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The refugees of El Sentiel[FT|Open}

El Sentiel
03-06-2005, 22:03
“Alas, regardless of their doom, the little victims play! No sense have they of ills to come, nor care beyond to-day.”
-Thomas Gray

The sun, the mother of all life, her gentle caress shaping and warming all life that flourished under her radiating glory. But her wrath was great; her sweet caresses could turn to vicious assault upon the flesh of her children. And the Empire of El Sentiel would be shown no mercy before her eyes. As long arching clumps of super heated plasma ejected away towards the rocks circulating around her.

The Kzinti had been watching the sun of Epsilon Eridina for nearly 5 sol years as it continued to eject debris from the sun out; to any educated person it was quite obvious the sun was dying. But the Kzinti had never spent the collective time to study such phenomenon, always one conquest after another.

But lately the mass ejected had grown considerably, large enough to begin affecting orbital assets and concern among the higher families was rising, some even were openly questioning these events and demanding the patriarch to answer.

“The patriarch sits idly by as our assets are destroyed under our noses, he does nothing!” one of the speakers roared to the thunder of agreement by the other speakers in the great hall, “he is weak! His stink drives the One Fanged God to madness!”

No sooner than the speaker finished talking than the Patriarch Rrowl C’mef entered to great hall the clicking sound of claw hitting delicate marble floor grew louder and louder as the hall went dead quiet, except for the patriarchs march towards his would be over throwers.

“So, I am weak and unfit to lead my empire am I?” the Patriarch calmly retorted as he casually circled around the group of dissenters, the air of anger and pride had quickly evaporated and fear hung like a heavy cloud of fog choking at the life of those who breathed it in.

“You demand I answer and quell your fears of our impending doom? You dare to have the audacity to demand something of me?!” The patriarch lunged at the crowded like a wolf at a herd of cattle, his long razor sharp teeth revealed from behind his thin black lips

“Do you think you are a worthy patriarch? A fearless hero! Then come take your throne, ch’rowl of his own cubs!” snaring menacingly, he forced his Wtsai blade deep into the marble floor awaiting a challenger.

None stepped forward and to the Patriarchs satisfaction several had ran off in fear of their lives. “Leave before I feast upon your livers and those of your kin!”

Rrowl C’mef returned to his office and opened a secure communications channel. A wryly-looking Kzinti stood before the screen; in the background several ships could be seen being refitted for what looked to be transportation pods.

“Construction- manager, report on the refitting of the first fleet, will we be on schedule for our departure?”

“Honored patriarch, there have been some complications but I am assured we will be able to finish on schedule and the first fleet will be done in 1 weeks time.”

“Good, h’rrr once the refitting is done immediately begin refitting the second fleet, there is little time left before we must leave.” The patriarch closed the channel promptly, his bat-like ears fanning his head slowly. All but those needed to know that they were abandoning their home for another system. Worse yet it was the monkey home star, it brought a bitter taste to his tongue upon the thought but it was where those could help him lived, and the other patriarch as well.

~1 week, 2 days~

The patriarch stared out of the window to his left his clawed finger tapping on the plastic seating tediously as his personal capital ship came into view, it was completely surround in long cylindrical tubes, they were transportation pods, they were not designed for comfort but to transporting large numbers of beings, usually military units.)

There was only enough space for 4 million of the 2 billion Kzinti and monkeys, many would have to wait for another trip, assuming there was another or find there own way to get to Sol.

A message was sent ahead of the refugee fleet warning the inhabitants of Sol of the coming El Sentiel refugees.
El Sentiel
04-06-2005, 06:25
The last of the transfer ships had transported the last group of civilians onto the patriarch's personal capital ship. After a few moments Rrowl C'mef signalled the fleet to begin there departure from their homes. 89 ships hastily converted to cargo ships would make a run for Sol to find a new place to call home and depending on how well recieved some ships would attempt to return and gather motehr survivors.
El Sentiel
05-06-2005, 08:20
Mean while on Wunderland the populace was largely unaware of the coming storm. it was widely believed amoung the Kzinti population that Rrowl C'mef, the patriarch was leading their armies once again to Sol's doorstep to finially crush the honourless monkeys. day to day life continued on as usual, as usual as living with Kzinti can ever be. the idea of the patriarch going to conquer Sol hard sparked a less than enthusiastic response, they accepted they were apart of the kzinti empire but they did not want Sol to be conquered aswell.


the blue foggy air of the Dellaware all human pub made greg's eyes water, he hated the smell of the cigars, slowly strolling over to the counter he sat down beside one of the patrons, his wrinkled face a clear sign that he wasn't taking his geno-therapy.

