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Aletheias Calls on Nationwide Think-Tanks for Advice

16-06-2005, 15:02
((I'd like to hear some interesting debate on this issue, but please, just for my sake, rp academians within the nation Aletheias- no nation would broadcast a need for advice among other nations.)

Aletheias's universities are the pride of the nation, and its leading intellectuals are a prime source of information. Thus, in a stunning, but quiet communication to the leading universities of Aletheias, Prime Minister Shinri Redimere has requested feedback on a current political issue. A man not ashamed to listen to the advice of others before making an informed decision, he has decided to hear both sides on the role of money in politics. Should corporations be allowed to donate money to parties, should money be further restricted, or should nothing be done at all?

Letter sent to Aletheias's leading intellectuals:

Dear sir or madam,

You are receiving this letter because of your noteworthy achievements in your field of study. As you are most certainly aware, Aletheias is a young nation, a nation where the decisions we make now may have a profound impact on our future generations. As such, I, Prime Minister of Aletheias Shinri Redimere, request your opinion on Bill #147 currently in the Senate. I'm sure I need not inform you on the specifics of the bill, given its notoriety in the press right now. I'm sure I also need not remind you of its importance and of the impact this bill holds on the future of our political process. I fully understand that as an educator and an academian, you are probably quite busy, however, I ask for your input on this issue both as a decision maker of our nation, and as a citizen of the nation itself.

Prime Minister Shinri Redimere
16-06-2005, 22:50