was a significant amount of data on each mutant? Time would only tell. After the download was completed, the General handed the disk to Spirit. Second objective completed. He was walking out of the office when the General spoke to him one last time.

"I think I'll escort you out of the building. I want to see the Mayor, so I can remind him again of the chain of command here in the base."

Spirit stopped in the doorway. This would be a major problem. If the General walked next to him the entire time, it would be quite obvious that he was a fake, and that he would be apprehended. He needed something or someone to distract his attention so that he could go through with his plans. Spirit had an idea of what to do, but it was much easier said then done.

They both walked back down the hallway and into the main room before the entrance. As Spirit continued to walk, he opened the door, and held it open for the General, after which Spirit spoke.

"That soldier over by the side door said he wanted to speak to you about security. He said that he had an idea on what to do to improve our defenses against possible perpetrators."

The General eyed him, then walked over to the guard, not paying attention to what Spirit was going to do. Immediately, he snuck away, seeing as the side door was a decent distance for him to carry out his plan. At that point, he steathily ran back into the forest, where the unconscious soldier had still been laying. At that point, he awoke him with a couple shakes and hits to the stomach, in which the soldier stood up as quickly as he could, looking very disoriented. He looked at Spirit and was immediately shocked at who he was looking at. It was the Mayor himself. The soldier stood up and saluted him.

"No need, soldier. Are you okay?"

"I'm quite fine sir. I'm not sure what happened though. My head hurts..."

"Go talk to the General. He's just outside of the building," looking into the soldiers' eyes, he began to feed him a story. "You must not remember what you did. See, a came up to the gate with a few of my bodyguards, and I requested that you get the Mutant Registration from the General. That is precisely what you did. You retrieved it for me, handed it to me," at which Spirit held up the disk, " and you went back to your post after I had gone inside to discuss a few new issues with the chain of command with the General himself."

Looking at the soldier compassionately, he thought of something that could excuse him laying out cold in the forest. "You know, you should really go to the doctors. Passing out like that isn't a good thing health-wise. Have you had problems with your sugar level? Is there a history of diabetes in your family?" before the soldier could open his mouth, the 'Mayor' had begun to speak again. "Tell the General that you need a break, and that you need to get something to eat. Just remmeber, keep your sugar level stable. I've had problems with that myself, and have stayed on a good food schedule so that I wouldn't have any problems with that."

At that point, the General walked up to the Mayor and looked at the soldier confused.

"I asked you to stay where you were," the General said with an obvious temper flaring up.

The Mayor immediately interjected. "Don't worry about that General. This man needs a break. It's quite obvious that his sugar is too low, and that he needs to get something to eat. I suggest that you pay more attention to your soldiers here. There could be health problems that are quite evident that you need to be aware of."

The General looked very confused, but nodded. He spoke before he left saying, "Have a good night, sir!" then disappeared into the building. Fourth objective completed. Mission Successful.
27-10-2005, 03:56
As Spirit walked back to the Academy, he held a grin on his face for a good amount of time. He's never done something like this before, with his powers. For once, he feels like he belongs somewhere, and that his mission was the backbone of the Academy. Completing this meant that the Academy had a much better chance at prospering, especially with humans knowing little about it as possible. Of course, that'll change, but the Academy will have done nothing hostile against humans, as well as even defending them when the times comes.

As soon as he arrived at the Academy, he walked into the building and went right to bed, putting the disc somewhere safe. He needed a good nights' rest after such an event...

When Spirit woke up, the sun was shining brightly through his window. He sat up, stretched a bit, and immediately remembered to get the disc and give it to Reina. Jumping out of bed, he went over to where he hid the disc and reached in for it. It was still there, thank goodness. He opened his bedroom door, and walked over to Reina's room. Spirit knocked at the door, only to find her opening the door immediately.

"Come in!" she said, with a bright smile.

He smiled back, entered the room, and took a seat in a chair in the corner. Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out the disc and handed it over to Reina. She smiled even more.

"I knew you'd be able to do the job. You were certainly the most qualified for it, and we definitely could not afford having someone mess up the job, and cause a crisis in the city. I'm very proud of you. Now all we have to do is look into the registration and send letters to each of the mutants."

Reina turned her chair slightly and pressed the power button on the computer. Her computer wasn't the fastest it could possibly be, but she was a patient person and quality was more important than speed. The computer loaded up, and Reina inserted the disk into the slot. Within seconds, the file opened up and a long list of mutants were available to research.

The list was more than she ever thought it would be. Hundreds of mutants, all within the city, most posing as humans so that they could live a normal life. Few were known by some of the members of the Academy, and others were known to be cooperating with hostile mutants. The rest just weren't really known, which was understandable, considering how frustrating life would be if people knew, especially where they worked, or went to school.

"You may return to your dorm, or continue on with your day. I'm going to go through the list personally, and select who I should send these letters to. Again, thank you for everything that you' ve done. The Academy can now open because of it, after we get some students to come in."

"It's my pleasure, Reina. I'm looking forward to more missions from you."
28-10-2005, 19:11
2300 hrs, MIRA-7 “Site Q” Near Terraskova/ Euroslavian border

The boy sat in the room, or rather, floated. The camera stared, unblinking at the body as it hovered a few inches off of the padded chair. The room was plain, and practically bare, it was also padded in a downy fluffy beige material.
“What’s he doing?” whispered the techie to the tired and stale-smelling security guard with a heavy 5 o’clock shadow, who was staring unblinking himself, at the small TV monitor on the desk.
“Mmmneh, nothing, just floating.”
“Yeah, see? He’s not sitting on that chair…”
“Oooh yer.”
“Fft. Seen it a thousand times, nothing special.”

What was special was what happened next. During this conversation he floated to the door and vanished from the camera, just vanished. It took 0.05 seconds for the electricity to reach the alarm systems, and from that a further 15 seconds for the first Internal Security forces men to burst from their ready rooms and grab their gear. An audio recording began to blare over every speaker, intercom and Tannoy in the base.

”Project Two three Oh One, return to your Cell immediately, you cannot leave this compound.” A pause. ”Project Two Three Oh One, return…”

The Forces roamed in packs, looking in various rooms and places, even the venting where the Project could have hidden, always in packs of three, nobody went alone when the Project was playing Hide and seek.
All of them, that is, but one.
His name tag hung loosely from his breast pocket, his weapons away and in his holsters. His brilliant green eyes shone in the strobe lighting, he walked steadily down the corridor. A helicopter roared overhead, he rolled his eyes.
They honestly think he’d want to leave? They search the friggen woods, Jesus; they must be scratching their heads over the border, this damn ruckus…
The helicopter died down as is screamed over the trees, its halogen searchlight burning the treeline.

Jeremy peered into a darkened room, he whispered.
“Daniel? Dan? It’s Jeremy, you around buddy?” he clicked a halogen torch on and shone it around the room. He frowned.

The sound of a smash rippled from a door a few feet away from the room that Jeremy was looking in, he spun the torch around and shone it at the door, the brass nameplate glistened in the darkness. “Kitchen”

Jeremy pushed the door open slowly.
The pots hanging above a gas cooker rattled, a sandwich floated in mid-air and a jar of mayonnaise had shattered, leaving sticky white footprints on the lino flooring. The footprints and the sandwich were moving around the kitchen and ducked out of view behind a kitchen counter.

“Dan?” he called as he shone the torch over to the counter.
“Jer-Je-Je-Je” the voice stammered, barely above a whisper
“Yes Daniel, it’s me, Jeremy, you ok?” he spoke gently, and softly.
“W-W-Wanted a sa-sa-sa-sandwi-” the voice stuttered timidly.
“You were hungry?”
“Look, Dan, come out from there, and finish your sandwich.”

