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Church and State

17-06-2005, 09:05
"I want him defrocked." Adrik Alexei hissed, his hand slamming onto the desk. "How dare that...that priest say that!" The Tsar roared, throwing some transcripts across the floor.

Patriarch Dionysius flexed his old, wrinkled hands and restrained himself from answering. The old man glared across at the younger man when Adrik said, "The church is meant to support the government. And talking about 'democracy' and 'human rights' as if God himself wills them is not conducive to that."

"Tsar Alyosha, the Pope..."

"Are you a Latin or a Roanian, man?" Adrik Alexei demanded.

"I am a man of the church, my lord Tsar. And I will not defrock someone just for speaking out against the government." Dionysius grabbed his cane and stood up to his full 5'5". "That is an abuse of my power and yours!"

Adrik Alexei stared at him for a moment, and smiled. "...I respect your decision, your eminence. You are dismissed."

"I am leaving because I choose to leave, my lord!" Dionysius stormed out of the room. In a moment, Adrik Alexei looked down and saw the Patriarch's car driving to the domes of the Cathedral of the Archangel of Tarnaqin.

"...Have him arrested and his priest shot." The Tsar ordered finally, his eyes darkening. The Shadow Angels who had entered the room after the outburst saluted and left.
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20-06-2005, 06:16
100 years ago, the blessed Patriarch Frasier disbanded the Martial Order of Saint Michael, also known as the Holy Imperial Inquisition for the Purity of the Faith. The Imperium became freer than ever before...

What, then, are we to say when the State, acting of its own accord, recreates the Order of Saint Michael for the purpose of attacking those whose only 'crime', to use the term, is to advocate democracy? It would be wise for the Tsar to recall that in the eyes of the Lord, all humanity is equal.


We have entered a dark time, when the actions of the government have never been so at odds with the teachings of Christ... Tsar Alyosha has shown himself to be unworthy of the title of Defender of the Faith. Perhaps with the grace of God, and the examples of the saints and his ancestors, he can lead himself back to the path of righteousness.