Greg futilelywaved the blue smoke away from his face as he turned to the man "geez steve you look like hell, you really got to get back on the geno-therapy. you heard about the invasion?"

"yeah I heard about it who hasn't? say you think their really invading sol?" taking the cigar stub out of his mouth and taking a long savouring stare before tossing it into a garbage bin. "I mean there was no parade or celebrations or anything, just a quiet slip out during the middle of the night"

"don't really know, maybe they got the idea someone's been in contact with Sol and been feeding them some juicy tidbits" greg turned his body around leaning his back on the counter, signalling the bartender for a drink as he stared out into the pub, between the blue smoke and the purple glow of privacy feilds it created an erie atmosphere, very unwelcoming to a strangle or more importantly a kzinti.
The Kadall
05-06-2005, 15:25
I'm interested although unsure how i could be involved... any suggestions?
El Sentiel
11-06-2005, 06:39
Week 2 of Hyperspace Travel

Rrowl C'mef started out the view screenin deep thought, completely unaware his aide Isabelle walk up beside him holding a cup of tea tightly, as the ship shook violently from the excess weight of the transportation podsas they glided through hyperspace. the hyperspace drives were designed for specific weight allowances and with the excess weight of the refugees and supplies the engines were well past the redline, but that wasn't an issue that could be dealt with at the time.

"honoured patriarch, I was wondering if I could do some activities for the children in the pods, theres not much space there and little in the way of things to do." dipping the tea bag in the cup slowly watching the kzinti on the large sprawled out bridge travel from station to station, entering data, and anything to look busy.

a simple agreeing grunt was all the answer Isabelle or anyone else would get for the duration of the voyage. The patriarch was seeing possibly the end of his empire because of some ill-tempered celestial body, there would be no honor for him or his offspring should he fail.
El Sentiel
12-06-2005, 20:19
Wunderland, Epsilon Eridani

Greg scratched his coarse chin slowly watching the tv infront of him, The ratcats had started to crack down on the human population, lowering the curfew, less leanway with the law, and even break up some of the organized criminal elements they all but till now ignored.

The nasally voice beside him couldn't help but comment aloud as he watched the newscast. "geez the rate things are going we're going to be locked in our homes soon."

Greg paid little attention to the man, but he did have a point, since it was noticed a "portion" or both the human population had left with the first fleet things had steadily gone to hell in a hand basket.

Walking out of the complex he glanced around the street, patrols were crawling out of every back alley and sewage opening, he scoffed to himself indifferently as he made his away across the street.

His couldn’t help but feel there was something wrong about to happen soon, he didn’t know what, the ratcats made sure of that. He dismissed it as simple paranoia as he stepped into a office building, it felt out of place in the dated city, most buildings resembled that of 20th century earth and this was the peak of architectural designed.

“Why Greg you finally decided to show up for work, maybe next time you could grace us with actually being on time?” a seductive voice echoed through the hall as tall young raven-haired woman quickly strolled over to him, handing him a yellow piece of paper “get anymore of these and I’ll have to start cutting your pay.”

“Really well I guess you could do that Jen, or you could just agree this never happened “Greg replied with a wink as he waved his fingers like a magician.

Jen couldn’t help but laugh as she walked away “whatever you say Greg, just be on time next time ok?”

“I can’t do that boss, I’m trying to break my record, 379 days late.” He shouted drawing stares from the inhabitants of the hall. “maybe next year…”
El Sentiel
15-06-2005, 02:38
Sol, 1 month since departure

a haze of blue slowly began to form in the outer steps of Sol’s gravity well. The mass growing and spinning faster and faster as radiation was sent flying off in all directions like the afterglow of a firework.

With a flash of light and radiation the swirling has was gone, replaced with the Partriarch's First Battle Fleet the war fleet to refugee fleet. Slowly the ships moved towards the heart of sol, making no attempted at subtly or stealth.

The Patriarch stared at the heart of Sol as it spread her strength to the tiny like orbiting objects that made up the planets of the system. The home of the monkey’s earth, mars, Jupiter, Saturn. All of them were under the flag of the humans and he had no place here.

“C’kratz-communications officer, begin recording a transmission…” the patriarch said in a voice of defeat his bat like ears and tail visible drooping limply.

The Kzinti quickly opened a broadband channel on open wavelength and waited for the patriarch to begin.