A shadow moved from behind the counter, just a darkened shadow, an outline, then it faded in slowly, a boy of around 19, clad in a simple white robe and a pair of plimsolls similarly coloured. Jeremy grinned and clicked a button on his walkie talkie.
“Uh, guys? Found him, he wanted a sammich.”
There was a pause as the other side of the conversation reached Jeremy’s ears.
“Heh, they want you to-”
“Ask next ti-ti-time.” Daniel finished.
“That’s right, come on, we’ll take you back to your room, you cause a bit of a ruckus, and it’s getting late.”
‘Daniel’ simply nodded and walked alongside Jeremy as they headed back down the darkened corridors towards the cell that held him, Jeremy sighed as Daniel rather calmly walked back in and lay down on his bed.
“Night.” Jeremy said as pushed the door shut.
28-10-2005, 20:04
With the letter written by Reina, she sent it to every mutant listed in the Mutant Registration directory. Of course, there was a risk at sending mutants who were obviously hostile towards humans and her Academy, but there really wasn't any other way to do it. She excluded those who she knew of siding with her enemies, but for the most part, she sent out letters to those listed.


The Academy for the Gifted

Right now, you're probably wondering how this letter got to you. We won't go into that, but what we do know is that you're a special child. There is a certain something about you that makes you different from the rest of the other humans out there. You have special powers. These powers have often made a lot of you outcasts in your area, and for that, I apologize on behalf of the entire human race. They fear what they do not understand. But you have a special gift, one that could benefit not only yourself, but the entire world if used in the right ways. I am sending you a letter right now to inform you of the "Academy for the Gifted", which is a school I am personally opening for people similar to you. People who have been rejected by society, and those seeking to find a place to truly belong. Here, you won't have to worry about being the only child with special abilities. Everyone in this school will have that special something about them. Here, you will learn how to control your powers, and to use them for the good of mankind, despite the fact that they hate you. If we can all work together, we can one day hope for humans and mutants like us to co-exist peacefully, helping each other out whenever possible.

That is why I ask you to join us in the beginning of our first school year. Here, you will learn everything that you would normally learn in any other school, the basic subjects. You will also be divided into separate classes depending on your special abilities, and you will learn how to control them, as well as to use them for good. If you are interested in coming here, there is a dormitory in which you can stay here, at no cost to you. Consider this as a refuge for those who have become outcasts of todays' society. If you truly feel like you need to find your place in the world, come here, and we will do our best to teach you and show you as much compassion as anyone deserves, no matter who you are or how different you may be.

With Hope,
Reina Emmerson,
Headmaster of the Academy for the Gifted

28-10-2005, 22:09
The Acadamy For the Gifted (front enterance)

Jason Harrison stood in front of the building with his grandmother Amber Brownstone standing right behind him, at least that is who he thought she had been. It had only been a week since these strange powers awoke inside of him... He had found that he could control gravity itself, make anything light as a feather or crush it into nothing by increasing the weight of gravitic force itself, this power had also given Jason the gift of flight... But these gifts were chaotic and just barely under control.

And then there was his Grandmother. Amber had witnessed her grandson's transformation and had just barely saved him from capture by the Mutant Hunters. During that time dormant powers and memories that had been supressed since 1979 had awakened. Amber Brownstone's real name was Carrie White, the girl who's telekentic hellstorm had destroyed a town in Maine and had brought to the public light "The Mutant Problem".

Carrie White had been presumed dead but this was far from the reality, in truth she had faked her own death and fled to California and started a new life there and somewhere along the way she had forgotton everything, the power, her memories, her psychotic mother, everything.

Until now...
28-10-2005, 23:02
The twins, Alexander and Alexandra lived at a university campus, and were surprised when they received the letter, about the Academy for the Gifted. Alexander, or as he went by, Alex, was a first-string quarterback, point-guard, and forward on the foot-ball, basket-ball and hockey teams respectively. While his marks were borderline, and kept there only by intensive tutoring from Alexis, Alexandra's prefered name to be called by her brother, he had a full scholarship. He was also a 'big man on campus' even thought he was only a freshman.

Alexandra was Alex's polar opposite, being one of the most unathletic students ever to attend university. She was also one of the most brilliant students ever to attend, with a quadruple major, in quantum physics, micro-chemistry, micro-biology, and general engineering. On top of this quite prodigious course load, she was a teachers aid in first year physics, and chemistry. Like her brother, the older of the two, she also had a full scholarship, but for diametrically reasons.

Having read the letter, they decided that it couldn't hurt to at least examine this AftG. They did have some measure of control over thier abilities, as well as the discretion to use them relitively inconspiciously. Pulling up in his midnight blue Jaguar, the two noticed two others standing at the gate. Getting out, with Alex taking the lead, they walked over to the two, and he asked, "Are you here in regards to the Academy? My name's Alex, and this is my sister Alexandra." He offered his hand to the two.
28-10-2005, 23:10
"I'm Jason, and this is my Grandmother," The lean and yet muscular 16 year old said as he turned around, Jason then brushed a few loose strands of blond hair out of his face before shaking Alex's hand. Amber/Carrie who had been lost in thought during all of this was then nudged by her grandson with a slight push of his power.

Amber/Carrie then shook herself out of her dark memories and then shook Alex's hand and replyed, "I am Carr... Amber Brownstone," Amber/Carrie said with only a slight studder before saying her asumed name instead of the one that she was only now comming to grips with. Amber/Carrie then smilled and seemed even more the sweet grandmother that she was. She ran her fingers through her thick (but very white) hair and then said, "So you got the letter too I see."
28-10-2005, 23:45
"Yes we did." Alex replied, "Please forgive Alexandra, she isn't very social, especially out side her element."

Alexandra was standing behind, and slightly to the side of Alex. She was almost completely obscured behind her muscular, tall, and if you asked the females at the university, from freshmen to teachers, gorgeous, brother.

"Are you both, mutants or just you Jason?" Alex asked
At the stutter, Alexandra was tempted to read Carrie's mind, but social convention and etiquette prevented her.
28-10-2005, 23:54
Nexlon leaned against the outside of the academy, observing and eavesdropping on the two twins, Jason, and Amber. He was a quite-looking fellow, slim, dressed all in black, his creepy dark eyes intently watching the scene before him. Besides Amber, he was the oldest one here. Hmf. He wondered exactly what these...Kids could do.

Of course, Nexlon wondered the same thing about himself, which was the very reason he was here; it was not like he knew the full scale of his powers either. His recent career as a private eye was not going very well anyways; he had decided to start to attend this academy as soon as he had gotten his letter. Nexlon was still curious about how this school had found him, but he didn't really need to focus on that now.

Nexlon was a novelty item in the world of mutants. His unusual powers of Suppression and Amplification removed him from most of the usual combat situations that the other mutants experianced on a daily basis. Of course, his abilaty to shoot electricity from his hands and his deadly hand-to-hand skills were not to be ignored, but these were nothing compared to the powers of other mutants.

Instead, Nexlon had learned to be a puppetmaster. Whoever he supported in a conflict would usually win it-all he had to do was enhance his choice's powers and Suppress the opponent. A backhanded stratagy, but one that had gotten Nexlon far in life. As he viewed the people who would be his classmates, he wondered who would make the best allies, who was the strongest among them, and who would be the easiest to use.
28-10-2005, 23:56
Jason replyed in a soft voice "We both are." But at the same moment Amber/Carrie focused all of her attention on Alexandria.

"Don't you even THINK of trying to read my mind little girl," Amber/Carrie snapped at Alexandria, "Don't deny it either, I felt you dip into your power, try that with me and I'll turn you inside out and feed you to the dogs." All presence of the sweet grandmother were gone, at this moment all one could see was an enraged elderly woman who seemed to brim with telekinetic power.

Around the group small pebbles and stones began to roll around on the ground on their own without anyone doing a thing to them.
29-10-2005, 00:06
Rafael had found a small clearing, about a mile from the school, to park his car. He opened the door, and began the hike through the woods. In no time at all, he reached a small hill, overlooking the edge of the woods. He saw four people meeting near the entrance, and one watching them from the shadows. He concentrated on the space behind Nexlon, and willed his being there. When he opened his eyes, he was standing behind the curious man. He silently leaned over, and blew in his ear.
29-10-2005, 00:16
Alexander bristled at the insult directed at Alexandra, "And how do you know she wasn't talking to me, old lady. Also, if you insult my sister again, you'll be lucky to be eating thought a straw."

