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One More Day (Open RP)

Sonorus Capita
15-06-2005, 00:51
As Aethisa Coulgia sat in her plush apartment in Upper Huguelihn, Sonorus Capita's capital city, she couldn't help but remember the facility, Zigou, Butcher, everyone.

Ever since she returned from the Artic Research Center she hadn't been the same. Aethisa had received the Sonoran Capita Medal of Honor for her bravery in an international mission, but that didn't mean she felt honorable.

She had gotten a job at GeneCorp, but quite several monthes ago due to her lack of enthusiasm. Nothing was the same anymore. She sat around her apartment reading the scientific journals she go in the mail. Every now and then she would go to the park, and walk the trails, just to get fresh air. She stopped talking to her friends and family and retreated into her own world.

Recently she had been named Sonorus Capita's Best of The Best. The ARC incident had received international attention. She had been interviewed more times in a week than many people in their lifetime. The Best of The Best award articles called her a "hero" and "an inpiration for young girls everywhere".

She still couldn't get the explosion of the facility out of her mind. It controlled her every move, her every breath.

She had received a letter inviting her to a science convention in her honor. She didn't go. She didn't like everyone making her into a hero, she feeled as if she had failed.

As she sat reading about how the feather-bellied rabbits had made a comeback in Farguh, in south Sonorus Capita, her doorbell buzzed.

She was still in her pajamas and her silver hair was a mess. She grabbed a band and put up her hair, then grabbed a robe and put it around her lithe body.

Who could this be?, she thought to herself.

She opened the door.


For the story of the Facility, click here
it doesn't really start untill then. It was never finished so I am gunna say that they all escaped, blew up the facility, and went they're separate ways.

I don't really care how this goes. FYI, she is the best scientist in SC. She is also the prettiest. She is fiesty. please read the link above, before posting.
Sonorus Capita
15-06-2005, 01:01
only read the story after my first post. it is a bunch of ooc before that.