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World Cup 23 - The Roster Thread

21-06-2005, 15:45
Here you can post the rosters of your team. Posting a roster gives you a bonus and is polite even if you do not RP. It allows people who RP, to determine who scored against them.

Since some RPers feel restricted by having to ask permission for things like deciding goalscorers, handing out yellow or red cards or godmode for the sake of humour, it has become tradition that additionally to the roster, also a list is filled out, where one gives permissions in advance. The list is:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y/N
Godmod Scoring Events Y/N
RP injuries to my players Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players Y/N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y/N
Hand out Red cards to my players Y/N
Godmod Other Events Y/N

If no roster is posted or this is omitted, people tend to take all permissions as granted.

Later, here links to the rosters will be added:
Group 1:
45.79 Crystilakere
38.27 Starblaydia (
22.87 Nova Britannicus (
9.62 Oceaice
2.67 Spruitland (
0.0 Tramontina
0.0 Reichsdeutschland
0.0 Anarchist Canuckistan

Group 2:
45.87 Turori
19.10 Wella
11.80 Haperd
3.44 Harlesburg (
0.57 Pedriana
0.0 Riegab
0.0 Artoonia (

Group 3:
48.30 Vilita
35.89 Svecia
17.28 Gaian Ascendancy
11.40 The Weegies
6.00 Sonaron (
1.50 Kericia
0.0 Paul Sculthorpe fans
0.0 Kutch

Group 4:
51.51 Bedistan (
29.65 Tadjikistan (
17.88 Five Civilized Nations
8.66 Finrods
3.00 Oglethorpia (
0.0 Villarica (
0.0 Tichang
0.0 Bipedal Apes (

Group 5:
40.51 Audioslavia
34.07 Liverpool England
25.69 Spurland
10.25 Liamist States (
6.03 Kingsford
1.48 Euroslavia
0.0 NEWI Cefn Druids
0.0 Invincible BoB

Group 6:
43.11 Squornshelous (
32.17 Krytenia (
16.39 Fmjphoenix (
10.06 Kipto-Mare
2.00 Caprine States (
0.29 Buben
0.0 Milchama
0.0 Garinas

Group 7:
38.51 Cockbill Street (
33.56 Commerce Heights
19.80 Kylaai
15.98 Nonesuch Street
5.33 Oliverry (
0.71 Prolaterian Pandas
0.0 New Savio
0.0 Esrevistan

Group 8:
41.39 Oaker
32.87 Lovisa
21.01 Lethislavania
7.58 Bettia (
4.05 Nedalia
1.14 Vtorbetin
0.0 Robotopolis
0.0 Englerica

Group 9:
52.12 Sarzonia (
32.85 Druida (
24.15 Raptor Claw
10.89 Chicanada (
1.67 Hypocria (
0.0 Tonissia (
0.0 Lucianic
0.0 Kajiztahn

Group 10:
39.10 Total n Utter Insanity
38.25 One Red Dot
24.46 Jeruselem (
12.72 Spaam
5.33 Hockey Canada (
0.29 Kassyyk
0.0 Spolotikopia (
0.0 Antarcticanada

Scores Thread (
RP Thread (
21-06-2005, 15:55
The Starblaydia World Cup 23 Squad
Come in attempt Number 9, your time is up

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Yellow Card Players
GodMod Other Events for Humourous Intent

Notes: Many of these players can be found in The 'Starblaydi Sports' Category ( on the wiki. If they're anybody, they're in there.

Usual starting eleven are in purple

The Staff
NL. Nikola "Laser" Lazerevski, Manager
15 Caps, 15 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 Level)
Quite simply, somewhat of a legend, Nikola set the first record for Starblaydi Strikers, with is still regarded as the benchmark for Starblaydi greatness 30 years later. Co-Managed the World Cup 22 team with Starblaydi Minister for Sport Lord Rikaard Van Honjiik, Nikola gets the nod as the main man in charge this time.

The Goalkeepers
1. Thaddeus Gonzalez, GK, 32 - Jhanna City
15 Caps, 0 Goals (15 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Liga Starblaydia Goalkeeper of the Year for the past two seasons (3 & 4) and the World Cup 22 goalie, Thaddeus is the best in Starblaydia at the moment.
12. Angelos Prokopis, GK, 27 - Yeaddin Owls (Vilitan Stellar)
7 Caps, 0 Goals (7 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Liga Starblaydia Goalkeeper of the Year for Season 1, Angelos now finds himself perennially loaned out from the greatest club side in the world, can't be bad, being #2 at the 2-Time Champions League winners.
19. Cody Joachim, GK, 34 - Montepool Waves
2 Caps, 0 Goals (5 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Getting on a little, but still a tip-top 'keeper, Cody is a former Liga Starblaydia winner and was 'Keeper of the year for Season 2.

The Defenders
2. Garth Terrenson, C/RB, 27 - Hallad Reavers
18 Caps, 1 Goal (16 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Coming back to fill the Right-Back spot for a second World Cup, Terrenson is perhaps the best player at Hallad, partly due to his versatility.
3. Dimitrios Steliopolous, LB, 27 - Veles
21 Caps, 1 Goals (15 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Certainly the best Left-Back in Starblaydia today, Dimitri returns for a second World Cup, but this time he's got the starting #3 shirt.
5. Nunzio Gre, CB, 24 - Inkatil Seli-Veran (Rejis 2nd Div)
5 Caps, 0 Goals (23 Caps, 1 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Captain of the 'Golden Generation', back when Starblaydia's Under-21s won the 14th Under-21 World Cup, Nunzio, an excellent defender, has graduated to the big-time. Also the joint-record holder for Under-21 appearances with Gbenga Ogunniya.
6. Valentino Caltabiano, R/L/CB 31 - Tabeck FC
20 Caps, 2 Goals (18 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 Level)
If you're good enough to get into the Starblaydia All-Time XI Nominations, then at 31 you're good enough for the World Cup 23 Squad.
13. Albert Graydon, R/LB, 24 - Vilisorma Locals (Vilitan Declasse)
3 Caps, 0 Goals (16 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 Level)
A versatile full-back plying his trade in the Vilitan Declasse Division, Albert is ample back-up for either side.
14. Alex Vidal, R/CB, 26 - Sonovago City FC (Bedistan 1st Div.)
2 Caps, 0 Goals (10 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Another of the 'Golden Generation', Alex plys his trade in the Bedistani leagues.
20. Raymundo Hernandez, CB, 21 - Internashionale
Uncapped (9 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 Level)
The youngest of the defenders in this squad, Raymundo is yet another 'Golden Generation' player, doing well at Inter.

The Midfielders
4. Gbenga D.J. Ogunniya, Captian, A/C/DM, 28 - Marine Coast United (Vilitan Stellar)
22 Caps, 5 Goals (23 Caps, 5 Goals at Under-21 Level)
The joint-record holder for Under-21 appearances with Nunzio Gre, Gbenga has been made Captain for this sqaud. A versatile player at the peak of his game, Gbenga will be at the heart of everything Starblaydia do, whether going attacking or defending.
7. Juan Santiago, RM, 23 - Vimesbairn United (Cockbill Street)
Uncapped (21 Caps, 1 Goals at Under-21 Level)
A very useful player, despite the handicap of playing in a Streetian team. Expect him to be a solid play-maker on the right hand side.
8. Itechton Matranga, AM/SC, 23 - Jhanna City
5 Caps, 2 Goals (21 Caps, 7 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Has the ability to be better than his father Aiden and older brother Nick put together, Itechton should be among the goals in every game he plays. An awesome talent.
11. Surachai Buathiang, L/CM, 23 - Inland Peaks (Vilitan Stellar)
12 Caps, 2 Goals (18 Caps, 6 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Described by many Vilitan commentators as Starblaydia's latest Wunderkind, Surachai is just a bloody good player, just what Starblaydia need.
15. Alejo Cuevo, C/DM, 24 - KI Lanthanate (Cockbill Street)
6 Caps, 0 Goals (17 Caps, 1 Goals at Under-21 Level)
As solid a central midfielder as one can ask for, Alejo moved to Cockbill Street from Liga Omega to play better a better quality of football day in, day out. We're not so sure if it worked.
16. Juan Miguel Aguilera, C/AM, 24 - Vecchio Victors
1 Caps, 0 Goals (4 Caps, 1 Goals at Under-21 Level)
An explosive talent, Juan Miguel merely need to stay fit for a season to realise his full potential. Somewhat of a gamble as his knees could collapse at any moment, he's being wrapped in cotton wool for any plane journies and training sessions.
21. Thanh Madray, LM, 33 - Iskara Daii
36 Caps, 4 Goals (8 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 Level)
The oldest outfield player in the squad, Thanh is still a mightly-good player, just not for 90 minutes.
22. Christos Prokopis, CM, 30 - Veles
1 Caps, 0 Goals (2 Caps, 1 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Solid and dependable. That's all one needs to say about Christos, brother of 'keeper Angelos.

The Forwards
9. Zhorin Tumunzahar, SC, 28 - Eastal Lunar (Vilitan Stellar)
29 Caps, 8 Goals (18 Caps, 18 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Vilitan Stellar Division Top Scorer. Is there anything else we need to say? Top scorer in the best league in the world, along with being Starblaydi record Under-21 goalscorer. A Gold-coloured boot wearer. 'Nuff said. Oh, and he's a Dwarf.
10. Michalis Mitrofanis, SC, 26 - Hecia
8 Caps, 6 Goals (6 Caps, 3 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Controversially preferred to Zaragoza, Mitrofanis' proven record at International level in the AOCAF may have been the reason for his starting position.
17. Florencio Zaragoza, CF/SC, 24 - Tabeck FC
9 Caps, 1 Goal (18 Caps, 7 Goals at Under-21 Level)
Liga Starblaydia Golden Boot Winner, Striker and Player of the Year for Season 4, 'Flo' misses out on the #10 shirt by a highly-controversial whisker. Expect him to make a lot of substitute appearances.
18. Isiah Sodek, SC, 28 - Tabeck FC
11 Caps, 1 Goal (17 Caps, 5 Goals at Under-21 Level)
The club strike-partner of Zaragoza, Sodek is largely under-valued by the national team, though could prove a useful squad member here.
23. Juan Silva De Souza, SC, 34 - Corinthian Spirits
13 Caps, 2 Goals (10 Caps, 2 Goals at Under-21 Level)
The one thing this striking team doesnt have is a veteran player with hatfuls of cunning and experience. Juan is the man for that job.

The Kit
Home: Starblaydia play in all-white with purple trim
Away: Starblaydia play in all-purple with white trim
3rd Strip Starblaydia play in yellow shirts with black shorts and socks

The Formation
21-06-2005, 15:58
My opponent, if they RP first, can do what the hell they like, I guess.

The Daily Druid

Bill Posters on the Druida World Cup 23 squad

Though much changed from the World Cup 22 roster, Druida's squad for the latest cup is pretty much expected except for one name. Where the name of Parkville's up and coming right midfielder Sebastien Diago was expected to have been, instead we see a name from the past, one of the Druida Under-21 team from way back in history that actually won something, Paul Rowntree.

Rowntree has had a bit of a revival playing in the Hockey Canada Beer League, where he has achieved what can only be described as cult status amongst fans of North Pole United. Rowntree has almost reached GODMOD status in the Beer League, but then what would you expect from a player from the home of drunks in a league sponsored by alcohol?

The Druida Rainbows

As chosen by manager Trefor "Elastic" Edwards (41)
* = usual starters
' = previous World Cup players


1. Trefor Edwards Jr. (17, Druid Tribune)
13. Elmo van der Hesselvenatchov (24, Dinamo Neodzki) ' *
23. Trevor Lee (27, South Coast United ) '



2. Trevor Llanfridd (29, Llllllllllcwllllllll Rovers) ''
17. Trevor Peev (30, Dinamo Neodzki [vice captain]) ''' *


3. Huw Richards (27, Jhanna United [STB]) '' *
14. Frankie Bell (22, Bessburg) ' [also plays left-back]


5. Trevor Orange (27, Bessburg) '' *
6. Trevor Fish (25, Druid Tribune) *
18. Toby Sam (22, Cranbury United)
22. Richard Milk (21, Parkville)



11. Eric Tree (28, Cefn Albion) ' *
19. Trefor Felics (25, Druid Tribune)


7. Paul Rowntree (30, North Pole United [HC])
15. Liam Jones (23, Llllllllllcwllllllll Rovers) ' *


4. Ricky Mallon (28, Ousevale Borough [KRY] [captain]) ' *
8. Gareth Yr Dinistrydd (23, Llllllllllcwllllllll Rovers)
16. Trefor Talbot (20, Parkville)
21. Trefor Afan (26, Druid Tribune)


9. Trefor Montenegro (26, Druid Tribune) ''
10. Trefor Defnyddiwch (26, Druid Tribune) ''
20. Dai Jones (25, Llllllllllcwllllllll Rovers) ' *
22. Adrian Belmore (21, Parkville) *
24. Trevor Jones (24, Llllllllllcwllllllll Rovers) ' *

Players out of squad

Trefor "Elastic Edwards (41, GK, Druida manager)
Trevor Ellis (30, CB, Parkville) ''
Carl Price (36, CB, Kirkanden) '''''
Trevor Cwulodden (28, CB, Graymouth) '
Barry Howles (28, LM, Inter Dave) '
Trevor Ng (33, RM, Cranbury United) '''''
Trevor Walker (36, Garth Wanderers) '''''
Trevor Wilson (28, CM, Likh'gokh K'druz'ba [CS]) '
Iean Williams (30, CM, Cefn Albion) ''
Maxwell Chilver (30, CF, Graymouth) '''

13. van der Hesselvenatchov

3. Richards 5. Orange 6. Fish 17. Peev

15. L. Jones 4. Mallon 11. Tree

20. D. Jones 24. T. Jones
22. Belmore

And now, as regulated by the Druidan Fashion Police, enter the Druida Kits (left to right: home, away, third)...
21-06-2005, 16:00
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y

Chicanada Kodiaks

Coach: Finn Quonzae (Ashley)
Assistants: Erin Jlinao (Risa FC), Liem O'lizao (Barclay Rosa), Hadence Glinder (Douala)

Starters (4-2-4 scheme):
GK: Timonn Lisbon (Acadia)

DF: Zatorsky Dallas (AS Cana)
DF: Tobias Xavierden (Swansea)
DF: Loeb Noebi (Mission)
DF: Eroden Venlill (Bishop FC)

MF: Predence Loeri (plays in Cockbill street)
MF: Jude Westington (Mission)

FW: Samuel Kleriton (Bishop FC)
FW: Oliven Prade (North Coast)
FW: Weston Kozten (Bishop FC)
FW: Iago Jezbil (Risa FC)

GK: Porten Klibzin (Southampton City)
GK: Raslan Seregn (AS Eo'asvloap)

DF: Dirk Bjzeli (Risa FC)
DF: Lavin Bastan (Verde Mund)
DF: Garrison Keblen (Star Point)
DF: Grant Twellman (FC Livingston)

MF: Perides Mastroeni (Acadia)
MF: Prade Gjno (AS Bishop County)
MF: Roman Fjzrile (Star Point)
MF: Damarus Bastian (FC Livingston)

FW: Jorden Pullman (Verde Mund)
FW: Mendozi Liamson (Cana FC)
FW: Loemi Pullman (Provincetown)
21-06-2005, 16:11
My opponent may do whatever he likes in his RP as long as it is both fair and fun
Tadjikistan Tigers
Coach: Semjon Surdeyev(37)
Assistent: Igor Pliiev(42)

1. S Vorozheikin(28) GK SKA Pamir Dushanbe
2. T Orlov(23) D SKA Pamir Dushanbe
3. O Aini(22) D FK Khujand
4. A Khudyakov(29) D Vaksh Qorgontheppa
5. D Shtemenko(30) M BDA Dushanbe
6. A Zaev(37)c M Regar-TadAZ Tursunzade
7. S Vishnevskij(30) M Regar-TadAZ Tursunzade
8. V Galitski(24) M Vaksh Qorgontheppa
9. N Tanai(22) F Farrukh Gissar
10.P Bayerenov(24) F Regar-TadAZ Tursunzade
11.Z Zarakovsky(35) F Vaksh Qorgontheppa

12.S Haritonov(26) GK Poisk Dushanbe
13.V Sokolov(22) D FK Khujand
14.A Kashuba(23) D FK Khujand
15.S Krivoshein(20) M Farukh Gissar
16.A Voroshein(22) M Regar TadAZ Tursunzade
17.Z Maslennikov(30) F SKA Pamir Dushanbe
18.V Yushkev(24) F Ansol Kolob
19.G Morozov(33) M Farrukh Gissar
20.I Gorodnianskij(24) M Vaksh Qorgontheppa
21.A Karmanov(27) D Vaksh Qorgontheppa
22.D Rastorguev(34) GK Regar TadAZ Tursunzade
Hockey Canada
21-06-2005, 16:29
Hockey Canada's World Cup 23 Roster
Hockey Canadians looking to qualify.

The Hockey Canada Canucks will be coached by U21 Coach Toe Blake to lead the Canucks to a few wins.


