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The Republican Council

09-06-2005, 18:29
OOC: This thread is designed to show what goes on inside The Free Republic's ruling body, the Republican Council. This will also be a thread for official announcements by the First Republican and the Ministers of the Republican Council, as well as press conferences and behind the scenes stuff. Any post that starts out as 'Open Session' can be considered public IC knowledge to, well, anyone , as open sessions are often televised in the Free Republic.

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09-06-2005, 18:54
The First Republican(Theleb Kanaan) sat at lunch with his two favorite junior Ministers, the Minister of Defence (William Issem) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Sir Alec Connover). The morning session of the Republican Council had been slow and boring, as the nice weather had made everyone want to be outside instead of in council and the vast bulk of Vaadian citizens would hardly be interested in politics with the Coventry Fortnight so close and the weather so nice, except in Costa-Tula, where a tropical storm was menacing the coast, just a bit.

Sir Alec sipped at his water as he looked over the menu "You know, some in Etaros are calling for a closing of diplomatic channels between we and they."

William grinned "What channels? That was what the whole blockade thing was about? They refused to exchance Ambassadors at the talks that ended that, what could they possibly close?"

Sir Alec shrugged "Well,they are an admitted dictatorship, maybe this means their Longeavi Prince intends to blackout the news of the awful, awfully true, critiques we have of him and his lackeys."

The First Republican smiled "No, he can't do that. His 'subjects' are tasting democracy, he can't put that genie back into the bottle. The People of Etaros may hate us, but if no one criticises their king, how will they ever pursue democracy? I read where some in Etaros actually agreed with us. Our public comments give those who dissent the courage to speak up. There is a chance that their king will brutally suppress them, but at this point, that would prove us exactly right."

Sir Alec ordered a New York strip and laughed "But we are always right, we're Vaadian after all."

They all had a good laugh and eventually the First Republican spoke up "Anyhow, I have Layne working on it. After all I can't be heard to dignify the remarks of the Etarosi. I'm well above that, thank you very much."

They laughed again and proceeded with a leisurely lunch.


Meanwhile, Layne Al Azarad, Chief of Staff to the First Republican was holding a press conference back at the House of the Republic.

"Thank you all for coming here. The First Republican thought there were several issues that while the Council may not have an official stance on yet, that needed to be addressed publicly.

Mainly I'm talking about the attempted assassination of the Republican Council's Special Envoy to Port Olympus and the 'war' of words between publications in the Free Republic and publications in Etaros. Questions on both of these subjects will be answered to the best of my ability. Go ahead."

A reporter stood "John Davies, Financial Times, what do you think of the calls in Etaros to close diplomatic channels with the Free Republic?"

Layne looked thoughtful and replied " There are currently no diplomatic channels open at this time that I am aware of. If you recall the Menelmacari\blockade incident was triggered precisely because there were no diplomatic channels between Ilek-Vaad and Etaros, and the King of Etaros refused to establish them both before the crisis and at the conference to end the crisis. At the conference the Minister of Foreign Affairs offered to exchange ambassadors and normalize relations, this was flatly refused by the Etarosi delegation. Etaros has remained a closed book to us, we only know what is reported by the media, which until a few months ago was heavily censored by the King of Etaros."

"Hannibal Hurst, Lassic Daily, you referred to the incident in Port Olympus as an assassination attempt, yet Outer Consul Lunchtime O'booze called it an 'accident', what information do you have, and where is coming from that leads you to believe it to be an assassination attempt?"

Layne smiled "I'm glad you asked that. We have information from the security detail of The Nachxa that unequivocally shows that it was no accident, but a missle attack on The Nachxa's home, I cannot reveal more than that. The rest of that will be Lictor Dominous' to report when he returns from Port Olympus."

"Pat the Llama, Lassic News Service, what about my ground breaking allegations that Utical is behind the attack to protect it's multi-billion kronor tax evasion scheme?"

Layne shrugged "We won't know any of that until a proper investigation has been done. It is something that we simply don't have enough information on to even speculate."

OOC: anyone who wants to jump in and ask a question, feel free.
Alcona and Hubris
10-06-2005, 15:48
A reporter in the back raised their hand. "Jhon Van Hussen, Olympic Times...Why do you feel that the Naxcha, as Special Envoy was not staying, as other diplomatic delegations have to the Federation, in the diplomatic housing on Parliament Hill? Which led him to buying property, sight unseen, in a foreign city."
10-06-2005, 15:57
Layne didn't even have to think to answer this question " The Nachxa has always made a point of looking to aid in the renewal of any city he relocates to for any amount of time. The Nachxa does not believe that the rich, or well connected should live in cloistered communities, but should work to make poor or under developed neighborhoods better, not only does he buy houses in poorer or working class areas but he also sponsors community groups and general refurbishing of the entire area.

When The Nachxa was the Free Republic's representative to the IMC, he purchased a brownstone on Marshall Island in a waning working class neighborhood. He rebuilt the house, opened up the lower levels for a community clinic and an art gallery and studio space for local artists. Even after he left Marshall Island the house still serves it's community functions and it's living apartments are rented for a fraction of what they are worth. I am certain that he had similiar plans for his house in Port Olympus.