As Alexander defended her, Alexandra used her own telekinesis to quite the rocks, while her telempathy to read Carrie's emotions, and to find the emotional reason for her touchyness. As it wasn't telepathy, a telepath could not realize what was being used, without reading the Empath's mind.
29-10-2005, 00:18
A solitary spark of electricity moved down Nexlon's arm as he felt the air brush against his ear. Someone had sneaked up on him. That took skill. He looked behind him and relaxed as saw who it was. Just some kid who was playing childish games.

"Sorry," He said, "But I'm not particularly amused."
29-10-2005, 00:26
"I'd be careful about what your saying if I were you." Jason snapped at the muscle-head Alexander, he then focused his untamed powers on Alexander, causing where he stood to increase by ten times normal gravity, which would make movement very difficult for all but the most strong. "I can cause you to be crushed by your weight, so if you DARE threaten my Grandmother again..." he left the threat unsaid.

Amber/Carrie meanwhile turned her attention inward, trying to still the tide of memories of what history called "The Black Prom" from becoming expose to the telepath.

"No... No... No..." Amber/Carrie thought to herself over and over, trying to keep the sense of horror and pain and fear from consuming her. The only image to leak out was of herself in a mirror as a teenager, in her red prom dress with her crown, covered in pigs blood.
29-10-2005, 00:35
Alexander shrugged, "I hear your words, but I fail to see your threat." He commented as he felt a somewhat increase, but nothing really bad, thought his feet dug about three inches into the pavement.

Alexandra felt Carrie's fear, horror, and pain. Using her empathic skills, she began siphoning off the negative emotions from the older woman.

ooc: The Black Prom?
29-10-2005, 00:39
Rafael smiled and extended his arm. "The name's Rafael. Rafael Channing."
29-10-2005, 00:46
"Fine, then watch this." Jason began to increased the gravity around Alexander to over 200 times what was normal, most people wouldn't survive 100 times increase.

Strangely Amber/Carrie began to feel better, on pure instinct Amber/Carrie grabbed and then shook Jason's shoulder to break his consentration, "Stop you'll kill him."

With his control gone, gravity flipped itself around Alexander and went to Zero G. Amber/Carrie then said, "Calm yourself, or you'll send Alex into outer space like you did... The rest of the family." Amber/Carrie then shuddered as a new wave of sorrow, unconnected to her teenage years began to fill her again.

OOC: It's what Stephen King called what happened at Carrie's prom (I based the character loosely on one in his book Carrie
29-10-2005, 00:51
Rafael smiled and extended his arm. "The name's Rafael. Rafael Channing."

Nexlon was motionless and silent for a moment; he then took Rafael's hand.

"Nexlon. Just Nexlon." He paused, then stated the obvious. "Your speed is impressive."
29-10-2005, 00:54
Alex was beginning to feel the weight, as he'd been driven almost half a meter into the pavement, it being softer than he was. He began working on dislodging himself from the ground.

Meanwhile Alexandra was having trouble dealing with the mass of emotion, it starting to overload her present empathic ability.

ooc: Ah, never read it, not much of a King fan.
29-10-2005, 00:56
Rafael smiles. "What are you doing, lurking in the shadows, when the others are having so much fun?" He extends his arm, pointing to Alex, being sucked into the pavement.
The Most Glorious Hack
29-10-2005, 00:58
The dorm room was empty, much like it always was at this time of the day. Most of the other orphans were outside, playing games, beating up on each other, or looking for a private place to neck. Free time was one of the times that Elizabeth truly hated; then again, every day was little more than moments of anguish rolling into dispair, rolling into dread. She hated it here, she missed her parents, and she hated being different.

Her parents had died a couple years ago, and her powers first manifested not long afterwards. The first time had been on her second night in the orphanage; a group of fellow wards had decided that they didn't much care for the shy girl prone to crying and had started picking on her. Name-calling turned to dirt clod throwing, turned to rock throwing. The first couple rocks missed her, it was when one slammed into her arm, causing her to cry out that everything went wrong. Curled up in a fetal position, she wasn't really aware of what happened, but she was later informed that further rocks thrown at her stopped dead about a foot away, dropping to the ground as if stopped by some kind of shield. When one of the leaders ran up to throw a rock directly at her, he was sent sailing through the air, into the infirmary. Literally.

She gained total pariah status after that. While being left alone was nice, being viewed as a hated outcast made coping with the death of her parents even more difficult. The counsilors wanted little to do with her either, which meant her only interaction with people was in class (where everyone, including her teachers, pretended she didn't exist) and during meal times -- where she was again treated as a non-entity.

To say she was shocked at the arrival of the letter would be a major understatement. She read it several times, curled up on her bed, holding the only reminder of her previous life: a plushie Gnoph-Keh. She wasn't so sure about all this 'peaceful coexistance' tripe. It made her think of rich people talking about helping the poor; it was easy to be high minded when you had everything. Still, the prospects were better than what she was likely to encounter if she was to stay put. She could probably sneak out after hours; she probably wouldn't be missed, and if someone did notice, she doubted they'd look very hard for her. She looked over the letter again, wondering how she'd make it to the school. She didn't even know her way around the city, let alone the outskirts. Besides, she had no money and no transportation. She sighed and curled up under her blanket. It was another one of life's cruel jokes.

She tried her best to forget about the letter. There was nothing she could do about attending such a school, and it was probably just a prank being played by one of her fellow orphans. After all, why would such an important sounding school want anything to do with her? Free room and board? Unlikely. She had no family either, how would anyone know she existed, let alone have any interest in her? Better to ignore it and just try to get on with life. Such as it was.

Still, she couldn't forget about it. The letter was always in the back of her mind, and she constantly thought about it. It was too much to hope that she might be accepted, but she'd even settle for hated; just as long as someone would take the time to acknowledge her existance. Her mother had once told her that indifference was the opposite of love, as even hatred required emotional investment. As the months had ticked by at the orphanage and she continued to be treated like she didn't exist, she couldn't help but believe that her mother was dead on.

One night, she decided that she'd had enough. After bed check was complete, and the others in her room were asleep, she got dressed, pocketed the letter and grabbed her plushie before carefully sneaking out of the dorm. While she couldn't explain it, she found herself knowing when the lone security guard was away from his council, and she used that to slip out the front gate while he was in the bathroom.

Of course, escaping was only the first of her problems. She still had to get to the school. That was rather more complicated as she still wasn't sure where on earth she was supposed to go. Well, that wasn't totally true, she had a vague idea, and that was how she started. Taking a moment to get her bearings, so followed her instinct. North it was.

The walk was not enjoyable. While she had managed to get help every now and then from people she felt she could trust, she had been too nervous to accept rides, so she had to walk the whole distance. By the time she finally came within sight of the school, she looked even worse than usual. Taking a few minutes to catch her breath and decide if she really wanted to go up to the gates, she sat on the side of the road about a block away, holding her Gnoph-Keh.
29-10-2005, 01:00
Jason struggled for a few moments as he tried to take back control of his chaotic power, but managed to returne gravity back to normal in a few moments.

"Now I apologize for what I said to your sister Alexander, but I don't take to being invaded." Amber/Carrie said to Alexander before turning to her grandson and saying, "Now you apologize to Alexander for letting you temper get the best of you." Her tone boke no argument.

"Sorry." Jason said in a huffy voice, clearly not meaning it.

Amber/Carrie meanwhile did a few breathing exercises to calm herself down. She then noticed the two men Nexlon and Rafael nearby.
29-10-2005, 01:00
"Oh, you know. Just watching. I would prefer to know the abilaties of my future classmates before I tangle with them. What are you stalking around for, anyways?"
29-10-2005, 01:12
"You know, that is an excelent question."
Rafael closed his eyes, concentrating on a space near the twins, and Jason and his Grandmother. He willed his being there and opened his eyes. "Yo."
29-10-2005, 01:21
Jason struggled for a few moments as he tried to take back control of his chaotic power, but managed to returne gravity back to normal in a few moments.
"Now I apologize for what I said to your sister Alexander, but I don't take to being invaded." Amber/Carrie said to Alexander before turning to her grandson and saying, "Now you apologize to Alexander for letting you temper get the best of you." Her tone boke no argument.
"Sorry." Jason said in a huffy voice, clearly not meaning it.
Amber/Carrie meanwhile did a few breathing exercises to calm herself down. She then noticed the two men Nexlon and Rafael nearby.
"Sorry for insulting your grandmother," Alexander apologized, after some prompting from Alexis.

