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Slavery to False Gods.

The Atheists Reality
17-06-2005, 08:52
Slinking through otherspace, the large white cruise yacht was a statement of extravagance, owned by one Lord Davin Snr. Though, as it was at the cutting edge of technology, and had been hastily built for such formal parties as this, it was prone to generally breaking down at the worst possible moments, and this was by far the worst one of them all.

"Ach, bugger it. this damn thing will never work." Said the head engineer aboard the yacht to his junior. A gross understatement that was, though, as a massive explosion tore a hole in the side of the ship. Sparks and cables flying and swinging everywhere, the engineer attempts to steady himself on his feet. "Gah! This can't end well, and we're dropping out of otherspace alltogether! Jun, get that hole closed up, and inform the captain that we have to land on the nearest planet for proper repairs!" He grumbles, fretting over the likelyhood of his future lack of employment. "No, no, the Lord isn't going to be happy about this at all, and all our jobs are at risk here. Just hope that the bloomin guards keep him under control until we can get this ship one hundred percent operational again."

The yacht sets down on a large grassy area, the hole in its side appearing as a gaping wound in a dying beast. The captain paces to and fro, fretting about the same things as the engineer, though he had the added responsibility of taking care of the passengers aboard the ship, and Davin himself. He reaches over to the command console, and presses a button, and a red warning light starts flashing. "Aah, this is bad, very bad. We've got visitors. I only hope that they're friendly, or this is the last voyage this ship and its passengers and crew will ever take."
Lord Atum
17-06-2005, 11:58
Of course, it would be too much to hope for in that region of space for the visitors to be friendly. The world of Unoum was home to almost ten million people, but none of them were nearby, except for a single space vessel. An Al’kesh belonging to a low ranking lord in the ‘great’ Atum’s service, on paper at least, had come to investigate the strange disturbance.

Without the cloaking devices or stealth equipment that richer lords found aboard their vessels, it was eminently detectable as it landed nearby. Two men left the vessel, and, grumbling about how they were the ones who were always chosen for assignments that involved walking, began the short walk to survey the downed yaght. They would have to be quick of course. It wouldn’t be that long until the local garrison, almost ten legions, would send out a few fighters to check.

Their master, a goa’uld by the name of Hemni, was already busy using their vessel’s communications system to try and mollify the local leaders as the two jaffa warriors caught sight of the downed yaght – and left themselves in plain view of anyone glancing out in their direction. Both wore large hawk headed helmets with bright red eyes, using the night vision filters of the armour to watch the yaght in the fading light.

“Interesting,” said one, turning to his compatriot.

“Definitely an alien find.”

The first jaffa nodded, “You head back to base and report. I’ll keep watching them…”

The second jaffa began to trudge back to base. The first hunted for some cover, at last relaising his exposed position.
The Atheists Reality
17-06-2005, 15:08
The captain lightly taps a glowing green button on the control panel, and the front window slides open, revealing a pair of shining red eyes in the distance.
"Urrr, Lord Davin, we have company. And I do not believe it to be friendly..."
"TAKE CARE OF IT, AND DON'T CONTACT ME TILL YOU DO! If this ship spends another hour on this planet, then your job and life SHALL BE FORFEIT!"
"..yes, yes sir." He presses the com button on said control panel, linking him to the ships guard detail. "Ro, get everyone on your team to your stations. We have trouble incoming, and you had bloody better well earn your pay."
Lord Atum
17-06-2005, 16:24
It took less than half of an hour for the jaffa to return. The ship was moved under the cover of the darkness to a spot a few minutes walk away, Soon, the red eyes of the initial horus guard, moving slowly, visible for brief moments at a time in nearby bushes, were joined by more.

Hemni, girded in a lighter suit of armour than his minions, paused to watch the downed vessel. He seemed pleased as he ordered the jaffa to split into two groups, the first ten strong, the second containing the rest.

The ten strong group of soldiers listened attentively as he gave instructions for them to work their way around the clearing in which the enemy vessel sat until they were upwind of it, at which point they were to break the limited cover available and move towards the vessel, holding fire until they were attacked. Then, when any potential defenders had taken the bait, they were to fall back.

Then Hemni’s group would be in position to move up behind the enemy.