The Nachxa has always been anxious to find creative ways of spreading his money around without giving the impression of a handout, or charity, he simply believes in being a good neighbor and in helping out his chosen community as best he can."
Alcona and Hubris
10-06-2005, 16:15
"Ah follow up question, since the house in question needed serious work, why didn't he take up the hospitality of your ally, the King of Vrak and let the building be made habitable before he moved in? Now it appears he is staying in the Llewellyn compound, any reason that your Offical represenative has snubbed the King of Vrak and is staying with a noble family of the United Duchies? Is this a change in Ilek-Vaad policy towards monarchies, or is there something special about the United Duchies specifically?"
10-06-2005, 16:35
Layne shrugged "Because of problems connected with the house and it's purchase, The Nachxa moved up his plans to move to Port Olympus by about two months, he had planned to wait until the house was relatively finished, but he decided that the various lawsuits required his personal attention.

As for why he is now in Speaker Llewellyn's compound, I can only speculate, it was not a decision of the Republican Council , but a personal decision of The Nachxa. My office was told that The Nachxa had secured residence in a hotel until his house was completed, so I can't say why he is where he is now.

I think you're reading too much into it to say that he is snubbing the King of Vrak or now favours United Duchies nobles to Vrakian nobles. The Official position of the Republican Council is still the same.

That position is that we do not like any system of government that is a monarchy, but that we believe government is a purely internal affair of said nation. We trust the King of Vrak and his government because of their past forthright and exceptionally honest dealings with the Free Republic. We have had fewer dealings with the government of the United Duchies and any perception of mistrust is most simply unfamiliarity"

He pauses and smiles " As for the United Duchies being special in any way, that is for the People of the United Duchies to work out."

Taking advantage of the pause "Pat the Llama, What do you have to say about the appalling lack of security and order in Port Olympus and who is to blame for it, the JDF?"

Layne frowned "I don't think that an isolated possibly politically motivated attack is at all an indication of an 'appalling lack of security'. I am certain that the the authorities in Port Olympus are doing a fine job and the JDF is also doing all they can to insure security for the People of Port Olympus. You can't characterize the security of an entire city by a single incident.

Mind you, I doubt if such an attack could have been carried out in any Vaadian city."
16-06-2005, 19:44
Layne looked around at the unusually thin and docile group of reporters, no hard questions there.

"Well, are there anymore questions?"


The First Republican and his junior Ministers had completed lunch and were now stroling back to the House of the Republic . The quaint brick cobbled streets of the wide old lanes of Inner Lassic was alive with green shrubbery and trees. Every space between the centuries old houses was filled with plants and gardens and very few cars passed by, it was much cheaper to use public transportation or just walk in the Old City.

They rounded the hill that housed the fortress of the House of Vaad and came into sight of the House of the Republic and the four story statue of Prince Namaan Ilek-Vaad (THE Vaad).

"I think that this is far too nice a day to stay cooped up in chambers." The First Republican mused.

Sir Alec nodded "I think you'd be safe in calling a recess, we have to break next week anyhow for Ministerial Reviews, and the opposition would be greatful for some time to try and figure out how you stole their thunder on the whole Port Olympus thing."

William laughed "They did seem shocked."

The First Republican nodded "The current leadership of our opposition is to blunt. It was obvious that the Loyalists would want The Nachxa recalled and that the Republicans would support it, but would also ask to refrain from blaming Utical until an investigation was done. They also thought that I would give them a fight on both of those points.

They wanted to draw me out."

William looked thoughtful "Why didn't we fight them?"

The First Republican smiled "They were right. Just because we ae their opposition, we don't have to oppose them on everything. When they are right, give them what they want,but make it look like our idea."

William nodded "That makes sense."

They turned into the gates of the House of the Republic , reporters hung out by the walk, hoping for soundbytes or something they could make into a story, but they were a bit thin today, most of them being at the press conference.
24-06-2005, 17:45
Layne Al Azarad wrapped up the news conference, since there were no further questions. "Thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming. "

He left the podium and went out the back just in time to meet the First Republican on his way in.

"Ah, Layne, how did it go?" Theleb asked.

Layne grinned "Easy as cake, only a couple of questions , nothing unexpected or particularly in depth."

Theleb nodded "Good, good. I think it'll be an early session today and I'll get our Ministers together and we can go over the press conference and have a strategy session. I think we've managed to diffuse most of the current crisises."

Layne nodded "We also have to plan for the end of the Knootian elections, take a look at who the likely PM is and plan for how to deal with them."

"We can't be too eager to deal with them, the Knootian government has a tendency to round on it's friends and supporters." Theleb shrugged "I think it will a long, long time before we attempt to make any movement on repairing relations with Knootoss."

Layne nodded again "I thought that would be your stance, I know you're still rather upset by being lied to by their Minister of Foreign Affairs when you had that office."

Theleb smiled "I try not to hold grudges, but it's been proven that we can't trust Galadriel or Hans Van Mierlo. They'll both have to go before we do anything..................althought it is up to Alec in the end."

Layne laughed "Well, I know he likes the Knootians even less, Dr. Van Zoete saw to that, imagine that a diplomat sending a note to the Minister of Foreign Affairs with a phone number on it to reach him, absolutely incrdible."

Theleb opened the door to the Council Chamber "The Knootians seem to make an occupation on insulting our representatives."
12-07-2005, 15:41
The First Republican was sucesful in having the Council's day ended early. The various Ministers were eager to prepare everything for their upcoming Ministerial Reviews and budget analysis. William Issem, Minister of Defence, had another task in mind.

The Minister of Defence walked down the ramp of the Marathon-A Transport and was met by several Red Jaguar security officials at the Tollan Massif. He was lead deep into the Massif to a conference room where Supreme Republican Commander Adan Ring was already waiting and going over satellite images of the Klatch and the current movements and war posturings .

