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New Labule starship model to launch.

05-06-2005, 07:16
The first starship of the Henibtilal Class was officially approved for launch today at Fabril Yazu Gona in orbit of Than IV. The new ship, which uses the time-tested Intrepid spaceframe, was first conceived a decade ago to fill the need for a true general purpose starship in Labule service. Not optimized for combat, the Henibtilal Class is the ultimate application of Xanthalian and foreign technology to create a multi-role starship for tasks that the Labule's smaller, more specialized vessels cannot accomplish. It incorporates a large number of imported systems and is very expensive to construct and maintain. Though it is a light vessel by many standards, it is the largest non-cargo spaceframe ever commissioned for modern Xanthalian public service.
The test model being launched tomorrow began construction at the Than shipyards shortly after the Treaty of Xanthal was signed. If it performs to specifications, it will be the most advanced and widely-functional starship in the Xanthalian fleet.

Henibtilal Class specifications:
Type: general purpose starship
Manufacturing cost: $10,000,000,000
Dimensions: 350x150x70 meters.
-Powerplant: One substance/antisubstance reaction chamber (500 petawatt maximum output).
-Ion engines: maximum speed 20,000 km/s.
-Frasas jenreet.
-Hyperspace jump drive
-Maneuvering thrusters: turn radius at maximum speed 20,000 meters.
-Fuel capacity: 100,000 liters.
-Fuel range: about 30 days normal operation.
-Complement: 150 crew, 1 AI.
-Laser cannons (total 6, rating 3):
--Fore: 2 (90˚ X-axis rotation, 140˚ Z-axis rotation).
--Aft: 2 (90˚ X-axis rotation, 100˚ Z-axis rotation).
--Dorsal: 2 (160˚ X/Y-axis rotation, 360˚ Z-axis rotation).
--Ventral: 2 (160˚ X/Y-axis rotation, 360˚ Z-axis rotation).
-Hoksas: 4.
-Shield power rating: 3.
-Armor rating: 3.
-Molecular transporters.
-Tractor beam.
-Atmospheric flight capable.
-Takeoff/Landing capable with adequate landing pad.
-Onboard/Detachable vessels:
--4 Calicke.
--20 Weko.