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Sith Invasion of Dimmimar (Open RP)

23-06-2005, 20:53
The light did not shine, dimming the hallway. In the shadows, a small, nimble woman darted to and fro, trying to avoid detection at all costs. She had a mission, a rather strange one, but a mission nontheless. She arrived at the door that she needed to come to, she stopped stooping and adapted a more lethal and commanding posture. The woman beside the door tried to voice indignation, but a few minutes later, her head had been sent flying into the wall, the victim of a rather long and fiery lightsabre blade. Darth Ioreth took the security override from the pocket of the woman that she had just killed, and swiped it through the terminal beside the doorway. There was a momentary hissing sound and the door opened, Ioreth lurched in quickly, then using the terminal on the other side of the door to lock the door and prevent sound from getting through. Ioreth ignited her fiery red lightsabre, the beam illuminating the dim corridor. She had seen the blueprints for the building. Gaius's room would be the room on the far right, the other two mere merely a lavatory and a toilet. She almost sighed with relief. Getting into the building was easy, the guards at the door took bribes, and the woman guarding the entrance to the personal chambers had been easily dealt with! But Ioreth sensed something, surely something like this would be harder, Gaius's was not this stupid...

Ioreth saw the projectile coming before it hit her, her slight precognition saving her. She leapt down the corridor, performing an elaborate double roll. She got up, and then saw the origin of the projectile. A self-automated J-09 machine gun had been activated. She dodged whilst she ran, the bullets too slow to catch up with her. Ioreth then gathered upon the dark side of the force, her body was bathed in a dark, vibrant energy. She leapt into the air and fired a gigantic blast of lightning into the trap, it's power source exploding in a magnificent display of sparks. Ioreth was about to open the door to the bedroom, when a rather bedraggled and hagged Gaius stumbled out of the bedroom.

"What's happening!? Who are you, you're not a guard are you! You must be an assas-" Gaius was cut off by a rather unpleasant smile from Ioreth and the rather strange aura that she seemed to be cloaked in.

Gaius ran towards the door, he sprinted fastly. Ioreth tossed her lightsabre into Gaius's back, the impact slicing his torso in half. The rest of the body slammed into the ground, a bewildered look still echoed itself on Gaius's deceased face. Ioreth smiled, the kill was good, but he should have put up more of a fight, although for a Sith all fights are never good enough. She accessed the terminal in his room, which was poorly concealed behind the headboard on his bed. She extracted his retina from his head, destroying most of the upper torso in the process. She inserted it into the scanner, it meticulosly observed it then the computer started working.

"Good morning myself, I must remember to attend that pathetic play today." The computer recording of Gaius said.

She started to access the mainframe. She accessed the primary commands, shutting down all of the water supplies, electricity and most of all, the defence system. She started to laugh in her evil way, Dimmimar was defenseless to her masters assualt now, and noone, not even the vaunted wenches of Gaius's private guard could stop the Sith invasion now...

You can RP as a citizen of your nation in Dimmimar, an external observer et cetera. Whatever is feasible. Oh, and please I need constructive criticism, this is my first RP in ages, feel free to post comments :D As this is set in modern times, but with future tech invaders, can anyone who plans to rp as future tech please inform me first via TG.