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Gauge of Interest [The Green Star]

14-10-2005, 14:24
The Green Star

An International Gauge of Interest sponsored by The Green Star

The Green Star is the leading independent newspaper in Biotopia with an average circulation of 18,000,000. The Chair of the Citizen Republic Party of Biotopia (CRPB), Citizen Naasir, recently announced that the nation will begin to open to the international community through a series of programs directed towards increasing national gold reserves with the intention of accelerating the otherwise stagnant modernisation program. The news article may be found here. This will be the final piece of legislation to be voted on before General Elections are held and it is the intention of this poll to gauge international receptivity to the different factions that will be competing. Below is a short list of the political organisations running. Please feel free to comment or bump as this helps keeping the poll active.

The Club of ’90: Combining off-shoots from the Internationalists, Utopians and the Progressive Bloc this faction is a coalition of socially minded, community focussed citizens that emerged after the third stage of industrialisation. They represent the interests of a faction centred on social justice, peace, sustainability and democracy and usually act as negotiators between the main factions as well as previously holding the balance of power within the Citizen Republic Party. They are a response to the need for an environmentalist movement within Biotopia.
Economics liberal socialism. Advocating the rights to private property (as does the PB), the need for a modernisation program and greater international interaction the Club of ’90 still support a socialist-based model of economic development but with a greater degree of personal liberty for employment and business opportunities.
Social universal welfare. They prepose that while the economy be allowed to diversify and citizens to engage in “private” enterprise (not owned by the state) greater support should be given to allow for the adjustment process.

Internationalists: Forming one of the three main factions operating within the Citizen Republic Party including the Nationalists and the Progressive Bloc they combine an economic and social reform policy within the mandates of the Founding Charter, something the Progressive Bloc has been accused of violating. Likewise they seek to balance the needs of the agricultural community with the industrial and urban centres. For this reason unlike the CB they have a more equally distributed support base. It has been the Internationalist faction that initially welcomed the proposition of the Gomo Article to open the national to limited internal exchange.
Economics council communism. Founded in the original working and peasant councils the internationalists maintain their links to a socialist model of development and economics although one far more liberal then their nationalist counterparts.
Social welfare state. Supporting industrialisation the Internationalists coupled this with the need for generous welfare to support the urban and working class populations.

The Nationalists: Representing the conservative element of the Citizen Republic Party they advocate an isolated international approach and maintaining the text-book economic standard. They advocate limited industrialisation of the ‘commanding heights’ of the economy but favour full employment policies over modernisation and innovation. Most of the conservative faction is comprised of the more moderate members of the People’s Nationalist Collective (PNC) before it was disbanded after the excesses of the first two decades since the revolution.
Economics soviet-style collectivism. Pursuing full-employment objectives over modernisation the Nationalists economic policies maintain the status que with its income stagnation and low productivity.
Social collectivist full-employment. Despite the failure of the old style economic system there have only been cautious steps towards reforming their text-book economic approach.

Progressive Bloc: While progressive there is a liberal streak within their policies based on allowing economic forces to dictate the shape and direction of the economy, to make a break from the long-standing policy of self-sufficiency. Combing economic reform with a socially progressive agenda the PB has made inroads with young people and the general public.
Economicsmixed market. Strongly support a reformist agenda to improve wages, productivity and efficiency by opening up the economy to competing foreign markets. There has been debate within the faction about the implications of allowing foreign goods and cultural influences to swamp the nation
Social progressive social democrats. Although supporting progressive social legislation the PB wants to dismantle the “excesses” of the current welfare system to promote economic efficiency.

The Republicans: The most conservative faction of the CRP essentially support state capitalism, with the state owning all businesses and enterprises (as opposed to the Nationalists that only advocate state ownership of key industries) and are the hard-core remnants of the People’s Nationalist Collective. There are also quasi-fascist overtones including the support of greater police powers, censorship and the right to suspend the Document of Human Rights within the Founding Charter. Many supporters are from the craft-industry and more stagnant economic regions of the nation.
Economics conservative state-capitalism. A return to total state control of industry and all business and the closure of the nation to all foreign imports. Although exports would still continue.
Social totalitarian welfare. Able bodies citizens would be forced to work, many factories would be shut-down and workers redirected into craft workshops and state farms.

The Utopians: Splintering from the Internationalist faction The Utopians support upholding the Founding Charter and reject anything more then essential industrial development and necessary international trade. Occasionally labelled xenophobic or parochial the Utopians carry themselves with a sense of righteousness based their adherence to the Charter. They therefore draw most of their support from agricultural communities and those in the craft industries.
Economics communitarian. Utopians reject most international exchange and support the development of regionalised economies distributing needed goods and services within each zone.
Social communitarian welfare state. Essentially the same policies as the Internationalists but without providing incentives or assistance to entering the manufacturing sector.