"Ah, Field Marshal Issem, I hope your flight was okay?" Commander Ring asked

William nodded as he sat "Fine, Fine, so what is going on Commander?"

Commander ring used his laser ponter to delineate areas on the map as he talked about them "Well, the Dyellians are operating an 'evacuation' force in the Gonad, as were apparently the Alconians. Needless to say the Dyellians 'accidentally' bombed the Alconins, and have also allowed in foreign forces in contradiction to the FKC Presidents orders, and beyond their authority.

Despite having to technically co-ordinate everything via the JDF, each nation is conducting themselves independantly, even outside of their territory. Command Admiral Ilek has begun rescue operations to get a hold of those Alconians and civilians that the Dyellian's bombed. Incidentally they were carrying out a policy of saturation bombing. Forces in the area are increasing. New Shiron, Midlonia and some folks called the Holy Empire are sending in forces as fast as they can.

On an interesting side note Consul O'Booze has resigned, not much of a loss there, and the Federation is curently without an executive body, with the exception of the President. The JDF is in shambles and the various FKC states are doing as they please, and as usual with no regards to the consequences."

William shook his head "Good god. This is ridiculous. I can't see why we were ever considering joining this lot. I think we need to re evaluate what we have in there. Power projection is fine, but I don't want our men in the line of fire to save the necks of some mentally deficent foreigners."

Commander Ring noded "I think we should recall all Tactical Groups and station them in our own waters and international waters between us and everyone else. I also think that it is time the First Republican requested the activation of the Retaliatory Guard and possibly the Velite Guard."

Willaim nodded "What do you think about a shadow?"

Commander Ring shrugged "I'm talking with the Shadow General later this evening, I'll let you know what he has to say."

William nodded "Good, let's get our forces out of harms way, this whole mess is starting to look retardulous."
12-07-2005, 19:46
Saturday morning came and the First Republican was briefed by the Minister of Defence. The First Republican sighed as Minister Issem concluded the briefing.

"I believe that war may prove inevitable. I will address the press later, tell Commander Ring that he may activate and prepare the Retaliatory Guard as he sees fit. Call the Velite General and alert him as well. If hostilities arise, we will be prepared." He said with a nod to Minister Issem.

Hours later the First Republican made a brief announcement to the press on the steps of the House of the Republic.

"The unrest in the Klatch spreads and threatens to consume the entire region. I have therefore asked the Supreme Republican Commander to activate the Retaliatory Guard in case their service is required. Monday the Republican Council will forgo the usual topics and we will discuss what form a Military Mandate to the Supreme Republican Commander should take if hostilities between any party in the Klatch commences."

With that the Retaliatory Guard prepared.
18-07-2005, 20:30
Sir Alec had a seat next to Sir Valdemar and across from Theleb Kanaan ,William Issem, Madrid Arden and Thomas Wright. Every P.R.P. member on the Republican Council was now at Party Headquarters in Outer Lassic in the New Wilford Plaza office complex.

Theleb Kanaan, First Republican and Party Chairman stood "Ladies and gentlemen, I fear that the disorganization and general unrest in the Klatch precludes us from joining the Federation as it stands. The current FKC states have no respect for Federation authority and the Federation lacks the will to impose order or to enforce it's own rules.

I had high hopes of convincing you and the People to back joining the Federation, but I realize now that the loss in sovreignty is not paid back either with regional security or economic gains.

It is unreasonable for the Free Republic to join the Federation in it's current climate of uselessness.

I therefore want us to come up with a draft proposal for alliance with the Federation, short of membership, but that gives us security in the Federation while aiding our friends in the Federation, but insulating us from those disruptive forces and Federation laws.

We currently have a strong position in the Klatch and we should also parlay this into some sort of Federation position that allows us to also have at least a voice in the Federations parliament."

He sit and spreads out his hands "Well, that is our task."

The ever practical Madrid Arden was first to speak "I think that we should draft something that offers the Federation our alliance in return for possibly a seat on the Federation parliament, just make it clear to them the Constitution of the Free Republic trumps Federation law within our territory."

Minister Wright nods "We need to have a voice in Port Olympus, the Queen of New Shiron is there right now casting aspersions at us without any oppurtunity for us to respond."

Minister Issem laughs "Of course she is! It was our Naval Guard that turned back her invasion fleets set for Dyelli Beybi!"

Sir Alec smiled "If we had a Key there, he could be pointing out that very fact right now."

Theleb Kanaan nodded "Good, good, you see this is what we need to iron out and take to the People and then to the Council. I think it's safe to say that the FKC President would be glad to sign something that gave a Key, without being an explicity Federation State, we're the only ones supporting his attempts at regaining order."

Minister Issem nods "We have political capital with Vrak and we should spend it. They have to see with us included somehow in the Federation that their 'flipper' would be strengthened."

Minister Arden nods "The power we have regionally and in the Federation, the better we deter Midlonia from action. We have them practically surrounded now, if we could also counter them in the federation parliament............."

Theleb finished "The Midlonians would just sh*t!"

Minister Arden smiles and shakes her head "I was going to be more tactful than that."

Sir Alec nodded "Well, alright, let's get some ideas on paper and float some ideas for wording and such."

Minister Wright rubbed his chin "Perhaps we should summon a judicial Lictor to advise us to legality and make sure whatever drafy we come up with is constitutional?"

