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The [un]Official NationStates Forum Consolidation Thread

03-06-2005, 21:34
Consolidated Thread For the NationStates Forum

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What is NationStates?

According to The NationStates Forum introductory post written by Euroslavia, the NationStates forum "in a lot of respects, is very different from the other RP'ing forum, International Incidents. In here, you'll find more individual RP's, fantasy RP's, space RP's, diplomatic RP's, etc. There are a few similarities, such as wars, alliances, and that sort of thing."

Unlike International Incidents, character RPing takes center stage in the NationStates forum. While some wars are fought in this forum, more often, you will see the development of characters such as national leaders, warship captains or fleet admirals, or national team captains or coaches. Sports RPing goes on through the World Cup of football (also known as soccer) or other related tournaments such as the NationStates Champions League. Other sports, such as Hockey's Don Cherry Cup, the World Cup of Basketball, and several others also take place from time to time.

Another difference between the NationStates forum and the International Incidents forum is the fact that most storefronts or individual product sales take place in International Incidents and not NationStates. Also, you may be more likely to see future tech RPing in NationStates as opposed to International Incidents.

What is similar, then about NationStates and International Incidents? Some countries go from RPing extensively in International Incidents to near-exclusive residency in NationStates. Other people maintain at least a limited presence in both forums. Others still mostly stay in International Incidents and only occasionally post in NationStates.

Is one forum better than another? I'm not here to say. There are great RPers in both forums and there are not so good RPers in both. Either way, some of the same ideas about what makes good RPers apply to both forums. One, write well, and write descriptively. The more imagination you put into the creation of your character-country or your player characters, the better you will become as a RPer. Want to declare war? One three sentence post saying you've got 10 million troops knocking on your enemy's capital building doors is not going to cut it. Build up the reasons. Does Treznor have a genocidal policy your government can't tolerate? Does Sarzonia favouring same sex marriage render it necessary to begin attempts to conquer the people to "rescue" them from debauchery? Spell it out. Are you about to go to war with a former longtime ally? Write about the soul-searching that's involved.

If you want to get started in NationStates or in any forum you choose to post in, read the Stickies or the Frequently Asked Questions before you begin to post. It will help you immeasurably by allowing you to learn the conventions of the forum so that you can make a more favourable first impression.
GMC Military Arms
04-06-2005, 12:43
Hrm...Don't really see the problem with the current sticky layout here.

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