90- Kyle Thomas [14] (Cefn Albion)
33- Damien Marx [23] (Irkutsk)
0- Alexi Tarasov [21] (Vancouver FC)


4- Yanic Perrault [21] (Yakutsk)
6- Petr Sylanko [29] (Anadyr)
8- John Cormack [31] (Vancouver FC)
10- Timmy "Timmah!" Johnson [25] ("Special" Care Centre)
12- Kenny McKormick [25] (Revuocnav)
14- Evgeni Zimin [30] (Federal District)
16- Leopold "Butters" Scotch [25] (Irkutsk)
18- Pete Cugno [34] (Federal District)
20- Wladislav Shvlidky [24] (Anadyr)
22- Clyde Dunatek [28] (Yarensk)


3- Rahul Kulkarni [21] (Irkutsk)
5- Ike Broflovski [15] (No Team Available)
7- Trent Tyvlov [36] (Federal District)
9- Tyrone O'Dyliile [22] (Vancouver FC)


13- Mike Ko [21] (Irkutsk)
29- Steven Vaughn [26] (Yakutsk)


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y
21-06-2005, 17:01
Bettia Enlightener: 21st June 2005 - exclusive interview with Margeret on page 5.

Bettia Squad Announced

The Football Association of Bettia (FAB) has announced the squad for their second attempt at qualifying for the World Cup and it has thrown up one or two little suprises, especially at no.26. Top sports writer Anton Mihangel reviews the players... but first, a word from our sponsors:

I give my opponents permission to godmod to
their heart's content. Oh yes. Goals, scoers, cards both yellow and red,
injuries, the whole shebang. Go for it.

Home Kit:
Yellow & Green Quarters, Yellow Shorts, Green Socks.
Change Kit:
Blue & White Quarters, White Shorts, Blue Socks.

And now onto the people who really matter, those brave souls who trapse out onto the field of dreams carrying the hopes and dreams of an entire nation.

Munir At-Tariq - age 53.
An offensive-minded coach looking to nurture the attacking mentality of his players. Likes to play an attacking 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 system, using the left and right-backs to set up counter-attacks.

1. Ricardo DiTorino - Akani Sands, age 19, 14 caps.
Has just enjoyed the best season of his career. He has recently forced his way into the first team, having just won the league championship with Akani Sands and being nominated for Player of the Year.

2. Amir Bettison - Gabalfa Rovers, age 32, 45 caps.
Bettia's long-time first choice goalie. However, competition is hotting up and he is no longer the automatic first-choice goalie after picking up an injury in the last world cup qualifying campaign.

3. Robert Sole - Lorshill United, age 22, 0 caps.
An ever-present in Lorshill's cup winning team of 2001 but has yet to make his international debut. His 6'4" frame allows him to easily deal with high crosses and set pieces.

4. Gwynoro Tyrno'r - Sukatra Tigers, age 19, 0 caps.
A tough tackler with international U21 experience, his undoubted defensive skills helped his team to their best ever league finish and earned him the runner-up spot in the Young Player of the Year awards.

5. Musa Williams - Gabalfa Rovers, age 27, 32 caps.
An ever-present for Bettia last season, Williams is grown into one of the highest-rated defenders in the country. Has a slight problem with timing his tackles, which can result in a few injuries (for the opposition) and a red card or two.

6. Wasim Morgan - Ceffinton Town, age 23, 16 caps.
A versatile utility man who can play in the centre, right or left of defence. A lynchpin in Town's impressive squad which finished fifth in the league, surpassing all expectations.

7. Geraint Carew - Vimesbairn Athletic (Cockbill Street), age 26, 39 caps.
A speedy right-sided defender who can also play on the right-wing, noted for his ability to set up swift counter-attacks. His first season in Cockbill Street wasn't entirely sucessful, although he made a good impression helping them to the cup semi-finals. He has also developed into a dependable penalty-taker.

8. Ian Redpath - Akani Sands, age 26, 0 caps.
The captain of the league champs, his sparkling form has won him his first callup for the national team - somewhat belatedly, some critics say. A solid dependable defender with a no-nonsense approach to the game.

9. Michael Ryder - Gabalfa City, age 27, 28 caps.
An experienced tough-tackling centre-back who can also play on the left or right when needed. Another no-nonsense player who adds grit and determination to the back line.

10. Jonathon McKinnon - Ceffinton Town, age 20, 10 caps.
Former captain of the Bettia Under-21 squad, his performances have started to see him come into the reckoning for a regular place in the international squad. A bright prospect for the future.

11. Amir Bin Da'ud - Gabalfa Rovers, age 28, 32 caps.
A solid, dependable defender famed for his long throw-ins and probing counter-attacks. Has greatly improved over the last year or so and has made the left back position his own.

12. Gareth Coates (captain) - Grappenhall United, age 25, 28 caps, 1 goal.
A towering physical presence in the centre of defence, his height comes in handy in attacking set-pieces as well as defensive. Has recently been named captain after Amir Bettison's injury.

13. John Connick - Tallahassee Blues (Bedistan), age 29, 34 caps.
Has come into his own as the playmaker of the team, playing deep in central midfield from which he sets up his forwards. Had a good season in the Bedistan Football League where he was named Foreign Midfielder of the Year.

14. Badr Warlow - Gabalfa City, age 21, 0 caps.
An energetic young midfielder with experience at U21 level. Had a truly excellent season which saw him win the Player of the Year award. Like his local rival Evan Brooks, Warlow is deadly at set pieces.

15. Aaron Brown - Emcorn, age 22, 28 caps, 2 goals.
A quick little player who has proven to be adept at floating in long crosses from the right-hand side.

16. Jason Abdullah - Butetown Dragons, age 19, 11 caps.
Very pacy young left-sided midfielder known for his hot-headed disposition.

17. Omar Whistler - Maindy Wanderers, age 24, 27 caps, 11 goals.
A stylish midfielder known for his efficient style and deft touches. He has also proven to be a cool-headed penalty-taker.

18. Evan Brooks - Gabalfa Rovers, age 27, 46 caps, 13 goals.
The 'Golden Boy' of Bettian football, Brooks is well-known for his prowess from set-pieces and stinging long-range shots.

19. Ieaun Swain - Grappenhall United, age 22, 7 caps, 2 goals.
Enjoyed an excellent season, providing a bright spark in an otherwise mediocre campaign for the Warriors.

20. Latif Hunter - Sukatra Tigers, age 19, 0 caps.
Rising young star who set the league on fire, winning the Young Player of the Year award and the Golden Boot for his 24-goal haul.

21. Chris Hutton - Marine Coast United (Vilita), age 18, 15 caps, 3 goals.
A precocious young talent who is looking to make a name for himself in the V-League. Famed (or feared) for his tenacious hassling of opposition defenders.

22. Bobbie Rosenstiehl - Downton, age 23, 11 caps, 4 goals.
A pacy striker with plenty of flair who enjoyed an excellent season, netting 19 goals for the Bulldozers.

23. John Harding - Akani Sands, age 28, 20 caps, 15 goals.
A lanky centre-forward whose early career has been hampered by injuries, but has recently seen his prospects improve after winning the league title with Akani Sands, netting 19 goals in the process. A deadly header of the ball.

24. Gethin Ward - Gabalfa Rovers, age 29, 21 caps, 14 goals.
Ward returned to top form this season, showing the Bettian fans and media what a deadly striker he really is, finishing just one goal short of the Golden Boot and nominated for the Player of the Year.

25. Judson York - Pylos Reavers (Hypocria), age 25, 13 caps, 14 goals
The first black player to pull on the green-and-yellow shirt. His lightning-quick pace was virtually unmatched in the Bettian league despite his team getting relegated, and he will be looking to repeat those performances in the Hypocrian league. Is equally at home in the centre or on either side of the pitch.

26. Tiddles - age 6, 3 caps, 1 victim
Bettia's beloved lucky arora who now leads the team out at the beginning of every match accompanied by a special guest handler. She grabbed national headlines when she scuttled onto the pitch during Bettia's Cup of Harmony match against the Liamist States and bit the ankles of their star player. Initially, the FAB decided to hand out a touchline ban, but after an outcry from the Bettian media and fans, this decision was overturned and she is now a regular fixture. Normally cute and docile (if aroras ever can be described as cute), but can get the red mist at the drop of a hat. The Bettian fans will hope she helps to bite a chunk out of their opponents chances of qualifying ahead of them.

Well that's the players, but who will start? According to my ever-reliable sources, the Bettian line-up may or may not look a bit like this. Or not.

Probable first-choice lineup:

1. DiTorino

12. Coates 5. Williams
7. Carew 11. Bin Da'ud

15. Brown 18. Brooks 13. Connick 19. Swain

25. York 21. Hutton
21-06-2005, 17:42
My opponent may do whatever he likes in his RP as long as it is both fair and fun

Tonissia Roster

Coach Brent DanielsIII (53)

GK #0 Diego Garra(25)
M #33 Pete Haas(30)
M #47 Billy Joe Tomas Jr(20)
M #1 Luigi Porr (22)
M #8 Bernen Yaso(18)
D #80 John Caowell(29)
D #7 Lorn Villisi (34)
D #40 Steadman Marmin(22)
F #23 Harv Haddox(19)
F #99 Joel Haddox (25)
F #79 Billy Lee Douglas(37)

GK #38 Elwin Savler
M #60 Drio Millousi
M #5 Ed Gossage
M #11 Jalen Jobe
D #96 Hyatt Worth
D #45 Tim Bukutu
D #27 Kirk Hellerdyne
F #50 Joe Dale Tomasson
F #19 Josh Scott Jones
21-06-2005, 18:50
[QUOTE=EL CID THE HERO]I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Allow opponents to select goalscorers: Y
Allow opponents to godmod goalscoring events: Y
Allow opponents to injure players:Y
Allow opponents to godmod injuries: Y
Allow opponents to hand out yellow cards/red cards: Y
Allow opponents to godmod anything else under the sun: Y

the lions will be in red shirts and yellow shorts

po name number age

GK David Niemi 1 46
GK Carlos Noris 2 43
GK kim Dash 3 30

RB Dan Hip 4 37
CB James Hunter 5 26
LB Howard Jones 6 19
CB Lisa Banks 7 25
RB Antony Lynn 8 32
RB Gerry Addems 9 39
LB Brian West 10 47

CM Jim Quite 11 42
RDM James Nub 12 29
CDM Devvo 13 34
LDM Garrett Adams 14 42
LM Tom Wolf 15 45
RM "Huggy" Dash 16 39
CM Evin Howard 17 47
CM Prog Kraid 18 37 (FREE KICK)

LF Michelle Marlone 19 28
RF Norm Turner 20 25
ST Fred k Gruber 21 37
CF smith Connor 22 32

manager Jonny Doomhammer 61
vice-manager S. Sam 38
Coach Uma white 32

! | 3 | !
! |________| !
! !
! 4 7 5 9 !
! !
! 15 11 18 16 !
! !
! __________ !
! ! 21 20 ! !

changes from last WC


Marko Venetidis (retired)
Roy Hunter (arrested)

Nobby Kido (leg injury)
Homer Dent (retired)

Sid Kan (politics)
21-06-2005, 19:23
The Spruitland Wabbits

Coach: Cor Bensen (46)


1. Simon Briers (22, GK), Sporting Mayo – 5 caps, 3 conceded (9 U-21 caps, 10 conceded)
Least passed goalie in the First Division, impressed in the Under-21 squad and expected to be Spruitland’s senior goalie for a long time.

12. Johan Verbeek (26, GK), FC Albertine – 0 caps
Followed up a crappy season with a Goalie of the Season award in the next. Eager to get his chance.

22. Elmer Holt (28, GK), RFC Godiva – 0 caps
Had a few good seasons with RFC Godiva, very consistent.

Tristan Verelst (19, GK), Turoki United, Vilita – 0 caps (1 U21 cap, 0 conceded)
Virtually assured to be the Bunnies’ starting goalie at the next Under-21 World Cup, Tristan may get to sit on the bench a few times to gain experience.


2. Marino Vegnol (29, DR), Fonstown Rovers – 5 caps
Tackle-strong, head-strong, decent passing. Only lacks the pace to be a world-class defender. As it is, he’s just very good.

3. Asa Noegel (25, DL), Sporting Mayo – 5 caps
Fast, talented wing back with a killer cross. Expected to play a big role in the Wabbits’ defense in coming years.

4. Nico Van Dyck (22, DC), Thiel United – 5 caps (9 U-21 caps)
The Bunnies’ captain at two U-21 World Cups and regular at the BoF, strong Van Dyck is already one of the more experienced Spruitland players, despite his youth.

5. Laszlo Bosch (28, DC), New Brux FC – 5 caps, 1 goal
Solid central defender, strong with his head, scores regularly on corners and indirect free kicks.

15. Fabiano Vos (29, DRC), Sporting Mayo – 2 caps
Technical defender, strong at set pieces. Prefers to play in the center, but can play on the right as well.

16. Nicolas Romeijn (23, DC), RFC Godiva – 2 caps
Impressive few seasons in the First Division, man in form. To watch for the future.

21. Pete Peeters (31, DLC), Sativa Stoners – 3 caps
Mature left-footer, lacks some pace but reliable and determined.

Zwi Kibby (23, DLC), Lepus FC – 0 caps
Hard-tackling defender, toughened up even more after Paulo Bachchan took control of Lepus. Cards galore.

Koenraad Opdebeeck (19, DLC), Terrarokka Spirit FC, Vilita – 0 caps (5 U-21 caps, 1 goal)
Expected to feature heavily in the Under-21 squad at the next World Cup. Had a good season in the Vilitan Declasse. May be occasionall added to the senior squad to gain experience.

Fritz Wigmeister (21, DC), Bucks Lake Athletic, Bedistan – 0 caps (5 U-21 caps)
Regular at the last Under-21 World Cup, on loan to to the BPL where he had an impressive season.


6. Frederic Juneau (30, MC, captain), Sativa Stoners – 5 caps
Solid, defensive-minded midfielder. Model professional, gets along with everybody.

7. Samson Trouwel (23, AMR), Cranbury United, Druida – 5 caps, 1 goal (4 U-21 caps, 1 goal)
One of the stars of the Spruitland team, combining pace with technique to form a real threat on the right wing.

8. Waldo Gelmer (24, AMC), Phraen Palace, Starblaydia – 5 caps
Eccentric attacking midfielder, his speed and unpredictability earning him the nickname “Where’s Waldo?” Can suddenly show up anywhere on the field.

11. Balt Luyckx (27, AML), Thiel United – 5 caps
Dribble-strong left winger, decent pace, set pieces specialist. Balt will be the one taking direct free kicks and corners. Weak spot: his right foot.

14. Louis Pierre (26, AMRC), Sativa Stoners – 1 caps
Energetic attacking midfielder, can play right wing as well. Scores easily.

17. Thadeus Quintin (25, AMLC), Fonstown Rovers – 2 caps
Aggressive left winger, keeps going til he drops, which he occasionally does.

19. Fisk Zachariah (24, MC), Jonesville City – 2 caps
Coming man for the central midfielder spot. Not too consistant, but can bring magic on a good day.

20. Jeff Wong (25, AM/FC), Thiel United – 1 caps
Can play midfield or attack, but either way better at assists than scoring goals.

Lee Beck (21, AML), Brickell United, Nedalia – 0 caps (9 U-21 caps, 1 goal)
The Bunnies’ starter on the left wing, might get a few chances to see if he’s ready to play along with the big boys.

Carlo Nicols (27, AMR), Noordlo Rovers – 0 caps
High-scoring right winger, not terribly consitent but can make a big difference when he’s in form.


9. Jan Wolters (26, ST), RFC Godiva – 5 caps, 2 goals
Ex-DM transformed into a powerhouse forward, can lean on a defense and play with his back to the goal. Former topscorer in the First Division.

10. Dirk Jools (21, ST), FC Albertine – 4 caps, 4 goals (9 U-21 caps, 6 goals)
Spruitland’s football superstar and topscorer. Has a big mouth, but can usually back it up on the field.

13. Ben Thorsen (29, ST), Thiel United – 2 caps, 1 goal
Pacey little fellow, with a surprising amount of power in his short legs.

18. Edmund Kidder (28, ST), Sporting Mayo – 1 caps
Intelligent striker, can be invisible most of the match and decide the game with a sudden touch of brilliance.

Jonas Horst (24, ST), Sativa Stoners – 0 caps
Sativa’s clinical finisher. Not the most technical player, but often in the right place at the right time.

Chico Provoost (17, ST), Mavaloiao FC, Vilita – 0 caps (5 U-21 caps, 3 goals)
Young talent, emerged at Under-21 WC16, earning him a transfer to Vilita, where he had an abysmal season. Expected to mature a bit at a few more Under-21 tournaments before being ready for the senior squad, but may be called up at some point if needed, for his "joker"-quality.

Team Kit:

I Give My Opponents Permission To:

Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y
GodMod Injury Events Y

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y
Nova Britannicus
21-06-2005, 19:53
The Nova Britannicus World Cup 23 Squad
Powers' Army Back for More, One Better than Cup of Harmony

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Yellow Card Players
GodMod Other Events for Humourous Intent

Jean-Paul Georges-Ringeaux

1. Jeremy McFarland, GK, 34 - Hernsworth Cubs
2. Andrew Hill, RB, 23 - Widdrington Wolves
3. Gordon Buxton, CB, 26 - Honsfield Athletic (Nedalia)
4. Rick Powers, Captain, C/DM, 31 - Beverington Hawks
5. Alan Baize, R/CB, 28 - Montepool Waves
6. Richard Smythe, DM, 32 - Montepool Waves
7. Wilburforce Jones, RW, 26 - Montepool Waves
8. Quentin Bentley, AM/CF, 27 - Iskara Daii
9. David Bond, CF/SC, 30 - Montepool Waves
10. Colin Forsham, SC, 29 - Veles
11. Dickie Barker, LW/SC, 27 - Widdrington Wolves

12. Joseph Smythe, GK, 31 - Honsfield Athletic (Nedalia)
13. Rupert Smith, C/LB, 31 - Hernsworth Cubs
14. Trefor Fortier, RB, 32 - Montepool Waves
15. Marcus Astin, R/CM, 28 - Jotneheim Mountains AFC (Cockbill Street)
16. Henry Maitland, RM, 23 - Honsfield Athletic (Nedalia)
17. John Pompey, RW/SC, 33 - Montepool Waves
18. Paul Fortier, SC, 30 - Corinthian Spirits

19. Martin Read, GK, 37 - Beverington Hawks
20. Jimmy Trant, CB, 27 - Honsfield Athletic (Nedalia)
21. Tarquin Ferguson, CM, 29 - Tuncastle Rovers
22. Albert Cochran, CM, 34 - Beverington Hawks
23. Jeremy Simonton, SC, 27 - Hernsworth Cubs
21-06-2005, 20:27
My opponent, if they RP first, have permission to:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: N

Injure Players: N
GodMod Injury Events N

Red Card Players: N
Yellow Card Players: N
GodMod Other Events: N

Coach Dave Wilson announced the World Cup roster.