Meanwhile Alexandra mopped up a bit of sweat from her brow, dealing with all that negative emotion was draining.
29-10-2005, 01:22

Nexlon strided towards the group-obviously at a much slower pace than Rafael-and gave a small, jerky wave to the assembled persons. He hadn't wanted to get noticed so soon, but what happened happened. He couldn't do much about it.

Nexlon looked at the twins, giving them each a small nod. He did the same for Jason and Amber.
29-10-2005, 01:33
Both Jason and Amber/Carrie waved and gave polite hello's to Nexlon and Rafael.

Amber/Carrie then thought outloud, "I wonder who else is going to show up?" As her grandson used a window for a mirror to get a better look at his beautiful face.

"I wish I had a comb." Jason thought as he tried to get his hair to look just right. Vanity was Jason's biggest flaw, everything was based on his own apperance in comparison to everyone elses, except for his Grandmother, she was the only one immune to his visual judgement.
29-10-2005, 01:37
"Who are you two?" Alex asked the two new comers.

Meanwhile Alexandra sent a message to Carrie, "Your grandson is a bit of a poppin-jay, isn't he?"
29-10-2005, 01:37
Rafael smiled, and put a hand into his coat pocket. He retreived a jet black comb, and offered it to Jason. "The name's Rafael. Rafael Channing."
29-10-2005, 01:42
"Nexlon. Just Nexlon."

Nexlon focused his dark eyes on Alex, examining him closely. He thought that it might be quite hard to get a grasp over either of the twins without getting a hand on both of them; Alex was obviously very protective over his sister. The same could be said for Amber and Jason.
29-10-2005, 01:44
Amber/Carrie smiled at Alexandria and sent a reply, "I'm the first to admit to my grandchild's excessive vanity. But change has to come from him, I can't force it on him."

Jason continued to admire his favorite thing in the world, his reflection.
29-10-2005, 01:47
Alexandra sent an parodisical mental picture of Jason, as well as a mental chuckle.

"So, what are everyone's powers or abilities?" Alex asked the others.
29-10-2005, 01:53
Amber/Carrie was smiling as she replyed, "I'm telekinetic, and I am also telepathic." She then nudged her grandson to get his attention.

"I can manipulate gravity." Jason said hurriedly, "I can increase or decrease gravity at will, I think... If I had better control I could fly." Jason then blushed in embarcement at admitting his lack of control
29-10-2005, 01:55
Nexlon hesitated. It wasn't like his classmates wouldn't find out what he could and could not do, anyways.

"Amplification and Suppression, as well as minor electrical powers. I can make you ten times stronger than you already are, or render all your powers useless, even if it only lasts a few moments."
29-10-2005, 02:01
Rafael chuckled to himself. He began to run around the group in circles, going faster, and faster, untill he was only a blur.
29-10-2005, 02:03
"Ah," Alexander replied, "I have increased strength/speed/endurance/toughness, and senses, can climb shear surfaces, and regenerate."

"Alexandra is a Empath, Path, Kinetic, and can use limited Meta-Creativity." He added, as she shrunk slight behind her brother. She really wasn't a social creature, and disliked the vibes off Nexlon.
29-10-2005, 02:05
Nexlon sighed. Yup, definetly a juvinile delinquent. He concentrated for a moment; his eyes suddenly went from black to a bright white, negating Rafael's incredible speed to only a quick jog. Nexlon only held the stance for a few moments before his eyes faded back to black and Rafael regained his quickness.
29-10-2005, 02:08
Rafael skidded to a halt. "What the fuck do you think you're doing!?" Rafael charged at Nexlon, moving to hit him in the face as hard as he could; which wasn't very hard.
29-10-2005, 02:08
Amber/Carrie smiled and sent a message to Alexandria, "I don't know about you but there is something about Nexlon that isn't quiet right. He bears the need to be watched closely."

Jason had for the moment turned back to his reflection in the windowglass, he then began to contemplate his perfect skin texture and color.
29-10-2005, 02:15
"I get something wrong off him as well." She replied

Alex speed forward, and while not as fast as Rafael, was still plenty fast. "Now now, no hitting fellow students, or those who could be fellow students." He said, "Unless you want me to start hitting as well."
29-10-2005, 02:18
Nexlon grumbled. And he had hoped to get on Rafael's good side. Well, this was how most mutants reacted when they lost thier powers. He wondered how much more he could prod Rafael without him getting really angry.

Nexlon managed to supress Rafael's speed again just before he was hit in the face, giving him a split second to dodge. The punch instead caught him in the shoulder, spinning him backwards into the pavement. He grinned as he got up and brushed himself off; a swirl of electrical energy began to gather in his hand.

"You want to take this further, Rafael? Becuase I don't mind at all."
29-10-2005, 02:20
Rafael again closed his eyes, concentrating on the area behind Nexlon. He willed his being there and opened his eyes. Damn, there has got to be a faster way to do this...
29-10-2005, 02:22
Alex quickly figured out where Rafael ported, and interposed himself between the two again.
29-10-2005, 02:27
"You know, you are quite bothersome."
He calmed down, and began some breathing techniques he'd learned to calm himself.
29-10-2005, 02:29
Nexlon quickly recognized the name of the game that was being played here. Relaxing his electricity, he concentrated on Alex. Instead of turning white, his eyes blazed blue.

"Don't worry if you feel strange, Alex. It's amplification. You should now be a few times faster and stronger than you usually are."

He paused as Raphel slowed down to a stop; he released Alex from his Amplification power. He felt good, like a chessmaster moving pawns around a board.
29-10-2005, 02:31
"And what is the point of that?" Alex asked, "Do you really think Alex will do your grunt work?" His voice had a slightly odd, almost feminine tone to it.

Alexandra was meanwhile concentration on her brother.
29-10-2005, 02:33
"I'm going to get some grub... Anyone wanna come?"
29-10-2005, 02:35
"No, no. What do you take me for, a fool? I would be willing to help you and your sister out, Alex, in exchange for something else on your part. But those sorts of things can be discussed later. For now, lets stop all this bickering."

Nexlon cracked his knuckles and relaxed, Then looked at Raphel.

"Sorry about what I did. And yes, I am feeling a bit hungry."
29-10-2005, 02:38
Jason then looked at his Grandmother and reminded her, "We haven't had anything to eat since last night." "Let's knock and see if they will at least open the door since we've been standing out here all this time." Amber/Carrie responded as she moved towards the door.
29-10-2005, 02:39
Alex shook his head, thought whether it was to clear his head, or in negation was unknown.
"I wonder if they'll let us in?" He commented
29-10-2005, 02:42
Rafael approached the door, and lifted his hand. He banged on it three times.
29-10-2005, 11:38
It was quite unusual for the letter to have appeared in the mailbox at Site Q that morning, however, it confirmed one thing to Jeremy. Daniel had been kidnapped and brought to Site Q because he was had these… powers.
After all this time, trying to harness his power, MIRA-7 had foisted off the problem to someone else.

Somebody more competent, no doubt. Jeremy mused as he turned down another street in the city. The Car was a typical Midlonian State-car, large, black, and looked like it was straight out of the 1950’s, but it’s Hydrogen engine hissed as it coasted silently down the streets in direct contrast to the noisy clanking cars.