This is Rrowl C’mef the Patriarch of the Kzinti empire of El Sentiel, I formally request for my people, Kzinti and human alike refugee status in Sol.

With a human salute the recording stopped, the patriarch sat down in his chair his fur was noticeable unkept, this entire ordeal had left a large mark on the patriarch then many would know. He was a defeated man, admitted to defeat to the honor-less monkeys in order for the survival of his empire, there was no honor in this, just survival.
Rrowl C'mef
Patriarch of the Kzinti Empire of El Sentiel
Der Angst
15-06-2005, 11:40
Explorer Spaceneko, Kuiper Belt, a few dozen million kilometres from the Kzinti fleet

"Oi. Hrm, I recall something about this..." Iyana dived into stacks of data, searching for what litle there was.

"Showed up once, at Jupiter. Some in-depths contacts with Scolopendra assumed... Not much. Meh."

"Culture?" She heard the drone behind her say. Well, ex-drone, given that the techheads at Neptune had given it full sentience/ sapience. It had kept its designation, though, despite being a full citizen of the DA Neptune sphere. A bit of pride, possibly, although that was hardly necessary, given the fortunes the administration had spend to appease the drones (Which kind of had wanted compensation for their previous exploitation).

Iyana just shrugged. "No idea, SMU (Standard Maintenance Unit)."

"Great. Oh well..."

"We could contact them, anyway. If I remember correctly, Mars' has loads of free space, and now that we're an actual, national entity, again..."

"The civil war isn't over, dear..."

"But it's contained. Anyway. Mars is peaceful, and has loads of space."

"And we have no juristriction, there. It's Daedalia, not Neptune."

"We can ask, no?"

"Well, yes."

"So we will do it. I'm checking back..."

Iyana's short tail curled up as she started the (Short) QE exchance with Neptune. Half an hour later, she had green light.

"Apparently they're willing. No idea what Mars will say, but... Well, we can try. And as far as I can see, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a few extra people there, given our own, ah... Population shortage."

"Well, that's a go-ahead, then, no?"

"Yes..." I know that myself, little bugger.

The message was short and perhaps a little confused-sounding, but that was normal, given the prevalence of socially inept individuals in DA.

From: DA Explorer 'Spaceneko' (Semi-Sovereign Entity of Neptune Angst, Hypocrisy of Der Angst)
To: Rrowl C’mef the Patriarch of the Kzinti empire of El Sentiel
Subject: Refugee Status

"While Sol is not a united entity that could give refugee status, its various political entities certainly can.

"Having recently 'acquired' space to house a fair amount of refugees in a variety of places, DA would, despite its internal troubles, be fairly capable of housing at least some of El Sentiel's refugees (We would need to know how many, exactly, though), which should, eventually, prove to be mutually beneficial.

"As such, if you would elaborate your specific physiological, geographical and logistical, as well as legislative, judicative & executive requirements, I'm certain that a solution could be found that would involve you finding an at the very least temporacy place to stay within Hypocrisy-held spheres of influence."


~ Iyana Kobiyashi

Iyana's rather innocent lack of knowledge regarding the Kzinti society (Which would most likely have resulted in a vastly less enthusiastic reply, if any reply at all) was doubtlessly less than useful, for this particular contact.

But then, it fit in with the series of missfortunes DA tended to suffer from on a constant basis. And in the end, they were used to it.
15-06-2005, 11:46
OOC: So... Where abouts is this set?
The Osage
16-06-2005, 02:49
The Tenth General ruthlessly devoured the pages of the news. A giant book entitled Cultures of the Galaxy lay, spent, on the floor next to him.

Naturally, the arrival of the Kzinti fleet(s) engendered some surprise.

And, perhaps, some thought. He pondered a bit, going over what he knew about them. Not the most humble of races, and certainly no fans of the human race. A bit on the violent side, usually, but they need help. Then Irul Kasaros smiled, and swept off.

He looked at the odd transmissions machine. The Britmattians who had sold it to him had assured him he could use it to send transmissions, and then had gone in over Kasaros' untechnical head describing how. The general had proceeded to hire someone to make sure he wasn't being double-crossed, and all had been smoothed out in the end (after a few rather menacing glares). He wasn't really fond of using it, he found that showing up in person had a rather better effect. Soon, he figured, he would found out how to emulate it with wakon, anyways, but for now he decided to use it. Even a letter was more civilized, in his mind, but one couldn't really send a letter to an alien fleet.

So he was reduced to this. And he began to send his own transmission.