Dave Wilson: 58 years old, head coach in his sixth World Cup qualifying campaign. Served as assistant coach to the late Bryan Marshall in World Cup qualifying campaigns XVI and XVII.

Chris Trautwig: 50 years old, assistant coach for his second World Cup qualifying campaign. Has served in administrative capacity for the Incorporated Football Federation and has served as interim head coach for the Woodstock Wild in the past.

ROSTER (starters in bold)

35 Horace Sandt (Woodstock Wild): Backstopped the Wild to the first-ever AO Champions League title and appeared in the Under 21 national team finals. At 27 years old, he is coming off a MOP performance in World Cup XXII.
39 Harvey Cooley (Saugerties Snakes): He also backstopped the Under 21 nationals and won a third place title in his first stop entrenched as the starter. At 24 years old, he should be part of the team for years to come.

2 Mike Coyle (Woodstock): Left back in the Wild's 3-5-2 alignment. Speedy defender who has added veteran savvy to his athleticism. Now 29, getting better with experience.
32 Emacio (Hallad Reavers - Starblaydia): Known as a tremendous offensive defender, has played a key role for the Reavers. (29 years old)
35 Lance Alcina (Hallad): Plays right back for the Reavers, but is playing right fullback for the Stars. This 26 year old is a teammate of Emacio's so the two are familiar with each other.
3 Trevor Crenshaw (Woodstock Wild): The right fullback for the four time champion Wild adds much defensive depth and experience to the team. At 31 year old he has finally earned a starting job.
22 Jeff Comstock (Nicksia Knights): After the Knights' surprise run through the NSFA Cup, Comstock signed a free agent contract with them. He brings speed and grit to the team. At 24 years old, he also brings an infusion of youth to a veteran side.
19 Kurt Laughton (Joe Gibbs University): Even though he's only 22 years old, he graduated from Joe Gibbs University at 19 following intense home schooling. Perhaps the smartest player on the pitch from a schooling perspective.
12 Mike Cole (Bristol Braves, minor league): Even though the Braves are listed as a minor league side, they will be promoted to the Sarzonian Football Confederation due to their dominant record and impressive attendance figures. Cole is also a rugby standout, having led the Sarzonia Galaxians to a surprise berth in the knockout rounds their first time out. At 24 years old, he gives Laughton a run for his money for brain power.

9 Darwin Russell: (Parkville F.C. - NEWI Cefn Druids): Team captain. Tremendous left-side player with a deadly accurate free kick from that side. Can be roughed up and taken out of his game, but has gotten much stronger physically. At 31 years old, has become a star on the national side.
4 Henrik Bastale (Turoki Isle - Vilita): Has starred for Turoki Isle since his transfer from the Portland Timbers, being named Foreign Player of the Year in the Vilitan league. He has a lot of pure speed and ball control, but needs to learn to pace himself for 90 minutes. Just turned 22.
7 Owen Manson (Tyrol Tigers): Signed with the Tigers after the team was promoted to the SFC. Is known as one of the most dangerous passers and free kick artists with an educated left boot. At 30 years old, he's been plying his trade in the toughest semipro league in Sarzonia.
13 Calvin Olson (New Jerusalem Nobles, semipro): As dangerous as Manson is with his left boot, Olson is just as deadly with his right boot. For a skillful midfielder, he's surprisingly phsyical. This 27 year old has been suspended due to yellow card point accumulation three times last season.
37 "Dix" Porter (Portland): Just signed with the Timbers, is the heir apparent for the role as offensive playmaker. Spent a lot of time with Bobby Convey's dad to work on his skills. At 30 years old, may be playing for a spot on the starting 11.
24 Landra Tennison (Woodstock Justice, women's team): She earned a spot in the starting 11 on the Stars for AOCAF VIII after an impressive tryout where she out-physicaled several men despite her 5 foot 6, 133 pound frame. At 28 years old, she'll earn a spot in the starting 11 if she continues to play well.

22 Brian Wilson (Woodstock): At 27, has earned experience playing abroad in one of the world's largest media fishbowls. His father is the national team's top assistant coach, so he often thinks like a coach on the pitch. Former national team captain.
31 Barry Alphonso (Likh'gokh K'druz'ba - Cockbill Street): Can play either withdrawn forward or striker for his club team. Led the league with 22 goals last season and has led the league in goals scored two straight years. Set records for most goals in Joe Gibbs University's history as a four year starter. 32 years old.
32 Bruce Badger (Randolph): Badger scored a career low eight goals, but has become known for his veteran leadership from the player's bench. Is an avid supporter of "Sarzonian football," with an emphasis on possession and aggressive attack. Just turned 33.
19 Kenny Cooper (Tacoma): Now 26, he is the all-time leading goal scorer for the U21 national team. He still hasn't cracked the starting 11 yet.
21-06-2005, 21:33
The Bureaucratic Tribune

Ostriches World Cup 23 roster released, fraught with changes

MEGALOPOLIS CITY (BT) -- The World Cup 23 iteration of the Ostriches is marked by great change; with an entirely new goalie, a larger backfield and a beefier offense, Torrence Black's starting eleven are poised not to preform so predictably poor this time around.

The roster of the Oglethorpia Ostriches is as follows;

Manager/Coach/Head Moral Supporter: Torrence Black
Formation: 5-2-3

Hip Replac (age 25, Megalopolis City F.C.)
Jim Seasons (age 27, SpVgg Stuttergart)
Ed Head (age 23, Steerford United)
Les Potbell (age 30, Steerford United)
Harry Falls (age 23, Sheffingham Rovers)
Coat MacHanger (age 35, Megalopolis City F.C.)
Isaac White (age 32, Sheffingham United)
Nate Leonard (age 30, Polyesterhampton F.C)
Anton Kremlov (age 24, formerly Grazrokistov F.C - still unsigned)*
Billiam Christmas Jr. (age 26, SpVgg Stuttergart)
Mel Memorable (age 24, Polyesterhampton F.C.)

More specifically, Mel Memorable of Polyesterhampton F.C. gives the Ostriches three strikers. Phyllis Lysp, now 43, has retired from the squad -- playing in his place is Coat MacHanger, but in a much more defensive role. David Davidson of A.C. Vague, formerly of the Ostriches' half-field was tragically struck by a brobdingnagian, precariously perched bird's nest -- now resting where he once stood waiting for a bus.

As such, the Ostriches are playing slightly more defensive, with a much smaller midfield and an additional striker. The squad is expected to play defense in fine form, but have a total inability to pass the ball due to its small midfield, and despite a talented offense, be fully inable to score goals (impossible sans football), thus more than likely giving false hope to millions of Oglethorpian football fans back home.

This marks the first Cup the Oglethorpian national football squad will be playing under the "Ostriches" moniker.
Cockbill Street
21-06-2005, 22:04

1. Sam Peterson, aged 26, av rating 5.85, Grakh'nakh K'druz'ba*
A tall, lanky keeper who has just made his international debut. Possibly the greatest star of a team that's quietly worked its way up the Compound League table

13.Niall Wotherspoon, aged 25, av rating 5.73, Roegrow Athletic
The Chesham-born Wotherspoon has massive talent, as shown by several turnouts for the Under-21 squad. He's played a good part in Roegrow's revival, and could get matches for the team in qualifying

21.Adam Gilford, aged 29, av rating 5.80, Laf'goh'lith K'druz'ba
Gilford is the eternal reserve, always gets the call-up but never gets the chance to play. Relegation for Laf'goh'lith means that he probably won't get the best matching either


2. Phyllosilicate, aged 29, av rating 5.88, central defender, KI Lanthanate*
With a back line like Lanthanate's - three rocks - it's a wonder how they managed to end up in tenth place last season. Phyllosilicate made his breakthrough just recently, in friendly matches with Nova Britannicus, and he's established himself with good positioning and unbeatable in the air

3. Gold-telluride, aged 25, av rating 5.94, left back/central defender, KI Lanthanate*
Gold-telluride is the youngest of the three Lanthanate backs. He usually plays central defender in the Lanthanate team, towards the left if needs be, but in this team Olivine and Phyllosilicate have occupied those two spots

4. David Pomsville, aged 33, av rating 5.82, central defender, Likh'gokh K'druz'ba
Still a reserve, and at 33, having spent most of his career with underachievers Upperborough FC (although that has included three Human Premiership titles) you've got to say the man has wasted his time. This is likely to be his last chance on the top level

16.Olivine, aged 32, av rating 5.87, central defender, KI Lanthanate*
Worked his way into the side in the last World Cup and did an excellent job, and are looking to extend that before he retires. The 32-year-old is a first on any team sheet

19.Chris Adcook, aged 23, av rating 5.84, right back, Everton City Reds (Krytenia)
The young United man - who grew up with Athletic - replaces Callum Cummings as right-back reserve to Kent. He's unlikely to get much match experience in this World Cup, but look out for him to come off the bench as a winger - he's a quick fellow with good dribbling skills. In a player-exchange deal, he moved to Everton City Reds following the qualifying stages

20.Orson Kent, aged 28, av rating 6.01, right/left back, Hetkali Divensi (H1SR)*
Kent is a classic side back - won't dribble the ball in excess, but a lovely eye for the game and a passing foot to rival Harald Axewielder's. Left Cockbill Street at 24 before he felt defensive skills weren't appreciated


5. Sodalite, aged 28, av rating 5.76, central/defensive midfielder, KI Lanthanate*
The anchor. Although his form has waned of late, he's still a highly useful midfielder, with a good passing foot, and any opposing player who dares move in his path gets tackled brutally, but usually within the rules of the game

6. Irene Miller, aged 22, av rating 5.89, winger, Swans United (Chicanadan WomensLiga)
Irene was called up to the Under-21 team at 16, and immediately recognised as a talent. A hard worker, she's fought her way onto the Vimesbairn Athletic line-up, and now onto the subs bench - in a side overflowing with quick wingers. After several years on the bench of Athletic, she moved to the women's league in Chicanada, but there's now doubt whether the matching is tough enough for Miller

7. Philip McLavish, aged 35, av rating 5.91, right winger, Harewood FC*
One last hurrah for McLavish, the one of the two brothers who really made it at international level - Niall spent his time at the AOCAF and trudging in and out of Harewood's XI, Phil's turned into a right-wing legend to rival Harald Axewielder. His loss of pace in recent years makes him slightly less potent, though

8. Travis Robertson, aged 29, av rating 6.08, left winger/central midfielder, Likh'gokh K'druz'ba*
Robertson just keeps getting better and better. The 29-year-old is argued to be the only thing that keeps Likh'gokh respectable, with ingenious passing and a work rate to rival most dwarves. An excellent player

11.Succinite, aged 25, av rating 5.80, right winger/central midfielder, Rizh'peith K'druz'ba
The Rizh'peith man has been selected because a) they need someone from the best club in the Street in recent years and b) they need someone who can play at central midfield. Interestingly, he was forgotten when Rizh'peith named their line-up for the Champions' League, but is back when they need him for the NSFA

12.Marcus Tripton, aged 28, av rating 5.91, left winger, Cefn Bus Station (Druidan PL)
After a major transfer mess-up, Cefn Bus Station got to buy Marcus Tripton from a Starblaydi side, who had been owning the rights to the player for a couple of years without anyone at Harewood noticing. However, Tripton will have a major task in front of him to try and save the Bus Station in the DPL - the only thing he has going for him is pace and a good left foot

14.Bjorn Spearwielder, aged 22, av rating 5.86, left winger, Mission (Chicanada)
Spearwielder is a player with excellent pace and a good crossing foot. What he lacks currently is experience, particularly in positioning himself, and he can go invisible for large parts of the game. However, he'll have a hard time of it in Sarah Cawdron's old jersey (figuratively speaking). Mission in Chicanada bought him following the qualifying stages, for a massive AM$5 million along with midfielder Owen Fring

15.John Swytherton, aged 33, av rating 6.00, utility midfielder, K'haz'bak K'druz'ba*
The ageing Swytherton is still the potato of the side, though he will probably be used in an attacking midfielder role to balance out Sodalite. His dribbling skills might come in very useful, and his experience will probably ensure that not too many passes go to the opposition

22.Thorir Beardgrower, aged 25, av rating 5.83, central midfielder, Laf'goh'lith K'druz'ba
Another central midfield reserve, Beardgrower has quietly gone about his career at Laf'goh'lith, although he's thinking of moving clubs following their relegation


9. Roger Law, aged 31, av rating 5.78, attacking midfielder/forward, Jotneheim Mountains AFC
Law is an excellent in-the-hole player, and is in the squad as a replacement for Swytherton. He's more suited to working with the foreigners Boeing/Bingk, however

10.Rhianna Peters, aged 36, av rating 6.04, striker, Arcticala Inlet (Vilita Stellar)*
Despite ageing, Rhianna has just had her best season ever, being the fifth-rated player. That, coupled with a good World Cup and friendship with the g'irgah Christine Andrews, meant that she's coming back for more international action

17.James Chitterling, aged 25, av rating 5.97, striker, Jhanna United (Liga Starblaydia)*
Chitterling has been a bit unimpressive with Jhanna United, as their side has struggled in the bottom of the Liga Starblaydia. However, he has always had potential, and perhaps this is the season he is to break into the national side

18.Hugo Ramirez, aged 32, av rating 5.80, striker, Vimesbairn Athletic
The naturalised Fmjphoenician has scored bucketloads of goals in the Compound League, and after playing so many seasons, he now qualifies on residence for the Streetian side. Strong header, quick, and a natural technique, ensures that he'll be a useful backup player, though he won't automatically break past Nourse and Chitterling in the reckoning

23.Peter Nourse, aged 30, av rating 5.90, striker, Vimesbairn United
Nourse will probably get a more central role in the team now that Alan Canning has retired - Canning, a player who never really lived up to his potential. Nourse might get a chance from the beginning in many games


Christine Andrews, aged 39
Taking over the team in confused conditions in the home World Cup 21, she's led the team to a third place play-off, although her place is uncertain after the debacle in World Cup 22

Retired: Joe Hidrich, Simon Qurat, Andrew Widdleston, Sarah Cawdron, Olaf Spearthrower, Alan Canning

Dropped: Arnar Axewielder, Callum Cummings, Darren Hornby, Hroar Spearthrower

Opponents may do whatever the heck they like
21-06-2005, 22:43
The Spolotikopia Spolos Roster and Uniform Kit

Goalkeeper: Teddy Verusci
Center Backs: Bob Marlone, Kurt Warner, Larry Aparlioscio
Defensive Midfielder: Lou Fayrison
Center Midfielders: Pete Robinson, Joshua Rosen
Side Midfielders: Frederick Marlone, Nathan Mann
Center Forwards: Jerry Croos, Ki Yang

Spolos Formation (

My opponent can do everything but godmod injuries. Consult with me first.

My opponent can do everything but godmod injuries. Consult with me first.
21-06-2005, 22:56
Do what you want, I'm not picky.

Bedistan Lions - World Cup XXIII Squad List
(ages as of right now. Add one year for the second half of qualifying and another year for the WC proper)

GK - Tom Pratt - age 26 - Alexandria Porcupines
D L - Quentin Phillips - age 30 - Iskara Daii (STB)
D C - Ryan Talbot - age 23 - Vimesbairn Athletic (CBS)
D R - Gina Zamboni - age 22 - Grakh'nakh K'druz'ba (CBS)
M L - Zack Martínez - age 30 - Rizh'peith K'druz'ba (CBS)
M C - Carl Chapman - age 31 - Carter FC
M C - Tara Stalls - age 18 - FC Almintora (TUR)
M C - Lloyd Roberts - age 32 - South Coast United
M R - Thomas Mannheim - age 32 - San Diego Iguanas
F C - Alejandro Vantrease - age 32 - Yeaddin Owls AFC (VIL)
F C - Tony Orr - age 25 - Harewood FC (CBS)

Subs and Reserves
GK - Mark McPherson - age 29 - Floral FC
D LR - James Malone - age 18 - Laiotia AFC (VIL)
D C - Victor O'Higgins - age 32 - Washington Tigers
D C - Gordon Porter - age 23 - Dionte City
D R - Sam Wilkinson - age 31 - Carter FC
DM C - Benito Álvarez - age 29 - Floral FC
M LR - Lauren Williams - age 24 - Jackson FC
M C - Scott Atkinson - age 30 - Alexandria Porcupines
M C - Pat Romano - age 18 - Terrarokka Spirit (VIL)
M CR - Sol Cervantes - age 29 - Floral FC
AM C - Michael Mitchell - age 32 - Floral FC
F C - Billy English - age 18 - Dionte City
F C - Joshua Norton - age 24 - Rolestu FC
F C - Sally Dapper - age 33 - Floral FC
21-06-2005, 22:59
V Rs St
22-06-2005, 00:04
Fmjphoenix Vikings
World Cup XXIII Roster

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: James Wash, 54 Years Old: After a sojurn from World Cup XXII, the FAF has decided to bring back the first coach of the Fmjphoenix Vikings for World Cup XXII.

