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Lost Souls Of The Roaming(FT, Open, Have Some Fun)

Innocent The Fourth
09-06-2005, 01:06
Lost in the thoughts and memories of time, deep in space, without hope of want life or need... A large space-station, the Alpha-Remmington x93, last of its style and make floated.

The Alpha-Remmington x93 was mahorly white when made, but through the dirt in space and dust, it was now grey. Some patches were painted red to give it some quote on quote "style". Seventy-eight windows mark the upper lookup deck and one large semi-transparent roof is mounted. Many thrusters are out and the signalling is lost.

A team of mercenaries (So called scums of society) were hired. For most commoners see them as pointless life forms only meant for brute force. The team consisted of random "workers" looking for hire. They did not need to be good at anything, hell they didn't even need to be able to shoot a gun or swing something. The head of the USN(United space nations) and the heads of the UN, agreed to sending the team out to find out what happened to Alpha Remmington x93.

Sitting in the small "bunk" of the ship they were given was Jones McGaven. His long dirty blonde hair sat messy and unkempt. Beside the bed he sat upon was a large chest slightly opened. Inside the bag was Jones' mercenary equipment. A few blasters, a long barreled rifle, looking like an old SVD, just amped with new technology and instead of using new age lasers as firing or old .70 caliber bullets the actual SVD used it was armed with small exploding rounds. Its point? To destroy.

Also in the chest was some battleworn armor. It was in two pieces, one leg-set with hardspots on the thighs a small lighter but more flexible armor on the knees and then more hardspots on the calves and shins. The chest plate was much like this aswell, except it had large red shoulder pads, and if required a helmet, equiped with targeting links for his blasters and if required the helm can support being closed over with a visor and can hold around an hour of oxygen.

Jones was sipping a mug of cool green tea, relaxing. In his younger years he was an expert infiltrator and sniper. He was now in his late thirties and was now what people looked upon as a mercenary.
09-06-2005, 01:21
Beside him sat the newest meber of his team, a young greeenhorn, he was stripping and cleaning his weapons, his pre expidition ritual, He carried a long wooden rifle, outfitted to fire lazer rounds, but still retained it's authentic look and feel. He finished stripping and cleaning his weapon, and started checking all his secondary equipment, radio, pistol, ammo, grenades, all in perfect working order. They had been told it was an abondoned vessel, but you can;t just abondon a space ship, your either picked up, willfully or not, or killed. So he was expecting the worst. The ship latched itself to a section of hull and two other team members started cutting out the section of hull.
Innocent The Fourth
09-06-2005, 01:33
Jones while the attaching had begun had quickly slung on his uniform and armor and loaded both his pistols and slung his rifle over his back. This had taken a few moments, though it took around the same time for the ship to bore itself onto the larger spacestation. Him and his younger partner held energy cutters, which blistered and melted the metal wall.

When the cuts were finished Jones kicked the metal wall as hard as he could and then followed with another and pushed the metal out of his way with a shove of his stern right hand and stepped into the ship and slipped slightly for the ground was not level.

"Men, and women, watch out. It would be stable normally..." Jones trailed of for a second "But it seems cutting a hole in the side of the ship through this level off balance.
09-06-2005, 01:41
As the captain slipped Tony snickered, after stepping into the station, being careful not to slip, The ship was unlit, and slightly foggy. Tony turned on his helmet mounted flashlight, and took out his chemical detector, after taking a reading he turned to that captain "The air contains enough Oxygen to breath and low enough levels of not fun elements to be safe to breath, looks like life support is still working onboard, unfortunatly." He removed his helmet to illustrate his point and get his head out of that uncomfortably hot little ball. "after you, sir." he points down the dark hallway.
Innocent The Fourth
09-06-2005, 02:39
Jones turned off the oxygen tanks and lifted his second visor. "Thank god, going back too and fro with only and hour of oxygen would get tedious." he said adjusting his first visor. Jones pressed a small button on the side and some foglights came on.

He stepped slowly with some caution, aswell as keeping his balance. "I say we get to another balanced level."

This was followed with agreements of the other mercenaries with them. They started removing their space helmets. Some took out their weapons. The largest of them took out a small sword and pressed a button and electricity rippled up and down the blade.

Jones put his right hand on one of his blaster pistols. "We don't know whats wrong up here. Before we know if there is any threats, lets keep it clean and only use small weapons. If anyones alive here we don't want to kill them." He said breathing slowly. He pulled the blaster from its holster and led onward.
09-06-2005, 02:45
"too true" Tony removed his large revolver, probably powerful enough to put a hole through a man's head through and through, as well as putting a hell of a dent in the wall behind him. Clicking back the hammer Tony quickly moved up beside and slightly behind Jones, forming part of the spear formation.
Innocent The Fourth
09-06-2005, 02:52
The rest of the team formed up behind them aswell. The spear formation was indeed formidable. The largest though followed in the rear, not part of the formation.