R'rowl C'mef, Patriarch of the Kzinti Empire of El Sentiel,

First let me extend my deepest consolences that you have had to abandon your home and travel here. I can only imagine the grief you may feel. That said, I will not patronize you by attempting to understand that which I cannot.

I can, however, help you with what I can. I am, myself, not a native of this system, my own Empire having only recently made contact with you. I would be more than happy to offer you our support, however, as two outsiders in the system. As well, I can only imagine the massive logistical concerns involved with harvesting enough food and water to feed an entire empire, or even a part of one. I can aid you there, providing with the supplies necessary so that, even if you cannot find a place quickly enough that whatever stocks you could bring with you can be replenished quick enough.

All of that said, welcome to Sol, and may you find prosperity here.

With hopes for the future,

Irul Kasaros, general of the Osage Empire
El Sentiel
17-06-2005, 00:08
The patriarch sat at the end of a long table as several kzinti and human engineers argued, his tail swaying slowly as his temper grew into a raging assault as in one quick motion he was ontop of the table in a feral crouch holding the two nearest engineers unlucky enough to be in arms reach by the throats and dangling in the air.

"Silence eaters of your own offspring!" the patriarch roared as his deadly gazed swept across the silent room. "now is it or is it not possible to convert our ships into temporary habitats?"

one of the human engineers spoke up his eyes locked on the table surface in fear of catch the wrath of the patriarch "honoured patriarch we might be able join and convert some of our carriers into suitble shelters but that would take up a large portion of our man power and space resources, and I don't know where we could store the drive sections though.

"do it,you have all of our resources are you disposal" the patriarch growl as he dropped the two engineers "and don't not fail me, the consequence will not be enjoyable."

the door slide open with a snap as Isabelle stepped in seeing the two engineers on the ground hacking and coughing loudly, she knew the meeting was not going well. "Dominate one, we have recieved messages from two Sol nations, the nation of Der Angst and the Osage Empire."

the patrairch waved his clawed hand demissing the engineers as he listened to his aide. "go on"

Isabelle promptly sat herself down at the table reading over the datapad "The nation of Der Angst said they have some space on the planet of mars, the closest planet to Earth. while they seem to have recently had a civil war they assure us our people would be safe. they would need to know how many refugees we have."

"tell them we currently have 4 million with us and another 4 million comming with the second fleet'

"the Osage Empire sends there condolences and wishes to inform us they can provide us with the nessicary resources like food incase we need it."

"h'rr prepare a transmission for me isabelle"

Semi-Sovereign Entity of Neptune Angst, Hypocrisy of Der Angst.

I would like to thank you for your generous offer, this honourable act with not go repaided, there are currently 4 million in Sol with another 4 coming in the second fleet, more if we can reach home in time for more.

Rrowl C'mef
Patriarch of the Kzinti Empire of El Sentiel

The Osage Empire.
in this time we are willing to accept anything you are willing to spare, this act of honourable kindness will be repaid in full.

Rrowl C'mef
Patriarch of the Kzinti Empire of El Sentiel
17-06-2005, 05:14
Speaker growls softly. "Why does misfortune hound us?"

From his use of the pronoun, Razak understands full well that 'us' includes neither him nor any of the other five billion or so humans in the Segments. "Well, we've still got metric fucktons of Ring space. It'd work perfectly as transition or settlement space."

The Patriarch of the Scolopendran kzinti growls some more. "I know my own people, Julius. These are pre-Break kzinti--remember them?"

"Hrm." The silver-haired man rubs his chin, the lines on his face deepening slightly as his frown hardens. "That I do. Well... they made a valiant effort to acclimate... most of them."

"They also had no Patriarch. These kzinti still have theirs, and he is quite the Hero as well if the stories are to be believed." Speaker leans back in his chair forcefully, then turns to look out his window towards the dotted line of the Ring about three million kilometers away. "My honor demands I assist. Still, I have... misgivings."

Razak shrugs. "'Idealism at any cost,' Speeks. You know you'll have the support of the rank-and-file if you offer assistance, for more than one reason. You also know that offering some form of support is probably a better idea than having eight million or so ratcats and company prowling around."

The kzintosh nods slowly as he stares out of his window. "True. Call the Legislative Unit and tell them to deliberate on having company. I am taking executive priviledge."

Razak smirks. "On it, Speeks."