Assisstant Coach: Gisterfred Q. Disterfred, 46 Years Old: Was demoted from head coach after a disasterous apperence in World Cup XXII. FAF still likes his style and wishes to keep him aboard.

Scouting Coach: Hugo Chagnon, 36 Years Old: Coach of Sunnyslope FC. Good at analyzing opponents. First time taking part of the international squad.

Fitness Coach: Gary Accrew, 55 Years Old (Liverpool England) - Came to Fmjphoenix and has helped keep the team in great physical shape and broken lots of bad habits by the rising stars.

Recruiter: Brian Pulmore, 47 Years Old (Liverpool England) - Has scoured all over Fmjphoenix and other nations in the region to find players with talents, and helps bring out some of their talents.

Starting Eleven *denotes captian*

#4 - Powell Lamar - 30 Yrs Old (Ariot Lupes) - Has been the teams goalkeeper since coming in for Adam Larouse in World Cup XIX. Most prolific keeper in Fmjphoenix.

#14 - Bobby Bash - 27 Yrs Old (Llllllllllcwllllllll Rovers) - Best slide defender to come from Fmjphoenix. Has unbelievable timing when going after the ball to set it loose. Been playing in Druida for a while now.

#8 Leider Duran - 25 Yrs Old (Sunnyslope FC) - Up and coming defender in Fmjphoenix. Decent scoring option when needed.

#10 - Ryan Fremont - 25 Yrs Old (Vanguard Eagles) - Converted from midfielder. Was a key defender in the Eagles championship run in FFL Season 1.

#5 - Larry Brown - 24 Yrs Old (Alabaster Lions) - Made switch from being forward to midfielder. Big time playmaker, very good in the clutch.

#11 - Jason Mitchell - 28 Yrs Old (Ariot Lupes) - Multi-tool midfielder. Accurate kicks to score, fast moves to challenge forwards. Doesn't excel at either, but can do both well.

#18 - Hud Lawson - 21 Yrs Old (Sunnyslope FC) - Top prospect in Fmjphoenix. Can play any position needed, but loves to stay out on the wings. Lots of potential to turn into the new star in Fmjphoenix


#3 - Mike Nolan* - 26 Yrs Old (Waterloo United) - Leading scoring in Fmjphoenix history. One of the top players to come from Waterloo. Team captian for first time, is looked upon as the leader of the squad.

#2 - Shelly Berry - 24 Yrs Old (Waterloo United) - Second best player from Waterloo, next to her hubby. First female to make it to the senior squad and is the best female player in Fmjphoenix.

#13 - Matthew Maldonado - 27 Yrs Old (Sunnyslope FC) - Was considered an average player at best, but has recently stepped his skill up and was given the opportunity to play on the senior squad this year.

#9 - Dave Daniels - 24 Yrs Old (Chacor) Prodigy that is part Chacor and Fmjphoenix. Helped lead the Junior Vikings to their first championship in Under 21 World Cup 13. Had a good first campaign on the senior squad and is looking for another good showing.

The Reserves

#25 Marcos Arcaya - 25 years old (Sunnyslope FC)
#4 Corren Kali'ana - 31 years old (RFC Vrelt)

#10 - Aaron Chapman - 31 Yrs Old (Phonecia Heat)
#17 - Tra Miranda - 26 Yrs Old (Ariot Lupes)
#0 - Wei Zeng - 26 Yrs Old (Draal Vegans)

#7 - Devin McBall - 29 Yrs Old (Spraat FC)
#18 - Eli Grimm - 22 years old (Sunnyslope FC)

#1 - Jorge Mendel - 33 Yrs Old (Spraat FC)
#13 - Alex Rivera - 35 Yrs Old (Alabaster Lions)
#21 - Terrence McAllister - 22 years old (Sunnyslope FC)

Opponents may RP what they wish about my squad except severe injuries. Other than that, have fun

During matchday 3, Coach Wash sent Maldonado to the bench and started Eli Grimm in the Midfield. They have continued to play that formation since. So no longer a 3-3-4, but at 3-4-3.
Bipedal Apes
22-06-2005, 04:27
Announcement for Trans-border consumption of RBA players' roster to compete in qualifying for 23rd World Cup of Football

Link to RBA domestic footie info (

Lineup for next match (visiting Tadjikistania).

Coach: Ms. Throckspartle, Local 1033 Banana Pickers' Union
Assistant coach: Wagfal, Local 1033 Banana Pickers' Union

12. GK Spotrockle, Local 1033 Banana Pickers' Union
2. LD Proboscobid, Federated Banana Mills
3. CD Hooboy, Local 1033 Banana Pickers' Union
4. RD Wampoonder, Throk Sisters' Clothiers
5. LM Bamdooba, Federated Banana Mills
7. CFM Bumdiddle, Consolidated Accountancy and Financialistic Oversight
8. RM Banmana, Throk Sisters' Clothiers
35. LF Melloopa, Federated Fermentation
9. CF Barsoom, Consolidated Federated Weavers, National
34. CF Angstohm, Local 1033 Banana Pickers' Union
11. RF Gazeboo, Federated Fermentation

1. GK Hobartleby, Federated Fermentation
13. GK Oscartook, Consolidated Accountancy and Financialistic Oversight

19. D Looloo, Local 1033 Banana Pickers' Union

26. M Rungtiggle, Consolidated Accountancy and Financialistic Oversight
27. M Walwollers, Federated Fermentation
29. M Blazbloos, Local 1033 Banana Pickers' Union
30. M Srunglooey, Consolidated Accountancy and Financialistic Oversight

10. F Hobnottica, Local 1033 Banana Pickers' Union
33. F Wilbillow, Throck Sisters' Clothiers

Sent down:
6. M Wonktickle, Consolidated Federated Weavers, National
18. D Pigpiggie, Consolidated Federated Weavers, National
28. M Zung, Throck Sisters' Clothiers
Liamist States
22-06-2005, 06:40
(*Starting side)

Armand Iziary (Canterbury)*
Hal Bell (Capital)* ©
Christian Dressel (Volgograd)*
Brennan Alassane (Ceffinton Town)
Nishan Recorbet (Hilles)

Jackson Eaks (Alexandra)*
Troy Champion (Trenportsmouth)*
Carson Fowler (Canterbury)
Renny Serge (Hilles)
Nitesh Saifi (Marseille)

Birch Manninger (Canterbury)*
Sovann Rivas (Marseille)*
Alijah Gilardio (Marseille)*
Lilo Berger (Capital)*
Skye Carson (Mayfair)*
Hyroniemus Berrettoni (Hilles)
Pepin Briand (Volgograd)

Mi Rainford Jr (Centrale)*
Tan Traroe (Canterbury)
22-06-2005, 13:12
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y if i lose yes which id expect..
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y

#1 Micheal Chapworth 26
A strong performer for his Club team the Harlesburg Cannoneers based in the Capital city of Harlesburg.Playing in his 4th season of Domestic the league.
#18 Derrick Potter 24The aprentice of Chapworth at the Cannoneers finds himself in the same position in the national team.
#21 Olsen Olsen 19A young up and comer playing for the Menor Minutemen strong kicking game and can handle himself one on one but is found out of position often when kicks come in from the deep.

#2 Pedro Hernandez 32The workhorse of this team playing in his 9 season of Harlesburg Football Association with the Rendon Rockets which he Captains led them to the Semifinals last two seasons.

#3 Fillo Pastry 26Harlesburg Gunners Centre Defender
#4 Chudd Micheal Murried 24Right Defence for Port Elizabeth strong on the ball with a good clearing kick.
#5 Kirk Freeman 22Left Defence and Sweeper playing for Johnstown FC though his contract is up at the end of the season ooking to impress International teams.
#12 Micheal Dornerger 26 Surprise call up after missing a lot of the last two seasons with injury tall player always prepared to get dirty.
#13 Derrick Jaresten 22Right Defence 6'2" tall and is often brought in when the team is behind.His Height is handy in the Box at either end whether clearing corners or putting heat on the opposing defence.Playse for Lexington FC
#20 John Fellerup24Gerrard FC singing straight out of Highschool another surprise signing and a bigger surprise for the national team.
#6 Daniel Derrick 25Runs the show well for the Portsmouth Leeks dictating the flow of the game is his style.
#7 Charles Bompmore 24Strathmore Strikers Centre Midfield has scored 28 goals in his 3 seasons comprising 92 games
#8 Fredderick Roberts 25Has not missed a game in his 5 seasons including playoffs giving him 175 games and 30 goals for the Fredericksburg Farriers.
#14 Hassim Salad 27Only player to have represented Harlesburg with the Honour of 2 caps plays for the Harlesburg Archers FC scoring 88 goals in his 12 seasons of 340 games.
#16 Leroy Brown 22Fellow Harlesburg Archer likes the ball at his feet and not afraid to take a shot from distance gets a fair amound of cut off both feet.29 Goals in 40 games
#19 Happy Mc'slap 28Citrius-Vasitva Dandylions Striker has scored 45 goals in 3 seasons with his team just missing out on the playoffs by a win in the last 2.Giving him 45 goals out of 72 possible games.
#9Olaun Sallasan 28Plays For Ollaf Green Boots and has accumulated 197 Goals in his 7 Seasons in the big leagues.
#10Alexander Wertson 23 First season in The Harlesburg League scoring 15 goals in 28 games while his neat crosses have accounted for many more.Plays for Rodda FC
#11Lerrick Jones 22 Frankton FC have a good future if this lad performs to anywhere near the potential he has shown so far in his 2 seasons scoring 42 Goals in 64 matches including 2 hat tricks.
#15Micheal Sladeresent 32 Last Season of International Football for this perrenial player seen 14 seasons of Profesionalism in his time Frankton FC will miss his enthusiasm.
#17 Pedro Sanchez 24Short stocky player coming from the colony of Citrius-Vastiva and playing for the Citrius-Vastiva Hornets scored 18 Goals in 25 appearances till his arrival here.

(OOC)Ammendment for Wella Game MD4

9 Olaun Sallasan
17 Pedro Sanchez 11 Lerrick Jones

8 Fredderick Roberts
6 Daniel Derrick 7 Charles Bompmore(C)

2 Pedro Hernandez 3 Fillo Pastry 13 Derrick Jaresten
5 Kirk Freeman

1 Micheal Chapworth

18 Derrick Potter(K)
12 Micheal Dornerger(RD)
20 John Fellerup(RD)
14 Hassim Salad(LM)
15Micheal Sladeresent(S)

Amendments have been made from previous matches with 17 Pedro Sanchez coming in for 10 Alexander Wertson on the left wing,13 Derrick Jaresten gaining his spot at the expense of Chudd Micheal Murried and The coaching staff getting over their slight brain fade in having Keeper Olsen Olsen on the bench as a Striker even though he scored in their first outing.

Team Vs Artoonia MD5
Harlesburg play a 3-3-4 line which is viewed as a 1-2-1-2-3-1

9 Olaun Sallasan
17 Pedro Sanchez 11 Lerrick Jones

8 Fredderick Roberts
16 Leroy Brown 7 Charles Bompmore(C)

2 Pedro Hernandez 3 Fillo Pastry 13 Derrick Jaresten
5 Kirk Freeman

1 Micheal Chapworth
18 Derrick Potter(K)
12 Micheal Dornerger(RD)
20 John Fellerup(RD)
14 Hassim Salad(LM)
15Micheal Sladeresent(S)

Amendments have been made from previous matches with Leroy Brown coming in for 6 Daniel Derrick on the left Midfield position allowing Captain Charles Bompmore to take more responsibility and allowing the goal scoring machine to come in for the first time.Micheal Dornerger gets elevated from the bench to a starting role outsing Fillo Pastry.

Vs Hapread Match2

9 Olaun Sallasan
15Micheal Sladeresent(S) 11 Lerrick Jones

10Alexander Wertson
16 Leroy Brown 8 Fredderick Roberts

2 Pedro Hernandez 3 Fillo Pastry 13 Derrick Jaresten
5 Kirk Freeman
18 Derrick Potter(K)
12 Micheal Dornerger(RD)
20 John Fellerup(RD)
14 Hassim Salad(LM)
17 Pedro Sanchez(S)

1 Micheal Chapworth
Amendments have been made from previous matches with Micheal Sladeresent coming in for Pedro Sanchez adding more height to the front.the Captain Charles Bompmore gets a rest and is replaced by Alexander Wertson whos playing for the first time in some games and allowing Fredderick Roberts to move to the midfield.
Olaun Sallasan gets the Captains Band.

Vs Pedriana Match2

9 Olaun Sallasan
15Micheal Sladeresent(S) 11 Lerrick Jones

10Alexander Wertson
14 Hassim Salad(LM) 19 Happy Mc'slap

2 Pedro Hernandez 3 Fillo Pastry 13 Derrick Jaresten
5 Kirk Freeman

1 Micheal Chapworth
18 Derrick Potter(K)
12 Micheal Dornerger(RD)
20 John Fellerup(RD)
8 Fredderick Roberts(M)
17 Pedro Sanchez(S)

Happy Mc'slap of the Citrius-Vastiva Dandylions gets called int othe playing side at the expense of Fredderick Roberts who gets some bench time.
Leroy Brown after an error riddled game gets left out completly letting Hassim Salad back into the fold.
Charles Bompmore is still left out and is expected to return next game after reports he picked up a slight thigh injury.

Vs Turori Match2

9 Olaun Sallasan
15Micheal Sladeresent 11 Lerrick Jones

10Alexander Wertson
14 Hassim Salad(LM) 19 Charles Bompmore(C)

2 Pedro Hernandez 3 Fillo Pastry 13 Derrick Jaresten
5 Kirk Freeman

1 Micheal Chapworth
18 Derrick Potter(K)
12 Micheal Dornerger(RD)
20 Leroy Brown(M)
8 Fredderick Roberts(M)
17 Pedro Sanchez(S)

Happy Mc'slap departs the team to make way for Captain Charles Bompmore and Leroy Brown gets a place on the bench after having a break after his dismal display in the nil all match vs Hapread
22-06-2005, 14:13
Jeruselem WCXXIII Roster aka U21C16 Roster

(F) Female
* Active
% Not Miss Universe 2004

Team roster

Coach - Robert Shamus

G - Sheik El Mara *
G - Janice Smith (F)

D - Abrams Shalom *
D - Jamie Holdstein *
D - Martyr Bomba *
D - Girda Shimie (F) *
D - Robert Champagne (C)

M - Yamosha Yoshiba
M - Sid Sterlying
M - Peter Costello
M - Alexander Upper
M - Antony the Abbott

S - Kicka Thabell
S - Jennifer Hawkins (F) %
S - Cain Abel
22-06-2005, 22:14
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

Oliverrian roster for the World Cup 23:
(number between parenthesis)

Formation: 2-4-4

(Players in bold are starters)

GK: Joey St. Laurent(38)
GK: Danny Tremblay(12)

DF: Don Teriaux(3)
DF: John McLard(10)
DF: Jule Young(9)

MF: Newton Hart(87)
MF: Louis Regent(23)
MF: Gerard Laroche(39)
MF: Oliver Jerardi(5)
MF: Kenny MacLoeb(7)

FW: Patrick Durocher(83)
FW: Wayne Wanys(70)
FW: Turbide Illois(11)
FW: Mickey McCabe(34)
FW: Jean St-Leon(56)

The Association also revealed the jerseys that will be used:


22-06-2005, 23:00
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y

The Hypocria Hyppos

The Staff

National Coach

Guylain N’Dumbu-Nsungu (P10-W4-D3-L3)
Former national coach of Starblaydia at both Under-21 and senior level. Has coached at 5 World Cup Finals, which included a quarter final at World Cup 17. Left the Starblaydia helm after a poor finals performance at World Cup 21. Joined Hypocria shortly before the World Cup 22 final.

Assistant Coach

Matthias DiMarco
A favoured pawn of the FA, DiMarco was Hypocria’s first U21 coach before losing the post to former Crystilakere boss Boubacar Dragov in a reshuffle after a 7-0 hammering at the hands of The Gaian Ascendancy at U21 World Cup 15. Had been Dragov’s assistant at the last U21 cup and is now filling the same role for the new senior coach. Had initially been favourite for the senior position until the FA opted for a more experienced candidate.

The Titans


1. Ricardo Kindelan (24, Pylos Reavers) (10 caps/0 goals)
Unsurprisingly the man considered Hypocria’s finest keeper for quite some time is the chosen number one. Considered just 19 goals last season, the best record in the top flight. Has been an ever present for the national team.

13. Alex Derevko (20, Hypocrium City) (uncapped)
An ever present for the U21 side, winning 8 caps. Has firmly established himself in goal for the league champions. Could be a star for years to come.

22. Rick “Shaky” Shakes (33, Kester Town) (uncapped)
Made a surprise pre-season move to the Hyper League new boys after losing his place at Hypocrium City to Derevko last season. Hugely experienced and a cult figure in Hypocria. Also helping out as goalkeeping coach.


2. Chris Golla (18, Hypocrium City) (10 caps/0 goals)
The youngest member of the squad. Had a good U21 tournament playing as a wingback but will have to curb his attacking instincts slightly and concentrate more on defending while playing on the right in N’Dumbu-Nsungu’s preferred flat back four. Has been a fixture in the national side despite his youth

3. Ricky Poskas (20, Hypocrium City) (9 caps/0 goals)
Also used as a wingback at U21 level. Excellent going forward but, like Golla, will have to focus more on the defensive side of his game playing as a more conventional left back. Has also played on the left of midfield.