Shortly afterward, an observer from the ship, the guards presumably, would see the twin red eyes begin to appear nearby, twenty in all, moving up from the south…
The Atheists Reality
22-06-2005, 10:52
"Val...they're coming." "Yes, I damn well know that. Now you and the rest of the guard have to get to the gun ports and secure this ship against...whoever they are. They certainly aren't friendly, that's for sure."
Now, If I can just get the Lord and his guests to the nearby forest, We might stand a chance......though I most certainly wont have a job after this, if we survive it at all! Clenching his rifle to his chest, the guard peers out one of the yachts windows, and sniffs the air delicately. Shit! they're much closer than I thought! We're all"SCREWED!" He fires wildly into the darkness, almost overcome with fear...and the rush of the hunt that all his kind experience in times like this.
The shots ring out through the yacht with many a metallic ping and flash, causing well deserved panic among the guests, but surprisingly, not for Davin himself. The guards...engineers...the captain...all will pay for this. One does NOT get the lord Davin himself angry!
Lord Atum
22-06-2005, 11:04
One of the ten jaffa staggered back and fell into the mud with the opening volley, shots bouncing off, and punching holes after a moment, in the fearsome hawk-helmet. Another was not so lucky, being hit in the chest twice, the second round hitting his essentially useless chain-mail. The remaining standing Horus guards opened fire with their long and cumbersome weapons, three remembered their orders straight off, and began to fall back away from the enemy, the others stood and fired for a moment, a third then a fourth sinking to the ground wounded or dead. The first busied himself trying to remove the now sightless helmet, but with its mechanical functions jammed, this was a deeply frustrating process.

Hemni smiled at the bright flashes of weapons fire from the other side of the ship, “Good. They’ve taken the bait. Give them ten seconds, then break cover and advance. And do so quietly,” he hissed.
The Atheists Reality
28-06-2005, 12:33
Slowing down to fire the odd shot into the distance, the guard huffs, and breathes deeply. "We are...dead." He shivers, feeling as if something had crawled up his spine. "Even the snobbish bastards here do not deserve this fate! I must warn them!" He tosses the rifle to the floor, and makes for the guest floors, hoping to provide some measure of protection to the somewhat doomed people inside.
Lord Atum
28-06-2005, 12:59
The second group of jaffa reached the side of the ship, entering the hole in the vessel’s side. There were several hatches, and Hemni dedicated several of the jaffa to opening them while he and the remaining guards kept an eager watch for anyone attempting to attack them, though most of the activity they could see was some of the guards fleeing into the forests. Hemni decided not to waste time by hunting them down right away. They would keep for later, but he let his minions fire off a few shots in the general directions of those who did so, to encourage them to run.

One of the jaffa finally managed to get inside the ship, and Hemni grinned, pulling a snake-styled handgun from under his gold-threaded cloak, and advancing inside the ship with the jaffa.
28-06-2005, 14:34
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New Sigmisund
28-06-2005, 14:52
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The Atheists Reality
29-06-2005, 15:29
While a few guards and one or two of the guests had escaped into the forest, the majority of the people left on board were currently engaged in overwhelming panicky fleeing for their lives. Which wasn't getting them anywhere but into the Jaffa's hands, given that said Jaffa had somewhat surrounded the ship.
Deeper in the recesses of the ships maintenance corridors, one of the techs cowered in fear, hiding amongst the cables and humming machinery. Oh hell, why did this have to happen to -me-?! Screw the others, I'm staying put here and hoping that they don't find me.
Lord Atum
03-07-2005, 19:56
In their own typically ‘tactically lacking’ fashion, the invaders split up to search the ship, one of the tall armoured figures found his way into the depths of the ship, walking past, glowing eyes and sharp beaked hawk-helmet visible in the dim lights of the ship as he walked past the unfortunate tech’s hiding place, drumming clawed fingers on his staff weapon with impatience as he passed by.

Meanwhile, most of the other jaffa, along with their leader worked their way towards the top of the landed vessel, on the assumption that the most important ‘kitties’ as one of the jaffa had termed them, would be there…
04-07-2005, 00:07
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See above.
The Atheists Reality
07-07-2005, 08:35
They were right. Most of the by now crazed guests were in the centre of the ship, a somewhat spacious hall. And the Lord Davin himself had unholstered his own civilian pistol, acting somewhat Soviet like in screaming at the fleeing guests, and firing the odd shot off into the confused mess. "COWARDS! The filthy lot of you! PROTECT ME!"
The hiding tech shifted uncomfortably on his footpads, heavily breathing, hoping that the passing snake head wouldn't find him...but unluckily for him, you would have to be pretty much deaf to not hear a nearby panicky big cat such as him.