"When we have a draft I'll take it to Lictor Trotsky and see what his opinion is." Theleb stated.
19-07-2005, 17:33
The PRP Ministers had sat down and come up with a draft proposal for a closer 'union' with the Federation of Klatchian States. They all went over it one more time to make sure that it was suitable.

The Free Republic realizes that it cannot operate in the region of the Klatchian Coast without closer ties and better coordination with it's Klatchian neighbors in the Federation. The Free Republic also realizes that it's laws, constitution and traditions do not allow it to join the Federation as it exists.

This Draft Proposal hopes to reach a compromise with which the Free Republic may become closer to the Federation and not give up it's distintcly unique and well organized governmental structures. This Proposal hopes to bridge the gap between the Federation and the Free Republic.

Section I - Alliance

The Free Republic recognizes all Federation States in good standing as allies and Friends of the Republic.

Section II - Trade

The Free Republic confers upon all Federation States in good standing favourable trade status, reducing tariffs and allowing corporations and businessess from Federation States to apply for expediated trade permissions with the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Section III - Support

The Free Republic pledges it's foreign aid budget to mainly assist and benefit Federation States as they require it.

Section IV - Military Co-operation

The Retaliatory Guard shall refrain from taking military action outside of it's lawful borders without informing the Federation's Joint Defence Forces. The JDF shall be apprised of all Retaliatory Guard military asset movements. The JDF will receive co-operation from the Retaliatory Guard.

Section V - Representation

In exchange for the previous concessions to the Federation the Free Republic will be allowed to elect and send a single 'Key' to the Federation Parliament. This will do two things, allow Federation States to have instant access to a fully empowered Envoy of the Republican Council and also give the Federation a chance to consider the Free Republic's view of matters that affect the whole of the Klatch.

It is the hope of the Republican Council that these provisions will be accepted by the Federation and allow the beginning of a new era of co-operation and friendship in the Federated Klatchian Coast.

The First Republican looked over it "Okay then. I will take this to Lictor Trotsky and see what his opinion is and then we will bring it up in Council on monday."

With that the PRP Ministers headed out to enjoy the rest of their weekends.
Tanah Burung
25-07-2005, 01:14
Raden Prabo had enjoyed his trip to Ilek-Vaad: his first trip aboard a jet aircraft, and the hospitality had been every bit as good as the blimps that plied Burungi skies. He had no particular expectation that his title as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Provisional Military Administration of Tanah Burung would open many doors, even if it did make him the personal representative of the commander of the resistance forces who was the closest thing to a president that Tanah Burung had at the moment. To the Vaadians, he expected, one foreign ambassador was exactly like any other foreign ambassador, and all of them were wasting Vaadian time.

Still, Sir Alec Connover, he thought, might be an exception. The man was, relatively speaking, a polished and self-effacing diplomat, a former ambassador to Tanah Burung himself, and appeared to be committed to the same goal of good relations with the Klatchian states.

And so the whip-thin diplomat-fighter arrived, hoping that Bi Kikere's request for a meeting with the Vaadian foreign minister to discuss "matters of mutual concern" would be accepted. If not, there were bound to be tourist opportunities.
25-07-2005, 01:37
Sir Alec's office had been very busy as of late, suddenly he was very popular with foreign diplomats, one of the perks of being Minister of Foreign Affairs he supposed. He regarded his assistant carefully.

"So is Bi Kikere actually in a position of power, or actually able to appoint an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Provisional Military Administration of Tanah Burung?" He asked cxarefully.

Mr. Cherkess shrugged "I have no clue Sir."

Sir Alec rubbed his chin "Who might we upset by accepting this alleged Ambassador?"

Mr. Cherkess shrugged "Knootoss, Alcona and Hubris.........."

Sir Alec interupted "Whoa, whoa, you had me at Knootoss, we'll accept him with honors, send a limosine to pick him up!"

Mr. Cherkess nodded and made sure a limo was available to bring Mr. Prabo directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a meeting.
Alcona and Hubris
25-07-2005, 18:14
OOC: Mr. Cherkess really has a poor understanding of the United Duchies

The Internationalist
pg 135, third column, 82 paragraph

It has been announced that the so called Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Provisional Military Administration of Tanah Burung, Raden Prabo is to meet with the Vaadian Foreign Minister. Attempts by LNS reporters to gain comment on the event has led to this offical response. "The Foreign Minister of Ilek-Vaad can meet with Blinky the Clown in an attempt to create the Leauge of Super Hero Wank Clowns and it would have as much importance to us as him meeting with a man who apparently is nothing more than the envoy of the former leader of the resitence movement in Tanah Burung. Unless she wants to become the 'Great Pumba of Burungi' in which case we think the Vaadians will want zero to do with her."
25-07-2005, 19:25
Sir Alec, an avid reader of The Internationalist chuckled as he came across the 'official' statement out of Alcona and Hubris.

"Well, that absolutely tears it. These Alconians are about as rude and intransagent as the Knootians." He said offhandedly.

Mr. Cherkess shrugged "As are most foreigners, I'm consistantly unsuprised by their posturing and veiled innuendo. What else can you expect from half-civilised nations?"

Sir Alec chuckled again "Oh, come now, you make them sound like strategically shaved apes in human clothing."

"If the shoe fits......" Stated Mr. Cherkess as he left.

Sir Alec smiled "Dance , puppets, dance!"

