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Information on the United Socialist States of Brandouneia

15-06-2005, 06:06
A Brief History of Brandouneia and it's founder:
The United Socialist States of Brandouneia was founded in 2005 by Brandoun Gregor Bajo III, a wealthy American industrialist/sociologist with mixed African-American, Hispanic, and German ancestry. Born into an affluent family, Bajo spent the majority of his formative years in Europe with his relatives while his parents ran the family business in America, Bajo Enterprises International, a protection/mercenary agency that dabbled in weapons manufacturing (all of it mostly legit and legal); Brandoun was sent to live with his relatives due to the volatile nature of their business. In Europe, Brandoun attended the finest Swiss boarding schools and was tutored over the summer by university professors in the areas of language (by age 15, Brandoun was fluent in German, English, French, and Spanish), history, philosophy, engineering. chemistry, physics and social studies. Along with his formal training, Brandoun's relatives always championed the ideals of individuals such as Marx, Lenin, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Dubois; therefore, his ideals were always very liberal, socialist, and extremely revolutionary.

Though he was well groomed and cared for by his European relatives and extremely popular in all of Europe's finest circles for his wealth and large acumen, Brandoun yearned to see his country of birth, and attended college at Harvard at age 16. During this time, he spent the majority of his free time with his parents Brandour II and Sara, catching up on lost years. Brandour graduated from Harvard with B.A.s in both Business and Sociology, and continued to receive his Ph.d in Sociology 4 years later.

Now in his mid-20s with an abundance of wealth at his fingertips, a doctorate degree, a partnership in Bajo Enterprises with his father, and a multitude of paths before him, Brandoun did what any twenty-something would: enjoyed his gifts. Brandoun gained notoriety as party animal, a lush, and a sex fiend. However he balanced his hedonism with a impressive record of community service and philantropy toward the less fortunate, particularly the poor and homeless. He was also politically and socially active, taking part in everything from gay rights and war protests to lobbying to have bestiality legalized. To him, America was a land in need of repair. Repair not for those in power, but for the people. Repair that he alone could make. Therefore, he actively funded fringe and radical groups intent on rapid changes, whether they were legal or not.

However all of this changed when his parents were killed in a Waco-style FBI raid on their New England compound. Suspected of arms-dealings to terrorist groups worldwide and terrorist groups within the US (many of which actually done by Brandoun exclusively but a fair share by his parents, too), the FBI stormed the compound and engaged the Bajo's guards in fierce fire fight in which Brandoun's parents were accidentally hit. Though the FBI apologized for the raid after no conclusive evidence was found, Brandoun was furious, and publically accused the FBI for attack him because he was against many American operations in foreign countries and agreed with the actions of the groups American forces were fighting.

After the attack, Brandoun took over Bajo Enterprises, and began fully financially supporting anarchist groups in America and revolutionary groups abroad in order to "lay low the government's geopolitical tyranny that distracts it from more important issues at home". By this time, Brandoun's "fight for the little guy" had earned him the admiration of the lower class, some of the middle class, and the more altruistic of the upper class. He had devoted funds not going to revolutionary groups to the repair of America's urban enviroment and rural environment, building new apartment complexes usually reserved for the wealthy and privately funding farmers and ranchers. He was at the same time middle America's hero and it's worst enemy, as un-patriotic as a person could get and a true philantropist.

However, also by this time the Patriot Act was in full affect. And although Brandoun was one of the first to use his legal powers to combat the Act, the FBI and Homeland Security had quickly discovered or trumped up what they needed to put Brandoun behind bars. With his wealth waning from his altruism, Brandoun was ill-prepared to legally combat such a staggering case against him, and began organizing his "Grand Plan" with the remainder of his funds. His plan: to purchase a country from one of the revolutionary groups who had recently overthrown the former government, escape from the US, and extend an invitation to the beleaged citizens of America to come to his socialist paradise on the sea, to live in freedom and to never live in poverty again. No longer would the rich rule, in "Brandouneia", every single person had an equal say in the government.

So, in 2005, with the first 100,000 or so American immigrants, Brandoun used the last of his fortune and transported all the individuals to the newly christened Socialist Republic of Brandouneia (newly christened because Bajo Enterprise's mercenaries had just finished along and grueling war against the revolutionaries that could not be paid off). Bajo Enterprises filed bankrupcy in every country it was in except America, which obliterated the company completely with a cease business order. The 100,000 or so immigrants lived on a true frontier, with Bajo Enterprises only able to return 50% of the utlities that were destroyed in the war-ravaged country. Soon, food shortages occured, unemployment was ubiquitous, and outbreaks of violence against the government and the weak-reminants of Bajo's mercenary army were all to common. Brandoun watched in horror as the solution of to America's repair's crumbled around him. With no way to leave the country (transportation was basically non-existant in Brandouneia and the US barred the immigrants from re-entering anyways) the citizens of the Brandouneia took matters into their own hands. Brandoun was assasinated barely a year after Brandouneia's conception, and the Socialist Republic split into the United Socialist States of Brandouneia, 4 separate states.