The Zoonians: A small group primarily supported by intellectuals and other members of the commune movement. They advocate the complete de-urbanisation of the nation and decentralisation of all political and economic power down to the level of the commune and its surrounding environment. Periodically they will stage flamboyant demonstrations but typically stick to arguing theory in journals and papers. To their benefit many members do actually reside in communes.
Economics anarchist communitarian. They support the complete decentralisation of the economy but are divided between those who envision otherwise isolated communities or communities still serviced by modern facilities such as health care and the railways.
Social traditionalist communitarian. Welfare should be provided by members of the same local community including health care, aged care and education. In general their policies can be positioned as an extremist form of libertarianism or anarchism.
14-10-2005, 15:24
We support the Internationalists, they're our kind of guys
14-10-2005, 17:36
15-10-2005, 12:13
15-10-2005, 16:51
The Empire of Khallayne and the most Glorious Rystal Imperial Dynasty, descended from the Holy Blood of the Prophet Himself shall help support any group willing to destroy the corrupt and failed form of government known as democracy and help Bigtopia embrace the purity and effcient Monarchy that shall bring the glory of Yellow Heaven to your godless people.

Her Loyal Eminence Grand Vizzer Opal ry’Ewo Rystal, Mother-Dowager of the Empress, The Right Hand of the Empress, Servant of the Dynasty
16-10-2005, 12:24
If one more FIEND talks to me without even reading my nation name properly i swear i'm going to SCREAAAM.

16-10-2005, 15:09
The Editor,
The Green Star,

Dear Sir,

Our class, Year Six at Town North Primary School in Findhorn, have been studying politics in our Humans in Society and the Environment unit.

We have to have a pretend election and parties and a vote, but our teacher wouldn't let us use the ones in our own country because she said it would cause too much trouble with the parents, so we took yours.

We got to choose what parties we would be and I was the leader of the Club of '90 and we won 9 to 6 for the Internationalists and 1 for the Progressive Bloc, but that was Steven and he never wants to do what we want to do.

Our teacher said we should tell you because it shows that even children can understand politics.

She wouldn't let us give anyone jellybeans to vote for us.

She said to tell you what we learned. What we learned is that politics is hard and you can't give anyone jellybeans.

Steven said to tell you it would be easier if you just took turns.

Yours sincerely,

Jasmine Cotter,

Class Captain.
17-10-2005, 17:11
The Class of Year Six,
Town North Primary School,

Dear Jasmine

Thankyou very much for your letter, it was published this week in the editorials for all our readers to appreciate. We have decided to award you and your class a special prize as a sign of our appreciation for your interest. Please find inclosed a packet of “sunset-flowers” which are used every year in our Harvest Festival.

They will grow anywhere as long as they receive enough water and sunlight. When they bloom they should have lovely orange petals and look like regular sunflowers. I wish you and your class all the best and thank you for taking an interest in our elections.

Sincerely yours

Citizen Ducha
Elected Editor of the Green Star
18-10-2005, 04:52
Ceridwen Pryce smiled as she stood in front of Year Six. She was going to give her children an experience today that few of their generation would ever have.

"Class, may I have your attention?"

She drew a deep breath. Might as well ham it up a bit, it'd help them remember better.

"People!" she said, her voice deliberately softer than usual so that she would have their full attention. "People, something very special has happened." She paused, gathering eyes with her glance. "People, we've got mail!"

"Aw, Miss!" protested the disappointed voice of Steven Mackerras, reacting, as usual, before half the class had even taken it in. "We know that! I checked the inbox the minute we finished Assembly. It's just the usual stuff about country-wide tests and scholarships and careers and things. Oh, and a national health bulletin about canteen food."

"Not that sort of mail, Steven," Ceridwen said. "We've got real mail!"

With a dramatic sweep of her hand she stepped away from the table she had been standing in front of, allowing them all to see what was on it: a stamped, somewhat battered-looking envelope slipped securely under the knotted strings of a small brown-paper parcel (too small, FindhPost had determined a few days ago, to be any sort of bomb).

The students gathered around the table, eyeing the strange artefact. "Look, stamps!" Steven said. "I was reading about stamps the other day. They used to use different ones in every country, and -- "

Ceridwen checked him with a glance. "We'll do some research on that later," she promised. "Right now, though, I think we should see what's in it. And since it's addressed to the class, I think our class captain should open it. Jazz?"

