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Hallad purchases New Haven Fleet

The Island States
17-06-2005, 20:41
The Fourth Fleet did not bear a name, its mothership did not bear a designation. An entire New Haven fleet had been constructed for the sole purpose of sale to an ally, Hallad, who had paid $18 trillion dollars in payments over the course of construction.

The Fleet included:

1 Island-class Mothership
4 Stovetop carriers
8 Shark Mk.II Cruisers
10 Remora Mk.II Utility Cruisers
8 Franklin-class Ortillery Cruisers
30 Newman-class Static Barrier Cruisers
30 Wasp Mk.II Ion Cannon Frigates
30 Porcupine Mk.II Anti-Fighter Frigates
30 Hedgehog-class Bombardment Frigates

192 Sparrow Fighters (plus construction rights)
17-06-2005, 21:21
We thank you for creating the Halladi Red Space Fleet! We hope these ships will serve the Halladi Workers Republic well, and we're sure they will. In short, we are prepared to recieve the shipment.

The Commissariat of War
The Halladi Workers Republic
17-06-2005, 22:10
The news didn't go down well with the oligarchs, nestled within the heaving but unnaturally ordered metropolis of Fedorgrad, pasts the shambles of the outer- party habs and into the well decorated quarter, home to the abodes of the inner party were the chattering, enraged oligarchs. Realizing full well the danger of a nation Kriegorgrad interacted with often to have the power of the stars at their fingertips. The dark conference room hid some of the expression on the panicked faces, which portrayed the emotions of the leaders of Kriegorgrad.

"Don't you understand the sheer peril of a fully operational space fleet, capable of orbital bombardment." Cried Mustapha, always the first to point out the problems of any predicament, his dark red lips pulled back in distaste at his counterpart’s argument.

"Of course I understand the peril, that is why we must strengthen relations with the Workers' Republic! They are stronger than ever and it would be in the Collective Oligarchy's best interest to tie ourselves to this new power. Who knows, we might end up allied to what might be the next superpower to reign over Haven." Henry's broad, comparatively dark features were a stark contrast to the thin features of the milky white and crimson lipped Mustapha Krin.

Silence held the room like a vice, support was faltering for Mustapha's argument and Henry held the smirk of one about to deliver the coup de grace, of course, this strike never came - it served to please Henry that Mustapha's defeats should always be dragged out, never ended in one quick strike.

The narrow countenance of the dark lipped oligarch scanned the room, pleading with the faces now flatly staring at him, the humiliation enraged Mustapha as his eyes came into contact with Henry's and with one nod, the meeting was adjourned.

"Comrade Leader" Nikolai Fedorenkov always sat at these meetings as a silent, obedient tool, only talking when spoken to; a far cry from the booming orator he was in public. While the progenitor of the revolution that led Kriegorgrad from a past age of oppression into something far worse did have official power, the oligarchs didn't let him use any of it. Fedorenkov was just a tool to the council that run Kriegorgrad, ever since the revolution's conception, a small group of people had kept an eye on the fiery-speech maker of Nikolai and they molded him to suit their own aims.

"So, I propose we send a polite communiqué to our good "comrades" in the Workers' Republic."

To: Commissariat of War, The Halladi Workers’ Republic
From: The Oligarch of Kriegorgrad, Comrade Leader Nikolai Fedorenkov
Subject: Good tidings


”I hope this warm hearted communication reaches you in good health - it is a grand day when the proud nation of Hallad takes strides into the bold future, such a leap as space warfare is truly a thing to be celebrated. I hope that you will allow me to express with deepest sincerity the glee I am filled with to know that a fellow nation of good comrades has the power of which the likes of most men haven’t even dreamt of. I just wanted to get across in this message how intensely proud we are to be affiliated with such a grand nation as Hallad.

Kriegorgrad would like to make its interests known, we desire greatly to exchange embassies with the noble Workers’ Republic, so we can learn more about each others’ interesting cultures and strengthen the bond that already exists between nations of our level.

I apologize if I am being too generous with the kind words but happiness of this magnitude is a rare thing for a man who must aid in running a nation such as Kriegorgrad.“

Yours Sincerely,

The Oligarch of Kriegorgrad, Comrade Leader Nikolai Fedorenkov