* - * - *

--<Transmission Type: Emergency Coded Tightbeam>--
-<Sender: Supreme Emperor Speaker-Rrit, FSS>-
-<Destination: Patriarch Rrowl C'mef, KES>-
--<Subject: Re: Your Need>--

Cousin Hero:

I offer the aid of my people. You may inhabit whatever land you need on the Ring habitat in Saturnian space as you need it. We can discuss honorable compensation later. What matters now is that the race of Heroes survives. Emperor Speaker-Rrit
Chief of State
Federated Segments of Scolopendra

--<End Transmission>--
El Sentiel
19-06-2005, 05:10
Sol,Jupiter- Saturn orbit

The refugee fleet was a buzz with activity as ships ranging from fighter craft to cruisers patrolling two carriers joined by several pylons; their drive sections drifting lifelessly like the entrails of an injured beast. Work on converting the two carriers into a haphazard space station was progressing quickly as the basic foundation was already complete when the ships were built so it was just a matter of joining the two and setting up accommodations for the addition inhabitants.

There were plans to expand upon the two ships when more resources became available but for not it was only what was needed to survive no more no less. Most of the human civilians were grabbed out of their beds at night and put into transportation pods. Only after they departure of the first fleet were they informed of what was going on.

News of the Scolopendran patriarch had sent word to them had raised moral among the Kzinti population drastically, it was a good sign and the thought the wrath of the One Fanged god had subsided for the time being.

Even Rrowl C’mef was delighted to hear word from his Kin-brother patriarch. He had read the reply several times, his depression ceased almost immediately upon hearing word of a message from the Scolopendran patriarch.


It is good to hear from you again, especially in this time of need, your kindness brings hope to my people and I am grateful for all you have and can do for us. May the One Fanged God smile upon your hunt.
Rrowl C’mef
Patriarch of the Kzinti Empire of El Sentiel
The Osage
19-06-2005, 13:02
The asteroid-fleet came out of nowhere, but the crazily dancing light-lines signified that there were men inside. The asteroids were not too large, they did not have to be, they were simply carved to allow huge stocks of food in. Calming transmissions echoed out of only a single one (and the single transmissions device aboard), and the Osage fleet slowly drew up to the Kzinti one, hopefully stabilizing alongside some great ship that could then distribute the vast stores of meat to this newest empire. They did not seem to spoil, at all, and the man that led the great wagonfuls of supplies assured whoever met with them that this was so.

Perhaps the oddest thing about the men that the Kzinti would meet was that they were all speaking the Hero's Tongue (atleast to Kzinti ears), with perfect accents, as if they were half-cat themselves. Sometimes the great stores of food and icewater were brought out by wagon, sometimes they simply floated them through the air, but the overall effect was that these monkeys meant no harm, and the Kzinti would be able to settle inside their new Saturnian home for quite awhile before having to worry about logistics. The Osage needed no thanks, simply quietly and cheerfully going about their task of unloading the seemingly infinite amount of food from the fleet (the mainstay of the Empire at home being rice, rice, rice-derivatives, rice-milk, riceroni, and rice, and there had been a great meat build-up since wakondaknowswhen and wherearewegoingtostoreallthismeat and givesometothecats, and still there was more meat). Kasaros was reluctant to even give some of it away, whatwith his new project of sorts, but he decided the prospect of gaining the warriors' allegiance outweighed the prospect of having to convert a few rice-paddies to cattle ranches.

Assuming the transfer goes well, the Osage captains bow deeply before the great feline soldiers, enter their ships, and simply depart, with a parting message of well-being and hope for the future.
Der Angst
19-06-2005, 20:39
Explorer Spaceneko, Kuiper Belt, a few dozen million kilometres from the Kzinti fleet

"'this honourable act with not go repaided'"? Iyana blinked.

"Well, I hope they mean something like 'This honourable act will not go unrepaid'... I hope."

"So do I, so do I... Meh. Lesse. Ah, a reply from Neptune."



"... AND?"

"Huan Yue flipped. She has the space, sure. Well, for the current 4 million batch, anyway. But she seems to like being asked. And while she wouldn't mind some more lifeliness, especially as there seems to be a slow population decline, she would like to know more."

"We forgot something?"

"Yes." Iyana sighed. "A second."

From: DA Explorer 'Spaceneko' (Semi-Sovereign Entity of Neptune Angst, Hypocrisy of Der Angst)
To: Rrowl C’mef the Patriarch of the Kzinti empire of El Sentiel
Subject: Refugee Status

"This is doubtlessly a great burden, but still, we believe that we can provide sufficient accomodations. However, we require some additional knowledge (Apart from the knowledge we inquired about in the first transmission). Specifically, what exactly are you fleeing from, and from where?"