OOC: I think we've established that just about every Vaadian has a poor understanding of the United Duchies. Besides, he was right, they sound peeved.
Tanah Burung
26-07-2005, 02:08
Probo had been active as a campaigner for apish rights, even playing a role in arranging new ties with the Republic of the Bipedal Apes. It was just as well that he was not present for Sir Alec's offhand remark. He did so much want to get along with Sir Alec. It was rather a shame that the idiots who passed for a temporary foreign ministry back in Tanah Burung had allowed the news of his private visit to become public. No matter.

As he was ushered into the presence of the Vaadian highandmighties, he reflected that his fool's errand was just as likely to offend someone, somewhere, as it was to bear fruit. Well, if it did, the authorities back home could always disavow him. And if that didn't work, then it was easy enough to invent new authorities. There was one advantage to representing a country in apparent complete chaos: it made it easy enough to back away from mistakes.

But it was Probo's job to make sure there were no mistakes here. He made a low bow to Sir Alec and extended his fruit basket, which had already been X-rayed, poked, prodded, examined, photographed and possibly sneezed on.

"Thank you for seeing me," he said, rising. "I hope you'll forgive me for being direct." It was hard not to laugh as he said this. From everything he'd been told, the Vaadians would be relieved to be spared the interminable pleasantries taught in the School of Diplomacy.

"I have heard of your consideration of a pact with the Klatch," he continued. "I believe we may, on this occasion, have a common interest to pursue."
26-07-2005, 02:56
Sir Alec smiled and nodded as Probo bowed and presented him with a fruit basket. Sir Alec took the basket with his free hand, a golf club was in the other, and set it on his desk.

"No need to bow now Ambassador Probo, and thank you for the fruit, I'm sure in a number of years my prostate will thank you."

He said with a grin as he motioned for Probo to sit as he spoke an took a seat himself. He looked suprised that the Burungi got to the point so quickly.

"Well, yes, I'm sure you've read the draft proposal. I hope to present it to Parliament , and hopefully negotiate it from there. It's by no means set in stone and I'm assuming there will be a bit of a struggle , but I think it's a good start to possibly becoming a part of the Federation. Something I understand you and your countrymen are considering."

Sir Alec pauses and looks shifty, or distracted, it's hard to tell. "Of course, presenting this plan together, would give both of our nations a bit more leverage."

He pauses and looks into the fruit basket "You don't find many cocnuts in gift baskets, I really like coconuts. So Ambassador , what is your opinion on all of this?"
Tanah Burung
26-07-2005, 03:49
Probo giggled. So few high-ranking politicians referred to their prostrates on a first date.

"Thank you, Sir Alec," he said as he took a seat. "You are not wrong, of course: there are many people in Tanah Burung who see the Federated Klatchian Coast as a means to safeguard our future. And after all, Alcona and Hubris is our neighbour."

He paused a moment. Should that be Alcona and Hubris are our neighbours? He was never sure how to refer to the Duchies: was it singular or plural?

Why not ask the Vaadian? He'd be sure to know.

"Or should i be saying Alcona and Hubris are our neighbours, Sir Alec? These plural forms give me so much trouble."
26-07-2005, 16:18
Sir Alec shrugs "That's a question for the Alconians I suppose. I alwys try to use 'United Duchies' whenever possible, it seems to be a lot less ambigous. Still, what do you think about the drfat proposal that I intend to submit to the FKC Parliament?

I'm not sure how they will react, we tried to write it in such a way that they gained benefits and we remain non-committal, I mean can they really expect to have nations looking to join the Federation with so much turmoil in the Kltach? I think the Federation should at least have a full and capable power structure before they start thinking about more full membership nations.

That's why I think it's important to introduce this half step."
25-08-2005, 15:09
OOC: the Probo/Connover meeting of the minds will continue when TB actually shows up ;) For now, we move ahead..........


Sir Alec sat in his office and read over the amended draft proposal for Vaadian-Klatchian alliance and corrected the minor spelling details:

The Free Republic realizes that it cannot operate in the region of the Klatchian Coast without closer ties and better coordination with it's Klatchian neighbors in the Klatchian Federation. This Proposal hopes to establish better ties between the Free Republic and the Federation and hopes to bridge the gap between the Federation and the Free Republic.

Section I - Alliance

The Free Republic recognizes all Federation States in good standing as allies and Friends of the Republic. The Free Republic shall judge all Federation States as being in good standing as States that are not under Attainment, are not in major violation of Federation Law, and not violating the spirit of this Treaty.

Section II - Trade

The Free Republic confers upon all Federation States in good standing favourable trade status, reducing tariffs and allowing corporations and businessess from Federation States to apply for expediated trade permissions with the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Section III - Support

The Free Republic pledges it's foreign aid budget to mainly assist and benefit Federation States as they require it.

Section IV - Military Co-operation

Article 1 - The Retaliatory Guard shall refrain from taking military action outside of it's lawful borders without informing the Federation's Joint Defence Forces. The JDF shall be apprised of all Retaliatory Guard military asset movements. The JDF will receive co-operation from the Retaliatory Guard.

Article 2 - All Foreign Guard Units within the Klatch shall be considered as part of the Retaliatory Guard in regards to this treaty. Any Foreign Guard units not under Retalitory Guard Command present in a State under Attaintment will be considered Rogue by the Federation.

Article 3 - The Federation reserves the right to protect itself against Rogue units within its borders including Rouge units of the Foreign Guard.

Article 4 - The Free Republic shall consult Klatchian Privy Council and/or the The Klatchian Parliament before issuing a Military Madate to the Retalitory Guard involving Klatchian Territory.