It had been simple enough getting across the border, simple excuses, saying Daniel was a preist off to greet the masses in a church somewhere or other, the border guards let them on through with a wave and a smile. Daniel had demanded Jeremy come with him, and the MIRA-7 leader had merely nodded and allowed him to-

‘G-Girl…’ Daniel suddenly spoke.
‘What’s that Dan?’ Jeremy, his train of thought suddenly broken, looked at Daniel in the rear view mirror, he was staring right back, his brilliant green eyes remarkably consistent for a change.
‘G-Girl, cuddly toy.’ Daniel frowned, took a deep breath then tried coherent Midlonian.
‘G-Girl, Special girl, for the academy, she’s cuddling a toy.’ He looked at Jeremy in the mirror, then his eyes flicked down and he pointed.
‘There! Her!’ he said, almost excitedly.
Jeremy peered down from the mirror and saw a young girl, her clothes were muddy and her hair was a mess, and she was holding a toy-tank of some sort.
‘You sure?’ Jeremy raised and eyebrow and glanced at Daniel again.
‘Y-Yes! A-Academy girl! She wants to go to the A-A-A-Ac-’ Dan's face had begun to go red as he tried to pronounce the words.
‘Ok Dan, calm down, I’ll go ask her.’ Jeremy sighed as he indicated and pulled in close to the girl.
‘Just wait here, ok?’ Jeremy looked at Dan in the mirror again, Dan merely nodded.

Jeremy opened the door, got out and buttoned up his great coat and lifted his hat a little more so his face could be seen, he approached the girl slowly and coughed to get her attention.
‘Um, Hi, err, look, I know this might seem a little weird, but are you heading to the academy? My friend in there seems to think that you’re headed there. Um, do you want a ride?’ he smiled a little and motioned to the car behind him. ‘My name is Jeremy by the way, what’s yours?’
The Most Glorious Hack
29-10-2005, 12:26
The girl was the very picture of a a street urchin. She looked like Hell; the uniform she had been given by the orphanage was indeed caked in mud and her hair was stringy and oily. She was in her middle teens, but looked like a frightened girl almost half her age. She clutched the tank possessively, and it was surprizingly well cared for. Despite the mud on her body and clothing, the tank was actually quite clean. After a closer look, it was clearly based on a large vehicle with a pair of secondary turrents. The stuffing had had a rough life and the main barrel wasn't as full as it once had been, but it was still in far better condition than her general appearance would suggest.

She had sensed them coming, of course, she had just expected them to zip on by like every other car had. People didn't want to stop to help the poor, and stopping for a young girl like Elizabeth would only result in massive guilt: anything short of taking her home would seem insufficient. Far better to just pretend you didn't notice. When the car actually stopped, she was worried; afraid that Bad Men might be inside. On the other hand, she almost welcomed it: at least it would be something.

When Jeremy stepped out, she was surprized; he seemed nice enough, and the feeling she got from him was one of general safety. Or at least he was benign. And he did seem to know both about the academy and the fact that she was trying to decide if she should go. She looked up shyly at him, her hair largely hiding her face, "I... I'm Elizabeth..." Her voice was very soft and almost on the verge of breaking, "Um... y-you're going to that house?" She frowned uncertainly before nodding slowly and standing up, "Th-thank you." Recoiling from any attempt at contact she sullenly followed him to the car, clutching her tank even more tightly.
29-10-2005, 12:50
Jeremy smiled and opened the rear door and motioned, Daniel had slid across the the other side and looked at Elizabeth.
'Well, arriving in a little bit of classical style never hurt anybody, oh, this is Daniel. He's a bit like you, I think.' Jeremy glanced at Dan, he was remarkably calm, but concious, normally he'd have been twitching, or something but weirdly he looked as though he were just an everyday person in a strange white robe. Daniel looked at Elizabeth.
'H-hello, El-El-Elizabeth.' Daniel stuttuered and managed a half-faced smile. Jeremy closed the door and moved around to the front, he hopped in and took the car steadily down to the Academy.

'Where you come from Elizabeth?' Jeremy casually asked as the block slowly vanished and the academy loomed closer. 'And, sorry to say this, but you look like you've been through hell. Hope you can get some nice clothes sorted, and failing that, I'm sure there are plenty of shops around.' he began to pull the car up to park near the academy, and noticed a few other people waiting there, some seemed to be openly hostile and busy displaying their powers openly on the streets rather than trying to keep quiet and subtle as the letter seemed to suggest.
Jeremy frowned. 'I think we'll wait in the car until the gates open, don't you?' he muttered and killed the engine, he then reached across and clicked on the radio, soft classical music gently filled the car.
Daniel closed his eyes and sighed, immersing himself in the music.
29-10-2005, 17:17
With the letters out, and the arrival date to be today, Reina and the rest of the mutants within the Academy prepared for their new guests. They each took a few tasks and began working on them. Reina gathered a few larger tables and carried them over to the dining hall where the commencement ceremony would begin. Gemini gathered the silverware and skillfully set them at each of the plates, using her mastery over metal. The dining hall was looking better by the minute. When each of the tasks were ready, all of the mutants gathered in front of the doorway of the Academy, ready to greet those who had arrived, or were arriving at this very moment. The time was 11am, which is exactly when the letter said they would begin welcoming guests.

"So, this is it. All of our hard work is going to be put to good use after we see who all arrives here today." Reina looked all over the room, at everyone who was standing there today, and she smiled at them. "I want to thank all of you for your help for the past few months. I couldn't have done this without you. Now, this is going to be a hard year, figuring out exactly where to go with each of the classes as well as training each of the mutants on how to handle their powers. I suppose that's something that we need to figure out as they arrive, and adapt from there."

Feral stepped forward, towards Reina and began to speak, with a conpassionate voice and a soft smile. "I couldn't be more happy teaching at a refuge for those who aren't welcome in the typical society. Trust me, I know that all too well." as Feral looked down towards the floor. She was a mutant who not only had special powers, but a special appearance. Feral's skin was orangish-red, which was lizard-like, and a tail. She was the same height as any typical human, but she was quite different in appearance.

Fury took a step next to Feral, and put his arm around her. "I can't say I know exactly what you went though, but I wasn't exactly the most popular kid in my school. I couldn't control my powers, and accidently set the school gym on fire in my sophomore year. I dropped out of school after that, because of all of the torture I got for it. It was an accident, but they didn't care. I was ...different..."

Fury was now in his early twenties. He was approximately 6'1, 170lbs, muscular, which was a huge change from when he attended high school. He used to be a tall and skinny fellow, but he began to workout to get rid of his frustration over the accident that occured.

Siren stood next to both Fury and Feral and said nothing. She was considered one of the most beautiful people of her classes a few years back, and was quite popular. Siren had nothing to worry about with using her power in school, seeing as her power is vocal blasts, in other words, screaming that pierced into the minds of others who heard it, rendering them unable to fight back for a period of time. Since high school, her beauty has increased tenfold, but her compassion remained as effective as her looks, as she regularly volunteered for many different jobs across the city, specifically at retirement homes.

Enigma then stood in front of the rest of the group. He was one of the older members of Reina's teachers in the Academy. Most of the rest of them were in their twenties, but Enigma was 33, 5'6'' (one of the shortest mutants as well, and was around 130lbs). His power consisted of strong energy blasts coming from his hands, usually in a straight, but powerful line towards whomever he was aiming at. He was usually one of the most quiet people of the group, but he had something to say this time around.
"We've all had our hardships throughout our life, whether we'll admit it or not." as he looked at Siren. She then put her head down. "It's how we deal with them that makes us who we are today. We've come together in defense of mankind despite their hatred towards us. That says a lot in itself."

Gemini, Darkstar, and Spirit all stood among them with nothing to say. The rest of the comments, especially Enigma's statement had summed up what was on their minds. Gemini was the oldest female here, at the age of 52. She was considered one of the strongest mutants around. Her appearance fooled many into thinking she was actually in her mid-30's, which she really didn't mind. Gemini was approximately 5'10'', 140lbs and very much in shape, physically and mentally. She had long brown hair and was very tan. Darkstar and Spirit were actually around the same height and weight, both being 5'9'' and 135lbs. Their appearances were different though. Darkstar's origin was unknown, even to her, but Spirit was born and raised here in the city on Union Lake. Darkstar, like Feral, had reddish skin, which was actually darker than Feral's, and she wore a pretty detailed outfit that disguised the rest of her body, except for her face. Her eyes stood out, being bright yellow. Spirit was a shape-shifter, and often, you wouldn't see him in his normal state, especially on missions, but he's actually a normal looking fellow, except for a scar just under his left eye, from a knife that barely hit him. The cut was perpendicular to his eye.