~ Iyana Kobiyashi

"You should have asked them about the... 'Mistake' in their reply."

"Naw, that would be impolite, SMU."

"Angstians are quite well known for their lack of politeness..."

"I'M NOT!"
19-06-2005, 23:24
--<Transmission Type: Personal Coded Tightbeam>--
-<Sender: Scolopendran Patriarch Speaker-Rrit, FSS>-
-<Destination: Patriarch Rrowl C'mef, KES>-
--<Subject: Re: Your Need>--

Brother Patriarch:

Thank you for accepting my offer. On my honor I swear to assist my kin as they need it. Still, I know that these new realities must chafe, as they would any Hero. By that, I need from you your word of honor to ensure that things run smoothly between your people and the people of Saturn. I do not expect problems, but it would be foolish of me to accept no guarantees.

This is a quiet agreement among kin so our people may survive. I trust that stability will be maintained and our people will flourish once again. Not even the wrath of stars can bow the heads of the Race of Heroes.
Patriarch of the Scolopendran Kzin

--<End Transmission>--
El Sentiel
23-06-2005, 03:10
(OOC: sorry for the delay, exams got in the way a bit.)

Ja’tuk- commissioner growled in aggravation the messages would not stop, they were driving him mad, and his patience was dwindling with every repeat. does the One Fanged God enjoy this torture… leaving the bridge, his temper in check for now, he did not like the thought of the humorless monkeys would be there main source of survival.

His pace quickened as the PA system blared to life. “Attention, all personal supply fleet within defense perimeter, estimated docking time: 3 minutes” He had been give strict orders to be … hospitable. His paced turned into a 4-legged race as he speed along the corridors his breathing heavy; he hadn’t run like this since he was a young kit.

He and several guards watched as the supplies were brought onboard, friend they may be but that was not enough for Ja-tuk- commissioner to allow them to be unsupervised. Watching the captains leaving, he called out quickly “The patriarch sends his gratitude and will remember this act, may the One Fanged God bless your hunt”

The last part was particularly strained.


Isabelle Vagren walked quickly along the halls of the Vicious Hunter , the Patriarch’s personal capital ship. Entering the bridge, her gazed scanned for the patriarch who was nowhere to be found. She delicately moved a strand of hair behind her ear nervously, usually when the patriarch had disappeared someone was going to be found dead or he was with his cubs.

“ba’rel- bridge captain. Where has the patriarch gone to?” Isabelle demanded in Hero’s tongue, her voice firm and calculated. Hero’s tongue could be summed up into two groupings dominant and submissive, depending on who you were talking too, you would use the submissive tense when talking to a superior and a dominant tense to those below you.

“Miss Isabelle, the patriarch wished for me to inform you he would be taking a minor leave of absence and is leaving you in charge of all affairs relating to the other nations.” The large Kzinti growl back, he was another Kzinti would did not enjoy the thought of a monkey being of higher regard in the patriarch eyes than a Kzinti.

Isabelle blinked curiously, it was rarely Rrowl C’mef took a leave of absence and even rarer she was left in charge.

“h’rrrr miss Isabelle the nation of Der Angst and Scolopendra has sent us another message”

“Alright forward them to the patriarchs office, I’ll handle it there.” She ended the conversation there and walked to the patriarch’s office. It was obvious the moment you stepped in it was designed for a 200-pound Kzinti. The furniture was hard and uncomfortable for Isabelle as she read through the messages.

Dear Representatives of Der Angst,

This is Isabelle Vagren, The Patriarchs aide. The patriarch is currently unavailable. As for the reason for our leaving Epsilon Eridina, we left due to the suns increasing instability. I hope this reply is satisfactory.

Isabelle Vagren
The Patriarchs Aide,

Isabelle knew she couldn’t speak for the patriarch on matters such as this, she would have to get Rrowl C’mef to answer this personally.


You have my word that no harm will come of the inhabitants of the monkey home star, my People will abide by this agreement and anyone foolish enough to disobey me shall be punished. I would like to know when I would be able to begin sending down refugees to this “ring world”.
Rrowl C’mef
Patriarch of the Kzinti Empire of El Sentiel
24-06-2005, 04:31
--<Transmission Type: Personal Coded Tightbeam>--
-<Sender: Scolopendran Patriarch Speaker-Rrit, FSS>-
-<Destination: Patriarch Rrowl C'mef, KES>-
--<Subject: Re: Ring Space>--

Brother Patriarch:

As soon as you have to. Please inform us of any preferred climates or biomes so we can

assign you appropriate Ring sectors.


