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King Conners the First, May He Rest In Peace

RightWing Conspirators
01-06-2005, 09:31
Prince Nathaniel stepped up to the podium in front of the press. "Ladies and saddens me deeply..." he choked out the first few words, tears gently pouring from his eyes "My father, your King, Jason Alexander Conners...has passed. He died of a heart attack, earlier today at Greater Conspirators Hospital here in the capital. My wedding will be postponed until funeral arrangements and coronation have taken place.
In this tragedy....I see nothing but father was a good man..a God fearing man, a wise man, a wonderful father, and a wonderful husband to my mother." he paused for a second to lower his head and wipe tears from his face "We have lost the man that brought our country to it's finest point...and..I'm sorry..I can't continue.." he said almost beginning to sob as he walked off stage quickly.


*Camera Snaps back to reporter*
And that's the official word from the Palace...King Jason Conners the First, has passed on. That was his son, sadly announcing the loss...stay tuned to the Conservative News Network. I'm George Stevens...