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Space: The Final Frontier

08-06-2005, 09:22
Saudbanian conservatives have realized after 4 months of clear yet "strong" debate that as a Commonwealth, the government has a responsibility to satisfy those demands felt absolutely neccessary by the people. Henceforth, without further adieu....

The Department of Astronomy and Exploration of space phenomena has been allocated $40 billion Ulats to initiate a project allowing Saudbanians to become aware and affluent in the discovery and investigation of that which exists and occurs beyond the atmosphere of our planet. Currently, 1 Ulat = .073 credits on the world market as determined by the IMF, so the Dept. is looking primarily for information investments and technological sponsorships. More funds can be allocated up to an undisclosed amount, but no particular deal will have terms beyond annual payment of $12.5 billion Ulats.

Please post your bids and offers so the Consideration Committee can examine and respond for potential contracts. Answers should be determined 5-7 days (1 game day = 4 real hours) from when an offer is acquired.