--<End Transmission>--
Der Angst
24-06-2005, 10:10
Explorer Spaceneko, Kuiper Belt, still a few dozen million kilometres from the Kzinti fleet

"Well, this wasn't a particularly exhaustive answer."

"True, but better than nothing."

"If you say so, Iyana..."

"In any case, lets see..."

From: DA Explorer 'Spaceneko' (Semi-Sovereign Entity of Neptune Angst, Hypocrisy of Der Angst)
To: Isabelle Vagren, the Patriarchs Aide
Subject: Refugee Status

"I see. Yes, this should be satisfactory. Of course, we still don't know... Much, that is, anything... Anyway.

"It is my understanding that your current situation forces you to act quickly and to more or less immediately find a place to stay, is this correct? Given Mars'... Well, reluctance in accepting refugees before sufficient information regarding their, that is, your, society has been gained, should you still desire to use Mars as a possible temporary and/ or permanent settlement, more intimate contacts would be appreciated."


~ Iyana Kobiyashi
El Sentiel
25-06-2005, 07:22
Welding in zero G was a difficult affair, what made even more troublesome was the lack of job security. If you somehow you managed to drift off into space there is no one coming to save you sorry butt, just another young fool itching to take your place.

Robert was a rather exceptional zero G welder, not because he was good at welding but because he managed to live through seventeen space walks, most fresh blood didn’t make it past three.

”this is construction command, are you almost done out there Rob, the junk heads over at sector 32 blew a power conduit and I need someone with some wits to make sure they don’t blow the entire habitat.”

Robert glanced up at the small frigate as it glided over him blocking out the sun, one of the civilian ships that came in a few months before with the now defunct project All Seeing Eye “yea I’ll head over there in a minute, those damn ratcats make good warriors but shoddy engineers…”

A few more quick welds and Robert was done, he grabbed onto what looked like a vacuum cleaner with two large magnetic skids that sent it flying across the surface of the two conjoined carriers at reckless speeds.

Upon Roberts arrival he could tell he was working with rookies, Rookies… he cursed to himself as he cautiously walked over making sure to keep a safe distance from the two rookies, inexperience was the leading cause of death, not just for the rookies but usually those who they grabbed onto aswell.

“You might not want to weld that, green bloods,” Robert warned over the comm., “just apply the blue gel and leave it the hell alone before you take out half the habitat.”

oh shit the two rookies thought in unison, the revelation that every step you took could kill hundreds of thousands in a blink of an eye, there wasn’t much more that could be said about the topic.

“This ain’t no lunchbox social boys now keep focused and you’ll live to walk another day” Robert said gruffly snapping the two back to reality. “Apply the blue gel and then finish up your job, got it?”

“Yes sir” one of the rookies replied nervously, now what he was really saying was get me the hell out of here



Kin Brother,

Attached is all the information of our home planet, I do have one question about this “ring world” When my scouts visited the Monkey homestar they neither saw nor recorded any traces of this “ring world”. Are you sure it will be able to support my people in the method you suggest?

My people will begin transferring in one week Sol relative, this debt will be repaid in full kin brother you have my word.
Rrowl C’mef
Patriarch of the Kzinti Empire of El Sentiel

Miss Iyana Kobiyashi,

My Aide Isabelle Vagren, has volunteered herself to meet you to further discuss this situation. Would you prefer to meet upon my ship or a destination of your choosing? I have not yet chosen whether to risk the lives of my Hero’s on the planet mars, my intelligence on Sol is outdated and I do not know if the issue of the tyranids has been… resolved.
Rrowl C’mef
Patriarch of the Kzinti Empire of El Sentiel
Der Angst
25-06-2005, 20:23
Explorer Spaceneko, Kuiper Belt, slowly coming closer

From: DA Explorer 'Spaceneko' (Semi-Sovereign Entity of Neptune Angst, Hypocrisy of Der Angst)
To: Rrowl C’mef, the Patriarch of the Kzinti empire of El Sentiel
Subject: Refugee Status

"This is a most excellent option. It's pretty much up to you... But given that the only places available are this ship and the ships in your fleet (Which I suppose to be more comfortable and suited for this particular endeavour), I would suppose that meeting upon your ship would be the preferable option.

"As far as Mars is concerned... Well, the tyranids are still there, although they'r epretty much staying where they are now, and I suppose that the issue will be resolved within a reasonably short timeframe.

"Admittedly, Mars in general isn't the most peaceful spot one can find, but given our own experiences, it should be livable enough, disregarding the annoyingly low gravity."


