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12-06-2005, 22:33
Day 5, 22:04 Paris

Samuel sat back on his chair and looked down out the window onto the lights of the city. He had always taken the time at night to put down his papers and pen and stare at the view. Oh how he loved it! But tonight something was not right, something was stopping his mind from releasing his days problems and he knew perfectly well what it was.


Day 5, 17:32 Paris

Samuel's receptionist’s voice crackled through the box on his desk, "Sir, someone on line three wants to talk to you"

Samuel minimized the program he was working on and clicked a button "I told you that I am not taking any calls!"

The receptionist talked back "Sorry sir, but he said that it was important"

"Fine, put him through!" Samuel said, slightly angered at his receptionist You can't get good help now a days! He picked up the phone and held it to his face, the heavy breathing told him who it was instantly. This was the call he had been waiting for, dreading for.

"Hello Samuel" The silvery voice spoke out "You know why I am calling, and so you also know that this is it, eleven O'clock Mr. Clague" The phone went dead and Samuel slowly put the receiver down.


10 Years ago

Samuel ran through the streets of Tel Aviv, his white jacket flapping by his side. A bomb had gone off the other side of the city and he was pushing to be the first reporter on scene. Microphone in hand and a pad and paper in his pocket he felt he was ready for anything.

His camera man was doing well keeping up, heaving that hunk of metal around meters behind him. He pulled out his mobile as the old theme of the Italian Job went off. Holding it to his ear he screamed "Chris!? You got the news van down there?! Good! Set it up, we are going to go live as soon as we see ya!"

Samuel looked back, the camera man had slowed in answering his mobile "Come on man!" Samuel shouted, not slowing down himself, "coming!"
the reply came.

Samuel had no idea that the bomb was nothing compared to what was really going on in the city.


Day 5, 22:16 Paris

Samuel had finished looking down at the city. It gave him no comfort knowing that it was probably the last night it would ever see, the last time the lights would shine and the last time the people would sleep. He hung his head.

There was a knock on the door, and he knew who it was before he even stood up to answer. These men would get him and his family out, 4 survivors from the whole city.


OOC - Bring in any character you want, I will reveal more about the past later, but what you need to know is that a group of people are blowing up Paris and are getting Samuel out to safety so he can be used later. He is just a pawn. Tel Aviv blew up 10 years ago with only him as a survivor and 5 days ago a plan to discuss world peace was launched in the States. I am hoping that this thread will turn into a war against the secret society who are pulling the strings and blowing things up and killing for their own personal gain, but yeah, that’s up to the other characters people introduce.
13-06-2005, 16:36