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the city of barrockall

09-06-2005, 02:31
'you let who join up' screamed a very angry man who , seemed to be some sort of soldier or watchman of some discription .
This angry man was screaming at what to the untrained eye appeared to be a rather weedy and vary lanky young man , but to the trained eye he also appeared to be incredibly slow . So slow in fact that his thinking processes made icebergs seem like greased lightening , at this point point the slow man (or boy depending on how you look at it ) was making a face like someone had just kicked square in the "mummy , daddy place" this simply indicated that he was thinking , the thought usually took a while to get to the point where it was able to be spoken . After a minute of this the thought finally arrived
'uh ... some trolls ... er ... boss' he said at length
'they are ... um ... good at ... uh ... hur'ing ova things ... uh ... yeah'
'well yes but we are the police were supposed to stop people from beating the tar out of each other' said the man who until recently was screaming
'not pay sodding trolls to beat people into a puddle state savvy'
'yeah but supposing we have a slight situation boss' said a small slightly weasly man who tho calm seemed to be in a constant state of motion with random twitches doing a very ecletic mexican wave all over his body
'like fr'instance if'n we go to check out a crime scene and there is a bunch of criminals still there , we could really use some support to help us apprehend these criminals see'
'thats what your soddin truncheon is for lad clubbing those nasty criminal folk' said the reffered to as boss
'yeah but they dont work none to well on trolls boss' said the twitcher
'coz they tend not to notice when we whack em , remember what happend to suggins boss , he walloped that troll right between the eyes and broke his trun ... er trunk er whacking stick then the troll whacked him back' the twitcher paused and the said very quietly 'it took us weeks to find all of him'.
The screaming man seemed to take his time thinking about this , then finally replied 'well I suppose in those situations it would be necessary , in that case then you take jonas her and find us some more trolls , I think another 5 shoul do it then bring them back here and you can train them alright captain gibber'
said the boss with a very evil and worrying grin . Twitcher stopped twitching for a second and his whole body appeared to gulp , he then said in a very small voice ' 's sir' looking very much like a kicked puppy .....
10-06-2005, 02:50
'cor boss wants you to train the trolls aye' said a very large man as he swigged at a non-descript vaguely clear liquid and hiccuped .
'yeah the worst bit is that he wants me to start on combat training' said gibber
'what am i supposed to teach em about combat training all I can do is sneak up a wallop people on da back of there heads and hope they fall down , other than that I just hide or run away , trolls dont really do the sneaking thing yaknow' he said as he shotted back some glowing fluorescent greeny blueish liquid , and then proceded to stop mid shake for a second or two then start back up again with seemingly renewed viguor
11-06-2005, 07:26
Elsewhere in the city others were finding themselves having troubles with trolls also namingly other trolls who were drunk and looking for two things , 1) a fight and 2) a better way to drunk fast than drinking half a gallon of what could only be describbed as beer .