Section V - Representation

Article 1 - The Free Republic will be allowed to elect and send a Cassique to the Federation Parliament. This will do two things, allow Federation States to have instant access to a fully empowered Envoy of the Republican Council and also give the Federation a chance to consider the Free Republic's view of matters that affect the whole of the Klatch.

Article 2 -The Cassique shall not have Standing within the Federation Parliament. They shall be allowed to bring forward debate upon legistlation before Parliament. They shall not have the right to vote on any Legsislation before Parliament. They shall not have the right to call for a vote in Parliament except as detailed in Section V, Article 3, paragraph 2 of this treaty.

Article 3- The Cassique shall be allowed to request an Act of Attainment against a Federation State to the Klatchian Parliament. The Cassique shall be allowed to present the case of the Free Republic before Parliament and is allowed to attend the debate of the Act.

The Cassique shall be allowed to call a vote upon their request twenty four hours after they have notified the Speaker that they would make such a request and four hours after making their request to Parliament.

Article 4 - The Cassique shall be granted the right to use Parliamentary Facilities, and shall be assigned an Office as decided by the Speaker. The Cassique and his Staff shall not be paid by Parliament, except for his Parliamentary Aide who shall have the same salary as all other Parliamentary Aides.

Article 5 -The Cassique shall be granted limited Privileges similar to those of all Keys, excluding the right to be assigned to Parliamentary Committee Meetings.

Article 6 - The Speaker may, with fifty percent plus one of Parliament in agreement, bar the Cassique from a sentitive debate, excluding those debates initated under Section V, Article 3 of this Treaty.

Article 7 - The Federation shall establish the Office of Grand Ambassador to the Free Republic as per the Klatchian Constitution.

The First Republican, Theleb Kanaan, chuckled "Well, is it something that you'll feel good about presenting to the Federation Parliament?"

Sir Alec grimaced "It's gotten longer, I was hoping to make a quick presentation. And what is a Cassique?" he paused flipping through his dictionary.

Theleb leaned back "I believe that it is an Alconian corruption of the word cacique, meaning 'tribal chieftan'."

Sir Alec frowned "I don't like the sound of that, maybe we should insert a Vaadian title, something with a bit more dignity."

Theleb shrugged "Not Special Envoy, we've used that to death."

Sir Alec nodded "Agreed. Something historical? Something not used in a while? Those old historical titles sound impressive, especially the Byzantine ones."

Theleb nodded lazily as Alec got up and took an dusty book from the shelf and opened it "Ah, here we go, titles given as gifts to the Prince of Lassic by Imperator Nicophrates II to bestow upon loyal subjects."

He scanned them "They all begin with Kerbals."

Theleb yawned "Well, the Velites Kerbals were the household staff and body guards of the House of Vaad, it only stands to reason, read a few out."

Sir Alec nodded and did so "Kerbals Despotes, Kerbals Rhetor, Sebastos Kerbals, Kerbals Exarchs, Kerbals Centarchos, Kerbals Hetairiarch, Kerbals can stop me at any time, realy........"

Theleb chuckled again "Those are impressive and incomprehensible, we can shorten one, add a Lassean suffix."

Sir Alec nodded "Rhetors, that would roughly translate to 'Orator' that would be good, a speaker, considering the posts power and function."

Theleb yawned "Maybe, how about Sebastors, they may not even realize it means ruler." He chuckled

Sir Alec shrugs "Centarchs, a military title, fearsome enough."

Theleb nodded "Military, let's get William in here and see what he thinks. I'm sure he'll have some old titles kicking around that he'd love to use. Coventry was chok full of titles."

Alec nodded and picked up his phone to contact the Minister of Defence "Mind you,they were mostly titles like 'duke' or 'baron' or 'Laird' and such."
12-09-2005, 19:13
With The question of what to call the Free Republic's representative to the Federation Parliament (they had decided on 'Advocate') settled, Sir Alec left his office and headed across campus to meet with the Minister of Foreign Trade, Madrid Arden.

Minister Arden motioned for Alec to take a seat as he entered and quickly got down to business.

"So Alec, what about this Daatman fellow?" She asked as she looked through some documents.

Sir Alec shrugged "The New Knootian Prime Minister. What do I think? Nothing much. I did notice that he put 'members' of the Order of the Invisible Hand in his Cabinet."

Madrid stopped "How do we know that? Van Mierlo told us that Order membership was strictly secret and no one knew who was really a member or not? If they know who the members are then our Velite Investigators could have very well confirmed if those fellow tried were order members or not. I mean if they weren't Order members that would have saved a whole lot of trouble and bad press for the Knootians and the Order."

Sir Alec smiled and touched the side of his nose "Precisely. Van Mierlo told me and Mr. Kanaan a volume of things, none of which appeared to be true or at all backed up by the Knootian government. We were also told that statements by the Order were unsigned and were unable to be qualified by the fact that Order membership was secret. We've been told that twice."

Madrid shook her head "This is ridiculous. If we knew anything about Order membership we could do away with Knootian Visa restrictions and business restrictions and simply place a ban on the members!"

Sir Alec laughed "That's the least of it. We still have a standing offer to alllow Order leadership to address the Council and explain why they should not be outlawed and what their real doctrine and activities are, but of course you know what Van Mierlo said was stopping that........."

Madrid finished for him " No one knows who the Order leadership even is because Order membership is a secret."

Sir Alec smiled and nodded "A game that the Knootian government apparently likes to play with us."

Madrid shook her head "We should have never lifted the boycott, in fact it should have been a full embargo and travel ban."