Reina smiled back at Feral, then at the rest of the mutants and said, "Alright everyone. I'm going to open the doors. Be ready to greet anyone who may have arrived, and show them where their dorm room is, along with giving them a tour of the facility."

Everyone looked at each other, nodded and awaited Reina in opening the front doors. She walked over towards them, gave a great sigh, and opened the doors only to see a few mutants who had already arrived at the Academy.
29-10-2005, 19:46
Alex was about to tap on the door when it opened. "Hello, are you the one who sent out these letters?" He asked, brandishing the letter he and Alexandra had been sent. "If so me and my sister Alexandra are here."

Alexandra was still staying behind her brother, keeping out of the majority of sight of the others. Reaching out, she attempted to skim the absolute surface thoughts of the peopel in the building.
29-10-2005, 19:48
"Oh..." Amber/Carrie said as her hand dropped to her side since it was no longer needed to knock on the door. Amber/Carrie then brushed out of her plump face a few strands of her white hair and then said, "Hello, my name is Amber Brownstone and this is my grandson Jason Harrison." The lean yet muscular 16 year old took himself from staring at his reflection long enough to say hello before going back to looking at (what he thought) was his perfect beauty.

"Those two are Raefeal and Nexlor." Amber/Carrie pointed out the two other guys. Ever was it more apparent was Amber/Carrie's grandmotherly quality that only enhanced her old age (60 years), and yet she carried her age (and her fat) well, almost letting the person forget her flaws in favor of her personality.
The Atheists Reality
29-10-2005, 19:59
Having spent an incredible amount of time getting to the academy by plane, ship and then by walking many miles she was certainly overexhausted, though she was used to it by now. Taking long glances at the other soon to be students, namingly the lack of extreme numbers, she sighed. Finally! Something approaching sanity at least. And now, for a little fun. Just so I dont actually have to interact with any of these...people. She drops her bags to the ground and flops onto them, resting for the moment, thinking about the kind of music people would enjoy here...

...Music began to drift through the students minds, songs they remembered, artists they liked. Their favorite songs from days gone by...And all the while Violet waited on her almost bed like mass of bags for the other students to go in. She didn't want to deal with the formal entry amongst a mass of other people, after all.
29-10-2005, 20:02
"Those two are Raefeal and Nexlor."

(Nexlon, actually. Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine, and probably just a misspelling, but every time I use Nexlon, someone always reffers to him as Nexlor.)

IC:Nexlon carefully observed the this new batch of mutants assembled before him. He was just about as old as most of them, but Nexlon could tell that every one of these new mutants were experianced and probably quite powerful-the only question was, how powerful?

As Nexlon scanned the crowd, his eyes fell upon the shortest of the group. That mutant, for some unknown reason, reminded Nexlon of himself. He hesitated as his finally tore his eyes away from the man to give another short wave to the new group

"...I'm Nexlon. Just Nexlon."
29-10-2005, 20:08
Alex heard faint tones of classic rock, death metal, and Ride of the Valkyries all mixed, as he found most enjoyable.

Alexandra could hear classical music, played off-key. Knowing this wasn't normal, she cast her mind seeking the source of the music. She wondered if it was a fellow mutant.
29-10-2005, 20:16
Jason began to tap the glass of the window with his fingernails, keeping the beat of the dance music that was playing in his head. It was the music he had heard when he had bribed his way into his first gay nightclub and made out with that really cute busboy.

Amber/Carrie meanwhile was hearing two kinds of music, the endless gospel music her insane mother had played during her childhood, a type of music Amber/Carrie now loathed to the core of her being. The other was the music she had fallen in love with in California after she fled the destruction and death she had wrought in Maine, the punk rock scene of the Sex Pistols and the like.

But Amber/Carrie knew this music was induced by an outside force so she sent out a psychic feeler to find out where it was comming from.
Draconis Nightcrawlis
29-10-2005, 20:20
Xander Blackrose stared down at the letter. Someone had discovered his so-called mutant abilities, he had managed to keep that from even his own parents. Well except for the eyes, which they had told him was purely a genetical defect. His eyes were completely black in colour, where normal humans had white he had black. He didn’t know who this Reina was, but they certainly knew him somehow and being invited to an academy was something he’d never expected. He needed this, plus maybe now he could tell his parents at last about his mutant abilities. How hard could they take it? Afterall they already knew was unlike other boys his age. His eyes could tell anyone that, how he could never have been mistaken for a mutant before he didn’t know.

Xander was cold and hungry as he finally found the academy. He ached all over, his father hadn’t taken to the being a mutant very kindly. He was pretty sure that some of his ribs were broken, he was walking with a limp and there were cuts and bruises to his face and body, both eyes were black and swollen. So much for believing his parents wouldn’t be so hard about it, they now disowned him.

Xander leaned against a wall and slid down to his knee’s he was out of breath and out of energy. As his heavy breathing slowed, he looked toward the sky before it all went dark. He lay unconscious on the ground.
29-10-2005, 20:48
Daniel's eyes had remaind closed. The Car still sat in the street waiting to go in, Jeremy didn't want to move yet, the music was nice and Daniel, for a change, seemed calm and quiet, something about the girl perhaps?

Daniel's mind wandered, skimming the surface thoughts of those nearby, a small snort would occassionally escape from him when something daft surfaced.
Busboy, pfah, not even nearly cute enough...What a vain little shit.

He had simply tuned out the other music and concentrated on the radio music that was actually calming him, focusing him.

Useless, all useless, arrogent, angry pricks... that's essentially what they all are... useless, richboys, fools...

His mind continued to swirl and probe the surface thoughts, he idly smashed a feeler that was prodding around horrifically clumisly.

Not from the girl, from such a horrible old biddie... so old, yet so clumsy, pathetic. Arrogence, Arrogence, Annoyance... why is it that most of these people are such bravardo prats? A city possibly ag-ag-aginst them, and they did that earlier? Fight in the street? M-M-Morons.
He took a deep breath and opened his eyes, he knew that he was powerful, he knew all of this, just how powerful and how he could harness it was the problem, the MIRA-7 people hardly knew what they were doing, he was their experiment gone wrong. He breathed again and sighed.
29-10-2005, 20:57
Alexandra could feel someone's mind probing her's and erected a shield. Following the source of the probe back, she said, with an included image of her, with a massive club, squishing a sterotypical sneak-thief, with it's sack, and bandit mask.
Included with the image, was an emblazoned red message, "STAY OUT OF MY MIND, PERV."
29-10-2005, 21:11
Amber/Carrie felt rather strange with the knowledge of all the psychic activity around her, everyone with the slightest talent for telepathy was skimming everyone else's minds for information. "I've got no right to complain," She thought to herself as she watched the interplay between Alexandria and this... Daniel was it? No matter, he wasn't a threat at this point.

"Keeping my grandson alive is all that matters." Amber/Carrie thought to herself as she glanced at him as Jason finally stopped staring at his reflection, obviously quiet happy with what he saw.
29-10-2005, 21:22
Daniel snorted and laughed, he shook his head and ran his fingers through his short hair. Silly little girl with silly little thoughts and silly little mind sheilds, he could smash it aside and turn her brain to borscht, but what was the point? The way they went about their buisness they'd only get killed by anti-mutant protestors. I mean, how stupid can you get?

At least he and Elizabeth were in a car out of the way where prying eyes wouldn't see something unusual happen and grab the nearest weapon to kill you with.

