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Private religious centers abolished; Church of Xanthal refounded.

06-06-2005, 05:59
Xanthalian Ministry of Communications news report, 10/09/2968:

In keeping with the nation's progressive communization policy, the Xanthalian government announced today that over the next week all privately-owned property used for worship will be seized by the Xanthalian government over the next week and remodeled or rebuilt as public institutions in the spirit of the long-abolished Church of Xanthal.

The Church of Xanthal was originally founded in the mid twenty-fourth century by then-dictator Nightshade Carrin. At the time, the influx of foreigners bringing their own religions was creating a social inequality as these organized religions built private centers of worship, thus elevating themselves above smaller religious groups and those that chose to pursue individual spirituality. The Church of Xanthal was created to provide generic, publicly-owned centers of worship across Xanthal with sanctuaries open to everyone. The public church was dismantled at the turn of the century, as citizen participation in religion dwindled to less than one percent. Buildings owned by the Church of Xanthal were either refitted for different public use or sold to private ownership. Non-generic places of worship remained banned until the Xanthalian order fell in each of the planets formerly under the Socialist Republic's control, the ban holding only on Than IV, the sole planet to continue operating under a Xanthalian form of government after 2609.

When the Socialist Republic reformed from the planets of the Mirfak, Than, and Trasnia star systems in 2960 the economic, political, and social climates throughout the Xanthalian territories had, in many cases, undergone radical change in the 3.5 century interim. With a religious group composed of 28% of the national population, the largest in any Xanthalian incarnation since the twenty-first century, the Religious Communization Act was introduced to the Council in early March of this year. With its passage late last week, the Ministry of Social Affairs decided that the resurrection of the proven Church of Xanthal will be the best option to provide expedient and fair religious treatment to all groups.

The owners of the private property to be seized will be paid market price for the land in question and all buildings or other items on it. The Xanthalian government also says it plans to reimburse original construction costs, a consideration not made in the church's first founding six centuries ago.