Sir Alec "Oh now I wouldn't go that far. Having relations with the Knootians on a limited basis is okay, but their inveterate lying makes it absolutely impossible to take them seriously. Both me and Mr. Kanaan said so to Minister Van Mierlo. I seriously doubt that Daatman will be any more forth coming or honest."

He pauses and takes a cigar and a cigar cutter "You see, Knootians, like most foreigners are concerned with perceptions. They are obsessed with how the international community views them and they are concerned about political appearances. Bad policy, shady dealings, lying, cheating and stealing is all fine for Knootians, so long as they appear to be justified about it.

In Knootoss Imperialism is bad, but Invading Columbia and Tanah Burung are good, Columbia now even rates as a a part of the Knootian Federation. Seizing territory militarily is bad , unless they themselves are doing it.

In Knootoss organizations with manifestoes that threaten other nations economic and governmental systems are bad, but in Knootoss the Order of the Invisible Hand is good, despite the fact that the Order has called for a 'destruction of all communist and socialist economies' and replacing them with laisez faire capitalism."

He paused and was about to light his cigar when Madrid reached over and took it "No smoiking in my office Alec."

Sir Alec frowned "Well, give it back , I'll save it for later."

Madrid paused and had a sniff of it "Onyx Rerserve, I think I'll save it for later." and then slipped it into a drawer.

Sir Alec laughed "Outright thievery! Anyhow, if Daatman wants to be friends, he can contact us. I say we leave the trade and travel restrictions in place and torture his Government with the presence of Ambassador Nagy. The satus quo is fine with me."
20-01-2006, 18:15
First Republican Theleb Kanaan sat down in the conference room as the Progressive Ministers, minus Minister of Defence William Issem, who is in Port Olympus, filed in. Theleb turns and nods to Sir Alec "Well? Where are we at?"

Sir Alec shrugs "I talked with William just a few minutes ago. William is in Port Olympus , although they have him in virtual lock-down at the old fortress over looking the city, they have yet to allow him to even set foot on Parliament Hill. He was apparently invited to the Outer Consul's office, that is if he shows up by himself with no security. Parliament is still stalling and William hasn't talked to or seen anyone, he's been there a full day now, he will allegedly be allowed to speak to parliament tomorrow, though no time has been set.

Corum has met with the Outer Consul , who pointedly refused to meet with William anyplace other than her offices."

Madrid Arden, Minister of Foreign Trade shakes her head "This is absolutely outrageous. The Federation has absolutely no respect for our Ambassadors and now they show even less respect for our Ministers. I say we recall him, and our Ambassador. This is getting us nowhere."

Lars Danielsson, Minister of Education, and normally an advocate for calm chimes in " I agree, I know I said earlier that we should employ every diplomatic option possible, but how much higher can we go that to send them a member of the Council? I don't see we have any choice, but to sever relations with the Federation and simply pursue relations with each Klatchain State individually."

Sir Alec shakes his head "That's what caused the confusion in the first place."

Madrid frowns "What choice do we have? We can't even get in the door to even see a member of the Federation government!"

Sir Valdemar clears his throat "If we continue to pursue the Federation unsucessfully, the opposition will accuse us of taking extraordinary measures to kowtow to the Federation, and will punish us at the polls for bending over backwards to a state that obviously views us as lessers rather than as partners that they are obliged to deal with on a civilized level.

It would be a drastic mistake to continue relations with the Federation given their antagonistic stance to The Council and The Free Republic. I say that we cancel the Foreign Guard Program , we expel all Federation representatives and make it clear that the Federation is not a worthy partner."

Sir Valdemar, the aged Minister of Technology, carried signifigant weight, when he rarely spoke.

The room was quiet for a long second and Theleb Kanaan finally spoke. "I think that Sir Valdemar is correct. We have been trying unsucessfully for a year to even find out who we need to talk to at the Fedeartion to normalize ties. We've been stonewalled at every turn. I'm not going to deal with the Federation , it's incompetence and it's daily crisis' anymore. We have enough on our plate."

Theleb nods and the Ministers file out, except for Sir Valdemar.

"Well, what about General Imro, we can't even reach him?" Theleb asks.

"Tell Admiral Aymara that as soon as he can reach him, to let him know that his commission has ended, and to return to Tollan if at all possible."

Theleb nodded and dialed his assistant on his cell phone.
13-02-2006, 21:31
Theleb Kanaan straightened his overcoat as he stood in the snow before the House of The Republic and looked at the camera before him. His assistant nods and points to him and he started.

"I am Theleb Kanaan First Republican of The Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad and respected citizens of Dyelli Beybi, I ask you for a moment or two of your time. I would like to respond to the recent rhetoric about interference by the Free Republic in your nation.

It is true that the Foreign Guard is acting to resist the coup started by Genarale Soult. It is true that the Foreign Guard is acting to hopefully restore democracy to Dyelli Beybi. But let me tell you some other things that are true.

The Foreign Guard is responding to unwarranted attacks by Generale Soult. The Foreign Guard has been asked by Dyellian army officers, formerly loyal to Soult, to help them defeat Soult. The Foreign Guard is ninety-nine percent Dyellian. Lastly once operations have ended, the Foreign Guard will cease to exist.