5. Karl Nalepka (22, Hypocrium City) (6 caps/0 goals)
Another graduate of the U21 team. Nalepka is a solid central defender with plenty of pace but there are those who question his temperament.

6. Paul Blake (26, Hypocrium City) (10 caps/1 goal)
Regarded as the best defender in the Hyper League. Ever present in the starting eleven and national team captain.

12. Neil Flynn (32, Thraxus Rangers) (2 cap/0 goals)
Veteran central defender who, if called upon, will add years of experience to the back line.

14. Kieran Drakes (26, Pylos Reavers) (4 caps/0 goals)
Plays in the right back position with his club but has formed a good partrnership with Blake at the heart of the defence.

19. Andy Harris (26, FC Hypocrium) (7 caps/0 goals)
Started as a reserve but became regular left back once Poskas was moved into midfield. With new players in squad he could be confined to the bench again.


4. Marcus Baxter (20, Sukatra Tigers of Bettia) (10 caps/ 1 goal)
Captain of the U21 side and the raising star of Hypocrian football. A central midfielder player who specialises in breaking up attacks before releasing team mates with his wonderful range of passing. A dead ball specialist with a shot like a rocket. His performances have earnt him a move to the Apex League in Bettia.

7. Theodore Petras (24, Pylos Reavers) (8 caps/0 goals)
Tricky right winger with pace to burn. Gets into good positions and is capable of delivering excellent crosses into the box.

8. Bora Burdali (20, Pylos Reavers) (8 caps/1 goal)
An attacking midfielder who is comfortable either playing through the middle or down the flanks. Another player with a big future ahead of him. Missed the crucial spot kick in the BoF Regional Final.

11. Stephen Pope (23, Pylos Reavers) (uncapped)
A quick winger with the trickery to beat opposition players with ease. His crossing can let him down and he has been accused of being too selfish with the ball.

15. Luc Sinclair (19, DLO) (4 caps/0 goals)
Under-21 international regular with no flair to speak of but he knows what he is good at and sticks to it. Excellent, tough tackling central midfield player who breaks up attack after attack. Rarely crosses the halfway line. All his international appearances so far have been as a substitute.

17. Peter Costanzo (22, Bronkstone FC of Nedalia) (5 caps/0 goals)
Played at U21 World Cup 15 as a wing back but has since been converted to a right sided midfield player. This makes him a better player in defensive positions than Petras but he lacks that cutting edge.

18. Michael Powell (25, Partizan Drissa) (2 caps/0 goals)
Neat and tidy central midfield player. Struggling to break the Baxter/Burdali midfield partnership.

21. Horacio Veron (24, Hypocrium City) (4 caps/0 goals)
Attacking midfielder player who has recently starred for his club on the left wing in the Champions League. Has been an ever present since his call up.


9. Andrei Shirko (25, Hypocrium City) (8 caps/3 goal)
The best natural finisher in the country and last season’s top goal scorer. Can seemingly score goals out of nothing. Had a frustrating BoF tournament before finally getting his first goal, scoring the winner in the Third Place Playoff. Has recently scored against both Sarzonia and Bedistan.

10. Alex Liberda (22, Partizan Drissa) (9 caps/3 goals)
Shot to prominence two seasons ago when moved from the left wing to a more central striking role and hasn’t looked back since. Partizan’s top scorer in each of the last two seasons and scored goals for fun in the Takil Cup.

16. Wolfgang Dospel (28, Partizan Drissa) (2 caps/1 goal)
Big burly striker who provides a different option up front. Forms a good partnership with Liberda at club level.

20. Danny West (19, Sporting Mayo of Spruitland) (8 caps/4 goals)
The young star of the national side. A quick, tricky striker with a flair for the spectacular. A real crowd pleaser who has become a firm favourite with the fans.

Likely Starting 11

West Shirko


Veron Petras


Poskas Blake Drakes Golla

23-06-2005, 02:19
>*Percy Cavenaugh
{Star striker for Judigris College Bulldogs}
>*Lawrence Winters
{Former star striker for UV-Anglus Titans}
>Ian Hampton
{Judigris College Whalers}

>*Aaron Myers
{Overlapping midfielder for St. Steven's Matyrs}
>*Jaegar Wilson
{Midfield for UV-Rica}
>*Odin Erikksonn
{Midfield for UV}
>*Kadin Refield
{Striker/Overlapping Midfield-UV Anglus}
>*Rainer Tenvold
{Striker-St Steven's}
>*Quade DeFlondse
{Midfield-UV Rica}
>Cache Johnson
{Midfielder-UV Anglus}
>Lamont Jones
{Midfield-Anglus U}
>Tripper Fields
{Midfield-Rica College}
>Gaius Thompson
{Striker-UV Anglus}

>*Gallagher Jones
{Defender-Judigus College}
>*Vachel Thomas
{Defender-Rica College}
>Maine Virginia
{Midfield-St Steven's}

>*Pascha LeTunga
{Goalkeeper-UV Anglus}
>Saul Keepster
{Goalkeeper-St. Steven's}
>Tanner Selhanda
{Goalkeeper-Rica College)

Choose my goalscorers N
Godmode scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events N

Just for the record, my team is a bit like the US hockey team in the Miracle on Ice game against the USSR.
23-06-2005, 03:02
Team Artoonia (Usual Starters in Bold)
5 Aleĉjo Baĥo - FK Lumo
1 Gavin Humfri - Muzino Unita

36 Petro Palo - FK Lumo
37 Johano Zamenhofo - Ejomo
39 Simon Gejlord - Fleĝia
42 Eriko Filipan - Celaja
41 Ruben Adonija - Fleĝia
45 Mikelo Petro - Ljanĵo

21 Ramon Parsifal - FK Lumo
22 Rikardo Eber - Fleĝia
23 Georgo Holinshed - Muzino Unita
27 Ikabodo Karlo - FK Ajmo
25 Roberto Bruno - Celaja
28 Mikelo Karadiĉe - Vanjo
30 Pepi Mikel - Greĝo

15 Arturo Davo - FK Lumo (Team Captain)
17 Steĉjo Mikoj' - FK Lumo
9 Ivan Sanders - FK Ajmo
11 Denis Barak - Kozinto
20 Filipo Viliamson - Muzino Unita

Kick Takers
Penalties: S. Mikoj'
Dead Balls: A. Davo
Corners, Left: R. Eber
Corners, Right: I. Karlo

Manager Stebeno Lio - FK Lumo

Usual Formation:

| 17 |


37 39 42
23-06-2005, 05:52
Godmod away. Just...try not to kill anyone, K?
Krytenia Caledonians: Ninth Edition

He may be pensionable, but we still love what he does. Alan Munitis leads the Caleys into another World Cup - and with Nova Mercia now officially part of Krytenia, a shedload more players. Ian Valacci joins the coaching staff at the age of 41.

Oh, and DVS has finally hung up his boots. And been made....ASSISTANT MANAGER?!?!? Oh dear.


Manager: Alan MUNITIS (65)
Assistant: David VAN STAVEREN (40)
Coaches: Ian VALACCI (41), Seth GRÜBER (58), Pedro GRAVES (62)


1. James BARCALI (31, GK, Notegia Rangers) @
13. Todd COLFOX (29, GK, Stanton Town)
22. Matt SPYCHER (27, GK, Everton City Reds)

2. Tom PORTER (23, RB, Kallia United) @
3. Gail CASTRO (30, LB, Aigburth Athletic) (Female) @
5. Lyle LOVITZ (22, CB, Neathill Town) @
6. Terry GOODLEY (30, CB, Casuals New Osteria) @
15. Ryan STERNE (27, CB, Linford Town)
16. David ALLEYNE (32, RB, Mercia Bromham)
20. Stephen GREENOW (21, LB, Neathill Town)
21. Marcus PIRONI (24, CB, Bromham City)

4. Andy TAY (29, CM, Davisham Town) @
7. Hassan ISSERSON (28, CM, Bromham City) @
8. Stuart PERSSON (29, LM, New Westleigh) @ (Capt)
11. Nigel COLE (27, RM, Patriots Everton) @
12. Julian BALTIMO (27, RM, Avidia City)
14. Ieuan MORLAND (31, CM, AFC Avidia)
18. Oliver KADER (22, CM, Davisham Town)
19. David SIGNORIELLO (23, LM, Ousevale Borough)

9. Phillip NEASDEN (31, CF, Everton City Reds) @
10. Keith XOUSA (31, CF, Everton City Reds)
17. Kevin KEDA (21, CF, Aigburth Athletic) @
23. Ray LAUSANO (23, CF, Casuals New Osteria)

Likely Starters:
Porter - Goodley - Lovitz - Castro
Cole - Isserson - Tay - Persson
Neasden - Keda

Subs: Colfox, Greenow, Pironi, Alleyne, Morland, Signoriello, Xousa
Reserves: Spycher, Sterne, Baltimo, Kader, Lausano.
23-06-2005, 14:36
Randall Theodar: Is this thing on?

Stage hand: Yes, you're broadcasting.

RT: This is Randall Theodar, broadcasting from Izlon with the Sonaron Sports Update! Last week, after a nearly eight year gap in reporting, the Sonaron football team released its WC XXIII roster. When asked about why nothing had been heard from the team with regard to WC XXII, Coach Raizor refused to comment. Sources external to the team claim that Sonaron went 2-4-4, bringing their world cup record to 6-4-12, but no team source would confirm or deny this fact. We leave you now with the teams WC XXIII roster. Thank you, and good night.

The Sonaron Pride roster for WC XXIII:
#[1] Shana Robinson (31 yo, 2 World Cups experience)
[37] Thomas Waterson (29 yo, 2 WC)
[41] James Thompson (22 yo, emergency reserve)

[2] Robert Salant (21 yo)
#[3] Yuki Saton (29 yo, 2 WC)
[12] Johann Robertson (27 yo, 2 WC)

#[5] Sandra Carter (27 yo, 2 WC)
#[6] Thomas Carter (27 yo, 2 WC)
#[8] Johnson Salven (31 yo, 2 WC)
[14] Roger Arzlen (27 yo, 2 WC)
#[15] Tari Saton (19 yo)
[16] Timothy Earton (19 yo)

#[4] Theodore Stimson (20 yo)
#[7] Jackson Warton (24 yo, 1 WC)
#[9] Robbie Farlen (29 yo, 2 WC)
#[10] Abigail Blunt (25 yo, 1 WC)
#[11] Samuel Porter (28 yo, 2 WC)
[17] Manuel Gregor (27 yo, 2 WC)
[18] Noah Jackson (27 yo, 2 WC)

The team has adopted a bastardized 5-4-1 that plays more like 3-2-2-3. The wings at each layer play equally in their layer and the layer forward. So, the wingbacks contribute a fair amount in the midfield, and the wingers are virtually extra strikers themselves.

Warton - Farlen - Porter - Blunt - Stimson
T. Saton - Salven - T. Carter - S. Carter
Y. Saton

I'm game for anything, as long as it's humorous/not overly lopsided. You get to the game first, feel free to pick my scorers, etc.
23-06-2005, 22:20
Squornshelous Pschychoes World Cup 23 Roster:

I give my opponenet permission to:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: N
GodMod Injury Events N

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y (for humorous purposes)

Retiring Players/Coaches form World Cup 22:

Drew Arnold Asst. Manager

# Name Pos Age WC's Club
1 Karl Rasmussen D 23 1 Hastromil AK
2 Petr Skritsch M 25 2 Vogsphere United
3 Urlor Gregories D 22 1 Damogran FK
4 Jorge Fernandina GK 21 1 KF Kakrafoon
5 Sam Fletcher D 34 4 FK Striterax
6 Andreas Smitz M 24 1 Traal Athletics
7 Alexander Popov F 34 4 Football Poghrill
8 Darius Lepard GK 24 2 Vogsphere United
9 Drew Nelson F 23 1 FK Yassaca
10 Jorge Perez M 31 3 KF Santraginus
11 Franz Persson F 22 1 Damogran FK
12 Georges Lemarque D 26 2 Chalesm FK
13 Marvin Oonar M 31 3 Atletico de Blerontia
14 Gunnar Thorsen M 27 2 Algolia AK
15 Peter Orlov D 31 3 Football Poghril
16 Jerald Nelson F 30 3 FK Stavromula
17 Akbar Tsang M 23 1 Algolia AK
18 Yanni Zikov M 35 4 FK Striterax
19 Marko Antropov GK 31 3 FK Striterax
20 Antonio Venegas M 24 1 KF Santraginus
21 Brian Guerrero F 30 3 KF Kakrafoon
22 Dmitry Ulanych D 28 2 Damogran FK
23 Mike Roberts D 23 1 Golgafrincham
24 Ivan Smolenksi M 24 1 Fallia FK
25 Tor Jacobs D 29 3 FK Striterax

Head Manager: Sergei Korolev
Asst. Manager: Ricardo Colon
Goalkeepers Coach: Manuel Batista
Conditioning Coach: Tommy Reynolds

Vogsphere United Goalkeeper Daruis Lepard replaces KF Santraginus keeper Oliver Daniels, who strained a hamtring late in the domestic season and is unavailable. Assistant Manager Drew Arnold retires after 16 years with the organization. Manger Sergei Korolev has also announced that this will be his last World Cup. Korolev and Arnold have worked together since World Cup 18, leading Squornshelous to a 4th Place finish then, and a 3rd place finish in WC 20. Arnold is replaced by Ricardo Colon, from the KF Santraginus organization.

Squornshelous will play in their 4-1-2-1-2 formation this cup:
Usual Starters:



Perez Oonar


Jacobs Fletcher Ulanych Orlov

Caprine States
24-06-2005, 00:15
I give my opponenet permission to:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y (but nothing terribly serious)
GodMod Injury Events: Y

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y

It should be noted beforehand that we are indeed talking about anthropomorphic (which is to say walking and talking) goats here just in case there is any confusion, and they have traits that are different from humans that ought to be noted when playing against them. For one thing, they have horns. During play, these horns are covered with a special foam that serves to both protect opposing players and deaden the ball so that horn usage in headers is discouraged. These fellows also have hooves, which means that their cleats are very weird--normally the goat is renowned for his balance and surefootedness, but on the pitch things change quite a bit. Their fingers also have a hoofy quality to them and there are two on one hand as opposed to four, which gives goalkeepers a bit of a disadvantage. The average goat can jump a good bit higher than the average human and has greater leg strength than the average human, but on the flipside the average goat is about three inches shorter than the average human in both sexes (when not including horns) and they are a bit less bulky too. And that's most of how it goes. So cheers!

The Confederacy of Caprine States

National Team Roster for World Cup 23:

#. Name (Age, Position, Club) [Type of goat or human] (caps; goals)


1. Eski (38, GK, Rearward FC) [Angora] (11 caps; 12 conceded)

The only fellow on the team other than Michael Harrison to have international experience before the recent Baptism of Fire, Eski is a very important addition to the national squad despite his age. Of course, his age is admittedly becoming an issue, and there is talk that the experienced goalkeeper will receive less playing time in the qualifying rounds to conserve his strength and allow Eduardo Clemente to attain valuable experience.

20. Eduardo Clemente (24, GK, Kirma-Kirla) [La Mancha] (2 caps; 1 conceded)

Hailing from the small state of La Mancha in the southwestern part of the Confederacy, Clemente is widely regarded to be the best all-around goalkeeper that the Caprine States has to offer. Despite his talent, however, he is being kept out of the starting role once more--at least temporarily--in order to maintain stability on the team and to allow him to get worked into the international side of things gradually.

21. Zhang Xiaopeng (26, GK, La Amistad) [Human] (0 caps)

The sole new addition to the Caprine States squad, Zhang Xiaopeng is one of those eerily silent goalies that from time to time will make saves that people can only call scary. Though he isn't expected to get much time on the pitch, he is around to provide a security blanket of three goalies that all national squads should have.


2. Michael Harrison (35, FB, Rearward FC) [Human] (50 caps)

You wouldn't be able to tell that Michael Harrison was 35 just by looking at him. This is partly because of his youthful good looks (which got him in trouble in his unnamed country of origin) and partly because he plays with a spark that universally pisses opposing strikers off. Harrison is especially effective when playing in conjunction with league teammate Eski, and the two are quite difficult to beat when together.

12. Michelle Gerard (25, FB/D, Fender) [Nubian] (3 caps)

She hadn't gotten as much play in the Baptism of Fire as was expected, but this young heir to the starting fullback position is much more capable than her single cap would suggest. Coach Mustafa Akburun has asked her to prepare herself to play all over the defense when she is needed, and she has come along with a lot of flair.

17. Erkan Bözböyle (26, DL, Denizspor) [Angora] (6 caps)

A very good defender for the Caprine side, Erkan Bözböyle is perhaps the least defensively-talented of the starting four in the backfield. Bözböyle's real value comes in his ability to move up to midfield and provide support--though this role has been played mostly by fellow defender Bülent Özgür in international play. The speediest defender on the national squad, Bözböyle is also one half of the domestically infamous Rumbling Angora Wall, which is famous for wreaking havoc on opposing defenses when Bözböyle and league teammate Özgür decide in their crazy heads to go forward.

18. Ivar Nilsen (27, DL, Southern FC) [Norwegian] (2 caps)

He's large and he speaks with a funny accent. No one can understand a word he says, really, though he seems quite cheerful most of the time. It helps that he's a very good footballer and the star of Southern FC. Unfortunately, Southern FC is not particularly good, so it doesn't say much to say that he's their best player. Nilsen obviously hasn't gotten much international playing time, and it's doubtful he'll get more, but Mr. Nilsen is quite glad to be around.