And then the coup of the USS (which acted more like a Confederation rather than a federal government) came, and a violent young revolutionary that brazenly called himself Che Brandoun (rumored to be the illegitimate son Brandoun III by a girl that part of the former revolutionaries) came into power. Known as the "The Bloodiest Coup" Che Brandoun viciously slaughted the USS Council while they were in meeting, took the heads of each in the Council, set them a flame, and stuck them on pikes outside of the Brandouneian Capitol Building.

Keeping the United Socialist States of Brandouneia in 4 states for the sake of normalcy, Che Brandoun changed the developing federal democracy government into a politically choked totalitarianism. While Civil Rights basically stayed the same, the first thing Che Brandoun did was to outlaw any other political party from forming. In reality, there is no one official political party, but to go against the government for any reason on any subject is punishable by death. Che Brandoun's official stance on Economy is "I really don't give a crap".

Officially, Che Brandoun stated the government is a kleptocracy, whose only purpose is to get rich or die trying. Proclaiming himself the 1st Pirate King of Brandouneia (which is the head of state and the head of government), he has stated that his term will end when he feels that he has enough money or when someone kills him, and therefore that should be the criteria for change of every Pirate King.

While the economy in Brandouneia is stable now, that can be quickly changed by Che Brandoun's erratic policy, which seems to only be led by one principle: "No one can be richer or more powerful than me." Corporation is effectively despised in Brandouneia.
15-06-2005, 06:12
The Biography of "Che" Brandoun IV, 1st Pirate King of Brandouneia:
Born sometime between 1985 and 1987, Brandoun Gregor Bajo IV is the illegitimate child of Brandoun Gregor Bajo III, founder of Brandouneia and briefly it's first leader, and Marie Idialla, a teenage girl in the Jungle Revolutionary Front (one of the many guerilla groups Brandoun III funded). Brandoun III and Maria stayed together for only a week or so as his personal assistant provided by the JRF's leaders, and Brandoun III never saw Maria or his son again. Maria died shortly after the birth, and Brandoun IV grew up in the care of the JRF as a whole. He lacks a formal education, but is well versed in guerilla warfare, marksmanship, strategy and literature (and brutality/torture) due to his time in the JRF.

In 2005, when Brandoun III officially bought Brandouneia from the leaders of the JRF, Brandoun IV joined with the band of revolutionaries that resisted Brandoun III's mercenary army attempting to wrestle control of Brandouneia from the JRF. Though Brandoun IV never met his father, his hatred for him was great for funding the JRF's rebellion and subsequent coup only take the country out of their grasp.

Soon after their defeat, Brandoun IV (now a major player in the JRF) began forming plans to take Brandoun III out of power. However, the immigrant citizens did that for him, assasinating Brandoun III in less than a year and spliting Brandouneia into 4 states, completely disregarding the JRF's claim to sovereignty. Brandoun IV, furious at these events, walked into a United Socialist States Council meeting a few monthes after the USS Council took power, pulled out a OICW he had stolen off a dead Bajo merc (which he called Little Bee) and proceeded to mow down every single member, fire upon each corpse again, behead the corpses, set the heads aflame, and stick them on pikes outside the Brandouneian Capitol Building. With the Council destroyed, Brandoun IV, renaming himself "Che" Brandoun after Che Guevara (not because he idolized or looked up to the fellow revolutionary, but because he googled him and thought he sounded bad-ass), took over the country and destroyed the constitution.

After the coup, Brandoun commanded the JRF to hunt down and kill any politician that would not swear fealty to him, and began making erratic policy changes. Most of his erratic changes focused on destroying free trade utterly in Brandouneia and ousting any non-government business into order to have all revenue go completely to him.

Naturally, the JRF expected a high position in the government now. However Che Brandoun was intent on keeping complete and utter control of the government, and organized a stifling police force in order to destroy the JRF. However, beside the massive police force which enforces mostly political loyalty to himself, Brandoun has limited the military, fearing that it would attempt the usurp power from him.

Consider dangerously and violently prone to anger, sociopathic, paranoid, narcissistic, and unconcerned with welfare of Brandouneia, Che Brandoun runs the country with an iron fist in some areas and purposefully blasé in others. While he works to keep the country in order to avoid open rebellion, his premier concern is himself, his power, and his wealth, and has publically declared that he "will drop this country like a bad habit when ever the hell he feels like it".