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Legend of the Black Blade (Closed RP) - Page 2

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30-08-2005, 07:30
Nero stood not far behind Fakar and the large door, watching with a scowl on his face. The locks were laced with arcane wards that prevented his intervention and so he hadn't offered assistance, simply leaving the task to the cocky thief and his supposed lock picking skills.

There was a distinct problem with this situation and it was evident on Nero's face. Whoever had made this door had certainly gone to a lot of trouble locking it and making sure it stayed locked, yet the fact that such locks were on the outside and easily accessible unnerved him. That and the energies guarding the lock were on this side of the door yet wards specific to the door were actually inside. It appeared as if this was not simply in place to keep out the likes of Fakar.

Finally Nero came to a point in his thinking where he had to speak up. He knew he would be unlikely able to persuade the young thief yet he figured the assassin wasn't completely useless yet. There was time for him to die later.

"Be wary when if you get through. This barricade was put in place not only to keep you out but keep something else from getting out."
31-08-2005, 04:32
All of Orome's senses rang with the ugly buzz warning of impending danger, as Fakar worked on the locks. She could feel the magic, the wards that Nero spoke of, more than just faintly. They were old yet still very potent.

However right this moment her job was to keep anything from jumping Nero and Fakar as they dealt with the locks and then the wards. Fakars cocksure attitude had her more than a little irked, especially the way he'd dismissed the almost nightly reports of 'something unseen, but heard and felt out there in the night.' He ws blind to things and that was never good. She just hoped that he was not overly sure and blind now.