5. Bülent Özgür (29, DC, Denizspor) [Angora] (6 caps; 1 goal)

The other half of the Rumbling Angora Wall, Özgür has led the Caprine Football League in scoring among defenders for the past four years. Though he spends most of his time stopping potential scorers from doing their work, the occasional breaks that he makes sprinting alongside Bözböyle generally have a surprisingly demoralizing affect on opposing defenses, and it is a rare happening when the Rumbling Angora Wall doesn't create at least a corner kick. Despite his diminutive stature (even for a goat), Özgür is silently acknowledged as the better of the two players making up the Rumbling Angora Wall because of his heightened defensive prowess.

99. Kemal Denktas (22, DC/DR, Fender) [Angora] (3 caps)

Once considered the best player under 18, Denktas has taken a severe hit in his reputation ever since he tore two ligaments in his left knee. He doesn't run particularly well anymore, and his tackling is sometimes just a bit off, but unlike far too many kids, he plays with all the fundamentals, and he still has the ability to really boot the ball across the field (with his right foot, of course).

33. Hiram Hansen (32, DR, Maviyolspor) [Danish Landrace] (7 caps)

Vtorbetin's Francesco Kmatx learned the hard way what sports analysts, reporters, and scouts in the Confederacy have known for a long time: Hiram Hansen is the toughest and most miserly defender ever to exist (in the Caprine States at least). Though quite slow when running around the field, his tackling is surgically precise and he instinctively makes his way to the ball somehow every damned time. Hansen rounds out a defensive unit that allowed the fewest goals in group play in the recent Baptism of Fire and is the pride and joy of many Caprine football fans.


7. Ricardo Sánchez-Rodriguez (19, ML, Northern FC) [La Mancha] (6 caps)

Famous among the ladies for the multiple piercings on his extraordinarily small ears, Ricardo Sánchez-Rodriguez is known to football fans as one of the loudest and most frequently-carded players in the Caprine Football League. His astonishing dribbling ability and lightning quickness (in addition to his ranting) is very useful for galvanizing squads, but it can also be self-destructive when the cards start flying his way. He was held goalless in the Baptism of Fire, and many speculate that this will lead him to commit himself to more attacks so that he may satisfy his ego (but not so many as to make Coach Akburun remove him).

15. Gregor Schwartz (29, ML/MC, Northern FC) [Peacock Goat] (2 caps)

The starting central midfielder for Northern FC, Schwartz has been called up to the national club to continue serving in his role as the replacement for Sánchez-Rodriguez when he is suspended, though he has not been asked to start. A very good passer and a speedy sprinter, Schwartz is the stereotypical midfielder who does not fear to venture forward when another pair of legs or perhaps a head is needed. It might also be wise to note that a Peacock Goat is not a cross between a peacock and a goat, but rather a type of goat. Just in case.

13. Johnny Martin (C) (30, MC, Rearward FC) [Kiko] (7 caps; 3 goals)

Indisputably the most popular player in the Confederacy of Caprine States. Period. And he has the talent to back it up. A shocker of a tale, Martin was a bright prospect that actually developed into everything the scouts and experts thought he could be. A supremely excellent passer, shooter, and defender that can run down any player or any football and head-in any corner kick, Martin is an invaluable asset to the team. Complementing his footballing skills, the man is extremely charismatic, as evidenced by his captainship of the Rearward FC since he was 23 and his eight (perhaps more) children with seven different women. In addition to boasting a lovely résumé, Martin is hailed by Coach Akburun (who is also his club coach) as possibly the greatest midfielder in the world, which is extremely impressive since Mr. Akburun rarely gives much praise to any player. Martin's exceptional performance in the Baptism of Fire has brought some token amount of renown to the Caprine star, and one can only assume that he plans to garner more in this 23rd World Cup.

0. Bokolursa (43, M, Unsigned) [Goat?] (0 caps)

Not even Coach Akburun is sure where Bokolursa (whose name translates to "if [poo] happens") came from. It is widely suspected that he used to be a high-ranking officer in the independence movement, or at least something that would have explained his face being disfigured--because it really is quite disfigured. Whatever the case, Bokolursa walked into a preliminary training camp for potential members of the national football team and was stunning. It wasn't ball-control skill or tempered passing that made its mark, but rather sheer, undisguised power from his 6'8", 270 pound body. He destroyed seventeen balls in thirty minutes and convinced Akburun to use a valuable roster spot to hold this very dangerous and unpredictable weapon off the bench even though he seemed to last only for about forty minutes in trials. He received no playing time in the Baptism of Fire, even when Spruitland was keeping them down 2-0. It is uncertain when Akburun plans to unleash this frightening weapon, but everyone is waiting with baited breath for the occasion.

23. Ignacio Gómez (30, M, FC La Amistad) [La Mancha] (1 caps)

Gómez is considered to be the prospect that never panned out in somewhat sharpish contrast to his Kiko compadre. Ten years ago, he represented the largest salary in the fledgling Caprine Football League, but these days he doesn't rank in the top twenty. Gómez has recently shown some flair in his season with La Amistad, however, and won a spot on the national team. He doesn't have any specific skills per se--Coach Akburun is just hoping that there is lots of flair.

16. Françoise Latour (26, MR, Fender) [French Alpine] (7 caps)

Yes, that's right. A female starter. A French female starter, at that. Ever since she was able to run without falling over, she was an avid player of the game. Though she did not score in the Baptism of Fire, Ms. Latour proved her value as a defensive midfielder who can play the part of ambassador between the forwards and defenders quite well when she is needed. This, of course, does not stop the clamor of various crazies who demand her removal, but it did allow Assistant Coach Juliet Bonaventure to ask on national television for any sexist pigs to present themselves to her so that she may promptly remove their testicles.

4. Anthony Gardener (31, MR, Enerji JK) [Human] (3 caps)

A staple of the average mountain dweller's diet in the state of Angora, Anthony Gardener has provided many otherwise disconnected goats with an example of a living human face in addition to a whole bunch of goals for eleven years. A very offensive-minded midfielder for Enerji JK (partly because he's the only one seemingly capable of scoring goals aside from fellow national squad member Aloysius Tompkinson), Gardener is prime substituting material for those times when offense needs to take priority.


22. Can Yildirim (21, FL, Rearward FC) [Angora] (6 caps; 1 goal)

Rounding out the contingent of four starters from Rearward FC, Can Yildirim has developed as a go-to guy on a club team that otherwise seemed set offensively. An enigma of a player with undefined talents but a knack for scoring goals, Yildirim's value is at once unquestionable and dubious. He made his international debut with a great deal of poise, however, so even those who say that they don't understand this fellow do not doubt the need to start him.

11. Xavier Wilkins (26, FL, Maviyolspor) [Human] (2 caps)

When people talk about Xavier Wilkins, the first thing that comes to mind is "He's such a great spot-kicker!" The second and third things would probably be something related to spot-kicking, and then the fourth and fifth things might be related to his appearance. It's not that he's bad at anything else, but he's really known for his pin-point free kicks, corner kicks, and penalty shots. He spends literally hours outside of practice every week perfecting his technique. As one might expect, his personality is a little dull and one-sided (he'll talk your ear off about linseed oil and nothing else), but his presence on the team provides depth and an almost assured goal in any penalty kick shootouts.

10. Aloysius Tompkinson (28, FC, Enerji JK) [Toggenburg] (6 caps)

Prior to the Baptism of Fire, someone asked Head Coach Mustafa Akburun why he selected the forwards that he did. He said, "Can [Yildirim] is obvious, as is Kankaldiran. Wilkins and Ipson are solid strikers we have to sub-in and occasionally start, and as for Aloysius Tompkinson... we just really needed a guy named Aloysius on our team. Badly." Obviously Akburun wasn't entirely serious, but no one was quite sure about the playability of a forward who was stuck in the mountains for his entire career. Tompkinson promptly shrugged off the doubting critics with very solid performances in the Baptism of Fire, and has continued to impress with his strong leadership of Enerji JK, which was the only team from the Confederacy to thoroughly qualify for the 2nd NSFA Cup.

66. Kankaldiran (30, FR, Marshall City) [Angora] (4 caps; 1 goal)

His name (which translates awkwardly into "the blood raiser") is an excellent indicator of his exciting play. The fastest player on the team, Kankaldiran can turn crushing defeat into hope in just under six seconds with both his breakaway goals and his thirty-yard chips. Extremely frustrating to defenders, who for the most part can't figure him out, and absolute death for visiting teams, as he has a knack for getting the crowd riled up. One third of Marshall City's meager payroll is spent on Kankaldiran, and he is the only reason that the team avoids relegation every year. Kankaldiran was injured in the first game of the Baptism of Fire and he didn't quite pick his game up after that, but with time to rest his knee, people hope that he will come back with that same fiery, exciting play that he is famous for.

8. Freddie Ipson (31, FR, FC La Amistad) [Human] (4 caps)

A proud flag-waving and anthem-singing citizen of the Confederacy ever since its establishment, Ipson is a strange human-type-fellow. Apparently growing up among goats can turn a human just a little bit, though it can certainly cause problems when you want to fight over ladies, since humans generally lack horns. Ipson is very well-liked, however, because of his strangely caprine behavior, and this certainly played a factor in his selection to the team. His twelve seasons of club football have also helped his cause, and Coach Akburun is quite willing to put Ipson in if the forward line needs stablization, as he did to great success when Kankaldiran was injured.

The Coaches:

Mustafa Akburun (52, Head Coach, Rearward FC) [Angora]

He was appointed to his position by the Ministry of Culture, chosen out of many viable candidates. It should be noted, however, that when one says "viable candidates," one means candidates that would have had a prayer if Akburun did not exist. Mr. Akburun is easily the most revered coach in the Confederacy, and his seven years managing the extremely successful Rearward FC have provided him with sufficient experience to steer the rudder in the nation's first international matches. In his youth, Akburun was a star midfielder, and so he has a slight bias towards that position (though he does plan to generally run a 4-3-3). His play in the brand new Caprine Football League helped to establish its legitimacy early on, and many hope that he will do the same for the Confederacy on an international level as the coach. Expectations are high for Akburun and the team, especially after the second place finish in the Baptism of Fire, but Coach Akburun has, for the most part, refused to comment on any of it.

Juliet Bonaventure (47, Assistant Coach, Enerji JK) [French Alpine]

The entire Confederacy agrees that Ms. Bonaventure is still the hottest thing since sliced bread, and people refuse to believe she's a day over 25. Pair that with the unexpected second place finish of the unknown Enerji team in the Premier League, and you have the lock for the assistant coaching job. She has received critical acclaim over the past few months for transforming a squad from worst to second-best in just two years by using what appeared to be only toothpicks and a small piece of lint. Despite her press coverage, when it comes to the national team, Bonaventure lets Akburun do the fronting for the cameras while she arranges the logisitcs and makes sure the team stays up to snuff (undeterred reporters still come by to take photographs of her--every day). Bonaventure was one of the first women to play on a club team in the Caprine States soon after the Caprine Football League was formed, and she became the first to start for a club only three years before she retired.

The Formation:

22.Yildirim 66.Kankaldiran

7.Sánchez 13.Martin(C) 16.Latour

17.Bözböyle 5.Özgür 33.Hansen


24-06-2005, 23:54
(OOC)Hey Rejis Me no i never said Rej not at all nope............
Pool6 and 7 are a tad broken i think Fmjphoenix has swallowed them all in the URL...

(IC)Harlesburg play a 3-3-4 line which is viewed as a 1-2-1-2-3-1

9 Olaun Sallasan
17 Pedro Sanchez 11 Lerrick Jones

8 Fredderick Roberts
6 Daniel Derrick 7 Charles Bompmore(C)

2 Pedro Hernandez 3 Fillo Pastry 13 Derrick Jaresten
5 Kirk Freeman

1 Micheal Chapworth
18 Derrick Potter(K)
12 Micheal Dornerger(RD)
20 John Fellerup(RD)
14 Hassim Salad(LM)
15Micheal Sladeresent(S)

Amendments have been made from previous matches with 17 Pedro Sanchez coming in for 10 Alexander Wertson on the left wing,13 Derrick Jaresten gaining his spot at the expense of Chudd Micheal Murried and The coaching staff getting over their slight brain fade in having Keeper Olsen Olsen on the bench as a Striker even though he scored in their first outing.
25-06-2005, 01:01
(OOC)Hey Rej
Pool6 and 7 are a tad broken i think Fmjphoenix has swallowed them all in the URL...

Saw it, fixed it, subtracted 7 points from your rank because you called me Rej instead of Rejis!
25-06-2005, 07:57
Saw it, fixed it, subtracted 7 points from your rank because you called me Rej instead of Rejis!
sowwy :(
but wouldnt i be on-4 or something... :confused:
25-06-2005, 11:17
I was just kidding but I hate it if people call me Rej or Reji
26-06-2005, 12:50
Harlesburg play a 3-3-4 line which is viewed as a 1-2-1-2-3-1

9 Olaun Sallasan
17 Pedro Sanchez 11 Lerrick Jones

8 Fredderick Roberts
16 Leroy Brown 7 Charles Bompmore(C)

2 Pedro Hernandez 3 Fillo Pastry 13 Derrick Jaresten
5 Kirk Freeman

1 Micheal Chapworth
18 Derrick Potter(K)
12 Micheal Dornerger(RD)
20 John Fellerup(RD)
14 Hassim Salad(LM)
15Micheal Sladeresent(S)

Amendments have been made from previous matches with Leroy Brown coming in for 6 Daniel Derrick on the left Midfield position allowing Captain Charles Bompmore to take more responsibility and allowing the goal scoring machine to come in for the first time.Micheal Dornerger gets elevated from the bench to a starting role outsing Fillo Pastry.
28-06-2005, 16:04
Harlesburg play... a 1-2-1-2-3-1

Did you get advice on tactics from a roadie? :p

#: Name Age Club Position:
1: Gabriel CELTA 26 Caylerden Goalkeeper
2: Derry COLGAN 25 Makosile United (VIL) Right Back
3: David RAVEN 24 Ridern Left Back
4: Jack BATTLE 27 Machinegardia Central Midfield
5: Brogan CAIRBRE 26 Caylerden Centre Half
6: Aron CEULEMANS 30 Cornellby Centre Half (c)
7: Taurxa JEROEN 27 Turoki Isle (VIL) Right Wing
8: Kristen DVORAK 29 Fatherham Centre Forward
9: Pierre CESARE 27 Cornellby Striker
10:Jan-Arne HELLSTROM 24 Machinegardia Striker
11:Kelly TORRINI 25 Cornellby Left Wing
12:James WALSH 33 Cali Purples F.C. Goalkeeper
13:Fogan DELAHUNT 21 Wallingham Goalkeeper
14:Dmitri SMASHNOV 17 Soundgardia Right Wing
15:Yevgeny SMASHNOV 20 Soundgardia Centre Back
16:Mario CARAVAGGIO 29 Ridern Right Back
17:Carlo TARRESTE 19 Phoenix Left Wing
18:Jimmie WALKER 18 Phoenix Centre Back
19:Allistair HONEY 26 Wallingham Left Back
20:Alec BULL 25 Cornellby Centre Forward
21:Danny McCOSSTESSY 20 Ridern Centre Forward
22:Eoghan O`HARA 19 Caylerden Central Midfield


2 15 6 3
Colgan Y.Smashnov Ceulemans Raven
7 11
Jeroen Torrini
10 9
Hellstrom Cesare

Home: Claret and Green striped shirts, White shorts, White socks
Away: White shirts, Black shorts, Black socks.
28-06-2005, 21:05
Kericia World Cup 23 Roster

-Starters in Bold-

Head Coach: Ken Peterson
Asst Coach: Mike Quirk


#0 Byron McMichel
#1 John Spuhler
#30 Joe Gallo


#14 Aaron Massey
#19 Kurt Cedarholm
#25 Chris Williams
#22 Robert Cornell


#2 Jason Popovich
#17 Justin Alric
#10 Mathew Behrendt
#6 Matt Glannon
#9 Danny Hammer
#15 Jeffrey Bryce
#11 Chet Lunt


#18 John Krueger
#24 Josh Schooley
#4 D.J. Long
#8 Chris Krueger
#13 Cooper Brehm
29-06-2005, 13:39
Did you get advice on tactics from a roadie? :p

Hey its Bulgarian Binary code dammit! :D
It seems to be working so ill sick with it!
Counter Attack Counter Attack Counter Attack!