But this lot were beyond the pail and half a league on from that, arrogent children evidently confident their so-called "mastery" would protect them from bombs, bullets and effing tank-shells, evidently, yes.
He wondered when they'd eventually get a tiny grip of the danger they were in and perhaps act a little more in "the norm" so they didn't attract attention, surely somebody would have noticed a kid running around in circles at hundreds of miles an hour, or the massive dent in the pavement caused by that boy sinking... He felt sorry for those who had to teach them.
30-10-2005, 00:40
Reina steps forward, with the obvious tension still fresh in the memories of those taking part in it. This needed to be quelched before anything further were to happen; therefore, she decided to divide everyone up to each of the teachers, to give them the key to their room, as well as giving them an hour to explore their new homes.

"Hello, are you the one who sent out these letters?" He asked, brandishing the letter he and Alexandra had been sent. "If so me and my sister Alexandra are here."
"Yes, I am that person. With the resources I had been given..", as she looks back at Spirit, "I was able to obtain a list of mutants as well as extensive information on each mutant. From there, I sent the letters out to those on the list."

"Hello, my name is Amber Brownstone and this is my grandson Jason Harrison. Those two are Raefeal and Nexlon."

Reina looked at all of the people who had been introduced, nodded at all of them while bowing slightly, and smiled. "Welcome to the Academy everyone." I'm sure you all would like to get a little more comfortable here, so I'm going to send you to one of the teachers, and they will give you your key to your room and walk you to the area. If you have any questions, please direct them towards the man or woman guiding you."

"Spirit, I'd like you to take Amber and Jason to their rooms. Fury, you can take Nexlon to his room as well. Feral, you can accompany Alex to his room, and Siren can take Alexandra to her room."

All of the chosen teachers nodded, approached each of the mutants.

"Now all of you that have been announced, please follow your teachers to your rooms. You'll have time to unpack and arrange your room to your liking, as well as look around for a bit. Be back here in one hour."

Almost immediately after the students had left the room, Darkstar had begun to wince with pain. She felt someone close by, they were hurting. badly.

"Reina, come with me immediately. We've got a huge problem." she spoke inside of Reina's head, as to not scare the people that remained in the room.

Both Reina and Darkstar walked outside of the building only to see a potential student lying against the wall, seemingly injured... perhaps critically. Rushing up towards him, Reina picked the boy up and flew over to the medical wing, which was pretty small in size for the first year. Not that many students were expected. Darkstar walked back into the room and made an announcement.
"It seems one of the students got into a bit of trouble either before his way here, or on his way here. He will undergo treatment for his unjuries; however, there is no reason for all of you to worry. We have effective security here."
Draconis Nightcrawlis
30-10-2005, 01:59
When Xander came to, his eyes slowly opened to reveal a blurred world. The young black haired boy had no idea where he was. Trying to sit up, he felt pain in his chest, then he remembered the probability of having broken ribs.

“Shit,” he swore, his voice weak and quiet.

He let out a gasp of air, still hurt a little to breath. Certainly broken ribs. His father had beaten him quite badly before he managed to teleport himself away. Through the blurriness, he could make out that the room appeared to be a medical facility of some sort. It was then that he realised he had made it to the academy and passed out just outside. He hoped that this was the academies medical facility so he could be safe. Since he couldn’t move anywhere, he decided to wait for someone to come in.
30-10-2005, 17:08
"Excuse me." Alex said as the guides came to seperate them, "Me and Alexandra would really prefere to remain together. She is at her best with me, and likewise, I'm at mine with her."

Alexandra nodded in agreement, "We really don't do well apart," He said, "No we don't." Alexandra said, in a soft, and quite delicate voice.
The Most Glorious Hack
31-10-2005, 00:30
War drums. Fifes and war drums. The two created a ghostly rhythm in her mind, an inexorable march, and one that she didn't much care for. She had always hated the music played by the other kids in the orphanage, and she always heard the haunting march of war in her nightmares. She looked around the interior of the car as she heard the drums and fifes, trying to figure out where it was coming from. When she realised it was coming from her own head, she clutched her plushie tightly and shut down. Again.

If such things were visible, it would be as if her mind had curled up against itself and rapidly errected several barriers to intrusion, starting with a classic of all children: a blanket. It followed with increasing sturdiness, culminating in the mental equivilent of a brick wall and a shimmering field. The music stopped and she felt safe. Physically, there was no difference aside from her death grip on the stuffed tank.

She glanced up at Jeremy nervously, suddenly worried that he'd try and take her back. Still, he'd seemed trustworthy before, there was no reason to think he'd shift now. The uncertainty bothered her, but she didn't want to hear those drums again; while she was quite effective at keeping others out, in also kept her in. She strangled the toy a little more before lifting her eyes to meet Jeremy's, "I... um... I came from an orphanage south of here... you're not going to make me go back, are you?"
31-10-2005, 01:14
As Jason and his sweet grandmother Amber followed this... Spirit was his name? Yes, as they followed Spirit through the halls of this wondorus place the otherside of Amber, being Carrie drew upon her powers and sent a sort of net across the area, picking up stray thoughts and impressions of people with her telepathy.

"Curious little girl," Carrie thought to herself as she felt the incredible powers of the strange orphan girl who was arriving. "And the injured one... Teleportation... hmm... Quiet an interesting gift." Carrie thought as she felt an echo of horrible pain from what had to be a med-lab.

As Amber walked in silence, Carrie, the teenager that Amber had forgotton for so long was begining to split herself from this completely self-confident, content... OLD woman who Carrie never had been. Soon Carrie would become a seperate personallity within Amber... Soon there would be a battle for control... And as for who would win?

Well if Carrie won, with all her emotional trauma from her psychotic mother, abuse at high school, and having access to incredible powers... Carrie would destroy more than just a town in Maine. Much, much more...
The Atheists Reality
31-10-2005, 04:14
Sensing some discomfort among the others, specifically from the little girl, Violet grumbled. And I only wanted a little fun. Bah!. Do I have toooo?...I suppose so. Rising to her feet, she shuffles over to the nearby vehicle, a little reluctantly.
Leaning against the car, she pokes her head through the window. Did I cause any problems with your little friend here?, If so, I'm sorry. Only wanted a little fun after such a long trip... She fishes into one of her trouser pockets for a candy bar and hands it to the little girl. Didn't mean to hurt you, little one.
31-10-2005, 10:25
Jeremy glanced at the girl who handed Elizabeth the chocolate bar.
"Um, ok...thanks?" he shruged and raised an eyebrow at Elizabeth's question and turned around.
"Er... not unless you want to go back, I suppose..."he motioned to the stuffed toy."You're going to make that thing pop, what is that anyway? I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before." He looked back at the house, the gates had opened and so has the front door. "Mmm, looks like they're open, I'll take us in, arrive in some style, huh?" he smiled and glanced up at the tiny mirror.

Dan fluttered his eyes open again and stretched slightly.
"W-we going in?" he coughed.
"Yer, seems they've opened the gates, might aswell sweep in with a bit of style." he grinned and chuckled as he started the car's engine and pulled silently out from the parking space and up the driveway. The car hissed rather loudly as it travelled, depresssing the gravel and leaving trenches in its wake. Jeremy nursed the car to a gentle stop, and then jumped out, ran around and opened the door, he then stood to attention as Daniel and Elizabeth got out, he then snorted and grinned.
"Lookit me, I'm your toy soldier." he snickered and then headed for the back of the car to open the boot and grab a couple of hold-alls.

"Hey, Elizabeth, after we've had a bit of a tour, do you want to go shopping? Those are you only clothes, right? I didn't see any bags or stuff...Just an offer." he handed one of the hold-alls to Daniel who slung it over his shoulder.
"C-Come on." Daniel smiled at them both as he headed to the door, Jeremy was surprised, Daniel was more consistent than he used to be, perhaps just getting him out of the facility was all that was really needed.
The Most Glorious Hack
31-10-2005, 12:04
The look of horror on her face and the rapid shaking of her head should have been more than enough to indicate that she'd rather be shot and left in a ditch than go back to the orphanage. She blushed a little, easing her death grip on the plushie. She smiled a little, "It's a Gnoph-Keh... momma got it for me before she... she..." She sniffled, looking back down, unable to finish her sentence. Being that she was fleeing an orphanage, figuring out what happened to her mother shouldn't have taken Jeremy very long.