Jones looked to his left and noticed that there was a door beside him. The doors on this level seemed to blend in nicely with the walls. Who knew about the other floors?

He placed his left gloved hand on the door and looked back and pushed in quickly and quietly and dropped to his knee three feet into the room and scanned with his pistol. "Everybody search this room" He said nodding, and closing the door when everyone was in.

Inside an open vent in the ceiling some scuttling was heard. Jones looked up and pondered but shook it off as echoing from their entry.

"Clear" rang in from all the members if his team.

OOC: Hey people other than my good friend... You can join. :)
09-06-2005, 03:35
"Clear" Tony had checked the room thoroughly, he ahd just finished shouting when he heard a scuttling in an overhead vent, "That can't be good" he muttered to himself and started tracing where he thought the thing would go as it crawled occasionaly changing position as he heard more scuttles. "Sir, I don't like the ound of that" He motioned towards the vent with his head. He heard more scuttles this time almost directly over head, "Aw fuck it." Tony fired a single shot through the vent, startling everyone in the room, as they look over at Tony he's standing witha green ichor dripping onto his face and shoulders, "What the fuck! What stupid bitch bleeds GREEN! Shit, oh god it tastes like shit! DAMNIT! Aw man, someone cut open that vent and see what the fuck that thing is. I'm gonna kick it's lifeless ass!" Laughing the big man with the electric sword moves up and cuts a neat square out around the bullet hole.
Innocent The Fourth
09-06-2005, 03:52
As the square dropped out the large man jumped back with agility unthinkable for his size with his pistol ready. Nothing came but then scratching was heard and a small beige... Mucus coloured creature with talons and claws. Some parts had a shell, almost like a bug.

The party all drew weapons on the things. Some green blood splashed from a hole in its abdomen area. "SHOOT THE HIGH HOLY HELL OUT OF THE LITTLE BASTARD!" Yelled jones.

The large man blasted it with a small blaster on his wrist, some others had small blasters and shot it. Its shell absorbed some shots but its body became bullet riddled.

Tony placed three more shots from his luger into it. Jones' blaster was a surprise though. It seemed like your average one hand, maybe a second hand for balance blaster about the size of a small SMG. This was wrong. It released a series of blasts and scorched what was left of it.

"BITCH" yelled Tony.

The rest of the team laughed. Jones took a sip of some drink in his flask.
09-06-2005, 04:01
OOC: Just a note, It's a revolver, not aluger,a raging bull type of thing. I'll post more tomorrow, but I ahve to sleep.

IC: "Little bastard won't die!" Tony screams while smashing the things skull with the heel of his boot, crushing it's skull into a fine paste.
10-06-2005, 02:36
IC: "MAn, I hope there aren't anymore of those little bastards. But now we know why the ship is just floting here, must've been infested with these little bastards. Ate all the crew and whom ever was onboard, then died of hunger, if we're lucky, unless other boarding parties have been sent by other nations, I think we should get the hell outta here and blow this station to itty bitty bits of metal and rock and stuff." Tony stepped away from the corpse and started reloard his revolver, after reloading it he holstered it and drew his rifle. "Fuck this, one of them critters comes at me, I'm emptying a clip, no measly pistol for these fuckers." Tony was still visibly shaking, his tough words were to mask the fear he felt, that they all felt. Those things were too damn good at sneaking around, probably could kill a stragler before the group noticed he was straggling, probably before he noticed he was straggling.
Innocent The Fourth
10-06-2005, 03:28
OOC: Sorry...

IC:"I wish I could agree Greenhorn..." He said puting the blaster into its holster and crossing his arms. "The thrill of the hunt has been renewed in me." He said laughing. "Besides, there might be something of technological wealth or other things we could make millions off of." Jones eyes settles on his feet. "Also, we dont have anything big enough to blow this puppy to hell..." He said shaking his head.
10-06-2005, 03:34
"Well thats fan-fucking-tastic, wanna know why? 'cause we're all gonna die! thats why!" Tony turned on his heel and slams his fists into the nearest wall. "Gahh. Whatever man, we kill 'em all, and maybe one of us might walk of this floating HUNK OF SHIT!"
Innocent The Fourth
10-06-2005, 03:43
"If we keep our wits about us, we should be fine..." He said trailing off and leaning against the wall by the door. "We just need a plan of action." He said looking around.