Team vs Hapread
9 Olaun Sallasan
15Micheal Sladeresent(S) 11 Lerrick Jones

10Alexander Wertson
16 Leroy Brown 8 Fredderick Roberts

2 Pedro Hernandez 3 Fillo Pastry 13 Derrick Jaresten
5 Kirk Freeman

1 Micheal Chapworth

18 Derrick Potter(K)
12 Micheal Dornerger(RD)
20 John Fellerup(RD)
14 Hassim Salad(LM)
17 Pedro Sanchez(S)

Amendments have been made from previous matches with Micheal Sladeresent coming in for Pedro Sanchez adding more height to the front.the Captain Charles Bompmore gets a rest and is replaced by Alexander Wertson whos playing for the first time in some games and allowing Fredderick Roberts to move to the midfield.
Olaun Sallasan gets the Captains Band.
04-07-2005, 15:42
Crystilakere Crystils (3-4-3)
HEAD COACH: Hazem Emam
U-21 COACH: Boubacar Dragov
ASST COACH: Liali Munavelli

GK Alwasi Tystrup*
D Alpha Siboldi*
D Filippo Ferraro <- He Scores Headers Off Corners
D Donato Arrigoni
M Oussent Nón
M Darren Whelan
M Nina Nonaaia
M Sebastian Wolf
F Reidulf Piao*
F Carlo Romano
F Toader Pold*

GK- Alcir Barbara*, Emiliano Addis
D- Dimitri Ferraro, Salvatore Redaelli*, Rene' Niljssen*, Abdelilah Escobar*
M- Giuseppe Zucco*, Maurizio Cavallo, Giovanni Quira*, Respito Laracca*, Kale Vellazi*
F- Michael Baker*, Noel Adiguzel*

Allow opponents to select goalscorers: Y
Allow opponents to godmod goalscoring events: Y
Allow opponents to injure players: Y
Allow opponents to godmod injuries: Y
Allow opponents to hand out yellow cards/red cards: Y
Allow opponents to godmod anything else under the sun: Y
Commerce Heights
11-07-2005, 04:07
Allow opponents to select goalscorers: Y
Allow opponents to godmod goalscoring events: Y
Allow opponents to not godmod goalscoring events: Y (though it is not preferred)
Allow opponents to injure players: only if a suitable substitute is provided
Allow opponents to godmod injuries: Y
Allow opponents to hand out yellow cards/red cards: Y (red cards should be godmodded/bribed)
Allow opponents to godmod anything else under the sun: Of course!

The Commerce Heights Football and Soccer Federation (CHFF) has announced the Capitalizts’ World Cup 23 finals roster (edited by Rista Lokato Sun-Herald staff):

1 Kraig Garland*
Portland Musketeers (Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™)
Age: 24

2 Tyrone Reale^
Said Tigers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 22

3 Lonnie Kehrer^
Port-au-Vaisont Liberty (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 23

4 Jin-Hien Pak
Port-au-Vaisont Liverty (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 31

5 Ray Wagoner
Florence Entrepeneurs (Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™)
Age: 29

6 Gi-Su Lee*
Port-au-Vaisont Liberty (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 22

7 Nelson Myres*
Choi City Diplomats (Siokaji National League)
Age: 24

8 Paul Derbyshire^
Sonoma Center Panthers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 32

9 Jessie Aburto^
Sonoma Center Panthers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 26

10 Theofilaktos Katis^
Pha-Zhou Phantoms (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 33

11 Micky Hasantoso
Said Tigers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 21

12 Euikon Baek
Kondu-Ri Flyers (Siokaji National League)
Age: 26

13 Woo-Keun Nam
Niago Roadrunners (Siokaji National League)
Age: 23

14 Dimosthenis Kourkouvelas
Porto-Khe Badgers (Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™)
Age: 30

15 Freeman Thigpen
Said Tigers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 31

Wing Backs
16 Christian Gratz*
Tigo Gnomes (Siokaji National League)
Age: 21

17 Max Maffett^
Que-Tow United (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 18

18 Lance Gerhart^
Pha-Zhou Phantoms (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 18

19 Chae-P’il Cho
Port-au-Vaisont Liberty (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 32

20 Ho-Jun Han
Rein-Tu Orange-Whites (Siokaji National League)
Age: 30

21 Stanford Sutherland*
Said Tigers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 27

22 Agung Adang*
Said Tigers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 22

23 Nate Littlefield^
Commerce Heights Thunderbirds (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 23

24 Neil Cuff^
Said Tigers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 19

25 Christopher Duart^
Florence Entrepeneurs (Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™)
Age: 27

26 Brent Cornelius
Commerce Heights Thunderbirds (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 34

27 Son Cha
Kondu-Ri Flyers (Siokaji National League)
Age: 22

28 Alekos Macheridis
Porto-Khe Badgers (Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™)
Age: 30

29 Tomi Patmawi
Said Tigers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 23

30 Chang-Shik Jung
Port-au-Vaisont Liberty (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 31

31 Alan Beddingfield*
Florence Entrepreneurs (Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™)
Age: 23

32 Jae-Sun Jong*
Choi City Diplomats (Siokaji National League)
Age: 34

33 Jin-Taek Jung^
Choi City Diplomats (Siokaji National League)
Age: 19

34 Darryl Jenny^
Sonoma Center Panthers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 21

35 Bobby Hilton
West Bend Wildcats (Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™)
Age: 23

36 Al Driver*
Sonoma Center Panthers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 22

37 Matthew Lundgreen*
Naiba Islanders (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 22

38 Clinton Basnett*
Pha-Zhou Phantoms (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 18

39 Jamie Svendsden^
Choi City Diplomats (Siokaji National League)
Age: 26

40 Neil Laren^
Commerce Heights Thunderbirds (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 22

41 Julio Gerner^
Que-Tow United (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 22

42 Jorge Kennedy
Commerce Heights Thunderbirds (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 22

43 Joo-Chan Son
Teachu Minutemen (Siokaji National League)
Age: 23

44 Jeremiah Sillick
Said Tigers (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 21

45 Ricky Voss
Commerce Heights Thunderbirds (C4™ Champions League™)
Age: 36

91 Xavier Westfall (defenders coach)
Assistant Coach, Naquada Falls Ascendants (Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™)

92 Thanos Vlassopoulos (wing backs coach)
Head Coach, Pha-Zhou Phantoms (C4™ Champions League™)

93 Dong-Hun Shin (midfielders coach)
Assistant Coach, Port-au-Vaisont Liberty (C4™ Champions League™)

94 Yance Budiarto (wingers coach)
Former Head Coach, Said Tigers (C4™ Champions League™)

95 Ludwig Kuhlmann (forwards coach)
Head Coach, Natestadt Nationalisten (Lontorikanische Nationalliga)

96 Hipólito Pereda (keepers coach)
Keepers Coach, West Bend Wildcats (Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™)

97 Jack O’Neill (accountant)
Chief Financial Officer, Unified Capitalizt States™ of Commerce Heights™

98 Matthew Sparks (assistant coach)
Head Coach, Noka Mariners (Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™)

99 Darren Redner (head coach)
Former Head Coach, Sonoma Center Panthers (C4™ Champions League™)

* indicates that the player is a starter.
[Editor: ^ indicates that the player is an athlete, not a corporate puppet.]

The parentheses next to the team name indicate the league that the team plays in. The top level of the CHFF league system is the eight-team C4™ Champions League™. The second tier consists of three regional leagues—the Siokaji National League (twelve teams), the Lontorikanische Nationalliga (six teams), and the Alan Belmore™ Parcels™ Manhattanite League™ (fourteen teams).

C4 and the C4 Champions League are trademarks of Capitalizt Consolidated Conglomeration Corporation in Commerce Heights and other nations. Alan Belmore is a trademark of Alan City FC in The Belmore Family and other nations. Alan Belmore Parcels and the Alan Belmore Parcels Manahttanite League are trademarks of Alan Belmore Parcels Corporation in Commerce Heights and other nations. Commerce Heights and Unified Capitalizt States are trademarks of Unified Capitalizt States of Commerce Heights, Inc. in Commerce Heights and other nations. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
11-07-2005, 10:06
The Rejistanian Orange-Blues

Coach: Hexatux
Co-Coach: Siki Rej

Name age position club
Jana I Y^* 29 GK Kalimnintan Veran

Visnu Kanavan^ 21 GK Karela lines
Inik Xeaia 24 GK Xykianara Ynu-Lines

Jana Kansu^ 23 DF Kalisimu Salan
Sijili Nj^* 29 DF Ihiri Relekhati
Rijat Redy^ ?? DF Turoki United, Vilita
Haxa I Sira^ 27 DF Ta~o-Ja-Mik Veran
Kansu Seli* 28 DF Hanin Sekhika

Vejin Jara 20 DF Sen-La-Sa~o Relekhati
Kansu I Kansu 19 DF Niadi Xalki
Linkosa Myk 21 DF Harari Ynu
Jen Ji 21 DF Venike Kalesa Kaletri
Verise Lati 20 DF Mirare Nanti

Mijan Jasadajasa^*29 MF Sike Seli'ny
Hsiju Syku^^ 28 MF Mikedi Veran
Ji Sijariil^* 26 MF I Jesejil Kaletri
Hitu Myjutes^^ 28 MF Taliki Tihrara'ny

Takil Manik 21 MF Jinhes Junis
Seneteramanasiri "SeKa" Kalamanaserexesesikehidimerevenu 21 Sijitalatirikimidateme-Inanakasesyja Ines
Seneja Lek^ 25 MF Riandu Makin-Veran
Sink~hil Syku 20 MF Vaje~n Sekhika

Jiujia Makae^* 26 FW Makosile, Vilita

Syku Hanmatu^ 27 FW Kilix I Ki Anum

Please note:
Hexatux is a computer system in the cellar of the ASR. Siki Rej is its operator. He communicates with the Hexatux with a device looking like a big wrist watch.

Syku Hanmatu is the first ever female player in the Orange-Blue team.

Haxa I Sira is a brilliant defender whose disadvantage is only that he is deaf. An aide from the ASR have to give him light signals if the referee blows the whistle.

Allow opponents to select goalscorers: Y
Allow opponents to godmod goalscoring events: Y
Allow opponents to injure players: Within Normal Limits
Allow opponents to godmod injuries: Within Normal Limits
Allow opponents to hand out yellow cards/red cards: Within Normal Limits or if it involves drunken/ Abysmal/ bribed referees and is funny
Allow opponents to godmod anything else under the sun: Yeppers, but expect fun back
18-07-2005, 22:10

Probable Starting Eleven (Subject to Change)

GK :: Milauo Slietah ( 38 ) : Cednia Beach AFC
xD :: Maratima Tareak ( 26 ) : -Available For Transfer-
xD :: Raoibn Olioab ( 27 ) : -Available For Transfer-
xD :: Jiateo Kansu-Ramzi ( 25 ) : Sen-La-Sa~o Relekhati (REJ) Rejistania
xM :: Duane Northam ( 29 ) : Arcticala Inlet (VIL)
xM :: Malaino Mumamba ( 32 ) : Yeaddin Owls (VIL)
xM :: Christian Briyjao ( 24 ) : Roegrow Athletic (CST) Cockbill Street
xM :: Martiia Vluka ( 26 ) : -Available For Transfer-
MF :: Martiia Rawaii ( 27 ) : -Available For Transfer-
xF :: Jutar Ranaso ( 28 ) : -Available For Transfer-
xF :: Koiba Uviava ( 28 ) : -Available For Transfer-

Potential Reserve Players (Subject to Change)

GK :: Ebbow Dakin ( 22 ) : Liguon Valley (VIL)
GK :: Moia liaboi ( 27 ) : -Available For Transfer-
xD :: Niauo Yidiea ( 20 ) : Sto'kh'darakha Roh'nidh'ba (CST)
xD :: Ialb Iaou ( 27 ) : -Available For Transfer-
xD :: Rocky Siregar ( 32 ) : Terrarokka Spirit (VIL)
xD :: Mauricio Stesko ( 19 ) : Terrarokka Spirit (VIL)
DM :: Julio Matengo ( 27 ) : Fmjphoenix Flame (FMJ) Vilitan
DM :: Mikel ( 25 ) : -Available For Transfer- Legalese
xM :: Restiaa Rlain ( 29 ) : Spraat FC (FMJ)
xM :: Raso Morre ( 27 ) : -Available For Transfer-
xM :: Brad Edwards ( 19 ) : Inland Peaks (VIL)
MF :: Izzitra Bomai ( 31 ) : Wunokalsa Waridi
xF :: Lennie Lavine ( 18 ) : Yeaddin Owls (VIL)

** You have permission to do whatever the flying hell you want with these players, with the single exception of causing physical harm to Milauo Slietah, or murdering any of the players contracted to domestic clubs without first receiving permission from their owners. **
18-07-2005, 22:19
For the sake of historical reference, This is the Vilitan Roster I worked with in my RPs. Unfortunately only two RPs total have been posted by Vilitan Opposition in this cup, so the presence of the roster was not even requested. What is this world coming too. This may also serve for anyone interested, as a WC23 'Depth Chart' to see how your Vilitan's are progressing in the eyes of their National Team. Anyway, here it is!

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y
GodMod Injury Events Y

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y


[ 85 ] Jimmy Kater [ - Strike FC - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 31 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Jimmy Kater took over the starting position on the National Team under the intense spotlight of the World Cup 17 Finals in Vilita. Kater has remained first choice keeper since then, despite a Quarter Final exit to Liverpool England. After leading the Vilita Under-21's to the Under-21 World Cup 7 Championship, Kater left a deflating Tivali City to join up-and-comers Arcticala Inlet, who he led to the top half of the Stellar Division tables. Kater earned a pair of consecutive Vilitan Cup titles with Arcticala Inlet, before returning to Strike FC ater the departure of Bryan 'Pop' Duiker

[ 86 ] Delain Falcón [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 28 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Falcon signed for Vilita Declasse side Akisa Surta midway through Vilitan Season 9, joining the club in a promotion battle. He is the first ever recognized international from Akisa Surta, And has large shoes to fill in defending Vilita's Under 21 Championship earned by National Hero Jimmy Kater. He took a further step in filling Kater's shoes by joining his former team, Stellar Division side Tivali City in Season 11.

[ 95 ] Jawz Oaker [ - Inland Peaks FC - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 18 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Jawz Oaker is the son of Colonial Sile and Oaker national midfielder Arthin Oaker, who moved to Vilita early in his career after his impressive performances for Oaker in past World Cups. Jawz was called up to the Vilita Under 21 squad as Oaker did not participate in the Under-21's, qualifying through his residency and his Mother, a Vilitan. The young keeper spent most of Season 15 on loan to Mavaloiao, before being recruited by Doug Freech's Lopinka side, Declasse champions looking for a starting keeper for their return campain in the Stellar Division. However, hometown Makosile's vast improvements in Season 16 saw the youngster quick to return home to bask in the spotlight with one of Vilita's rising new powers. Despite earning the Goalkeeper of the year award, Oaker's team was not able to compete and spent more time at the bottom of the table then the top, prompting the young keeper to depart once again, this time to Champions League bound inland Peaks FC.

[ 89 ] Manolis Masi [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Manolis Masi moved the Mavaloiao during Vilitan Season 13, and helped lead the team back to the Stellar Division for the first time Since Vilitan Season 1.

[ 90 ] Alioum Mané [ - Hecia (STR) - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 26 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )


[ 6 ] Ricky Ezis [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- D RC ( AGE: 31 GOALS::SR: 3 U21: 1 REG: 1 )
Ricky Ezis is one of the most exciting prospects in all of Vilita, being molded in the exact form of the most capped Vilitan player in history, Enzo Ahat. The Strike FC defender plays alongside former Vilitan Nationals Danilo Liguori and David Leacock in the Stellar Division and frequently outshines his more experienced teammates. His performances have consistently earned him selection to the National team in favor of this duo, and Arcticala Inlet's Emarka Laniora. Ricky transferrd to Yeaddin Owls in Season 14 and helped lead them to the Stellar Division Championship.

[ 8 ] Niccoló Mazzeo [ - Cednia Beach AFC (TUR) - ]
------- D LC ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 3 REG: 0 )
Niccoló Mazzeo earned a favorable report from Vilitan Coach Helmut Vilkaus and was tapped to replace Esemar Aliana upon his retirement from International Play. Mazzeo was trained at the Inland Peaks academy, one of a handful of academys that were established at the very start of the Vilitan League to help develop future talent. Mazzeo was of the first group of youngsters accepted, and remained in the Academy until receiving an offer at the age of just 14 to play for Wunokalsa Waridi in Turori. Mazzeo played a season for Waridi, and his performances there caught the eye of Inland Peaks, who decided they wanted the youngster to return home and play for them. Return he did, anchoring the backline for 8 successive seasons and amounting a massive 37 appearances in Season 17, before making the switch back to Turori where he would line up for Season 17 champions Cednia Beach AFC.

[ 9 ] Andrea Lamberti [ - Cednia Beach AFC (TUR) - ]
------- D LC ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Lamberti became the youngest player to ever feature for the first team at Arcticala Inlet and has been tipped as the next Giacomo Adika after a high profile transfer to Nusira-Lionta following Vilitan Season 9. At just 17 years old, looked set to be a regular in the Vilitan starting lineup following the semi-retirement of Adika and Enzo Ahat. However, a widely-publicized screw up in World Cup 19 cost Lamberti his position at Nusira Lionta, and he moved to Jlinal Cove. Lamberti would spend an impressive six seasons at Jlinal Cove, potentially earning back his reputation, and his place in the national team. Impressive performances in Season 17, where he also managed to score two goals, earned the then 25 year old defender a transfer to newly crowned Turorian Champions Cednia Beach AFC.

[ 4 ] Sibusiso Azaïez [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- D C (SW) ( AGE: 33 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Azaiez never realized his potential, from Marine Coast, never becoming a regular starter on the national team, but still leads his youthful teammates with his skills

[ 2 ] Tulio Arizmendi [ - Jhanna City (STR) - ]
------- D RLC ( AGE: 27 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 1 REG: 0 )
The unknown Defender made an impact after a late call into the Under-21's, scoring once on the way to the Under-21 World Championship. Arizmendi became only the second Vilitan to win an individual award in Liga Starblaydia when he picked up the Defender of the Year award for Season 4.