She followed Daniel out of the car, looking around fearfully, still clutching her tank but no longer in danger of destroying it. She blinked in shock at Jeremy, "Sh-shopping? But... but... but you don't even know me... why would you do that?"
04-11-2005, 02:51
"Lay back." spoke the nurse in the Academy's hospital wing. "You're lucky to be alive today. Some of the injuries that you received could have rightfully killed you, but somehow, you survived. You're a lucky guy."

"You have several broken ribs and you've received a few blows to your head, which is exactly why your vision is blurred. You have a temporary case of vertigo, which should go away in a few days. Til then, we'll take good care of you. You wouldn't be getting out of this bed for a few weeks if you were given time to heal the old-fashioned away, however...."

The nurse put her hand on his chest, closed her eyes, and a light green flash appeared in the space between her hand and his chest.

"You're fine, despite the fact that your bones are a tad bit weak. Take it easy for the first week or so, and they'll do the rest of the healing."
The nurse then pointed him back to the direction of the entrance to the Academy.
04-11-2005, 03:12
"Excuse me." Alex said as the guides came to seperate them, "Me and Alexandra would really prefere to remain together. She is at her best with me, and likewise, I'm at mine with her."

Alexandra nodded in agreement, "We really don't do well apart," He said, "No we don't." Alexandra said, in a soft, and quite delicate voice.

Feral looked at Siren. "I'll take care of both of them."

Siren nodded, smiled, and returned to the entrance to escort someone else to their room.

"It seems that you two are very close." she spoke as she looked at both Alex and his sister. "It's always good to have someone in your family that you can rely on. I envy that." as she looked down for a brief second, but then looked back up and smiled. "That's why I have these people, my fellow mutants who aided Reina in building this facility. They've been there for me when no one else has. I hope that you come to know some of the other students here and become good friends with them, as well as trust them as you continue on with your year. You'll never know what's going to happen, especially with all of the violence occuring right now."

Feral continued to walk down the hall, and turned left at the first opportunity. She passed three rooms and stopped in front of the fourth.

"Here's your room Alex. The next room is yours Alexandra. I wouldn't want to have to split you two up again." as she gave a soft chuckle. "Now feel free to unpack your things and take a look around, but be back at the entrance in one hour." as she smiled and began to walk back towards the entrance.


Enigma walked up to Rafael, Elizabeth, and Daniel. "Welcome to the Academy! What're your names?" as he smiled at all of them gleefully. The girl looked very scared at being here. Something needed to be done to make her more comfortable with the Academy."[/i] Enigma went off into a short stream of thought about the possibilities of making Elizabeth feel like this was her new home.
04-11-2005, 03:31
"Thank you." Alex said, gratitude appearent in his voice as he thanked the unusual, but not unattactive, Feral. As they split-up to enter her room, Alexis looked at her brother oddly, but didn't say anything.

As they entered Alexis' room, Alex began helping his sister put her bags away, Alex began talking, "What was the look for?"
"You like her." She said in a little girl voice.
"What are you talking about?" He protested, not meeting her gaze.
"You like Feral, and don't deny it, I know you better than anyone." She said
"Alright." He said as he finished helping her put her stuff away.

He then headed to his own room, to both think and put his own stuff away, the words of his sister echoing in his head.
Meanwhile Alexis began exploring the campus, heading in the direction opposite to the direction of the main hall.
Draconis Nightcrawlis
04-11-2005, 20:52
Xander slowly rubbed his eyes, he couldn’t believe at how easily he had been healed. He wasn’t sure about the taking it easy part, he usually forgot to take it easy when unwell, this place surely wasn’t going to be any different.

“Thank you,” he said.

Slowly he sat up from the bed and swung his legs over. The feeling of dizziness came at him once again. This was going to be hard, he had never thought he would ever have been beaten so badly by his own father. His feet touched the ground and he stood up, still a little dizzy but the nurse had told him he would feel dizzy for a few days. He could handle that, but the fact he was in a strange place full of strangers would be hard to handle. It would be, well strange really but at least they were mutants just like himself.

Xander had no possessions and no clothes other then the ones he had arrived at the academy in. Those were dirty and bloody however but at least the medical centre had given him a fresh set that he got changed into. When the nurse pointed him in the direction of the academy entrance, he headed for it to find out who the others were. Each step was tiring but he eventually made it.
04-11-2005, 22:09
Amber finished drying herself with the soft white towel and then put on a blue nightgown that she had picked out from a selection in a closet she had found in her room. "I needed that shower," she thought to herself as she put on a pair of slippers and left the small private bathroom and sat down on the bed, hearing few creaks as her bulk settled down. "I really need to lose some weight" she thought to herself as Amber glanced down on her plump form, Amber had always been fat, even when she was a little girl called Carrie...

Jason meanwhile had taken a shower and changed into a pair of blue jeans, a tight black T-shirt to show off his well-toned abs and chest, Jason then put on a pair of black flip-flops and looked in the mirror to make sure that his face and hair were perfect.

Being bored with his room Jason left and began to explore the campus, heading in no particular direction.
05-11-2005, 21:20
Jeremy shrugged. "Random act of kindness? Besides, if the orphanage did come looking for you, well, you can't exactly blend in well if you're wearing their uniform." he motioned to the plushie. "Maybe we could even find a 'while-u-wait' places and get that re-stuffed, looks a little beat up, Gnoph's are supposed to be strong, powerful and cuddly, he looks a little deflated, no?" he smiled. "But first, we have to find some rooms or something I beleive." he glanced at the house and motioned for Daniel and Elizabeth to follow.

Daniel looked around the grounds and house, it was nice, faily secluded but not so much as to wind up feeling completely isolated, he was enjoying himself here and he hadn't been here 20 minutes.
The Most Glorious Hack
06-11-2005, 00:07
Elizabeth looked down at herself as if she had no idea what she looked like. She nodded a little at Jeremy, actually smiling a bit, "I guess I do look pretty bad," she mumbled. She didn't like the idea of restuffing the Gnoph-Keh, though and shook her head, "N-no... he's fine..." It was hard to explain, but restuffing the toy would be a terrible sin in her eyes, it would be giving up a portion of her parents. Luckily, none of the seams had torn, so it was just a matter of the stuffing getting flattened. Still, the thought of having it restuffed was too close to trying to replace part of a memory. Banged up and smushed was how she felt, and there was no reason to change the toy.

She looked up at Enigma, they toy once again clutched to her chest. On closer look, it wasn't so much that she was scared, just that she was overwhelmed. Her attitude looked to be far too defeatist to object to much of anything required of her here; of course, the trip here had taken quite a bit out of her: she didn't have a sports car or limo to ride in -- save for the last one hundred yards or so in the case of the limo.

She didn't quite smile at Enigma but it was close, "I'm Elizabeth..." Her voice was soft and fragile, yet another aspect of her that belayed the fact that she was actually sixteen years old -- Lord knew she didn't look it. She cocked her head to the side, "Who are you?" While her mental defences weren't at the level they were when the music invaded her mind, she was still hiding under the covers, as it were.
The Atheists Reality
06-11-2005, 02:14
Violet grumbles, and makes her way to collect her things and finally go inside. Blaaaargh, try to be nice...
Peering through the door, she lugs her bags inside and heads on through to be recognized as actually having arrived.
grumblegrumble. At least my music will be more effective at keeping people out of my room than a crappy 'Do Not Disturb' sign. Now who do I check in with?
06-11-2005, 17:34
Shawna and Mack walked up the drive to the front door and wrang the bell...

Two weeks earlier they had recieved a letter requesting their enrollment in a school for the gifted and after thinking about it for a while they decided to join. They packed what little they had into duffles bags and bought a pair of train tickets to the academy. Mack was quite excited about what was to come in the future, but timid Shawna was nervous about moving.

As they wlaked up the drive, Mack was levitating their bags in front of them so that he didn't have to carry them (Shawna is obviously to weak to carry such a heavy duffle bag). When they reached the door, Mack leaned out and rang the bell, as Shawna turned invisible and hid behind him - though she was still holding her teddy bear.

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