One female merc put her hand up as if in class. "I propose a two by two formation... The front walks with guns ahead, and next in line they cover another angle and so on and so forth till the end who watches the back."

Jones scratched at a short nicely trimmer goatee. "That would work, anyone opposed?" He said looking around.

Some nodded, while some looked sceptical but didnt disagree.

"Greenhorn?" Jones said boring into the youngest member.
12-06-2005, 23:06
"Hey, don't look at me like that! If we have to go in there I'll go, and formation doesn't matter to me, all it does is make us look smarter when they find our eaten and disembowled corpses." Tony was pale and shaking, but clearly pissed off, it was a dangerous combination, which could help the team, Tony will completly destroy anything that looks even slightly alive, with reckless abandon. "And who will form the point of this formation? and who will take rear?" Tony turns to Jones subtly challenging him to prove his bravery.
Innocent The Fourth
13-06-2005, 20:09
"Well, seeing as how this thing was built, any place in our formation is in danger." Jones said with a pondering look. "The front has to worry about corners, and things coming head on. The back has to worry about things popping out behind them, and seeing the claws on the bastards... Means they can probably tear through a wall into the side."

Jones eyes looked to the ground. "I guess... Ill head up the formation, with anyone who is willing to fight and possibly die in honor." His hands went to each seperate blaster at his hip.
15-06-2005, 01:40
A smile smile played across tony's face, "looks like the captain is brave after all." he muttered to himself, stepping into formation behind the captain, his rifle at the ready.
Innocent The Fourth
15-06-2005, 01:52
Jones wearily walked towards the door. So many thoughts ran through his head. Fear, the thought of walking away a hero, what if he died among hundreds of others. "One step at a time he said quietly to himself. He pushed open the door and his partner a young male merc who held a semi-auto blaster and they scanned infront of them and led the team in.

"I say we head for the bridge" said the young merc. "I can pilot this thing somewhere were we can get some allies to help clean this thing out."

Jones nodded. "Good suggestion Shrike" said the Captain.
15-06-2005, 02:00
"Aww man, we're all gonna die here, I don't care if he can fly this bitch somewhere, and thats assuming it still works, and we gotta kill any hostiles in this floating can of death, goddamn, noones walking outta here, I can feel it, shit man, but who cares, I'm gonna take as many of those fuckers down with me." thought Tony as he stepped through the door following Jones and Shrike, "Well nothing's popped out and eaten anyone yet, thats a good sign." Tony's attempt at humour is quickly crushed by the angry silence that follows.

OOC: Damn you people. we are creating characters that can be taken over by someone else at anytime, shrike and the dude with the sword, or make up your own friggin charachter, but IT IS AN OPEN RP, god damn, join the damn RP people, do it, you know you waaaaaaana.
Innocent The Fourth
16-06-2005, 02:16
Up ahead coming from an open room some loud jittering was heard to the squad. Jones looked back and motioned everyone forward. The team all pulled their weapons up in a shooting position. Jones threw himself in followed by Shrike and the team.

Jones blasted into the corner. Six of the little creatures hissed and charged. Shrike and Jones both plasted at one of them. The little thing charged and tackled jones to the ground its pincer-like teeth inches from his face. He continued to battle it and roll about until he pinned it.

Shrikes blaster found its muzzle indenting into the creatures left eye. "Goodnight... Bitch" he said monotoned and pulled the trigger.
16-06-2005, 21:35
"Awww, hell!" Taking careful aim Tony fires a shot into an creatures forehead, blasting the back of it's head open. Tony pulls up and back the bolt then slams it closed as soon as the casing is clear, aiming once more he puts another shot through a second creatures head, the three creatures left were more hessitant, not as happy to lung into the superior numbers of humans, instead preffering to take cover and hide in the shadows. Tony slings his rifle behind his back and pulls the pisstol from it's holster, pulling back the hammer he crouches and waits for orders.
Innocent The Fourth
17-06-2005, 03:06
The bloodlust was getting to Jones. "Kill the little bastards!" he yelled angrilly rolling and shooting at one of the creatures in the corner.

OOC: sorry for the short post... Nothing else came to mind.
Innocent The Fourth
28-06-2005, 01:02
(OOC: This kinda died... Fast forward...)

Jones stood ad brushed himself off and wiped some of the green blood from his face. Shrike looked at him and said "Your nose... Its bleeding." He said pointing.

The keen hands of Jones wiped blood from his face onto his gloves. "Lovely. Any suggestions on what now? Theres probably going to be alot of the bastards..."
28-06-2005, 01:05
Tony stood up from on top of a dead creature, wiping his rifle butt off on his pants, "Well we've already gone this far, why not keep going, there might be alot of money in this for whom-ever survives."