Jasmine Cotter had to stretch a bit to pick up the package from the centre of the table. Once again, she was conscious of how much smaller she was; but it was just a twinge of thought before the excitement came bubbling up.

"Which should I open first, Miss Pryce, the letter or the box?"

"I think it would be more polite to open the letter first," Ceridwen said firmly. "A letter's like someone talking to you. We wouldn't open a present before we'd thanked the person who gave it to us, would we?"

The significant look that accompanied that one was addressed to Simon Reed, notoriously the least civilised student Town North had ever encountered. But Jazz didn't notice the by-play. Her nimble fingers had already eased the letter loose from its tethers.

"Should I read it out loud?"

"Please do." At least Ceridwen could trust Jazz to read like a human being, not a jerky under-powered Voice Response System.

There were murmurs and small cries of surprise as Jazz read, while Ceridwen scribbled a note to herself to research the Harvest Festivals of Biotopia. There could be a good subject-unit there, comparing theirs with the Solstice on Findhorn. It could touch on astronomy, geography, history ... her attention snapped back to the class as Jazz finished the letter and began to open the box.

"Oooh, look!"

She held the box out at arm's-length in front of her, almost shoving it at Ceridwen. The faces of the other children turned to the teacher, wondering.

They were crofters' children, mostly; they knew seeds. But these seeds were like nothing they'd ever seen.
19-10-2005, 09:38
B*U*M*P - votevotevotevotevote
Knootian East Indies
19-10-2005, 16:09
Biotopia lives! Heil Progressive Block!
19-10-2005, 17:18
Biotopia has always lived
Biotopia will always live

... we were merely having an extended nap...

Oh i thought you might enjoy the Progressive Bloc
Knootian East Indies
28-10-2005, 14:41
Yeah. They should get more votes. >_>
28-10-2005, 14:58
*Valinon strolls in, looks at Knootoss*

"We must dissent."

*selections the Internationalists and turns to walk out, but pauses for a moment*

And here is this

*throws Bio a bed in case another "nap" is forthcoming*
Heaven Gate
28-10-2005, 15:15
From: Heaven Gate International Politic Department (
To: The Green Star Editorial Team (rsmith172@greenstar.btp)
Subject: National support

As a representative of Emperor Cyanide of Heaven Gate, we are happy to support the Progressive Bloc in their desire for power and a more open economy for their nation. As a progressist county, Heaven Gate would be more then glad to begin political and economical discussions with Biotopia.

Steve Markwell, in the name of the Emperor.
28-10-2005, 18:02
From: The Green Star – Elected Editor (editor_greenstar@govnet.btp)
To: Heaven Gate International Politic Department (
Subject: re: National Support

My thanks to you for your interest in the political affairs of our nation however the Green Star is merely a national newspaper and not the appropriate destination for such e-mails. We would direct you to instead seek correspondence with the newly instituted Department of Foreign Affairs being headed by Citizen Shujaa. As for the issue of partisan support I am unable to comment or indicate a preference without breaching the Founding Charter and so cannot forward your e-mail. Please pursue diplomatic interest through the Department of Foreign Affairs but feel free to stay abreast of current events in my nation through our official newspaper thread.

Kind Regards

Citizen Ducha
Elected Editor of the Green Star
28-10-2005, 18:28
It had been a few weeks since the charming correspondence with the school children in Findhorn had first begun. In that time much has changed, not the least of which was the establishment of a Foreign Affairs Department. The government was pushing ahead with its plans to begin “internationalising” the nation and the rumour mills in the Capital Press Club were churning out stories that Citizen Shujaa was preparing to join the United Nation… big things were in the wind.

Ducha was technically forbidden from expressing a political opinion, hell he was technically forbidden from saying many things as Editor-Elect of The Green Star but in his heart he felt the shift from isolation was for the best, people had become too closed-minded and ignorant about the outside community. How charming then if a group of school children, human schoolchildren, were to visit on the eve of a major ideological shift in the government.

He decide to fire off an e-mail to Ceridwen Pryce the school teacher, this “internet” thing was turning out be far more efficient then he had expected. Then again he had only read the government released information sheet and no one in the National Information Technology Centre seemed too keen to spread the word.

Citizen Pryce

I wish to inform you that there has recently been a positive shift in government policy in liberalising the access of visitors to our nation. I believe that you and your class would present an exemplary expression of the good-will possessed by foreign peoples and their nations. I would therefore like to tentatively invite you and your class to an honorary visit of good-will to my nation. I will be in discussion with the Dept. Foreign Affairs pending you reply to organise your complimentary visit.