[ 5 ] Petros Alfieri [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- D C ( AGE: 30 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 1 REG: 0 )
Petros Alfieri is just the next in the ever growing list of impressive defenders coming from the Marine Coast Academy. Coached by utility player Baron O'Toole and defensive great elekim Cairns, the Marine Coast Academy has already graduated names like Cairns, Enzo Ahat and Sibusiso Azaiez. Alfieri, a strict Central Defender, has a bit of a temper to overcome before seeing a regular starting role with the National Team, being sent off multiple times in the Vilitan League season, including an embarrassing dismissal against non-league Mliona-Lpaka that led to Marine Coast's early exit from the Vilitan Cup.

[ 60 ] Ricata Tivalan [ - Siji~e Xkora (Rej) - ]
------- D C ( AGE: 19 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Ricata Tivalan became the first Vilitan defender to sign for a club side in Karela-laden Rejistania when he signed for Siji~e Xkora. The 18 year old was invited to the Jungle Kitties side for his first taste of international play in Under 21 World Cup 15.

[ 66 ] Emarka Laniora [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- D RLC ( AGE: 32 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 0 REG: 2 )
Solid Defender from the rising Alikki-Corra Youth system that also produced Esemar Aliana and Marasent Siaone. Called up to the National Team for the AOCAF competition while Full National Players were out at the World Cup Qualifiers and is still a regular call up for Regional or Fill-In national team roles.

[ 63 ] Dene Shaw [ - Liguon Valley - ]
------- D LC ( AGE: 21 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Dene Shaw was the first player to ever receive international recognition from Turoki United after being called the the Under 21 squad in Under 21 World Cup 12. However, Turoki United's failure to promote from the Declasse division saw Shaw ultimately leave the club, as his stock rose so did his ego and there was no better place for his ego than Lopinka Rovers, controlled by Liverpool England's Doug Freech, newly promoted in Season 16 to the Stellar Division. Shaw moved accross the range to Liguon Valley in Season 17, but his club were knocked ironically out of the Stellar Division on the final day of the season by his former club, Lopinka.

[ 65 ] Timmy Leaburn [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
------- D C ( AGE: 20 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
After starting his career with Liguon Valley, Leaburn had a brief spell with Strike FC during Season 17. The young defender finally settled into the Stellar Division with Eastal Lunar FC.

[ 3 ] Jaloey Afrikka [ - Inland Peaks FC - ]
------- D LC ( AGE: 35 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 1 REG: 1 )
Jaloey Afrikka is one of the quiet talents in the Vilita lineup. A regular in the team since graduating from the Under-21 side, Jaloey is always in the roster somewhere, either starting or on the bench, when the Vilitan teamsheet is announced. With the retirement of Vilitan defensive legends Giacomo Adika and Enzo Ahat, Afrikka finds himself as first-choice Central Defender for the World Cup 19 Finals. Afrikka will have added confidence after returning home to Jlinal Cove FC, the club where he got his start, after a stint in the Stellar Division with Turoki Isle and Strike FC. The well travelled Afrikka isone of few players known to have featured for the Vilitan Trio, after signing with Yeaddin Owls, Afrikka featured for Strike FC and Marine Coast United in addition to a host of other teams throughout his career. Afrikka has announced his retirement following World Cup 22.

[ 68 ] Kagiso Alfieri-Molali [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
------- D R ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 2 U21: 0 REG: 0 )

[ 67 ] Ade Hinds [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- D LC ( AGE: 22 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Ade Hinds transferred to Turoki Isle for Vilitan Season 14 after the Islanders made a surprise shift towards Vilitan based talent, offloading foreigners Alejandro Vantrease and Henrik Bastale, but returned one season later back home to Eastal Lunar. Hinds picked up his first career goal while at Turoki Isle, a feat which he would double in Season 17 after transferring to the Yeaddin Owls and taking up a role closer to midfield.


[ 34 ] Daniel Oram [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- DM C ( AGE: 23 GOALS::SR: 2 U21: 0 REG: 0 )
Oram made one of the most predictable transfers in season 15, covering the gaping defensive midfield spot at the Yeaddin Owls after attracting attention by being called to the Under-21 Squad and being named captain while playing for Non-League Alikki-Corra

[ 35 ] Mauro Capuano [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
------- DM C ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 2 REG: 0 )

[ 33 ] Michele Mariano [ - Jlinal Cove FC - ]
------- DM LC ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 0 REG: 1 )

[ 31 ] Christian Sanou [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
------- D DM RC ( AGE: 27 GOALS::SR: 1 U21: 2 REG: 0 )
A star out of place in his lowly club side, Sanou is leading the new crop of Defensive Midfielders being trained under Vilitan legend Jurgen Ramzi. Ramzi was recruited by Jlinal Cove FC after their relegation to the Declasse Division of the Vilitan Football Pyramid, and since has introduced a wealth of Defensive Midfield talent to Vilitan head coach Helmut Vilkaus. Under-21 International Sanou has risen from absolutely nowhere under Ramzi's leadership to bypass Liverpool England based Antonis Ratuva and Corra Rangers' Lai Otieno to challenge Ramzi himself for his place in the starting lineup for World Cup 19. Sanou established himself in the Vilitan squad, and earned himself a transfer in Season 16 to Vilita Cup 15 winners Eastal Lunar, after many seasons at Jlinal Cove.


[ 14 ] Inaki Soler [ - Strike FC - ]
------- AM RLC ( AGE: 28 GOALS::SR: 8 U21: 9 REG: 1 )
Inaki Soler may be the greatest Vilitan talent since Santo Kecker graced the Vilitan history books with the first ever game-winning Vilitan goal against Compound Interest in World Cup 13 Qualifying. Despite a lack of goals so far in his senior career, a high profile-record transfer to the ever-improving Yeaddin Owls AFC was sure to do nothing but improve his chances of keeping his place in the Vilita side. With Helmut Vilkaus announcing an emphasis on Wings in the coming years, many expect Soler to breakthrough and take his place as the first-choice Vilitan midfielder. However, Soler left the Owls with friend Antonis Siazzu during the Season 12 Exodus to train independantly and focus on international play. After starting the first half of Season 13 with Alikki-Corra, Soler returned to Yeaddin Owls and sparked a resurretion that saw the Owls catch and pass Strike FC to earn their 10th Stellar Division title. But Once again, Soler showed an uncanny unpredictability, by ditching newly acquired friend Antonis Siazzu, and the Yeaddin faithful, after they failed to secure the championship in Season 15. Soler was talked into joining Inland Peaks FC by former Yeaddin teammate Riccardo Appolloni, and as his contract ran out with Yeaddin, Soler once again refused to resign and walked into a new and questionable chapter in his very fascinating domestic career. After two seasons at Inland Peaks, Soler was recruited back to the club where he got his start, Strike FC, by Vilitan legend Santo Kecker and the big checkbook of one of the top teams in the world.

[ 20 ] Antonis Siazzu [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- AM C ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 5 U21: 7 REG: 0 )
Siazzu is a product of the Yeaddin Owls youth academy, moving on a fully funded loan deal to Melmondian side Titania Forests during the World Cup 19 Qualifiers. The impressive youth midfielder is one of the youngest since World Cup 13 to make a regular starting role in the Senior National Team, taking up the role during World Cup 19 Qualifiers at just 17 years of age. Working under Coach Nigel Chapman, Siazzu was apart of arguably the best midfield lineup in the entire World, taking up a central role alongside Calaesa Mitaroka, with the phenominal Inaki Soler and the always reliable Tanner Nerni on either side. However, Siazzu and Soler left the Owls during the Season 12 Exodus to train independantly and focus on international play. However, after failing to achieve promotion with Alikki-Corra in Season 13, the price on Siazzu's head was to much for the Declasse side to pass up, with the exciting young midfielder moving to Arcticala Inlet for a fee almost double that of the previous record for a Vilitan club. Arcticala failed to press for the Stellar Division title, despite 4 consecutive appearances in the Vilitan Cup final, and Siazzu returned to partner old friend Inaki Soler at Yeaddin Owls AFC In Season 16 for a fee much reduced from the fee Inlet paid to acquire him from Alikki-Corra.

[ 51 ] Jonjo Hulyer [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 21 GOALS::SR: 2 U21: 0 REG: 0 )
Jonjo Hulyer is one of the most exciting prospects to come out of the Marine Coast academy in many seasons. He is expected to challenge for a place in the Marine Coast Lineup at just 16 years of age, Preferring to attack down the middle or on the left flank.

[ 26 ] Maurizio Sala [ - Cednia Beach AFC (TUR) - ]
------- M RC ( AGE: 27 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 5 REG: 0 )
The former Tivali City youth trainee transferred to Nusira Lionta from Marine Coast during Vilitan season 9 in an attempt to get regular first team action. Sala was left with just 10 starts in two seasons with Marine Coast before being transferred to Turoki Isle, where he learned his trade as a free kick specialist. After some impressive performances, Sala returned to Marine Coast in Season 13. Sala spent 5 seasins with Marine Coast United, making nearly 150 appearances for the Crosaibi club, and his patented free kicks netted him 21 goals. Despite winning the title in Season 15, Marine Coast slipped downward, and when long time boss Baron O'Toole left prior to Season 17, it was clear things would be changing at Marine World Park. Sala would accept an offer to play for newly crowned Turorian Champions Cednia Beach AFC, and made his first appearances for the team in the 6th NS Champions League tournament.

[ 76 ] Rueben Laberge [ - Iskara Daii (STR) - ]
------- M C ( AGE: 24 GOALS::SR: 1 U21: 0 REG: 0 )
Thrusted into the limelight from obscurity, the Daii have hid this kid's talents well. Will form an all-Vilitan central midfield with Antonis Ratuva at the Daii

[ 79 ] Contall Rumaoa [ - Tournetas (STR) - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 20 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )

[ 23 ] Tanner Nerni [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
------- M RC ( AGE: 32 GOALS::SR: 5 U21: 6 REG: 3 )
The Impressive Wing Midifleder, born & raised in Turori by Vilitan parents, saw his first international action in the Atlantian Oceania Cup of Association Football. Nerni's performances at a young age in the AOCAF Cup and for Cednia Beach AFC in Turori earned him what was a then-record transfer to high-flying Yeaddin Owls AFC, a fee still only twice eclipsed, both in Vilitan Season 10. Nerni, however, seemed to have never made the impact on the National Stage, as is the case with many of the Owls stars, who seem to save their best performances for the league and never walk too far from the bench when the Teal, Orange and Navy are in action. That is, until the World Cup 20 final. It was Nerni's penetrating runs down the right flank that eventually earned Vilita the World Cup for the first time, Nerni scoring the winning goal and becoming the hottest commodity in sport. Eventually, Eastal Lunar tendered an offer no club could refuse, and Nerni was off to his new club for an all-time record Vilitan transfer. Nerni's impact at Eastal Lunar was nothing of what was expected of a World Cup hero, and Nerni made a less than blockbuster move back home to Cednia Beach AFC. However, looking to bolster their Season 17 squad, the Owls came calling once again for their former superstar winger.

[ 93 ] Sublé Tonic [ - FC Almintora (TUR) - ]
------- M RLC ( AGE: 31 GOALS::SR: 3 U21: 1 REG: 2 )
Called up to the Vilitan National team for international experience and bench cover during the AOCAF I Finals.

[ 52 ] Thierry Columbo [ - Strike FC - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 24 GOALS::SR: 2 U21: 2 REG: 0 )
Columbo left Lonngeylin Coast in search of first team action with Declasse side Mavaloiao FC. Columbo was an instant hit at the club, and helped lead them to the Declasse Division title and a place in the Stellar Division starting in Season 14. Columbo became a hot commodity after performances for new club Makosile, and signed with Strike FC for Season 17.

[ 54 ] Manolis Makunike [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
------- M RC ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 3 REG: 0 )

[ 74 ] Esorijan Marelja [ - Strike FC - ]
------- AM RL ( AGE: 17 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )

[ 78 ] Brent Obwinyi [ - Turoki United - ]
------- M RC ( AGE: 19 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )

[ 51 ] Rowan Majara [ - Internashionale (STR) - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 19 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Majara trained at the Arcticala Inlet Youth Academy before being snapped up by Starblaydian side Internashionale when he was old enough for his first professional contract.

[ 78 ] Toby Tzikas [ - Basian Valley (STR) - ]
------- M RC ( AGE: 19 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Tzikas moved with his family to Starblaydia and was accepted to the Basian Valley squad on a non-contract basis after spending many successful years as a youth trainee for Arcticala Inlet of Vilita

[ 59 ] Manolis Ipoua [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 29 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 2 REG: 0 )
Joined a re-vitalized Jlinal Cove in Vilitan season 9 after two moderate seasons at Marine Coast United, However made a quick transfer to Turoki Isle after Jlinal's relegation in Season 9.

[ 55 ] Sylvain Emeka-Tuai [ - Liguon Valley FC - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 2 U21: 4 REG: 0 )
Sylvain was a transfer target of Santo Kecker at Strike FC, and was acquired following Terraroka Spirit's relegation to the Declasse division.


[ 16 ] Callum Banda [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 38 GOALS::SR: 64 U21: 6 REG: 1 )
Sensational Striker averaging over a goal per game in the U21's remarkable Runner-Up performances in U21 WC3. First Appeared for the National team in World Cup 13 and scored the Jungle Cats first ever goal in Inter-NationStatal Competition in the 2-1 over Compound Interest. Banda set a Vilitan record by scoring 10 times during World Cup 19 Qualifying, includding his 50th career goal, both in all international competitions, and his 50th Senior-National tally with the equalizer against Tadjikistan. Banda capped off a sensational season by winning his first Vilitan Most Valuable Player award. Banda netted his 196th career Domestic goal for Marine Coast United as he helped return his long-time club to the top of the Stellar Division in Season 15. In Season 16, Banda netted his 200th career goal for Marine Coast United, then shocked the world by announcing he would be leaving the club he had played for his entire career, midway through Season 16. Banda was offerred the job of saving Arcticala Inlet from the threat of relegation, not only as a Striker, but also, as team manager. Banda accepted the job, and not only fired the goals that kept Arcticala Inlet safe, but coached the club to victory in the Vilitan Cup for the 5th time in club history.

[ 19 ] Riccardo Appolloni [ - Inland Peaks FC - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 28 GOALS::SR: 7 U21: 13 REG: 0 )
Riccardo Appolloni came through the youth ranks at Mavaloio before transferring to Yeaddin Owls AFC and quickly displacing Jan Christiansen from his role as first choice striker. Appolloni also one-upped Christiansen by earning a regular role in the Vilitan National team, something Christiansen was never able to do. The third largest transfer in Vilitan History at the time saw Appolloni depart his beloved Owls for up-and-coming Inland Peaks FC. The Peaks used the transfer income from the sale of Ade Hinds, Martin Watt, Aman Dedur and mostly Under-21 forward Kris Wrice to sign the Vilitan International, signalling their intentions to be respected as a top class team in Vilita for seasons to come.

[ 49 ] Tika Massa [ - Cednia Beach AFC (TUR) - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 19 GOALS::SR: 1 U21: 3 REG: 0 )
Tika Massa was thrust into the Vilitan Spotlight after netting on his debut performance in the Jurassic Invitational Tournament after coming on as a sub. Massa's late goal sent Vilita into the Semi Finals of the inagural Jurassic competition. Massa's performances earned him a transfer to the admitedly more high profile club of Eastal Lunar, from Makosile where he trained as a youth. Massa was an instant hit at Eastal lunar netting 7 times in 18 games and helping them to the Season 15 Vilitan Cup title. Massa' impressive performances for Eastal Lunar earned him a transfer to Marine Coast United where he netted a career high 8 goals in Season 17. With Marine Coast's form slipping, and Cednia Beach's stock rising, the Season 17 champions tabled a bid for the Vilitan Under 21 International and Massa made his first appearances for the Turorian Club during the 6th NS Champions League.

[ 17 ] Mauro Baraza [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 30 GOALS::SR: 4 U21: 10 REG: 9 )
Mauro Baraza looked to be a player of the future for Vilita after setting records for goalscoring in the Under-21's. However, he could never break through and displace Callum Banda or Serge DuPont and has slipped down the picking order.

[ 18 ] Carmine Mbidzo [ - Iskara Daii (STR) - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 31 GOALS::SR: 12 U21: 17 REG: 11 )
Former Understudy to the inseperable strike partnership of Callum Banda and Jim Vella at Marine Coast United. Transferred to Cednia Beach after Requesting First-Team Football.

[ 46 ] Julian Lisbie [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 22 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )

[ 41 ] Kris Wrice [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 19 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 1 REG: 0 )
Wrice made 10 appearances for Inland Peaks in Season 15, and his 5 goals helped propel the team to the top 5 in the table at the halfway point. The young striker's potential did not go unnoticed, and Turoki Isle opened up their pockets to make an offer the smaller Inlands club could not refuse, bringing the Under-21 International to Turoki Isle. Wrice would spend two seasons at Turoki Isle, netting 21 goals for the club before making a high-profile transfer to Marine Coast United during Season 17.

[ 47 ] Ippolit Adjei [ - Cednia Beach AFC (TUR) - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 25 GOALS::SR: 0 U21: 5 REG: 1 )
Adjei moved to Arcticala Inlet during the Yeaddin Exodus following Season 12, the first in history that Yeaddin were not in the top 2. Adjei won many awards with Arcticala Inlet, but never the Stellar Division title, and he was recruited in Season 16 to the defending Stellar Division champions Marine Coast United for a fee half that of the Vilitan Record transfer at the time.

[ 48 ] Tristam Bumbar [ - Yutzie Sorma - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 18 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )
Tristam Bumbar added his name to a very short list of recognized internationals from the Yutzie Sorma acadamy by being called up to the Vilitan Under-21's for The 14th Under 21 Championships.

[ 48 ] Grenville Marai [ - Makosile - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 19 GOALS::SR: U21: REG: )