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Darkumbria enters the Nuclear Era

01-06-2005, 13:50
"Janise Jones, CDN. In today's news
The prospecting company Nukes4U has uncovered a large uranium deposit in Darkumbria's south-west. Government analysts indicate that this find "A huge boon to our burdgeoning economy" With this discovery, the scientific community is now working overtime. Scientists Isaac N. Apple said," We are now working on various methods of using the uranium to create power for all, among other things." The small weapons industry is waiting for some depleted uranium to come its way. "We know it's coming, it's only a matter of time. We have a new weapon, already in test, that will use the material as a high explosive shell. Indeed, depleted uranium is a HUGE boon for the country. It's a great era to be a Darumbrian."
02-06-2005, 14:06
"Janise Jones, CDN News, here with a groundbreaking event, so the government says. But, beyond that, they are saying nothing. Reporter Marcus Morg is live in the palace.
Marcus? "

"Thank you, Janise. Yes, we are waiting for Energy Minister Craig Moant to take the podium, for what has been described as the event of the...Wait, the Energy Minister is taking the podium."

Energy Minister Moant:

"Welcome to the next era in Darkumbrian history. Following yesterday's discovery of Uranium in the hound region, the scientists started an inquiry into whether the trout bomb/reactor technology could be married to the Uranium found yesterday. The report that crossed my desk this morning states that this can happen, and quickly. This technology will revolutionize the way that our industries work today. Darkumbrians can unite in the fact that soon, all houses will be running on Nuclear power, with absolute safety. As well, the defense industry says this speeds up the Wolfhound project by, at least, a year. I'm sure that more information will become available soon. For now, I give you scientist Isaac Apple to explain further."

Isaac Apple takes hte podium:
"The technologies we speak of are already in the works. We all know how the trout reactor works, by mixing the liver and eggs of female trout, of a certain age, we can create energy quickly, ad efficiently. However, the issue has always been the size necessary to create the necessary reactions has been prohibitive for military uses.

Now, we have solved this issue. I have a team finishing the work of many scientists throughout the universe. Indeed, this technology is not new, but very exciting. Indeed, by piggybacking off the works of the past, we will excelerate our program by decades. The reactors of the future will be substantially smaller, and more military friendly. Currently, we have the reactor construction crews creating one 1/10 the size of the Gray Trout Reactor, a reactor that, currently, produces more 25% of the nations energy.

I can not give further details of the technology without giving away too much information."

Energy Minister retakes the podium
"Thank you all for coming to this groundbreaking event. No questions, please."
13-06-2005, 15:46
Frank Wigwanker, CDN News.
"An important day is passing into Darkumbrian history, we go live to proving grounds, somewhere in Darkumbria. Janise Jones, reporting. Janise, where are you, exactly?"

Janise Jones:

"Janise Jones, reporting for CDN News. Frank, I can't tell you. My day began at Fort Coyote. The reporters stood around for 5 minutes, waiting for the bus to arrive. We got on a bus, with blacked out windows, for the 3 hour trip to the proving grounds, whereever they are. That is a military secret.

What we have witnessed is nothing short of a miracle. When last we heard of the Wolfhound from the Army, it was, merely, being tested. Apparently, those tests were further along than we were led to believe. This vehicle is simply increaible. The fussion reactor has caused quite a stir here, since it adds some 1500 horsepower, according the officers present. We're forbidden to show you the true power of the machine. I can tell you that they used the last version of the common tracked tank, the older Patton design, as a target. The Wolfhound destroyed the 4 targets in 3 shots on each target, using its new autocannon (Kind of a machine gun on steriods, using depleted uranium shells), and a new laser cannon. The performance of the cannon was simply astounding. The laser, literally, melted the armor plating off of the tank, leaving in a pile of slag.

The autocannon chipped away at the armor of the second tank, making armor look more like paper than metal.

The next thing they showed us was the speed. At a blazing, 133kph, it left the tank in the dust. It's movement over difficult terrian, mud, water, and such things is incredible. It even went places the tank can not even begin to attempt to pass through. At one point, the whole vehicle, the military is calling a Battlemech, was completely submerged underwater. Understand that this mech dwarfs the tank by several meters, and boasts a completely enclosed cockpit, impenetrable to chemical, biological, and nuclear attack. Indeed, the military spokesman went on record stating that the only weapon which this vehicle is vulnerable to is another mech.

The last test that they show us today was the moving target test. Using HumVee and a tank, the military showed how vulnerable the HumVee really to attack by our newest weapon. The HumVee, which uses speed and manueverability as its armor, once hit by the laser or the autocannon, the truck can not survive.

As for the tank. It fairs slightly better than the HumVee, lasting a few more seconds, but not by much. We were also told that mass production would begin in a week or two, as most of the parts are standard and off the shelf. The Army will be providing for the manufacture of the parts that are secret.

Janise Jones, reporting live...Somewhere in Darkumbria"

"Frank Wigwanker back with you. Thanks, Janise for that special report. "
13-06-2005, 16:41
ONI Phalanix Head Office Section Three
The broad cast with the battlemech had been picked out of the hundreds of chanels. Even as the film as analized one of the operators grabbed the VBR-6 Shadow Angel statistics and began to look over the comparison.
"Well that 'Wolfhound' is of no threat to the Shadow Angel. Hell it can't even keep up with her," one of them joked before sending the recording up to Section Four.