~ Iyana Kobiyashi

"You think this is a good idea?"

"Yes. Why shouldn't it be?"

"... Point. So?"

"Well, I'm packing so I can come pretty much immediately after confirmation is given. You stay, of course."

"Of course. Well, Happy learning, then."

"Assuming they let me."

"Assuming they let you, yes."
26-06-2005, 03:12
--<Transmission Type: Personal Coded Tightbeam>--
-<Sender: Scolopendran Patriarch Speaker-Rrit, FSS>-
-<Destination: Patriarch Rrowl C'mef, KES>-
--<Subject: Re: Ring Space>--

Brother Patriarch:

Curious. It is the largest macroscale construction in the Solar System and not often missed.

The TerraEngineering Directorate informs me that it has an ecological soft limit of one hundred billion. You will fit.

I await your arrival. May the One Fanged God return His blessings to you.


--<End Transmission>--
El Sentiel
26-06-2005, 07:07
The transport rocked heavily as it glided through the void towards ring world construct, behind the tiny ship was several more transports waiting silently. Jack leaned against the wall separating the cockpit and the cargo bay, a cigar held tightly between his teeth. Jack was one of the few humans to be allowed into the military aside from a tech job.

The ship rocked again as it began it’s decent into the atmosphere, Jack took one last drag from his cigar before smashing it into the wall and walking into the cargo bay.

“Ok people… and honored Kzinti, if you haven’t already please buckle your seatbelts and do not get out of them till the light “ he ordered gruffly flicking the red light beside him with his finger “ again please do not get out of your seat till the red light has turned on, thank you and enjoy your flight”

With a quick glance about the room and receiving several smiles from the Kzinti occupants, the kind of smiles with the razor sharp fangs bearing with the intent of making you their next meal, Jack walked back into the cockpit.

“whats the ETA on our landing boys?”

“3 minutes and falling sir, should I inform the rest of the ships that the area is clear?”

“Yeah go ahead, we’ll land over but that elevated cliff by the river and begin setting up a temporary settlement.”

Slowly the transport ships drifting a small distance from the ring world construct catapulted to life as they soared forward to their destination.


Representative of Der Angst,

The necessary space will be made for the meetings and if needed living quarters, I have thought over your offer and I have decided that I would be willing to accept your offer upon acceptance of the mar’s based nations, if need be I would be willing to lend military support in aide of the infested areas.

Rrowl C’mef
Patriarch of the Kzinti Empire of El Sentiel
28-06-2005, 03:12
Providing escort for the El Sentiel landings are the seven WarShips of the Scolopendran Defense Squadron. Their gull-winged Loki parasite ships fly in formation with the kzinti heavy haulers, directing them to landing zones before swooping up to meet the next. That's the way things are done in Saturn; safely and mildly paranoiacally.
Der Angst
28-06-2005, 10:17
Explorer Spaceneko, by now reasonably close to the Kzinti fleet

"Oi. He does know just how many nations are on Mars, yes?"

"I... I don't think so."

"Oh well." Iyana sighed. "Lets see... Well, I'll go, anyway. You stay?"

SMD nodded. "Yes."

"Good. Erm... Well, I'm off. You stay in contact until I'm there, or something."

Said it, and entered the (Tiny) shuttle. I feel like a sardine. Damnit, they could issue bigger ones, once in a while.

Meanwhile, SMD composed the next (And supposedly last) message to the Kzinti in question.

From: DA Explorer 'Spaceneko' (Semi-Sovereign Entity of Neptune Angst, Hypocrisy of Der Angst)
To: Rrowl C’mef, the Patriarch of the Kzinti empire of El Sentiel
Subject: Refugee Status

"Perfect. Iyana should arrive soon, and it looks like Daedalia is indeed willing to accept refugees, provided a positive outcome of this first visit, so to speak.

"As for the rest of Mars, I don't exactly see the relevance... Given that Daedalia is sovereign, it can do pretty much whatever it wants. And from personal experience... the other inhabitants wont care. And I'm certain that they wouldn't hesitate accepting some additional help with regards to the Tyranid issue, so acceptance will, essentially, be a non-issue.

"But I'm sure that Iyana can elaborate this points more clearly when she is physically present on your ship."



Meanwhile, Iyana's tiny shuttle sped forward. Well, 'sped' was perhaps the wrong term... But the two gees were uncomfortable enough.

Soon enough, she was close enough for docking/ entering to proceed.

Now, lesse...