Sincerely, Citizen Ducha
30-10-2005, 20:16
The first government representative to read the Biotopian article happened to be of the dreamy idealist persuasion and consequently voted for the Zoonians.
31-10-2005, 07:39
"You've got mail!" sang the computer, causing Ceridwen to resolve for possibly the three hundred and nineteenth time to change that wretched little super-cheery alert before it sent her up the wall.

But the e-mail it announced drove all thought of change out of her head. Citizen Pryce? Elected editor?

Citizen Marat was elected editor of L'Ami du Peuple in ... Citizen Robespierre was elected to the Committee of Public Safety on ...

"Stoppit!" she told herself sternly. She knew what her brain was up to: seizing on these silly little points because it wanted to creep up slowly on the big one. The really big one. The really, really big one.

A foreign country! Travel!

Half of Findhorn firmly believed in the slogan, "Bloom where you're planted." The other half equally firmly believed that nattering on about "blooming', "putting down roots" and so on was basically saying, "Become a vegetable."

This was the half that flew the coop as soon as possible, determined to join the Wild Geese and turn all the world's ducklings into swans. Ceridwen, who could mix a metaphor with the best of them, would have been long gone by now if she'd had even a single feather to fly with.

Not on a Findhorn teacher's salary, though.

Ceridwen read the e-mail again. This time, different words jumped out: Invite you ... honorary visit ... complimentary ...

Free travel? With the children, true, but ... free travel.

Her fingers flying, Ceridwen Googled "Biotopia" , "Green Star", and "Citizne" ... "Ciitzen" ... "Citizen Ducha". Every link spoke of wonders, exotica, strangeness, fascination -- until she did the same on "Images".

"Oh, my ..."

The Biotopians weren't all that different, actually. But they were different. They were mostly blue. They had horns -- well, bumps.
They -- Ceridwen knew when she was out of her depth. She went to see Mother Mirrim.
"So they're blue. We're pink. Quite pretty together, provided you don't stand too near those orange flowers," said the woman who was the nearest Findhorn had to an official leader.

(Mirrim hadn't liked the children's new garden of Biotopian flowers; they made her sneeze.)

"But ..." protested Ceridwen. "But ... I don't think we've ever had anything to do with them, Mother Mirrim. I don't think I've ever seen one. Isn't this a situation for professional diplomats? I mean, our First Contact with another race?"

"How old are the Year Sixes?" asked Mirrim, inconsequentially.

"Mostly eleven, some twelve," said Ceridwen.

"When you're that age, every new contact is a First Contact," Mirrim said. "They'll take it in their stride. They won't be surprised by anything. They've got nothing to hide. They'll love the Biotopians and the Biotopians will love them back. They're old enough to be truthful and young enough to get away with it. We couldn't do better."

Ceridwen sent her eager acceptance even before she told the class.
31-10-2005, 14:24
Citizen Internal Dossier

Name: Citizen Ducha Lootah

Date of Birth: 26/10/1971

Location of Birth: Poznaen-Katask Valley Maternity Hospital

Occupation: Editorial Executive Member, The Green Star (newspaper)

Residence: 6/19 Enteen Apartment, 90415, Zhaire City, Biotopia

Convictions: 3 – 1990 Resisting Arrest, 1992 Sedition (2 months incarceration), 1994 Treason (execution pending). All convictions honourably exonerated as of 26/12/1994

Internal Security Risk Moderate

Notes Excelled in mathematics and literature especially fictional writing in upper level schooling but also suspected in circulating anti-government writings amongst his peer group. At age 19 was arrested after being involved in a blockade to prevent supplies in the 1989-1990 ‘unification’ but had been involved in writing and distributing anti-government propaganda earlier then this date.

Had developed as a security profile shortly after moving to Saint Kordaam. Gained work in the People’s Red Tribune centred in Saint Kordaam and maintained a low profile reporting on sports and community events. In 1992 charged with sedition for the publication of “anti-ideological” material reporting on the arrest of civil right activists on fraudulent charges and fired from the People’s Red Tribune. Incarcerated for two months. Moved into the underground full-time and shifted from saint Kordaam, Overn and Monzeen. In 1994 as editor of the Citizen! the broadsheet of the Citizens Republican Party and arrested by a PNC special taskforce but was released three weeks before the execution date after the jail was stormed in the closing hours of the old regime.

Founded the Green Star in the national capital as the first independent newspaper, expanded to become the largest independent newspaper although it held close ties with Club ’90 in the initial phases before severing faction affiliation in 1997. High security threat potential but generally not directly critical of the government. Known to harbour pro-reform sympathies.

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