I am not here to promise you anything, or to explain the political situation in your country, you all obviously know what is going on, even better than I, I just want you to know what I perceive as the situation. Generale Soult has declared himself Emperor and has vowed to show no quarter to anyone that opposes him. Generale Soult attempted to storm the Foreign Guard base, but the troops he sent, asked the Foreign Guard to aid them in attacking Soult, who in their estimation has become 'Mad with power, threatening to make war on the whole Klatch'. Generale Soult , while decrying 'Foreign Invaders' in the form of the Foreign Guard, has asked the Imperium of the Scandavian States to intercede and to aid him, even before the Foreign Guard acted. Who did the Imperium last back in your nation? Why the beloved Tzar.

Generale Soult wants you to believe that he will bring order. He will, he will bring the order that the Tzar brought. Everyone except those close to him, will be his slaves, and if you are unwilling to be his possession, he will show you no quarter, he has said so. The Cheka, led by Tania Fradkhov , his co-conspirator, will become the new nobility, and will watch you and force you to follow Soult and will keep order, step out of line and you will receive no quarter, Soult has said as much.

Now, what will the Free Republic do if the Foreign Guard and the army of Dyelli Beybi defeat Soult? Nothing. That is up to you, the People of Dyelli Beybi to decide. I would hope that you, the People would stand up to your new Tzar, like you did the old one, and kick him out, demand 'one vote for every man, and one bullet for every dictator' and take back your nation. When it is all said and done, YOU will be responsible. If you want the help and support of The Free Republic, or if you don't we will respect your wishes either way.

I cannot promise the People of Dyelli Beybi anything, except that they have the oppurtunity to return to Tzarist oppression, or to fight it. I can only promise you that if you choose to fight it, The Free Republic will fight it with you. If you want a return to Tzarist oppression, well then , no hard feelings, that is your choice. All I ask , is that you think clearly about your choice, and choose wisely, for your children and grand-children.

I thank you."

The camera fades to black on the sincere, astute looking gray haired man in the dark overcoat in the snow.
16-03-2006, 22:47
The Minister of Defence stood quietly beside the Shadow General as he went over the recent developments in the Klatch, in particular the incurion of Imperium Forces and the actions of the Dyellians themselves. Minister Issem nodded quietly as Shadow General Aurelius explained the current situation.

"My man on the ground is continually in contact with Vrakian forces, providing them with inside intelligence, and also sattelite tracking information on Scandavian ships moving into the region. I understand that General Imro has also met with a Federation Marshall and provided them with additional information as the sutuation..........."

Minister Issem interupted "Why are we feeding Vrak and the Federation information? They threatened to declare war on us and the Federation put us in the same category as the Scandavians. We should stop aiding them."

General Aurelius nodded "Well, sir, helping them does hinder the Imperium, our traditional enemies."

Minister Issem frowned "So what. I say let them have Dyelli Beybi. If war between the Federation and Imperium breaks out it is none of our business. Let them fight each other."

General Aurelius nodded "I will speak to the Supreme Republican Commander about it. It would be very dangerous to allow the Imperium a foothold in the Klatch."

Minister Issem nodded "Then prepare a contigency plan with the Supreme Republican Commander. If by some chance the Imperium wins a foothold in the Klatch , we will expel them. After tangling with the Fedeartion they will be even easier pickings than now, and the Federation will be too weak to have any say about it. The Federation has treated us with exactly the same level of respect and parity that they afforded the Imperium, yet they consider the Imperium a mortal enemy."

General Aurealius smiled "Then perhaps they see us as an enemy? Ridiculous. After all the help and leeway we've afforded them. We should have let Karmanyaka fall to anti-federation forces, let the JDF Marines die and not stepped in to support them against the Imperium."

Minister Issem nodded "Precisely. You see what I am saying."

General Aurelius nodded "I think I do Minister, I think I do. I will speak with Commander Ring and get back to you."
21-03-2006, 18:06
Supreme Republican Commander Ring grimaced as he read the e-mail from the Shadow General and the Ministry of Defence.

"Cutting off the Federation is one thing, but we should at least try and stay on the Glorious Kingdoms good side." He said to his aid, Staff Seargent Emael.

The Seargent shrugged "I think Field Marshal Issem's thinking is tactically sound, letting the Federation and Imperium duke it out. We all know that the Imperium's support of Soult will turn into the Imperium's basic 'how much land and resources can we grab' actions, and that will draw in the Federation."

Commander Ring nodded "Then we can step in, crush the Imperium, save the Klatch and lecture the Federation. I see what he is going for, but it is an unsound strategy for the long run."

Seargent Emaele nodded "Maybe so, but it takes care of a whole slew of problems right now."

Commander Ring shakes his head "The diplomats fail, so it rests with me. Let me know when Command General Lucane arrives, and have him set to meet me, along with the Command advisors on duty. Let's see what news he brings from his meeting in Timaru and Moskau."

Seargent Emaele chuckles "Well, I doubt it's very good, what with the Var bombing the beejesus out of everything!"
12-04-2006, 22:43
Sir Alec looked over the table settings at the residence in The House of the Republic set aside for his Macisikan guests, when he was interrupted by the First Republican.

"So Alec, what's the news?" Theleb Kanaan said as he picked up a glass of water and sipped.

"The Macisikani's, that's a tongue twister, will be here shortly, I am almost done complinig a list of anti or disgruntled against the Federation states, both in the Federation and abroad." he answered as he turned.

Theleb shrugged "What of the Imperium?"

"Oh I expect to hear from them in a day or two. I'll get them here and then we'll be all ready to play some serious hardball when the Federation gets around to trying to smooth things out." Alec said with a smile.

Theleb chuckled as he headed out " You mean IF they get around to smoothing things out. Let's be prepared for them to do nothing, and to take the situation upon ourselves."